Poof! Ginobili And Parker Disappear

OKLAHOMA CITY – It’s easy to say the Spurs are old, because they looked it. It’s easy to say the Spurs were worn down and worn out, because that’s exactly what happened.

Don’t over-analyze it. The Thunder played like kids at recess and the Spurs might as well have been sitting in detention.

The Spurs became only the third team in history to lose four straight in the conference finals after taking a 2-0 lead. In the process, they blew the largest halftime lead in franchise history in the playoffs. And in falling over the edge in Game 6, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker were gassed at the finish.

What happened to Manu?

After piling up 34 points, seven assists and six rebounds in San Antonio in Game 5, Ginobili could never find a spark in Game 6, winding up with just 10 points on 4-for-12 shooting.

“We can’t have their legs, their energy,” he said of the Thunder. “We’re never going to jump as high or run as fast. But the first half we did a good job. We just moved the ball, found teammates, made shots. In the second half they were very active and we couldn’t find anything easy.”

What happened to Tony?

Parker was like a Roman candle at the starting, streaking to 21 points and 10 assists in the first two quarters as the Spurs built an 18-point lead that was still 15 at the intermission. Then in the second half, Parker was mostly a dud fizzling out with just eight points and two assists.

“I don’t know. I don’t what happened,” Parker said with a shrug.

So one more time, Parker had no answers just as he could never find a consistent response to the way the Thunder mostly shut down his play on the pick and roll through the final four games. After a regular season that was splendid and vaulted him into the MVP conversation, Parker couldn’t adjust and couldn’t make the OKC big men pay for jumping out aggressively to cut off his path to the hoop.

“I tried to find Timmy [Duncan],” he said. “I don’t know what happened. It’s too early.”

Actually, too late.

It was Stephen Jackson who cut through the shrugs and empty looks and the meaningless chatter.

“In the first half we were running and playing our game, taking it to them,” Jackson said. “Then the third quarter we were like running in quicksand. We didn’t play fast. We slowed the ball down. We let them get back into it.

“Look, I’m not gonna take anything away. Those young kids can play and they’re the better team. But if you look at what happened, we stopped playing. You can’t run from that.”


  1. The best use of instant replay EVER…..

    REFs use instant replay to determine who GOT fouled….yes WHO

    How was a foul called when the person fouled was unknown??

    Instant replay to determine who committed a foul would make sense, but to determine who was fouled? Give me a break.

    This was in regards to Scott Brooks demanding Splitter to be on the FT line when Neal was fouled.

  2. Amitpal says:

    This is exactly why Tony Parker was neither an MVP nor the best point guard in the NBA. MVP don’t disappear in for a few games unless they r injured. Yes Tony scored points but they weren’t scored the way a MVP would score them. Timely baskets r more important then people think and that’s something that kd and the rest of okc big three did in the series. Anybody can score when the team is on fire and feeling good. But it takes a superstar to make a play when the team needs it the most. Tony couldn’t make the play when his team needed it while kd did.

  3. Chuckles55 says:

    Time for the old guys to say “uncle” to Father Time and to begin acting their age. As Charles Barkley said, “Father Time has never been defeated…”

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….you’re quoting Barkley???? lol……… He knows nothing about winning a Title……..just getting traded to teams in hopes of getting the ring at any cost…….. And …….no go……….. So his opinions on this subject are inconsequential ……… PS: It’s TIME for the young guys to taste a dose of humility and see how that feels for the rest of the summer….. that’s what time it is !!! good Luck in the Finals…. GO_OKC

  4. AnotherSpurFan says:

    It’s sad to see them done in shock. But if it is the MIami Heat in the Final, I would still support OKC because I hate the HEATS!!!

  5. Liverwurst & Cheese! says:

    The Spurs just burned out folks, I think! They peaked a bit too early with the 20 game win streak! Same with the Lakers last year when they won 16 out of 17 games after the all star break! Teams with an older, veteran roster tend to get the tired legs! That’s my opinion! Anyway, the Spurs never seem to quit! They are always right in the mix!

  6. luol dang says:

    Hats off to the Thunder. They played like champions. Lots of heart and ice in the veins. Pop said, as always, said it plain and simple – they were outmanned, outplayed, outlasted. A clinic in how to stop the dribble penetration.
    Question is now, will it work against Lebron or Rondo?

    On a note apart, does anyone know why the TNT cameraman for the online action feed kept focusing in on Durant’s mom? I mean the guy was panning on her throughout the game. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of having players’ parents enjoy the success of their NBA sons, but dedicating so much air time to one person is suspect. My take on this, if they want to keep on doing it, might as well rename the feed Mommycam.

  7. Mark says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but no matter how much I’ve hated the Heat in the past, I’m now officially rooting for them to win the championship against OKC. I don’t like the fact that these extremely young players are trying to win so early; somebody needs to put them to shame for a couple more years, and then I don’t care what they do. I respect Durant, but Harden and Westbrook (especially Westbrook) are on my hate list. Let’s Go Heat!!! (that feels so weird to say). Lebron, let’s do it bro!

  8. FirstPlace says:

    I hope its thunder vs. heat…Lebron vs. Durant/ Westbrook vs. Wade. 4 of the top5 scorers in the regular season on the court at the same time. The 2 biggest superstars head to head in the finals. You got to want that!

  9. digitioli says:

    There is no hope for fairness in the way these games are being officiated – really blatantly, horribly biased.
    Having watched the OKC SA series I don’t believe the Thunder got favorable calls against the Spurs, in fact, the opposite was true from what I saw.. The Spurs got flop after flop. Thunder bit their tongues and played harder.
    If the heat are their opponent, the refs are in the bag to make the whole heat nightmare they brought upon themselves (and the nba) go away at any cost. The heat are the favorite for Stern and his zebras, and it won’t be a fair fight for Boston or OKC..

  10. Rocabye says:

    The Spurs had an 18 point. 3 borderline calls are not going to make you go from an 18 pt lead to losing by 6-9 (wwhatever it was). The Spurs got outhustled, end of story. The only flat out bad call was the foul on parker during westbrooks layup.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ……..nope, the story is NOT over for the okc’s…… just starting……… Now y’all are gettin’ used to the favorable calls which is gonna’ make it that much harder to take when it changes…….but No complaining about the refs in the Finals…… Refs of the nba don’t favor teams do they???? No Way ! Everything is on the up and up.. right ? ? … lmao……strap on the safety belt….it is going to be a rough ride from here on in…. I am pullin’ for the Thunder to beat the east….I hope the refs don’t sully the great run they are having now !! GO OKC

  11. Luis says:

    My opinion is that OKC and Spurs are equally nba champs team, any of them could beat Boston or Miami. What made the difference is all the games were played with one day rest. While Spurs core 4 players (Duncan, Gino, Tony and Jack) are clearly over 30s, OKC core group (Westbrook, Durant, Harden, Ibaka) are clearly under the 25s. With this I am saying the Spurs rested, will compete with OKC probably until the 7th game. And again anyone could win.
    But here is my opinion against the act of disappearance. What else did you expect from Parker? Seriously? Regarding Gino, well Jack took the post, so basically it was much easier to give and find the hottest player on the field, no? Jack took Gino’s baskets. Lastly when Gino was trying to appear in the last quarter, and this is not paranoia, I have been watching NBA games since long time ago, these 3 or 4 calls that change a game ohhh surprise went all to one team, not the spurs, right DaveS? He loves the spurs on the finals. So one Gino call, late call on Westbrook arm by the ref on the other side. Lets call this fair. Gino attacking the basket Durant, the new nba untouchable, still moving to his right, basket and one…oops nope. The ref under the basket was signaling basket and one, while the other ref reversed the call. Spurs moving the ball, Leonard 3, yes..no oops Harden flop on Gino for his 3rd foul on the 4th quarter. So guess what he went to the bench with less than 3 minutes left. He disappeared? Or 3 very close calls went all the way to only one side. That was 5 points and 1 free throw vs. 0 points and Gino on the bench.
    Well someone could say paranoia, paranoia will be if I said that last Jack 3 point shot he was fouled by Durant and watch it again slowly, the same exact way Gino “fouled” Westbrook, the invisible touch. Again all the calls going to one way, no excuses but a fact, reasons for this Dave’s act of magic disappearance.

  12. Kobe@Manila says:

    Let us face reality.. SPURS and LAKERS are oldddddddddd…… They have to call the new guyzzzzz..

  13. x-writer says:

    look what happenend till halftime C´s vs Heat.Bs calls after Bs calls again in favor for the heat, it willbe so interessting to see bs games in the finals, the only thing i want to know who will get the foul call heat or the dumb okc

  14. x-writer says:

    unbeliebable how dumb are the farms fans here??? from the okc…u will get what u deserved nothing u will see. and then it is better for them to WWF is the same BS

  15. rusvel villarreal says:

    we need to stop saying that the spurs are too old! nobody said they were too old when they were winning! we can say that it was an even year, that other elite teams were injured (like in the past years that they have won the title), or that they didnt’ match up with the thunder! the bottom line is that that they have three good players who can score on a given night! however they dont have a go to guy or a closer or a mister big shot such as a kobe, jordan, bird, or magic! they dont have a guy that they can say here is tha ball go win us the game! the star supposed to make the other players better players regardless who is on the team. teamwork or team play may win you a championship but it will not get you those back to back titles and create a dynasty! that is why they have failed to defend each one of their 3 1/2 championships (cuz we all know why the first one doesnt’ count, the greatest bball player of all time retired!) with that being said the spurs franchise has to start to rebuild! or maybe the reason they have not won is because history repeats itself. the tejanos could not defend or win at the battle of the alamo in 1836 and the spurs want to win in basketball! lol

  16. Gene says:

    This is the Thunder’s year. Hope they go all the way to the title. Fisher gets his 6th ring, Kobe gets to watch. Maybe Perkins gets his revenge on the Celtics as well. Spurs are a great team, have a great coach, a few adjustments and they will still be a force to be reckoned with next year. Leonard would have been my choice for Rookie of the year, being a starter and instrumental in the Spurs success this year.

  17. Vanity says:


  18. mj says:

    @x-writer then watch BB in Europe and never watch NBA BB again. EVER….

