Jordan needs to make this shot

For Michael Jordan, this is like being called for pushing off on Bryon Russell, or getting stripped by Craig Ehlo, or throwing the ball to Steve Kerr and John Paxson, only to watch them miss.

In so many other instances in his playing career, Jordan has been both good and lucky. As an executive, not so much. And the crummy luck came back to haunt him once again with the NBA draft lottery, where the seven-win Bobcats suffered a bigger defeat the other 59 combined.

They’re choosing second in what’s probably a one-superstar draft. Such is life for Jordan since he traded his sneakers for a seat in the boardroom. He can’t seem to win.

When he had the first overall pick, while the GM in Washington, the prize was Kwame Brown. When he had the third pick, the 2006 college player of the year was available, and Adam Morrison was taken because he was a scorer, which the Bobcats desperately needed. (In a cruel twist of fate, Jordan later traded for the fourth pick in that 2006 draft, Tyrus Thomas, giving the Bobcats the biggest busts that year.)

Then he held lower lottery picks in franchise player drafts and missed out on Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose and Kyrie Irving.

And now the Bobcats will not get Anthony Davis, a big man whom all the experts believe is the surest thing in this draft (although he could turn into Purvis Ellison, another lanky freshman who led his team to the NCAA title and was taken first overall). This doesn’t mean the Bobcats will wind up with another Adam Morrison but, with Jordan’s luck, there’s a better chance of that happening than not.

This is where GM Rich Cho should think out of the box, take a reasonably safe gamble and trade down. Cho was hired by Jordan to silence the critics who said Jordan relied too much on his buddies to turn the franchise around. The Bobcats have multiple needs and therefore should position themselves to add multiple players if they’re not going to get a star at No. 2, where there’s no consensus. Why not trade for a package that includes a top-10 pick and a veteran scorer? Why not use that pick on Perry Jones of Baylor, who may turn out nearly as good as Davis? Or be there to snatch another big man, Andre Drummond, if he falls? Or Drummond’s college teammate, Jeremy Lamb?

By turning a single draft pick into two players, the Bobcats will increase their odds of getting help next season. With Jordan’s track record and the lousy luck that seems to follow him, increasing the odds is the only way to go.


  1. c336 says:

    charlotte needs to trade bacc if u cant gilchrest#2 melo or royce white , white will b a superstar

  2. The Maestro del Cielo! says:

    Here’s what you do Michael! Hire Phil Jackson as your coach! Forget about the draft! Recruit Dwight Howard and Deron Williams! I Would love to see that scenario! I’m tired of everyone saying what a bad GM you are! I’m pulling for you man! And I’m a Kobe fan! lol!

  3. cats says:

    I am so tired of the media’s irresponsibility when it comes to reporting about mj. What other owner is scrutinized as much as jordan. He is not the gm.

  4. Chook says:

    Think it would be a mistake to trade the 2nd pick bobcats need quality they got a few good pieces in last years draft and should look to add more talent! OKC got harden to go with Durant and Westbrook in what then wasn’t a deep draft this draft seems to be mixed feelings on this years draft. Cats need to be built from the ground up and need players that play hard every night and some leadership on the court.

  5. W/E says:

    Michael Jordan is the worst team executive in the history of the NBA,he cant get any worse and the bobcats will always and forever be at the bottom of the conference

  6. HEAT! says:


  7. Dew says:

    Trades, Free Agents, and perhaps a smart draft pick will get this team rolling. They do not necessarily need number 1. Look where Parker and Manu were drafted to SA. Drafting smart and perhaps overseas would be the way to go for them. Also taking advantage of some key free agents would be a good start as well. Howard, Lin, Nash, Garnett, J Smith, Fisher, R Allen, K Hinrich, G Dragic, B Diaw, S Novak (according to Barkley best pure shooter in my own experience, was a great shooter here in SA when he was with us as well), J Nelson, D Will would all be good places to start this summer. However, most of them might return to their teams. However, I bet you could pull off a starting five if done correctly that includes Diaw, J Smith, C Magette, S Novak, and G Dragic. I could easily see that team with a few smart backup role player moves/drafts making the playoffs in the east. Pretty sure the big ticket free agents would end up somewhere like Brooklyn, New York, LA Lakers/Clippers, or Dallas. However that team I constructed would fall into place for Smith who wants a big contract and be the ”one” on a team while being surrounded by great role players like these ones as well as another scorer in Magette. Would be nice to see Charlotte competitive again like the Hornets of old.

