Allen Hobbled & Missing In Game 1

MIAMI – Maybe now Dwyane Wade is a believer on Ray Allen, having had a chance to witness up close and personal the struggles the Boston Celtics shooting guard had been going through.

Prior to Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals, Wade had scoffed at reports that Allen was hurting from bone spurs in his right ankle and wearing down as his 37th birthday fast approaches. “I don’t believe none of that,” Wade had said. “No feet hurting. No tired. No nothing.”

No nothing is about what Allen had in the Celtics’ 93-79 loss in the series opener Monday night at AmericanAirlines Arena. He took only seven shots, missed six of them, shot an air ball, bricked a really uncharacteristic four of his seven free throws and looked slow and out of synch all night. It was the second 1-of-7 performance for Allen in these playoffs – he shot that against Atlanta on May 10 – and he is 12-of-42 (28.6 percent) over Boston’s last five games and 6-of-25 on 3-pointers.

A 19.4 ppg scorer in nine previous trips to the postseason, Allen is averaging 9.6 points this spring. No one gets that old, that fast. His health is unmistakably an issue.

“I don’t know for Ray if it’s fatigue,” was how Celtics coach Doc Rivers put it. “It may be something else. He got a bunch of wide-open shots tonight, and with him it’s just balance. When you have a bad foot, ankle or anything, your balance is off and you can see it on Ray. The ball is going left a lot.”

Said Allen: “I’m just trying to find my balance the best way I know how. I feel good, but I don’t have a great rhythm right now. … My shot feels fine. It’ s just timing, getting shots up and taking it day-by-day. I do feel restrictions [physically] but that’s why we have a great team here.”

A lifetime 89.4 percent foul shooter (91.5 percent in the regular season), Allen has hit only 18 of his 30 free throws in these playoffs. Boston was 11-of-21 from the line Monday. Having missed two of three on one trip to the line – he had been fouled at the arc – Allen came out early from the halftime break and worked on his free throws and from the corners. It didn’t much matter.

“He’s one of the greatest shooters of all time,” Rivers said. “Ray is going to try to figure it out. … We’re going to try to figure out a way or even maybe subbing him differently to keep him strong. Honestly, I don’t know yet with Ray.”

Just past midnight, Wade didn’t sound like a believer yet. “We always have to account for him. My job is to keep chasing him. … He’s going to be a big key to this series.”

Given his matchup with Wade, which can only make Allen ache, grind and struggle more, a series of throwback games – or even one – might be asking too much from him. The Celtics’ Big Three era is winding down and, in Allen’s banged-up case, it is happening before our eyes.


  1. Like a Boss says:


  2. kierontan says:

    Injuries are no excused this playoff time, only the spurs and okc are in full strength. miami has chris bosh sitting too.

    • me says:

      sorry but bosh is not a factor, the dude hasn’t been a factor for months now so y’all should stop hyping that ish up.

  3. greenblood says:

    KING James without a RING. SPURS ftw

  4. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:


    “want folks and the Miami Heats to keep doubting, keep disrespecting, drop down their guards in defending us in this series and we’ll soon see who who’s gonna go FISHING.”

    Is that a question??? I thought you’re packing your things and getting ready to fish… uLOLS…

    No one disrespecting the celtics…. MIAMI HEAT is the one getting disrespected a lot!!!! last season it was the HEAT who end up EAST CHAMPS… sadly they came out short during the FINALS on a monster roster of the MAVS they got terry nowitzki,chandler,kidd, butler,marion barrea…. the HEAT got aging bibby, house,big Z injured haslem injured miller…. where’s the MAVS now???

    At this point the HEAT is playing w/out legit PG and C…. now losing bosh due to injury they become even smaller…. they need bosh to keep the balance of height, who’s gonna defend Garnett in the paint??? No One…. the celtics have their glory days… aren’t you satisfied with your 17th banner???

