What’s Fueling KG’s Fire?

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — Kevin Garnett has made it clear on more than one occasion that those who do not believe in him are the ones that keep his wicked intensity at an all-time high.

The naysayers are the ones who help him dig down deep for the sorts of performances we’ve seen from the Celtics’ big man this postseason and the ones we will continue to see from him until he decides he’s done.

Hawks co-owner Michael Gearon‘s choice words about Garnett — he called Garnett the “dirtiest player in the league,” among other things — have kept him on edge ever since that first round series against the Hawks, an edge Garnett continues to play with as the Celtics inch closer to a return trip to The Finals.

If you thought the 2012 playoffs would serve as his platform to remind the world that he remains one of the game’s most dominant power forwards, you have a vision the rest of us lacked. But here he is, some 17 years deep into a Hall of Fame career and he’s still grinding his way through games. Not much is different for him from 10 or 12 years ago, when Garnett was still trying to become the force of nature he’s been throughout his career.

Garnett’s been nothing short of an absolute beast this postseason, leading the crowd with nine 20-point, 10-rebound games — for years the gold standard for power forward play.

He also added yet another masterpiece interview to his collection (you remember his immediate reaction after the Celtics won it all five years ago … “anything’s possible!”) when he hooked up with ESPN’s Doris Burke on the court in Miami after the Celtics’ Game 5 win over the Heat last night.

You don’t have to love Garnett’s ways. You don’t even have to like him. But how can anyone not respect the way the man goes about his business?

When he stepped to the line last night with the Celtics up two and just 8.8 seconds to play, you knew he was going to sink those free throws. He’s done just about everything else he could for the Celtics, who are playing without another legitimate starting center, which has forced Garnett into that role for much of this postseason.

“[KG] is our life,” his coach, Doc Rivers, said. “He does so many things that don’t have numbers [attached] to it.”

Garnett’s numbers in Game 5 — 26 points, 11 rebounds and two blocks, including a crucial swat of a LeBron James layup late — served as the backbone for the Celtics’ biggest road win of the season.

Not bad for a guy whose haters assumed he had run out of performances like the ones he’s delivering nightly for the Celtics in these playoffs.

Maybe anything really is possible, provided you have the right fuel for KG’s fire.


  1. Bob says:

    The doubters may be fueling KG, but here is the truth in the context of the game. KG is a PF, he gets dominated by larger players, he punks the more talented, but softer guys. And, it’s a good racket. I give KG the respect he is due for being a leader, a warrior, and his commitment to his team, but he is no Tim Duncan or Shaq. I guess that no one remembers his Minnesota years when Shaq beat him into submission nightly (and caused the new mas macho personna).
    Here is Bob’s scouting report on KG, go at him. Get some early fouls on him. Dunk on him. Get him angry and those old bones won’t be ready in the 4th. He is a force that must be disturbed or he will get all Hall of Fame on you.
    The Celtics are a hard team to beat. They are championship tested and have one of my all time favorite players in Paul Pierce. Talent wise, even in the Big 3 era, they were not top shelf. They are all straight ballers, they understand the game, and go for the juglar. They feed on each other and they know how to get in your head and control the game.
    I’m posting after Game 6, so I saw the scouting report in action. I expect the same thing in Game 7, Heat getting super aggressive, giving a few hard fouls, and either D Wade or LeBron will go psycho on the Celts. My only X Factor is Rondo. If he gets in a groove earlier and is feeling it, the game will be close. But, I think it will not be enough.

  2. David says:

    If you didn’t think a competitor like Garnett would give everything he has physically and mentally to be champion one more time in what may be the last season of the Big 3, you’re really not doing your job right. No matter what the awards say, he’s still the best defensive player in the whole league, his range and durability are unquestionable and the man is simply the greatest warrior of his time.

  3. QUEEN LEBRON says:

    I am a boston fan during Larry Bird era, then after that I became Lakers and Heat fan because of Shaq. Even before I know how good Pierce ,KG and Allen in their respective teams before but I never became their fan ,even Doc when he was playing with Atlanta Hawks ,I was not impressed, but when these 3 plays together with Rondo,and coached by Rivers ,it changed everything , I saw how these team play basketball ,its all by the heart , desire to win, dont give until the bell rings.

  4. Mary says:

    Just plain and simple — good knowledge of the game! No matter how much you may “hate” the Celtics, you cannot deny the fact that our guys know how to play. That is why all the negativity is out there. There is just so much more than the Big Three as shown by our Rondo and great team ball. Even our bench has been phenominal which builds a young team but having the experience by Garnet, Pierce and Ray Allen. What fuels the Celtics is their commitment of winning a team trophy. Got to win for all as this is not an individual accomplishment or that would merely be an MVP award. At this age of these players who in their right mind couldn’t love it. No team in history at their age have made it to the 3rd round finals. Keep up the great work guys win or lose you have made NEngland fans so proud!!

