It’s Durant Time: Case Closed

OKLAHOMA CITY – For most of the night he was as slack-jawed and amazed as the rest of sellout crowd of 18,203 at Chesapeake Energy Arena, watching Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins hit a combined 18 of 20 shots to drag the Thunder into the fourth quarter.

Then Kevin Durant stepped up and carried them home.

He became a pack mule taking on the burden. He became a longshoreman lugging the goods. He became the basketball equivalent of the mythical Atlas, hoisting all of Oklahoma City on his shoulders.

Durant showed why he has not only been the NBA’s leading scorer for three years running, but is the game’s most unstoppable offensive force once he cranks it up.

While LeBron James and Dwyane Wade try to figure out what to do in late-game situations in Miami, there are no questions and no debates in OKC.

After Tim Duncan hit a driving layup, the Spurs had clawed their way back to within 86-82 and had life.

And just like that, Durant snuffed it out. He scored 16 consecutive points and every one of them look as smooth and easy as eating ice cream.

There was a 16-foot fadeaway, an 8-foot jumper, a 9-foot fader where he was fouled and converted the three-point play. He followed by dropping in a 4-foot floater and then broke the Spurs’ back for good when he slipped back door to catch a lob pass from James Harden that became another three-point play. He topped it off with 17-footer.

That was a sweet 16 in the space of 5:01 and the Spurs were simply helpless to stop him.

“He’s the leading scorer,” said San Antonio’s Stephen Jackson. “He’s going to have a game like that. Once a player of that caliber starts scoring, it’s hard to stop him. He got into a nice rhythm. I was able to stop him one time. But once he got the lob and and-1, he was rolling and it was kinda too late.”

It is, of course, the starring role for which Durant has been cast ever since he joined the Thunder as a rookie in 2007 and he has had plenty of moments to shine over the past five seasons. But this is the Western Conference finals and this was a time for the star to explode. Durant streaked across the sky with an all-around game of 36 points, eight assists and six rebounds topped off by grabbing the spotlight for his clutch solo.

In typical Durant fashion, he passed off the credit.

“I wouldn’t say I carried us,” he said. “We made a good effort together. We had 27 assists. That comes from moving the ball and making the right plays. I think doing that in the first three quarters kind of opened it up for me in the fourth and I was able to make some shots.”

But he does embrace the role of closer.

“Yeah, I would like that,” Durant said. “I just want to be calm and composed in those situations and make the right basketball play. There are times when I need to pass to my teammates and times when I need to score. I just try to take it on, try not to be nervous. Sometimes it’s nerve-wracking playing games like that. But I try to calm down and go with my instincts.”

Let them try to sort things out in Miami. They know their closer in Oklahoma City and it’s safe to say those instincts are good.


  1. joeef says:

    Spurs in 4 or 5 they were all saying…

  2. TeamKD says:

    First of all the Spurs did not whoop OKC the first two games especially the first one when Okc was up by 10 in the 4th quarter @Me. So before your run your mouth please know what your talking about. I am Durant fan he been my favorite player in the NBA these past three years mainly because he from D.C. I love it when somebody from my city make it because its very rare. OKC take the series in Game 6 and will win the championship

  3. jince says:

    game 5 cleveland-detroit

  4. Jose Calderon = MVP says:

    Not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5….. but 6 rings for Derrick Fisher. YEP!!!

  5. Marb says:

    If the Spurs have won Game 4, then I would have said that its over for OKC (same thing that happened with the Lakers). But since they let the Thunder win 2-straight games, they just have given them enough confidence to win the series.

    Speaking about Durant, I think he will be the next big thing after Jordan and Kobe, he may not achieve the same level as the ones before him but I truthfully feel that he will build a dynasty. I also like how modest and humble Durant is.

    Speaking of LeBron, you can’t deny that the man is good and talented, its just sad when people talk bad about him not being a clutch when both players like Kobe and Durant sometimes misses game-winning shots, its always a big deal if its LeBron. The only thing I hated about him is when he left the CAVS to be a sell-out player. He is an “MVP” and those kind of players shouldn’t leave their team until they win a championship! And don’t even argue about the KG-Allen-Pierce thing, none of them is an MVP and at the prime of their career when they have joined together as a Celtic.

    • JFoley says:

      Well first of all Garnett was MVP in ’04. Secondly, Boston’s Big Three came together at the end of their primes.

