Miami Buries Itself With Late Mistakes

MIAMI — When the Miami Heat lose a close game, we usually harp on their offensive play-calling and execution. But the Heat scored 30 points in the fourth quarter of Game 5 on Tuesday. And the final moments of their 94-90 loss were really about the other end of the floor.

The Heat led 78-72 with just over six minutes to go, and then the Boston Celtics proceeded to score 22 points on their final 12 possessions of the game to come away with a 94-90 victory.

The key sequence was a four-possession stretch where the Celtics scored 11 points to turn a one-point deficit into a four-point lead with less than a minute to go. The Heat never got a chance to tie the game after that, and they can really blame themselves for three of the 11 points.

After the run started with a Kevin Garnett jumper, Mario Chalmers picked up a technical foul for pushing Mickael Pietrus to the floor. That gave Boston a free point in a crucial spot.

A couple of possessions later, Dwyane Wade tied the game at 85 with a pretty incredible drive to the basket. But five seconds after that, Paul Pierce was going to the free throw line, because the Heat failed to get back in transition and Shane Battier violated one of basketball’s fundamental rules: Never leave the man with the ball.

The Heat were scrambling a little, but Battier was in front of Pierce as he received a cross-court pass from Rajon Rondo around the midcourt line. But as Pierce approached the 3-point line from the right side of the floor, Battier took a step toward Pietrus in the corner. That was all Pierce needed to get a free lane to the basket, where Udonis Haslem had no choice but to foul him.

It was the kind of play that the Heat burned the Celtics on a few times in Game 3. But it was one of several occasions in this series that the Heat did a terrible job of getting back in transition. There was definitely some truth in Rondo’s remarks to ESPN at halftime of Game 4.

There were other reasons the Heat lost on Tuesday. The Celtics scored 94 points in the game and 29 in the fourth quarter. But the Heat certainly didn’t make them earn all 29. And that’s one of the reasons they’re down 3-2.


  1. Eds says:

    Also, Lebron will not be the best player to not win a championship.

    Name me a player in history you consider the best who hasn’t won a championship.

    It’s an oxymoron to not win a championship without being the best as basketball is one of the few team sports where one dominant player can take over a game.

  2. Eds says:

    Imad Akel is on drugs if he’s ludicrous enough to believe that Bosh and KG are equal defenders.

    KG averaged 1.3 Steals and 1.5 blocks in his 17 YEAR career.
    Bosh averages 0.8 and 1.1 respectively.

    Besides those numbers, KG was a DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR. He has also been a twelve-time member of the All-Defensive Teams selection.

    Bosh has none of those accolades.

    If you’re going to make comparisons at the very least give the credit where it’s due and not just give opinions based on personal bias.


  3. Miggs says:

    If you are the Heat, the first thing you need to do in define the roles of all your players, and begin by defining the relationship between LBJ and D-Wade on the floor. Your gameplan for tonight cannot be “lets wait for LBJ or D-Wade get hot so we can just give them the ball so they can run 1 on 5 plays against the Celtics defence” , and then hope that one or the other take turns to carry the game through 4 quaters. If they are neither is hot for streches? Well, then Chalmers or Mike Miller try to run an isolation play of thier own or sink a 3 pointer… Spo has not given the rolw players a difine role, and has LBJ and D-Wade not really playing with one another. They are only expected to perform if the star players cannot make ridiculous shots, and in stretches they are more like expectators than players. Take a cue from OKC – Every role player wants it as bad as KD, RW, JH, and they all understand that thier perfroming in thier role is as important to get a win as is KD’s ice cold clutch shooting in the 4th… and it is the truth. If it were not for Sefalosha containing Parker, Ibaka scoring and blocking shots, and Perkings post up defence against TD, OKC would looking at fishing gear other than the NBA finals. Too bad, because I wanted to see the clash between LBJ and Durant and Wade and Westbook, but if the Heat keep playing like this, it would not even be good matchup.

  4. @Imad Akel I’m not downplaying Bosh’s importance on the offensive end but he can’t stop KG. He has never been known for his defense.His +/- WAS -12 IN GAME 5. Your comment that KG would have to exert more energy on the defensive end causing a drop in his offensive game couldn’t be further from the truth because it doesn’t matter who he is guarding. KG’s level of energy is at the max no matter what, which is why Rivers tries to rest him. I think Boston’s loss of Avery Bradley is just as big because he is one of the best one on one defenders in the NBA.

  5. yoyo says:

    the heat are gunna give a great comback specially with bosh in,and i can tell by the look of lebron that he is not gunna give up that easilly we have a 60% chance on winning game 6 and boston have a 40% chance sooooo IDK but uuummmmm lets go HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Mandi says:

    If you all count out the Miami heat, you are reallly, really, really stupid! Cuz, one thing I know is that LeBron, DWade, and Bosh will crush it when it counts. I think it will go to Game 7, if and only if the refs are not paid off by the aging Celtics. Just saying the refs have been calling the games in favor of the Celtic’s so that everry team can win a championship before LeBron does so that the Cavalier fans can be happy. I am a big Cavalier fan, but I hate all the talk is about losing a player who asked the team to get more help for him before he left for Miami. It is Dan Gilbert’s fault that LeBron left, if he would have gotten him help in Cleveland he would still be there. Keep fighting in this series, don’t be like the Spurs and faulter in the second half Heat. You can do it! I believe in you guys. Get 50 LeBron, and Dwade will come alive with the help of Chrish Bosh hitting some open jumpers. Don’t settle for 3 point shots or jumpers take it to the basket on every possession, and get them on their heels all game long.

    • Mandi Bottom Line Heat have been outplayed for 4 straight games. I guess you have a short term memory when it comes to poor officiating. No player gets more calls than Lebron and Wade got away with smacking Rondo in the head in a tie game with a minute + left in OT of game 2.

  7. bu says:

    Like Doc said, their ability & system nowadays make every game a grind as they play team ball & team D. PP made a calculated 3 in game 5 as they’re up 1, & if he missed, Miami scored, they still hv 1 possession to take back the lead. If he drove, like what Doc said, LBJ is a great individual & on-ball defender & may cause a turnover. Who knows.

