Return Of The Bosh For Game 5?

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — Three weeks without Chris Bosh in the lineup is apparently enough for the Miami Heat.

According to Brian Windhorst of, the All-Star power forward could be activated for Tuesday night’s Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals, giving the Heat a much-needed low-post boost before in a series that is tied at 2-2 after the Celtics’ overtime win in Game 4 Sunday night in Boston.

Bosh has been out since suffering an abdominal strain in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Indiana Pacers. And the Heat have struggled to find the right fit in the post without him.

Celtics’ power forward(/center) Kevin Garnett has had his way in the conference finals without Bosh to worry about, averaging 20.5 points and 10.8 rebounds through the first four games. The Heat have had to use an array of big men to work in Bosh’s absence and even went with LeBron James playing some power forward and even center without Bosh available.

Even if he can only play limited minutes, having Bosh back in the rotation is a boost for the Heat. Had Dwyane Wade‘s 3-point attempt at the buzzer gone down in Game 4 we might not have seen Bosh in this series. A 3-1 lead with a chance to close the series out on their home floor might have allowed him to rest for at least a few more days. But it’s must-win time for the Heat in this series.

Without an announced timetable for his return, it was believed that Bosh would be out for at least three weeks with the abdominal strain. He’s already missed nine games and right at three weeks. Without any hiccups between now and tip-off Tuesday night, he’s expected to be in uniform and ready to go for game 5.

In what amounts to a best-of-3 series now, the return of Bosh could be just what the Heat need to survive this series and move on to their second straight appearance in The Finals.


  1. Isaiah says:

    People, let’s be serious. THE BOBCATS ARE GOING TO WIN IT ALL THIS YEAR!

  2. Jack says:

    BOSTON and the haters will have no chance either,..haha try to sing the 70’s songs, its good for them.

  3. Jack says:

    @schoowow: wow thats brainy man!! i can see u are like that science man who knows everything, i know ur just a big hater on LBJ, really this topic is all about bosh coming back but u keep on sharing your hatred on the man,..shut up will u haters?? can u bring that out personally to lebron?? can u face him man to man?..u are all good in trying to break the mans heart here,…but personally i know u can not say those things to him,..haha i can see u are one of the many cowards here who tends to just write it here like all the hater nba writers who are over hyping each every heat actions, fair at all!! shut up all of u haters, lets see who will win game 5, will sweep the next 2 games,..

  4. Tell It Like It Is says:

    Let me stop you All right there, The Heat need Bosh for multiple reasons, 1 they are scared little cry babies, 2 adding Bosh to the line up helps them feel better about losing, 3 they don’t know how to adapt when their stars are injured, they are just shallow. 4 Wade has always been. Dirty player, the only reason why they even got to the finals last year was by default coz guess who broke Rondo’s arm?? That’s right, Wade, Lebron chokes in big moments wade does too, they are just trying to replicate what has already been done. The heat need Bosh badly, They got owned all season with him in the line up, and their coach talks a big talk no results, the heat are whack and James is just cursed for what he did to his home team. Don’t be surprised if they get dumped 2morrow, coz these so called aging players aren’t quite as old as is being publicized. Miami will have to cheat to make it to the finals and if they do, the Thunder or San Antonio will be there to clean out the rubbish. Heat have no chance period

  5. ton says:

    i see that miami heat want to win in dramatic way like last shot….so they must join in harlem team … be serious to play guys… you can win this time… what ever happen you will… please coach use big line up … james is sf not a pf… ok….

  6. cire says:

    Coach SPOELSTRA should focus on their DEFENSE and transition OFFENSE…REGROUP and PROVE!… GO SPOELSTRA!…GO FILIPINO!!!!

  7. Jedo says:


  8. cire says:

    its a MUST win for the HEAT this coming game or else, its the end of the season for them. go SPOELSTRA!!!!…GO FILIPINO!!!!…

  9. You heard it here says:

    None of this matters! Either team will be wrecked by OKC or SAS

  10. Zachariah says:

    Wheres lebron James when you need him. Wade needs to take over, its his house.

  11. Nik123dj says:

    If Bosh comes back in game 5 and 6, he’ll probably get hurt again. if that happens Thunder have the finals.

  12. makataeus says:

    Bosh would be helpful and to give him some playing time to shake off the rust before the finals wouldn’t be a bad idea. He’s going to have a big job in the finals whoever gets through, if it’s not KD and Ibaka, it’s Duncan, right now get some valuable minutes on KG.

  13. Smithy says:

    Bosh need to get back in the game. With Bosh back, the focus of double team Wade every time will most likely over with Bosh able to score. Right now the celtic strategy is to take Wade out of the game by double teaming him make him play like a bench player and the only one who left to score is LBJ. There is only 3 scorer on this team. No offense to all the other players. Miami got a lot of good players, 3 points shooters, but they are not being used right. So I say lets bring Bosh back!

  14. Ryan says:

    Bosh definitely needs to come in, even if it’s for half the game.

  15. andy han says:

    @sherlock holmes ha yea good luck

  16. andy han says:

    @archie lol ur out of ur mind, “phantom fouls’ r u kidding me…. what about paul pierce fouling out 2 out of 4 games so far……… shane battier just falling down???????? lol for there to even be a debate on which team the refs have helped put so far is ridiculous, the HEAT have had all the help so far and there have been barely any calls going for boston…… how is this even in question if the refs had so called “helped boston” then they would be up 3 1 right now, if they just let the players play……then the celtics would be up 3 1….. so i don’t what all the talk is about, celtics in 6

  17. WHOCARES says:

    If the miami heat wants to be in the finals, they should not force bosh to play in game 5. this is not the right time to push that panic button. its just 2-2 count..

    Bosh will only be a liability.. a liability that will surely hate by the miami fans if he played in game 5.

    Officiating is not that fair on both teams.. as we all know that.. just play hard and focus on the game..

    Rules in calling fouls has been changed in order to let the players play.. this is the conference finals for christ sake..




  18. okcfan says:

    doesnt matter okc are the champs……

  19. Cody says:

    all you heat fans that are complaining about Celtics fouling you can shut up. You all know that the ref’s have been in favor of Miami the whole series, if anything it should be a 3-1 Celtics lead going into game 5 with that ridiculous game the other night. Stop complaining you have a team stacked with superstars that should easily win this series, seriously as Rondo said at halftime if you guys stopped wining to the refs in transition maybe you would beat us? STFU

  20. Heat4life says:

    Danny hains complain to offlical after game two about how many foul shot LBJ took. Then after that game all the calls have gone Boston way. Lebron was grab by his waist on a break away steal in game three, the ref clearly saw that foul but didn’t call the foul.

  21. good bye celtics, good bye spurs..

  22. WHOCARES says:

    Just for the record im not a fan of either boston or miami.

