All Eyes On Tony Parker!

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — He’s the one who raised the stakes before the series and called Russell Westbrook out as the player they would go after. He’s the one who has carried the load for the San Antonio Spurs all season, received the praise for the Spurs’ late-season surge and 20-game win streak and basked in the MVP chants from the fans at the AT&T Center.

So it’s only fitting that Tony Parker sits in the crosshairs today with the Spurs’ season on the brink, down 3-2 and headed back to Oklahoma City for a close-out game on the wrong side of the potential close out.

The same Tony Parker who was virtually unstoppable through the first two games of the Western Conference finals hasn’t been much of a factor in the past three games. He scored 34 points in the Spurs’ Game 2 win and didn’t break 30 combined in Games 3 and 4 in Oklahoma City.

Credit the Thunder’s defensive tweaks. Scott Brooks decided to go with Thabo Sefolosha as the primary defender on Parker instead of Westbrook. But Parker also deserves some heat for not being able to do exactly what he claimed the Spurs wanted to force Westbrook to do, and that’s figure out an alternative plan when they came after the young All-Star point guard.

And it’s all in black and white where Parker is concerned. He had just six turnovers in Games 1 and 2. He has 11 in the 12 quarters since then. He made 16 shots in that Game 2 win. He’s made 16 total since then.

His aggression and direction drove the Spurs during that 20-game win streak. Now his admitted lack of aggression and inability to direct the Spurs attack has been the key component in three straight losses.

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich talked to Parker last summer about taking over the role as the leader of this team and playing more like he did for the French national team during the European championships. It was a bold move by a coach who has never been afraid of such things and has always had a no-nonsense relationship with Parker.

Now comes what could potentially be their defining moment, with Popovich having turned the reins of this team over to Parker. The Spurs’ season — really, their championship era — is on the line.

All eyes are rightly on Parker heading into this win-or-go-fishing Game 6. Can he deliver and reward the faith Popovich finally placed in him last summer (faith that didn’t come in the aftermath of Parker’s MVP performance in The Finals back in 2007)? For all of the things they have accomplished in their championship era, the Spurs are just 2-5 in road Game 6 contests throughout the years. When they did win on the road in Game 6, they came back and lost Game 7 at home — the last time against Dallas in the 2006 Western Conference semifinals.

The Spurs have never won a series where they have faced a road Game 6.

But if this really is Parker’s team now, his time, and he really is in his prime of his career (a claim he likes to hammer home when folks call the Spurs old), it’s up to him to deliver the Spurs out of this predicament …


  1. Old Spurs Fan says:

    Spurs fans — where’s your NASTY now? 🙂

  2. Cam says:

    LOL @ all the spurs fans saying they are going to manhandle the Thunder…i am pretty sure that will never happen seeing as we have the beset player on the Planet..KEVIN DURANT! I agree the series is not over yet…but it will be after tonight. Get ready for duncan and crew to come up empty ONCE AGAIN!

  3. Old Spurs Fan says:

    Hey Spurs fans — are you aware that the Spurs lost game 4 in OKC by 6 points, AND game 5 in SAT by 5 points?! The scores in these two games were almost IDENTICAL.


    We will see you tonight in the LOUDEST arena in basketball! (I know the Spurs are proud of being the loudest arena, but you lost that title to OKC too!)

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …..”lost that title, too”……that is a bit subjective…. I was there at the first game on a Sunday at ‘high noon’ vs. Jazz in this year’s playoffs and it was PLENTY loud–(even before the AT&T Center was full)–, BUT y’all have a very loud crowd with the ‘rimrockers’ to juice the crowd up even more …. and as I said earlier…….. May the BEST team win!! GO_SPURS_GO !!!!!!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ……. Not to be ‘splitting hairs…..BUT…….you wrote that the Spurs lost the ‘Loudest Arena’ Title to the Thunder ….. “TOO” … so what “Other” Title did the Spurs ‘lose’ to OKC????? The Spurs lost titles the years following their championship seasons by NOT repeating…… those are the only ones I know of….. and OKC had Nothing to do with that. The ONLY thing that the Spurs have lost to OKC is home court advantage…… and that is just for ONE night…… AND I am betting that most fans would rather win tonight and NOT give home court advantage BACK to the Spurs for a Game 7, correct? GO_SPURS !!!!!