    Every game is different but surely we see no lack of heart & Doc’s smarts in all these playoff games with the Celtics, with the exception of 2nd half of game 1 @ Miami prob due to fatigue from game 7 wl Sixers. From effort standpoint & team health situation, Celtics are more deserving to win. I hope they go to the finals 1 last time with this group. If they don’t, they leave the court as proud Celtics leaving all the heart & sweats on the court.

    Like I said before, I agree with the guys here that the Heat is built in the wrong way wl this big 3. LBJ & Wade clash in styles & demand too many touches of the ball. Bosh is a good PF on offense but more of a liability on defense. They should not have taken LBJ (or take LBJ, & trade Wade) & tried to obtain solid players at the 5 & 3. PG is hard to come by so LBJ is better than Wade in coordinating plays.

    ES is an average coach. Certainly not a great one yet. So they need someone better, & also, with a better system, for the Heat, even if they change their roster.

    In comparing to the Celtics’ big 3, they do not overlap & in fact, complement each other. Then you hv Rondo at the point, & Perkins as the enforcing touch C to mix it up. That’s why they won in 07-08. If KG didn’t get injured in 08-09, & Perkins didn’t get injured in game 6 in 09-10, we may be looking at 3 championships for Celtics already.

    • Miggs says:

      Thats is all good and well.. but in case you have not heard, Perkins no longer plays for the C. Thats why they are playing KG at center. If the C win tonight, KG will FACING Perkins in the Finals… It will make for an interesting matchup, since KG is Perkins’ idol and a former team mate.

  8. nba fan says:

    heat needs a better coach. spo is a talented coach but the way he handled the team need to be more tactics and plays…peace out… nba games………..

  9. Gil says:

    Let’s just talk after 7th game,who will face the OKC…HEAT in 7 games.

  10. greg says:

    expect for game 7….i believed in LJames, he can fly toooo…

  11. emiel says:

    From the Netherlands

    Looking forward to the matchup between OKC and BC.

    Again no rings for Wade, James & Co

  12. yup says:

    LeBron will be the best player to NEVER win a championship!

  13. kirk says:

    i want to see BOSTON CELTICS sweep by THUNDER..

  14. aaron says:

    why is boston winning? easy, they are executing when it matters most. Wade is playing lousy first halves, and leBron is disappearing down the stretch, which is surprising given how dominant he’s been to start each game. While the celtics are staying consistent and making plays when they need to.

  15. sanjay says:

    heat needs pat riley to take over. A bunch of superstars needs a super star coach who knows how to win championships.
    Eric is a good coach but wont cut it. He can come in after they win a ring( last year they blew it). Heat may force game 7 but they just are not good at closing the games. They are best front runners. They let slip the lead. They should have won game 4 but was pure bad luck( kg pulling a flop to have lebron outsted was clear for everyone to see! lebron is one of the cleanest player in the nba and a top game maker just like magic was! Too bad wade is not in form! Bosh is rusty. A presense in the paint is a must for a champion ship team! Go and ask phil who has the most and tell you how it is done. Same with riley who did with karim!
    The role players have to step it up! Derik fischer from down town in game 6 anyone with OKC? Miami have terrible match up with celtics. Miami would blow away OKC in finals but OKC will hammer celtics( celtics are a great team but cannot match the explosiveness and versatility of OKC! Miami play similar to OKC! celtics may get 2 max at home!). OKC sent lakers and spurs packing who are more similar to celtics!)
    So folks if it is OKC vs Celtics ( it is OKC in 5 or 6). OKC VS MIAMI( HEAT IN 5 OR 6)!
    Heat now cannot win the way they are playing. They need bosh in the paint to dominate. He is a star player is it not?
    They need 20 from him, 30 each from james and wade, 15 each from others( haslem can get 7, what about others?).
    They cant penetrate zone with no body inside paint and james is a not good 2 points player. When he goes in the paint it opens up miamis defense where KG is making a living! pierce is a super 2 and 3 point shooter left on sweet spots! Allen is awesome 3 point shooter but can be forced out of rhytm. Rondo is over rated but good. He has not been hammered. Such players with bulls and lakers first peat team would not last for 10 minutes. There head would be taken off if entered the paint. Rondo is having a free jolly good time. Some body needs to get phyiscal with the celtic team.
    I saw OKC and I am thoroughly impressed. They would whoop celtics in finals! Only miami can stop them!

    But celtics will spoil miamis party, if unless james, bosh can get 90 on their own!
    celtics in 6 now!
    okc vs celtics –okc in 5 or 6!
    Miami needs phil or pat to come back to get the rings. period.

  16. Ariel says:

    I’d say Injuries really hurt the team

  17. eric says:

    lebron is not the problem in here,its wade whose playing very very dissapointing.if the heat lose they should be traded exept lebron.get deron williams and dwight howard that is much more of a bigger big 3.or else get a deccent center.that should do it.defintly a 4-5 championships or 6 is on sight.but with these current lineup,dissapointing.

  18. Nba Commentator says:

    The reason for 3 straight Heat loses is bad orchestra of game play. As this is Team sport, defense and offense must be execute by all Players on the floor.
    Terribly shown in game 5, defense they were flat out. running late, chasing late. Especially in crucial Boston turning points, Miller-Battier-Haslem-Chalmers, keep making mistake keeping up with their tasks one after another..
    Not a fan of lebron, but he is monster nite after nite, can’t blame him all the lost. he did choke when coming to free throws and late game decision, but hey no other player could step up either… And great defense on PP34 big shot..almost fouled him, but bigger shot by The truth. His mistakes on the game would not cost heat loses, the lack of team effort is the reason.
    Dwade also have to be more humble and move the ball more other than attempting accrobatic moves, Great (when it goes in) but won’t win championship. Team-Play does.
    Bad officials? Yes and no, they are still human but both teams got favorable calls, so no complaint and have seen worse.

    So what to expect for game 6? I hope the best team wins, and watch out for bad officials… Stern, we are all watching!!

