Layers Of Drama Pile Up For Heat

MIAMI – The Miami Heat didn’t add an All-Star power forward to their varied and formidable weapons Tuesday night. They added another layer of drama.

With Chris Bosh returning from his abdominal strain and playing for the Heat for the first time since Game 1 of the conference semifinals vs. Indiana, it was only a matter of time before that became an issue. Barring consecutive blowout victories of Boston in Games 5 and 6 of this series to bull into The Finals, followed by a cruise over whomever the West champions wind up being, the decision to use Bosh – vs. not use Bosh vs. use Bosh a little vs. use Bosh too much – was certain to incite controversy.

Because what, with this team, doesn’t?

The Heat are in a predicament now, heading to Boston for a game that could make or break not just their postseason but this whole fascinating, excessive experiment of superstars cubed. A team that prides itself on its defense got progressively worse in Game 5 at AmericanAirlines Arena, holding the Celtics to 16 points in the first quarter, then losing them and yielding 30 in the fourth.

Coach Erik Spoelstra was hearing it in his home arena and from the talking heads on national TV: that he’s getting outcoached by Doc Rivers, he’s not adjusting to the Celtics’ adjustments, he’s tinkering too much with his lineup and rotations, his team isn’t focused enough in timeouts and, yes, that he didn’t play Bosh enough.

The thinking on that one: Bosh came back from a nine-game absence in the playoffs and actually was light on rust and helpful offensively (nine points, six rebounds off the bench in 11 first-half minutes). But he only played three more in the third quarter and none in the fourth, and thus could do nothing to make things difficult when the Celtics went back to Kevin Garnett down the stretch the way they had so effectively in Boston.

“I didn’t think it would necessarily be fair to him to throw him in with three minutes to go,” Spoelstra said.

Just a guess: The first concern of Heat fans late Tuesday was not the fairness to Bosh.

The Celtics’ defensive changes, from man-to-man to zone and back, weren’t always effective but they did seem to stymie Miami in stretches. For instance, the 15-1 run with which Boston closed out the third quarter, turning a 59-50 deficit into a 65-60 lead. The middle of the fourth quarter, too, when the Heat scored only three points in almost three minutes as their offense degenerated into isolation.

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade both had long cold spells in the game, but they did finish with 57 points on a combined 47 shots, hitting 21 (44.6 percent). Everybody else on their team went 11-for-35 (31.4 percent). Miami had 15 turnovers and just 13 assists; Rajon Rondo had that many by himself for Boston. It scored eight fast-break points.

Then there was Spoelstra hitting the postgame media session with the sort of stuff that, if he’s using it in the Miami locker room, might explain plenty. “It’s a loss and that’s all it is,” he said. “Our focus … is to fight any kind of noise from the outside or any human condition, and to collectively come together strong to prepare for the next game.”

The earnest Heat coach also mentioned “collective character” and “energies” and seemed more like a morale officer than a coach reviewing what had just happened on the court.

The Miami Heat are headed to Boston for Game 6, where James played in a Game 6 two years ago that basically triggered his departure from Cleveland. If they don’t beat the Celtics, the crowd at TD Garden and whatever else ails them right now — internal confusion, offensive stagnation, defensive napping — to force a Game 7, the players and their coach could be in for the noisiest offseason of this or any other human condition.


  1. @ginji-san….After reading your comment, I have to say that you’ve turned me around…Lebron is an arrogant individual…he said, and I’m quoting, ”We believe, we can win multiple championships…if we take care of business and play the right way” HAHAHAHAHA…what was he thinking? WHO TALKS LIKE THAT? Believing in himself? His team mates? HA!!! Who does he think he is, all that belief. Jordan, Bird, Magic, Kobe, Dr. J, Kareem, they never believed in themselves or their team mates…why would they? Never mind the fact that, for example, both Jordan & Magic’s arrogance was on full display whenever he played…forget about that, that doesn’t count. Seriously, who believes in themselves and for what? Why would anyone work hard to be great at what they do only to make the mistake of believing they can actually accomplish something? that\’s just crazy talk…thank you so much for showing the error of my ways. I’ll never have any respect for anyone who believes in themselves again…EVER!!!!

  2. @ginji-san….after reading your comment, I have to say that you’ve turned me around…Lebron is an arrogant individual…he said, and I’m quoting, “We believe, we can win multiple championships…if we take care of business and play the right way” HAHAHAHAHA…what was he thinking? Believing in himself? His team mates? HA!!! Who does he think he is, all that belief. Jordan, Bird, Magic, Kobe, Dr. J, Kareem, they never believed in themselves or their team mates…why would they? Seriously, who believes in themselves and for what? Why would anyone work hard to be great at what they do only to make the mistake of believing they can actually accomplish something? that’s just crazy talk…thank you so much for showing the error of my ways. I’ll never have any respect for anyone who believes in themselves again…EVER!!!!

  3. Boogie says:

    Ever since Lebron came to Miami, I’ve been waiting for someone to explain this whole thing about him being a traitor and I have yet to get an explanation that really makes any sense. My question is, if it’s ok for the NBA to make trades in order for teams to become contenders, how is it wrong when a grown man makes that decision for himself? If you work in the mail room and you decide you want something better and you get the opportunity, are you going to stay in the mail room or are you going to take the better opportunity? and don’t say it’s not the same thing…it most certainly is. when opportunity knocks, you better answer before it goes to the next man

  4. 30+pointer says:

    Heat Championship..
    not one…
    not two…

  5. Bal says:

    The Miami Heat should win a championship. If not this year, but in the next couple of years. If they don’t, THEN WHAT A WASTE OF TALENT! If the Miami Heat do win, it’s going to be purely based on athleticism and skill.

    However, the great teams win championships with athleticism, skill, team chemistry, basketball knowledge and mental/competitive ability.

    It’s not Lebron’s fault or Wade’s fault, its the team as a whole. Maybe going with a new coach will inject the team, maybe not. Look at the great players who had the chemistry and who had it mentally…the Jordans, the Birds, The Magics etc. In recent times, Kobe and Tim Duncan have it. The players without championships that have “it”, in my opinion, are Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose.

    Hopefully, the Miami Heat will grow into a better team but as of now, two players are just doing enough win. You can tell by their body language that they aren’t “killers” yet. Look what Kevin Durant did the last couple of games…he’s a killer, look at what Dirk did last year…he’s a killer….and they’re killers because of their team/coach/and teammates.

  6. NameofdaGame says:

    Let me spell it out for Miami: T-E-A-M = Together Everyone Achieves More

    Learn from the guys that are averaging your age +10 instead of bashing your heads against a brick wall…

  7. Math Genuis says:

    What is all this talk about Bosh not playing enough. He is a defensive liability. 11 min played with a plus minus of -14.

  8. J says:

    you forgot, the Miami Heat also needs to beat themselves by stopping from “crying and complaining to the refs”. LOL!

  9. franchise says:

    i am a big heat fan. i think the heat went the wrong way and never should of got lebron. his game and dwades games are jus a like and it hurts this team more then ever. you have bosh who can give you a good jump shot but you do not have any real low post players at all on the heat. lebron was suppose to get a low post game during the off season the help out wade. but he did not want to change. now as goes the coach that is another story. to much talent on this team for him. he did a better job with miami before bosh and lebron got there. as a coach you are suppose to tell your guys what you want from them and he was suppose to tell lebron he needs him in the post. i dont know any one player that will man up against lebron in the post. he is to big and to talented. if they lose alot will change. the coach will get fired and you will see the last of the big 3. sad to say they will let wade go before lebron.

  10. Grace says:

    Miami,… don’t blame erik spoelstra as a coach, blame your superstar players, they don’t respect Erik as their coach and they don’t even listen to him when he’s talking… Go CELTICS!!!

  11. Talentz to Souf Beach says:

    It’s all so simple, it’s silly to talk about so many irrelevant. This isn’t about the coach, about “clutch”, or about “loyalty.”

    This is about one team running a Zone Defense and challenging the other team to shoot the basketball. And that other team does not have the talent to shoot the basketball.

    LBJ is not a shot creator like Durant or Bryant or Nowitzski. Neither is Wade. They drive to the basket and score in the paint.
    A Zone D neutralizes that. So they just stand around wth the ball in isolation, too scared to chuck up a brick. Ask the Spurs how it is when you face a guy who will bury that three from 24 feet. You can’t coach that. Your superstar can either do it or he can’t.

    Boston is filled with good outside shooters. Pierce with the step back. Ray Allen with the 3. Garnett from 18 feet.

    So one team can shoot. The other can’t. Cry me a river when the team that can’t shoot loses cause they are hit with a Zone D.

    Dallas provided the blueprint for the Heat last year. Neutralize their offense with zone. Be careful with the ball so they can get nothing on fast breaks. The Heat will get frustrated and give up. In fact, they won’t even get back on D.

    The Heat wilt like unwatered flowers when they can’t force the opposing team to play their transition Rucker Park-style game.

    It’s that simple. Period. Point. Blank.

    • MiamiFan says:


  12. MiamiFan says:


  13. JOHN says:


  14. Mr.305 says:

    Wow, there are so many ignorant statements in this column.. First off, let me start off by saying Boston is only leading the series because Bosh has been injured. Even without him, we crushed them in game 1. However, it was bound to catch up with them. Especially since Boston has K.G. playing in his position. Injuries are unfortunate and can cost you a series, Boston fans should know that better than any other fan base as of late (Perkins vs. Lakers, K.G. vs. Magic). Last year with Miami’s three healthy and Boston’s big three healthy, an injured Rondo in game 3 put the Celtics out of sync completely. A.k.a. , they got DOMINATED in 5. Even the men wearing green would tell you that themselves. Bosh’s presence down low would of changed Boston’s defensive schemes from the get-go in this series. As we saw a glimpse of in game 5, his presence would have DEFINATELY made a difference. Regardless who wins the series, I won’t take credit away from Boston for playing hard. Congrats to the Thunder as well. Now let’s see game 6 tomorrow and may the best team win.

  15. Sai says:

    Just shows that it does not matter who you have in a team. Good coaching sets the direction to success.

  16. Fanboys says:

    It is ALL Spoelstra’s fault that they didn’t win Game 5. He didn’t sink the free throw that could have tied it at 87. He didn’t get in Pierce’s face quick enough to really challenge the 3 pointer that extended the lead to 4. He also was the one who had a breakdown in defense which lead to a 15-1 run in the 3rd quarter. He is the one who didn’t score in the last 8 minutes in the 4th quarter. He didn’t make the three to cut the lead down to 1. He didn’t make those open jumpers. It’s all the coach’s fault. Its not the players. They are just there to follow the coach.

  17. nlitinme says:

    doesn’t anyone remember when the Lakers got Payton and Malone? Unbeatable right? The chemistry wasn’t there- even the zen master couldn’t get it going. We should all know by now, star power is just one little part of winning. Let’s focus here. Did Miami get out coached? yes. Are their stars 10-15 years younger than the C’s stars? yes Does Miami have team chemistry? well certainly not compared to the C’s. I love it.

  18. Nick says:

    Blah blah blah Lebron James. Test.

  19. The Chief says:

    I think that Miami do need a new and experienced couch. This is ridicules that with so much talent we managed to lose at home. Miami fans did not show any support what so ever during the game. There is a game 6, so don’t lose the hope. Miami will need a new couch if they can get to the finals.

  20. Yeaahhh says:

    yeah i know you have to be clutch to win the rings. i want phill jackson to coach james… and the im just kidding

  21. Yeaahhh says:

    the series.

  22. Yeaahhh says:

    i remember 2008 game 7 lebron vs pierce. i really think miami have a big chance to win, really.

  23. fana says:

    how can spoelstra coach a team when his player thinks they were better than there coach?

  24. Archie says:

    The Boston Celtics is just a champion they got heart, spirit,experience(which they call age) and determination and the heat just dont have it

  25. Is Spoelstra f%#$ing serious??? ‘It would be unfair to put bosh in??’ I dont think he understands the meaning of ‘Do whatever it takes to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ Miami better win the series, otherwise i think Spoelstar is gone. Riley needs to coach this team… Even if MIami get through Boston, dont belive they will beat OKC, especially with no home court advantage!!!

  26. Heat8 says:

    Refs winning games not Boston

  27. Hart says:

    There are still 2 games left in the series, so whoever wins the series surely deserves it. If the Cs losses, then it means the Heat is just the better team, or vice versa. Maybe LeBrpn was just too excited to join D-Wade & CB4 in a team, excited to win games or maybe a championship with them, but if things don’t go well I guess they just have to part ways. They are still young and they can still find other better teams to play with and fulfill their destiny. D-Wade already won 1 ring so I guess he knows what true championship team are made of. I think LeBron should have tried NJ NETS when he was a free agent. He would have, I guess, made a good team-up with Deron Williams (a good PG) and Brook Lopez (a young and good C)…but I hope, when the right time comes, they will make the right decision on which team to play with and win their ring.

  28. Liverwurst & Cheese! says:

    testing testing testing

  29. Liverwurst & Cheese! says:

    Too much lame discussion here! Bottom line! OKC and Boston to the finals! And OKC-2012 champs! Any questions?

  30. Liverwurst & Cheese! says:

    All this lame discussion is giving me a headache! OKC and Boston to the finals! OKC-2012 champs! End of story!

  31. Liverwurst & Cheese! says:

    All this lame discussion is giving me a headache! OKC and the Celtics to the finals! OKC- 2012 champs! End of story!

