Streak Impresses Everyone But Spurs

SAN ANTONIO – The wins keep piling up and the Spurs keep playing them down.

The Spurs will take a string of 19 consecutive victories — the fourth-longest winning streak in NBA history — into tonight’s Game 2 of the Western Conference finals (9 ET, TNT) against Oklahoma City, yet they remain less impressed with their growing mountain of success than the path still left to climb.

“When we are asked, we remember that we are on a great streak, but we really don’t care,” said Manu Ginobili. “We are close, seven games away from accomplishing something way bigger than a streak. If it’s happening, fine. But we always think about the next game and how tough it’s going to be.”

They are currently tied on the league’s all-time win streak list with the 2000 and ’01 Lakers and with a win tonight, the Spurs would join the 1971 Bucks as only the fourth team ever to win 20 straight games. The NBA record is 33 in a row by the ’72 Lakers, followed by the ’08 Rockets, who won 22 in a row.

But no matter how hard one tries, it’s impossible to get the Spurs to bite on acknowledging their accomplishment to date.

“Nobody’s going to say anything in the seventh inning,” said reserve guard Gary Neal, comparing the streak to a no-hitter in baseball. “Right now, we’re in the seventh inning. We got seven more outs.

“In the scheme of things, what’s a streak when you’ve won four championships? Everything here is always put in perspective. The leaders of our team, starting with Coach Pop (Gregg Popovich), Tim Duncan, Manu, Tony (Parker), they always do a great job of that, just keeping everything in perspective.

“If it doesn’t turn out the way we want it to turn out, with us winning the championship, nobody is going to talk about the streak or even care about the streak. Maybe after we complete our goals people will talk about the streak.”

Only two teams have had a longer streak than the Spurs’ current nine in a row to start the playoffs. The ’89 Lakers and the ’01 Lakers both won 11 straight to begin the postseason, but only one of those teams went on to win the championship. The ’89 Lakers were swept by Detroit in the NBA Finals.

“If we lose (tonight), then all that goes down the drain,” said Stephen Jackson. “What we’ve done up to this point doesn’t matter. We have to be ready to win Game 2.”


  1. NBA says:

    The San Antonio Spurs are hands down the best team in the NBA. They can sweep OKC or win in 5. The Heat are overrated, the Spurs beat them in 5 or 6. The Spurs own the NBA. 20 wins in a row is not easy!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Form the very beginning I wanted the Spurs and Thunder to meat in the western conference finals. They are the top two teams in the NBA right now. OKC is playing very hard, their top three players are scoring great but their getting beat by a better team. The Spurs have a lot of versatility and experience they are just to good. Going 10-0 is impressive for a veteran team to do. I actually though the series would be tied right now. This just shows how great San Antonio is as a team.

  3. James says:

    I am a loyal Heat fan ever since TIm hardaway and Alonzo’s years… loyal up to now. I’m also a big fan of Bron ever since he came from Cleveland and fell the world has been to hard on Miami’s big 3 even if they actually sacrificed a lot of money just to have c chance and play together…

    The big 2 is actually 2 of the best 4 basketball players in the planet today (Mix in Kobe and Durant)

    But they will hit a road block against the Spurs. IT’S INEVITABLE!!! A galant stand for the Heat and the biggest challenge for San Antonio (maybe the ONLY challenge this post season), But I pick Spurs in 6.

    Another Game 6 finals’ heartbreak for the Heat… Even if Bosh returns, he will be out of shape… Man, I hate our unlucky breaks, with this good old timers (Duncan, Nowitzki, Kidd, Ginobilli, Terry, Parker) always spoiling the EHat party….

    Not one, not two… but 5 championship… failures…..

    The East is always in the bag but somehow, but a different beast emerges from the West.
    They better get Steve Nash, if he joins a powerhouse team in the West to win a ring (say Lakers or Thunder) next season, it will happen again next year….

    Three championship…. failures in a row for the Heat. They did not join forces to win 5 East conference championships right?

