Rondo rules the series

BOSTON — This series may not belong to any particular team at the moment, but it does belong to one player. The East is tied because of Rajon Rondo, the MVP through four games.

Yes, better than LeBron James or Dwyane Wade or any of the Big Three on the Celtics.

Without Rondo, the Celtics would be meeting up with the wrecking ball right now. Instead, they’re headed to Miami for Game 5 and then back to Boston for a Game 6, which seemed unlikely just a few days ago. Rondo has been that good at both ends, and also in giving the Celtics a much-needed jolt of energy and leadership.

This is someone who scored a career-high 44 points, who got Kevin Garnett more involved in the offense, who’s making life hell for the Miami defense and who has been a stabilizing force for Boston whenever things began to sour.

Game 4 was more of the same. Rondo was the main reason the Celtics cruised to 61 points in the first half and led by 18. He had 10 assists by halftime and by spreading the wealth, helped the Celtics put six players in double figures. Even after the Heat began to double him in the second half, Rondo helped make plays that ultimately decided the game.

Also, Rondo has played nearly reckless-free basketball for four games, and after playing all 53 minutes (regulation and OT) in Game 2 went 47 in the OT win Sunday.

He scored 15 points with 15 assists in Game 4. And after Paul Pierce fouled out in overtime, it was Rondo who grabbed his teammates by the collar with a message.

“I told KG that it’s time,” he said. “We have to take the game over. At that particular time in the game,  when your leading scorer goes out, you have to step up and make plays. And that’s what we did as a team. I didn’t want to force anything. I didn’t want to be too aggressive because I already had four fouls. I tried to get my teammates involved. It’s not a one-man show.”

Rondo is the only Celtic who has yet to see his production dip this series, the only Celtic who hasn’t had to dig himself out of a rut. Because of his consistency, Boston has a chance to spring an upset, although it will take winning in Miami, something the Celtics haven’t done yet.

Until the Heat figure a way to contain Rondo’s ability to break down the defense and create easy shots for teammates, beating the Celtics will continue to be a struggle.

“Obviously, it starts with him, the head of the snake,” said Wade. “He’s done a good job of rallying the troops and getting them to perform in their roles. We know how valuable he is to them, and what he’s capable of doing to us. So naturally, containing him will be a focus of ours.”

After four games, that focus has only grown sharper, out of necessity.


  1. Andrew says:

    I gotta love how the boston fans and heat haters are riding on the last game and thinking boston can win another championship with rondo. when the nba finals start, the west team will destroyyy boston if they even manage to beat the heat. heat on the other hand has more explosive players to match with the west teams and even when pacers had them on a choke hold, heat just shoved all the hate back to them haters. bosh is recovering, lebron will still produce big numbers. only wade needs to step up in the first half so his team isn’t playing catch up. boston on the other hand needs a whole lot of effort from everyone to even have a chance of maintaining a chance to win, the moment rondo goes streaky is when things fall apart for boston.

    you know a team is scary when they can come back from ugly first halfs and give you heart attacks until the final second. out of the four teams in this series, boston is the only team i feel that cannot do much when they are down in the late quarters.

    • Elden says:

      Let’s face it, that little point guard named Rondo has been giving the Heat nothing but headaches If Boston loses this series, they can still be proud and say, “We did our best.” Can Miami say that? I don’t think so. Just take a good look at Wade’s performance.

      If a team has to fight so hard (and till the end) to come back from an ugly first halfs, it is NOT a great team–not good enough to be the champions. What is worse? They still couldn’t win after all the screaming and kicking!

  2. jojo1210 says:

    Beware Heat! Don’t mess with the guy who is wearing GREEN and always carrying TRICKS. Its the RIDDLER who’s playing and showing up by the name RONDO!!

  3. BasedonStats says:

    That was definitely a offensive foul on LeBron…he ran into Pietrus while backing up. Maybe a lil flop by Pietrus but hey the HEAT do their fair share of those. How about LeBron hooking KG’s arm and then dropping to the floor while pulling KG. Hey, what goes around….

  4. Omar says:

    If Miami loses a series whether it’s in the conference finals or in the NBA finals, I can see Spoelstra getting fired and then hiring Stan Van Gundy as the Head Coach. Then I can see Miami winning a ring with Van Gundy.

    • oliveaugust says:

      ….Stan Van was with the Heat before he was with the Magic. I don’t see him going back there.

  5. Peter says:

    Boston have been the better team so far in the series, and that’s becuase everyone is doing their part and they are playing as a team. Some Boston facts that are being overlooked in this series:

    1. Kevin Garnett – playing in Rondo’s shadow, KG has quietly averaged 20 PPG and 11 RPG not only in this series, but in the entire playoffs. He’s just as valuable to this team as Rondo is, and his +/- numbers will show that

    • Peter says:

      2. Ray Allen – a non-factor in the first two Playoff rounds, Allen is looking himself again and consistently making big shot. He’s putting spreading the floor and putting pressure Miami’s defense as well as giving an extra scoring threat that didnt exist in the last 2 weeks.

      3. Paul Pierce – not for the scoring, but for the great job he has done in defending James and making his life difficult. James is an amazing player and will score no matter what, but in this series Pierce has made him work for everything.

    • Peter says:

      4. Keyon Dooling, Mickeal Pietrus, Marquis Daniels
      Dooling and Marquis gave some good offensive production at key times, but all three of these guys have provided a huge boost with their hustle, their defensive intensity and their willingness to do whatever they need to.

      Everyone is talking about Rondo, but all of these guys are playing their part big time

  6. showbaba7 says:

    i know you will not post this but many people are piece off with NBA now because the 4th game showed how NBA disrepected thier leagues’ MVP. Giving fake fouls to leagues MVP is a shame. PEOPLE KNOWS AND ARE WATCHING. NBA RATING WILLD DROP IF THEY CONTINUE TO DO THAT TO LEBRON AND THE MIAMI. PLS LET THE COMMISSIONER KNOW ABOUT THIS POSTING AND THE REFERESS. BECAUSE OF THAT I REFUSE TO WATCH OKC AND SA GAME TODAY

  7. Marb says:

    Jon Barry said: “With all due respect to Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Darren Williams, Steve Nash, the whole list, Rajon Rondo is the best point guard in the NBA this season.” Magic Johnson concurred, and compared Rondo to himself as a player in his heyday.

    That being said, Rondo is my favorite “Point Guard” by the definition of the term. He can score if he has to, he definitely have shown that during this season, but he chooses to be more of a team player than just a “one-man show.” The Best Shooting Guard for me this season is 1. Kobe and 2. D.Rose and the greatest shooting guard of all time would definitely be Michael Jordan.

  8. kabog23 says:

    just enjoy the game guys… hope to see double game 7..

    OKC and HEAT are both great teams, but i want to see DUNCAN vs KG in FINALS

  9. Decrepify says:

    LOL.. lebron will never play in celtics .. ! HEAT will win in game 5 and take game 7 🙂 sweet victory..

  10. If they stop rondo, they stop the celtics

  11. You’re right on about Rajon. You can’t say enough about what his game 2 performance did for the Celtics.
    It inspired them, made them believe. I mean he literally got the Celtic vets thinking “We’re gonna help next game,”
    and they did. Rajon has the whole team digging deeper than anybody, including themselves, thought they could go.
    Look at KG, getting whipped to the floor and responding not with anger, not with complaints to the refs, but with
    knuckle pushups. That’s what I mean by digging deep!

  12. tom boz says:

    please! can’t believe they are saying rondo has been better than lebron! dwayne has been doing nothing but feed off lebron. rondos had a 40 point game that they lost and is getting help from ray pierce and especially garnett. lebron is getting help from no one

  13. ROOSTER says:

    What if lebron played for Celtics… mmm ???.

