A Big Fat Bagel in Miami? Could Be …

By Micah Hart, NBA.com

Is it possible that LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in their prime could somehow end up without an NBA title for Miami?

Surely that can’t happen. The Heat were just a few baskets away from winning a title last year, after all. In their first season together. Even in these playoffs, minus an injured Bosh and with whispers of Wade getting his knee drained regularly, they are still an excellent bet to make The Finals and cut the nets.

And yet … what is it about the Heat, with two of the best players in the NBA now and forever, that they continue to have such difficulties executing in late-game situations? Something is broken. If the definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over and expecting a different result … well, Miami needs to be committed.

Listen to Wade’s take on his missed 3-pointer at the buzzer in overtime: “That’s a 50-50 shot when it goes up,” he said. “I’d do it all over again.”

You would? You’d wait until the last second to take a shot, despite getting the ball with 14 seconds left to play and your team trailing by two? That kind of decision making (and approach to decision making), that failure to learn from past mistakes does not sound like a sound path to a title.

And what of LeBron’s miss at the end of regulation? It’s hard to knock a guy for passing out of a quadruple team to get an open look for a teammate. No matter his intentions, the result of the play was an airball, and a rushed airball at that.

Back to the point at hand, though. Everyone likes to clown LeBron and his teammates for their proclamation from the outset as to how many championships they could win in Miami. Perhaps they were shooting a bit high to think they could reach seven or eight.

But one … they have to be able to get at least one, right?

That might be more difficult than it seems, considering:

Their age: There is no doubt James and Wade form the most dynamic duo in basketball. But how much longer can they exist at their current level? Wade is 30 years old and he has taken as big of a beating as any non-post player in recent memory. His game is predicated on attacking the basket, and he is getting pretty close to the age where his athleticism will start to wane. Is he capable of reinventing himself as a shooter the way Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant did? It’s certainly possible, but even then he becomes less than the monster force he is now. James is 27, and Bosh is 28 by the way. The peaks of their careers are at hand.

Their competition: Most would suggest that right now, the Heat will be underdogs to either the Spurs or the Thunder should they reach The Finals. Let’s say that proves to be the case. The Spurs, as solid of an organization as there is in the NBA, are probably looking at their last title run of the Tim Duncan era. Their status as a threat is undoubtedly short-term, though given the franchise’s ability to find treasure where others see trash they could prove that notion wrong.

OKC, on the other hand? The Thunder are just getting warmed up. Kevin Durant? 23. Russell Westbrook? 23. James Harden and Serge Ibaka? They are 22 for goodness sake! The Thunder may not win a title just yet, and they have some challenges in re-signing guys like Ibaka and Harden. But if they get past San Antonio this year, they might be favored against the Heat, and given the respective management teams’ track record for complementary roster construction, they could be favored in years to come.

And that’s just Oklahoma City. Consider the Bulls’ future with Derrick Rose at the helm, or Chris Paul and Blake Griffin with the Clippers, or any other young contender that could spring up in the not-too-distant future (Minnesota? Indiana?)

Their margin for error: The Heat rely so heavily on their Big Three, and have had such difficulty adding pieces to take the pressure off of them, that an extended absence by any of them (like with Bosh’s current abdominal strain) requires the others to perform nearly Herculean tasks. It’s a tremendous credit to Wade and James that they’ve been able to do what they’ve done in these playoffs with Bosh on the shelf.

You can never predict injuries, but they are a part of the game and can affect any team at any moment. The Heat have no alternatives to their superstars. Should they be unlucky again in the future, it’s hard seeing them overcome it.

Their payroll: The Big Three take up an awful lot of space, and with the new collective bargaining agreement, Miami’s front office is going to have to consider the financial ramifications of the new, more punitive luxury tax. In the first two years of this regime the Heat have had to fill most of their roster spots with minimum-salary veterans, and the larger contracts they have doled out have gone to players who haven’t quite earned their paychecks. Finding Spurs-like diamonds in the rough will be imperative in the future. Their track record is spotty at best.

Up until now, the lumps the Heat have taken have seemed part of the learning process, and it’s easy to say that, eventually, their talent will win out. The Bad Boy Pistons took several years to get their first ring. So did Jordan’s Bulls and Shaq and Kobe’s Lakers.

But for the first time since a certain press conference took place in Connecticut, I’m having some doubts. And I think you should too.

Micah Hart is the proprietor of NBA.com’s All Ball blog. Seen something that belongs on All Ball? Let us know via email or Twitter.


