No Need For a PJax Comeback!

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — He has to take the calls and at least entertain the possibility of coming back, especially when teams are offering the ridiculous amounts of money and power you know they are to legendary coach Phil Jackson.

We’re hoping Jackson has the restraint that others in his shoes, living legends in their particular field with absolutely nothing left to prove, uses the power of Zen to resist any urge to come back. It’s not that we don’t love having him around, because the league is infinitely more interesting with him in front of the microphone and sitting in that high chair on the sideline somewhere.

But there is simply no need for a comeback, certainly not as a coach. Any lingering sting at the way he went out, Jackson’s Lakers were swept in the Western Conference semifinals last season by the eventual champion Dallas Mavericks, should pale in comparison to the historic mountain of accomplishments Jackson piled up during his coaching career.

You would hope that the 11 rings, countless memories and his status as arguably the greatest coach of all time (in the NBA and anywhere else), would be enough to satisfy Jackson’s basketball jones.

But if we are to believe Thursday rumblings that Jackson bowed out of an opportunity to take over in some capacity in Orlando, maybe  a lifetime spent in the winner’s circle is not enough for Jackson.

It’s not exactly clear which side reached out first. According to the Orlando Sentinel,  Jackson’s return would have been in a front office/consultant role rather than as the replacement for Stan Van Gundy:

Magic CEO Alex Martins was formally presented on Wednesday with a scenario involving Jackson by Sam Vincent, who played for the Magic and Jackson.

“It drew some interest from Phil,” Vincent said. “But in the end, Phil decided to go with another opportunity.”

Jackson is apparently headed back to the NBA in some capacity, but he pulled out here before Martins had a chance to run it by owner Rich DeVos. Martins learned of Jackson’s exit Thursday, but would not comment.

“Not because of this specific situation, but because I have been consistent during the search that I won’t comment on specific candidates,” Martins said in an e-mail. “I stand by my statement that we will put a premium on searching for Championship experience in the positions within in our search.”

Vincent said Jackson gave him the impression that he doesn’t want to coach anymore. But the Magic scenario would have involved Jackson as either the team president/ general manager or in a consulting role — sort of like Pat Riley looking down from his office at Erik Spoelstra in Miami.

Vincent said that Jackson, 66, was intrigued enough by the idea that Vincent and another intermediary were preparing to fly to Jackson’s home in Montana to speak with him. And, if the talks went well, they would next approach Howard.

That intermediary with Vincent was a former all-star player and Hall of Famer who, in Vincent’s plan, was to be the next coach of the Magic. Jackson would help mentor him.

Jackson can mentor anyone he wants from his Montana home. And if he’s itching to talk the game, something tells me he wouldn’t have to beg for a job analyzing the game on someone’s set (surely they could find a high chair for him at NBA TV).

But these scenarios like the one described in Orlando sound like better opportunities for the men who have played for and been associated with Jackson over the years than it does for Jackson himself.

Coming back to preside over a rebuilding situation in Orlando, or anywhere else where a championship run is not in the offing, is quite frankly beneath an icon of Jackson’s status. No offense to the Magic or any other team longing to sniff some of the championship fumes they believe come with being associated with Jackson, but it’ll take more than just an iconic figure in the front office or on the sideline to fuel your resurgence.

Proving to your fans that you are serious about competing at the highest level is a much more complicated endeavor than just having a championship appearance.

Jackson doesn’t need to be a part of that futile exercise.

He doesn’t have to chase anything at this stage of his basketball life.

There are no loose ends.

There is nothing left to prove.

And there is no need for a comeback just for comeback’s sake.


