Heat go 0-for-2 for game-winners

BOSTON — And just like that, the Heat’s advantage in the East finals has disappeared, right along with their playbook and late-game execution.

Miami had a chance to beat the Celtics both at the end of regulation and overtime, with the two players they wanted in those situations. But not the result they hoped for. Here’s the sequence that doomed Miami in a 93-91 Game 4 loss that evened the series 2-2:

Regulation: With 21 seconds left in a tie game, the ball winds up in the hands of LeBron James, which isn’t such a bad thing even with his overblown “history” (circa June 2011, vs. Mavericks) of coming up short in the fourth quarter. But the final shot is ultimately taken by Udonis Haslem, and not a good one at that. Airball. It wasn’t the first time James passed off late to Haslem for a miss.

“I was one-on-one until KG (Kevin Garnett) decided to double,” explained James. “I saw UD circling underneath. KG got a hand on my wrist when I tried to make the pass to UD and we didn’t get off a good look. Hopefully we can execute a little better in late-game situations like that next time.”

Overtime: Now down two points after a Rajon Rondo free throw, the Heat own the final possession. Dwyane Wade is guarded at first by Rondo, then after a screen is isolated on Marquis Daniels. Wade gives Daniels a pump-fake and has a clean look at a three-pointer that hits the back iron.

“That’s a 50-50 shot when it goes up,” said Wade. “I’d do it all over again.”

Was it questionable play-calling that cost Miami in those situations, or great defense by the Celtics, or poor execution by Miami, or all of the above?

Curiously, most of Miami’s late-game strategy boils down to isolation plays for Wade or James. There is very little creativity or surprise coming out of Miami timeouts, and much depends on either player beating his man off the dribble. It’s a safe call, though not necessarily a bold one. For example, given how the Heat run the screen-and-roll almost constantly by using their role players, they almost never have Wade screen for James or vice versa. That would involve both players in the play, with one of them winding up with the ball. It’s a mystery why you never see it.

You could argue that James, at the end of regulation, didn’t react quick enough to the double once the Celtics decided to squeeze him. And also why he looked left for Haslem instead of right toward Wade, who would’ve been the better option. Either way, by dribbling down the clock, James limited his options.

When Wade took the out of bounds pass on the game’s final possession, he never bothered to spot Mario Chalmers, who initially was left wide open for a three-pointer. Obviously, Wade wanted the last shot, and he got a clean look. That’s what you want in that situation. Although it should be pointed out Chalmers (34 percent) is a better three-point shooter than Wade (29 percent), who didn’t score in the final 10 minutes of Game 4. Also, Wade preferred to dribble all the time off the clock instead of going with the first decent shot (Chalmers). Again, Miami took the safe route, letting the superstar decide matters. It just didn’t work.

“We had opportunities slip away,” said Wade. “We have to execute much better down the stretch. We can’t lose games like this.”

Well, they can’t lose two more games like this. Or any other way.


  1. RC88 says:

    Dont blame anybody, because they dont want to lost the game everyone do their part, sometimes thats the problem with us if the team lost we blame all the officials, players,coach and the bench, but if the team wins all of the errors and bad calls we forget because they win lets be fair to everyone where just people and nobody is perfect ” ITS REALLY HARD TO FAIL BUT ITS REALLY HARD IF THEY DONT TRY TO FIGHT “

  2. David says:

    I really want to see the heat in the finals, but I don’t see a killer instinct in them. They don’t have a plan for last posession. There is no way you can blow it twice. Labron and Wade, it seems, ae are scared to drive to the hole and draw a foul or draw defenders in order to have an open shot elswhere. Even Micheal Jordan knew they were coming and had a plan to winl. I don’t see a Tiger woods or Jordan nerves of steel unafraid ot get it done and leave it all on the floor. I’m praying! None of this makes sence. The coach is responsible to get them to finish with purpose!

  3. MIAMIKNIGHT says:

    They hate LEBRON for leaving CLEVELAND and joining hanging in the edge of falling down in the EAST , they hate LEBRON for torching up 20+ points in 1st 3 quarters , and choking up in the late game situations , thats what people may think of him .

    But they do not even know , LEBRON was one of the best to ever play the game 🙂 a 3 time MVP , one player who brought his team with his own hands including (CLEVELAND) at 07 , the master of any execution and can make anyone involve in every situations 🙂 , MIAMI can’t even reach the playoffs when the tag team of SHAQ and DWADE was gone , who’s the player who brought them back ? its LEBRON again , no disrespect to DWADE but that’s it all came out last year and this season 🙂 Say what you want to say , CELTICS just tie the series at 2 game a piece , never try to back down a TRUE CHAMPION 🙂 , they will win the ring DEFINITELY THIS YEAR 🙂 MIAMI HEAT ALL DAY !

  4. RobLyrical says:

    Mickael pietrus offensive rebound demolished Miami heat chances. I don’t understand why Cole was chosen over Miller who is good re bounder. Another thing some D wade shot selection are just horrible, he looks exhausted.

  5. luol dang says:

    Live by the sword, die by the sword. Superstars are supposed to make the clutch play, right? Well, that goes to show you that it is better to play team ball than to let one man play offense against 5 defenders. Come on, you’all. Miami may have the best individual players, arguably, but they are not using their brains. With possession of the ball in a tie game, I would at least try to get fouled by driving to the basket, right? Talent is not enough.