  1. ZeeNarf says:

    LeBron James = Malone, Stockton, Ewing, Divac, Kemp, Dantley, Tim Hardaway, Mutombo, Mullin, English, Webber, Thurmond, Dominique Wilkins, Bing, Lanier, Reggie Miller, Pete Maravich, Issel, Gervin, Gilmore, Iverson, Elgin Baylor, Barkley.

    you can easily figure it out…

  2. Alpha Base says:

    Karma is a beach 😉

  3. NBA fan says:

    Ok let’s be honest and realistic. Miami Heat stars produce a lot of flashy plays and dunks and fastbreaks. They have a supertalented stars in Lebron and Wade plus an All star in Bosh. But that’s all it has. Miami will NOT win the title this year.
    I’ve been a big fan of Eastern conference for last dozen year. I’ll be happy if an Eastern conference team wins the championship. But the reality checks on me. Both the Thunder and Spurs are a way far better teams and the Celtics and the Heat this year. Whoever wins the West will be feisting on the Eastern champ. If Thunder and Miami meet in the finals, people should make bets on NOT who wins the title but instead on could Heat win a game at home. If you look at the some other key statistics like offensive rotation, defensive rotation, rebounding, second chance pionts, contribution by role players, coaching and clutch shooting, the Thunder are a far more superior team than the Heat. They are very likely to sweep whomever wins the East. With the currently constructed roster and the coach, the Heat are just unable to beat the Thunder. So I agree with the the author on the point that Heat’s championship aspire is in danger.

  4. HUGO says:

    In my opinion the heat will have to work hard to earn a team like Boston because experience this and will talk a lot but high. In an old adage that the older the wine is better the flavor, then this means that Boston is to know to take advantage of their age and experience, we are with you boston.

  5. Jim says:

    Miami is built around three great players and four more regular-bad players. With this aproach, is impossible to win a championship. You can reach semifinals or even conference final or NBA final, but not to win a champinoship. Miami needs two or three better players to fight for the championship. But the question is that if these happens, the big three is going to share their stardom with other players. Bad approach by Miami Management. And if they don’t win the championship this year, what are going to do next season with this team? Are the going to remain with the same approach (they will again be defeated)?. I am afraid they are force to change the way they think and force to sell Wade (he is 30) for three o four good players (Gasol, Nash…). Besides the game of Miami is dreadful. Is a desperate so wacht them play, they don’t play like a team, they play for James and Wade.

  6. pio says:

    it over for heat this year

  7. justice says:

    when i come in you know what i see: SOMEONE COMPLAINING LEBRON DOESN’T HAVE GOOD TEAMMATES. May be Lebron needs MJ+Shaq+Magic+Bird to win a championship. Oh it’s teammates’ fault again.

  8. rougedog says:


  9. franco says:

    i’d like to check it with a different coach. he is such a looser that he’s missing in this page tags on the right side also!!!!!!

  10. Alex says:

    Whoever coms up with the article has not done enough basis homework ! D-wade has won one championship ! It was aboaut C-bosh and King James !

    I wouldn’t say CB and Lebron will never win a championship, but not likely this year ! Next year I think they will finally pull one off ! I am a huge huge Lebron fan, one of the biggest perhaps. But the whole decision and “not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4 not 5, not 6, not 7…etc” is a little bit cooky. Boston Celtic in Eastern Final this year is very resilient !

  11. finals says:

    lebron should step up his game like he did in 2007 conference finals vs the psitons.he should attack the basket more and not setteling for jump shots.i think dwayne was carrying them all celtics series.this duo didnt work like many expected.if lebron doesent show his best game in game 6 theres no way they will win this series.

  12. NOEL12 says:


  13. tito canillas says:

    OKC 2011-2012 NBA CHAMPION!

  14. amar says:

    NOT 1, NOT 2, NOT 3, NOT 4, NOT 5, NOT 6… lol lebron was right they aren’t going to win any

  15. el stone says:

    Nothing would make me happier than LeBron going vibrate-mode (ringless) his entire career. He’s such a self inlating ego-hole and he has been from the beginning of his prominence. From calling himself King James or The Chosen One, to his ridiculous Witness campaign, to The Decision, to the promise to bring “Not 1, not 2, not 3….” championships to Miami, I would love to see him eat his words.

    Look, other great duos (anyone who says Bosh is great is joking themselves) have failed to win. Look at Malone (top three PF of all time) and Stockton (top 5 PG of all time). They had a good coach, good role players, but just couldn’t get over that hump.