  32. Dani says:

    You mean too much star…too much money..ok…I’m with you…

  33. W/E says:

    The Heat are so PAINFULL to watch in late game situations, SPOELSTRA SUXS so bad,he cant coach his team, its ALWAYS James or wade doing Isolation plays and nothing else in situations were GOOD PLAYS and TEAM BBALL is NEEDED,this team has serious coach and chemistry issues

  34. celtic hater says:

    Miami in 7 games or OKC wins it all in a sweep.old punks cant really play.Miami gave them some games. All this hate on the heat is good becaue the Nba makes money off of it but Lebron will still be the best player!!!!! LBJ all hater can kick rocks

    • KOBE says:

      maybe he should try to kick the ball in the hoop cause in the 4th quarter of big games he aint shooting it….3 shots taken last might in the 4th of a EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS WITH SERIES TIES 2-2…R U KIDDING…THE GUY IS AFRAID TO FAIL AND THATS WHY HE LACKS THE KILLER INSTINCT…NOT 1 NOT 2 NOT 3 NOT 4 NOT 5 CHAMPIONSHIPS ..HOW ABOUT 0

  35. the german says:

    well well…james is not Nowitzky…to much much money….no heart…grow up brother….and fight

  36. the german says:

    well well…james is not Nowitzky…to much much money….no heart…grow up brother….

  37. cherrypopper says:

    i wouldn’t be surprised if there will be an article by ashburner on how THE PRESSURE IS ON THE CELTICS 😀

  38. Dani says:

    If I’m Pat Riley..I will Fire Spo today….and coach the Heat tomorrow..

  39. knickfan212 says:

    Playing game 6 in Boston! The Heat might have a problem winning there. Boston players already believe they’re the better team. The Celtics are hard when they have their backs against the wall.
    Looks like Bosh may have a tear or two again this year.

  40. Andrew says:

    they need Pat Riley to be the head coach.. and they need a center that can score and play defense Joel Anthony is not a really center he is only 1 inch taller than Lebron.. Chalmers, Wade, Lebron, Haslem , Bosh.. that should be the starting line up

  41. CHRIS says:

    The Celtics play team ball. The share the ball and their distribution is excellent. The Celtics don’t need to rely on two players to rack up 60+ points in a game in order to win. Most games nobody scores 30. It is a complete, unselfish team effort. Unfortunatly for the Heat, that’s what happens when you spend so much money on three players; if they don’t play well, you have NO options, because of the lack of bench talent. As a Celtics fan, this is great to see LeBron and the Heat fans cry about not winning the Finals. According to LeBron, he said the Heat were going to win eight. He will need to hurry up for that to happen.

  42. Dani says:

    If I’m Eric Spo….I will give up the coaching to PAT RILEY… That’s the best thing he can do right now…

  43. Dani says:

    The Problem we have is this…We don’t have a GOOD COACH…Very SAD…

  44. ginji-san says:

    LBJ : KING WITHOUTH A THRONE to begine with…remembering his last comment ” not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7″…they’ve been losing to old school team, such as Spurs, Dallas (last year) and Boston this year…

    the lesson is, don’t be too arrogant you puny king (as HuLK would say) hahahhaa!!!

  45. formerDwadeBronfan says:

    heat fans are begging for a new coach, but why? no ring caliber coach is available for cheap. pj wants 25m minimum i’m sure. the players have no commitment to winning cause they all told riley they don’t want him to be the coach cause he drives his teams too hard. never mind his ring count… these guys will be stuck in mediocrity for years to come with this mentality…

  46. Jam says:

    Well, LBJ will win his ring soon but before there seems a redemtion is on his way. After 4-2 loosing to boston in the conference finals he will leave the heat probably and then he will apologise from cleveland fans about his decision TV show, and he will say he really is sorry, then after his redemption there will be another LBJ. Who is aware of things and more determined and resilliant. Than he will have his ring…not the king of basketball, not even close to jordans ring number but LBJ have his rings…in the end…

  47. leBron to Lakers says:

  48. leBron to Lakers says:

    injured rondo beat the heat!

  49. BigMouth says:

    Lechoke set himself up from the beggining, he put all the pressure on himself and the team by opening his big mouth and promising not 1, not 2,not 3 and so on…He got a parade for not winning anything. He expects a championship handed to him just because he has proclaimed himself the ruler king. King of what? if I may ask. He hasn’t won anything. Mvp’s dont mean a thing if you aint got the ring. Who in their right mind would even dare to compare him to legends, to even say his name in the same breath as MJ or Kobe for that fact. Not even close or worth mentioning. Lechoke is the biggest hype and let down in NBA history. He is the tin can man, somebody donate a heart to this guy! Arrogant loser. Team leaders show what they are made of when it matters the most. Front runners show up for the first 3 quarters, fill up the stat sheet, and pull a Hoodini in the 4th qtr. Nice. Keep doing what you’re doing Bron. You will continue to be the King without a ring, for life.

  50. KOBE says:

    again no show for the so called MVP..he took only 3 shots in the 4th quarter went scoreless for 8 minutes and the most important play of the game he got out huslted by rando when he tipped the ball to pietrus for the 3..after wade blocked shot rando out jumped the 6’8 james for the tip..r u kidding me..thats why theTIN MAN(NO HEART ) shys away from the big games when it matters most..the whole Heat team is to blame as well..but u think KOBE MAGIC BIRD JORDAN ISIAH WOULD SHOT THE ROCK ONLY 3 TIMES IN THE 4TH QUARTER OF A SERIES TIES 2-2…he lacks the killer instinct

  51. Jason says:

    here’s the thing-james and wade are great-bosh is pretty good when healthy-the rest of the team is horrible-look at san antonio-their 2nd team could make the playoffs…Harden comes off the bench for OKC…if this were a 3 on 3 tournamnet Miami would win but it’s not-battier is terrible, anthony is terrible, miller is broke down, chalmers is inconsistent-they may beat Boston (or not) but there is NOWAY miami beats OKC or Spurs

  52. CelticsPride says:

    Does anyone else watch the games? Rondo is in complete control in this series, to the point where they need to switch lebron to guard him. And that just not really effective. Celtics in 6 because the nba’s best PG is out playing the league MVP and top 3 SG

    • Brad T says:

      True! Miami has no point guard, Chalmers is a joke, and Norris is a dope. TRADE Bosh and get a real PG

  53. tony says:

    eric please submit your paper that you quit already…. do you know how to coach a team… garnett is the one scoring he is playing center so better play him big man.. or you want … you personally guard him

  54. Sean says:

    Trade Wade to the Nets for D Will and Brook Lopez!!

  55. leBron to Lakers says:

    lbj fnan
    June 6, 2012 at 4:36 am
    justice, Lebron is not traitor, he want a championship in his prime but the cavs didnt do nothing to get atleast 1 superstar to help him to win championship ring… i think K irving says goobye in cleveland after 7 yrs. get out of here hater i think u r cavs fan

    are you kidding me? Watch the cavs improve and make the playoffs next year!
    Cavs have Money along with the Last year number one pick in Kyle and the fourth pick from last year and now they got the fourth pick again! Cavs will have money because highly paid Antawn Jamison contract will expire! Watch the cavs be a fun interesting team. Cavs got kyle, Thomson the fourth pick and varejoe. All the cavs need a good sg/sf combo player and they can afford a player like Dwight! in the FA

  56. Disappointed says:

    Fire Eric Spoelstra and bring in Phil Jackson

    Bosh, should have been on the court whether or not he is 100%. He seemed to be fine and had an impact in his 11mins.
    Cole played but Bosh didnt?

    In the last 5mins of the 4th
    Wade should have moved to the point, battier to the 2 spot for his D/3’s, LBJ at SF, Bosh at PF and Haslem at C or vice versa for Bosh and Haslem.

    Poor coaching decision

    Give it to the C’s and Pierce (who I can’t stand), they dug deep and pulled out a win and Pierce hit a nice 3 over LBJ.

  57. Dani says:

    Miami has the players and the bench it needed to win a Championship..but the coaching staff don’t know…..their coaching style doesn’t fit the players expertise..Wade and James should be focusing on going inside, dunk the ball and do close perimeter shots..there should be Miller, Jones, or Battier for 3 points in case these two players get trapped..and a BIG CENTER for rebounds if they missed the shots.If Spo needs a reminder on how Heat became a Champion few years back..He probably need to go back to the video room and watch Shaq and Wade played…maybe Spo will see my point..before its really too late..I still hope Miami will win…I hope so……

    • Heat Killer says:


    • tony says:

      you are ryt…. lebron and wade in guard… front line huslem/bosh,turiaf/anthony,miller/battier/jones… please seat down chalmer or better eric hug them both each other…

  58. Shea says:

    What makes Jordan the best player of all time? The rings? They certainly don’t hurt. But what makes him amazing? What about ’92, when he sank six threes in a HALF and just shrugged? What about ’97 when he was too weak to move, and he put up 38? Michael Jordan is the best player of all time because he is CLUTCH. Lebron James will never have that title.

    • Heat Killer says:


    • Boogie says:

      Although I see your point about Jordan, I think it’s a mistake to say James will never have that title. That’s something that’s too soon to tell. Don’t forget…Jordan had a lot more and better help than Lebron, plus he had…wait for it…..wait for it….Phil Jackson, so if anything, you should say Erik Spoelstra’s the one who will never (insert what you like here).

  59. rigor says:

    honestly speaking i don’t like the Celtics ever since, but the way they’re playing right now, is so impressive, they showing a lot of heart,even they down by a big margin, they find the way to get back, that’s something missing on the Heat, they don’t have a heart to win, but i don’t blame the coach, its all about the players, and i have a doubt even they survive in this series i don’t think they can handle the much hunger OKC

  60. Anthony says:


    SPO YOU GOTTA GO!!!!!!

  61. Patrick Gorospe says:

    Boston is a team. Why? When Ray Allen and KG first came to Boston, they gave up their normal roles.
    Ray Allen averages 26.something ppg(MIL), when he came to BOS, his ppg went down to 17.4ppg. He accepted the role for being the spot up shooter.
    KG averages 22.something ppg(MIN), when he came to BOS, his ppg went down to 18.8. He accepted the role for becoming Boston’s defensive stalwart.
    Still, they rely on Paul Pierce’s scoring abilities, and accepted their NEW role.

    They gave up their egos, they gave up their individual wants just to win a championship. That’s a team. Miami for me is just a BAD EXPERIMENT. 2 cents.

  62. Patrick Gorospe says:

    Boston is a team. Why? When Ray Allen and KG first came to Boston, they gave up their normal roles.
    Ray Allen averages 26.something ppg(MIL), when he came to BOS, his ppg went down to 17.4ppg. He accepted the role for being the spot up shooter.
    KG averages 22.something ppg(MIN), when he came to BOS, his ppg went down to 18.8. He accepted the role for becoming Boston’s defensive stalwart.
    Still, they rely on Paul Pierce’s scoring abilities, and accepted their NEW role.

    They gave up their egos, they gave up their individual wants just to win a championship. That’s a team. Miami for me is just a BAD EXPERIMENT.

  63. Michael says:

    I also believe that Miami is a much better team than Boston.
    Erci Spo. is playing with a small lineup. Thats a mistake. play your big man. Miami must win in 7 games serie

  64. Ron says:

    All you people who say that Le Bron needs a better coach…….
    so IF he gets a coach who strokes his already huge ego, and wins a ring, will you all say here that it was not Le Bron, but the coach who won?

    Celtics won because they are teamplayers and coachable…..

    • Heat Killer says:


    • Brandon says:

      Lebron’s not coachable? WHAT THE HELL? He’s one of the most coachable guys in the league. If the Heat win it all this year, I still say Spoelstra should be fired.

  65. Frank says:

    Boston Celtic is not even playing that great.
    The problem is the Miami Heat coach. Putting shane Battier in power forward position is a joke. The team is out of balance.
    Last year Boston was playing better than this year but lost to Miami 4-1. The reason:
    Bosh, Anthony and Haslem were rotating in position 4 and 5. Labron, Wade and Chalmers were taking care of the rest.
    This way they play in a good balance and can destroy Boston.
    Still there is hope. Go Heat.

  66. Henrik Jensen says:

    Hey everyone, i had a recent post, where somebody wrote; Celtics is looking old and bad, they don’t stand a chance, they’ll loose it in 4 or maximum 5 games, and now here we are, Celtics is in front with 3-2 in the Series, and Kevin Garnett from whom many have had doubts about, ray allen for that matter as well, and they put up; 26P, 11R, 2B and 13P, 7 Boards respecively, thats amazing right there!

    I am a huge Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen fan, kevin garnett mostly, but, Ray ray is my number 2, in any way, i would love them to have 1 more championship, and i do believe there is a chance, if not this year, they will return next year, maybe in new uniforms, but hopefully in “Green”, return to Celtics and with some new players + a possible top 40 Player to join them since they have quite good salary space, i see them go for another run with “The big 4”, rondo included.

    I do believe if they are as close as they are now, if they reach the finals on thursday or saturday/sunday, they want the championship more than the young fellows of Thunder, mostly because, those young fellows they will have their shot again for sure, but this might be the last time the C’s is here for some many years, so this is what counts.

    Go Celtics forever!! go Kevin Garnett, go Ray Allen, go C’s!!

  67. Adam says:

    Celtics played spectacular basketball. Period.

  68. DW says:

    LeBron is not a champion, why don’t people understand that?

  69. kool cee says:

    joel you are walking bacteria from a porcelain toilet bowl.

  70. ytsan says:

    heat bench is not deep enough. after lbj, dw, & cb, no more talented guy to patch things up. they need novak !

