Rondo Talk Doesn’t Faze Heat

MIAMI –– This wasn’t exactly Larry Bird calling his team “soft,” or was it? Rajon Rondo thought the Celtics allowed Dwyane Wade and LeBron James too many easy looks at the rim in Game 1 and said more resistance is in order.

“They have to hit the deck,” he said, and for the second straight series, the Heat might be provoked by a desperate opponent. The Pacers tried that last week, with Tyler Hansbrough whacking Wade hard enough to draw blood, which in turn had Udonis Haslem seeking justice.

James, for one, simply shrugged off Rondo’s warning.

“I don’t need to prepare for something I already think is going to happen every game,” he said. “I expect to be put on the deck and then you go to the free throw line. Being physical has always been a part of the opponent’s game plan against every team I’ve been on.”

Wade was dismissive, too, but only to an extent: “We’re not just going to let anyone come and punk us.”

James and Wade never put themselves in position to get ejected for fighting; they know they’re too important for that. The retaliating is usually left to others. Besides, all Rondo did was alert the referees to be quick with their whistles, in case the physical play creeps close to being over the line.

Strangely enough, the last time a player hit the deck hard in a game between these teams was Rondo. Last spring, in a collision with Wade, Rondo nearly broke his arm. He showed amazing toughness and a competitive spirit by returning to play with a dislocated elbow, which limited him the rest of a series that Miami easily won.

But, as Rondo clarified the other day, he and the Celtics don’t plan anything “dirty.” Which was nice of him to say.


  1. ha ha yes says:

    Yes lebron youll get the money but i wont and i repeat i wont give you the championship

  2. ha ha yes says:

    Ha ha wow even the blind could see and know officiating was of the lowest standards wow really! they call themselves refs ha its a joke because karnet speak the truth about certain people the celtics will always be in a hot spot ticky tacky fouls please other players all over garnet and peirce back brawling and bear huging no foul call ha ha its a joke check the stats lebron to the foul line 24 times ha ha ha the celtics to the foul line only 38 good plan officiating team its hard to beat 7 with 5 ha ha when will someone start investigating dont even want to mention the miami team trips to the foul line joke joke chalmers taunting ha ha ha then you know what we will target one of their best players and foul him out with some ticky tacky foul calls and yes thats how we plan it joke messing up the nba

  3. Ruby Hume says:

    If a point guard (Rondo) can score 22 points before Wade got his first shot in a playoff game, this is definitely not the best team in NBA!!! Wade couldn’t break Rondo’s arm last night so he hit his head and got away with it. Parker and his team will show James and Wade how to play the big boys’ game.

    James would have killed to join the Celtics a couple of years ago but ended up playing for Miami. He is a good player but not good enough to win the one that counts. Maybe he should learn how to sell men’s underwear by Fruit of the Loom without the ring (Oh, that was so funny! Thanks to JustPlayBall).

  4. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:

    Yeah!!! Blah blah blah blah blah!!! HEAT in 5!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kevin says:

    yeah baby, the Celtics will definitely bounce back..
    Dont think that the Celtics will play dirty, they might play physical but playing dirty is far different from playing physical..

    • Ruby Hume says:

      Wade is a dirty player and would not hesitate to hurt someone on the court. KG might play dirty at times, but he is too smart to get caught, and he would never intentionally hurt anyone. Yes, Boston might lose, but the team has pride and integrity, and that is why the media and sports world give them a lot of respect.

      To respond to HATERS GONNA HATE: Rondo is NOT afraid to take open jump shots and has been shooting quite well (didn’t you watch last night’s game?). With all the missing free throws and technical fouls for Boston during Game 1, Miami scored only 93 points, and they were behind -15 points at Game 2. Boston is not a healthy team; yet, Game 2 was not an easy win for Miami. They used a huge, so called superstar named James to guard a small point guard, who scored 44 points (it didn’t look like Rondo was afraid to make those shots, did it?). For those who believe that Miami can beat the Spurs, maybe you should be the one to plan a fishing trip.

  6. Haters gonna hate says:

    Losers will always find a reason for their fall.. And for rajon… Why you no take open looks… HAHAHA… All rounded player indeed… but won’t take open jump shots… why? because he’s afraid to miss and he’s afraid that everyone would see his lame shooting… hahaha LMAO… GO celtics ^_^

  7. Haters gonna hate says:

    Wow… Celt fans are really bitter fans… sore losers… last year wade did what? damn stupid fans… if wade really wanted to break rajon’s arm in that play he would, he can… but in rondo’s reflexes made him use his arm for cushion in their clash leading to his broken arm… what’s dirty with that? and wait who was called the dirtiest player in the nba? i think KG was… Not lebron nor wade… but i guess i can’t blame bitter losers like you celt fans… hahah… LMAO

  8. Tygger2K6 says:

    A lot of STUPID people here. Y’all know who you are. Just read your own damn comments again and tell yourself, “I’M STUPID!”

  9. Abe says:


  10. usmaine says:

    This article like from a politician, justice? for what? for a suspension? collision? collision to break an opponent’s arm? Come on! How about the Kobe’s bleeding during the all-star game? Where is the justice? The reason why Wade has been never ejected is because the referee is too nice to him and knows Heat can’t win without him. Rando is right, the celtics need to play more physically, let alone it is a ploy-off series.

    • Abe says:

      Your comment: Rando is right, the celtics need to play more physically, let alone it is a play-off series.

