Hibbert Not A Factor Against Heat

INDIANAPOLIS — The Pacers just played a team that was missing its best big man. Well, in a sense, the Pacers didn’t have theirs either.

Anyone seen Roy Hibbert? Because he never really got rolling in this series and the Pacers never managed to take advantage of a situation that was made for him.

No Chris Bosh for Miami should’ve meant plenty of opportunities for Hibbert, the Pacers’ All-Star center. Instead, he lapsed into the background when the Pacers bowed out Thursday, pretty much as he had all series. He averaged 10 shots a game and 11 points, two below his regular season average.

A mild impact from Hibbert wasn’t the only reason the Pacers lost in six. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade were epic. Yes, that would be the main reason. And the Pacers got sloppy with the ball when Miami turned up the defense; 22 turnovers killed them in Game 6.

And yet, the one area where the Pacers had a solid advantage was inside. With the big fella. With Hibbert in contract mode (he’s a restricted free agent this summer) he had every reason to be amped. But the Pacers never quite found him as much as they should’ve, and when he did have the ball, Hibbert wasn’t terribly dominant. In an elimination game, his Thursday tally said it all: 12 points, eight rebounds and eight shots, the fifth-fewest attempts on the squad.

Hibbert didn’t help his cause with four turnovers Thursday, and besides, he never demanded the ball as much as he should’ve. But then, maybe it shouldn’t have come to that.

“What worked for us in the Orlando series, we got away from this series, and that’s getting the ball to our bigs,” said Paul George.

Besides Hibbert, David West had his issues. West is the only other low-post presence but the Heat’s Shane Battier, who gives up six inches and about 35 pounds, did a fantastic defensive job on West in Games 4 and 5. With West inconsistent and Hibbert largely missing with the exception of Game 3, the Pacers turned into a transition and jump-shooting team, and that usually doesn’t work in the playoffs or against defensive teams like Miami that can rotate swiftly.

“We had an opportunity to play longer,” said West. “This series was there for the taking. We understand there are growing pains. It’s just not our time yet.”

It’ll be interesting to see what happens next with Hibbert. Will some team come along this summer and offer him in the neighborhood of $12 million or $13 million a season? That’s roughly what Marc Gasol — a first-time All-Star this season like Hibbert — got from the Grizzlies last summer. With a premium on size, don’t be surprised if somebody reached deep in their pocket in an attempt to steal Hibbert away.

Would that price be too rich for Indiana’s blood? The Pacers do have cap room but team president Larry Bird said they aren’t equipped to handle many big contracts because of the small market realities; the Pacers ranked next to last in home attendance this season.

“This season went fast,” Hibbert said.

So did the Pacers. And so did their “advantage.”


  1. gergerger says:

    I think they should try to sign and trade Hibbert and some picks for Dwight.

  2. W/E says:

    Basically most big men in the nba right now are total GARBAGE, Hibbert is mediocre at best, 11 PPG 10 RBS 2.5 blocks averages in 30 minutes…that hook shot needs alot of work really he is a non factor unless he gets better on offence

  3. Dro says:

    oh, and lol @ a big man who’s great a blocking shots and rebounding, being soft…the way Hibbert goes for those blocks, he’s not scared to get dunked on like some other cowards….

  4. Dro says:

    lol @ Hibbert being soft because he throws up hook shots…god forbid a big man have old school skills….Just because he’s 7’2, doesn’t mean he’s going to physical dominate on dunk on everybody….There are plenty of other big men with the same height who are GARBAGE….must’ve been a kid who said that…

  5. john says:

    Dont expect Celtics gonna win against Heat..maybe you forgot last season where LBJ destroy them…and Heat had chance to win the finals this season if LBJ will play with the same level us today..Heat is still Champ in Eastern conference but not really sure at the finals….just saying…..lol

  6. Toni says:

    i want to see eddy curry in the game

  7. wadeallday says:

    lol heat no chance against spurs, watch lbj man handle ginobli and possibly even duncan. this man can play any position he desires. Then u just sit back and watch the D WADE show, beasting on everybody

  8. heathater says:

    I blame the pacers guards for losing the series, turnovers, jacking up 3s, not looking to get the ball in the post where they clearly had the advantage. Then there’s the rookie coach. How many games does it take to fugure out the clear advantage and urging the team to execute. The heat are done in the ecf. No way they are getting past the celtics without Bosh. Rivers is a veteran championship coach and knows how to use he’s players to get results. The heat dont have any one who can check Rondo. Lechoke and Waste need to have epic games the whole series to stand a chance.
    Celtics and Spurs in the Finals…Duncan gets his 5th ring.. while the self proclaimed king ramains without a ring.