  19. MIggs says:

    No one disappeared from the Spurs.. The Thurnder appered! Pop is hands down the best coach in the NBA. He took his core group of guys, who are getting older, and got the absolute most anyone could possibly get from them. He managed thier minutes expertly, and took account of the short seaon to have them peak at the right time. He completely changed his coaching style and tema pempo and turm them into an aggresive offecsive team, which put them in position to win. He got the most you can expect from the bench and had everyone playing like a cohesive unit. The reason why they won 20 straight is because they were playing so well as a team, so consistently, and utilized absolutely every weapon at thier disposal, so they were NEVER going to beat themselves, like we saw so may teams do this post-season. So basically, they only way they were ever going to loose to anyone, was to a team that not only had more talent, but had a similar amount of mental fortitude, drive to win, team coehision and were coached almost as good as they are. The Thunder were all that, and at the end of the day, they simply outlasted the Spurs after the Spurs gave absolutely everything they had. That is why the Spurs began winning the first two games, and generally speaking, every first quater. They outplayed the Thunder for the small amount of time where they had the stemina and energy to play at the absolute top of thier games. But at your late 30’s, that is not going to happen for all 4 series you need to win a title, nor for a full 4 quaters agianst a team like the Thunder. At the end, the young and exceptionally talented Thunder actually kept getting more and more into their rythm as the series, and as each game, and each quater, went on. Peaking late wins games. Any other team in the West would have lost to the spurs. So if you do not think that the Spurs made the absolute most of the tools they had at thier disposal, you are out of your mind.

  20. Stan says:

    After the Thunder beat Dallas 4-0 and stole back game 2 and 4 from the Lakers you had to know they are dagerous team. They can hit you with so many weapons and they all defend well. Against the Lakers they put Durant on Kobe in the 4th quarters and Kobe was hopless. The size of durant and touch he has around the basket is amazing. This is just the start of many championships for this young team if they can stay together. Durnat and Westbrook have long term contracts so we are looking at may well be a dynasty in OKC. Beating Dallas, Lakers and San Antonio means they have beatten the champs for this last 13 years.

  21. nelchie says:

    NBA nowadays is a scripted game,.,not fun to watch,

  22. JONATHAN says:

    …well well for those who THINK THERE IS NOTHING TO THE ref angle, i put this to you….it just soooo happens that the same ref that tossed timmy out of a game (WHILE HE WAS ON THE BENCH) for laughing behind a towel calle d THIS playoff game…. and funny that check me if wrong but @ least 2 of those losses he called here is a stat for you ….31 to 18 FT; and the first technical in these playoffs for a guy after going 6-6 in three’s turns and looks at the opposing teams bench!!!! Yeah something wrong with that pic!

  23. Rocabye says:

    Lol! The home team gets the benefit of the whistle. The aggressive team gets the benefit of the whistle. The Spurs had the benefit of the whistle at every home game, and the first half of this game. They stopped being aggressive…so they stopped getting calls. Its that simple. Attacking draws fouls.

  24. durant says:

    @OKC completely agree okc just too much for the retired spurs bring on the heat or the nxt retired team the celtics hahahahahaha go OKC!!!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ……..You are real funny, durant(get another name!)……. got in the playoffs a couple of years and haven’t WON anything YET……. but you talk like you’ve won many times…… Gotta go the distance before you can trash talk…… but what would one expect from near-rookie fans who have NO history of the game to look back on……. I am happy OKC got a team and happy for their success(thanks to the Spur’s Sam P)….. But keep the ego-talk down until you have a Title to back it up…….. GO_OKC….Beat the East !!!

  25. OKC says:

    OKC is gona finish heat or the celtics in 5 games y cuz they just beat dallas lakers and the spurs easily wow im being nice saying that its gona end in 5 probably 4 go okc good for u

  26. x-writer says:

    @mike shut up dude,when u read evrything then u know i predicted that after 2:0 lead from the spurs i said they will lose the next because of the refs . oh what happenend!!???no one have give okc a shot to the finals…so and u want to tell me the better team are now in the finals ?!? how dumb are u??even the spurs and pop admitted ??really duncan said what?the get all calls what was possible, what do u think that mean?what do u think are pop really thinking?that is totally different what he is saying because he will get fined from who yes david stern…u are the real LL!! go home and see how okc get crushed by the ref in the finals against the heat. thats my next prediction. i hate the heat but they will get it and look at the bad calls, but if the game willbe officiating fair , i will see it again OKC 46 FT vs 22 for C´s and the nice flopping harden and the untouchable KD, the only reason why he get the best scorer titel how many FT he get per game, how many foulcalls wasnt a foul?? thats another story… and mike baby i will
    watch real BB in Europe where drugs are illegal and refs are not manipulated

  27. joe24 says:

    Matt Bonner was a no show for the entire playoffs why do the spurs pay him 5 plus. Million a year. He has to go get rid of Bonner please. Can anybody see what I see. No heart. Scared. fear. Useless.

  28. Pfft says:

    Oh, yes. The refs are part of a wide conspiracy to funnel the best teams to the finals.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …………two word……just in case you haven’t heard……..T im D onaghy….. go read some nba officiating history…..legally documented and there for all that choose to see ….can. Not a conspiracy any more tffP……. just plain smelly fact …….too bad most don’t care until it happens when their team is involved…..I hope it doesn’t happen to okc in the next round ….but I got a bad feelin’ about it…..

  29. x-writer says:

    i will remember u….when the refs change their mind in favor for the heat, u will see….
    okc just won the series agains mavs because of the misscalls, and look at the out of bounce balls was even wrong called and they didnt review it why??get serious and dont be so blind and stupid.
    nobody says okc is a bad team, but they have to win by is own not with the help from the refs stern or because of marketing stuffs,the same with the lakers. it is right it is boring to see celtics vs lakers, but if they are the best playoff team then they deserve this…. plz nba next year fair refs thats all i want this year is cheated overoll. and why of the hell did kd get this calls and kobe doesnt (ok anymore). why duncan or paerker dont get the calls, where is the fair officiating???? too obvious ..it is nice to see that their are some u arent blind and stupid

  30. roberto says:

    i woke up this night (italy) to see the spurs winner..manu, tony duncan!! whats happened??? What? Daamnnn
    50-16 this year!! Now i said let’s go heat

  31. I hate refs says:

    When asked why they lost, the first thing that Duncan himself said was that OKC seemed to be getting every possible call. I’m not even a Spurs fan, but as a neutral observer, I thought that the officiating overall in the series was unfair to the Spurs. Durant’s great, but the main reason he was getting good looks is that Perkins and Ibaka were setting illegal screens all series long (especially in the last game). Not to mention the obvious miscalls like Leonard getting hit in the head (no call) and Westbrook falling after a layup with Parker next to him (foul on Parker). And these are only the calls at the end of the game that were crucial; I’m not even beginning to get at all of the bogus calls (mostly in favor of OKC) throughout the series. I used to like Harden before he started snapping his head back and falling every five seconds. Thunder fans who deny this, please open your eyes.

  32. oscar says:


    • .....justplayball !! says:

      Refs “give calls? Really…… what are you saying???/ they would Never ‘give calls’ to the advantage of one team over another…. Never !!! …………but when it happens in the next round????…… Then maybe some humility????? nah…. probably not…. just some teams’ fans will be doing alot of what has been called whining, being sore losers, crybabies etc., etc. here about some longtime fans(not too familiar with that expression are many of the okc fans) of the Spurs …… We Will see….. Go thunder….

  33. dyep says:

    its been a great season for the spurs, even they cut out short in the western conference finals, they still proved and fought despite of their lackings and some sort of age reasons… but whatever happened, im still a fan and will always be… Go Spurs!!! see you next season

  34. Kevlawn says:

    Congrats OKC. Winning 4 straight against SA after they had won 20 in a row…Wow! It seemed to me that the Spurs got most of the favorable calls because of the over reacting of contact, but OKC fought through that and won the West. There needs to be something done about these lesser talented teams flopping to try and gain an advantage. Win the game on talent and hard work like OKC, not by deception and favorable calls

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …..yes there does and it will probably be taken care of in the next series…….Your comment is a joke, right…… homey??`

  35. Anonimo says:

    OKC jugo muy bien, no lo niego y consta los porcentajes de tiros, la movilidad y la defensa que aplicaron. Pero hay que señalar que Durant es intocable, nada mas con verlo los arbitros sancionan falta a su favor y tiros libres a montones sobre todo juegos 4 y 6, cuando OKC no convertia o estaba expirando el reloj siempre salia el silbato salvador a favor de ellos. Y sobre todo en momentos definitorios prevalecia el arbitraje a favor de ellos. Jugaron excelentes ambos equipos pero obviamente la fortuna para la nba es una final soñada tipo OKC Vs MIAMI o al menos uno de ambos llegue a la final. Muy similar esta serie a Chicago Vs New York en 1993

  36. purpandgold says:

    The Spurs were worn out, the yound Thunder’s energy and intensity throughout the series took a toll on the elder Spurs. The pace was too much for the Spurs to keep up with, their tank was on E. The bench’s whodini act forced Pop to shorten his rotation, and being a do or die game Pop had to gamble. The Thunder had more energy, fueled by the home crowd it was no contest towards the end of the game. The Spurs body language said it all. The Thunder kept the pressure on throughout the series and in the end Brooks game adjustments after game 2 payed dividends. The Thunder’s pure energy and at times eratic play worked for them, it was the only chance they had of turning the series around. If they can employ the same strategy against the Cs, they will be celebrating and parading in the streets of Okc… what a Cindirella story!

  37. doesn't matter says:

    Did you watch the same post game interviews videos as the rest of us FRAN? Have you played sports before? Things happen give it a rest mate! Today ability beat experience and we both witnessed it so stop getting on these guys!! I have comfort in knowing the players must think these writers aren’t taken seriously anyway!! Is it me or am I just being mean?

  38. Old School says:

    Bull-driving the lane, whether by Tony Parker, James Harden or LeBron James, needs to be called a foul! Otherwise flopping will continue.

  39. NoMoreInterestinthePlayoffs says:

    Stop generalizing about Spurs fans– We’re not all sore losers.

    I’m not going to say that the Spurs lost only because of officiating– I do strongly believe that officiating was biased and/or plain bad at times– The so-called Durant ‘bubble’ and the horrific non-calls on goaltendings, but I can’t blame the Thunder for those calls. The Spurs looked flat out outplayed for most of the series anyway, so I’m not too bitter about the series loss.

    However; pay more attention to James Harden (yeah yeah, Manu has a history of flopping, but I didn’t really see the flop in action too much this series)– He FALLS on 75% of his threes just to try to get a call. KD and Westbrook are veritable superstars and play the game the right way (although KD arguably gets superstar treatment at times, not his fault though), but I just can not stand Harden’s blatant efforts to get phantom foul calls. Many of his takes could also be offensive fouls, as he drives himself into the chest of a defender who usually has his arms straight up.

