Ginobili Returns To Familiar Form

SAN ANTONIO – Check out the cuff links, teammate Stephen Jackson chided from the adjoining stall, making sure the a couple dozen reporters who turned that side of the Spurs locker room into gridlock noticed the accessories.

Manu Ginobili was dressed to impress. White dress shirt unbuttoned at the collar. Grey sport coat in a rare fashion move for a jeans kind of team. And, yes, cuff links.

Never mind the wardrobe. Check out the shot. Check out the box score.

Now we’re talking impressive.

After averaging just 11.3 points and shooting 40 percent the previous eight playoff games, Ginobili made nine of 14 attempts, including three of five from behind the arc, and scored a game-high 26 points in a blast of the past that led the Spurs to a 101-98 victory over the Thunder in the opener of the Western Conference final.

“It just happened,” he said in the traffic jam. “I don’t know how exactly because I haven’t scored like this all season long. But it happened and I am very happy about it.”

Aside from a return to what for years had been the familiar sight of the sixth man sparking an important win, this was a warning shot for the three other teams still alive in the playoffs. If San Antonio had been steamrolling along before this, sweeping the Jazz and then the Clippers, good luck to Oklahoma City, Miami or Boston for the series upset if Ginobili is setting the tone for the offense like that.

“Manu was great tonight,” said Tony Parker, who had 18 points, eight rebounds and six assists himself. “He was very aggressive. He was in a good rhythm early in the game. You can see he had a little bounce. He was playing great and making big shots. In the fourth quarter, he wanted the ball and he was very aggressive. And he made great passes, too. Got everybody involved. He was very active tonight.”

It wasn’t just the fourth quarter, when he had 11 points as the Spurs outscored the Thunder 39-27 and turned a nine-point deficit into a three-point win. It was the entire night of energy. The early statement of 10 first-half points that signaled he was ready for a breakthrough was just as critical, especially with San Antonio trying to endure the rarity of 14 turnovers the same first two quarters.

“That’s Manu’s game.” coach Gregg Popovich said. “He’s a scorer. He’s somebody we depend on to create and make things happen. Whether it’s shooting or driving or assisting somebody else. That’s what he’s done for us his whole career. And it’s very important to us. Without that, we have a tough time winning.”

With it, everybody else will have a tough time winning.


  1. TRU*NBAFAN says:

    My bad, Manu has three rings. He was drafted to Spurs as pick # 57 and did not play with them until 2002. He also won a championship ring, eurochampionship title and gold and silver medals. Yeah he is in better shape than Lebron, even though there basketball stats don’t compare.

  2. BFoulds says:

    Spurs got this.

    -Loyan Spurs fan since Robinsons neighborhood

  3. pedro de rosario says:

    glad to read so many fans praise manu and his talent. for us argentinians is an honor, we are proud of manu and enjoy his skills, his talent and his humbleness. not so common in our country. hope manu continues giving us this happyness for more years!!!

  4. PabloArg says:

    Best game of 2012 playoffs I’ve seen.. no doubt about it. And I’ve noticed many people around me (and many other) think this is the nba finals. I feel the same way. Although OKC is not going to be easy, I think is posible. Yes, wade and lebron are both great players, but this SAS can sweep them if they keep playing like this. Emanuel, you keep surprising me every time you play!

  5. Karlo Garcia says:

    What a difference a HEALTHY Manu is.

  6. Karlo Garcia says:

    This series is goin 2 b so awesome. We’ll c if its goin 2 b the best series yet. Boston v Chicago was my fav playoff series ever.
    Tough 2 beat that but will c.

  7. Mike says:

    If Ginobili continues this form, the Spurs are unbeatable. Stay nasty Spurs.

  8. Jason says:

    ok people reading all of these comments Spurs are the best team for the last 2 or more years they are more consistant most expeirenced most fun to watch They never panic they just get the job done period spurs will win this in 4 games but not as easy though ! I knew that they would just get nasty after being behind by 9 my girlfriend teasing me they were losing i said just watch they will just flat out play defense and shoot the lights out

    If the spurs didnt have 14 turnovers this game would ve been over at the half really people I have been watching them play on tv all season look how consistant they are they play together

    spurs will play outstanding ball with less turnovers remember old doesnt mean we cant play smart because thats what spurs have been doing for a long time !
    Manu is just as good as lebron he doesnt always have to be an allstar everynight because all the players step up when the time is right! I cant wait for the next game to see okc lose royaly

  9. Ren says:

    This is a great Western Conference Finals. Durant will ultimately win a championship or two. But not this year. Timmy’s not done yet.