  19. Bob says:

    Hey for me doc rivers out coach coach spo. He’s having a bad call for offense and defense that’s why Miami are in trouble let bosh lebron wade contain celtics let them play 48 minutes just wait what happens I don’t think celtics can hold them. Maybe if Miami lose coach spo will be replace

  20. Tom says:

    The problem with the heat this series is not lebron, he is not the one to blame it is wade. Wade has been looking terrible and has not been stepping it up in the biggest games of this season so far! i dont think the heat have a chance and i wrote why that is on my blog as well as how to bet it so come check this out and enjoy

  21. buyogon says:

    Miami does not have a legit center and PF, they don’t have defensive threat inside the paint

  22. Tim & ZO says:

    If people want to put more emphasis on anything else than atrocious coaching as the reason why the Heat lost, than they are blind. Eric Spoelstra gave the Celtics the game on a SILVER platter. bad coaching put the Celtics in a position to win in a game that they had no business winning. FRONTING the post against garnet and horrible PICK & ROLL D were the most important reasons. Not playing Anthony, the best post Defender (when NOT FRONTING). not playing BOSH in the 4th especially when Garnet was out. No solid offensive plays. The list goes on. THOROUGHLY OUTCOACHED. DOCdid a great job. but if Spo did half of a job that Doc did, the Heat would have easily beat this Celtics team by 15. the fact that the Heat had a chance in this game was a miracle.

  23. haha says:

    for Susie
    a lot of ppl do seem to think the series r scripted, but where do u find the heart to defend this miami team
    watch some games with JVG as the commentator, he clearly points out the mistakes each team makes, and for miami, its all on effort
    this team plays excellent defense for 3 minute stretches throughout a game
    wade JOGS back on transition defense on multiple occasions after a missed lay up, he expects the bigs to stop rondo’s penetration when he was the one guarding him, u can clearly see the drive just isnt there anymore after winning his first ring
    for all the LBJ haters, lebron on any given night gives his all, hes not quittin on miami like he did with cleveland and the guy plays with heart on both ends of the floor, guarded every single position in this series and averaged lik 32 points a game, rarely complains to the refs whereas wade flips a shet after every call that doesnt go his way, i dont see how any true basketball fan can still hate lebron more than wade at this point
    susie if u look closely ul realize how flawed this miami team is, they look absolutely nothing like a championship team in this series against boston, regardless of how the refs have blown their whistles, this miami team is playin terrible basketball

  24. TheTruth says:

    The truth is, Celtics is a TEAM, Heat is TWO PERSON, and when one of those two person is having a tough night, they just can’t win. There are too many times players from the Hear are wide open under the basket, standing on the three point line, WIDE OPEN, yet they just watch Wade trying to make that impossible shot over three Celtics defender. Yes sometimes he makes those, but most of the times he doesn’t, Team sport is always team sport, the idiotic idea of creating super star is a good way to make money, but to compete to win, they have to be part of the team and respect and trust the ability of their team mates, its the only way to win. I found it ridicules that they blame the lost on one player who didn’t even tough the ball as much as Wade’s balls.

  25. wraitlito says:

    At the end seems that Heat Lost their game about an error of a second role player like Battier : I’m sorry but I’m not agree at all.
    Boston Plays better, Boston is a real Team not two stars playing for themselves.

  26. Rondo9 says:

    I am a boston fan… but both teams here are great… we will have to wait and see in game 6… and I know Lebron hasnt handled things well in the last few years, but people make mistakes… look at it that way… unfortunately for lebron he is a popular player so there is little room for mistakes… and even though I am a Boston Fan, I truly hope Lebron can get at least one ring…

    • HEat Fan3 says:

      Finally a boton fan that is non ignorant i dont want lebron to get 6 rings all he needs is one as long as he gets one im happy.

  27. Tanya says:

    As a Dallas fan, Bron Bron reminds me soooooo mucn of T.O. Great physical skills and no finish! Bron Bron and TO both have weak hearts and strong tounges. Just what any sports team DOESN’T need.

    • Brandon says:

      T.O.? WHAT? Who are you people and what Lebron are you talking about? T.O. has never been a team player…Lebron has always been a team player…T.O.? not. Lebron will do anything to get his team involved, including doing things he knows will get him scrutinized…know anyone else like that? certainly not T.O.

    • guy says:


  28. HEat Fan3 says:

    The Celtics played a great game, give credit where credit is due. But I think miami will force a game 7 and bosh will be starting in game 6 count on that they are desperate. And for those saying The big three don’t have heart i think bosh is the only one with heart out of lebron or wade. Bosh was the only one who got emotional in the finals last year when they lost thats why i like bosh. But any way go heat and hope we force game 7 hopefully.

  29. el stone says:

    Heat in 6…. oh wait.

  30. Chog27 says:

    Run run run to break the 2 3 zone deffense of boston, and push rondo to a high post or low post that is the key to win vs boston..

  31. BOOGIE CRY BABY says:

    ok boogie time’s up no one even read your post, get ready for fishing with your king lebron without a ring ahahahahaha not 1 not 2 not 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 100000000 … ZERO!

  32. formerDwadeBronfan says:

    its not that most of America wants Boston to win as much as its they want the heat to lose…

  33. Boogie says:

    OK….let me see if I have this straight…Wade has not played as well as he should…Chris Bosh is out, which leads everyone to finally admit that he is a necessary and vital piece to the puzzle. Miami’s bench are more off than on which means they can’t be counted on. After nine games, Bosh comes back and gives the Heat the solid play he needed to give. Coach Spolsdouche makes the terrible decision to leave Bosh out of the game during a period where the Heat needed him the most. Coach Spolsdouche has not been handling his duties well at all during this series, dismissing the fact that he has an excellant 3 point shooter at the ready, doesn’t give him the time to get a rhythm going to help his team. Add to that the fact that Norris Cole should have been playing more since he’s a dart and dash defender who’s like a fly buzzing around the defenses ears all day. All of this is Lebron’s fault HOW? Lebron has been the consistant scorer, defender and facsilitator…he has been all season which is the reason he’s the MVP. He’s tried to get everyone involved, which, if you know anything about him, is nothing new. Game 5, he did everything he could to get Wade going, which finally happened in the 4th, but by then, it was too late. Team sports require team effort. I would understand if Lebron wasn’t playing well…but NO ONE can say that he hasn’t. Unlike better teams (Spurs, OKC, Boston) the Heat do not have all the necessary pieces and the idea that 3 players SHOULD carry a team is unfair to anyone in any team sport. Is it really that hard for people to understand this? Or, are people too lazy to actually give things like this some thought? Is fairness important here? Leadership begins and ends with COACHING…PERIOD!!! Athletes are conditioned to run the plays their coaches make up for them. Players trust their coaches. Eric Spoelstra has proven he has no clue. Granted, he’s coaching against one of the best in Doc Rivers, and he’s failing yet again. I would really like to know how any of this falls on Lebron James? How much more can he do? Has it dawned on anyone that he might be having flashbacks of his days in Clevland? Is it Carmello’s fault that NY lost? Is it Kobe’s fault the Lakers have gone fishing? I don’t think so. By the way, to all you Lebron haters out there, let it go…the truth is, the only rational reason you hate him is because he’s better than anyone you root for and he didn’t decide to play for YOUR favorite team. Fairness matters…good day to all.