    Miami could win, but they need to add better role players and a coach who makes better adjustments. With all the money tied up in the Big 2.5, that could be difficult to accomplish.

    Plus, there’s the possibility that Wade and LeBron will never “get it” and will continue to think that they are so good that they can iso-ball their way to a championship.

    One thing I know for sure, they are never bringing 7 or 8 NBA championships to Miami.

    • John says:

      “Look, other great duos (anyone who says Bosh is great is joking themselves) have failed to win. Look at Malone (top three PF of all time) and Stockton (top 5 PG of all time). They had a good coach, good role players, but just couldn’t get over that hump. ” That hump ? You mean Michael Jordan ?

  16. Roko says:

    Bad coach, big egos and an unbalanced roster is the recipe for high hopes and low return. As good as are individually James, Wade and Bosh, as a team they are not coherent, they lack power and Wade&James overlap their roles. If they can trade for Wade+Battier for D-Williams+Lopez, they may have a chance winning a ring. The current roster – 0 rings

  17. NBA fan from Latvia says:

    I think Heat have chance to win about 3 titles… One title for sure…
    Why some of you are saying that they have no chance to win Championship this year? Last year OKC and SA didn’t even make The Finals, because of other teams. This year they one of them will make it. These teams are not much stronger than last year, and Heat have chance to win them, but not sweep them.

    That is the beautiful thing about NBA… you can’t predict what team will win the championship… 🙂

    • reggcato says:

      I definitely think they have a chance to win this year; but they’re not a shoo-in like many people thought they were.

    • Axe from Estonia says:

      Well, actually, if you look at the teams that have won the championships in recent years, you might notice that it is a pretty small group of teams so it really isn’t all that difficult to predict the winner. Also, the OKC Thunder have all the makings of a dynasty and right now there are no teams that could challenge them. Therefore I predict the Thunder to win it all at least for the next three years:)

  18. reggcato says:

    Well, technically, Miami hasn’t failed on their promise of “not one, not two, etc…” championships…they’ve won 0 so far, and 0 is “not one, not two…”….lol

    That said, however, Miami doesn’t have a lot of depth, which I believe is a key element in winning championships. Teams that rely heavily on one or two players (especially without a strong supporting cast) can still be successful, but they put themselves in a potentially risky situation because, as stated in the article, injuries happen. That’s why I think Chicago will have a hard time winning a championship over the next few years unless they add another star or some key players. Miami gave up a lot (especially in financial flexibility under the new CBA) to acquire James and Bosh, and, while they’ve acquired a decent supporting cast, I think they’re still a couple players away from winning a championship.

    Can that change this offseason? Absolutely.

    I expect Miami to win the Boston series, but I see the Larry O’Brien trophy heading west this season.

  19. Joaquìn says:

    This article missed one key thing in a potential failure of Miami: The Coach.
    Maybe Miami can find low-payed Spurs-quality players, but they don’t have a coach like Poppovich, not even close

  20. Elden says:

    Rondo, who is not even a great jump shooter, scored 22 points before one of Miami’s superstar, Wade, made his first shot of the game (#2 in Miami). That is NOT a championship team!!! Whoever said that “don’t know how Celtics got into the conference final” has to be an idiot. Celtics has won more championship games than any other team in NBA. If all the Celtics players are healthy, Miami Heat wouldn’t still be in the race because Celtics would have home court advantage. James joined Miami for one reason: Beat Boston so he has a chance to play the finals and to get a ring. Yes, he did take less money, but so far, no dice, and it doesn’t look like he is going to get one this year. Bosh’s absense has nothing to do with the outcome because Celtics beat the Heat during regular season when Bosh was playing so stop using that as an excuse. If it is true that Celtics are old and don’t belong in the playoff; then explain to the Celtics fans why they are still in the picture. If Miami thinks it is all because of Rondo; then how can they consider themselves champion materials if a point guard can single handedly take on the entire Heat? Bad calls in Game 4? Oh, please . . . Celtics had enough bad calls in Game 2 that their fans are still having indigestion!

  21. Gotchmyspy123 says:

    how about bringing in effective veterans in veteran minimum 1-2 yr salary? like next year get either Allen Iverson or Steve Nash. etc etc…. versus non-lethal or eractic performing chalmers or Jones? T-mac? and the likes??

  22. raj says:

    OKC is destined to win – yes age does count – however the main element to winning is team spirit which OKC and their coach have – unlike the heat who have big egos only.

