Kupchak: Lakers Will Pursue Trades

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – General manager Mitch Kupchak, signaling his agreement that the Lakers need significant changes after a decisive loss in the Western Conference semifinals for the second time in as many years, said Wednesday the front office will pursue trades more aggressively than in past years.

“Why not?” he said. “Sure. We went through it last year. Other than at the trade deadline, we didn’t do anything last year. But when you lose before you think you should have lost, you have to open up all opportunities.”

Speaking at his annual post-season press conference at team headquarters following two days of exit interviews with players, Kupchak made no attempt to gloss over the fact that the Lakers need to make adjustments and that being one of the better teams in the league is not acceptable.

“There’ll be some change,” he said less than two full days after the season ended with a 4-1 loss to the Thunder, nearly one year after being swept by the Mavericks in the same second round. “We’ve got a group of players that are free agents. As you know, Ramon (Sessions) has an option in his contract that he signed with Cleveland. He can extend it a year or he can opt out. I have no idea what he’s going to do. That could be an additional free agent. There will be quite a bit of activity July 1, looking at who we can bring back and dealing with the marketplace.”

Other frank comments from Kupchak as the Lakers head into the offseason after the jump:

  • On what he told Pau Gasol during their exit interview at the conclusion to a very difficult season for him: “I wouldn’t share with you what I told him exactly. But that’s understandable. I don’t suspect that he’ll ever be the same based on what took place this year. I thought personally that he did the best anybody can do being professional and saying the right things, being a good teammate, having a really good season up until I met with him a couple hours ago. He’s the consummate teammate, the consummate professional. But what took place is hard for a player to deal with, and I’m sure there’s a little bit of trust that’s not quite the same.”
  • On the state of the relationship with Gasol and Gasol’s future with the Lakers: “Our exit meeting with him was really good. I think he and I are on the same page. I have not met with ownership. I don’t know what direction the team is going to go, what the parameters will be going forward, so there wasn’t really anything additional to share with Pau or share with you people about what may take place between now and the draft or now and July 1 or post-July 1.”
  • On whether the season would have turned out any different if the Lakers never traded Lamar Odom to the Mavericks: “Based on the way it played out, I’m not sure it would have been any better with us than it was with the team he went to. I don’t know what else to go by. Certainly if the events of that month (December) didn’t take place and there were no trade rumors, maybe it would have been different. He had a great year the year before. But I don’t know that. I thought, quite frankly, he would be in Dallas and I thought he’d have a great year and I thought he might come back to haunt us.”
  • On whether the impact of the Paul trade crumbling at the last minute carried through the season: “I’m not going to look at what could have and make blame as to why we got beat in Game 5 of the second round. Certainly that period of time resulted in one of our players being moved, the Sixth Man of the Year (Odom), and another one of our players (Gasol), understandably so, had to deal with the uncertainty that surrounded his future in Los Angeles up until the trade deadline. That’s not the way you want to open a season that 10 days prior you found out there was going to be a season. … Every team had to deal with something. That certainly is not a reason why we got beat two nights ago.”
  • On grading management’s performance: “We get graded on the success of the team. That’s how it is in this franchise. I know a lot of franchises are happy to get to the first round or advance beyond the first round. We certainly did no worse than we did a year ago, but we’re disappointed. That’s not how we grade ourselves, getting into the second round. We thought going into the season and even up until a week ago that we were one of three or four or five teams that could contend for a championship.”


  1. spelkey55 says:

    The Lakers and yes even my beloved Celtics are both experiencing the same evil of NBA basketball. It’s no place for the aged to be! I think even if the Celtics have a good post season the C’s are headed for huge changes just like the Lakers. Rondo is proving to the Celtics there ain’t nothing like young legs to go with the talent. Both teams need to get younger. I hope in the case of the Celtics that KG and Allen being free agents this coming season will take shorter lower paying contracts and help the Celtics afford some younger high quality players so they can gradually retire and still leave the Celtics strong. I bet the Celtics management has been talking to them about that very thing.It would better there chances of another ring before retirement. The Lakers have kinda messed up by just upping and trading off seasoned vets instead of working with them and offering smaller contracts and rebuilding around them. Lakers management have burned too many bridges.

  2. Also getting back Odem and Fisher is not something they should put into high prority just b/c of they’re age really prefer younger talent.

  3. Lakers imo need a better PG, they also need Bynum to put much more effort trading him isn’t the best option.
    They also need a stronger bench and play more triangle offense.

  4. nessville says:

    Bynum and Gasoline remove them now, Two Big Men no Championship where’s the Toughness,Heart,Drive,Footwork,mentalness Good God these Guys struggle . can the oranizesation bring some Confort to this Aging Team?

  5. Dman247 says:

    Trading Bynum is big No No! all they have to do is to give himmore chance to develope the guy
    beast waiting to happen! it will be stupid to trade him. They should focuse on the bench thats where the waekness lies (real-talk)

  6. jou necz says:

    how about this….
    C-tyson chandler
    PF-lamarcus aldridge
    SF-metta world peace
    SG-kobe bryant
    PG-ramon sessions

    2nd unit:
    C-jordan hill
    PF-lamar odom
    SF-michael beasley
    SG-jason terry
    PG-delonte west

    make this happen, Lakers will win 5 more championships….!!!!

  7. smith says:

    eat your wordsss!!!!!!! L.A winning this year????? where are you now???? wahahah fishing as usual ,,,,,, here me now laker fans ,,,,, tear your heart OUT!!!!! duurant for the lead,,,, puts it up,,, and puts it in,, a cold bladed 3 by durant!!!!!!!!!! ,, nice moments :>

    • kokobean says:

      Hater… i don’t hate on other teams like the laker haters hate on lakers fans… go do someting else instead of stalking the blog that lakers fans enjoy

  8. smith says:

    dream on laker fans wahahah what ever you do,, there is no chance for you guys to win,,,,, just accept it i know it will be hard for you but,,,, thats life wahahahahah crash and BURN !!!!!1 BABY L.A losserssss!!! blehhhhh not even reaching for the conference finals ??? yuckkk hihihihi soorryyy WEAK!!!

  9. AP says:

    Or they could trade Bynum and Sessions for Howard, sign Eric Gordon and Steve Nash, let go of Murphy and Blake and sign a defensive 2 (Tony Allen for Kobe to rest) and a ofensive 3 (Batum or Wilson Chandler because Metta is a defensive player)

    • that could work says:

      some good thinkin’ .. let’s hope the Laker management have a clue and make some solid moves by (or before) trade deadline.

  10. oby says:

    the reason gasol performs below his average and not as good as he was before is because bynum is emerging as a star, gasol was averaging 20 shots a game before now he is only taking up 10-13 shots a game because bynum is taking his shots. bynum has a negative attitude that you dont want to see in your young star player, gasol have tough games but he always play with intensity than bynum is. trade bynum for Dwight Howard and get a more decent PG and a young athletic Swingman off the bencg and lakers will be back in the finals and win a championship.