  6. THUNDERUP says:

    OKC in 7…. Kevin Durant is unstoppable…DURANTULA FOR MVP In Playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OKC VS BOSTON and OKC in 6

  7. Nix says:

    Legend in progress. Are you paying attention?

  8. Andrew says:

    I love how everyone acts like if Lebron has never had a 4th quarter like that, and in this season as well.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      thats because this is not a Lebron James is great blog, it is a Kevin Durant blog. If LBJ can consistently close games the way KD does the talk will stop, plain and simple. LBJ is great but defers too much when the game is on the line, Who led the NBA in 4th quarter scoring and clutch time points? Oh Kevin Durant? thats why he gets more attention a sa closer. Who had 3 game winners already in the post season and put his team on his back another game? Oh Durant? Point Made.

  9. John says:

    This music is annoying

  10. Durant killed the spurs plain and simple!

  11. David says:

    Kevin Durant is the best player in basketball and he will be the next big winner.

  12. enjoywhileitlastsOKC says:

    you OKC fans are a bunch of ponchos riding at the back of a slow moving wagon pulled by a mule. you don’t know nothing for sure. you guys have fun for now, SPURS will be back and win this series. see ya’ll in san antone… still proud to say “SPURS in 6”

    • Pfft says:

      Panchos? Wagons? Mules? Wow.. Gotta hand it to ya, you Texans blow Okies away with obscure redneck metaphors.

      Do they allow walkers on the court in the NBA?

  13. OKCKing says:

    To all you Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant Haters out there lets remember that Kobe had a 81 point game. No one in the NBA will get a 81 point game like Kobe so for all you idiots who think LBJ is better than Kobe look at the rings and stats. Also KD is way better than LBJ Lebron has D-Wade a player who won a championship on his own. OKC’s team is just too hungry for a ring, they share the ball and hustle on every point. Heat slack and walk for defense and get technicals all game.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      i’m sorry and iknow the point you are trying to make, but anyone who scores 81 points in a game is just a flat out ball hog. especially when you are playing with the highest paid roster in the NBA, you have plenty of scoring and support yet just another ball hog game from Kobe (which his team loses most of the time he goes off for =40)

  14. OMG! says:

    Well that’s hypothetical mumbo jumbo! Why don’t you just give the man,( Kobe), some credit! And I don’t hate Lebron James dude! I think he’s a great player! I was trying to make you see how you sound!

  15. Keyon says:

    Kevin Durant in the clutch >>> LeBron James in the clutch. That is all

  16. Pfft says:

    So, is it as impossible for the Spurs to lose 3 in a row as it was for them to lose 1? 2?

    Where are the trash talking Spurs fans?

  17. lolboy says:

    You are all seriously retarded. Stop posting please.

  18. OMG! says:

    When Lebron James wins a championship, it will be because he is lucky! Like some of these jealous idiots say about Kobe! I don’t think you even watch KOBE! You just hate him!

    • bheinteh20 says:

      lets reverse it. you just hate lebron. he’s lucky to win championships for doing almost everything? kobe has 1 legit championship for leading his team. most of it are shaq’s trophy. so please.

      let me ask again, what if kobe and lebron switched careers. hmm

  19. OKC2012 says:

    I complain about refs just like many posters here do, but come on that game had a lot of no calls for both teams, the refs let the play the game. When the refs mess up you will see MANY comments on it, like it was on the blog after boston miami game 2.

    I see like 2 comments on here about refs, simply just mad your team lost because you were the same people talking sweep a couple days ago lol.

  20. OKC2012 says:


    Nobody was Implying that KD was gonna get his ring, I was simply saying that the MVP award don’t matter, and rings do, and LBJ the supposed MVP is not playing like Durant, and that Durant WILL win a RING before LBJ,

    LOL why are the Lakers even being put out there, they got sent home buddy, just like you and princess james will be soon hahaha..

    Next time you reply to someones comment, stop hating and making yourself sound completely unintelligent. Thanks…. NEXT!

  21. rico says:

    People have very short memories. Do you guys remember Lebron scoring 29 of the last 30 points, from the 4th quarter to 2 OT, for the Cavs in game 5 of the ECF against Detroit? This was on the road, series tied 2-2. Look it up at youtube. No offense to KD but just saying HI to LBJ haters out here.

  22. OKC2012 says:


    ”As much as I loved KD but it’s too soon to count spurs out or count rings. Only Lakers fan boy count rings before anything and I smell a laker fan boy bandwagoning OKC.”