    If the celtics are warriors so does the HEAT and they have the right to continue their quest to NBA finals….

  5. dpt says:

    lol you guys are talking about the injuries? how bout the refs? i saw a fould where a celtic didnt even touch a heat player and it got called…and when ray just jumped after a call he got one…i also remember wade yelling at a ref for not calling a foul then right after they called a foul on the celtics so dont even blame it on the players …these refs have got to go im sorry

  6. AOK says:

    The whole season the Celtics were disrespected. People kept saying they are old, they won’t even win 30 games, then they it’s playoff time – No way the Celtics will beat ATL, PHI is going to toast the Cs after taking out the Bulls, now it’s Miami again. A team we beat 3-1 in regular season and have whipped so many times.

    Doubters have a role to play in each of our lives. Think about it. Our doubters and skeptics have always motivated us and kept us on top of our games.

    I want folks and the Miami Heats to keep doubting, keep disrespecting, drop down their guards in defending us in this series and we’ll soon see who who’s gonna go FISHING.

    The Cs are WARRIORS and Warriors don’t look for easy battles. I know they welcome the challenge and they will FIGHT their way to the NBA Finals.

  7. Schoowow says:

    All of us, Boston fans : Conference finals ? are you kidding me ? we were not supposed to be there, but other teams had injurys, as well. With Kobe, Griffin, CP3, Bynum already surfing at Hawaii, we can’t complain being still alive. Let us hope, next one to limp to dressing room is not one of ours.
    This season will be decided by injurys, it already is.
    Please remind me how long it took Pierce to recover from early season injury? took months, he was a wrecked old buddy, and we all thought he’s a gonner, and we were below 50% team, without him, but he came back to prime. So will Allen, and in a shorter time.
    Doc is right about trying to push him back to the center of stage, telling him he is the great shooter we all know he is.
    Now let us count : One O’niel, then another one, so much for starting centers. Then there is this forward, meant to guard Lebron, Jeff Green, right ? and then there is Bradley, which is younger and faster than Wade, gone for the season. This could have been a great season for Celtics. But before the wistle for the season, with everybody OK, wouldn’t we all sign for conference finals, eyes closed ?
    Coming back big in game 2. Allen can’t miss anymore free throws. Give him a clear path to some dunks and layups, the sharp shooter will be back, once his confedence is back. He had slumps before, and we all know how it ended.

    • Krespino says:

      So true. Whatever the outcome of this series The Celtics have been successful this year. Avoiding teams like The Bulls, The Knicks and all the others and playing the conference finals… With key players aged around 35… With a very weak bench. Sustaining so many injuries. That’s how successful it can get.

      With all due respect to the older players, who have given us many years of exciting and lovely basketball, it’s time we should be seeing the young stars at the NBA finals…

      (Personally I’d like to see The Heat beaten, and I balieve The Spurs can’t do that but the OKC can…)

  8. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:

    Enough with those TEARS…. The HEAT won celtics loss stop crying it’s over anyway…. let’s just watch game 2 and see where it will lead to….

    Those haters above… Stop hating the players…. stop hating the teams….. stop hating refs….. HATE the game…. switch to chess or cricket or golf or just simply stop watching basketball it is not healthy for you…. It will only generates more hate on yourself….

    just leave it to us FANS that love and enjoy Basketball…..

  9. sweetdayo says:

    I don’t know why people are going around saying that Ray Allen is done! He is nowhere near done, being done and injured are two different things. Ray Allen is and will always be one of the greatest, if not the greatest shooter alive. I don’t doubt for a second that if he was a 100% that people would be considering him as a threat, as they should. Even hurt, Allen is still a threat; I mean when he’s hot, he’s hot and he’s sinking his shots like it’s no one’s business. Ray is and always be a threat when it comes down to his shooting, because hurt or not, never let your guard down on Allen. Allen’s work ethic is one of the best in the business and that work ethic has led him to having a successful and long career. Even before Allen came to Boston, I always have had respect for his game. Allen is truly one of those pure shooters, that are very rare in this league. I have no doubt that when he has surgery and is completely healed that whatever team he is on next year, that he will be back to form. Once he is all these doubters talking about Allen being done will be eating their words. I don’t deny that Allen will be done career rise in the next year or so, but it won’t be due to his game being off; it will be due to him wanting to to retire o his terms and being with his family more. Because Ray still has and will always have game.