    I think there are several reason why chris bosh will not be a factor if he plays or not. WHY?

    1. He is so weak to go low post.. always shoots a jump shot.. that how he plays for a position of PF (Power Forward) he plays SF (Soft Forward). lol WEAK..
    2. Coming back from an injury.. would make him so god damn afraid to play hard inside that might end his so called career.. if he got one.. why he got that injury? not because he played inside but because of his softness.. TOO GAY..
    3. KG has averaged 20.5 pts. and 10.8 rebs. in four games without the weakling bosh. KG will still get his numbers even if he plays on game 5. KG will eat him alive.. i can surely tell that.. WEAK..
    4. Bosh will not have an impact both end of the floor. WHY? again, WEAK.
    5. A cry baby just like LBJ & DWade..

    GO BOBCATS… lol

    • Matt D From BMT says:


  23. Malvs says:

    I’m sure Archie is not a Basketball player even if he is, I’m sure he’s not a good one, please stop complaining about the way referee’s officiate the game, its ridiculous. I mean in basketball there is a term for that, its called “Breaks of the game” sometimes the “break” is on your side sometimes its not, but it doesn’t mean that if its not for your team, your just gonna whine about it, I’m sure that Lebron and Wade are more of a player than that, I’m sure they will adjust instead of complaining about the officials and if your wise, you’ll do the same.

  24. thisguy says:

    Boston would have either been up 3-1 or swept the heat by now if bradley was here. He would have shut d-wade down.

  25. Neutral Fan says:

    For all those heat fans talking about James fouling out and pietrus really grabbing him… are you even watching the games. When the refs are throwing it, like Game 1, 2, and the second half of 4… all lebron n wade have to do is pretend to drive and they get the call…meanwhile on the other side they mug the celtics to death. Wade murdered Pierce in Game 4 didnt get called then proceeded to drive to the basket score a bucket and get a chance for a 3pt play due to a PHANTOM call. Plays like that have happened all series with the Heat getting all the calls. Game 3 and the first half of Game 4 show what really happens when the referees stop blowing the game and just let the two good defensive teams play….Celtics win all day if the refs stop hating just because Stern wants the “Dream Team” vs. Durant in the finals.

  26. this blog is for bosh, not the foul calls!
    If Bosh was here the heat would of finished boston in 5!
    GO HEAT!

  27. Josh says:

    It’s ridiculous to play Bosh. One must not forget how much Bosh weighs in the salary cap of the Heat, if they happen to play Bosh and he re injures himself from bad healing, the Heal will lose not only this year’s championship, but also the next years, who would want to trade for a injured Bosh? This is one point, the other one is even more simple…putting a injured Bosh with no games in his legs (let’s be practical, if he plays he will be injured…because if he wasn’t he would be AT LEAST in his uniform) against KG with four games of rhythm it’s suicide, it’s adding a liability in your D, since with Bosh on KG, the Miami Heat won’t feel the need to double team him…it’s human, it’s what they’ve been done the whole year on the guy defended by Bosh. Unless game 5 is another unfair foul fest of 47-29 against Boston, Miami will lose game 5…Boston already know how to shut them down in their scheme, and Boston can’t figure out the perfect matchup against Rondo and KG, besides, in terms of coaching, Doc equals 100 Spoelstras….4-2 for Boston, Bosh in the starting 5 in game 6 in Boston

  28. Daryll says:

    Yes bosh will return…
    Miami heat gonna finish this business..

  29. Adrian says:

    The Heat should have Bosh dressed and put on the bench. If Dwayne Wade continues to struggle in the first half and KG is scoring big than they should put him in to see what he could do. Other than that, Dwayne Wade will get going eventually and and hopefully for the entire game this time. LeBron can’t always carry the team on his back for an entire half.

  30. al says:

    He needs to start playing now. If he doesnt he will be comming back in the finals (if they make it), and will be out of game shape when they need him most, which is against one of the NBAs best 2 teams. So they can save him for the finals, but he may not be any good anyway, so get him on the floor now.

  31. Tom.S says:

    Quite fun to describe Bosh as a low-post boost when he you can easily describe him as
    allergic to the painted area. Even though, I believe that this is the nail in the coffin for the C’s,
    now Wade (who is playing the best “off-ball” in his career) have another player to let the offense flow through and can continue to operate freely without the rock.

  32. Watch out Lebron n Dwade will be on a mission in game 5 n bosh is gonna be their secret weapon. Let’s go heat it’s time to make em dance to Miami’s tango!

  33. Denzo says:

    We all know the Heat are going to get the calls in the long run. No two ways about it..! I hope though, the Clets can show us that beautifl basketball and get the win it would make me so happy to see the Awesome foursome wrap up one more championship. Seriously everyone loves watching KG.

  34. TKthompson says:

    I dont know why people are complaining about either of the calls being made. Preaching here isnt going to impact game 5,6 and maybe 7. Expecting refs to make every call is like expecting NBA players to finish easy looks. We would like it to happen for our team, but isnt the case. I mean look at LBJ, best player in the world, boshed ( see what i did there) a dunk. Jordan does it too, Let the game be. As long as EAST gets a championship I’m happy. (Although I maybe being optimistic)

  35. beantown says:

    Theres going to be non-foul calls on the celts in miami and theres going to non-fouls called on the heat in boston. That has already been established no more arguing about that. heres what this series is going to boil down to. coaching which is won by a long shot by doc rivers and point guard play because of these two facts boston is advancing to the finals.

  36. SUBASH says:


  37. mike says:

    boston wont beat miami in miami….miami is gonna take this series simply because they are better

  38. mike says:

    rondo looks like an alien…seriously , if u disagree your blind

  39. W/E says:

    Bosh needs to start playing right now and get in the playoff spirit or else it would be bad for him and his team.

  40. Bobby says:

    Or maybe they should dress Bosh and if the Heat don’t get in trouble let him stay on the bench.

  41. Schoowow says:

    LeBron, Wake up ! life is too short to sleep through it…

    Why does LeBron never answer his mom calling him on his cell phone ? He does not have a ring.

    You ask LeBron to give you a dollar, he gives you 75 cents. Why ? He does not have the last quarter.

    Why does Lebron need to stop throwing powder in the air ?
    Powder is not for his age. He needs to change into a stick deodorant, as it is right now, he stinks in the fourth period.

    Why does Lebron planning to quit basketball and start playing hokey ?
    A. In Hokey, they only play 3 periods.
    B. In Hokey, it is not so exceptional that a player freezes.

    What’s the difference between Miami and Boston ? Boston.
    What’s the difference between LeBron and Michael Jordan ? 2 Kobes, 3 Wades and a bunch of Bushes.
    (Trust me… This is NOT a joke. Add them all together and count championships. If you count Finals MVPs you may wish to add a few Shaquilles)
    Why did Shaq call Lebron and Wade and wish them victory ? he’s good enough in math to understand what’s the only way to break that equation real soon.