      The facts:

      Remember- Rondo is an AMAZING Player and does not need to put himself in this position. I understand that MAINE has no pro basket ball teams- so you are CELTICS Fans- but the TRUTH is in video.

      KG- Handled is HAWKS Situation the right way- my props to KG.

  11. Abe says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    In regards to RONDO’s desperate comments: PLEASE BE ADVISED- HE HAS PUT HIMSELF AND HIS TEAM UNDER THE REFEREE’S MICROSCOPE- NOT GOOD! This is a guy who has been ejected for hitting Referees, what makes you think they are not going to take his comments serious!

    Most IMPORTANT: Look at the PACERS Fallout- they tried to get dirty, including Larry Birds comments and it only woke up a “SLEEPING LION”!!!! If I was KG, ALLEN- I would tell RONDO “PLAY AND DONT TALK.” Remember the HAWKS Owner “WOKE UP THE CELTICS BY CALLING THEM (KG) DIRTY- How did that work out? LOL! IF THEY HURT A HEAT PLAYER- WE WOULD ONLY WISH PITTMAN WAS BACK FOR SOME MORE MMA MUAY THAI.

  12. sam says:

    the pacers already TRIED to play physical on the heat and look what happened…hah good luck celtics…celtics dont faze us!

  13. Deon Smooth says:

    People forget back in ’07 the Spurs swept the LeBron-led Cavaliers. The Spurs have a bench, and they also move the ball very well.The Heat don’t have a bench, and LeBron and Wade take over all the scoring. Not to mention Pop is a way better coach than Spo. No two-man team will beat the Spurs. And this is coming from a die-heart Bulls and OKC Thunder fan.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….the only people who ‘forgot’ are those bronbron lovers who are STILL in denial about their so-called superstar….. NOT superstar…super-HYPE …… remembering he didn’t want to take important shots at the ends of games is still pretty funny

  14. SpursAreLame says:

    And screw the media! Rondo’s comments were completely normal and relevant for anyone who wants their team to win. A player can’t open his mouth anymore without the media trying to turn nothing into something.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …..Spurs are lame??? Get a real moniker, chump!!! heat are lame AND spoiled and all about one-on-one play….very predictable !! and Ragin’s comments were also predicable, just like the celts are lame(how are you gonna win with your big man gettin all of his points from 15-20 foot jump shots—pound the ball down low !!)…BUT it is gonna be a good game tonite…… celts cannot afford to lose and be down by 2…. should be very interesting!!

  15. Louise says:

    one more thing, KG IS NOT DIRTY. that’s basketball. And by the way, in Game 1 of this series, i was DISAPPOINTED. There was clearly a lot of calls the refs didn’t call! >.< sorry guys if im being too much of a heat hater, i mean every person who likes a team is a hater of all the other team. =P

  16. Davi Boruszewski says:

    Bah, I miss that Pistons 89 team…, those things could have changed the NBA into a better game, but now everybody stands up for chickens like Lebron.

  17. Louise says:

    So I gotta admit, IM A DIE HARD BOSTON FAN. aint kidding. The only fudging reason Queen James,,, *cough* James moved to South Beach was to win a championship. They had the chance last year. But they couldn’t get it. I used to L-O-V-E the HEAT coz of D-Wade. He was amazing! Even now. I don’t like him anymore coz he got so proud of himself and thinks that he can be cool just coz Lebron came. I REALLY,REALLY,REALLY,REALLY, IF THERE WAS A CHANCE…. i want the CELTICS to win ONE LAST CHAMPIONSHIP. You guys know why? Coz it’s the last year their BIG THREE are gonna play together. KG AND RAYRAY ARE GONNA BE GONE. Im not saying the THE TRUTH and RONDO cant do it,, but boston needs the Big three! This season i mean this playoffs or Eastern finals is probably gonna be last time they’re gonna get this far…. =((( im only 14 and I almost cried about this. I AM A CELTIC. ❀

  18. knickfan212 says:

    Bron and D.Wade are too smart to get ejected for fighting in an important game like the Eastern Finals. Like James says, he doesn’t have to prepare for something he knows will happen every game. Heat, Spurs looks like the ring game.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …….All this confidence after just ONE game…… wow…..pretty funny

      • HAHA says:

        it will be TWO game after tonight, and then THREE, FOUR…. and go fishing, wait… bring OKC with you hahahaha

        Be ready to kiss your Celtics g-bye in 4 game.

        Spurs and Heats

  19. Fire says:

    HATE – Causes your perspective to be seared and you have many false dillusions. True definition of all the HEAT haters! Peace and love be with you all – Lol

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      Hey man….. it is not like the heaters SWEPT their way here now……. is it???? And it is you and ALL of the bronbron sycophants that ARE deluded…. He has NO rings…..but he HAS one defeat after being up a game in the Finals and , Of Course, he has BEEN SWEPT in the finals !! That is NOT the resume of the ‘best player’ in the league by ANY stretch….. but, hey, you say OTHER fans have ‘false “dillusions” ??? …. better look in the mirror !!!

    • Abe says:

      AMEN- LETS GO 3-0-5 MIA!!!!!!

  20. john says:

    Heat gonna sweep the old boston team….Chris bosh is getting healthy and reserved on finals…its HEAT time……sorry Celtics but your times is past on….