  10. Kc says:

    What ever happened to doc’s 2nd unit strategy?. Bring in the bench dude? I don’t even see any decent playing time for the bench players with the aging big 3? How’s that going to work out? When they win the championsh they have a rally good 2nd unit rotation remember? And that’s when the big 3 are at their prime?
    So now older, banged up and still no 2nd unit?.
    They are a goner if they keep playing this way

  11. sweetdayo says:

    I honestly don’t know why people are saying Ray Allen is done! Allen is nowhere near done! He is just simply injured; point blank! Ray Allen is and will always be the greatest shooter in the NBA. Even before he made it to Boston, I have always had so much respect for Ray. No player in the NBA can ever compare to his work ethic or ever be a great shooter like him. I bet if he wasn’t injuried that people would be considering him a threat. I don’t care what anyone says, never sleep on Ray Allen; hurt or not when he is hot, he is hot, Once Ray has surgery in the off-season and heals, no matter what team he is on next year I believe that he will be back to form and all those doubters talking about he his done will be eating their words and praising his shooting skills. Ray Allen is truly one of the purest shooters of all time and I don’t care what anyone says. like I said before, NEVER count out Ray Allen. I have so much respect for him.

  12. YHER says:

    Coach Doc must have been utilized the wild card young legs reserves……He knowa the antidote and to cure…..Right timing . right strategy and right bench warming…I believe , the last hurrah overwhemly pull the trigger for Finals. Hey Doc, Just trust your bench reserves and use your instinct….Gudluck!!!!

  13. phillipjpark says:

    Seriously, i’m not even a fan of both teams(okc all the way) but WHAT was up with the officiating last night???

    All those fouls and technicals, do the NBA referees work for the Miami Heat?

    • Belizeboy says:

      The NBA wants to manufacture a rematch of Lebron vs Duncan, Parker, Ginobili if possible. Notice that Durant was getting a lot of bad calls agaisnt him as well Monday.

  14. Roko says:

    Good luck Celtics, hopefully they can pull good 4 games and send James&Wade home. It may not happen but let’s hope 🙂

  15. Respect the Game says:

    The NBA needs to seriously improve the refereeing – simply fining people when they complain doesn’t solve the problem
    Roughing Rondo up (Nice whack on the head on Lebron’s block btw . . one ref had a direct line of vision), RIDICULOUS technicals on the Celtics, and all that in a game the Heat would win anyway . .
    Refereeing is part of the game, treat it as such
    Respect the fans, and don’t treat them like morons
    above all, respect the game

  16. Chuck says:

    it doesn’t matter who wins the eastern conference…as usual, the west conference champion will win the title

  17. Andres - NBA fan says:

    What’s most impressive is that no one talks about the lame technical and non existing fouls against the C’s, not to mention a shot by Anthony that was on his hand at the 24 second mark. On a regular game this is reviewed and changed, they even replayed this several times on ESPN. Referees are disgraceful. I’m not gonna say that the C’s would have won, but all of the questionable calls are definitely momentum changers that take a toll on the team suffering them. Don’t count the C’s out yet, they had a horrible second half and that wont happen every time

    • Andrew says:

      Yes, the officials made horrible calls, but Anthony’s points were removed during half time…..