    Why did Lebron go to Miami ?
    a. Why did the chicken cross the road…
    b. a little complicated this time, so I’ll give you a hint, if he was half as good in geography as Shaq is in math, he would know Orlando is by far closer to Cape Canaveral
    The answer is he wanted to get a ride on a space craft from time to time.
    Space is the only place a star like him feels at home.
    What’s common tp Miami and space ? Too many stars did not help space win an NBA championship, either.

    (let’s keep it in science, I’m better at it than in basketball. and so is Lebron)
    If Lebron could go back 9 years and decide to go to college, what would he have become ?
    A rocket scientist, what else…

    Why are Clevelend fans so happy these days ? They don’t know yet he’s planning a comeback.
    Why are Miami fans so happy these days ? They know he’s planning a comeback to Cleveland.

    How many LeBron jokes are there ? None. It’s all true.

  42. Bobby says:

    I say let Bosh rest until the Finals or until game 7 because if the Heat can’t beat Boston without Bosh then there is no way they are going to beat SA or OKC with Bosh anyway. Besides if gives the other guys to get the experience they need for the finals. It is good for the team to know how to play without Bosh because Bosh is not going to be able to play every second of the finals anyway. The Celtics were hot last night but they are not going to shoot like that every night. I say roll the dice and if it does not work out bring Bosh back for game 7. Lebron and Wade and Chalmers and Haslem can handle the Celtics at home. Maybe bring Bosh back for game 6 or game 7.

  43. Stacey Lloyd says:

    I don’t know why everybody thinks Bosh will be a big boost, Garnett was abusing him in the regular season and I guess everyone forgot the 3 wins for the celtics in the regular season even with all the injuries and without Ray Allen, and I know you’re going to say regular season is different from playoffs well that is not true because if you’re a good team you will play great all the time with the same intensity as in the regular season I guess everyone forgot that in game 2 the Celtics basically won that game the Refs gave the Heat the win with a lot of bogus calls and if you look at every game after that they still injected themselves in these games too you can see the goal is to have a Heat and OKC final but the Celtics shot well and kept the lead throughout. Just something to think about.

  44. as a heat fan, I’m not saying any thing about the call on lebron because I was busy telling boston fans to stop crying about officiating, but now I’m feeling what they felt in game 2.

  45. Lets go heat says:

    kevin garnet held lebron so he wont block rondos shot lmao. you guys are dumb watch the play again that offensive foul was a right call but on the other side lebron was boxing out pietrus and pietrus try to flop the fall and grabbed onto lebron that should have been free throws for lebron.

  46. mrrg says:

    Beware the Bostrich!

  47. Ace says:

    Doesn’t really matter who wins this series, they’ll be getting whipped by either OKC or the Spurs…

  48. Tony says:

    Hopefully Bosh is physically ready to return. If he isn’t his health should not be compromised. But whatever is the case, for heavens sake, would some of these Heat bench warmers get off the bence and play as they are paid to play? All of you outside of Wade and James can’t be so seemingly useless. Or are you also LeBron haters since it appears that you are all sabotaging him.

  49. nestea09 says:

    I think that Bosh would indeed be a big help to the Heat should he play in Game 5 .. though I personally think that the NBA should change the qualitfications of an MVP … MVP should be the player that a team could count on in times of clutch because that is where you need them the most. All great player are those that you rely on tough times .. not when your leading, not when your opened a huge gap, but times when the game is on the line.

    In this series, the MVP would be the one to make a difference down the stretch. For Miami that could be Dwade, for Boston its their big 4, but the most valuable would be the one who can rise up in that last 5 minute and change the outcome of the game.

    Given this, I believe that even with the additon of Bosh to the lineup, Miami have only Dwade as their MVP down the stretch against Boston who has 4 in their porcket. Bosh will not make an impact and Boston may pull an upset.

    Celtics in 7 games

  50. MVP says:

    Celtics is much better than heat!

  51. Heat Killer says:

    If the Heat even make it they will lose because there coach is a BUM! He makes very bad decisions at the wrong time. So this year it won’t be Lebrons fault look at the coach because if they don’t win it all he will not be there next year.

  52. MVP says:

    bosh is not a dominant center anyways. :)) he play like a batty boy.

  53. Gary says:

    Lebron is a cry baby and Wade has an attitude problem and I don’t like his game he is dirty he crys a little to but most nba players do these days Kevin Durant You Rock my man that MVP was yours, every one knows it, The ring is coming to OKC baby all there is to it

  54. Gary says:

    I hope the heat fold up, don’t like lebron, don’t like wade either, although I do like bosh, its THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the way baby THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is rolling thru, get ready

  55. Roi says:

    Not to mention ALL the times when LBJ travels… these go without one single whistle. were rules changed? if they were, why was no one else notified?

  56. ko0kie says:

    miami doesn’t need bosh to win this series… noone expected a sweep, they almost stole a game in boston after being down 18. the only thing they need is a solid start…

  57. seewhatyouwant says:

    you celtic fans knew bad calls were made last night against the heat to get the celts going and 1s d wade being fouled by rondo in the open floor clearly in shooting mode NO FREETHROWS you couldn’t brush up on celts in the beginning so it made it clear that the refs wannted them to win…I am a big wade fan and it goes deeper than the game infront of us (that’s not d wade’s game) it’s horrible and pety for someone making all that money to keep his true game inside…If it’s the coach you’re changing the landscape that made these players great…if it’s money and more games= more money then whatever…but I don’t blame anyone in these situations except us fans we cost this to happen and be played out like a soap opera…wade is it because lebron did this to you last year is it that if you guys do infact win a ring it will be lebron and the help is it because they showed they can do it with out you but you make it hard to adjust I know you are thirty but don’t seize up I don’t know why i am typing the refs can only do so much and with all that they did and didn’t do you still was able to close out the game TWICE I miss Michael Jordan -Scottie Pippen and the bulls maybe I m thinking that this league was how it once was where the ring valued more than the money now it has changed focus on winning a title and everything will fall into place ask Michael play for something bigger than your selves like you did when you didnt make as much as you did today

    • Heat Killer says:

      Stop crying!!!!!If it make you fill better…..go wright a letter to the NBA officials with all that. The fact is there were bad calls in all 4 games. What can you as a fan do about it? Nothing….Just sit back and watch the so called old guys teach the young guppies how to do this.

    • How about Wade mugging Pierce on a drive to the basket, pulling the ball out afterwards and scoring at the other end.

  58. CETICS says:

    Funny how the Heat fan is crying about unfair calls now….

    • TheTruth says:

      That’s how those heat losers are. They are always sore for having an MVP who can’t finish.