  6. HeatFan D-WADE3 says:

    HEAT are going to the FINALS!!!!!

  7. W/E says:

    If Bosh was healthy the miami heat would be the better team,right now the 2 teams are even

  8. David says:

    The Miami heat’s players are playing more than likely without a coach. They tend to do whatever they want on the court and not follow strategy to win their basketball games easy. By far they are a much better team than the Celtics. However, the Miami heat team tend to forget that it is team work, design plays, defend, and offense what win games. Anytime that they forget these factors, the other teams tend to become a challegence. That is the case during this playoff against the Celtics. For example, in game 4 between the Celtics and Miami; the coach forgot to put design specific plays that must be follow when the game is on the line such as knowing that it is better to attck th board and look to tie the game if a team is losing by two points. Instead of shooting airballs from the arc or three point perimeter. More than likely it is the coach lack of expertize what lost this game. If we looked at how each player was performing during the whole game. The average for three point shooting that night was atrocious or a complete disaster. So it did not matter whether the final shot was taken by Lebron, Wade or any other Miami player. A good coach would have ordered to try to tie the game, instead of going for a three point shot to win the game. Bad decisions make great teams to loose games and confidents on themselves. The fact is that right now Miami cannot afford to have close games because it is coaching staff do not know how to design last minute plays that will have a great chance to win close games. Considering this facts, if Miami wants to win the next two games they must tryied to obliterate the Celtics without confronting them in a close game where it looks to me that the Celtics coach have all the advantage and obidience by it is team.

  9. yadi says:

    i still balive in the heat but wade should of gone for two and he would of got another chance to win thats all lebron is the best but wade leads the heat

  10. Richard says:

    Lebron and wade don’t play well together as a team they both want to be the star and in Boston you have the total team concept which Lebron has yet to be in in his nba carrer yet, in cleveland or miami. Also chalmers is not as good at running a team with supestar players as well as rondo is.

  11. True Basketball fan4Life says:

    The referees has been crazy, but that’s not a reason for the heat to lose games like this………It’s the coach who’s doing a bad job, He needs to make wade and lebron to play one of each other at the end of games, not just run down the clock and set up for a jump shot…………The celtic’s are old but, that doesn’t mean they can’t win, everyone knew it will be a close series
    They just need to play since the game start not just at the fourth quarter

  12. spelkey55 says:

    Oh well Wade had the chance and missed! It happens to every player in the league. Heck I’m a Celtics fan but I got respect for Wades game. A lot of the Celtics have had last second chances to win and missed it’s all part of the game but Wade’s still a great player and you can bet the Celtics wiped their brow and said whooooo went the shot back rimmed. It could have just as easily been nothing but net! That’s basketball you hit some you miss some. It’s just sports writers thinking a player has to be perfect that detracts from a players game reputation.

  13. winston says:

    i read this, i read that…comments blaming players and coaches. some points are valid, some points are not. the question is, if you guys are really good at basketball, how come you’re not playing it professionally?

  14. Alex says:

    You can see why the Heat stars cannot close a game from the way they shoot free throws where you can see how tough is a player
    I think the Heat will win the series but just because Boston is not able to keep the rythm for 4 Quarters

  15. EADaTruf says:

    wade needs to shoot more in practice if hes going to continue to take final second shots, and coach…o g…he should take a vacate and think about what he needs to do if he wants to keep coaching for the miami heat, smh he needs control, he does not have that its like they feel bad for him so they try not to be mean to him but at the end of the day i think chalmers and nocole are the only ones who pay attention to him. WE NEED TO WIN!! okc wouldve handled the celtics in 4..if miami are going to win it all they better tighten up as a team!

  16. another lost says:

    Remember how Lebron’s missed the shot in the All Stars Game? if these people pointing it’s the COACH fault… how come he did the same stupid mistake knowing Spo was not the coach during that time?

    Lebron is a joke… this guy will grow old without getting any ring because he never learns from his mistakes

  17. Roy says:

    Wade got a great look, perfect ball fake, just couldnt get it to fall. Oh well, back to Miami now for the start of a best of 3!!

  18. Triniballer says:

    I can remember that this writer suggested that the Celtics will be swept by the Heat now that the series is even he is talking about ref together with LBJ – where was he or game 1 &2 – they seem to take another view when the shoe is on the other foot. Yes that is what it really feels like – Boston Won and there were some questionable call for both teams.
    This entire article was based on how heat lost – you would think Boston don’t exist – but that is Ok too because the underdog will win the series. GO BOSTON

  19. genix says:

    Big plays by RonDoooo :))

  20. harry says:

    i know now you all are complaining about the referre called on lebron. however. u all forgot about the 1 that didnt call on Rondo on game 2 right.

  21. Real Big 3 says:

    Bottom line it’s 2-2. Let’s wait for the next game.. Let’s go Celtics!