  21. malacate says:

    Well the truth is that d wade is dirty I used to like his actitud and profesionalsm but since lebron join him he became kind of arrogant and stupid and mocking nowitzki in the finals I really dont know why wade change his actitud and let me tell you this if the heat does not win the champion this year I bet you that the one that is going to be traded is going to be d wade because you never let nobody else go in to your own house and take over your stuff and d wade allowed just that wiht lebron and bosh

  22. OmyBlaze57 says:

    I don’t know why you guys call Garnett “dirty”. You call him dirty just because he knows how to do things in his advantage in a way that the referees doesn’t see him, but you’ve never seen him giving flagrant fouls or none of that. He’s simply tactical. The term dirty can go to Wade, which I’ve seen a lot of times giving hard fouls to every part of the body except the ball, Metta World Peace, Udonis Haslem, Pittman, Bynum, and some others that just do some crazy things in order to harm somebody, and not playing smart the game of Basketball. In conclusion, some of you give the term smart a dirty definition, which doesn’t match with the term smart itself.

  23. sunnyice says:

    All of you haters shut up. The only reason LBJ is hated by all these haters is because he is the best player in the league right now and haters will always hate the best if he is not on their team. This is always the case if you look back in history, the best player is always the most hated. laughing at all you so called basketball fans hating the best basketball player right now..

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …..NOT the best…… He didn’t even win the scoring title which is 90% of his ‘best player’ game……. so just what exactly does make him the best player…. the most highlights on espn….. I think Griffin got that this year…. So what is it that makes hi sooooooo great …. He can pick who he wants to play for…. AND with ??? Enjoy your ‘best player’ talk…… Because that is ALL IT IS….. TALK !!!!!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        …Oh, I know ….. He is “THE MOST hyped” player since mj–(but mj had rings)…… maybe when he retires with NO rings he can still get a job pushin’ underwear with ‘fruit-of-the-loom’…..!!!!!

      • Willem says:

        you know lebron is first picked in NBA-defensive team right?

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ….yeah, I know….don’t agree, but just my opinion…… Great game last night though….. Heat came through in the clutch….overcoming some missed free throws and played like a Team with the bench playing a large role…. Rondo played his heart out but the Boston bench let the team down…. Great game by DWade after a slow start….made some incredible shots….officiating was good, overall…. Gonna be a pressure game for the Celts on Friday!!

  24. King says:

    Lebron haters will keep crying & calling him overrated… just look @ his game – most complete player in the game, no one’s even close!!!

    Go cry about something else!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….cry…. you boys and girls are doin the cryin….. history and reality are NOT on your side and you just can’t take it…. bronbron is a wannabe until he holds at least ONE trophy!! He is a two-time loser so far (not many share that RECORD) and doesn’t want to take the final shot half of the time…. what kind of ‘winner’ so you call that, anyway…. and sunnyice here below this entry…. what makes you think the best player is the most hated….. Not the BEST …. just the most “self-absorbed” players are the most hated!!! Live with it!!!

      • HAHA says:

        you must be from Cleveland??? just can’t get over with Lebron walking away…. hahahahaha you poor OLD man

      • Willem says:

        you know that Jordan won his first championship when he was 28,,,you thought he was a wannabe at that time…?

  25. LeBron is a Punk says:

    LeBron is a punk who is one of the dirtiest players out there, who gets away with a lot thanks to the refs. Last game of the season when they played the Bulls, he took a cheap shot at CJ Watson – no T called. Now in the playoffs, I have seen him throw THREE intentional elbows that could have caused a lot of damage if they landed, and NO CALLS. He runs into the lane like a linebacker and pushes his defenders out of the way – offensive foul – NO CALL. Yet he then looks at the refs after every play with his arms out like “where’s my foul? Even though I am the one fouling or I felt someone breath on me. Just hand me my trophy now gimmie waaaaaaah” He even gets up now from the bench and checks out the refs replay tv and then makes a goofy face after foul calls on the CHeat. What joke… I hope he chokes like the past 6 years have shown what he is – a chokefest when it goes down to the wire. I hope Boston shows up to play and beats them like they did in the regular season, but I doubt they will. It’s probably going to be up to the Spurs to stop LeBron from winning, which is a shame because I really like DWade and Bosh….

    • John says:

      Your stupid James has played a complete game and has not got upset at all. He is playing ball which is why he is winning

  26. jimbo999 says:

    All Heat haters, all Bulls and Celtic fans, OKC fans…and what ever is crawling under every rock who pretends to know how to play basketball…shut up and just watch greatness unfolding from the Heat!!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      You make me laugh, GUMBY……. Heat are just mad they couldn’t “BUY” a championship like the celts did….tooooooo damn bad…… twolves sunk to the bottom, sonics crashed and burned all the way down to OKC.. AND then cavs became the league doormat…. all for ONE… JUST one Title….. what a shame!!! When these over-hyped players learn to play as a team, they might win a title or two. In a time when ans put up with players trying to run the show by playing where they demand iit is Fun watching them squirm when things don’t go their spoiled little way !!! lol……lol PS: There is NO greatness in the east…… unless you are blinded by bronbron !!!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        in a time when “FANS” put up with…..

      • sam says:

        are you on crack? quit critisizing the heat. have you watched the past 4 games? because they are playing GREAT ball and everyone knows it. i hope they win the championship this year to shut people like you up! HATER

  27. Allyn says:

    LeBron, please show celtics fan some stats..
    I think 30 points are not enough for them..
    1-0 going to 4-0..

    haters please accept that celtics will try again next year,,


  28. Ryan says:

    LEBRONS JAMES AND DWADE ARE GOOD, BUT THEY CANNOT WIN WITH only 2 PLAYERS. THEY ARE NOT like… michael jordan and scotty pippen. They are like ncaa basketball players.

