No charity for Wade, James

BOSTON –Dwyane Wade didn’t attempt a single free throw. LeBron James took only five. That’s five free throws combined for a twosome that shot 35 the previous game.

In the ongoing jostle to play to the officiating, ever so subtly, it’s now Miami’s turn.

“I played my (usual) game,” said Wade with a shrug. “It just wasn’t for me to get to the line tonight.”

James said: “We got 46 points in the paint. It’s not that we weren’t attacking. We’re attack players.”

Two days after Rajon Rondo was smacked in the face and never heard a whistle during a crucial moment in Game 2, the Heat saw their two stars suffer from a lack of calls for an entire game. It’s not that one or two or even a handful of moments were highly questionable in Game 3. No, for whatever reason, Wade and James just didn’t put themselves in position to get free throws.

For Wade to go an entire game without making a trip to the line is astonishing, given how often he zig-zags through the defense and the lane and reaches the rim. And then there’s James, getting only five trips. He missed four out of his five shots, which means James and Wade could only account for one point from the line.

Doc Rivers bit his tongue, and barely, after discussing the free throw disparity in Game 2 (47 to 29, advantage Heat), and the Heat wouldn’t touch the issue Friday, either. Only Erik Spoelstra came close: “We’ll be more aggressive and we’ll find ways to get to the rim and the free throw line the next game. We’re not getting into anything else.”

There will be trouble for Miami if this happens again. Because Miami is generally a jump-shooting team beyond Wade and James, the burden of getting to the line rests with them. And when they’re not drawing contract and hearing whistles, that means the Celtics aren’t in foul trouble. So it’s doubly damaging for Miami: no foul trouble and no additional source of scoring points.

What’s more unlikely to repeat itself: Rondo getting 44 points, as he did in Game 2, or Wade and James combining for one point from the line again?

“We’re attack players and we’ll continue to force the issue,” James said. “It starts with us.”


  1. blablabla says:

    Celtics better win game 4, otherwise the series over.

  2. Rick says:

    OH yeah i forgot MVP oh my god ….. DURANT< WESTBROOK>>> not Lebron.. BS

  3. Rick says:

    Sick of refs letting mostly Lebron get away with putting his head down banging with his shoulders and not calling offensive foul, I know the NBA wants to play him up big but geez if this was Shaq he would be fouled out by half time, yes Lebron is good, is he great, no way, a ball hog, a chuck nut and a raging bull… only players that i consider great are guys who can win with decent players not a wade, boss…. great = Magic, Bird, Kareem,Reed, Chamberlain and the greatest of all THAT GUY WE ALL KNOW BY JUST HIS FIRST NAME+++++++ MIKE, I left Kobe off because he’s a great one on one player, but too much of a ball hog…. just check his percentage compared to Jordan, way too many shots lower %. NBA stop making this Lebron so huge, lets start calling charges when the head goes down, lets call his walks, sorry I will never consider him great until the NBA levels the foul calls, to me he is just a runaway bull, a freightrain

  4. Mike C says:

    @NBA Justice. You are right on the money. Half of Bron Bron’s drives to the basket are offensive fouls. I haven’t seen him get called for one yet. And Wade is just the most ridiculous flopper in the league behind Kobe. His entire game is to go downcourt, run into a defensive player who’s had his feet set for 3 minutes, throw up a prayer of a shot, and then flail his arms like a wounded duck. Mediocre player at best. All the heat fans need to get a grip, just because you have two players that attack the basket, it dose not entitle them to make 30 trips to the free throw line. The refs in game 3 finally officiated a somewhat fair game, shocking, but true. You should thank the powers that be for the refs in game 2, otherwise the heat would be down 2-1 right now. Celtics will win this series unless the refs decide to repeat game 2.

  5. Norman says:

    The refs didnt call fouls because there werent any. Sad to say miami fans, you will lose the series because your team is compose of two stars and a bunch of mediocres, including the coach. The Cs may b old, but they have a very efficient system both offensively and defensively.

