Shaq: No Interest In Magic GM Job

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — Well, that didn’t take long.

As soon as he was included in the discussion for the vacant general manager job in Orlando, Shaquille O’Neal has taken himself out of the mix.

The future Hall of Famer and TNT analyst released a statement this afternoon denying any interest in pursuing the position that came open with Monday’s mutual parting of the ways between the Magic and Otis Smith.

And this isn’t coming from any back channel sources or anyone else. It’s from the big fella himself, who said he has no plans of leaving the Inside set where has starred this season alongside Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley and Ernie Johnson.

“When I first heard about the vacancy for the Orlando Magic general manager position, I was clearly intrigued.” he said in a statement. “I was drafted by the Magic, I have a great love for the franchise, and I have made the city of Orlando my home.  Additionally, I have great admiration and respect for the DeVos family.  However, this is not a job I have an interest in pursuing.  I feel very fortunate to be with TNT and to have the best job in sports.  I look forward to many more years with Charles, Kenny and E.J.  I wish the best for the Magic and I am confident that they will select a great GM and coach.”

ESPN’s The Magazine’s Chris Broussard reported Wednesday that there was mutual interest between O’Neal and the Magic and that he could interview with them as early as next week. Barkley was on The Dan Patrick Show this morning and confirmed that O’Neal indicated to him that he had interest in the job and would be interviewing with the franchise that drafted him.

But all of that comes crashing down with O’Neal’s statement that he has no plans of giving up his seat on the set at TNT.


  1. elite palm says:

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  2. Extremedriver says:

    C Web gets way too serious sometimes to the point of sounding almost angry. I don’t think he means to act, or sound that way, but that’s how he comes across to me sometimes.

  3. Oh; by the way! says:

    How can people possibly think that C Webb is better than Shaq! It”s all about entertainment! That’s why they retain Barkley and Kenny! I don’t recall C Webb telling a single joke! Too serious!

  4. Carlo says:

    Shaq will not take a GM job with the Magic, because he knew that the only reason why the Magic wanted him is to train D12 to be like him during his prime. But O’ Neal hates D12 because, well, all of you know why.

  5. redman says:

    the lakers should try offering him a job as the head coach

  6. Extremedriver says:


  7. Adam says:

    Shaq should become a male stripper and star in the Vegas show ‘Thunder from Down Under’

  8. dunken on em says:

    I think Jeff van gundy and Charles would be funny. Jeff is pretty witty. Charles is crazy. They have enough players on there, get an ex coach or something to even out the playing field.

  9. I hearned that says:

    Shaq is a bore, you guys are right, The chemistry with C-webb was way better, and i had to get used to webber, i grew to love him….shaq wears me out, he distracts from the game of basketball to the game of oneil. Barkley knows you have 4 rings, it’s not funny anymore….they should partner shaq up with skp bayless….then you could turn them both off with one switch…..

  10. Burma says:

    I concurr. Inside the NBA, without Shaq was and wouild be so much better. Better yet with C Webb.

  11. bosoulja82 says:

    Shaq is just horrible on TNT. His personality just dont come out well in that setting. Then all season he kept asking for 28points and 15 reb out of the big men when he didnt ever average that himself. He was just bad 2 points on 1 for 12 shooting in 32 minutes bad

  12. roryroze says:


  13. FREDDY says:

    We want c.web back to replace shaq.

    He has no chemistry with Charles, Kenny or Ej , C Webb is the man , bring him back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Even Jeff van Grundy lol will do a better job on TNT then shaq. Jeff is hilarious with his comments on games and he would argue even more with chuck n keeny to make it even more interesting on TNT filled with dramas. U right shaq should coach lakers his ex-love KB24 lol.

  15. djwhizard says:

    I agree with the comments on C-WEBB. Not that Shaq is terrible, but Chris Webber was a much better fit on that show and did a better job than Shaq.

  16. Arnel Pineda says:

    Bring back Chris Webber, he’s smart and funny.

  17. popito26 says:

    No one in Orlando offered that bum the dang job anyways … Come on man!

  18. Dra says:

    it’s just funny when you look at shaq!!!

  19. Mike Freeman says:

    Shaq, a real job? C’mon!

    It’s too bad, having Shaq as the GM of an Eastern Conference rival and getting his overbearing persona off of TNT to let Kenny and Charles do their thing was too good to be true.!

  20. Edjumacator says:

    Shaq can’t be a GM. GMs don’t vacation from January to May and come back in time for the Playoffs.

  21. lovebasketballs says:

    lmfao 😉

  22. Peter says:


    C’mon everybody, together we can make this happen! Chant


  23. Shaquille O'Neal says:

    I’d love to be in my home, but I love it here. I love TNT. I want many years with the crew in ATL, Studio J. I like Kenny. I like Chuck. I kinda like Ernie, but I wish someone will replace him. But TNT is an amazing TV station, and I’d like to do this until I retire.

