UNC’s Marshall Planning To Participate In NBA’s Pre-Draft Camp

CHICAGO – Kendall Marshall‘s strange comeback from the broken wrist he knew about (and the fractured elbow he did not) moves to an important stage today as the ex-North Carolina point guard participates in all basketball activities as part of the NBA’s annual pre-Draft camp. Marshall, though, concedes he still has pain and is hesitant to rely on the right arm.

Marshall suffered the injury March 18 in the NCAA tournament and underwent surgery the next day to repair the wrist. Only in late-May, though, after a series of complaints about problems with the elbow, did another test reveal the fracture to that joint. That setback that cost him valuable rehabilitation time with the Draft approaching, but the injury did not require surgery.

Now he comes to the largest gathering of college prospects and several representatives from every NBA team needing to play through pain to solidify his standing as a lottery selection. He’s likely in the second half of the Draft as the No. 2 point-guard prospect, behind only Damian Lillard of Weber State. Marshall had the option of skipping the basketball drills, and would have had a good reason to do so (unlike a lot of players who skip drills every year to avoid hurting their stock), but said he will take part in every activity and test except the bench press.

“I plan on doing everything,” Marshall said. “It still hurts to kind of dribble and pass, but I’m way farther along than I was, which is a positive. If I keep doing my rehab, hopefully that pain will get to at least a complete no pain.”

The pain was lingering long enough that he initially had conversations with advisors about possibly cancelling some team workouts that follow the Chicago gathering. That concern, at least, has passed. He has several interviews set or being scheduled for teams picking late in the lottery and expects to make each workout.

“It’s healing fine,” Marshall said. “It’s getting a lot better. I’ve played a little bit of pickup with it. There is still some pain. Obviously with the elbow being something that I didn’t find out about until two weeks ago, that’s been a little bit tougher. But the wrist is almost healthy. That’s definitely a positive.”


  1. Neil says:

    Hornets can become a playoff team with this years draft. If Trevor Ariza can stay healthy, the SF postiion will belong to him. Eric Gordon n Chris Kaman decide to come back then they are all set with SG n C. Davis n Marshall can start as PF n PG. Okafor n Jarrett Jack off the bench…should be fun to watch.

  2. BIG Heat fan says:

    If you do not want Kendall Marshall to go to Heat, then the No.1 rookie must join MIAMI HEAT!

  3. BIG Heat fan says:

    No, Kendall Marshall must go to MIAMI HEAT!!! Let’s Go Heat, beat celtics on Game 7 and win championship!

  4. Danilo B. says:

    MARSHALL needs to go to Chicago at 29 !! 😀

  5. Raptor fan for life. says:

    Raptors Organization – PLEASE TAKE THIS KID!!!!!!!!!!


    This kid has game and was evident when he was running UNC ball club coached by Roy Williams. Quality players and great backup/starter on this team and great complement to Jose Calderon.

    DO NOT MESS THIS DRAFT PICK!!!!!!!!! I am tired of all these useless players coming on our roster and making no impact whatsoever.

  6. pokie says:

    If you could add a kid like Kendall Marshal to every team in the league the increase in the quality of play across the board would be frightening.

  7. Michael says:

    Marshall needs to go to Portland at 11. Nothing else makes more sense!

    In more detail – http://basketballsandkangaroos.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/nba-mock-draft-based-on-team-needs.html

    While I’m here, let me say that I think Lillard is overrated. Not necessarily a bust, but definitely overrated.

  8. Amitpal says:

    Marshall really seems like a good point guard. And he looks like a hard worker. I think either Portland or hornets should really think about taking him. Of course Damin looks good to but we don’t know how good he really is. Either way who ever takes them is going to have a solid starting point guard for the next 10-13 years.