  6. NBAJustice says:

    First off if anyone watched the playoffs they would see that the Heat were favored by the refs at home and calls that were SUPPOSED to be called wasnt or was called in Miami’s favor. Everyone is talking about Celtics fans complaining but yet Heat fans well more specifically LBJ fans complaining and make numerous excuses EVERY year he doesnt get his ring smh, Game 2 should have gone to Boston. Alot of the “attacking” from LBJ and Wade are offensive fouls that get called as blocking fouls or defensive fouls, etc which isnt called right. I didnt see any Boston fans complaining throughout the Philly Series because it was called right, whenever officials dont call plays right it ALWAYS has to do with the Heat smh

  7. Elliu says:

    What i don’t get is why people don’t get that the reason why LBJ & wade often go to the line because they’re an “attack players”, when you attack the rim, especially if you’re very good at it, 99% of the time you’ll get fouled that’s just how defense would normally react. It’s not rocket science people!

  8. 305 says:

    I think this whole officiating thing has a lot more to do with home-court than anything. It almost seems as if refs have this unconscious tendency to give a bit more leeway to the home team mostly because of the hundreds of crazy, screaming fans judging your every move. The good part is that most of the games are still close, which means that the winner of this series is going to play through it. I personally think that Lebron gets hard contact on a majority of his drives, but only gets about half the calls. On the other hand, on some of Pierce or Rondo or even Wade’s drives, a slight touch will warrant a trip to the line. The bottom line is…there’s nothing anyone can do about it. The refs use their best judgement, and all these conspiracy nuts who think David Stern is deciding how the refs should call the games need to just calm down.

  9. Rocabye says:

    I was very very impressed with the officiating in this game and the western conference game 3. The refs did not reward flopping, did not blow whistles every time you breathed on someone during layups, and let the players use their SKILL to make baskets. If you watched the OKC/Spurs game both Manu Ginobli and James Harden (despite playing at home) did not get many calls for driving in and drawing contact on layups..calls that both of them would get almost 100% of the time in other games. The refs just let it play out, especially under the basket when fighting for rebounds, or going for steals…it was a LOT more fun to watch. The Heat game was the same way. I think its better to officiate it like they did in game 3, rather than blowing whistles all the time and giving free baskets the whole game.

  10. HeatNation says:

    And for the record people shouldn’t JEFF VANGUNDY seriously one bit. He says something good for the HEAT just because the team is good.Otherwise he’s a HATErrrr holding a grudge ever since Alonzo Morning and the Heat got him trampled!!! Get a grip VanGundeeeee and keep cheering for Dirty old Garnett who couldn’t win jack back in Minnesota!

  11. HeatNation says:

    SMH!!! Now that is apparent that the Boston celtics CAN’T win the East..All Boston fans are blaming the league and calling the refs crooks and all that! BOSTON FANS please respect yourself and go down in dignity!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Start rebuilding around RONDO he is an amazing player.

  12. HeatNation says:

    THe Celtics fans are so annoying the word rational isn’t part of their vocabularies!! Put the hate bottle down for a second try some chll pills instead. Stop blaming the officials when your retired team got beat. You got your giveaway game 3 now have some respect for the league and the Miami Heat!! The MVP and the world 2 best players aren’t in BOSTON.

  13. Mike says:

    What’s the difference between Heat fans and Celtics fans?

    Heat fans can own up to a loss and admit they played poorly; Celtics fans have to whine and cry and blame the refs every time they lose a game, even though the refs are the only reason they’re even in the Eastern Conference Finals.

  14. Mike C says:

    Every team in the league knows Miami cant win a game unless they’ve paid off the refs beforehand. Last night the heat must of left their wallets in Miami. The officiating in the NBA has been so bad the last decade, that its actually shocking to see a game called straight up. It probably wont last long though. Stern wants Miami in the finals, and he’ll make sure the refs fix that way. Heaven forbid Bron, Bron & Wade dont get to the line 30 times a game.

  15. x-writer says:

    Why are the heat bandwaggonfans so blind or d…b.?
    It is not obvious that stern prefer the heat !??! only why they cannot to it more obvious they lost. the celtic dont need 47 FT vs 29. they are a good team.
    just for information. i dont like the C´s, but what i more dont like are ridiculous games to watch. thats the reason why i dont watch the games anymore, but i have an opinion and see that in USA there some who are not so dumb to recognize it what is going on here.
    it is not about you heat fans had to cry about the refs only the knicks and pacers had the right for that. and thimk about that:
    if it were a fair officiating the last 2 games it might be 3:0 for the C´s for sure 2:1 for the C´s. The nba did evrerthing they can do to help them to reach the finals and this is ridiculous. and once again: i´m normally a C´s hater, but this year is totally BS reffering. STOP it now Stern. And every miss call in future in favor for the C´s is just fair to get equal. and once again what about the BS Technical call in game 1, was there any in game 3?? so shut up plz bandwaggons. i hope the better team will win and it was the pacers and now C, what i really hate to say