      • Old Spurs Fan says:

        The Spurs lost the title to OKC — it’s just a matter of everyone excepting it tonight. 🙂

  4. Great Basketball says:

    Man, this series has been fantastic to watch!

    I agree that this game is not up to Tony Parker, the outside shooting of the Spurs needs to step up BIGTIME! I also think in GM 6 Manu is going to light it up again, but for both teams it is up to the “others” to play well. The big 3 of both teams will do well, but whichever team plays more “team” basketball should win this one.

    OKC needs Ibaka and the bigs to have a good game. Spurs need Stephen Jackson and the outside shot. Either way, this will be a great one to watch, and I have to go with my gut OKC wins 103 – 101. They are just a little too good at home and it is easier to play “team” basketball with everyone stepping up at home. However, I would not be surprised with a Spurs win, and frankly I would like to see a GM 7 🙂

  5. Spurs Fan since early 80′s, now that being said here I go! Since I can remember the Spurs have been a good team, and a great team for the last 15 seasons (15 straight playoff appearances). Oklahoma City is a great team, and if they can stay focused and make the Spurs turnover the ball like the last 2 games they will Win. The Spurs have won 1 game against OKC in OKC, I know that your going to say that “Playoff and Regular season are a different feel and play” but they can still use that confidence. The Spurs have lost the last 3 games through horrible play, yet the last 2 games they barely lost. If they play as bad as they did and Bonner, Neal and Green all make a couple of shots… the Spurs win, that easy. But, they must show up, if the bench doesn’t show up then it is an OKC win! Also, OKC 13-0 and SA 13-1 at home, we Spurs know how steaks can end! Just like I gave Oklahoma respect, please NBA Fans give the Spurs respect. Please don’t get upset with us because of the media, in 15 seasons we have finally gotten credit (dare look at 15 seasons on ESPN, NBA, ETC., we never get credit) even with 4 rings. Sorry if we are a little AMP’d up since we are finally noticed! Either way, we are in the Finals, because the West will beat East! I am hoping for Spurs 5th, but OKC has my respect as well!

  6. spursfan#48 says:

    Spurs needs to have Parker draw the defense m kickback for the quick, Bonner needs 2 drain the 3, Duncan find those bank shots, Manu put on a clinic tonight. Spurs wim best on low scoring games under 100. Don’t play the rum n gun against OKC Spurs will lose. Lets make history pressure on OKC 2 win.

  7. Old Spurs Fan says:

    Hey Spurs fans — the lat time you were in OKC, you LOST BY TWENTY POINTS!!!

    Good luck tonight. 😀

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….The last time there …… the Spurs lost by 6……. AFTER the 20 point game….just sayin’………….. GO_SPURS_GO !!!!

      • Old Spurs Fan says:

        Well, okay — you are correct that the LAST game the Spurs played in OKC, the Spurs LOST by 6 points.

        I guess what I intended to say was this: “The last time the Spurs flew to OKC and played a game after arriving in OKC, they lost by 20 points.”

        In any event, we can agree the last time the Spurs played in OKC, they LOST. 😀

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        Yes, INDEED!! They lost…..Twice !! As a fan, I think it is the Last loss there !! May the BEST team win !!! GO_SPURS_GO !!!!

  8. Jack_Ojide_Masiado says:

    Wow… I didn’t know rednecks watched basketball! LOL@OKC “fans”!

    • Old Spurs Fan says:

      Yep — we do. And these rednecks are kicking schooling you.