  10. Craig says:

    and? The Spurs are the loudest. Teams play. NOT the fans. OKC is still a teenager compared to the matured Spurs.

  11. The Master says:

    OKC will win the next 4 straight! Then they will sweep the winner in the east! Which most likely will be Boston!!! Haha! How do you like them apples????? Hahaha!

    • Kalbo!! says:

      Too much positivity? Sounds like desperation to me… Haven’t you got more important thing to do than to irritate people of your brainless nonsense? Only no-brainers like you would claim things that hasn’t happen and you find it lazy to think of things to convince yourself or you know you wouldn’t find anything at all anyway. I’m not saying Spurs or any other team will win it all, but at least I don’t claim anything at least without back up. Hhhh,,, Just another imbecile to add on my list.


    For those who think OKC surely will win at HOME …

    Let me remind you gently …

    that the SPURS did not play all 19 consecutive wins in San Antonio.

    The SPURS are fearless, cohesive & talented road warriors being led by a great coach.

    GO SPURS GO !!!

    • QuestionMark says:

      And let me remind you, OKC fans are the loudest fans in the NBA, and the best fans as well, plus the energy of the Thunder team is fueled by the loud fans, so Spurs better watch out.

  13. sdizl says:

    To me OKC played their game, but the Spurs were able to shut down their gameplan. Spurs on the other hand seemed like they were erratic most of the game and once they hit their stride OKC couldn’t do anything about it.

    I don’t expect Westbrook and Harden to make the same mistakes as they did in Game 1. If they get KD more involved, OKC become so much deadlier. And if they avoid foul trouble, it’ll be hard for the Spurs to create inside the paint as much.

    The way both teams are playing now, Spurs in 5 or 6. But I won’t be surprised if that turns into OKC in 6 or 7.

  14. uoykcuf says:

    Man, what a game from MANU! But I like to point out neal as well. His taking charge mentality really gave the team a lift! LOL, where’s no charge bryant now? Man, and fish was killing all game. Hate to be lakers fan.

  15. danny says:


  16. Barkley's Shiny Head says:

    A great series opener. OKC and SAS are a great series match up, one of the best I’ve seen in a while. Both teams proved their skills in the first game. As an NBA fan, I won’t pick sides here and just enjoy a hard fought series. Pumped for Game 2.

  17. John says:

    You know coach Brooks will try to limit the Spurs points in the paint for game two. The problem he has going big are the following: Danny Green, Gary Neal, Stephen Jackson and Matt Bonner

  18. Pop says:

    OKC’s a good team, but the Spurs exposed their youth more than I’ve seen any other squad do. Spurs did the same thing to the Clippers in the Conference Semis. The rest of the series looks promising for San Antonio, Pop is going to make the necessary adjustments. Don’t expect another 14 first half turnovers.

  19. Spurs Fan from 1988 says:

    I cannot believe everyone is talking about Manu what about the defense of Stephen Jackson on Durant it was amazing yes Maua was great but I expected at some point he would have a breakout game that is Manu. How many point did Durant get while Jackson was guarding him a couple of foul shots because Tony was trying to strip the ball and that allowed the Spurs to shut them down in the forth. Hope to see more in the upcoming games. Stick in there Jack it rest on your shoulders to guard Durant.

  20. rcandcess says:

    Hats off to coach Pop for bringing out the nasty inside the Spurs! Finally Manu Ginobili has become Manu Ginobili.

  21. Okc good job keeping the game under contorl for most part and it’s not over until it’s over. Okc needs to make better defensive rotations and they will be good to go. Westbrook u knockle head dummy stop trying to be better then tony, right now u just can’t because tony got to much experience under his belt. Coach Brook needs to find ways to get KD easy baskets. Let’s go I wana see okc vs miami finals which will be off the chart!


  22. he is the xfactor for the spurs squad…hes more important to the spurs than harden is to the thunder because ginobili locks up on defense..i am glad to see him return but i wouldnt expect 27 points from ginobili too many more times this series

  23. Capster says:

    SPURS get their Nasty On! BOOM!!

