Spurs Championship Era Hanging In The Balance

SAN ANTONIO – That was bad. Losing home-court advantage at the worst possible time, committing 21 turnovers in the continuation of a series-long plague, going from six points up with 5:40 remaining in the third quarter to nine points down at the end of the period, Monday night at AT&T Center was the worst possible statement of the suddenly upside-down state of the Spurs.

Except for this:

“I was disappointed in the lack of competitiveness overall in the first half, the physicality,” coach Gregg Popovich said. “I was proud of them that they came back and dug down deep and came back and competed in the second half. But we’ve been competing for three quarters in the past, and tonight we competed for two quarters. If we don’t get that straight, it’ll be over on Wednesday.”

The Western Conference finals will be. The season. Maybe even this version of the roster that tied for the most victories in the league and as recently as last Thursday afternoon had a 20-game winning streak and was getting a lot of questions about invincibility.

The Spurs are down 3-2 to the Thunder in the third round of the playoffs and are a Wednesday night in Oklahoma City away from elimination, and that’s not even the real hound dog moment for San Antonio. Seriously.

It became about the entire direction of the team when Popovich dropped into the chair in the interview room late on Monday night and criticized his team’s effort for the second time in three games. That’s long-term-implications stuff, a hard critique of the sudden 2011-12 failings and how they might shape next season.

How can it not be about the big picture? Surviving the West final by winning the next two games is the only thing that matters in the moment, but Tim Duncan could re-sign in the summer for multiple years and Tony Parker is having the best season of his career. Popovich loves that this is the deepest Spurs roster of his incredible run. But at some point the conversation will turn to whether this team is capable of meeting the greatest challenges, and the world now knows the answer is no.

It was a 2-2 series when the night began, with the alarm clock going off with back-to-back Thunder wins at Oklahoma City, and yet Popovich would end up saying, “I don’t think we competed very well in the first half” and the coach being “disappointed” by the effort. That is inexcusable anywhere, but especially unforgivable in a locker room built on dependability and mature approaches.

It will have to be addressed. The Spurs would prefer a solution by Wednesday night in Oklahoma City. If that doesn’t happen, though, the problem is not going away heading toward the future. Poor energy cannot be excused in the conference finals, and cannot be allowed to continue into next season.


  1. Quazzi says:

    WOW…why all the criticism? Just wait on the games! It’s a shame how all the okc fans had noting to say at the beggining of this series! Now they can’t seem to run out of words! “True fans i say”! both teams defended home court rely well…the spurs made many mistakes that cost them an important game. The same thing can happen to okc tonight! What will you all say then? Pop outcoached?? who are you people?? He shouldn’t even be compared to “just come” brooks! OKC’s toughest game is yet to come folks! They never beat SAS, San Antonio lost the game to turnovers and down the stretch mistakes! TOO MUCH SPURS HYPE IN THE BEGINING NOW TOO MUCH OKC HYPE! Wait on the games!

  2. Mike says:

    The refs are very fair so far. I guess the loser always come up with excuses. The SA players admitted that OKC player are playing better than them why do their fans think other ways. SA is propably selling a lot of tissues now because of all the crying. They are selling fishing equipments too! Why are they so surprise loosing 3 in a row?? just go back to last year, had they forget history of how bad they lost to Memphiz

  3. Louis says:

    The reffing hasn’t been great, but it hasn’t been completely one-sided either. IMO the refs have played a part in the
    ‘home court’ advantage we have been seeing in these Conference Finals, not just the fans. The Spurs flopping is just out of control, and they are the masters of basketball’s dark arts. How anyone could NOT see that is beyond me. Parker flopped mightily against Westbrook in a key period of the game and got the call (where Westbrook just turned and his shoulder MAY have caught Parker on the chin, because Parker was IN WESTBROOK’s airspace, hence a blocking foul).

    Ibaka goaltending? Stop drinking Pop’s koolaid, those were some very nice pins, doesn’t mean the ball hit the backboard before Ibaka made contact, if anything it was simultaneous. Talking about Spurs being ‘the least penalized’ doesn’t mean much when you are against a team that gets to the line as consistently as OKC did this season. What changed in games 1 and 2 that allowed Spurs to take both (esp. Game 1 though)? No calls by the refs any time Westbrook, Durant or Harden got penetration and got doubled or tripled. So if anything its payback for the ‘no calls’ by the refs early in the season.