  59. Celtic Fan says:

    I don’t think bosh will make a difference because it would be his first game in a LONG time, and KG is SO much better than him

  60. baller7 says:

    if chris bosh can work on his landing, he might just be alright

  61. Saied Mirkhani says:

    Eric Spo.. Need to have 2 big men in position 4 and 5. This way they can get more rebounds and have better defence.
    With Bosh back in game 5, there could be a rotation among, Bosh, hazlem, Anthony and Turiaf.
    Labron, Wade and Chalmers could focus more on offense.

  62. jakrisgre says:

    I agree with MaFox. Bosh is not a great defender and he is only going to be at less than half strength. Remember the Celtics beat the Heat even with Bosh in the game during the regular season Now Ray Allen is getting back to normal, Pierce knee looks good….Watch out! Go Celtics

    Celtics Fan Forever!

    • Al says:

      Your explanation is that celtics beat Miami in the regular season? lol I don’t think you watch basketball enough. Regular season at this point doesn’t matter. Do you remember last season? Celtics dominated the heat in the regular season, and what happened in the playoffs?? Yes, they got beat in FIVE games, I’m sure you know that… and last yr’s celtics were a BETTER team. If Bosh wasn’t injured the heat would’ve swept the celtics this yr. I don’t think you and silly MaFox understand basketball. When Bosh plays, it makes KG work harder on defense, he leaves the paint and can not help defend on drives too much. This energy spent on defense affects his offense. Yes,, Bosh would have a harder time scoring against KG than anyone else, but he still provides Miami a VERY GOOD scoring option. Learn the game guys 🙂

      • Heat Killer says:

        It must be May fools day because some of you sound like fools in here. Bosh is soft PERIOD! He is a good player but he is too soft for KG and you will see this in game 5. Now you know if Boston get’s this game in Miami you know its a done deal right? You can put a fork in it because Miami will be done……….And you Heat fans thought it was over when the Heat went up 2-0 and look what happened……18 titles is the magic number…nothing less

    • The difference is the regular season and playoffs is huge because of intensity and the Celtics don’t have one of the best defenders in the NBA in Avery Bradley who can limit Wade.

  63. OKC2012 says:

    Wade and James are not players that can mesh together regularly enough to go far, this is why Bosh is key. If the Heat would have kept Wade and signed Bosh, with a team full of good role players, they would have a way better chance than they do now with this team… A defense cannot leave Bosh alone because he can ht the mid range jumpers better than most in the NBA no matter what position they play. BUT all this means nothing because even if Bosh comes back he will just be another of the big 3 to blame, every move in basketball uses core muscles, and his injury will not allow him to come back this soon and be productive enough to matter.

    Garnett will purposely make a point of pounding the ball in the paint and Bosh is not fully recovered so Miami does not really want Garnett to smell that blood and get excited about taking it to him on offense and being rough on defense.

  64. diimplez says:

    it’s funny how when Miami’s backs are against the wall and it just so happens Chris Bosh is not playing how people are now talking about how much he is missed. When he was healthy and playing no one cared and all people kept talking about was dwade and James. Pathetic….

  65. Heat ! says:

    If i was the heat, id be soo pissed right now, especially more after rondo’s comment, like who the hell is he… I have a feeling heat are gana rip a new whole in the celtics player next game ..

  66. Peter says:

    It would be pretty nice to see Bosh in Game 5, but the Heat will still win even without him. They got home-court advantage, which obviously has helped the Heat win the first two games in the Conference Finals, as well as the last 2 for Boston. The Heat would be dominating if Bosh returns, but if Miami wins Game 5, really it doesn’t matter. Plus, when Miami makes The Finals, Bosh will be much healthier than if we brought him back for the rest of the Conference Finals. Don’t need to risk further injury to him.

    But, I’m hoping the Heat, with the fans backing them up, will take Game 5. GO HEAT!!

  67. steven says:

    I do think the miami heat need bosh to play in game 5 but for defensive purposes. i have always said that on defense awesome but on offense, he clogs the lanes and doesnt allow lebron and d-wade to drive to the basket as much. I say make him come off the bench and see where he stands as far as healthiness and productiveness. that way you avoid messing with the rotation and still see what he can give you

  68. ts says:

    James, Wade, Bryant and so many others in the NBA. Flopping is out of control now, give the refs a break it is hard to call a game now because of players like the three I mentioned. It is always easy to blame the refs, but if the players would man up and play the game like it use to be played I think the refs would call better games since it would be easier to know when to call a foul.

  69. Trey says:

    Bosh needs to come back because without him its taking away from lebron & wade. Bosh is an extra perimeter shooter on the floor & also he can guard garnett in the post & for his mid-range shots. This will allow lebron to play moreo n rondo instead of having to switch to play on garnett & using his energy to try & keep him out of the post. This will open up the hole for Lebron & Wade to drive.

  70. dattebayo says:

    Bosh would draw KG away from the basket, so he can’t roam like he does now. Wade, James and Chalmers would not meet him at every drive to the rim. Furthermore, if KG double and leaves Bosh open, Bosh is able to shoot over anybody else and can consistently knock down his jumpers. He won’t go 7-10 but he won’t go 1-10 either.

    With Bosh the Heat have one more shotblocker at the rim, they wouldn’t need to front KG on every postup that lead to many alley oops and they would be bigger and get more rebounds.

    People claiming a multiple Allstar couldn’t change the game are stupid, had he been healthy, he would have given Boston a lot of headaches…

  71. pauloswhite says:

    Why Isn’t the heat making use of eddie curry???

  72. Jeff says:

    it shows that LBJ and Wade cant win without Bosh. You know what is the difference between Miami vs Boston and Lakers? because Miami doesnt have a heart to win only a heart for a performer. try to see Kobe and KG’s will to win.

  73. John says:

    The only thing wrong mImia is doing right now is getting behind early. Boston get weak in the 3rd and 4th quater except for game 3 and the refs do seem to favoring boston since they went home. With Boston playing defense were every player they have are reaching in and slapping arms in about ever play if called correctly all of boston players should have fouled out in the first half. Dont know if the refs know that reach around someone with the call and slapping ther arm and hand and face is not a steal or good defense it is a foul. It is time for boston to get screwed with some calls. As for Rondo who can flop with the best of them cries when touch even when they were 24 points ahead. Think the heat will definetly need bosh to win, unless the refs start making some of the call even. I dont think Miami went down the court once last couple of games were they were not fouled. and Wade not getting to the line yeah right, that is unbias reffing. Of course boston fans will be on here complaining when Miami wins one at home crying it is the refs.

  74. theweakness says:

    Putting Bosh in can’t really be a bad thing with how little their frontcourt can deal with KG as it stands. If he’s not 100%, though, it won’t work. Bosh can’t defend that great even at 100% and he’ll have a hell of a time getting his offense going against KG, someone with a similar body-type and playing style and a much, much better defensive game.