  24. Fefe (Nets) says:

    This series is exciting!!!!!!! Been waiting for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love both teams, and before the start of the season I picked OKC to reach NBA Finals. But the Spurs are too great, I love all the players they have, including two of my countrymen, Tony Parker & Boris Diaw!!!!

    It was a very close and tough Game 1, and I expect the same for this maybe long series!!!

    Good luck to both teams!!!!!! The winner will be the heavy favorite to win the trophy this year, against the Celtics or the Heat.

    And yes people, don’t see the Heat reach the Finals already…. they face the Celts who will give their all and never surrender!

  25. SpursNation says:

    Hello fellow Spurs fans… relax friends… It’s just Game 1. Game 2 will give more excitement on the table. OKC will adjust especially that they know the middle will be clogged up whenever harden, westbrook, or durant comes in. that is why in the 4th they settled for jump shots after harden was called for offensive fouls twice. I hope Team Spurs will face game 2 as if they did not win Game 1. In that way Tony and Co will not will overconfident.. They will take 1 game at a time. I think when OKC got the lead to 9 after the third they thought it is the end of it. and they were wrong. they were not able to control the last 12 minutes of the game. As for MAnu, he knows the team needs his services so badly. hope he will continue to be hot off the bench… Green and Leonard have WCF jitters. Green got a goose egg while leonard have 7. I understand what they feel. but they will adjust to the tempo and the pressure.. Good Neal and Manu covered that up. Stephen Jackson had some good moments too…

  26. TeamKD says:

    Best believe that Okc will bounce back! They was cold in the 4th quarter when then they had a 9 point lead. After that Spurs went on a 15 to 3 run. I would not count on Okc being cold in the 4th quarter every game if I was you. Westbrook had a off night, Harden had a off night, and it was not one of KD best nights even though he scored 27 points. 4-2 Okc

  27. Darrell says:

    The Spurs are hands down the most complete team in the NBA. Spurs win 4-2

  28. pogzthegreat says:

    big fan of the HEAT and LBJ. hope that they’ll be bringin’ home the nba champ trophy this season. We can do this MIAMI..let’s go HEAT, let’s go!!!!!

    Good job BOSTON, OKC and SPURS for stayin’ alive and showing their toughness! goodluck!

  29. 1 game . 7 game series says:

    Not a Spurs Hater but seriously people, this is just one game . Although what Manu did was impressive . I was waiting for Manu to have this kind of game in this playoffs and yeah he delivered . OKC’s relying too much on jumpers late in the 4th and I thought it was stupid . Both team had mistakes and I know coaches will make an adjustment prior to last game . I expect this series to go down the wire every game . This series is about execution people . EXECUTION!!!!!

    • Nate says:

      OKC taking too many jumpers and that surprises you? Have you been watching OKC play at all? Jumpers are what they do, and what’s gonna kill them or save them. They have no inside game, that’s why the Spurs are going to take this 4-1. OKC are too one dimensional, too many jumpers and they depend too much on their big 3 to produce offense. The Spurs are too smart a team to let OKC’s Big 3 all have good games at the same time, and it’s going to be really hard for OKC to stop the entire Spurs Offense.

    • tommy says:

      I agree with you, but when you talk about EXECUTION, who is better than Spurs? Do you know why OKC didn’t go to the rim more often? ‘Cuz the way to the rim was blocked. I think the Spurs let OKC had the lead and let OKC loose a little the 1st 3 quarters because that make the final be more interesting to watch, because 90% people think the Spurs will win, people won’t be eager to watch anymore if the Spurs hammer down the OKC from the beginning. Trust me, the Spurs get all the answer for OKC and they will win this final, and they will win the NBA final too, because this maybe the last chance for Tim Duncan and Manu, they Prepared for this all season long by resting player to save them for this chance. On NBATV, The Jet Smith was right when he said the deeper the Spus go, the output of Manu will increase because he save his energy for last (he knows that he is old now). Right now I don’t see any team can beat the Spurs.

  30. coolestpinoyeverlive says:

    this is a very long series…happy for manu that he is back…game 2 is exciting, as we know that thunder is not easy to beat, they will make adjustments and they will bounce back to get a home court advantage..this will be one of the epic series in history…OKC in 6.