    Honestly, the Spurs were shooting a statistically improbably high %, esp. 3’s. And we all know the saying “Live and Die by the 3”. Well, OKC finally started defending the open look, and it has dried up. Bring on Game 6! Spurs are old, and won’t recover physically in 2 days, and will again be strong to start both halves, and fade (I hope)!

  4. PARUMAN says:

    What a game by OKC.. If they will win this series, I think they will be the Champ this year.. Bow down! They will beat all the past champions.. DALLAS, LAKERS , SPURS.. MIAMI OR BOSTON.. All of them are past 5 to 6 years champ.. They all beat by the team young guns.. From a LakerFan..

  5. Melvin Ednilao says:

    Youth over Experience.

  6. Pfft says:

    The Spurts choked at home.

    Badly. As if they were retching up a fur ball for 48 minutes.

    What on earth makes you believe they’ll bring some miraculous A-game to OKC?

    Stick a fork in ’em.

  7. c0mmon says:

    its just they can’t take control the OKC offense and the fact that the bench of SAS is shut down..parker didnt have same play on game one and 2 which totally can give a big lead if he work on G5 what a waste…oh Duncan is like a rookie dun know what to do on the post much better if he had same talent as KG..duncan is a lazy one.. this is their last chance STEP UP popovich is crying! think he will be retire real soon same as phil jackson!

  8. Jamie says:

    enough with the debate:) We cannot say anything who’s goin to the finals until OKC wins it on wednesday. I’m a solid Spurs fan but also admire OKC. They are clicking on all cylenders now and the spurs are not at their best.. wel the Big 3 are fine but the bench didnt appear in the last 3games. Anyway, if OKC wins on wednesday then Congratulations but if Spurs win on wednesday then it will be more FUN. Goodluck Guys

  9. Mariusz says:

    Sad to see my team runnig on empty. I’m a big SAS fun from Poland since David Robinson Sean Elliott and Avery Johnson era. This is probabliy dry age coming up for spurs i’m affried i mean next few years when Duncan retries the team probably will break apart and in prospect posibble permanent absents in playoffs. Manu and Tony wont be enough. How many years does coach Pop left? I think there wont be another coach as greatfull as Pop not even close to him. So the future for SAS seems not bright. At least there is one more game for Spurs this season. I realy hope for a miracle. GO SPURS GO! Sory for my english. 🙂

  10. Go Spurs says:

    Spurs in 7. They are too good to lose. They just have to take care of the ball. Those turnovers cost them big. Defensive effort was lacking. Coach Pop and the the team are too good to let this go. They will be BACK! Watch Out OKC dream boys!

  11. jaime says:

    I just love the excellent Basketball in this semifinals , at 2nd game Spurs plays the best basketball I have ever seen but it looks Spurs has reached a peak and OKC is playing better and better game after game , lets wait for a great 6th game!!…..

  12. Roy says:

    Didn’t see this coming. Oh well I don’t really care who makes it out of the West. As long as Miami or Boston beats them in the Finals and gives them a lesson or two on how to play DEFENCE.

  13. usavasu says:

    The SPURS were looking for NASTY.

  14. Durantula fanatic says:

    Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers,San Antonio Spurs, OKC u nxt year….

  15. Teo says:

    c’mon spurs, whats wrong with you guys, the only thing I want is you to win this, and we all know you could do it, even the OKC fans know it. Pop, you got to make Duncan play less, let Splitter and Dejuan play, take some minutes from Timmy and Bonner. Also when Tony isn’t playing good, let Gary play. And the last thing I have to say is, Manu was really big, tonight even bigger then BIG, but still it wasn’t enough, he knows, I know, we know, he could still do better.

  16. Louis says:

    Don’t count the spurs out til they are out. I think the Spurs would of won the game last night if it wasn’t for the terrible team play and turnovers. Spurs beat themselves last night. Pop is a good coach, one of the best in the NBA, so don’t go saying it’s over until the buzzer sounds and the series is over.

    • Louis says:

      And also don’t go saying the thunder beat them. We all know the thunder didn’t play very well either, the spurs just played worse

      • Pfft says:

        Nope, but they played well enough to BEAT the Spurts at home. It doesn’t always take a perfect game to win.