      Insert “dueling banjos” here — it’s Jack_Ojide_Masiado’s turn in the barrel. 🙂

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      … if there aren’t PLENTY of yahoos in this State–(TX)–!!!! lmao

  9. And1 says:

    Never underestimate the heart of a champion – Rudy T.

  10. 16going417 says:

    Again you guys get it wrong on the HT blog. The reason the Spurs have lost 3 straight is they are trying to get Parker to do everything. It is not up to Parker to carry the team. All of the Spurs players must step up in order to beat OKC. They need to stop looking at the 3 as their primary source of offense and play through Tim Duncan. Then if he is doubled he can kick it out to Jackson, Diaw, Parker or Ginobili.

    Parker needs to do his part and break down the defense, but it is not his sole responsibility to carry the Spurs. If they expect Parker to do it all then they will lose. Have we not learned that basketball is a team sport? If it only took one player to win then it would be Kobe and the Lakers plating LeBron and the Heat for the championship.

    If the Spurs break down OKC’s defense and everyone contributes on the offensive end then the Spurs can pull off the win. Otherwise my money is on the “C’s” vs. OKC and I hope OKC wins it all.

  11. Minde says:

    Winner of WCF Gm6 Thunder vs Spurs gonna become nba champions of 2012 !

  12. rizz says:

    Ibaka came out of nowhere. He hasn’t been know for his outside shooting. Can he really keep it going on such a high pressure game? Spurs killer has been their lack of aggression. They been playing sloopy ball and have not executed well down the stretch. If Spurs show up for the full 48 mins of basketball they have a real good chance of winning. If not then it could be OKC that advances but I dunno if they can stand up to a team that plays good solid defense like the C’s and the Heat? TBH as much as I want the west to win I really think it will be the winner of the East that wins mainly to superior defense.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….YES sloppy ball handling has been a real killer….leading to turnovers and quick points for the Thunder…… Cut out the Dumb turnovers and the game is very different…..GO_SPURS_GO !!!!

  13. TTKIN says:

    Im not calling the Spurs to win Game 6, but I will say I have a very difficult time imagining them losing 4 in a row. Especially after winning 20 straight.

  14. Patrickmarc says:

    Ibaka is a big problem, for all shooters, and I wonder what Popovich can do to stop this man.

  15. seba says:

    manu, manu, manu, manu very good

  16. sctx says:

    ???…Parker didn’t break 30 in a couple of games????…. we’ve never confused him with Michael Jordan down here in SA….it’s not Tony that needs to step up, it’s our shooters that scored a collective 2 points in Game 5…and the bench that normally scores 50 or more points….c’mon, let’s be real, Duncan/Ginobili/Parker outscored Durant/WB/Harden in Game 5 with virtually no help from the bench and the game wasn’t decided until the last few seconds

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      sctx…..Great Point…… You hit the nail on the head….. with No great shooting of threes, there will be no win!!

  17. shaked says:

    spurs need to get back to the regular 5 starters, keep Manu coming from the bench. it worked great all this years, don’t change it now! +they need a good contribution from their 3 points shooters, yes, Bonner! he must hit the 3’s to open up the court and get the monster Ibaka out of the paint! in the first games he had a few looks and he missed, then he didnt even had a good look once! in the last 2 games! take easy on the 3’s all the rest! try moving the ball back and forth, create an opening in the defense and then take it! this is the spurs game! move the ball, penetrate, kick out or finish hard! the best there is! defensive wise, you must keep gamble on someone to take perimeter shots so they can help on Durant’s penetrations! also Russel and Harden! they must be stopped!

    great teams! great coaches! great players! great series! any team that wins is a better team then the eastern teams! that’s for sure!