    PG – Raymond Felton (FA)
    SG – Kobe Bryant
    SF – Metta World Peace
    PF – Pau Gasol
    C – Dwight Howard

    PG – Kirk hinrich
    SG – Shannon Brown
    SF – Corey Brewer
    PF – Lamar Odom
    C – Jordan Hill

  11. AP says:

    First off all they should FIRE MIKE BROWN … men he’s lousy, has the one player no team mentality, Then trade Gasol Eyenga and Blake for Josh Smith. This way the Lakers get a fast and strong PF and a rebounder and ATL gets a starting center, witch means that Al Horford can go to his natural position, 4. Get rid of Troy Murphy (i don’t know why the hell they signed him) and Barnes. Figure out who stays as back-up for the PF position between J. Hill and J. Mcroberts (personally i would go for Mcroberts, he does the dirty work, makes good and hard faults) and as a first back-up sign Odom back (only make sure he want’s to play). Sign a good PG, i’d go for Jaret Jack (seems legit) or Eric Gordon(he can shoot the 3), and only if you want a pure scorer that could help Kobe get Monta Ellis (i think he’ll want allot of money, so not probably, but he’s a scorer). Trade Sessions for Jordan Farmar. Aquire J.R Smith or Tony Allen (Tony is more a defensive player) as a spark from the bench and for fu_ks sake give Gouldelock minutes, he’s a legit scorer, young and needs to play and also Kobe could play less minutes and be more effective in the 4’th. Try to get Batum or Wilson Chandler for the SF ofensive kind of player. Sign Kostas Koufos from Denver, because they have 4 centers and he’s also young and willing.
    The rooster would be: 1. Jaret Jack or Eric Gordon/Sessions or Jordan Farmar (i’d go for Farmar) and sometimes Morris
    2: Kobe/Gouldelock/J.R. Smith or T. Allen
    3: Metta/Batum/Ebanks
    4. J. Smith/Odom/ J. Mcroberts or Hill
    5. Bynum/Koufos
    And also think of this … isn’t Kevin Love becomeming a free agent this summer?
    Because that would change everything … signing Love, Gasol, Eyenga and Blake will be traded for Jack/Eric Gordon and Kaman

  12. Kobe24 says:

    Get a 3 point shooter that can draw defenders away from bynum and kobe

  13. Your mom says:

    I think Gasol needs to be traded ASAP, he’s pretty much helping the Lakers lose the way he’s playing. Many teams could use someone like him to fill up the PF spot

  14. Bynum for Deron says:

    Trade bynum for Deron Williams and resign Odom.

  15. tiborshok says:

    Get players that play DEFENSE. Get HOWARD. Get JR Smith. Then get NASH.

    • ummm ... says:

      It’s gonna be pretty hard getting JR Smith to play (for any team) when he’s in State Penn’ in Florida for DUI & driving without a license.

  16. SUPERTEAM13 says:

    Aggressive trade it is !!!
    trade gasol, barnes, blake, troy murphy, morris, ebanks, eyenga,

    Get – dwill, lopez, beasley, odom, ariza, nash

    Fantasy 2012-2013 season roster

    staters – bynum, kobe, dwill, Mwp, odom,

    off the bench – sessions, beasley, lopez, ariza, jordan hill, nash, Mcroberts, goudelock,

  17. kokobean says:

    or how bout trade Bynum to Utah for Kanter and Millsap?

    It helps the lakers in the PF posiiton and Pau when playing C he was doing a lot better than at the PF position. Kanter helps Pau when he gets tired and he has good potential as a young solid C in the league

  18. melchedsik says:

    The Lakers best be smart and get a team around Kobe while they still have a chance for one or two more championships with him. they willl never have another player like Kobe. Bynum had a good year but Bynum no fanchise player. And he’s to inconsistent one game he looks like an all star and the next game he looks likes a below adverage center, A fanchis player can not play that way. LA all about championships. I would trade bynum and Pau to Olando for Howard and bring back a bad contract like Turk just for Howard. Protecting the middle was one of our biggest weakness, howard seals that instantly.

  19. Pat Webb says:

    The Lakers should keep Kobe, Bynum, Gasol, Ebanks, World Peace, Blake, Hill. and try to get Eric Gordan, Brandon Rush,
    and Chris Kaman. Two of those guys already know the area of LA. Rush can really shot the 3ball. The only problem is Gasol should be ready to come off the bench. That way he can see how to play with the second unit. The lane is just too slow reacting with those two guys in there but we need them both. If they can somehow get Glen Davis, a big who can take charges, hit the opened 18footer, and has played in big games. He can be the starter! Mike Brown must keep Bynum happy!
    If the bigg dogg don’t get feed, then the house won’t get gaurded, POINT BLANK PERIOD!

  20. steveo says:

    lakers should trade gasol and blake to the rockets for luis scola and kyle lowry…they should part ways with artest to make cap room and sign or trade for a young athletic 3…the reason they lost is simply lack of depth must need to improve their bench, ramon sessions should not start he is a good back up point gaurd and would compliment any starting point gaurd…rather than trying to get dwight howard or another super star they should focus on being good and deep at every position..they simply couldnt hang with okc and barely beat denver because they are solid in every postion and have a deep bench…

  21. ian says:

    trade kobe and gasol or bynum for howard

  22. again.. Mike brown … must remove to LA Lakers as a head Coach …. then .. Kobe must have back-up player to help him… bring back Odom …. and Fisher… remove barnes & ebank .. …bring back Phil Jackson… as a head Coach… keep gasol and bynum… lakers need this twin tower…. … Again.. Mike brown .. is not a good coach… fire him… ok… MB… your out…

  23. redman says:

    everyone who keeps on saying “trade kobe blah blah blah” SHUTUP. you guys are delusional.

  24. redman says:

    sign steve nash in the free agency, sign some decent forwards, and build a better bench. after doing these things guaranteed championship.

  25. ver says:

    Get young LEGS!!!!!!!!!! a good PG and quality bench!!!!!!!!

  26. Kobe4presidenT says:



    PG RSessions
    SG GArenas
    SF CMaggette
    PF LOdom
    C JMcGee

    Coach George Hill

  27. Kobe4presidenT says:



    PG RSessions
    SG GArenas
    SF CMaggette
    PF LOdom
    C JMcGee

    Coach George Hill



      GORAN DRAGIC to LA. He is a FREE AGENT!!!!!!

      Carlos Delfino/ R.Fernandez from the Bench! (free agents)

      Get BATUM/ G.WALLACE (Free agents)

      The Roster may be:

      SG KOBE
      PF GASOL
      C BYNUM

      Bench: – R.Sessions
      – C Delfino/ ILYASOVA
      – J. Hill
      – Goudelouck/ R.Fernandez
      – Rookie Center


  28. likedamaster says:

    Shocked Kobe is not being considered for a trade. He’s overdue for one, or should just simply retire. Kobe had a good run, enough’s enough. Let the bigs shine, you can and will be replaced. Kobe’s fault the Lakers have come up short, plain and simple. Godspeed.

  29. markDspark! says:

    trade bynum wit DH………trade gasol wit lawson and mcgee, get odom back, YOUNG TEAM wit D wins ballgames!!!!!
    remove barnes, artest, blake, get new rookies willing to sacrifice body………………. yeba!!!!

  30. Bring Dwight Howard to L.A. for Bynum and Ebanks.. That’s a Win-Win Solution…

  31. LA scuured of evolution says:

    tisk tisk tisk ignorant nba fans and those who chose to keep kobe in LA. yeah it seems great idea to trade bynum and gasol, god knows i would but seriously how long is LA gonna keep trying to build a team around kobe constantly? Yeah of course he has a few years more goin’ for him but as good as he is now, he is double the value since he started why not trade him , gasol and barnes in a 3 way trade with other cities because there is no way one team will nab more than one laker player unless they can guarantee a perfect chemistry within the roster.

  32. Constantine says:

    It would be a terrible mistake to part with Bynum or Gasol..I just think they need better complimentary pieces! Get Deron Williams add him to the mix and WHAMO! Instant Finals!

  33. James says:

    The best scenario is to build around Bynum. he is only 26 Y/O and a monster if the play revolves around him.

    Pau Gasol is also a very good venter, maybe art of the top 10 centers in NBA. Angry reactions? How many 7 footers do we have in the league that is stilla threat both inside and out??? and can consistently shoot free throws?

    Don’t count DIrk coz he’s not a center… and Pau is still be the no. 1 shooting center in the league.

    Kobe has never been a good centerpiece. He needs so many good players around him to have a championship run.. and he even list some of them even with so many start-turned to-role players around him.

    Canlt these purple-gold ignorants get it?

    Good ol’ Derek Fisher may win a 6th ring, something Kobe will never have…. Take that Kupchak, 🙂

  34. Mike Brown Was the Worst Coach Lakers Have Picked!! Ever Since Phil Jackson is gone they don’t know how to use the triangle offense anymore!! Not A Laker Fan Either But its the truth!

  35. MyLineup says:

    I think this would be a great lineup next season Starters : Sessions,Bryant,Josh Smith,Gasol,Howard..2nd unit : Blake,Jr Smith,Ariza,Odom,Hill.. trade barnes,bynum,murphy,mcroberts…whatcha think?

    • vamos a la playa says:

      @ my lineup

      you are ignorant, that’s it
      howard and josh smith on board? and where is the money? you are just a littlelakerboy …

      trading barnes? he is a FREE AGENT.
      got that?

  36. cordnichols@yahoo.com says:

    Also i wouldnt mind a addition of Kevin Martin from Houston in the Gasol trade Eventualy we will need a SG and he has potential to be preaty good hes just good right now top 5 SG in the league if healthy if Derion Williams doesn’t come to the Lakers see for some wild trades done with most of the bench Metta wont be their by the trading deadline and most of the bench wont either Blake wont matt barnes might stay but nxt years Lakers will look a whole lot differnt

  37. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:

    @chris chats

    kobe’s big 3….

    Kobe Kwame and Scalabrine don’t forget “Siempre Mo”…… uLOLS!!!!!!

  38. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:

    In my opinion kobe’s gonna ride SIEMPRE MO’s back…. kobe will retire in NBA to pursue his career in horse racing to become MVPJockey!!! It’s a long vacation for him… He might love playing his horse…… LOLS… I guess kobe’s getting tired of fishing…. Every playoff season seems like the same old story… Gone Fishing!!!

    Kobe ” I hate fishing….. That’s why we get rid of D.FIsher…. I want to try something new and that’s HORSEBACK riding”

    LAKERS won’t fade… They Evaporated!!!! Let’s Go HOME lakers!!!! and play the horse!!!!! LMAO……..

  39. cordnichols@yahoo.com says:

    Bynum Hopefully wont get traded he really earned his keep this year sorry howard but i take Bynum in the long run hes younger already has a much better offensive game and is like 1 or 2 moves from being down right scary and if hee can learn to play defense every game ugh ya but Gasol will get traded for bench players and a SF. Gasol will be trded maybe to Houston they really wanted him last year I see Devin Ebanks Starting that boy got game Deron Williams Hopefully will come our way meaning yes Sessions and (The Return) of lamar Odom hope fully and finally Kobe gets his 6th ring but it will come down to 1 thing though Only if Bynum Matures and act like The Future of the Lakers and The Nxt Greatest Center in the game sorry move over Howard

  40. Johnny says:

    1. Brown has to re-think his coaching style:
    – Why change the winning strategy, namely triangle offense?
    – Why keep unmotivated and disinterested Bynam in the game for 20-30 minutes when you have hungry and motivated Jordan Hill sitting on the bench? Same goes for keeping Ebanks on the bench… while Gasol cannot score a single point.
    – Why is the team not scoring right after your time-out?
    – To lead one has to inspire, to build confidence, and minimize the damage by those who are undermining that (Bynum). I’ve seen none of that this season.

    2. The whole team, except for Kobe, Meta and Jordan is playing badly and scoring badly. That points to much deeper issue than just who to trade. When players are lacking motvation, when they feel that someone will ruin the game no matter what, they play badly. My crystal ball says that Bynum is the rotten apple in this team and the sooner he is out, the sooner everyone will recover from his pulling the whole team down.

  41. MyLineup says:

    I think this would be a great lineup next season Starters : Sessions,Bryant,Josh Smith,Gasol,Howard..2nd unit : Blake,Jr Smith,Ariza,Odom,Hill.. trade barnes,bynum,murphy,mcroberts…whatcha think?

  42. Colt says:

    kobe has no other options, no GM would take him in a trade at this point in his career. He still has game, but no team can build around him with his attitude and declining skill set. The Lakers are stuck with him until he decides he’s done, so the Lakers may as well blow up the team, go after Deron (best player they can get) and hope the Clippers dont show them up every season until Kobe retires.

  43. BAKUWANGA says:

    They need to upgrade there Bench players and a good PG…. kinda like deron, kyrie, lawson etc etc

  44. Nikko says:


  45. Nikko says:

    for the starters:
    and for the bench:
    jordan hill and troy murphy for lamar odom
    and Ebanks to Caron butler

  46. WwWwW says:

    Trade Kobe for Deron and Brook Lopez
    Trade Bynum, MWP, and some bench for Eric Gordon, Ariza and Landry

  47. mcgee says:

    Sureee….mcgee for bynum….

    hmmm….at least lakers can be in shaqtafool along with mike brown…

    lakers need:

    Shannon Brown (playing very good with suns)
    Trevor ariza for mwp

  48. this team says:

    this team needs to be team not a 1 man army, if kobe retires they might have a chance to play in finals.

  49. ROSE FOR RONDO says:

    send pau bynum and kobe to some china team for yung chungg ing,to co pololuco, and bang lu


  50. angelo says:

    pick up steve nash from free agency

  51. esko says:

    I don`t like M.Brown his not good choice for the lakers. He have no experience and all …….. 。If i am lakers CEO i just say M.Brown you fired.

  52. JATL Philippines says:

    Trades will be made and i suggest to trade Bynum for Deron Williams to New Jersy and if Pau will be traded, it better be Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson. 🙂 This will be intriguing for MITCH

  53. j-head says:

    Either Bynum or Gasol will have to go, that’s for sure. Either player will make the team they end up with a lot better, no doubt. They just can’t play together, especially not when Kobe’s chucking up 30 shots a game. That would break any normal 7-footer, let alone 2. I’d keep Sessions, but maybe not as the starting PG. If we can get Howard, great. If we can get D-Williams, great. If we can get at least 1 reliable perimeter shooter, great. They still won’t be the Thunder or Spurs, but rebuilding takes time.

    Ideally, I’d get Kobe to give up some of his salary in exchange for a better team. Or better yet, I’d get rid of Kobe. Obviously, that will never happen — he’s the reason most people watch the Lakers. It’s funny, how he always wanted to be compared with MJ, but he’s really much more like Allen Iverson. It’s not completely true to say he wants to win — he wants to win by going 1 on 1 or 1 on 4 and chucking up 30 shots a game. He doesn’t want to win any other way. That’s why Lakers options for improvement will always be limited. As for Brown, he was a great defensive coach, awful on offense. I can’t believe a simple adjustment like fronting Bynum could just completely shut down the Lakers offense!

    • James says:

      You got this one perfectly sir… You are a genius…

      Finally, someone who has some sense and logic.

      ALl the Kobe nut huggers are scrambling into a frentic race to trade and blame EVERYONE ELSE in the Team….

      Bllindly ignoring the real ROOT CAUSE of Lakers’ problems the past 2 years. K-O-B-E.