    • steagle says:

      Agreed. How was that Anthony play not reviewed?? And the technical on KG… I don’t think he even touched the ball after that basket! When they showed it from a different angle, it actually went off a Heat player, though KG’s hand was right there in the mix. That one young ref, Eddie Maloy I think, is the worst NBA official I have ever seen. He gives people technicals BEFORE warning them, he has this insane power trip and wants players and coaches to respect him, but everyone hates him, you can see it. This game was another example of why the NBA front office needs to review ALL officiating after every game and discipline refs who abuse their power or get way too many calls wrong.

  18. yanick says:

    I guarantee the celtics will win game 2. They’ve always been like that, no matter how they lose a game don’t ever think it’s over, cause they’re a completely different team the next game. It’s true that they are a hurt and aging team, but they still got the heart to win. I seriously don’t know why theses eastern teams are having so much trouble with the heats, all they have to do is slow down james and wade, who continually go to the paint, just keep the paint on lock, make them jump shooters…wasn’t that hard for Dallas to do last year, they’re very fortunate chicago got hurt in a very bad time.

  19. Joshua says:

    Listen Guys Boston is to old when RONDO doesnt play like he supposed to (Tripple Double) The celtics cant run. Miami is doing right by cutting the head off the snake.

    As long as the role players score like they dfid last night:
    Heat in game 4(Sweep)

  20. bu says:

    I also think Pietrus & Dooling should come in for more playing time at 2 to get productivity & defense. Both guys can shoot long range if they get into rythm. Allen should come off bench instead, rather than having everyone to wait & see which Allen shows up that night. Against Miami, they hv no luxury to “wait & see” & give too many shot attempts to Allen to miss. Is great heart & effort from him, though, Pietrus & Dooling both are in better shape & play much better defense.

    Allen has been a big defensive liability in this condition. Doc, do something!!!

    • steagle says:

      Agreed, given the circumstances Pietrus should start, with Dooling and/or Rondo subbed in next depending on the way the game’s going. Bring in Allen towards the end of quarters to try and hit big 3’s. But for 6-8 minutes each quarter they need some fresh legs on Wade.

      • steagle says:

        Sorry, Dooling and/or ALLEN

      • me says:

        how about if they substituted Rondo for Ray. How about if Ray played the PG position? I mean there’s no avery Brad to play that position so that means when Rondo’s resting nobody playin that position. IMO Ray could be an effective PG and I bet he can trick and decieve them maybe not like Rondo does but still effective at it . That way he doesn’t make too many shots (which he missed most of in game 1) and still contributes a lot by feeding pierce, KG, et.c the ball.

  21. bu says:

    Look, the Celts just came off tiresome 7 games 2 nights before. Miami well rested with fresh legs & time to prepare. Celts looked lethargic & slow & not in their right spots & flow. Which Celtic team shows up in game 2 will be a telling sign to the rest of the series, not just 1 game.

    Even if Celts lose, I’m v happy to see the efforts & wits they left on the courts. This team & org is a group of true pros. If you looked at how calm they were in the 1st half wl all those technicals & bad calls on them, & came bk to time at halftime, that’s a bunch of real man!!! Look at Wade’s outburst wl Spolestra!!! He’s a little child in comparison, & that’s why the need to find his superfriends so he can try to bully others, like in high school!!!

    • Jeffro says:

      You’re right, they did just come off a long series. And immediatly jumped into another series with the Heat. I think game one is a sign of how the series is gonna go.I still think Boston may get one game but after last night, I wouldnt be suprised if they get swept.

  22. bambu says:

    Its only the beginning.. I know celtics can do it, maybe there will be a lot of hard times but some how they are warriors.. go for it Ray

  23. lucariga says:

    This is the difference between Reggie Miller and him and why the 31 of the Pacers will always be better

    • Chuck says:

      opinions are a dime a dozen

    • steagle says:

      Allen has the 3 point record and the championship ring. No contest.

    • Belizeboy says:

      I see you didn’t finish that sentence. Let me do it for you. “…the Pacers will always be better at losing.”

