Thunder Can’t Stop Spurs From Rumblin’

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — Returning to the comforts of home might be the only thing that relaxes the Oklahoma City Thunder, because nothing they tried in Texas seemed to work.

They had what seemed like a commanding second half lead in Game 1 of the Western Conference finals and got popped down the stretch. Their three best players played lights out in Game 2, yet they still trailed by as many as 22 points before falling again to what is clearly a superior team.

If Thunder can’t stop the Spurs from rumbling like this, there is little hope outside of Oklahoma City that they can do more than just make this a series by winning a game or two … the Spurs haven’t lost in nearly two months, folks!

Against anyone else, a combined 88 points from Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden (who rebounded nicely from his Game 1 struggles to lead the Thunder with 30 points) would have been enough for an OKC win. But against the Spurs, the deepest, most balanced and polished team we’ve seen in this postseason, the Thunder’s effort was valiant but futile.

The Spurs don’t need virtuoso performances from their Big Three of Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili. That group was outscored 88-65 by their Thunder counterparts in Game 2. But they can afford that discrepancy when San Antonio’s supporting cast plays the way it did in Game 2. (Spurs rookie Kawhi Leonard had perhaps the most impressive night of anyone, finishing with a 18 points and 11 rebounds while also making Durant work for everything he got).

What the Spurs have in surplus — skilled players with length in the frontcourt — the Thunder lack. The offensive deficiencies of both Kendrick Perkins and Serge Ibaka are being exposed in this series. Neither of them is the “stretch four” the Thunder need to help extend the floor and play pick and roll with Westbrook the way Parker can with Duncan, Tiago Splitter, Boris Diaw, Leonard and, when need be, Matt Bonner.

Scott Brooks and that Thunder coaching staff won’t throw their hands up in the film room and declare there is nothing that can be done to stop these Spurs. They’re going to make whatever adjustments they deem necessary and make sure their crew comes out swinging Thursday night in Game 3 at Chesapeake Energy Arena.

But the feeling of inevitability you had watching the Thunder take apart the Dallas Mavericks in the first round and the Los Angeles Lakers in the conference semifinals is the same feeling we have for  Oklahoma City in this series. The pressure on the Thunder’s role players to play above and beyond their means will be heightened by the circumstances.

Anyone who watched the first two games of either one of those previous series recognized the advantages the Thunder had over the Mavericks and Lakers. You knew it would take an otherworldly effort for OKC to falter. The Lakers broke through and took one game, but that was it.

There’s a reason the Spurs are undefeated this postseason and haven’t lost a game since you were wearing your Easter suit (check the calendar, it’s almost June.)

For every move you make, Gregg Popovich and his staff are two steps ahead of you. Subtle tweaks like shifting Danny Green over to guard Westbrook freed up Parker to do his thing. And those complaints about the Spurs being a bore and the team no one outside of Spurs Nation wants to watch? Well, go back and watch Games 1 and 2 again and realize how ridiculous that sounds.

Speaking of that, the Thunder would be wise to hold on to the film from this series. In a couple of years, they might want to use this series as training tool for what they could be like when their young stars are properly seasoned and the supporting cast is hopefully fleshed out in ways that make OKC impossible to stop.

Through two games (and, yes, it’s only two games) they’ve been on the receiving end of a basketball lesson only one team could teach them.


  1. jim says:

    you will eat your words on thursday when okc wins 4-2. You’re looking stupid right now.

  2. Ilaz Napuat says:

    The pen has been lifted and the ink has dried…………May 2012 season be written for the spurs to go all the way. GO SPURS GO!

  3. Kent Greenlee says:

    What a roll … EVERY NBA Team needs to keep this post-seasons San Antonio Spurs game reels on hand as training aids for their future players … This is TEAM BASKETBALL at it’s very finest. There is no “I” or “ME” on this squad, it’s “US” and they’re on their way to winning their fifth NBA TITLE. This 20+ game winning streak is incredilbe (it would have been 31+ if they hadn’t lost to L.A. !?) … and as one of the blogs above already noted, San Antonio has to be mentioned with the greatest teams of all time (Boston Celtics, L.A. Lakers and Chicago Bulls) … If they happen to go on to sweep OKC (fingers crossed!), their post season play will be one for the record books (Note: L.A. Lakers went 15-1) !!!It’s been an absolute pleasure to watch this “small-market” team do just one thing … WIN, WIN, WIN … San Antonio has the best winning percentage of ANY professional sports team … ALL TIME! … kudos to the owners, coach(s) and players. You’re to be envied and praised. Great roll models … FINALLY !!!! (Spurs Fan For Life).

  4. Lol are you kidding me? says:

    Its not all about the bench players.. I think its gonna be Spurs vs Heat and im not sure if Spurs can take heat Heat can dominate spurs defence and next year if dwight moves to LA (lakers) then it would be lakers who gonna go to the finals ..

    • Kalbo!! says:

      Yeah yeah… Stacking more superstars give you more chance to win it all.. In the future, all star break may not be so meaningful anymore… Thanks to those desperate teams like LA & Miami.. Just don’t forget that the bigger you are, the harder you fall… So better not falter when your get all the superstars you want.. Coz it’s gonna be very very shameful if you still get kicked off… Like now is already shameful enough the fakers having bryant w/ other superstars like pau & bynum still wasn’t able to carry the team and keeps blaming his teammate for it… kobe makes me sick to death!

  5. W/E says:

    The spurs are an awesome team, OKC is a good team but i hate to see that brick perkins as a starting center.OKC next season MUST get at least a mediocre starting center who can score in double digits every game to have a better chance for the championship, with all those horrible d-league centers we got there is no hope deep in the playoffs unless Durant westbrooke and harden score 30+ in every game each.

  6. lakermig says:

    It is true that up to two years ago, and i think even last year the spurs weren’t very fun to watch, but i did watch game 1 and 2 and that truly cant be said anymore they are a true joy to watch.Even more so than a team like the heat in my opinion …all i could say is i wish the lakers were playing like this.

  7. JamesHardensBeard says:

    doesnt matter who you support, if you love basketball you gotta love watching the spurs right now, BEAT THE HEAT .. BEAT THE HEAT

  8. smith says:

    spurs are scared ,,,, bring it on the finals!!! lets see what is left on your tank, ?

    • Kalbo!! says:

      Yeah, Spurs are scared & dreaming (what’s wrong w/ dreaming anyway?) Because that’s how humble the SAS are.. They never claimed anything, they just aim for it. So what if they’re scared? At least their man enough to admit it. But there’s a fine line between being scared & freaking out.. Between dreaming and delusional (when you’re believing so much on something non-existent at least yet).. Need not to mention which one you belong…

  9. smith says:

    wahaha dream all you want spurs!!! cuz miami is coming!,, if i were you, i will not be so sure i will not let my guard down cuz MIAMI, will stab you really hard at the finals!

    • Kalbo!! says:

      That’s just pure 0 basketball IQ you’ve got there… At it’s dullest… Tell me.. What’s your secret? 🙂

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….in case you haven’t noticed, smithy….the Spurs NEVER let their guard down…..not that the south beach ‘dream team’ is much to worry about!!

  10. SPURSSSSS says:

    it’s really hard to see spurs lose with 20 game winning streak at their pocket. go for 26 game win streak spurs

  11. Oh's CUL says:

    On the 5th game of the Finals my true luv gave 2 me….FIVE CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS!!! The SPURS are a dyNASTY!

  12. STFU says:

    The Spurs are getting too much attention because the media don’t have any choice… The Spurs is the BEST team remaining in the Playoffs.. so whether the media like it or not, they should talk about the Spurs.

  13. Bigdes says:

    I Love my spurs… I like how the guys are not being drawn in by the lights of the media. Just keep rolling

  14. rave says:

    i have the prediction that if the spurs would win in the west, it is very likely that they are going to win it all against miami, provided that miami will win in the east, if it would be okc vs miami, the heat has a slightly better change of winning than against the spurs in the finals. match-up wise and the brand of basketball these teams are playing.

  15. Louiemdc says:

    im an OKC fan. But SpurS is taking this Kids to School.

