Rondo’s Game For The Ages Not Enough

MIAMI – So the Boston Celtics’ formula for beating the Miami Heat is clear now: Just get point guard Rajon Rondo to do everything he did in his monstrous Game 2 performance Wednesday night all over again. And then wring five more points out of him, somehow, some way.

Sure. Simple.

All Rondo did in Boston’s 115-111 overtime loss at AmericanAirlines Arena was give an NBA playoff for the ages. He scored 44 points on 16-of-24 shooting, passed for 10 assists, grabbed eight rebounds with three steals and did it while playing all 53 minutes. There were a bunch of players logging heavy court time – eight guys in all were in for at least 43:21. But Rondo’s only breathers came in the quarter breaks and in timeouts. When the game was on, so was the Celtics’ mercurial playmaker, who didn’t sound impressed afterward.

“It’s kind of irrelevant,” he said in a man-of-few-words stint on the postgame podium. “We lost.”

Rondo was ticked off. He felt he got hit in the face – and ignored by the referees’ whistles – on a drive to the hoop at 105-105 in overtime. He eluded Miami’s Udonis Haslem and Dwyane Wade, but appeared to get whacked by Wade as he soared past. Instead, his off-balance reverse layup was treated as just another miss, and Haslem’s dunk at the other end gave the Heat a lead it never lost.

Rondo scored all 12 of Boston’s points in the overtime. He had 22 points by halftime, 14 of them in the second quarter when the Celtics opened a 53-46 lead. He found teammates, he took his turns defending against both Wade and LeBron James. Heck, Rondo even hit jump shots, an unexpected wrinkle that might have raised eyebrows in the White House (President Obama once joked about the sensitive guard’s shooting ability).

All the praise that Heat coach Erik Spoelstra has been heaping on Rondo since before the Eastern Conference finals began – throwing around words like “maestro” and “genius” – were on full display in Game 2. And the guy who has seen and profited most from Rondo’s unpredictable wizardry was effusive on an otherwise downer night.

“He was absolutely phenomenal,”Boston coach Doc Rivers said. “Put the whole team at times on his shoulders. You know, it’s tough to have him play that way and not win the game, honestly, because he did basically everything right.”

The shooting? Rivers said it was a direct result of Miami defenders going “under” on pick-and-roll coverage and Rondo finding his most comfortable spots, such as the elbows of the free-throw lane. Wade said the Heat did a better job of taking that space away from him in the second half but, ultimately, “he was feeling it tonight and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Said James: “The performance he put on tonight will go down in the record books. He played the whole game. He made all the plays, and tried to will his team to a victory. He’s an elite player … and gave everything he had.”

The Celtics, by their coach’s admission, were distracted by what they felt was lopsided officiating – Rivers noted that James alone shot 24 free throws to his team’s 29, the Heat got 47 chances from the line and three Boston players fouled out. Distracted or not, though, there was a sense of pride in their play and a real appreciation for what Rondo did. The torch has been getting passed for a couple of seasons now – original Big Three as the Celtics’ driving force to their sinewy point guard – but it felt complete Wednesday.

“We feed off what he’s doing now,” Ray Allen said.

They feed off Rondo, who offered up a bountiful game, and still the Celtics came away hungry.


  1. Celtics Fan Forever says:

    With all the focus and attention on the Big 4, let’s not forget that Boston’s bench players are also picking up paychecks as well. Their bench needs to come into the game being offensive-minded and contribute as much as possible. Put some points on the board for crying out loud! Boston can’t win without EVERYONE contributing. It’s almost as if everyone expects Pierce, Rondo, Garnett and Allen to win these games without any help. The Heat has gotten good support from their bench and role players – let’s see the Boston bench come out and make some statements of their own. Go Celtics!

  2. Naismith says:

    If the Celtics want more calls they need to take it to the basket more . The Celtics, Pacers, and Knicks are all jumpshooting

    teams. Also the Celtics made a lot of bonehead plays on defense. You want more calls take it to the basket more and stop

    complaining to the refs . If rondo would have got back on D and not been acting . The Heat wouldn’t have had a 5 on 4

    easy dunk. The Celtics have to play hard but more importantly play smart they lost that game because they didn’t play smart.

    Rondo was the only player on their team that had a good game everybody else kinda disappeared and no one except

    Rondo scored in the overtime. Pierce and Garnett have to step up and the Celtics have to shut up collectively and play

    ball. Also no one was complaining when you could barely breathe on Jordan without getting called for a foul was the nba

    WWE then too. The famous last shot after the crosspush on Byron Russell ring any bells .

  3. x-writer says:

    u are totally right, ignore the dumb heat bandwaggonsfans like the ref do it with fairness. thanks that so many see that and go arround the world with open eyes. refs are so bad the all playoffs exept when the right team plays better,so they dont have to do anything. and i told this before that the C´s have to take 7 games vs sixers was … u know… maybe it was purpose 😉 the only way to prevent the fix finals okc vs heat is the way how spurs play less turnover and high FG%

  4. john williams says:

    The only way the heat will beat the spurs is if they can get the same corrupt refs to call the games. The NBA is a joke, it should be compared to world wide wrestling

  5. MrBigShot says:

    Pistons fan here: Heat will win cuz of refs

  6. oliveaugust says:

    It was ridiculous that Lebron and Wade got to the foul line 35….35 times between the two of them. They get the benefit of the whistle every time they take it to the hole. At a critical point in overtime with the game tied at like 107, Rondo CLEARLY got hit in the face by Wade on a layup attempt and they didn’t call it. Then Haslem gets a dunk at the other end. Let’s also not forget Wade kicked off on KG and ends up getting an and 1. In the Indiana series Lebron was called for a total of FIVE fouls in the ENTIRE 6 game series, playing 40+ minutes a game. How can anyone say there’s not something to that? They aren’t hesitant to call the whistle on Pierce and have him removed from the game entirely. Rondo put up one of the best playoff performances ever, probably top 5 in a losing effort. Game 2 showed how much pride and heart the Celtics have with the odds completely against them. They lost Jeff Green before the season even started, then lose Wilcox and O’Neal during the season. Then Avery Bradley goes down with his shoulder injury, critically hurting their defense. Ray and Pierce are battling injuries. Yet they still almost stole game 2 and should have.

    Look, I’m not being a Miami hater.. I’m really not. They rolled on Boston in game one and just completely outplayed them. Game 2 should have gone to Boston though. It’s a real shame this isn’t a series after 2 games are in the books. Boston has the heart to still make this a series, but the odds are so stacked against them now, it probably isn’t even worth watching. Great effort Rondo. It’s hard to watch the big 3’s era come to and end like this.

    • MrBigShot says:

      I completely agree with u oliveaugust

    • 305 says:

      It is sad, and even as a Heat fan, I can clearly see how Boston deserved to win that game. They were drillin’ jumper after jumper the whole game, especially Mr. Rondo. But to complain about the officiating is just another way of trying to make excuses. Sure there were questionable no-calls and imbalances in total fouls called for each team, but that doesn’t mean that the refs were being unfair. Lebron and Wade get all those calls because they’re dynamic players and are hard to contest at the basket without getting fouled. And on the other end, Lebron doesn’t pick up large numbers of fouls because he plays great defense, and knows how to time his jump to block shots.

      It’s all a matter of perspective. if you’re team loses, it’s bad officiating, but if the Celtics won, the only conversations here would be about how un-clutch Lebron is.

  7. Lol @ Greens n u point is…

  8. Greens says:

    Mavs were down 2… just saying…

  9. W/E says:

    Heat better?!?!? wtf r u friggin noobs talking about, they r a team full of D-league bench players and a bad coach,the only guys who perform well for this team is bosh whos out, wade, Lechoke and the refs, the ONLY guys who deserve the championship ring in this team.

  10. LOLOL says:

    I love how people are complaining about refs when it’s the heat winning. I wonder if anyone even remember how lob sided the officiating in last years finals MIA vs DAL, game 2,3,4???? anyone???

  11. @ K, the complaining babies should watch WNBA. Lol
    @ sick, u just sick son, u a true heat fan n I salute u my friend.
    Let’s go heat put them in senior citizen home ASAP because their fans r crying for their granpas getting smashed. Lol

  12. lol says:

    Dirty and unfair? Dude you Kevin Garnett on your team the master of illegal screens and cheap shots stop playing the victim and just realize Miami is the better team.

  13. Celtics Diva says:

    I still have faith in the BOSTON CELTICS despite their lost last night to Miami. Although, I have to say the officials aren’t doing their job well. Rajon Rondo was clearly fouled by Wade as he tried to make a layup in overtime with over a minute to play. The call obviously didn’t go his way because Miami tends to be the more favorable team as shown! Its sickening to see how much”talent” Lebron & Wade have and for them to cheat down the stretch to win this game disheartens me. These officials in my opinion is clearly receiving funds from the players of the Heat to win. In any event if the Celtics don’t make it to the finals i hope the SPURS thrash Miami!!!! Miami plays so dirty and unfair….ughhhh!!


  14. nbafan says:

    feed me more excuses boston please i need more excuses !!!!

  15. nbafan says:

    and last time i checked we smoked the spurs by 22 in the reg season yeah ty !

    • steagle says:

      Yeah but regular season really doesn’t matter, as we’re seeing in this series so far. Plus wasn’t Ginobli out in that game?

  16. nbafan says:

    Bfoulds hush up keyboard warrior if you dont like it turn it off, go watch golf loser.

  17. Cry Babies says:

    Heat haters are pathetic and sad. Always finding a excuse on why the Heat win. If they lose it’s great officiating because they can’t win ANY games but if they win IT’S ALL FIXED AND STERN THIS, BLAH, BLAH! Pierce was fouled out in Game 7 against the 76er’s was that bad officiating too? You didn’t hear squat because they won. It’s sad that you devote so much of your time to hate on a team and complain and whine about them winning. I’d hate to see how pathetic you are in person.

  18. BFoulds says:

    Heat fans, enjoyed your “fixed” eastern championship. All the ref help in the world will not save you from the Spurs.

    • Wow says:

      I guess people forgot that the Heat beat the Celtics and Bulls in 5 last year, It’s so funny that when the Heat win the game is rigged but when Boston beat Atlanta in game 6 the game was not rigged was it? or game 2 of the finals in 2008 that was one of the worst games i’ve ever seen officiating wise, Haters don’t take days off I guess.

  19. Celitcs4Life says:

    Celtics lost for 2 reasons:
    That no call when rondo got hit in the face
    Paul Pierce fouled out

  20. W/E says:

    Refs screwed the game up,idont care what u Heat idiots say Celtics deserved the win, i hope they win their next 2 at home

  21. x-writer says:

    totally correct ,but dont forget the ref,47-29 FT,ridiculous. and when i see the fouls called on one side and the same foul on the other foul from joel or lb choke the ref forget to wisthled i guess. and the 6 foul from pierce lol really, why the ref didnt call this on the other side when somebody jump straight up in the air??is this a foul really? and how are the heat fans so blind to see this?they will still loose against the C´s when the ref can bring fair games.