      • OKCKD35 says:


  17. rafael says:

    i think the spurs will win

  18. Sam says:

    Sorry spurs….you are done for the playoff with the way you played the last 3 games. I will always love the SPURS…but i have to accept the fact it is over….It hurts to say it.

    • TTKIN says:

      I am sad as well. I was goin for them to win it all, I hoped they would. They were playing such great ball but right when the playoffs started I was saying I think they peaked too early. I hope they can come back though. I still have faith. I dont think Timmy and Pop are going to let the rest of the guys play lackluster like that again. Oh by the way, I am a LAKER fan. But gotta give props to the dynasties in the league and the Spurs’ dynasty has been pretty amazing.

    • Kalbo!! says:

      & I feel sorry for you as a traitor.. If they lose, it’s because you’re the one who officially finished them off.. With the great faith you have for the them? Oh I’m pretty sure the team’s gonna be so thankful to have you as a fan…

  19. dattebayo says:

    Hey, I didn’t think the Thunder could play so efficient, they are really taking care of the ball. The Spurs are struggling on the other side, sloppy plays leading to easy baskets in transition for the Thunder. It’s part OKC’s defense but the bigger part is SAN not playing the best way they can and what they did the entire season. I still believe but the task ahead is the biggest they will have had to do all season. Spurs in 7…

    Btw. those talent scouts and managers in OKC must be the best in the world. That organization won the lottery 4 times by drafting studs like KD, Westbrick, The Beard and I-Block-A and even the trades they made only improved them (Perkins for Green). Has there ever been any other organization, that has pulled off rebuilding that fast and that good? They will learn that success will not last though, let’s see if someone is able to buy off Harden and Ibaka with 5 year max contracts because they are worth that.

  20. LOLakers says:

    San An-blow-me-o Sperms are out and now the Heat are left with the Okla-blow-meh Blunder LOL! Miami in 4 or 5!!! And a Miami dynasty to follow!!!

    • el stone says:

      Wow, your wordplay is so clever, especially if we were all in 7th grade!

      What team do you like, the Los Angeles Steve BLakers?

      Or perhaps the Cry-on-me Heat with their star players who forget to play defense because they’re crying and moaning to the referees?

  21. Focus… to me this series has been about focus. The older team has (thus far) lost their focus, but for the younger HUNGRIER team, they are sooooo focussed. They believe it’s their time now, and they will be hard to beat. BTW don’t go harping on the officials because both teams ALWAYS have a case vs the officials. Full credit to the Thunder, may they justify their push for a ring.

  22. Jay says:

    If i remember it right, none of the NBA scribes gives OKC a chance to win this series. Spurs is just too good they say and now this….

  23. Julio says:

    That’s simple…Spurs dont bring good TV numbers to the NBA….and they are needing money with this messed and shorter season. Nobody wants to see the old Duncan…

    • el stone says:

      I know your comment is a common perception, but look at actual facts:

      San Antonio is the 7th most populated city in the US and they have a rabid fan base (plus lots of people who will watch just to root against them- the Spurs are the arch enemies of the Lakers, the Suns, and several other fan bases).

      Miami is 44th in population.

      Boston is 22nd.

      OKC is 31st.

      You do the math.

      • Old Spurs Fan says:

        @EL STONE –> How about this math:

        Oklahoma doesn’t have an NFL team. Oklahoma doesn’t have an MLB team. Until a few years ago, we didn’t have ANY professional sports team — EVER.

        Now, Oklahoma has an NBA team — and the ENTIRE STATE is supporting it. This isn’t just OKC rooting for the Thunder — the Thunder has the entire state rooting for them.

        3.7915 million people in the state of Oklahoma. San Antonio only has 1.3274 million.

        There’s a lot of willpower behind the Thunder!

    • OKCKD35 says:

      next excuse for losing please…….

  24. amracist says:

    it only shows the consistency of energy between thunder and spurs. spurs looks old right now

  25. Master POP says:

    Never underestimate a heart of a Champion!

    On wednesday the presurre will be on OKC, they don t want to go back to AT&T, because they know they won t do it again.


  26. Duke of San Antonio says:

    TIM DUNCAN has to make his presence felt! Goodness! Manu and Tony have been carrying much of the load this entire series! Spurs’ bench players have to step up as well. Surprisingly, the “deepest bench thing” is just a hoax. If it wasn’t for the “NASTY” word that Popovich quoted during Game 1, it’s over for the Spurs today. Where in the world did Bonner, Neal, Splitter, Green go?