  9. Michael says:

    Indiana is not a challenge because they beat Magic without Howard who is the key player in Magic and Miami was missing Chris, i think that Pacers would of lose to Magic if Howard was playing cuuz hes much better than Roy .

  10. Miami Guy says:

    Joel is the MAN..
    Jole: 6’9″
    Hibbert: 7’2″
    I was expecting Spo to do math and see the height difference and let Pittman to grow during the season by having some playing time. Miami will have bigger players with better big bodies.. First time I was happy with Spo’s coaching last night.

  11. wtelfair says:

    San Antonio Spurs are going to spank OKC and Miami. Mark my words.

  12. twistergear says:

    best player on the planet? you’ve got to be kidding? he’s a big time fluke that’s what he is! choke…choke.. choke… like last year against the mavs! only a fan will say his the best! if you understand basketball and knows every aspect of the game, there are more better players than him. Lebron is just being build-up by the nba! not even his shoes can make him great!

  13. I’m a LeBron fan, but you can pin the Pacers loss on Hibbert. He is a great player with tremendous potential and just played a team with the leagues MVP and a supporting cast that showed up. I like Hibbert. As a matter of fact, I think that Miami should trade Bosh for Hibbert. Hibbert would give them that big man inside presence, and with LeBron able to drive and dish out…Hibbert would propel Miami to the next level.

    I live Bosh as a person, but any solid big man with more presence around the rim would be a boost for Miami.

  14. Highlander says:

    blame the big man era now days. It is a gaurd oriented leauge but when the team fails, default to blaming the big mam. Whenever the team doesnt come up to expecations. Heat-Bosh, Lakers – Gasol/Bynum, Pacers -Hibbet, Orlando -Howard. WE constantly read artcles abiut the lack of bigmen in the leauge, but when the team fails-its their fault. How did Dalles gowithout Chandler, we all know the heat are craving a big man . Coach need to coach to matchup advanatges, gaurds need to get them the ball. Hibbet has made big progress, is now an all star, was a match up advanatge-not all his fault, team and tactcis win. Finally yes Haet are a VERY dirty team. WE have had reactive rule changes to get ride of team like the Bad Boys in the late 80s and the arm checking seris in the mid 90s but all of a suddem we role at the “refs let them play ” in the playoff after over offciating in the regular season. Does not make any sense really .

  15. David says:

    Just amazing what LB and DW did in this series.If they can keep playing at this level they gonna win the championship for sure.There is not team in the NBA for this level

  16. Roy Hibbert is not good at carrying a team yet, he needs alot of work and west is what west is he’s not a first option on offense, the pacers need a player who can create his own offense, and make plays for other teammates, Granger not the star we need he is not getting any better he just likes to shoot three’s, paul george and hibbert needs to take there game to the next level if the pacers are going to get any better and be a real contender, I would like to see the pacers trade granger for pau gasol of the lakers , the lakers can use granger a three point shooter and a defender they need and west can go because gasol will get his minutes, and trade west and try to get a good playmaker at gaurd to play pick and roll with gasol, and who can get his own shot, the pacers got alot of role players but need two great players to balance out the role players.

  17. Baron R. says:

    This writer loves to talk smack. Sad that the Pacers are drawing heat from this series loss. Miami fans should be thanking the Pacers for making Dwade and Lebron step their games up. Thank you for an awesome season Pacers!

  18. JC says:

    Hibbert rented the same place that Lebron rented last year for the finals.

  19. BFoulds says:

    LeBron is the best player on the planet, but I’m sorry… There is just no way he’s winning the title this year. The Heat better hope and pray that OKC beat the Spurs because the Heat have no chance against San Antonio this year.

  20. Arrogance wins says:

    Most arrogant nba player- Dwayne Wade
    god gifterd but crying baby looser with max arrogance- Lebron jones

  21. toney q cobb says:

    The Pacers were next to last in home attendance? how many does Conseco Fieldhouse hold? I thought Indiana was supposed to be a basketball state…really surprised by that stat

  22. W/E says:

    Hibbert is so freaggin weak and soft for a 7,2″ center, he was horrible in the playoffs, he was horrible vs the magic who had no center players and he was mediocre AT BEST vs WAY shorter and untalented centers vs the heat, a non factor indeed

  23. Mark says:

    The Pacers should be disappointed because they had a shot to actually win this series, but they should remain optimistic. They had such a great season, and when was the last time they even made it to the 2nd round, let alone put up a big fight against their 2nd round opponent? This young team is only going to get better as the years go on, but I still don’t think they can win a championship until they get that 1 superstar player on their already very deep team. Great season Indiana!