    • Bosh’s +/- was -12. He couldn’t cover KG especially on the pick and roll. Bosh was in the game during some of the Celtic’s 3RD Quarter 15-1 run. Offesnse was the Heat’s problem in the 4th, defense & hustle were.

    • el stone says:

      You say, “the only rational reason you hate him [LeBron] is because he’s better than anyone you root for and he didn’t decide to play for YOUR favorite team.”

      I think you’re oversimplifying here and understating the real reason that most people don’t like LeBron.

      Since he was in high school, LeBron has called himself things like “The Chosen One” and “King James.” In fact, he has those names tattooed on his body. He was requested that we all be “Witnesses,” apparently to his self-described awesomeness. He is a poor sport when he loses. He somehow thought “The Decision” was a good idea. He came to Miami promising “Not 1, Not 2, Not 3….” He’s 6’8″ 265 lbs, but flops like a broomstick when anybody gets close to touching him and cries like a baby when the refs don’t bail him out with a foul.

      Those things may not bother you, and hey, that’s great. But to the majority of people, those reasons, among many others, are why LeBron rubs people the wrong way. It’s not because he didn’t choose the Spurs (or whoever your favorite team is) to play for. I’m glad he never considered the Spurs. As an organization they do things the right way- as a team.

      But for you to claim that people don’t like LeBron only because they are jealous, and overlook the many, many reasons he actually has given the public to dislike him throughout the years, you’re either ignorant or not paying attention.

      • Boogie says:

        Sorry, I don’t buy it. What someone does to hype themselves up should never be a factor. So, he’s the only guy in the league who’s done things like that? It makes no sense to hate someone because they have an an ego…hating them when they don’t have the right to have an ego is understandable. it doesn’t change the fact that if he played for, say, the Lakers, his ego wouldn’t be an issue. Plus, it’s not like he’s using his ego to disrespect anyone. I say, a big ego is necessary…show me someone who doesn’t have a big ego and I’ll show you someone who hasn’t shown it….yet.

      • Kel says:

        I don’t like to root for LeBron because he seems to think too much of himself. Seriously, he refers to himself in the third person and his attitude, “I don’t foul out.” What makes you so special. You rarely foul out because the refs always seem to swallow their whistles whenever you pick up your fifth. The Decision was a disgusting act of self-importance. He seems like a spoiled man-child. That’s why I don’t like him. Kevin Durant is plenty talented and I really like him as a player (and a person).

  34. Grace Sevilly says:


  35. diimplez says:

    No Bench, No Championship. Plain and Simple. Miami does not have enough consistent players to win a championship. Dwade tried it by himself before the other two came and it didn’t work, Lebron tried it in Clevland and it didn’t work so what makes them think 3 people out of the whole Roster can win on a night to night basis? Miami will NEVER win a championship until that changes. Just being Reslistic

  36. KOBE says:


  37. yogiswizzle says:

    great blog, but too bad the comments are never about the article and about basketball. Instead its all about who’s the best, a little bit of hate for lebron, abit for the heat…

    i wish people would actually discuss plays, or strategy, rather than lebron is a choker, he is not clutch because he is a traitor, and i hope he’ll never get a ring,…..

  38. refsftw says:

    its pretty hard for the big 3 of miami when they are up against the big 6 of boston if u know what i mean 😉
    refs will win game 6 then advance to the finals

    • Tell that to Rondo who is still feeling that head blow Wade dealt him in Game 2 OT with no whistle to be heard.

      • Kel says:

        No kidding. Pierce got mauled by Wade and no call in Game 4, too, but they won that game so it wasn’t as controversial. The Heat have gotten more benefit from calls for sure. The refs have made terrible calls both ways. But if we’re being honest, Celtics should have already won this series 4-1. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. You never know with the Heat, but the fact that the Celtics won on the road when Pierce, Rondo and Allen shot pretty awful is encouraging. But every game is different. I think Boston knows how important it is to win Game 6 and will win because of their experience and savvy.

    • yoyo says:

      when the celtics win game 6 pigs will start to fly….meaning they wont,,heat game 6 are gunna win and game 7 too…..Lets Go Heat!!!!!!!

  39. WeAreAllOriginals says:

    I know miami heat are in trouble but if they keep there mind into it Game 6 is winnable in Boston the previous 2 Games where very close. Chalmers shot was awful yesterday night and small mistakes cost them like the rebound James Jones couldn’t secure in crunch time. If they get through Game 6 pressure back to Boston, its great now they show their real heart or go home

  40. Miami's fun says:

    That’s right Tio, Heat will winning streak 2 games and go to the finals!

  41. Heat Down says:

    this article is so stupid, I never liked anything this man has ever said though

  42. tio says:

    the heat wining the series in game 7

  43. tio says:

    the winin the series in game 7

  44. susie says:

    Funny wen Miami gets the calls, y’all blame the refs, didn’t you see that technical on Chalmers for supposedly pushing Pietrus? THAT WAS A FLOP!!! Even the commentators said it themselves, it was clearly a flop and that cost the Heat one BIG point and the momentum. There were lots of calls/no-calls earlier in the game that clearly favored the Celtics. It seems the NBA wants this one to be way more interesting that it actually is. Stern wants a game 7 in the East, trust me on this one

  45. nash manager says:

    heat lose is not to blame on coaching, remember how wade reaction on his coach couple of days back…my opinion is heat players making play of their own…and their key players is overated…not unlike kd whose quiet and not so boastful on his big shot, but explosive when needed most in final minutes…

  46. nash manager says:

    basketball is a game played by 5 players and contributing in teamwork(considering okc’s game) not heat big three whose struggling on c”s defense… i must say l’bron got very soft on kg reject!!!omg…

  47. And1 says:

    Never underestimate the heart of a champion – Rudy T. Go Spurs go!