    Actually I never was and never will be a laker fan, but you do sound like a Miami Heat or LBJ fan for the way you reply to my comment lol. Nobody was

  23. jhmertens says:

    @juggernaut I’ll admit Lebron has a slight edge on Durant in defense. He’s also much better at pressing the paint on offense. That said, I think this year Durant has taken torch from Kobe Bryant as the best player in the game. For one thing, his jump shot is lethal and Lebron’s is spotty at best. For another, he has greater mismatch ability with his speed and length and the Spurs are throwing a far superior defensive look at him than the Celtics are right now at Lebron, and Durant cannot be stopped. Finally, it comes down to who has a greater will to win, and the ability to enforce their will on the game and bring about victory on their own shoulders, be that through offense or defense. Jordan could do that like no other. Kobe, in a few brief years, managed to reach that point too. And now, if you look at Lebron and Durant, the successor should be clear if we consider this intangible quality as our most essential grading criteria. I’m not saying that Lebron hasn’t improved immensely in this category, he has. In fact, this is the first year I think his MVP award has actually matched his playoff run.

    Also, I’m not a Thunder fan, I’m a Celtics fan. And I don’t hate Lebron. But I’m just old enough to remember Jordan playing and I know that “physical ability” alone does not make you the greatest player in the world. You have to bring in an ability to shape the game through your own will and force as a player. That’s why its wise to ignore the stats with Lebron and look to the forth quarter before you start going off about who’s the greatest player. It’s close, I won’t deny that, because at times Durant has looked like he’s been a bit too calm and collected. But Durant has iced a lot of close games this post-season and his energy in this Spurs series reminds me a lot of Kobe Bryant. He wants to win more than anyone else in the nba right now, barring perhaps my poor beleaguered point guard Rajon Rando. Until I see something different from James, I’m ready to call it. Kobe has hit the twilight of his career and that 42 point night against the Thunder was his swan song as the best of the nba. Now, a new champ is here and his name is Durant, whether he gets a ring or not.

  24. mj says:

    i’ve been always asking spurs fans, who among spurs players can stop kd one on one?
    i think, nobody can especially when he gets hot.

    i’ve always wondered why okc lets durant receive the ball at the top of the key when he is dominant at the post and at the elbow. just like duncan and nowitski does. as it turned out he is unstoppable in that area as it did wonders for nowitski.

  25. mj says:

    kobe has always been a closer. don’t know about lebron.

    right now, KD is playing like the true MVP.

    KD is the man. he leads his team. he feeds his team mates when they are hot and he demands for the ball, take the shots and make them when okc needed points. he delivers during the clutch. not just in this series but the entire 2012 playoffs.

    it’s not about dominating one man. it’s not about statistics. it’s making the right plays during clutch time. in this playoffs, kd performed far better than lbj.

    i’ve been always asking spurs fan

  26. Roy says:

    KD is great but is far overrated. Just because youre the best scorer it doesnt take away the fact he is at most an average defender, an average rebounder, and average court vision. He would barely make the playoffs if he was on a team worse than OKC

  27. The series is on! Let’s go spurs! Use some body!

    • Pfft says:

      The Spurs are about to sputter, spit, and choke. They’re old and tired. Ginobili made the mistake of acknowledging Spurs have home court for the series. I imagine the thought of at least 2 more games against the Thunder don’t set well with him.

      • enjoywhileitlastsOKC says:


        that’s what they were saying during the middle of the regular season before we started the winning streak and plowed our way into the first 2 rounds of the playoffs. OKC is good but not that GOOD. we’ll see you on Games 5 and 6, i hope you bring that “swag” of yours when we close out the series in 6.

      • Pfft says:


        Yes. We’ll enjoy watching our boys run your old men ragged for the next two games.

        Who’s the first to puke on the court? Duncan or Ginobili?

  28. rizz says:

    The Thunder fans are on a bit of a high horse right now. I hate to put it but the Spurs can afford to trade home games all day long because last time I checked they have the home court advantage so the real question is do you think the Thunder can win it in San Antonio without a home crowd to cheer them on??? BTW don’t fool yourselves thinking Serge and Perkins can continue to play at that level.

    • Pfft says:

      Spurs bench isn’t deep enough to carry the team while their old men are simply worn thin.

  29. x-writer says:

    even in the 4mins i saw same misscalls from the refs,so i can imagine what happenend last game

  30. OzHeatFan says:

    Came to okc as a rookie?>?? WTF

    He was drafted by the Seattle Supersonics…. My all time favorite team until they were stolen away.