  75. Big Al says:

    Bosh’s injury just might be a blessing in some way as it showed how his absence impacted the Heat’s force against opponents. With him, they could have taken one of the Celtic home games and be leading 3-1 by now. Lebron and Dwyane have matured now and I think they and Chris deserve the crown this time around.

  76. dennis m says:

    Keith hit it right on the head the officals HATE the celtics, especially pierce, he can take the other so caled superstars like Wade and James out of a game

  77. QUEEN LEBRON says:

    2 things, he might helped or he might be a liabilty?

  78. JAnice says:

    The Officials were told to make the calls against Miami so the series could go longer. Boston can not beat Miami unless the officials help. Welcome Back Bosh. He is ready. But, I would use him off the bench with the second unit until he gets his rhythm. Dwayne and Lebron will be on fire for game five and six. Go Heat!!!

  79. Herr says:

    Bosh is completely overrated. He needs to step his game up and be productive. Can’t have a streak of 10-8 games and then one breakout game, then then another streak of bad games. If he can be productive, I’d say play him, but last night Haslem was great and likely wouldn’t have been had Bosh played, and Bosh wouldn’t have been as productive as Haslem.

  80. Juan says:

    The need for Bosh if needed is in game 7 back home in Miami. Let him rest a few more days. Why save him for the finals if you don’t make it to the finals without getting though game 7 First? For the most part the games have been close without Bosh there. LBJ and Wade carrying the load, plus the role players have found some rhythm this series.

    • Juan says:

      Let Bosh rest a few more days. Let him onto the court or gym to work on his shoot or conditioning the next couple of days .

  81. Heat killer says:

    It doesn’t matter if Bosh is in or out……..We still coming for the Heats head! And stop crying about the calls from the refs because Boston had some real bad calls in 1&2 so take the bad with the good and move on.

  82. Kevin#3 says:

    I truely think that the heat need the boost that Chris Bosh can give them. He’s a dynamic scorer and he can open up the lanes for LeBron and Wade. That is why I truely think wade is playing like a bench player.

  83. carlos says:

    sorry for the heat but bosh is too late to comeback because if he play in game5 celtics have a advantage because bosh is not 100%…and he defend kg…a future hall of famer!! hmmmmm!! it will be like al horford, he comback game3 after he injured, look what kg did to is brilliant rightnow..since 2008 to 2012 stats is awesome in 2012 playoffs..hmmmm!!! not 1 not 2 not 3…

  84. FCK CELTICS and RONDO says:

    heat does’nt need bosh to score they just need him to give a hand on KG on the Lowpost area so that LBJ can focus more on pierce or rondo

  85. Ray Allen is Aareal gentleman. Real old school.

  86. lukewarm heat says:

    Heat definitely needs Bosh…. so that he and the other 2 can share the blame for the botched season

  87. JJBasketballFan says:

    What have you been smoking Keith? Have you been watching basketball lately? Lebron James is the biggest flopper/crybaby in the NBA history. That’s why he took 27 free throws in game 2. Miami took 47 free throws comparing to 29 from the celtics. The Heat should change their name to Miami Flop & Cry. The referees should do a better job officiating these Miami floppers. The NBA is big boy league, not for ladies.

  88. JJBasketballFan says:

    Keith, Have you been watching basketball lately? Lebron James is the biggest flopper/crybaby is the NBA history. That’s why he took 27 free throws in game 2. Miami took 47 free throws comparing to 29 from the celtics. The Heat should change their name to Miami Flop & Cry. The referees should do a better job officiating these Miami floppers. The NBA is big boy league, not for ladies.

    • Adder says:

      Think Heat driving to the basket and being fouled more often than a jump-shooting team is the reason for the disparity in the number of free-throws my friend, basketball not football, tight-end defence can’t get away with shoving you in the chest or whacking you in the elbow,duh.

  89. CELTIC18 says:

    Haha it really dosen’t matter, KG took the Boshostrich to the cleaners in the regular season and exposed him for being soft as a tub of cookie dough, sure it might help a lil but not much, the only way the Heat can beat Boston is if Wade breaks Rondos arm. Celtics will win the next two against Miami and sweep the Spurs 4-0 end of story.

  90. You need more speed Heat and let your nerves out side of the court.

  91. I hate to say this but Wade is slow and fat, tired out.

    Miami played great in game 4. Game 5 will be the decison. Maybe this serie goes to 7 or Boston win in 6.
    Sad, sad for me cuz Im heat fan. I just try to trust in destiny and enjoy next few games.

    Bosh should return for sure, we contribute with double digits and he is compensation about missing´s free throws of Lebron and Wade.

    Im heat fan but you need more from Lebron and Wade. You know.

  92. JULIO says:


    • steagle says:

      Hahaha, yeah, if Boston plays OKC it’s already over. I love my Celtics but that is a matchup nightmare for us.

  93. LOLakers says:

    Prepare to lose by 20 point per game Loston Smelltics!!!! Bosh scores 20 per game!!! Oh and say goodbye to your rebounding advantage too!!! Did I say 20? I meant you’ll lose by 30!! And be crying for your Ben Gay LOL!!!!!

  94. spelkey55 says:

    Bring on Bosh, KG will have an easier time! Anthony is the toughest guy they got for KG. If I were Anthony I would look for a team to play with that would give him the respect he deserves. I.d like to see him in GREEN.

  95. Al says:

    @ ALec – That’s exactly right, it’s easy to blame the officials… that’s what you celtics fans have been doing… and we’re wrong when we do it? So what if the heat got over 40 free throws? it’s not the heat’s fault if boston fouled that much! You can’t say they were all wrong, we can also say the same thing about celtics’ 20 something free throws and point finges. You guys make me laugh lol

  96. TheTruth says:

    So the leagues MVp can’t win with out Bosh?? Wow i remember a 6 6″ from the bulls who won 6 rings with out a big man in the paint. Lebron lovers how many Championships does your boy have?? How much help does he need to win? He already has Wade…ha!

    • faulty says:

      Jordan had the three headed monster at center. 7 foot defenders who were told to use all 6 fouls. Most teams don’t even have one 7 footer let alone three. Not a lebron fan, but to be fair Jordan won nothing until Pippen, Horace Grant, and Phil came along and Bird got old.