    Whine at me all you want, but the dude plays the game despicably.

    Anyway, congrats OKC. Hoping to see an OKC-Celtics final.

  40. Ken says:

    I am not the fan of both teams. Both team play well in this series. However, after many ref’s favourite calls for OKC in Game 6, I start becoming OKC hater.

  41. Frank says:

    Funny reading all these comments from OKC fans complaining about flopping when their team is full of flopping primadonnas and media darlings. Congratulations on their fluke season!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …… YUP !!! Like they say…. it takes one(a flopper) to know one(another flopper)……lol….. and that is for firstplace and okckd35

  42. doubledeuces says:

    you just may have been wrong about who is the best player on the planet for awhile now! but that is what happens when you depend on others to do your research for you!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      .. c’mon ….. let us in on it…. Who IS the Best player on the planet ‘for awhile now’…….????????

  43. davgmane says:

    I have been a Spurs fan since as far back as I can remember. The Spurs did not lose because of refs or even bench production. Pop kept the starters in most of the time during this series, because OKC kept Durant, Harden, and Westbrook in for nearly every minute. There was no way that OKC, with their young legs would get worn down. Plus the only one off the bench who could even come close to guarding any off OKC’s superstars was Stephen Jackson. So I do not blame Pop for playing them as much, plus who else would you want on the court other than Duncan (sure fire HOF), and 2 other possible hall of famers, even if they are older? Spurs will add some young, front court athletism and come back next year for possibly one final run. OKC was the better team and got the job done, simply put. I hope to see KD get his first championship at only 23!!

  44. Mike says:

    Spurs fans are such sore losers.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      playoffs in all but one of the last 23 years and 4 titles….. that means…… many(at least a dozen of the other 19) were hard to swallow, with strange and/or surprising endings ……. It wears thin…. maybe(probably) your team-(and its fans)- won’t experience a history like that …….

  45. Mike says:

    @X-writer. I’ve seen every single posts from you starting with game 3. How pathetic are you crying night after night complainning about the refs. If you can not except the fact tha OKC is better than SA( Pop and their players already admitted) then I suggest you watch WNBA or just root for Boston instead.

  46. dattebayo says:

    The Thunder came back from 18 down and it was a 1 point game at the beginning of the fourth. You can give the Thunder credit for that. But all the bad calls in the 4th decided that game, Hardens flops were offensive fouls of the Spurs, KD got to the line for no reason 2 times and was given a charge even though it was a block. Duncan was pushed on every postup shot and the refs don’t call it. If Duncans screen on Fisher was an offensive foul, how come Perkins got never called for his moving screens? The Spurs were ripped for at least 5 possessions and the Thunder had too many gifts at the line.

    Congratulations to the Thunder, if Miami wrecks Game 6, Durant will be the youngest Finals MVP ever…

  47. Hudahell says:

    It’s just simple….they got exhausted throughout the series and it showed first with OKC’s frist win..a 20 point lead. Can’t compete with them fresh legs. But still, Spurs put up a valiant effort…let’s just leave it at that. Go OKC…NBA Champs for 2012!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      Don’t crown them just yet….. Only WC title holders……. Now you get to have some pressure……. Do you think the nba wants bronbron to continually Lose….. It is gonna be incredibly hard to stop this …..IF he even makes it……. and then all the Thunder has to do is easily beat an ‘old’ team like you think the Spurs are ….. and that team happens to be on of the perennial ‘darlings’ of the front office…. you know those trades and all…. kinda like bronbron and bosh……. It looks like a setup to me and I, for one, would be thankful that the spurs were not the sacrificial lamb for the east……. IF you lose the Finals……….IF….

  48. boomboom says:

    Just like a Texas fans to blame everyone else for loosing but there team,exspecially when it’s Oklahoma winning.

    • SA 4 Life says:

      Grammar in Oklahoma seems to be on the up and up. As for blaming the refs – EVERY fan, of ANY team, has EVERY right to think that the refs are swaying the outcomes of the games. Why you ask??? Because they have a proven track record of doing so (insert picture of Tim Donaghey). The conspiracy is no longer a conspiracy, it is fact. We have already seen the proof. Stop saying that people blaming the refs don’t know what they are talking about. Makes you seem like you are from………well……….Oklahoma.

  49. Simon says:

    The guy who wrote this article is a bitch.
    Everybody was saying the Spurs are unbeatable, the best, and now let’s shoot them : they are old, slow, and should be ashamed of themselves for losing the finales.

    Sorry dummy, they have been unbelievable all season long.
    They faced a great OKC team, an incredible roster of 5,6 great players and they lost.
    That’s it, it’s sad, but still did a great job.

    Now they should get some new blood in their roster and we’ll see next year if they can win a championship.

    Anyway, stop harsh unfair critics and just say CONGRATS, see you next year !
    They’ll do the adjustments.

  50. OKC2012 says:

    LOL……………. First Dirk was supposed to give them problems with his vet team/ last years champs

    Then the Lakers just had too much size in the post……… we saw what happened in these series and how the fans talked trash……

    Then came the Spurs, dominating anything in their way with their never before seen streak, up 2-0 playing with all that ”Nasty” play…

    They then lose not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 games in a row, including an important game 5 on their own court, and a game 6 where they had an 18 point lead!

    Now if they won last night all would be fair, but instead they lost and the fans come back and complain about calls lol. Even the humble Timmy D got all sour and complained about calls….

    I’m sorry I complain about calls too but a team that has no right to talk about the refs is the spurs, the team that has made a living from flopping, they practically invented it with their players from soccer countries. They are no different then the Heat with flopping and complaining about calls….. you do understand that refs watch game footage right, and when they see excessive flopping and complaints about calls that never happened, they are more likely to not give you future calls….

    It’s like crying wolf, you call out and people come to rescue you until they get tired of the lies and pay you no mind.
    This series is over and the better team won, that’s that!

    P.S Hey Miami please watch this Game 6 on replay a few times, maybe LBJ can get inspired by watching the best player in the NBA.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ……look out OKC……. thinking your invincible is dangerous…… NOW you get to see another level you have not seen……hope you get All the calls because you’r gonna need them in the Finals..but don’t ‘complain’ about that cause the refs are always and Never get in the way of the outcome of a game…… (re: tim donaghy) …..Good Luck & GO Thunder

  51. rigor says:

    its sad to see the Spurs loss this series even though they have a 2-0 lead but they couldn’t sustain the momemtum, i knnow there’s a lot of bad calls against them, too much flopping from OKC, they used to do that on the Lakers series , but kudos to them they show some resiliance ,clutch performance by Durant he should win an MVP not Lebron,good luck to the finals

  52. 10-4:20 says:

    and for the record……San An was the only team that i worried about in these playoffs……thats a “TEAM”

  53. DKING says:

    Why do losers always have something to say? whether it’s a bad call or good call, winning is winning!!! To all Spurs fans you’re saying that the Spurs don’t have the right to loose?! C’MON THEY LOOSE 4 Straight!!! Did you heard anything when OKC loose to SPURS for 2 consecutive times? OKC RULES!!!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      why do the fans of a series winning team that hasn’t won a Title run their mouths so much when the numbers(of fouls) say it was a little lopsided and That teams fans call them out(the officials)……. Have you Never seen a game where the officiating was ‘not so good in your favor’ ?? Give it a rest….. it doesn’t matter one bit….. the Thunder are the WC Champs….congrats…Now go and win it All…… but DO NOT complain about Any calls…… because it is just sour grapes …. remember ?!?!?

  54. 10-4:20 says:

    Amazing……..all the calls that San Antonio had the first 3 games of the series(yes including in OKC game 3) but yet the refs helped the Thunder win. AMAZING! The big 3 of the Spurs are the worst at flopping. Duncan shooting that fadeaway and acts a little…..Parker’s little head shove in the air……Ginobli running into a screen and throws arms up……and let me not mention how they tried to take out Ibaka out of the sequence in game 5….but yet the refs helped the Thunder win……..I can say that Ibaka had one goaltend and another one that was close to a goaltend…..and yes Westbrook falling and not getting touched or Lenard not getting that foul from Westbrook…..but compared to all the other bul craxp especially in game 5? NAH…….If the refs were helping us out, Harden would have had a lot of those calls when he drove in the lane a lot of the times……There was no resembelance from that Lakers comeback against Protland in game 7(2001 i think when Pippen was there)to last nights’ comeback fromt he Thunder……even if the Spurs would have gotten those calls, i;m sorry but youth just took over…..and not even Cap Jack was going to stop Durant……

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      you guys that haven’t WON cr*p are callin’ a 4 time champ losers…… what a jerk… go back to your 4-20 Bubba……glad your team doesn’t have your pissy attitude….. They would get steamrolled in the next round if they did!! You know that you team doesn’t flop Or commit fouls but the Heat are the Real Big floppers some coach said…… look out !!!

  55. FirstPlace says:

    All of these crying SAS fans…it’s pathetic. So what you got the bad side of a couple of flops. Manu and Tony Parker have been doing that to teams their whole career and you cheer them like Heroes for it.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….. so many of you still think the ref is your friend ……… gonna be a long series coming up……. don’t lose your momentum…… you will NOT be getting as favorable calls in this next round….brace yourselves…… good luck…& GO Thunder

  56. Fran says:

    Mother F*ucker Stern, you bought c*nt Crawford. Im gonna find ya and kill you fat basta*rd

  57. marcel says:

    no doubt okc played great but no doubt also a lot of calls favored okc especially when sa is on the comeback trail and time is a factor… sa could not make their signature runs because of wrong calls… so refs please apologize for determining the outcome of this series, review games 4, 5 & 6 and be honest to accept your mistakes. leonard was clearly hit on the head & the call was turn over… come on okc plays physical, even greater in the end game when you refs are tired or could not cope up w/ okc’s speed….. not only sa needs young legs, also you refs…. good luck heat/celtics…

  58. Clay says:

    Duncan and Ginobili are OVER!

  59. Qwes1 says:

    I’m a Spurs fan, been since 1987. I’ve said year after year.. Pop doesn’t know how to rotate his players! That’s why he can’t win back to back championships! Diaw is playing worthless the whole series! You have Blair who can play against OKC, get’s 0 minute against them in game 6! Had he played the start of 3rd quarter it would of been a different story! Pop forgets he had 22 points and 11 rebounds against them during the season..Blair good with rebounds, put backs, and can create space in the paint.. But it’s all done with Pop going with his 6 man rotation… The refs of course favorite OKC, you sneezed on Durant and it was a foul!? 31 freethrows(Okc) vs 18 freethrows(SA) Durant went to the line 15 times! What’s wrong with this picture!?!