  22. Denis says:

    I am a Celtic fan but also I admire a good game and other teams. Heat has a great team and looking at the roster they should be able to win East. But….. I do not think that neither Celtics nor Heat can win the championship. Just take a look at the OKC or Spurs. The OKS with they pace and Spurs with they experience…. There is no chance for Eastern teams to beat them

  23. stavros says:

    what happened to the guys who were talking about Heat sweeping the Celtics?I will say that with the series tied 2-2 and with the danger of ending with egg on my face ,the Celtics are clearly a better team than the Heat.In the first game where Heat had its easiest win ,no one mentioned that the Celtics had played a game 7 ,2 days ago and were travelling again to play a team that had 2 more days of recovery and was playing at home.In game 2 things started to clear a bit, with the C’s in front in the whole game and loosing in OT.In these first 2 games you had LeBron playing at his best and Wade decent.From the Celtics Rondo was phenomenal ,Garnett making journalists and bloggers eating their words BUT Pearce and esp Allen not at their best.So in games 3 and 4 the C’s demolished the Heat taking in both games 20 points(appr) leads and generally being in total command of the games.So to say it clearly you have one tean with 2 great players against another with 4 and because the 3 out of 4 are in their mid30’s they write them off.Well they are showing that they want it bad,more than the Heat .And not talking at all about the fact that the Celtics jersey is the “heaviest” in the NBA which is a critical factor.

  24. ping says:

    Great smile wade

  25. Mike C says:

    Judging by the way the official where calling the game. It seems as if they tried to give miami the game in the second and where doing it in a way of discretion. Officials will be dirtier on game 5 and 6.

  26. ASDqr says:

    IT’S LIKE, i fail over and over and over in my life and that’s why i succeed

  27. Jacque Package says:

    Easy to pick on the final shots when they don’t go in… but where’s the 1000 word article on Boston’s squandered lead? Just as relevant.

  28. bedscenez says:

    NBA is trying to make this series long so that they can earn the money that they lost during the short season.

  29. Bev says:

    LeBron & Wade were getting beat-up like crazgy and the officials turned their heads as if they were just waiting
    for retaliation so they could throw them out of the game!! They missed alot of calls against The Heat.
    Do some of these officials get their officiating liscense from the Dollor General or something? Gueshhhh.

  30. LOLakers says:

    It was a close shot and almost went in! The Smeltics just got lucky! Now they think they’re all amazing when in reality they’re just a bunch of old geezers that small like Ben Gay LOL!!!

  31. Laos says:

    If Miami wins the series they’d lose in the finals against either one of the two top west teams. However they would put up a better fight than Boston would against OKC or SAS. I believe BOS has this series though. They seem to be playing at a level Miami cannot match even if Miami played their best game. So far they beat MIA in 5 games out of 8 this season. MIA can’t contain Rondo and they are allowing BOS to have plenty PPQ (points per quarter), while BOS is a team that’s not stellar on offense. MIA is also going on these huge deficits – allowing BOS to lead the entire game. My prediction is BOS in six games.

  32. basketball 101 says:

    (Won) (won) lol its early

  33. bosko says:

    what the heat need at the moment is a coach that can put his stamp on their way of play, no bad feelings but current coach is nothing more but a suit on the court, we all saw that when the fuzz with wade happened, try to do that to popovich …. i can only guess what will happen

  34. saah says:

    The thing with this Heat Team is they don’t have any clutch players… someone who can finish games. This is why i love players like Kobe, Durant n Melo cause they know how to finish a game. Lebron n Dwade r not shooters… Wade missed that three cause he’s not a good shooter. Put Kevin Durant in there and I’m pretty sure he’ll make that three in his sleep. T

  35. basketball 101 says:

    i’m surprised the media brought up the referee’s after game 2 But want to talk about “last second” shots after games 3 & 4??? Miami got the absolute worst ends of the whistle in game 4 (& 3 though the credit goes to Boston for that one) I agree with Spoelstra Lebron and Pierce’s fouls were questionable. Let the players decide the game. This is a great series Besides the HEAVY impact the refs are playing in these games. Fact is Miami came out getting hammered by Boston , Wade didnt play well in the 1st half, ton of freethrows missed, Miami clawed back on the road to put themselves in a position to go up 3-1 and the rest is confusing because the Refs took over. Lebron not only gets 1 questionable cal but 3!!!!! A charge where Pierce’s heels were in the restricted area (he was moving too) That Double Foul ….. A double Foul?? Then pietres falls down underneath Lebron for his 6th!! give me a break!!! Pierce fouling out on that light contact with Battier was some B.S as well. This game was actually one on a Rondo Freethrow!! Rondo was saying how Miami were complaining about calls when He and Ray Allen complained of 1 CaLL missed after game 2. Then Danny Ainge was running after league officials with tapes complaining followed after. My thing is wheather you are routing for Boston or Routing for Miami – The REFS shoudn’t give the fans an OBVIOUS complaint on why their team might have lost. NOT good for the game when WE cant see the PLAYERS win the game like how the Western conference is where the game is played with PLAYERS making Plays! yeah spoelstra needed better plays (imean he did something right Miami came back from 18!!!!) and yeah Lebron and Wade didnt capitalize on “the last shots” butthat not where the game was oone or lost. Some might say the freethroes. some might say the 18 point hole, or execution and some might justifiably say the REFS which is not good for the N.B.A

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      the freethrows are what killed miami…wade and james missed too many

  36. slobodan says:

    i expect that bos luck at shooting and saving games at the end comes to an end soon (many time in this playoff they played razor-thin ends in which they often won).