    • fuego says:

      if he was a celtic then all these corn ball Celtic fans would be d*ck ridin him. Lebron had 3 guys on him n he’s supposed to shoot that? If you never played the game of basketball then please everyone stfu.

    • Marb says:

      @ROOSTER, LeBron playing for the Celtics? that’s not gonna happen, he chose to play for the Heat with Bosh and one of his purpose is to defeat the Celtics, he even kneel on the floor when Miami won the series last year..too bad they didn’t won the championship.

  14. Brad T says:

    In the other Rondo article where stupid Steve Aschburner won’t allow any comments –“Said Celtics guard Ray Allen: “It was like chess — they took our queen and we took their queen.”

    LOL that cracks me up QUEEN JAMES

  15. KingOfAces2895 says:

    I think Game 3 would have ended with Miami Heat 3-1 had James not fouled out. I think it is safe to say the officials were overall just bad in this game. They made bad calls on both sides but the calls against Lebron ended up disastrous (as he fouled out when his team needed him most).

    For those saying that LeBron didn’t go clutch at the end, I would say he did. The best evidence of this is his calm, collected, nothing but net 3 pointer to tie the game with 30 seconds left on the clock in the 4th quarter.

    None the less, the series is now 2-2 and I do believe the Heat will take the next to for a 4-2 win over the Celtics as Magic Johnson and company predicted

  16. Alfred H says:

    Rondo Shut up and play the game stop wining you big cry baby, Boo-Who.who cares

  17. W/E says:

    If things turn up bad for the heat in game 5 Dwade is gunna have to go for plan B, exterminate rondo

  18. j says:

    Celtics still havent played their best ball yet. Unless Bosh comes back the Heat cant match up with KG, and you all have seen that neither James or Wade can guard Rondo. Celtics will move on to their last finals together. Heat will have to wait another year for their “not one…not two… not three..” championships. What a joke.

    • fuego says:

      huh? LEbron had to guard KG and ROndo. WHat player has to do that? Rondo doesn’t lock down Lebron or Chalmers

  19. mr-plow says:

    C’s should be up 3-1 in this series,but the NBA won’t have it.

    • fuego says:

      How should they be up 3-1 when they blow 24 pt and 18 pt leads. Blew a 18 pt lead and Wade didn’t go to the line once.

  20. Ethan says:

    In the last week or so Rondo has became one of the most dominant forces in the NBA. In my opinion he is outplaying Wade an Lebron. I can’t jump to any hasty decisions, but it’s about to be game five, and if the Celtics want to win they have to keep Rondo playing the same way he has been playing. The Heat should be scared right know, Rondo at his best at the moment, KG and Pierce are doing well, and no Chris Bosh until game 5 and that is still even a maybe. The path is clear for the Celtics at the moment, but they have to keep the same mentality, as for the Heat if they have any chance of going back to the finals Wade and Lebron need to step up more, and get Chris Bosh back. He could help the in some ways, but for the most part he’ll still be resting and kicking in whenever he can. Game 7 Celtics go to the Finals.

    • Elden says:

      Miami had ample opportunities to win Game 4, but neither James nor Wade could be the closer, and their free throws were terrible. Yet, their fans make fun of Rondo’s jump shots and say he’s not MVP material. What a joke! If Rondo continues to play as well he has been, he will most likely be better than any well-known point guards in NBA. The media calls him, “Head of the Snake,” for a reason!!! Both James and Pierce got fouled out, but you don’t see Pierce “cry” infront of the media. Wade better not injure Rondo cause he will not get away with it this time, and the suspension will definitely kill Miami. As long as Rondo facilitates well, the team holds on to the lead, and the bench players chip in (just don’t put Hollins out there; that guy can’t even hold on to the ball), Boston will take the series in Game 6.

      • Davon says:

        I agree with ur last statement….my observation and opinion of Hollins is not good…guy’s a stewedbum, no talent at all….C’s in 6, pos 7…period

  21. CelticFan says:

    Wade better not break Rondo’s arem the way he did in the East Semis last season…

  22. Whether this series goes to Miami or Boston, it has been one hell of a show so far. Celtics have already done more than I could have hoped for as a Chicago fan, yet taking the Heat out in 6 (or 7) would be nothing short of spectacular. I get the appeal of Miami, why so many people jumped the bandwagon and started routing for them, why wouldn’t you when they have two (three) of the best players in the league? Here’s a fact though, they just don’t play as a team; Rondo takes what the defense gives him, which means 8/10 times you’ll see The Truth or KG with the last shot – but no matter what it will be the best possible shot, and not necessarily the best player taking it – that’s teamwork. When it comes down to the wire I will love seeing Miami go more isolation plays for LBJ and Dwade and then choking under pressure. They’ve had a great supporting cast, they just don’t have faith in them when it comes down to it (yes I know Haslem took the last shot, but that was based on the defensive possession, not a set-up play.

    Here’s to hoping for 2 or 3 equally exciting games!

  23. HEATSFAN says:

    celtics > heats
    rondo > lebron

    • dattebayo says:

      You really went out on a limb to prove Miami Heat fans support their team, huh?

    • Bball fan says:

      Ask this question. if you were a teams owner or GM and you have a chance to build a team around either Lebron or Rondo, who would you choose. please speak your heart.

  24. Eaham says:

    Cletics need better ball movement in the 3rd and 4th Quarter to close out the deal. They become too conservative and starts playing one on one rather then move the ball around. Doc would agree, Hopefully thry keep up the intensity and ball movement. I say Boston takes it in 7. (Opinion :))

  25. bu says:

    Rondo has been phenomenal with his energy, D, & smarts. Remember what Doc said, they DO NOT practise now as they only get 1 day off between games. They DO NOT run set plays, as Doc trusts Rondo to run the show based on his instincts. Obviously, this group has been together for 5 yrs & they know how many zids each other has at any given point in time!!

    That’s why I love watching the Celtics play so much after the big 3 came in. They do not win by atheletic ability but by teamwork, system & hustle & defense. They play ball the right way.

    If the refs didn’t rip off the Celtics in games 1 & 2, they should be up 3-1 now!!!

    Though, for Rondo, it’s nice to have 3 future hall of famers to teach & set the tone & make shots, & a good system. He’s right, it’s not a 1 man show. But he clearly is the orchestra in symphony.

  26. oliveaugust says:

    When the Celtics win, it’s what the Heat did wrong. Do you think if the Heat would’ve won, it would have been about how Boston wasn’t able to hold on to their lead and execute down the stretch… no. It’s all about the Heat. Almost everyone wants the Heat in the Finals. That’s no secret. Talk about officiating all you want. Yes it’s been questionable quite a bit, but it’s not as though it’s been one sided for either team. Lebron fouled out on a questionable call… ok, so did Pierce. Pierce has fouled out in 3 of the last 5 playoff games! I haven’t heard him whine about it. He’s just stood on the sidelines and had faith in Rondo and his teammates. Game 2 was a really tough loss for Boston, yet they went home and got 2 wins. Give Boston the respect they deserve. They are 6 wins away from a title just like the other 3 teams left.

  27. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:

    excellent performance by the refs… OFFICIAL RULES THE SERIES….

    • Peter says:

      I love how when Boston gets the short end of the calls (game 1 and 2) Boston fans complain, and Heat fans say “refs dont decide gamers, players decide games”.

      Then when Miami lose, it”s all on the ref’s.

      Take your pick – either you didn’t earn game 3 and 4 because of bad play, or you didn’t earn game 1 and 2 because the Ref’s won it for you. Either way you lost two games.

