The Not-So-Crazy Crazy Idea

CHICAGO – One interesting bit of scheduling news on the eve of the pre-draft camp, the largest annual gathering of NBA teams and college and international prospects: North Carolina power forward John Henson has a workout Monday in Sacramento.

The Kings have the fifth pick on June 28 and it would be hard to find another team that rates Henson that high. It could be a reach by a personnel boss, Geoff Petrie, with a good track record in the draft.

Or it could be exactly the right move.

For one thing, the consensus is that Henson is tracking to the 8-12 range with the draft about three weeks away, so No. 5 is not an insane reach. More importantly, the Kings are one of the worst, if not the worst, defensive teams in the league every season. They are desperate for help on that side of the ball, and Henson, though thin at 215 pounds, is a major prospect as a stopper. One executive said he will be a superstar on defense, while others prefer a slightly toned-down description that Henson is a game-changer on defense.

Henson does not need the ball on offense, making him the perfect pairing with center DeMarcus Cousins, a developing force on offense. That big-man package for 10 years is impossible for the Kings not to consider.

“It is something that can fit,” said Henson, who knows Cousins from their days in AAU ball and summer camps. “He’s a load down there. I think I can help them on the other side of the ball because he’s the man offensively down there. It’s one of the few things that you look at when you’re looking at teams to work out for.”

Henson has already had a workout with the Hornets for the No. 10 pick. He is scheduled to leave here Sunday evening for Sacramento, then visit with the Trail Blazers (6 and 11), Suns (13), Warriors (7), Rockets (14), Bucks (12), Raptors (8) and Pistons (9).


  1. robert says:

    i think the kings should take barns then trade tyreke to the cavs for hansbrough an collison an their 26th pick an take zeller if he is still on the board they could move dc to the center or leave him at the pwr same way with zell then trade fransico garcia an marcus thorton an another player to be named to the grizz for gay then take to gay restructing his contract or signing him to a new one they be nuts not to keep long term then use their 2nd rnd for a player to come off the bench an sign some free angents but adding these pieces an sign some free agents they be looking a play off team again this is just my opinon.

  2. TarHeelBlue says:

    I just hate to see John not wearing Tar Heel Blue anymore. Go Heels! We will miss you man!

  3. Sinh says:

    At least, we have pretty good idea where Henson is after seeing him in the last few years. Davis? Only 1 year. Any flaw or upside can be shown in the years ahead.

  4. wyndero says:

    Henson is @ least 2 inches taller imo. Davis will be a good bench player at best, while Henson has potential to be a starter.

  5. g money says:

    who is Benson? who is Davis… lol

  6. jeanluc says:

    reping sickles great job bro

  7. Alexander says:

    I am always very accurate about draft prospects. Like people were talking a lot about Willaims ans Fredette last season, but they played a minor role for their teams. Of course if coaches had given them time, they would have been opened as good players, but the scenario is rare. And we look at people who can show something in little playing time, who are not tied hard to their stats. And Henson is one of those, that are usefull any minute they are in the field. He can play both PF and SF and stop players individually (as he is thin, he is also very mobile). Believe he played bigger role for the Tar Heels than Barnes or Zeller. I would be happy for the Kings not to loose this opportunity and complete the roster with a good defensive end.

  8. 916standup says:

    As a lifelong Kings fan, it pains me to see this team crumble on defense. So I can understand the allure a player like Henson brings, but a trade down scenario makes more sense, much like with what they did last year for Jimmer Fredette. Geoff Petrie rarely drops the ball and always makes sensible picks in the draft because he believes in drafting the best player still available at the time rather than meeting a team need first neccessarily.Either Henson or Harrison Barnes would be swell additions.

  9. Michael says:

    Henson at #5? A trade-down would make more sense…

    This is what I think should happen on draft day –

  10. mo says:

    Can someone answer this what is the diffrence between henson and davis

    • brian says:

      henson is a great player but davis is more polished by that i mean more points more blocks/altered shots and davis really put more effort in his game. btw dont forget davis is a national champ

    • Joe says:

      Henson is older, isn’t as good a defender, isn’t as good an offensive player, and doesn’t have the frame that Davis does to significantly bulk up. He also isn’t as athletic.