  1. Rick says:

    Phill show us how bad you are, come coach the raptors and win…YES WE CAN AFFORD YOU………….MAPLE LEAF SPORTS AND ENT………..(LEAFS, RAPTORS, TORONTO FC….MARLES……) THEY GOT $$$$$$$$$

  2. Bballforever says:

    Five greatest coaches in the NBA today: George Karl, Greg Popovich, Doc Rivers, Tom Thibodeau and Scotty Brooks. Altogether those guys still have less rings than Zen Master…unbelievable…make a comeback PJax

    • Devon says:

      …except jackson’s rings are really MJ’s, Kobe’s, and Shaq’s. by your logic Derek Fisher’s five rings make him a bigger all-star than Shaq(4) and as great a player as Magic Johnson(5).

  3. W/E says:

    Phil is overrated

  4. JJ says:

    Go back to the Lakers Coach Phil Jackson, that where you belong as a great and legendary coach………
    You can re unite the team and be a championship team again…

  5. Michael Jordan says:

    Im on my way to Montana now. Phil said he’s open to negotiate coaching my Bobcats in one condition. I give him 10 million per season. I’ll keep you posted guys.

  6. Liam says:

    It’s not about wether he needs to come back or not. Maybe he just wants to. A basketball mind like that should not be wasted sittin in his rockin chair on his front porch. Let the man do whatever he wants…

  7. djerg says:

    I still believe that Phil Jackson is needed in Lakers bench as a coach,He alone is the best to unite this team and find the formula to make it like a real champion team,His coaching is priceable that no one can match at this moment.Kobe never been at his best since Phil took over to coach lakers,so please Mr. Kupchack bring Mr. phil back and you can make all the million fans all over the world happy again especially here in the philippines

  8. roy says:

    “the greatest coach of all time (in the NBA and anywhere else)” – sorry you r wrong; that title belongs to sir alex ferguson.

  9. Jordan says:

    This could turn out like MJ’s Wizards stint

  10. Ggz says:

    Maybe this hell of a bloggerjust doesn’t wanna witness (his)miami being swept by the master’s magic……i’m deeply sorry for my english, it’s sounded way much better in italian!

  11. emung says:

    bring phil back. let him coach in charlote. phil and mike….

  12. Boom says:

    yet if the heat wont win the title this year and jackson will find energy to go for his 4th three-peat and pull it off with the heat, his coaching feats will probably never be repeated again

  13. Mitch Kupchak says:

    Please come back Phil! We’ll double your salary!

  14. Raptor fan for life. says:

    Dude…..Really? Comeback????? This guy had jordan/pippen Shaq/kobe and kobe/pasol/bynum.

    I am sorry i dont care if he has 11 rings, he is not the greatest coach ever.

    A great coach is someone who takes “bad or high potential” players and turns them into all-stars.

    Gregg popovich is the greatest coach. Think about it…..Gary Neal????? who????? Dany Green (waived by cleveland) Who?????? Bonner??????????????????? manu was the 59th pick!!!!! ALL STAR! SIXTH MAN!!! Tony parker was 28th!!!!

    I hope people understand my point. No disrespect but you are not the greatest coach of all time and not even one the ggreatest ever! IF YOU ARE COME BACK AND MAKE THE BOBCATS A CONTENDER!!!!!! IF YOU DO THAT, THAT WILL BE THE DAY I WILL ADMIT YOU ARE THE GREATEST.

  15. JW says:

    Getting Kobe, Lin and Phil to Lakers for other ring

  16. Devon says:

    Jackson is over-rated. Jackson is NOT the greatest coach of all time… he coached the 3 best players in the NBA at the time at their primes… Shaq , Kobe, and MJ. His rings belong to them. (His only other ring he got while sitting on the bench injured) Anyone could have coached the greatest basketball player at their time in their prime to a championship. He would only come back to coach the Heat or Thunder because Lebron is the best in the league right now, and Durant is going to be the best in 3-5 years. He doesnt coach, he just builds his legacy by globbing onto the legacy of the best players in their repective eras. Then he quits when they start losing,

  17. vincreations says:

    Zen master is a LAKER

  18. Pisces7100 says:

    Phil Jackson should come back to the Lakers and bring them back to be a championship team!!! Come on Buss family…GET HIM BACK TO OUR TEAM!!!!!!!