    Trust me, RAY allen, K Garnett, R Rando, and PPierce are like Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippen because they play proffessional HEROES. (not a wannabe….Lebron never can be Jordan. He cannot even compare to KB. Dwade just a wannabe JORDAN,(BUT WADE never can be MJ).


  29. amjad barghuthi says:

    lebron james is a kitkatt player…negative player with negative outcome…good luck next year

  30. Lord P says:

    Boston Fans you’ll better shut up the dirtiest player in this series play on your team..Kevin Garnett is the guy!!Wade is the one who get hit most of the time from when he entered in the league..he is a pure competitor..You are all haters cause the guy is tremendously good and tough!!

  31. karolisjachimavicius says:

    Hansbrough’s stupideria doesn’t justify Haslem’s stupideria. And you forgot Pittman, who went all artest on Stephenson, angry that Lebron choked. That surely can’t help James unchoke!

  32. karolisjachimavicius says:

    Hansbrough’s stupideria doesn’t justify Haslem’s stupideria. And you forgot Pittman, who went all artest on Stephenson.

  33. B-town says:

    long long time*

  34. B-town says:

    love boston, hate the heat for lebron’s decision, dont respect him anymore, anyhow wich ever team gets to the finals will get riddiculed by san antone. theyre playing their best basketball in a long long town. although i hope boston gets through and beats the heat

    • Louise says:


  35. Sir Sam says:

    Boston can play as rough as they want to, but what must be realized is that Boston ran out of gas in the 4th quarter. If they play any rougher that they already are I recomend that the “Doc” keep a sufficiant supply of Geritol on the bench. The old guys will need it. OOOOHHHHH!

  36. emerson says:

    Good talk if Celtics walk that talk, what I think it is not the case…Cs are too old to play tough minded plays with Wade and Lebron gang. OKC could make this Heat “to have to hit the deck”, but Spurs is proving quite the opposite. Good basketball fundamentals is enough. Let’s see what could happen at the finals between Heat and Spurs.

  37. aj says:

    I honestly laugh at the heat. Jordan did it by himself, and then taught Pippen to be his “Robin” the heat are honestly pussies

  38. Law064 says:

    No matter who comes out the east the West will hold the title this year but I still think Boston can take this series banged up and all. If they continue to struggle on offense they’ll be toast. Go Boston let’s get 1 on the road. I have to agree Wade is becoming a dirty player and it’s sad he’s the only member of Miami I’m a fan of. Sorry if Miami win this series the Spurs or thunder will beat them anyhow

  39. bbyXprs says:

    I would love to see a physical match-up. Unfortunately, the reffing in Miami is bogus. Game 1 of this series was ridiculous! It just makes the entire Miami team look like a bunch of pansies. I feel bad for the Celtics, because you better believe when a team goes to Miami the refs will have a hay day with their whistles. I can’t believe the NBA hasn’t said anything about the officiating there. If I were a player on any team I would be more afraid of the refs in Miami then the team itself. I’m sorry, did I say team? I surely didn’t mean to call miami a team… Good luck to the celtics. I hope they can beat the refs.

  40. Jack says:

    i wonder still a FAKERS fans are alive, i think you guys were searching for a LAKER article and yet u cant find, okei welcome,

  41. HeatFTW! says:

    Coming from the Heat fan, I’m just gonna say it….the Heat will win this series in 5. The Celtics showed that they were too old and too slow to compete with the Heat in game 1. Plus, with the Heat’s bench coming through for them finally, and with Wade and James on a HUGE roll right now….there’s no way they can be stopped by them. The youngest and fastest player on the C’s is Rondo…and he can’t do it all.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….playing well in ONE game does not mean the ‘bench’ is coming through for them….. maybe if they do it on a consistent basis like some other team in the playoffs has shown. then THAT can be considered “coming through” ro them….

      • sam says:

        the bench has actually stepped it up the last 4 games which played a big factor in why the heat won those games. hopefully they can keep this pace up…

  42. phrueben says:

    Why would boston want to play physical with a younger and stronger team? the reality is that Wade and Lebron as much as they flop, they also get hard fouled all the time.

    Boston won’t be able to show Miami anything they haven’t seen before.

  43. Will Boston All The Way says:

    Rondo Is Very Competitive and he will not allow The Heat To Run Over Him ! Last Spring He Was Scoring with One Arm If He Is Not The Greatest Point Guard In The League I Dont Know Who Is

    • sam says:

      um pretty sure tony parker is the best point guard in the league…

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ….ditto…….and it is being “proven” in every game of the playoffs…. and still ‘someone else’ is the best PG in the league….. lol……. but that is the way it always is….. and that is just fine……’under the radar’ is a great way to fly, especially when the ability to be humble is also a great part of Tony’s game…… BUT, I must hand it ot Ragin’ Rondo…. he is tough and even though he doesn’t possess a great jump shot, he always seem to get his share of points….. like at the end of the last game against Philly…. a great performance form someone who supposedly “can’t shoot” !!! I think the series is going for the distance…. Or Maybe just 6 games…. Should be fun to watch them try to beat each other up….. I would like to see some better shooting percentages (and if is NOT all because of great defense) before I call any of those two teams ‘Great’ !!