  60. Woffie says:

    Well, the thunder tuned out to be for real…now we can say this was their season…even if they don’t win the nba championship they’ve made it really far, relatively easy, further than most of us would have expected…and now i think they have a good shot at winning against whomever comes out of the eastern conference finals…especially the celtics…but go Celtics, you’re my guys!!!!

  61. Scorer says:

    I hate it when that happens. A team builds a lead and they automatically slow down. As if thinking “OK, now we have to run the clock down”. Wrong!
    How can you be in the NBA and not know that. You’re in an elimination game. In West finals. You play hard 48 minutes. Never slow down! But they did and a lot of teams do, that is why we have so many comebacks in these play-offs.

    • Ladrones says:

      Spurs did not slow down, the referees with bad calls slow then down. Spurs win that game.

  62. august says:

    As a serious basketball fan, I do think the refs killed the momentum of spurs in the 4th quarter. I do agree that Thunders probably is a better team and they can beat the spurs, but a game like this is unacceptable to me. I want to watch a fair game.

  63. 3on1 says:

    @Shauntee now you saying you want the team that is playing your 2nd team to win? Get outa here.

  64. 3on1 says:

    @Shauntee you lost everyone when you said you were a Spurs fan & a Heat fan, real fans have one team FULLSTOP!

  65. CASH says:

    Look guys, I’m a SA fan but lets show some respect! OKC won this series fair and square. The refs made some bad calls on both teams but it did even out. Congrats to OKC, this is their 1st year going to the Finals. AS Spurs fans we have enjoyed many title runs, we are still a good team and we could very well be back next year after are younger players develop some. Respect to OKC!

  66. Diego Alvarez says:

    San Antonio should acquire Luis Scola and they’ll be champs. Go Spurs!

  67. Jean_Phi says:

    I think M. Blinebury is being a bit hard with Tony. I posted a message on Sekou’s article about TP which did not appear (I don’t know why). i was saying before this game that even if TP will go for 30 or 35, the key aspect of this game was about the role players. Indeed, I didn’t think that Ginobili would reiterate the same performance he had in game 5.
    The role players completely disappeared when the team needed them the most. I guess that is the difference between them and star players. Tony carried the team on his back the whole season and even if he had a couple difficult games against Sefalosha, he was there in game 6. I just think he could not repeat his first half during the second. We’re talking about the Western Conference Finals here, not a pick up game.

  68. Ladrones says:

    The referees steal that game from Spurs. It was an atrocity what happened in the third and four quarter. David Stern and referees should be in jail.

  69. val gasmin says:

    i think the mafia did this to the spurs…tsk tsk! just an observations from pops decision making, it was way too different from regular season. the bench are having a lot of minutes. what happened this post season? i just don’t get it.

  70. shauntee says:

    Im a Spurs fan and a Heat fan, but OKC played like the better team and won. Congrats to them. Now the Celtics and Heat series. I hope the Celtics win cause they have played like the better team. Their ball playing is telling me that they want to be in the NBA FINALS!!!! Plus you have Perkins toughness vs KG’s toughness ohhh man!!!!

  71. Xanadu says:

    When Spurs win you have a picture of Duncan
    When they lose it’s Ginobili and Parker’s fault
    US medias always surprise me..

  72. el stone says:

    Coming from a Spurs fan, it’s suprising not hard to say this: Congratulations to OKC! They were the better team and I hope they whoop whoever comes out of the east!

    I think they’ve got a bright future, but hopefully the Spurs can give it one more go next year. I’m sure OKC will be waiting.

  73. Kev says:

    It’s really pathetic when the losing side blames the refs for losing. You all need to man up and admit the better team won. Jackson, who as the hear of the champion, said it, so it shouldn’t be hard to comprehend. Sometimes the calls favor one team and sometimes it’s the other way around. Stop being losers!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      don’t worry….. your turn will come and then …… ‘it will be the refs fault’ ….. but that will be different right??

  74. Old Spurs Fan says:

    To everyone who is complaining about bad calls:

    You can complain all you want — that will not turn back time, and give the Spurs a win.

    Give it a rest, accept the fact that the Spurs lost, and root for your West Conference champions in the playoffs!

  75. Better Luck says:

    SAS coach had to blame here, he totally changed and shut down his bench. SAS bench are the one who brings their winning strick, Not using his bench his best players don’t have enough rest to compete those OKC young guns.

  76. jude says:

    I agree..this was the worst, crooked, paid off ref I have ever seen. In the 3rd and 4th Qrt the refs seem to create points for the Thunder out of nowhere or buy every flop the Thunder sold. Since the Thunder realized after halftime they couldn’t fairly beat the Spurs with defense they would try to beat the Spurs with their acting skills/flops/and refs. I believe the Thunder Coach or NBA really do not want people to watch this last game comeback. Their should have been a game 7 in San Antonio.

    I know the NBA will threaten their players with $50K-$100K fines if they really speak their mind.

    • Scorer says:

      I agree that the Thunder are big floppers on the offensive end of the floor, especially Harden and KD. That’s why I do not cheer for them. But they are a really good team and I don’t see any stopping them. Even after they were down 0-2 I wasn’t sure SA would win. They are fearless.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      is this really a Spurs fan complaining about flopping? lol

  77. ekaplon says:

    A lot of us think yesterday´s game was decided by the refs. You can call us bad losers, crying babies or whatever you want. The thing is in my case I didn´t lose because I wasn´t supporting any of the teams. I just wanted to see a geat game and unfortunately my feeling is that the result of this series was decided before yesteday´s game.

  78. Cedric says:

    This the Spurs hangtime not OKC .Since OKC beat the Spurs they better win the whole thing. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  79. jovdelmar says:

    I really thought Spurs got this series even before they started, then i think they sealed their fate after that 2-0 they looked like the best team in the NBA. Well i guess OKC is winning the finals, its their time to shine.
    Game winning shots, Rallying from huge deficit, Beating Veteran opponents in close games. Its their destiny this season to be the NBA Champions. Looks like D.Fisher will have more rings than Kobe.

  80. joolio says:

    so is this gonna be the end of an era?

  81. AwwPlease says:

    What’s the first thing a hurt fan does when they are mourning over the loss of their team? BLAME THE REFS! It never fails! OKC made an amazing come back and at the end of the game, the strongest prevailed. So please stop crying and throwing excuses in the air and just give props where they are due – to OKC.

    Congratulations OKC! I am so very happy for this team because they are a young, talented, and hard working team that deserves it. They showed so much heart because they NEVER gave up.

    Now it’s time to see what the Heat will do tonight. I am a Heat fan and I am still rooting for them.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …..infinite said they WERE NOT a spurs fan….. did you miss that fact……… how ’bout the fact that y’all are so excited( and rightfully so!!) that anything the opposing teams fans say about the officiating is Only ‘sour grapes’ …… I heard some things said last year after y’all lost to the mavvies that was kinda like what some of the fans are sayin this year but the tables are turned….. I just wanted to see a game 7 for the intensity of it…….. and Had SA won game 6 ….. OKC had just as good a chance of winning it just like they did in game 6 …… they are that goood ……

  82. infinite says:

    During forth quarter, there were numerous occaision when Spurs can make a comeback. Two I remeber was when Manu Drove from the left and kick the ball out for a 3, while he run to set a screen on the Thunder defender. Offensive foul on a made basket. Another one is when Manu actually drove the into the rim. got the shot in, instead of an and one, another offensive foul. I do understand why people want to blame the refs for the calls becaues basketball is a game of momentum. Everytime when Spur tries to make a come back, a call was made on them to nutify the possession. Althought not a Spurs fan, I was really disappointed at calls on fourth quarters, so many offensive fouls…. is almost not even realistic. NBA should really take a closer looks into situation like these.

  83. jmndodge says:

    Timberwolves fan — not surprised by the result. Tim Duncan is my long time favorite, he played well enough for victory, Parker was on my fantasy team and played well, but the depth at 7,8, and 9 was not strong enough to overcome the older legs on the Spurs. The Timberwolves played both these teams, had better success against the Spurs, but also played tough against the Thunder but without much success. The Thunder are very deep 1-6, and gaining depth. They look like the team to beat for the next several years. The finals will be interesting to watch, either another set of old tired legs against the upstarts, or the super stars ensemble against the new talented home developed team. My best guess, Thunder in seven.

  84. dennis m says:

    It is pathetic that a farm club such as OKC could win like this. I pray this is not what the future holds for the NBA if it is it wont last much longer. There are championship caliper franchises and then there are the OKC’s of the nba (the farm clubs) and nobdy wants to see these type of teams in the finals. The nba needs the lakers, the Celtics bulls ect. it is sad that a team such as this could make it this far

    • FirstPlace says:

      OKC beat out Dallas, Lakers, and the Spurs this year in the Playoffs. Has anyone every done that? The NBA Final’s TV Ratings would be off the chart if we get a Durant vs LeBron Finals. Sorry your team lost. But OKC has built their franchise the right way. They Drafted their talent and developed them, and they will be around for a long time. SO GET USED TOO LOSING TO THEM!!

    • OKCKD35 says:

      awww yes, thats what we want, to see the same teams over and over, well guess what? Get used to OKC at the top, call them whatever you want to, but me i’ll call them 2012 WESTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS!

      • SeeingEye says:

        They’re great!
        You’re a jerk trying to shine in the sun of other peoples accomplishments. Fans like you want the team to win for you while others want the team to win for themselves.

    • mb says:

      i can see you don’t know a thing about basketball. why are you on a basketball blog? i don’t care where the team comes from. i don’t care if Alaska had a team and won a championship. all i want is good basketball. i want to see the best playing team win no matter where they are based.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….Sorry, Dennis…. there is more to this country than a few big metro areas….. AND, frankly, most of the rest of us sports fans are tired and bored with a league that always tries to get their ‘darlings’ in the finals….. the ‘faces’ of the nba type of places you mentioned.. But now you gonna see the new young Hot team in the Thunder with arguably the best pure offensive player in the league playing either the ‘old’ celts or the already anointed(by themselves) heatking…… should be Verrrrrry interesting …… Who do you thik the thunder will face??? I say the self-anointed ones…….Go Thunder

  85. 14er says:

    Good fighting Spurs, well-done Thunder for playing harder… Though it’s sad to see the Spurs’ momentum halted, they are able to play with a purpose; most win in Western conf, coach of the year award etc… defying the odds. Tim, while you have few years to go, I hope you know your timing so your legacy won’t be tainted by being traded around like Shaq or by refusing to let go like MJ. Again, congrats Thunder, i hope you win it all!