  22. maberik says:

    wow a lot of fans are really furious about the loss always blaming the refs, but i think it’s just the breaks of the game it happens all the time in the nba or any other league. it’s like MJ pushing off against russel for the game winning shot against utah in the finals, remember that? can’t do anything about it anymore it’s history right?. rondo was just brilliant, one of the most amazing performances in the playoffs it’s just not enough for the win. it kinda reminded me of isaiah thomas 25 pts in the 3rd qtr against LA in the finals. guys if you can’t handle all this excitement then don’t watch…for me i want to see who is destined to be champions!

    • cesar says:

      And Any fan out there complaining about the refs are real losers!! and Jealous of lebron playing good basketball…. Heat will win the series! Get real !

  23. cesar says:

    i would like to inform you if you look at how lebron play now, he’s more mature now and realy have a chance to beat the SPURS….. he’ can lead miami eventhough they have a weak supporting cast now.. and also wade doing consistetly to his scoring now…. I remember the OLD CHICAGO BULLS TEAM of JORDAN AND PIPPEN tandem to miami !….

  24. Wil says:

    Celtics deserved that win, no body couldve been the celtics last night. But heats had 3 extra players on the court. And if youre a heat fan, you know how the heats won. Nobody could deny they had help from the officials, no body.

    And If stern doesnt do something about the officiating after those two games, i dont know what will

  25. spelkey55 says:

    Cory is right! The NBA officiating will never be right until a 4th ref is placed at the replay monitor all through the game. They need to replay every contested call and they could in a timely manner by having a 4th ref doing nothing but that! The commish and the rules committee are the problem! They want the league rigged and nothing short of a fan boycott will make them correct the problem!

  26. phillipjpark says:

    Seriously, what was up with Rondo getting hit in the face by Wade and the refs not calling the foul?

    If the officials want to call in Miamis favor than do it more subtly! We’re not idiots!

    The first game in this series was worse, with last night still being a terribly officiated game. The worst was obviously the first game of the Knicks/Heat series this postseason. That was unwatchable.

    Also, lost some weight David Stern. You were fat as hell on tv yesterday.

  27. JaMesFINally.shootsLASTshot:-) says:

    name correction

  28. JaMesFINally.shootsLASTshut:-) says:

    stop crying foul, please, BAD CALLS balanced out with all the missed FREE THROWS, therefore equal game, Heat Win, celtics Lose :-)))))

  29. nancy says:

    The NBA has the fix on the let the Heat win are you watching???

  30. Tuurrible says:

    Honestly I’m a Celtics fan for this series but I’m not stupid. The Heat definitely have an all around amazing lineup, and based on skill alone, I think the Heat can win the series. However, this officiating is terrible, on both sides of the floor but more so on the Celtics tonight. I hope they don’t rip off the Heat when they go to Celtics home, it honestly makes the game terrible to watch.

  31. littleteapot says:

    Remember when the Celts were trying to trade him for Pau Gasol?

  32. The Reality says:

    Truth be told. Rondo said before the game they needed to foul James and Wade more, and they did that’s why James got to the line 24 times and 3 C’s fouled out. The Wade to Rondo foul at the end was a bad no call but it was simply something missed. and they cant go back and change it afterwards. I’m sure that’s one the refs want back, but.. it wasn’t the first missed call, the worst no call, and it surely wont be the last no call. Fouls are missed multiple times a game. And ye when you say that you need to foul the other team more next game, The refs are going to be looking out for that.

    So please stop this irrational complaining. And stop disrespecting this Article about Rondos amazing game. Stick to the point people.

  33. Boston/Heat Fan says:

    First I want to say I LOVE RONDO’S GAME. Rondo don’t be down on the loss of the game, your performance is what kept it close. I am proud of you and want you to elevate your pride to another level. You did what no other has done, and it just proves that you are GREAT. Keep your head up. DO YOU BABY!! You can only do your best and that is what is expected. You have the respect of the whole NBA Nation, and it is well deserved if not some what past due.

  34. TheErmac says:

    I’m loving this series! My 2 favorite teams going at it like boxers. I think the Celtics win game 3, they play better at home. Game 4 is going to be the toss up game. It’s a must win for the Celtics no matter how you cut it. I’m going for the winner of this series. I absolutely hate the Spurs (ex girlfriend was a huge fan from when we lived in Texas). Anybody but them!

  35. DBL says:

    It’s a Shame for those NBA referees now everybody can see what they trying to do. I feel very sad for my team (Celtics) and i will never watch this playoffs (2012). why they didn’t call fouls on Rondo after all everybody see that Haslem hitting the head of Rondo. hope Spurs or OKC beat the Heat cause they dont deserve to be championship team

  36. Anonymous says:

    What would you propose? In my line of work, we have periodic evaluations in how we conduct ourselves and how we perform our duties. Maybe that’s could be something the NBA could implement. I also thought of possibly having additional cameras to monitor on the referees. When a critical foul or play is missed, people can see what they were doing or what they were looking at when it happened. This will help determine why they missed such calls and to see if it was an honest mistake or if they blatantly ignoring it.

    Not that I am a fan of the referees, especially when calls a blatantly lopsided to heavily favor one team over the other, but there is a human element to consider. We as the audience have the advantage of instant replay throughout the game. The referees are right there where the action is. As fast-paced as basketball can be, it’s feasible to miss things here and there. I know the referees can now pull up instant replay, but if the referees were to stop the game on every call they make to see if every call is correct, the game could stretch to 4-6 hours.

    Maybe adding a fourth official on replay like they do in football during the 2-minute warning or after touchdowns would be the answer. He could communicate to the other officials when a play or a foul needs to be reviewed.

    The NBA has came up with a new CBA. I’m sure they can devote some funding to solve this issue, as they are probably losing fans over this issue.

  37. mrrg says:

    It is pathetic and borderline criminal how this series is being officiated.

  38. supplanter33 says:

    why is it when miami’s opponent wins its a fair game? but when miami wins it is rigged? is there anymore lame excuse than this one? can we just say that only rondo has the drive to win the game and boston’s bench is thinner than ever before? or can we say that miami’s defense won it them and their bench stepped up? those fans who everytime miami wins is rigged just dont know about basketball and cries out with their rigged excuses

  39. CeltFan says:

    It was such a pity seeing how one sided the offficiating was. Even a non celtic fan would agree. Rondo was amazing! If he could play like that every game, with the right talents playing with him, this team (even without the big three) could go a long way. Game 3 on Friday will be a comeback!

  40. mack66 says:

    miami in 5 ?

  41. diddy175 says:

    Celtics fans need to stop crying. They just are not the better team here. Were calls missed. Yes, but on both sides. You think Miami has a friend in the refs. Well the Celts have a friend in the media. The media plays up everything that does not go the Celts way and dramatizes the heck out of it. It’s like they feel sorry for them or something. Honestly, the Celtics do need an ataboy for their moral victory in game two.
    Celt fans, get over this performance by Rondo. I say the Heat still need to go under the picks in game 3. Rondo is a terrible shooter. Absolutely terrible. He is a lot of other good qualities, but shooting is not one of them. 44 points, lucky to get half that in game three, terrible.
    Let’s talk about the foul situation. Celts can’t keep up with Lebron. Too big, too strong.

    When Paul Pierce can’t keep up, he fouls. When he fouls he sits on the bench. When he sits on the bench, his eyes start to wonder in the crowd. When his eyes start to wonder in the crowd he sees a man serving hot dogs and popcorn. When Paul Pierce sees a man serving hot dogs and popcorn, Paul Pierce decides it is better to serve hot dogs and popcorn during game three rather than try and keep up with Lebron James. Don’t serve hot dogs and popcorn during game three Paul.

    Get rid of cable and switch to Directv

  42. nbafan says:

    I bet all the people talking trash have never played a sport in their life. Everything is waaaa and i know this , well hate to break it to you key board warriors but you don’t know squat…just watch the game you idiots. IF YOU don’t like what you see turn it off…stop posting non sense here because we don’t give a ….and like what susie said if you don’t like it start your own league.

  43. kobe24 says:

    if boston loses (which i think they wil), this is gonna be the last season of the 3.

    bring on the HEAT….

    Spurs in 5….

  44. Roy says:

    Spurs vs Heat in the Finals should be epic. I think Miami and especially Lebron will learn from last year and not underestimate the older more experienced teams. Miami’s defense will win that series. The Spurs have no Bruce Bowen type stopper anymore to slow Lebron and Wade. And im saying that because we all know you need that stopper to slow them down. Team defense doesnt cut it. Although I think the Spurs have a legit chance aswell. The Spurs big 3 is really surprising me this post season.

  45. el stone says:

    Wade nearly decapitates Rondo on one play, then a short time later kung fu kicks Garnet and it’s as if there’s a forcefield around Wade making officials unable to see his dirty plays.

    And how many times did James pick up his dribble, lower his head, take 4 steps and bulldoze over 2 Celtics, put up some ridiculous shot attempt and find himself on the line?

    I don’t easily believe in conspiracy theories, but Wade and James get super-super-superstar calls to the point where they can basically do whatever they want and (1) not only never get called for a foul, but (2) end up on the line no matter what they do.

    It really cheapens the game for me.

    I’m not Celtics fan, but they have a right to complain.

    • True Basketball fan4Life says:

      As a Heat fan i can understand how Celtics fans think the referees missed calls againts your team, Maybe it is true that Dwade hit Rondo in the face or his nose, maybe not, go to the link below to check the replay in slow motion and you’ll can see the is not to clear that Rondo was hit, It seems that Rondo goes under Dwade arms and never got HIt and he fake everything……..But it also seems that wade did hit him on the nose, watching the replays 10 times is hard to be sure what happened, The referees don’t have the option of instant replay every play.
      But anyways there were bad calls for both teams, If you all go check the last possesion when Lebron misses the shot as usual and Dwade goes for the rebound, Petrius HOlds Wade by his arms and no call was made, The game was tied to 99 at that moment it will be Miami victory with a free throw from wade, no Overtime needed and No foul on Rondo
      So don’t complain, Man up and get ready for next game

      Wadw foul on rondo slow motion video link(

  46. HEATLE says:

    People blaming the refs?..ok..I don’t think you guys were watching the game I was watching. Rondo yea Rajon Rondo is the number one flopper in the whole NBA. This guy is always falling EVERY SINGLE TIME HE HEADS TO THE PAINT, contested or not..this guy flops all the time! Ok when Wade hit him on the head…it’s not like he whacked him as hard as UD whacked Psycho T. He barely touched him and that is how officiatign was done in the 80’s and 90’s when it was a MAN sport! This is the playoffs..its a bloodbath..if you guys want the refs to be fair, then Wade and James should be shooting 100+ free throws each night!!! its not 5 on 8 its 5 on 5 and the better team won. There’s no excuse. Rondo played great on else stepped up..blame your bench..blame KG, Allen and Pierce and Pietrus for the silly foul on LeBron with a minute left. Refs did their job. There were alot of calls that went in favor of the celts and half of those calls were absurd! And to the people saying Heat can’t be the spurs, I believe the Heat blew them by 22 and besides the Spurs beat the Jazz..really?..the young minded clippers who plays no defense..really?..and OKC…with a wild PG who thinks he’s Jordan..Heat = Best defensive team in the they are def. capable of defeating the Spurs!