  8. frank says:

    “In so many other instances in his playing career, Jordan has been both good and lucky. ” Ridiculous. He was terrific during his playing days, not lucky.

  9. Eazy says:

    Tyrus Thomas was Drafted by the Portland Trailblazers and Traded to the Bulls for LaMarcus Aldridge and that one Russian guy no one remembers. Michael Jordan did NOT draft Tyrus Thomas… And Tyrus Thomas is by no means a Bust… Stop that…

  10. Pete says:

    I say Bobcats pick up Harrison Barnes, trade down to a team like the kings. Think about this, bobcats trade 2nd pick for tyreke evans and their 5th pick. We draft barnes. Its a win win for both teams. Imagine this: bobcats lineup as

    kemba PG
    tyreke SG
    barnes SF
    biyombo PF
    and i say bobcats should sign another center for going into the future. That sounds like a much better team than what they had this year. And for the Kings who pick up that 2nd pick they could draft either Gilchrist or Robinson. Depending on who they draft, they could a sign a free agent for the other forward position.

    PG Isaiah
    SG Thornton
    SF Gilchrist or other free agent signing (Nicholas Batum?)
    PF Robinson or free agent (JaVale McGee? but switch position to center and let cousins play PF)
    C Cousins

    Both the Bobcats team and Kings team would benefit from this trade. Would make them both more relevant teams definitely. Im just hoping Michael Jordan will make the right move. Another screw-up and that would be one too many for Jordan.

  11. GAMBLE says:


  12. Robert says:

    It’s not bad luck that is the reason for the Bobcats getting such horrible players from the draft. It’s clearly Michael Jordan’s bad decision making. Jordan clearly does not know how to create a good team, and he is arguably the worst GM in sports right now.

  13. i’d say they trade the #2 pick for New Orleans’ Trevor Ariza and the #10 pick. then use that 10th pick for a center who could post up down low, say Andre Drummond or Meyers Leonard or Tyler Zeller, whoever’s available.

    PG: Kemba Walker
    SG: Gerald Henderson
    SF: Trevor Ariza
    PF: Bismack Biyombo
    C: Drummon/Leonard/Zeller

    they’ve got a scoring back court duo, an all-around player with ariza, a defender around the basket with Biyombo (ala Serge Ibaka) plus a relevant post up player.

    you say?

  14. Celtic Fan says:

    This blog might teach Kobe to not be an executive, since he resembles Jordan very much

  15. Ben H. says:

    Here’s the biggest advantage the Bobcats have, they were 4th in ticket sales this past season…so they don’t necessarily have to try to break their backs ringing in a superstar to try to sell tickets, they just need to win games. That being said, I agree with the posts about the Bobcats drafting/trading for good role players. They had the worst loss percentage in league history, so “slow and steady” is looking really good for them right now. Bring in consistency instead of relying on one guy to save your frachise. Also, Jordan isn’t a bad executive, he just needs to work harder and learn from his mistakes. Isn’t that what made him so respected as a player…the willingness to put in hard work?

  16. CJ says:

    Why dosen’t he just become a coach?

  17. noyb says:

    Charlotte is a small-market team and as such won’t be able to put together a great team. That’s why the same, big-market, “storied franchise” teams keep dominating the league. Unless they can become a big-money, big market city, enjoy sitting in last place for years to come.

  18. Rudy says:

    Mj should draft Thomas Robinson he is the 2nd best player in this Draft & has star writtin all over him!!! If you don’t SMH!!!! You should also trade for another 1st round pick. Maybe Cory Maggette & Tyrus Thomas or Dj Augustine for another 1st round pick?

  19. nash manager says:

    hey mj, how about howard, ibaka and josh smith package for $30-40m in free agency to spend…

  20. bencupasjr says:

    bring Howard and D.Williams then add some role player like jason capono for shooting purposes.

  21. nash manager says:

    in my opinion mj, you better ease your team sal caps and look wide on 2012-2013 free agency, besides there is a long list of some interesting names to sign(considering my men “air canada” as one of those) and 1 or 2 good pick for draft…considering zeller, which i conclude having bright future in nba if getting good personal trainer and to build more physical on him…

  22. kim charles says:

    jordan needs to hire a GM that will help the bobcats in building a team with a solid future…jordan is the GOAT no doubt but not in the front office…

  23. Igor says:

    like from that british series”Only fool & horses”, when Delboy says; ‘This time, next year , we are gonna be (in the finals) a milioners .’ It is so clumsy to predict,let the man roll in the deep, he can’t take every buzzer like in his playing career.