    I have to agree with Popovich – Spurs have to play 4 quarters, not 3, not 2, not 1!

    They underestimated OKC’s supporting players. Game 3 was Sefolosha’s moment, Game 4 was Ibaka’s. As for the Spurs, no supporting players have made remarkable performances, offensively and defensively. I hate to admit but it’s over for the Spurs in Game 6 unless things won’t go according to OKC’s plan.

  27. sctx says:

    was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor???………….NO!!!!!!!!…. Go Spurs Go!!!

    OKC is playing great, Spurs shooters aren’t…. Can Spurs beat OKC two in a row….yep, been there, done that….either way, great series and if OKC moves on, I hope Durant crushes LBJ and finally gets the MVP credit he deserves….what a great kid he is!

  28. golfmaster99 says:

    You cannot turn the ball over 21 times and expect to win. That is a stat that you cannot blame anyone for but poor execution. 5-10 turnovers and you can survive but 21 is a wrap…wrapstreet…wrap it up.


  29. golfmaster99 says:

    You cannot turn the ball over 21 times and expect to win. That is a stat you can’t blame the refs on or anyone else. 5-10 turnovers and you can survive…21 and its a wrap…wrap street…wrap it up.


  30. Kazuya Mishima says:

    Its a sad thing to see the spurs losing..I hope they can overcome this thunder team..Thunder players esp westbrook and harden and perkins are arrogant players..

  31. Lucas says:



    • uhoh says:

      it’s obvious. the writing is on the wall. spurs aren’t showing up, even at home. they’re not going to beat okc at okc, not a chance.

  32. mike t says:

    spurs will be back on 6, they still have the plays to win games

  33. marc says:

    spurs will force the issue.

  34. Sparhawk says:

    Kennith Burkman, maybe you should take your own advice and check the officiating. Its been going in favor of spurs all series long. Spurs are known for their flopping, and they do it well. Just watchin ginobli/stephen jackson/boris diaw. They flop so much and get the calls and this series spurs dont get a few calls their way and fans cry. Btw those calls the OKC did get their way arent the reason spurs lost. Most of the time OKC just turned it over after getting those calls * russle westrbook Im talking to you* and spurs didnt capitalize on it.

    Im all for blaming officials as I feel they are awful and need to be retrained desperately but they seem biased towards spurs this series and it shows when they make outragous calls that 1 or 2 of the other refs question and need to review.

  35. Lt. Deng says:

    As suspected, the Spurs are nothing more than a hot streak team. They came big and they’re falling hard. All credit to OKC for figuring this Spurs team out because once they were cut, the bleeding will not stop.

  36. John Doe says:

    I guess if you have long winning streaks this is what happens… You loose the wrong games. But I never liked the arrogance of the Spurs – so I am very happy for OKC. As long as the Heat doesn’t win the rings – everything is just fine…

    • Kalbo!! says:

      Arrogance? Have you taken your vitamins already?

    • donnie says:

      arrogance? from the Spurs? where did you get that?

    • TTKIN says:

      Well I dont completely agree with the arrogance remark, but I LOVE the Miami Heat remark hahahahaha

    • Old Spurs Fan says:

      AGREED! The Spurs are amazingly arrogant.

      Then again, it might just be the Spurs FANS that are arrogant… Either way, I’m glad to see the Spurs LOSE!

      • Kalbo!! says:

        I feel sorry for the team taking the impression that others misrepresent in behalf of them.. I could take the accusation of being an arrogant fan even if I’m really not.. But you people need more observation skills.. Research more and give me evidences of their arrogance.. Now I understand that a fan would want his team to win.. But if someone is glad for a team to lose, that’s hatred.. Tell me what the Spurs have done to you or to anyone? Let me understand…

  37. Fefe (Nets) says:

    I think that the Spurs will win Game 6 on the road because they have their backs against the wall and in such position, the Spurs are very good.

    I picked OKC to win the championship prior to the start of the season, and they might reach the NBA Finals, but if ever it happens, it would mean a Game 7 win. I would like also the Spurs to win Game 6 in order to have a BIG GAME 7.

    Spurs/OKC will go to a Game 7. Then everything will be open and either team will have the chance to qualify.

  38. Scatterniz says:

    i hope that spurs will win this season.. Timmy stand up.. do ur best.. .GOGOGOGOGOGo.