  28. spelkey55 says:

    You are right Rondo is awesome, but don’t discount the play of the big three. KG has been a power unstoppable. The only way Miami won game 2 was through the help of officiating the series should be 3-1 Boston! Everyone thinks Bostons the over the hill gang. I got news for them THE CELTICS RULE! Rondo give the older players the spark they need to kick butt! Tell Miami to bring on Bosh, he ain’t no threat to the Celtics! KG will take advantage of him just like the others. Especially if he’s not in good health. it should have been Celtics in 5 except for officiating. Now some say Celtics in 7 but I got news for you if the games are called fair it’s going to be Celtics in 6! Now that Pierce and Allen are hitting from the perimeter and both of the slashing to the basket to create fouls and easy scores this series ain’t going to end the way Miami wants!

  29. pablo says:

    Grande rondo, es el mejopr cponductor de la NBA por lejos, y garnett, pierce y los triples de allen, vibro con los boston y me ilusiona una nueva estrella, pero lo visto en Boston las ultimas noches solo tiene una respuesta , EL ORGULLO DE SER CELTICS

  30. shane says:

    by the way, im a MAVS fan so who cares.. but texas go…

  31. shane says:

    miani is an allstar, they promised one two three and so on a ring, what a shame, if i were a miami fan i would be ashamed..

    • Bball fan says:

      why the fans have to be ashamed. it’s the players and organization who couldnt get the job done. I dont see any reasons to be shamed of to support your home team.

  32. Rondo says:

    This was a great when for us I think we will win in 6

  33. archie says:

    “Rondo has been that good at both ends,” he does nothing defensively except foul and slap and not get called for it. He’s had a nice series but the real MVP is the NBA officiating

    • Peter says:

      Yeah, you’re right – those officials gave Miami game 2, Boston should be up 3-1 😛

      Rondo has been on the all defensive teams how many years in a row? That’s voted by league professionals, not by fans (like the all start game). They seem to know something!

  34. Eaglos says:

    “I tried to get my teammates involved. It’s not a one-man show”
    If only Kobe Bryant could think of just half the above statement….

    Excellent performance from Rondo and a very bad performance from Wade (7 out of 22)…

  35. KOBRICK24 says:

    what if danny ainge nad sam presti pulled the trigger on the RONDO for WESTBROOK trade…

  36. Chuck Norris says:

    Chuck Norris in 6

  37. Carter says:

    If not for the extremely poor officiating in OT of game 2. Celtics would be up 3-1. Garnett is going to chew up Bosh down low. What was with the no call on Wade’s two handed leap on the head and two hand chop the arms of Pierce last night?

    • GoGreen says:

      and the fly swatter on rondo’s face that wade did but no call. bad officiating and terrible referees

  38. Vernon says:

    the celtics are really showing motivation and have gained alot of confidence especially from thier bench during these playoffs and that’s something that the heat havent showed at all, they’ve just come in expecting to beat boston easily and that’s not going to happen i say Celtics in 6 go Boston finish them off early

  39. Dave says:

    Wow. I always disliked the Celtics, but have to give them a lot of respect after that performance. Especially Rondo.

    The Heat are reeling now, they don’t know what hit them. Celtics in 7.

  40. Wha? says:

    Right, Now pls explain to us how come the best PG in the league, the one player who would make ANY team so much better (Is it a question if the Heat had him instead of e.g. Wade, they’d be in the finals now?), barely made the 3rd All-NBA Team. Actually, now that i’m lookin at it, he got less than a third of the votes CP3 got. Not to mention the calls lol.

    • heh says:

      You have to give credit to CP3 though, no other PG in the league can flop like him!

    • Peter says:

      No, I’m a Celtics fan but CP3 deserved his place on the first team. He led an otherwise lottery team to the Western Conference semi-finals almost singlehandedly (the rest of the team was barely changed from last year).

      The second team choice however should have been Rondo, no questions asked.

  41. celtskg says:

    i just hate it everytime these authors always make articles about what miami did wrong, but not about what the celtics did right!

  42. adrixe says:

    I think Celtics will get the momentum in this series. Boston in 7!