  47. Sir Sam says:

    Concerning the Refs: What did the Celtis expect from the refs after Rondo exposed ths Celts game plan on national TV. How about putting the blame on the Celts attitude of lackadaisicle overconfidince play at the end of the second and the start of the thrid quarters. The bad call by the refs came with over one minute left in the overtime with the game tied, plenty of time to overcome that, true champions would have got back on D and came up with a stop. The Celts are playing with an underdog mentility. not with the heart and pride of a chapion and they will not beat the Heat one game from that position.

  48. Truth says:

    Boston fans make so much excuses. Just accept the factthey are playing a better team and the greatest player of all time. Miami 2012 champs. Good luck spurs and okc. No respect for the dirtiest team in the league Boston

  49. TrueHEATfan says:

    To all that believe the Celtics are being screwed by refs. It’s funny to me how when Kobe or D.Rose do the same things nobody talks about it but as soon as Wade and Lebron play aggressive and are in attack mode all the haters come out of the woodwork. Its not the players fault. Anyone that has ever played ball in real life for a team know that when in doubt, drive it in and put pressure on the refs to make a call. Yes wade did extend his leg out slightly during the drive , but not before KG altered Wades momentum by pushiing his elbow in mid air to force the leg in that direction , it’s called gravity peple go look at it again in extra slowmo if u have to. Secondly, Wade did slightly graze the top of Rondos head but that was an enormous flop attempt by Rondo because he was forced to miss the shot… Come on , really the guy was holdin his eyes and Wade never got close to his eyes. Look at it ten times if u have too. Also celtics are by far the biggest floppers in the league and those that don’t believe that are just to busy hating on the heat. Poor guys can’t do anything right , when the heat lose, it’s cuz they are overrated and not deep enough, and when they win it’s cuz the refs helped them. YOU PEOPLE KILL ME!!! What about the indiana series, refs favored Indy the whole series and they still made it out of that.

  50. re434534534e says:

    For all that says HEAT have no chance against SPURS are all bunch of IDIOTS and MORONS!!!.. If there is any team that can beat SA, its the HEAT! Spurs never had a taste of a good TEAM defense so far. Spurs rely on jumpers! Heat rely on attacking the paint! Sure HEAT don’t have anyone to much up against Parker, but the same goes to DWADE and LBJ. I say the PACERS has the best chance to beat the HEAT because of deep bench and enormous discrepancy on height and inside presence, and they have P. GEORGE’S length and athleticism to guard WADE, but we all see what happened right? I think OKC still had a chance if they will make adjustment and be physical. SA haven’t had a taste of EC basketball. just wait and see..You feel me?

  51. NBEATZ says:

    I bieleve that MIAMI odes have a chance ONLY if they have Bosh, If duncan has to extend energy to gaurd him then Duncan will get tired faster, He will be less involved in the offence and the defense, witch will allow Miami to mainly look after Manu and Parker with Wade, Chalmer, and Lebron watching them most of the time, three great defenders. That leaves Battier and Miller to mostly cover the other position and with what the spurs have Miller and Battier should be able to cover any other 1, 2, or 3 guy out there. Joel and Haslum will help on Duncan and Diaw isn’t really someone to have to worrie about offensivley. Have Wade, Brone and Bosh play around 35 minutes each with at least two of them on the floor at one at all times and they should be fine. Battier, Chalmer and Miller have to shoot close to 40% from the 3 point line to be sucsessful. BUT if they cant do that, SPURS WILL WIN……………And that is COMMING from a huge MIAMI fan

  52. JohnT says:

    Wahahaha. All year long miami has been one of the best teams in the league to bring top notch defense without commiting too many fouls. It is part of their discipline, their philosophy. Now it is a given that in any game there will be missed/bad calls and while I do agree that there has to be a way to make it easier for the refs to draw the line on when to call fouls or when to let the game play on, it is the JOB of the players playing on the court to play on as well as hustle back on DEFENSE if and when a call isn’t called…… Any time you let your emotions get the best of you, or you let your guard down at a very CRUCIAL possession it might spell the difference between winning the game or facing defeat (in this case a 0-2 hole).

  53. basketball 101 says:

    And the Heat haters who are NEW Spurs fans (hilarious)…. I’ll agree that San Antonio is looking great over there in that West but remember Miami is doing this minus Bosh… one of their big 3 and top big man – We dont know what they will be when he gets back!.But I do know Take ANY other top 3 player off any of these teams and they might NOT even got out the 1st round like the SPURS didnt last year with Ginobli gone. As a PURE basketballist I just love seeing good basketball. and these playoffs are good – and I think there is better to come. The Hate is ugly – Stop it

  54. art49 says:

    Heat should really thank referee for very poor officiating 2 bad calls its even pathetic to watch games maybe they just have to hand the larry o’brien trophy to Mr. King James.NBA should make some changes towards referees because world is watching playoffs.

  55. kaibaboy says:

    Hey Heat Fans!!!
    Do you remember a ref nick “Tim Donaghy”????
    And the 2002 Kings vs Lakers series??

    If you dont remember then you are just monef fan!!! Dou you understand what does it mean? I dont think so…TIMVP21…spurs fan…

  56. robofecto says:

    a priori west and east seem to be two different leagues, but never know, games must be played

  57. basketball 101 says:

    Rondo got about 10 straight freethrows for falling down in the paint without being touched in that 2nd quater. Rondo also got a jumpball out of fouling lebron. Wade’s No call on Rondo at that point in the game would make any boston fan Mad & justifiably so…. But lets not act like Miami was getting the benifit of the calls. Because at different points of the game Miami fans felt they were getting jobbed. Lets applaud both teams for an intense playoff game with Stars making unbekievable PLAYS to win the game.

  58. JG says:

    Not all foul calls will go your way. Rondo DID get fouled by Wade but also in the second quarter he DIDN’T get fouled by Miller yet ended up shooting 2FT.

    Want to complain about not shooting enough FTs? Then attack more like the Heat, you were shooting plenty of jumpers, PLENTY.

  59. Blur says:

    I expected lopsided officiating in favor of the Heat (after all, the games are in Miami). That being said, I would imagine Pierce will be getting over 20 FT attempts in the next two games.

  60. Pepe says:

    The Celtics played with EVERYTHING they had…and still lost. They had one hell of a game, and still lost. One wonders how this has affected them mentally.

  61. JG says:

    CRY Celtics fans and Heat Haters, JUST CRY….

    …when there’s nothing else to do.

  62. Wade says:

    Heat Got lucky…. alls i can say
    Don’t say the C’s are old.
    The C’s had the momentum the whole game
    Things would have been very different if Paul Pierce hadn’t fouled out

    • steagle says:

      Amen. It bears mentioning that jumping STRAIGHT UP IN THE AIR to contest a shot is no longer a foul in the NBA. So why did Pierce get benched for it?

  63. NBA is rigged says:

    THIS. Lebron left Cleveland, the NBA handed them the 1st pick in Irving. Chris Paul left NOLA – Stern did his work, NO will get Davis. LOGIC LOGIC, Watch out next year when D12 leaves Orlando. They will eventually get the 1st pick.

  64. Heat are Cheaters says:

    Arrogance is a virtue – Miami Heat (fans)

  65. TrueMan says:

    dont complain about how the refs officiate the game..they are just also humans like a crucial game like that its hard for the refs to call weather its a foul or not..biased refs are all over the planet even if you play basketball in mars and there are still biased refs out dont complain too much..i bet the people who commented here who said refs are biased are die hard boston fans..well i got your point but man, this is basketball..this is not boxing so stop comparing that refs are biased…

  66. Choker says:

    Heat was not sharp as i used to know this game. They can beat the Boston Celtics not to mention. The Celts did struggle against the Hawks and Sixers. The easier Miami can beat the Celts. But dont get me wrong. The Celts can still beat the Heat. With their type of game like that.

  67. Celtics Fan Forever says:

    It would help if the refs can figure out how to identify and call fouls on both sides. There is no way one Heat player should get to the FT line more than the entire Celtics team without something being wrong. James plays almost the entire game and has 1 or 2 fouls!

    The refs have totally failed to do their jobs so far in this series and in the Heat/Pacers series. Unfortunately comments like these will be taken as just another disappointed Celtics fan. Watch the tapes!

  68. smith me says:

    your just saying that cus your team losses wahahahah LOSER!!!!!!!! just accept it MOVE ON DUDE!!! lol LOSER!

    • steagle says:

      Just wait when the Heat lose a close game in Boston and there is questionable officiating. You will be the first person on the blog crying about how the refs favored the home team and how the NBA wants to draw out this series and blah blah blah. I guarantee it. You love it when you win, and you hate it when you lose, you’re no different than any other fan.

  69. Real Big 3 says:

    Heat at Boston.. this is an exciting game. Boston is best at home.. We will see few wins from Boston. Boston vs Spurs in the finals is a better match-up than Spurs vs Heat.

  70. LOLakers says:

    What’s that smell? The Smelltics reaching for the Ben Gay. Hope you enjoyed your last close game because the rest will be won by the Heat by at least 20 points! Then Miami will demolish the other old-timers the Sperms and sweep them too. Those trophies belongs to Miami for the next 10 years!

  71. HeatKingsOfEast says:

    really? new ways of haters is to say that it was bad officiating? i suggest, instead of 3 referees, why not go for 10 refs in an nba game? ahahahhahah. then, when there is a foul, either offensive or defensive foul, have the refs vote, majority of votes will be the right call. ahahhaha really lame for boston fans. heat nba champs hehe

  72. GRAY says:

    Hats off to the Heat for showing resilience.
    Hats off to the Celtics for showing a true heart of a champion.

    The league MUST figure out how to improve the officiating.

    These teams came with their A games. The officials did not. And it took some of the enjoyment out of the game.

    • Sir Sam says:

      The refs will always make bad or no calls, so the team the is better in overcoming the bad or no calls will come out on top. The worse thing that a team can do after a lost is to blame someone else. Now will the Celtic come out in game 3 focused on the ref or the Heat?

    • sebio says:

      I agree with you on that. “A” game on both teams, sadly bad officiating!