  24. Rob says:

    Look, I’m sure Charlotte could draft down and get some scorers, role players and/or veteran players, but really, is there any team bursting at the seams for the #2 pick? If it’s true that this is just one of those drafts like 2002 or 2006, you’re not going to get anything better than a mid-level player in return. Personally, I’d say take what’s on offer, get some good deals in free agency, and if you’re back to being a lottery team in 2013 then you just need to accept that this is a process that takes time. Next year might see the likes of Shabazz Muhammad, Nerlens Noel, Cody Zeller and James McAdoo.

  25. CharlotteFan says:

    Bobcats NEED to get ANDRE DRUMMOND. He is tall, he has huge wingspan and he has limitless potential. He is the only player in this year’s draft who may end up being a better pro than Anthony Davis. Plus Drummond along with Kemba Walker will form such a formidable duo for the future. The Cats never before had such an a young and athletic duo occupying the PG-C positions. Having a team with players like PG Walker, SG Henderson, SF Maggette, PF Biyombo and C Drummond is pretty good to be honest and with great future ahead of them. So pick Drummond and if possible trade Augustin along with Reggie Williams or Maggette for another top-10 pick. Anyway, the only for the Bobcats way to go forward is to take Andre Drummond who looks a lot like Andrew Bynum when he was young and look where Bynum is now!

  26. packtrack says:

    bobcats must pick either of the two….BUT must choose jerry sloan for a better coach,.,,,

  27. Jay Cruz says:

    this rebuilding of Bobcats is really interesting. On my opinion i think bobcats need some veterans to teach their young players and perhaps soon to be superstars. Biyombo and Walker do have tons of potentials. Add another good rookie this draft perhaps robinson or mkg. Then add veterans, perhaps Iverson to teach walker, good center to teach Biyombo. Veterans who will teach and of course can still contribute in the game. Wishing Bobcats a good season!

  28. Deb Sen says:

    Draft Lottery should be abolished, The worst team should have the first pick. Like in NFL.

  29. CML says:

    I think the most important things for the Bobcats to have is to be identified. They must find someone or a group of players who can be the identity of the team. A leader. Teams thrive when there is leadership. It’s not necessarily a player they should get, a good coach can easily be their ticket to a deep playoff run (Look at what George Karl is doing for the Denver Nuggets). As for the pick, I think they should stick with it and draft Thomas Robinson. Then Rich and Michael should consider trading Biyombo and Tyrus for another pick. This is still a deep draft and every bit of help counts. Maybe they can include a good veteran in the mix as well. Thomas Robinson plus another 1st round pick (possibly Austin Rivers or Dion Waiters or Tyler Zeller or Meyers Leonard) with a veteran kicker? Now that will help boost the team. Make it happen Charlotte! Come on!

  30. LAKERS FAN HERE says:

    they don’t need to pick a “SUPERSTAR” from this draft. they just need role players. role players that can make bobcats win 40 plus games. i think they should trade corey for a decent shooting guard and they should get aminu. and then trade players for brendan haywood . and players like fernandez,beasley, they are not superstars but they are role players that may help this bobcats team win some games. jordan should spend money if he wants his team to be in the playoffs

  31. LAKERS FAN HERE says:

    they don’t need to pick a “SUPERSTAR” from this draft. they just need role players. role players that can make bobcats win 40 plus games. i think they should trade corey for a decent shooting guard and they should get aminu. and then trade for brendan haywood . and players like fernandez,beasley, they are not superstars but they are role players that may help this bobcats team win some games. jordan should spend money if he wants his team to be in the playoffs

  32. bEejAy says:

    Bobcats need a good SG and C to play together and have a good coach

  33. JSmooveFan says:

    they should give up their #2 pick…and trade it for Josh Smith and Nicolas Batum!
    Theyre cheap…and theyre teamplayers! ^_^

  34. The Bee's Knees says:

    KWAME BROWN is the answer to everything. Best number one pick of all time.

    • Reno says:

      Wrong…. The numero uno #1 pick — bar none – is Michael Olowokandi: 6.8 rebounds per game, .435 career shooting, scored the same amount of points as Kwame, but took 1000 more shots to do it, and stunk up every team he’d ever played for. By comparison, Kwame Brown looks solid.

      MJ and Kwame are both off the hook on this one.

  35. GSW says:

    Michael Jordan isn’t unlucky. He just has no idea what he’s doing and is a terrible talent scout.