  31. Anibal Litvin says:

    Manu Ginobili es superior a LeBron James. Es ganador, es 3 veces campeón. Saca fuerzas cuando nadie las tiene. LeBron entra en grandes depresiones de juego. Ginobili es motivador del equipo. LeBron juega bien pero no es MVP. Creo que Kevin Durant es muchísimo mejor jugador que LeBron. Besos desde Argentina.

  32. damhard says:

    LEBRON JAMES is back

  33. John from Oz says:

    This game had all the makings of an upset entering the 4th yet Spurs still find a way to grind it out. The implications for OKC could be far greater than being down 1-0 having statistically out muscled, hussled and dominated the Spurs in most categories for the bulk of the game and still going down. Can they recover mentally?Time will tell. Parker and co will protect the ball much better in the remaining games. All the accolades have gone to Manu but kudos to Jackson for his defense in the last and also Splitter was important early in the 4th. I like OKC as a team and think they”ll be a powerhouse the next 5+ years. For what it’s worth, Spurs in 5.

  34. Stijl says:

    It was written by some that Ginobili was done. Gone were the days of vintage Manu. But he’s statistically gotten better in each of the series he’s played. If this continues and Spurs limit their TO’s…I could see the Spurs winning this in 5. But OKC is scary good with length and athleticism and playing a game every other day in this series the youth of the Thunder may prevail or in the least provide for a long 7 game series.

  35. miguel melo says:

    I’m reading these comments and can’t help to notice that you guys are way to premature over sas win on the conference finals. Okc still played very well tonight. But i see too many people already discarding them, after one game. Its one game people!!!!

  36. leomar says:

    A fantastic SAS ball club since the all star. From winning in a boring way to a full of excitement turn around winning streaks. I don’t expect this team swept their last two opponents. And now I believed they can do it with the wild wild OKC team. Sorry KD if your big men wont contribute offensively then you’ll have a very slim chance of winning. Great JOB POP…

  37. pogzthegreat says:

    MIAMI vs. SPURS in the finals!

  38. Pedro says:


  39. Victor says:

    I’ve been a Spurs fan since I was an 11 yo boy back in 1973 when the Spurs first came to town as part of the old ABA. I am watching from Colorado Springs now. I have to admit, I was more than a little unhappy when the Spurs went down 9. Phew – man so glad they came back! Get the turnovers under control and they will have an easier time with game 2. But when they head to OKC for 3 and 4, that’s going to be a great challenge! Love the streak – 19 WINS IN A ROW!!! I know the Spurs try not to think about things like that, but as a fan, I love it! The Spurs will win this series, but I’m not sure they will have another sweep.


  40. Stav says:

    Go Spurs Go!
    Poor decision by Brooks not to play Ibaka in the 4th. He was protecting the rim and Brooks goes small for more scoring punch but the truth is the Spurs can match their pace in the half court with Leonard, Jackson, Green, Neal, etc. Manu strolls to the hoop from high pick and roll (screen set by Perkins’ opposite) and there is no one at the rim to intimidate. Baaa boooww… You lose OKC!
    No coach can match Popovich… he is THE REASON!

  41. dattebayo says:

    When I claimed Durant wouldn’t average more than 25 people were calling me an idiot. He got 27 in game 1 and went 8-19. He had no open looks, because the Spurs were crowding Durant and trapped and doubled him whenever possible. He only had so much points, because 11 came from the line and at least 10 in transition because the Spurs turned the ball over. Russell Westbrook and James Harden were forced to be the main scorers and both couldn’t get going. If Fisher didn’t go 5-5 in the first half, the Thunder would been down at halftime already. When the Spurs got behind, Pop challenged his guys and they responded, came back to take the lead and never let go until the final buzzer.