  73. smith me says:

    a storm coming on friday, celtics blame the refs again wahahahaha an excuse of a LOSER!!! boston is nothing but a LOSER!!! hihi

    • JAB says:

      hmmm lets see Celtics 17 championships 21 division titles…. Heat 1… whose the loser again?? lets stop blaiming the teams or teh players, all teams/players play their hearts out and that was one unbelivable game. but we all know that the NBA needs to do something to improve the officiating. If you can’t see that, than you are not really a fan of the game. the heat did an umbelivable job hanging in there and never giving up, grats wade/James… Rondo..hahah wow. GODLIKE!!! officials please don’t ruin the game for us TRUE fans of the sport.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ok, you say Boston is nothing but a loser. Umm, how many championships has the Heat Big 3 has won so far? To quote “The King”, “not two, not three, not four, not five.” Oh, wait, they haven’t even won a single championship. Boston is probably (by that, I mean more than likely) not win this series, but at least the Boston Big 3 won their championship on their first try. Does it look like it will be their only one? Yeah it does, but the Boston Big 3 have one. That is one more than Bosh and James and most of the Heat have right now. The Heat can have monster highlights, sweep teams in playoff series, even get to the Finals multiple years, but until their Big 3 win that first one, none of it counts. They came together to win multiple championships and we can predict all we want (they’ll win it this year or next years will be theirs, or they’re young, they’ll win one eventually), but until they have it, they haven’t done anything. It’s kind of irrelevent.

      I’ll give credit to Lebron. When the Heat beat the Celtics last year, he gave the Celtics their due. The Heat Big 3 are together because of what the Boston Big 3 did. Do you think in his mind that Boston is a bunch of losers? No one can really tell. But I do know Lebron, Bosh and all of the Heat (with the exception of Wade and Haslem) are striving to get what the Boston Big 3 have: a championship.

  74. JAXIMUS says:

    And plus, if you guys think that it is bad officiating, be a referee then and make a living from it then. Game 1 when Allen shot a 3 then Jones fouled him after Allen shot the ball, Allen still got the 3 FT and today when Jones shoots the ball and was contacted afterwards, he did’t get a foul call. Not all foul calls will be made. I admit that there are not much foul calls but it goes both ways. Wade is a player that pulls out every part of his body to shoot. Nowitski throws his knee up when he shoots to prevent people from getting him, yet that is not a offensive foul call too? At times when you are in the game, you do things you don’t mean to do. I can think of calls that refs called really badly too, Haslem rebounded and then got fouled for being aggresive? That is what a rebound is, to grab the ball and prevent anyone from getting it, as soon as he got it, he ripped it from everyone around him and they call that a foul? Haters going to hate and blame others, just blame the team man and complain to the Celtics manager, maybe they would like to hear it. It is idiots like you guys that make the basketball game really hard to play and enjoy. No matter what NBA does they are BROADCASTING a game for you guys to watch so be thankful that you guys are apart of it, if not stop watching NBA and go complain somewhere else. We really do not need to see the same comments in every post (BAD REFFING ETC) we get the point dummies.

    • Law064 says:

      @Jaximus are you serious? How many NO Calls does Boston get? It’s clear that the ref’s have an agenda and it’s ridiculous. 29 ft’s vs 47? smh when have you seen Dirk kick his leg forward driving? Fadeaway jumpers mean your fading away and your legs are not parallel. Driving forward with a leg kicking forward is not the same.

    • Rayray says:

      You’re obviously trying to be blind. Hahaha. Pathetic. You watched the game right? scared as heck when rondo’s making his baskets. then in OT. You got excited with that non call whack in the face. You were thanking the refs deep inside you. Stop defending. It’s obvious.

    • jihod says:

      Honestly u just need to stfu, the consensus is the refs favored the heat, the whole world can’t be wrong

  75. OKC2012 says:







    The NBA has officially become more scripted than a soap opera, they don’t even hide it anymore, first off Heat get 18 more foul shots… ok fine. But how is it that with a minute left in overtime, not 1 ref sees Rondo get clobbered…. i’m pretty sure Wade didn’t even look like he was going for the ball, so on top of a foul it should have been flagrant… the rules are pathetic, they were quick to go replay that Rondo 3 and change it to a 2, but Rondo gets clotheslined, falling hard to the floor and after a no call they cannot even check a replay for that? The sent Rondo to the line 10 times in the first half, he drives and gets hammered in OT and nobody sees it?????????

    That one play changed the entire overtime, the pace of the game and momentum shifted 180, pathetic is all i can say.

    I would rather watch a 50 game blowout then to invest 3 hours of my time to watch a game that is ruined by a easy foul call not being called.

    Between this and the Hornets winning the lottery lol, come onnnnnn. The only team that moved up in the lottery was the Hornets, you know that team that was owned by the league… the team that could not get a buyer for how long… I’m sure the selling point to the new owner was the fact that the number 1 pick and best rookie in years would be theirs! Oh yeah and that Chris Paul deal? Well they had to get rid of him because he was going all D.Howard on the team, but it kinda makes sense why he did not end up with the Lakers now (even though the Lakers get extreme love from the league 99.9% or the time), because they wanted the trade to bring back a better than good guard in eric gordon to go with their future big man from the draft…

    The NBA makes me want to go watch euroleague, their false activities that are not even masked anymore are making us all look dumb while they laugh and get paid, it’s sickening.


  76. Matej says:

    It’s funny how there’s no link to the blatant foul on Rondo, funny how the NBA tries it’s best to cover up the fact the Celtics got robbed 2 games in a row. I’m a Spurs fan, but I find it ridiculous how the Heat get everything handed to them on a silver platter. Never mind, the Spurs will hand them a nice 4 – 0 sweep on a platter 😉

    • John says:

      Well the spurs get handed alot of calls to. Cry baby Duncan wants a foul called when no one is within 10 feet of him and he misses the shot. Spurs are playing good but to think they dont cheat or get away with fouls you are crazy, Everyone hates Lebron becasue he wanted to win a champinoship, everyone loves garnet who moved for the same reason. Yes James did it wrong but get over it and admit that he is a good player, He does not cheat anymore than any other player out there including Parker, Duncan, Gino.

    • Sir Sam says:

      What games are you watching? The Heat cruised in game one, the Celtic gave the game to the Heat in game two. Of course the foul on Rondo in overtime should have been called, but more importantly the Celtic was more concerned abot the no call than getting back on D. Champion calibar teams are able to overcome adversity. The Celtics have long shot chance of winning this series if they play like champions and not like cry babies. The refs was not the cause of the Celtics losing a comanding 15 point lead in the 2nd quarter. Blame the team not the refs!

  77. khalil says:

    i really think boston should start rebuilding now while rondo is young,
    hope doc use other players for them to develop confidence on the court,
    i was really hoping boston to win last night rondo really really played great,

  78. dattebayo says:

    When you see Rondo have these kind of games and him being 26 at that, you have to think just how stup!d Danny Ainge has got to be to ever mention Rondo in a trade. He doesn’t always shoot the ball well, but he clearly is, undisputed, the Celtic’s best and most productive player.

    Here are too many Tommy Heinsohns claiming the refs decided the game. KG got away with illegal screens and some fouls were just dumb, undisciplined and unnecessary (Pietrus, Stiemsma, Dooling). I think the game was fairly called and there were missed calls on both sides. Boston and especially Rondo seemed to play their best ball and at the end of the day they still didn’t get the win. Heat in 5…

  79. JAXIMUS says:

    As unfair as everything sounds. not every game will be judged perfectly. Bet you guys are Boston fans that is why you guys are crying? Have you guys seen OKC play? They are way more dirty so quit complaining about your old school Boston team . Bet when they lose you guys will just say NBA is rigged and nothing in NBA should be allowed to live or something ridiculous.

  80. Lorenzo says:

    What i’m seen in NBA is a shame, i realy like whatching games and i don’t have a chance to see many games, but yesterday game should’ve gone to the celtics, but the referees didn’t want that way, and that pin down my respect for the NBA league, sure it is the best league in the world that is a fact, but games like yesterday put a black mark in this league.
    I hope that this kink of thing happens less and less with time, because i love this game

  81. andie says:

    Those NBA fans who are complaining aren’t not Celtics fans, nor Lakers fans but majority of the are NBA fans. Heat fans are just blind to see what was obvious. It’s easy to win with pride & hardwork not cheating!

  82. OKC 2012 champions says:

    Spurs are just god like

  83. vitor heat says:

    Man can´t you see that the 47 fts are not a sign of bad officiating, but a sign of what team is more agressive going to the basket???? come on, all that the celtics do (besides rondo) is shoot jumpers… how do you expect to go often to the line?? that´s ridiculous, trying to blame a lost in a great game, in the officials…. The heat have two great players going to the basket frequently, they know they can´t stop then, that´s why they fouled them, instead of complaining they should do they work early in the rotations, and prevent the penetration.. The Cetics are hopeless they gave it all yesterday and still lost… Miami in 5!

  84. Josh says:

    On the officiating. I seem to remember last years final where Dirk got all the calls too. i thought tonight was as bad as games 2, 3, 4 and 5 of last years series

  85. asadfan says:

    Until tonight I really just hated the Heat, hate Lebron, hate their uneducated bandwagon fan base, but after tonight, I hate the NBA, hard to waste too much time breaking down the obvious bias of this game, Heat made 4 fg’s in the 4th and still won…garbage, done, Looking forward to next years NHL season,

  86. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Let’s be honest people, whether you are a Miami Heat fan or not, we can normally all agree on three things IF WE ARE BEING OBJECTIVE:

    – Miami is playing good basketball. D-Wade & LBJ are great, and the supporting cast is getting it done right now too.

    – Without Bosh, it will be hard to beat either OKC or Spurs if the Heat goes to the NBA Finals.

    – If you say that the officiating is fair, you’re then blind. The officiating was largely in FAVOR of the Heat last series against the Pacers, and Game 2 against the Celtics. The job of the refs is to be FAIR: call when there’s a call, otherwise don’t whistle. You can have a few bad calls it happens, but this has been a joke right now.

  87. Cornholio says:

    The officiating in the NBA is ridiculous. In fact, NBA officiating causes the entire league to be a joke. Fouls should be called consistently on both ends of the court. Instead, you get what we saw last night. I’ll let the number of free throws and the replays speak for themselves. The legitimacy of the NBA is about on par with that of pro wrestling. I’m not a Celtics fan or a Heat hater…I’m just sick of watching the NBA’s idea of how a game should be “officiated” ruin professional basketball…

  88. jordanbyfar says:

    Let Rondo shoot as many jump shots as he wants. Don’t let him penetrate. He won’t keep making those shots.

  89. NAFFEXCUSES says:

    Here we go again making up excuses for the their team’s shortfall. Miami will definitely go to the freethorw line more often because they are more aggresive going to the hoop. Don’t expect refs to call fouls on jumpshots which Boston did as far as I can see… C’mon folks grow up!! Heat in 5 games and giving the Celts free fishing rods for the long and lonely summer fishing trip. 🙂

    • steagle says:

      Oh aren’t you so cute with your superior attitude… can’t wait to see what you post on here when the Heat lose in the Finals for the second straight year. Texas has got LeBron’s number.

  90. Law064 says:

    1st off Rondo’s the Man, really brought everything he had last night. The Celtic’s have played good even with the ref’s and the bad calls. Lebron shot 25 ft’s vs 29 for the Celtics. @Cory your completely correct with 2 no calls. Rondo got slapped in the face and Wade kicked his leg out to prevent KG from contesting the shot. That game was called so 1 sided. Pierce drives get’s contact no call. Lebron drives get’s contact and get’s to the ft line. Boston still had a chance to win the game but with Pierce on the bench with his 6th foul it took the best scorer of Boston out the game. Boston did not steal a game in Miami but they are more than capable of winning 2 in Boston. Go Celtic’s

    • bernard says:

      I agree as well, except i have something else to add. In that last drive by rondo where he went for a reverse and ended up getting hit in the face by wade and not calledl rondo was slow to get up. So it was a 4 on 5 fast break, with wade. If that call would have been called than they game would have been stopped and celtics would have been up 2 with 2 at the line coming up, and no fast break + and one. So if that one call would have been called it would have changed the entire momentum of the game, because it could have left miami down 4 and taking it up, instead up 1 after the and one and foul shot. Not to mention that wade clearly used his leg to create seperation between him and garnett. And another horrible example of officiating in my opinion was the techincal called on garnett after he was basically punched in the face. That was a non-issue since he raised his hands and backed off even before the officials blew thier wihistles. Overall this game wasnt completely decided by the officials but in the final minutes of the game, a number of bad calls turned the tide in favor of miami.

      • John says:

        Your full of it. I watch the Indiana series and Wade was hit in the head several times and they did not stop the game for him. Game one James went down under the basket Boston picked the ball up and ran down the court and scored. Stopping making excuses for the Celtics.

    • jreckless says:

      you definitely right and I think if refs would have called that foul on Rondo late in the four quater by wade than Boston would win the game (: everybody saw it except refs (: they didn’t even try to review it while Rondo was shaking up after that foul but and heat kept playing and score to take a 4 points lead

  91. dan gulibert says:

    these miami haters and boston fans keep saying that its a bad officiating, but if youre going to review this game there are more fouls that are no calls whenever wade and james are driving in the paint. ithink 47FT’s are not enough they should have take around 80 i guess.

  92. MaximoConTodo says:

    The way the game was played in Game 2, I can tell that the Celtics has a chance in this series unless the refs will be on Heat’s side…

    • Zippy says:

      Miami’s only true weakness is PG defense… and center position scoring with CB out, with Boston’s PG playing one of the best games of his life, setting Celtic history, against the position that is MIami’s true hole in the defense, and they still can’t convert the W? You can’t expect a 40 + 10 + 8 + game for Rajon every night, they’re done.

  93. akosibonik says:

    it’s not bad officiating, LBJ and DWADE always put the ball into the lane, so you should expect a foul. its the same as what rondo did in the first half. but unfortunately, he was defended great and made an outside scorer. feel free to say it’s 5 vs 8. but no way that’s happening. trust the nba. winners gonna win, and losers gonna hate. like these boston fans. its the most popular excuse when a team has lost, through different sports. losers always blame the officiating..

  94. leohimself says:

    I think the debate of who’s the best PG in the game is over. Rondo is. Right after him Tony Parker. The various D.Rose, Chris Paul, Derron Williams are just not as good. Agree on what LBJ said, Rondo is an elite player, a real leader who doesn’t back off when he’s needed. Even if they lost tonight.

  95. Heatfan says:

    Dwayne wade won the game with his dirty plays! YEAAAH … funny how lebron settled for a jumpshot against rondo at the end of 4th quarter LOLOL

    • John says:

      So jumping in the air to take a shot is dirty. but kevin Garnett through his arm out to clear for a jump shot is not glad you are not a ref. He settled for a jump shot to give Boston a chance. Did not want to spoil the god of all point guard Rondo awesome game.

  96. Iskii says:

    LOL. what about the 24 FT? LBJ attacks the rim more than anyone else. Obviously Pierce cant do anything else about him but foul. HE’s to big, too strong and too good LOL.
    Watch every foul the ref’s called on LBJ one by one. Nothing questionable.
    If the Boston relic want’s go go to the FT line too like LBJ does, then atttack the rim. With their old body LOL it’s impossible.

  97. Tygger2K6 says:

    You can’t handle the truth? Don’t watch! Losers always blame others, like most of you are. Go cheer for the Lakers instead! LA Blamers!

  98. jovdelmar says:

    All i can say is good game but horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE officiating and it benefited the Heat. Sorry its the truth.
    I am not a Boston/Heat fan but seriously, horrible officiating both game 1 and game 2 and it benefited the Heat.
    Its clear that the NBA wants Miami to win but at least, don’t make it too obvious, i mean come on seriously.

  99. Upset Celtics Fan says:

    I can’t believe the way this series is being officiated It’s clear that the Heat WILL go on to the Finals because the Celtics have been crippled by fouls, both personal and technical. I always knew that superstars got special treatment from the referees but this is ridiculous. Last night just proves that how much of an effect the officials can have on a game because that game shouldn’t have gone into overtime, had the right calls been made. I realize that no one is perfect especially the officials, but that’s inexcusable and down-right ugly.

    • John says:

      Your right Miami should have won at the end of regulation instead of overtime

    • Michelle says:

      You are right, It would not have went into overtime if Miami played them like they did in game one instead of slacking off and letting them take wide open jump shots. Miami feeling bad for the old guys i guess. Give me a break!!!

      • Retro Silk says:

        Lets see if the Heat can get a championship this year?
        We got 18 banners hanging above our court.
        Good luck catching up!
        Celtics Green … I’ts a way of life!

    • Sir Sam says:

      When a tean game plan it to foul instead of defend is a read alert for the refes. Heat shot only 66% from the strip, with that percentage Boston should have won even with the no calls. Heat is just a better team that Boston!

  100. Boo2SLU says:

    Man, once those refs start, I know how the game is gonna go. This series has been a plethora of bad calls against Boston. David Stern knows who he wants in the Finals. Nuff said!! Big up Siant Lucia

    • blakez05 says:

      Blaming Refs again like game 1..if the celtics win i know your not gonna blame refs for their bad calls instead you will insult heat when they lost.

    • blakez05 says:

      yeah blaming refs again like in game 1..but i know when the celtics won your not gonna blame the refs instead insult heat when they lost

    • K says:

      Boos2SLU then you must have thought the Celtics were going to win, because in the first half it appeared the Celtics had the benefit of a friendly whistle! Dude besides the one call when Rondo got hit in the head, all the other calls on both ends were good NBA basketball calls! Stop blaming the referees! Miami’s roll players were the differences in this game and game one!

  101. andie says:

    It’s hard to win if you’re playing against the zebras! The Heat will win because of cheating!

    • Sick says:

      stop crying there little boy… LOL

    • K says:

      You know I thought the same thing during the first half when it appeared all the calls were going the Celtics way! Hmmmm! I wonder what happen? Maybe it was the fact that Miami got more aggressive offensively and it wore Boston down! When your tried you usally start committing a lot of lazy fouls. The fact that DWade only had 2 points in the first half and 21 in the second half probably would prove that point!

  102. tager01 you dum fk says:

    u should look at the scoress, okc/boston getting killed

  103. Heat fan says:

    Tager01 please don’t get carried I’m a big heat fan and I don’t like the celts but I have to tip my hat to them because they their hearts out, all do respect goes to rando and the celts? He was amazing the celts was amazing. but the celts can’t and won’t ever stop the spurs( maybe if they were younger) i think we all know how this series Going to end. It won’t be a sweep but it will be 4-1

    • Sir Sam says:

      Your computer must have a virus because I know you did’nt just write that!

      • HAHA says:


        i have a virus also, cus i didn’t laugh, it was my computer… hahahahaaa

  104. armano says:

    very impressive performance by rondo. he is one of the reason why the Boston celtics came into this level(the finals)
    the celtics still have a chance to win this series..

  105. Frans says:

    The big three brought Rondo his first ring. Rondo now is ready to bring a second ring to the big three. Rondo is full of skills and blessed with determination and pride and he will go all the way the rest of this series I believe. Key in my opinion is Allen’s development. If he can become a serious threat again from the perimeter then Boston has too many options to beat a Miami defense built on two very good, one reasonable and a handful of less than mediocre defenders.
    I also think that Boston will be a better match for San Antonio in the finals than Miami. A Boston-San Antonio finals will be a great (last?) battle between two of the most memorable PF’s ever. Garnett vs. Duncan in the finals will be epic, even in the stage of their careers where they are now.

    • Sick says:

      Then let Duncan and Garnet play 1 on 1
      coz there’s NO celtics in the finals for sure… lol

    • K says:

      Frans you must really be a die hard Celtics fan to describe Miami’s defense in the matter in which you did! Dude Miami is one of the top three defensive teams in the league! The only advantage in position Boston has over Miami is at PG! They have a slight advantage at the Center position with Garnett playing Center; however, Miami has several players they can throw at him to wear him down! Which has been the case in the first two games! LBJ and Pierce are a wash and the only way they can stop DWade is by running a double team at him and now since Miami’s roll players have finally tried to step up, it’s dangers for Boston to leave them wide open. Which now leaves Allen or Rondo the daunting task of trying to guard DWade one-on-one, and who do you really think is going to when those match ups?

    • Sir Sam says:

      The bulls was built in the same manner and won 6!

  106. Respect the Game says:

    I’m not watching another game of this series – not a Boston fan, not a Heat hater either, but what’s happening is a disgrace, and i just get annoyed. I’ll watch the finals instead. it’s shame for Rondo, a great player treated like this by the refs

    • K says:

      Are you serious? One non-call and that’s going to keep you from watching the best sports league in the World! Dude your just mad right now! Rondo got hit sure; but do you really know if he would have hit his two free throws? You had so many plays in that game at both ends that could have made a difference in the outcome of that game! The Heat won because Haslem made a critical baseline jumper; Battier hit a critical three point shot and LBJ had two key offensive rebounds down the stretch! Stop trying to base the outcome of that came on that one no-call because you had several no-calls on the Heat’s end as well. I’m sure we’ll see some kind of post from you on some NBA or media blog after Friday’s game; especially if Boston wins! Then it’ll be all Boston and then you probably will not be on here whining about the referees!

    • Michelle says:

      Don’t need you leave.

    • Sir Sam says:

      Boston lead by 15 in the 2nd quarter and let Miami win the game. Who is to blame?