  36. L-rod says:

    Every one has good ideas in these posts, although they missed something. Today basketball is global there are many pretty good international players specially in Europe and South America. If you want to know what I’m talking about just think about these player from championship teams, For example; Tony Kukoc Pau Gasol, Dirk nowitzki and Tony Parker. (among others)

    • Dieter says:

      Yes, international players go to the USA to play basketball, and be the best they can be (and they don’t really care about the spotlights like Carmelo, Amare, Dwight, … so that gives them an edge). I still think Toronto made the best pick last year. and Rubio turned out great for the T-Wolves.
      But I’ve no idea about the international players in this year’s draft. And the Bobcats really should trade their pick, get 2 smart players with a great work ethic and at least good defenisve play. Don’t pick Perry Jones or Andre Drummond, those players won’t be good on a team they don’t like.

    • Cats Crazy says:

      Very true. International players are having a huge impact on the NBA these days. I think most people ignore that fact this year because there are less impact players from abroad in the draft this year. Last year was chock full of promising European players- this year, not so much.

  37. luol dang says:

    I don’t see NBA-ready superstars in this year’s draft. A losing team like Charlotte needs a core of talented, mature players and a good coach in order to begin winning. The draft is a lottery (no pun intended) and is a lousy way to plan for a winning team. No home runs there, Michael. Rome wasn’t built in one season. Ask the Miami Heat.

    • Rocket33 says:

      I think this year’s draft is full of NBA ready talent. Davis, Kidd-Gilchrist, Robinson, Sullinger and Beal will all be very good. Davis is the prize but all is not lost for Charlotte by not getting him. They’ve only invested 1 year in Biyombo, I think he can become a reliable rebounder and defender. If Jordan can look past a North Carolina guy in Barnes, with the second pick Kidd-Gilchrist is a perfect fit for them. Terrence Jones is NBA ready, I can’t believe he is projected to fall so far down the draft. If so the Bobcats should try and pick him up too. This year is the right year to get additional first round picks.

    • cool knicks fan says:

      i think Anthony Davis, T-Rob, Perry Jones III, and maybe Drummond could become stars.

  38. Adroit says:

    There will always be draft stars, steals, and busts.. the only gauge for those draftees to show what they really have outside of their collegiate or international experiences is to really play on the actual NBA games.

    Think about how Oden and Blake ended up as top draftees but got injured even before the actual season. Then what do we have now – a healthy and superstar material in Blake and a “forced” retirement for Oden.

  39. ice042HeatFan says:

    as for the bobcats its about making the right moves in the upcoming NBA DRAFT by picking the right player that will fit kemba walker all of us knew that Cory Maggette is in a slump for so long and his aging status wont help the cats in the future. free some capspace orchestrate a draft day trade for a decent forward or SG they need to upgrade the # 3 position by selecting the second best player available (in my opinion) Michael Kidd Gilchrist as 2 over all pick. Worst Case Scenario Here is if they dont pick MKG and settle for a virtually unknown player. Just Sayin!!!!

  40. Kevin says:

    Michael Jordan, made Paul Silas the scape goat, the fall guy. For his lack of business savey.
    He did not give the man anything to work with. You can’t run donkeys in the kentucky durby.
    Paul Silas is a great coach, Phil Jackson could not have done any better with the Talentless Charlotte Bobcats.

    Michael Jordan, stop being so CHEAP, spend the money, get the players necessary to bring a champion to Charlotte.

    • killuabest says:

      well said…

      • Cats Crazy says:

        He didn’t make Silas the scapegoat. We all know Silas had a hand tied behind his back with the given roster and incredible amount of injuries sustained this year. But you simply can’t bring back a coach who oversaw the worst season in NBA history, a player who demanded a trade/buyout, and got into a shoving match with a player in the locker room.

        We all love Silas here in Charlotte, but given the W-L tally and the availability of so many qualified coaches this summer, you can’t re-sign him. I wish it weren’t so, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

  41. Kevin says:

    Michael Jordan should get saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost.
    He needs to guidance and direction of the Lord to first, save his soul, then help him make wise decisions in life.
    His pride and arrogance has been his demise. Michael Jordan, humble yourself before the hand of God, and watch your life and business decison work out for your GOOD and the GOOD of the Charlotte Bobcats.
    Pride cometh before the FALL.

  42. Kevin K says:

    Get Jeremy Lin and Dwight Howard. That will see them go places.