    • Wing says:

      I live in California, and I proudly call the Celtics “My Team.” Neither the Lakers nor Clippers can capture my attention and devotion as the Celtics. They play with everything they have along with pride and dignity even when millions of people believe that they are too old to beat the Heat. I have been a die-hard fan of the Celtics for many years; I appreciate their talent, strengths, and wisdom on the court. Rondo is a gem, and I hope he will stay with the team even when the big-three era ends. The bench needs a lot of improvement though especially when Bradley is not available. Hollins is not ready to participate in any big game yet, and MP is not consistent. However, with determination, the big 3 will end their era with a huge BANG!

  5. Victor says:

    Just love the fact that the Celtics have proven all those ESPN experts dead wrong.

    People have to remember, three players don’t make a team, all the players on that team make the team. Celtics are winning because they are a team. Miami is down cause they depend too much on one or two players. You all have to remember; even Jordan in his prime couldn’t make the Bulls win a championship. He had to wait for the right combination of stars and backup players to come together to turn the Bulls into the dynasty that they became.

    So Lebron better get with the program and start getting all his teammates fired up. Otherwise his career is going to be one stellar disappointment.

  6. Rocks says:

    The Celtics fans are going to be disappointed just like the Spurs’. There is still Game 6 to play and Game 7 if possible. I always say anything is possible in NBA. And there is no need for Miami’s fan to run around with their tails between their legs. It ain’t over yet! D Wade and King James won’t go down without a fight. That’s for sure. Celtics is great team. Legendary. But if Miami get hungry enough they can drain all the gas out of the Celtics’ Big Three. Lebron deserves a ring this season but unfortunately nobody is going to hand it to him. He must just go and take it. This is his time or the window is slowly closing.

    • kush says:

      what did lebron do to earn the title king? dont call him king if he doesnt even have 1 championship. udonis haslem is more deserving of the name king than lebron is. lols!

  7. Karlo Garcia says:

    LOVE KG. His energy is contagious. If i was a coach i would choose him.

  8. chunupa_ako_ni_davidstern says:

    go celtics…….miami need chuck norris to defeat the celtics..

  9. AustralianKG-Fan says:

    I think that TRUE Celts fans DO have a right to be angry at these bandwagon fans – it is only natural that after hearing announcers, owners, bloggers, players and fans from other teams doubt and cut down people like KG and everyone in our team when they have played with nothing but heart all year and then try to stand with us and give them support…. it is offensive to stay the least. And only more people are going to be jumping on the bandwagon when we close out this series and continue on to the Championship – it would be different if these people put their hands up and said “Yes, this team has proven me wrong and have been more than capable all along” but the fact of the matter is they will sit there and act like they were certain FROM THE START that they were a championship team. Fools.

    • kush says:

      dude we already pointed out that the majority of people on our here are heat haters, not celtics fans. accept the fact that a large majority of people are going against the heat and just appreciate that your celtics are playing good.

  10. :| says:

    celtics would have won the series already if not for the ape-like officiating of game 2.

  11. zenichi says:

    got to luv “The KID”, Kevin the Intensity Demon

  12. michael11 says:

    Here is my opinoin the celtics are a great team but remember it is not easy beating miami like people think, the heats are under pressure so theyare comoing out with intensity and emotions building up. The celtics musttttt play their best game becuase you let this game slip in miami ‘s hand momentum will shift to the heats and it will be hard to overcome the heats in a game 7. so the team who wants it more will win

  13. Shhhh….Okay Listen!…
    Seriously, back in 2010 the Celtics core group were being counted out for their ran to the playoff even before it began!I mean c’mon!what happen to the,’to see is to believe thing’ or respect for that matter!but then the result in 2010 prove the media all wrong about them.so that’s why Ray Allen really nailed it when he say that they been counted out 3 years ago. And it’s all been happening again this time of year, but KG,Ray & Paul proved them wrong all over again(despite their individual injury)(but then again maybe this are what driving them to play so hard & in the clutch!),so please until wee see them they’re done never counted them out yet!…Ain’t supposed this series will be over in Game 6 by the heat???just asking….

  14. LAL:P says:

    all the media are shocked, now talking marvellous things about the Celtics, just remembering back then you were all hailing Lebron come on don´t twist and turn :p Lebron may be MVP thats the only award he is getting SINGLE PLAYER AWARD EGO KING because at the TD garden boston will be crowned eastern conference champions!! Come on miami this proves that you can have all all stars but you can´t have a championship team if theres no Team just 2 I…The end!

