Spurs’ Offense Carves Up Thunder Again

SAN ANTONIO – The trailer, Tim Duncan, cutting down the lane and taking the pass from Tony Parker for a layup. Boris Diaw whipping the ball to a wide-open Danny Green for a 3-pointer. On and on. Diaw, not exactly a threat to win the Olympic 100, dribbling past Serge Ibaka, the runner-up for Defensive Player of the Year, for a reverse layup.

Again: Diaw on roller skates around Ibaka.

Before we pause to consider the victory speech Matt Bonner will use after winning the next dunk contest, there is the pressing matter of the Spurs getting wherever they wanted on the court Tuesday night. They found seams in the Thunder defense with such ease that it elevates the conversation about San Antonio’s offense clicking just when it seemed no more exclamations about that were possible.

The Spurs ran a clinic at AT&T Center, their offense nothing short of perfectly synchronized en route to a 120-111 victory and what is likely an insurmountable 2-0 lead in the best-of-seven Western Conference final. All credit to the men driving the machine. But the Thunder seemed so befuddled on defense, especially in the third quarter that turned the game and the series for good, that for a time it became an embarrassing lack of effort.

The way they didn’t challenge several 3-pointers, the way San Antonio flowed through the lane, it is hard to remember a time the Thunder looked so out of place and so defeated. Oklahoma City allowed 96.9 points in the regular season and 92.8 the first 10 playoff games. The Spurs had 92 at the end of the third period.

“They were making shots,” Thunder coach Scott Brooks said. “I mean, they were spraying them all over the floor and knocking them in. I thought (Kawhi) Leonard was making the shots. (Manu) Ginobili made a lot of tough shots tonight. (Tony) Parker was on fire … I like the guys’ mental toughness. It’s one of the things we’re good at. We are young, but that’s not an excuse. We play hard. I knew we were going to keep playing for 48 minutes. We got down 22 points. That’s not good. But we still came back and fought.”

The Spurs were slowed all the way down to 43.5 percent from the field in the fourth quarter, allowing the Thunder to mount a late rally that closed the deficit to 99-93 with 5:40 remaining. But San Antonio still finished the night at 55.1 percent with 27 assists and 120 points.


  1. Shelley says:

    I’m still sad….no Spurs in the FINALS!!! Still reeling.. I don’t really care about Miami Heat and Okla who, what???

    Tim Duncan USVI ALL DAY!!

    Red Carpet Shelley

  2. TrollBall says:

    i know that the chicago bulls will beat the spurs no matter what! jordan pippen and rodman all the way to finals!!!

  3. Big Al says:

    It’s just too bad the Lakers did not pull it off against the Thunder. They can legitimately beat San Antonio, honest. But you gotta give it to the Spurs. I used to be annoyed with a very old recipe still working, but their teamwork is fantastic, with unselfish plays and great chemistry. Nearly everyone is contributing. Nobodies become somebodies. All this would surely make them the favorite for the titile.

  4. Kent Greenlee says:

    San Antonio is playing at a level I haven’t seen since the L.A. Lakers went 15-1 in the Play-offs … they’re unselfishness, spot on shooting and team play is something EVERY NBA Team should watch and copy. This sport is not about “I” or “ME” … This is a team sport and NOBODY has done it better or longer than the San Antonio Spurs. It still amazes me that the other “flashier” teams still get more mention than the Spurs … but if they were to sweep OKC and go on to win their fifth NBA Championship they will have to be mentioned as one of the best teams of all time, right up there with Boston and L.A. Lakers…. It’s been a real treat to watch this teams unbelievable win streak (20 and counting) and I am hoping that it will continue and set a bar that may be to far out to ever be broken.

  5. W/E says:

    The spurs are unstopable on the offensive end,i feel like only if the THunder big 3 score 100 or more every game for the remaining of the series MIGHT give them some chance for the win

  6. DOWELL says:

    all i can say is 4-0…. hahah,, go spurs

  7. jello28 says:

    I am an OKC fan and i still believe they can win against SA then rally through the finals. What they just need is to play better defense. They have always been doing great in the offensive end, but when it comes to offense, its another story. The team has the heart and the skill to do great basketball and to beat great team such as SA.

    • DRKGBL96 says:

      jellow28 is that your alarm clock I hearrining in the background? BECAUSE YOURE DREAMING….WAKE UP… Seriously though OKC is an extremely talented team butwhere they falter is maturity in the playoffs…watch their reactiosn to the calls vs the Spurs reactions….Also the Spurs know they have to focus on 2 of the three players and make ittough for OKC whereas the Spurs although the offense goes theough Parker…anyone wearing a Spurs uniform is capable of exploding…thats what makes them so tough because you cant design a defense around 2 or 3 people…when you do that, Pop alters his gameplan…I mean look when you got Bonner, Neal Green and Leonard all with the green light to shoot from the perimeter defenses have to respect that and that opens up the lane which is how OKC got killed…points in the paint…its just like boxing…if I want to beat you Im going to attack your body so that you drop your hands to keep me from pummleing you and when you drop your hands Im throwing uppercuts and overhand lefts and rights…essentially cutting the head off…when the head is gone the body soon follows. OKC will be there as long as they keep their core intact…just not this year

  8. jello28 says:

    I guess what OKC need is good defense., they are doing good in the offensive end, but if they could not make some good stops when SA is on a run, this series is good as over. Also, I am an OKC fan and i still believe they can do win this..