  24. iNiDuRo-- says:


  25. diablo 3 says:

    ill take the gm job.. i can build a dynasty in 2 years..

  26. Oh; by the way! says:

    Shaq has always been a jokester! He is good for the TNT commentary! Especially along with Barkley! Good choice to stay with TNT! Love you Shaq! Big Laker fan here! You gave us a lot to cheer about here in Lakerland! Go Shaq!!!!!

  27. magicfan2010 says:

    Too Funny….. Hey Shaq, I have it on good authority that Alex and Dan appreciate you not wasting their time by begging for an interview.

  28. ... says:

    well if shaq did become the GM of orlando he would have trade dwight howard for andrew bynum and a few players so be happy fans that he decline for the job..and as for his current job give him a chance guys..he’s just a rookie when it comes to this job so don’t blame on him for his amateurish comments but right now he’s already funny and being professional and he’s just going to get better at his job so gie him a break…

  29. ism says:

    actually, i prefer shaw over webber a lot. just my taste. i know shaq seems awkward at times, but he is truly confident and doesn’t lack irony, you can see it sometimes. to me, webber seems to be stating the obvious even more often. anyway, shaq, despite not being a typical intellectual in his manners, never even remotely came across as dumb to me…

  30. ism says:

    lol. so funny. dominant as always. “the best job in sports”. as if it were a fact. which it is, for him. funny guy. good to have that enthusiasm in that job. way to go.

  31. Thelonious says:

    Just wondering when, or if ever, the lane violation rule during free throws will be enforced. It seems to be called sporadically and at the whim of the ref. Just check out the rebounders when there’s a foul shooter with a slow shooting motion. It’s ubiquitous.

  32. Steve says:

    Nice to have Shaq there, he kind of quells Charles’ huge, sometimes annoying, ego, and you can tell Shaq’s got just a bit up on him.

  33. Johnwe says:

    TNT was a lot more fun when Shaq didn’t join.
    He has a too big of an Ego and doesn’t get along with Kenny and Chuck and always kiss up to EJ

  34. Dwight Howard says:

    Hey Shaq. yeah pls come. maybe you can make a few good trades that we win a title in orlando. you will also get a championship cap i promise 🙂

  35. anonymoose says:

    LOL, Remember what he did with the all-star draft!!!?? he’s a joke! full of himself and not really the smartest guy. I wish he’d leave the inside crew. All he does is praise himself!

  36. Jeeven says:

    worst part of tnt is ernie. he’s a damn robot.

    • Mark says:

      Ernie is amazing you fool. He actually has a great sense of humor if you actually pay attention. Inside the NBA is a great show in part due to the awesome hosting of Ernie Johnson.

  37. Oh; by the way! says:

    The Orlando organization is doing everything possible to appease and hold onto Dwight Howard! Almost like a guy doing everything to hold onto that girl that just doesn’t love him! Howard requested a trade all year long! Now he gets the coach and GM fired! What will they do next! Trade away the entire team? I think it might be time to move on Orlando! He has you wrapped around his little finger! And do you think he will really stay! It remains to be seen! But I don’t think so! My opinion!

  38. TNT says:

    Shaq brings nothing to TNT except awkwardness and incoherence. He doesn’t mesh well and constantly voices the obvious as though its groundbreaking details. The fact is that Chriss Webber was a much better fit! Chris Webber over Shaq anyday.

  39. Lol says:

    Shaq is lying. He is very much interested, but knows there is no way he’s getting the position. He’s trying to save face.

  40. Ross says:

    Tu eres uno de los mas grandes de todos los tiempos, no tienes que demostrar nada ya lo demostraste durante tu carrera, pero zapatero a tus zapatos y lo estas haciendo muy bien como comentarista, felicidades y un saludo desde Mexico!!

  41. Joey says:

    That was a great move for Shaq.If he gets hired by the Orlando Magic as GM,he probably has to become literally Dwight Howard’s “genie” like Kazaam in the sense that he has to follow the Magic superstar’s desires and wishes just like the team is currently doing after it fired Coach Stan Van Gundy and GM Otis Smith for him to play for their team.

  42. Killa! says:

    Please TNT bring c.web back because his logic makes more sense then shaqs.
    If u guys like c.web on TNT then start posting we want c.web back to replace shaq.
    but I guess it won’t work becuz shaqs bigger and taller then c.web. Lol

    • womanofsports says:

      Nope can’t do it, Chris not good at that job at all. The group that they have now is great, not so serious all the time and I like that they make me laugh with the truth. This is one group that I don’t want to see part ways. Chris is toooooooo whiny and sensitive when he was with them, but now he seems confortable on the courtside. Stay where you are with thisTNT. Please.

  43. spelkey55 says:

    Glad he’s staying on TNT. Someone has to keep Charles hopping! LOL!!!!!!!