  37. Lord P says:

    Bron CAN’T hit freethrows..are u kiddin me??yes that’s true..he got issues to be focus on the moment..that’s why he’s not clutch..!!

  38. slobodan says:

    this article is full of ‘smart a## ‘ comments – yes after the game and after seeing how it all finished you can say all that. try be so smart before the event. and more importantly, of course heat play almost exclusively on lbj and wade. who would you make schemes for? battier? anthony? c’mon … and saying anything but very positive about james, who is essentially keeping this series up on the heat side, is first unfair and second stupid.

  39. Law064 says:

    Great game and for people blaming Eric Spo please grow up. Miami had 2 chances to win and failed. I agree that the play with Lebron was a busted play I feel Lebron should’ve tried to take the shot or drive.Wade’s shot was a very good look he got the defender with the pump fake and had a open shot going for the win instead of a 2nd ot without Lebron. The Celtic’s need to playe hard all game and not blow a double digit lead, if they would’ve kept their lead then they could be up 3-1 and not tied. Rondo was amazing again and KG also. Happy to see Ray getting his shots to fall. Go Boston and to some dumb Miami fans saying sweep take that broom and stick it up your @ss╭∩╮ ╭∩╮

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      lol first time im seeing you on a blog in a while Law064….good post!

      Hopefully Celtics can close the deal….only time will tell!

      • Law064 says:

        @LATILLIDIE(lakers2011-3-peat) Wuz been up I be posting every now and then this series is beginning to be good. If the heat win this series they better practice FT’s because the West teams are very strong

  40. sjones says:

    Folks who think the Heat are much better than the celts or that the Heat have a much better shot vs the West than the celts are delusional. The only reason this series isn’t 3-1 is because of the officiating in game 2 that sent the heat to the line 47 times. In addition, Pierce has been in more foul trouble in this series than I have EVER seen before. He is a star and yet he is being called for questionable fouls every game. I honestly think Lebron got called for a few things just as makeup calls for some of the nonsense called against the Celts- especially Pierce. Several of the Lebron/Pierce fouls were questionable, but the difference is Pierce has been getting called for stuff like this in all 4 games. LBJ was so upset because he couldn’t believe HE was the victim of some questionable calls for once. He was truly stunned but for ONE GAME he got to see what its like to be a Heat opponent. At the end of the day I don’t think the Heat will win the title (or maybe even this series) because their two best players are NOT consistent jump shooters. Period. Lebron does not trust his jumper and he will do anything to avoid taking more than 4-5 outside shots per game. To win the title you are going to need your stars to be able to hit from the outside. Wade gets hot in the 2nd half of each game but cant bring it in the first half while Lebron is basically doing whatever he can to not shoot from more than 5-10ft from the hoop. This is the dirty secret that all of the media lovers of the Heat are trying to ignore. The role players are better shooters than the stars on the Heat- except Bosh of course.

  41. Bobby Stephon says:

    Lebron will never win a Tittle, Come to Cavs with Kyrie!

  42. rich says:

    Have more faith heat fans Miami will win this series in 7 they are tough at home just like the celtics are tough at home luckily we have the home court advantage so have faith!!!

  43. archie says:

    It appears the last 2 games have been decided by the refs. Petrieus must have picked up his 6th foul at least 5 times but no call ever came. LBJ’s last 3 fouls were terrible calls. pierce’s last foul was a bad call but that makes 1 bad call favoring miami and 8 favoring boston just from a 10 minute window in the fourth and OT

  44. James says:

    Some people here wants to blame the coach, when the players have ultimate control of the outcome. Its like blaming your boss when you are the one making all the mistakes in execution. Just take a look at the drama on the west’s 2-2 series, even the officials tend to be favoring the home team, and history tells us it’s natural. This the playoffs, and only the teams who really want the ring, still plays.

  45. gax says:

    seriously? What’s with the smile D-Wade??? You missed it! Go Celtics!

  46. TheBigTicket says:

    Miami fans were like its over miami 1-0, 2-0, i’m like hey its a 7 game series…”Anything is Possible” as KG say…with KG and RONDO playing FLAWLESS basketball, DOC RIVERS coaching them very well, and with EXPERIENCE on their side…they are a TEAM that is hard to beat..now the series is even and if they can’t stop RONDO and KG, Lebron is on the edge of lossing another run at the championship…LETS GO CELTICS!!!

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      another run that would be stopped by the celtics ….sometimes i feel bad for lbj

  47. ton says:

    for me is hard to see 2 – 2 the series. but its a game… for me this is the last stand for heat , when they lost game 5 , its boston series already.. but sad to say the big 3 of miami will be part way …please all miami player step up .. wade is my favorite player but i saw that he is now , not in good selection shot.

  48. JBA says:

    The superstars should act as bait then play should go to bench for a better chance of making the shot,

  49. Mack says:

    Plenty of valid criticism to go around.