  4. Daniel NZ says:

    Number of arrogant players on the SPURS squad 0
    Number of arrogant players on the Heat squad 12
    Number of championships for the SPURS 4 …….. maybe 5
    Number of Championships for the Heat 1 ………. that ain’t no dynasty

  5. duro says:

    Well, that’s what I like most in the Spurs’ culture: no bragging about past achievements (although they have a few), no celebration of today’s petty glories (remember over-excited Heat’s celebrations after their won of last year’s East finals?)
    Just focus on today’s/tomorrow’s goal, always, in order to better aim at the only goal they care of: championship.
    After all, would you expect some care about record streaks from a team capable of voluntarily let go some reg.season games in order to maintain the best shape for playoffs?

  6. Reggie love the spurs says:

    I like the Thunder and they will win championships in the future but this year they will not. This series will be a great teach tool for them. They have grown tremendously over the last 4 years. This year belongs to Spurs. They just want except anything less. They have more weapons, experience than any team still playing. Tim Duncan, rookie of the year, MVP twice in NBA All Star, 4 times NBA champion and the greatest power forward of ll times. Tony Parker all star, 3 time NBA Champion, NBA MVP finalist, Finish this year as third or fourth MVP canadate for the league. Manu Ginobilli all star NBA, 6th man of the winner, Olympic champion, 3 times NBA Champion. Greg Popovich The smartest coach on the planet. A bench 10 men deep with experoence and talent, 3 point sharp shooters, defensive players, youth,,,, do I need to say any more. See you in the finals.

  7. hpuff says:

    nos os spurs vamos ganhar custe o que custar vamos vencer os O C T e os nossos veteranos ginobili, duncam e parker vão erquer a taça em texas yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  8. tony says:

    Tomorrow blog you wont see any SA fans’ comments

    • carl says:

      i don’t think so tony… they are in good shape this year.. OKC lead 9 points in 3q but the Spurs still to managed the to victory….

  9. Reev says:

    Pop was right in calling the first half “sloppy”. I’ve never seen so many turnovers and blocked shots. I’m glad the Spurs adjusted during the 4th. We’ll see a more disciplined team at Game 2. Go Spurs Go!

  10. Sri says:

    From Pop to Buford.. Timmy to Tony.. Manu to Neal…..every Spur is a true symbol of Professionalism, Sportsmanship , Simplicity and what not…. They are the best sport team in present era… Go Spurs Go..!!!

  11. Sick says:

    Spurs will sweep both OKC and Boston/Heat
    no way in hell Spurs will lose even a game in this post season
    go spurs go. you are my favorite team.

  12. SPuRs just want to win as much as possible. Need to stop OKC bad.. They have good shooters and if they get hot, they’re unstoppable. SPuRs need to get their rhythm back. TOO much rest sometimes is not gonna help. WE expect to see the REAL SPuRs’ basketball tonight and the next games ahead.

  13. Belizeboy says:

    Lol it impresses the Spurs fans mainly. If they sweep the Thunder then I’ll be impressed. So far they swept the Jazz, and a banged up mostly inexperienced Clipper team. Did pleople forget that there are three All-Stars on this team?

    • kobe says:

      stop hating..heat have three allstars and pacers won 2 games ..should have been 3…whats your point

      • Belizeboy says:

        Point is I’m not impressed which I cleary state. Do you understand english? Heat have two active stars at the moment so your point fails. Not sure how pointing out the obvious is hating…

    • kobe says:

      they won 19 games in a row and not impressed?but if your HEAT did that u would b all over blog sites..ur name says it all ..just a boy

    • Proo says:

      spurs don’t need to impress you. winning the championship is what the SPURS are all about. they are a no non-sense team, wishing to impress Belizeboy. Your heat can impress you all they want, but they won’t win no championship BOY.

  14. killuabest says:

    spurs in 4-1 win..period..

  15. Brianda says:

    Go Spurs! 🙂

  16. kobe24 says:

    spurs in 5…

    birng on the HEAT….

  17. LB says:

    I love every interview I read from a Spurs players. They are all so grounded. The whole organization is. I know that comes from the top (management) down (players). I am also a fan of the Thunder but they’ll have years to make their mark. Go Spurs Go!

  18. Douglas says:

    Ya its very nice, but when you play every game as a win or die situation you have to win. I don’t think any team can really say they just want to win the home games and be happy with the home court advantage do they. OKC can explode and win by 20 easy, as can the Spurs. This is good!