      Take Kobe out of this team, and insert even an OLD STEVE NASH in this line-up and I think they may actually win a championship. Of course the Kobe nut’s ill go crazy with that comment, but if you’re a real basktball fan, you will get it using a little imagination.

      Nash will stretch the floor with his jump shooting accuracy… and the 2 7 footers who are so skilled, wil be free to operate from opposite posts (If Bynum operates, Pau is good for the offensive rebound, and vice-versa).

      Throw in the mix, a return from Odom, then the craftiness of the mentally unstablle Metta and this team’s firt 5 becomes unbeatable.

      And since Steve Nash is a lot more cheaper (maybe get evem less than one fourth of what Kobe has), they have cap to build a better bench. Maybe they can even get other tried veterans like Ray Allen or young lions like Ty Lawson with that amount of money, and these plyers being willing to join the Lakers knowing that their games won’t be destroyed…

      If Kobe is there, they know their play will go down.. Kobe is the worst teamate amonng the top 10 Stars of the NBA right now.. You’re right, he’s more like Allen Iverson, not MJ. He’s just luckier he had three 7 footers in his championhsip runs, 1st 3 rings, he was riding shaq.

      His only 2 genuine rings as main man, he had the twin towers (Pau and Bynum) and the flexible 6″11 Odom.

      Kobe’s just a bad teamate.

  54. Benroo Dmac says:

    In my opinion,lakers need to improve their bench players.

  55. chris chats says:

    this team needs a big three if kobe agree in it. (Kobe, Lin, and Howard D.)

  56. bballryan says:

    Listen to this, all of those trades are unrealistic.

    Pau for Josh Smith
    Sign Jordan Hill, Sessions, and Beasley, also lamar
    Trade Bynum for Mcgee and Lawson

    If charlotte drafts anthony davis then trade pau and blake for davis and augustin/walker then you can trade sessions/lawson for a bench player like gallinari, ariza, mayo

    This could be the laker line up

    DJ Augustin
    Kobe Bryant
    Michael Beasley
    Anthony Davis
    Javale Mcgee

    Ramon Sessions
    Andrew Goudlock (what the heck was the deal with him being thrown out of the rotation)
    Trevor Ariza
    Lamar Odom
    Jordan Hill

  57. williams says:

    Mike Brown, is not the right coach for LA; and it is the guard department that needs to be address. A true PG and a true shooting guard is needed. when these two pieces are in place, you guys will see how valuable both big men are, in Bynum and Gasol. You need to have some outside shooting, to open up the inside. Other then Kobe, A COMPLETE OVER-HAUL IS NEEDED IN THE GAURD DEPARTMENT, AND A BETTER COACH……. session, barns. blake, word-peace and ebanks, should all be dealt

  58. Kupchak says:

    I’ve decided. I’ll trade the whole team for OKC, at all cost. They are the championship team for the next few years. (But this year I’d say it’s the Spurs.) Sorry James, it looks like Cavaliers will do get a championship before you do.

  59. t0litz24 says:

    replace mike brown to jerry sloan or phil jack..mike brown is not deserving to be a coach for the lakers instead of having a trade..if they want aggressive players Lakers will need a best PG a play maker just like cp3,nash,or rondo..i would prefer to cp3 if that’s the case and replace more aggressive reserves..

  60. archie says:

    dude, the best thing in lakers is to replace coach mike brown. he dont know how to shuffle the player. look what happen to lebron james during their time in cleaveland, even they are over all leading they drop in playoffs. i think they need a man who can help kobe bryant in scoring and motivation for the team.

  61. nhoel says:

    trade kobe for future draft or release him

  62. nhoel says:

    trade kobe!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Deb Sen says:

    Nicks keep Melo. Amare falls out and comes to Lakers. Odom comes back as 6th man. Dwight for Bynum and Gasol (I would keep gasol if possible). I dont like Bynum as a team person. “Close up games are kinda easy. You just need to NOT SHOW UP for them.”

  64. Israel Maciel says:

    I think that both need to go to a new franchise. It is not easy being a Laker. It is not like playing for the Bucks or Wizards. Maybe they will improve their game by being motivated to lead a team and the Lakers could use them to make good trades. Maybe they could finally get D12 or Josh Smith. It seems like the Knicks are considering a trade with Stoudemeire. Well let’s wait and see.

  65. mjsp says:

    lakers offense is tagnant since triangle offense in not a part of their system now since zen master reitred as coach!
    lakers achilles heel is containing great point guards, lack of speed and athleticism, poor bench production, poor management!

  66. True Laker Fan says:

    these comments i see always me me laugh bc they are so stupid….. this is what the lakers really need to do and this is coming from a true laker fan trade gasol keep bynum trade barnes and would yall stop talking about getting dwight howard were not getting him sorry to break your hearts ladies.

  67. #TradeBynum says:

    Bynum’s attitude and motivation is appalling. He needs to be traded because there needs to be a no excuses play like a champion attitude in that locker room. Pau I think overall has it, Kobe, MWP does…and I can’t think of anyone else. I’m not downplaying the numbers Bynum put up, but there comes a point where you have to value maturity and hunger more. Perhaps it’s cause he won two championships real young in career? I dunno, man.

  68. ZeeNarf says:

    just disband the team…

  69. OutOfTheBoxThinker says:

    They should trade Kobe Bryant if they want a big change.
    Trade him for better TEAMPLAYERS who can make big spaces to other laker players especially to Bynum.
    These Laker team rely to much on kobe that they lost their own game and confidence.
    The team needs change, a system that will involve everyone and not just a ballhog.
    But we all know that most of the laker fans are just there to root for kobe.

  70. brock says:

    The bench needs to be tightened up a little more. It is not as solid as it used to be. Bynum does have a tremendous amount of talent and needs to stay in LA. If anyone needs to leave, it would be Pau. I am not saying that Pau is not a great player, but he just does not fit in there anymore, and you can tell. If they could possibly get a D-E-F-E-N-S-I-V-E big man (Kobe getting on the all nba defensive squad, what a joke), and a consistent knock down shooter (can anyone say Ray Allan?). It seems like the team is wanting to win now while Kobe still has it. Now if they are looking to rebuild they should just strip the roster completely, find some young guys with potential, let Kobe be his individual, selfish player for a few seasons and then see what happens from there.

  71. YOLO says:

    They need a good DECENT PG’s like Deron and Kyrie

  72. change says:

    i would say just change the coach. mike brown has no offensive system in placce, which leads to the ball ending up in kobe’s hands most of the time.

  73. stifller says:

    One superstar, no matter how great he is, will not be able to carry a team into the finals. Coach Brown’s sets are too superstar-centric – too much LeBron, and now too much Kobe.

    The great coaches – Pat, Red, Phil, Pop – they make use of the whole team. I say get rid of Brown, or make him design sets that are more inclusive.

  74. Nikko says:


  75. Nikko says:


  76. ijovi says:

    I believe that trading Bynum is correct. There is no one 7-feet center in the league who get the ball below the ring and will get blocked like Bynum did. Moreover, he is pursuing this personal records on the floor instead of blocking out big guys for defensive rebounds. Thinking about how many offensive rebounds Ibaka got in the series which might changed the result. Besides, his knee is not as young as his age.

  77. Nikko says:


  78. bull says:

    hey pau,
    think about this.. they want to trade you. sign with miami.. nash will be there soon and he runs a lot of pick and rools and ull be with bosh and its gonna be fun! dont wori about wade and lebron? they can take care of u if ull get tired.. how is that??????????? hahhahaha!!

    think of that aryt?