  15. DALGART says:

    I Think that Kevin Garnett is taking his frustration out on The Media to prove his point about his Age, that they say he’s
    “Over the Hill”, etc., etc. A Professional Athlete in any Sport, should never bring attention to himself in the Media.
    Great Players shows it on the Court (or Field) to prove their point. Their Efforts are proven, without bringing it to the Media.
    Look at Magic, Jordan, Bird, Pele, etc. These are “Super Star” Athletes and their respective Sports. They never brought
    attention to themselves through the Media. They all Proved themselves without the Nonsense of Kevin Garnett is
    demostrating… He obviously has a “Huge Chip” on his shoulders. Just play the game to the fullest, and People do take notice,
    without your “Self-Promotion…

    • steagle says:

      Have you watched any Celtics game this season? Kevin IS showing it on the court, night in and night out. He’s been putting up Blake Griffin or Kevin Love numbers all playoffs. His personality is what it is – fiery, combative, defensive, confrontational. So what. He has more heart than anyone else out there on the court right now.

  16. beantown says:

    the reason boston is going to the finals is because each player is a different part of one big body, they are playing as a whole and miami needs a coach not a camera man turned coach… lol lmao… also they need a point guard, CELTICS FOR LIFE!!!!

  17. stanley says:

    if you love bball, you love the playoffs this year period. I will lie down and die as a laker fan but how can i not the applaud the celtics an kg going so strong…ainge, bird, mckale. they made me cry when i was a kid but now when i see them, i look at them with respect and pride. they respected the game of bball. who cares if you’re cheering for the celts as long as you’re cheering for good bball. on that note, go spurs, go heat. game 7’s baby!!!!

  18. BeatTheCheat says:

    Moral of the story ? Dont surround 2 superstars with scrubs and expect to win rings. Im serious , mario chalmers and haslem and the rest of the hangers on are d league players at best.

  19. ROOSTER says:

    not hard to fig.. Celts fans & team are more not sure of out come in game 6 then heat.. got chris back he will play more. in game 6 heat will bring there game with them.. there real game…by by Celts in game 6. now any talk about game 7 in miami….. heat wins game 6 17 up…

  20. gameon says:

    Kevin Garnett is freakin awesome anyone who says otherwise is CRAZY!!!

  21. Rick says:

    KG plays with alot of heart, and so does the rest of the team, great offense wins games but with great defense you win championships. let’s go Celtics….

  22. Mr.305 says:

    Another thing.. It’s kinda stranged how so far, the WCF have matched the ECF in the way it’s played out…

  23. Mr.305 says:

    Wow there is so many Heat haters in this blog it’s not even funny. They don’t have anything better to do with their lives but hate on the best. Look, I give the Celtics credit where credit is due. They have played an amazing game, and are on of the toughest teams in the league no matter what anyone says. But there’s no question about it they have took advantage of Bosh missing in the post. Besides that, the Heat are veterans, with a better bench I do admit however they seem to have been out coached but then again, Doc is one of the greatest. Let’s see come game 6 what happens it’s not a done deal just yet. Matter of fact, am looking forward to the Spurs-Thunder game tonight I think SA is gonna open some eyes.

  24. Croat says:

    It’s funny, 70 comments at this point. And what we have:
    a) all people either love Boston or respect Boston
    b) all people wish Heat to lose for who they are.

    LBJ, what you reap is what you sow. But don’t worry, you will know this next time you are 20 years old, and you will behave differently.

    Hehe, go Celts!

  25. Ash_from_toronto says:

    When KG grabbed pietrus’ hand to guide him back into the huddle in the last few minutes was epic. This monster is all about the Team. Wish the Raptors traded Vince Carter for him instead of Alonzo who ditched us :s

  26. el stone says:

    Celtics are winners, heat are whiners.

    That about wraps up this series.

  27. JDee says:

    That Boston team deserves it more than anyone, but do they have what it takes to win 4 against either the Spurs or OKC in the Finals, that, if they beat Miami in 6 or 7…? I doubt because I think both OKC and SA have deeper squads and benches.
    But, considering what these Celtics have gone through since the Big 3 got together in 2008, they are very deserving of another championship. This is a group that should have won it in 2009 had KG been healthy in the playoffs, and even maybe in 2010 if Perk was there on the floor in Game 6 and 7…..this is really their last run, KG, Pierce and Rondo have been terrific !
    I like the Heat very much and I’m a big Lebron fan, but I’m really wondering if this team can, not only get past the C’s now, but beat SA or OKC, for the same reasons mentioned above – no depth or consistency….Miller, Haslem, Battier only show up every now and then….and Bron and DWade cannot play every game like their last 3 games against Indiana.
    OKC is a fantastic team, but I just think it’s still too soon for them ; they are still very young and will win multiple championships in the next 5 years, but I just dont think they have lost enough to get to the top this soon – it may not be the best argument, but that’s my opinion, and if they do win it all, then congrats to the Champs !