  43. Law064 says:

    Rondo’s been brilliant and he’s an elite player in the words of Lebron. Rondo has been the most consistant player in this series even with the Big 3 and the Big 2 he has out shined all of them. He’s like a magician with the ball and has been keeping the Celti’s afloat when they start to sink. If you want to get technical the C’s should be up 3-1 going back to Maimi. The Celtic’s blew a lead 3 games straight and could be on their way to the finals if they kept the lead in game 2. Minus the fould that wasn’t called the C’s just let the game slip away. Miami has been awful from the FT line and they’re hurting themselves by missing golden oppurtunities. Go Celtic’s let’s pull off an upset!!!!!

  44. J-Kupa says:

    Celtics in 6.

  45. miguel says:

    just hope wade doesn’t get dirty and tackle rondo again.

  46. LOLakers says:

    Get out the Ben Gay Smeltics your muscles must be about to explode LOL!!! You got extremely lucky and the refs helped you out but everyone knows your way too old to win anything! You are still far inferior to the Heat!!! Enjoy your Celebration while it lasts! Heat in 6!!!!!

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      terrible coaching for Miami….spolestra will be out if they lose this series

    • heh says:

      Someones a hater. Hi Hater.

    • Retro Silk says:

      There you go Ben Gay ing it up for the blog once again.
      If you cant handle the heat then change your team logo!
      Shut ’em down Celtics! Green all day!

    • mr-plow says:

      refs helped US win that would be the day FAKER fan.
      How are the playoffs where your watching from?

    • Davon says:

      who is this guy? what game did u watch? The Celtics are clearly the better team…..supremacy…period…..and Miami DID cry all nite to the refs…..all these 2 year jump on the bandwagon dudes….u guys are a joke, probably never played organized ball in ur life…..Celtics in 6, dummies!!!

    • Davon says:

      who is this guy? what game did u watch? The Celtics are clearly the better team…..supremacy…period…..and Miami DID cry all nite to the refs…..all these 2 year jump on the bandwagon dudes….u guys are a joke, probably never played organized ball in ur life…..Celtics in 6, dummies!!!

    • Peter says:

      Well the Heat must be absolute garbage then, if they lost to a ‘far inferior’ team…

  47. dattebayo says:

    It’s amazing, that KG is always able to play through and end games on the floor. Every Game he is holding, shoving, pushing, putting both arms on his opponents, he is hooking players and holding their jerseys. And I would dare say none of his screens are legal. Yet James and Pierce foul out, James was called for an illegal screen (that is a joke compared to KGs screens), had the double foul with KG (BS) and got called for an offensive foul when posting up Pietrus in overtime. Pietrus fell down and tripped James, if that is an offensive foul, KG should be called for a foul on every postup.

    The calls in Boston were majorly in favor for them, people claiming game 2 was the worst officiated so far are just wrong. In Game 2 Boston committed way too many stupid fouls that got the Heat to the line (Dooling 2 and1s on Wade, Stiemsmas 4 fouls in under 2 minutes and Pietrus silly fouls on James), you really shouldn’t complain when you can’t defend without fouling.

    Now we have a great series, I am looking forward to Game 5 even though Miamis fans are nothing compared to what Bostons fans brought to the TD Garden in terms of loudness and supporting your team…

    • heh says:

      Actually, KG got called for a foul on a play very similar to the one that got LeBron fouled out. Pietrus did the same thing to LeBron that LeBron did to KG, but you just happened to miss that play, right? Must’ve been while you were getting another bag of chips or something.

      • dattebayo says:

        Yes of course, KG throwing down James is the same as Pietrus pulling James down. Clearly you saw what you want to see and nothing else. What about KG holding James arm, so James was tied up and couldn’t help to prevent Rondos layup. That should have been a foul on Lebron too, right?

        get outta here Tommy Heinsohn…

    • so during the games in miami.. your saying the refs werent favoring miamis lebron and d wade
      face it, what your saying may be true.. but when it comes to the conference finals and further the refs are rigged 1) your not going to go all out with calls on the home team and get media/fans/the city on your tip! 2) its all for drama and for it to be entertaining, IF THEY MAKE SURE MIAMI LOSES IN CF TO BOS ON PURPOSE ( ITS FOR SPECULATION ABOUT LEBRON NOT BEING CLUTCH TO GO ON, THE MEDIA WILL TAKE OVER!