  79. Earnest Berry says:

    Never hurts to have 2 7 ftrs on defense. With a full training camp for Sessions & maybe a little help in the draft you never know what the future holds!

  80. Chris says:

    Pau Gasol(Maybe a draft pick) for Andre Iguodala.
    Andrew Bynum and a couple 1st for Al Horford and Josh Smith

  81. harry says:

    heap of talk about bringing lawson to LA. the Lakers need a guard that can knock down the open jumpers that will come when you play inside-out. Lawson is a great player but his jump shot is very inconsistent compared to some other knock down shooters. Then if you do trade one of your big men it would be an option but you have to play outside-in because neither gasol or bynum will be able to carry the scoring especially when Kobe is on. Lakers just get a bit lost as to whether they are playuing inside or playing through kobe. Thats on the coach…

    • sure his 3pt shooting needs some work says:

      But the kid creates his own offense and can kill the opposition in transition. If you add in the fact Bynum would be drawing a ton of doubles per game .. imagine Lawson and Kobe in the open-man situations that creates. I see some excellent 3pt shooters – but it always will be only a low percentage shot. What happens when your “knock down shooter” goes into a slump?? Lawson has an inside-outside and fast break game that trumps that of many others. Stew on that before commenting next time.

  82. marvin says:

    trade gasol and ebanks to portland for aldridge and mattnews..and get williams and beasley and trade bynum for howard.

  83. Marcos says:

    I think Kobe might have one more year at the top. It’s not time to make a team for the future .. you only have one more chance… Keep all this players,,,, Add Odom… and you need a point guard… Go for Nash… he would like to get a ring before he goes… and them the year after that you win 20 games a hope a good draft……

  84. supplanter33 says:

    Trade Bynum, Gasol and MWP plus draft picks to D.Howard and Turkoglu

  85. williams says:

    Mike Brown, is not the right coach for LA; and it is the guard department that needs to be address. A true PG and a true shooting guard is needed. when these two pieces are in place, you guys will see how valuable both big men are, in Bynum and Gasol. You need to have some outside shooting, to open up the inside. Other then Kobe, A COMPLETE OVER-HAUL IS NEEDED IN THE GAURD DEPARTMENT, AND A BETTER COACH……. session, barns. blake, word-peace should all be dealt

  86. Romas says:

    I’m not a Lakers fan but believe they should pursue Dwight Howard and build a team around him! Kobe should do the right thing by the Team and drop his salary he will still make heaps of money from endorsements! In saying this 2012-2013 season should be a preparation year wait for Howard to come available and hope that players like John Wall or Kyrie Irving are up in free agency…In saying this Thunder are going to be a very difficult team to beat in the Western Conference for a few years…Lakers always have a attractive accentive to join there franchise through history I think keep Gasou…Even try chase Kevin Love to join the team!

  87. W/E says:

    the worst problem of the lakers is kobe, he is just a one dimensional shooter,he cant create he got no vision on offence,unless he teams up with a good unselfish point guard who can create space for him, he is gunna be a plauge for his team with his selfish attitude

  88. Carlo says:

    Trade at all cost!!…….Get Scalabrine!!!

    Change kobe’s jersey number inorder to make way for SCALABRINE’24….

  89. LAKersFan says:

    Trade Bynum and Gasol for Dwight. Orlando would get a good deal outa it and Dwight does not want to be in Orlando anyways. win win for both organizations. Also pick up Lamar and try to trade out all our bad bench (a.k.a. Mcroberts, Murphy, Eyenga, Ebanks,) and pick up a solid point guard from either drafts or maybe Steve Nash? keep sessions and blake for backups, keep Jordin Hill as backup for Howard, and pick up solid power forward as backup for Odum. just a simple 10 to 12 player team.. not like 20 like they have now..

  90. Jose says:

    Why NOT build a regular team around Kobe, Gasol & Bynum. Get another and much better point guard and get rid of Metta. Persue a younger strong forward asap. Even the bench has to be refurbished. Coach Brown & staff is NO GOOD at all too!!! He does NOT play Lakers style…

  91. williams says:

    Mike Brown, is not the right coach for LA; and it is the guard department that needs to be address. A true PG and a true shooting guard is needed. when these two pieces are in place, you guys will see how valuable both big men are, in Bynum and Gasol. You need to have some outside shooting, to open up the inside. A COMPLETE OVER-HAUL IS NEEDED IN THE GAURD DEPARTMENT, AND A BETTER COACH…….

  92. Bryan says:

    Keep Sessions! Lol, I think he’ll get better with experience

  93. johnjwillard says:

    Sign Deron Willaims, Trevir Ariza, Michael beasley. Screw the cap! Give Kobe his 6th ring he earned it! Keep the core, blow up the bench. Lakers Dynasty will hang yet another banner on the halls of nba greatness. What do I know, I am just a simple man with perfected zen clarity. johnjwillard Go Lakers! Thankyou for 2012 and the many years!! Win 2013!!!

  94. realme says:

    How about this:
    Trade Pau and MWP add andrew goudelock for Igoudala and Thad Young
    To fix up their PG position they should release blake for money and get nash
    or trade bynum and blake and barnes and a late round pick for howard, anderson?
    I don’t about any of these players’ contracts so don’t go crazy

  95. Rudy says:

    pau gasol is a liar….he WAS the 2nd option with phil jackson when they lost to dallas…. he gave up on the team that year….this year was more of the same but even worse because like he said…he was a 3rd option.

    he gave up on the lakers and kobe since the 2009-2010 season… dont give me that bull pau. i think you got sour kobe got all the glory and you did most of the work.

  96. johnjwillard says:

    Here is one for the records. In my simple man/enlightened pure view.
    Sign deron williams, trevor ariza & michael beasley. keep the core. You will see a sixth ring on kobe’s finger. Oh and How? Screw the salary cap. Pay the price for the ring of one basketballs great Kobe, he earned it, give it to him. Not my money,not my team, just a simple man fan with perfected clarity. 6 years from now, salary what cap will be gone, banners will waive Lkaers Dynasty. johnjwillard. Go Lakers 2013!

  97. Oh; by the way! says:

    testing testing,my blogs are not going in

  98. madskillz says:


  99. heat fanboy says:

    trade pau gasol for bosh. insta championship for heat

  100. Shibal says:

    get Kyrie irving

  101. Phil says:

    lakers starting line-up to win the championship

    Kobe Bryant
    Deron Williams
    Metta World Peace
    Pau Gasol
    Andrew Bynum

    Jordan Hill
    Oj Mayo
    Michael Beasley
    Gilbert Arenas

  102. JJ says:

    Get back Lamar Odom for the bench, Change the bench, Get Nash and D12, acquire a athletic shooting guard like Gerald Green (if a Free Agent),, get Lamarcus Aldridge for the bench, Get steve novak for 3’s, Get Torkoglu
    that a Championship team

  103. asn says:

    Lakers need shooters, shooters, I am telling you. Kobe cannot win games for Lakers, by himself.

  104. purple says:

    It is true that lakers seems out of place amongst changing NBA culture, and I don’t think trading one or two player based on their merits or demerits will be an answer to fix lakers as a franchise. I think with all the new NBA rules and regulation we will see more fairness among NBA teams and Laker will have to adapt to that. Talks about trading Kobe is not just about saving salary caps but it is also about the new face of the lakers and the direction moving forward. As we all know a leader for lakers canot be just simply traded from somewhere else but has to be carefully selected (created if possible) who can carry the team and will bear one of the heaviest burden among other players with similar responsibility. One who can handle high expectations of leading lakers, one who can sustain all the ups and downs of LA drama and show up to work with everything on the line day in and day out. Despite all the trades and everything, the biggest challenge would be for players to be comfortable In this chaotic Los Angeles. Players like Kobe doesn’t grow in a tree , he has more to offer than just scoring points , it is the attitude than one needs whcih is hard to replicate.