  16. Barlo says:

    This guy is right, as much as i don’t like the Heat and prefer to see the Spurs champs, it would be safe to think the Spurs will have it harder aginst the Heat who definetely are a better defensive team, and let’s accept it, have two overly talented players that can impact and turn the way of any game by themselves…I never saw the Thunder winning a series against the Spurs, but even when it’s becoming clearer each time that the spurs are a better team than the Heat, they are still supposed to have it tougher against them.

    • James says:

      Bron and Wade are 2 of the top 5 players in the league today… The two played like insane demiGods in the last 3 games to close out the Pacers…

      99 points for Wade and 98 for bron in three games…

      Say what? That’s Jordan-Pippen like production… maybe better!!!

      But they will hit a road block against the Spurs.

      It may be the biggest challenge for San Antonio (maybe the only challenge this post season), But I pick Spurs in 6.

      Honestly, Thunder is a wholle lot better team than Miami. But after what OKC’s big three did in Game 2… 88 points, but they still Lost, I think what everyone has been suspecting all year long, is very very obvious.

      This Spurs Team will go down in history as one of the most balanced, “best coached”, and best team ever.

      This team almost parallels the Celtics, Lakers and Bulls teams of the 50s and 80s and 90s.

      Why is the San Antonio SPurs not yet considered among those 3 great teams yet???

      I am a Heat fan… but Miami will win about 2 to 3 rings in the Big three era… but NOT this year.

      Another Game 6 finals’ heartbreak for the Heat… Even if Bosh returns, he will be out of shape… Man, I hate our unlucky breaks, with this good old timers from the West (Duncan, Nowitzki, Kidd, Ginobilli, Terry, Parker) always spoiling the Heat party….

      Not one, not two… but 5 championship… RUNNER-UPS!!!

      The East conference is always in the bag but somehow, but a different BEAST emerges from the West.

      They better get Steve Nash next season, if he joins a powerhouse team in the West to win a ring (say Lakers or Thunder) next season, it will happen again next year….

      Not one, but two championship…. failures in a row for the Heat. They did not join forces to win 5 East conference championships right?

  17. Da Spurs says:

    Anyone on here who is talking about the crazy defense that Boston and Miami plays is out of their minds. You’re kidding right? Who cares if the Heat and Celtics allow 85 ppg? You would allow 85 ppg too if the toughest teams you had to play were the Philadelphia 76ers or the New York Knicks. Are you kidding me? How can anyone legitimately say with a straight face that Boston’s defense could give us problems? They just went to 7 games with the PHILADELPHIA 76ERS! The 8 SEED in the EAST! Did the 76ers even have a winning record this year? Seriously? There’s a reason that 9 of the last 13 titles have been won by the West. The East is garbage, and y’all are just grasping for anything to avoid bandwagoning on the Spurs. And by the way, we’re thrilled that you don’t bandwagon on our team. Oh you’re a die hard Miami Heat fan that lives on the other side of the country? Oh yea, I’m sure you liked them since the day you learned what a basketball was. No one likes the Spurs except for San Antonians (we have the highest local ratings of any market every year, and are always at the bottom of the national media ratings). Tim Legler on ESPN yesterday picked the Thunder before Game 2. His explanation today? “Now that we’re down to less teams, and I’ve had a chance to really focus on the Spurs, I realize how well they’re playing right now.” Are you kidding me? Your job is to watch basketball, and you couldn’t watch a Spurs game until there were only 4 teams left in the league? I don’t know why we’re the lepers of the NBA, but whatever, it’s all good. I prefer that the Spurs are San Antonio’s team, rather than everyone claiming them. So enjoy watching your Blake Griffin and LeBron Top 10. We’ll just go polish our trophy in a few weeks.

  18. adam says:

    i think the thunder can get at least one game in their home court, coz in the last match, timmy was a little bit outplayed by Ibaka and perkins, and the thunder may find some clues to figure out how to break down the spurs inside-out offense after game 2. anyway, i am not a fan of either team, just hope both teams can create great matches for me to watch!

  19. OKC fans says:

    Spurs is a very good team
    but OKC is young
    let’s defend our home court!
    (prove that we will be a strong contestant in next year!)
    Come on OKC!!

  20. Dex says:

    the Spurs are best in shortened season and they are going to get the ring again this 2011-2012 season.

  21. Peter Ponce says:

    This is not a surprise! San Antonio has been doing it in the last decade!!! This team will always be dangerous with Duncan, Parker, Ginobilli and of course Greg Popovich! Since 1999, only one team (Dallas) has won the Western Conference championship besides the Lakers and Spurs. ’99 (Spurs), ’00-’02 (Lakers),’03 (Spurs), ’04 (Lakers), ’05 (Spurs), ’06 (Mavericks), ’07 (Spurs), ’08-’10 (Lakers), ’11 (Mavericks). Why is everyone surprised???

  22. Go Spurs Go says:


  23. x-writer says:

    what a bs blog.the only reason why okc is here because of the miss calls from the refs in the series Mavs and lakers…thats all. and these misscalls were all crucial.
    and zhe only reason why it dont influence the spurs is the same reason why the mavs won last year,FG% is high,turnover low.

  24. George says:

    i see the spurs either sweeping it or winning in five. the thunder tend to turn the ball over and the spurs tend to force turnovers. guess who wins?

  25. theprophet86 says:

    celtics vs spurs! i’d love to see duncan vs garnett slapping each other’s bald head! they didnt really have great playoff encounters back when garnett was still in the west when both were the best power forwards!

  26. Jintan says:

    One thing is for sure, if Miami and Spurs reach The finals, Miami is not winning the championship. Spoeltra GOT NOTHING on Popovich. Even with all that “talent” in Miami, is not enough to beat Spurs depth, teamwork and discipline.

  27. Just Another Fan says:

    I have never seen a team play with such a sync, like the spurs did in Game 2. How often do you see a Coach go at your best player in the game because of a sloppy defensive play? Pop did that when Parker made a mistake and the lead came down from 20 to 16 points That one sequence where Parker takes in the criticism, talks back to Pop, explains, listens, understands. Fast forward – few minutes later, Pop is seen holding his arms around Parker. Now, that’s called chemistry. That’s because they values the relationship & the team spirit much more than their egos. It’s not just these 2. It’s the entire team. This feeds off to others in the group. I wish i was a part of this group. Being a part of such a team will do wonders for you, where everyone puts the team first. Blessed to watch such a team. Although i am not a Spurs fan, i have the utmost respect for this group. Well played Spurs.

    • Spurs Fan says:

      thats been the spurs for over a decade 🙂 but thanks for noticing such a awesome team. i wont even compare this team to the championship spurs teams of the past till they win it all, but damn these guys are making history right before our eyes.

      P.S. This is the first time the spurs have been healthy in the playoffs since their last championship run. Amazing…

    • DRKGBL96 says:

      @Just Another Fan – Hahah That was a good point…..If we’re lucky, we might see Dwayne Wade go Latrell Sprewell on Eric Spolstra….lolololololololololololololol

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      Good post …justanotherfan!!!!

  28. BINGZY says:

    WHY ARE U EVEN HIR HATER?!!! U DNT EVEN KNOW WAT U SAYIN!!.. S2pid!!.. Go sumwher else if ur looking 4 a scam!.. Dis is NBA a**hole!!

  29. scared of spurs as heat fan

  30. David Sepulveda says:

    If the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami do meet in the 2012 NBA Finals, i would hope the NBA would have both teams wear the team’s Spanish teams names on their jerseys. I think it would promote an appeal to a greater international television and media audience. it would be fun to watch the series develope during the games.

  31. St0rmed says:

    All im reading here is a bunch of fan boys. I am a lakers fan and hate the Spurs and OKC and Miami and the Celtics lol. But I love basketball and I told every one of you OKC fan boys that your jump shooting thunder wouldn’t stand a chance against the Spurs as they play defense way to well and their offense is off the charts. When it comes down to it the Spurs are just the better team as much as it pains me to say cause I hate them. Spurs / Heat in whats going to be one crazy good NBA finals. OKC will have its year but I mean cmon guys the Spurs have won twenty straight. They also beat the Thunder on a night that all three of their best players went off. Not much more that can be done. The spurs are just the better team.

  32. SpursNation says:

    Still wonderin why Boston traded perkins though he had a great time with that team? The proof is ryt in front of you..

  33. Rich says:

    SPURS will be champions again this year.. and every CBA season. Another asterisk on their championship record.