  71. Heat Fan says:

    The big issue in this series is coaching. Doc Rivers is out coaching Eric Spo………. period. A coaching change needs to be made for Miami to excel. The Celtics used us up and made all of us look bad. Then Spo……..will state “we have to block out what people say.” He is in denial! How the hell will you go small on a team that is kicking your a… on rebounding? If we take a closer look when Bosh was inserted into the game Garnett had less activity and Bosh was taking it to him. Damn Spo………… you just messed up our entire season. Riley needs to fire your a…..

    • KOBE says:

      agree…but u cant blame SPO for his team not getting back on d and showing no heart…ur so called MVP DID NOTHING IN THE 4th quarter..only taking 3 shots ..and he got outjumped by rando when pietrus hit the big 3..

  72. Love this, not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, who could know lebron was talking about the number of times he and this “team” would choke…LOL
    Also, I think after this season they either get a seasoned and talented coach this “team” has no chance of EVER winning it all…

  73. Pgulinp says:

    If you look at the video re-runs better you will understand that all the deposit of Wade and LeBron is actually derived from the creation of surplus space errors in running the ball, but judges tolerate them., so they can go on the rim with dunk and ofc with free-trows … Rondo is one of the best playmaker the last 5 years. Miami will never win a title without a playmaker who will create the action for the big three- know their actions, but also set up and take the ball out of the hands and prevent them from over-shooting. In modern basketball is not possible that Wade took the ball 18 seconds before the end of the attack and called the insulation and I’m going 1 on 5 in a breakthrough or jump-shot. At this point, Boston is simply the better team, Miami is actually a two man show, while the other 3 teammates only serve to fill the roster, and the bench – worst in NBA. And spurs will fight back…

    sorry for bad english, Google tranaslat (N)

  74. Donotreply says:

    Wake up guys!! It’s all fixed.

  75. LOOK AT MY COMMENT says:

    heat should start looking at the future, trade LBJ to Magic for dwight Howard.
    shane battier can be SF.
    if this happen i think heat can win championship

  76. kool cee says:

    kyto, u need to stop! the hate is coming out your pores dude,be easy.and you stink too!!!! tpt!!!

  77. kool cee says:

    nick is a _ick!!! and a jerk.

  78. kool cee says:

    didnt rose win mvp last year?did he make it to the eastern conf finals let alone the finals????? NO!!!!!! so why isnt anyone talking about him? everything is lebron this lebron that, “bleed blood?’ ur one sick individual.whats he gonna bleed piss?mo williams said last year when the heat lost”my heart is healed”does lebron owe him anything?hes a hater! mo went to another losing team and lost swept at that. rodent!dan gilberts a big hater!so is juspako,jfc, axed and slovania are critters too!!tore sux,celtic fans a bum and always a winner is always a loser!!!!!!!! take your cavelier thongs off guys, cause you guys wouldnt win a finals if you had to win it in a skeetball game! vermin!!!!!

  79. jon says:

    LBJ will not win a championship whether its miami, cleveland, new york, etc because he does not have that killer instinct. jordan, magic, kobe, all have that switch where im going to will this win and take it upon himself to take over games down the stretch

  80. spelkey55 says:

    All this drama is going to end their season too! Lebron is the master choker under extreme pressure and Wade can’t win it alone. He isn’t handling the pressure very well since handing the team over to James either. Two players overrated can’t beat a real team playing well together.

  81. HEATProblems says:

    Problem with the HEAT is simple.
    1. Coaching – Simply getting outcoached.
    2. Role players – Role players need to contrinute “Consistently”

    “IF” they do not win the title this year, expect changes to either or both.

    (Remember, they signed for 5 years, this is only the second year)

  82. ver says:


  83. Kobe says:

    If I had LeBron’s tatlent I would win a few more rings.

  84. decrepify says:

    im a heat fan but i dont like the strategy and the rotation of their coach , so much trust in haslem and battier than bosh, bosh has a better offense than haslem ! Sorry for me and for the other heat fan but i think game 6 belongs to the CELTICS..ZZZzzzzz

  85. Ivan says:

    Also, Spoelstra is an idiot for not leaving bosh in in the 4th quarter. He deserved to be put in there. he actually was playing well. and he didnt looked too fatigued to me

  86. Ivan says:

    We’re trailing in this series because of Erik Spoelstra most importantly, Wade’s lousy first halves, lack of team defense, and free throws. We’ve actually outscored the boston bench. All you people saying that this is Lebron’s fault are just plain ignorant. He has performed very well and has done his job. I’m not too pleased with this FT percentage and thats about it really,same thing for wade. This is all Rileys fault for putting a below-average coach into an above average team. He shouldve realized by now he made a mistake and Spoelstra shoudlve been gone at some point in the regular season. and by the way, those of you saying lebron and wade are egomaniacs are retarded. yes they both get iso-happy during games but they’re two of the nicest and most team oriented superstars youll ever see.

  87. Bob Catted says:

    Once Spolestra gets fired from Miami (shortly after their game 6 loss tomorrow night), maybe he can coach at Charlotte? Then those guys can FINALLY have a winning season. Spolestra can get them to the conference finals where they will fall to the Celtics. I like it.

  88. WhoCares says:

    Las Vegas made the called lol…in reality Boston is not thing compared to the Miami Heat

  89. el stone says:

    I don’t think it’s the coaching so much as LeBron and Wade play like a streetball team. How are you supposed to coach that?

    And what coach would egomaniacs like LeBron and Wade listen to anyway? They’re going to do what they want out there regardless of what a coach says.

    Even 2 of the top 5 players in the NBA can’t beat a good team in a 7 game series. Especially when those two players have the same skill set and play like they’re looking to get ESPN highlights rather than win games.

  90. Nick says:

    Everyone put your cell phones on LeBron mode…NO RING.

  91. Roko says:

    KG always abused Bosh even when Bosh was healthy. A rusty Bosh is an easy target for a bully like KG, I don’t see how injured Bosh could change anything at this point. In Boston, it will be a total fight … Would LeBron and Wade choke once more? If they do, the current Miami big 3 buddies will be history, the buddies will go separate ways for sure and in their way out they will run over the coach as well. “NOT one ring” is the new Heat’s motto.

  92. Kyto says:

    Lebron is still a choker!!! I don’t want to think that he is one…. but with the way he played the last how many games against Celtics, it just shows that he is a choker BIGTIME!!! He cannot carry his team to a win. CHOKER KING!!!

    • Heat Killer says:


      • KOBE says:

        fact is when the game is on the line in pressure situations he looks like a dear in headlights…the so called KING WHO HASNT WON ANYTHING TAKES ONLY 3 SHOTS IN THE 4TH QUARTER IN A EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS TIED AT 2-2 AND GETS OUT JUMPED BY A 6,’1GUARD FOR A LOOSE BALL…THE TIN MAN IS SOFT

    • Boogie says:

      He’s right. I mean, like Lebron needs any help. And who will he get it from? are you kidding me? CARRY A TEAM? He’s shouldn’t have to

  93. El Beye says:

    If the Heat don’t win this series, it will be over for the Big Three…they will be dissolved along with their coach.
    They’re a great team but they’re missing vital parts for a winning team (a half decent center to block shots and score ten points a game at least…also a point guard so that Lebron doesn’t have to work so hard to bring the ball up and distribute all the time. Lebron is a fantastic player but too much is asked of him and Wayde…they need help.

  94. neutral says:

    the plays miami should run are not run enough, eric needs to find better plays which suit his team of lebron and wade. it seems at times they take turns going 1 on 1

  95. Celtics Fan Forever says:

    Say what you will about what’s wrong with the Heat and what needs to be done to fix them. The Celtics are looking more and more like the Celtics of ’08. In spite of injuries and ailments, they’re playing Celtics ball. Go Celtics – close it out Thursday in the Garden!

  96. Diggs says:

    If spoelstra plays bosh for 40 minutes, and he gets a career ending inury and the heat still lose, its erics fault for playing bosh too much. Like somoene said coaches lose games and players win them.

  97. ver says:

    Lebron and Wade just took a lot of jumpshots.. Their indecisiveness including Coach Spoelstra in end games really cost them. It will really take a lot of struggles between these guys to be able to win a ring..At this point, they are not a championship caliber team..They’re just entertaining to watch..Even if Miami luckily gets into the finals, I don’t think they can beat the Spursd/OKC for that matter..Miami is a good team but it seems they don’t have that drive to win it all. It will take an ORGANIZATION to win a CHAMPIONSHIP not just PLAYERS…

  98. samuel Tolentino says:

    Miami has lost their identity as Eric Spo… keep changing the lineups.
    Miami should play like last year.
    2 big men in position 4 and 5. Not sure why he put Battier in position 4. It makes the team, compeletely out of sync.

  99. Joel says:


    • Heat Killer says:


  100. The Truth says:

    It is expected that they will replace Erik with the opportunist Phil Jackson. It is clearly written all over.

  101. adrixe says:

    Heat are so overrated! they tried to do what the celtics did in 2008! but the big 3 of the celtics are better equipped because they dont have their egos and just play their roles. they sacrificed alot and actually clicked. LBJ, WADE and CB4 are still young and still want to make names for themselves. That aint gonna work! too bad they wont win multiple championships!

  102. Miami says:

    I’m a Heat fan but they didn’t deserve to win that game… there was no desperation from them & so many key lapses on the defensive end.. it was like they thought they would win the game just because it’s @ home… They also needed someone else to step up (Boston had 5 players in double digits while Miami had 2).. & can’t forget that Doc Rivers is a fantastic coach! he has clearly won the coaching battle thus far…

  103. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Too many people speak bad on the coach, but honestly many underestimate him. They lost because BOSTON PLAYED WELL, and because they were not clutch while the C’s stepped up when needed. That’s all. I kept saying before the start of the playoffs that Miami can’t win without Bosh: he played well but only 14/15minutes but he did not played in the 4th. Too bad for them.

    • BigMouth says:

      And who decides who gets to play what minutes, who decides the rotations. If Im not mistaking, its the coach. The bottom line is Spo is just like Bron. A choker in denial. When the heat comes on, the Heat dont come on. Spo’s got to go…

  104. MVP says:

    god damn..i swear i have never found a place where hate is more bundled than in this hang time speak about lebron like he has raped your girlfriends or something like that.since stupid fans got the opportunity to post what ever they like this has became a bad place. enjoy the game and don’t overstood you as a fan..yesterdays game is simple to summarize: boston made their shots, miami didn’t..has nothing to do with a player but with the team! boston is a well coached veteran team. i’m not surpriced boston wins, but i hope miami can turn the series and gets into the finals..the hole team has to step up. but nobody what happens you haters always find a reason to hate on player that got 3mvp titels. you think mvp titels don’t matter for a sportsman?do you?maybe you don’t matter and that frustrates you..

    • MVP says:

      “no matter what happens”

    • BigMouth says:

      You said it yourself, the celtics are well coached, the Heat are’nt. The Celtics made clutch shots, the Heat did’nt. Thats because the Cs have clutch players, the Heat don’t. The Heat have Lechoke, with his useless MVP trophys. Ha Ha Ha!

  105. sylr82 says:

    You can’t run with your boys and expect to dominate especially when everyone looks afraid to step up and be a leader. The past two years of the Heat have been who should take over and when. No one really knows and it is funny to see all three of these leaders take a back seat to each other. If this is going to work out like they planned it, one of them is going to have to step up and be the face of the franchise and the leader of the team. Hopefully they can force a game 7.

  106. TheBigTicket says:

    They say Boston are old, aging, retirees and needs a lot of BenGay…Say that to Atlanta Hawks, to Philadelphia 76ers, and NOW SAY that to THE MIAMI HEAT…lest go CELTICS….

  107. alvarez says:

    the heat going to lose the next game

  108. ivan says:

    @Z.T nice man…. i agree…100%

  109. Andres - NBA fan says:

    So every single win by the C’s over the Heat was because didn’t play well? This is pathetic, there are 2 teams in the eastern finals, talk about them both, not just one of them. Let’s be honest Boston has a better team, Miami only has two superstars, not a team, just superstars. And no, not everyone that switches teams is a traitor, but you can bet that the one who makes a press conference and a hour long show about it, IS, a lot of players have left for a chance to get a ring quietly and always thanking the franchise that they belong to.

    No predections here, just hope the better TEAM wins

  110. Laos says:

    I’m no fan of any NBA team but I’ve noticed several things in this series.
    1. Miami is awful in the clutch. They can’t score when it counts with either free throws or a perimeter shot.
    2. Miami’s coach lacks adjustment skills as they stick to the same routine. 5 guys on the perimeter, one guy drives to the bucket. No help on the inside (except maybe by Haslem sometimes). Miami’s offense is too predictable and Celtics kept Miami from scoring in the paint very effectively the last three games.
    3. Miami’s defense is not effective against Rondo and Garnett. Too many times Gernett scored on the inside with tremendous help from the most unpredictable player Rondo. Really there is no answer to this Celtic offense. Because Rondo is unpredictable and a good driver to the bucket who do you double team? Rondo or Garnett?

    I’ve said it before even when Miami was up 2-0 in this series. CELTICS in 6 games. I’m right.

  111. ivan says:

    you know guys i think spoelstra is good dont blame him..there are so many plays that they cant convert and thats the problem ..just luck..pierce got lucky he made that shot..its a very close game i think wade and james dribble too much…they should know how to use offballscreen tactics man…like jordan miler etc…if they can apply that they are deadly..lets just enjoy the series..

  112. CP10 says:

    Happy for the Celtics but this’ll be Heat vs Okc, Heat as this year’s champs – I called it

    • STIEMSMA CREW says:

      You drunk?

    • KD says:

      I’m with you buddy!

      • Heat Killer says:


  113. samir says:


    If they had a coach with real winning experience they would be a much better team!