  18. aFUllMeTal MUTT says:

    For me I have faith in my Spurs but its going to be a tough one. Its home for Thunder and you all see how well Durant plays at home in game 4 in the 4th quarter its going to be tough. Plus with Ibaka, westbrook and hardan its going to be tough. if the spurs can just limit them those three to no more then 10-17 points each i think they have a shot to win. I have faith in spurs defense and will give Durant a hard time. Of course we wont stop him but we will make him earn the points. For the Spurs the bench needs to show up man. They havent been here at all this series. All games at thunders horrible. Game 2 is only game i even then Green hit key threes other then that he hasnt shown up, bonner hasnt, neal hasnt, no one has. The only ones playing well is Diaw, Duncan, Parker, Ginobli, and Leonard. Other then that no one has. but the thing is the spurs lack the Super Star. They have stars but no Star that can take over the game. Thats the only thing i think the spurs lack and what we have been seeing this game. While thunder have Durant who can take over the game pretty much any time he wants. I hope the Spurs will win this game and take it to a Game 7 but it going to be tough. they have to be hype and aggressive. Have to be all up in their koolaid if they want to win.

  19. mark says:

    Ginobli needs to step up they need to defend better or else they will go fishing sad to say okc is better and younger team but there still hope if the bench of the spurs will step up.

  20. vets says:

    With their backs against the wall, the Spurs will have no choice but to play with the urgency necessary to win. Coach Pop will prep his team up, he’s not the best coach in the league for nothing. I’m sure he will have a winning game plan. The rest is up to the players. Turnovers and sloppy play has killed the Spurs. The best bench in the league has dissapeared and had better find themselves in the next game or it’s over. The veteran players will bring it, starting with Parker. I prredict a big game for TP and Ginobili, Duncan will have his normal double double. A little help from the bench and the Spurs ccan get the win.The Thunder are also going to be pumped up and they are also going to bring it, on the verge of reaching the finals for the very first time and with the crowd behind them,Its going to be battle. I expect a closely contested and physical game. The most aggresive team will win. For the Spurs it’s now or who knows when they’ll have another shot. Now is the time to show the experience, mental fortality and the heart of a champ. I’s time to show what you are really made of… Spurs in 7… Lets Go Spurs!

  21. Thunder8 says:

    where the nasty guys at???

  22. Marb says:

    Sorry for the Spurs fans..I really thought that they will definitely win the series after what they did to the Thunder on game 2 but after that 3-Game-Losing-Streak..whatever adjustments they do, even placing Manu Ginobili on the starting five will not work anymore, even their usual 3-Point Shooting Threat (most of their player raining 3’s on the enemy) that instills shock and awe is none existent anymore..a dynasty is starting to rise and it will come from Oklahoma City. I hope the core group stays together for at least 3 Championship Titles.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      Marb…. Don’t be ‘sorry’ for the Spurs fans…… They have watched 4 title brought to town by arguably one the best TEAMs in nba history……. And the Thunder??? Still looking for their first Conference Finals title in their new home. And their fans??? So far ….just a little mouthy…… IF, I repeat IF, OKC wins the West title….. I will pull for them to Represent the Western Conference with Pride….And if the reverse is true??? Would you do the same for the Spurs?? GO_SPURS_GO !!!!

  23. I am a huge OKC fan, i watch every game on nba TV from Port Macquarie in NSW, Australia. My favourite players in the nba are Ibaka and Westbrook, add to this Durant making shots from anywhere as well as harden making plays and getting to the line in the paint, the only way OKC will not win the series is an injury to Durant. Harden can have an off night and so can russ, but Durant is unstoppable for 4 quarters.

    The improved spread and ball distribution is HUGE. In terms of going small Collison can switch onto Parker and Manu, the team is rad!

    My only concern is the Dirty James Hardens beard. Fear the beard! but seriously the only concern other than turnovers is the amount of 3 pt shots down the stretch we take, especially when our beard man, durant and russ can penetrate and get good shots!

  24. Howell Relatorres says:

    Tony has already poured his best, i think its the rest of the team’s adjustments to Tony’s offensive speed which will dictate their tempo that will need to step up.