    • Schoowow says:

      I like Reggie the killer. He was a great pure shooter and a great winner, and great sportsman to embrace Allen for breaking his records. ( Records are meant to be broken, excpet for Michael… ) I hate to compare, they are both icons.
      Off the 2 of them, if I had to choose, either in prime, it is still, Allen Ray. For his defense, for the better rebounding, for his modesty that allowed others to be in the spotlight, (this made him a champion) AND for the records.
      Allen took a championship ON THE FACE OF Kobe, Lebron, Duncan, Wade, Shacq. All in prime time.
      Miller had his chances. He was there when Bird/Magic retired. And before Michael started his prime time. Bad boys are no comparison to those icons and the current ones.
      Hence Allen’s greatness. His foot print on the game is just larger than Reggie’s.

  24. cherrypopper says:

    PLAY SASHA PAVLOVIC IF RAY-RAY & PIETRUS AREN’T GETTING IT DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. CELTICS!!!! says:


  26. Peter says:

    I love how every single game Boston lost against Atlanta / Philly, concluded with comments about how they are finished, too old, and simply can’t beat the younger teams.

    Then each game they won concluded with comments about their championship swagger, unflappable defence and competitiveness. Amazing how their qualty as a team changes with each win/loss!

    They had a bad playoff game, and Boston rarely have two of those in a row…

  27. JSMITH4 says:

    This series is over if Allen can’t play at a high level, Boston does not have a true outside shooter without him. Pietrus needs to find his mark and start draining three’s like he always had against the Celtics in playoff games with the Magic. Sad to see Allen like this. Go C’s!

  28. JLee says:

    The sacary thing about the pure shooter is that they can step up at any time. Ray perhaps is the only a few of
    pure shooters around and he is the one who can push the game to the very end. And, when he does that,
    you would never know how the game will end up. RESPECT!

  29. Fr3D says:

    If Ray Allen was finished he wouldn’t get out of the bench and Miami wouldn’t ever let him open. But now that everyone thinks so, watch out for him in game 2. He can do an awful lot of damage in just 5 minutes. His shot is pure and effortless, maybe the most trouble he has is getting out of screens as quickly as he’d like.

  30. crate blanche says:

    Boston big 3 will get 2nd ring this year! paul pierce is the best player in the eastern conference. luck of the irish prevails!

  31. Bok says:

    On the spot Kael, I hope best of both teams comes out in this series.

  32. David says:

    It has been a good run for Boston, but, as a fan, I worry it may all be coming to an end. I’d seriously still rank Garnett as a top3 power forward (along with Love and Duncan), Pierce still has his games, Allen is completely over. After so much fighting, even before joining forces in Boston, I’d like to see them win another ring before the end of the Big3. Anyway, I have faith in Rondo and Bradley, especially after seeing them play together more often this season, they’ll become one of the best, maybe the best backcourt in the league in the near future. Go Celtics!

  33. Turnem says:

    I am a Celtics fan, and I still believe that they still have what it takes. This is going to be one of helluva series.

    • me says:

      thankyou nothing is impossible but some people are weak in faith n it’s jus sad really. Celtics got this

  34. pogzthegreat says:

    its inevitable., the old/present champs needs to give way to a new team whether they like it or not. hope this year will be MIAMI’s year. But any from the 4 remaining teams who’ll win the NBA finals trophy definitely deserves to bring it home. goodluck to the 4 of them..GO LBJ!!! GO MIAMI!

  35. Smith says:

    Celtics are really toast this time wahhah ,,, go get your wheel chair already;)

  36. HeatFan17 says:

    I still think Ray Allen can pull a good game against the Heat in this series. Miami better be wary.

    • HeatFan17 says:

      BTW, never count them out. It’s not over unitl someone loses 4 times (in the series). Let’s go HEAT!

  37. jovdelmar says:

    Obviously Ray is seriously injured but just wants to maintain Boston’s “no excuses” attitude. I think Bradley was vital piece for Boston, it helped their rotation and players get just enough rest/minutes, is a great perimeter defender and can shoot the 3.
    Its KG/PP/Ray last season together.. All good things come to an end.