  107. Peter says:

    Boston has no chance…they could play the equivalent to 5 Michael Jordans, it would still be impossible, in a game where both teams played the same kind of D, how can one have more 15 fouls and less 18 free throws, this was what allowed Miami to keep themselves in the game. Pierce drives to the basket, scores and draws contact…that’s normal…keep playing…Lebron drives to the basket and draws contact…instant foul, how can’t win against this, Wade throws his back against Pierce and that’s a foul? Stiemsma has FOUR fouls in the first quarter for things that Haslem and Anthony did in a regular basis. How could Rondo be impressed when he was robbed? Unfortunately for Rondo and the C’s, the backstage games don’t stop in the NBA…without Bosh, Miami needs an extra “push”…because Miami HAS to be in the Finals, the generate more money than the C’s because of the “superfriends” bandwagon. Concerning backstage games, it’s a tremendous coincidence that the team bought by the NBA got the first pick in the Draft….Stern slowly is killing the game, and yesterday’s game made the NBA lose one more fan…

    • susie says:

      you sure think you know it all eh? go ahead start your own basketball league

    • K says:

      Peter you’ll be okay your not going anywhere! You’ll be right there in front of the television watching game three on Friday! Stop whining! So what the Celtic’s lost! Miami did what they were suppose to do, defend their home court! Miami won the game because their roll players have finally decided to step up! Have you checked the first 2 games stats (Miami’s bench 41 points- Celtic’s 23). Miami has finally started to play some team basketball and if they can continue to get the type of play from their roll players that thy’ve been getting, then Miami is going to hard to beat! I hope for the NBA’s sake Boston wins game 3 because what would the NBA do without you as a fan?

  108. Cory says:

    Absolutely ridiculous officiating cost the Celtics the game. Just to name three plays at the end of overtime that if ANY of them were called differently, the Celtics could have won:
    1. Rondo getting fouled by Dwyane Wade in the head. That should have put him on the line, instead it lead to an easy basket for Miami.
    2. Wade committing and offensive foul on Kevin Garnett by kicking out his legs. This should have given the ball to the Celtics, but instead Wade finished off a 3-point play.
    3. Kevin Garnett’s was fouled on his 3-point attempt from the corner.
    Now realize, these are back-to-back-to-back plays. I’m not saying they were all called incorrectly (well, number 1 certainly was), but every 50-50 call went the way of the Heat. Even calls that weren’t 50-50 went to the Heat, e.g. Rondo getting hit in the head. Boston still has a chance at this series, but even if it wins all of its homecourt games, it’ll still have to win in Miami, a feat that I feel is impossible due to the lack of impartiality from the officials. How many freethrows did LeBron shoot? 25? Seriously?

    • susie says:

      losers always find excuses, winners simply win

      • JAB says:

        wow susie really?,
        Call it excuses, call it looser, call it what you wish but call it fair. the players have not lost any respect in my eyes, playes will always give their best and allways want all the calls in their favor…it comes with the competative nature of every player. because of that competative nature and a players willingness to do almost anything to win. That is why officials are supposed to be unbiased.
        last night was a sad moment for the NBA in my eyes, not because the Cs lost but because it was by far one of the worse officiated games i’ve had the misfortune of watching in a long time and yet the NBA, ESPN… is simply ignoring it. Sorry Cs, i feel your pain… and grats Heat you played your hearts out to come back after beign down the whole game.
        both teams played an unbelivable game but everyone knows that aside from the unbelivable efforts of all the players, the outcome of this game was decided by the Refs.
        RONDO wow the hall of fame waits for you

      • susie who? says:

        yes, ‘simply’ shoot free throws and win. no need to play.

    • K says:

      Cory I’ll give you the foul on Rondo; you are correct on that one. The foul with Garnett and Wade when Wade kicked out his leg; would have been a foul against Wade, if Garnett’s hit on the elbow had not happen first! The foul that you feel was committed on Garnett’s three point attempt was the same type play that went uncalled on James Jones 3-point make earlier in the game. So if your going to break down the foul calls then do it in a more imparitial way. If not then your no better then the officials your complaining about!

    • Michelle says:

      Move on its less stressful.

    • Sir Sam says:

      Since you are playing the “IF” card, if the Hear would have shot a modest freethrow of 80% they would have blown the Celts out of Miami. and overtime would have never happend. Any more excuses!

  109. Ted says:

    Celtics are done if anyone cannot help Rondo out. Allen is injured, so is Bradley. KG wasn’t playing like he used to in the Philly series.

    • K says:

      KG was tried! What do you expect from a 34 or 35 year old, 17 year player who’s playing out of position and being asked to do all the grunt work down low? It wouldn’t surprise me to see him really struggle in game three after playing so many minutes in game 2. He’ll start out strong feeding off the energy of their home crowd, but if the game is a grind and he has to play as many minutes as he played in game two then he’s going to struggle late in the game again just like he did in game 2!

  110. val gasmin says:

    i feel sorry for Rondo, he did everything he could to win this game, but still celtics came up short. I wish Ray and pietrus would find their shots in game 3, that would help a lot to win game 3 & the rest of the series. And please Mr. Ainge Find a good center, shooting guard and small forward for next season. If Perkins was still a Celtic, this would have been a different story.

    • MaximoConTodo says:

      Celtics should get D12, renew KG & Allen for another year… You got you champions there!

      • val gasmin says:

        d12 wanted to be a laker, so i don’t think he’ll join the celtics. allen is not as good as he was. kg is still good from what i see. paul needs to retire. man the celtics needs a lot of rebuilding.

    • joe says:

      perkins is as offensivly gifted as joel anthony, and all he does is frown on foul calls. not that effective. if you doubt me look at the okc vs san series

  111. Morganho says:

    The score wasn’t 105-105 when he was fouled, it was 105-103 Boston

    • K says:

      An your point? Was there still time on the game clock? So even if that foul is called and even if Rondo hits both free throws, it’s still just a 4 point lead with plenty of time on the game clock! So unless you have a crystal ball which showed you the outcome of that game if that foul was called, then stop trying to say that no-call was the difference in this game. Haslem’s baseline jumper and Battier three point basket was critical during that OT win. Miami finally had a victory that was truly a team efforted!

  112. Rage says:

    I hope the officiating takes a more fairer stance between the two teams when they play at Boston court. 47 FTA for the heat while having only 29 FTA for the Celtics speaks volumes about the referees. We don’t need Captain Obvious to point out who’s side the referees are on.

    The free throws is what made the Heat win this game… Even though they missed almost half, they were given plenty of chances to shoot from the FT line unlike the Celts. The non-call on the Rondo play changed the momentum against the Celts… It won the game for the Heat..

    If the officiating doesn’t change for the better, then it’s true that the hobbling Celts have been fighting 5 vs 8 for this entire series…

    • susie says:

      The Heat shoot a lot more free throws because they have strong, aggressive players in Lebron and Wade driving to the basket. It’s unfair to just base it from the overview of total free throws taken. Review the tape, I’m sure most, if not all of those free throws are warranted.

      • Michelle says:

        Thank you. What do this team having 30 freethrows to that team having 15 have to do with anything when your playing as hard as Miami do. Celtics has to foul constantly to keep Miami from exploding on them.

      • Retro Silk says:

        We’re talking about the two missed calls in OT Suzie.
        The referees clearly failed when it was most critical!
        Rondo was being physical taking it in and he got 10 of 12 freethrows himself.

  113. Rondo_09 says:

    Was aiming for 50points, but came out short. *sigh*

  114. eh?? says:

    dislocate that guy’s arm again like last year hehehehehe

  115. eh?? says:

    dislocate that guy’s arm again like last year……hehehehe

  116. MVP says:

    rondo had an outstanding game. but i don’t think he will repeat this type of scoring…
    i don’t expect him to get 40+ points if the heat’s defense would locked him up like they do with allen or pierce.
    hopefully james practice some freethrowshooting…

    • DO says:

      Seriously, you think it was lax Heat D? The put LBJ & Wade on him… What do you want? LBJ & Wade to double him?

      • MVP says:

        oh come on..the first half the most shots were uncontestet, in the overtime as well..don’t get me wrong, this was HIS night but more of a “brandon jennings 55point game” than on an consistent base. do you think he get this scoring the next view games?no way!nobody defend him close on the 3point line..even his middledistance shots are mostly uncontestet. i know he is a walking triple double but way

      • John says:

        Rondo is a great player and great players have games like that. But he cannot do that every game, maybe triple doubles but not with 44 points. When the ball goes in it goes in. Rondo is a streak shooter, Sometimes good ,sometimes bad.

      • Michelle says:

        SO TRUE MVP!! Miami played no defense on him last night. Wide open shots to the end. If Labron wanted to he could have held Rondo to 20 or less points. I think Miami felt bad for the Celtics and didn’t play them as hard. Let’s keep it real.

  117. jaredz says:

    tager01 really? they are the only one who can slow down the Spurs? really? miami can slowdown at match up with the spurs. but the series is still not yet finished. boston will win a game. and miami will finished it at 5 games. okc will win a game or two. in my opinion spurs and heat will be a great series.. miami in six games..

    • John says:

      No one brings up the fact that MIami beat the spurs during the regular season by 22. So it is proven miami can beat them.

      • K says:

        Dude the regular season records mean nothing! Boston beat Miami 3-1 in the regular season and it doesn’t seem like that has affected their series one bit! The play-offs are a totally different brand of basketball from the regular season! So don’t place your bet on Miami defeating the Spurs just because they beat them by 22 in a regular season game!

      • Bball fan says:

        the difference is heats are now playing without bosh and spurs has a healthy Manu Ginoooooobly

  118. manute says:

    rondo should sign with lakers. he’s lost in boston.

  119. sunnyice says:

    WHat a game from rondo i feel bad that they lost with rondo playing at such a high level! Gotta admit LBJ and Dwade showed up
    in OT! and the celtics had only rondo doing everything…

  120. jj5 says:

    Why just not to give Lebron and Wade rings for being media’s pets? Yesterdays officiating was ridiculous, it’s making me not want to watch this league.

    • John says:

      Officals hand the game to Miami, Stern hands the first draft pick to New Orleans, man this leauge is messed up.

      • K says:

        If the league is so jacked up then stop watching and stop posting comments on any blogs regarding the NBA! Watch tennis (the French Open) is going on right now! The NBA is the greatest it as ever been! Stern took a dying league from the abyss and made it one of the most watched league around the World! The type of game that was played last night is the type of basketball a true fan wants to view; it’s play -off basketball! Great athletes out there battling trying to achieve the same goal! It’s nothing wrong with this league; your just upset because Boston lose one (1) game last night! The series isn’t over! There’s still alot of great basketball to be played and I hope you learn to enjoy the games instead of complaining and making excuses for why your team lost one (1) game! GO NBA; greatest league going!!!!!