    • Hera says:

      I agree with you on everything that you said. I really hope the Celtics can win the next game and then go on to win the Finals. They should have won it in 09 & 10. So hopefully they can win in 2012!!

  28. TheBigTicket says:

    They say Boston are old, aging, retirees and needs a lot of BenGay…Say that to Atlanta Hawks, to Philadelphia 76ers, and NOW SAY that to THE MIAMI HEAT…lest go CELTICS….

  29. Amitpal says:

    Can all u heat and Boston fan please shut up. Boston fans don’t tell me that when celtics started the playoffs this year and when Avery bradely went down all of u guys had no doubt that celtics would win. where were u guys when the celtics were down 0-2. Oh that’s right u guys were hiding in ur caves and now that they up u guys r coming out and blaming the world for not believing in them when u guys didn’t believe either. And heat fans please shut up. U guys r just like ur team thinking that everything is all about u. Like u guys r the greatest team ever. Quit talking like how oh the heAt r going to trash the celtics and sweep the finals. That’s what all u said last year and look how that turned out. The lakers may have won championships on talent alone but that doesnt mean anyone can do that. Most teams need chemistry. And at least the lakers had a good coach. U guys got a new be.

  30. tulfo says:

    MIAMI BEATS!! sounds good! =p

  31. Mike C says:

    Kevin Garnett is definitely an old school throwback warrior. A blue collar, bring your lunch pail to the job site player. As a life long Celtic fan I couldn’t be more proud of him and the entire Celtic team. They refuse to quit, no matter what the odds are against them. I hope David Stern is paying attention, VERY,VERY , IMPORTANT. THIS is what the fans pay to see. Blood, Sweat, & tears, and may the best team that night win! NOT, your lame refs sending one superstar to the line 30 times a night for every ticky-tack foul they imagine they see. LET THE PLAYERS, PLAY. LET THE PLAYERS, PLAY ! LET THE PLAYERS………………….. !!

  32. Mo says:

    to me it is all about Doc’s greatness. yes we got heart but Miami is a beast. it will neverbe easy to beat this team in a series and i think Miami still got a good chance of winning this series. I hope they won’t though. KG is a huge spiritual lift to the team

  33. FarawayC'sfan says:

    Well it’s not over yet, thursday night its gonna be a whole different game, a closeout game, those heat wannabe winners will have their backs up against the wall, and the C’s will feel some pressure too, so can’t really predict the level of production for both teams. I’d love to see RayRay with like 20 something points with solid field goal%, that would certainly help alot. At this point I can’t really see a way out for heat, unless Chalmers or Anthony suddenly explode. C’mon celts ONE MORE!!!

  34. mikeisnicw says:

    EVERYONE has been crying out for the Heat to win this year. Its a shame that for the 2nd year in a row that Lebronda can’t get his team to step up and finish. They lost 3 str8 games! One of which was in Miami’s HOUSE!!! Call the Celtics old if you want, but they are doing the unexpected. I am in no way, shape, form or fashion a Boston Celtic. I am a Laker. PERIOD, but watching the GREEN TEAM kick LeBronda’s butt is priceless. Seeing Paul Pierce shoot that 3 pointer in his dirty grill last night (even when he was clearly fouled) brought so much laughter to me that I cried like a baby. Once again the OVER-RATED Miami Heat fails again. Lebronda… You’re not Kobe and will never be a closer. LMBO!

  35. mike poland says:

    what’s fueling KG fire’s?? that’s easy… a ring, that is what’s fueling him…

  36. LOLakers says:

    Smeltics players and fans better watch their mouth! What you say will only fuel Lebron to explode and drop 50 points on Loston! You will awaken the beast and will be humiliated at home! Then when you come back to Miami Lebron and Wade will make the Smeltics wish they never played basketball in their life! They’ll pend the rest of their days soaking in Ben Gay LOL!

    • Sixer Fan says:

      Right, he will get 50 point on Friday for sure.
      for that matter, he can get as many as he want.
      hope heat fan are happy with that.

    • mr-plow says:

      Fakerrrr Fannnn- how is it watching the rest of the playoffs on TV.
      If the refs didnt give the heat gm 2 we would be in the finals!

  37. Sixer Fan says:

    hey, if boston win game 6, does it mean Sixer is better than the Heat? lol

  38. Just one last thing before my retired….No one ever will forget 2006 championship , period. And you can introduce your finger where it realy belongs.

  39. I think Miami (anyway) played great during this playoffs. They beat New York and they beat Indiana….. Destiny

  40. steagle says:

    Hey Heat fans, where are those 8 championships LeBron promised???

