What’s the next move for KG?

BOSTONKevin Garnett wants to play another year. That’s what some of his teammates believe, and even his ex-teammates. As Kendrick Perkins said recently: “I think he will. It’ll probably depend on the money, and if he can win a championship wherever he goes.”

Garnett has looked solid in spurts, even All-Star-like. He remains in solid shape and although his health was an issue in the past, his body hasn’t betrayed him here in this abbreviated season, unlike other players. Because the NBA still puts a premium on big men, it’s reasonable to suspect a handful of teams will inquire about the soon-to-be unrestricted free agent. At least those teams who consider themselves title contenders.

Therefore … where does he go?

It’s not totally out of the question that Garnett returns to the Celtics. He wouldn’t have to learn a new system, deal with a new coach, new city, all that. Besides, the Celtics will have plenty of room under the cap to give him a reasonable salary, say $10 million. With Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo, they’d be a 45 or 50-win team.

There are other possible landing places as well. Maybe the Lakers? Garnett has a home in Malibu, and the Lakers have Kobe Bryant. What they don’t have is cap room, but that can be resolved if they agree to a sign and trade for Pau Gasol. The Lakers desperately want Gasol’s contract (three years, $60 million) off the cap and tried to trade him last summer. The Celtics, with only Pierce and Rondo making decent money, could take Gasol, although that would likely prevent them from re-signing Brandon Bass.

How about the Mavericks? If they don’t get Deron Williams or Dwight Howard, they could pair Garnett with Dirk Nowitzki, although KG would have to play primarily at center. There’s also Brooklyn, but only if the Nets keep Williams and get Howard and somehow convince KG to take a little less. The Clippers would be in play only if they could get someone to take DeAndre Jordan‘s remaining $33 million, which seems unlikely.

And that’s about it. There’s a limited universe for Garnett, for a variety of reasons: his age, asking price and a team’s ability to win now. That said, if he wants, he’ll make money next season, not bad for someone who’s already banked a pair of $100 million contracts.


  1. Shawn Thornton says:

    @ MJ the nets have no choice they risk losing deron for nothing and like wise for dwight howard … they oughta get something in return.. KG can get mid level
    pg deron
    sg kobe
    sf metta or ebanks
    pf kg
    c dwight or bynum ( alot of flexibilty )

  2. ya we sould trade kg for pau gasol because pau was not doing nothing in the play offs. lakers fan

  3. peter says:

    Miami will become so desperate they will get rid of Bosh for Garnett.

  4. David says:

    KG should go to the lakers. Yes im a lakers fan. KG would make bynum cry like he did with big baby and big baby became a better player for it.. so We need a MAN TO SHAPE UP BYNUM!! and KG is the man. but I no this aint going to happen so yeah.

    KG will prob stay with the C’s but if there are other teams he should consider is his old team Twolves. He can finish just like jason kidd wants to finish in the team that drafted him.

    As much as I dont like the C’s I respect KG. He plays with heart and if he were to come to Lakers believe me the entire team will be fuelled 24/7

  5. PG says:

    Rondo is the best PG in the NBA.. Just like Model Lydia M is the hottest female model in Canada

  6. David says:

    How come no one put Miami Heat as a contender? Getting to the final 4 without one of the star should give this team a contender status. If Garnett is willing to take a mid level, miami is a good place for him. The heat need size and toughness, KG can play about 20-30 mins off the bench for both the PF and C position.

  7. mac says:

    i’m a huge fan of KG. he should stay in boston with cheaper salary and get enough salary cap space to land Howard

  8. ko0kie says:

    you can say what you want but the boston celtics will not be the same team without KG, the best pick and roll defender in the history of the game.. his impact especially on the defensive end is amazing.. you could even see it against the heat, when he was on the bench..

  9. Ken says:

    If the Celtics make it to the finals I see no reason not to bring everyone back for another year. Sign all of them to one year deals and let it ride one more time.

  10. hh says:

    The dirty play guy better to get out of NBA and let the NBA more clear.

  11. spurs fan says:

    i think if he want another championship sign with the spurs with Duncan in Center and Garnett in PF that’s unstoppable force right there with great coach pop plus u got manu and tony.i really want to see Garnett team up with Duncan for years..but if the celtic win this series versus miami im sure the celtics will resign him but if not that’s a 50-50 chance that KG will go to another team..

  12. Eaham says:

    I would t=d a sign and trade for gasol, he’s not even that old and he’s good.