  86. cedric says:

    And what happened to pop’ ??? he seems to be with no solutions , no answer . Thunders players are younger , yes . But the spurs also have young players . Why someone like gary neal haven’t play much ?

  87. softwareprince says:

    The Philippines is a huge SAN ANTONIO fans ,,but we still congrats OKC for doing a great job,,they deserve the title,,Hoping for SA to bounce back next season..

  88. rechie says:

    My idol will always be SAN ANTONIO SPURS, Tim Duncan your will be forever my idol..though heavens shall fall

  89. moyti says:

    here goes the people who can’t accept defeat and always pointing their fingers to someone most especially to the refs..
    why don’t you just bite your fingers and cry??? OKC just showed much of their talents and spurs can’t handle them..i like the spurs team but they just lost it..no one to blame.. so crybabies headed by tischmi and x-writer, i have some pacifiers for you to shut up..Thunder UP!!!

  90. karoLT says:

    @tischmi dont hate the player hate the game… U got all ur weird and unbelievable reasons lets keep it like that but OKC won fair and square, so im sorry ur team lost 😛

  91. james says:

    They played their hearts out and the Spurs have once again gone out in the best possible way. They are the gold standard for how a professional sports team in any league should be run. Hold your heads high it was an amazing ride fellas.

    Now.. Let’s take it all OKC!

  92. GBtha G says:

    The Spurs lacked dat extra gear n it badly cost em.

  93. julian says:

    In this series, do anyone ever think that there tons of offensive fouls on SAS at the second half? I agree with tischmi, not only Durant, the OKC is untouchable, they take charges while stepping on the restricted area and the ref still call SAS off fouls. Clearly, Diavid Stern wants OKC in the finals.

    Anyway, I am not saying that OKC don’t deserve to be in the finals, but against SAS, I would say from the performance on the court, SAS deserve to be the winner. OKC are strong, young and talented, but to be honest, those calls were killing SAS. In reality, OKC is in the finals, but I think we should give a well-deserved applause to the SAS throwing their effort on the court. Good luck Boston.

  94. mike says:

    i salute the SPURS for a great season…it would have been superb if they won this one against the thunders…indeed the thunders was the better team from games 2-6…but don’t count the SPURS out…they will be back

  95. OKC 2012 champions says:

    is KD the next Micheal Jordan?

    • ZilchZillion says:

      he’s more like Larry Bird to me than MJ, he has the height & deadly in 3 point line like LB was.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …..man, I hope they don’t give him that camparison or burden ……. I think he is a better shooter than mj….especially long range….. at 6-10 he has great range…and sometimes he plays like a guard…Amazing!!

  96. Vanity says:

    Bad calls. That’s what happened.

  97. Ed says:

    This could be start of a new era in NBA. These guys are scary already and, if stay healthy, they will only become better. I am Chicago fan btw, so its just an observation.. Congratz Thunder and good luck in the finals!!

    • Marco29 says:

      OKC is really a talented team and quite scarry as they are young and already achieved so much in this playoffs. They have a core of young talented players but they will face challlenges to keep their team together in the future. Who will they sign for extensions: Harden or Ibaka? What about Fisher? He has played an important role not only contributing on the stat sheet but I think he brought that mindset that allowed OKC to close out games and erase some point deficits in the series. But he is not getting youger.
      They will probably turn into a power house in the west but lets wait 2 or 3 more years before talking of an era.

  98. Thing Thing says:

    Wow,that was crazy.Just a few NBA fans belive this could happened a few days ago when the Spurs were 2 up and unbeaten in 20 consecutive games.Same thing on the other side,Heat easy up 2,Celtics looking old,I mean,if the Heat can’t win that serie ,a final OKC Vs Boston will be a huge surprise for everybody.Congra’ guys,you really deserve it

  99. Luis Bracero says:

    Tischmi…you are so right. That was the best example of bad officiating. Not to take anything away from OKC but tonite was the case of I help you with a lot of questionable calls. Example of that: Manu was slap and he lost the ball which turn into a OKC fastbreak. Then Leonard was slapped in the face, the ball went out of bound, nothing called on that play neither. A ghostly call on Ginobili on Westbrook, the replay show that Manu didnt even touch the guy. Then a call on Duncan for setting a screen, offensive fouls called when player is moving to take the charge, a foul called after SA made a three pointer. I mean the list is endless. 18 free throws vs 31 free throws. I mean thats pretty much the game. A 13 point differential. Sorry NBA has lost credibility with me…specially when Joey Crawford already have a history with the Spurs when he invited Duncan to a fight. Disgrace for sport and repulsive..!!

    • FirstPlace says:

      I really don’t see how any SAS fan can complain about flops. Manu is the biggest Flopper in the NBA… they got a little taste of their own medicine last night.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      whaaaaa cry cry whaaaaa, lol once again if SA didnt chuck up 28 threes they could have EARNED more calls. the truth is OKC went back to switching over pick and rols and Parker could not get free in the 2nd half. And that charge on the 3 wasa charge, the only reason the shooter was wide open is Geno-Billy jumped into Harden and knocked him on the ground, as for the call on the westbrook layup was before the ball arived, he had him around the hip, westbrook was awarded continuation. Leonard was not slapped in the face, quit making stuff up, he got an arm to the BACK of the head, which yes should have been a foul, but if anything Geno Billy hit Harden in the face. The real issue is SA relied too much on the three, and just like Barkley said at half “they wont shoot 9-14 from 3 in the second half”. everyone knows when you build an 18 point lead you dont sit back and chuck 3’s, you force the issue, drive the ball and get yourself to the line to keep extending the lead, the Spurs blew their own lead and the Thunder started making shots, simple as that.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        get over this ‘flop’ copout….. hittin someone in the face is a Freakin foul…… period…… hey and we don’t need to no Gino billy from a hillbilly …. so why don’t you try to keep it to the issues and don’t got the name play garbage…… again sportsman OKCDK35….go read about Tim Donaghy…… just for grins….. even if you just google it you read a little from wiki …… so some insight can seep in and not just the fouls are ‘always’ evened out so it doesn’t matter……. like I said, y’all will get plenty of chances and get a taste of it yourselves and then it won’t be so funny……. Beat the East…Go Thunder !

  100. geo says:

    San Antonio is a great team. No question about that. It’s just that the superiority of speed and youth of OKC has taken over them. As for tischmi, dont be bitter if your team lost the series. OKC deserves to be in the Finals not because of bias officiating by the refs but because of sheer talent and will. OKC just exerted more effort than the Spurs…they are hungrier for a championship. So dont be blinded by your bitterness. Don’t hate the players…but hate the game…

    • kush says:

      yea i wanted the spurs to win but when both teams were playing i could tell by their body language that the thunder really did want the win more than these guys, gratz to OKC

  101. x-writer says:

    what happened when the finals are heat vs okc?90FT?or will the ref lose their line without any …?this willbe very interessting to see.maybe thes are too dumb to get trough with the help from refs who knows but we can ask the comissioner he knows it

    • Stinger says:

      lol… x-Writer cant get over with it. What a cry baby. What a shame. LOL

      • OKCKD35 says:

        serious, what a big baby, its funny to me because i remember his posts after game 1 and game 2. he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. X-WRITER, enjoy your 4 game losing streak, its what peoplewill remember, not the 20 game win streak! haha

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        just like you if the same happened….and it will if OKC can stay good long enough…..Good Luck……. you Okies are NEW to this nba game….. you will get used to it….. right there in the next round….. I want the Thunder o win for the West….Not for the loudmouth new fans……. I bet you think it is funny…… but the Real Spurs fans will remember BOTH streaks…… and we could care less how the media…… and last of all opponents’ fans think……. IF and I mean IF…. the thunder lose in in the Finals I hope to hear from YOU OKCKD35….. and if they win as well….. good luck in the next round….GO_Thunder

  102. Greg says:

    The big 3 of OKC was 22 yrs old in average, while the big 3 of SAS was 30 yrs old in average. KD just played the whole 48 minutes which means, these young OKC team has all the energy and athleticism compared to this SAS team.

  103. x-writer says:

    last thing :i predicted the outcome and that joey crawford will do the job for david stern look who is the ref,yes the same man u get suspended for too obvious misscalls for 1 year and now he is back as ref for a CFs really. unbelievable, but now joey is not to dumb anymore to make it to obvious again.if so he had to give timi aT for smiling again.
    so sad for the fans of NBA FIBA rocks

    • OKCKD35 says:

      once again, you had no complaints about Joey Crawford after game 2, why now? myself i hate Joey Crawford too, but his crew did a good job. you can whine at the FT disparity in game 6 which was 13, at the same time realize 6 of those FT were from intentional fouls. not to mention San antonio shot 28 3’s. maybe if they worked the ball inside more they would have gotten more calls.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        look who’s talking about working the ball inside ……. a fan a a jumpshooting team that gets calls jumpshooting…….LMAO

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        what would you think if KD got a T for looking at ref…..It reminds me of when the multicolored hair rebounding machine was with the Spurs…….he got Teed up for looking at a ref and when he -(Rodman)- goes to mikies team he is a hero……lol….. OKCKD

  104. Marco29 says:

    Too bad for our beloved Spurs, but OKC is a hell of team that managed to beat Dallas, LAL and the Spurs in a row and found a way to close-out games.
    On this series it is hard to blame the Big Three even if they struggled at times.
    As unbelivable as it sounds, Pop has been out-coached by Brooks who made the necessary adjustments and got the contributions he needed from his big men and reserves while irmproving their ball movement.
    He also managed the Westbrook case by convincing him to involve his teamates and pay attention to the ball movement.
    Pop on the other hand made at least 2 mistakes: he let go Game 3 by taking TP and TD out of the game in the 4th quarter. For sure it would have been a different series with a 3-0 lead. Also, he insisted on playing small ball and did not use Splitter and especially Blair. With a lower risk of taking points in the paint, OKC defenders had every latititude to come out on Manu and TP and shut them down.
    Blair and Splitter had the young legs the Spurs needed to run as fast and jump as high as OKC.

    Anyway, they will be back next year. Everybody will talk of the end of the Spurs Era as every year and they will still be here as last year and as this year (2 consevutive years with the best record in the regular season).
    Go Spurs Go.

