Heat Embrace High Stakes Of Game 6

BOSTON — After his team completed its shootaround in preparation for Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals on Thursday (8:30 p.m. ET, ESPN), Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra conducted his entire seven-minute media session with a smile on his face.

Spoelstra spoke of Game 6 at the TD Garden, where the Heat have lost 15 of their last 16 games, as a chance for his team to prove itself, rather than as some daunting task.

“Regardless of how you get here, 3-2, it’s a great opportunity for us,” Spoelstra said. “All we have to do is win one on each court to take the next step toward our dream. Our guys fully understand that.”

And he spoke of Games 4 and 5 as games that could have gone either way. The Heat had multiple chances to win Game 4 here in Boston, and they had a six-point lead in the fourth quarter of Game 5 in Miami on Tuesday.

“The loose balls in the last game,” Spoelstra said. “That’s really what it comes down to. And in the fourth game, it was make or miss. Sometimes, that’s what it comes down to.

“That’s why we have confidence coming into this. We feel that we had every opportunity to win those last two games. And if shots can go, everybody can look at this a little bit differently right now.”

One other reason to be confident: Chris Bosh will be on the floor longer than the 14 minutes he played in Game 5. Spoelstra wouldn’t say whether or not Bosh will start on Thursday, but said that he’ll be out there longer.

“He should be able to handle a bigger load,” Spoelstra said. “I doubt he can handle his load that he was playing before, 36 minutes. But he should be able to play more tonight.”

Bosh said he doesn’t care if he starts.

“That’s irrelevant at this point,” he said. “It’s all about getting the win. And I just want to have more minutes out there to try and do something special.”

Winning a Game 6 in Boston and forcing a Game 7 back in Miami on Saturday would indeed be something special for the Heat. And Spoelstra’s mood eight hours before game time is an indication that they’re thinking positive.

“Maybe we’re all too stubborn,” Spoelstra said. “I don’t know. But we’re coming into this game with a lot of confidence.”


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  2. the2.writer says:

    nice too see that critcal post want to be posted….give it to the okc and heat ,, ridiculous even here

  3. liquidhoops says:

    coach spo should go he’s not yet ready for this overwhelming talents and attitude.

  4. What up with all the heat fans??? u guys haven’t commented too much on the last HTB about the heat. Also, LBJ is such a quitter in crunch time.I bet he just might, watch my spelling MIGHT, blow it all once again. Dat dude doesn’t close games that well Celtics will probably win this fancy by 10 or more points. But even if they win by one, it’s a win. Let life go on. Miami will have its turn but now it’s boston’s turn. Beat the Heat!!!!! Let’s go C’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ZilchZillion says:

    Okay Listen!
    If the Heat win Game 6 tonight then i guess you all have a point, question is
    ..what IF your wrong?then i guess we don’t have a point saying all this stuff!!
    so i suggest let’s us wait & see..But if the Heat win, then we can talk in Game 7 period.

  6. HeatDreamers says:

    Heat in 5.. Heat in 6??/??
    Really all talk, NBA darlings hyped and favored by media all day all night,
    To think about it Series should have been over if the refs didn’t give them 47 free throws on game 2.. SMH

    Let’s see what they’ll say after this..

  7. MiamiBIG3 says:

    The objective of the coach is to observe and identify ways to enhance both individual and team performance. During crunch time, I don’t believe coach Spo did his job as required. Having at least 2 SUPERSTARS in your team and you still cannot figure it out? There is a significant difference between a championship coach and a high school coach, I think we all know who gets those titles in this match up.

  8. brian says:

    Something special is getting ready to happen. I can feel it! LOL KG is going to have to guard someone tonight if Bosh plays. Heat are gonna take 6 and 7!

  9. knickfan212 says:

    Who has more confidence in their team than the Boston Celtics? I’m still waiting!!!

  10. knickfan212 says:

    Coach may say they embrace this game coming up but that’s just media talk. Right now they’re wondering how they ended up in this position. Spoelstra is nervous as hell because he knows his job is now up in the air. All of the games IMO have been good games. It comes down to whose willing to go get it in those final minutes.Wade,Bosh and James can’t do it alone, they need to get some of that dead weight to help. I just hope the referee’s don’t determine the outcome.
    Boston is hard to beat in their arena, especially when they can eliminate the opponent.

  11. Laker Fan says:

    I want miami to beat boston.. not much of a fan of lebron james, but really any true laker fan would rather have james win his first ring than boston the 18th with pierce happy again.. so for this time im rooting for you heat, james. p.s If they win though, i’d rather have okc winning than the heat lol

  12. CelticsPride says:

    Rondo always shows for up for big games. Celtics take this game by 10 points. Rondo with a triple double

  13. Lebron James says:

    Don’t worry i’ll play hard!