    Yeah… it’s so quiet in here I can hear the crickets…

  41. Knowledge says:

    I see alot of ppl blaming/bashing LeBron for whats happened in da series when we all kno, If LeBron didnt show up Miami wud’ve gotten swept. He is da single reason why Miami even won the first two games. Celtcis have been able to partially contain D-Wade making him take tough shots, fight through screens and really work for his offense. LeBron has been dominant all playoffs long so to blame him for Miami losing dis series(which I give a 65% chance of happening) isnt based off of any facts quite honestly. U can blame LeBron for not being clutch, not having mental toughness, being afraid to go to the line in crunch, not showing up in the finals or all the other things critics have pointed out but he’s the last person that should receive any blame for Miami’s playoff exit…MIA simply lost dis game becuz of 1person;Coach Spoelstra. He made the final decision to rest Bosh in the 4 quarter for no absolute reason. Bosh played well in the limited time he had & deserved to play in the 4th quarter. I’m not saying they wud’ve won but it wud’ve certainly increased their chances.

    • markus says:

      to play bosh in a tight game, with a high intensity would be foolish. bosh could reinjure himself. and if bosh get’s reinjured because he played to many minutes, who will get the blame for that? it’s spo too right?

      stop looking for someone to blame. it’s not lebron, its not spo… it’s them all.

      and worse is, they even put themselves in a higher pressure when they called for a press conference a year or so ago, and proclaimed that they will win not one, not two, not three, not four….

  42. Nothing to do and nothing to say. All credits to Okc and Celtics. They deserve where they are now….in the finals.
    Never give up! But Come on! It´s over for the Spurs and The Heat.

  43. danito says:

    even if the heat win this series, they not gona beat the okc in the final. okc got so many weapons that heat dont have. okc got 7 players that can get u a double digit numbers every night. heat only got 2. u got durant, westbrook. harden ibaka, perkins, colission, sefolosha, heat only got 2 players

  44. MIAMIWHO says:

    From a Laker fan, congradulations on beating this overrated team. I hope we can finally see this team for what it is and i hope we can FINALLY stop calling Lebron King. He has done nothing to earn that title.

  45. doubledeuces says:

    KG “THE BEAST” we’ve been sleeping on KG! who would’nt want to play with KG who brings it every night! we have been watching the ultimate warrior every night for almost 2 decades putting in work! and we haven’t been talking about him as one of the greatest pf’s of all time! we’ve got to give it up….. KG = DA BEAST

  46. Brian says:

    Coach Spo needs to pull his head out! Play Bosh quality minutes, he proved last night that he was ready, nearly getting a double double in 14 minutes of play! He needs to Use Wade and Bron in a pick n roll more often, go back to gmae film and watch the 2nd game vs OKC, that play was unstoppable. Come Spo, don’t get outcoached for the second year in a row!

  47. indyguy says:

    I was a celtics fan way back when the big names were antoine walker and paul pierce. I was ecstatic when they got the big 3 together. they deserved the championship they got a couple years back. recently, I’ve found myself a new team in indiana because just like the celtcs, the pacers are a very hard working team, however, when they lost to the heat, I started to root for the celtics once more, rondo got my respect for saying out loud that heat are just a bunch cry babies. every single time they go to the basket they look-up to the refs as if a 3 year old kid looks up to his dad and says “daddy I got hit. it’s not fair” instead of getting back on D. I miss the old days when flopping was at its minimum and players don’t ask for calls from officials, instead, they get even.

  48. CsWin says:

    After the Celtics beat the Heat, I wonder if the Heat will be getting another parade for winning nothing..Ha Ha

    • haha says:


      not one, not two, not three, not four, and five, six and seven “winning nothing” season

  49. hollywood says:

    i said it before L. James james is not a champ just like i said it about allen iverson loosers nba should come up with a name for those players let me name it the elite chumps cause thats what james is over rated player hes not kobe nore pierce or kg come on how can you all call this guy the best even kd is better player than him james you are a over rated player nike cant buy you a ring like how they bout you the rookie of the year melo should of win that lets see nike buy you a ring lol tin foil nba ring should of go to the knicks member people hollywood said it best

  50. HailtheKing says:

    Go Heat!!! Bosh will save the day, you will see…

  51. C's all the way!!! says:

    Celtics all the way!!!! no matter what!!!! ill take experience over youth any time, a team like the Celtics can never be an underdog.

  52. Kevin says:

    I am proud to be a lifelong Celtics fan (thank you, Larry Bird!) but I find no fault in those who have jumped onto the bandwagon during the Big 3 (actually 4) era. KG, Jesus Shuttlesworth, Pierce, and Rondo show so much heart every game, and although it may take them 6 or 7 games to close out most playoff series, they somehow manage to find a way to win against younger, healthier, some would say “better”, teams, especially when they have Garnett in uniform. The Celtics should serve as an inspiration to all the teams out there who “just don’t have what it takes”.