    I will say it again, the Thunder are getting schooled just like last year. They have grown and matured individually, but not as a team. They rely to heavily on KD, Westbrook and Harden making jumpers which the Spurs will contest throughout the series. Their offensive lineups can’t defend well enough and their defensive lineups can’t score enough which will make it hard for them to win this series. They only have a chance if they hit more jumpers and force turnovers with their defense, because those looks won’t get any better…

  42. I’m sure that the Spurs will win this series and all the way to the Finals!!!
    Go Spurs

  43. Kalbo!! says:

    Spurs fan here even before they became 1st-time champions. Right after the Michael Jordan-Chicago era, I’ve already noticed the potential of this team. Not to mention their humility, discipline & being civilize (I personally never heard any of their player hitting anyone or causing riots as far as I recall observing them). To say the least, they never had any ugly player. Peirce, Rondo, Randolph? What disgusting faces? Haha! But I actually piety the SAS as they are never really widely noticed and appreciated coz a lot of people are idiots who sees only popular teams and players. In spite of the achievements the Spurs have done, they never bragged. They always keep their feet on the ground and never ever did show-offs. That’s why I decided to make them my official favorite team after MJ’s 6th ring. Once a perfect defensive team and now an offensive machine who can execute defense whenever necessary. That switch can only be orchestrated perfectly by a coach as perfect as Pop. The brain of the team has made their games even more fun to watch. They’re playing style. The movement of the ball, I’m like a child watching a circus show. Still, I want to stand beside the team on their humility. We know that there are other deadly teams that can really be a threat. Let alone OKC is one of them and I give full respect to them. They’re in fact my next best team, so I have nothing against them. It’s just that they’re facing my #1. =) To all fellows out there that appreciates the Spurs, be proud cause you’re smart! We and the Spurs Rock!

    • TD says:

      Totally agree.

      I loved Spurs since Duncan’s rookie season. For me he is the MVP forever, you could hardly find another player who is humble, unselfish, always ry to get teammate involved, making his teammate better, play fundemental game.

      Could KB/LBJ become the 2nd, or even the 3rd man, in the team like what TD is doing? This is the real leadership, making his team better, so that’s why they are still in the playoff. 50+ for consecutive 13 years.

      Respect TD and Spurs.

  44. jhocoz says:

    veterans vs. youngters. six more games not yet finish.good luck to both teams.

  45. MaFox says:

    Spurs will take it in 6

  46. BKKNIGHT says:

    This writer is sto stupid,manu had one good game and suddenly they unbeatable, whos gonna beat heat if wade and james combine for 70 + like they did last 3 games

    • JAKEOWN says:

      Heat have not played anybody. Sure Lebron has good defense and so does wade but they can’t guard 5 players that can all put 20 on the board alone, much less a 5 man bench that is good for almost 10 a piece. Spurs are too deep.

    • kobe's fan says:

      Shut up! they were unbeatable way before Manu had this good game…Thats 19 W”s in a row going for 22.BTW Its Gregg Poppovic the coach,no way those two guys combined will be more than 50 in a game,

      • jordanbyfar says:

        Hey, Kobe fan, your team already lost. Get out of here and say hello to Kobrick. Your team cannot beat the Spurs or OKC and Kobrick is not getting his 6th ring

    • Because all Heat’s opponent in playoffs was not as good as Spurs. BK, just wait how Spurs will crush Miami if they meet in the finals. Idiot!

    • Kalbo!! says:

      You know what, guys? LBJ & D-Wade can & may combine for that many… But how’s that a guarantee to win? Bottom line, you’re still a bird brain, @BKKNIGHT… Don’t mind him, dudes… He’s just another unfortunate imbecile who lost it because of malnutrition…

  47. Loki says:

    Harden was schooled by Manu how to be a real Six man 🙂 OKC now showing the youth they have yeah the got past thru Kobe’s L.A and Dirk Dallas but Tim Spurs is a different ballgame with a Coach like pop, OKC must step up their game and be patient on offence Westbrook need to be in control of the ball not be the ball LOL be a “team” not a “A TEAM” (btw no disrespect to Harden,)

  48. Dean says:

    sure the spurs are the favorites to win this match-up.i would want them to beat miami in the finals.but if bosh plays at that time it would be tough..

  49. pop says:

    gino-believe is far better than the current 6thman of the year (harden)…vammos manu

    • ssshh says:

      i agree in this game he is better, but harden has been the best 6th man the whole season consistenly.