  19. Yave says:

    Should PJAX he comeback. ,which I really do think he will, he should go to Orlando whether as the GM or coach. I don’t think he wants to go to Charlotte where they have a good chance of breaking there own record.Or back to L.A because they are acting like they don’t need him.He should go to Orlando.If he goes as a coach he’ll make D12 a better player (maybe a better FT shooter) he’ll make whoever will be the PG better at running the offense and make them better defensively.If he goes as a GM he can get other star players around Howard.Why you maybe asking well because he has been around forever and knows what to do in the front office to get what we’re looking for even if we have to give up a few 1st round draft picks.

  20. SPURSFAN says:

    is it me or anyone else thinks that he is the reason kobe and jordan won nba titles? he gave them the right role, the right motivation of course they had the talent but what if they had a coach like spoelstra or del negro or scott brooks?

  21. Carrington Banks says:

    Your articles are getting kind of ridiculous and “against popular belief, as if you were commanded to right controversial article just to attract hits, views, and comments. I miss the OLD HONEST Sekou,

  22. charles grashow says:

    Scotty Bowman was the greatest coach

  23. RA says:


  24. I told u says:

    Why do people WANT people to stay away?? Pro Sports is a huge opportunity that only few get a chance to participate in…..But i have never WANTED Favre, Owens, Jordan or Jackson to STAY AWAY from the game. Come and compete if you can! Why all of the “don’t come back” trash? If any team deems them suitable for millions of dollars and play-time then who are YOU to say otherwise????

  25. Shawty says:

    Sekou has teams he likes and teams he doesn’t like. I guess that’s the same with anyone. However, he’s TOTALLY wrong about this. Phil Jackson would be a perfect fit for one of the front office positions in Orlando. He could convince Howard to stay and would have, all due respect to Otis, more drawing power for the right talent to surround Dwight for the Orlando Magic. They don’t have the best team now, but after all, shouldn’t THEY have the right to work towards making themselves better. MEDIA….you don’t have that much power. Stick to reporting the news, not making it!

  26. Dan says:

    Sekou, with you 100% on this one, of course its his decision! But I really hope he makes the call to either come back and coach a championship team or stay away or maybe commentate it does seem beneath him to just hang around some time in a vague role, also I’m not convinced that is particularly healthy for any coach. The pressure of coaching with the one of the all time greats presiding would be enormous.

  27. stoley eisenhower says:

    people are just scared that Phil will return to the Lakers so they want Phil to remain retired. So many Laker haters out there. But you’ll see, Phil will return and bring Kobe his 6th and Lebron will still remain at zero.

  28. karolisjachimavicius says:

    Throw in some mushrooms and he’ll lower his “salary expectations”.

  29. TJ says:

    Sekou, I usually love your articles bro, but please delete this one from your blog spot because it doesn’t sound like you. It sounds like you were in a bad mood or summin when you wrote this, so it comes across kinda dogmatic, as if you’re saying: “Phil, you made your money, you won your rings, now stay away from the NBA in case you ruin your legacy”. Personally, I’m excited to hear that Phil is showing a renewed interest in working for the NBA in some shape or form because his experience will certainly bring positive benefits to any organisation, even those that you think are beneath him.

    Good luck to ya Phil!

  30. karolisjachimavicius says:

    Throw in some shrooms, he’ll lower his “salary expectations”.

  31. 123 says:

    i think having phil jackson involved with the nba is a good thing. whether his capacity to influence the game is large or small of a role, just having him there is a positive thing. coaching might be too tiresome, but perhaps a GM role would suit him?

  32. Jason says:

    Phil wouldn’t need to sign a long term contract with Orlando. The Magic have Dwight all year which makes them an instant title contender(Yes he’s that good). If he doesn’t like the situation after a year than he can do what ever makes him happy. Besides, there’s plenty of land about an hour south of Orlando to put a ranch on(see Deseret Ranch).