    Now let’s finish off the Heat and play one of the two incredibly deserving teams in the West!

    • chris says:




  53. Justin says:

    Look do you know why the miami heat build the big 3 of there own cause no one of them can defeat celtics individually … they hate celtics ..!! the hatred for celtics and ego of bosh wade and james are the reason the why they are formed .. but thats also the reason they will not win any championships together….

    Look some of HEAT FANS are originally a Laker Fan(like other people in our country”’) so who’s the heater now..!! were a celtic fan since pierce was drafted others are ancient fans of celtics..!! THE HEATers of The Boston CELTICS thats what you call the big 2.5 of heat and there fans .. =) one more. C’s

    You Want The Truth ? You Can Handle The Truth !!
    (Am I Right?)

  54. Ray F says:

    The Heat going down like the Hindenburg…OMG The humanity of it all!!!

  55. Red Arnold says:

    Auerbach would be proud to this celtics team and to see Kg playing like that.

    KG+TheTruh+Rondo+RayRAY+Doc= They have it heart of the champion,you can win against them,but you will have bleed to that…LETS GO CELTICS!

  56. Adam says:

    Celtics team are looking pretty good these days vs. the 2010 finals loss to Lakers..back when they had big baby and that little dude who made a big deal out of every shot that they made…Now that those two clowns are gone from their team they are looking pretty good. They replaced big baby with a cool guy with dreds… They are looking like much more of a championship team and still have the key players: pierce, allen, garnett and rondo…basically the coolest and best players..

    maybe the lakers could take a page from their book? But it seems they are too busy constantly swapping out players…Lakers trading D. Fisher doomed them…I don’t see the lakers winning a championship for MANY years due to their bad management…

  57. Pacers2013champs says:

    I love this for a few reasons: 1. Yes seeing the team who got by your team lose is a great feeling 2.Pacers president Larry Bird=Celts legend, gotta support em! 3. This is showing the Heat didnt beat the Pacers the Pacers beat themselves by settling for 3ptrs and not throwing it into hibs and west for a rythmatic 4 game sweep the moment bosh went out! 4. I love seeing ego filled teams I.E. HEAT go down in flames no pun intended. NOT 1 NOT 2 NOT 3 well they were correct with that statement, they just forgot to end it with a ZERO!! Go Celts!!

  58. Heat Killer says:

    I tell you! In this game it ain’t over till the fat lady sings but she’s diffenently warming up backstage. LOL…. Go Celtics! And for the record I think the C’s can beat OKC or Spurs……..We are a problem for any one of these teams…BET THAT!

  59. tide23 says:

    People don’t forget that the celtics are playing without jeff green,avery bradley,jamaine o’neal,chris wilcox,and a fully healthy ray allen and paul pierce.They are playing against that people that would win 10 championships.The celtics are old too and don’t have home court advantage,with those odds against them,its know wonder that even the their fans thought there was little hope for them against the heat.With these kinda odds with okc or spurs in the west,if the celtics can find a way to get it done it will be the greatest title win in the history of any sport. JESUS is lord!!!!

  60. Pedro says:

    Laker fan. Don’t like the Cs although have nothing but respect for them. The Heat is just a bunch of ego-maniacs who are being schooled by some “old” guys on their last tittle chase. Don’t ever say that guys like KG, Pierce, Kobe, Nowitizk are done. That’s what you get.

  61. spelkey55 says:

    Sooner or later someone who deserves a rude awakening gets it. The little darlings of the league James and Wade get theirs. It’s just coming down on them a little sooner this season than last. Yeh they are great athletes but they lack experience and HEART! They will get their banner if the stay together and build on their core. The big thing stopping them is the ability to play well under extreme pressure. You need to learn how to lose before you can learn how to win.

    • NBAfan says:

      they will win if they stay together BY DEFAULT…when all the others retire like KG, Kobe, Duncan….and even then..it’s not a sure thing cause another big 3 in OKC is looking much better than them….

      I say you need Lebron OR Wade…you don’t need both…they play to similarly…they need more depth…more dimension to their offense….they need someone who can really shoot..someone that one of them can kick out to for a jumper…..and a bruiser down low who can intimidate…kinda like Perkins

      • markus says:

        sorry but they will not have quality role players if they pay a ton of money to their 3 stars every year.

  62. LetsGoCeltics says:

    KG is playing his heart out every game, he wants to let everyone know that he’s not done yet, call him (pierce and allen too) old, slow and anything you want, they’re tough, they will grind it out to the bitter or sweet end,

    one phrase to describe how the Celtics are playing

    “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”

  63. Green-proud says:

    It’s the spirit of a celtic, it’s a men’s game… and Bird and KG and others have understood that the game needs spirit, strength, intensity and tactic… This is the pure game… Go Celtics!!!