  34. Mike says:

    I’m OKC fan but I have to admit SA is the superior one right now. It’s almost impossible for OKC to catch up, not with Parker is still playing. last night seem like Parker is toying with Westbrook, and any time that WB get frustration I think Brook should put him on the bench, Parker, Ginobili are just too much for OKC, not to mention SA bench are outplaying OKC bench. We saw OKC big guy missing shot after shot, no way you can win the playoff and not procuding. I said it from the beginning., too much WB will get OKC early fishing….

  35. Jazz4Life says:

    Westbrook/Durant/Harden > James/Wade/Bosh. So, if the Spurs roll over the Thunder, Miami has absolutely no chance of winning against the Spurs. Might as well say it. 2012 champions San Antonio Spurs.

  36. Spurs2012 says:

    Reality 24 did you watch the thunder lakers game? There was no game 6! There was a feeling of inevitability as the thunder closed out games like a boss where as lakers turned the ball over in crunch time. Sekou smith knows way more than you! Go spurs, Tp finals MVP!

  37. Go to hell spurs says:

    tony parker cant hit those shots if the thunder d puts a hand in his face!!
    we need to knock ginobli and parker out of the game
    artest style with one of our substitues

    • Shadow says:

      Wow! What a mature, insightful, fact-filled comment. Did you miss your nap today?

      • DRKGBL96 says:

        LOL@Shadow…hes salty because OKC is getting prison gang raped by the Spurs…but what he is really saying is the Spurs are playing better basketball and outsmarting OKC otherwise Prker wouldnt hitthose shots and he and Ginobli would be knocked out of the game but what he forgets is that many of the bench players on the Spurs roster were starters on theor former teams such ads Diaw and Jackson…oh and big body Blair and Patty Mills can fill it up in a hurry..Poor things he doesnt know…dont make him feel any worse than he already does shadow

    • duro says:

      Well, what you’re saying is that Spurs are so much better that only OKC’s hope is to shoot them down.
      Wouldn’t it be easier for people like you to go to a print shop and have a poster printed saying “OKC won it all”, pin it to your room wall and stare at it all day long? It’ll give you much greater satisfaction than watching those impredictable, competitive happenings called “sport matches”.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …..get a life, child!!

  38. Kenishi says:

    I just love the way Spurs play ball right now. I’ve been a Lakers fan since Magic’s days and I can tell you that watching kobe hoist up 30 shots on any given night is not my idea of a good game… I just prefer watching the team oriented play a whole lot better. That being said, I believe the Spurs will take home the crown this year. Their core has been together for years and it shows. None of the remaining teams can match their dept, patience, efficiency and overall basketballbrains. I do hope their scouts get rings too, because if you look at the drafts they’ve done… they found Ginobili (rd2 – 57), Parker (rd1 – 28), Splitter (rd1 – 28), Blair (rd2 – 37)… That’s priceless

    • DRKGBL96 says:

      @Kenishi and to think…Blair has been relegated to the end of the bench….He hasnt seen any playing time in the post season has he? Spurs do a much better job at drafting players and molding them..hell did you ever hear of Tony Parker Manu Ginobli Tiago Splitter Kahwi Leonard or Gary Neal before they were drafted? And to bring in Diaw and Green, players who were waived or cut? Man Pop is a chess master and master motivator…Im not really a Spurs fan but I LOVE how they operate

  39. justin says:

    the spurs have to be playing the heat in the finals.. the thunder look like they are missing a tad bit from their role players.. the universe needs a match up of exactly two opposite teams spurs playing smart team basketball and the heat using raw physicality to outmatch the opponent. .. cant wait!! go spurs.. i cant wait to see how many guys pop throws at d wade and lbj

  40. Reality24 says:

    SEKOU, What? The Lakers Thunder series could of EASILY went the other way. Only game 1 and game 6 were out of reach for the Lakers. The rest of the games came down to the last minute. ONE GAME came down to a last SECOND shot by Durant. HOW WAS THERE A FEELING OF INEVITABILITY reminiscent of the Spurs DESTROYING the Thunder in this series? Do you actually watch the games? How do you still have a job? You are almost unanimously regarded as the WORST writer in basketball.

    • It's true dont be mad says:

      Sekou is right about the Lakers vs Thunder series. If the Lakers closed the way they used to, with poise they probably win that series. It took the final couple minutes for the Thunder to rally and win those games, obviously not game one or 6. You had to konw that San Antonio is much better coached, have had the same core for years and have all the poise in the world.

  41. Mimi Houston says:

    Let me say something, there isn’t possibly anything the Thunder can do to stop the Spurs…they could have done that in Game 2. The OKC big 3 scored 88 total, that was supposed to be enough to get a win lol! How many points can they possibly score in Game 3???? Lets face it, the Spurs are simply better than OKC…at one point in the 3rd quarter of Game 2, OKC looked lost somewhere there. Spurs kept just scoring from different angles and that confused them…it was sad to watch them just like Celtics in Game 1. Well, we all know as much as most people would like Heat to get a Championship, it will not happen this year!!! It is simple, stars themselves can’t bring a championship…play as a team or go home!!!!

  42. Chas L. says:

    Give me some NASTY. Spurs in 5 over OKC.

  43. jonathan says:

    ok lets see who win desense vs offense!!! i mean heat vs spur in the finals 🙂

  44. phillipjpark says:

    The Spurs are the best because they are the best TEAM.

    They play as a real team, not running the offense through 3 superstars. They have the best coaching, they play impeccable defense and the bench is super deep. Popavich tries to make everybody from starters to the bench, a better player. The Spurs is what every fan should want in a team. No big egos or MJ comparisons. No 1 or 2 best players in the league. Just the best team in the NBA.

    That’s why they broke records and won 20 games in a row.

  45. knickfan212 says:

    The Spurs are taking these young guys to school.
    Westbrook’s hard foul on Parker turned Parker into a maniac. He just dominated the game.
    I don’t understand why Parker isn’t mentioned when they talk about the best point guards. He’s clearly near the top.

  46. wejb2002 says:

    Spurs were just lucky they faced the Utah Jazz without Deron Williams, Carlos Boozer, and Andrei Kirilenko…Or else they wouldn’t be in the Western Conference Finals now…I can’t imagine the matchups between Deron – Parker, Boozer – Duncan, and Kirilenko – Ginobili

    • duro says:

      Once upon a time, the Jazz DID have Williams, Boozer and Kirilenko.
      How many titles did they win?

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …..Boozer and Duncan……. in the same sentence??????? What a joke of a statement!!!

  47. wejb2002 says:

    Spurs are just lucky enough they faced the Utah Jazz without Deron Williams, Carlos Boozer, and Andrei Kirilenko…I can’t imagine the matchup between Deron – Parker, Boozer – Duncan, and Ginobili – Kirilenko…Or else the Spurs wouldn’t be in the Western Conference Finals now…

    • William says:

      The Last time that group was with Utah, the Lakers of ’09 swept them with three blowouts and one close game. These Spurs are probably better than the ’09 Lakers (even though Kobe was having one of the best playoff runs in history)

    • DRKGBL96 says:

      @wejb2002 …IF IF IF IF IF…man if worms had machine guns pigeons would be in a world of *** but that isnt the case now is it? Niether is Deron-Parker Boozer-Duncan Ginobli kirilenko…by the way Kirilenko would be a defensive liability against Ginobli but I digress,,,,anyway..stick with current facts…Those guys arent playing and didnt play…thats like me saying man if only I had chosen the right numbers I would have one the powerball…the Jazz arent in the playoffs anymore…however the Spurs thunder Heat and Celtics are and two of those teams will be headed home shortly…maybe they can vacation in Utah and watch the finals with the Jazz lol

  48. Rich M says:

    Lovey Drame please go look at the box score…OKC shot 36 free throws, Spurs shot 35 and 12 of the 35 were because the were intentionally putting splitter on the foul line. So in reality the spurs only earned 23 shots at the line while OKC got 36. Now honestly ask yourself whose is benifiting for the refs.

  49. Jarmarble says:

    For anyone saying that the spurs got all of the calls, if you look at the boxscore you will see thunder went to the line 36 times and spurs went 35 times, pretty even if looking at facts.

  50. nrmn says:

    i’m really hoping that it would be Spurs against Celtics for NBA finals.. I’d like to watch TD vs. KG for their last championship run.. that would be very entertaining, wouldn’t it? btw, im a solid MAVS fan..