    • fmmoreno says:

      Filipino? Well, I am! if you are, we have the same fate. This coming season is so interesting w/ talented incoming players….. surely some will headlines the NBA, now and the future.. but most interesting for me is how well the Bobcats will end or start after this season, and if they will chose MKG, or move down in exchage to pick Baylor’s star PJ3 plus another pick in Docs son or another player…. Furthermore, as I can see, seems that no free agent rumored to come to Charlotte..? so make sense picking the scorer out of Duke.

    • Shaad says:

      There was no point to this comment.

    • MackDaddy says:

      hahaha… and why would either of those playes sign up with the Bobcats? Lets say your dream comes true, and they both sign up. Then what? They still arent beating anybody with the rest of that roster. Forget superstars, the Bobcats need role players to build up slowly, THEN the superstars might come. Might.

    • cool knicks fan says:

      Keep dreaming. J-Lin to Knicks and Howard to Mavericks.

  43. Jomarc says:

    What Bobcat needs is a HEAD COACH that knows how to win, has a winning attitude and has winning perspectives… A GREAT BASKETBALL SYSTEM.

  44. cool knicks fan says:

    they should draft T-Rob and trade for another top-5 pick or at least a top-8 pick and take their chances on Andre Drumond(if he’s avalible) or Harrison Barnes. If they get lucky, they could land Kidd-Gilchlist. Then they should sign and trade for veterans and good role players.

  45. LebronJames says:

    Harrison Barnes is the best pick for Charlotte at #2. Cho should also make a move to acquire Drummond. Those 2 will make a good investment for future Bobcat fans

    • Cats Crazy says:

      Spoken like a true Heat fan. We’re trying to compete with the division, not make it easier on Miami lol

  46. Allan says:

    I don’t mind which team drafts who, I am anticipating what these new drafted players will do for
    their team and the future of the NBA. I have always been a basketball fan and the NBA was and still
    is the one channel I tune into for sports entertainment and none other. I have not watched for
    quite some time now after Jordan left and life was busy for me, but I have never gotten the word
    “NBA’ out of my mind, now i have time, laptop and internet in which I can indulge in any LIVE
    NBA game as much as I can.

    And it’s what these new draftees can provide – that I am anticipating – for fans like me who watch
    the game from afar, not fortunate enough to be able to see them play LIVE in the stadium, but
    instead live on NBA TV and keep the excitement going through to the very future. the last decade
    we have seen stars like Shaq, Kobe, Duncan, Pierce, Garnett, Yao, Lebron, Wade but they too will
    hang up the jersey, shorts, socks and shoes just like MJ did.

  47. Bev says:

    While the Bobcats have had a crummy season, it is interesting to note that the Bobcats are #4 in tickets sales.
    This past Wednesday I waited in line that went around the whole arena in hopes of getting season tickets for
    the $43.00 super saver special.
    My luck was just like Jordan’s. I didn’t get them.

  48. Slider821 says:

    The bobcats don’t need another first pick and they don’t necessarily need a superstar either. Jordan already got his opportunity to pick these and he squandered them. The bobcats need to build a team with players that know their role and execute well. Jordan doesn’t know what this means because he’s always been the superstar that lead his team to victory.

    Bobcats need to take a look at teams that do well with players that know their roles and coaches that can execute with what they have (see Jazz and Nuggets). Having the #1 pick is not the key to turning a team around…picking smart players that do their part and grow as a group are the keys to success. Bobcats will never go anywhere if think they need a first pick to make progress.

    • Bev says:


    • Shaad says:

      Well said

    • Pablo says:

      Totally agree.

    • Mark says:

      It’s all good and well that there are teams that play the right way and play for each other. Ideally that would be great, but when does that win a championship? I can only think of Detroit 2004 in the last 20-30 years that have won a championship without a true superstar. Think of Magic, Bird, Isiah Thomas, Jordan, Hakeem, Duncan, Shaq, Kobe and let’s say the big 3 for boston who were definitely considered superstars when they won a championship.

      Secondly and probably more cynically a superstar means attention for a team that is struggling to be noticed and low on cash. The league is run by superstars and what better way to put your team on the map then to have a real potential Superstar. Look at what Durant has done for OKC or before that what Garnett did for the Timberwolves. They put small market teams on the map and drew the kind of money and attention that the team so desperately needed. Do you think teams like Denver or Indiana are gonna win despite that they play team ball?

    • ALL TIME GREATS says:

      Yah? Wow! You’re a genius!! I think Jordan should hire you. I’m sure you can turn that team of misfits around. NP!