  9. joolio says:

    spurs are looking good..

  10. el mejor says:

    the winer of this to team will be the nba chanpion this year…
    the spurs win and you can seee that duran make 31 point, westbrook 27 point, and j harden 30 point (87) we 3 player ..if the

    if the spurs win this series they will be champ…. i dont see the heat wining vs spurs event if james make 40 point and wade make 30 they cant win and the 2 game of okc vs spurs show to os..

  11. world champ says:

    after a couple more years after Spurs and OKC wins the title, maybe, just maybe lebron will have a chance to get his precious ring,,,

  12. Bru says:

    OKC and Spurs are awesome . these finals are the best of the playoffs with the 2 best team in the league this year . But Spurs are better this time . There are too many players who score more than 10 points every games . This is just too much for others’ defense . They can have so many open shoot with their game ( look at Parker’s 3pts in the 3rd qrt for the 20 pts lead , he had all the time he wanted to make it , there was no defense on him ) .Gregg Popovich is a master , congratulation for building this team . We have to appreciate a team like that where players are unselfishness , doing a great teamwork . I hope they will be able to win the championship (6games to win… )

  13. from a players perspective says:

    I would love to here from the OKC fans who stated that the Spurs had not played any body on the playoffs. What know the OKC aren’t looking very good either, so is OKC not that good or are the Jazz and Clippers better than what you thought???? OKC big 3 combined for almost 90 point and could not win the game. Like I said in prior blogs 4-0 or 4-1 Spurs

  14. rigpa44 says:

    It’ll be fun to watch no matter who wins. The players and plays are spectacular. The Spurs are primed to win it all more so than I’ve ever seen them. Precision is the right word. Finely tuned are others. The Thunder, as good as they are – will go down in 4 or 5. The Heat without Bosh, cannot endure. Enjoy it while it lasts! 🙂

  15. rammrodd65 says:

    i think the okc will win game 3 & spurs will win 4&5. okc is good but spurs are better. its a matter of execution and the sours do that better tan anyboby in the league….westbrook on the other hand is a ball hog ( he never met a shot he didnt like/ take ) thats whats killing ths team now. they will win championships but not this year,,,,if the dont watch it they might get swept.

  16. Dalwin says:

    OKC play hard ,Their three best players have monter game . AS team they score 111 points and LOSE with authority .What else to say . Spurs are amezing team. Simply the best .

    • joeef says:

      I agree with you as well, Spurs are the better team in this series, OKC is a good team as well, just not on the Spurs level right now. And regardless of calls made, a team still has to execute on both ends of the court, and Spurs are doing just that.

  17. Big Jay says:

    Please.. nobody in the league gets more calls than Durant.. they shoot more FTs than anybody in the league

    • joeef says:

      You’re making my point for me, same thing with james/wade/ginobli, no one can argue that calls made FOR them would be called for every player in the NBA, even if it is the exact same ref and the same infractions.

  18. joeef says:

    GTFOH, NBA is such a joke, It blows my mind how blatently lopsided the refs call the games these days, I know it’s beating a dead horse, but this is about 2 steps away from WWF. This entire game was called (and/or not called for that matter) in the Spurs favor. Same thing in the Miami-Boston game one. Don’t get me wrong, Spurs are the better team and would have won this series without the refs help, I am just tired of seeing the league orchestrated, and it’s gotten to the point that they don’t even try to hide it anymore. I could give you 10 dam near identical “fouls” that happened in last night’s game, and 8 of them would only be called in the Spurs favor, with the other 2 in OKC. The point here is not that the league wants the Spurs to win, as it may well be the other way around in OKC, but the fact that the officiating is catering to what most profits the NBA, and has nothing to do with officiating and enforcing a clean and fair game like it is meant to do…

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …..and I could show you Harden travelling his way to easy points……

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….And BTW …. what “most profits” the NBA is…… MORE games….not less…… so by that logie we should see ‘poor’ calls int the next game that will favor the Thunder…Right??

    • .....justplayball !! says:


    • NterthaW says:

      I’m inclined to agree with you. I do think that of all the professional sports, basketball is refereed most poorly. I must point out, though, that the Spurs committed 26 fouls, the Thunder 28, and the Spurs shot 35 free throws, the Thunder 36. I know this doesn’t tell the whole story, but it’s a stat that could be used to argue against your point.