    • DRKGBL96 says:

      @nrmn…man I would take time off from work and try to purchased scalped tickets for one of those games…KG and TD have always had great battles and the love to play each other…

  51. BFoulds says:

    fo fo fo fo

  52. DAVE says:


  53. Cedric says:

    To all the People who think the Spurs are boring What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Go Spurs Go

  54. Realist says:

    If people think spurs will just run through miami i’ve got news for you: they won’t. miami are a MUCH MUCH better team than last year and turn it up for playoffs. i think the failure of last year is priming them for a big big run this time around. their defense is outstanding and James and Wade are playing amazing offensive ball. the bench is actually producing great results. i don’t see spurs steamrolling miami, i’m sorry. anyone who says it won’t go to 6-7 games is delusional.

    • DAVE says:

      i respect the heat…..but there is no way you look a the heat and say that they are a better team….. it will be a good finals …. two vs 5… ill take 5 all day and twice on sunday…


    Lakers are picking up Dwight Howard and Deron Williams in the offseason! Let the new dynasty begin!

    • mdv64 says:

      Where are they getting the money? Are they trading Kobe? 😉

      • Purple & Gold says:

        from Coach JACK

      • William says:

        Deron Sign and trade with the Nets (Pau Gasol), that way the Nets get an All Star to welcome to Brooklyn, the Lakers trade Bynum, a first round pick and Metta World-Peace for Howard and Turkolu, then they Amnesty Turkolu

    • LOLOLOL! says:

      Sorry I started that Dwight to the Lakers. I’m a hurting Laker fan with a dream lol.

    • Kalbo!! says:

      Well just another more of a superstar stacker as they already are right now… What a shame… I wouldn’t be so proud if I would be one of them…

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …..PICKING UP??????? what are they……hookers????……. AGAIN, that is ALL faker fans think about …….like the ‘rest of the league’ is a candy store for the darling teams…….. Let other teams show you who is a great player and then they go out and “BUY” or “STEAL” …….damn that must have been a REAL bummer when the ‘acting owner of the hornets’ nixed the trade ’cause it benefited the fakers more than N.O………. And if the fakers don’t get their way with other teams players……. NO RING……. same thing every year!!!! VERY BORING !!!! . like mdv64 says pointed out….. fakers have salary cap woes and not much trade bait, so good luck with the off-season player auction and have a great summer !!!

  56. Ben H. says:

    I think the Spurs will ultimately win the series, but I don’t think they’ll steam roll over the Heat. If the Spurs and Heat face off then the Spurs will have to kick up their defense drastically, because the Heat won’t allow them to score 110+ points. I’m cracking up as I’m reading the posts because it’s as if we’re forgetting that this isn’t Cleveland, it’s LBJ plus Wade, and a very tough defensive supporting cast. Yes the Heat are at a disadvantage without Bosh, but with the level the big two have been playing at, and the rest of the Heat stepping up and knocking down three’s and other open shots, they will be a formidable match up for the Spurs. Spurs however are dangerous with their bench, which is knocking down just about every shot. Also, glad TD

    P.S. I’m an Orlando fan, with a lot of respect for both the Spurs and Heat. So don’t start pegging me as biased, Spurs fans. I’m coming at this matchup subjectively.

  57. spurswin says:

    Spurs will sweep the young Thunder. Lechoke will also get swept in the finals, again. Spurs have the best coach, the best power forward, the best 3 point shooters, the best bench, the best point guard left in the playoffs…. the Spurs are the best overall team period. The championship stays in Texas. Go Spurs

    • Sick says:

      Maybe in Dallas but not in San Antonio .. hahaha
      Dream on boy!

      • Kalbo!! says:

        Why do you hate the Spurs? What did they ever do to you or to any other person? You’re just too bitter to accept that another team is better than yours… Move on, dude… You can say all you want because you can only say them… Real definition of a DREAMER!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ……so you haven’t been watching…….. your team? lost because MarC thinks he is the smartest guy in the room ……. how did that work out for him or the long suffering mav fans—finally have a winner and b*tthead goes out and changes the team chemistry…AGAIN !!! ….. Chandler gets defensive player of the year and goes farther in the playoffs than the poor defenseless mavies……. On of these days you might get a REAL owner with a brain for basketball an not just a lot of dough….. Poor mavies….

  58. Juan says:

    Spurs and Thunder for the NBA Finals!! lol

  59. KD my fooooooootttttt, this guys only can score n fades away when the other team playing hard physical defense on him. Look like my dream of okc vs Miami won’t happen this year :(…
    Come on thunder let’s make some noise before u exit for finishing after San put yo under the sand in south beach.

  60. bigthings 2012 says:

    hmm all ya’ll so confident the series is over? spurs did the job that is expected of them at home, sure its difficult to say OKC will win the series but its easy to say that its far from over… homecrowd is huge in games, just look at most teams home records, regular season or playoffs, and yeah the spurs are playing great, but isn’t that what we expect them to do? when OKc win their 2 home games and the spurs age maybe finally starts to show, some poeple may be swallowing their permature celebrations

    • DRKGBL96 says:

      @bigthings 2012…? Spurs Age starts showing?…another uninformed pseudo ball fan…Duncan, Jackson and Ginobli are the oldest…Parker JUST turned 30..check the ages…FACT

  61. benjamin says:

    I’ve always been a spurs fan. and i don’t know about you guys but i’ve always felt like OKC, the mavs and the spurs are from one place. I cheer when they do good and am sad when they lose.

    It’s been a great run, it’ll be greater if winner of this conference final goes all the way either okc or my spurs. I now live in the san francisco and for me they feel like how the locals here feel towards the 9ers and the raiders, as long as it’s one of them and in this case (more if it’s the spurs) 🙂

    Go Spurs!

  62. joeef says:

    GTFOH, NBA is such a joke, It blows my mind how blatently lopsided the refs call the games these days, I know it’s beating a dead horse, but this is about 2 steps away from WWF. This entire game was called (and/or not called for that matter) in the Spurs favor. Same thing in the Miami-Boston game one. Don’t get me wrong, Spurs are the better team and would have won this series without the refs help, I am just tired of seeing the league orchestrated, and it’s gotten to the point that they don’t even try to hide it anymore. I could give you 10 dam near identical “fouls” that happened in last night’s game, and 8 of them would only be called in the Spurs favor, with the other 2 in OKC. The point here is not that the league wants the Spurs to win, as it may well be the other way around in OKC, but the fact that the officiating is catering to what most profits the NBA, and has nothing to do with officiating and enforcing a clean and fair game like it is meant to do…

    • Point them out then says:

      I watched the entire game and officiating was a non-factor in last nights game. There might have been a couple but nothing worth mentioning. And honestly, I’m tired of everyone blaming the officials. At the end of the game the calls are normally balanced and the NBA has added instant replay in certain situations to help them get the calls right. If you think it’s so easy, go become an NBA ref. And oh wait, I do remember a call. Harden took 3 steps on his way to a 3 point play lol.

    • Really Joeef? says:

      Spurs were 23-35 from the line (12 of which were shot during the hack-a-Splitter). Thunder were 29-36. According to you the Thunder should have shot 50…? Looks pretty evenly called if you ask me.

      And how does the NBA most profit from a Spurs series victory? Most everybody outside of San Antonio would rather see a young exciting team with two young superstars rather than the Spurs (who are perceived as boring, which is no longer the case). This series and the playoffs are from over, but Operation Thumb Ring keeps rolling on for now…

      Go Spurs Go

      • William says:

        @Really Joeef?
        I’ld be careful about crowing them just yet, after all Phil Jackson couldn’t get his second toe ring last year

      • DRKGBL96 says:

        I could see what Joeef means…and the Surs have gotten the calls but its called…HOME COURT ADVANTAGE!…Most of the clls I believe joeef is referring to areth eturnovers but excellent point regarding the lack of free throw disparity and the Hack A Splitter defense…I love reading those who blog their opinions without supporting them with fact…it seems they dont come back…I believe the Spurs will advance but they wont sweep…and I wont complain about Harden and his steps because Ginobli gets away with it too and has been for years

  63. Thunder Up says:

    Game 3 is a must win for us. If we loose than spurs will probalby sweep. If OKC can win both home games, there’s a high possibility thunder will steal the series from the Spurs.