  24. Barry Lird says:

    Pacers blew it. Celtics won’t.

  25. Lord P says:

    Roy Hibbert is not definitely an allstar..he’s not a dominant big man..i would prefer to have Carl Landry than him on my team cause I’ve never seen that determination that contradistinguish players able to dominate!!!

  26. Inferno_dunker says:

    Battier is 6’8, 225lbs, West is 6’9, 240lbs. So where is this 4inches and 30 lbs diff? Anyway Hibbert wasnt mature enough to step up and carry the entire team, so this outcome shouldnt be such a big surprise.

  27. okolo says:

    No matter how much you want to hate him, Lebron James is the best Nba Player, We need to give him that.
    I LOVE the way he is playing and l wish him nothing but Championship .
    Maybe this is his year.

  28. okolo says:

    Man, Dwade and Magic figure Lebron

  29. it is my honest opinion that unless these guys give their lives to JESUS CHRIST, they cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. Let Jesus and you will win the championship, Lebron, Wade, Bosh and the entire Miami family. Wade, Lebron, Bosh and the entire team MUST be born again if they are to win the championship. And to all the NBA fans, please consider the above as well. Jesus loves you

  30. RRam says:

    Terrible Coaching. I don’t care if that was Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant on the other side. You have to make them pay on Defense for not staying with their men. Two guys should never beat a whole team. Plus You have a 7’2 Center with no one to really challange him, and you keep allowing your guards to jack up threes?? Thank God, we Have Leonard and shipped out George Hill. The Pacers are softer than the slushes I get a Sonic. Vogel should be given his walking papers.

  31. donafello says:

    Indiana put up a good fight but not enough experience to get over the hump yet. They are up and comimng and will be there with the heat and bulls for the next few years. My concern with Miami is Wade and LBJ have to carry such an enormous load physically for the heat that when and if the get to the finals, they are not going to have much left like last year against Dallas. Having the 2 superstars is great but to be a true dynasty like the bulls, lakers, spurs of ol u need more of a complete team. Spurs and OKC will give the heats fits because they are better teams with stars who can also dominate the ball when needed.

  32. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Hibbert: never go to the Heat please.. The league would become boring if that happens. Stay in Indiana, there are good players and the Pacers had a wonderful season, and it’s only the beginning. You have room to improve, too. The Pacers can build from this playoff experience, plus you have proven other former All-Stars in the team and young players, and the coaching & medical staffs are great… With a couple of changes, the Indiana Pacers can become a contender in the future.

    I knew when you were picked out from Georgetown that you would become an All-Star: even if it took time, it happened!

    I hate to see the Pacers loose to the Heat, but congratulations to Miami for winning anyway.

  33. Sam says:

    You must be joking. via Zach Lowe: “Hibbert was +13 last night playing 40 minutes in a 12-point loss.” So in the 8 minutes Hibbert didn’t play, the Pacers were -25.

  34. Blackee says:

    But,i think,conference semifinals,isn’t that great?I know everybody wants to win,but there can be only one best team.They should hope now that there will be more attendance in games for Indiana from now. That is my modest opinion

  35. Jose says:

    Come on! It is not Hibbert’s fault Miami has 2 superstars and they have playoff experience. The Pacers are young and no playoff experience. It is good that they won 2 games. To beat Miami you need a deep team like San Antonio or OKC. In a few years the Pacers will be like OKC today.

  36. Rob says:

    This is irrelevant but when lebron fell into the crowd at one point one of the pacers fans started hitting him with a pink plastic flamingo. it was awesome. dunno if you could see it on TV or not. still a fun one to be at despite the loss. unfortunate ending, but i cant be mad at LeWade for scoring almost 200 points by themselves the last 3 games – thats ridiculous. Wade was terrific. so elated that frank vogel has turned pacers from not even making the playoffs to a #3 seed (losing only 4 more games than Heat) in a matter of only 1.5 seasons. incredible. awesome series to both teams and best of luck to heat.