      • joeef says:

        Totally agree, and it’s not just in terms of fouls/free throws. I’m sure everyone agrees that momentum is huge in basketball, and turnovers are just as big, i.e. travelling calls/noncalls and Fisher’s “out of bounds” called in transition when the replay showed him at least 3″ inside the line, all can disrupt a teams flow.

    • Storm says:

      That’s 100% wrong…if anything I would say the NBA would get better finals profit if OKC wins…it’s proven that when the Spurs play in the Finals ratings are down! People tune in to see high flying dunks etc. and not the way the game should be played (like how the Spurs are doing it now) Go Spurs Go!

      • joeef says:

        TV ratings don’t matter, it may raise interest in an up and coming franchise, or raise or lower what networks are willing to pay the NBA slightly in seasons to come. But bottom line is the annual revenue that is brought in by the team as an NBA franchise. With the spurs bigger fanbase, ticket prices etc, they brought in $16 million more than OKC this year, and that is not including memorabilia, jerseys etc that are liscenced to the NBA… good chunk of change. But to answer your question, yes, it is ideal for a series to go 7 games, and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see the games called in OKC’s favor in OKC. AND regardless of calls, teams still have to execute to win, and Spurs are the better team in this series as I said before, doesn’t rig the game by any means, just tilts the table a bit.

  19. LL says:

    Simple as this — When former players/commentators start groaning during the telecast about a team’s lack of adjustment, it seems apparent they are making mental mistakes. It’s clearly not over until the final buzzer’s rang, but let’s be honest — some of the things OKC is doing are confusing even a basketball fan (like myself). I like both teams, but love the Spurs, so I want it to be competitive. Just find it awkward at some of the coaching and player choices made.

  20. BFoulds says:

    Spurs are probably going to sweet OKC. I am one of those people who said theres no way they can sweep them, and I’m a Spurs fan born and raised here in SA. Truthfully, I’ve been watching basketball since Dominique Wilkins beat a rookie Jordan in the dunk contest, and I’ve seen playoff championship teams come and go. This Spurs team is the best basketball team I have ever seen in my life. They will win it this year I am 100% sure of it.

  21. Kobe says:

    Westbrook is a looser and no way can be compare to Tony Parker

  22. Louis says:

    So much credit has to go to the Spurs, they were very very good last night. But OKC needs to take a hard long look in the mirror as well. There have been three main problems: terrible defence, bench not delivering, not getting the calls when going to the basket. I have been shocked at how poor OKC’s defence has been, watched them all season and they were full of energy, played hard, and played smart. Now they look tired, and defeated.

    They just could not get a stop on the Spurs in the 3rd quarter, it was ridiculous. Let the man who is penetrating go one on one with the help defender, don’t contest the penetration with two players, its creating the space EVERYWHERE else. Whats so hard about allowing an easier 2, but preventing the open 3? As far as I know 3’s are worth 50% more than 2s, so you DO NOT allow an open 3, ever!

    But lastly, the refs have a big influence, smaller than in Game 1 when they were outrageously bad, but still significant. Thunder live and die from dribble penetration AND getting the call when they are fouled. The refs have only given them that call about what, 40, 50% of the time, compared to what the Thunder would get in the regular season?

    Credit to Spurs, but OKC now knows what they need to do to go that next step in their development. Ibaka will have to become good at post play. Perkins will have to get better hands (good luck with that). The bench will have to contribute a lot more, Daequan Cook, Maynor (next year), Collyson, all will have to contribute more in the future, if OKC hopes to overtake the Spurs.

    BUT… Lets not forget, time is on the Thunder’s side. Good luck with this line up in 3 or 4 years, Spurs!

    • SpursFan1 says:

      We are not looking at 4 or 5 years down the line..we are only focused on what’s working today.. period! OKC is a young time and will be a better team later, but that doesn’t help today!

  23. METTA WAR PIECE says:

    It is too early to say that the OKC are done in this series. The first game was pretty close because of Harden’s and Westbrook’s 3-pointers to close the gap. I would not count the OKC out yet. But I hope that the Spurs and the Heat meet in the NBA finals 2012.

  24. d3nsyo says:

    Harden travelled like 4 times

    • el stone says:

      True. Also, when he drives to the hoop, he hides the ball in his beard, which makes it difficult for defenders to do anything.

  25. harden says:

    OKC should replace Westbrook with someone who shares the ball and makes plays for teammates

  26. SpursNation says:

    Nyc Tactic Coach Brooks.. You almost cut the Spurs momentum. The next you’ll use the “hack-a-Splitter” technique splitter can already shot that two free throws. Splitter’s free throw far awful than shaq..
    Keep up the energy Spurs. 2 wins more and OKC cries again.
    Just wondering if what will Thunder Fans do if the Spurs finish off OKC in their own home court?

  27. Objectivity says:

    Spurs are incredible, so fun to watch.