    Bring back RILEY!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Laker Fan says:

    I think it’s unfair if fans will blame coach spoe to things that is happening right now. Heat can beat the Celtics and any NBA team in the league with ease. We can’t deny that fact, ironically coming from me, a big NON-HEAT fan. Heat could’ve finished the Celts earlier in the series, its just that they have two superstars (bosh being injured) who doesn’t know yet if which from the two will have the ball in his hands in crucial moments of the game. I think Wade being the original star player of the Heat would have to take this responsibility, he should know when to look for James and when to take the last shot. After all he is the leader of this team. As for James, he can always do his damage in early quarters since its documented in the Dallas series in the Finals a year ago that he is not fond of taking crucial shots and making crucial plays. The team is fully equipped to win the Franchise’s 2nd NBA title and first for both James and Bosh. If only players know when to step up and when to defer and if they are willing to be the co-leaders of the team. Its not always the coach who call the shots, at times players need to stand up and create plays for themselves and for the team’s betterment.

  115. beagle76 says:

    I get more satisfaction in seeing Miami lose than seeing my team win. Does that make me a hater? Yup, Big Time! Seeing arrogance brought down and humbled….Priceless!!!

  116. Vin says:

    2- man team will never beat a 5, 6, 7, 8, 9…..-team

    Its the HEART dude, its always the HEART
    Lets Go CELTICS!!

  117. andy says:

    celtics are likeable now?? i even convinced my girlfriend who is a heat fan

  118. Heat BIG 3 says:

    It’s WIN or BUST for Heat nation, Miami must limit the turnovers!!!!!!! Way too many in game 5, simply put we have to win the 1st and 3rd quarter. If you are a true Heat fan and have been watching them play all season. It becomes quite evident that the Heat’s performance and execution in the third quarter, always determines the final outcome. The Heat need to have a strong third and carry that momentum into the fourth quarter. The true test of this Heat team is not where they stand in comfort and convenience but how they respond together as a team as they fight to keep their season alive. I believe this is one of many great challenges the team will have to overcome in order to break through to the next level.
    LBJ its time to get “HAM” on EM. Lets get EM boys one quarter at a time.


  119. afterkwiss says:

    Cause 32pts, 10rbs, 4ast and almost 2bs per game in the series against the Celtics sounds like someone who wants to win. And don’t tell me he’s playing for the stats, that is nonsense. Now if you consider the esoterical/spiritual aspect of having the heart of a champion, that’s something only him can know. Not you, not me, nor anyone else. IMHO, some other members of the team may not have the heart of champions. But that’s a different problem.

    • Don says:

      Precisely bro, that’s what’s lacking with James. To inspire! Hands down, he is one of the best if not the best in the league right now at least based on stats.

  120. MikeL says:

    I have one word for the Announcers and Media “CHOKE”. Everyone is all about the Heat, did you listened to the game announcer every time LeBrone or Wade scores “its electrifying play, how astonishing”! Come-on, the Celtics are the one that walked in scores, KG with big slam Alley-oop from Rondo and not heard the announcers “exhilarate” about the play or much of instant replay. When Miami score with a nice move it’s like the spot light and notice the microphone will shattered by favoritism call by “unfairness and arrogant ” announcer. Good thing the ref’s straighten out the sell-out act! This all comes down to Money, because the city of Miami and LA glory and frame where the rich and famous be. I just wanted to see the Celtics Beat the Heat and send them to the North Pole and prove to the world the definition of “TEAMWORK”!

  121. beat the heat says:

    Clearly one thing is true, Lebron is afraid to crucial moments and afraid to be blamed, unlike real closers they want the ball in their hands during crucial times. Jordan, Kobe, Durant, Pierce..etc.

  122. Jego says:

    I’m a filipino but i can tell Spoelstra is not a good coach. After 4 games, Spoelstra unable to adjust on how to defend ROndo and Garnet pick and roll.. He always stick to his line up. Heat must fire Spoelstra if Miami loses to Celtics. After game 5 Spoelstra was exposed that his not capable to be a NBA coach..

    Spoelstra must use james jones than Chalmers. He must put a taller defender to Rondo in order rajon cannot give the ball to garnet because jones got long arms.. OKC did it to parker and it was succesful.

    I’m a Heat fan, I want to see this line-up on game 6..

    C – Haslem
    PF – Bosh
    SF – James
    SG – Jones
    PG – Wade

    • le-wade-bosh-choke says:

      are you kidding me? james jones? hahaha!!! a taller defender on rondo? le-choke is 6-8 240lbs and what happens there d-ing up on rondo? okc did it to parker and was succesful, really? we’re talking about rondo here man, he might not score like parker, but his game is 10 times better all around. haslem has been great so far, but the others are up and down. spoelstra is clearly the scapgoat for pat reily and the heats. heats big three are over paid, so there for they can’t get other good players around the talents of the the three. just funny how things are playing out for the heats.

  123. Ann says:

    “Even against King James, Rondo reigns” that was said for about 2 years ago.
    It has been said a lot that the Heat need to stop Rondo and they’ll stop the Celtics. But man, they have been searching for it all series long and even longer and haven’t got the key. He continues to find his TEAMMATES and to struggle. Miami has no time left to look for it. They didn’t play Bosh enough, as I said before the game that they wouldn’t. LBJ, Wade, Chalmers and a little from Bosh. That’s it, while Celtics come with Pietrus, Dooling, Ray, Paul, KG, Rondo and a couple of other players who step up when necessary (Daniels, Stiemsma). The issue is not what bunch of superstars will win the championship, but which TEAM will grab it. And what has been mentioned a lot of times by Jeff van gundy is that celtics and Rondo particularly have patience to come up with the right play.
    Celtics will take it at home.

  124. leBron to Lakers says:

    why didn’t leBron go to the Lakers instead of the Heat

    Gasol, Bynum, Odom, Kobe and leBron the pg for LA!

  125. Celtics200 says:

    KG all the way baby

  126. topyxyz says:

    Too much drama, just watch Prometheus tomorrow…

  127. Don says:

    Well it’s always like that, coaches are always to be blamed for losses. IMHO, James does’nt have the heart of a champion.

    • afterkwiss says:

      Based on what criteria?

      • Don says:

        Criteria? Well I’d say the heart criteria.

      • Don says:

        You know what I mean bro. James lacks the urge to win no matter what, that determination to be on top at all cost. A leader of a team should be able to inspire his team. Let them know that you badly want that championship trophy and let them want it as well, just like what Bird did during the 1981 Celtics vs Lakers finals.

  128. troy says:

    Now where are those fans that are saying “HEAT in 6”?

  129. boy pick-up says:

    miami will win!!!!kalas..

  130. mance234 says:

    The problem for miami is lebron.Him and Wade are same type of players and they cant play together.
    P.S. Spolestra is a great coach.

  131. afterkwiss says:

    I don’t get it … Bosh only played 12 minutes, Turiaf, Anthony, Howard and Pittman didn’t even play a single minute. WTF did Miami expect against a not-even-big Boston. I just don’t get it … congrats to Boston and its bench … Miami, pull yourself together, shake that bench and go win those 2 remaining games. GO HEAT … if you still want that ring!

  132. Nik123dj says:

    All pressure is now on Heat in game 6. Celtics at home, if they stay close, Lebron and Wade start fishing early…

  133. jlondon says:

    i think they need to replace spoelstra as head coach. they need someone like jerry sloan or phil jackson who is older and a respected coach…spoe not using bosh in the 4th qtr was the reason in garnet’s great game..the miami was too small for
    the celtics..haslem is too small for KG…hats of to doc rivers for a great adj after being down 2-0….i still hope there is a game 7…

  134. andy says:

    watch how the players talk to the refs. the Cs vets actually applaud the refs for good calls against them. the heat players whine like small children. in game 5s the refs let em play. sometimes the refs seem to have too much power towards the outcome of NBA games, but this is the right way to play the game. thats all doc rivers wants at the end of the day. very satisfying for anybody that truly loves the game.

  135. Ender says:

    Lebron the Cluth player of the 1st quarter! A mouse has a bigger heart than lebron

  136. archi says:

    oh well, it’s just too bad for the Heat not winning again, hahaha… you really can’t blame it all to their coach, ES. It all boils down to the players who thinks highly of themselves – you know who they are. let’s go Boston.

  137. MIA says:

    Miami heat great team but need a little more to win close game. Need to run better plays at the end of the game and not gamble as much. Put the ball in the hot hands and win it. A coach should never smile because their plans worked out for a shot that missed. There could only be a W or L in NBA so its smile for one or be really pissed for the other. Put the ball in the MVP’s hands and watch him work magic by scoring or creating. You have a legacy to use/play with so do so coach. Go MIA

  138. Celtics will crush the heat in game 6 like they did in game 3. Let’s go celtics!!!!!!

  139. JohnM says:

    Spoelstra is a terrible coach. The Heat have no shot at ever winning a championship with him as their coach. Go Celtics.

  140. Saied Mirkhani says:

    H E A T M U S T P L A Y W I T H 2 B I G M E N.
    Just imagine, SA or OKC use Haslem and Battier as their big man. Can those team survive in NBA play off?
    Not that Haslem or Battier are bad players, this combination put the team out of sync.
    For Heat to play better, coming back to the real Miami Heat and find their real identity, they need to rotate 2 big men in position 4 and 5 like the regular season or last year. Bosh , Haslem, Anthony,Turiaf and Pitman.
    Battier need to play in position 3 or sometimes 2 coming from the bench.
    Thuis way Miami has much more chance to win the Celtic series (game 6 and 7).
    Not that Boston Celtic is playing great. They are playing average. But with wrong strategies from Eric Spo… Miami players are confused and you can see how bad they are playing. The team is out of sync.
    Also it is better for Miami To spend some times in practice on their free thrown shooting. If their percentage was normal, %80 instaed of %65, they would have lead this series by now.
    Miami Heat is suffering from bad coching strategies. They have the best players in the world.

  141. Z.T. says:

    As I person who never hated LeBron and just tried to stick to the facts I was so amazed to see all the craziness around him when this season started especially after I had seen the previous one come to an end for the “big 3″… I was repeating one single thing all year long, what would all the bangwagon fangirls say if the Heat don’t win it this year, what the excuse will be this time? Let’s sum up a bit: The weakest East there could ever be for the Heat, D. Rose and Howard are out, Knicks didn’t look like a team with Amare and Carmelo, Boston is old and injured and still we have what we have, but I’m close to hating right now, so this point is off the table, keeping it objective… Now I see people already blaming the coach for the loss, he didn’t play Bosh, etc… Man, you have best SG because Kobe is out already, you have a 3-time MVP on your team who has talked about how he’s on to win it all, and what you see is that old and badly-shooting Pierce hits a 3 over the best perimeter defender in the league, ironic to say the least. I’m not going to blame it on James, it’s not fair, Celtics are a hell of a team, ask Kobe or Gasol, but on the other hand, after that much of a hype, after granting a man with 3 MVP’s, which ultimately says this guy is individually a far better player than Kobe, or Duncan, or Shaq and you see this? The blame is not on James, he’s a professional and he plays the way he wants to, the blame is on the “Experts” who said he’s the best, on those guys who discredit the other teams and players, on those who voted him for 3 MVP awards, it’s not a star that makes me think this world is messed up, it’s the surroundings…

    • K says:

      Z.T. not sure where you were trying to go with your post but are you trying to say LeBron didn’t deserve this years regular season MVP based on this one series? Well since he sent last years MVP (Derrick Rose) home last year; did that mean Derrick Rose didn’t deserve the MVP last year? Think about your logic since your just a person who sticks to the facts!

  142. It should have been the Bulls against the 2nd seed, Miami, head-to-head if Derrick Rose hasn’t teared his ACL. Well, God bless Celtics!

  143. FL_Lockdown says:

    if miami can’t get to finals, it’s over for them..the big three or big two?..more and more I think it’s james fault..suddenly dissapeared in 4th quarter, and leaving all to wade!…..
    well at least wade has a ring..

  144. It should be the BULLs against Miami if Drose wasn’t injured! Well go Celtics!

  145. AussieMavsFan says:

    It’s too bad they couldn’t convince Wade, James and Bosh to take on smaller contracts. That way they could have at least got a decent center. They don’t have enough depth really. Anthony and Turiaf are not a great center tandem. Bosh and Haslem are a good pair at PF, obviously James and Wade play most minutes at their positions, and Chalmers and Cole are good enough at PG. Battier has been solid and Jones is a good shooter when he’s on a streak. But if they had more money to play with, this team would win every time. Guess the Big 3 are playing for money, not championships. They’re getting paid enough money to sacrifice a few million dollars each.

  146. From a Basketball fan says:

    A different question…

    If the Celtics win Game 6 (and I think they will) what do Miami do next?

    They will be fielding this line-up/squad for years to come, and it doesn’t seem to be good enough. Their chance of winning championships looks like it’s going to depend on persuading veterans to sign up for no money – not very glamorous or dependable!

    So the question is…should all NBA owners and GMs out there be saying to themselves; THE MIAMI MODEL DOESN’T WORK

    The way to win a ring is to build a squad and build it around no more than 2 superstars

    My prediction: the NBA finals’ of the future will feature plenty OKC v Chicago Bulls match-ups

    • iMoshiko says:

      You are right. I am a Laker fan but i love the game and its obvious that the superstar studded teams can get trumped by the smaller more efficient teams that work together.

    • K says:

      Basketball Fan you can’t completely discard this model; because this same model just recently worked in Boston in 2008, when Garnett and Ray Allen teamed up with Paul Pierce! When you have this type of team, the most important thing is having the right coach which Boston had in 2008 and still has right now! Pat Riley underestimated the importance of coaching when he handed this talented team over to a coach who doesn’t have the experience to coach at a championship level! Coaching is huge especially once you reach the post season!