  37. Now Granger can act tough with the fishes while fishing. Lol.. Granger with all that huffing n puffing n mugging n bluffing , what a loooooossssseeeeerrrrrr he his. Miami don’t need Roy becuz his tall but too daaaammmm soft for a big man.
    Miami might sign Nash , Greg Oden, or j.mcgee next seasons.
    Boston yo getting too old now. Kg n ray should join heat if they wana win anymore championship. Miami would be the best option because most of the contender teams r set with deep roster.
    Boston needs to win game 7 vs sixers becuze we all wana see Miami vs Celtic one more time n shut up those Boston fans up once n for all.

  38. jewell rollen, jr says:

    According to nba.com, Shane is 6’8″ 225, David is 6’9″ 240, that is one inch and 15 pounds…where do you get 4 inches and 30 pounds?????

    • seewhatyouwant says:

      wade is the best and lebron is the best consistant (energy unmatched) when wade is going they even each other out am I wrong? anyone can take over and it is beautiful regular season doesn’t mean anything, wade and bron stepped up and no contest and there are people still big fans of wade despitte what the media make of him keep calling him second…tell me something if parker didn’t play to win this series he would not be mention but affter his play this year he is considered better than most . watch basketball and think for your self

    • dattebayo says:

      According to nba.com JJ Barea is 6 feet tall, do you by that too? West weighs more than Lebron to me, he just looks stronger and bigger, and Lebron weighs 265…

    • Sick says:

      maybe shane is only 6’6 and west is 6’10

    • Roy says:

      Battier’s height minus 2 and David plus 1, what an idiot writer.

    • flashard3 says:

      because that measuers are taken only in player rookie year,i think.

      • Big Joe says:

        No, the guys stats change as they gain/lose weight, they do not use rookie stats their whole career!

  39. Maino says:

    i dont understand how hibbert is 7’2 and he only gets 12 points and 8 boards. thats not acceptable at all. he has to be more demanding because no one can compete with him (other than dwight and bynum). if i was the coach i would have ran my offense through him. hes not a selfish player. pacers missed a great oppurtunity with chris bosh out u.d. out. but you have to give credit to joel anthony. if i was roy i would go to yao ming to improve my post game with that jumpshot in the post.

    • JJ says:

      are you serious ? what about Gasol and Noah ?

      • Maino says:

        yes im serious. hibbert needs to score for his team. at least 20 and 10 in my opinion. gasol has been having his own problems and noah’s job is to be a defensive stopper first score later. thats why they have boozer and taj gibson for to score buckets.

  40. Kobebean24 says:

    The Lakers should try to get hibbert and then trade bynum and gasol for some other good players

  41. leohimself says:

    Hibbert and Granger are not all star worthy. They are average players, that’s it. These series proved it. I still don’t get how they chose Hibbert in front of Josh Smith this year. Josh Smith is 10 times Roy Hibbert.

    • Rob says:

      what? hibbert and J-Smoove dont even play the position…one is a Center the other is a Small Forward/Power Forward. youre right tho, josh smith is talented, but its hard to beat out lebron and carmelo in east to make it as an all star…im a pacers fan and even i will admit i think Roy only got onto the team because there are no real dominant centers in the east besides Dwight. I guess i understand why youd think roy wasnt above average, but you gotta look at his FG% and rebounds, they are ridiculous. they dont run their offense thru him like the magic and dwight although itd be nice. disagree where you said granger was average tho…the way i look at it, i think he’s better than a C. I’d say he’s a high B…like an 86/100 haha maybe down to an 84 actually.

    • Blue & Yellow says:

      Hibbert is clearly the 2nd best center in the league (2nd to Dwight Howard). Josh smith and Roy Hibbert play 2 different positions.

      • Big Joe says:

        The ranking of centers in the NBA in my opinion are 1. Dwight Howard 2. Andrew Bynum 3. Marc Gasol / Roy Hibbert . I would like to see Bogut have a healthy season as well. FYI I am not including Horford in this because I dont think he is a Center……they just use him there.

    • Carol says:

      Josh Smith got snubbed when he wasn’t chosen to take Horfords spot.

    • Ben says:

      I agree with you Josh Smith should have been the all star. Hibert and especially Granger are just average players

  42. Vincent says:

    I think Miami Heat will win a championship this time. You can see the desire in the eyes of James and Wade, the stats proves it. Chris Bosh will come back for the Eastern Finals.

    • RRam says:

      It will take more than Two Superstars and Bosh ( if he comes back) to Beat the Spurs or Thunder. Unlike the Knicks and the Posers, sorry Pacers, Both the Spurs and Thunder can keep scoring, and play defense.