  44. Peter says:

    Oh no, he´s staying with Inside The NBA?… Bummer. He’s not funny. Please go back to Ernie, Charles and Kenny with C-Webb as a regular.

  45. djwhizard says:

    Actually, it looks like Shaq changed his mind, not that Broussard hard the story wrong.

    “Barkley was on The Dan Patrick Show this morning and confirmed that O’Neal indicated to him that he had interest in the job and would be interviewing the job with the franchise that drafted him.”

  46. Mark says:

    At first Shaq was horrible on TNT, providing little to nothing to the discussion except “yak yak” and chanting player’s names during highlights. Now, he adds humor and good insight when he needs to, but he still has a ways to go before he reaches the same chemistry level that just Ernie, Chuck, and Kenny had.

  47. EARCH says:

    Shaq is way too good for this lousy Orlando Magic organisation. I´m pretty sure he would have drafted and traded the right players but i love to see him on ITN with EJ, Kenny and Chuck.Shaq and Chuck are the funniest sports reporters/commentators ever.
    Though i don`t know if they really hate on eachother sometimes or is it just for fun and after the show they go to a steakhouse and a stripclub together?!?!

    • Sea Pea says:

      Nobody on Inside the NBA hates each other. Some of the active ball players get mad a Barkley for telling the truth sometimes.

  48. Brent Taylor says:

    I do agree that athletes are better than business people when it comes to that type of stuff, I think that the Magic are heading in the right directing with asking a ex basketballer for a GM position. Maybe it would be better if they ask someone that has played most of their games with the Magic more so than some like Shaq

  49. Sea Pea says:

    With a bad back that means Dwights best days are behind him. Good luck to whoever get’s him. He’ll miss about 30 games a year.

  50. Boston33 says:

    As much as I like Shaq I’d much rather have Chris Webber back in that TNT line up. And can not see him being a GM in any team.

  51. MagicFan says:

    Well that just goes to show, that idiot Broussard is exactly that, an idiot.

  52. Joe says:

    Shaq must have found out that Dwight has no intention of staying.

  53. Magic_Fan_4Life says:

    THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was already in the process of finding a new team to root for. I know my nickname is Magic_Fan_4life but if Shaq had become the next Magic GM, my nickname would’ve changed to Magic_Fan_Never

  54. Mary Ross says:

    Shaq take the job for I can be your motivational speaker to inspire the team . They need some help

  55. ray says:

    i’ve been waiting years for doctor o’neal to join tnt, it would be horrid if he left after only 1 year

  56. Sea Pea says:

    SOUNDS LIKE SHAQ GOT SCARED AND MADE THAT STATEMENT BEFORE TNT GOES ON THE HUNT FOR A REPLACEMENT. It’s such a good job. Doing the same thing everyone else does with their buddy’s on the couch or around the water cooler.

  57. LeBron James says:

    Those are some big azz hands, but not as big as mine

  58. DANITo says:

    smart move shaq, i mean couching job i would disagree with u. who wona leave being famous and being on tv,and having fans that watching the inside all over, to get that lousy job. and we all know orlando is fading away

  59. Ayu says:

    Lol Bev i always see you here 🙂

  60. grantstern says:

    Darn, I was hoping he’d leave Kenny, Charles and EJ alone with his droll comments and simultaneously ruin the future of the Orlando Magic too… now that’s losing two stones and not catching the bird

  61. magicman101 says:

    Did you say Broussard? The only one worse then him is Steven A Smith…

  62. Big Toe Joe says:

    Great now that means I have to deal with that idiot on Inside the NBA for years to come.

  63. longnek says:

    The only bad thing is that he’s talking about being on TNT for many more “YEARS” to come. Lord have mercy.

  64. don says:

    Broussard stated there was “mutual interest.” If I’m not mistaken the word mutual still means collective, or two or more parties, correct?

    Sports journalists are looking more and more like used car salesmen, by the day.

  65. kevin1521 says:

    Imagine Shaq drawing up a play…lmfao!

    Not one player will understand what he’s saying when speaking in fast forward.

  66. magicman101 says:

    All I have to say is THANK GOD! and yes Shaq… the Magic can do WAY better than you… Although a great player in your right, you left this town like a little selfish child, the likes of what they are dealing with now. Superman 2.0 has turned into disappointment 2.0… Besides, thought you and 3D wanted to buy it from RD? Just don’t… for God’s sake, don’t…

  67. Bev says:

    Good Shaq. You made me nervious for a minute. I enjoy you on TNT, although I wonder sometimes if you and Chuck are serious or just playing when it seems like you guys are about to argure. Great Show

    (A Miami Heat Fan For-Real) LOL

    • wonder says:

      judging your performance in all star weekend, i guess it’s better this way. Keep the good work on TNT, it’s really great to watch!

      • Showbaba7 says:

        I think the best person for the position is Howard himself. He should religuish his position as the forward super star to being the GM of Orlando organization. lol. just kidding.