  16. jorge says:

    anybody that knows anything about the nba could tell have you before the game that boston would get the calls and miami wouldn’t get any calls— i knew it and so did miami.
    nba officials are the worst in pro sports, they have way too much influence on the game, they always make up for prior calls, and they have their favorites. once a guys has establish a tendency, jordan travleing, r. miller pushing off, garnett moving on picks; they get away with it their whole career.
    the nba needs to get rid of some of these old guys and do a better job of reviewing and calling out bad officals. but they never do; i guess their union is too strong.

  17. aaron says:

    i seen players score 40+ and never get to the line…it doesnt mean your not attacking, it just means you didnt get fouled…i love how people judge attacking the rim by foul calls? its stupid. you can be in attack mode w/o getting fouled

  18. BasedonStats says:

    So Heat fans whining now? Why are we whining again? Because free throw attempts were even? A lot better then 49-27 or w.e. it was though no matter how you look at it guys. I’d rather watch basketball and the teams decide the outcome then a freebie free throw show from about 6 or 7 superstars on the floor who are capable of so much more and all have their own motivation and things to prove. Let’s hope for more games like this and a lot more exciting basketball. And…btw, Go Bucks. =(

  19. jordanbyfar says:

    At least we don’t whine like Celtics fans. Now the refs are good people, right? You are going down anyways. Rondo is a flopper and you are a bunch of whiners… Lebron and Wade are going to be ready next game. No more 100 points for your mediocre offense.

  20. supplanter33 says:

    Celtic fans doesnt feel cheated anymore! :)) as long as they win though haha!

  21. spelkey55 says:

    As usual these blogs are bogus! Even the tv guys on ESPN acknowledged the refs stealing the game from the C’s and handing it to Miami on a silver platter! Game 3 was an example of what happens when a game is called almost right the C’s will win. You bloggers crack me up! LOL

  22. Celtics says:

    do most of you Celtics fans know how to play competitive basketball. Bad officiating will always be part of the game. Go learn!

  23. OKC2012 says:

    With the line up changes the Heat tried? kind of pointless once the Celtics brought Garnett back in and kept throwing it inside, LBJ cannot hold Garnett in the post. They have to use what they have, a big body in Pittman, Turiaf, Howard, Haslem, has a better chance in defending the celtics bigs, and on the offensive end, i mean you have to use what you have, and they just don’t have, but they still have to give those big guys a chance. Whether they make it happen or not, they have to use what they have which is not much because of them bringing in the big 3 and not having anybody else capable of being on a championship team.

    This win for the Celtics is kind of good and bad, they SHOULD be up in this series 2-1, but whatever. What is really a concern is the fact that after STEALING game 2, the Heat should have come in and left it all out there to get a serious lead and not allow the celtics back in this series. But this is the problem with the heat, their non star players that come up big whenever they win are not capable of doing that very often, where the Celtics win as a team, nobody on boston had an AMAZING game, they all had a VERY GOOD game, and the outcome was a win.

    The winner of this series will be whichever team can steal a win on the road.

    BTW all this Bosh talk means nothing.. If Bosh comes back, he will not be 100 percent, already being known as a ”soft” player, Boston will just pound him in the paint until he gives up. They are better off leaving Bosh to rest, and if they make it to the finals maybe use him when the game will be more of a finesse style rather than here where Garnett will for sure be making a point of punishing him to the point of re-injury.

  24. pakyaw says:

    i watched the entire game last nite, miami played only 24 mins of basketball (1st & 4th qrts)..this what the heat been problem all season long, they are lazy if they re no stakes on the line , even its playoffs (no act of urgency)… and about the officiating call last nite? i think its a fair call,except for intentional foul on pietrus to james(LOL! how the hell ref miss that and they re both in the middle of the blind spot! LOL).. but everything its all playoff basketball call…PEACE!