  33. Dr. Up says:

    -“We’re hoping Jackson has the restraint that others in his shoes, living legends in their particular field with absolutely nothing left to prove, uses the power of Zen to resist any urge to come back.”

    This is not a sentence. Sekou no offense, man, but you need to get an editor. This stuff happens in every article. I haven’t even read the rest yet.

  34. alex says:

    sekuou ur should respect his desicions who are you? is not like you are somebody…horrible article

  35. AsianGuy says:

    I agree with Sekou. Phil doesn’t need to come back. Perhaps Phil can start a basketball foundation to help those in need. I’d also love to see him commentate with Jeff Van Gundy. That would be awesome. You got this article right Sekou!

    • Just saying says:

      your saying that phill hasn’t helped the one whos in need yet ?
      get a life mate (: what does that supposed to do with the subject anyway ?
      and the only reason im with sekou is because of the 11 rings, whats left to be done anyway ?

  36. banvan says:

    how about jeremy lin’s potential….??

  37. Peter says:

    This is Phil Jackson. He will do whatever he wants, for whatever reason he wants. Obviously this man loves basketball, why not do what you love for as long as you can in whatever way you can? It’s not just about wins or losses either, look at Legends who stepped into roles on losing teams, MJ, Larry Bird, Isiah Thomas (bad example I know, but nonetheless true). Phil loves basketball, let him do what he wants, he will anyways.

  38. nanzc says:

    Well said Steve Smith,,,,,to the Zen Master,,,,wish you all the best in life,,,BTW Phil, how ’bout the Knicks????

  39. nanzc says:

    Well said Steve Smith,,,,,to the Zen Master,,,,wish you all the best in life,,,BTW Phil, how ’bout the Knicks????

  40. johnny says:

    How did this article get published at This dude can’t write two sentences with proper syntax; it’s so sad.

    Geee Geeeee

  41. szaface says:

    wow sekou sounds like a nazi!! phil can do what he wants, he is his own person, and why call it a comeback, a comeback to what,im sure phil has and always will love basketball. dont call it a comeback iv been here for years!

  42. JohnZ says:

    The Great ones never think about what has been done,but they think about what is out there,still to be done.

  43. Kyle says:

    I completely disagree with you Sekou. How fun would it be to have Jackson back in the game? How awesome would it be to have him in the front office with MJ in Charlotte? Talk about a recruiting tandem. Those two could bring the free agents to Charlotte.

    I actually like the idea of Phil Jackson in the front office of any team. This game is better with him in it. Your reasoning makes no sense as to him having nothing left to prove. Obviously he doesn’t need to prove anything but why is that the reason he would be in the front office of an NBA team? Couldn’t he do it because it makes him happy to be accomplishing something in life? Why does he have to sit by and let all his talent go to waste in retirement?

    This is definitely one of your worst writings Sekou.

  44. rafalelia says:

    Why does the media believe they have the right to judge, wether or not someone should come back? Who ever tells sportswriters to retire and stay in retirement? With all due respect, what there is no need for, is articles like these. If Phil wants to come back, or MJ or hell, Mike Tyson, they’ll be the ones facing criticism for loosing or applause and apologies for their success. If Phil has the need to come back, only Phil knows.

    • Well Said says:

      You’re absolutely right. In the end it’s HIS LIFE and obviously he loves to be around basketball. Do ya thing Phil!

    • mettafreespeech says:

      I agree… when the Spurs, a #1 seed team last season was swept by the Grizzlies in the 1st round(same fate on the Lakers). Who would have thought this season that they’re the team to beat and not the Heat??? Anyone??? I still believe even if Phil’s body is not the same as before, he still has the best staff on his sides that can push a team to win. SEKOU SMITH… MAN THAT’S MESSED UP!!! Probably you were thinking about Phil’s legacy not to be ruined by getting back from retirement but still lose in the NBA season 2012-13.