Big Shot Rondo Rescues The Celtics

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — With a slim three-point lead and their closer heading to the bench with four minutes and change left to play, few people inside TD Garden would have chosen Rajon Rondo as the man to save the Celtics’ Game 7 bacon against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Rondo was mysteriously missing in action for most of the first 44 minutes of the biggest game, to date, of the Celtics’ season. But he turned it on when it mattered most, scoring 11 of the 12 points, including nine straight, in the three minutes after Paul Pierce fouled out with 4:16 to play.

The Celtics’ famed Big 3 is officially a Plus-1 now, since they’re moving on to the Eastern Conference finals to face the Miami Heat Monday night because of the late-game heroics of the one member of the band least known for his offensive prowess.

Rondo knocked down a driving layup and two deep jumpers (one was initially called a 3-pointer but later changed to a 2-pointer after being reviewed and the second was a 3-pointer well behind the line) to extend the Celtics’ lead back to double digits while Pierce was still getting settled in his seat on the bench to watch the final minutes of the Celtics’ 85-75 win.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers had no fear with Rondo stepping up for both shots, the first to beat the shot clock and the second a dagger Rondo stepped into like he was as sharpshooter instead of an All-Star point guard known best for setting the table for his teammates and being one of the best defensive and rebounding points guards in league history.

“Go in, please,” Rivers said when asked what went through his mind seeing Rondo raise up for both of those crunch time 3-pointers. “I’m not above praying …Β When you get him in rhythm he’s a good shooter. I’ve been saying for that last couple of years. The first [3-pointer] he didn’t have a choice because of the shot clock. The first one he had to take. The second one, he wanted that shot. He stepped into it. And it was big. Big.”

Whatever hopes the Sixers had of shocking the world and making the conference finals as the eighth-seed vanished with a few flicks of Rondo’s wrist.

“We had a great chance to win,” Sixers coach Doug Collins said, “we had a great chance to win. And then Rondo made some great plays. Β Those were the shots we would have liked for him to take. Those are the shots that, if they go in, they change a series. And he wasn’t afraid to take them.”

Rondo’s triple-double (18 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists, his ninth career playoff triple-double) and monster work at the finish proved to be the difference in a rugged defensive series that pushed the Celtics to the brink yet again, they’ve played a six Games 7s in the past five seasons. Rondo’s finishing touch gives him a playoff memory of his own to add to the long list of magical postseason moments the Celtics have piled sky-high over the years.

It’s one of the reasons Collins won’t hear anything about the Celtics’ Big 3.

“I don’t look at them as a Big 3,” Collins said. “They’re a Championship Four. Anyone leaving Rondo out is making a huge mistake.”

Rondo and the Celtics did have to lean on the aging Big 3 to get them to crunch time. Pierce made his usual array of wicked, shot-clock beating shots. Ray Allen, after struggling with his shot throughout the entire series, buried two critical 3-pointers in the fourth quarter to help hold the Sixers off. Garnett battled from start tot finish on both ends of the floor, finishing with 18 points and 13 rebounds, and grinding through his usual workload in a way that few men with his lengthy experience in the league are capable of at this stage of the game.

Rondo, who is tied with Wilt Chamberlain and trails only Larry Bird (10), Jason Kidd (11) and Magic Johnson (30) in career playoff triple doubles, shunned the hero cape afterwards. Maybe he didn’t want anyone to miss that Celtics-green designed shirt he was rocking at the podium? Perhaps, it dawned on him that the Celtics are just halfway to their ultimate goal and have to take their talents to South Beach to face a Heat team that eliminated them in the conference semifinals last season.

Plus, he was feeling guilty for a some of his late turnovers. He blamed himself for Pierce fouling out. So he was just making amends by stepping into Pierce’s role at the end.

“My teammates needed me to step up,” Rondo said. “It was a team effort. I just happened to score seven or eight points in a row. But my teammates got us to that point.”

Sure they did.

But Rondo rescued them from what could have been the end of an era and delivered them to the Eastern Conference finals, the Celtics’ third trip there the past five years.


  1. Kagwang says:

    Why do many people count out the CELTICS? Because they are old and injured? ill pick C’s in 5. Go LeChoke, dirty Wade and your dinosaur pet some fish’n…

  2. KG MiLANES says:


  3. KG Mil says:


  4. johnex says:

    a team that rely on super stars never wins a championship….

    Super Star Players + Bench + Team Work = Championship….