  44. AwwPlease says:

    Miami can beat Boston, I dont see them being much of a threat. HOWEVER I dont know if the Heat can swat off the Spurs. We shall see.

  45. Dylan says:

    why must miami think they are the shiz all the time? you guys get to the finals and title round but lose it… so till your new guys win 17 or 16 championships, you arguements are void.

    • Sir Sam says:

      Miami will not have the great heritage the Boston have, but they are graeter than Boston in 2012. History is great but the present is relavent. Miami in 5 in 2012.

  46. loomis says:

    wade is dirty as hell. but it doesnt matter coz the heat will suffer on the hands of the spurs or thunder.

  47. Zoom says:

    Excluding 2006, Miami has yet to win a championship. Until they do, the “BIG THREE” moniker still belongs to Boston. Moreover, until the Heat wins a championship, the Celtics still owns them…

    • Willem says:

      so you say lets not talk about their championship in 2006 so you can say they never won a championship….?

  48. Slater says:

    The Heat have nothing to worry about apart from “Kevin Garnett” . Pierce is tuff but the celtics can’t run from the fact that Pierce and Allen are banged up , lebron and wade are playing at a higher level than anyone else in the league at the moment , once they continue this they will hold the trophy at the end .

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      you are deluded …. as usual…… ‘higher level’ than anyone else…… if all you watch is heatball….and it’s nice, too, because the rest of the team is not playing all that well….. And no wins with just two hot dogs anymore…… even with a bruised up Bosh….. Heat is too ‘one-on-one’ style and they don’t include the rest of the team to get them and then ‘keep’ them in the rhythm of the game to have any effect late…..

      • John says:

        What games do you watch man. I seem to see Chalmers and UD getting points as well Miller if this was one on one ball why is the Heat other scorers getting in double figures

      • HeatFan27 says:

        Did you watch the last 3 heat games? Yes there were some bad calls in them but Wade and Lebron owned the Pacers and Celtics. Seems like you can win with “just two hot dogs”. Just leave, hater.

  49. hahaha says:

    im sorry, but didnt the Pacers already try this tactic? LOL

  50. Law064 says:

    Rondo’s simply saying make it tough on them. Not giving them easy lanes to the basket because that’s Lebron & Wade’s strength. He’s not saying let’s be the 86-90 detroit pistons. Go Boston let’s steal 1 on the road

  51. Kelly says:

    Wade is the dirty player (like last year when he “pulled” Rondo down- and, yes, with malice)- Celtics, unlike Bron’s hairline, are not fading- we are just “heating” up baby- now, lets go out- let the truth get loose and KG patrol the paint and just maybe give Wade another lazy eye to match his solo one he has now- yeah- now that is real for ya fellas. Go C’s.

    • hooplover says:

      like lebron’s what? his hairline? really, are you serious? that’s the funniest thing i’ve “read” all day!!!! you, my friend, should be on stage with you name up in lights. boooooooo heat!!!!

    • mikealf305 says:

      KG cant concentrate on a target long enough he likes to play hit and run.

  52. blah says:

    heat have a great chance to beat the spurs.
    they blew them out during the regular season

  53. Chris says:

    the Celtics are not fading…. they’re just banged up and some players are not healthy…. KG is playing like a young timberwolf…..

  54. Wadefan says:

    Rajon will probably just go to garnett and ask him to do the dirty work. He is one of the dirtiest players in the paint. Im just happy the refs are starting to see it just look at the last couple of games. Rajon can talk but Wad & Lebron just play to prove what their worth.

  55. Mike says:

    Everybody knows that D Wade is a dirty player. He straight up pushed Rip Hamilton down to the floor in that last meaningful game against the Bulls. Lebron got in on it too, throwing elbows to John Lucas III. D Wade should have been ejected for his action, yet he wasn’t. And that’s the luxury of being an elite player, because if Joel Anthony just blatantly stopped playing defense and pushed somebody down, he would have been ejected. It really doesnt matter who wins the east though, because the Spurs are gonna win it all. The Thunder are the western conferences version of the Heat and the Spurs and straight schooling them. It’s a wrap

    • mikealf305 says:

      everybody talks nonsense like the haters they are all those plays are a retalation of what the other players are doing rip elbowed wade first the only difference is that wade is a lot stronger than rip and rip lost in the strength department. lucas was mad he ran into a screen which his team mate did not warn him about.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        Stronger… in bully stronger??…. not in his discipline, where he has little…… So in your universe a player can push someone out of bounds because he ‘thought’ there was an bad non-call?? ….. typical of the spoiled ones …… If they never learn that then they will Never be considered a great sportsman…… remember the young people are watching these games and it would be nice to see some great basketbal instead of all the whining and bad faces….. just sayin’

  56. Meg says:

    Celtics are too old for MIAMI….

    they won’t stand a chance!


  57. Jepoy3 says:

    Let them be physical against the heat…………to unleash again the beast in them, like we saw in Heat-Pacers series… They might want to ask some advice to the fake tough guy wannabe superstar from the Pacers…however, they got burned after being physical…lol

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      what’s the matter big boy…..don’t you like it when somebody stands up to the HYPE machine down there is S beach??? I thought it was …”About Time” !!!!! I hope the celts get wadebaby all flustered again so he can have another little boy temper tantrum with his superior….LMAO…

      • hitman says:

        hater.. u knw wat justplayball everytime i read a heat fan comment about the topic your name always comes up. stop hating man. if u dont like the heat then stop watching nba. i think ur a cleveland/lakers/pacers/bulls fan. hating someone doesnt affect to the person u hate, it will affect you. they dont even knw u man. their millionaires already they dont care about u. when they retire they dnt work anymore we all knw this(millions in the bank). i think even if you work 24/7 til u reach 100yo u cannot have that money. so stop hating enjoy the game and enjoy your life.. stop hating.