    Having said that, what is up with Durant? I can’t believe the guy called “future MVP” by journalists doesn’t ask for the ball more… He took his first shot after 6 minutes of the first quarter, I mean come on, ask for the ball…

    For a guy as talented as Durant, you have to expect him to be more involved in the offense. He’s a great shooter but what does that mean if you don’t actually shoot the ball?

    17 shots in a vital game 2? Not good enough, with his talent he should be shooting 30.

  28. killuabest says:

    nice game harden 30 pts + a diploma har har… Spurs 4-1 win over okc… then beat the east in 4!! go spurs !!

  29. Arnold38 says:

    Amazing Spurs, who can imagine they will be still good like that in 2008 ? Pop is a genius, and the team play a dream basketball, i hope they will get this title N°5, they deserve it, and it’s so better than the ugly Miami style

  30. KANO says:

    SPURS are so deep, so experienced.and have so great disciplin. On the other hand,OKC rely on just 6 good players.
    SAS wil win this serie by 4-1

  31. Dokijon says:

    Spurs look good because they beat teams that dont play DEFENSE!!! Wait till they play the boys from south beach and lets see what happens?!:)) MIAMI HEAT in 5games!!!

    • el stone says:

      If the Heat make it to the Finals, they’re going to learn that playing defense against 10 guys that can score from anywhere on the court is a lot more challenging than guarding tiny elf-boy Rondo, an old KG, an injured (and old) Paul Pierce, and an injured (and old) Ray Allen.

      Whole different ball game with the Spurs. The Heat are going to be so tired playing D, they won’t be able to take 4 steps to the basket after picking up their dribble (travelling) like they usually do.

      The Spurs are a team. The Heat are 2 players. Last year in the finals we all saw how well 2 players fare against a Texas Team.

      But I expect Czar Stern will instruct the referees to keep the Heat in the game at all costs.

      • larry_33 says:

        Always thinking about that D. Stern will do this. Same like the finals 2006 against dallas, where dwade got every call…
        He could to push the tv ratings but on the other side u can promote the nba worldwide with a rolemodel of a team like the spurs…

      • John says:

        You have to remember SAS has to play defense to and have to guard James, Wade, Bosh if Bosh is back Duncan is pretty much out as seen during the season when MIami Romped the Spurs by 22. But I am glad Miami is the underdog and I hope they stay that way that way all the haters that think miami is joke can eat there words and for once shut up the whining about how the heat are cheaters and the ref are on there side which from the looks of it they are on the Spurs side to. .

    • The Unknown says:

      You obviously know nothing about basketball. The spurs have been making every team they play look easy. The Thunder’s defense is actually ranked in the top 5 in the league. Its not that the Thunder can’t play defense on the spurs, but the Spurs have so many options that can’t be deciphered by the Thunder. If the Thunder decide to be more cautious in the paint, the spurs are more likely to shoot threes. If the Thunder try to step out of the paint and closer to the perimeter, then you’re going to expect more pick & rolls and other various ways of scoring in the paint.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….oh please….NOW we are supposed to believe that the heat are a great defensive team???? Just stick with your bogus ‘best player in the game’ routine for now will ya’…..!!….. Makes those that have seen the Spurs in the Big defensive years something to chuckle about !!

  32. unstoppable spurs says:

    what spurs did last night is impressive and I believe they can do much better in the next games. the question here: do the OKC has the chance to get better. I saw them struggling in the last game and defensively exhausted and they couldn’t stop spurs.the big three in OKC scored 88 point and they gave it all but in vain. if the spurs continue like this it would another 4 win straight.

  33. Louie says:

    Everyone is saying the thunder need to improve on defense, I think the opposite. They played so hard in the first quarter that they looked tired by the third period. They need to slow the game down, stop the fast break, play half court basketball and be aggressive going to the rim off the pick and roll….. WAIT!, that is the Spurs game as well LOL, nevermind, they are toast!!!! stick a fork in them they are done, lucky they be if they get one in OKC..

  34. bball fan says:

    Somewhat refreshing to see a team that plays as a TEAM when there are so many players that love to be in the spotlight and teams and are centered around a few players (even though I really enjoy the Thunder!).

    Also I was really surprised that the Thunder didn’t change their pick and roll defense up sooner instead of just fouling every possession. They were getting destroyed in the 3rd quarter, please trap Parker on the pick and roll, or go to zone, because it clearly wasn’t working.

    Some people are saying that the Spurs are invincible, which is a bit of an over reaction from one game. The Thunder played with them in game 1 and should have won it. They won’t be able to come back from 2-0 though.

  35. TParker says:

    One thing’s for sure, the heat have no chance against either of these two teams. The spurs shares the ball everytime OKC dont, and no one stands around. Catch, dribble, drive, if closed, kick out, then the catcher drives again, until someone gets free. that’s the big difference.

