Shaqtin’ A Fool: Playoffs II

Shaq looks back at the last week of the playoffs and finds some special moments that demand Foolish accountability. Pau Gasol, Avery Bradley, Tiago Splitter, Keyon Dooling and the infamous Fat Philly Fan all are nominated for this week’s Shaqtin’ A Fool play.


  1. dwayne says:

    taking about showin philly love omg

  2. HeatFanLOL says:

    “I’m gonna make an executive desicion here”
    ” You gotta be an executive to do that” Priceless :L

  3. Wow ! Awesome…thanks for sharing such funny moments with your visitors.

  4. andrei says:

    thats brotherly love in Philadelphia…… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Number1HoustonRocketsFan says:

    This one wasn’t that funny —__—

  6. bigp543 says:

    thats bec there r so few games

  7. eknujsra says:

    this is probably the first Shaqtinโ€™ A Fool that I didn’t laugh at all..

  8. newyorksteelo says: