Epic LeBron/Wade Was Just Two Much

INDIANAPOLIS — This was Sinatra and Dino holding it down while Sammy called in sick. Or Moe and Larry getting yuks by themselves because Curly suffered a serious injury from a poke in the eye.

Left without Chris Bosh, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade steamrolled the Pacers. Two men were two much. That’s it, folks. There’s no need to look too deep to figure how the Heat won in six. Wade scored 41 on Thursday in the clincher, and LeBron started this run with 40 points and 18 rebounds in Game 4. This was a combination a locksmith couldn’t solve, much less the Pacers.

The last three games, when Miami turned this series around, LeBron Wade scored 70, 58 and 69 points. Isn’t that what the Bobcats get on three good nights? Two guys played at MVP level and did it entertainingly at that, throwing up highlights left and right. Hope you enjoyed it, even if you hate the Heat, because this type of three-game stretch doesn’t come ’round here often.

This was pure brilliance, and dominance, and greatness. And don’t let your disgust for the Heat, if you still haven’t gotten over it yet, blind you to what you just witnessed.

Come to think of it, Bosh’s abdominal strain worked out fine for us spectators, because it allowed us to see LeBron Wade at his very and truly best. Dunks, steals, lobs, blocks, downcourt sprints, you name it, they gave it. And you know why?

“They had to give us more,” said Heat coach Erik Spoelstra. “I don’t know if they’ve ever been required to give us as much responsibility, with Chris out. This series bRought out the best in both of them because they knew what it would take.”

Along with his 41 points in Miami’s 105-92 Game 6 win, Wade delivered 10 rebounds. Curiously, it was his lack of hustle that led Spoelstra to confront Wade in Game 3, which led to the now-infamous blowup. Well, Wade was both lost and found in Indiana. When you count the second half of Game 4, and all four quarters Thursday, Wade was the best player in town. But only by a smidge.

Because, as we saw, LeBron wasn’t so bad himself.

“We both had to do things a little bit better,” said Wade.

Has he ever seen two teammates run like this?

“When you talk about three games, two guys being as dominant as we have, the way we played off each other … ”

He didn’t finish the thought. Didn’t have to.

Sure, lots of us weren’t around for Jerry and Elgin, but we will have Games 4 through 6 emblazoned on our brains until two others come along to make these memories foggy. Whenever that will happen.

“Some of those shots they made were crazy,” said Pacers guard Paul George. “Hand in their face. Off one foot. A whole lot of those shots were contested. Sometimes by two of us. They made them anyway. Sometimes you just got to give people their due.”

LeBron Wade averaged 49 points during the season. They upped not only their scoring, but everything else considerably, once the burden increased with Bosh out. Points, rebounds, defense, it would be very hard to say LeBron Wade wasn’t the best all-around player of the entire playoffs so far.

Yes. So far.

Because, with Bosh still iffy, we’re left to wonder what’s coming next from these two.



  1. Context says:

    Lebron and Wade were awesome BUT against what?
    All credit to the Heat’s defense and everything Indiana was able to accomplish as a team, but Indiana was not a very good team offensively. They couldn’t make shots when it counted, couldn’t create for themselves.
    That Lebron and Wade had to play so incredibly to beat a team with that little offensive creativity is a damning indictment of the Heat. If Indiana had one star who could get his own shot consistently they’d have taken the Heat with ease.
    No way they the Heat do this against OKC or Spurs.

  2. LEBRON says:


  3. OMG Deja Vu says:

    The Heat won’t get by either OKC or the Spurs! Kobe is the man! The Lakers are the team!

  4. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:

    @Carlos Loser

    You must be a bulls fan…. Don’t blame boozer if your team got trashed… blame rose for not playing wisely…. Even w/out Bosh they can still win….UD is their main PF in MIAMI… Bosh is a combo Allstar C/F… But UD has more experience in finals…. to refresh your memory…. UD is the only remaining HEAT player that Won 2006 Championship… Besides WADE…
    And He is also a Co-Capt in MIAMI…. UD may lack in height but He is the who has the biggest HEART in MIAMI….

    No BOSH No Problem….. As for Bulls, Lakers, Pacers, Knicks…. Good luck in fishing….By the way kobe’s riding Siempre Mo’s back right now….. He’ll go fishing after the race and after blaming all of his team mates……. Granger… Man up!!!! If you really want to fight someone just start swinging… All of those barking ain’t make you a man… You sounds like na NAGGING WIFE…Rose wise up… what are you doing man…. Show boating ain’t gonna bring you back at ECF… If you can’t make a triple double don’t force it… There’s still another game…. and it’s a 7 game series… Now you got None…

    and to you Carlos Loser stop watching basketball… switch to crickets… or chess or maybe get a job…. make yourself useful….This Blog belongs to the HEAT….

  5. heat4champs says:


    leBron wade’s performance during game 6 againts pacers was truly spectacular. wade was unstoppable as well as leBron, heat troup showed up a little bit weak but after 1st quarter they came up BIG and STRONG through out the final quarter. lebron wades’ dominance of the game helped the heat move on to the next level of BASKETBALL.

    i really want to see that this will be the year for lebron and the rest of the heat’s troup to get the trophy as supposedly expected last year against dallas. last year was acceptable but this time around no more doubt that heat will gonna bring the trophy to HEAT NATION. let’s go HEAT.

  6. Carlos Loser says:

    Who cares? No Bosh means they can’t beat anyone out West! Haha!

  7. heat baby says:

    let the heeeeeeeeeeeeeeat begin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lets win !!!!

  8. Super sonic says:

    ummm how about westbrook and durant putting up an average of 50ppg this play offs? in the final 3 games of the semis they put up 52, 68, and 53… and beat the s*** out of the lakers. Only thing keeping them from posting more ppg than lebron and wade is the fact that they have a far superior supporting cast… fear the beard baby!

  9. miami fan says:

    i am happy to see wade was come back after the game3
    miami must win the champion at the end
    let’s go lebron, let’s go wade
    let’s go heat

  10. Thats what i like to see from them two, if they play like that the rest of the playoffs and finals then they will win it, nobody or team in the league can stop them two when there on there game like there were in this series, lets face it, it’s all about lebron and the heat can they do it this year and win the finals, but wade needs to play better to in the finals not just lebron wade was good last year but he needs to be great two, the spurs and okc will not be able to stop them if there playing on there game like in this series,

  11. Bev says:

    Im so proud of the Heat. You could probably hear me cheering for them from my living room all the way to Indiana !!
    Goooo Heat !!


  12. jince says:


  13. King says:

    Lebron Wade’s performance was UNREAL! They’ve improve so much from last year, attacking the paint almost every possession & not settling for jumpers unless they’re WIDE open.. Hope they can stay healthy ’cause with this kind of play, they’ll be UNSTOPPABLE in the Finals!!! Heat ALL THE WAY!!!

  14. @okc2012 u da biggest moron I have seen so far. I said it b4 if Philly is taking Boston to 7 games then what do u think Miami is gonna do against Boston? Well I guess Philly is 10x better then miami in ur openion ha?? Boston is good but not that great they once use to be. Why u be hating the heats? Oh wait u probably a Cleveland fan who changed names? What a looooooossseeerr.
    Well at least I like that u got okc name on their because I wana okc vs Miami in the finals. Best scorer vs best all around player in finals would be heavenly epic for David stern. Epic James n wade

  15. Happy to see Granger and the Indiana Pacers took a vacation, after winning game 2 in Miami they already celebrate like they’ve already won the series what a lame team. and granger acting like he’s one of the best players in NBA is unacceptable for me, come on! act depends on who you are. don’t level yourself to the elites because please all you know is shoot the ball and talk trash, ok go fishing now Bitch!

  16. S27M says:

    To think to players who can blow up like that in any game.
    I wonder what those haters are gonna say now. They need to accept the fact that the lebron and wade have The firepower to take it all!!


  17. On the last drive by Wade, West was almost crying! HARD to defend!

  18. fkelly perry says:

    well done heat you guys make me proud, go for the cup…

  19. Jamil Harkness says:

    go heat…

  20. ivanz says:

    James and Wade do not care who’s going to be Finals MVP (if ever)

    Their minds are locked to getting into Finals and win a Championship… That’s is what they’ve come for…

    They made mistakes last year, and its enough for them… They saw they can’t be battling each other for just Finals MVP…

    Who cares on that anyway if they can’t win Finals, neither one of them won’t win Finals MVP…

    Let’s GO Heat… We believe… =D

  21. Dollar Man says:

    As a long-time Wade fan from the Marquette days, there is one observation I would like to make about his overall game and his opponents never understand it: don’t get Dwyane angry. Every time he gets bloodied, he plays with a different level of intensity. I’ve seen it time and time again and Indiana fell into the trap. You can frustrate Wade and take him out of his game, but don’t cheap shot him. Big mistake.

  22. Roy says:

    Good read Shaun. Just don’t give numbers you are not sure of just like you did on the other article.

  23. AwwPlease says:

    On to the next, yeah baby!

    A lot of doubters *coughs Magic Johnson*, but we came through like true champs! Say what you want about LeBron but the brother is talented, he was amazing last night as well as Wade. If these two continue to play well along with receiving support from the rest of the team, I can see Miami in the finals.

    It would definitely be a show to see the Heat play the Spurs or OKC. The only problem is at times Miami takes too long to get hot. They usually start to show up during the second half and if they go to the finals, they can’t be hot and cold especially against the Spurs (if they advance) because that team is CONSISTENT.

    This will be very interesting but of course I am still cheering my team on.

  24. steve says:

    u gotta give james and wade credit for the way they finished out this series, they played unbelievable hitting impossible shots and making unbelievable plays on both ends of the floor. idk if they could keep this up for two more rounds tho, they will need bosh badly next round if boston makes it because of KG, because if they dont KG gonna score at least 20 every night, there is no way philly is winning game 7 in boston. philly is a very underrated team they r a great defensive team but they wont have enough to beat boston. if boston can contain either wade or james, and they’ve shown that they can, i see boston winning in 6 if they’re able to do so.

    • Sick says:

      Boston in 6???? hahaha

      • Ha says:

        Boston doesn’t stand a chance against Miami. Even if they were healthy they wouldn’t give much of a fight and the fact that they aren’t makes it a 5 games series at the most. Celtics can’t contain the playoff version of Miami. Season means nothing which Miami clearly proved to the Celtics last year.

  25. jince says:

    it s ritgh

  26. jince says:

    wade is awesome scorer but lebron james is a batman for control the game in defense and offense….

  27. OKC 2012 says:

    I’m just hoping Boston wins tonight because even though they struggled against Philly, you have to think that being 4 wins away from a championship for a vet team will make them step up. Atleast they have the experience and coaching to put up a challenge, and the gameplan will be Garnett all day, Even if Bosh comes back he will not be be 100 percent for sure and face a team that can actually stick to a game plan f forcing the ball inside he’s better of not coming back there is too much chance for re-injury. Plus Wade and James seperatetly and as a team have had their battles and rivalry with Boston which is a much better watch than Philly in my opinion. But if philly wins I just hope they can stick to their strengths and put up a fight. This series was a joke, the whole Eat has been really, I don’t care who wins I just want to see the best games possible because in a very short period of time the playoffs will be done and the withdrawl starts…. and then we get treated with horrid summer league until november.

  28. Lord P says:

    And then Indiana gone fishing!!

  29. OKC 2012 says:

    So glad this series is over, besides a few very good individual performances this these games have been brutal to watch, You would think a group of adults making millions on the job could stick to a dam game plan. When the Pacers were on their game they would be up by 8 or 10 easy, 30 seconds later it’s tied lol. Very weak series and im sure the ECF are not gonna be any smoother to watch. Stop yappin, forget the head games and play some good ball fellas!

  30. jince says:

    lbj and wade were awesome in the series by by pacers…..

  31. they are the best, for next 2 years maybe, but im really sure, that they feel like look them selves in the mirror when they watch 2 persons called kevin durant, and russel westbrook, no more 2 players connection similar with the king and the flash except durant and russel.. im a heat fan, but slow but sure, durantula and westbrook build a better and better connection, so its become so ideal when okc vs heat in thea finals happen..

  32. RayRay20 says:

    As much as I hate Lebron and the Heat, I have to admit that the Lebron Wade combo completely dominates the game in a way that no other duo can do so, except for possibly Durant and Westbrook (anyone else remember their huge 90 point game with Ibaka chipping in a triple-double? Epic). I haven’t seen such a good combo of two top five players like Wade and Lebron since the Pippen – Jordan days. Of course, I’m not saying that they’re quite at that level yet (even a diehard Lebron fan would be deluding themselves in saying that Lebron is on MJ’s level yet). If these two keep performing like this, they have a legitimate chance of winning the title, and are most likely the favorites going into the Finals. The question is whether they can put up a show like this against a team with other superstar players, like the Spurs with Duncan, Ginobili and Parker or the Thunder with Durant, Westbrook and Harden, or if they’re only capable of tearing apart the defence of inferior players.

    • Idoubtit says:

      Pacers have better D than Spurs or OKC. It’s their O Miami might have some trouble outscoring….

  33. Wence says:

    And what now?,.. .sure If miami had lost, already at this time those who hate the Heat would have filled this blog, but today we must wait that they wake up late and perhaps not think. …..Heat vs 76ers….East finals.

  34. cherrypopper says:

    stop gloryfying flop city, ’cause they barely hung in there and only got away with it because the pacers showed unbelievable lack of presence-of-mind… now that finally everybody watched these whiners, they disappoint the world !

    (that peach barbosa deserves a special mention – gotta “love” to see a millionaire kill his team in such a short playing time, lol)

    • Sick says:

      Stop CRYING there baby girl! looooool

    • jordanbyfar says:

      Let’s see….without their third best player, they won by double digit the last two games…Man, you don’t know what you are talking about…relax, LOSER

    • Knickfan says:

      No haslem and bosh. Two critical players for miami out. Lebron and wade found a way. It’s run run and run

      • @cherry popper says:

        no need to glorify “flop city” at all but numbers speak louder and so does a win . so cry more and i’ll make sure to laugh harder =)

  35. Rumble in the Jungle coming soon says:

    if many of you fans see it as i do then you know for sure that it will be spurs and miami in the finals. with hopes of bosh returning to the lineup in 100% shape by that time beacuse there is no way philly or celtics can match up with miami. This remarkable game night showed how gruesome and cruel miami can be to most teams. On the other hand spurs team is extremely deep , with the starters making points down to their power boosted bench Popovich doesn’t mess around in these times.

  36. Ray20 says:

    Somebody call Gotham City and tell them that Batman and Robin are on the loose in Indiana somewhere. Really, these two really put on a show you haven’t seen since Jordan and Pippen. They are a lot of good players in the league right now and a lot of exciting duos, but to dominate a game and a series the way they did, I’m sorry; I haven’t seen that in years. Congratulations to the Miami Heat and their dynamic duo, to anyone who doesn’t appreciate greatness when it’s displayed right in front of your eyes, “STOP THE HATE”!! It’s not healthy…

  37. Miami4eva says:

    Firstblood! Heat is more stronger than last year because of thier new rosters!

  38. joe says:

    once again Wade proves he’s the best player in the nba…from now on wade will continue as the leading scorer into the finals and win finals mvp….hopefully lebron wont ruin wades finals run like he did last year purposely only scoring 8 points in game 4 against dallas,ruining Wades championship. lebron must humble himself and accept his pipen role,dont let jealousy drive u lebron dont ruin it again for wade,Wade is the best player on the planet

    • Geo says:

      Hes so smart he needs to say the same thing twice (holds up three fingers)

    • uoykcuf says:

      Yes, we all got it. Tell us more when wade score 5 points again.

    • dattebayo says:

      Morons like you will never realize, that Wade and James are friends and actually like each other. They are not like Kobe and Shaq…

  39. anne says:

    lols wers the haters comment??? haah! wers the granger talking like a real lady?? and that george that suppose to be a george hus suppose to be a good FUNNY DEFENDER IN THIS GAME?? hibbert is a good player its just that granger talks too much doesnt give him the ball!.. tumbs up for west! good job.. haayyss why did miami took time to realize.. and why didnt Granger want turiaf, lebron, wade, chalmers, miller and battier ask the NBA to suspend them all for a no game match?? all he did in this game is yacht, talk and cry!

  40. joe says:

    once again Wade proves he’s the best player in the nba…from now on wade will continue as the leading scorer into the finals and win finals mvp….hopefully lebron wont ruin wades finals run like he did last year purposely only scoring 8 points in game 4 against dallas,ruining Wades championship. lebron must humble himself and accept his pipen role,dont let jealousy drive u lebron dont ruin it again for wade

    • NorthPole says:

      Really??? First time in this series Wade got more points than Lebron, who was clearly the MVP of this series, and u want him not to stand in Dwaynes way? Good luck then…

    • Geo says:

      Joe……what exactly are you lighting up “lebron purposly shooting 8…..” are you like 6 yrs old or are you just mentally challenged?

    • Wade Said it says:

      If you were watching the Knicks Heat series you would know that Wade himself said LeBron is better than him so that post was just.. Dumb for the lack of a better word.

      • Knickfan says:

        that’s what you will get if lebron scores 8. They will lose. LBJ was clearly the mvp of the playoffs for the miami heat so far

  41. Rhedz says:

    Well if wade and lebron keep this until finals then bosh gets better by then and joins the team, i’m pretty sure they will be hard to beat…not as to exaggerate tihngs but they could be called the 3 indestructible…Hands down to the heat crew…And to the pacers…You guys did what you got to do…I salute you for being out there and showing the world your braveness…Better luck next time…there’s always tomorrow…there’s always room for improvement…

    Gratz to my team…Smoke them all up HEAT…

    Bosh my mahn…please get better ASAP..your crew needs you badly…

    Biggest HEat Fan here…

  42. Matthew says:

    It was a pleasure watching those guys . . even if you’re not a big Miami fan. Real challenge will come when they face the well oiled Spurs machine …

  43. Ashish says:

    It was a treat to watch LBJ & D Wade in last three games…. way to go heat.. we will win it all

  44. many says:

    spectacular game by wade and great game by james. It felt like Spoestra unleashed the cragon. Two basketball beasts that were dormant on the first two games and the young pacers were barking and making shock signs that awoke the Miami beasts ( two cragon)

  45. uoykcuf says:

    Now, if we can get OKC vs miami (both full rosters, that will be sweet.) Durant for finals mvp!

    • Geo says:

      ohhh man….i so hope we get to see a Durant Vs Lebron 7 Game series….that would be EPIC- mega size
      Does Miami have home court?

  46. akosibonik says:

    that’s the right word. EPIC. they can win a championship if they can keep up the support coming from the bench, like okc and spurs. i have miami winning in the ECF.

  47. WELL DONE HEAT says:

    I liked the way Miami beat the Pacers both playing basketball and also retaliating Pacers trash talk/hard fouls. Well done Heat!
    IF Miami play like the last 3 games I reckon they will beat whoever wins the Celtics/Sixers series and also have a good chance against the West winner.

  48. Belizeboy says:

    LMAO at Miami haters!

  49. MIami Fan says:

    Well Thanks to the Pacer the heat wake up Cause the wasn’t playing that Good. Pacer Fans Dont worry Now you guys have a team That is gonna be in the playoff and in few year Or More might win champion ship Good luck to Pacer But Let See if bosh could atleast come for the Nba Finals they do not need Bosh with boston IN the Finals the would need him

  50. JohnT says:

    Hahaha. You really have the knack for stirring up a commotion or two Shaun. I’m guessing heat haters and fanatics would be hard pressed to leave their comments on this piece you posted…. Anyway as long as LeBron Wade does their heapload of offense with efficiency and at least a guy or two steps up to bring the additional offense needed to keep the opposing team defense honest AND that they continue to hustle and outwork their opponents on the defensive end as a TEAM (which is a thing of beauty given the lineup that they have) and with a little help from lady luck, they could find themselves at the doorstep for a second chance and redemption( or not).

  51. Sick says:


  52. Kylie says:

    I read a lot of blog posts after the Heat’s game 3 loss, and all that crossed my mind ‘reading Indiana in 6’ was ‘has everyone gone mad’. You push Miami to the corner, that cat will strike like a tiger. Very cute performance by Granger, I had respect for him all year until he attempted some lame intimidation tactics on Lebron and earnt 3 technicals along with it., The performance was spectacular, too bad there is no Durant or Westbrook on the other team to come flying the other way and make this two times as spectacular.

  53. hitman says:

    that’s pure greatness. wew.. congrats Heat. its ring time baby.hahaha we love you here in the philippines heat team.. coach spo we are very proud of you. filipino pride knock it off like manny pacquiao.

  54. marko adag says:

    wade should have been in the all NBA first team

    • dattebayo says:

      This is something I do not understand at all. You can’t be seriously telling me the L.A. guards Bryant and Paul are both All NBA First Team. Are you kidding me? Paul is also All Defensive First Team, Bryant is All Defensive 2nd Team, that to me is total 8u!!5h!t.

      Wade has had better seasons in the last two years then Bryant (2010-2012) and yet Bryant is All NBA First team, really? With 43% from the field against 49.7% from Wade? Wade is also the best shotblocker amongst guards and has had more steals.
      Tony Parker has had a much better season then what people give him credit for. Manu Ginobili didn’t play for half the season and the Spurs have the best record in the West and with Tony Parker as their MVP.
      And I do believe that we have better defenders then Bryant and Paul at the guard position. What about Thabo Sefelosha, Avery Bradley, Dwyane Wade is a better defender then Kobe Bryant to me. Paul is first in steals but he isn’t very tall to really lock down and defend 2s.

      I think it should be – 1st: Paul, Wade – 2nd: Parker, Westbrook – 3rd: Rondo, Bryant.

      • Francisco says:

        that is true , but I think this a popular vote, wade has been statistically better than kobe for a while

      • MBH says:

        But Bryant is the darling of the NBA. You can probably pencil him in first team NBA every year until it requires. I think that besides Wade, Westbrook had a better seaosn than Kobe. Parker leads the Spurs to the best record in basketball, with an aging Duncan playing limited minutes and an often injured Ginobili. Bryant, playing with the best center-power forward combination in the league, shoots 43% and his team finishes third in the conference. Yet he’s first team all NBA and discussed as an MVP candidate. Ridiculous.

        The media loves Kobe and keeps sayiing that no other player has such a desire to win.BS. I would say that no other player has more desire to hog the glory. He has always been about himself and not winning. Duncan, LeBron, and before them Bird and Magic. Those are guys who would be happy to score 10 points of their team won. Not Kobe.

  55. Jeeven says:

    Great piece. Man is it spectacular watching those two.

  56. miami boy says:

    go miami

  57. MIAMI_FANS_#999 says:

    Bye bye pacers – happy fishing!

  58. eknujsra says:

    Epic series..Nice to see the Heat team act like a family. Scolding one another, protecting one another, etc…Wowwww….Get the trophy baby!!!

    • Nonsense!!! says:


      NEW YORK — Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra has been fined $25,000 for critical public comments about how the Miami/Indiana playoff series was being officiated, it was announced today by Stu Jackson, NBA Executive Vice President Basketball Operations.

      His comments were directed at Stu who only suspended Heat Players after changing all 3 players fouls to 2’s, it WAS UNFAIR and WE ALL KNOW IT!!!!!


      Spo you were RIGHT. admire you!!!!!!!!!

      • Nonsense!!! says:

        PS…. Some of you may remember…. Vogel was fined for comments before the Series, about the Ref’s…. he was ONLY fined $15,000……….. YOU TELL ME WHY MIAMI ALWAYS GETS THE BIGGER, STIFFER FINES???????

        STU’S GOTTA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!