    The Heat need to hit more free throws. There’s no point in being good at going to the line if you’re not even going to shoot 70%, which is already below average. As pointed out by the article, the Heat need more than just isolation plays. We’ve been seeing this in every single close game for the last two years. When the game is on the line, all we ever see is isolation with Wade and James over and over. Another point of contention is that we need to see more attacking from Wade and James late in the game. We see Rondo attack the basket over and over in overtime, yet Lebron or Wade didn’t attack once. These two are supposed to be two of the top players in the game at attacking the basket, yet they’re not even managing that.

    I can see Miami winning this series, but they seriously need to step up their level of consistency if they wish to even remotely compete with the Thunder and Spurs.

  50. Manu Venezuela says:

    This win was as important to Boston as it was to Miami… All i know is that the champion this year is again in the West. OKC and SAS seem to strong to me for both of the final contenders in the east.

  51. eric says:

    if they keep on playing like this,they will never win.the celtics are a much more veteran team,they are confident right now.the heat should win game 5,if not they will definetly lose the EF,if these series go in 7 the celtics might win it.they are absolutly the better team right now.WHY?because they trust each other.unlike the heat it is obvious wade will take the last shot.he wasted a lot of time just to take that 3 rather than go for the higher % shot.with only 2 points trailing go for the drive not take the 3.these is the playoffs not the regular sason there will be no next time.coach spo knows these and he is defintly frustrated.well if he is the one designed that play goodluck next time.

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      I feel like Wade wanted to seal the deal….not another overtime…espically without having Lebron by his side….it was going to be a make or miss shot either way for him

  52. jbusa1 says:

    I agree with “POP” above. If either Wade or LBJ would have made even a paltry 75% of their foul shots, the Heat would have won comfortably and neither guy would have been faced with making a buzzer-beater to win. How two of the top-5 most talented players in the NBA continue to clank so many foul shots game after game is a mind-boggling conundrum.

  53. Ivan says:

    I believe Heat will win next 2 games, and it’s even better, than 4-0 or 4-1, because they won’t have rest for a long time, so they’ll be prepared better to play against SAS or OKC. But Heat will play in The Finals, they are just better, than Boston, they are hungry, as Lebron doesn’t have a ring. And, you must agree, Boston don’t have ANY chance against SAS or OKC.

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      Boston doesnt have good chances against either west team, but I feel like Celtics are hungrier than Miami. Miami has chances to win and they slip up on them and I dont care if its by 1 pt or 20 pts a “L” is a “L”

      The said was same with my lakers, we could’ve won two games in that series, LA should’ve been up 3-1 honestly, but if you cant close the deal then losses happen…point blank

  54. Alex (Angola) says:

    I agrre with POP, The heat need to hit their free throws, they did a good job, they play good, but they miss to much the free throws.

  55. WeNeedChange says:

    Seriously the Heat really needs a COACH. Change the coach and get a ring!

    • The problem is with the COACH… watch the video as many as you can.. the play was all set but 2 retards ruin it with their ego… Someone is too scared to get blamed and other one is too awesome he thought he can do all along.. knowing his having stupid shots

  56. Denise says:

    Boston may be older but they are the better team.They blew a huge lead but got very lucky to win the game.To move forward they have to play smarter to continue to win.

  57. rcpacquiao says:

    The heat needs to pay the referees more money in order to get the win. that´s the only way they win.

  58. THE TRUE MVP says:

    decision and shot making is the key… you dont need to worry about late game heroics if James or Wade played like K.Durant last night. That right there was a mark of a “gimme the ball ill WIN this game for us” guy… not “gimme the ball i MIGHT make us win tonight…

  59. John Patrick says:

    Why did D-Wade smiled? im curious….

    • Nobody says:

      he thought he was playing in All Stars Game like he didn’t lose anything… he is laughing because he knows the COACH will get the BLAME becaues of his STUPID mistake.. he’s too good to get mistake

  60. demuan says:

    lebron should have taken the shot

  61. ake says:

    why put the blame on the coach will in fact the play is very nice.its just that it didn’t fall…

  62. Almost went in! Keep your head up!
    Heat in 7!

  63. JM says:

    Why fire the coach? that’s stupid. Spo has done a good job adjusting during the pacers series. The ball ended and decided on the hand of your star players. It doesn’t always a sure win but nevertheless you put yourself in a position to win the game. It just didn’t goes in. Same with Kobe, the most fearful during clutch situation, but the shot didn’t all goes in..

    • billy boy says:

      looking with Wades stupid smiles… he really done a BIG BIG stupid mistake.. looking at him the whole game, he’s converting any shots but still he decided to take it all along… in the 3 … he should have drive it hard to the basket… DAMN THESE BIG 2…

      • joe says:

        he shouldn’t have dribbled the ball that long!!! you’re down two and have been missing all night, don’t think you’re a hero and take the game winning three! you’re not as good as you think you are

  64. james says:

    The celtics are a big time team, ferocious defenders, KG’S still got it, rhondo is having a monster series, Allens shooting again and peirce is solid and still they only JUST get by. nothing wrong with the heat, miami need game 5 or its over. We need bosh now to slow down KG and help win the rebounding battle. With bosh, the defense will relax on the other two. Still going with the heat, but it will take 7 games.