  23. Tygger2K6 says:

    JUST SHOOT FREE THROWS! They already have what it takes.

  24. wtu says:

    fewqo fri

  25. lakermig says:

    lets face it i doubt anyone really believed that the heat with these 3 were goin to win anything close to 7 championships. and as things stand right now i would be quite surprised to see them win 2. It is a bit early to say this, sure, seeing as in their first year they got to the finals and in their second their in the east finals . But lets all be honest in these current times getting to the east finals really isnt saying much, their only competition was the bulls who got a bad break with rose, and the celtics who are kinda ancient and still giving them a run for their money. But the reason i say this is because yes they are no spring chickens fair enough bosh and LBJ are in their primes but bosh at his size every year is like a dog year it happens to all bigs. And wade is 30 and falling apart rather fast (the majority of this reg season is a perfect example) which leaves you with LBJ who is awesome. Then you have the problem of absolutely no other team mate capable of anything besides a one off “great” game, In a time that if you notice relies a lot on depth and team balance..OKC,SPURS,CHICAGO the days of having 2 or 3 super stars and that is totally it are past ie my lakers.
    For instance can you imagine the heat in the finals against the thunder right now with or without bosh in my opinion they stand no chance against a team with 2 good bigs, 3 great scorers and multiple players able to step up any night ie sefolosha.
    So where does that leave Miami?
    In my opinon it leaves them as the kings of the east for the next 3-4 years for sure beyond that they might get lucky and all be healthy and win a championship.
    Then again all this changes if the “big three” take pay cuts and the miami heat buy some decent role players
    (which i totally dont see happening)

  26. CPR says:

    Of course they have a chance. They always have a chance.

    The cHeat have the real big 3 on the hardwood every night. The three refs.

    Playing 8 on 5 will always give them a chance, until Stern has drained every ounce of star power and merchandising from them.

    Then it’s back to the lottery.

    • philthebeat says:

      We surely didn’t watch the same games…They were 8 on 5 in Miami for the Heat…true ! But back in Boston they were 8 on 5 in Boston favor…I mean : Clearly !!

  27. peter says:

    The Miami Heat has given up so much to put together their big three. They come up big on paper, highly entertaining, media hype mtype but they will lose versus good teams. They are easy to scout as they offer no suprises and their best player more often than not runs out of gas in the end game.

    They can still bring their game a notch higher if they trade one of the big three, most likely Bosh, for a True center and maybe a point guard good enough to be an eight man in other teams.

    The heat are good however they will only be good enough for highlight plays. Its pathetic to wish for them to win under the premise the other good teams will be broken up to rebuild.

    Bosh should be traded as the heat have proven they can win without him.

  28. CoachD says:

    Wade & James? Best dynamic duo in basketball? LOL

    How did they become dynamic if they are virtually one-sided players. Yes, they can run, can shoot outside shots.

    But can either of them defend low-posts? Can they dominate at the low-post offensively? NAAAH!

  29. Axe says:

    In my opinion the Heat are just not good enough to win a title. I mean yes, they have 3 great players but they are missing the two most important positions: a pg and a center or at least one of them + their supporting cast ain’t really that great. Of course it is not too late to fix the roster but it’s gonna be difficult in many ways. Secondly, I think their time was last season because now those teams that were too young last season (particulary OKC) are taking the league in a rush and as they are still very young, they’re gonna be around for a long time. All in all, I think the Heat will not win a title without some major changes or additions.

    • OKC 2012 says:

      Axe you are correct! What the heat need is a solid point guard to run the second unit! While either Lebron or Wade are on the bench they don’t have enough! Also they need to invest in some height. They need a good solid 7 foot center who can defend the paint. Chalmers has turned into a decent starter with lebron and wade on the floor personally i would keep him with them and pick up a veteran point guard for the second unit (like maybe steve nash who would probably come to win a ring for next to nothing if propositioned) and get rid of turiaf and possibly haslem or battier for a solid 7 foot center who can defend and get you 10-12 points per game (like maybe gortat who would probably follow steve nash if he were to come to miami) atleast someone like gortat who is a solid scorer and a good defender

  30. jack says:

    haters are all over here,..just watch tomorrows game you all will again disappear,..like these people from cleveland,..

    • Schofer says:

      sooo true

    • old school spurs says:

      watched the game – who won oh thats right the celts!

      Miami need help in the middle – perhaps KG might sign on as a free agent next season lol

  31. vincent says:

    The Miami Heat’s big three will win a championship but they need more support from other players. They need a center who can defend the paint well, they need a point guard who will make the right decisions at the right time and lastly they need a consistent 3 point shooter.