  25. erik says:

    Come on, Wade gets bailed out by refs ALL THE TIME. He is a horrible player and if I got 14 freethrows a game on HORRIBLE CALLS, I could probably average twenty some points a game too. Wade gets bailed out ALL THE TIME for TICKY TACK FOULS, and they call him a superstar…..PSHHHH!

  26. OKC2012 says:

    LBJ actually did not look amazing as so many claim, yes his totals look great but he scored 16 in the first quarter, which kind of takes the rest of the team out of the equation, and then only scored 18 in the other 3 quarters, not saying this is bad in any way, but he cannot expect to take over and not get his team involved for the first 12 minutes, then expect everybody else to step up the rest of the game, they need time from the first tip off to get their games flowing.

    Again with the missed freethrows, what the great players do rubs off on the rest of his teammates, at this point you got even mike miller and wade missing free throws you have to start thinking that this energy is branching off from lbj’s inconsistency at the line…

    As for the fouls? Celtic’s shot 6 more, not really that serious, much better than the 18 or so difference the Heat had in game 2, also if you watched the game you can clearly see the Heat were being forced to not drive, and when they did drive they were not being bothered leading to no fouls and easy baskets….. refs seem to do a better job at keeping it even on both sides rather than the calls leaning to one side in a major way… not perfect but much better.

  27. seewhatyouwant says:

    are you guys serious this was a charity game for the old timers Miami tried to pick up the pace a little while the refs just slowed the tempo considerably with bad calls
    Mike Miller foul on garnet atrocious d wade not getting to the free throw haha you guys got your game 2 revenge but don’t deserve it mcdaniels after the clock foul wade went over his head not touching him…garbage…wade was somewhat aggressive but not all times he got bumped from pietrus and no call grabbed on his arm no call when chalmers get bump they call it it was intentional towards wade the foul they late call they made for lebron when ray allen clearly hit him shows they were on it from the break also the out of bounds call when the ref was right there and it clearly went off of garnet…old timers were spoon fed good game refs

  28. XKizaruX says:

    Oh no, the flopping fish didn’t get any favorable calls tonight. This game really showed without the refs, wade is an average player.

  29. heatfever says:

    how about the two last touches of KG on games 2 and 3 that were called against the heat? and just because of that one non call on Rondo’s drive in the overtime, some are saying that the C’s were cheated in game 2? watch the whole game, KG was setting TONS of illegal screens which were not called.. and the fouls that were called against the C’s in game 2, which sent LBJ 24 times to the line, those were LEGITIMATE FOULS!!! please stop whining and crying out loud celtic fans..

  30. Jack says:

    hei boston pray and ask help from stern to ask his troop officials not to whistle any miami heat drives,..thats the only way boston can win,

  31. Dboi says:

    Yeah true. It was a bad game. I guess maimi didnt want it. As bad as celitics. Being down two games. But like we all know. Its game four. Celitics got a win. Can these old guys win a a series. With the two best in the game today.

  32. Jack says:

    BIGAY!!, english,…GIVEN game for the oldies,..still miami will win this series,..

  33. HeatFTW! says:

    Wade and LeBron attack the rim a lot….that’s all they really ever do other than occasionally hit a few jumpers…..but if they only combined to shoot 5 free throws last night, with LeBron shooting all of them….then I’m pretty sure there’s a problem. And Celtic’s fans say Miami refs are bad

  34. justin says:

    Suprised that ref called a foul when Lebron got smacked in the head.. He waited 5 secs to blow his whistle ‘hmmm i guess that was pretty obvious.. darn’

  35. Ben H. says:

    We can complain about the officiating all we want, but this is the way it is. You knew when Ainge complained to the officials about the calls from games 1 & 2 that game 3 would change. Plus, it’s Boston at home, so they’re hard to beat anyway. Also, people complain about Wade and Lebron getting calls in their favor, but Pierce does the same thing…which is selling a foul. Bottom line is that Miami will get more calls because they are a young, aggressive team. Boston is a little older and the only consistent attackers they have are Pierce and Rondo (the walking triple-double).

  36. Heat stink says:

    Regardless of what happens either the Heat or Boston will lose badly against the more efficient teams of the West., OKCF or Spurs would destroy both Boston and the Miami south beach cry baby girls.

  37. Toa Tia says:

    Who cares about the Boston Celtics? I hate them so bad that I like Miami Heat 100% better than Celtics. The only that I like in the Celtics is Allen, Rondo , and K.G. GO MIAMI HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Abrar says:

    Oh come on stop saying the game was rigged. Like there wasn’t terrible calls on the Celtics when they were at Miami.