  64. Adam says:

    To all the talking heads and pencil pushers (sportswriters) in America. I say it’s about time they gave the Spurs their due. They keep calling the celtics a “championship” team, but yet that group only has 1 ring! Please, give us all a break! The only REAL championship team left in these playoffs, and the NBA for that matter is the Spurs! 4 Rings, and the most consistent playoff record over the last 15 years, and the same core group. Believe me, if any other team in the New York, Boston, DC, or Philadelphia area has that kind of consistency, that entire group would be Kings of the World right now! Only because San Antonio is such a small TV market, the talking heads don’t really understand what’s been going on down in SA over the last 15 years!

    Spurs in 5, over OKC. Spurs in 6 over the heat. No one has a chance to beat this true TEAM. The best TEAM in the NBA over the last 15 years. That’s the reality of it all……………..

    • Not exactly says:

      The Spurs have been great for the last decade and a half sure, but you’re acting as if they won 10 titles when in fact they won 4, one of those being during a shortened lock out season similar to this one lol. Lakers have had 7 finals appearances and 5 rings in that same amount of time. Just saying.

      • mdv64 says:

        But the Lakers are not “left in these playoffs” as Adam stated…

      • GoTeamSpurs says:

        Lakers have a great player and when he is gone,then what? Spurs have a great coach with a proven record with new talent….just say’n

      • DRKGBL96 says:

        C’mon Not Exactly…are you serious? The Spurs have been a model of consistency…Stop carrying Kobes jock strap for him…he doesnt need the help. in the last 15 years its been the Spurs and the Lakers…and the Lakers stacked their team to get it done…refer to my earlier commenst about team stacking. Please help me because I dont remember but werentthe Lakers playing in that shortened lock out season? and didnt the Spurs beat them in the conference finals? So that means the Fakers had the same chance…and what is more…you shot yourself in the foot…unless the Spurs make it to the finals and lose then you cant compare the Fakers to teh Spurs in championships in the last 15 years…why you ask? Well if the Spurs win the championship they will be 5-0 in the NBA finals while the Fakers will still be 5 out of 7…which means the fakers have a 71% winning percentage while the Spurs have a 100% winning percentage..even if the Spurs lose, their percentage is still higher than the Fakers…hmmm..FACT…NEXT!!!!

      • SpUrS fAn says:

        I wish everyone would stop talking about the shortened season lol, because unless I’m mistaken, all NBA teams played the same shortened lock out season….. So you can lay that exuse to rest!!! Go Spurs go, Drive For Five!!!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        How does it REALLY feel to LOSE in the Finals ?????……as a fan, that is…..lakers can keep that 5 and TWO loss record…… Spurs don’t want it!!!………. and back to the shortened season again, what a joke……If it were your fakers you would be sayin’ how “Hard” it is to win in a shortened season with no preseason…… just the same ‘ol NO Respect the Spurs get from the Glamour teams fans….. But , like ‘GoTeamSpurs’ pointed out here….. what WILL the fakers do after the Kobester has hung up the sneakers? Gonna go out and ‘Buy’ another teams best player like so many times before??? fakers won’t be a playoff factor for years to come without a GIG purchase or two….Enjoy your summer hater……. but be careful in the Pacific waters……. don’t eat the Tuna……..

  65. chris says:

    I am a Lakers fan. I have been a fan since 1984. I bleed purple and gold. With that being said, I have the utmost respect for the Spurs. I believe they will win the championship. I love watching them play basketball. I live in St louis where many people would rather watch college basketball then NBA. I am one of the few who still get excited about NBA basketball and the spurs are one of the reasons why. Again, I love my lakers but at times they make me want to give up on the NBA. People are tired of the NBA. Teams like the spurs and oklahoma (minus Perkins) are great for the NBA.

  66. Warchamp says:

    Has a complete sweep from first round to championship been ever accomplished? That would be surreal. I’ve been a Spurs fan since Robinson/Duncan era. Always a true team and humble. Go Spurs Go!

    • Lakers did it says:

      The Shaq and Kobe Lakers swept the first 3 rounds of the playoffs before losing only 1 game to the Sixers and AI. That was when the first round was only best of 5. I doubt the Spurs will be able to sweep OKC or the Heat.

      • Kalbo!! says:

        LOL! Doesn’t it make a difference that the lakers that time only had to win 3 games each of the 3 series for a total of 9 in a row compared to 10 on 2 series plus a couple of games on the 3rd? I bet the fakers would have not swept all those 3 teams if those were 7-game series… Nobody even recognize that achievement… LOL!

    • yoyoyo says:

      yeah, the lakers have, 2001 i think?

  67. MissingInAction06 says:

    OKC aint known for their defense. best defense is in the east. Best Defense (EAST) vs Best Offense(WEST).

  68. berc says:

    The Spurs are playing great basketball, there is no doubt about it. BUT I think their defense is not on the necessary level to win the champions. All of the Spurs championships were won on the defensive end, not on the offensive end. That might be their only weakness, and I am sure it’s going to be amazing finals if they advance, because both the Celtics and the Heat are great defensively (Miami is allowing 85 ppg, while Boston 84,57 in the playoffs). I am looking forward to a Miami-San Antonio match up, and hopefully with the both teams healthy.

  69. Manu FAN says:

    From Argentina…….Go Spurs Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! obviously not I have to explain that I love MG, But Also TD, TP.
    In this team amazes me Kawhi and Green. and of course here in my country we do love POP.

  70. Branden Bowles says:

    Its only been two games folks dont count the Thunder out yet…. Whil we realize that San Antonio is the more EXPERIENCED team, that does not mean they are necessairly better than OKC. Thunder outplayed Spurs for 3 qtrs in game 1, and they didnt throw in the towel game 2. They have heart and talent and you cant count them out especially at home where they are undefeated in this postseason.

  71. rexb says:

    If i’m OKC i’d watch the 3rd and 4th quarters of game 2 and do the same thing from 1st to 4th of Game 3. If only the Thunder were not down by 20 they could have won the game. It will be tough going back to OKCs homecourt. I predict an OKC win, if they lose the series is over and no way the NBA and refs will make that happen, see Lakers-OKC series. I like the Spurs and do hope they win Game 3 and would love to see how OKC respond to being down 0-3. Whoever wins this series will be the 2012 NBA champs! Go SuPeRS!

  72. BFoulds says:

    Best basketball team we’ve seen in a very, very, very long time.


  73. dirty_creek says:

    okc will win 4 consecutive…it’ll will be okc vs.heat in the finals..

  74. Cali says:

    If the Spurs win it all (which I think they will, they play the best TEAM ball of any of the 4 teams left) that’ll be two titles with an * beside em. They’re good @ this shortened season thing.

    • Yawning says:

      I’m getting really tired of people saying this stupid stuff. Believe it or not, both of the lockout-seasons had the same playoffs as a normal season! Keep your asterisks, the Spurs were the best team in 98-99 (37-13) and have been the best this season as well (50-16)

      • GoTeamSpurs says:

        That short season comment needs an asterisk……* from someone who is bitter or doesn’t realize that all teams are on that same short season.

    • lol exactly!!! says:

      They’ve got the short season down to a science lol.

      • LOLOLOL! says:

        Now is only there was a lock out every season. The Spurs would catch Boston for titles lol!

    • OKCKD35 says:

      the asterik is for the Spurs fans who were already saying they were in the finals, now you are lonsing in the conference finals with game 6 in OKC! Thunder up!

  75. Jotty P says:

    Even though i have been living here in NY, I have been a spurs fan for long time. The way they play and act in the court is a great example for other teams. all these good things happening for them because of the great coach they have and the relationship between players and coach; give respect and take respect.

  76. Didi Super says:

    i wish a 4-0 and then a sweep.OKC gon do nada

  77. anonymoose says:

    i cant wait to see heat vs spurs! the spurs are hummin right now but ya’ll be a fool to discount the heat. im a celtic fan and seeing lebron/wade tear up the defense is crazy. they’re not just jump shooters but hell they make tough shots anywhere. it’ll be tough for the spurs to pin those two down.