  25. markymark says:

    enough with all this B.S. the thunder will bury the spurs tom. night that’s the bottom line!!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …….Hey boyband!!!!! “bury the Spurs”……. NOW THAT is BS……. Wait before chestpuffing!!!

  26. SPURSFAN says:


    GO SAN ANTONIO!!!!!!!!!


  27. NNN says:

    Parker is just a scoring PG, not a original playmaker. In 3 lost games, he was locked down and can’t find a good solution for OKC’s defence. I think Pop should let Duncan receive more ball to play low post, in Game 5 he show that he’s still very reliable in stress time. It could be late cause I think Thunder will take game 6.

  28. Jay says:

    A few days before Spurs/OKC series started, all the NBA scribes doesnt give OKC a chance. I’m so glad they all got it wrong 🙂

  29. fightfor5 says:

    The Spurs need to win 4 games to beat the Thunder. The Thunder need to win 4 championships to beat the Spurs.

  30. shua_jo says:

    im a huge fan of spurz…they just didnt play same way as of game 1 and 2, if only the big 3 could play bettter in one time this game 6… hope they can force game 7, once they win game 6, its a great chance to forward to the finals…. go spurz!!!!!!!!! thunders fans says theyre strong and best players, youngsters too. but spurz just gave them a good fight, despite the fact that spurs were already considered the ages

    • Willy says:

      Ya correct it ain’t over. Could still be a heat spur final. Need the 3 boys to step up it’s time now. A few shots fall here or there Dallas is playing? The

  31. Ugghhh says:

    This article keeps on slammin’the spurs just because they’re losing. I bet if they’re the ones who’s winning they’ll praise them like a god

  32. Jego says:

    I wished Spoelstra watches how the thunder stops the parker and duncan pick and roll by defending parker with much much taller than him so that spoelstra do it to rondo to.. He’s the Most idiot head coach in the NBA.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ……wrong blog……

    • Kaye says:

      I agree with you… Yes I am a filipino as well just like him but I don’t think he is thinking of a goof rotation of his players unlike Scott, Popo and coach of Celtics. He keeps on inisting Cole the Small Rookie, eventhough he knows that the 5th game is crucial for them and they really have to take adavntage because it’s their homecourt!!!

      I wish MIAMI will find better coach by next season…

      Anyway, I am not MIAMI fan, I am OKC die hard! I jst don’t like Spoelstra “MORON THINKING”

  33. JONATHAN says:


  34. ronnie says:

    the strangest things happen in the NBA. if OKC doesn’t close out in game 6 there’s a 50/50 chance the Spurs will take game 7. why?, because of the “law of averages”. yes, OKC won the last 3 games but should this “law” catch up on them & that’s not an impossibility (..the strangest things happen in the NBA) then they’re in trouble. for Ara’s, my daughter, sake i hope the Spurs go to the NBA finals!

  35. Rolly del Mundo says:

    The Spurs will regroup and show what stuff they are made of. These are just temporary setbacks, they will winthe next 2 games against OKC and advance to the NBA finals! It’s as simple as that. No ifs no buts.

    Go Spurs Go!

    • dattebayo says:

      Losing 3 straight playoff games is not a temporary setback, from a coaching standpoint it is unacceptable. I think the refs didn’t give the Spurs a lot of calls, Manu’s offensive fouls and the noncalls on Tony’s drives left me with my mouth open at times. But overall the Spurs played too sloppy and too careless. I think being up 2-0 rid them of their “Appropriate Fear” and they started playing at ease with no sense of urgency, they didn’t compete for 48 minutes in the last 3 games and the Thunder made them pay. In Game 3 OKCs frontline was rolling unlike anything else this season and in Game 4 and 5 Durant made sure they would win it.

      The Spurs can and should beat the Thunder but it starts with executing on the offensive end on every possession and actually hitting some open shots. They can’t turn the ball over because the Thunder score on almost every fastbreak they get. I hope the Spurs can force Game 7, but OKC won’t just roll over and let them do just that.