  36. John From OKC says:

    Thank goodness Game Three will be in my native city! Hopefully Mohammed and Aldrich will get more playing time so, if nothing else there will be fresh legs guarding Duncan more of the game. Aldrich is only a rookie, but a promising one, and letting him play in front of supporters could provide a spark to him and his teammates. Also hopefully, Ibaka will not be sitting in crunch time! Whatever induced Brooks to let THAT happen the other night?

  37. ColoradoSpursFan says:

    Two factors the media has not talked about much:

    -Pop vs Brooks
    -OKC being an off the dribble team dominated by 3 guys.

    Pop is maybe the best coach in the biz right now at coming up with schemes to shut down this kind of team. As we are seeing, it is almost impossible to stop a team with 10 guys scoring from all over the floor. Pop knows this and it is not by chance he has designed his offense this way. Another historical example: Detroit’s glorious dismantling of LA in the finals.

    The discipline of the Spurs to stay with there system is impressive. The older teams really shine in the playoffs.

    Props to Durrant–an incredible, unflappable superstar.

  38. SPURSdontliedown says:

    OKC has a 1 in a million shot of beating the Spurs 4 out of 5 times left. So you’re telling me there’s a chance 🙂

  39. David Wright says:

    celtics can stop the spurs?.. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. tks.. I needed a good laugh

  40. robofecto says:

    Spurs in excelent shape, combining defensive discipline, champs experience, rookie spirit and multiple offensive variants. OKC did really well (Durant 31, Harden 30, WB 27) but it´s just not possible to beat last night Spurs´ performance.

  41. Spurs fan says:

    I’m really impressed with what the Spurs are doing. They just seem to always know where they teammates are, they can find open teammate almost any time and they have such a great depth. Hope they win the championship, because they deserve the most of all the teams.With such a smart play, the Thunder is no match for Spurs, even though they are definitely second-best team in the West.

  42. Andy says:

    OKC is deserve that 2-0 lost straight, coz they acted like so emature if they win and never think about we will win with confident but think about we gonna lose and then players gonna play as much as they can, that makes them 80% to win

    • got nasty? says:

      By “they”, I am pretty sure you mean Westbrook. OKC needs a real point guard, not a Dwayne Wade wannabe.

  43. Gerardgetty says:

    spurs are simply the best! I’ve been a fan since Duncan-Robinson, the tween towers era. much better line up for them this season!!! Go spurs Go!!

  44. leohimself says:

    Spurs are amazing. And this is coming from a Spurs hater. I still hope LeBron will finally get his damn ring this year since, in my opinion, Miami is a better team than OKC but it doesn’t look good. Spurs are unbeatable right now.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….have to RESPECT amazing….NOT hate it !!!!….just sayin’….

    • Ayuna says:

      Yea I agree…I am totally a Lebron supporter; he needs a ring ASAP…BUT SAS’ bball IQ is too high for bron bron & them to compete lol…ANY team in the league for tht matter

  45. sctx says:

    all I have to say is….. Heat who???

  46. shaq says:

    not sourgraping or anything but it looks like the lakers have a better chance than okc : )

    • uoykcuf says:

      yes very sour definitely. Lakers fan boy! And OKC can still win. They almost comeback at this blowout game.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      Better chance of what ?? …..getting a better player in the draft??? NOT this year!! ……. Having a longer summer to enjoy…YES !!

    • got nasty? says:

      No way in hell. Remember how the Spurs slaughtered the Lakers without AND with Kobe? Now imagine that happening in a four-game situation.

  47. IdolManu says:

    SAS… fo! fo! fo? fo?

  48. Alex says:

    all i can say for now is GO SPURS GO

  49. Srinivasan says:

    OKlahoma need to sign Kevin Garnett for the next year to get on with it

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….can’t afford him…..might not be able to afford Harden even!!!

  50. here says:

    celtics can stop spurs… just see !!!

    • Kalbo!! says:

      Oh yeah? Well, try to get thru the Heat first. You’ve got more problems to worry about right now. C’s haven’t even won a game yet and you already have something to say about the finals? If you can’t get past Miami, then you don’t even have any right to claim any advantage of your team against the Spurs! On second thought, in the unfortunate event for you that Boston would fall to Heat, you can perhaps still say that if Miami wins the championship against the Spurs! I wouldn’t count on it though as it wouldn’t be a reliable basis still if they won’t really face each other. Bottom line is going back to my original point. Stop “dreaming” too far onwards & take things 1 step at a time. It’s like the game of billiards. Thinking too much about your preparation on the next ball only to end up missing the current one.

      • kiko says:

        I think Boston vs SA in the finals would show great basketball, you’ve go 2 aging teams that are rich in experience and capable of showing heart, who are both genuine even if u take out all the hype, media and marketing stuffs.. but the problem is that the C’s are playing hurt, and it could end up biting their chances out.. oh well, it would be very interesting to finally see TD and KG grinding it out in the post at the grandest stage of them all!