  58. nbafan says:

    how to be dirty with 2nd team(heat) in flops and acting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    u play i little harder and wade and lebron cry like girls and start acting……

  59. TheBigTicket says:


  60. BOSTONIAN says:

    HEAT style is different from CELTICS! but what i admire about the CELTICS team is they can win a championship without harming the opponent intentionally like what WADE does to rondo last season…i hope this series finish without anyone get injured πŸ™‚

    • mikealf305 says:

      rondo should be singing with all the divas.

      • Abe says:

        Rondo will be a PACER next season and making choke signs, getting in peoples faces….and of course- LOSING IN THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!


    These refs have definitely been bought off! A technical on Ray Allen? Really!!!!!!!!! Another one on Doc Rivers – for what???
    There was absolutely no reason for those calls – they are destroying the game of basketball. You have to call the game even or there is no integrity in the game. They need to have all new officials for tonight’s name in order to restore integrity for me.
    I am disgusted! And the Commissioner should be – where in the hell is he?

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      I am NO celts fan but those techs were awful…especially the one on rivers……wtf!!!

  62. EVEN IF THE HEAT DEFEATS THE BOSTON CELTICS,THERE IS NO CHANCE IN HELL ARE THEY GOING to win agains the spurs/thunder…..2 against 5 has an obvious result

    • Francisco says:

      you never know, yes 2 , but the best 2 in the league

      • Gladys says:

        Everyone said OKC were going to kill the Spurs and look what is hapenning, Tkae a look at the games its not two anymore Battier, Miller and Chalmers are playing their roles.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        LMAO you are funny….’the best two in the league’….. You can’t be an MVP on a team with the ‘second best’ player in the league…. Did DWade come in second in the mvp voting???? I think not…… and BTW….. the two time lose is NOT , REPEAT…….NOT the best player in this league anyway…. for the same reason!!!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        “two-time loser”…!!!…..and..@Gladys….. it was only ONE game out of how many that they played well….. don’t expect that to continue through the series

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        …. AND BTW !!! Gladys, who in the h*ll is the “everyone” you referred to ???? Were they from this country??? Or maybe just your small group of friends and heatlovers perhaps…..????? Because that is NOT the way it has been portrayed in the national media….. in case you missed it!!!!

    • Willem says:

      against those two team combined they are 2-1….more theories?

  63. lbjfan says:

    the game tonight might be tough but once more miami is playing at home we all know they are tough at home and on the road . celtics will put a fight , they might play tough and rough but they dont have the will of LBJ and Wade at this point the series will end 5-1 or 4-2 . we all know what awaits the celtics (going fishing)

  64. James says:

    He is trying to fire up his teamtes… well, Granger and Larry Bird tried too much of that last series…

    They fired up Bron and Wade instead. The two played like insane demiGods in the next 3 games to close out the Pacers…

    99 points for Wade and 98 for bron in three games…

    Say what? That’s Jordan-Pippen like production… maybe better!!!

    But they will hit a road block against the Spurs.

    It may be the biggest challenge for San Antonio (maybe the only challenge this post season), But I pick Spurs in 6.

    Another Game 6 finals’ heartbreak for the Heat… Even if Bosh returns, he will be out of shape… Man, I hate our unlucky breaks, with this good old timers (Duncan, Nowitzki, Kidd, Ginobilli, Terry, Parker) always spoiling the EHat party….

    Not one, not two… but 5 championship… failures…..

    The East is always in the bag but somehow, but a different beast emerges from the West.
    They better get Steve Nash, if he joins a powerhouse team in the West to win a ring (say Lakers or Thunder) next season, it will happen again next year….

    Three championship…. failures in a row for the Heat. They did not join forces to win 5 East conference championships right?


  65. Jeff says:

    Celtics are a bunch of old players, but they are profession, they are experienced, they know how to play playoffs. Their faith to success is no less than others. And that is not playing dirty, that is a kind of strategy. We believe them. And they will never lose faith.

  66. Slim says:

    I do not think its provokative to say to play harder and they have to hit the deck. Miami better hit the deck for themselves cause of the Celtics sharp shooting tonite. πŸ˜‰

  67. rondo says:

    wtf holmes, you messin round brah?

  68. sam says:

    so dumb what happenend last year wade should be suspended,but the ref in this series are bad again

  69. shufflemoomin says:

    It’s not going to be hard to get the Heat to hit the deck. They flop 50+ times a game looking for a foul if anyone comes within 5 feet, hopefully I’m going to see them take some actual hits to get to the free throw line for once,

  70. YuhMudda says:


  71. NBA for life says:

    this is all part of playoff action. if you dont get physical it just shows that you dont want it enough. like what rondo said, but absolutely love wade’s and james’ reaction. at the end of the day this is all part of trash talk πŸ˜€

  72. Andy says:

    Some of the calls by the officials were terrible in this game, The Celtics didn’t just neet to beat the big two, they had to win over the officials also. I’m no Celtics fan and they did miss a lot of FT”s and 3 pointers. not naming anyone (Ray Allen) but there was a lot of unfair calls in this game which made me wonder why they were all in favour of Miami! I just hope game two is more evenly judged where both teams are allowed to play as physical as each other so we might see a good game of basketball…

    • Gladys says:

      The problem is that when the Heat win it is alwas some else it is either because the NBA fixed it or the refs fault

    • Goce says:

      See the statistics for the game and you`ll see that actually the officials 1.called more fouls against Miami 2.Boston had more free throws than heat. Found you excuse somewhere else.