    • mb says:

      I see why you think the C’s will win over the Thunder, you hate okc coz they are beating the spurs and not coz you think the c’s are capable of beating okc. so if by some incredible act, the spurs win the wcf, spurs over c’s.

  48. And1 says:

    I pick the CELTICS over the OKC if thunders get past Spurs. But I’m still hoping it’s Spurs vs Celtics. It will be a battle for the ages! N

  49. digitioli says:

    The heat have no heart. The queen took himself out of multiple plays complaining about the officiating – which he gets in his favor most of the time anyway – he pushes off ALL the time and doesn’t get called for it EVER. shut up and get back. and those dunks KG was getting – guess who is standing and watching and pointing the finger at somebody else? twice that I saw.
    what’s wrong with d wade? bronny syndrome. ego and no humility. once that humility is gone, it’s you against the world – that’s not going so well is it? sometimes you’ve got to be careful about what you ask for – you might get it – some infections are terminal.

    spo is fighting an uphill battle – his guys don’t think they need a coach because they have “the greatest player in the world” (who hasn’t won anything and folds like a house of cards when it’s crunch time)… but, “not fair” to put bosch in?!! WTF?!! they’re being exposed by a veteran team with the heart of a champion lead by a great coach in Doc.

  50. Pedro says:

    I’m a Laker fan, and I wish Gasol and Bynum had half the heart of KG and Pierce and Brown half the guts of Doc Rivers.

  51. adrixe says:

    Miami spent alot of money for this 3 guys that can’t even deliver. their games are not compatible for each other. LBJ and Dwade are amazing players, but they need to learn how to play together. putting aside their egos. KG, Pierce and Allen are all superstars of their own when they joined together. but they sacrificed all their games for one goal.

    • mb says:

      bron and dwade learn to play together? Dude, they play well together. They are always on the highlights. You could see them connecting on breaks and alley oops.

  52. my-behind says:

    It’s the Big Old three against the Big three stooges.

  53. problem says:

    Miami can’t win the next game if they can’t make free throws and 3-point jumpers

  54. my-behind says:

    When mattered most, this old warrior deliver. Go Grandpa Kevin. Show them you don’t need 3 MVP awards to get a ring.

  55. Andre says:

    Miami, you look like the old team, Bos #5 got his foot all the way up that tail. Look at KG to find killer instincts. you are absolutely done!!!!!!!!! Go see Kenny, Charles & Ernie for fishing gear. Hopefully you won’t have nightmares of KG.

  56. kirk says:

    to all boston fans,its too early to celebrate!!!!!!!!
    Heat in game 6 and 7…

    • susie says:

      yeah, I wonder where all these haters will be after game 7…

      • Steven says:

        And i cant wait to see your post if your precious heat team lose in game 6. Been seeing your comments a lot lately. First heat in 5 then 6. What cant make up your mind and show some respect for the celts? Yeah the heat trashed the celts on game 1. Game 4 had really questionable calls on both sides but hey that’s life. And atleast try to recognize a great series and don’t get all b***y on one team that really proved EVERY DOUBTERS WRONG.

  57. DRose#1 says:

    First of all I´m a Bulls fan for almost 25 years and it was really heratbreaking to see Rose go down…Hope he´ll revover fast and come back even stronger…it also took MJ some years of experience and playoff-losses to finally develop hi dynasty, so I´m not worried at all! Now what CHI needs to do is use amnesty on Boozer this summer, then get a decent 2nd Scorer at SG/SF Position and finally let Taj Gibson start at PF – cause he deserves it!!
    After watching the Heat diggin their own grave in the last 3 games I only thought of one thing: KARMA!!
    Remember how Wade and LeChoke made fun of Dirk in 2011 Finals and then got their butt kicked by Mavs?! Exacly the same will happen to these spoiled egos every time in the next years as long as they play together!
    LeChoke defnitly has lost ALL of his because of “the Decision” and because of that dumb “not 1, not 2, not 3…” BS. After they led 2-0 it seemed like the series was over but then it showed again: Heat simply CAN NOT win a title or a closely contestet game with THAT team…no heart, no guts and most of all no SYSTEM or gameplan!! Soon this will be known as the biggest FAIL of Basketball-history! Yeah, other teams have their own “big 3” as well (OKC, SAS, BOS) but the difference is that these players compliment each other very well and their chemistry, heart and way of playing the game is completely different to the Heat!
    Once a game gets close, Heat start playing 1-on-5…exactly how it´s NOT supposed to be! Coach Spo needs some extra lessons how to run some decent plays for his guys and to me it seems like nobody is even listening to him any more during timeouts. Wade also seems lost and might be thinking “why did I even let this happen and not sign in CHI 2 yrs ago?” Imagine Wade had ditched his “buddies” Lechoke and Ru Paul 2 Summers ago…CHI would just be on its way to repeat right now!!
    And even if the Heat pull off that wonder and win games 6&7 they will only get destroyed by OKC (or maybe Spurs) in The Finals! Because these guys play lika a TEAM and step up to the challenge!! Just like I said: It´s all about KARMA!

    • susie says:

      you only mad Wade snubbed your Chicago Bulls, that’s all you’re trying to say… I pity you, really, go get a life

  58. Kel says:

    The headline is so ridiculous. The Celtics were clutch. Stop saying Miami lost the game. Boston won it.

    • susie says:

      yeah, Boston won it, because they were playing 8 vs 5! Anyone smart enough to notice knows who the other 3 is…

      • KOBE says:

        please the HEAT flop more than anybody in the NBA….

      • Kel says:

        That’s ridiculous. Bad calls weren’t as bad in this game and went both ways. The Heat are lucky to even be playing still. Game 2 should’ve went to Boston. You’re making excuses. But good thing for the Celtics, they aren’t like you and they put Game 2 behind them and have continued to find ways to win.