  38. gurgur says:

    Allen will explode eventually for 20, but he’s no longer the 3 point shooter we’re accustomed to
    with pierce and allen playing lousily, it’s remarkable for KG to keep going at his rate
    kudos to him though I pick Heat in six

  39. mismo says:

    injury injury injury….. this is the key.. .hope someone will step up…
    Celtics won in season games but a.bradley was playing….

  40. Bev says:

    The officials were terrible. Can they be fined or suspended for the rest of the season?

  41. axel says:

    Just like 2011, sad but TRUE: an unhealthy complete Celtics roster is no match for the Heat.

  42. arnold collantes says:

    yes i agree im one of those boston fanatics but sad to say they cant keep up with Miami superstars…you have given enough Ray Allen and that i salute you …youre one of the best shooter in NBA and there’s nothing to prove …time for Danny Ainge to build up with younger and athletic players to replace these legends….thanks KG and Ray Allen

  43. MIke says:

    i love both teams but i think the Celtics are to tired.. 1st round (4-2) , Semi’s (4-3)…

    Old parts needs some replacement

  44. gerald29 says:

    celtics are worn out this time, its been a hard series against philly,,too much for miami,, journey stops here…thanks boston

  45. BamBam says:

    Boston cant keep up with the heat. There mind wants but there bodies wont.

    • me says:

      taht doesn’t make sense if they can really will themselves to do it mentally THEY WILL do it physically…

  46. spelkey55 says:

    Ray Allen is the most professional guys I have ever seen. He is also a streak shooter at times. Miami better hope his missing streak doesn’t end in this series because he could still be a menace to them if he gets hot. I think Wade is smart for his continuing respect of Ray. After all sometimes Wade is non-shooting and not a factor as well. Wade knows we all have our ups and downs. I think it makes a good story though for someone that needs to write one.

  47. cda says:

    let’s admit it, allen it’s not the same allen anymore. i think the heat will win it in 5.

  48. Kael says:

    Nothing but respect for Ray Allen, one of the best shooters in NBA history. I am a Heat fan and I believed that Miami should be ready for Ray. The series has just started, this shooter will step up the challenge. Wade must not any time relax on defense against Allen. For once He get his range it will be a hardtime for his defenders to stop him. Let’s Go Heat!

  49. OKCvsSPURS says:

    I hate to see players get old, get different kinds of injuries and eventually retire. It breaks my heart.

  50. RAPTORS says:

    Pierce is well out of his prime, slightly better than an aging Vince Carter but similar in that he only shows flashes of the old brilliance. Ray Allen is finished. The only thing the Celtics have left is inspiration and hunger from Garnett and creativity of Rondo. Not enough… Heat win in 6.

    • Peter says:

      Pierce is hurt, Ray Allen is hurt.

      Before the injury Pierce was an all start this year, and before his injury Ray Allen was having the best shooting season of his career.

      Just unlucky they both got hurt at the worst time. You can clearly see it on Ray’s shots that he’s just not getting the same elevation and effortless release that he usually has.

      • dmontani says:

        cant forget the best on ball defender in the league is out with a bum shoulder (bradley) no jeff green this season didnt help much either

    • jack says:

      you try playing with bone spurs in ur ankle

    • me says:

      ok but I bet if they didn’t have those injuries you wouldn’t be talking that ish. You’ll be bandwagoning Ray calling him Jesus n ish. Anyway can someone pls lend doc a brain? this ish happened last year and he saw the results, I am referring to Ray guarding wade and vice versa. Ray makes some nice steals once in a while but c’mon now with him tryna shoot with that ankle and all he can’t even defend chalmers. Doc should consider Keyon or marquis or maybe some bench playa. Doc needs to start having faith in ALL of his bench playas. I mean whoever thought Haslem would be given starter position?…