  73. Tore says:

    Rondo will let them know. Celtics will put Heat in place.

    • mikealf305 says:

      rondo will continue to shoot air ball layups.

    • dziner305 says:

      …just like they did on those beat-downs last year’s playoffs (when Celtics were a much better team than now)…short memory or memory loss? which one?… “This is the reason(the Celtics),we got together…to beat them in the playoffs…” says D-Wade. Therefore Celtics fans, what do you prefer: regular-season wins or come fishing or vacationning early in South beach? Reality check: the Heat got the Celtics numbers in the playoff…! don’t you see, the Heat is not even worried about Bosh not playing against Celtics…

  74. OpinionOnWadeRondo"Collision" says:

    The “collision” last year was Wade’s response to a pesky defender playing tight on-the-ball defense. And regardless of what all the players said to the media afterwards, it was the epitome example of a “dirty” play. I’ve played competitive organized basketball for over 20 years and there is no “collision” in which you lock arms with the guy defending you and body slam your weight down on top of him as you bring him to the floor and then look up at the refs expecting a foul called on the defensive player. That was calculated and likely came from Wade losing his temper and like I said, a perfect example of a dirty play. And it played a big factor in them winning that series. Wade doesn’t want to have to deal with pesky defenders. He wants his championship served up to him on a silver platter by the refs. Just like they did for him in 2006.

    Lebron has a much better attitude about it. Preparing yourself for physical play. And I’ve never seen him make any dirty plays, unless you are one to consider flopping “dirty”, because he’s gotten pretty good at those (at least at fooling the refs, not the rest of the people watching).

    • hooplover says:

      he’s not fooling the refs, he just has them and the league officials in his hip pocket! if we viewers can see he’s flopping then so can they. i totally tired of lebron and wade.

    • mikealf305 says:

      rondo should have never grabbed wade in the first place thats why the diva mest up his wrist.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      … those elbows bronbron!!!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      Hey “opinion…” That just the way he play….he likes him some “dirtball’ If you don’t get your way …just be pissy!!! ….. the DWade way!!!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …..silver platter indeed !!!! Now things are a little harder without the foul magnet shak to engulf the middle, isn’t it ???

    • John says:

      Cry baby they did not have problems beating him when he was in there.

  75. benjie says:

    celtics not dirty/? like garnett punching howard?

    • Ryan says:

      You have an interesting take on what constitutes a punch. A forearm (while definitely excessive) slamming down on Howard’s forearm isn’t dirty. Dirty play is the stuff where you take out another player with intent to injure seriously and hardly the case here. That play if you watch was Garnett’s intense way of telling Howard to stop holding my damn jersey. You cannot hold a player in position with your hand when they are facing the basket but the officials let it go. I frequently have to push a man’s arm off me when I play and he can’t keep in front of me without holding.

    • heh says:

      You call that a punch? Lmao wow

      • hooplover says:

        sorry, didn’t look intentional then and doesn’t look intentional now…..

      • Ryan says:

        Yep, Garnett is protecting Pierce who is down on the floor and Q should know better than to troll his way over there. Beyond the fact that his back is turned when he reacts to being grabbed from behind… still unintentional.

  76. BallersInc says:

    Boston does not have the luxury of tough bodies to play physical with Miami. Based on the last series each team had Boston did not face an opponent as physical as the Pacers

  77. Tudor says:

    Another comment taken out of context by you guys just to make a story. GOOD JOB!

  78. lawl says:

    rondo is good, but to play physical with the heat requires strength and toughness. Each player on the heat has a physical ability, but rondo and Celtics are old so no chance in having a physical game between the heat in this series. Rondo is just madd.

  79. luis says:

    i guess the NBA doesnt want to hear any talk about its favoritism regarding its anointed one and his chumps. when will the NBA call Lebron for travelling and Wade for palming the ball.

    • HEATNation says:

      When they actually do it

      • Ryan says:

        The Lebron Travel Agency is constantly open for business. I barely watched any of the Heat vs. Pacers series but just in the few minutes I did I saw him take an extra bunny hop on a breakaway that for any other player would have been blown for traveling. I also recall another blatant travel in game 4 against the Celtics last year that put them up 2 in the final minutes so the game went into overtime instead of the Celtcs winning in regulation after Pierce followed it up with a basket.

      • sam says:

        haha, exactly! @luis u have no idea what your talking about

    • heh says:

      You think that will ever happen? Maybe if the NBA turned legitimate or something..

      • hooplover says:

        @heh, exactly!

      • mikealf305 says:

        If the NBA was legit KG would not play more than two minutes with his stupid screens.

      • LadyNette says:

        I would be happy to see the refs call the cHeat for anything. When they are playing at home, the refs only call fouls on one end of the floor — that has been going on all season. I really hate the call that Wade gets when he is one that intiates the contact. Instead of the NBA fining coaches and players for talking about how horrible the refs are, maybe they should get some refs that can see or at least call the game the same on both ends of the court.