  105. Nick says:

    Lakers are just fine they way they are don’t change a thing. I’m surprised that only really MWP sees it the same way they lose 2 games by 1 play. If Kobe didn’t blow 2 games with 1 play in each game at the end Lakers would have been up 3 games to 2. Lakeers have this thing in trying to fix something that really isn’t broke… And the so called Lakers fans can’t even see it…

  106. Joel says:

    I did not agree with what Mike Brown did with this team. This is a veteran team and changing their roles to suit what he calls “the style of play he want this team to do” was wrong. I believe he should not have changed the changes he made because after all, you don’t fix what is not broken. Kobe and Pau always had a good understanding when they play under Coach Jackson. Pushing Bynum as a second option scorer was wrong because as everyone knows, he is soft as a marshmallow and is very temperemental. Also, letting Odom go was very wrong. MWP was acquired as a defense stopper and Brown did not utilise that in the season or the playoffs. At most times, he seem lost in the defense. If they have to trade anyone, I suggest Barnes and Bynum. Bring Odom back as sixth man, Fisher as a back up guard to Sessions and perhaps trade or acquire an athletic, mobile centre (eg; Howard, etc).

  107. BrandonEA6 says:

    The Lakers need to decide which one of the bigmen they decide to trade wheter it being Andrew Bynum a inconsistent center or a Pau Gasol whos just olain ol soft. The Lakers need a SCORER. I would suggest they trade one of two for either Derrick Willams or Micheal Beasley cause both have size and ball handling abilities. And the Lakers need a defensive point guard who can maintain Russell Westbrook and also they can try and sign Greg Oden to bring in extra body w/o trading big for big.

  108. Roy says:

    I think the best scenario for the Lakers would be to trade Pau Gasol and try and get a more outstanding PG and perhaps some young gritty player who can do the dirty work in the paint to cushon the absence of Pau. Gasol is there only good trading chip they CANNOT trade Bynum as he has become the best center in the league behind D12. They need his interior prescence if they want another shot at a championhip. They just need a good PG to smooth out there somewhat linear offense at times.

  109. luigi says:

    The Lakers are sending Pau away, is a fact (older, big contract, already tried to transfer him and he is not a Sixth Man like Odom was).The Lakers made a bet for Bynum, gave him the second option rank, the plays, the post and asked Pau to be Odom.. no wonder it didnt work. 2 great 7 footers aint so common in the league so is a nice sale. I think they need D Williams or Nash. Some point guard with instant impact in the offense that can run the plays and feed both Bynum and Kobe.
    Theres no way they win another championship with Kobe having to score 40 point everynite. No chance with no plays running on the floor and everyone trying to get their shots out of nowhere, that´s not a team. They dont even move well the ball!
    You have to have several weapons and choose the most effective in ever yplay, that doesnt mean giving the ball to Kobe and staying still watching his shoot. Be aggressive? get the damn ball in the post in good conditions and you get a lil bynum / gasol. You got to work on it. Look at the Spurs, look the plays they make for Duncan (grandpa Duncan), they find him where he is still amazing, the play for him!

  110. RAD says:

    Bynum+Gasol -Howard

  111. RAD says:

    Odom Should not be traded.he helps the team to win a will to win…..

  112. E-Dubbz says:

    Unfortunately when need to trade one of our bigs preferably Gasol. just as long as we get a good player or players we’ll be fine. We need a stronger point gaurd and a true atheletic power forward and thats were we should be looking. I like Metta he’s our most muscle. I dont think a complete overhaul is necessary and Odom would have played good defense on Durant. Yeah we missed Odom in that series Mitch.

  113. astroboy says:

    I think it would be better for the team if they stick with Pau and Bynum since replacing either one means you have to adjust to another system/scenario which is not good. I also like MWP, Sessions and Hill to stay.They just need to get decent bench players. The problem the Lakers are facing is that their big 3’s $63million salary next season. If they can only cut that to around $50million, that would be help them financially. I am not sure if they can modify their contract salaries and I doubt if any one of the 3 is willing to have a pay cut. MWP’s $8million salary next season is also a big concern. He might get amnestied.

    I see the Lakers being aggressive and making good acquisitions this summer. They might try to get Deron Williams but I don’t see it happening. Below are players who will enter the free-agent market this summer who will not hurt Laker’s pocket.
    PG: Jrue Holiday($2.7M), Darren Collison($2.3M),Kyle Lowry($5.8M),Eric Bledsoe($1.8M), C.J. Watson($3.2M)

    SG: DeMar DeRoza($3.3M),Evan Turner(5.2M),Tony Allen($3.3M),Gary Neal($0.9M),(Corey Brewer$2.7M)

    SF: Paul George($2.6M),Wesley Johnson($4.3M),Dorrell Wright($2.2M)

    PF:Taj Gibson ($2.2M),

    CENTER: Nikola Pekovic ($4.8M), Tiago Splitter,($3.9M)

    • let's see says:

      PG: Darren Collison($2.3M), Eric Bledsoe($1.8M), C.J. Watson($3.2M)

      SG: DeMar DeRoza($3.3M), Tony Allen($3.3M), (Corey Brewer$2.7M)

      SF: Paul George($2.6M), Dorrell Wright($2.2M)

      PF:Taj Gibson ($2.2M),

      CENTER: Tiago Splitter,($3.9M)

      I just narrowed it down to who will *probably fit well* into the Laker system. Personally, if the Lakers could draft: Watson, Brewer or DeRoza, George .. i think they could build a really deep team that can beat any other. Brewer and George especially would be nice additions.

  114. Rashad says:

    Get rid of Barnes and Ebanks and bring back Trevor Ariza!

  115. 16timechamps says:

    i think that we realy don’t need sessions. sessions is fast, but he can’t manage his speed. get rid of him, and get odom and shannon brown back. keep pau, bynum, kobe, metta, and goudelock. then try for jeremy lin, eric gordon, novak, and javale mcgee. from there, build a eam where the starters are kobe, metta, pau, lin, adn bynum. the second unit should be novak, mcgee, gordon, odom, and goudelock. and shannon brown is somewhere in the lineup. Because the lakers don’t need trouble so they shouldn’t hire superstars like deron or dwight cuz after a while, players like them start thinking that they can do their own thing. Kinda like Kobe and Bynum but they’re somewhat respectful. Metta and pau are less argumentative with a coach.

  116. MLo says:

    Lakers would really benefit from a Nash and Beasley. Both are free agents and would add NBA experience, hunger to win a championship.
    Kobe is the only guy I can see on the Lakers roster who can really step up consistently so why not do whatever it takes to get Dwight even if it means trading Gasol AND Bynum. If Kobe is gonna win another ring they can’t wait for Bynum to mature- get Howard in now and have those two in their prime.

  117. fluber says:

    bynum for curry ( Two good players who tend to injursy themselfs) get howard and the rings will come

  118. john says:

    Not only that, change has to come from NBA too. Replace all the referees with ROBOTS. Robots do a much better job than these NBA referees.