  65. PARUMAN says:

    Now it’s a best of 3 series.. Now they are tied at 2-2, It’s everybodys ballgame, the team that play much better in the 4th will win this series.. Don’t make any obvious Shaun that you are a Miami Heat Fan, that so pissed that your team lost the game.. Who ever win this series has no chance at a high level energy and level of play like OKC and SPURS.. Nuff said.

  66. Team says:

    Miami is not a team, they are streetballers. Basketball is a team sport and C’s are team.

  67. 4real says:

    just got lucky!

  68. AussieMavsFan says:

    It’s a team game for a reason. Maybe if BronBron and Wade used their team mates (and each other) properly they would have a better chance. Chalmers, Battier and Haslem are all good shooters, so they should be used. And I’m not sure BronBron and Wade can’t screen for each other. That would throw the C’s a real curve-ball. C’s may have got lucky that BronBron missed at the end of regulation and Wade missed at the end of OT, but there were higher percentage shots available on the floor.

  69. x-writer says:

    this outcome i didnt epect, but sry bandwaggons, david did everything he could, but dont worry the next 2 games willbe delivered on a silverplate again from the ref. i am sure. and this is for the not so smart ones: it´s not only the c´s fans who this cheating from the refs or stern, also other fans from other countries and other teams see this what happenend in the first 2 games. nad i´m surprised that the heat didnt win the 4.game. the can win 1 game without the help, so stern thinks ok 2:= now they can beat them aber the result you see: lbchoke ,FT they need twice more and the ref had to foul out the best player and then give some questionable T and what u get is 4:0 for the heat and the whole world is laughing and dont want to watch the BS games. same BS in the west:i saw Mavs vs OKC, it was wasting my time, 2 games so obvious decided by the refs and so on…btw i hate the C´s and now just for justice i´m for the C´s and for the spurs but what happenend in the finals ?i hate both!BS

  70. reux says:

    I don’t think lebron and wade are great players anymore….they should have made the shot before the overtime….they did not even try to drive into the paint and get fouls for free throws…they neither are great free throw shooters anyways…too bad they are only stars not superstars…..there is something wrong with their coach too, he just cant create great plays to seal the deal!

    • SS01 says:

      seal the deal???? the two players should be enough to seal it… but they’re too stupid.. there’s nothing wrong with the plays.. a lot of their team mates running all around to get into good position but they made waster their time and made their own stupid decision..

  71. rielito says:

    The reason is very simple. HOMECOURT ADVANTAGE on the Celts.

  72. 888 says:


  73. cottonmouth1121 says:

    its just basically two superstars coming up short on those big moments.we thought this was gonna be over in 6 now its not.. we thought the celtics were too old to compete against the heat now its 2 games apiece. thats why we play the game. we owe boston an apology. much props to them, and to coach doc rivers. you have to admit we all underestimated the boston celtics.
    ps: imagine doc rivers or tom thibodeau coaching the miami heat

  74. Bev says:

    The worst officiating I’ve ever seen!! Are the official paid to be bias or are they just plain blind?
    They even helped the Celtics by fouling out LaBron, which is someting the staticis shows that
    he never does.
    I could be a better official than that!! And for less money too !!

    • chubbena says:

      Best officiating would be fouling out Rondo, Garnett, Ray Allen, right?

      • Bev says:

        I’m not taking anything away from Ray,Kevin, & Rondo, They played a spectacular game. I’m
        just saying the officials should be fair and consistant and actually call the game right!

    • thisguy says:

      Are you kidding me? you are making no sense at all. This game was actually a good offciated game for the most part. The Heat took more free throws, Rondo got the only T and Pierce fouled out in OT. Everythng was there for Miami so it makes no sense for you to blame the refs for heat losing and the only quesionable call was Lebrons foul that made him foul out, then again, so was pierces call questionable so it really is nobody else’s fault other than Miami for losing this game

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        the foul on KG when he was posting up on LBJ was also questionable….basically the same play with LBJ and Pieturus …so the refs called it fair….didnt give either team the up right!

    • damon says:

      what about when wade molested peirce on the lay in? It went both ways. KG fouled james and you didnt complain, james comes down and does the exact thing and gets fouled out. You are the only bias one here.

  75. Jason says:

    Coach Spo seriously needs to design more plays for other players. You are not going to win games with buzzer beaters from an isolation from Wade or LeBron! You can’t always do that! For God’s sake, make a pick and roll play or get a shooter open! Coach Spo is not a good coach.

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      what ive been saying…finally another person who actually sees the big picture…get rid of Spo

      • Johnross says:

        actually he he made a play for another player to take the last shot, the fan would’ve freaked out. we all know James and Wade are NOT the best shooters on the team but its EXPECTED of them to hit the game winners. Wade just missed, dont all jump on the coach cause his superstar missed an open look.

  76. Rayje says:


  77. manok says:

    Oppsss! The King did it again!!! Afraid of the moment!!!

    • Francisco says:

      3 pont tied the game , that was clutch, refs got paid

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:


      • damon says:

        what about wade molesting peirce on that lay-up there were poor calls on both sides, but still does not excuse the fact that the heat or 0-11 or something in clutch situations. I think it come down to it is clear you can not win spending money on three above average players and then buying garbage players to fill in. That is not a team. Some times UD or Chalmers or Miller play better than james wade or bosh but you still only hear about them three. All i have been hearing is james, he had 7 turnovers. Give someone else a little credit and maybe they will get the confidence they need to help the heat win a ring. Obvisouly the big three can not do it themselves. They need 5 players and a bench with confidence to play against top notch people like allen rondo KG and peirce. If they do beat boston. They will not beat the spurs or OKC cause the big three just cant do it on there own. The need to hype up there other players. Or just change the TEAM name to Miami James wade and bosh. It is the MIAMI HEAT win a championship together or not at all.