    • kush says:

      ^^ only problem with your statement, dejuan blair has no ACL in both of his knees so no he cannot jump as high as OKC lols

  105. it is quite obvious the thunder outplayed the good team spurs in the superb game of the entire dimension of the ball game.

  106. x-writer says:

    i saw now the recap, did u see the miss calls on duncan,and that nice flopping from harden and the offensive foul call on manu,sry refs go tto the WWF they need dumbs

    • FirstPlace says:

      Manu Flop Song @ youtube. Harden Flopped on Manu a couple times last night, and now Manu knows what it feels like.

  107. CJR says:

    Ok, I see everyone harping on the ref’s, and of course that is always a factor since each fan is biased towards their team. This reminds me a lot of Portland’s 92 Team with Clyde, Terry, Buck, Duck and Jerome… the style is very close to OKC’s and I remember watching the playoff’s up in Seattle, which I miss that rivalry big time, but that aside, you can’t let the ref’s beat you… ultimately, if you don’t make the buckets, turn it over more than the other team, just plain getting tired, you get to see just who the best team is. I give hats off to OKC because either team, SAS or OKC, would have supported the west very well and will get the Championship… so Long Boston or Miami, it’s already in the bag 🙂

    The ref’s are only a part of the game and there are calls on both sides of the floor you could point fingers at, and yes I think there were some officials who finally went to jail for throwing some of the games my Portland team did if I remember right? Ultimately, they could have still one, had they not just had some real bad nights of missing the baskets when they needed them and playing against some really good opponents in what I term the Legends league… I mean growing up watching Clyde, Magic, Bird, Jordan, Eweing, Barkley, Stockton, and on and on, I mean that was a time I was really lucky to see.

    OKC, I wish you all the best of luck coming up… it’s time to grow up quick… let Fisher keep you settled and making the difference… I see OKC winning in 5 really, because the competition in the East has been just Ugly to watch this year when the West is making nothing but incredible shots almost all night long with periods of Ugly.


    • Juan says:

      Joey Crawford has a history of making unfavorable calls against the Spurs, yet he was scheduled to ref this game. He was even reprimanded by the NBA for ejecting Tim Duncan from the bench for just smiling at him! You don’t think he harbors resentment against the Spurs?

      • OKCKD35 says:

        Funny how you dont mention Crawford also Ref’ed game 2. Wait didnt the Spurs get favorable calls and in that game? oh yea, they did. tired of all the excuses after hearing everyone talk about how great the Spurs were and that OKC stood no chance, now its a bunch of cry babies.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        …..now I know that you haven’t watched that long OKCKD35……. This is the FIRST year that ‘everybody’ has talked about how good the spurs….. and that is for 15 straight….no ever since David R. was drafted…so 22 straight years….NO one outside of the ‘little’ San Antonio said Anything good about them …..Made me wonde why….. And now … the First time the media jumped on the Spurwagon you are ‘TIRED” of all of the attention they got?? If you go back a few days or weeks right her on these blogs there were MANY Spurs fans that were Quite wary of the SUDDEN attention….. and for good reason. PS: In game #2 Parker needed 34(16 of 21) and the Spurs needed a 37 point 3rd quarter to win BY 9 !!! Westbrook scored 8! Fouls you say favored the spurs???? 28 for SA and 26 for your Thunder and that was counting Brooks hack-a-Tiago….. remember???? SO ….FIVE intentional fouls by a coaches decision …so can take those ‘favored Spurs’ fouls….. and NOW you got 28 Spur fouls to 21 for the thunder…… all in all, the point you make is foolish…. How can Joey give favorable calls when the Spurs had more (even without Tiago’s) fouls than your Thunder….. Did you even look at the box score……obviously not…….. try recording a game or two and watch in retrospect and see how ‘obviously’ the Spurs were favored …IN ANY GAME !!! Worry about your next opponent which will not be a ‘small’ market team like yours!!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      I hope so too……BUT that is what fans said when the Spurs were on the streak…..’its in the bag’……. Always be careful with that kinda talk…. i couldn’t believe it when Spurs fans were thinking that way….. I does look Good for the Thunder……. but they still have to go out and win 4 games…. I hope they do !!

  108. 2k13 says:

    agreed with the bad officiating.its been like that since game 3.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      LOL typical, so when the Spurs get all the calls and win the officiating is ok, yet when most of the games were even and the Spurs lose then its unfair, now i understand how spurs fans think, “if the spurs lose it must be unfair”

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        OKCKD35……Spurs have never gotten ALL of the calls……If you have watched long enough you see the formula….. When it comes to the playoffs and especially the Finals two small market teams Rarely get to match up……. take this year for instance…. Indy was doin/ pretty well until soethng funny happened on the way to the EC Finals…… what usually happens…..The Spurs have had a great run with the present team but if you remember they were always talked down—too slow—- too old(the last few years)— NO Starpower(whatever that means in sports) and when they DID win the Finals, many talking heads clained for various reasons that the “Best” team didn’t win. So if OKC wins you can bet the house that they DO NOT repeat…… bank on it!!…… PS: how long have you followed the nba….just curious.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        for 21 years man, long time fan, played middle and high school basketball too.

  109. Jkey says:

    What a great series. I wasn’t fussed which side would win, but I had hoped that the Spurs would win, just to try and win one more for Duncan and co. I don’t think they will have a strong chance to go the distance next year. So now go OKC!

  110. NBAFAN says:

    You, tischmi are a sore loser! The thunder just out gunned the spurs…. THATS IT! dont go blame the officials, dont go blame stern, dont go blame lebron…. THUNDER BEAT SPURS AND THAT IS IT!

    It is gunna be a hell of a finals series who ever OKC play

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …..and if the call don’t go your way and you lose….. what are gonna say then?

  111. x-writer says:

    thanks to the ref, good post @ tischmi June 7, 2012 at 2:24 am, one u know what is going on, sry spurs fans i predicted the spurs will lose,how impossible it is that they lose 4 straight but the nba get scared about the spurs, u have to look about the FT and u know what is going on again. so the same u will get from the ref in game 6 in the east. and tischimi that is what i´m talking about the differnt calls the spurs get the hole series but the first 2 games the FG% was high so the refs cant influence the outcome. i´m not a spurs fan so i not so sad about it ,but it is sad to see how NBA gets to be like WWF. IT is predictable and so obvious.and that is not the first year. but i think the last 5 years the refs are too bad or they get instructions,who knows but 1 is sure OKC have to thanks the ref.and i hope sometime when sterns is left we can get fair games

  112. Omeiza says:

    The only reason the Spurs got this far in the first place is becuase this was a truncated season. If this had been a regular 70+ game season, I dont think they would have had the stamina to come this far in the Play-offs.

    • Juan says:

      So does that explain why they had the best regular season record last season too? You’re an idiot. Everyone had the same advantages/disadvatages!

      • Marco29 says:

        The condensed schedule with numerous back to backs and even back to back to backs was not in favor of the aging Spurs.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …..it is an 82 game season ,Aziemo!!…….. And they had the best record in last year’s 82 GAME season…. enough with the short season talk….

    • mb says:

      it is more tough in a short season. why? how many key players got injured? how many back to back to back games were played? how about training camp? spurs reached the wcf coz of good team management. and that team is a hell of a team. i don’t think it is fair to say that because there were lesser games their chances were better. they just lost to a team that played better and a shortened season had nothing to do with it.

  113. Amir says:

    disappear? they didn’t disappear, not until the referees starting to blow away their lead….those referees should be ashamed of themselves…frustration caught up with the spurs’ players coz of the bad calls and NON-CALLS…pfff…this is one big RIP OFF……..obviously NBA doesn’t want Spurs on the FINALS coz they thought they will lose viewerships and lose a lot of money…. nonetheless, SPURS is still the best team in the NBA, with or without those stupid moron officials…

    • OKCKD35 says:

      yeah another sore loser, probably another sweep caller, if the NBA didnt want to see the Spurs in the finals why did they win 4 titles? Face it, their time is up, there has been a changing of the guard in the West, and in the NBA. It will be the same way for the next few years, get used to looking up in the standings to OKC!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ……. Don’t worry…..OKC is a small market and will draw only nominally for TV ratings…….Maybe this year with all the hoopla over KD but when it comes down to next year’s playoffs???

      • FirstPlace says:

        Are you really saying that a Manu vs. Lebron would be bigger ratings than a DURANT vs. LEBRON? You’re crazy the 2 biggest superstars in the finals would be huge! 4 of the seasons top 5 scorers on the court in the finals at the same time!! EPIC

      • OKCKD35 says:

        Actually the Thunder had quite a bit of nationally televised gamesthis year, i was suprised, i followed the team from Seattle when they moved, was a long time sonics fan. But i know what you mean, OKC are in the Finals and i cant even get a Thunder hat here in california, had to have my mother in law grab me one when she was in OKC lol

  114. JERBY says:

    too much fouls for thunder being call by the referree and NO goal tendings for IBAKA at most time…HARDEN is all Offensive Fouls

  115. barad says:

    still SAS, they give opportunity to the young guns to be the champs. SAS has their time in the past and i’m satisfied to that. Still SAS forever!

  116. Glenn Desquitado says:

    Still they did a good job. I hope to see next year a new center for San Antonio. Boris can be as great as Robert Horry off the bench.

  117. SAS09 says:

    Its hard to accept game 6.i tot i see lots of uncalled fouls to TD and TP.but the thing that dissapoints me is what happnd to the SAS bench,specially to Splitter.I hope they can bounce back next year and win it all!!Find some bigs to help TD pls!!! go SPURS go!!!

  118. congee10 says:

    @ TISCHMI, shut up, there’s always bad calls in every game, Spurs admitted they couldn’t do it, winning is winning, go have a cry

  119. Vlad says:

    Agree with tischmi.
    Manu cannot play if he know that each step forward is offensive foul (like he have 2 i think).

    • OKCKD35 says:

      you mean like Harden in game 1? 4 charges and 0 free thorws, it goes both ways, Manu should never get a call as long as he continues to flop as he does!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ….right ….. and when someone whacks your player in the throat …it is just a foul….(Thabo on Manu at halfcourt) a couple of games ago…. just say the same thing when it happens to your team’s players, and it will !! ….. Don’t you remember all the laker fans sayin that Harden is the biggest flopper in the league and the Indy coach sayin’ that Miami is the team that flops most…… I guess in your mind ALL ‘other’ teams flop except OKC and that is real for you?? Fine….. I am just sayin’ that the leeway given to officials on certain calls will always leave room for one team or another to ‘see’ it differently…… Maybe you will get that chance in the finals…. If you see some flopping going on , don’t be surprised you don’t get the calls you want!! I love the way the Thunder plays….. with alot of heart…. GO OKC….Beat the East !!!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        Hey OKCKD35…..there is a book by tim donaghy that may interest those that think refs have the players(teams) best interest in mind…..check it out….