  50. Jess L. says:

    I am rooting for the Spurs but I just cannot understand why Popovich insists on fielding Mat Bonner who obviously cannot play defense. Popovich could have fielded his other players in Bonner’s place and could have gotten more quality minutes with anyone of them. It has been a puzzle why the Spurs let some good players go but still hung on to Bonner until now

    • SpursFan says:

      matt bonner is a good defender and a good 3-points shooter as well. He also has the height advantage and reach for the board 🙂

    • ssshh says:

      because he sees things that you can never see, that’s why is Pop is Pop, and you’re just a commenter here just like me.

      • Al says:

        Bonner is a decent enough defender that wont cause fouls. But he is put into the game to spread the floor
        and keep defenders honest. He doesnt even have to touch the ball, he just has to be on the
        floor to bring a defender away from the basket to allow the guards to penetrate.
        Without him offense can stall, He is just as important as the guys making the basket

        Its these small things that people dont understand that make the difference.
        There is so much more to basketball that “Throb City” And Lebum and Dwwayyneye dry humping each other after an
        uncontested Dunk.

  51. ton says:

    Pop had a great advise that Sparked Manu. Go Go Go Spurs

  52. marlon says:


  53. marlon says:

    yes…….i agree.go Spurs…

  54. Hosko says:

    I was waiting his superb game in this playoff and he did well 2nite… I hope that he should keep that rhythm as long as possible… Go SPURS Go…

  55. mtho13 says:


  56. rocklinex says:

    it’s just game 1 guys…c’mon OKC i’m rooting for you..c’mon westbrook and harden play hard and play better,,you two are better than that right?..okc in 5 or 6 games!!.. #thunderup

  57. LG-1 says:

    Scorching-hot Manu. Poor decision-making of Westbrook. Points in the paint.
    Three factors that decided Game 1.

  58. Tridel says:

    Let’s go Spurs! I was nervous for a moment but they did it!

  59. ollie says:

    The Spurs are a bunch of old has beens, LeBron will put these girls away in four games. Wade Lebron best duo of all time

    • Kalbo!! says:

      I have nothing against LBJ & D-Wade… But on your statement? I’m not saying the Spurs are unbeatable but you’re claim is too unsupported. In fact I bet you won’t get anything to support that. Especially after getting beaten last year by a team w/ only one superstar? That’s just disappointing. Believe me, I was disappointed too. But watch your words you idiot. The spurs did nothing to deserve your bad mouth, you illiterate moron! They never even claimed to beat anyone. It’s only the media. For all I care, they would never stoop down to your level. Gosh too many imbeciles today.

    • JAKEOWN says:

      Spurs play team ball and the heat can’t do that. there is no way they can winn 4 of 7, doubt they can even get 2. Not enough depth and no knowledge of how to play a team sport. Just another close call for lebron, his legacy will still need a ring next year.

    • ssshh says:

      c’mon, mind your own series for now, make sure you come out in the east so that you’ll put these girls in four games.

    • marlon green says:

      These are the same girls that devastated Lebron when they met in the finals when he was with cleveland remember?

      • jordanbyfar says:

        Lebron has a more better team now. Your Spurs are going to be spank by the Heat.

    • I agree with you kalbo! Ollie doesn’t know what real basketball is. It is a team sport. Not a 2 man game. Heat will never become champion (except 2006) if they play like a 2 man basketball without caring for other teammates. OKC too will not gonna be champions if Russel Westbrook is in the team. Go Spurs!

    • QuestionMark says:

      Bunch of old has beens that won 19 games in a row, makes sense right?

  60. LUCKY says:

    OKC will bounce back, they have to play defense!!!!! OKC vs MIA for the finals

    • JAKEOWN says:

      Wake up Lucky you are dreaming. the Spurs played awful, missed easy shots while the thunder were making tough shots. The turnovers in the first half were ridiculous. Even after all that, (we won’t mention the poor 3 point shooting by green and bonner) Spurs still won. Thunder played as well as they can defensively, they just aren’t deep enough.

      • Bball fan says:

        I agreed, okc defended spurs very well last game. however scott brooks made it clear that he is regreted to leave ibaka on the bench in 4th quarter. also westbrook took some bad shots, i am sure the coach will address that part. but again pop is not some mediocre coaches, he will also make proper adjustment. so it will be interesting to see tonight’s game.

  61. Miroj Agantal says:

    Spurs is way better than OCK when it comes to team work/play….