  5. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:

    Celtics have a hard time dealing with an 8 seeded SIXERS team…. Now you saying they will sweep the HEAT???? where’s the logic on that???? You have no knowledge about basketball…Switch to Golf…. Maybe if the celtics are playing the PACERS instead of SIXERS they won’t make it to ECF…or they won’t past second round…. Let’s all watch GAME 1 so you have a clue on what im sayin’………

  6. KnicksForever says:

    Saying LeBron is “LeChoke” is a ridiculous statement. You do realize he is the reason the Heat beat the Celtics last postseason? He played fantastic basketball against the Celtics because they cannot guard him and should i remind you of his last minute scoring in the elimination game? He made a big three point shot in front of Boston’s bench right in Paul Pierce’s eye from the corner. Also got a steal and dunked it at the other end. He single handedly ripped the spirit out of the Boston Celtics. Something no one ever seen a team do before to Boston. THEY GAVE UP ! No other team has been able to break down the Celtics spirits the way he did and Dwayne Wade is on a roll scoring at ease and you believe Ray Allen with ankle spurs can guard probably the most fastest player in the NBA? Udonis Haslem is also doing his part offensively knocking down mid-range shots. Mario Chalmers is not the same as before and playing much better basketball and Miami is a great defensive team and rotate well. They will help against KG and be able to get enough stops and get in rhythem. Boston can fight and play as hard as they want, but in all honesty, they havent gotten better from last year’s postseason and the Heat have improved. The only real threat Boston truly has is a savvy, but injured Paul Pierce and the best point guard in the playoffs every year since 2008. Boston has a chance if KG can knock down his mid ranged shots However, i still feel its going to be Miami in 5

  7. Sam says:

    It will be a repeat like last year, you keep saying Lebron is going to choke but he only had a scoring draught in the final series he still dropped a triple double he just wasn’t scoring cause let Wade take over. The heat will take it in 5-6 games if there was any doubt that they would lose they would bring bosh back, the heat will attack the paint relentlessly and with no Bradley to guard Wade he’s going to have a big series. The heat’s defense will turn boston into a jump shooting team the only way celtics could stretch this game out if Allen steps up and starts knocking his 3s down

  8. Lmfao @ all yo celtic fans… Now u guys saying Celtic got heart and they gonna win becuz heat can’t match rondo or garnet. After the Celtic looooooossssseeeee against heat then u guys gonna say the heats made dirty playes and Paul n ray n Bradley is injured or battling injuries. I can’t wait for the heats to beat the celtics and put the senior Celtics in senior citizen home. Lol

  9. W/E says:

    and the upcoming series between miami and celtics are gunna be a repetition of last year, Lechoke and wade are still too much for them. If their useless bench shooters start scoring efficiently Celtics got no hope.

  10. W/E says:

    76ers just couldnt score the ball in game 7, too bad

  11. Mohcel says:

    i predict a sweep. go C’s!

  12. 2khev says:

    Celts SWEEP the losing TEAM HEATS

  13. fish sticks says:

    Didn’t Boston sweep the season series last year? ANd how’d that turn out

  14. cantstandtheheat says:

    Rondo is the guy that makes the Cs go, and the Heat dont have any one who can control him. Unless Lechoke guards him. Last year he did that in the fourth qtr. The super friends are one friend short. Lewade and Lechoke will get their points and have their moments every game, but will not be enough. The Cs bench is better than the non existent bench of the Heat. Doc is more experienced than Spo. Spo is just a puppet in the Lewade and Lechoke’s show. The players run the team not the coach, sad but true. With Botch out, KG will have a field day in the post. And if Ray or Pierce get it going, its over for the Heat. The C’s in 6.

  15. steagle says:

    Celtics will be OK as long as Dirty Dwayne Wade doesn’t break Rondo’s arm again.

  16. Vrapz says:

    They maybe old but they got bigger brain than their ego…..and they dont choke under pressure. Boston in 6

  17. David says:

    You can never predict what kind of game Rondo is going to have. At his worst, he’s still going to contribute in ways the stats won’t tell. At his best, he has more triple-doubles than Bird or Kidd, at just 26 years of age. Plus, the Big 3 deserve another ring. Let’s see how it plays out…

  18. hey says:

    the nba is so fake

  19. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:

    What Celtics??? Worried??? You Serious??? 8 seeded sixers vs celtics game 7…. now they’re champs again??? NO WAY!!! Even w/out Bosh they can’t beat the HEAT on playoffs… Do you really believe that rondo can do it??? DWADE and LBJ vs rondo??? uLOLS won’t happen…. Just like last season….. 3-1 on reg season.. playoffs 1-4… After ECF series is than MOST of celtic fans will jump to WCF champs against the HEAT…. Sorry to disappoint you… But the HEAT will WIN IT ALL…..