      EX:the years right b4 the lakers 3peat nbc paid the refs organization to be biased against them so shaq wouldnt look like he could win! its all bout entertainment … to finish my point off if it wasnt for the refs the lakers couldve won like 5 straight

    • Davon says:

      u sound like someone who got beat up going to school everyday, and had to swallow to keep ur lunch money……The Boston Celtics beat the Heat……they will do it again in Miami and win it back in Boston….u know it, ur family knows it, ur neighbors know it, and the world knows it

    • Peter says:

      The game was called questionably, but it was called that way in both directions. In games 1 and 2 the calls went clearly against Boston, so Miami fans have no leg to stand out – even if Boston did get the edge (which they didn’t) it cancels out.

      Boston were leading their last 3 games by double figures for majority of the game. They were just the better team – Miami tried to do too little too late, and they lost. That’s basketball justice.

  48. Mohcel says:

    Y’all thought it will be a sweep by tha Miami Heat.. Now y’all saying Miami in 6. How about Boston in 6? Face the truth, basketball is a game of luck. Lebron fouled out? How about Pierce fouled out. Stop making lame excuses. Maybe some of you will be saying Bosh isn’t there but Avery is also out? MIAMI CANNOT WIN WITHOUT BOSH PERIOD.

    • Brad T says:

      I thought it was funny how before game 4 everyone was talking about “what the Heat have to do”… WTF, they were up 2-1 and playing in Boston. You expect each team to hold their court, the Heat didn’t have to do ANYTHING. What they REALLY have to do is HOLD THEIR COURT and they will win.

      But they won’t! Boston in 7 LOL

    • Davon says:

      agreed,,,,,,very much so……..Celtics are supreme….Period

  49. rich says:

    Have more faith heat fans Miami will win this series in 7 they are tough at home just like the celtics are tough at home luckily we have the home court advantage so have faith!!!

  50. Arwin the Loser says:

    Amazingly Done! Lets do it Celtics~!

  51. Celtics200 says:

    Yeah right, the celtics wont lose in six let alone lose

  52. Boo2SLU says:

    I hope “containing him will be a focus of ours” does not equate to an injury like last year’s playoffs. Shout out from Saint Lucia to #TeamGreen

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      remember thats what messed boston up last year….ulgy elbow injury …tangled up with none other than DWADE

  53. tommy says:

    Miami in six

    • Brad T says:

      HA HA HA HA
      The Heat will be LUCKY to make it in 7

    • Davon says:

      get medication…..u need help…..Miami cries all the time….C’s play basic basketball and have an allstar in Rondo……keep sleeping on experience and age…..Celtcs will play the Spurs, hands down

  54. Cordell says:

    The Heat have to start pressuring Rondo and make him a scorer in the half court offense. I would rather have him get 30 pts than watch R Allen, Pierce or Garnett to get on track.

  55. Van_Haylem_iii says:

    Wade said “So naturally, containing him will be a focus of ours.”…but was actually thinking “…DISABLING him will be a focus of ours.”

    • Orion says:

      Thumbs Up!

    • BURNSY_11 says:

      HA HA exactly.
      I was just pleased LeBron got rolled for the same heinous call as Pierce… I was watching some 94 and 95 pacers/knicks playoff games the other day… imagine how much LeBron and Wade would cry if they faced that!

  56. OzHeatFan says:

    I’ve been saying for 2 years that he is the best player in a Celtics uniform, just too bad he’s wearing the wrong uniform. When does his contract expire.? I bet my house that after the old big 3 are gone, Rondo will leave the Celtic green, for greener pastures.
    What team couldn’t use an all-star point guard? He could demand whatever money he wanted.