  62. KCEB says:



    • Tony says:

      time after time whenever Westbrook try to do so much and being selffish OKC lose…Same like last year!!!!

    • Bball fan says:

      that’s why tony parker did what he did talking smack to westbrook, get into his head make him take bad shots. give the ball to KD.

  63. jukes says:

    At the all-star break I put money on the spurs and celtics to make the finals. So I hope keep rolling through. It would be great to see these 2 teams make the finals – it will prove that heart and experince is better than showtime all-stars!!!!!! Old school ball making a comeback.

    • Jules says:

      Celtics?? Who took 7 games to beat the 8th seeded 76ers? Puh-lease. Miami will dismantle the Celtics, with or without Bosh.

  64. Santana says:

    I just can’t understand how people adore LeBron when Manu is so much better, more talented, smarter player. young players should learn from players like Manu.

    • leohimself says:

      lol don’t you think you’re going to far? let’s not blow this out of proportion :)) manu is a great player but have you seen lebron play? that guy’s a beast physically and talentwise. he only needs to grow up a little mentally to be the perfect player. he can play all 5 positions. as for manu, i don’t know how good he would be outside the spurs game. you know that popovich is a coach genius right? he makes players like danny green and gary neal look good. that’s not for everyone.

    • ssshh says:

      i take it you don’t like lebron, i don’t like his attitude too.
      Manu is a much better role model for young players, but let’s face it Lebron is more talented and has a better all around game. I bet 90% of nba teams will pick lebron over manu anytime because of his skils.

    • jordanbyfar says:

      Don’t be ignorant. Manu is not half the player Lebron is. Compare the numbers, but you are too blind t admitt it.

      • Edu says:

        But you have to recognize that Manu is in a different position and always came of the bench. He has less minutes than Lebron and is the thrird option in the last ball…

      • TRU*NBAFAN says:

        I think Manu is better off with 4 rings and one on the way. He will gladly give Lebron the ‘better player” title you hold so high, he’ll take the rings and like they said in Jerry Maguire the “Quan” 🙂 Everyone else can have the coin.

  65. olintahub703 says:

    GO SPURS GO…manu is back ..

  66. MArcelo says:

    It’s a very intensive game. Dynamic, hard defenses from both sides. I’m really happpy that Manu is back. Both teams played great “Team Play”, but SAS has longer experience.

  67. jade chavez says:

    go spurs!2012 champion…

  68. Phil says:

    It was a waste of some missed shot of Harden. Maybe it will make sense if some of it will go to Durant. 19 attempts may not be enough for Durant to win the game. I am trying to figure it out why they let Harden had so many shoot while Ibaka had only 3 attempts.

    • LAKERS 4EVA!! says:

      Are you kidding Phil? Why did Serge have only 3 attemts? Coz he has the offensive skills of a nun, thats why! He’s not a good jump shooter, and is all energy on the block, no substance. Most of his points come off offensive rebounds and put-backs, with some alleys thrown in as well. And thats fine, because he’s a defensive beast, and they have enough offensive fire-power without him. Harden is a proven scorer. Although I agree with what Steve Kerr said in the game, Harden usually plays against the other teams’ 2nd unit, therefore he is able to score more easily. This series he is playing against a much stiffer competition, and his scoring output is reflective of that. Also loved that he got called for 2 offensive fouls. All through the Lakers series, he was just putting his head down and steam-rolling to the basket, and LA couldn’t / wouldn’t step up and put a body in front of him.

      Was a great game though, and here’s a scary thought….. WHAT IF next time the Spurs actually limit their turnovers to their season average of 13 per game??? BLOWOUT SPURS!

      • Al says:

        Good to see a Lakers Fan that has something intelligent to say

      • Jules says:

        I’m glad someone pointed that out – now that they can’t just steam-roll into the paint, the Thunder will have to figure out how to get past a real defence in this series. Glad to see Harden and Westbrook both got called for charging. Hopefully Westbrook will also have learned that he may screw up OKC’s chances by injuring himself charging into an opponent – that was such a stupid way to try to draw a foul, he’s lucky he didn’t get hurt. And I’m glad to see the refs had Perkins number last night – Duncan took him right out of the game by drawing those fouls. My money is on the Spurs to take this in 6 games.