      • got nasty? says:

        This kiko guy is ignorant. The only ones aging amongst the Spurs are Ginobili and Duncan. Other than those guys, the Silver And Black are either young (Green, Leonard, Splitter, Neal, Blair, Mills, Anderson) or at their prime (Jackson, Parker, Bonner, Diaw).

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….not if the Spurs stay healthy!!

    • mb says:

      c’s can stop the spurs but not this year. maybe some other time.

  51. Rage says:

    Harden was terrific on the floor, scoring 30 pts on only 13 FGA. He did what he said he would after game 1 but unfortunately the Spurs were entirely on another level against the OKC in this game 2. I don’t get it why some OKC fans who are criticizing Harden for being aggressive in game 1 when its obvious that he’s one of the main reasons why OKC swept the Mavs and Lakers on-route the CF.

    But for the OKC to even put up a fight, Durant has got to play like the superstar that he is. He should demand for the ball more frequently and tell Westbrook who’s BOSS and who’s the MAIN superstar in the team. OKC can’t win a match-up against the Spurs if Durant is playing as the sidekick!!

    Wade plays second-fiddle to LBJ for the heat, why can’t Westbrook do the same? Durant!!! If you don’t wake up, you ain’t even be playing for a game 5!

  52. Boo2SLU says:

    I am a die hard Boston fan, but I gotta give love to San Antonio. I have not seen a more complete game – both offensively and defensively by a team in years. This Spurs team is scary, and I believe that they are capable of making another run like this next year. I hope all the naysayers who who insisted that they were only 8-0 in the first 2 rounds because they played “easy” teams are now coming to the realisation that the Spurs are the real deal. Its time for the C’s to take care of business tonight too. Triple Double for RR9 tonight!! Shout out to NBA fans worldwide! Nuff love from Saint Lucia!

    • Domedave says:

      Greeting right back to St Lucia from San Antonio

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …..there are NO easy teams in the playoffs!!!!!!!! The only ones who say that are haters, not fans of the game…….they know that in the playoffs the easy teams are watching….AND MANY of those teams are ‘good’ as well…… Anytime, repeat….ANYTIME you sweep any Team in the playoffs, you have to be playing at a consistently high level !!! And to the haters …. the Spurs have been playing that way since February……. Just look back and see the record…..31 of 33….and have lost only 7 since Jan 30th—– 48 & 7…… and Plenty of good defensive teams were beaten in the process………. PS: Another triple-double for rondo might be just what the celts need !!

  53. Darien says:

    Spurs are playing crazy! Thunder need to step up if they want to beat them. I’m a heat fan, but I think Spurs and Heat would be such a boring series, durant vs james is what will get viewers!

    • larry_33 says:

      boring? y? cause they will not play one on one all day like the heat and okc??? thats boring!!! look u have 2 TEAMS, one is playin team basketball, the other team is okc. same with the heat. once, both teams gettin older and slower, they have to show their teamplay, cause one on one will be over someday! but u right, okc and heat will get more tv viewers and thats my biggest concern… maybe in future we will not see the best 2 teams in the finals, we’ll see the best 2 teams with a lot of starplayers which get more tv viewers… just my opinon

    • G says:

      Oh, didn’t know that basketball was about who gets more viewers, more followers, or more twitter posts.
      I thought it was about winning games and championships……

    • Meh says:

      Spurs vs. Bandwagon will be boring because the Eastern Conference Champions will depend on just two guys, while the Silver And Black will click as one machine with multiple parts.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      It is only boring when you don’t like great basketball !! Great basketball is great basketball no matter who the teams are… plain and simple !!

    • RB3SPURS says:

      Well ur obviously following the bandwagon that the SPURS are boring. 2-0 against a very good OKC team, SPURS will get to the finals and then lets here you say how boring the SPURS-HEAT series will be when the HEAT are trailing 0-3.

  54. Rm4 says:


  55. Mike says:

    Hit-a-Splitter or not, this series is over.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      funny all the spurs fans calling for sweep and how the series is over, game one you won by 3 points, game 2 by 9 but had a 22 point lead. Whether you want to admit it or not the only reason they were able to build that lead is numerous no calls when OKc did drive the lane, even my 63 year old mother in law was yelling at the TV. That will not happen in OKC, the sad part is i am sure the Spurs will get the homer calls every game in San antonio.

      • mb says:

        yeah yeah blame it on the refs.

      • Mack says:

        I don’t understand how San Antonio got no calls, OKC actually went to the line more times than SA did that last game. OKC went to the line 36 times, SA went to the line 35.

  56. cowzon says:

    Why is TIm Duncan always considered to be a power forward, every time I have watched him play at least for the last few years (maybe with the exception of combining wayback with the admiral) he has played center not PF???
    Still it bears repeating that when playoff games gets tight in the third and fourth quarters the spurs look to the big fundamental for on court leadership and big time play the rest of the big guys look a little lost in crunch time when the games heat up.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….No one looks lost on the spurs…. what are you watchin’ ???? You are complaining that Tim is playing Center not PF….. Many, if not most, PF’s have a very good post up game…. It is not reserved for centers…..