  32. manok says:

    Hate to say it, but this is article is very probable… B-players like James are sprouting each draft season… So the Heat winning championships is getting slimmer every year… Good luck to LBJ’s high dreams… while OKC on the other hand, KD and westbrook have reliable supporting casts, unlike Miami

    • s27m says:

      Did you really say B-Player……. Lets see you ball

    • s27m says:

      oh lol my bad

    • Niko says:

      I hope by B-player u meant Ball player & u better tell all the NBA scouts where your finding all these Lebron like players coz they aren’t showing up on any teams… The closest I’ve seen (& it wasnt that close) was Tyreke Evans in his rookie season but he has disappeared since.

  33. ton says:

    they can win a championship , they must play serious now… for wade —- when you want to become best player you can win the game in overtime not in lucky shot of 3 points.. sorry to say that… i’m a fan of yours…show the world how to be a superstar .

  34. Dew says:

    I personally do not see the Heat beating OKC or SA. If it is any indication, the Spurs are putting up a hell of a fight and still coming short in this amazing series. Miami does not have the defense to stop the train wreck which will be either San Antonio or OKC coming out of the west. Or the offense to keep up. Sure, the Heat might make the finals every year perhaps while Lebron is there. I just do not see 3 guys stepping up against a whole team which are capable of every task known to basketball. Then again, maybe it would be possible against SA as who thought Ibaka, Sefolosia, Collison, or Cook would be this effective for OKC in this series. I guess Battier, Miller, Haslem, and Chalmers would come to live against SA? The Heat will not have an answer for OKC, and if the Spurs bench plays well, forget about beating them also. Miami will be dominate in the east sure. They will have to try and take down whatever tyrant comes out of the west though. I hear things are stirring around the Lakers and Dallas for next year as well. SA and OKC will be back in the hunt next year for sure as well. Again, Lebron should of stayed in Cleveland..let Howard, Boozer, Bosh, or Wade to have joined him there with the role players they already had.

    • TGates says:

      Miami’s biggest problem is they don’t have a bench player that can come in and take over the game like Hardon or Ginobili. Miami will always need to have either LeBron or Wade (usually they need both) in because if they both sit the game goes under. Miami should be looking for a solid scoring bench PG in the offseason because they will need it if they ever want to win a championship.

  35. Andrew says:

    I am routing for the thunder to win the whole thing since play-off started but you can’t take anything away from the heats. lebron has the capabilities to win any game and even if the series is tied, the past few games could have gone either way for both teams. Pacers had everything going for them and couldn’t do anything about lebron and wade. haslem and battier is coming up with big time shots with bosh missing.

    to respond to article, the eastern conference is not tough enough to push heats out into the playoffs for another good 3-4years and i believe that any team in the playoffs can win. any. lebron is not injury prone like rose and produced one of his best years yet in terms of numbers. wade or bosh maybe older and injury prone but lebron has placed more confidence in other players. the one being complacent is wade but he still comes out big with his defense in many situations. every year, every series has a story. noone expected heat to dominate like the way they did when he won nor did anyone really project dallas to cruise like they did either. go thunder! but let’s be serious and not count the heat out until they are ACTUALLY eliminated.

    -immense lebron/heat hater.

  36. Markus says:

    It’s the heat’s fault for proclaiming they should be winning not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, and not six championships. They raised the bar soo high for themselves, and now they are feeling the pressure for playing Nostradamus

  37. heat dynasty says:

    Heat in 6!

  38. jojo1210 says:

    Sorry HEAT! You met someone who is wearing GREEN and he’s a puzzle you cannot solve. Oh no, it’s the RIDDLER! Oh no, its RONDO!! Yup! RONDO is the RIDDLER!!!

  39. bruswayne says:

    play 5 a man team,theres no I in TEAM.and for God sake,put a Center (Main or Role player) in the Middle.

  40. Arturo says:


  41. Vrapz says:

    They’re great player..but cant win a championship.their ego is bigger than their balls and their heart.

  42. knickfan212 says:

    That was a 50/50 shot! And I believe Wade did right to wind the clock down before his shot so not to leave time for Boston to get a shot off and win the game. You’d rather go into overtime than take the shot to early and miss and give the other team a chance to shoot their 50/50 shot.

    • knickfan212 says:

      I forgot they were down 2. My bad!