      • OKCKD35 says:

        i thought the foul on Thabo should have been flagrant, by no means was it intentional to close line him but unneccesary contact is a flagrant i agree with you, as for the Lakers fans they were also saying Metta World War’s elbow was unintentional, so they get no room to talk, I admit Harden flops, he always flips his head back on drives to make it look like contact. Just saying with Parker and Ginobili its like 1/4 of their game it seems like sometimes.

  120. congee10 says:

    Tischimi, shut up winning is winning, Spurs even admitted it, go have a cry

  121. mel says:

    There is a saying “THE BALL IS ROUND”..Go OKC GO!!

  122. ! says:

    the turning point of the series was when lil wayne rooted for the spurs.
    i’m betting against the team he roots for in the finals. lol

  123. ref says:

    I was a referee for several years.

    What I can see (too often) is that there are some obvious preferences when it comes down to call/no call situations. As well as when it comes down to different interpretation of rules that one team can benefit from. If I am able to accept the argumentation in favor of protecting key players, I am certainly not able to understand it when it comes down to the whole team. You can always argue that good teams have to adapt to it (as Boston does against Miami, where we also see some strange no call situations when Miami is attacking Rondo), but it is hard to lose that strange filling that some teams are more preferred to be seen in finals. At least I am able to understand “arguments” behind that.

    So I agree with second thoughts “tischmi” has. But steel looking back couple of years it was Tony Parker that was constantly standing on the free throw line. And it was again argued that he is just throwing himself into defenders.

    Anyway it looks like it is the end of one era and time for new one, with younger players, new faces, and new stars. It only looks like Lebron James will be lost somewhere in transition, while trying so hard.

  124. Glenn Desquitado says:

    I hope that Dwight Howard will come to San Antonio because he can fill the space of David Robinson or any rookie center/power forward that is willing to be mentored by Tim Duncan. San Antonio needs a new big man. Tim Duncan is my basketball idol since high school until today..Just one more Ring! Man even next year.

  125. Dylan from OKC says:

    Sounds like we have some sore losers in SA. Ever heard of home court advantage?

  126. bando says:

    I`m a Spurs fan but the Thunder have shown all season long that they are a good team and I think they deserve to be in the Finals. Thunder has probably the best post defense in the league (Perkins, Ibaka), has 3 excellent scorers (Durant, Westbrook, Harden) and when the role players start knocking down their shots they are almost unstoppable. I hope Boston will beat Miami, I would love to see a showdown between Pierce & Rondo vs. Durant & Westbrook.

  127. Brad says:

    Spurs Rules! I have to wait intill next year.

  128. Vologodian says:

    it’s a shame…. i always look forward for respected vets to get titles, just like dallas last year. KD & RW are good, but i’d like ;em to have longer ways for rings, just like dirk & kidd did. so i give my hopes to celts now and hope to see spurs hot next season!

    • OKCKD35 says:

      in this one post season run the Thunder have paid their dues. They beat all 3 teams that have represented the west for the past 13 years. They went through all of the veterans with the experience and came out on top. Like i said at the beginning of the year, KD will get his ring before the so called “king”!

    • Doucheku says:

      Only an old person would say that.

  129. Jernej says:

    This was all about the refs, get serious please. How can someone even play when Perkins is allowed to make running screens?

    • Jameel says:

      For 4 games?! Really?! Thunder were BETTER!!!!!!

    • FirstPlace says:

      Parker and Manu built their game around the flop. And nobody wanted to see that in the finals. Your boy’s choked a 15 point lead. Just go fishing!

    • OKCKD35 says:

      lol and TIm Duncan doesnt lean into every screen? Get real man. Refs in the NBA are terrible, but for the most part they are neutrally bad. Its always an excuse to point to the refs. you act like there were no bad calls or no calls that favored the Spurs. I’ll be the first one to admit i hate Joey Crawford, but his crew did a respectable job both in San Antonio and Oklahoma City.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      there is a reason he was traded…..you’ll find out!!

      • DM8488 says:

        yeah the reason was Boston couldnt pay him, so they traded him b4 they lost him for nothing DUH

  130. kenny says:

    Still, Thank you SPURS for the wonderfull season. Nobody expected that you go this far, like what Pop said, you may have even overachieved. Parker and Ginobili didnt disappear, nor they are old, they just got tired up because the “others” who supposed to relieve them for rest cannot play. They are young and not yet ready (except for Leonard) Spurs are not yet Done. They are still in process to integrate the other younger pplayers into the system and their time will come. KUDOS to OKC, they are the better team. Congratulations OKC.. I’ll be rooting for you becasue youre from the west

  131. tischmi says:

    Apparently, OKC is an exception to the body check foul rules of the NBA. If you drive on one of them, body checked off balance so you cant recover for a decent layup. If you try going around any of their screens, body checked to the floor unless you are an NFL defensive lineman. Handicaps your offense because of bad officials.

    On the other hand, Durant has this untouchable bubble surrounding him. Only player who can hit YOU and STILL get the foul call.

    Good luck anyone who plays these guys. Handicapped offense vs Durant’s free throws!!

    • kapow says:

      Wow what a sore loser. Calls balanced out if you watched the game from a neutral perspective. I was sick of seeing San Antonio’s flopping, whining and bald spots- couldn’t stand to watch any longer! I guess you never looked at the silly calls that went San Antonio’s way as you’re looking through biased eyes.

      Go OKC! #ThunderUp! OKC in 5 (hopefully against the Heat so it’s a sweeter victory).

      • Juan says:

        If anyone flopped in this game and received a call it was Derek Fisher and James Harden! Also, Parker was called for a foul toward the end of the game on Westbrook because Westbrook fell down on his own after making a layup and Joey Crawford, who has a history of making bad calls against the Spurs called a foul. Also, Kawhi Leonard lost the ball out of bounds after getting an offensive rebound and Westbrook hit him in his head causing him to lose control of the ball and nothing was called. This entire series, the refs have favored OKC. It was a travesty to see how many blocks Ibaka was granted after the ball had obviously hit the backboard first. Even the announcers made a few comments about missed calls, all of which went against the Spurs.

      • Doug says:

        Juan: “If anyone flopped it was Fisher?” Really? There was a play toward the end of the game where Duncan and Fisher were going for a loose ball and Duncan clearly collided with Fisher and then like a whole second later throws himself in the opposite direction. Fisher is the smallest guy on the floor, like he could send Duncan flying like that. Fisher just stood his ground, he could have tried flopping to but did not. That play was so ridiculous looking. Duncan has always been a flopper.

      • FirstPlace says:

        I did see OKC do a couple of flops. I loved it!! Manu and Tony Parker are the biggest floppers to ever play the game. Manu has to have the sorest a$$ in the NBA cause of how time he spends falling on it. And it was great to see them to get the bad side of a flop. And if you’re a SAS fan just understand that the flop is a big part of Manu and TP’s game. And on a side note you guys should check out the MANU FLOP SONG 1, 2, AND 3 @ YOUTUBE

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ….you mean you didn’t see that KD was untouchable…… couldn’t get Near him without a foul called….the 3rd quarter was slowed down by the Constant foul calls…… bu it doesn’t matter they seemed to be destined to win…. Good for OKC…. Hope they get to play bronbron and then there will be 2 untouchable players on the court…………… Go Thunder …. represent the West with PRIDE !!! PS: sure do wish he played a year or two more at UT….. would’ve been fun to watch him in the final four…..

      • OKCKD35 says:

        Juan, yea you are right they all went the thunders way, thats why after Ibaka lit up the Spurs for a perfect game he gets 2 BS fouls in 40 seconds into the game in San Antonio, they were shooting free throws in the penalty 3 minutes into the game, AND STILL LOST! had 3 or 4 thunder players with 4 fouls each playing limited minutes AND STILL LOST, Tony Parker is the biggest flopper i have ever seen, every single possession he jumps into the defender and cries when he gets no call. Thats ok, he can flop with all the fishes! SAN ANTONIO GONE FISHIN!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ….Spurs WERE aggressive ….. until the 3rd qtr when baldy slowed the game with endless phantom charging an blocking calls against them….. Some game in the future(maybe in the NEAR future) OKC will get some if the same treatment…..THEN the ref ‘angle’ (quoting below-JONATHON) will be more obvious to y’all in the greater OKC area…… GO Thunder!!….. PS:…. Check out the wiki page for one tim d onaghy…..very interesting legal reality

    • Hell hath no fury as a Spurs fan scorned! It is much more noble to be humble in defeat. Good job OKC, roll on boys!

      • Sam says:

        The hell with that. Soft never got anybody anywhere. I still say F OKC. Bunch of undeserving fans that support a team that was built on tanking 4 years in a row. They are supposed to be the NBA’s “hero good guys team” and we are just supposed to like them? No, and if they keep winnng, the NBA will have one less viewer to line Sterns’s pockets. I would rather see the Lakers win than OKC.

    • Zack says:

      You are a delusional homer. Get real.

    • MagoHaydz says:

      nah, youre just a sore loser.

    • David says:

      Blaming the refs is such a tired cliche. Spurs should have played better with a 15 point lead.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ….would’ve if the 3rd quarter wasn’t in slow motion ’cause of the constant bail out calls….. but the Spurs have seen this kinda thing before so it is a NON issue…… Thunder are the Champs of the west….. I am behind them now to go and beat the east…. GO_THUNDER !!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        …… don’t worry ….you will get your chance to be on the other side of the ‘inconsistent’ calls….. just get in the playoffs enough and you will have the same thing happen….. just wait…..

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        remember that david when the tables are turned

      • OKCKD35 says:

        @justplayball, isnt that the same exact thing that happened for the Spurs in game 1? Thunder up by 9 in the 4th and the constant foul calls gave the Spurs free throws and slowed down the game enough to let them back in it, calls happen on both sides, for the most part it was pretty even, OKC had 13 more FT in 6 games, thats basically 1 shooting foul per game

    • Sinan Cem Civili says:

      hater alert!!

      Sad to see spurs lose. I was hoping for Duncan getting another ring before he retires. Spurs was playing tremendous basketball with their whole team. When all of the pieces not clicking spurs are just a good team. But OKC is a very good team with their 3 stars. Lack of bench contribution from spurs decided the fate of series. Because when you put best 5 players of each team on court OKC is way better.