  147. JohnLesteer says:

    the best lineup for the HEAT is 1 Cole, 2 Harris, 3 Wade, 4 James and 5 Bosh or Turiaf or Anthony for defense. Bosh for rebounding. And please tell LeBron to play like a MVP. the trophy is wasted again

    • Davon says:

      u sound like u play computer games but don’t know a damn thing about ball…..u prob got beat up going to school….c’mon, man

    • K says:

      Dude are you serious; he is playing like an MVP! Have you been watching the games? Check the numbers before you start posting your LeBron hater comments! LeBron is the only consistent player for Miami in this series!

  148. JohnLesteer says:

    I think spoelstra needs to let the rookies play in the end of the 2nd quearter to have some energy guys.. look at how Cole and Harris will play.. those are there energy guys.. let them decide not focus always on the play.. they have something out there

  149. Dwill2lakerPG says:

    The heat dont deserve to win this series anyway, they’re lucky they aren’t in the west they wouldnt make it past the first round. unless kobe was on their team ofcourse cause hes a baller

  150. Alpha Base says:

    Go King go!
    Wait, who’s the king again?

    6 rings for the king!
    Wait, what rings are we talking about?

    Wade neeeeds to play better over all.
    Lbj needs to play harder untill he bleeds blood.
    Bosh needs to play.
    Spo needs to swap places with the coach from LA(what’s his name again?)

  151. Tore says:

    Celitcs FTW!

  152. Gerger says:

    James is only looking for what is good for him…i believe he is not a traitor….

  153. Bstarr says:

    How can people say fire a coach that got his team 2 years in a row in the conference finals? Getting there means playing against a tough opponent and winning it is not guaranteed. Shots are made by players not the coach! If Wade had made that 3 pointer in game 4 it was a whole different ball game now……and there are much more examples of mistakes made by the Heat players in the court. Explaing a strategy is 1 but accomplish the it on the court is KEY!

    • STIEMSMA CREW says:

      Shots are not made by the coach but the plays are. If he was a half decent coach at all he would of had Wade drive instead of burning the clock and throwing up a 3. Spoelstra needs to be fired.

    • K says:

      The coach decided to keep your third best player on the bench for the whole fourth quarter in a game that was there for the taking and then made the most absurb statement at the end of the game by saying, “it wasn’t fair to this player to put him back in the game!” True the players have to execute the game plan; but the coach has to first create a game plan! Doc Rivers made a defensive adjustment on guarding DWade 3 games ago and Spolestra still hasn’t figured out a counter to that adjustment! You fire Spolestra because this team was not built to just be satisfied with getting to the Eastern Conference Finals! This team was built to win CHAMPIONSHIP! Anything less then that is unacceptable!

  154. Darrell says:

    Even with the level of talent on the Miami Heat’s team, they will always be outcoached by the top tier coaches. Spoeslter is a 2nd tier coach at best. There is strategy and talent management involved in basketball and Spoelster is clearly clueless on both counts. Players play the game, but coaching does make a difference especially in the playoffs where the top teams have comparable talent.

  155. MCARIP says:

    If Lebron wanted a ring, he should have brought his talents to Causeway St.!

  156. NBA fan says:

    Heat will win in Boston and force game 7 and wins the game 7. But then? The Thunder will sweep them in the finals. Basketball experts all know that Thunder and Spurs are much better teams than the Heat and boston. My eastern conference will be left without a championship team for another year. After the West champ won the title, Celtics need to start rebuilding quickly by trading Paul Pierce to the Sacramento Kings along with 2014 1st round pick for this years No.5 pick, John salmons and and Francisco Garcia. With the No.5 pick they could select future all star like Jeremy Lamb or Harrison Barnes. The Heat wil have to add some more quality players in the offseason to compete against the thunder next year. Marcus Camby and Chris Kaman are free agent centers and Lou Williams and Steve Nash are available point guards. Also, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen will be FA’s this summer. Go to add a couple good quality players Heat! Or you may never win the title.

  157. ThatTallFella says:

    slap myself in the face for ever doubting the celtics … shame on me ;(

  158. CELTICS FAN says:

    why dont we rename LeCHOKE to LeJOKE

    • K says:

      Why because he’s averaging 30 & 10 against your Celtics? The Celtics haven’t stopped LeBron! The difference in this series is Doc Rivers defensive adjustment on DWade in which Spolestra has yet to figure out a counter action! Spolestra’s inability to match the coaching of Doc Rivers has played a bigger part of the current outcome of this serie; far more then LeBron James, as you say “choking!”

  159. Alamo says:

    Hahahaha…best quote ever:“I didn’t think it would necessarily be fair to him to throw him in with three minutes to go,”

  160. blamegame says:

    The scapegoat is Spoelstra not coaching good? And they want Pat Riley to coach Heat? How many championships din RIley bring to Miami? only 1.

    Eric Spoelstra has done great things for this team, he don’t deserve the blame for it.
    The MVP is always out on 4rth quarter.

  161. bayani says:

    So much for these superstars… maybe they still need someone at the point and a legitimate big man? Throw in Dwight Howard and D-Will in there as well…. Lebron for all his greatness and individual awards.. he will always be an under achiever in terms of winning a championship ring… Because he only does things his way.

  162. J says:

    It’s awesome that the Celtics won at the end because they were hitting free throws and nailing clutch 3’s. Two things the Heat can’t do at all.

  163. J says:

    So who is Bosh going to play for next year? Maybe he’ll go to the Lakers and be the 12th man there….so sad:(

  164. dead says:

    oh,,, a traitor??? you havent moved on do you???

  165. lbj fnan says:

    justice, Lebron is not traitor, he want a championship in his prime but the cavs didnt do nothing to get atleast 1 superstar to help him to win championship ring… i think K irving says goobye in cleveland after 7 yrs. get out of here hater i think u r cavs fan

  166. Just a Fan says:

    Why doesn’t Spoelstra play Wade on Rondo? Its a simple adjustment. Move Mario Chalmers to Ray Allen and The bigger Wade can guard Rondo. Simple right?

  167. Jupasko says:


  168. JFD says:

    As long as Miami Cheat, especially LeBron, don’t win… it’s okay for OKC, San Antonio, or Boston to win the title.

  169. Axed!! says:

    Hey Erik Spo say goodbye to your players you’ll be fired soon!

  170. Slovenia says:

    The HEAT gone COLD…if you ask me it’s all over for them…and yes with theese line up, it’s defenetly problem in the coach…

    Greetings from Slovenia home of Anze Kopitar!!!

  171. real says:

    Beyond stupid.. Just some energy, rebounding and big presence would help.
    Almost as dump as the play he drew up to win game 4 in the forth quarter!!
    Miami should have got rid of him this season but they decided to give him
    extended contract. lol Riley you are the biggest tard of the all. Having
    a good coach and system is like having another superstar on a team!!!!
    You get it Riley!!!

  172. Rusty says:

    Boston : heart = yes
    Miami : heart = no

  173. aFUllMeTal MUTT says:

    Me I think Miami will come out hot. Its due or die now if they want a chance to go to finals again they have to win game 6. Tonight no one was wanting to get the rebound at the end. It was like game 4 all over again. They have to limit Celtics second chance points if they want to win. They have the on ball defense for most part. now they just need to not help out to much or lose sight for their guy. If they can limit the second chance points and fight for the rebounds like they should then they will win.

  174. manok says:

    Where’s the king now? I bet if Miami lost this East Finals, he will join another team and dream of having Rings!!! I wouldnt be surprised if he will join OKC next time just to win championships… LBJ is really a comic guy

  175. lakerss says:

    its kg, ray allen, rondo , pierce vs wade and lebron , how you think that miami is gone win no way , boston its a team miami is only two great players and bunch x players

  176. Rusty says:

    —-BOSTON—– —–MIAMI—–

    OLD ————– YES YOUNG———— YES
    HEART————YES HEART————- NO

  177. Super A says:

    No comment to heat.. I’m just Happy that Celtic Win!
    Original Big 3 + Rondo, Go Go Go!
    Nice Job Doc..

    Boston to Finals!


    • STIEMSMA CREW says:

      I would love the see Boston win. Its going to be a close series. Bostons biggest regret is going to be that they sent Perkins to OKC and now need him the most.

  178. jmarcus says:

    what makes him a traitor?

  179. Janice says:

    Lebron is not a traitor. His contract was up and he moved on. People get over him leaving Cleveland. With the type of owner they have, some of the others want stay either. The Heat has what it takes to win. I agree, Spoelstra is not the best coach. We need a big man to play the center and a point guard that Lebron and Wade would allow to be a point guard. Pat Riley has some work to do. They will win a champioship when they play hard and consistent for 12 minutes each quarter. They have to get the other players involved. They also have to play with intensity. Every game has to be played like it is a 7th game. Two players can not beat four players that have been playing for five years together. Changes in the off season need to be made.

  180. eric says:

    the celtics will win bec. the heat has obvious offensive strategy.james-wade,wade to james.and the heat cannot finish it strong especially when the game is close.even if they survive these celtics i think they cannot compete with the team in the west.spurs and thunder will be too much for them.the heat needs a center and it should be a good one.if they cannot guard a single garnett how they will possibly win.

  181. Danny says:

    Heat cant win champ because of their coach….need great coach to win it all…

  182. Doc Celtics says:

    Doc Rivers has always been a better coach than Spoelstra. Nobody can mold a team quite uniquely like the Doc. His philosphy never changes and his players closely stick to his coaching. He also manages and utilizes his rotations better. Spoelstra is like a little kid flashing his expensive toys and no idea how to get value from the cheap ones. Half of the fault could be attributed to Pat Riley.

  183. Rishan says:

    I believe Miami’s M.Chalmers should be given more opportunities for shooting, Because he is a very good 3 point shooter. Also Haslem should stay below the ring to rebound ( offensive + defensive) , similar to what Dennis Rodman did when the bulls were champions.

    At this stage I can see the Celtics are playing really well But cannot match the young fellows of OKC.

    All the Best to Durant and the OKC team.

  184. Demario says:

    Coach Spo was outcoached. My thing is this, we were losing tipped balls, why in the world was James Jones in there for the majority of the 4th and where was Joel Anthony a good defensive player and Turiaf, we needed them badly. I think Miami has the intestinal fortitude to pull this off. They gotta work for the title, its not gonna be a cakewalk. And my goodness, those refs gave Miami no good calls in Miami, and yall know how the refs get down in Boston so Miami faces a very difficult challenge but i expect them to rise to the occasion.

  185. x-writer says:

    did someone see the misscalls on rondo again? ridiculous or the block on LBchoke from KG?look in LBc eyes:eh ref were is the foul call from game 1 or 2. HIHIHIH LOL KG is playing BBall against me, protect me plz only once i will see aT for that complaining everytime. i this rule is for others

  186. John H. Kennedy III says:

    The Heat are 3 individuals + what the leftover money could buy. No surprise they are getting beat by a team.

  187. bogart says:

    it’s time for the celtics to add another ring.. =)
    and i also agree to JUSTICE.. “..a traitor will never deserve a championship or any respect..”

  188. x-writer says:

    i will said it again, the finals willbe heat vs OKC,this is what i said after 2:0 in the east and west. the ref will bring this to MR stern. exept:the C´s get on fire FG% high and less TO. Same for the spurs. but maybe eben then the refs give dumb T for the C´s like in the first game to prevent any runs from the C´s. maybe joey crawford are one of the refs or Mauer, Give me some cheat Mr Stern?!?! i will see that. thats why i´m going to watch the game tonight and tommorrow. and when i see it happenend again. it was the last time i watch a nba game. thats the reason why i´m not watching WWF and so on anymore(i was young no comments about it plz)

  189. yaug_03 says:

    Sploelstra is done. What’s the point of bringing Bosh back when you benched him the whole 4th quarter. Well I guess your’e looking at the bigger picture (healthy BOSH),game 7 >>>NBA FINALS.Well you have to win playoff games first before thinking of that. If the Heat could pull this one out maybe he can save his job but I can’t see how they’ll win against the BEST of the WEST.

  190. Marcusslade says:

    This Miami team was never built properly to begin with. Lebron and Wade are both jump shooters and slashers. The two of their games are too similar to be playing together, no matter how great they both are as individual players. Or if you are going to have them both, have a strong inside big man to do the dirty work. Bosh is not that man – he’s a jump shooting big man. If this team had an Al Jefferson even, instead of Bosh, it would make up for *most* of its shortcomings. Your outside shooters suddenly become more open when you have an inside beast that the opposition has to respect and double.
    Boston are exploiting Garnett’s size inside. And there’s nothing the Heat can do about it, when their centre is 6’9.
    It isn’t Spoelstra’s fault this team isn’t quite made properly.

    • K says:

      True it’s not Spoelstra’s fault in regards to how this team was built; however it is his fault for not getting this team to play to their full potential! Spoelstra has yet to be able to figure out or create an offensive scheme that would utilize this talented offensive teams full potential! Giving the ball to one of your superstars and telling them to go one on five is certainly not a very good coaching strategy!

  191. WHOCARES says:

    Jst like i said on the bosh playing in game 5..

    Playing BOSH (weak) will not goin to be a problem for the C’s. I told you KG will eat him alive and he did.. 26pts. 11reb. BOSH cant even handle aging KG.. whoooaaa…

    LBJ will not going to win a championship because of the curse from Cleaveland.

    DWADE cant win another championship because of his freakin attitude..

    SPOELSTRA should show to his players that he still has the final decision when it comes to the playing court.. too gay.. lol.. wanna be respected? show them that youre the man..