  14. LemW says:

    Heat will Turn Up the Heat Tonight!

  15. NBA reality says:

    spo was great coach that no body sees of course heat was having big 3 but so confident that he knows Celtics can be beat 2 in a row this series is all about confident in closing minutes and admit heat is unlucky back in game 4 & 5 that suppose to win it.
    think about A hero and you’ll find Miami Heat stand up and pop up in the finals…….

  16. mario lima says:

    I believe in your talents and so does the rest of the World. Put your mind and heart in your favorite park in Ohio. Remember your days when winning in the YMCA or school was all that mattered.And enjoy yourself and you will prevail.Lebron you are a winner regardless of the outcome tonight.Belive in yourself and your team mates and the win will come. I believe !!!!!! And you have to believe. Charles Barkley was right last night you are the best in the World and you can beat this team all by yourself. Go get it and do not be denied.Believe in your inner strength.Run Run Run Defend Defend Defend thats the formula.

  17. Go Heat says:

    2012 nba championship game will be OKC vs Miami…That’ll be a tough one…The game that everyone’s been waiting for….

  18. Ryan B. says:

    They might as well play Bosh all night, if you lose, you go home.

  19. NO HEAT - GOT BEAT says:


  20. nba spectator says:

    with the kinda momentum celtics have right now, miami is forced to play the best game of the season tonight…and if miami could actually win this game and win at south beach, its going to be a ridiculous nba finals…

  21. HeatCryBabies says:

    It’s time for heat to go fishing… Rondo is right.. they cry too much.. if they quit whining and start playing they probably have a chance.. but that ain’t gonna happen.. Heat players are such cry babies…

  22. Celtic Fan says:


  23. sam says:

    the heat are an amazing team. i hope they can win this one an win game 7 to go to the finals. HO HEAT

  24. OKC2012 says:

    LOL @ the fact this has gone to a game 6……

    I just cannot wait to see what will happen this offseason after another year without a championship for the Heat….

    Everybody keeps saying if they don’t win that they should fire the coach and trade Bosh, LOL again, yes the coach needs to go but Bosh? have you not seen how this team plays without him? Not to mention you are not going to get a good big man in exchange for Bosh. Sadly either LBJ or Wade need to be moved if Riley has the nuggets to do so, get back a Big man and as many role players as possible. Even sadder, after organizing this ”dream team” Wade would be the trade bait… say what you want but between him and James, Wade is older and just not as important as James if you put them side by side.

    With this, you can actually have a great team, James, Bosh, and a big man that will provide the low post presence that Bosh can’t provide, this leaves money… and actual good role players would come from the trade… this means options, something that Miami will never have with these 3 guys on the payroll.

    Many will say get rid of Bosh, but why and for who…. again you are not getting a prime big man for Bosh no matter what planet you are on lol, on top of this you don’t want an amazing post presence anyways, it just clogs up the lane for LBJ, which is where he should be 95% time. You just want a guy like Perkins who is a beast on defense and can set monster screens for the wings…. then have Bosh pull bigs away from the rim because of his shooting ability.

    All I’m saying is don’t let that ”superstar” status blind you, Bosh is not the problem, Wade and James make no sense being on the same team unless they are not on the court together most of the time… isolation plays can only get you so far, and goodness forgive they set a screen for one another every once in a blue moon lol.

    No difference really what happens in this series, they will just be proud owners of eastern conference championship memorabilia and get a front row seat to watch the OKC Thunder being crowned the 2012 NBA CHAMPS!

    • logan says:

      smart guy, i agree, their bench needs some work done. udonis haslem has been a key player and i think he deserves to stay but i think wade and spo need to go in return for some key role players to make a more balanced team, heat need to look and learn from the thunder. they got the absoulute right amount of key and role players to have a perfectly balanced team and okc’s backup players can stil carry the team!!! their bench players are starter quality!!, unlike the heat……. juwan howard/ dexter pittman/ mike miller/ joel anthony/ ronny turiaf…. what a joke

  25. Belizeboy says:

    As a Heat fan I’m not counting them out yet, but realistically they can’t pull off beating Boston the way they have been playing. I’m really disappointed in these guys because they seemed to have turned into a different team. Their defense is weak and their fast break points are down. Much credit to the Celtics though because they are showing what a young star, some seasoned vets, and dedicated bench can do.