    • steagle says:

      I hate to say it but you’re pretty much right… though in my opinion the NBA is a lot more evenly stacked in terms of talent these days. Jordan in his prime was unstoppable, and with Pippen as his right-hand man, you had a dynasty that really could not be stopped. LA’s 3-Peat in 2000-2002 is the last time we will ever see anything like that kind of dynasty again. The NBA is just too competitive these days especially with the constant player trades and new collective bargaining agreements. LBJ may be technically the best player in the NBA but I certainly don’t think his team is the best team in the NBA. He’s got D-Wade which of course is a ridiculous combo, but no one else on that team is truly “great”, though Bosh is of course very good. In comparison, the Celtics have a truly great coach in Doc Rivers, and 4 truly great players who know how to play as a unit. As teams, I would say Boston has the clear advantage, though their individual talent levels are lower than Miami’s.

    • right says:

      and dennis rodman and tony kukoch just disappeared from your memory, huh? How convenient

  97. Lebron iz DeezD says:

    if BOSH does come back…. iZZZZZ AAAA WRAPPPPPP

  98. Al says:

    Silly MaFOX… Bosh’s offensive game (even if it’s more J’s than post up) will keep KG out of the paint and have him working hard on defense, which will affect his offense. That’s obvious. KG would not have averaged 20/10 this series, I guarantee u that … plz learn the game 🙂

  99. Miami Guy says:

    Miami keep making the same mistakes. Why do you settle with a shoot in last positions while you are the best attacking team in NBA? We missed in Miami and recovered in OT. We missed again yesterday, then again..Why do not you get it.. Plus practice FT, FT FT..

  100. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:

    BLAH BLAH BLAH….. Still a Good Game…. the HEAT LOSS and the REFS WIN…. I mean boston wins… Let’s see on game 5 if they play the HEAT at HOME…..

  101. James says:

    I’m not worried about the injury mostly if Bosh is put back in. The reason I would want him back is to get some playing time so he will be prepared for the finals. Even if he goes in there healthy without any games, it wouldn’t be that smart anyways after being out of the game for 2 to 4 weeks.

  102. ian says:

    yea Bosh must be back for miami team to win easy 😛

  103. miami says:

    Cant fake the funk on a nasty dunk from KG , pack it up cause the celtics are going to send home the losers in game 6.

  104. Havoc says:

    we’re not even sure that he’ll be playing in Game 5.
    but if he does return, can he help a lot or just make it worse for the team?

    first Heat had troubles with Hibbert, now its Garnett.
    Bosh really needs to be back, so their line-up can return to normal though we’re not sure if he’s already 100%.

  105. Ethan says:

    It’s obvious that the Heat need Bosh to win this series, they can’t keep allowing KG to do what he has already done. Averaging 20.5 ppg and 10.8 reb per game is not helping the heat right now. Chris Bosh would do better on KG, but he would not bring enough to the table I believe. He may be able to drop KG’s numbers, but on the offensive end I think KG would not have a problem stopping him. The heat will take game five with or without Chris Bosh, but I believe the Celtics will take it in game 7. They did it once against the 76ers they can do it again. I don’t think this just because of the way they are playing right now, I also think this because they realize this could be it for them, there one last chance, and while it’s in there grasp I don’t think they’ll let go.

  106. stone says:

    Bosh will be of big help for the team. but when it comes to the game itself. LBJ has to be able to make the shots during the last minutes. His stats are undoubtedly remarkable, even giving him the MVP status. But it makes no sense, if in the closing minutes he’s unreliable. If LBJ can prove that he is worthy of the recognition he’s been given by winning games. The Miami Heat will get past the Boston Celtics and not only get to finals, the Miami Heat will win the championship

  107. keith says:

    heat needs bosh. turiaf and anthony is not a offensive threat. thats why k.g can double on defense with james and wade leaving his man cause he knows he can leave those two(turiaf/anthony) and not worry much if they even score. and heat can win this series if proper foul calls are called. purpose of playback video. refs needs to utilize that. when james was fouled out look at the play pietrus arm was wrapped around james and he pulled him down but of course LBJ is the one gets called. and im not a big fan of double call foul. oh welll . just saying.

    • Dont blame ref says:

      if proper foul calls are called, Heat have loss game 2 already. and MVP get alot of call to begin with, dont know why he cry all the time.

    • hmmm says:

      Of course LBJ is the one that gets called? Really? In game 2 rondo got fouled on what could have been a flagrant one for D-wade, which resulted in the loss of two free-throw attempts and an easy bucket on the other end. A potential four-point loss for Boston. And then there was wade’s and-one that could have been called as offensive. How many free-throw attempts have lebron and wade taken this series? I bet more than the entire Celtic team. Come on dude

    • greatness34 says:

      the same thing happened to kg lebron held his hand and kg tried pulling it out and they both fell and kg gets the kall offensive foul so dont give me this bs about the calls its ben going bad for mostlt the c’s ^ techs rondo hit in the face to win the game and paul fouled out twice and alot of ofenseive foul
      boston fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Miami Guy says:

      Antony is 6’9″ KG is 6’11” – 2″ makes huge difference..

    • If you watched the offensive foul on Garnett at the end of regulation, Lebron did the same thing to Garnett that Pietrus did to Lebron and was called for an offensive foul, just saying.

    • Lil Jon says:

      I agree with you completely

    • ace says:

      “heat needs bosh. turiaf and anthony is not a offensive threat. thats why k.g can double on defense with james and wade leaving his man cause he knows he can leave those two(turiaf/anthony) and not worry much if they even score. “AND HEAT CAN WIN THIS SERIES IF PROPER FOUL CALLS ARE CALLED. PURPOSE OF PLAYBACK VIDEO. REFS NEED TO UTILIZE THAT.” when james was fouled out look at the play pietrus arm was wrapped around james and he pulled him down but of course LBJ is the one gets called. and im not a big fan of double call foul. oh welll . just saying.”

      –thanks for stating that. the refs should’ve done that on GAMES 1 and 2 as well.. right? do you agree? or you just want that to be implemented for MIAMI’s benefit only? THINK, BEFORE YOU CLICK..

    • Heat killer says:

      Proper fouls called? So your telling me proper calls were called in game 1&2??????? Man Boston got called for everything under the sun but you didn’t see the C’s crying on the court all game. Take the lost like a man and move on…..

      • archie says:

        Celtics cries during the game, that’s why they got Ts. Doc cried in the postgame press conference and so did Rondo. Ainge went crying to the NBA. So, yes the Celtics cried a lot, cried first, cried some more and are still crying even though they’re benefiting. Amazing.

    • BH says:

      Oh, now the refs are against miami… Huge laugh man, heat fans should be ashamed of talking about the refs after that game 2

    • DayGrr says:

      Its so funny how when the NBA starts calling stuff on Lebron, all the LebronWagon fans come out and complain. How you feel right now is how every other fan of every other team when Lebron drives recklessly into the lane, uses his arm to throw off defenders, then gets the foul called.

      How bout when he average less than 1 foul per game in the Pacers series inspite playing 40 minutes a game?