    • NBAfan says:

      I think D Wade tried for it but could not make it in…too bad…but not a bad play overall. however, D Wade shooting a three is NOT a 50/50 shot….if it is, he should be having a 3pt% of .500…WHICH NOBODY HAS…

      Lebron should have forced the issue…him forcing a drive would have been better than another Haslem jumper with KG guarding him

  43. JULIO says:


  44. KOBE says:


  45. KC says:

    That’s the way life works. When fortunes go one way it’s called “opportunity” but fortunes can turn just as easily. Dealing with this reality is what life is all about. Professional basketball players are just people like anyone else. It’s hard to imagine things in the future being different from the way they were in the past, but Miami’s prediction of multiple championships was only just that: a prediction. Life has a way of coming in and messing with predictions. Basketball is a tough sport, because you can perform very well and the ball will still, inexplicably, rattle back out of the bucket without going down. Miami players are learning that right now, and it will hopefully make them wiser.

  46. I agree that it´s about age and how older your players are, that is true.
    In Shaq´s case he should have stay in L.A. for a few more years more to reach one more ring at least.
    To me NBA now is like veterans vs youngs. It´s like when Magic retired and Micheal Jordan began his era and then Kobe-Shaq.

    In my opinion since 2000 until now none has dominated the game (except Kobe-Shaq). And from then all teams have been looking for greatness. Miami is part of them, they are only looking for ring same as Pistons 05 , Spurs 07 and Boston 08.
    It´s 2012 and everything can happens, you can´t predict anything. I mean, none thought tie 2-2 Miami Boston instead Miami was supposed to be 3-1 right now but you can´t predict the future. It´s like a boxing challenge between M. Paquiao and Floyd M. Junior or Tyson vs Alí.

  47. Yes it is a real possibility that the Miami Heat may not get even one championship with their All-Star Trio. In a post on my site (http://randomnbafan.com/05/19/2012/random-musings-three-weeks-into-the-2012-nba-playoffs/) I muse that LeBron James appears (to me at least) to want and expect “the work of winning a championship to be easier than it actually is.” And for that reason (plus many of the others Micah stated above) I am not sure that LeBron will ever earn a ring. If James and the Heat don’t win it all this year, I currently have them ranked third in my Final Four Power Rankings (http://sports.yahoo.com/news/2012-nba-playoffs-final-four-power-rankings-fans-081200475–nba.html), the talk about the Heat and their trio may change from “when” will they win a championship to “if” they will ever win one.

    And after James proclaimed that he was taking his talents to South Beach to win “Not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven” championships, if he fails to win even one, he will wind up taking an incredible and unprecedented amount of heat.

  48. Hg says:

    Miami, Celtics, Lakers and NY has copy cats that are doing the same thing. besides the almost new SAS and OKC, There is a possible LAL renewal, the Clippers, All having a big three.
    I am a Blazer fan and it Greg, BRoy and LaMarcus would have gotten to play together they had as good as chance as Miami, but as mentioned Wade is Thirty and James gets banged around a bit and it only takes one or two injuries to mess up the line-up. The Bulls has Portland luck this year going out of the play-offs with injuries, who is next?
    If a championship was that easy to get there would have been more teams getting them in the past.

  49. spelkey55 says:

    Miami is highly overrated. They got Lebron James who and I quot” has choked in every big pressure situation he has had to face with the Cavs . And now because he’s got even more pressure to win with Bosh and Wade he’s not in a pace of pressure? Even more is expected of him now! He ain’t got the heart for it! Him and Wade try to do too much on their own for their own good. Until they stop expecting over payment and get real so the Heat can spend more money for high quality role players Miami is headed for more losing. In the playoffs.

    • Francisco says:

      you did not watch the games dude, your little brain is a target of the media , lebron is a better fourth quater performer than the falsely closer kobe , stats are the proof , the evidence, the reality, what has happened, lebron has been unfaired tagged focusing in the bad performance that every player has, only that lebron’s are amplified because He is a superplayer.
      I know in american schools do not teach math

      • NBAfan says:

        I can manipulate stats and make it seem like Brian Scalabrine is an allstar…anybody can manipulate stats….I guess you didn’t learn that past the highshool level stats you always spurt out…

        To CREATE a stat, you have to CHOOSE qualifiers and conditions….do you think a Lebron fan like you would fairly choose these qualifiers and conditions fairly? Heck no…

        People are focusing on Lebron because he calls himself King, took his talents to South Beach, and promised like 7 rings or something just because he teamed up with his buddies….that’s why he gets targeted a lot….

