Heat: No Major Adjustment On Rondo

BOSTON — Usually, when a player has a big game in a playoff series, it calls for an adjustment by the opposing defense. But Rajon Rondo‘s 44 points in Game 2 was quite the anomaly, not just in the volume of points, but in the way they were scored.

Prior to Wednesday, Rondo had never made more than six shots from outside the paint in a game. In Game 2, he made 11. His jumper, maligned by so many people (including the President of the United States), isn’t all that bad actually.

“He’s not as bad as everyone makes it out,” Shane Battier said after Heat shootaround on Friday. “He can make dribble jump shots.”

But that doesn’t mean that the Heat are going to make a major change to the way they defend Rondo in Game 3 (8:30 p.m. ET, ESPN). No matter who you are, shooting 11-for-13 from outside the paint is not sustainable.

“There are tweaks [to be made],” Battier said. “Some of that is he had it rolling. If you believe in the numbers and regression to the mean, then you live with that. If you don’t, then you scrap that and go for something else.”

Hint: Both Battier and Heat coach Erik Spoelstra believe in the numbers. So expect the Heat to continue to protect the paint against Rondo and be satisfied if he’s taking more jumpers than layups.

“We’ll try to get up there and challenge him as much as possible,” Spoelstra said, “but we understand how much of an impact he really can have when he gets into the paint, to the rim, and, more importantly, getting everyone else involved. But it’s a tough balance.”

“He had a phenomenal game,” Battier added. “Could we have done things better? Yeah. You can always do things better. But let’s see if he can put up another performance like that again.”



  1. Danny says:

    A Celtics fan Celtics OLD? What about 24 points 11 rebounds and 8 push ups? 2 more push ups Triple double not to talk about blocks ac , KG young at heart strong minded.

  2. Howard says:

    I can see Battier coaching after he’s done playing. Very smart.

  3. Karlo Garcia says:

    What a game by Rondo.

  4. Victor Manoel says:

    Any news on Bosh? (2)

  5. Team Wade says:

    I respect Bostons game but Miami got diss in da bag their winning game 3 and closing in game 5

  6. John From OKC says:

    I have for years been telling posters on nesn.com that Rondo’s shooting has been steadily improving. It was indeed bad his rookie year, but being as basketball smart as he is he knew he needed to improve it and has done so. It probably will never be as good as Pierce’s, but at his position it doesn’t have to be. Why do so many people find that hard to understand?

  7. MaFox says:

    any news on bosh?

  8. Douglas says:

    Rondo is far away from being a good jump shooter. In most of those he made in game 2 he was open. I belive he can get another bunch of these Miami keeps letting him get them without pressure. As a Boston fan I hope it happens. 😉

    • me says:

      honestly they were attacking Rondo whatever chance they got. It wasn’t because shyt was open, it’s cos this is the semi’s, don’t have to tell Rondo or the C’s to be aggressive.

  9. Hg says:

    I have to go along with Miami, live by the jumper die by the jumper, or you will have to prove you are consistant with it before we make a change.