    • AGREE 100%. The only way they’ll get credit is to win the Championship.

  59. the miami heat need a team effort to force game 7 not rellying on the big 3 to win a champion the miami heat need a team work like what the detroit did in the lakers….where is lebron in the crunch time your the mvp…

    • susie says:

      what you’re saying is confusing, you’re saying others need to step up, yet you blame Lebron? you’re just a hater

  60. Benson Pode says:

    the king needs to step up now…and that will do it…

  61. STIEMSMA CREW says:

    The heat will win not 1, not 2, not 3, not any championships

  62. TBone126 says:

    C’mon bigthree. Miami a strong team? They are only as strong as their so-called big 3. No hate here just the facts. But I wouldnt be surprised if the heat does come back because it”s becoming clear that the nba knows how to manipulate things in their favor for the benefit of the league. (wink wink) Lakers dont get CP3 and hornets get #1 pick? Plus what is up with the officiating in these playoffs? It is terrible.

  63. WEBO says:

    When you have multiple players scoring double digits and ocntributing then your going to get the job done. Lebron and Wade were the only two players on the Heat to score double digits. This is team sport not a two man show. GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. PalMundo says:

    Heat will fight back…the real pressure is on the c `s now…they forgot how to close out in real games…like game 7 against lakers…sixers dont count…anyway we ll see but if the heat put much more effort on defensive end ( not like this game ) the will make it cuz the have the one of the best def. team in nba. plus point for c`s is doc rivers! so its either defense or coaching who ll decide…
    common heat D…step in for the ring…

    • Brad T says:

      Forgot how to close out in real games???? Dude these last three games they ALL WON have been the realest of any they will play

  65. Can Lebron take a big shot please????? I mean, it just seems like he defers to Wade or tries to set someone else up which didn’t work game 4. I am not sure if he is nervous or what but that uncontested basket that he got was the only basket he has scored with 20 seconds or less left in the playoffs?? Really?? This whole series Wade has been the one taking the shots. I mean if this guy wants to be the “King” (or hailed as the best like some like to do) he needs to man up, make or miss, and just take the important shots and not defer all the time to Wade. Period!

  66. BigTHREE says:

    You hate miami because it is a strong team and you will hate them again for they will win game 6 and 7 :))

    • Brandon says:

      I wouldn’t say Miami’s a strong team…actually, lately, they’re not much different than the Cavs were when Lebron was there. OK, a bit better. Still, I will say that when they win, and they will, the bottom line is, things must change, starting with the coach. He’s a good coach, but not the right one for the Heat. Oh, anyone who expects Phil jackson to come back, don’t hold your breath. Game 6 & 7 are all that matter now. And knock it off with the LeBron hating.

  67. TBone126 says:

    As a long time laker fan I may not like the celtics but I respect them. I could not understand at the beginning of the series why everyone was picking the heat to win when clearly Rondo and KG were the 2 players that Miami had no answer for. The Heat have put all their eggs in the Lebron/Dwade/Bosh basket and they are being exposed. The role players are inconsistent and Boston’s entire team is involved no matter their number of minutes. Their bench is stepping up more so than the heat. Understand, this is Boston’s pedigree. Old, injured, and left for dead but some how find a way to get it done. Doc Rivers is running circles around spoelstra. This team will break up next year and they have no one to blame but themselves. NOT 1, NOT 2, NOT 3,…………….NOT ANY!!!!!!

  68. kupalnaputi says:

    instead of boo boo go to bed… BRON BRON go to bed

  69. Nik123dj says:

    Celtics are a better ‘team’ than Heat and they have better coach.

  70. troy says:

    where are the heat fans now?

  71. Law064 says:

    Great game from the C’s grinding out a win on the road. Yes Paul Peirce aka the Truth did exactly what Harden did really put a dagger in them. With Rondo struggling to score and Paul not effecient KG was in a zone. Where’s the heat fans saying heat in 6 LMAO. The series should be over right now 4-1 but it’s not. Boston has to come out in game 6 and play like it’s a game 7. Let’s go Boston end the season for the heat.

  72. John says:

    I love the heat but if you really love basketball, Boston’s team play is fascinating to watch compare to Miami’s 2-man basketball

  73. Willy says:

    Ya he flopped he is a flopped it will come back to haunt the celtics! New rule change please do not let basketball become futbol or soccer as you call it.

  74. Lord P says:

    i wish that we never get at this point but I got to say it Spoelstra is not able to handle this ballclub..the team has no identity and when then face a good team all those issues come out..joel Anthony didn’t play..and I don’t know why!!Coach Spo has to be more credible with his random rotations

    • susie says:

      because it’s clear the NBA wants the Celtics to win Game 5. It’s plain to see, Spoelstra also benched Bosh and Lebron when they were leading 13 points in the first half when he should’ve let them play and pounched more on the Celtics to widen their lead. It’s a conspiracy to earn more moolah! Yeah I know

      • The NBA magically had control over Pierce hitting that big 3, Rondo getting to loose balls, & Pietrus hitting 2 big 3s. BTW Bosh & Lebron were in the game during the Celtics 3rd quarter 15-1 run.

      • Norman says:

        Susie, why do continue posting brainless comments?

  75. Dedan says:

    waaawaaaa Kudos Celtics i hate Heat they fill like they live in a different world than other human beings no MVP in the heat the MVPs are in OKC and Celtics we love you guys hear in Africa, Kenya

    • B.I.N.G.O. says:

      Dude, just watch the buffallos in the safari out there.

    • susie says:

      you don’t know basketball dude, you’re just a bandwagoner that chose to hate the Heat, it clearly shows… go watch soccer, or football as you call it, i bet you understand that game better than basketball.

      • Alex says:

        retard, think about it, it is FOOTball! it was created and played long before American football was created
        a bandwagoner? Come on, if anyone is a bandwagoner, its you…
        just cause lebron moved to miami, you’ve become the fan that wants to protect them,
        I honestly respect d-wade, i think he’s the mvp of that team, but obviously this person understands basketball more then you
        do when you say that the heat will win…THEY WONT… Allen will show his true colors, and go 3-point king on them

  76. Franck says:

    Damn that was a game, All i can say is the media feed us with what to expect, and no one expected Cs to lead except Cs fans and those who understand Cs heart and proud, They are a team and every one contribute. This team is old and injured (ray, pierce etc…), but they still bring in so you have to ask yourself why, They said it, they are lock in the game and do what ever not to survive but to win.