      • Kevin says:

        ‘I think the refs didn’t give the Spurs a lot of calls, Manu’s offensive fouls and the noncalls on Tony’s drives left me with my mouth open at times.’

        it goes both ways bro. thats just an excuse to say thats why they lost.

      • Ekaplon says:

        NBA is a fraud. OK, players can´t talk because they receive a fine. But the press and the public? From an objective point of view refs are clearly helping OK and Boston

      • FirstPlace says:

        The fouls were called right down the middle 25 for SAS, and 25 for OKC. Everytime Manu or TP flap their arms in the air and fall to the ground like a fish out of water it is not a foul. They are the Flop Twins and it loks so disparate

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ….That’s right…. and it was exactly what the thunder fans were sayin’ after losing 2 in a row….what’s new………. and the ONE call stood out was the CHARGE called on Timmy at home….. with Collison’s heel ON the line….. one would think the the 3time Finals MVP would get that call against a journeyman, AGAIN, at HOME !! Look at it this way……if that same play happened to Durant against , say , Blair…. in OKC …..there would be plenty of yap about it ….not only in OKC , but on the national talkin’ head shows as well………just sayin…. Hope both teams play well without injuries……… GO_SPURS_GO !!!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ….Well… the ‘first place’ …. OKC came in ‘SECOND PLACE” firstplace….. and also, the ‘flop twins’ reside in MIAMI. How about that karate chop Thabo put on Manu a couple of games back… half court no less…… I suppose that was a flop too…… If that happened to one of your darlings, I dare say there may have been some flared tempers……. just for the record….go back and look at it…… there was NO REASON to foul like that, NONE !! just sayin….”FIRSTPLACE”…. just sayin’……. Spurs won’t roll over for the Thunder so this is gonna be a real…. let’s say ‘Tussle’….. GO_SPURS_GO ! ! ! ! !

  36. marlon green says:

    The Thunder better make sure they end the series tomorrow night. If they give the spurs any signs of life and let this series go to 7 games the spurs will win. I give Durant and Westbrook much props for toning their game down on the offensive end and getting their teammates invovled. This approach is really helping them out and is making a huge difference. I just want to see a great conclusion to this series. Who ever wins this series will be wearing the rings when it’s all said and done.

  37. Pfft says:

    I can only image the pain.

  38. e garcia says:

    sad to say the only STREAK for the SPURS that people will talk about and really matters is the one they will get this wednesday (thursday here in the puilippines) which is a 4 GAME LOSING STREAK AT THE HANDS OF THE THUNDER

    • spursfan says:

      why u don shut ur face? thursday in the phillipines will show u that u ran ur mouth too much….so jus sit there, shut ur mouth and watch the spurs spank okc

      • OKCKD35 says:

        lol just like they did in game 5? i dont expect to see you post on here after tonight lol.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ….. I WILL post her after tonight’s game …win or lose……Being a great fan means winning with humility and losing with dignity AND respect for the other squad…….. Not about making snotty statements about the other team, coaches, fans or their city or state. We are civilized, right!!! As in ..civil………………..Either way it is a GAME ….Nothing more……Just the best entertainment…. the non-scripted kind….. although sometimes you have to wonder about the that!!! Here’s to a good, Clean, tough game tonight in the great state of Oklahoma for Game 6 of the 2012 Western Conference Finals…… to the winner of the Conference goes the NBA title as well…… I don’t see either of the two left in the East beating OKC or the Spurs……… GO_SPURS

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        …uh …..”post HERE” ….. I meant

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….wE SHALL SEE!!

  39. BFoulds says:

    I am a huge Spurs fan, but it is obvious here that the Thunder is just the better, younger, hungrier team in this series. They smell blood and are going for the kill. Spurs need to dig deep to pull out a win in the extremely loud OKC building. We are going to need more out of our role players and inside defense needs to tighten up against OKC’s pick and roll.