  121. Lakeshow2012 says:

    Celts lost because of the refs lol lebron shootin 24ft’s is too much

    • K says:

      The Heat won because their roll players stepped up and made some critical shots during some critical times of the game! The free throws had nothing to do with the outcome of that game because Miami’s free throw shooting was horrible! So PLEASE, stop trying to use that as an excuse!

    • Sick says:

      Lakers are already fishing because of the ref…. LOL

    • Michelle says:

      If they called all the fouls he really get he would go to the line 50 times.

  122. Nice says:

    i watched the game,and even im a heat fan, rondo gave the goosebumps.. you sir deserve a salute.

  123. crate blanche BRIDGEY says:

    spurs will lose to okc @ home.

    okc in 7

  124. what a game!!!
    I think Rajon Rondo will be more aggressive next game!

    • K says:

      How much more aggressive can Rondo be? Rondo had an out of body type experince in last nights game especially in regards to his shooting. To think that Rondo is going to shoot like that again in these 2012 play -off is rather far fetched! Rondo had a great night but the Celtic are not going to win this series if they have to depend on Rondo having to score like that consistently over the next 5 games!

  125. its all about the haters…..they dont know how to accept defeat….sory haters your team will not win agains the heat

    • JAB says:

      why are you saying haters?, how can a team possibly win when their players are geeting slapped in the face and kicked and officials don’t call that. but than you turn around and their star player falls on top of someone while going for a ball you call a foul on the guy on the bottom. hmmmm why don’t we call it fair and see how far the heat will get. Calling Celtics fans haters because they want the game officiated like its supposed to.

  126. mz says: He felt he got hit? You also get fined for telling the truth? 24 FTs, what a JOKE!

  127. Hugo says:

    Very uneven officiating. David Stern talked about cracking down flopping. Before that, he just needs to teach his referees that a play where the defender jumps vertically can’t be called a foul ( just as Pierce did when he fouled out) and you got call offensive foul when a player kicks his feet into his defender (wade had an and1 against garnett).
    And the free throw disparity… I’m a Pistons fan and I was incredulous, imagine the Celtics fans!

    • K says:

      Same old song from all you Heat haters; “the referees help the Heat win,” PLEASE! Find another song to sing! Your absolutely correct, Wade’s kick would have been an offensive foul; however, Garnett’s hit on the elbow occurred first! Your crying about the referees calls, well look at the first half and count how many calls went in favor of the Celtics; calls when there was absolutely no contact. How many illegal screens did Kevin Garnett set during the game that went uncalled; I counted at less 5. Even if the referees calls were questionable it still wouldn’t have meant anything because Miami free throw shooting was horrible. The bottom line, Miami made the plays that needed to be made down the stretch. Miami’s roll players won that game last night, straight up congrats to (Haslem, Battier, Chalmer and Mike Miller)for stepping up!

    • Michelle says:

      Pistons, I wouldn’t admit to that. LOL

  128. From a Basketball fan says:

    Surely one of the most intriguing storylines this off-season is going to be how the Celtics rebuild and reload for next season.

    Anyone got any bold predictions? (looking at you here Sekou!)

    Rondo is quickly becoming as much of a franchise player as Derrick Rose or Chris Paul.

    How do the Celtics go about surrounding him with appropriate talent?

  129. miami refs were biased

  130. Retro Silk says:

    Got a new App idea… Its called “Deck A Ref”. Might go through a couple dozen cel phones though!
    Rondo should have gotten that call… How could they not see that?
    I’ll give Wade the kick step off of KG… maybe
    but Rondo should have gotten his free throws.
    Celtics better win the next three or they are done for!
    C’mon Green!!!

  131. Mike says:

    There can be times when Rondo looks like the best point guard in the league, and some times he looks like the best point guard ever. But in the words of the man himself, “It’s kind of irrelevant.” The Heat (sadly enough) are going to run the rest of the ailing Celtics team into the ground. Miami in 5.

  132. popoylagman says:

    i hate to see that rondo made a monster night. especially when he hits those freaking jump shots. if wade was able to drop the other free throw before the overtime. they could have won early. and they were able to get to rondo much closer he couldnt have been able to sink those shots. to okc, please dont win lol.

  133. warren1983 says:

    better next time rondo

  134. fOREVER cELTIC says:

    I’m so proud of this Celtic man, and to the team too. I have seen another reason to greatly hate WADE and the HEAt. Years will come, m BOSTON will be strong again. watch out DIRTY WADE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • fOREVER cELTIC says:

      If Paul Pierce wasn’t fouled out, “what a ref!!!!!” No way the heat could win… Thanks to the officials!!! I’m so depressed with my BOSTON, but I know they will put up a good fight all the way to the end of the series. I’m just too proud of them. GO BOSTON!!!

      • Sick says:

        excuses again… LoL

      • John says:

        I am so tired of hearing about the refs. If Boston wants to play physical like they did in that game and not get fouls there crazy, I saw the refs let both teams play in the first half with the majority of the no calls went in boston favors. Lots of reach in and body fouls. Believe it or not when I watch James and Wade play defense I dont see a lot of swinging arms and slap at air and there whole body on top of the other person and there arguably 2 of the best defenders in the game. Do they get away with fouls yes, does Granet , Pierce and Rondo get away with fouls yes. I would like to know why Rondo fall down every lay up even when not contested. Seems kinda like he is flopping to, but you know Celtics fan need a excuse. Have you ever thought that maybe they were clalling more fouls in the second half becasue Miami started attacking the paint or that maybe Boston was to old to keep up with them that they had to foul trying to keep up with them. Give the heat some credit, I love the Celtics and think they are great but Miami went out there and in the end they pulled it off. Boston had Chances, Wade missed free throws and so did James. In my opinion the way Pierce was playing in the first half on James he should have had at least 3 on him. Tired of everyone calling the heat divas. Last night should prove that they can play ball with the best of them

    • TJ says:

      Sorry John, they are divas and playing like cry babies! I’m telling you, I am falling off as a Heat fan with every game because it’s pathetic what they are getting away with. Wade was one of my favorite players and I DO NOT like the person/player he has become…I’m so disappointed in him beyond description. I was one of the main people defending them for the past 2 years, but I have to say, this is really sad. Even in the Indiana series, they played like punks. Yes, the won, blah, blah, blah. But, they aren’t BEATING teams, they are being HANDED games and that’s what I don’t like. If they beat these teams based solely on their skill and a level playing field, I’d be the first one to applaud them. However, I call it like I see it and this is a rigged game no matter if it was Boston, Orlando, or Indiana. Any true fan of the NBA should be disappointed that we are being manipulated into watching this nightmare. I’m a fan of the game first and foremost and the integrity of the NBA as led by Stern is woefully lacking.

      • x-writer says:

        u are my man, and the heat bandwaggons fans are blind like my A-O. and wade was my favourite player but now it is over,.i hate this manupulated games, that is the reason i dont watch the games anymore

    • Me says:

      Lol at ”…I have another reason to hate Wade”…you sure are proud to be a hater ain’ t you?

  135. Lormen says:

    Fantastic player with a fantastic game, although feel short. Better luck next game.

  136. Lormen says:

    Fantastic player had a fantastic game, although feel short. Better luck next game.

  137. delucks says:

    Celtics are without a chance against Miami+refs, Game 2 was ridiculous, nothing else, it’s sad for the league 😦

  138. Nave says:

    the referee’s should have called a FOUL to Wade on Rondo’s drive and should have been an OFFENSIVE FOUL by Wade against Garnett for the kick to create separation…

    the referee enjoy a lot on the game that they haven’t blown their whistle on some critical plays, Boston should have been the winner,

  139. Anti says:

    Hard to win 8v5 (33 to 18 they don’t even bother to hide it anymore)

  140. jojo f says:

    i believe that referees should let the players win games and not decide the game with a call or a non call in a playoff game. but given the situation wherein a player who typifies what is all good about the league performs at this level, is it not worthy to give the guy a break especially if the foul was obvious? just pondering on the what if…

  141. lebrondo says:

    what a nice performance by rondo ,,,,ur the bxt PG in the league

  142. pogzthegreat says:

    at tager01 – you sure that the HEAT are no match to the spurs and okc??? c’mmon man, seriously? yeah, i think boston still has the chance to get back in this series but to say that the HEAT has no chance in beating the spurs and okc is just an unfair words from a man like you who seems to know “LITTLE” about basketball. just so you know, any of these remaining 4 teams can beat each other. and any losing team will surely give up a pretty pretty fight til their last breath. im a HEAT fan but i respect the other 3 teams. so if i were you? ill chose my words first before speaking. man up and accept boston’s defeat. just look at the standings, the numbers dont lie my friend. GO HEAT! GO LBJ! goodluck to OKC, BOSTON and SPURS!

  143. wiki says:

    I think Miami is able to beat Spurs but only if Bosh is back and if Lebron and Dwane will play at the same level as they are playing now.

  144. danny says:

    The storey remains the same you have to have someone to score! etwan moor!! Refs better not be buying new cars after the playoffs lot of people smell rats. Why give Miami all the calls? Lot of them really stunk!!! non calls look at your tapes.

    • Me says:

      Et’waun? All fo y’all Boston fans were whining saying stuff like Doc should play steisma and Pietrus some more. And what happened? they both got 1 block each and the rest were fouls. …

  145. Kyle says:

    If Pierce wasn’t fouled out, i say they would have won.

    Too bad the ref’s are in favor for the Heat. Like that one play when Wade hit Rondo in the face? No call. Then in the other end Wade kicks Garnett which result to a Defensive foul then an And 1. I hope NBA gets fair referee’s.

    Celtics in 7.

    • lol says:

      kinda like how KG sets illegal screens all game, sit down kiddo.

    • Michelle says:

      Right like those two calls determined the outcome of the entire game. Celtics had a chance to put it away and failed. Give me a break!!!!

      • steagle says:

        Obviously you do not see the correlation between a critical foul called (or not called) at the end of the game and the kind of momentum swing that causes for the other team. After the no-call from the Dirty Dwayne whack on Rondo, the C’s couldn’t focus on executing. They knew they were wronged, and couldn’t produce after that point. So yes, that call (rather, no-call) changed the outcome of the game because up to that point the C’s had more energy than the Heat and looked ready to take the game.

    • Me says:

      Of course, but this team and the fans included, need to stop with the excuses. Time to move forward and anticipate obstacles and find a way to rise against those obstacles.

  146. Allen_Iverson says:

    Rondo is truly amazing, but Celtics will not beat the heats. Heats will be the Spurs too, for Sure. I thought OKC had chance, but RW became the guy like last season again, so, no chance for them

    • Me says:

      LMAO Yo Ive, why you mad dawg? cos Philly lost to Boston? c’mon man, it’s over, move on!

  147. baller9 says:

    miami has no chance beating the Spurs??? are you kidding me?? Boston’s chances of winning the series is shown in Game 2. unfortunately, they couldn’t find a way to win the game. Miami has answers to everything Boston can have. and if Bosh return, look out. miami now can rely in the post. Miami will win this series by 5 or 6 games, and they will face the Spurs/Thunder. do not count out the Thunder yet.