  39. wat says:

    nba champ this year will come from the west . . .

  40. pleeeeeaaaaase says:

    /\/ 0 0 I3 5

  41. pleeeeeaaaaase says:


  42. KenB says:

    unfortunately this OKC is team that has been knocking at the doorsteps of a shot at the championship title. Its there time, i called before the playoffs, just had a feeling that after the last 2 years disappointment that eventually they will find that second gear. Can the spurs rebound, yes but with a little help. The way KG and Westbrook is playing and add to that the sixth man harden, its a tough task. OKC is primed to win it all this year, and when they do the team will suffer the usual tear down of players wanting more money and the mere fact that they become more desired once they win the big one.

  43. JY says:

    I don’t think Pop was wrong to say he was disappointed with the effort.
    Just look at the + and -. Truly, only Duncan, Ginobli and Diaw played.
    What happened to the rest of the deep roster? You game doesn’t disappear overnight.

  44. lakermig says:

    not to mention that the thunder have been playing out of their minds and have just as deep a team as the spurs.

    • Louis says:

      you could not be more wrong. The spurs are deeper than the thunder, its just the bench needs to deliver the way they have been the whole season. If the bench don’t step it up the spurs are done.

      • Pfft says:

        I’ve not seen any evidence of a deep bench in this series.. Not from SA, at least.

        Do you believe in Santa Claus as well?

      • OKCKD35 says:

        OKC’s bench has been the one putting the games out of reach not San Antonio’s!

      • Kalbo!! says:

        It’s funny & ironic how people prematurely & immaturely sentence the accused so soon because of what they currently see.. The Spurs had rolled for a while because their bench was performing for that long.. Now the bench has to feel some pressure and it’s only now after a long while that they had let the team down.. Doesn’t anyone have a right anymore to have bad games nowadays? The Spurs had been lucky specially in game 1.. But OKC had been lucky too in game 5.. Luck comes & goes.. It’s just a matter of when.. it usually goes after rolling.. OKC is currently rolling.. What if their luck goes? Now I know someone’s gonna counter-attack me with using “luck”.. Come on.. I know you’re better than that.. You know that I mean only 15 times in NBA history that a team won a series coming from a 0-2 hole.. Thunder may have won 3 straight but are still in that hole where they are yet to complete the task to prove they should be part of that very rare history.. Spurs had the first strike.. OKC countered, but would it be enough for a death blow? It better be.. Because otherwise, they will be counter-counterattacked and it could be devastating.. My only bottom line point here is not to look at the odds based on the current display because it’s shiny.. Consider the long term odds..

  45. Ashwin says:

    One does not simply beat the Thunder at Chesapeake Arena. #ThunderUp

  46. Meshal Al-Harbi says:

    Lets go OKC!!!!!!

  47. vincent says:

    Now this is the real test for the San Antonio Spurs. How will they respond in game 6? But just like the old saying by Rudy Tomjanovic “Don’t ever under estimate the heart of a champion”.

  48. lakermig says:

    WOW so like last Thursday you were going on about how unstoppable they are and the fact that they’re on a 20 game win streak and even in the playoffs they were just sweeping aside teams, and whether it was a possibility to sweep OKC and now you went the complete other direction. TALK ABOUT FICKLE !! they lost 3 in a row its true no one so it coming and i would say that OKC will win at home and kick them out (which is a huge surprise to me seeing as i thought it would be spurs in 6).But it hardly means go back to the drawing board rip apart everything and start over or anything close to that.This is a team that had the joint best record,the 3rd best winning streak and made it to the western finals against a very good team.They’re going through a bit of a slump it was bound to happen after destroying everything in their past since like april.

    • Old Spurs Fan says:

      Yeah — I noticed that too. Reporters these days just focus on the dramatic, and they blow everything out of proportion.

      I said it before the Spurs / Thunder series started — the Spurs win a LOT. But that’s what makes them boring. Wouldn’t it be FUN if the Thunder won?! And here we sit — just too cool.

      This ia a GREAT series — I’m glad the Thunder stuck with it. I honestly didn’t know if they would be able to keep up with the Spurs scoring, but now we all know they can do even BETTER than the Spurs.

      The Spurs just can’t beat OKC at home. The Spurs are so darned proud of the noise level in their stadium — but OKC is actually LOUDER!