    RILEY hiding on the back of Spoelstra.. the blame will be on Eric if these so called super trio failed to win a single championship..

    MIAMI FANS what can i say… AWESOME.. better luck next year…


    • K says:

      LOL!!!!! Man this was the post of the day! At least this person has a sense of humor! If you didn’t post this as a joke then you should have! I didn’t even know the BOBCATS had any followers! Now you’re a true fan!

  192. cjames says:

    Spoelstra doesn’t deserve to coach the Miami Heat. He is much to inexperienced and juvenile for the job. I mean, even if you put another superstar to the Miami Roster, they still won’t win a championship with Spoelstra still head coach. Pat Riley should’ve known better that to trust him. It wasn’t his coaching that took Miami to the Finals last year. It was the Big Three’s talents and perseverance.

    Pat Riley, please get a better coach. Maybe, you could coach the Miami Heat yourself. And also, get a solid big man that could help Bosh in the paint.

  193. allizer says:

    Celtics Pride! It is what it is…

  194. drewder says:

    talk about a crazy western/eastern conference finals year. After game 2 on both side we would’ve written off OKC and the Celtics, and now, everyone is writing off the Spurs and Heat. I think it is really up in the air, these playoffs have been crazy. On both sides you have the young athleticism against against proven veterans (OKC to spurs, and Celts to Miami). It seems to be working for OKC, but the Celtics all of a sudden have the upper hand over the younger bunch.. Hmm. And you can’t tell me Doc Rivers has been a better coach then ol Popavich. Really these finals are all up in the air to who will be there.

  195. noel taclob says:

    this season is another learning curve for the heat…. they may have three superstars but they don’t have somebody to man in the middle and a very shallow bench… OKC, SPURS, CELTICS are a complete team at every position…

    • K says:

      The X factor in this Boston vs Heat series is Doc Rivers has thoroughly out coached Eric Spolestra! Boston has successfully been able to execute a defense that has eliminated any kind of consistent play from DWade. The fact that Boston started playing this defense in game three and Eric Spolestra has yet to be able to figure it out; speaks volumes for Spolestra’s inability to coach at a championship level! If you put a championship coach with these same group of players (well maybe a tweak here and there to some of the roll players); but other then that, a championship coach would easily carry a team of this caliber to a World Championship!

  196. Elbert says:

    I will say it again….Whoever will win in the Western Conference finals will be the Champion….James is just overhyped….Durant is the real thing…..Heat is so lucky DRose was injured….DRose will try to do everything to carry his team and is not afraid even to injure himself just to win a game unlike Lebron…..Lebron is talented, but have no hearth of a Champion.

    • K says:

      Dude what plant do you live on? Overhyped! LeBron James’ numbers in this series speaks for themself. You can’t deny the numbers and the fact that he’s one of the top 3 players in the NBA today! LeBron has been a beast in these play offs but can’t get any credit because of all the hate for him regarding his decision to leave Cleveland! LeBron can’t win a championship by himself he needs DWade to be consistent and he needs a coach who can coach at a championship level! Durant and OKC are winning because of Durant and the consistency of James Harden, Westbrook and Ibaka’s blue collar work! Boston is winning their series because of KG’s consistent play along with total demonation from the point guard position and key shots being hit by various Celtics players during various time of the game! Not to mention Doc Rivers completely out coaching Eric Spolestra! LeBron is far from being overhyed! This dude is the real deal!

  197. Brett says:

    As I read down this post I see all these “there done posts.”
    Ok sure, Count them out.
    Count them out cause there down 3-2 and there in
    Count them out because you don’t think D-wade and LeBron can get off.
    Count them out cause you just don’t like LeBron.
    Stop saying the greatest player in the NBA today will never get a ring.Michael Jordan was a year older than LeBron when he won his first so keep hating, keep denying that he will get a ring just so you can say “i always knew he would” after he does.

    • Brett says:

      * Count them out cause there down 3-2 and there in Boston

    • Davon says:

      we certainly will keep saying it….because it’s the “TRUTH”, u idiot

    • Lakers fan says:

      Anyone that says Lebron won’t get a ring just doesn’t want him to get a ring. I don’t care for him myself, but you better believe that would change if he was a Laker. I’ll never deny his talent, I’ll never deny his clutchness (many would argue), and never deny his brilliance. That man most likely will win 2-3 rings in my opinion depending not on him, but the teams that are built around him and the coaches he inherits. If he somehow ends up with zero, probably not his fault. Some of the NBA’s all time greats never got a ring, but that makes them no less great. Jordan was lucky to have Phil, Pippen, and a great TEAM.

      • Boogie says:

        Not much of a Laker fan, but i get what you’re saying. I never lend much weight to championships when it comes to an individual players greatness…as far as I’m concerned, Championships, at least to me, are a team award. No one can get a ring on their own. Jordan would still be the greatest of all time if he hadn’t won, based on what he did on the court…that’s what makes him great, same for others, including Kobe. I’ve never been a big fan of his, but the man’s game is undeniable. I think people have a short memory. They praise Jordan now, but I remember when they said the same about him that they say about James. More recently, it was Dirk. After 2006, people were saying awful things about Dirk and they kept doing it until he got his ring. Now it’s all, Dirk’s the man!!! It’s as though individual talent doesn’t matter .

      • K says:

        Lakers fan did you mis-type your post? Because I know you meant to say that Phil Jackson and Scottie Pippen were lucky to have Michael Jordan!

  198. peejay says:

    played bosh in crucial minute ! common coach ! but i thnk james will come out strong and makes good play in the crucial moment ! go heat ! win this series .

  199. fish sticks says:

    @justice- so you hope lebron, melo, dwight, cp3, all those guys never win, because they are traitors and don’t deserve it? Or is it just lebron who is the traitor

  200. cjames says:

    I think it’s best that they lose to the C’s this year. I mean it could only mean one thing, Coach Spo will go. He doesn’t deserve to coach the Miami Heat. He is much too inexperienced and juvenile for this job. Pat Riley should have known better than to trust Spoelstra. Even if you put another superstar to Miami’s lineup, they still won’t win a championship if Spoelstra is the head coach.

    Pat Riley, please get a better coach. And a solid big man.

    • K says:

      I don’t think it’s better for them to lose to the Celtics just so they can fire Spoelstra! Although I do agree Miami needs to bring in a more experience coach to coach this very talented Heat team. Pat Riley underestimated the talent of the NBA when he put this group of players together. He thought that anybody could coach and win with this much talent; well, he was wrong! If you put a true Center with this group of player and an experience coach who can create an offense that allows these three great players to reach their full offensive potential, then and only then will Miami win a championship! It starts with Riley!

  201. Pure1600 says:

    LeBron chokes again…

    • Heat Killer says:


      • K says:

        Heat Killer; finally somebody posting with some sense! For all you crazy LeBron James haters out there who so desperately want to see this man fail and would probably take your own life if he should ever win a title; he is not the problem in this series! His numbers speak for themselves! Boston strategy has been to take away DWade and make it difficult for him to score! They knew coming into this series that trying to take away LeBron would be more difficult then taking away DWade! The problem in this series is Eric Spolestra’s inability to make the right adjustments to counter Doc Rivers’ strategy!

  202. John From OKC says:

    This series is demonstrating that there was method in Red Auerbach’s seeming madness in not wanting jerks on his team whatever their on court skill set might be. And why offensively mediocre Celtics like Don Chaney were able to win rings in spite of their offensive problems.

    Has LeBron ever even heard of Don Chaney?

    • K says:

      What jerk are you talking about? Lets stop hating on LeBron James because he handled the thing with leaving Cleveland rather badly! Outside of that; what else has this man done to be called a jerk? He’s not the problem in this series! Boston hasn’t stopped him, (check the numbers!) Boston is winning this series because Doc River’s has out coached Eric Spolestra! Doc Rivers has taken DWade out of this series by running a double team at him and has simply explioted the Heats undersize front line with Kevin Garnett! Spolestra’s inability to make adjustments is the differennce in this series!

  203. HeAt Da BeSt says:

    ThErE iS nO wAy ThAt ThE CeLtICs BeAt ThE HeAt. HeAt ArE dA BeSt. LbJ Is ToO gOoD. gO HeAt. HeAt In 6.

    • Steven says:

      Okay that was just stupid.. Heat in 6? How can a person even be more retarded than you??

      Back to the topic. Wow, everyone was riding of boston since the start of the season. Now, they are 1 win away from reaching the finals.. It was a great all around effort. Finish it in 6 celts. Really worried what might happen if you dont close it out in 6.

  204. YEAH BLAME ME!!! says:

    why blame the coach? blame the players who don’t know how to trust and respect their coach…

    • Heat Killer says:


    • K says:

      You blame the coach because he doesn’t demand their respect! You blame the coach for still not having a set rotation and your 5 games into the Eastern Conference Finals! You blame the coach for sitting your third best player on the bench in a critical game and then saying “I didn’t think it was fair to him to bring him back in during the last 3 minutes” of a game that was there for the taking! You blame the coach for not creating a triple threat offense that would causes for each one of your star players to touch the ball on ever possession! You blame the coach for sitting one of the best 3-point shooters on the bench and not utilizing him during critical moments when a 3-point shot is needed! Should I go on; with reason why you blame the coaching in this situation?

  205. ozballa says:

    dont count the heat out just yet, the NBA has a lot invested in them and the reffs can still win this series for them…..
    thats all the Heat have to give them any chance against this Boston beast, the refs.
    Labrick n Wade cant save you!
    BOSTON BABY, to old? TOO GOOD!

  206. erick says:

    wade need to be consistent in his performance, he is not a back up player for james, he is the one heat needed to step up, especially in clutch time.

    • K says:

      Erik you are 100% on point! DWade needs to perform at the level that he performed during the end of that Indiana series! The only problem however; this time their going against a coach who knows how to cut those types of performance off! Doc Rivers is a master at making adjustments and he knows on any given day he can coach Spolestra under the rug! Spolestra has yet to figure out how to get DWade open from the double team that Boston has been running at him since game 3 of this series!

  207. ChatterBox says:

    Isnt this fantastic to see. A weary old Boston team taking it to the king and his minions.

    King James ???? Better than Jordan????

    Such an insult to Jordan (AND coming from Scottie Pippen ????). Surely the true king must have a crown.

    So far James’s so called reign has resembled a Game of Thrones episode.

    A king that doesnt really rule anything.

    Once again James has decent numbers but doesnt produce in the important moments of a big game. This is becoming a regular occurence.

    Im not doubting the mans ability but i am doubting his title and reign. To be compared with Jordan or even Magic, Bird, Kobe etc is ridiculous.

    Maybe less antics (blowing powder in to the air, making KJ symbols with ones hands , disrespecting towel boys and your old team on national Television) and actually performaing in some big games might edge the “king” closer to some type of crown.

    • beat the heat says:

      nice one

      • K says:

        Dude please! Give me LeBron’s numbers any day of the week! LeBron is not the problem here; it’s the coaching or lack of it and DWade’s inconsisent play! Miami offensive scheme should resemble OKC’s offense! What you see (Durant, Westbrook & Harden) during is what Miami envisioned for their big 3! The problem however; Spolestra’s inability to coach this caliber of talent!

  208. BIGV says:

    D-Wade to chicago if Miami bow out!!!

    • K says:

      Wrong! Spolestra has to go and then get a true Center and a point guard that can stay in front of Rondo and DRose!

  209. Joseph says:

    I agree with Ron, Spoelstra just isn’t fit enough to coach this Miami squad. Just listen to him on his postgame speeches on the three loses they had to the Celtics and you could hear the same stuff over and over again. He’s more of a high school guidance counselor really, than a coach. Also, why would he sit down Bosh for the whole fourth quarter knowing that not only the game, but their playoff push is on the line, and guys other than James and Wade are struggling. Just questionable coaching.

    • K says:

      Absolutely queationable coaching! This Heat team has absolutely to much talent to be struggling the way their struggling! Spolestra’s inability to create an offensive scheme that would keep Miami in a triple threat every single possession is so mind blogging! You have to have complete ball and player movement that involves all three players (Wade, James and Bosh) on every single play. Miami’s offensive scheme should resemble OKC’s offense because you have (Durant, Westbrook and Harden) during what Miami had envisioned for their big three! OKC like Miami get in trouble when (Westbrook for OKC) or (James & Wade for Miami) try to play to much isolation basketball. When you have player and ball movement it’s hard for the other team to defend all you options. Miami makes it easy to guard them because everything is isolation for either James or Wade! This is clearly a coaching problem!

  210. erick says:

    they need to limit the facilitator (rondo) in giving a good play in garnett, allen and pierce, if they can stop rondo the boston offense will collapse. great defense the heat needs to survive or else change the heat roster

    • Rachael says:

      “Limit the facititator” “Limit the facititator” “Limit the facititator” that is beig said over and over after every game “Limit the facititator” but that is easier said than done – the Facilitator is unconventional you never know what he is going to do at any given moment so how are you going to controll that – Boston is a team but sorry to say Heat is a two man show and wonce you shut down one of the two it is game over for them. LBJ travelles a lot and not to mention committes some glearing fouls but because of who he is supposed to be he gets away with it. I guess after game 2 and so much was highlighted on the officiating, these thing are comming to the surface, hence you see now he is being call for the fouls etc.

    • K says:

      Miami only needs to tweak a few things in regards to their roster; Miami’s problem is clearly coaching! Spolestra is a good young coach just not the right coach for this particular team. Your in a championship series and you’re still without a clue regarding your rotation. You leave Chris Bosh on your bench during the most critical parts of a game and then you make an absurb statement by saying “you didn’t think it was fair to him to bring him back in during the last 3 minutes!” Dude this is the Eastern Conference Championship Series! If he has been cleared to play, then play him! He had more points then any of the other Heat bigs but you leave him sitting over on the bench; how crazy is that?