  43. jesusfreak says:

    love jesus

  44. dave says:

    joe? yah like what he did in game 3. ruined lebrons game! scored just 5 points. lol

  45. LeBron Hater says:

    man i wanted the pacers to win! thank u roy hibbert and the pacers offense vs miami amazing defanse without UD chris bosh. no advantage for d west or roy

  46. Ted says:

    The Heat was fronting the post and they could not find a way to get the ball to Hibbert. Miami has been doing this since last year in Dallas. I don’t know why Vogel did not figure that out. Hibbert also needs to add some bulk as he is a little bit easy to push away. And by the way, David West is 6’9 while Battier is 6’8. I don’t know how Battier is 4 inches shorter.

    • dattebayo says:

      When people say West has 4 inches on Battier, they don’t mean strictly height, they mean the height with raised hands that you have when throwing a hookshot or contesting a jumpshot.

      When Dwight Howard hangs on the rim his feet almost touch the ground, but he is listed as 6’11”. Put someone at 6’9” next to him who does not have such a long wingspan and he easily gives up 3-6 inches…

  47. Ozman says:

    Miami has the best big man in the league…Lebron, he is also the best PG and forward

  48. joe says:

    from now on wade will continue as the leading scorer into the finals and win finals mvp….hopefully lebron wont ruin wades finals run like he did last year purposely only scoring 8 points in game 4 against dallas,ruining Wades championship. lebron must humble himself and accept his pipen role,dont let jealousy drive u lebron dont ruin it again for wade,Wade is the best player on the planet

  49. MIAMI OR CELTICS says:

    he fits well with celtics since doc rivers coaching will put that boy to work and garnett will either retire of go to another team for sure . Now i mentioned miami because honestly they lack core center defense. Joel Anthony is definitely not gonna get any better sooner or later, turiaf needs more time to train and rest more (very energetic and aggressive so he stays), clearly give up pittman(dead weight), eddie curry defenitely needs more training but he is a liability for them, so who better than a young Hibbert siding with james, wade, bosh (less stress on his part) and chalmers at the start of the games.

    • Bongoman55 says:

      What? Anthony plays poor defence? He has no offense but that boy plays twice his size on D. Are you kidding? What series were you looking at?

  50. Glenn Gonzaga says:

    I agree with this post, and let this pacers give more respect to superstars like lebron and dwayne. Especially george, granger and stephenson, they’re not at the same level yet as those 2 guys.. Play good but not rude..

    • Rob says:

      what did Paul George do? i dont remember anything that he did. remember wade started it all in game 2 shoving collison in back… youtube that. if you want to be treated respectfully they gotta act like it.

    • Carol says:

      The heat are probably the second dirtiest team in the league and have been given the red light to continue……

    • Ben says:

      Totally agree they got what they deserved “A Good Old Fashioned Beat Down”

  51. Roy says:

    Nobody can stop Dwayne Wade and Lebron when they both go off. Thats the best all around player in the world and the second best SG behind Kobe. If the bench steps it up some more they will be invinicible. I hope Bosh comes back soon they need his scoring presence.

  52. many says:

    Hibbert would be an awesome adition for the heat. After game two i really thought that Hibbert and west would still this series for indiana. Granger postgame interview with a 2-1 lead ( We are not going to stop here ). Give indiana credit because they put a big scare on miami heat. I beleive that the heat became so much better after going down 2-1

    • Ben says:

      Granger tried to play the tough guy role and did not show up. He should have shut his mouth and just played, what a punk

  53. PC says:

    I don’t know what to say for the Pacers. They’re a good team if they can play collectively. They haven’t fully utilize their full potential in the last two games against the Heats. They did play fully when they won two games against the Heat. That is their defense, George Hill keeping his turnovers at a low, and they score as a team which is good, but their All-Stars need to step up. An elite, contending team always needs closers and Granger and Hibbert are best suited. The Pacers had a really chance to win this series, but this time, they REALLY did let it slip. Game 5 was exceptional since Granger went down in second quarter. But still game 6, could’ve tied it. If this core is back again next season, they can create an upset in a series next year. Just like OKC Thunder, their young core stuck together since the beginning, persevered and is know in the Western Finals. 3 years ago, OKC was 3-29 at one point in the season, now they are phenomenal. Larry Bird have a little patience for one more run before really breaking up this team; as they are young still and have a chance to improve and prove themselves that this end of season wasn’t who they really are as a team. They have the talent and power to upset the Heat if their mindset and mentality can really sink in. All in all, I’m not favoring any team here, I am just stating facts I guess and Good Job Miami Heat.