      • Kobe says:

        What a stupid comment. Probably still sour from the Laker losses. The Spur were owned by 3 quarter and that’s why they could not run. If Durant take a few more shots or if sefaloshia was guarding Ginobili OKC could have been up already…

  69. Victor Manoel de Brito says:

    Ok, so why was Serge Ibaka on the bench for the whole 4th quarter? Did he had an argument with Scott Brooks??? That man is a defensive stopper! OKC needs him in the crunch time to block the way to the rim…

    • JAKEOWN says:

      Because he already himself useless against the wiles of a veteran San antonio Team, he was owned by Duncan on the base line and he can’t guard outside of the paint. The Spurs bigs are good shooters too which makes him a liability, yes he can guard the rim but on the floor he gets burned. Say goodnight OKC Spurs are going for the KO.

    • TD says:

      Ibaka is good player, but Tim Duncan is a smart player, and he would KO Ibaka in crutch…

    • Ren says:

      Victor…because the Spur went small. If OKC leaves three bigs in – Spurs will really put the nasty on em! Spurs in 6. Go Spurs Go!

  70. Toby says:

    Hope the Spurs win, everybody (well almost everyone) has been playing so efficiently well in this whole playoff series… and now we see MANU EXPLODE! Haha hope the Spurs win it all, they have the most pure, fundamentally sound style of play; what basketball USED to be all about.

  71. MANLY22 says:


  72. rohan says:

    i am very happy of his performance today…. im watching here in the philippines… i have been a spurs fan sence 2005 and manu is my favorate player…. go spurs…. make another sweep all the way to the finals….

  73. 2e says:

    Gregg Popovich is great, did not let OKC do the same to him as they did to the lakers!! great coatching

  74. langka says:

    i always believe that veteran/experienced/mature/professional teams ALWAYS WIN than these immature/childish/show-off players..

    • ssshh says:

      “immature/childish/show-off players” – you’re not talking about OKC right?
      c’mon jackfruit, OKC is young and hungry but i don’t think their childish/show-off.

    • TD says:

      I think OKC is a growing team but they haev very good sense of teamwork.

      Unlikely the teamstill playing in the East, which always rely on two show-off person…

  75. ami says:

    Go SPURS!!! I want you to show how young you still are. ☺ Best playoffs match up of the year. This is currently trending everywhere.

  76. super Mamu says:

    Manu is good!I like spurs.

  77. ManuIsTheMan says:

    Manu is the man!

  78. Hg says:

    The SAS – OKC game was the best play-off game I have seen in quite a while. It was anybody’s game until almost the end.

    • Allellla says:

      Absolutely agree…OKC-SAS was one of the best quality level playoff games in 2000-2012 seasons

      • kILLarifIC says:

        your out of your minds. it was a great game but how about when lebron james took out the pistons single handedly? what about durants game winner the last series against the Fakers? last years finals when the Mavs had 2 come from behind victories? what about when the celtics came back from like 20 against the lakers in the finals like 4 years back?
        it was a great game lastnight and being from texas i hope spurs win, but there were definetly way better games where both teams are playing excellent basketball. the thunder didnt play excellent basketball

      • nick says:

        yea i agree with the cat above or below me. mavs with 2 come back wins and took the title on miamis court.. loving it. MAVS#

    • ssshh says:

      i feel that this series is the NBA finals, whoever takes this series will convincingly win the next series.

    • TD says:

      Absolutely, both teams played with teamwork, unselfish, discipline.
      Each team has their start player, but playing their parts well.
      I have not been excited for a series like this one. Respect both teams!

      But I like Spurs and TD, I hope he could get his 5th ring this year. Go SPURS GO!!!

    • Ren says:

      the mavs. whatever. we barely noticed they won it last year after getting swept so quickly this year. thanks for keeping the trophy warm. We’ll take it back this year for number five. sorry about that Lamar Odom thing. Go Spurs Go!

  79. Chaniel Jansen says:

    Way to go Manu!!! But damn this series is gonna be exciting neither team quits.. Hope the spurs wins this series. Go Spurs Go Drive for Five (2+0+1+2)

  80. me says:

    what i’ve been waiting for since the start of the playoffs. manu is back!

    • Edu says:

      Manu was always present! But this time Popovich give to him the priority on the last ball, and Manu with the confidence of the coach could play better than other games.