    Things are not looking good for SA right now.

    • wes says:

      well, if the spurs can start playing again like they did during their 20 game winning streak, then they can win this thing

  40. Mike says:

    It’s funny the series is not even over but a lot of Spur fans already cheering the Heat against OKC. Very sportmanship!!!

  41. OKCKD35 says:

    Hows the losing streak feel Spurs fans? i remember hearing all of your non-stop trash talking when you were up 2-0, calling for a sweep or victory in 5 games, guess what? you just got beat on your home court and now OKC is gonna give you the Laker Treatment, this must feel all too familiar since the last team to come back down 0-2 was against your beloved spurs in the conference finals! Coach Pop fpr choke of the year!

    • Jesus says:

      Don’t count the spurs out yet, they’ve come back from worse.
      Also the last team to come back from down 0-2 WAS the Spurs against the Hornets in 2008.

    • wes says:

      hey! the series aint over till the last game is played. you just wait. the spurs will manhandle the thunder for the next couple of games. the spurs are down, but they aint out


      @willy… the celtics r winning 3-2. But i wouldnt count out the spurs yet.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      OK……. OKCKD35……. Agreed that many-(and not just fans of the Spurs)- thought it was gonna be in 5,6 or some said sweep(not smart)…. but how would you feel riding that streak? Not just one series sweep and then a 2-0 lead in the next like with the lakers ….. But 2 sweeps and up 2-0 on a team that didn’t really play like THEY just beat the lakers….. I think you can admit that many would think(and predict) that the Spurs would win the series…… GREAT comeback by the Thunder, though !!…. Congrats are in order…… BUT the last line about Coach Pop was unnecessary and UNTRUE !! Talkin’ about how it must feel…… Well how does it feel to be in Unfamiliar territory ??? We BOTH know it is not over EVEN IF the Spurs win tonight…… So save the real big Trash Talkin’ for when….AND IF the Thunder do something they have yet to accomplish in their new home. I say ….GOOD LUCK to the Thunder AND the Spurs in good sportsmanship ! GO_SPURS_GO !!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      How does it feel???? …….. After a 20 game winning streak with 10 into the 2012 playoffs AFTER winning 4 titles in past years…… Well, how do YOU think it feels……. real disappointing and hard to swallow……. as anyone with a brain would expect……. but you seem to get some kick out of trying to rub our faces in it…. AND it is NOT even over yet…… remember about counting chickens before they ‘HATCH’ The Spurs haven’t given up …. and “OF COURSE” neither have their loyal fans!!!!!……..Respect the game, the teams, the players and the coaches …… it’s easy if you are really honest and at least somewhat objective….. GO_SPURS !!!

  42. Slider821 says:

    “He’s the one who raised the stakes before the series and called Russell Westbrook out.”

    What comment are they referring to? Anyone know?

    • BFoulds says:

      All I remember TP saying was that it would be a good match up

    • dattebayo says:

      Before Game 1 they had an interview with him and during the questions he stated:

      “I’m definitely going to go at (Westbrook). It’s definitely not like Dallas or the Lakers, where their point guards are not aggressive. It’s going to be a little bit different. I’m going to go at him and make sure he works a little bit.

      “That’s why you play basketball, for these great challenges. Chris Paul was a great challenge. Now I have another one.”


      • Slider821 says:

        Doesn’t sound TP ‘called him out’ but rather just stated he was going to be aggressive, as he should…but of course the HT bloggers are trying to provoke drama like the usually do. Sekou does that a lot, it’s dumb.

      • Spurs says:

        yeah… beloved sekou usually overdramatizes everything. Thats how the hangtime blog usually is. He is Charles Barkley of non-TNT fame. Love his blogs though

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        …..Called him the “head of the snake”… that sounds like respect for the great player that Russell is…..not ‘calling him out’ in any way!! GO_SPURS_GO !!!!!