    • DRKGBL96 says:

      anonymoose – one word….BENCH. Pop has several payers he can continually run at the dynamic duo…they WILL get tired plus the constantly changing looks will have them on the ropes…Im not saying they cant but it wont be easy…besides Id rather the Spurs win because I CANT STAND Princess Lebron…especially the way he did the city of Cleveland and the franchise…showed immaturity

  78. OKC2012 says:

    It does not even matter who wins this series, this is the best basketball to be seen in a long time. I’m not giving up hope and never will but if OKC loses to the Spurs I am not mad one bit. To lose to a team like this and keep the games very respectable and close at the end is not something to be upset about. Spurs are playing PERFECT basketball, and when there is a coach SCREAMING at his star players for letting a 20 point lead go down to 16… lol just cannot be mad about that. If the Thunder are out my only hope is that the Heat lose, and I think 2 things are EXTREMELY OBVIOUS…. 1. If the Spurs win, the 2 man show in Miami are going to have to put up 75 points each per game to even have a chance…. 2. if the Thunder can move forward and actually beat the Spurs, the Heat will look like a team full of pre schoolers compared to these true pros we are playing against now!

    Popovich is possibly the best coach ever lol, yeah Phil Jackson is up there but he always had 2 SUPERSTARS to win with… yes Pippen was a superstar, and later on Gasol was too……. BUT where did Ginobli and Parker really come from, I have to say it looks like he just built them from nothing with all due respect, and he has created possibly one of the best teams the NBA has ever seen right now.

    I just wish this was a 21 game series because this is the last competitive basketball we are going to see until next season.

    • DRKGBL96 says:

      OKC2012 I agree, the Spurs do a better job of drafting players than any other team. They see potential other teams dont…case in point…Who would have thought Matt Bonner would have an impact…hes one dimensional…Pop capitalizes on his players strengths and exposes his opponents weaknesses, Diaw was waived and look at the contribution, no one ever heard of Parker but the Spurs drafted a 19 year old unknown…and lets not forget about GINOBLI!!!!…Gary Neal a guard no one took a real chance on…Greene was cut by Cleveland and Leonard was way out at San Diego State…hardly anyone knew who he was…This IS some of the best ball Ive seen in years…However, the biggest lesson OKC can learn from this is watching the Spurs play through the calls realizing the refs arent putting up shot sor creating turnovers. When Perkins, Ibaka, Durant, Harden and, Westbook get the whistle, their emotions are animately displayed, while the Spurs have that dumbfounded look as if to say, “Who?, Me?”…the arent complaining….when the young guys complain, they take themselves out of the game and draw attention to themselves from the refs so they wont get the calls…

    • Goce says:

      Are you trying to say that Miami stands bigger chance against the spurs than to your OKC ?!?! Just say that outloud and you`ll see how ridiciolus that sounds LOL

  79. Tony says:

    Question: if you swapped coaches (lets say like a couple I years ago) who wins this series??

    • Dumb question says:


      • Average Guy says:

        No duh it’s irrelevant, that’s what forums are for: hypothetical and current discussion. It’s an interesting question, Tony, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say the Thunder would win under Popovich.

      • DRKGBL96 says:

        Average I would agree with that comment but whoever made the comment you referenced earlier about the Jazz and the Clippers…well they made the playoffs didnt they? And when was the last time YOU (whoever made the silly comment) suited up and played an NBA game…its easier to talk noise about the shoulda woulda couldas from the sideline…so Ill simply say stop the rhetoric and talk facts…

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …..WHAT IF THEY ‘SWAPPED’ POINT GUARDS???….What if they swapped PF’s????……..What if a frog had wings?????/ Please , AGuy….. forums are for posting abut the games , the teams, not what ifs…. so…….Why not: What if the Thunder had won the first 2 games?…..What if the griz had beat the clips?….. What if the lights went out?…. What if the lakers had beat the Thunder/….. What if the Spurs never lose again in the playoffs….. in any playoffs , EVER……. now that WOULD be boring……

    • OKCKD35 says:

      i’m going to go out on a limb and say the Thunder win with Brooks!

  80. Brianda says:

    i’ve been a die hard Spurs fan (18 years) since birth; my dad and family have been with Duncan since the start.
    and i say Spurs in 5.
    OKC is a great team, and they won’t leave this to be a third sweep for my Spurs, at Oklahoma, they’ll make it tough.
    Spurs’ offense has been crazy amazing this past two games, and going 20 consecutive wins has the fans going crazier.
    but as Spurs Fan, i’m not counting Thunder out yet, i wanna see legit basketball being played at its finest.

    i agree with Wes Bartel, i wish this was the Finals not just Westeren. i don’t see Miami or Boston stepping up to the plate.

    • ko0kie says:

      theres a huuge difference between OKC/Jazz/Clippers and miami/boston… those eastern conference teams are the best defensive teams in the NBA right now.. so it will be a completly different game.. don’t expect the spurs to score 120 in the finals 😉

      • crazy_ghost says:

        i bet you they can and they will,,,even just in 1 game……

      • Average Guy says:

        “lol Spurs aren’t good, Jazz are not even a real playoff team, watch them struggle against LAC”
        “lol Spurs aren’t good, swept the Jazz/Clippers? My rec team could probably do that”
        “ok lol Spurs are pretty good, but be real here whoever they play in the Finals is going to poop on them”

        I’m sensing a trend.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        Hey, “Below Average IQ”…..grow up!!….poop???? and your ‘rec’ team wouldn’t score 5 pts/qrtr against a D-League team let alone an nba team….. too bad your brain isn’t as big as you ego…..LOL…..LOL……..LMAO

  81. AwwPlease says:

    It’ll be the Spurs vs Heat in the finals.

    Let’s go Heat!!!

  82. Suriken says:

    Chesapeak Arena is too loud for SAS to win 2 in a row there. Though I am much relaxed with the adjustments Pop provided in game 2 – sweet ball movement is back. Almost impossible to win 4 games in 5 remaining for OKC against such an offense. I guess SAS would be the first team to prove it’s not only about “defense wins championships”.
    The best SAS team ever! GO Spurs GO! / from Ukraine:))

    • .....justplayball !! says:


    • DRKGBL96 says:

      Suriken If I am not mistaken I do recall the Spurs beating OKC on thier own floor thus its possible not to mention the Spurs had the best road record next to Chicago who is at home watching and taking notes…Sure OKC had the third best road record but remember, thi sis playoff basketball…a whole new season

      • rude says:

        That line about Chicago watching taking notes is garbage. EVERYONE knows that with a healthy Rose and Noah they would be playing in the East finals right now.

      • DRKGBL96 says:

        We dont know that rude…but Im simply stating fact…Unless Ive been watching the wrong playoffs, I dont see Chicago anywhere on my television…They ARENT in the playoffs…if they were my comments would be different dont you think?

      • Spurs Fan from 1988 says:

        Agreed, Chicago had the best team until Rose got hurt.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        …..NOT !!! Did they win the last 10 in the reg season??? NO….but the excuse is still there…. rose was hurt… was Manu last year and all the spurs fans hear was how ‘Great’ the Griz were…… and where are they now….home like the bulls…

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Guess OKC will be the 2nd team in 8 years to come back from down 2-0 against the Spurs and sweep the nnext 4 games hahahahaha, overconfident spurs fans are funny

  83. asdfg says:

    spurs are gonna beat the thunder.
    but dont think its over yet because miami has a very strong team too.

    • Scott the magician says:

      Without Bosh they lose y 10+ every single game, wish bosh they win the series 4-2!!!
      ps…..Nash to Lakers

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        That’s right….. go get the best player from some other team….as usual !! lakers are the yankees of the nba……when it comes to players…it is Always buy, buy, buy….trade, trade, trade It gets old fast!!

  84. cowboy says:

    Go spurs! Go 4-0

  85. JeDi says:

    coach pop isn’t coach of the year for nothing, hands down, i admit he’s better than Thibs..
    and I’m a bulls fan by the way

  86. John From OKC says:

    The Thunder are a young team that will benefit from the playoff experience even if they don’t enjoy it. San Antonio is an aging team whose “championship window” might be closing. And this series isn’t over yet, however much Spurs fans think it is. I would love to see the Spurs join the Mavericks as a Texas team knocked off by an Oklahoma team. I am well aware that it’s improbable at this point, but “improbable” is not synonymous with “impossible”.


    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …..Great fan!! It is not over until it is statistically impossible….. Spurs need to stay sharp if they are getting out of this round in 4 or 5. Now the first game back in OKC is THE most important game in their young history and the Spurs are going to be facing a group with much resolve, playing in front of their raucous crowd in a (pretty much) do-or-die situation….. Talk about a pressure packed game !!! I can’t wait !!!!!

    • THE BEST TEAM WINS says:

      And clearly San Antonio is the better team. Sorry John from OKC.

    • DRKGBL96 says:

      John from OKC I hear you but I must disagree. Although I live in SA I am not a Spurs fan…I ride with no team, I am a fan of the game and the Spurs are showing all other teams and coaches how the game is to be played. No egos or superstar..they dont try and stack a team like Miami has done in order to win a championship. Stacking a team doesnt work…ask the Yankees and I am a DIE HARD Yankee fan for over 40 years. Pop and the Spurs are playing chess while the rest are playing checkers

      • d says:

        You’re a moron. Duncan, Parker, and Ginobli wouldn’t be considered stacking a team? Get real.

      • DRKGBL96 says:

        Now why must I be considered a moron…and no it isnt stacking a team because those players made their name with that team and they were drafted and remained with the same team their entire career…Lebron opted for free agency…now which one of us is the moron?

      • Kalbo!! says:

        He just didn’t get what you meant by “stacking a team”… Only shows who’s the real moron…

    • Duke says:

      You are right….it’s not over till it’s over. But your Thunder has to win in San Antonio. Bottom line! if OKC wins the next two games it won’t matter. They will not be able to beat the Spurs at home. Plus, the Spurs rarely lose back to back games. They usually bounce back with a vengence following a loss. With all that being said, the Thunder are a good team and will be lethal in the future. They are still too young. it takes time to build a championship team. Miami Heat is a good example. They tried to stack that team and everyone and their mother thought they were a shoe in to win last year. But Dallas won, a team whose core had been together for years. Jordan’s Bulls, Bryant’s Lakers, Bird’s Celtics, Olajuwon’s Rockets, Thomas’ Pistons- All teams with veteran players whose core had to put the time in.

      • DRKGBL96 says:

        Duke thanks for helping the young buck see the light with the additional examples…Bottom line is if he ever played ball thats the same thing we all used to do in the gym (stacking the team). Get all the good players we could on one team so we could keep playing without having to wait. Thats why I am not a Lebron fan because he isnt a true student of the game. he doesnt want to pay his dues…He wants to win now…and that grandstanding dispicable display when he signed with the Heat by announcing it the way he did on television and then that silly a$$ party they had to introduce Bosh and Lebron like they were the second coming…I luaghed so hard last year when they lost and Bosh fell to his knees crying Like Tony Tomo…Thats love for self and no love or respect for the game…He cant use Parker or Ginobli…We knew who Duncan was but no one knew he would have the career he did and no one ever heard of Parker or Ginobli before they ever put on a Spurs uniform and they werent even starters when they came in…Parker did eventually start early in his rookie season but he wasntthat good an dmade a lot of mistakes…Lebron was glorified when he was in high school…so agian I ask d to reply intelligently and prove me wrong…I patiently await his/her answer.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        just won game 5 IN SAN ANTONIO AND 3 STRAIGHT!

    • Sbfern805 says:

      Championship Windows might be closing? i completely disagree, but in case you were right…. ITS MUCH BETTER to say that about the Spurs than to actually NEVER say it for the Thunder. Thunder is a young team, but there will always be someone better….2010 Lakers, 2011 Dallas, 2012 San Antonio, 2013 San Antonio, 2014 Lakers again, 2015 Durant leaves OKC!!! lol

    • Iverson349 says:

      To John from OKC:

      I agree with you as well. Please read my post just sent a few minutes ago. It’s says it all. I am very proud of OKC. I havn’t given up on this series. They are home now. San Antonio did what they were supposed to do and win their games at home. I would love to see this series go seven games, but if OKC could somehow win it in six, that would be great also…

      Go Thunder!!!

    • Iverson349 says:

      John from OKC:

      I agree with you 100%. Please read my post sent within the last 15 minutes. It says it all.

      GO THUNDER!!!

  87. Neil Shabz says:

    This series and probably the whole playoffs is over. The spurs will be teaching everybody how to play basketball.

  88. Wes Bartel says:

    I am conflicted! My favorite teams are the Spurs and the Thunder. I only wish this series could be the finals instead of only the Western Conference.

    • TD says:

      Me too, I love both teams (but Spurs more). Kick the Heat out please!

    • Spurrred says:

      Dont be conflicted for all purposes it is the Finals neither Eastern team can beat Thunder or the Spurs. So the winner is already crowned champ

    • NBA Scam ! says:

      This whole ‘Eastern Conference’ / ‘Western Conference’ is a NBA scam to keep all markets involved and revenues flowing.

      This is NOT the first time that the two best teams belonged to the West (or the East) which is so unfair to the second-best team.

    • Iverson349 says:

      Wes, I agree with you.
      I would have loved this series to be the finals. The Thunder is my team. They are playing a better team, but have shown that they can play with the Spurs. OKC is a very good team that is in the developmental stages of becoming a great team. It is good for them to play a better team then theirs. This series (win or lose) will benefit them in next year’s playoffs.. Remember, they played Dallas last year and lost decisively. This year, they turned the tables. OKC is right where they need to be. I feel very good about this team. They have shown growth from last year. Very good teams like the Thunder go through losses and difficulties with great teams like San Antonio in order to grow into a great team. Like I said, win or lose, I feel very good about the Oklahoma Thunder team, I knew it wouldn’t be easy, and I also knew that they would be tough and not give up. I am looking forward to game three. Welcome home OKC…
      Go Thunder!!!

    • Sick says:

      Spurs fans are just dreaming…. LOL
      West are weak morons…!

      • DANTE says:

        ur the weak moron…

      • Kalbo!! says:

        Your name fits you well @Sick.. HAHA! I piety you, mr loner… You’re just all words…You see how stupid you are? You’re betting for the griz against the Spurs & yet you say west are weak morons? You think griz is an east team? you’re absolutely not ok, dude…. Go see a Vet… hahaha!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ….SICK……are you SICK????…….. The East hasn’t won alot of Finals sine Mikey ….have they ???? So you are living in the past!!! Come on back to 2012….the water’s fine!!

  89. Da Fan says:

    We might as well crown the Spurs champions now. They will win this series and Miami¨s dynamic duo don´t stand a chance against the spurs. Pop will make them feel like they need to go back to basketball 101.

    • crazy_ghost says:

      well said,,,,basketball 101,,,,funny and ridiculous!!!!
      GO SPURS GO!!!!!!!!!!!

    • oats man says:

      it’s obvious you don’t know what your saying!! heats play way better defence than any of the teams the spurs are playing!!!

    • NBAfan says:

      I think OKC’s starting five is overall the same as the HEAT’s starting five (even with Bosh). If anything, OKC has better low post defense from Ibaka and Perk and better shooting from Durant and Harden. However, the HEAT HAS two things OKC does not have…Lebron and Wade….two guys who can just go off and carry a team NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE FACING.

      I think that if SAS plays they way they have been playing and Lebron or Wade don’t have those lights outgames…SAS will win. If Lebron or Wade can just go nuts and score 40+ and completely dominate, MIA will win…

      Anyway, that’s if they both get to the finals…it’s not over until a team wins 4 games.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      hmmmm not so confident now are we? what happened Thunder wo n3 in a row and made you look stupid? thought so!

  90. recho says:

    should have been here when we suffered from the Jazz-Stockton/Malone era – don’t cry drewder OKC’s time will come, right now just feel the pain-it builds character and fan frezny like in SA! Go Spurs Go!

  91. adrixe says:

    spurs will go to the finals and take it all the way. NO WAY that okc can beat them and either celtics or heat can beat this team. too deep and to talented. well coached. I love how they play teamball!

    • hooplover says:

      i do so agree with you! spurs will be the 2012/2013 champs.

    • Sick says:

      Keep on dreaming spurs fans…
      just follow the style of Grizzlies who almost sweep them last year… lol

      • Kalbo!! says:

        Wow, Spurs dreamer? Seriously? I bet you won’t even need a mirror to see one in the form of yourself. Don’t forget that Duncan was playing thru an injured ankle & Ginobili missing I guess game 1 & 2? Coming back a bit slumpy but still able to deliver (although it could have been better if fully healthy). Not as likely as the 76ers could’ve won if Rose & Noah didn’t get injured too. Come on… Duh!? I know that Gay was injured also that time and wasn’t even able to play. But hey, I’m unbiased enough to say the Grizz are a lot better without Rudy… You & your team haven’t really proven anything yet, so shut up!

      • Kalbo!! says:

        Poor grizzly fan… all alone… & got nothing… =( want a penny attention?

      • Kalbo!! says:

        Dreamers are those who can only imagine because they can’t actually do it… What is your team doin? Oh yeah, fishin’… Sorry… & the Spurs? They’re doing what your team can only dream of… Why don’t you go fishin’ with them… I’m sure it’s your dream come true.. LOL!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        LOL……LOL… are funny….. the griz showed that was a fluke…….couldn’t even beat the Clips this year when the ‘Nobody wants to play the Grizzlies’ talk was Everywhere…. and good luck keeping that team together…… have a great summer poor loser!!!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ……fans of a team with 4 rings doesn’t need to ‘dream’…… Dream is already realized!!! It is upstart teams with attitudes and NO RINGS that have “Dreamers” for fans…… but that is as it should be….. you Always dream/hope that your favorite team is gonna win a Title… Go Griz…. good luck next year!!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        …..So what do you call ….”almost swept” ?? Winning in 6 games???? LOL

    • OKCKD35 says:

      insert foot in mouth, look stupid, thank you!

  92. hydroranger says:

    Am I the only one who feels uncomfortable with all the media attention the Spurs are suddenly attracting? Talk about paranoid, after watching Sports Center last night I was convinced they were intentionally overhyping the Spurs to JINX them!

    I miss the good old under-the-radar days…..

    • TRU*NBAFAN says:

      You are not alone, and alot of the hype makes me sick, they are acting like it is amazing and a suprise!!! When the real fans know they have had there philosophy and respect for the game and each other the WHOLE time.

      Especially ESPN morning shows, idiots worship Kobe and Lebron and now have to bring themselves to respect the SPURS.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        …..No Kidding !!!!!

      • Duke says:

        It is about time they get the recognition they deserve. Be happy about that.

      • Lovey Drame says:

        My opion: Spurs got all the calls and OKC hardley got any. PISSSSSSSSSED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and by the way not a fan of either team. Butt can we just play ball FAIR!!

      • renegade01 says:


        Lol are you serious? The Thunder were shooting free throws the rest of the game 2 minutes into the fourth quarter. The only reason the Thunder players were even in foul trouble is because the kept fouling Splitter at the end of the third, which by the way ended with them being down two more points by the time all was said and done. No, the officiating was even and you’re just making up excuses as to why the Thunder lost to what is clearly a better team.

      • gregnuvalde says:

        re: “they are acting like it is amazing and a suprise!!! ”

        It is… and it is.

        Come on! No one saw THIS coming! I LOVE MY SPURS! But, NO ONE saw this coming! Yes… we actually SHOCKED THE WORLD that we are so good [Well, our team is]. So, let’s not pretend that we as Spurs fans expected to be here. That’s a crock! Let’s just enjoy the ride while it lasts.

        Funny!!! We gripe when we get no love. Now, we gripe that we get steady love. It seems that the griping is the common factor. HMMMM!!!

    • LB says:

      It freaks me out too. I want the media to keep ignoring them. I hope Lebron and Wade have another amazing game so that the focus shifts back on the Heat. Or I want the Celtics to win a game so the focus shifts back to that conference.

      I had a feeling the Spurs would do okay against the Thunder because while I do love that team and KD a lot, they rely on jump shooting. I’m not calling this series over but I don’t see the Thunder winning 4 out of 5 games unless a majority of the Spurs become injured. If the Spurs do win though, the Heat are a whole new ball game. They play much better defensively – no way the Spurs make 120 points against them in a game.

      • Dalwin says:

        OKC was thinking the same and found out rellity hurts .By the way Spurs sweep Lebron in NBA final 2007 remember .
        Bottom line Spurs are just awesome.

      • Sbfern805 says:

        It really shows you are a Heat fan…. well the Heat starting players are good…i cannot deny that. Sit one or two down, the Heat are a disaster!!! The Spurs have too many weapons to shoot down the Heat. Spurs are way too good!!!!

      • FakirWise says:

        In 2007 Lebron wasn’t playing with the Heat either, Dalwin – and that’s just aside the fact that they swept a whole team opposed to one player.

      • B-more Spurs Fan says:

        It’s funny the perception everyone had about the Spurs. Saying their “boring” and so forth. If anyone likes true basketball it is no way you can say that about the Spurs. The media is pumping them up because (1) they can no longer ignore them. If the Lakers or Thunder had 3 ten games winning streaks during the regular season, you would have thought ESPN was THUNDER/LAKER TV. But now the they have been forced to watch & report. The SA SPURS have officially become the “500 pound elephant in the room.” You don’t want to acknowledge him, but he’s getting bigger and there is nothing you can do to stop him from growing… lol. (2)David Stern in the audience? what a joke. When was the last time he was at a Spurs game? Secretly he wants them (Spurs) to lose for ratings sake.

        Note to David Stern: If you want the Sprus to lose. Do what you did to the Lakers (not a Laker fan), Get Tony Parkers work permit revoked or allow Ginobilli to play only 50 games a year. Make up some other silly rule. By the way New Orleans getting 1st pick…lol. Are you serious??? Can you spell conspiracy? (If it walks like a duck…)

        I’m out Peace!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….oh yeah…..and these are the same clowns that slammed the Spurs through all of the strong defensive teams they had in the last decade, calling them ‘boring’ because they wouldn’t let teams run ‘n gun all through the game!! They HAVE to now because of the streak and great offensive play….. GO_SPURS_GO

      • gregnuvalde says:

        They WERE BORING!!! I LOVE MY SPURS!!! So, I didn’t care what the rest of the country thought. They WON 4 TITLES!!
        But, they were boring! I just re-watched the 4 wins (i.e, all the games) from the ’07 Championship series. They were UNWATCHABLE!!! ’05 vs. Pistons was great. But, if I wasn’t a Spurs’ fan, I wouldn’t have watched that one either.

        But, they AREN’T BORING NOW!!! Those who say the Spurs are boring either DON’T WATCH… or don’t really LIKE basketball!!! They just like watching LBJ DUNK!!! [And, there’s nothing wrong with that. But, it AIN’T basketball! It’s a small part.]

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        Hey Greg…… Do you mean they were not the running style of the ’70’s & 80’s Spurs(that did Not win a Title)…..If playing tough defense is boring……If making sure the superstar isn’t going to beat you is boring…..if making SURE the foul magnet(shak) isn’t gonna beat you is boring…… Then making sure your team comes out on top is boring!! I am pretty sure there are alot of teams that would trade ‘flashy’ for ‘so-called’ boring if they could get just ONE ring!! I like to watch other team’s players and coaches try to figure out a way to play basketball in a way that wins when they played the Spurs……NOTHING boring about that …… and BTW …. I bet you love to watch the so-called superstars on other teams too….. NOT watch other teams …..but watch the stars…… Dancing with the Stars is great for that as well…….. and if the Spurs bored you watching them WIN 4 Titles, why didn’t you just read the paper the next day and do something productive instead of being BORED???…. Did you ever Go to a Game and SEE them bore you? ……Every time I was there, the place was sold out—LOUD—- and NOBODY was bored…..saw no one napping at all….through WINS and losses !!!! Enough of this boring cr*p that was started by the media NOT the fans…….. except for Uvalde Greg of course….. Don’t listen to the East coast media….just watch the local sports cast and get the REAL story…..they actually attend games!!

  93. drewder says:

    sometimes I wish I lived in San Antonio, the fans have it so easy there.

    • mdv64 says:

      Well, come on down!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ……Easy??? Maybe NOW!!! I have been following this team since ’77 in George Gervin’s heyday and from that point to 1999 it was ALOT of heartbreak and letdowns before the Spurs broke through to the Finals. Even since then there have been some Big disappointments, but the teaqm is Always good and funto watch …so you’re right in that respect……GO_SPURS_GO

    • gregnuvalde says:

      27 years waiting to win a champoinship! I was a fan for all of it. NOT SO EASY!!!
      This is dessert!