      I’m amazed how OKC is beating San Antonio at everything they’re so darned proud of. Good for the Thunder!

    • bigthings 2012 says:

      finally someone talking some sense! good on you lakermig, just last week everyone sayin Spurs are simply the better team, their unbeatable bla bla bla cuz they won 2 home games against OKC, I was sure OKC would win their 2 home games, and now they surprised me and won game 5 but the Spurs are still a very good team obviously… I just think OKC has the best starting 5 in the NBA right now, and player for player they are better than the Spurs. Hope they finish it in game 6!

  49. manok says:

    so sorry SAS, but i think OKC deserves to win this series because as a team, they still have rooms for improvement and they are improving very fast. while SAS cannot improve anymore because they are at their peak…

  50. Durant 4 Life says:

    OKC will surely win this series, better luck next year spurs!

  51. Perro says:

    Well,,honestly OKC deserves it,the effort the entire organisation have done the last 5 years is astonishing.Spurs have won it already so they know how it feels but OKC hungers for it,,,especially when they lost so badly last year agains Dallas.
    And if there is any team on this planet that can beat Heat it’s Oklahoma.

    • Spurs Fan says:

      “And if there is any team on this planet that can beat Heat it’s Oklahoma.”

      Sheesh — that’s the truth! What was it last summer? 115 degrees?

  52. rych says:

    Veterans vs raw youth. thunder in 6

  53. kenny says:

    What is happening now San Antonio fans? I remember a week ago you were saying this would be a sweep and that the thunder weren’t nearly as good as the spurs! Well guess what, they aren’t because they are better!

  54. Danny says:

    Spurs just need to rebuild once again…just didnt have enough stars to compete.

  55. bryanboi says:

    so, where are the san antonio dreamers and bandwaggoners now? trololol

  56. Luvsmesumkoolaid says:

    Whoa! A little heavy on the hyperbole, are we? The world now knows that they aren’t capable of meeting the greatest challenges based on 2 games? Time to lay off the kool-aid, buck.

    • uhoh says:

      More like 5 games… if you look at the first two games, it came down to coaching – Pop won those games, not the players. Once Scotty made adjustments, it’s been clear sailing. Four straight W’s over the Spurs demonstrates clear and undeniable superiority.

    • Spurs Fan says:

      @Luvsmesumkoolaid — it’s been five games (three if you only count the OKC wins over the Spurs). Where have you been?

  57. Hues says:

    Yes i agree with this article in retrospect and that poor energy is not an excuse in the conference finals, but I believe that some credit needs to be given to the opposing team, a team who is perhaps one of the best at capitalizing on turnovers and making runs. What I think has been on a lot of minds was putting Spurs on some sort of throne. And when they finally lost like this in this fashion, their entire era is on the line suddenly. For Pete’s sake. The Spurs are not gods. What the Thunder did today was the same as in Games 1-4 of the series, which was bring high energy basketball and go from there, its just that they didn’t get it all there in Games 1 and 2. The Spurs on the other end, have always did what they do. Yeah, adjustments will be made, but I feel like today in Game 5, what caused the Spurs to collapse was simply a combination of the Thunder connecting and the Spurs not, which I felt was bound to happen anyway. The Spurs still have a fair chance in winning both games 6 and 7, even though odds are clearly now stacked against them, however I ask how these odds were different when OKC was down 0-2 in the series. In essence, the hype that the Spurs got for being invincible with high caliber veteran players made losing games seem to be this inexcusable source of who knows what. May I ask how this is any different from being inexcusable if say OKC was in the same scenario? No, people would say that oh how age prevails. Yet basketball is not based on experience and age, but more so the effort and intensity. Clearly OKC brought more of it than SA today, and we should leave it at that. Age should not play such a factor as it does to the critics.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      The difference is for the first time in the playoffs San Antonio HAS to win on the road to advance, the other difference is the talent of OKC, San antonio didnt have a 3 game losing streak until now 🙂 enjoy your 4 game losing streak to follow your 20 game win streak and end your season!

  58. JOMS says:

    KEVIN DURANT balbaleg for the SPURS…!!!