  211. AllHollywood says:

    The Heat have once again been exposed as heartless front runners. Falling nothing short of being top hollywood material. That includes their clueless coach. The two and a half super darlings have shown that when the going gets tough, they dont have what it takes. The king of chokes will cotinue choking his whole career, if he hasn’t broken out it by now he never will. He just does’nt have the heart, or mental strength, it’s just not in him. Where to now? Where is Lechoke going to go next, now that he has once again failed. The Heat are washed up and done, only one more game to be humiliated in. The Celtic veterans have shown why they can never be counted out, way too much heart and mental toughnesss to quit. Plus having one of the top coaches in the game helps a little. Celtic in 6.. Lets Go C’s!

    • K says:

      You are correct on so many points with this Miami Heat team! This team has absolutely no heart or mental toughness! Everybody talks trash on them and they never respond back! Indiana coaches and players were talking trash on them during their series and Miami’s media darlings never said a mumming word! Although they won that series, it was evident that even the Indiana Pacers didn’t respected them! Instead of coming into the press room after game 5 and trying to say all the right things, Spolstra should have come in there ripping his team! Challenging them to show some heart and some mental toughness! Do the small things that champions do to win games! Hit your free throws down the stretch; execute the offensive sets! Stop having mental breakdowns during critical moments of the game. Paul Pierce’s 3-point shot sealed the deal on that game last night. LeBron should have been more aware of the shot clock and as soon as that clocked dropped below 5 seconds; intead of backing up, he should have bodied up Pierce and forced him to make a difficult shot off the dribble instead of letting him walk into a three point shot! This team as the talent to win a championship; however, they need a coach who’s not afraid to challenge them during critical moments. Take some notes from Doc Rivers and Grg Popovich! The Heat are heartless because their leadership is heartless! Spolestra has to go!

      • FUEGO says:

        lol i like how u guys listen to Jon Barry and pretend you cam eup with these ideas. CLOWNS

  212. Tbone says:

    The Celts dominated the heat in 3 of 4 regular season games. This playoff series will not reflect any great difference in performance. The heat’s bench is weak. Spolestra is not an effective coach–Doc Rivers is. Lebron has not proven his ability to close out games. Paul Pierce has. Rondo continues to put up all-time numbers. Wade continues to under perform, particularly with final shots–why is Lebron not taking those again?

    Boston has resurrected itself and emerged a better team than the heat all season long. Don’t be shocked when the Celts carry the series. Wake up. Stop rooting for you team and recognize fundamental flaws.

  213. POP says:

    The problem is both lebron and wade hesitate too much when they received the ball, unlike durant. They need to make their decisions with the ball faster next time in my opinion.

    • Heat Killer says:


  214. erick says:

    wrong timing for coach spoelstra for not using bosh in difficult situation the heat face, if he wants to win in game 6 and back to aa arena for game 7 then he need to change his strategy and be wise in rotating the player.

  215. Brad T. says:

    Coach Spo said this was “just another loss” — WRONG!! This game was HUGE and you blew it. I’ll tell you one of the big things that is wrong w/ Spo as a coach is he doesnt get MAD and instead acts all quiet and soft and “we’ll come together on our own” — screw that!! get MAD like popvich for christs sake

    • Bball fan says:

      what can he do, get into wade or james face and humailiated in front national tv again. bottom line is star players show him no respect what so ever. pat just step down and coach

      • Brad T says:

        LOL true, but he should be railing on the whole team, why nobody have >9 pts cept bron & wade, and kicking over their snack boxes

  216. Jupasko says:

    It’s the CURSE at work here…. LOL

    Letter from Cavs owner Dan Gilbert

    Updated: December 13, 2010, 2:31 PM ET
    Copied from ESPN NBA

    Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert posted this letter on the team’s website after LeBron James’ announcement he was leaving for the Miami Heat.

    Dear Cleveland, All Of Northeast Ohio and Cleveland Cavaliers Supporters Wherever You May Be Tonight;

    As you now know, our former hero, who grew up in the very region that he deserted this evening, is no longer a Cleveland Cavalier.

    This was announced with a several day, narcissistic, self-promotional build-up culminating with a national TV special of his “decision” unlike anything ever “witnessed” in the history of sports and probably the history of entertainment.

    Clearly, this is bitterly disappointing to all of us.

    The good news is that the ownership team and the rest of the hard-working, loyal, and driven staff over here at your hometown Cavaliers have not betrayed you nor NEVER will betray you.

    There is so much more to tell you about the events of the recent past and our more than exciting future. Over the next several days and weeks, we will be communicating much of that to you.

    You simply don’t deserve this kind of cowardly betrayal.

    You have given so much and deserve so much more.

    In the meantime, I want to make one statement to you tonight:


    You can take it to the bank.

    If you thought we were motivated before tonight to bring the hardware to Cleveland, I can tell you that this shameful display of selfishness and betrayal by one of our very own has shifted our “motivation” to previously unknown and previously never experienced levels.

    Some people think they should go to heaven but NOT have to die to get there.

    Sorry, but that’s simply not how it works.

    This shocking act of disloyalty from our home grown “chosen one” sends the exact opposite lesson of what we would want our children to learn. And “who” we would want them to grow-up to become.

    But the good news is that this heartless and callous action can only serve as the antidote to the so-called “curse” on Cleveland, Ohio.

    The self-declared former “King” will be taking the “curse” with him down south. And until he does “right” by Cleveland and Ohio, James (and the town where he plays) will unfortunately own this dreaded spell and bad karma.

    Just watch.

    Sleep well, Cleveland.

    Tomorrow is a new and much brighter day….

    I PROMISE you that our energy, focus, capital, knowledge and experience will be directed at one thing and one thing only:

    DELIVERING YOU the championship you have long deserved and is long overdue….

    Dan Gilbert

    Majority Owner

    Cleveland Cavaliers

    • nbafan says:

      you’re an idiot, first off, the Cavs will never, EVER win a title, those years with LeBron were their best opportunities, and get it through your thick skull, LeBron did NOT betray anybody, he had the choice to go to where he felt it was his best oppotunity to win a title, he was never going to do that in Cleveland, it became completely apparent when they were upset by the Celtics in 20120, do you honestly believe the Cavs would have ever won a title if he was still there? he gave it all he could, he just didn’t have a supporting cast in Cleveland. just let it go, you jerks. and if he couldn’t bring a title to Cleveland, no one will.

      • Ron says:


        it is the WAY LeBron left, not that he left……….

      • Heat Killer says:


      • Brad T says:

        OF COURSE he could have won a title with cleveland…. eventually! Sheesh, you think he is going to win one this year with Miami? And not last year obviously.

        He could have made it just as far as he did w/ Miami in Cleveland instead.

        What he should have done is get Mr QuickenLoans to step up and cough up more dough for some real help and a real coach. Mike Brown was as bad as Spolstra

      • Jahmeledwards says:

        it looks like he will never win one in Miami or do i dare say win one period.

  217. justice says:

    A traitor will never deserve a championship or any respect. I hope lebron never gets a ring.

    • erik says:

      HAHAHAHA, Celtics OWN the heat. Even if the heat pull this off, they will be CRUSHED by the West. CRUSHED.

      Wade cries, flops, and yells at the coach. Bosh is the softer then warm butter. and the bench is just WEAK. Sorry, but 3 guys dont make a team. BETTER LUCK NEXT YEAR.


    • common sense says:

      you realize he was free to go wherever he wanted right?

      • Ron says:

        So were Kobe, Pippen, and so many other players who stayed put with their teams to win yet another championship ring. Problem with Le Bron seems that untill he starts caring about the concept of team and loyalty, nope he won’t win a ring.. Also Kenny, it is the WAY Le Bron left, not the fact that he left. He did not respect his own fans, never seen a player that claims to be a star treat his fans like he did…..

      • Tom says:

        Ron what a stupid remark you must be a lame IDIOT

      • Brad T says:

        RON is right. And LeBron ROBBED all of us of what we all want to see in the NBA which is a CINDERELLA STORY. Why do we love movies like Hosiers? Because the underdog wins. There is NO movie that is fun to watch that shows the talent overloaded team that brags win it all.

        Lebron at Cleveland was a perfect story that excited everyone, and it had all the makings of a great legendary story, kid grows up in the town that drafts him and he brings all these awards and respect to the team….. until he leaves! BOOOOO

    • kenny says:

      Oh so lebron is a traitor for leaving cleveland for a chance at a championship. I’m guessing that by that logic ray allen and kevin garnett are traitors and did’t deserve in 2008. Shaq should also be a traitor when he left the magic and then the lakers. Kobe was initially drafted by the hornets, does that make him a traitor too. Understand that this is a business. Players are going to change teams for a better chance of a championship. How would you feel if you gave your heart and soul for a team that just couldnt surround you with talent and you were just wasting away in the prime of your life, unable to win that coveted championship!

      • celtics 1000 says:

        this is a stupid comment from you,ray allen was traded and kevin garnett was traded .he has a right to go where ever he wants to go it was the way he went about it that made people hate him. in life you hv to be humble shaq did not call apress conference to take his talent to la and he won three champtioships and no one promises eight champtioship dont promises what u caNT GIVE so dont come here and give a one sided opinion.

      • Le-Brick says:

        Please be reminded that he made it to the finals with HIS hometown cleveland team. No hate but u can’t say he left cleveland to search for a ring when the ring was right at his doorstep.

      • Tito says:

        Okthere’s a point.Because wade dont want to go to cleaveland.

    • Karma 8 says:

      ur a fool kid go to bed

    • geddythegreat_lakers4Life says:

      not anywhere near a celts fan but if it means james doesnt get a ring then go i hope they steam roll them at home thurs

      • Lakers fan says:

        I’m also a Lakers fan, but somehow I find myself cheering for the Celtics. Can’t stand the Heat, the way Lebron left, the promises of handfulls of rings, the bandwagon fans. Lets go C’s and lets go Spurs. I really don’t like Harden and Westbrook either.

      • Tom says:

        you better cheer for another team laker’s fan because your lakers will never win another one

      • MightyNZAllBlacks says:

        As a Laker fan, I didn’t ever think I would be cheering for the C’s. I just don’t want Lebron to get a ring in Miami.
        Did anyone notice the Miami crowd started to leave with thier team down 4 with 1 minute to go?? Amazing, these guys have no basketball souls

      • K says:

        Lakers4Life you must be a young lakers fans because you must truly don’t know the history of the Lakers and the Celtics! I say this because a true Lakers’ fan would cheer for a bunch of barnstorming wanna-be NBA, no playing play ground legends team before they would even consider rooting for a Celtics team! You need to change your screen name to: STRAIGHT-UP HEAT HATER!

    • jimi hendrix says:

      Me like!

    • kg21 says:

      hahaha. i dont really like haters, but i think you have a point. a diva and a traitor. the big 3 of the heat should call themselves destiny’s child and lebron is beyonce hahaha.

    • kenjie cuarto of canaman says:

      WOW your cleveland fan right?

    • I’m a big fan of the Celtics’ and whether the Celtics win or lose, I’m on the same boat with you hoping that the Queen never gets his ring after backstabbing the people of Cleveland who always trusted him through thick and thin.

      • FUEGO says:

        u sound stupid. How did he back stab Cleveland? He left he never told them he was resigning. They were stupid to wait on him. You can tell the team they had there after he leaves they go from the best team in the league to the worst in less than a yr. If Durant or Pierce got hurt right now and couldn’t play, their teams wouldn’t go to the bottom of the league. Also you guys name Pippen and Kobe didn’t leave, yeah cause they already had multiple championships. Are you guys really that dumb?

      • K says:

        Damn dude did LeBron steal your woman or something? Get off this dude’s jock about leaving Cleveland!

    • bballfan says:

      obviously a cavs fan, stop living with the past dude and please grow up.

    • is best served cold says:

      I completely agree. Any player who switches team does not deserve to win anything and is a traitor and a phony.

    • bheinteh20 says:

      wahahahahahahaha. he betrays who madafaka

    • jrjames says:

      Lebron is not a traitor. His fans booed him as he played his last game at home. i dont care if he played a bad game or not they pushed him out and have themselves to blame for that.

      • so cleveland says:

        are you kidding?? you obviously were not there! Cavs fans did not boo him until him until he left!!

    • Roy says:

      Traitor lol? Cleveland was a terrible franshise that was doing nothing to help him. So I guess Deron Williams, Carmelo Anthony, and any other star player that leaves is a traitor haha. Use your puny brain for a second. He was a free agent, he had the option to leave. Its not like he disrespected Cleveland and asked to leave while he still had a contract, idiot.

      • Logic says:

        he had an hour long show giving cavs fans hope he would stay, just to leave, and thats not disrespect? you’re right that the cavs franchise didn’t do much to help him and he had the right to leave, but its the way he left. dont make such statements about respect because clearly you don’t know the meaning of the word…..

    • ferdie says:

      i want LeBron Atleast 1 ring… all of you guys want to watch him playing basketball.. admit it..even he is not lucky with his journey.. n.b.a is nothing without a big player like him….

    • Heat Killer says:


  218. percy says:

    really stupid for spoelstra to not play bosh in the 4th . . .it’s basically a must win game and he’s trying to save him after having rest for several weeks . . .for what. . .save him for his summer vacation . . .really dumb coach . . . every game is a different line up in the championship series . . .this guy has no clue what to do in a big game situation . . .fire him by next season or it’s gonna be the same story for the heat . . .