  39. ED says:

    Bottom line is Wade and Lebron need to stop missing shootarounds get their butt in the gym early and work on their free throws. Wade needs stop being so relaxed continue to work on his game. Yea you got Lebron and Bosh but being under 70% in free throws for both guys is ridiculous and is not going to cut it against a better opponent like the Spurs. Wade need set the example for Lebron show up to gym early and get some practice free throws in. His inconsistency at the line shows he’s no longer putting in the work to be a good foul shooter. Which is a shame when he understands how hard it is to win a title. Bottom line Wade get your butt in the gym set the example for Lebron its still your team you’re the leader on the team act like it.

  40. AI says:

    I think its the coaches fault this team has the two best players in the world and still cant get it done they just dont respect him respect is earned and Spo just doesn’t have it. If you look at the game closely they run no plays and if they do there weak it’s always Lebron and wade playing you go then i go no set plays it kills me to watch. Look at the bulls, spurs & celts they run great plays and always get someone wide open, everything for Miami is a struggle, Lebron and wade have to play at the top of their game on both ends of the court to have a chance and that just takes out too much in a player, SPO get it together run some real plays watch how much easier your job would be IF NOT you should be FIRED. Guys look at it like this it’s like having a ferrari with a bad driver all the speed and muscle and not a clue what to do with it. WHAT A SHAME.. Reilly take the keys away from him Lebron and wade deserve better.

  41. always says:

    always shaun powell kissing the heat butts. why can’t we just see an article on how well the celtics played? no, it has to be the heat being cheated..

  42. MVP says:

    so…no celtic fans criticising the refs and coming up with conspiracy theories?? surprise surprise…hopefully LBJ and dwade will getting more often on the charity stripe the next few games and making their shots! LBJ great as usual, great bench effort, but wade has to come in his rhythm earlier.
    let’s turn green into grey!

  43. abc says:

    Is it just me or do you guys also think that NBA is becoming scripted and Stern is controlling the outcome of every single game?

    • mrsullivan says:

      Yeah actually this started with MJ and Stern wanting him to be the greatest ever, continued with Stern wanting to stop the Laker’s and Kobe, as in no CP3, and now he wants the Heat to win, yeah it’s been going on for a while. And as a Laker fan, yeah its worked for us before.

      • bryanboi says:

        did you know that the nba owned the hornets at that time and stern was only protecting the future of the franchise to make it attractive to get sold?who would want a team with no future if the deal happened? shish such ignorant fans

  44. Mohcel says:

    I think its too late for the bigmen of Miami. They have no confidence at this point. The sure plan for Miami is to drive the ball to the basket or/then blitzkrieg the C’s with 3 pointers. But i think Boston will still win the series if Bosh doesn’t play.

  45. dattebayo says:

    In Game 2 everybody was on the officials for deciding that game. Did the Heat get any calls in Game 3? To me it didn’t seem that way. The Heat got no calls on their drives, the refs missed at least 4. Wade had 3 pumpfakes where the defense bites and he never heard a whistle, Pierce didn’t have that problem. I counted at least 3 loose ball fouls on the Celtics, all noncalls.

    The Heat played fast but they were always on the wrong side of the whistles. The few times they were at the line, they didn’t convert. If they hit their freethrows and the refs give them at least a few of all those calls they deserved, the Heat win Game 3. Heat in 5…

  46. Francisco says:

    not even when pietrus fouled lebron intentionally(celtics in penalty), he was held, and they did not call it, no excuses the heat lost , but an intentional foul and no call. uhhmmm

  47. Marc says:

    Games are always crooked in Boston. I’m sure the refs are getting paid a lot under the table.

  48. JoSe says:

    LeBron scores 16 points in the first couple of minutes and then what happen? It makes me think Fixed!