  20. onlyopinionthatmatters says:

    The celtics never had all of the big 4 in the regular season and the heat didn’t go without Bosh….So you put that all together and it spells DISASTER for the heat!! the Celtics win in 6 games! woohoooooo!!!

  21. Vincent says:

    Rajon Rondo will be a match up problem for the Heat but Lebron James and Dwyane Wade is match up problem for any team. If Chris Bosh comes back, the Celtics will have more difficulties in their defensive rotation.

  22. Minc says:

    C’s fan yeah.
    One thing the celtics can’t do is think about that 3-1 regular season victory.This is most definately not the same celtics team who won those games.Avery Bradley was in everyway a huge contributor to those wins and thats how Boston plays as a team.If Ray can get it going and we can hold those heats down to 3 fast breaks per game ,the C’s stand a chance other than that those last 14 games will show their toll.
    On another note congrats to sixers and their fans.You guys should hold your heads high and be proud of your team.And to those haters labeling them as just an eight seed,they should stick to watching AND1,cause they know nothing about Pro-Basketball.These guys play with heart.
    Bring on Miami!cause even if we don’t beat them we’re going to tender them up for cooking by whom ever comes out the west.

    GO CELTICS!!!!!

  23. olive august says:

    Rondo is special.

    I tell you who I’m sick of hearing from is Stephen A. Smith. All he keeps saying is the Celtics are going to get
    “steamrolled” in the next round. So disrespectful. We’ll see.

    This team isn’t going to just lie down. They aren’t scared of the Heat. And the Heat have no answer for Rondo.

    ….unless Wade breaks his arm again.

  24. another basketball fan says:

    LOL @ all the comments about Miami 1-3 against Bostonduring regular season. Isn’t it the same record last year too where Miami was 1-3 against the Celitcs during the regular season? What happened during the playoff? This is the playoff, teams don’t play like they do during the regular season and even without Bosh Miami will find a way to adjust.

    I am a Heat fan and I am glad that Miami play Boston before playing the final against the west. This give them time to make adjustment without Bosh. The last series against the Pacer and their slow Hibert pretty much let Miami make their adjustment slowly because HIbert wasn’t exactly a good center.

    As someone else said, history will repeat itself and this year Heat is better than last year as well.

    Go Heat, torch them greenies!!!!!

  25. Proud of Rondo says:

    please don’t spoil it Lakers. haha! as if Odom will be back for the Lakers. πŸ™‚ And who what Shannon going back to LA? @_@

  26. bowcheck says:

    Everyone says a game 7 with an 8 seed is weak
    What about when memphis took OKC to a game 7 last year and now memphis was the 4 seed and OKC is in the Conference finals
    How is that weak

  27. John From OKC says:

    I love watching Rondo demonstrate that he’s no longer the sorry shooter he was his rookie year, when he really was bad at that one overrated part of the game. From his very first pro game I knew he was going to be the Celtics’ starting point uuard for at least a decade in spite of his the then noticeable flaw in his game. I don’t follow college sports, so I had never heard of him until that night.

    Now if Doc Rivers could just get it through his head that Greg Sriemsma has a higher basketball IQ (by a big margin) than most rookies…

  28. Smith says:

    Rondo? Really ,,I prefer WADE baby!!!!

  29. maggi says:

    Rondo is my man!!!!Boston – Miami is the perfect game …This time the underdogs will win…Miami might have Lebron and Wade but the old men Garnett,Pierce and Allen will step up with their experience and teach them some life lessons !………. Man I look forward for this one !!…..

  30. Peter says:

    There are only three things that worry me about this matchup:
    – Who on the Celtics is Dirty Dwyane going to injure?
    – How many travels and flagrants will Lebron and Wade get away with?
    – How long can I tolerate all of the 12 year old bandwagon Heat fans saying things like “LEBRON 4 PREZIDENT! U SUXORZ!!”

  31. YHER says:

    Celtics in game 7 East Finals….still No. 1in the East……as long as they’re healthy…..I believe they will make it the historical number 18 banner…Hope for the best…Truly. they are the underdogs facing the gazelles and mammoths.. Fight to the last bullet Celtics!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Russel says:

    Rondo needs that game to prepare himself to the challenges ahead..WAY TO GO RONDO!