  108. MaFox says:

    Bosh and inside presence lol. Bosh will choose shooting outside Js over posting up any day of the week. And with KG guarding him, his impact inside won’t be great, but it’ll be better.

    I reckon if they bring him back, he won’t be an answer for KG, he won’t have his rhythm, probably be out of condition a little bit. And he’s not even a great defender anyway.

    I’m a heat fan

    • Heat killer says:

      Your right because Bosh is soft in the middle. He not gone bang with KG……

  109. Grusnav says:

    The heat need Bosh, especially now that Wade is playing like bench player.

    • Heat killer says:


  110. basketball 101 says:

    Always a better gage of the truth when the teams have all their main guns at full strength (or not fouled out on questionable calls) At the same time Bosh got alot of basketball left so he should only come back if his injury is fully recovered.

  111. celtics says:

    bosh shouldnt play…he’s gonna ruin the rhythm the heat have at the moment in the series…especially since he hasnt played real games for the past 3 weeks….better off to rest him then to risk him aggravating his injury even more…..thats when things get real bad…

    • Ford says:

      There is no rhythm, whatever rhythm they seemed to have developed against Pacers is lost. KG must be stopped since Ray Allen seems to have got his touch back. Only Bosh can stop KG. We need him at least for half the game.

  112. Keith says:

    Come on Archie. You’ve got to be joking. James is God to the officials. 99% of the time he can’t be touched and he hardly ever gets called. What about Wade hammering Rondo to the floor and nothing called. I’m not saying that they missed calls on the Celtics but less get serious. The officiating in the NBA stinks.That little short bald-headed guy has it in for all the superstars and he especially hates the Celtics.

    • Edwin says:

      oh that joey crawford man…im surprised he actuallyfouled out LBJ didnt think it would happen

    • archie says:

      Cs strategy is foul as often as you can and hope they don’t call everything. Just like Indiana did. No call on Rando was bad but there is little else to complain about from Boston. Attackers get FTs, jumpshooters don’t. When two of the premier attackers combine for only 5 FT attempts, it’s pretty obvious something is wrong.

      • James says:

        I’m a Miami fan even before Shaq, Wade, Bron came here…

        But lately everyone’s been focused on the officiating that they are forgetting something very obvious on the reasin why Celtcis craled back to tie the series… an very intangible fact is that…

        Lebron and Wade are missing TOO MANY FREE THROWS…

        Bad calls are even on both teams… Non-call for Rondo on Game 2, Offensive foul on LBJ after Pietrus’ flops…

        Double foul on KG and Bron….

        But players and coaches know the games cannot be won or lost on ref’s call…

        The problem is, Pierce and KG is converting on their free throws…

        But what the Hell is Bron doing averaging close to 50% free throw shooting in this series??? Hell, Shaq was better on some playoff games!!!

        You are the player with the mot oppurtunities in the stripe coz’ you are te MOST UNSTOPPABLE force, and the only way to stop your drives is with hard fouls… and then you miss you’re free throws????

        That’s NO WAY to win a championship…

        Maybe not even enough to beat the celts.

        All Miami needs to do to win this series is convert on their FTs and they could have finished this already.

        Then they could have used Bosh in the finals, when he’s really READY.

        Both sides should stop blaming officials and start making FTs first.

  113. karoLT says:

    i say bring Bosh off the bench & play him maybe 25-28 mins till he adjusts n get the feel for the game after the absence…

  114. Vernon says:

    it wouldnt really matter if bosh plays or not dont get me wrong he will be a load off of lebrons shoulder because he is a great low post defender and scorer but the boston celtics are already on fire and motivated Go Celtics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. chino says:

    Chris Bosh rules!!!!

  116. Zach Gillette says:

    He’ll only help if he isn’t hurt.

  117. raphael says:

    i agree the heat will give the celtics a combo to remember

    • TheTruth says:

      It would be 1-3 series if Celtics didn’t get robed in game 2 at the Heat. Celtics all the way!!

      • Gladys says:

        It would still be a 2 2 series if garnet would have gotten suspended for the elbow he threw and rondo for the kick to battier on the floor having a tantrum like a little baby. Rondo started the situation when he said that they had to put Lebron and Wade on the floor and be agressive.

  118. Peter says:

    if he does play, he shouldnt play too many minutes, just enough to sweat a little. THis way he can work his game in as the game goes on. If he in fact can play, he should play now to get warmed up for the finals if we get there. gonna have to be sharp the rest of the way though. LBJ and Wade gotta bounce back into a good 1-2 punch game.

    • TheTruth says:

      So You’re saying your MVP will NEVER be like Jordan because he himself can’t close out the Celtics who are 2-2??

      • mikealf305 says:

        jordans record in the playoffs was W 1 L 9 before pippen joined the bulls.

      • ClearlyRight says:

        @mikealf305 ya dumb? wade isnt = pippen? bosh isnt = pippen??

      • jesse says:

        @Mikealf Look at Jordan’s stats buddy. Saying he was 1-9 in the playoffs before Pippen is silly. Anyone who knows basketball knows that the biggest issue that chicago had was trying to just hand the ball to Jordan and let him score. TEAMS WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS. Not a single superstar. Phil Jackson knew this and that was the game changer for Jordan. Pippen was a great player but honestly if Doug Collins was still coaching Jordan and Pippen would have not worked because no one would have taught Jordan to trust in his team.

    • Heat killer says:

      Sorry! I don’t think those punches are coming anytime soon because the C’s defense is give them boy’s a little trouble. All we will do is play like Mayweather and counter all that……CELTICS ALL DAY…GET USE TO IT!

  119. yeah! says:

    The team really need Chris Bosh in the line up for the simple reason that he`s the ONLY iinside presence for the heat..I would much rather have Chris in the line up than Wade because wade have great back up`s with james jones and mike miller who can knock down three`s while Bosh well Haslem`s a nice glue guy but C`mon turiaf and anthony??

    • Corey says:

      band wagon right here, true miami fan would never want Wade down, let’s be honest. but your point is valid though lol but keep in mind jones is a great shooter but inconsistent and mike miller is damaged goods ever since he broke his thumb to this present

    • DayGrr says:

      Thats what happens when you try to buy championships by purchasing players instead of developing them.

  120. archie says:

    Bosh should be helpful if he can actually play but it won’t matter if Boston only gets called for half the fouls they commit and phantom fouls on LBJ keep getting called

    • lol? says:

      go away bandwagon.

      • Miami says:

        Go away lol

      • archie says:

        Bandwagon? That doesn’t even make sense. These are my 2 favorite teams so it doesn’t really matter to me who wins but I’d like to see the team that deserves it. So far, Boston has used the refs like a 6th man. If you look at it objectively, Pierce is always in foul trouble. That’s nothing new. LBJ is almost never in foul trouble. LBJ gets to the line and so does Wade. Aberations like these are red flags and there have been many red flags the past two games. I’m not saying game 2 was perfect, but there was only really 1 bad call there. Games 3 and 4 should be used as training videos for bad officiating.