  78. marilynhueper says:

    Refereeing reminds me of the Lakers/Kings game in 2002…historic…should be 3-1 Celtics going back to Miami…still pissed about Wednesday’s game…

    • Francisco says:

      did you watch game four, really, allen out of balance, lebron fouls, they got paid by boston big time

    • leohimself says:

      wednesday wade didn’t get 1 free throw and yesterday all calls were in boston’s favor so stfu. they’re even.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you watch Game 4. James had two terrible calls against him. If he played overtime the heat would have more options and probably would’ve had the victory and you wouldn’t be on this board. When Boston gets a bad call the refs are helping Miami but when Miami gets two bad calls that fouls out their best player it is all fair and well?

      • Anonymous says:

        ^ you are an idiot as well, the officials in these games have been to whistle happy, they are not letting them play. Lebron fould out, yes on a bad call, but Pierce who is Boston’s clutch player fouled out on some pretty bogus calls. The officials are to involved in these games. Lebron is good, and the officials screwed Miami by taking him off the floor, but it was a fair call considering how thye had been calling all night, and considering minutes before Pierce was out.

  79. lakermig says:

    wow was not expecting this

  80. Tygger2K6 says:

    They will never be champions, they can’t make free throws!!!!!!!!

  81. eknujsra says:

    at least they fought back..they got hearts right there..they’ll be winning the championship..I tell you..

  82. frank says:

    Heat dont deserve the ring this year. Simple and plan

  83. Sean says:

    You yanks are a funny breed – only ever focus on the negatives. So D-Wade didn’t make the shot, doesn’t make it the wrong play. Funny how often Kobe doesn’t make the game winner yet you only hear of the ones that Kobe Hype-ant makes.

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      Most game winners Kobe have hit have been highly contested….same for ones missed….let Kobe pump fake, catch his man in the air, get the open look with time to spot up and I put MONEY on it it’s WATER!

      And honestly, I think if Kobe caught his man jumping he would’ve made contact on the shot for the free throw line, but maybe not…just my opinion

      • wattadummie says:

        ^^^not true.. a lot of the game winners kobe has taken.. his man stayed on the ground and lifted his arms up.. different than contesting a shot.. its called not wanting to get a “kobe foul”.. so that kobe doesnt go to the line and shoot free throws..

  84. James Anderson says:

    I’m a die hard Miami Heat fan, however one thing has been bothering me as of late, I CANNOT stand the journalism down here in south florida you guys are so BIAS when it comes to Wade just face it he has not shown up the entire series especially on the road. Along with him and Spoelstra they make terrible decisions play after play while Lebron James is doing everything within his power to win the game. If it was lebron james that would have taken that last shot in overtime i can only imagine how much of a field day you guys would of been having right now

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      Wade has brought a championship to Miami….Lebron has won NONE, in cleveland or miami….wtf do you expect?

      • wattadummie says:

        thats the point hes making..
        if wade is soooo amazing.. then why cant he make a shot?

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:


        people hate lebron for a lot of different reasons….nobody really hates wade….and honestly thats what it boils down too

        and as far as coming up in the clutch, wade has been more proven too some to carry a team at the right times and make big plays in his career versus lebron

        more people want the ball in wades hand rather than lebron in closing minutes and will live with what wade does cause he is more proven in those moments than lebron

      • HeatFan7 says:

        Well Wade had Shaq taking all the attention away from him when he won that championship and lets not forget the rest of the roster wasn’t too shabby either. What did Wade do after Shaq left? Nothing! Lebron has carried a team way more than Wade, but Wade is the proven champion between the two.

      • joe says:

        to say ‘wade brought a championship to miami” is a dis-service to the 05-06 miami team. Shaq, mourning, a productive haslem, and whoever else won the champion ship in a TEAM effort. pains me to say it but if miami plays like this again they don’t deserve to win a championship

  85. dwill2lakersPG says:

    The heat are mudd….. kobe would get it done!

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      HAHA! #CharlieSheeningggggggggggggg

      ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮ the Haters! ;p

  86. Elbert says:

    Lebron is not a finisher. He is an starter….He would make 16 points in the first quarter but would choke at endgame….He will never be a Michael Jordan nor Kobe…. That’s why he like to be surrounded by superstar because he can’t deliver…Miami was just lucky DRose was injured…..

    • wattadummie says:

      ^^^ were you even thinking before you wrote that?
      You do know that neither Jordan or Kobe won championships before they were surrounded by players who would TAKE THEM to the title? Like you know that right?
      Who’s D-Rose? Pretty sure last year when they faced miami, lebron single handily took care of rose himself?
      Such ignorance, you MUST be a laker fan.

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        my dude that isnt an excuse for lebron anymore. he has the “help” he so called wanted in top 5 player in dwade and top 15 player in chris bosh …now its time to get it done….what is the excuse now with having those two backing him up?