  119. celtics 1000 says:

    trade gasol and get jason terry, deron williams and jr smith . what they need is a better bench i dont see the office trading bynum an all star last season ,gasol is surely gone,they have no one giving them a lift off the bench

  120. JOHN says:

    andrew the guys you said there are the worst for lakers go and learn some more basketball

  121. JOHN says:

    chinbin if lakers get rid of kobe they are going to be the worst team i think they should trade bynum for s.o´neal

  122. GSW15 says:

    WOW Laker fans are so selfish. come on now. you MADE IT INTO THE SECOND ROUND OF THE POSTSEASON. there is no need to dismantle the team. you don’t have to go to the finals every year you know. they need to build through the draft and sign players who can score off the bench. as a warrior fan, i would LOVE TO have the Bynum-Gasol tandem.

  123. spurs fan says:

    trade pau and blake and future round pick for scola and lowry or bynum for scola and lowry and future round pick…they must trade gasol or bynum the twin tower is not that effective in playoff or get some hi caliber coach

  124. Chinbin says:

    Get rid of Kobe and the Lakers will be great again.

    • NBA Fan says:

      Whatever team that gets Kobe, if it’s a team that didn’t make the playoffs this season, it will make it next season. And if it’s a team that makes the playoffs this year, it will go further in the playoffs next year. In today’s NBA, Kobe and Durant are the two most consistent players. I doubt the USA team could have won the 2008 Olympic Gold Medal if Kobe was not in the team.

      This season is a short season where sequeazed schedule complete wore out veteran teams like the Lakers by playoffs time.

      1. I like to see a new coach
      2. Get D Will or Ty Lawson or both
      3. Get Brook Lopez or Mc Gee
      4. Get Landry
      5. Keep Kobe, Gasol, Sessions, MWP, G.Hill, Barne
      6. If Gasol must go, trade for Love

  125. andrew says:

    here are the free agents Lakers could get..
    add some offensive power with
    Michael Beasley (would make a great fit with Mike Browns system)
    Steve Nash (could speed up the tempo and give guys great looks and would also elevate Bynum’s game to another level)
    Eric Gordon (could play the one or two guard and will most definitely be on the race for 6th Man Award. would add depth)
    Gerald Wallace (could add offensive punch with his style.. and would also make a great fit to the Lakers bench)

    these guys could turn the Lakers around.. affording them is another thing.. but they could do it..

  126. Mo Syed says:

    Did everyone forget that Lamarcus Aldridge will likely want out of Portland? There would have to be some sort of way of getting him on the Lakers. Kobe, Aldridge and a decent PG. At least whilst Kobe fades they will have an Aldridge at his peak.

  127. King Kobe says:

    Trade Gasol for Stephen Curry, sign Brandon Rush(free agent) for 3pts and spacing . Sign free agents Roy Hibbert and Kris Humphries(the poor man’s B Griffin) for rebs and Blks. Hibbert would be an good insurance policy just incase Bynum gets hurt or need benching. Bring back Odom so the greatest player of all-time can get his 6th & 7th ring.

  128. JJ says:

    Get mike brown out.. he doesnt have what it takes to lead the lakers.

  129. Fr3D says:

    Millions of comments – Please webmaster, add the possibility to show the comment box right below the article.

  130. BigLuke says:

    Bring Back Luke Walton. Problem Solved……………….

  131. PlayLikeJordan says:

    JOHN WALL is the answer to this. big trade bring in John wall from the wizards we would have a point guard that can really run the floor an not so much pressure on whats Kobe gonna do next.

  132. dan says:

    just get a pg for a while until goudlock or morris can devlop and trade gasol for scola and tmac

  133. lregis says:

    change the bench players as well

  134. BforBrandon says:

    Definitely need to make a push for D-Will in Free agency, then if you make a trade for Dwight, LA is instantly looking like a championship team. Kobe, Deron Williams, and Dwight Howard? /Championship or bust.

  135. J Credible says:


  136. daniel.b says:

    lakers should go for steve nash and get him a title with kobe… nash got over the top experience in the pklayoffs and could back up kobe in that pg role all day… lobbing either to bynum or pau, also taking the heat for kobe and making way more wide open…

    when u think about it.. its not really a bad idea..

  137. kevin says:

    lakers should get Labron for next season they totatly need him

  138. Lalaland says:

    Anyone but JaVale “Shaqtin a Fool” McGee…

  139. Kwolio says:

    Even with the Laker’s tall frontcourt, they can be as horrid as the Celtics in rebounding during the closing minutes. Ibaka and Perkins were just more aggressive in getting the ball than the Twin Towers in Game 5.

  140. Cap Fin says:

    Get rid of Mike Brown (a.k.a. COACH CHOOCH)! He tried to force a hackneyed pick and roll system on the Lakers, and it doesn’t fit their personnel. Coach Jackson knew this, that’s why he brought in the triangle. Magic Johnson, a Lakers VP, echoed these sentiments on ESPN, saying essentially that it was ludicrous to try to make Pao play the high pick and roll. And COACH CHOOCH can’t make adjustments during a game (only the night before) — case in point, in Game 4, when Kobe hogged the ball and they didn’t go back to feeding the bigs in the low post, COACH CHOOCH did nothing, said nothing, just let them lose. Kenny “the Jet” Smith made a very insightful comment a few years ago: When a team loses by only a few points, it’s the coach’s fault, when they lose by a lot, it’s the player’s fault. 3 of the 5 games were very close.
    GET RID OF COACH CHOOCH (a.k.a. Mike Brown)
    Try to get Doug Collins — now, there’s a coach worthy of the Lakers!

    • bionic says:

      I agree. Mike Brown was the worst choice Lakers could make. He has no system. Well maybe except one: give the ball to the best player and let him wim games. That could work with young Kobe or LJ in cleveland but not here not now!!! Coach did terrible job this season, Management too because theve hired him and the only move they made in the offseason was trading 6-th man of the year for nothing!!! Come on!!!! who does that???

  141. JUN BUG says:

    Best that the team can do for the next season’s is to re-organize and remove those players that eating time on the chair while
    on the game…bench warmer! It will be a great if you can get DERON WILLIAMS from New Jersey Nets or McGEE & LAWSON
    from DENVER replacing BYNUM who has a very BAD habit on the floor while playing, inconsistent player. Remove McROBERTS & MURPHY and bring back ODOM as will be a great back up for KOBE & GASOL in the perimeter and low post area. Best is to get DWIGHT HOWARD but that one is a very BIG question/s on the MAGIC Team?

    Kobe needs a strong back up on the board that can dominate the rebound regardless of low making points. Best candidate will
    be Dwight Howard & McGee from Denver…. If this things happened, for sure LAKERS will be competing for the championship again. go go go LAKERS! Ring 17 is waiting for you!

  142. mario says:

    Above all Lakers need a proper COACH. A coach who knows more than one offensive system. Bring Jackson back, sign Shaw or Sloan, bring Zeliko Obradovic from Europe do whatever u want but hire a good coach. Otherwise even with Howard, Williams n Kobe this team is going nowhere. Then trade Gasol for Josh Smith. Smith wants to leave Atlanta n he d love to play for a championship caliber team. If Orlando accepts Bynum n whoever who is not named Kobe or Gasol for Howard alone (no Turkoglu or Nelson) then do it. Next move sign Kirilenko n Krstic (as backup 5) from CSKA and Jamison as a back up PF. Try to sign Goran Dragic, if financially not possible sign Andre Miller. Go for Beasley, if not possible sign Grant Hill, he d love to have the chance for a championship before he retires. Sign McGrady to rest Kobe when needed.