  31. ver says:


  32. x-writer says:

    and again :nba wants the finals Heat vs okc…it is all about marketing…manu out steph out,good job Ken Mauer, Ed Malloy, James Capers . everybody knows the refs what they did already. maybe not so obvious like the last times. Dumb OKC fans

    • aidenpryde says:

      Right because the refs werent one sided in th first two games. I’ves seen bad calls on both sides and I will be the first to admit that there screwed up call against the spurs. But really? Your are actually going to try in tell me that your team wasnt getting the questionable call GTFO. I’m sorry your team didnt get all the calls no really I am. Oh wait…no I’m not. Don’t worry when we get back to your place it will go your way

    • OKCKD35 says:

      terrible, the fouls and freethrows were pretty even during the games in OKC, the only reason OKc had more FT in game 4 were the intnetional fouls at the end of the game. If anything the refs aren’t calling enough for BOTH sides. BOTH teams are being allowed to absolutely manahndle each other in the paint, been that way the entire series (except for game 1 when they turned it into a SA free throw parade to give them the game)

  33. None says:

    For all of u there makin jokes of LBJ and trying to compare him about the way he plays his game weather with durant or kobe or whoever here in the NBA league i must say that every1 is individual for himself.Im not here to throw some lessons about him but i think that he won an MPV tittle which is a big prove for him and his game. Stop being such nerds watching at home and critisizing a person which already has provided his life.

  34. OKCFTW! says:

    For the record… whoever wins this series… has an 85% chance of winning it all… 🙂 no offense to miami and boston fans… but that’s the reality.. WEST >>>>> EAST

    • Pfft says:

      Heat v. Celtics series looks like it’s in slow motion compared to Spurs v. Thunder. The finals will be a bloodbath regardless of the West’s victor.

    • heh says:

      Silly west coast fans, you will soon see what defense does to the flow of a high offensive caliber team like the Spurs or Thunder. Defense. Wins. Championships.

  35. JD says:

    Has the league already set up miami vs. okc? lol

  36. Vrapz says:

    Spurs can get nasty….but they cant stop the thunder…lol

  37. Nora says:

    Durrent just plays so hard, which makes me feel he deserves the ring.

    he is just simply fantastic!

  38. aaron says:

    Kevin Durant is clutch. Case Closed. No arguments. He’s been doing it all season, and that is what has elevated him to MVP like status in the NBA

  39. markymark says:

    durant is the true mvp !!!! that’s how a true mvp should play, play solid basketball when it matters the most!!

  40. KD35BABY says:

    Talk about being clutch, watch and learn lebron

    • Belizeboy says:

      Durant is a better shooter than Lebron which we all know, but please stop posting stupid comments that make it seem like James is a lesser player than KD. I love both but the TRUTH is James is the better player.

      • BOSTON #1 OKC #2 says:

        i dont believe lbj is a better player.i believe he got twice as much experience in the nba as KD.i think there performances on game 5s last few days shows there iznt a gap between them anymore.and if there is.its an edge to KD.

  41. bryanboi says:

    now that the thunder won game 4, open the gates and let the thunder fans comment on this blog. for too long the spurs fans were boasting about a sweep. after game 3, spurs in 5. now? spurs in 6?
    lol. may the best team wins

    • KOJI says:

      LBJ has no finnesse in his game but KD doea thats why i love to see him play than LBJ! LBJ can’t be like mike!

      • Francisco says:

        who wants to be like mike, lbj is a trade mark, he is a tree in the forest where mike is another tree, yes, yes kobe is a branch of mike tree, problably durant is a thinner branch of mike’s tree also

      • Belizeboy says:

        Why are you even talking about Lebron? LOL, I think people are really afraid he will win it all this year.

  42. TakeFlightDurantula says:

    You can’t stop the durantula when takes off like that. its just unstoppable and that is why hes been the leading scorer for the past three seasons. Smooth as ever.

  43. juggernaut says:

    can he dominate the defense of lbj? i think no.

    • KD Real MVP says:

      um sir have you watched any of the games whether it was OKC-HEAT or OKC-CAVs Lebron can never shut Durant down. Lets look at this season thunder win durant had 31 pts heat win durant had 27 pts shooting well above 50% both times, doesn’t sound like lockdown to me

  44. mighty joe says:

    i don’t think so… he’s not the real mccoy, still lebron is the man. he’s trying to be testy to hi teammates to have the share of the nerve…

  45. tager01 says:

    So Where are all the Ibaka’s and Perkin’s haters from game 2? Nothing to say?