  64. Ed says:

    Tim has it right. The “love” for KG and the “C’s” are heat haters. And I am one of them – go CAVS!

    • NBAfan says:

      It will be funny IF the CAVS really does win a ring before lebron…..Kyrie is a good start…Jamison is a good enough secondary or third star…they just need that other star to put them over the top….or maybe a couple of semi stars….who’s available?

  65. adrixe says:

    You gotta give some love to KG! the man has the intensity that no one can match in the nba right now. He plays oldschool basketball and play hard. I wish the c’s can beat the hell out of the heat and go to the finals. Win or lose in the finals is still a great season and last huray for the big3! hats off to the senior citizens of the nba for teaching the young goys how to play team basketball!

    • NBAfan says:

      always got love for the big ticket….loved his game in Minnesota….loved his will to win in Boston….sometimes he’s a bit of a goon but overall, he’s a great great player…..I think the big 3 in boston deserves one last finals run….

      ONE MORE GAME GUYS…Lebron, and Wade and Bosh will have more chances at the finals in the next 3-4 years…this is probably your last guys…ONE GAME!!!! Common KG…Pierce, Allen….one game….play your heart out…..Rondo will keep doing his thang

  66. HEATFANG says:



    • BasketballLover says:

      The Heat can’t beat i’ll say it again CAN’T Beat the celtics if they keep playing the same way as they were playing this past 3 games, they can’t afford to have an in-game confusion, the supporting cast should controbute, they need to get organized or it may be the beginning of an insult-filled offseason,

    • Heat Killer says:

      Hey! can’t tell you not to dream……..But we damn sure going to put the Heat to sleep.

    • Slider821 says:

      I’ll be very interested to see your posts, HEATFAN, if Miami can’t even get past Boston. A diehard fan has to continue to hope though, and I give you props for that.

    • livewire0072 says:

      You really think if the COLD win this series they will sweep the west??? you are very delusional.

    • NBAfan says:

      I respect your loyalty to your team…..it could happen….but it would be a tough road ahead of them…they just have to take it one game at a time…

      Celts just need to win one….Miami 2 in a row….both teams can pull it off….who ends up pulling it off depends on two things: who wants it bad enough and who the refs want to move to the finals….

      If you spend all your money on 3 players…those three players better be equivalent to a full 5 man team….so don’t blame the role players….they are who they are based on their pay grade….none of them are overpaid and none of them should be expected to do more than what they have been doing throughout their careers…

      It’s on Lebron…it’s on Wade…and then FINALLY….it’s on Bosh..it’s on those 3 guys…not individually…but as a BIG 3 unit….

      good luck to both teams….give all of us a heck of a game…

  67. Nigel says:

    Build the city on blood sweat and tears not fame power and fortune. That’s how I like it and I’m sure many more fans too. Wish I could see Lakers/Celtics rematch, they are tied 1-1 in the new millenium.

  68. kg,pierce and allen deserves respect that they earned, they prove it once again a deep playoff run to silence the non-believers. go celtics! i belive in you since the day you drafted paul pierce.

  69. Rajon says:

    KG may be what some call ‘dirty’ but he knows exactly how to play the game he knows how far he can push the limits and does what needs to be done to win whether it is the extra ‘cheap’ shot to put his opponent on edge or running his mouth after a made shot

    • steagle says:

      Every good player has “dirty” tricks. Kobe’s push-off jumpers ala Michael Jordan, LeBron’s head down, shoulder forward bulldozer layups, KG’s screens and little positioning bumps under the rim, D-Wade’s karate takedowns, etc. etc. Anyone who claims one player is the “dirtiest” only has their eyes half open. KG has proven himself with the MVP, Championship and 17 yrs of amazingly consistent stats. That’s all that matters in the end.

  70. lakermig says:

    KG is def top 5 of his era ( the last nearly 20 years).I’ve never supported his teams but i love him as a player hes super and gives it 120% from the first whistle till the final every single game. Whatever he decided to do next year he will always be remembered in the highest esteem by myself and countless others im sure.
    Its goin to be a sad day for me when there wont be any more of the past 20 years great such as
    kobe,tim duncan,kg,ray allen,kidd and all the other greats i grew up watching who contributed so much to the NBA in their careers and the last 15 or so years.
    If you think about it over the past lets say 17 years the ones mentioned above have earned 11 of the possible 17 championships…WOW