  49. truetrue says:

    yeha indeed the first two games the refs missed some calls for boston…. now game 3 they missed calls for both teams and in my opinion not in the favor of any team….
    the heat should think about other ways to win and not depend on the superstar-calls for their duo

  50. bkknight says:


  51. Robert - Basketball Fan says:

    Miami is a team that is painful for any true basketball fan to watch. I basically call it mismanagement of talent. Too much one on one. Too much isolation. Because of that and more they make themselves vunerable. Many will not agree with this but also in my opinion – They are truelly guilty at making the game harder than it has to be. From an offensive standpoint – The players do not balance the floor. There is too much standing around. Simply not enough activity which will cause stetches of non productivity in an array of catagories. Sad and because of it unfortunately the gifted Lebron will not get a ring again this year. And that is truely infortunate. If I had to point a finger it begins with the coach. Just an opinion…and you know what they say about opinions:)

  52. MB says:

    What big men?

  53. Jonathan says:

    Yeah your right, I hope Miami will win in game 4..

  54. So what? says:

    Pierce and Rondo did not shoot any free throws in game 1 and their considered “attack” players too. And game 2 the Heat shot 47 free throws to the Celtics 26. LeBron himself had 24! Plus, that horrible officiating lasted throughout the overtime when Rondo got whacked in the head with no call, and when Wade kicked KG on his layup. Just admit the Celtics played good defence on LeBron and especially Wade who can’t buy a bucket unless its a layup/dunk or free throw. Celtics still fouled those two, just not on shot attempts.

  55. oli says:

    to all the celtics fans who have been whining last days, don’t ever EVER dare to say the refs are on the Heat’s side… EVER

  56. Blocker says:

    Spacing must be the strategy of Heat wade and lebron can attack on open space and on 1 on 1.

  57. junjun33 says:

    too bad, if the ref wasn’t biased to the heat on game 1 and game 2 probably the celts have the advantage right now. Game 1: the story is about too much technical fouls without hesitation to call against the celts. Game 2: too bad non call and call against the celts.

  58. Mike says:

    I’m sure the big men could develop if they had some playing time. I mean real playing time, not just once-in-a-while looks off kick-outs from Lebron and D-Wade. Seeing this game kinda makes you wonder what the outcome of game 2 would have been if the free throws were as even as they were this game. Doesn’t really shock me that Wade didn’t get there, because there were multiple possessions where once he got past the first defender, they just kinda let him go to the rack. Which really may have been the better game plan, cuz the C’s got some quick scores off of him dunking and not getting back on defense. You never know what them old heads are up to.

  59. Al Johnson says:

    Boston in 6

  60. Raz says:

    Last game was 18 to 33. This game, 24 to 24. That’s personal fouls. Sure, you have to look at each play to see which were deserved and which were stretches, but it’s pretty telling just as numbers. Sure Miami plays in such a way as to get fouled more often, but Spoelstra was wise to keep his mouth shut. If you’re the visitor and you get parity, that’s already more advantage than you should be expecting. It’s not like any of the Celtics got to the line over and over again- even Rondo just got 5, and people should be lining up to hack him if he gets deep into the paint.

  61. dark man says:

    at least they both (wade and james) say that they’re going to DO something about it, and not cry at officials for not getting the calls.. if it happened on the other end, they (celtics) will cry that it’s bad officiating..

    we’re attack players —-james .. can’t wait for game 4..

  62. HeatKingOfEast says:

    As i predicted, no one cares about this article, ahhhhahhaha you know why? because the heat lose. if the heat won game 3, for sure, lots of comments will be in any article that talks about the game 3 of mia@bos. Miami heat has too many followers, they can be fans, haters, band wagon riders, ahahahahah. as i said on my previous comment, Heat is the most popular team in the nba, most discussed, it just like they are the best actor in the hollywood.ahahahahaha

  63. Shaun? says:

    Did you even watch the game? It was LEBRON ALL GAME LONG. Wade was only shooting jumpers and floaters, how the heck is that going to get him on the line? I’ve read you previous articles Shaun, and it’s crystal clear to me that you are a Miami Heat fan. 😐

    • heh says:

      Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Did he watch the same game that everyone else watched?

  64. vanhaylem says:

    I don’t get why this made news. Game 2 was far more badly officiated than last nights game.

    You wanna talk about FTAs?

    Game 3: Celtics 26, Miami 20.
    Game 2: Celtics 29, Miami 47!
    Game 1: Celtics 21, Miami 23.

    How about the fouls? Hmm

    Game 3: Celtics 24, Miami 24.
    Game 2: Celtics 33, Miami 18!
    Game 2: Celtics 18, Miami 21.

    Celtics shoulda won game 2.