  46. Excellency says:

    @NBAfan- LOL KD hasn’t even won a MVP. Come back when he finally wins a MVP.

    • BOSTON #1 OKC #2 says:

      @Excellency- lol you know how many mvp’s Lebron had when he was durants age…???
      lahhhh 0 ZERO ZILCH.give Durant time to get his he will be better that “king” james lol

    • Jason p says:

      Thunder in 6. Here in Tulsa, I never cared about the NBA. UNTIL, the OKC Thunder came to OK. I cant think of any of our key guys that I would trade for any of these mentioned stars. Fisher knew what was up, scrambling to OKC turning teams down and hoping they wanted him. Big shot Fish, he’s another clutch 4th qtr player. The THUNDER are such a hard working, hard practicing team. They are going to be TOUGH to beat 4 out of 7.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      KD should have won 1 if not 2 of the last 3 MVP’s, Back – to -back – to – back socring titles, how many scoring titales does LBJ have? This year it was a toss up between LBJ and KD, 3 years ago KD should have won as he led the league in scoring and his team improved by 27 wins where Lebrons tam lost more games than the previous year, but season MVP’s mean nothing, thats why Kobe has only won once (i think) yet has 5 rings. We will see who gets the first “real prize” between LBJ and KD

  47. John From OKC says:

    It’s not just modesty making him say he didn’t carry the team. If his teammates weren’t better than they’re generally given credit for in the national media he would never get the chance to carry them. His talent is for something that gets more publicity than it deserves, while, to name one, Serge Ibaka’s talents are for things that that get less publicity but are also important for winning games.

  48. OKC2012 says:


    What’s the difference between Durant and Lebron? well amongst many other things, LBJ starts games off with 16 point FIRST quarters, Durant finishes games with a CLUTCH 16 point FOURTH quarter…..

    Durant leads his team against the best of the best, LBJ can barely make it past a beat up Celtics team,,,,

    Go polish your MVP trophy because the true king is in OKC and he doesn’t need individual awards, a true pro knows what matters most….. RINGS BABY! COME GET SOME!!!

    • TheLogo44 says:

      First off, Huge respect for KD35, one hell ofa player. But da difference between the KD and Lebron “Team wise” Lebron has to carry the tream with only gettin help from a few players. Mainly D-Wade. KD n the thunder have a good all around team. Better Center than the heat. Better bench. Better point guard. Even better coach than the heat. So KD dosent have to score 30+ to have a chance of winning like Lebron has to. Even naming all the downsides the heat have to play with. They still win. Give them and Lebron some credit.

    • uoykcuf says:

      As much as I loved KD but it’s too soon to count spurs out or count rings. Only Lakers fan boy count rings before anything and I smell a laker fan boy bandwagoning OKC.

    • q't18 says:

      ok…celebrate early stu!!!watch how the SPURS break ur acclaimed-title “king’s” hear!!!you SHUT UR BIG MOUTH STU!!!!you’re counting the chicks before they hatch!!!!it’s just a 2-2….and the spurs have a 2games at home!!!STUP!!!!

      • ME says:

        Exactly! And besides wtf does this mean, ”Let them try to sort things out in Miami…” ? watch all of you insinuaters and wannabe prophets are gonna be eating your words when Celtics win. I’m so disappointed by the biase articles by these so called sportswriters. The series ain’t even half ova yet n y’all are making statements like that smfh. Just you watch. And for all y’all OKC bandwagoners remember it’s 2-2 Spurs have the Home advantage and they whooped OKC in the 2 CONSECUTIVE GAMES at their HOME.

      • Weatherd says:

        You mean 1 game at home. You need Duncan to be the 25 year old Duncan. He can’t hit those 16 ft jumpshoots now & the grand torano not going to let him set up those 12 to 14 feet shoots,

        I have been saying since the 1st game, the Thunder in 6.

      • doesnt matter with that 2 home game advantage man, just watch..and we will see..

  49. NBAfan says:

    Hey Kobe….I think you found yourself a sucessor here!

    • bheinteh20 says:

      kobe is the luckiest player to have won championships.

      think about it. what if lebron and kobe switched careers. you think kobe can carry cleveland the way lebron did?

    • C says:

      I grew up watching Kobe, and he’s my favorite player to watch. That being said, I am glad that KD is taking the torch and running with it. He seems like a good dude, and a helluva player. OKC in 7.

    • Francisco says:

      kobe had only one mvp, he never was the best at all