  59. JOMS says:

    KEVIN DURANT is too much for the SPURS…

  60. aaron says:

    the thunder are just a better team and are putting it the effort right now

    • Mister_215 says:

      @Aaron Slow down young fella. You are going ahead of yourself saying that OKC is a better team then the Spurs. They are not a better team, it’s just that they are much more hungier the SA. SA had 21 TOs, and still had an opportunity to win??? Let OKC get that many TOs and you will see the difference in the score. I don’t blame the refs for the lost but there are different entities which come together in a game. With a couple of charges that should have been blocking calls. Ibaka getting some blocks that sould have been called goaltending. All in all the Spurs should have won the game, but lack of effort will cause you to lose games that you should have won…..

  61. Han says:

    And now, where’s the Spurs fan who said it’s all over after 2 game and they’ll beat Heat in the final to win it all?
    I’m not saying they’ll gone soon, but it’s not over until it’s over. Especially with the 4 teams left are quite balance. Yes, Spurs has depth, but they don’t have superstar like KD or LBJ who did make big big differences (and no, Manu or Duncan is not on the same level as those 2 this year, and sorry folks, Parker is not the best PG left in the competition, he’s not better than Rondo, get real…)

  62. cire says:

    the defense that made him to the top, SPURS should be able to regain the reputation they have all season and work hard for it. OKC is a monster team right now to watch.

  63. Dew says:

    Lack of effort is one thing. The ‘Others’ as Shaq has come to call them, have not shown up in this series. Neal, Green, Bonner, Splitter, Blair, etc are no where to be found. They need to find a rhythm and need to find one fast. As OKC has done, it comes from defense. They saw how flustered and careless Westbrook can be when pressured from the get go at half to 3/4 court. The ‘Others’ need to find a way into this series or it will be time to go home. In all other previous Spurs runs, the ‘Others’ have found a way. Whether it was Robert Horry, Steve Kerr, Mario Ellie, Sean Elliott, Steve Smith, or Stephen Jackson of old, they found a way to keep it close for the big 3 to strike and win games. They are alone in this as of right now and have come up short last 3 games. The Spurs have prided themselves with their bench play all year, and have done well until now. OKC better hope they do not make an appearance come game 6 for their sake.

  64. Ali says:

    Thunder will advance to the finals God willing….. GO OKC!!!

  65. Greg says:

    This will end in Wednesday night, the Thunders eliminated the defending champ and now they will eliminate the best team in the league. What ever team they will meet in the east, it doesn’t matter. This young, talented and energetic team will grab what they deserve.

    • Jake T. says:

      That’s right. People on here are calling the Thunder mediocore, but the Thunder have had one of the greatest playoff runs ever. They first had to play the defending champs, Dallas, then had to go through the perpetual champs, LA, now have had to go through the Western Conference champs, San Antonio – and they’ve done it all with only 3 losses the entire post season. I don’t know how anyone could say the Thunder don’t deserve to be in the finals. Further, the Thunder dominated east coast teams this year, including destroying Miami in OKC and barely losing to them in Miami, and sweeping both games against Boston. Simply put, the evidence seems to show that the Thunder are for real and deserve to be where they are at the moment.

  66. Truss says:

    It’s over for the spurs, i dont see them coming back in OKC.

  67. How about you all explain to me why the only team to beat all the teams in the regular season can not play the game agianst a medicore team like okc. why the penitlys and the refs controll the pace of the game. why does the best team loses, you know the one that had the least peniltys all season, against one of the most penilised team in the nba?? how come we can not have a honest game in the finals, can you say money, advertisement, greed and popularity?? the best teams dont make it because the nba is a bunch of cheaters and corrupted officals. just replay the calls and peniltys and the ones not called, you cant all be blind.

    • Stinger says:

      Lol.. Why do you always blame the refs? and also the officials? Just accept it!
      Brooks outcoach Pop, why? He was always adjusting every game, especially the latest adjustment where he put Manu in the starting lineup. But Brooks always continue whats on the plan, except for who to guard.
      The OKC Big 3 outplayed the Big 3 of the Spurs, lol… They cant find any guy to guard KD. And wait, they got a weapon, “FLOP”. Shaq was right , Manu was the greatest flopper. LOL
      The OKC Bench outscored SA bench, where are the SA bench now? LOL.
      Just accept it, OKC just worked hard to win the series. PERIOD.

      • aussied says:

        Hey Flopperrrrr (Stinger)
        OKC may win this series but its clear that b’ball is built off the big 3….. something that OKC does not have against the East Big 3 Sides! U R talkin like the championship is heading back west already… wake up and smell the $%^, KD can not beat a modern day big 3…. or their bench. We all know titles are built from the bench……u may laugh now but we will wait and see who has the last laugh.