  65. Ace says:

    The headline for this article should have the words “for once” added to the end of it. Especially after the truckloads of charity the officials gave Miami in Games 1 and 2.

  66. Daniel says:

    Preface: I agree with the content of what you said.
    That being said: when they’re not drawing contact, not contract. Please edit your work before posting. You do get paid for this, right? Spell check will not catch when a correct word is used improperly, just a heads up.

  67. x-writer says:

    i didnt watch the game , was there any ???

  68. Basketball gal says:

    This game was NOTHING like game 2 in terms of officiating. Please don’t even compare. The celtics lead by double digits for 75 percent of the game.

  69. Greg says:

    i agree with bonehead, give the big guys more of a shot on offense, and in particular, get haslem some more minutes, he’s served Miami well in the past.

  70. crisvincent says:

    what game were you watching? heat fans blame everything on spoelstra.. spoelstra used a small line up so they could outrun and spread the floor more.. ever wonder why they got near that 24 point deficit? you should’ve watched the game and not just look at the boxscores.. that’s the reason why bosh is so important for the heat.. he could rebound, run and also spread the floor..

  71. Swarley Stinson says:

    We not Blaming the refs…we accept this lose…Hey Celtics fans!!Happy now?

    • jake says:

      You have nothing to blame the refs for, game 2 was called in Maimi’s favour! You think the refs calls gave Boston a 24 point lead? Plus, I didn’t hear any Celtics fans saying the refs gave Miami game 1, they were just complaing about the silly technicals.

  72. nbafan says:

    Is smith ridiculing the fact that dwade always gets to the line, most of the time undeservingly. Or is he criticizing the refs indirectly? Last I checked, the refs handed the heat game 2, so I hope its the former.

  73. C'hater says:

    I saw the game and i will lie if I will say that the refs were right .
    the refs didnt call on anything.
    miami will win this seires.

  74. Mo1078 says:

    Strange? Correct word, wrong way to use it. It’s strange he didn’t get all those horse S%&T foul calls. All those offensive fouls he commits go unlooked, good for the refs for not making mistakes like that. The sole reason the Celtics lost game 2 was because the refs were in love with D3. If it weren’t for D3 flopping, and whining this would be a different series.

    • jordanbyfar says:

      you are a whiner!!! Now the refs are good for you. You are going to lose anyways

  75. Keyon says:

    LeBron and Wade might eventually get tired by playing so many minutes especially LeBron. He basically plays every position for the Heat and its taking a lot out of him. This could ongoing problem for this series and potentially the finals if they get past Boston

  76. googergieger says:

    Yeah odd how human those two players look when they aren’t getting to the line a hysterical amount of times. Not to mention when the people defending them and the people they are defending are being allowed to play them just the same. Honestly if the series was officiated this way since New York, we’d have had a much more interesting eastern conference. Obviously they’d have beaten New York, but not so soundingly. Oh and The Pacers would have beaten The Heat. They undoubtedly should have won game one.

    • heh says:

      LeBron James was still superb, regardless of not getting to the charity stripe that often. Dwade looked mortal last night though.

    • Isha says:

      Okay… but guess what? The Pacers DIDN’T beat the Heat. Did they? Uhhh… no. So, I think you need to get over the fact that the Heat are an amazingly awesome team.

    • real basketball please says:

      I agree with you.. I think that the refs are giving way to many fouls to the other teams…for ex. game 1 of the knicks series… you should have called the game The Fouls infavor Heat… because that was what it was. and game 1 of the pacers series… how did the pacers get 22 fouls by halftime and the heat only had 2… Lebron bumps into a player…foul. on indiana…..wade pushes a player foul on new york. wade runs into a player. offensive foul on indiana… That is how they won those game.

      oh yeah. haslem only getting 1 day suspension and pittman getting 3… really….Hansbourgh getting a flag. 2 and wade does not get upgraded…really….and you call this basketball…REALLY!!!

  77. supplanter33 says:

    so is the game still rigged like the last time?? if miami wins the other team got cheated if they lose its a fair game 🙂

    • thisguy says:

      No this game did not seemed rigged like the other way for two reasons.