  13. David says:

    If he doesn’t retire, he shouldn’t leave Boston. Maybe they’ll retire his number one day…

  14. tim says:

    He should not go to the loser team Orlando, he should stay with Boston or probably sign with the Nets or Wolves.

  15. madarev says:

    With all that said KG will either stay with Boston or go back to Minnesota to retire a Twolf. Team up with KLOVE, Rubio, and DWilliams to show these young guns how to play great defense. And believe David Kahn will be reaching out to him to do so!

  16. kupalnaputi says:

    KG and Allen will stay in Boston until they retire. FOR SURE. its a good system for both players

  17. highleaper says:

    i want kg to remain in Boston…..go Celtics

  18. Bunsenburner says:

    I have a feeling he will quit. He wants to remembered as a player like he plays now. Not like a limping overweight Shaq.

  19. Steve says:

    Garnett,pierce and allen were waiters at the last suppa !!!!!!!!!!!! it’s time to go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Backes says:

    Howard in Boston? Why not?

  21. ray says:

    the celtics and lakers are the biggest rivalery in basketball. how can anyone even mention kg going there. thats plain stupid. you don’t deserve to be an nba columnist

    • Los says:

      plenty of players have made that transition nicely already. I don’t think he’ll go to LA but it’s not out of the realm of possibility

  22. Patrick Wood says:


  23. IjustwatchNba says:

    Well Every Year people comment about Boston being old and stuff and well i dont see any reason to trade any of their players cause they have never been healthy ever since they won their first championship together but they have always managed to get to the conference finals. Don’t fix things that aren’t broken. This is not like the LA flop where champion caliber team went down the drain , these celtics can still compete. i would try re sign them for 2 years and then try improving the bench cause when the big 3 are gone there isnt much young all star players left to go to boston.

  24. Bok says:

    I hope KG sticks with Boston & take a lesser salary to accomodate upcoming marquee players, & I also hope that Ray Allen & Pierce will do the same. This is from a Lakers fan. I hope the Celtics will make through the finals.

  25. Jay Cruz says:

    KG should go home with TWOLVES. thats the best place for a Great Player like him to retire.
    C: KG
    SG: SIGN a veteran SG.

  26. captainamirica says:

    i can’t imagine KG in any other team except Boston. I hope he re-signs with Boston or retires as a Celtic.

  27. renz_garnett says:


  28. Dieymen says:

    I want KG and Ray Allen to stay in boston for the rest of their careers, they should accept a low salary (it dishonors me if they go other team based in money) i wish them to accept a loy maybe 6-7 millions and leave boston enough cap space to sing another allstar-maybe player! like… mmmmm… i dont know! Krish Kaman, Josh Smith… i’d love to see the boston big four together forever! 😀 Love u celtics!!!

  29. AnoNymouS~ says:

    KG should go to charlotte lol

  30. aschitown says:

    He’s from here.
    We’re on the cusp…
    Steve Nash…
    Retires a Bull winning rings with D Rose.
    He can play as long as Kareem played.
    Bulls could give him a back-loaded 2 or 3 year deal. His pay goes up as Boozer come’s off the books.

  31. aschitown says:


    + Nash
    + KG

  32. Dew says:

    Two places that KG will end up. He will either resign in Boston for 2 more seasons as they try to bring in personnel to compliment Rondo, himself and Pierce. Or he will end up in LA much like Karl Malone did back in the twilight of his career. His trip to LA would include the landing of Howard via trade, the signing of Nash or Lin at the PG, and perhaps the trading of Gasol for another key player as well. If the right moves are made in LA land, I do see KG on the big stage out west to make the Lakers big once again. If the right moves do not go down elsewhere across the country, KG will resign in Boston. I am sure he will sign wherever he thinks he can win as well as remaining in a big market. I could see him in SA for some odd reason due to that it is not unusual for former greats to make their appearance in the silver and black even after having successful careers in other uniforms. Doc Rivers, Terry Porter, Dominique Wilkins, Moses Malone, Dennis Rodman, Will Purdue, Steve Smith, Steve Kerr, Robert Horry, Mario Ellie, Richard Jefferson all have played in SA at some point in even after winning or trying to win elsewhere.

  33. Big A says:

    If KG plays another year it will be in Boston. With Rondo and Pierce they still win maybe 50 games. Ray Allen i feel with retire or risk being hobbled like Walton did. KG in LA is the only plausible scenerio and probably won’t happen given Gasol’s contract. Who wants Gasol anyway? Has the European disease of “no defense.” I think at this point it’s fair to say that how the Celtics finish up will weigh heavy with KG’s decision. Let’s wait and see and talk again in the Finals!