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      after this year he is still under contract, him and paul pierce…rondo isnt going anywhere unless traded and after this postseason Danny Ainge would be a fool to get rid of him

    • Peter says:

      KG has been making a pretty good case for that title too this year…

      People may not recognise it, but he is as important (if not more important) to the Celtics as Rondo is. KG has the highest +/- number of any player in the playoffs this year (even including Lebron and Durant).

      I honestly believe that Boston looses more when KG sits down then they do when Rondo sits – Garnett’s impact on both ends of the floor for this team is undeniable.

      • Q says:

        I totally agree with you Sir Peter, RR and KG is the heart and soul of Celtic’s this playoff. No offense on PP an Ray-Ray but KG and RR is the only C player that consistently doing what they do best. and for C’s to win they need more production from PP and Ray or make a hard time for DWade and Lebron.

  57. SHUT up Sick! Heat loss because LeBron fouled out.

  58. NBAfan says:

    Rondo is a great player…if he could shoot the ball, he’d be unstoppable. 20 10 and 7 for the season perhaps. Keep it up!

  59. Dimes says:

    Rondo is even > Magic Johnson

    • dattebayo says:

      Without a jumpshot, Rondo will never be considered a top 10 point guard of all time, so please stop with your BS comments.

      Kidd, Nash, Johnson, Stockton, Thomas, Payton, Robertson >>>> Rondo

      • Koheleth says:

        Come on, Gary Payton? I saw hime with the Supes and he was pretty slick, but pure street ball. Agree about Rondo needing a few years to get into the league of Robertson and crew.

      • juneauz says:

        I totally disagree.
        Not saying that Rondo is better than Magic or Nash obviously, but I can’t stand the notion that “without a jumpshot, Rondo will never be a top 10 pg”… why is that? He can dominate basketball games in so many ways, who cares about the jumpshot?

      • Brad T says:

        Well, no offense to Kidd & Nash, but Rondo hasn’t retired yet! He has some more years to get that jumpshot solid. Although, it has been pretty, pretty good this series

      • Davon says:

        44 8 and 10……26 years old, has a championship and will get more…..and this guy says RR is not a top ten All star player…..put the pipe down, yo……..the Celtics are supreme…..Period……u sound like a real dolt, yo

  60. heat316 says:

    @sick: we will see. heat in 6!
    lebron will get wild!

    • steve says:

      lebron has been going wild, but if he doesnt help the role players play better like rondo does the c’s will take the series

  61. Math Genius says:

    the maths checks out.

  62. lakermig says:

    Id give a finger to have a player like that with the lakers

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      I would too, but I dont think Kobe would allow another player to have that much ball control….but we do need a pg!

      • Justin says:

        I disagree with what you say about Kobe. Personally I think he would LOVE to have a teammate that he can trust with the ball. Kobe doesnt play hero-ball at the end of games because he wants the glory, he plays hero ball because the players around him rarely step up their game. He would rather take all the responsibility because he doesnt trust his teammates. If he had a player like Rondo it would make his job so much easier. He could be shooting wide open jumpers instaed of those crazy shots he is always taking (and usually making)

      • RR9 says:

        Rondo in Purple and Gold??? hahahah… that makes me wanna hurl
        He’s a no-drama player, hard worker… spare the drama for those little queens in LA!!! hahahaha

  63. lakermig says:

    rondo is simply awesome and keeps getting better in leaps and bounds every year, A definite Hall Of Famer if he keeps this level up.And he’s only 26 and already has 1 championship i definitely see another in his future.

  64. eknujsra says:

    and again, chuck was wrong 🙂

    • Davon says:

      always is…..never liked him….only ring Chuck every got was a ring around the bathtub…..listening to Charles is like listening to my mother in law…..noise……

  65. frank says:

    Rondo mvp. Lebron plays well but Rondo plays better getting his teammates involved. Lebron doesnt do that.

  66. Sick says:

    Rondo > Wade

    • Alpha Base says:

      Nope. At this point in the series. It’s RONDO >>> wade

      Give us fans double game 7s!!!