      A: the difference in free throw attempts were only 6 (homecourt adv. helps)

  78. Jack says:

    The refs cost Boston a crucial game 2 win with blown calls and bailout calls for the Heat. That was incredibly frustrating to watch in game 2. Game 3 was much better!! If the refs try their best to not give Miami a win Boston stands a chance and at the very least it will be exciting basketball to watch. Mr. David Stern please tell the refs to keep their whistles in their pockets for this series and let’s watch some great basketball!

    • Bongoman55 says:

      I am sure because D-Wade had no free throws and LeBron had 5, the refs are great!! You are so home team you cannot even be rational. It’s the way the teams play. If they want to stand out there and throw up Js and not penetrating, they will not get whistles. Simple.

      Miami needs to get the season over and trade Wade for Gasol and use him as center. Get rid of all those trpphies on the bench. Howard, the ever hurting Miller etc.

      • Victor says:

        wow, good thing you are not a GM of any team. you’d make the bobcats even worse… I just don’t understand all the crying from Boston, they’ve been clearly beaten in every game (until game 3) inspite of missed calls or questionable calls that could have gone in their favor. Even then, like someone else mentioned, Boston STILL got away with so much in every game. Then have the audacity to complain. Game 3 comes around and it’s obvious the crying from a veteran team gets a response from the NBA and it’s officials. Congratulations on game 3, you won the game and got the favoritism you’ve been demanding instead of earning in this series.

    • mikealf305 says:

      hey remember how many times rondo whent to the line in game two when he scored all those points, but game three wade and lebron combine for five free throws thats BS. with all the heat haters out there get a life the celtics are old ladies who have been getting away with murder in all three games even the ones that the heat won lebron and wade have been getting murdered on every drive and I know even boston lovers and heat haters have noticed this while pierce and rondo play bobble head basketball with their skirts and high heels on KG does a couple of moving screens on every possession. when wade and lebron get fouled the refs turn blind for a couple of seconds. even the game where lebron shot a lot of free throws there was about ten or more fouls the refs did not call and wade gets no respect the nba is fixed and refs are controlled by money greed rules the world!!!!!

    • Dwade&LBJ says:

      are you blaming the refs for the celtics game 2 loss? that just pathetic. miami played hard and won that game fairly. just because one or two calls didnt go the celtics way doesnt mean the refs cost them the game

      • jake says:

        Miami definately didn’t win game 2 fairly, i’d say it was 50/50. Without all the calls they were getting, they would never have won that game, three Celtics players fouled out, one of which was Pierce, the closer. How are Boston supposed to win when Miami shoots 10 free throws in OT. Miami shot 21 more free throws on their homecourt, so far, Boston have shot 6 more and they were definately attacking more than Miami in game 3. The officiating was alot more even in game 3.

      • richtight says:

        It’s true.. Miami did play hard in game 2. But Boston (as much as I hate Boston) had the momentum. When Rondo got smacked in the face and a no call, that was the turning point. Boston couldnt recover. I would have liked to see how the ending played out If that whistle was blown..

  79. BONEHEAD says:

    Another thing, Coach Spoelstra didn’t use his bigmen. They got out rebounded and Lebron got too exhausted by playing both on offense and specially in defense. Maybe next time, he should choose to gamble his back up bigmen to avoid out rebounded and maybe it’s time for Turiaf, Pittman, Haslem and Howard to develop their confidence in taking shots and playing at the post…

    • DonPepe says:

      Howard? you mean that guy from the 19th century?

    • PC says:

      LBJ was used at center…. IF that works, should Heat’s coach used Centers at PG? No. Centers are used as last line of D. Can’t just shoot the way back into a game. Defense is still most essential. Championship-caliber teams use D to succeed and drive their offense. Just ask the veteran teams of Lakers, Spurs, Boston, and Dallas.

    • Zak says:

      ^ This

    • Ted says:

      There’s just no way that you should ask the Heat big man to play the post and take shots. No way. Joel Anthony? Pittman? Those guys only score from under the basket and putbacks

    • miami boy says:

      agree hope miami wins series

    • bonespear says:

      good comment.. maybe its time for spoelstra to take chances and risk with pittman or anthony on the post.. how they can get a legit center if they are not even playing with what they have for the post… he rely most in his key players in the offense so the c’s defense will bombard them again in game 4

  80. BONEHEAD says:

    The team should give Dwyane a clear out, sometimes giving him a peak makes his way to the basket to tight. He is a very good 1 on 1 isolation player.