  148. mark says:

    gago flab toky

  149. gerald29 says:

    brilliant all around performance of rondo wasted here…cant do it by himself… the fall of the big three the rise of rondo,,boston ends journey

  150. CelticsHaters says:

    It wasn’st enough because the BIGgest Celtics haters, the referees, gift wrapped the game to the Heat as an early xmas gift. It was a perromance for the ages by Rondo. Spectacular in every fashion, all skils in his game on full display at the highest level. Unfortunately is was tainted by the one sided refereeing. This is 2 games in a row now that the refs kill for the C’s. Hopefully things will be more fair for the next game in Boston. Ref’s please let the players play and call the game fair.

    • Sick says:

      Rondo tripped by his own foot and then ref call foul on the heat player….
      is that what you call fair???? too much excuses celtic fans.. lol

      • TJ says:

        Bottom line whether you are a Cs fan or not, the game is lopsided and CLEARLY the NBA fashions a Miami Heat Championship series. There is no way you gave 2 games called so blatantly in favor of one team and that not be the case. I for one, want to see the BEST team compete for the championship, not some Stern manufactured nonsense. And frankly, as someone who actually likes the Heat this isn’t the way to win a championship. As a HUGE fan of the game/sport of basketball to which I have devoted a significant part of my life, this stinks!

      • stevenash13 says:

        wade kicking garnett kg called for foul what are you talking about sick?

      • Sick says:

        KG slap his hand first blind boy…

  151. Bamz says:

    Rondo needs to score 50 to win against the heat..

    lets go heat!!!

    • stevenash13 says:

      No the refs have to call more than 11 fouls on the heat. 4 players on the celtics had 22 fouls, twice as much as the heat the whole game who had 11

  152. Guggy says:

    I think that Miami do have the experience,speed, and youth to beat S.A. The Celtics always give their best, but never is good enough. They won’t be swept but honestly,they won’t win this series. I would rather prefer Bosh staying put and not playing anymore for the rest of the post-season because they need him, but ironically they don’t missed him… u follow? If he plays, things could be worse just because the HEAT are CONNECTED right now! Their coach should better continue using tactics involving his 2 franchise and elite men and moving the ball, instead of wanting back Chris Bosh in the lineup…is not logic, but that’s the thing, that IS BASKETBALL!! The Spurs are undefeated OK, but the thing is that you should not count on that if they loose 4 at the NBA finals. So far, so close!! Sorry about that! lol

    • Guggy says:

      I think that Miami do have the experience,speed, and youth to beat S.A. The Celtics always give their best, but never is good enough. They won’t be swept but honestly,they won’t win this series. I would rather prefer Bosh staying put and not playing anymore for the rest of the post-season because they need him, but ironically they don’t missed him… u follow? If he plays, things could be worse just because the HEAT are CONNECTED right now!

      • Me says:

        their best is just enough and when they win in the semi’s and go into the finals. You will be eating you words and bandwagoning too.

  153. smith says:

    wahahah keep dreaming celtic fans,,,2-0 baby whare are the haters?> WEAK

  154. 3ptdagger says:


    I believe Miami has a chance if only because Lebron has a bitter taste in his mouth from being swept by the Spurs as a Cav in the 2007 finals. That doesn’t mean I think they’d win, just that they would have a chance. 🙂

  155. thanxtotherefs says:

    The Heat better be thanking Stern”s gang in gray. The Heat were handed the game by the dissapointing and lopsided officiating favoring the biggest floppers in the NBA. It also seems to be becoming an ugly habit at every Heat’s game, the officials blaintingly siding for the Heat on any type of contact play. Its either a flagrant call or a technical foul being called on the other team, and if it should be a call against the Heat, it simply gets ignored. What a shameful bunch of paid off refs, it all seems rigged to me. It was clearly in display today. Silly technicals being handed out for no good reason in the first game. I understand Stern wants to protect his darlings of the NBA and has instructed his puppets in gray to do so during the game, but for christ sakes, its the playoffs, the whole world is watching, dont make it so ovious. Allow for some fairness and for the players to decide the outcome of the games. This is what kills the spirit of the game.

  156. VJ says:

    The officiating was one for the record books as well. Put this 3 man crew in the hall of fame for single handingly deciding a critical basketball game. Not the first time it has happened in the conference finals. The last time was in 2002 game 6 WCF when the kings were raped by the officials. And then going back a little mor ethe 2000 WCF game 7, when the blazers got no whistles in the 4th quarter. The NBA never does anything of consequence to correct their officiating, and thus I never will give 1 cent to this league. All games i watch are bootleg streams, and I do not buy nba merchanidse. All ads are blocked on and all sports networks. I suggest everyone do the same and force transparent officiating changes on them.

    • kobeIsTheB3st says:

      HAHAH what a laker hater you are. I was at that portland game. Not bad officiating just 2 hall of famers (shaq and kobe) vs one (pippin). Ill give you the kings game, not the best officiating, but nothing, NOTHING like the abomination of last night. The refs blatantly showed the corruption of the nba. The heat are being PUT in the finals. they shouldnt need that it is a testiment to the mental weakness of lebron and Dwade, that they cannot win without being babied and carried by the league. ALso the draft was rigged.

      • Me says:

        oh c’mon y’all. The officialting was not the issue here. I believe that celtics can and will win this series regardless of how it looks now but y’all need to dead the excuses. Of course, Rondo was pehnomenal but C’s started getting desperate towards the end and LOST focus. But who could blame em? their captain was out, KG just wasn’t making baskets and Ray’s ankles were taking a toll on him. Anyway it’s all good, I believe Doc would point out their mistakes and improve on it for the next game. Meanwhile they are gonna be playing at home, I bet they are gonna go on a winning streak at home.

    • Jeffro says:

      Why do you watch at all?

  157. @flab_toky says:

    playin the whole game and scorin 100 don’t mean anythin if you can’t win the game… records are for the past, victories are for the present and the future.
    great performance by Rondo though. lol

    • 5v8 says:

      and winning a series doesnt mean anything either if the game’s been fixed all along. it’s pitiful that wade plays dirty as hell now; ever since lebron came he’s turned into a diva as well. Celtics wouldn’t win this series even if it was properly officiated, but the blatant favoritism is pathetic. even Jeff Van Gundy noted how terrible the calls were tonight.

      • Belizeboy says:

        Jeff Van Gundy is one of the biggest Miami haters. I’m sure there’s no bias in his commentation…

    • alex says:

      @flab_toky trololol fail.

  158. tager01 says:

    I have always said that Rando was the key to this serie. The Celts still have a chance in this serie, and I believe they are the only one who can slow down the Spurs. Miami has no chance if they face the Spurs and OKC is too overpowered right now.

    • mel says:

      miami has no chance? are you sure? are you a fortune teller?

      • John says:

        miami doesn’t have a chance against the spurs because Miami doesn’t have the depth like the spurs and they can’t cover the 3 point line very well.

      • wUT says:

        Miami can’t beat the Spurs or Thunder. Both teams can score like nothing.

    • should've could've would've says:

      im sorry but who is down 2-0 , yeah you seriously expect dinosaurs to win this ha what boston fan even on the short end of the stick no celtics fan can admit defeat …..LOSERS lol

      • RO says:

        yeah but think abt it… miami did what they are supposed to do, win the first 2 at home and now its on boston on win its two.. all boston is hoping to do is a steal a game on the road.. they were close in this game and if they can play like this, add some timely baskets from Pierce, Allen and/or Garnett, they will be in great shape… only time will tell but this series isn’t over yet… Boston has way too much pride to let it end here….

      • whataguy says:

        well guess what these dinosaurs have 15 more championships than the heat. Something ur team could only dream of doing. And if you think that the heat are going all the way ur wrong. If they get past boston their gunna get humiliated by the spurs because in the finals when its all fixed and done, it wont be f v 8 anymore

      • stevenash13 says:

        the heat are over rated. They have 2 of the 5 best players in the world and they came in 4th in the NBA. Also, they would have lost both games if the refs weren’t biased. I’m admiting this as a suns fan too originally from miami. they are losers, they can’t win championship’s on their own team. They had decent teams before, but couldn’t win.

    • Sick says:

      OLD Celtics are the only one who can slow down spurs??
      you really made me laugh…. hahaha

      • Smith says:

        Wahahaha he made mr laugh to, dude that’s really funny,win 1 game just 1 game over Miami then I quit laughing wahahaha dummy

      • Heat are a joke says:

        The south beach girls will be swept anyways against the older Spurs. The Heat fans are just as ignorant as Lebron James and Wade dancing in front of the Mavs bench, then getting humilliated and ridiculed badly!


      • reene says:

        ok noted :p

      • Sick says:

        Keep on dreaming spurs fan… Spurs is a joke like last year… LOL

      • Chandler says:

        You’re stupid. I HATE the Spurs, but I’m not dumb enough to say that they’re a JOKE like last year. They’re 10-0 in the playoffs. No one’s done that since the Lakers in 2001 until they lost to the 76ers in game 1 of the Finals. Spurs are too deep for Miami and Boston. They’re deeper than OKC. Only team that can probably compare in depth are the Clippers. Yes, Spurs swept them, but do you know any other team in the league besides your own team that you can name ALL 12 people on the roster? What’s amazing bout the Spurs is that they’re so fundamental. They’re labelled as “boring” and “old.” Yet they’re just absolutely ripping apart everyone in the playoffs. Twenty straight wins? In a short season? Thats unheard of. As much as I hate to say it. Duncan is getting his 5th ring as the best power forward ever. Karl Malone trails him and Charles Barkley after him.

    • louis says:

      Don’t really see the logic here… Rondo key to the series: this means that if he plays great the C’s will win and if he does not they won’t right?
      Well he scored 44 and they still lost. This game shows to me that rondo isn’t the key at all, everyone gotta step up

      • me says:

        Melo score 40+ points in a loss against Heat as well so is/ was Melo not the key in Knicks? or who is it, Jeremy Lin?

      • stevenash13 says:

        You always need more than one player to do very well. One player can never do it.

    • Willem says:

      heat won by 22 in the only game against the spurs….just saying….

    • Me says:

      Exactly! In the finals, the only team that can possibly beat Spurs is Celtics. Both teams got mad experience and their styles of play are very similar.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Are you purposely spelling “series” wrong? Just asking.

    • me says:

      @ tager01 you are right they are overrated and seeing as how the divas are marketed and sold, it’s not surprising the amount of heat bandwagoners. I will admit tho, LBJ and dewayne are great playas, it’s the team as a whole that is overrated and no offense but they cannot win no championship with just two playas. Oh n IMO Bosh doesn’t play at their level. I mean I have never really seen Bosh step up to the plate like those two.