    That remind me off the bulls finals 96 was tired and and become underdog to the Utah, the press set the tone by saying the bulls were the underdog, but Michael J. said even they are tired their heart is not fatigue.

    And the worst mistake the heat done is to organise that show and let the big three open their mout to claim a lot of championship, that set the tone and put them against the wall, and the last year final showed flawed on their caractere, they seem rich famous and spoiled ,they said out loud what they were thinking, which is a bad move for your legacy and reputation.

    I am a chicago fan because of the way they carry theme selves and rose show leadership example and self restrain, (rose is building a legacy, he learn to loose and his path is similair as michael even if they wont have a same legacy)

    OKC come with k durant, Westb. and harden who show a lot of talent and humbleness i think heat will have hard time to win championship as the time go on.

    Dont count me as a heat hater, but they get themselves against the world with bad attitude and that statement about many championship, rings will haunt them until they win the number of title they claim. I would love to see OKC against Heat to see who is the real MVP.

    But the Celtics prove that you should never talk but act first, like the statement made by K garnet on the owner talking too much.

  77. Melo5.5 says:

    Haaaa I love seeing lebron choke. . I bet daidstern is on the phones right now with the reffs about not giving this game away. . Boston to the finals..

  78. souzanz says:

    I know right?

    He said that the Heat were to blame for 3 of the 11 points that Boston got in their run, wouldn’t that mean that Boston should get the credit for the other 8? Ridiculous, Boston played damn well in that stretch and earned the majority of those points by far, give credit where credit is due.

  79. mean-green-fighting-machine says:

    No way Boston fans will let this slip. Lebron needs to score 50 and then Wade another 50 to get past this one.

  80. eknujsra says:

    You’re gonna regret if you count the Miami out…Miami can still pull this off..

  81. Danny says:

    Again I must comment on a comment made by Jason the jet Terry Boston Dallas game in which he said Celtics old and slow cant get up and down the court ! So Mr Terry where are the old men who cant get up and down the court? seems that the Jet and Dallas cant keep up? I being a Celtic fan that really burnt me. Danny

  82. ipis says:

    bad coaching on the part of spoelstra, bosh didnt play on the 4th and always stay on small lineups.

  83. Bugsy says:

    Heat is a joke…James is again choking in the play-offs…Wade has a penchant for spectacular but low probability shots..Coach Eric needs to run better plays for the team…They have been thoroughly out-played by the Celtic veterans….what multiple championships are you talking about???

    • susie says:

      What are you talking about? Lebron and Wade probably is the most spectacular dynamic duo ever to play in the NBA! Or haven’t you been watching? Or maybe you don’t really know what exciting basketball is. The real joke is the NBA, they want to manipulate everything to make it more interesting and get guys like you to make stupid comments here and buy tickets and pay cable to watch the NBA

      • Wake up and smell the coffee. They’re being outplayed thus far.

      • KOBE says:

        best shaq jordan pippen magic kareem bird mchale..notice what they all have in common..rings ..STICK TO WNBA

      • Not worthy enough to tie Bird/McHale’s shoes.

      • Dirty Z says:

        Um, what are you talking about? The NBA has manipulated nothing. Boston is outplaying Miami pure and simple. There is no conspiracy afoot. I’m quite sure anyone who would post on this board knows what exciting basketball is. In my mind, exciting basketball is watching these jokers in Miami struggle after claiming that they will win not 1, not 2, etc. Not a Boston fan, but go Boston! Show them how grit beats hype every time.

      • Dirty Z says:

        … and you obviously never saw the original showtime lakers play. They were THE definition of exciting and were marketed as such. Their influence on the game is still felt today and has never really been matched in terms of the style that they played.

      • Mino says:

        “Lebron and Wade probably is the most spectacular dynamic duo ever to play in the NBA!”

        Thats the most asinine thing I have ever read. Not even close. The are the most spectacular at messing up.

      • cythe14 says:

        i think the best dynamic duo is still Jordan and Pippen that has 6 championship rings…

  84. Lechoke says:

    another meltdown. LeChoke just lets his team do the finishing job where he should be the one to deliver the killer punch. Be a closer for ***’ sake!. “Look at KD, look at Paul Pierce. See that ruthless three in front of you?” i just don’t get it why Lechoke is deferring to his teammates in the clutch. . . afraid to miss? nah. . . just no heart at all. no will. sad but true.

    • Orin says:

      Lol @ fans turning on Wade. No one can trust him in the clutch anymore.

    • susie says:

      you will regret having said these when Lebron shows he’s clutch, just wait and see

    • FUEGO says:

      lol funny thing how Durant is a young boy and just got started. I tihnk you forget 07 ahainst the Pistons when Lebron took over with a much less talented team than Durant and Pierce has. Pierce never reached the finals without Allen and Garnett. Get your facts straight home boy

  85. kg21 says:

    what now mr. shoeman? still think the celtics are old and needs lot of ben-gay? still think that heat beat themselves cuz they committed silly mistakes. Cmon you should stop writing articles if you continue writing that way. it’s simple, Boston is the better team right now. the big 3 have been rejuvenated and now with a better than ever RR9! just shut up and watch your heat crumble to ground in game 6.

    • kg21 says:

      not so confident now eh queen James? why not laugh now huh? and where are the heat fans now?!

      • susie says:

        yuu just mad Lebron ignored KGs taunts in Game 1, KG looked like a fool then, like you will be after game 7

      • kg#5 says:

        down 3 – 2 yeaaaaah yeaaaah … say that now you ringless punk

  86. Jess L. says:

    It seems like Miami Heat has not learned the lessons of the past. They have not evolved as a team. I’m not taking anything away from the Celtics but it’s kind of amazing how they are beating the much younger Heat in grind out games. It’s beginning to look like another heart-breaking campaign for Lebron and company. I wont be surprised to see Spoelstra gone next season if Miami does not pull through

    • kenny says:

      Well they cannot evolve as a team when the team, save for Lebron Wade and Bosh, changes every year. I hope they fire spoelstra, he is just not right for that team. No authority whatsoever!