  33. Mantas says:

    I thinik this is a quick series for Miami, 4:1

  34. Peterz says:

    The heat should be worried about the celtics especially with bosh out and Garnett playing super well!

  35. beat the heat says:

    stiesma will make the difference here.hahaha

  36. ASA!!! says:

    tear your heart out!!!! celtics will never,, i mean EVER!!! win this!!! ok no bosh,, hey wait a minute ,, they got james and wade,, vs banged up paul and ray? hahahhahah wow its like 2013 lamborgini vs 1660 toyota corola wahaha i bet those OLDIES cant even sprint and run up and down the court wahahah young legs vs vintage legs wahaha

    • Peter says:

      Yeah but the Lamborghini has Italian electrics and will probably break down as soon as the going gets tough, while that rusty old Corolla will keep on going until it reaches it’s destination.

      Kinda like the Heat vs the Celtics πŸ™‚

  37. nbafan says:

    for all of you celtics fan,,,,, dream on,,,, wahaha cant wait to see your faces after the heat kick your soorry but
    ,, heat and celtics? not even close,,, pacers are way better then celtics ,, now miami, to finals ,, w/o breaking a swet wahahha MIAMI!!!!!!!!!!!ALL THE WAY

    • Peter says:

      Celtics dominated Pacers in the season series you know…

    • RayRay20 says:

      You Heat fans are all the same. If the Heat could beat the Celtics without breaking a sweat, why did Dwayne Wade say, and I quote, that the 5 game series last year “felt like it was a 9 game series”? The Celtics depth and Rondo are the worst matchup the Heat could go up against, and even though the Heat are favourites going into the series I highly doubt they’ll win it “without breaking a sweat”.

      • Sick says:

        by the way I have lots of respect for Ray Allen who has a good sportsmanship
        unlike his teammates….

  38. celtics greece says:

    what a game rondo was amazing i believe that he is our best player and the key for the finals!!!thank god tha miami and not indiana is the oponent to the final they arent a they are players and our amazing defence can beat the LETS GO CELLTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICS!

  39. QUEEN LEBRON says:

    My celtics will not win the series again Miami Heat, “HISTORY REPEAT ITSELF” ,Wade will break Rondo’s arm again, or James will put his foot where Pierce’s foot will land or for sure the ugly ball which was introduced by Pat Riley to Miami during Alonzo Mourning era will be used again , somebody who is not important in the Miami team will make hard fouls to the extent of making it to injury to Celtics. WACTH the series , you’ll find out.

    • Sick says:

      excuses.. LOL

      • RayRay20 says:

        At least he’s actually looking at past instances rather than just saying “Excuse. LOL” like a 12 year old.

      • Sick says:

        Coz the series hasn’t started yet and you celtic fans have already excuses…..
        just admit it that you don’t have a f*ckn chance
        making too many reasons about last year’s lost… LOL

  40. zuvenkuya says:

    The Celtics will fall to the Heat just like last year. Im more excited to see the NBA finals with the Heat playing the OKC. Lets go Miami Heat!

    • noctis15 says:

      just don’t predict what will happen in finals, remember 3-1 regular season won by celtics to heat and heat just lost Chris Bosh with an injury. and spurs are unstoppable now. so okc might be difficult to win in west finals

  41. lanz says:


    if the celtics doesnt turn the ball over and get ray allen going and get rondo to controll the tempo 100% celtics will win.

  42. kam says:

    ohhohh ! superb job for the entire team celtics especially Doc without paul P. Rondo takes it over .

  43. diablo 3 says:

    philly and indiana will be very scary next year

  44. TIMBERRRwolves says:

    The effort Rondo puts into the game is simply amazing. Nine career postseason triple-doubles, already fourth behind only Magic (30), Kidd (11), and Bird (10), and he’s only 26. Amazing

  45. odnid says:

    officially Rondo is now my idol in the nba, after the great michael jordan and scottie pippen!

  46. nbafan says:

    i thought the bulls and heat will the one fighting for east,, now the con.finals is boring ,, the heat will totally owned the celtics

  47. next the heat, and they havent had an anwer for Rondo or Garnett in ages. If Bosh is missing, Boston may well let Wade and Lebron take as many shots as possible and shut out the rest of the team.

    Avery Bradley and Chris Bosh are two huge misses, Bradley for the cuts and defence and Bosh for what he brings in floor spacing

    • RayRay20 says:

      Letting Wade and LeBron take shots is probably the one thing Doc River DOESN’T want. Let Mike Miller take those corner threes. Let Udonis Haslem take his midrange jumpers. Let ANYONE on the Heat team shoot other than LeBron or Wade and the Celtics have the upper hand.