        When he was in Cleveland, he could do no wrong. He threw that away in one very unfortunate summer…

        Hate on Kobe all you want…they guy is a proven winner…and he’s the superstar…don’t start mentioning Robert Horry now cause that is like comparing a lemon to a brand new ferrari

      • Francisco says:

        @nbafan. a lot of talk and litlle substance, the NBA stats fields are not perfect, but there are some black and white that can not be manipulated, they are formulated by Smart people to evaluate the game as scientifically as possible.take the time a walk your talk and get some scalabrine stats that show that he is a better player than kevin garnet for instance, sure you can bring some non fundamental details and hide information , but if you go deeper the truth will come out.

    • kenny says:

      Overpayed? Are you kidding me? They took less money than they could have made elsewhere, so they can play in Miami. You have no idea what’s happening in the world of basketball. Your the type that doesn’t even watch the games. You think that just by reading a few articles and watching a few highlights, that gives you complete knowledge of basketball and the situation with every team! You are pathetic!

    • CoachD says:

      I definitely agree.
      2014, Miami’s Big 3 will begin to disappear as this is the year all 3 have the rights to be waved to another team.

      There will be no championship for the Heat this year on-wards.

    • Schofer says:

      They took a pay cut to be with the team there not highly overated they are rated perfectly when you have 3 allstar caliber players and one is a superstar like lebron james your going to be rated high and your going to take a lot of criticism and hate which the heat have had to endure so of course this will effect them a bit im not saying they lose games cause of critisim but if you had to deal with the media everyday like lebron and wade and bosh do and you have to take all that hate and try to channel it out and play your best well eventually it will get to you, but none the less lebron is in fact the best player in the league today and they will get past the celtics and will win a championship this year i gaurentee you that

      • #DW3 fan says:

        i give 100% props to you man. good point. The miami heat are top hated and the best team all around. A little bit more porduction from the bench and this season is over as the heat winning the championship.

      • Steve S. says:

        @DW3 fan-I would hardly call the Heat the best team all around and thats simply because there is only 3 players worth a damn: Lebron, Wade and Bosh. The management made a crucial mistake when they ignored the fact that their bench is mediocre at best, personally I’d say its poor.
        Chalmers is a very spotty performer, not as reliable as they want him to be. When it comes to big men other than Bosh they have no one that can trully command the paint. Haslem hadnt been the same player ever since he got rid of his cornrows. The only positive thing I have seen for miami as far is Lebron growing as a player and that is coming from someone who is NOT a lebron fan. He has become very consistent in his performance especially when it comes to 4th quarters.
        Bottomline-Are they a contender team?Definatelly! Are they championship material? 3 of their players are but unless smarter choices are made when constructing the bench then its just up to 3 men to win a ring

      • OKC 2012 says:

        Right now the heat are down 3-2 to an old beat up Boston Celtics… yes they didn’t have chris bosh playing the first four games and he only had 14 minutes in game 5 but it’s Boston’s defence shutting out everyone else except for lebron and d wade that’s making this tough on them… Lebron and Wade have had to do too much to get to this point to beat OKC IF they get out of this round! The thunder have one of the best shot blocking power forwards in the game today in Ibaka who has just come alive offensively posting a 24 point game and a 10 point game afterward playing against Tim Duncan in the low post. Not to mention Durant Westbrook Harden who together can easily score 60 a night. If the Heat have to play the thunder Lebron is going to have to defend Durant. That leaves you with Wade chasing around Westbrook because Chalmers (as well as he’s played this postseason) won’t be able to cut it. Now if you look at Wade’s numbers while he’s had to defend Rondo they are down significantly because he’s too tired from running all night trying to defend to focus on his scoring. If Westbrook can emulate that kind of play Lebron and Wade will not be able to do enough to keep them in that series. Ibaka will average 8-15 points a night with Bosh having limited minutes and no one else who can guard him Durant Westbrook and Harden will combine for an average 60 per night and any other scoring is bonus because James and Wade will not be enough! If the Heat play the Thunder in the finals Thunder win in 6

    • hooplover says:

      overrated!, i’ve said it all along. heat will never win a championship until they focus more on a win instead of a highlight. oan: why is it that kevin durant isn’t recognized as the best player in the league, when clearly he is? stripped of the mvp title and now about to be stripped of the series mvp title as well. it’s sad and no mam/sir, i’m not an okc fan at all! the “league” isn’t at all like it used to be, smh!