  87. langka says:

    Lebron should cough and laugh AFTER winning a ring…

  88. killuabest says:

    heat’s extinguished..its boston/okc-spurs guys…eat ur heart out..

  89. Zeke says:

    If the Heat hurry up they can still get great deals on fishing gear at the moment…

  90. Knicks Fan says:

    here we go again. it’s all about heat. i am a new yorker. i hate boston teams more than any other teams but give the credit to celtics. they came from behind and won the game. why not talk about Celtics playing well? no wonder so many people hate heat. Media always make them look like only team that can beat them is themselves. instead of saying all about heat why not write about KG turning back into time ?out of 4 teams left heat probably rank last and yet media keep saying like they are invincible

    • souzanz says:

      I know right?

      He said it himself that 3 of the 11 points in that streak were Miami’s fault, wouldn’t it then follow that Boston should get the credit for the other 8 points, aka the majority of them? It’s ridiculous, Boston had some great plays in that stretch and earned the majority of the points they got, they kept the pressure on and probably forced some of those mistakes too. Give credit where credit is due.

  91. JamesHardensBeard says:

    The TRUTH is … Paul Pierce done what James Harden did last night ( “touche mr Harden” )

    • Brad T says:

      Not really, Harden HAD to throw it up, and was under pressure. Pierce cooly stepped up and nailed it.

  92. ppaniqq says:

    put fork in the heat, there done,
    right now they know who the best team is
    if not for bad refs its 4-1

    • MaximoConTodo says:

      right on the money, bad officiating in game 2. OKC fan here, & looking forward for an OKC-Boston Finals matchup…

      • susie says:

        don’t count the Spurs out yet either

      • FUEGO says:

        why wouydl you look forward to that match up. A true fan would look forward to an equal match up and a head to head with the 3 time mvp and 3 time scoring champ.

    • susie says:

      ha! talk about bad officiating, it’s clearly bad officiating in favor of the Celtics in games 3 and 5! Wasn’t able to watch Game 4 but prolly the refs did their part there too in making Boston win.

      • Your bias is quite obvious when you post a comment on a game you didn’t see. The Heat are losing this series because they don’t play team basketball and Wade & James’s games are too similar making it easier for a great defensive team to defend. This series is not over, but I like the Celtics chances when Pierce/Allen/Rondo shoot a combine 11-43 and still win and a lot of those missed shots were open looks.

      • Your bias is quite obvious when you comment on a game you didn’t see. The Heat are losing this series because they aren’t playing team basketball while the Celtics are. This series is not over but I like the Celtics chances because Pierce/Allen/Rondo shot a combined 11-43 with many missed open looks. James’s & Wade’s games are too similar and they’re not involving their teammates enough, maybe their supporting cast isn’t good enough.

      • Imad Akel says:

        i’m a heat fan but that is well said mlblogscutley26

        if Bosh is 100% (and he is saying he is now) and plays 30 minutes, the heat would have a much more dynamic offense and the Celtics defense would not be enough to win it (considering how bad the Celtics are offensively)

  93. TheBIgTicket says:

    They say Boston are old, aging, retirees and needs a lot of BenGay…Say that to Atlanta Hawks, to Philadelphia 76ers, and NOW SAY that to THE MIAMI HEAT…lest go CELTICS….

    • susie says:

      no one said they’re old and aging, maybe that was just you who said it.

      • I’ve read many columnists & bloggers who counted them out due to their age & health.

      • peter says:

        Dude…pretty much EVERYBODY said at the start of the Playoffs that Boston were too old to beat Atlanta, too slow to beat Philly. No one gave them any chance of Beating Miami – most predicted Miami would win in 4-1.

        Hell, everytime they lose a game, the same things are STILL coming out. I think Boston have earned the respect given ow far they have gotten, and with so many guys out with injuries.

      • Imad Akel says:

        guys, boston IS too old.

        Are you kidding me? I’m a heat fan but these aren’t even the miami heat that made it to the finals last year.

        Bosh barely played.

        Celtics had a good (but not great, and definitely less experienced) opponent in the hawks. Then they played the SIXERS and had to go to 7 games vs. the 8th seed and possibly worst playoff team in the eastern conference who only made it to round 2 because the bulls lost Derrick Rose! Then they play the heat who seem to be lacking at a position that Boston can take serious advantage of.
        Forget Bosh’s defense. If Bosh was healthy and active offensively he would wear down Kevin Garnett (who IS old in NBA years, and is my favorite basketball player of all time) and KG would not be able to produce as much offensively out of pure fatigue. Head to head at the power forward position, everyone knows even if KG’s defense is better than bosh (which is an overstatement, i think it’s equal), Bosh is MUCH more of a threat offensively than KG and therefore would win that match up. At the very least if Bosh can’t get past KG he will spread the floor because Bosh can’t be given the open shot.

        Finally, I gotta say if orlando had dwight howard, and if the bulls had derrick rose, and if Bosh was 100% and could play 30 minutes, and even if the knicks had jeremy lin, the Celtics would have lost to all above, which would have made them 5th best in the eastern conference.

        Every NBA fan watching the conference finals knows that the top Eastern Conference teams are a joke compared to the top Western Conference teams. And that’s all due to playoff injuries (it wasn’t really like this during the season, when the Bulls and the Heat could compete with the likes of the spurs and the thunder).

        If the Heat don’t regain Bosh 100% and beat the Celtics, expect an un-competitive Finals sweep by the Thunder.

    • Schoowow says:

      Dear Imad, would you consider Boston a real contender if they had Jermaine Oniel, Jeff Green, Nnad Kerstic and Avery Bradley available ? not sure one little Bush is big enough to hide Miami’s failures.
      And then, abdominal strain my ace 🙂 he could take a shot and play ! should I remind, don’t breath on him, he may get a cold. Don’t dive on a lose ball near him, he may get a strained ankle… To compare with Jordan, playing with a fever in the finals, cause winning 6 out of 6 finals comes with witts, not excuses.