    • ALec says:

      what about the face rape rondo got in game2? the officiating is even …. you guys shot 40-something freethrows one game….thats insane,..its easy to blame officials

      • I wouldn’t go that far. Pierce is not overly aggressive on defense, yet he has fouled out of 2 games in this series.

      • Scott says:

        The only thing worse than NBA officiating? Complaining about NBA officiating.

      • Heat killer says:


      • dattebayo says:

        Boston was committing stupid fouls in Game 2. I counted at least 7 fouls that were either dumb, unnecessary or because the Celtics were not able to defend without fouling. Stiemsma 4 fouls, Pietrus silly fouls including the clear path and Doolings two and1 fouls on Wade were the worst. If you can’t defend without fouling or commit dumb fouls, don’t blame the refs.

        yeah the noncall on Rondos drive was bad, but it was not a gamedeciding noncall and its not like the celtics didn’t benfit from a few (non) whistles too…

      • Miami says:

        Calling ticitac fouls is one thing but most of the offensive calls on both lebron and pierce were ridiculous. The double fould on Garnett was called by the referee to show he had the knowledge of a double foul rule.

      • archie says:

        I’ll give you the bad call on Rondo in game 2 but teams that attack always shoot more FTs than jump shooting teams. That’s not insane, that’s normal. Only 1 team shot more jumpers then Boston this year and one team attacked more than the Heat. The FTs backed that up all season until games 3 and 4.

      • Tony says:

        @ Scott. So was Doc Rivers off base to start the complaining about the officiating?

    • Edwin says:

      you must be insanely stupid. Game 1 5 technicals on the celtics, id say atleast 4/5 were bs. game 2 rondo gets slapped in the face by d wade which would have put them up by 2 in OT but no call. then D wades kick to garnett which should be an offenseive foul but no call. have evidence to support you ignorant statements not to mention paupl pierce has fouled out 3 times in the past 5 games.

      • archie says:

        Some of the Ts were weak, yes. Bad no call on Rondo but that’s about all. Wade’s flail after he was fouled was after he was fouled. Pierce has been in foul trouble for the past 8 years. He gets 6, he usually aims to use 4 or 5. That’s how he defends. Nothing new there. Have some objectivity, Edwin, before breaking out the insane and ignorant adjectives. I know you’re used Bird punching Lambier in the face and then getting FTs for continuation but that’s not really how it’s supposed to work.

    • You mean like the non-call on Wade when he whacked Rondo in the head with a little over a minute left in OT of game 2 in a tie game. That was a game changer. Boston could be up 3-1.

    • You mean like the non-call on Wade when he whacked Rondo in the head with a little over a minute left in OT of game 2 in a tie game. That was a game changer. Boston could be up 3-1 if the ref called that very obvious foul.

      • mikealf305 says:

        All you boston fans or heat haters are all ridiculous all the calls are BS what do you morons have to say about the charge call on lebron and then the blocking foul called and the other side of the ball on an identical play, or when pietrus pulled down lebron when pietrus was the one falling. How about hasleem getting bumped by garnett on the last shot I know all you idiots where already thinking hasleem was going to the line to win the game. garnett elbowing after dead ball only getting a warning for the dirtiest punk in the league whos specialty is hit and run never backs himself up always gets scared when he starts trouble then waits for the refs to bail him out and rondo with his big mouth when he should look at himself in the mirror talking about crying yeah nobody has ever seen rondo crying over a call that was the dumbest comment I have ever heard from one of the best crying punk in the league along with his other two girl KG and pierce the should do their own cinderella or snow white flick. The only one I respect is ray allen atleast he has some respect for himself

    • Todd says:

      I guess you haven’t seen game one where all the phantom calls were going Miami’s way. And let’s not even talk about the all the flopping Wade does. Even LB has started doing it. LB always talks about his size and how much he weighs but he flops around every time guards touch him. The only person I’ve seen flop more than Wade is Chris Paul. I’m not even a Celtics fan, but I love how when the invincible Heat actually loses their fans come up with excuses. Just face it, basketball is a team sport. Not a 2 or 3 man sport. Even Michael didn’t win it until they built a team around him. It took him 7 years. Until the Heat works on their bench and gets a real coach, your gonna be disappointed “not 1….not 2…. not 3…..not 4… not 5… not 6.”

    • jesse says:

      You have to be kidding? Lebron James is considered an intense defender and has throughout his career been called for fewer fouls than any before him. He is usually allowed to do whatever and still finish a game with around 2 fouls. This series has had both teams feeling like phantom calls were being made but actually they were make up calls for the missed calls previously. I don’t mean to generalize but on the nba post on here the Miami Heat fans really are pretty ignorant to what basketball is. It is not NBA 2K12.

    • Bbob says:

      exactly why fans should not ref lol

    • ReluctantFan says:

      Lebron never getting called for fouls and Lebron never fouling are two entirely different things. He, like many superstars, aren’t called for a lot of fouls because those players are what makes the league so much money. Might not be fair but it’s how it works. And let’s not forget the that the refs played a HUGE role in the game 2 win for Miami. The Rondo head slap no call was a 4 point turn around with under 2 minutes to go (from a tie game where Rondo should be at the line shooting 2 to Miami running it back and instead going up by 2). Then the Wade offensive kick which was called on KG (to be fair, I would have called the foul on KG too. Wasn’t until I saw the replay that I realized the refs, in conjunction with the Rondo play, had (however inadvertently) changed the course of an Eastern Conference Final game).

      This has to be some of the worst officiating I’ve seen in a Playoff series on both sides (and yes, I did take a break from watching basketball during the Lakers three and so I missed the truly corrupt officiating). For the most part they ineptitude of the refs seems balanced but to say that Boston is getting more help after Miami was given so much help late in game 2 just sounds terribly biased.

      This is one of those ultra rare occasions where any of the four teams going to the Finals is going to be fun to watch. I’d just rather see the players decide the games as opposed to the refs blowing the whistle any time someone breathes. (The Doc Rivers technical should have cost someone their job and I can’t remember if it was game 3 or 4 but if you can’t see someone reaching out and deliberately grabbing Lebron around the waist and by the jersey to intentionally stop the fastbreak even though it’s right in front of you…you shouldn’t be allowed to ref and should probably see an eye doctor).

      The refs are screwing over both teams and in the course helped Miami get a win. Neither team has an edge where the three blind mice are concerned. While I’ll watch the rest of the series it’s turning into more morbid curiosity at this point. I honestly don’t think I’ll be able to watch much more if it’s called like an elementary school youth girl’s game. A poorly officiated elementary school youth girl’s game at that.