    • raphael says:

      no you can stop your bs now because the heat would have beat the bulls anyway even with drose and Lebron is Lebron dont be mad that hes better than kobe

  87. POP says:

    I say.. the Heat just need to hit their free throws! Completely wasted

    • OzHeatFan says:

      Agreed… the missed free throws this series for the Heat could have won them the series by now. Its a joke. LBJ is an incredible player in all aspects except free throws. What gives?

      And wondering why Wade is not copping the flak for his first half failings as LBJ did last year for 4th qtr fails. If Wade hit half of hi shots inthe 1st half they wouldnt have dug themselves another 20 point hole to dig themselves out of.

      I could say the same of Boston losing a 20 point lead…. are you kidding me??
      I hope the Heat win the series, but I’d love to see Celtics Vs Spurs.
      Either way I think Spurs or OKC will sweep the finals..

      • joe says:

        spurs vs celtics will be one of THE slowest finals ever played. i’d have more fun watching a sun dial

    • HeatFan7 says:

      Another very good point. In a game that was tied for overtime you have to look at what the score could have been if you made your free throws.

  88. Gorod says:

    Great pump fake by D-Wade … Just didn’t make the shot …

  89. John Lauranaitis says:

    LeBron will never get a ring in his entire NBA career.

    • thats right says:

      AMEN!!!! speaking the truth

    • AsPe says:

      Dream on.

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        Barkely …Ewing…Malone….Miller

        4 top hall of famers and great players without one, tell me why lebron cant join them?

    • Where's that nasty? says:


    • Showbaba7 says:

      with the help of the NBA referees given their league’s MVP bogus fouls it amazing to see. I know NBA will not post my posting.

    • raphael says:

      yeah right Lebron will get a ring and prove to you haters that he is a champion

    • dattebayo says:

      Jerry West lost 8 NBA Finals in his career. Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley and Reggie Miller lost 1 each, Stockton lost 2 and Malone lost 3 NBA Finals. As good a player as Steve Nash is, he never once went to the Finals.

      So far Lebron lost 2 Finals and he is only 27. I don’t think he will retire ringless, but even if he did, he would join elite company and is already a first ballot Hall of Famer.

      Don’t count the Heat out, they play much better under pressure at home…

  90. Mark says:

    The trouble with this article is that if Wade had made the shot, nobody would even care. Miami is doing fine, you can’t expect the Celtics to just roll over. It’s a test we need and the Celtics have obliged. 2 straight wins for Miami from here.

  91. Robert - Basketball Fan says:

    They are really painful to watch. You could fire the coach right now and they would be a better team.

    • AsPe says:

      That’s it. Spoelstra MUST be fired if they want to achieve something more.

      • Showbaba7 says:

        It is nice to see the NBA referees not even regarding their own MVP. 3 of the fouls given to Lebron were bogous. friend who does not like Miami called and told me it is evident that the NBA wanted Boston to win the game yesterday. Make no mistake Boston played good but the referees interfairing with the game is not cool.

    • NBAfan says:

      This is just sad…the HEAT haven’t even lost the series YET, nor have they failed to win the ring YET and all the Lebron and/or Wade fans out there are already preparing the fall guy (i.e. the coach). At the end of the day, it’s the PLAYERS who determine the outcome of a game. Lebron had a chance to win it. Wade had a chance to win it. Lebron had a chance to win Game 3 too…it just didn’t fall for them…don’t blame the coach for trusting his Superstar duo in that situation.

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        Nah John Barry even stated after the game he didnt know what kind of offense was being ran at the end of the game and in OT. Heat only scored 2 pts the whole overtime and werent running any plays to get shots. I agree that every mistake shouldnt go on a coach, but some of it does when you dont put your players in the best position to create oppurtunties to score

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        When Lebron threw that ball into Haslem that was garbage.

        Spo should’ve put both Jones and Miller in making Boston respect their shooters and on them leaving 1 on 1 defense on lebron and wade with the lanes clear. Lebron drives, they double, you have a shooter open for the 3 and if they stay on their guy lbj can just drive to the rack for bucket or potential foul call……

        its simple math…

      • HeatFan7 says:

        @ LATILLIDIE, you are right on point and the fact that you’re not a Miami fan makes me respect your comment even more because its unbias.

      • letsgoheat says:

        i am a fan of heat. and i have been ranting the same thing way back last season. miller was hired for his shooting ability. he kinda lost it this last 2 seasons because of limited time(injuries). james jones is a 3 point champion and i dont understand why he is not used. he was effective last playoffs against the celtics.

    • Kevin says:

      They need to fire Chalmers – he is absoutely the worst starting Pg in the league. he could’nt stay in fron of Rondo if Rondao had cement blocks tied to jhis back. Pay Coles and let Chalmers watch the rest of the series

      • Corey says:

        you’re clearly oblivious to watching the game, there are many much worse than chalmers. Chalmers is a confident shooter and has developed a great driving ability this year and doesn’t shy away from the light. He can rack up steals as a great help defender but can lose focus like the boxing out of OT last game but he’s by far the better option than Cole as he’s just a rookie who’s confident as well but isn’t necessarily consistent.