      • Sebastian says:

        Just don’t watch it if you don’t like it! It isn’t complicated, you simply have to prepare your tackle, bait and rod then go out fishing. There’s more to summer than watch your team lose to the Heat!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      Happens ALL of the time heatnationfan…. all the time….. the ‘anointed’ one is just hype…. you will learn this as he keeps losing in the clutch…… ZERO for TWO…… what a proud record for such an over-hyped player!!!

      • Willem says:

        are you seriously typing the same thing all over again? and @Ladynette, if someone initiates contact does mean he can’t draw a foul….
        @Ryan, so you can mention 2 occasion when he made a travel (actually all players in the NBA travel if you look at the official Fibabook btw…)

      • Ryan says:

        Yes, Willem one of many occasions and really far too many to count. And in close games in the playoffs one possession can be the deciding factor between a win and a loss and in the case of the game 4 instance last season it was. Don’t downplay it because I only mentioned two occurrences… If I were to count all the times and note them in the blog the server would crash for lack of space. The simple fact is that if it were another player it would get called and for Lebron it doesn’t.

  80. BamBam says:

    So rondo wants a round two? for playing dirty? he dont understand what happened to him last playoffs? where they play physical? also ask indiana on what will happen when u play physical on heat.

    • Read First says:

      But, as Rondo clarified the other day, he and the Celtics don’t plan anything β€œdirty.” Which was nice of him to say.

      • chris says:

        sure is nice. he’s the nicest guy in the NBA. but the C’s will bounce back. spread it on!!!

    • sean says:

      Call Manny Paquiao if he like round two =) hehe….

    • Gil says:

      Too much pride will just kill rojon and the celtics.They must admit that they are fading already.This is now the HEAT’s time.

      • ronnell says:

        every since lebron came yall think every year is yall year when its not boston is going to beat heat and heat will go home and cry like they always do

      • SofiaE says:

        Yep; it’s going to be a long, hot summer again. hehe :d

      • hooplover says:

        ronnell, i totally agree with you. lebron is sooooo overrated by heat fans and the media! they didn’t win a championship last year and won’t win one this year either. boston will bounce back and show ’em how it’s really done!……but of course once they do, the spurs will beat the “bos” outta the “ton”. and this is coming from a die hard laker fan!

      • Vernon says:

        hey hooplover i seriously doubt that part about the spurs beating us, in case you havent noticed they’ve always had problems facing us but you’ll soon find that out in the finals haha

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        …..Hey Vern….. Dream on buddy…… No two-player team will ever beat the Spurs in a series…..No Way….. but you MIGHT get to find that out in the finals— where your dreamboy is ZERO for TWO……Good Luck !!! …. PS: AND you are so sure heat will make the finals after ONE win in the series??? Really???

    • GR says:

      Let them do it I say lol

    • S Cherry says:

      One jarring collision with King James, and Rondo could wind up with St. James.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        …..” KING ” ……of What??? oh. yeah…. the KING of HYPE !!!!…… He is a 2-time loser….. and last year he was playing for the team he picked….what a JOKE….. Maybe if they had D-wight…and … and Kobe… and and….LOL

      • Sick says:

        your just jealous moron coz you’re from cleveland… LOL

    • Celtics Pride says:

      Playing Tough is different from playing dirty, The celtics is never known to resort to dirty tactics. Rondo is right they need to be tough but not rough. LETS GO CELTICS. LETS BEAT THE HEAT…..

      • Slider821 says:

        Shaun Powell and the bloggers are trying to blow his comments out of proportion to make headlines. Rondo simply said they need to be tougher and body up more, that doesn’t mean dirty playing. I agree, the celtics D was too soft and the game needs to become more physical but nothing dirty (like Indiana tried) was implied.

      • Celtics Fan Forever says:

        Thank you for clarifying this! There is a world of difference between playing a physical, aggressive game and playing a dirty game, which is what happened in the Heat/Pacers series. Rondo meant exactly what Pop meant when he told the Spurs to “get nasty”. Any PROFESSIONAL player knows that does not mean to injure someone or to try to end their career. Go Celtics!

      • zaivon_2_FLY says:

        Im a die hard Celtics and i say if we take Rondo’s advice into consideration the series is ours and we have another chance @ the Finals so Lets Go Celtics In Miami…. Lets Go Celtics… Lets Go…

      • QuestionMark says:

        I believe they can be, Celtics can be a very tough and physical team, but I think it all starts with their number one defender bringing up the energy and intensity at home, and that is KG.

    • Spurts says:

      He’s just buffing himself lol

    • Peter says:

      What happens is two Heat players get suspended.. lol

      Rondo already said he didn’t intend on player dirty. He’s just saying that you can’t let Miami get to the basket for easy layups. They need to be contested, and they you need to be prepared to foul if you have to in order to stop an easy score. You need to make them think twice about driving to the basket.

      That’s just playoff basketball, the only dirty player on these two teams is Wade.

    • Bev says:

      Rondo seems to have a short memory.
      Gooo Heat !!

    • Miami Guy says:

      Celtics does not but KG!

    • usmaine says:

      I have to say, watch out, Rando. You really don’t want your arm broken again, and also look at the all-star game, how Kobe was injoured. Wade can do everything to you since he is really a shrewd guy, and knows that the referee won’t eject him.