  71. Nik123dj says:

    Expect more push ups from KG in game 6… 😀

  72. Mike says:

    I’ve been a long time Celtics fan, before the Big 3 Era, and it’s so sad to see all of these bandwagon fans. Announcer’s are the worst. Everyone is all about the Heat, but for what? They haven’t proved anything except that they are ego-maniac’s, make a ton of money and expect everything to be handed to them. They are a great team with some of the greatest players in the NBA currently, but a team is nothing without chemistry, and the Heat do not have it. So sick of all the pre-game shananigans always covering the Heat and little covering the opponent. The Media has put the Heat on a pedestal and it’s disgusting. First thing they talk about is what the Heat need to do to win and Heat, Heat, Heat, blah blah blah. Guess the Heat is the only team in the playoff’s that deserve to be there from how the Media covers them

    • davi says:

      Absolutely agree, and I´m a pistons fan. We have lost to Wade + Shaq, and then Lebron alone. It´s painful. But the end, ithat heat team was better than this one, and the other Lebron teams were horrible. I hope the Celtics makes justice and wins this series, then Im going for OKC, sorry, lol.

    • Tim says:

      It’s not that I’m jumping on the bandwagon, because once Miami is done and Boston is in the finals I will want them to lose to the Spurs or OKC. The bandwagon is being populated by Heat Haters not Celtics Lovers

      • Heat Killer says:

        Hey! It’s been way more Heat bandwagon fans this year than anything and I find more of the booted out Laker fans are jumping on the Heats bandwagon. Hey! One thing for sure the C’s will give OKC or Spurs problems….you can count on that!

      • Orion says:

        I’m right there with you. Heat Hater first then Boston, but love my western teams.

      • kush says:

        So True! cannot stnad the heat ever since lebron james claimed hed get 7 titles ^^ person is so right that they just expect everything to be handed to them

    • Kel says:

      I joined in rooting for the Celtics because of Ray Allen. I also love KG. I always have. I’m from Seattle, and lost my basketball team. So I started to root for Ray to win a ring. But I fell in love with the Celtic team. I love Rondo and Pierce and Doc and the way the Celtics play together and are defensive-minded. If that makes me a bandwagon fan, I don’t care. I just appreciate good basketball.

      • Shoequen says:

        Could not agree more Celtics is a Great Team, with a Great Coach! I hope we WIN it ALL and 4 all who said they could not make it this far (LOOK AT US NOW)-Stop Hating Team Celtics!!!

      • Amitpal says:

        I hate all this bandwagon talk. A real basketball fan likes all teams. I respect all the players and teams cuz they r where I wanted to be and i dont exactly fall in with an organization cuz I don’t watch basketball to see how the organization is doing. I think bandwagons r for people who watch basketball not cuz they love it but so they have something to talk about. A true fan has respect for good basketball and u my friend r a true fan.

      • Hera says:

        I totally agree with you!! I also fell for the Celtic team when I watched them win the Championship in 08! And was so sad when they lost in ’10. And in 09 and 11 they didn’t even make it. They are a great team who trust each other and show a lot of heart! That’s why I like them! They are good at what they do. They all respect each other. And Doc Rivers is a great coach! I hope the C’s go all the way!! Woo!!

    • gameon says:

      Thank you MIke, I don’t mind people cheering for MY Celtics but don’t be a flip flopper everyone said the Celtics had nothing they were too old now they want to jump on the winning team’s side. The reason I am a Celtics fan is yes the present day sucess but also the sucess from Russell, Bird, Parrish, Mchale etc there is a reason that there are 17 championship banners hanging in the TD Garden and that is because the Celtics team and organization have pride and a winning attitude all of the time, I told everyone at the beginning of the season don’t count the C’s out never doubt the Celtics and now we see why. 🙂 Beantown baby

    • John says:

      I hopped on the Celtics bandwagon when KG left the T Wolves, so did I.

  73. andy says:

    you can see all these tv personalities becoming closet celtics fans. van gundy shaq (who’s also taking digs at the lakers) reggie. magic and kurt rambis must be ticked behind closed doors …

    • systematiseeritud6nn says:

      maybe their becoming fans because the they see something they like from the celtics. Umm that something maybe called heart, Going against the odds swinging. everyone loves the underdog showing up big.

    • Heat Killer says:

      But all of them said that the Heat would win last nights game & the series……If I can remember they said the Heat will beat the C’s by double digits last night. Hey! everybody wants to be apart of a winning team I guess. LOL Go Celtics!

      • Heat Liker says:

        it ain’t over, ’til it’s over.. Heat lost for a good reason, it’s a test for everybody connected to the NBA family..

      • ppaniqq says:

        the whole 1st half of last year all they did was make excuse for they the heat were losing, for the past 3 year all they said is boston is to old they cant win and now there all boston fan. ohhh really and this should be over if not been for bad ref its 4-1. boston is the one shining light for this show pony league

  74. eknujsra says:

    sekou, ain’t you going to sleep? It’s already 6;46 am.. 🙂