    • oli says:

      hahaha you’re pathetic, they just played great and were the best team ! Get over it !

    • NorthPole says:

      What about giving them credit for winning 4 in a row against the mighty Spurs just like SA players did?

    • Jay says:

      Sounds like a disgruntled Spurs fan who cant accept the undeniable fact -just looking for some escapegoats. Look at Ol man Manu flopping/acting. What a pity…

    • LOLJokes says:

      biggest real of my life

    • Michael says:

      And let’s not forget about goal-tending. For the first five games of the series Ibaka was goal-tending every chance he got (and even Durant did at least once). There were also several questionable offensive and defensive fouls called against the Spurs in game six. But, it was obviously OKC’s year. Let’s see if they can go through Boston.

    • Jameel says:

      So you mean to tell me that this was the case 4 games straight?! Get real!!!

      • googergieger says:

        Two games straight, yeah. Game 3 OKC played better. Game four was more or less even, which you can forgive considering homecourt. Game five, no home court love for The Spurs. They had a chance to go to overtime and win the game in general. Again though Thunder had it easier. The margin of error for The Spurs was almost zero percent because of the officiating. Thunder had a huge cushion. Is what it is. Those of us tired of the built in bias can always skip this years finals. Eventually stop watching basketball in general. Those of us that aren’t tired of it and enable it, can always keep on watching. “It’s still real to me, damn it!” and all that.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      awwww cry me a river, most of the series the Spurs had the majority of the calls. At the end of the day the spurs were just too old. what a pathetic response from a sore fan…..probably one of the ones calling for a sweep after game 1

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        Hey, OKCKD35…… Gotta hand it to the thunder…. hit their shots…..GO_THUNDER….beat the East…….(told you I would post win or lose….)…PS: Joey has ALWAYS had it in for the spurs….. so what’s new….. I would like to see more of the other refs but I guess the nba likes to see his shiny head do Spurs games…… I am gonna enjoy the summer and pull for OKC to win it all for the West !!! and PPS: OKC will get it’s ‘fair share’ of poor officiating…. wait and see …. If you make the playoffs alot you will see who the favored players are…. it will be obvious ….even to the ‘casual’ fan of the game

      • OKCKD35 says:

        ive been watching basketball since i was about 10, i’m 31 now. Long time fan of the game, i dont think Joey has it in for the Spurs, i think Joey just likes the negative attention, he has screwed over many teams in his career as well as his son Danny Crawford, cant stand either of them. I’ll be the 1st to admit we got some favorable calls in game 6, i think the rest of the series though was pretty even, actually remove game 6 and both teams had the same number of FT attempts and about the same number of foul calls. there were bad calls both ways throughout the entire series, the NBa needs to invest in younger officials, do you really think Joey Crawford can keep up with Westbook or Parker? Not a chance, thats why he’s constantly making bad calls because he is always out of position, google Joey Crawford trips Dwayne Wade, of Joey Crawford Phantom call on KG. That being said it was a very entertaining series and i can only hope the games between the 2 teams are that much quality next year.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ….FIRST for you OKCKD35…. you get respect….followed a team since ’92-(me since ’77) EVEN when they flew the coop OR were kicked out —whichever way you want to see it– an still rooted for your team in ANOTHER city… if that is so…..I really commend you !! — (not that I think you think it means something coming from me)– SO good for you, man, you know your basketball !! ….BUT the Sonics of the ’90’s and GPayton were know as the ‘slappin sonics….. just their way of playin’ D -(no problem with it –just the way they were coached)–…. always slapping at the ball/hands of the offensive ball handler …(is that why the rule is now..”the hand is part of the ball” garbage??)….. so you have a history of following teams in the West….. maybe you can remember THIS…. first it was the Spurs were ‘soft’ … THEN is was they were too half-court oriented and called boring(cause the road to a title ALWAYS went through that foul magnet–shak…. AND THEN they were ‘too old’ (more recently)…. AND DANG IT….. NOW…. it is that THEY ALLL FLOP ALL of the time !!!!!!! I just gets SOOOOOOOOOOO lame after awhile ……. it is like Rosanne Roseannadanna used to say…IF it’s not ONE THING it’s ANOTHER……. see where Iam coming from, y’all ??? And as for ‘ol mr crawford …. I don’t think he has it in for the Spurs ,,,, I KNOW it to be true……since the Spurs are one of the MAIN reasons he was SUSPENDED for a year…for what ??……BAD officiating !!…… WOW….. shouldn’t it be …forever ??….. When you lose your license in say law or medicine ….you ‘never work in this town again….. Really wish it wee so in pro sports …. and that goes for Artest as well…. should have been kicked out FOREVER after that violent elbow to Harden …. Even with NO Joey C officiating in those I don’t think the Spurs win ‘hands down’…. it just would have made it more interesting …… So the officiating didn’t Win the games for OKC… OKC did by hitting shots…..Just would like to see the game cleaner(more clear cut charging/blocking calls and reply on phantom fouls on the ball… just to s see if there WAS contact)…. and it would be alot more interesting GO_Thunder……. PS: I really hope the Celtics win tonight….. It would , Really, look better on the OKC resume in the years to come !!

  132. PC says:

    but SAS are still a force to be reckon with. They are still good. Very good. They may bounce back next season and win it all. Still, they need younger legs in their line up who is up to the challenge of making the big plays. Jackson, Ginoboli, Duncan will be the grandpas of the league by next year, they need younger legs to step in. And it was the bench who disappeared the whole game. Well, so did Parker in the second half.

  133. nelson tun says:

    That’s the age factor. The age plays a role. Spurs stars are mostly old and quickly fatigue whereas the counter parts are younger and more actively play the ball. That’s the answer. So O.K.C wait for Celtics and find the best way how to beat Celtics. Derrick Fisher knows about Celtics very well. They have tremendous chemistry but they are not as fast as you are. So beat Celtics with speed and accuracy plus team work. O.K.C in 6.

    • ZilchZillion says:

      The Celtics have to settle first their on problem on Game 6 with the Heat,
      coz’ they must not think of beating OKC in the finals if they don’t win on thursday though.
      then we’ll see if I can agree with you or not!..but i hope you are right!!!
      …so let’s see what we can see.

    • SAS -V- NYK says:

      no cryin will get you tryin!!! that wat i was told when i was young. it has served me well.

      the SAS are terrific, but now they are about to decline down the rosy path to a boggy swamp in new orleans.

      the NYK will do same but in oposite direction and with opposite goals in mind.

      if the SPURS let up on the gas, then their car will simply stall. to keep it going through the night and day of the seasons is the main goal. i dont mind the playoffs – its time to give the crown to the regular season winner.

  134. Duke of San Antonio says:

    I still support San Antonio Spurs! They are not destined to win for the sole reason that this year is an even year. They won all their championships during odd years – 1999, 2003, 2005, 2007. However, I knew that Spurs’ losses will come on an untimely manner after the remarkable 20-game winning streak. It would have been great if they have beaten the Thunder. We should not question the contributions of Duncan, Ginobili or Parker for the entire series. The “disappearing act” award goes to the Spurs’ bench players. I wonder where Bonner, Splitter, Neil, Green, Diaw have been the whole time. It was only Stephen Jackson who stepped up to support Spurs’ Big Three and he deserves full credit for that. As much as it pains me to see the season end for San Antonio, I will always support them. Go Spurs Go!

    • Jameel says:

      For the “SOLE” reason that it’s an even year? Give me a break…The Thunder kicked their A’s, plain and simple…Jax said it best…”Those young kids can play and they’re the better team.” Spurs were too confident with 18 straight wins going into the series, and with Parker’s game 2 performance, the Spurs thought they had it in the bag…HUGE mistake, as we can obviously see!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        …..Hey man …. it hurts…….hope you are never in that position …… You heard what Pop said after the game, nothing but praise…..I say Great team with alot of heart…. Always a Spur fan(35yrs)but I am happy (as I Can be) for the young Thunder….. If KD keeps it up they win the Finals and he is the MVP….great comeback …. in this game and the series….. GO_THUNDER …… Beat the East !!

      • Duke of San Antonio says:

        I was just trying to make things light for me, so give me a break as well. 🙂 But you’re right, being over-confident has its price to pay. But I still think that the bench players didn’t do their fair share in the series. Complacency showed when they lost that 18-point lead. =/

      • timmy manu tony says:

        shut up! its just OKC time! they have their luck in the second half!!! just luck!!!

      • NZBaller says:

        Congrats to OKC, well deserved but Spurs set the standard and OKC were able to adjust and make changes required to win the final four games. Spurs dont need to prove to anyone how good they are because they got the rings to answer those questions. Im a huge Clippers fan and thought it would be the Clippers and OKC in the conference final and look what the Spurs did to the Clippers. OKC definitely champs for 2012 because any team that can beat the Mavs, Lakers and Spurs to get to the finals and close out a team like the Spurs will easily handle what the East can throw at them.

        Durant and Westbrook will counter whatever James and Wade dishes out and both benches are great but my boy BOSH is not 100% and without Bosh’s game in the paint the bigs for OKC are going to have a field day. OKC beats Miami in 5 games and if Boston gets through (upset of the year if they do) then OKC clean sweep against Boston.

    • angelo says:

      How could the bench contribute or support the big 3 when they are not fielded in?
      The veterans were exhausted in the last quarter with too much time on the floor.
      Poppo only used 7 players, that is not the usual rotation during the whole season.
      He should continue using the same rotation that made them on top of the West and 20 win streak.
      Bonner and Blair were not used. Green and Tiago were there for a minute…my Goodness!

      • Duke of San Antonio says:

        Have you or have you not watched this series versus OKC? Because I have seen every second of it. Spurs’ bench players were nowhere to be found – contrary to how they played all throughout the season and th first 2 rounds of the playoffs. They neither played good offense nor better defense. They were forcing their shots, most of them were misses, and turning the ball over endlessly. In short, they did not play smart basketball. That was why Popovich has to get more minutes from his Big 3 – making them exhausted in the end.

    • Doucheku says:

      Duke of San Antonio…you’re an idiot.

      • Jameel says:

        That’s not nice! You see he said he was trying to make it light for himself…@Duke of San Antonio, I understand. I’m a Bulls fan, so I felt it a few weeks ago, it’s all good….Let’s go Thunder (If the Heat win), if the C’s win, I can care less, I like them as well!

    • Miguel says:

      yea thats true they win in odd years but damn I hope somehow they can win one more. I really wish they could get D. Howard he’d spot duncan, Like how duncan spotted robinson