    • Amitpal says:

      The difference between okc and pacers is star power. KD is a superstar and russel Westbrook is probably one himself now. I don’t see a single superstar on pacers and hibbert might be the closest one and he’s still a long shot. Every member of okc big three is better then the pacer squad. So we all know no pacer is as good as kd or russel but harden is better then all pacers as well. So this pacer squad is not close to anything the thunder were and is.

      • PC says:

        You’re absolutely right Amitpal. All I’m saying is Pacers just made the playoffs and lost 4-2. Give them a chance to prove themselves next season before breaking them up. Pacers are a good team just looking at their starting core and bench. They just need time for their players to improve individually b/c simply, as a team, they’re not too bad.

    • QuestionMark says:

      OKC is far better for a reason, they have starpower and good defensive big men, KD has been the scoring champ 3 years in a row, Westbrook is quite possibly the most athletic and quickest PG in the league and Harden is 6th man of the year, Pacers have Collison who is no where near Westbrook and Granger who at times tends to struggle, unlike Ibaka, West isn’t a good defender and Hibbert still has to get better offensively.

    • Bongoman55 says:

      It’s not that Larry does not wwnt to keep them together, its that the franchise cannot afford the contracts when they come up for renewal. As mentioned above, the were the second to last in home attendance this season. Love their attitude though.
      Go Spurs!

  54. uoykcuf says:

    Indiana put up a good fight, and I liked the bad blood between these two teams. Their future looks bright.

  55. akosibonik says:

    in time, hibbert will be a big factor in the near future, but man, dwade played mad. LBJ also played good today. you see when they get support, the team is unstoppable.

  56. x-writer says:


  57. rl17 says:

    I thought Battier was 6 ft 8?

  58. pacers choked says:

    Its Obvious PAcers Player CHOKED..hahahaha LBJ And DW vs Pacers……

  59. NBAfan says:

    Battier is 6’8 and west is 6’9 AT BEST…that is not even close to the four inches you say he gives up.

  60. bambam says:

    Hibert who?

  61. JohnT says:

    It’s not entirely Hibbert’s fault. Miami prevented him from getting comfortable touches from the inside. It’s not like the heat are all about offense. More often than not it is in their team defense that they really take pride in and thank goodness it was what bailed them out in this series. Scoring against an active heat team defense is easier said than done as the Pacers have experienced first hand….(Stiffling D leads to no nonsense O)

  62. Western Conference Newbie says:

    Wow, the expected result happened. I’d act surprised, but really, nobody was.

  63. 123kid says:

    totally agree. If Hibbert was able to dominate, they’d had a 50 % chance of beating Miami. Miami couldnt make clutch shots in da one game Indiana stole on da road and Hibbert dominated the other one. He’s just not at dat level yet as a big man to able to play like a Superstar throughout da series. He’ll only get better from here tho

    • O.G BIRD says:

      Hibbert is S-O-F-T & that is why they Lost..he’s the tallest on the court & he’s throwing hook shots. That’s why the Legend Larry was upset. The Pacers learned the Hard-Way that what works during the Season never works in the Playoffs..Bring your A-Game or Go Fishing

  64. Laos says:

    Just learning from this article that Pacers had 22 turnovers! 22 in an elimination playoff game? Yeah you’re not winning the game with that stat.

  65. Balby says:

    Credits Also to Joel Anthony for a great defensive effort.

  66. RowJay says:

    No Bosh, No UD, No Problem. D Wade on Hercules mode! Let’s Go Heat!

    • Nate says:

      It was the coaches fault, how could you go away from the post which was working so well for you in the beginning of the game, then you went to shooting up 3’s and jumpers again… stupid!!!! West was dominating Battier like crazy, they should’ve stuck with that or throw the ball down low into Hibbert against Anthony and Turiaf.

      • sam bowden says:

        i think the problem was the Heat played small ball better than Indian could play big ball and it forced the Pacers to try and match the Heat speed to keep up. Hubert can not move well and when the Heat push the ball and slash and attack off pick n rolls, it makes hubert a liability

      • Belizeboy says:

        But they didn’t. Anyhow the Heat turned up their inside defensive efforts and it paid off. Playoffs are all about changing strategy sometimes and if you can’t figure it out quick enough then you’ll be off fishing.

      • DSA says:

        Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda. The Pacers were fortunate to get two games over the Heat. I love how many haters there were when the Pacers were up 2-1. Talk of Lebron Choking and Wade too old. Awaiting the Heat vs Sixer series, going to be fun.