  34. outlawPH says:


  35. Antwan says:

    Why should money even be a consideration for Garnett at this stage of his career? I will lose respect for KG if he makes a decision based on salary. He has already earned four times as much as Michael Jordan earned in his career. Why not pursue something that adds to his legacy not his bank balance?

  36. ALex says:


  37. Randy austin says:

    Well my thoughts on it is hopefully he can stay with the same eqaution in Boston if they could swing it depending on their cap space and his willingness to go back his home Minnesota twolves hey I wouldn’t mind seeing that myself but if a legitament title contender grabs him up and he can put up solid numbers like he have been so far I hope he can go out with a championship ring like he wants. He already is a hall of famer no questions about that so no matter where he goes he will make it his GRAND FINALE!!!!! No love lost I respect lost for him but it’s Go HEAT!!!!!! All day no matter what

    • jeremy says:

      King James might be the most talanted player in the league, but every year I see him quit when against a decent(not great) team in the playoffs, look at Dallas, Boston, and Orlando the last three years.
      Every year he looks like he expects to just win it all and if it does not just land in his lap, he just doesn’t have the heart to just take his team on his back.
      Rando has way more heart and I predict he will carry boston to the finals in game 6 without the ability to make free throught.

  38. Amitpal says:

    I think kg stays home. Look at where they r right now. Now imagine if they were healthy. Not only bravely but also Jeff green and jermaine would have also helped as well. That being said look for celtics to try to keep kg for cheaper then 10 million per, I’d say something like 7 8 million and then try to sign other players for depth. I’d look at chris kaman or Randy foe, nick young, Jamal crawford, or someone like that. Also try to keep ray Allen for off the bench in maybe a sixth man roll. Jr smith is another guy.

  39. Shawn Thornton says:

    I think iI should be a NBA G because I mentioned this 2 weeks previously to a KG fan. Instead of a sign n trrade the laker would package gasol n sessions for deron williams. Kg would either receive mid level or higher.. Lakers solve pf issue and fix pg position . Also they could flip bynum n a 1st pick for howard hence the flexible structure the lakers could provide .. Good article though

    • MJ says:

      Why would the nets give up deron for an ailing gasol and an ineffective sessions. Sessions never panned out as well as the Lakers hoped and Gasol is on his way down, the nets would ruin their future by signing both of them. Also Orlando wouldn’t trade Howard for Bynum plus a high first round pick when other offers are out there. The nets’ offer for one is better. Never understood why Kobe needs so much help to win yet doesn’t cop half the flak Lebron gets?

  40. spelkey55 says:

    Kevin will get a new 1 or 2 year contract from the Celtics. GASOL? you gotta be kidding! The Celtics play defense and Gasol don’t so he’d be the last guy they’d want. Looks like someone needs to write foolishness. They’d want Bynum before Gasol and I don’t think he’d be a good fit either. They need to get rookies and groom them. Then if they play aggressive defense and go to the hole well they’l get to stay! This time “POST THIS”

  41. spelkey55 says:

    Kevin will get a new 1 or 2 year contract from the Celtics. GASOL? you gotta be kidding! The Celtics play defense and Gasol don’t so he’d be the last guy they’d want. Looks like someone needs to write foolishness. They’d want Bynum before Gasol and I don’t think he’d be a good fit either. They need to get rookies and groom them. Then if they play aggressive defense and go to the hole well they’l get to stay!

    • KD35 says:

      Celtics wanted to trade Rando for Gasol at the trade dead line this year so I would think they would really want Gasol.

      • Klattia says:

        No, Lakers wanted to trade Gasol for Rondo but Celtics denied it.

      • EMurph83 says:

        Drinking Chris Broussard’s kool-aid? The Rondo for CP3 trade was legitimate, but there was never any truth to the Rondo for Gasol trade.

      • Los says:

        that’s just what you heard. Talks happen all the time but it hardly is ever serious. Rondo was seriously considered for a trade only one time this year and that was Chris Paul. Everything else was pure speculation. No one wants an overpaid soft forward. I have a feeling garnett stays, not so sure about Ray though

      • Imad Akel says:

        Rondo for gasol? The triple double machine for the spaniard whose best days look like they are behind him?

        Not to mention the fact that Celtic fans LOVE rondo and probably are still a bit sour over the lost championship 2 years ago which Gasol helped the Lakers win.

        Next you are going to tell me OKC will try to acquire Metta World Peace ^^

        I love big team-altering trades but come on, lets keep it realistic 🙂