  48. Evelyn says:

    i think the miami series can go a long way, but still i will go to the celtics. remember. We swept them in the regular season. :))

  49. eli says:

    no more big3…………now comes the champions 4 or C4…….. ready to detonate at any given time

  50. Celtic 4life says:

    Let’s goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Beat the Heat… Randooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  51. Retro Silk says:

    Let’s get a days rest and make a Miami mince meat pie on Monday night!
    Slather it with some extra heavy defensive gravy and serve it up Rondo style!
    We had their # with 3 wins in April. Lets win it in 5!
    Enjoying the Greenery…

  52. OldSkool says:

    Jon Barry called it before the game (celtics win, Rondo gets a triple-double) … nice work JB πŸ™‚

  53. heh says:

    One last trip to the Eastern conference finals for the Big 4… its been good. Go Celtics!!!

    • marlon green says:

      I like the big 4 statement. Rondo Has been getting overlooked for too long! Maybe this is something that the celtics tend to do to their other great players that is not the most popular. They used to say the big 3 back in the 80’s too but who ever really paid attention to the games Dennis Johnson played just as good smart along with the big 3 but never got enough credit. And I think this will be another 7 game series, Boston is too smart and good defensively to let Miami run all over them. Get ready for a great ECF! And it doesn’t matter who wins out of this series because the title is going to the western conference champs. Spurs and OKC are on another level right now.

  54. Vrapz says:

    Ray give some of his shooting power to Rondo…..beat the Heat!

  55. Victor Manoel de Brito says:

    Unless Miami’s defense is much worse than Philadelphia’s, the Celtics will be in serious trouble, because their offense was pretty bad in some games of this series. The green defense is beastly, but Philadelphia cooperate with such a horrifying shooting. The Heat won’t struggle the same way, I think, so the Celtics will have to improve their offense (specially Ray Allen). Plus, they will not have Avery Bradley to guard Wade. On the other hand, with Bosh still out, the Heat have absolutely no one to guard properly both Rondo and Garnett.

    And Rondo, yes, he was completely amazing in those last minutes. I thought the Celtics would lose without Pierce. Unfortunately (as I’m a Heat fan), they didn’t.

    GO HEAT!

    • Peter says:

      Philly gave Boston trouble in the regular season too and won the series 2-1. They troubled them because they have so much depth (their bench is almost as good as their starting 5), they are a top 2 defense, and they play HARD right to the end.

      Miami however lost to Boston 3-1 in the regular season (with an average win margin of about 15 points) because they have no bench, have a pretty good defense (but not as good as Boston) and are a mentally weak team who tend to choke under pressure.

    • Peter says:

      Oh and KG is averaging 20 points and 10 rebounds in the playoffs this season – he was the one guy that neither Atlanta or Philly could ever really stop. With Bosh out, who on Miami is going to stop Garnett? Turiaf? Joel Anthony? Udonis Haslem? Eddie Curry/ (haha nah that last one was a joke).

      No – there is nobody on that team that has the size and defensive ability to stop KG. They will have no choice but to double him and hope Boston’s shooters miss…but that didn’t work too well in the regular season. They have also never found an answer for Rondo – well, other then breaking his arm.

      I’m sure Dr Dirty (a.k.a. Dwyane Wade) will try that again, or maybe he’ll try to hospitalise KG instead, considering they will have no answer for him. We’ll see what tricks the dirty Heat have up their sleeves.

      • QuestionMark says:

        Well Battier guarded West really well, but thats cause the Pacers didn’t know how to use their big men, Hibbert could have easily dominated, as a great coach I’m sure Doc Rivers knows this and will try to get KG looks down low.

  56. smith says:

    a game 7 with the 8seed? wahahaha WEAK!!!! just like lakers wahahah

    • alo says:

      celtics went to game 7 with the 8th seed in 2008 when they won a championship

    • RayRay20 says:

      May I remind you that the playoffs atmosphere is completely different from regular season? And that the Spurs also went to game 7 last year against the Grizzlies (as the top seed from the regular season), and LOST? Just because they went to game seven against the 8th seed, it doesn’t mean they’re weak. I bet if your beloved Heat did that, you’d just say it was a “hard fought series”.


  57. kristian says:

    Epic Rondo is EPIC

  58. Roy says:

    Rondo!! I never doubt his ability, he can power a team to a victory if his team needs it. Great work.