      • dattebayo says:

        Well, Tony Parker gets hammered by a triple team and goes down in transition and no one blows a whistle, that happened alone 3 times in Game 5. Ibaka got away with 1-2 goaltendings in Game 5 which makes that at least 5-6 goaltendings for the entire series. Did they call Perkins on those illegal screens he set yesterday? If they had he would have fouled out in the third or wouldn’t have played that many minutes. Collison was moving on every charge he picked up, he was always sliding sideways and was not set, when the attacker was already in the air/on the move.

        But it is easy to blame the refs, its a fast game and sometimes even 3 referees don’t have the angle to make the right call. The Thunder played great Defense and competed the entire game, the Spurs had too many turnovers and didn’t get all the whistles. It was a great close and hardfought game and besides getting away with some calls, OKC got away with the win which is the only thing that matters…

      • Mister_215 says:

        @Stinger I agree with you to a certain extent. OKC is playing harder then SA right not. Are they the better team, no, but hard work beats talent. SA had 21 TOs. You should never expect a team to win after having 21 TOs in an important game like last night. Pop didn’t get out coached, his team didn’t play their brand of basketball. With all of that said they still could have forced overtime. As for defending KD, nobody can guard him. They don’t really need to stop him because no one can and anytime three p;ayers on your team score at least 27 points and you still lose…… Enough said.

    • Pete says:

      Since when is the 2nd seed in any conference and with the 3rd highest wins for the season considered a “mediocre” team? Also, I wouldn’t say that OKC had an advatage with refs and fouls since Ibaka had foul trouble 53 seconds into game 5 and OKC were pinged with 3 within the first minute of the game…

    • Josh says:

      So just stop watching man.Thunder is winning… so what !
      This series is awesome, just enjoy it or get lost.

    • Pfft says:

      Anyone can see the Thunder not only bested the Spurs, but the refs as well.

      Go back to your bunker with the Ron Paul shrine, drink your unfluoridated water, and perfect your aluminum foil beanie pattern.

    • Gentleman and Scholar says:

      After much experimentation and consultation with my distinguished colleagues, I have found that OKC does not have the necessary composition to effect a upset of the honorable gentlemen from San Antonio. Timothy Duncan, Anthony Parker, and Emanuel Ginobili are too much for the young pip-squeaks to handle. However, Mr. Parker must be sure not to screw up so many goddamn plays with his goddamn turnovers. GODDAMN. The honorable Kawhi Leonard must be expected to contribute, as well. Thank you, and I wish all of you the best in your many endeavors.

      • lens2film says:

        Why do you speak like that? “the honorable” and “GODAMN!” in the same sentence? OKC 4-2.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      awwww what a cry baby, if anything the Spurs have had the whistle in 3 of the 5, all 3 home games for the Spurs have had terrible calls, OKC got the benefit in game 3 and it was about even in game 4, the refs are not calling much for either team. The better team is winning, isnt it obvious? as soon as OKC figured out how to defend the 1 play the spurs run 80% of the time the series changed dramatically, everyone says POP was outcoaching Brooks, who looks like the better coach now?

      • dattebayo says:

        Brooks has and never will outcoach Gregg Popovich. Having 3 studs on the floor, that can knock down anything from anywhere on the floor and letting them do that, is not coaching. Letting Durant go nuts 1n1 or off screens or in the pick&roll is not coaching, It’s giving up the responsibilities to your players. The only thing you can credit him for is making that team play defense and stay focused.

        Pop finished with a better record whilst playing Rookies and Players, that no one else wants. Ginobili lost half the season due to injury, that’s like the Thunder losing Harden and we all saw what happens, when he ain’t there.

    • Slider821 says:

      Don’t feed the troll…

    • Derick Sema says:

      @ Kenneth Burkman it’s absurd for you to call the OKC mediocre; OKC thunders has the energy, skill and the willingness to fight. You need to understand the that “will triumphs over skill”. The spurs have more skills and the experience but the thunders have the willingness to go the extra mile, to fight and thats what wins championships. If you truly watched the match last night, you will have seen that the refs made more erroneus calls in favor of the Spurs than the Thunders. So you can’t going around calling the refs cheaters. Lastly the refs are humans, and we all make mistakes. I personally think these refs make honest mistakes.