  57. Brishen Miller says:

    The Spurs might tear through the entire post season, this could be history.

    • Ayuna says:

      Yessir…they JUST MIGHT….As much as I feel like its NOT going to happen, SAS may be on their 3rd sweeper!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….That would be wild……. if it happens—what do they do for an encore next year????

  58. me says:

    OKC should realized by now that they are dealing with an experienced and far more disciplined champions (TD, TP, Manu & Pop, hey, even Capt. Jack is different). They made a mistake of thinking that this team is the same as the undisciplined LA team.

  59. Andrew Gersaniba says:

    The Spurs are 6-0 in the playoffs at HOME. they play terrific basketball. the Thunder needs James Harden, Russel Westbrook and Kevin Durant to step up. although Thunder is down 0-2. I’m still confident that they will bounce back in Games 3 and 4 at Oklahoma City. Thunder Up!

    • bycowboy says:

      Andrew, you say the Thunder need Harden, Durant and Westbrook to “step up?” What would you call 88 points in game 2 (Durant 31, Westbrook 30 and Harden 27)? If they “step up” any more, the Thunder should be able to take 4 games in the next two meetings. I think you should have said “other members to help the big three.”

    • Ayuna says:

      How MUCH MORE can OKC’s big step it up??? I mean those guys not only combined for close to 90 points, they outscored SAS’s big three by 20pts+. Harden alone ended with 30 points!!! OKC seems to yearn for more “OTHERS” production. Truth is OKC’s big three IS doing what they should be, it just hasn’t been enough!!!

  60. SPURS ALL THE WAY says:

    i thought it would be harder for the spurs(maybe it will bi in okc)….. lot of credits to pop’s systeme!!!

  61. Kalbo!! says:

    Uhmm… So… Spurs lead 2-0… @The Master… What did you say about OKC winning the next 4 straight? What happened? Although there’s still that possibility for them to win it all, it’s still a big shame on you to put up a bold but brainless guess… Why don’t you go do something else productive? Like planting trees… You don’t even deserve to put a comment here!

  62. kai says:

    Spurs was just awesome last night. Cant believe how deep this team is and everyone is capable of scoring. Anyone can just step up from Parker, Manu, Duncan, Kahwi, Green, Diaw, Neal, Splitter, Jackson…too many weapons. OKC cant win just relying on 3 players. Ibaka and Perkins seriously need to step up as they were non-existent in the offensive end. As an OKC fan, I want this to reach 6 or 7 games but it’s looking unlikely the way they are being totally outplayed. OKC need to start moving the ball as too many 1 on 1 just wont work.

  63. danito says:

    the only game okc gona win is game 3. spurs in 5 and they gona beat the heat in 4

    • wes says:

      sure. the thunder team that has won nothing in this series can win against a spurs team that hasnt lost since april 11th. seriously. the spurs have a 20 game winning streak working for them. the thunders record against the spurs this season is 1-4. i’m sure i dont need to say anymore

      • NorthPole says:

        And? U sound like the Spurs are going to win all the remaining games against Okc and sweep the Heat(or the Celtics) in the finals… U know that winning streaks are here to be broken, they are not gonna win their games forever and the Spurs know that…

  64. gerald29 says:

    scoot brooks is being out coached by the great pop… thunder is a pure shooting team,, no definite post player ..you cant win championship with that,,,,

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …exactly…. and Pop and the team know it….. and defend accordingly ! Gonna be an intense game on Thursday night!!!

  65. Zakaria says:

    Great SPURS!!!
    Continue in that direction and win the championship!

  66. Douglas says:

    I didn’t really expect it to be so easy. Maybe it will change in OKC, but I don’t really think so. OKC looked rattled at times and Westbrook as awesome as he is, was tired of chasing TP. TP has never looked faster, who can guard him. I don’t understand OKC coach comments about making shots? What the heck is that? Thats what the SPURS do don’t they? Win the next one its over!

    • QuestionMark says:

      They can win in OKC, but the Thunder have to play defense like in the 4th quarter, Spurs went 3/15 at one point, OKC has to switch on pick and rolls instead of having Westbrook go under or over screens, plus all the screens Westbrook had to fight through slowed him down on offense. OKC also has to be perfect with their rotation on defense, if Duncan has the advantage on a switch, then Durant, Sefolosha, Westbrook may have to double team, thats when they have to anticipate the kick out and rotate on defense to contest the 3. Harden, Westbrook and Durant have to do what they did in the 4th, run and drive in the paint and get fouled or make a layup or dunk, Thunders got into the bonus with 8 minutes remaining in the 4th, if they can do that in the 1st quarter and possibly get Duncan, Diaw, Parker into foul trouble, OKC will have a great chance to win.