  59. Davon says:

    Where are the Philly fans? Nobody got nothing to say, huh? The Boston Celtics are supreme…..period

    • Peter says:

      I’m a Boston fan and I’m wrapped that Boston won (they were the better team most the series) but you have to give Philly some respect and some credit – they made this one hell of a series, and they were fortunate that Rondo his some huge shots. Up until the last 4 minutes this could have gone either way.

      So huge credit for the 76ers for a putting up one hell of a fight – this battle will only make Boston stronger for the next round so they can hopefully….BEAT THE HEAT! πŸ˜€

    • Sick says:

      It doesn’t matter, they can’t be supreme the next round anymore… lol

  60. Delubyo says:

    Nice game by rondo all of them especially starting 5 step up. Now miami has to put everything to beat celtics..

    • miami boy says:

      the celtics have no chance against miami supposin that they had to beat a team like the 76’s in 7 games wat about a superstar team such as miami?

    • Kel says:

      The Celtics have very favorable matchups against the Heat moreso than Philly. No one can stop Rondo. (Well, no one really can, but Holiday is much better than Chalmers). If Bosh is out, Garnett already owned that matchup. Ray’s health is the one thing I’m worried about. If he doesn’t play better, it’s hard to see Boston beating Miami even with the KG and Rondo mismatches. The bench really has to step up. The good news is that the Heat’s bench is not nearly as good as Philly’s. Doc certainly has the advantage over Spoelstra, although that might be balanced out with the star calls you know LeBron and Wade are bound to get. But I actually think that Boston has a better chance against Miami than they would’ve against the Pacers. I am personally rooting for a Spurs-Celtics final. It will be great basketball, and the only drama would take place on the court. One last hurrah for two great teams. Fundamental, defensive, team-oriented basketball. The Celtics have superstars, but they are so much more than a collection of stars, they play like a TEAM. Go Celtics! BEAT THE HEAT! BANNER 18, HERE WE COME!

      • Pavkatak says:

        Spot on! That was just what I was about to write…

      • Sick says:

        Keep on dreaming celtics fans .. lol

      • Iestyn Davis says:

        I think Wade could guard Rondo pretty well. He’s bigger than him so that might give the Celtics trouble.

      • Imad Akel says:

        Celtic fans im sorry to burst your bubble, but the Pacers were more trouble to the Heat than you will ever be.

        KG is my favorite player of all time, but he’s old and it’s time to call it like it is (just the way KG likes it). That missed dunk in game 7 says it all. Udonis Haslem can easily outplay KG.

        And as for those saying the Heat won’t be able to guard Rondo, Lebron and Wade can guard ANY of the Celtics players, but no Celtic player will be able to guard Lebron or Wade. Udonis Haslem will have an open mid range jumper before you can say “help us KG”.

      • RayRay20 says:

        Agreed. Heat fans like Sick are the ones who are dreaming if they think this is going to be an easy series for either team. The Celtics have the playoffs experience. The Heat have the superstars (one of whom, may I remind you, is known for choking in big games). This will be an interesting matchup. Of course, I’m not deluding myself into thinking that the Celtics have the advantage in this series, with the Heat obviously holding the upper hand and the Celtics going in as underdogs. But if anyone can beat the Heat in the East, it’s the Celtics (with the Bulls and DRose out of action).

  61. fanofafan says:

    Very proud of Rondo!!!

  62. kevin lakey says:

    nice job celtics but i dont think that anyone is going to be able to stop the spurs’ roll… my lakers will see the celtics next year in the finals, if, we bring back Lamar and shannon, and bynun and ,or, gasol pull their heads out play some consistant “high level” ball both were pathetic this post season. laker fan since 1965

    • kristian says:

      I’m a huge Celtics fan but i doubt that they can reach the finals next year. Now is they’re only time because KG or Allen might be gone next season.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Your Lakers are never gonna be able to beat the Spurs or OKC anymore, so good luck.

      • RayRay20 says:

        “Never” is a bit strong. The Lakers and Celtics dynasties come and go, and those two franchises are easily the most successful ones, with 16 and 17 Championships respectively. A few years ago, the Thunder (formerly Supersonics) weren’t even in the frame. I doubt either the Spurs or the Thunder will ever be that successful, with neither having a real chance at having a dynasty with the threat of the Bulls and the Heat in the East and the Spurs themselves aging. “Never” is what you say when you mean the Lakers will actually NEVER win against those two again, in regular season, postseason, preseason, and exhibition games. You need to learn how to make proper use of your words.