  50. Mr.305 says:

    They were only a few baskets away from a championship last year. They beat the hell out of a great Pacers team, who by the way had the advantage low-post better than Boston does, with only Wade and James. With the role players hitting shots when they were supposed to. NOw that Boston has tied the series 2-2, every body is worrying. Before they did, it was wow the Heat look unstoppable with Wade and James. Just shut up, and enjoy their game and let it speak for itself. Once Bosh comes back healthy if he does, it will be difficult to beat Miami. That much was proven last year.

    • NBAfan says:

      I like what you said there Mr.305…

      Just let them play….let whoever puts the ball through the basket more move forward…no referee BS…no excuses….no what ifs…48 minutes…lets go!

  51. Bev says:

    Don’t be so quick to cast the Heat into the wind.

    • NBAfan says:

      Yup….I think it’s also too quick…MY HUNCH..HTB bloggers are actually HEAT fans..and they are trying to write these things to MOTIVATE them…same thing happened when they were down against Indy…

      Nobody motivated the Pacers so lets motivate the Celts….go finish them….win the next game….

  52. Mike C says:

    The Celtics are to old. Half the team is injured. There bench isn’t deep enough. All these statements are somewhat true. What does this team have that makes them contenders against any team in the league? THEY’RE ALL HEART! I’m so proud of this team right now. They never give up, EVER. Even after the refs stole game two in Miami. Very few teams would bounce back to even the series after a heartbreakig OT loss like that. Miami has all the tools it needs to win a championship, except one. The heart and desire to win games even though things may no be going your way. The Celtics showed everyone that they’re ready to fight to the last second. Tuesday night we’ll find out if Miami is going to fight or fold. I’m guessing the latter.

    • wonder says:

      well said, let’s the players decide the game, not the refs

    • NBAfan says:

      Yup…gotta respect Doc Rivers and his Celtics…..

    • Caiqiang says:

      I think James wanna a chanpion too much and will prove him at next night .Because he can’t afford the next game . Maybe D-Wade will do more thing and give more help in the game at home like the performance in the game 5 VS pacer . They will win the game and win this series .

  53. dattebayo says:

    The Heat Hater with another insightful article^^

    It is their second year together, in the first they went to the finals. Now they won a series without Bosh against a very big and feisty Indiana Pacer Team. They still have Home Court advantage, Bosh might come back fully healthy and the series vs the Celtics is tied at 2-2. They are 30, 28 and 27, if Wade isn’t as healthy as he could be my guess would be its because of the shortened season which had a toll on every player. They have at least 3 more years together and already there are doubts they might not win a ring together? Seriously?

    Beside a strong Chicago Team and maybe a strong Celtic Team (if Garnett and Allen stay), who can beat them in the East in the next years? The Celtics might be blown up, Chicago relies on Rose and if he can come back strong from his ACL injury. The Knicks have to prove to be an elite team first, in their first playoff appearances they failed. The Pacers might not be able to hold Hibbert which will not improve them. Orlando will go nowhere if Howard doesn’t stay and the Hawks never lived up to their goals.

    The Heat will only improve, Howard will probably retire next year. The Heat will let go either Curry or Pittman and they have Anthony, Haslem, CHalmers and Cole for the next 2 years. I give them the best chance in the East and it will fall to the Big Three to make it happen…

    • Samir says:

      Very true, I think for the next 3 years the heat will be the team to beat in East.

      LeBron will have to take em’ to that ring… Wade and Bosh important but it will have to be LeBron.

  54. W/E says:

    age is not a problem for miami stars as long as they stay healthy,they r still young and they r gunna be championship contenders for the next couple years

    • NBAfan says:

      That’s true but D-Wade is already thirty and the way he plays makes me feel he won’t be at the top of his game for too long….any team with Lebron will be a title contender…CONTENDER….not a shoe-in for a championship…

      It’s 2-2…just because they are not dominating as everyone expects them to does not mean they can’t pull it off…

      If you ask me…it’s time for Lebron to step up (yes even further) and take control of this series…he needs to take control of his fate….forget friends…take over like only Lebron can….

      • TGates says:

        LeBron is already averaging 30+ points a game, what is he supposed to do average 50+ a game? Championships aren’t won with a single player, it takes a team. If LeBron doesn’t get some help from his team he will never win a championship. Even Jordon required a solid team behind him for his championships.

    • chin says:

      I agree. eventurely heat will win the title. at present do you think c. bosh should come out for game 5? i have little worrysome, it seems like c. bosh has not recover yet, if play now may be injured again, then heat will lost more. please give more consideration.