      • mb says:

        it will be very hard to defend against the spurs. if you double or set a trap on one player, there will be an open player and unfortunately any of the other 4 guys in the court for the spurs can score. they have shooters, cutters and post players. the spurs are well coached and a well balanced team. they are unselfish players (not like 24), they know where and when to kick the ball out or drop it inside. a couple of times in the game, all 5 spurs touched the ball. while okc relies mostly on individual talent.

  67. Amitpal says:

    In order to beat the spurs the thunder have to play almost perfect defense. One thing I would try is trapping Tony hard. That means when he calls for a pick a roll trap him hard up top and bring in a three defender to cover the roller. Thunder have to play smart. I also think the refs need to play better cuz there were fouls those weren’t called. There were also some bad calls. Fisher was not out of bounds. Lol

    • BasketDude says:

      If they send three defenders up to the roller, that would leave 3 people wide open. I noticed when Westbrook guarded Parker, every time Tim Duncan came to pick, he always ended up losing Parker, who would always head to the best place for an open shot. What they should do, is have Westbrook stop when he collides into Duncan and have maybe Harden or Fisher ready to guard Parker when he comes out the other end, then have Westbrook switch with Durant or Ibaka/Perkins because of a mismatch.

    • Mack says:

      On your whole pick and roll defense strategy, it will not work. San Antonio is so good at ball movement and has such great outside shooters that if you do double team Parker, and bring in a third to try and stop the “roller” (usually Duncan), that either Parker or Duncan can easily kick the ball out to any of their 3 point shooters (which they have many). So, instead of SA coming away with scoring 2 they now have 3. Plus, the Spurs bench is so deep that I see it becoming very hard for OKC to get back in this. Yes, the big 3 for the Thunder all scored over 30 in Game 2, but the Spurs bench alone scored 55, and then when you add Parker, Duncan, and the other starters to this, there is no way you can can win with 3 guys scoring over 30, but no one else contributing to that. I see OKC winning one maybe 2 games, but thats it.

  68. JFD says:

    People say this Spurs team will not have a chance against the younger Thunder…

    Let the game speak on the court! Well done Spurs!

    • Josh says:

      Every one was saying the opposite… ESPN, SI, NBA.COM…. every one !
      Very few said the Thunder could win.
      The Spurs are on fire for two months now, and they keep on going !

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Lets see what happens in OKC, lot of No calls in game 2, I notice San Antonio likes to hack the shooter in the lane quite a bit with numerous no calls. Will not get the same Homer treatment in OKC. Yes everyone is going to say the foul calls were even, but if you watched the game by the time they started to actually call stuff for OKc the spurs were already up by 22. they call the fouls and we cut it to 6. awful lot of contact with no calls.

      • mb says:

        okc will get more calls going their way in their home court but unfortunately they only have 3 home games. so the 4 other games, calls will be going spurs way. and yeah, blame it on officiating. always blame it on officiating. can’t you see that even with all three okc players scoring more than 20 pts. they couldn’t win. all three, kd, rw and jh had good games but they still couldn’t win.

      • Sam says:

        The calls were almost unbelievably in OKC’s favor. It is undeniable based on just one stat. Even with hack-a-Splitter and all the intentional fouls they had to give at the end of the game sending SA to the line… even after all of that OKC went to the line 36 time to SA’s 35. That is simply unexplainable. If you employ a hack-a technique and you are down at the end of the game and have to give intentional fouls then there should be a huge disparity it free throw attempts, where the team being intentionally sent to the line over and over again has more trips to the line. But OKC had more! OKC is a younger and more physical team, and there is no explanation why they went to the line more than SA. Just terrible, terrible officiating. They were gifted the bonus in the 4th in the first 3 and half minutes and they still couldn’t come back. This will be the case again in game 3, but if the clear advantage in whistles didn’t put them over the edge already, I don’t see why it will now.

  69. German Rigesti says:

    I think San Antonio did a fenomenal job on offence, where a bit unlucky on their tripple shooting, and certainly awfull at the free throw line, with a very decent deffence, need to do a better job at closing space on wide open K Durant and or Fisher, just a few things that I think can be improved. I wonder what OKC can improve, when you have an oposing team shooting FG over 50 % even with your best defffence and mostly very contested shots, good luck OKC. If I where Popovich I would put al of my weak free throw shooters to practice like now, less than 70% is ludicrous, we ask our High School kids to shoot at least 50%. I have team of fifteen year old boys (El Paso Spurs) and as a team they shoot in competition 70 to 90 % free throws so is very doable.

    • b52spider says:

      Absolutely right. They get paid millions and can’t make a free throw???

    • mb says:

      yep. they should improve their free throws but we also have to understand shooting free throws in games that are televised, with thousands of fans in the stadium and in a very crucial game isn’t an easy task. it looks so easy. it looks like kids can easily do it, heck it might look like i can do it but is it really that easy. can everyone do it?