  26. Come on heats lets get game six n seven on ur way to finlas. I have been waiting for Miami vs OKC finals all year long. Congrats to OKC for putting old spurs to rest for good. Wtf Dwade n rest of Miami bunch , Lebron needs your help. People bashing about how Lebron this and Lebron that on every blogs? Lebron has been the most consistent player in every single game n his team mates like Dwade shows up late in the second half wtf n his bench crew are worthless in most games n only show up once every two week. Boston might have a small problem at the power forward position but they are a complete team n OKC is perfectly a complete team in every positions. OKC will win this year champion ship unless Lebron n Dwade go into sage mode ( that’s only if they survive against old Boston granpas to face okc in the final)
    Let’s go heats u can do it buddies we believe in u!

  27. Retro Silk says:

    Rondo and the fellas are looking forward to
    spending some quality court-time with
    Kendrick Perkins here in a minute.
    Ha… Heat fans don’t know what to think!
    The Future is GREEN!

  28. Quan says:

    Heat will get it done. These guys like playing with their backs against the wall. Let’s go, Heat!

  29. cowman says:

    i bet that the celtics is going to lead by more than 10 points in the first half

  30. Gil says:

    HEAT will prevail after 7th game of this series. it is CLAIMED already.

  31. keremia says:

    lebron is covetous right now.the big three will explode these two games.even if boston eliminates us OKC is there for Heat’s revenge.

  32. NorthPole says:

    Let Jack Meyer(the 9 y old “good job, good effort” kid) coach the Heat tonight, even he would outcoached Spoelstra, lol… Anyway, no matter who joins OKC in the final, I give them about 5-10% chance of winning it… After I saw what these “kids” did to the Spurs yesterday, they make it look so easy, came back from -18 in a blick of an eye… just scary considering how young their core group is…

  33. Ray says:

    LBJ is going to clean this up and take it all in game 7 at MIA. You take that to the BANK!

    • sam says:

      I REALLY hope so…

    • Bball fan says:

      it’s not LBJ man, it’s Dwade, he plays like garbage right now.

      • Dboyz630 says:

        True story! But I really think the key is to make KG have to gaurd someone. When that happens he wont get to play free safety like he has been all seriers. Bosh it going to change that real quick!

  34. Daman23 says:

    Im pretty confident the Heat will get through this.. The Boston are playing well, but i see the Heat big 3 exploding the next 2 games.

  35. KOBE says:

    eager to see how lebron comes out and plays..remember he has quit against Boston before in playoffs….lebron and dwade need a 70 point game combined to win….if they can duplicate the game they had against the pacers in game 4 they should b ok….then again this is Boston not Indiana

  36. STIEMSMA CREW says:

    Time for the Heat to head back to South Beach and do some fishing

  37. Retro Silk says:

    Welcome back to Titletown… Los Heat!
    We got an excellent travel agency downtown.
    Feel free to pay them a visit and they will book you with
    one of the best deep sea fishing excursions you ever been on.
    Or maybe you’d prefer to just do a little whale watching?
    Celtics gonna host this party special for you!
    The future is Green with a #18!

  38. KDEISEL says:

    if miami loses, spo and his placebo smile is gon be the first to go.

  39. Slider821 says:

    Should be a great game tonight. Bosh looked good in game 5 with 9pts in 14min…I hope to see him on the floor a majority of game 6 and want to see him play well again. Can they contain Rondo though, that is the question.

  40. jon says:

    He has to stay confident because if the loose to the old celtics he gonna have to look somewhere else for a job

    • Miami Guy says:

      I put all the blame on Riley for torturing all Miami Heat fans in last 2 season by keeping Spo as a head coach. The guy does not have ANY qualification and experience to be a coach in NBA.The best team with the worst coach!

      • Steelheart says:

        Really? you think coach Spo is a bad coach? Can you break down and specify why?

      • cbeagan says:

        @steelheart i’m a celtics fan but i can explain why spo is a terrible coach. crunch time play and half court offense is all about coaching. if you look at the heat they never seem to know what they’re doing in either of these situations. spoelstra has two of the greatest talents in the nba at his disposal and yet he still hasn’t figured out how to use them together. I think the obvious answer most people want to see more is for spoelstra to start using lebron and wade in the pick and roll together – something that would be deadly effective – yet for some reason in the end of 4th quarters the only thing the heat run are isolations and clearouts for either wade or james. Also the celtics have completely thrown the heat off their game with the use of zone defense. an nba coach should be able to figure out zone defense, especially with talent like wade and james to work with.

    • Dboyz630 says:

      No way! Spo will be the coach next year either way. He has the toughest coaching job in the NBA. You can only coach a superstar when they dont have good games and Lebron is BALLIN!…. True story!