    • Brett says:


    • NBAfan says:

      It’s easy to give WHAT IFs after the fact….don’t judge a coaching call from the comfort of your chair with an ESPN view.

      Maybe it’s starting to be clear that the blueprint they had was flawed from the beginning….maybe it takes more than a few buddies joining forces to win a ring…

      ANYWAY, they have not lost yet…anything can happen…

      • Bball fan says:

        well said, but i think coaching plays an important role with winning. great players need great coaches, they can’t be seperated. think about it, Jordan and Pippen didn’t win their championships until P Jax arrived. same thing goes for the Lakers, Kobe and Shaq were there but they didnt win until Lakers hired P Jax. you have to appreciated great coaches, they bring the best of a player. thumbs up to POP and Rivers and pray for the returns of P Jax and Riley =)

    • Tom says:

      true that

  219. Boo2SLU says:

    tings HOT in South Beach!

  220. They should have played Bosh more. But it’s the NBA and made for drama.

    My bet is it’ll go to game 7 and the Heat pull it off. If not, there will probably be a coaching change…. even though you can clearly see in the game no one was really paying attention to the coach at all.

    It’s not the schoolyard… it the NBA folks.

    • NBAfan says:

      Poor Spoelstra….scapegoat for sure, no matter what happens…it’s hist fault now is it? It’s not his fault that he is a no-name coach tasked to coach two ego maniacs…brought together by another ego maniac in Riley. Did he ever really have a chance? The pressure was too great and he was the designated scapegoat from the very beginning..Bosh is next….

      The HEAT have NOT lost the series yet…they have to dig deep and just play hard. The Celtics are playing real well too though so it’s gonna be a heck of a game 6 no matter what!

      • Hunter says:

        Totally agree

      • Badandy says:

        It is true that coaches get a lot of criticism. However, that is in the job description. When you win, its the players that did it. When you lose, its always the coaches fault. No one credits Spoelstra for their record in the regular season, but they don’t hesitate to slam him for losses in the post season.

      • Heat Killer says:

        I hear you but that fact is Doc is out coaching Spoelstra. In the 4th the C’s switch from man to man to a zone defense and he did not know how to adjust. He not built for the playoffs, he is a good during the season coach at best. Face it! And he need to take responsibity for it. Don’t try to blame Lebron for everything because that’s crazy. Lebron has been the one consistant player on the Heat and he’s the reason why they can’t win? give me a break….that’s BS

  221. beantownallday says:

    good win gentleman! now its time for me to be Boo Boo, and go to beddd

  222. Miami cHeat says:

    Did yall actually think they would win? Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, zero championships

    • Samuel Tolentino says:

      clever name sir

    • Tom says:

      Shut up Idiot!

    • gerald says:

      this is a fluke season any way with the lockout. so this year champion will be a fluke champion anaway. let get back to 82 games and ride out when steve nash come to southbeach next season and watch out boys its on.

      • Fluke says:

        There is no such thing as a fluke champion, a ring is a ring lol

      • Fanboys says:

        its a fluke season now that the Heat are on their way to fishing. and last season is a fluke also as the heat failed. Next season when the heat doesn’t win the ring, its another fluke season. the Miami Heat is the fluke. Not the season. 66 or 82 games, its still the O’Brien trophy. Yes, we will see the Heat next season, and the next, and the next.

      • JBK says:

        Gerald’s logic and grammar are the result of a horrible public school system.

  223. Jules says:

    Unbelievable. This Miami team should have dispatched the Celtics by now, and even if they win in 7, they certainly are no match for the precision shooting by OKC, who will no doubt beat the Spurs tomorrow. Look, if you’re not going to challenge jumpshots because you’re afraid of getting beat on the dribble, just throw in the towel already. Oh well, if Boston makes it to the finals, at least I’ll have the pleasure of watching them lose the championship (again).

    • heh says:

      Lol someone’s a sore loser.

    • MaximoConTodo says:

      Rumor has it that Heat will sweep the Celtics, but look at it now. Then youre saying that Celtics will drop to OKC, just pathetic. You should watch and understand the game, not just watch the drives & dunk of LBJ.

    • spence says:

      why are you just criticizing what miami are doing instead of praising the Celtics? We have proved that we still have the chance for one last championship run and don’t count out the spurs buddy that series isnt over yet (even though i hope spurs lose)

      • gerald says:

        okc will destroy boston. 4 game sweep and a boring finals because it will be a blowout.

    • Pachanga says:

      Stupid one sided comment bro

    • Rachael says:

      The fact is the same thing was said at the beginning of the Heat -Celtic series that the Heat will sweep the C’s . Exprerience is beating the heat and badly too. Truth be told the heat is not a great team as the are made out to be. it is the little thing that are beating them out of the fact that hey have very little mental capacity- I was really entertained when I herd their coach started to blame the nois in their own arena for their lost. LOL

    • JJK says:

      I kind of agree with this guy, I am so sad that the quality of the east finals is so low. If you watch the OKC vs SPURS and MIAMI vs C and compare you will know what i am talking about. Boston is playing really good, but it is the Heat, they can play far better than they are doing right now. They lack the enthusiasm to win, If Heat plays to their real potential they could have wone this series with ease. All the blame should go to the coach. He is a very mediocre coach with lot of talented players. If suppose Heat wins this series and keeps on playing like this, the will not know what hit them when they play OKC in the finals.

    • sbfern805 says:

      you better be here when the Spurs win tonight!!! and i want to see that comment.. ” uhh, umm, we will get them for sure in game 7″

    • Heat Killer says:

      Your sure about that? Hey people didn’t think OKC would even beat the Spurs now there just going to run over Boston? Your smoking some good stuff fella.

      • JBK says:

        It doesn’t really matter who came out of the West. The Spurs and Thunder are both better teams than the Celtics and Heat. The Western Conference is still miles ahead of the East.

  224. hacienda says:

    so spoelstra will be the scapegoat.
    james doesn’t like him.
    wade does not respect him anymore.
    and magic would like to shower with riley again.
    anyways, another clutch first half for the self-anointed king.

    • Basketball Fan says:

      he did score 9 points in the 4th quarter

    • Heat Killer says:

      My man! You are just a Lebron hater! I’m a Celtics fan but people need to stop the madness talk like its Lebron fault they lose. Lebrom has been one of the most consistant players in the playoffs period. It takes everybody to win a championship…Coaching, players (everybody) not just 2 star players and the support of the fans. I guess Lebron will just be the usual fall guy but hey! get rid of him and Wade and let’s see how that works out for the heat. They will turn into another Cleveland Cavs team.”No disrespect to the Cavs but its the truth.

      • MVP says:

        thank you!
        all this lebron hate is so childish..a player in the focus of the media since his highschool days..i like to see people going on with this type of pressure!he plays his heart out every yesterday the rest of the team is not able to convert open shots..the miami bench has the easiest job in the hole NBA..they have two star players penetrates into the paint…these open jump shots have to fall!

      • Tito says:

        Hey waited till Irving matured to game and build a solid team around him.

  225. joma says:

    dang…is it ova for the HEAT?~(*_*)

    • Samuel Tolentino says:

      yes yes it is

      • gerald says:

        it aint over to its over. sdo dont count them out yet remeber if wade sinks that 3 pointer in game 4 it s a new game tomorrow night. and the heat play better on the road they will winn the next game i promise you and then all you fools can shut the hell up.

  226. Ron says:

    I think that simply Spoelstra is not the right coach for Miami. He inherited a great team and what has he done with them ? 1 Eastern Conference Championship and a loss in the NBA Finals. I hate to say it but I think the Miami Heat should fire Spoelstra. Not sure if Pat Riley could fix this team, but at least he won a Championship for the Heat.

    • MaximoConTodo says:

      Heat will win a champinoship under LBJ if they change Spoelstra, and if the Thunders won’t dominate them in the future NBA FInals. Heat has the talent, the issue is coaching.

      • always a winner says:

        Lebron will never win a championship in his life. Such a coward leaving Cleveland and not man enough to be patient and built his Cleveland team.

      • Howard says:

        Are you kidding? Eight years of carrying a team and you say he didn’t have the patience to wait. What other top flight player waited that long to rebuild a team?

      • Ron says:

        3 so called superstars, and it is the fault of the coach?

        True professionals are coachable…….
        Anyhow, Miami this,Miami that….it all is just talk by the media driven hype.. Celtics play true Basketball as a team and that’s why they are winning.

      • Migo says:

        I gree with this but not only the problem is Spoelstra they lack a consistent bench they have good OTHERS like Shaq says but not great they need a deeper bench and a decent center that can help Bosh down in the block Anthony is ok but they need something better

      • Stevie says:

        @ Howard – what other player waited that long for a rebuild?

        Oh the irony is just so delicious.

        The answer to your question is in LBJ’s face every night. K.G. loyally stuck with the timberwolves for over 10 years before realising it wasnt going to happen. Word is he was stil conflicted about going even though he knew it had to happen.

        Contrast this to the live TV special and the claims of multiple championships.

        There really is no comparison. Boston fan or not, this is why so many find it so hard to stomach anything to do with Miami.

      • Tito says:

        What now Lebron?Planning to go to another team again?Cleaveland cursed Lebron when he left it.It’s not the coach fault.

    • KARL says:

      just shut up. . eric spoelstra is a good coach maybe the game5 is for celtics nxt game the miami will win. .

      • Migo says:

        sorry bro he is not he knows the game but can’t apply knoledge to gameplay, does not know how to adjust to adjustments, and most importantly does not know how to use his players its clear they don’t listen to him which Bron and Wade can get away with it DUH but the rest doesn’t either he should be out and another coach brought in hey there are some very good ones out there

    • dirk45 says:

      You seem to be perfectly right here. Miami has a great team but Spoelstra makes too many tactical mistakes to make them successful. Dallas won last year with a genius tactics even if they had a worse team. And when you look at this year’s CF coaches Spoelstra seems to be the only one who is unable to adjust to losses.

      And with OKC and CHI getting more and more experienced the title window for Miamis Big 3 seems to narrow more and more. Maybe it’s not 7, not 6 not 5, not even one single title for them.
      But well, it looks like the Mailman might finally find a worthy successor as best player without an NBA title 🙂

      • Tito says:

        Kevin Durant will have a first championship ring.Lebron will be the next Karl Malone.The only thing he can do to win a championship is to be under the shadow of Derrick Rose in Chicago,because that guy will bring another dynasty for the team..

    • Mecena says:

      I agree with you here. It looks like Spoelstra has been out coached by. Rivers. Miami scored 1 point in 5 minutes in 3rd quarter and I don’t remember him calling any time outs. Many times there was no ball movement, one guy was dribling and the other 4 watching….

    • Ray Lontoc says:

      How can you say what has he done with them, when he only had them for one season? Making it to the NBA Finals in the FIRST season you have a team is a great accomplishment.

      • Howard says:

        Spoelstra is just like Mike Brown. They survive off the talent of there team, they make no contributions to the winning of the team just figure heads.

    • samuel Tolentino says:

      Battier is a good NBA player but What type of coach uses Battier in power forward position. Boston big men are celebrating. Miami need to play with 2 big men to get back to their real good performance. Miami is the best but not with Eric Spo….

    • 16going417 says:

      All you Miami fans must be young and clueless. Basketball is a team sport and it takes team chemistry and cohesiveness to win. You guys seem to forget the Lakers had a stacked roster with Shaq, Kobe, Malone and Peyton. Oh and Phil Jackson was the coach. Do you think the Lakers won it all that year???? NO!!!

      It takes a lot more than raw talent to win an NBA championship and it seems Miami might be missing that key ingredient even though they have a ton of talent.

      Boston is winning because they play together and no one is saying it is “their” team. OKC is the same way (they play together). Spurs are trying to have Parker do everything and that is why they have lost 3 straight. Lakers lost because it is “Kobe’s” team. So, until these guys realize the team belongs to everyone on the team and everyone has to play as a unit they will never win.

      • sbfern805 says:

        They did not win it…Malone was injured, Kobe and Shaq hated each other, Payton was complaining he didnt have enough minutes…. Conclusion Lakers were a mess, they made it to the finals. Miami is not a mess… they just dont have a go to play were they are 80% it will work…

      • Frank says:


        So you agreed with 16GOING417 by disagreeing. Your whole comment cements his point about chemistry being more important than talent.

      • JBK says:

        If Malone were healthy during the Detroit series they would have won.

    • Dieter says:

      “1 Eastern Conference Championship and a loss in the NBA Finals. I hate to say it but I think the Miami Heat should fire Spoelstra.” lol, are you joking?

      It’s not that he has Bird, Magic and Erving or O Neal, Bryant and Robertson in his team. Losing the NBA finals is not bad at all, even when you have the best player in the league. Ok, he isn’t the best coach in the NBA, but I think he still deserves some credit. Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers, Dallas Mavericks -> Those teams also have alot of quality. Do you really think a great coach has to sweep all of them with Miami’s current core?

  227. BANNER#18 says:

    Again, it’s not what HEAT did or didn’t but what the CELTICS did! Lets Go C’s!

    • ssshh says:

      it doesn’t matter, OKC is looking better and better =)

    • Miami Guy says:

      You can not be serious. Miami Heat has the worst coach in NBA. How can you compare him with Doc Rivers. I saw what is coming from last season but most of t he Heat fans and management just ignored it. How can you get title without having a decent coach, and a team game. Miami Heat does not play a team game. I am sorry to see how Riley has been wasting this team.

      • A.D. says:

        Spoesltra should’ve been fired at the end of last season, I don’t understand why Heat management kept him around. PLEASE FIRE SPOESLTRA!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tito says:

      If the coach dont want bosh to play in end games,trade him to Chicago because they need someone like him in their team.