    Bynum – Krstic
    Smith – Jamison
    Kirilenko – Beasley (or HIll)
    Kobe – McGrady
    Sessions – Dragic (or Miller)

  143. Armin Halvadzic says:

    Is hard for me to say this but trade Andrew Bynum and Ramon Sessions for Dwight Howard. Then bring back Lamar Odom and Sasha Vujacic.

  144. Stu Brew says:

    The Lakers dynasty days are over. They made a big mistake trading away Derek Fisher and Lamar Odom. They should’ve traded Ron Artest (I refuse to call him by his new name).

  145. kobe bryant fadeaway giant says:

    @ maino that was what i was thinking but instead try and get deron williams… he might opt out of his deal so we could get him for nobody.. and pau definitely has too go …. hes an up and down player and when he makes one mistake he keeps making them… we need someone like kris humphies hes a solid PF and always attacks the boards and improving all around

    • bionic says:

      I agree Pau has to go. He is a great player even though he had difficult season but his salary will be huge next year. Lakers won’t handle Kobe’s Pau’s an Drew’s salaries next season. Especially when they’ll have to exchange almost all bench players (they should!). Metta was inconsistent all season and the season before that and he is earning what? 9 mill? Sth around that. I think Kobe, Drew, Ramon, Hill, Morris, Mini mamba, Ebanks and Eyenga should stay and thats it!!! Trading Barnes, MWP, McRoberts, Murphy, Pau, Blake some draft picks and we can get some serious players. For Pau i think Josh Smith would be good, Beasley on SF, on PG we are set with morris mini mamba and Ramon. Hill will be nr 4 big man. We need 2 Big guys, good on boards and def, like Gortat for ex… There should be major changes right now, so that new guys can learn the new system build chemistry ( at least some)!

  146. Badboys1990 says:

    Its Over Laker Fans!!!!L.A. is doom!!!

  147. Sean says:

    YOU idiots realize that arguing infront of the screen won’t change anyone’s minds right? Fact is, they’re making millions loving what they do. What are you doing?

  148. kokobean says:

    Has anyone thought of trading for good role player with Bynum instead of another superstar??

    Maybe trade for like Al Jefferson.. his numbers are consitent and he isn’t a “MarshMallow”.

    Or maybe trade for Demarcus Cousins who has mad potential and Jimmy Fredette who was good in college but got lost behind Tyreke?
    OR even make a trade to the Pistons for Greg Munroe and one of their many talented young PGs, like will bynum, R Stuckey or Brandon Night
    ANY of those Bigs can give 15 and 10 on any given night

    Just throwing that out there. There are other options that will make the team more effective rather than just trading for HOWARD.

  149. ley says:

    lakers need a new manager than kupchak he is the cause of this shameful situation.he would have”persue” change since last year defeat.cudnt believed he hired Mike Brown while he was fired by clev based on his result (having to coach a team with a superstar lebron)I guess he hates Bryant.this downfall,combine with nba executive wanted to fade bryant.know the nba didnt alow the trade with CP,why?….this begoty and animosity was triggered by bryant himself by using a gay w toward an official.this was view by gay community as an insult to all.yet bryant was fined and payed $100.000.the entire team has to pay for it.weeks later the lakers was beaten by dallas in a bizarre way which prompted the departure of Phil Jackson.Bryant couldnt be famous by his own not knowingly he was one of the nba most favorable man…..bref..now this is my suggestion for the lakers to improve next season….1st make some change in lakers organisation and management…2 nd hire a coach of phil’s caliber. 3rd get derom william (he want to play with lakers) steve nash to help bryant and if possible get howard…trade pau,barnes,session,ebank………to be continue

  150. doubledeuces says:

    i’ll say what leanda said, ” why is everyone ignoring that dwight howard and cp3 said they didn’t want to play with kobe” no one wants to play with the lakers, and gasol and bynum have to be hoping and praying that they are out of there! they have to take the blame while superstar employee is out there doing whatever the hell he wants with no understanding or concept of teamwork, mike brown has to be wanting to be fired as well, why not go home and draw a paycheck instead of dealing with jack it up, jack it up 35 times. gasol only came there to play second fiddle because he doesn’t have an ego, now he is to blame that they can’t get it done when it has again only become about how many points kobe can score!! just because you make million$$$ doesn’t necessarily mean that your working conditions are favorable to get the job done.

  151. Austin says:

    Everyone is saying how they should trade Bynum. Bynum? Really? Andrew Bynum, besides the best shooting guard in history in Kobe Bryant, is the most promising and BEST player on the LA Lakers. From what i see, he is better than Dwight Howard all together. Better foot work, but not as good rebounder.

  152. kobe says:


  153. Jason Spezza says:

    Trade Bynum, gasol and Choke artist barnes. Bring D Williams and D Howard.

  154. Read This Lakers GM!!!!! says:

    Dear Laker’s GM,
    As you already know the Lakers are in tough dilemma and the roster is good but you should strongly consider getting more efficient scorers.
    My recommendations are:
    1.Trading Metta World Peace And Barnes For Michael Beasley. Michael Beasley is a young superstar that in a couple of years with good training well be extremely dominant.
    2. Trade Bynum And Gasol for Deron Willams and Brook Lopez . The Lakers really need a slashing playmaking point gaurd and Deron is the right man.

  155. Andy(: says:

    What Lakers Need To Do Is Trade MWP And Barnes Ofr Micheal Beasly And Bynum And Gasol For Deron Willams And Lopez :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  156. Maino says:

    if anyone should be traded it should be pau because he’s not performing the same way he did when they won, its clear he is tired of kobe bossing him around and he wants out. Trade pau for 2 or 3 good bench players, sign steve nash and make ramon sessions come of bench so they can have a solid bench to compete. Oh and also get lamar odom back.

  157. 16going417 says:

    Too many people are talking about trading Gasol. It will probably happen as the Lakers already tried to get rid of him. However, Gasol has heart and puts way more effort into the game than Bynum does. Bynum is immature and worries more about his ego than playing as a team member. Gasol hustles and gives effort. Bynum trots and plays lazy. Is Bynum better than Gasol, most likely, but I think Bynum’s attitude is terrible and I would rather have someone with heart than another head case.

    Besides, Bynum already said he does not care where he plays next year and Gasol said he wants to stay with the Lakers even after all of the stuff that happened to him this year. That is heart and dedication. Keep Gasol and get rid of Bynum for Howard.

    All the other trades mentioned here I agree with. Get rid of Blake and Barnes and then make Sessions a back up PG. Four points for both games 1 and 2 against OKC is not Lakers caliber basketball by their PG.

    I don’t like to blame coaches, but I’m also unsure of Mike Brown’s system given his track record in Cleveland.

    It’s going to be interesting for us Lakers fans this off season that’s for sure…….

  158. stillalakerfan says:

    Mitch has to step up and do his job, aggresively. Make the changes he needs to make, quit waiting around for Bynum to mature, we want to win now, not 5 years from now. Brown needs to figure out a game plan and system, or leave town. Gey some type of a bench that will provide some type of scoring, we were one of the worst benches last season, that has to change if we have any kind of hope of going deep and making a serious run.


    Trade Bynum and Pau for a good starting point guard and center.

    Give Kobe a chance to win number 6

    All you Laker haters are biches, Lakers are the best ever. 16 championships and 32 conference titles..

    The best Laker ever: CHICK HEARN!!!!!!

  160. LeAnda says:

    Why is everyone ignoring the fact that Dwight Howard stated that he DID NOT want to play with Kobee Bryant!

  161. Gurami says:

    Are you already forgot?

    Season 2009-2010

    Won NBA Finals (4-3) versus Boston Celtics
    Won NBA Western Conference Finals (4-2) versus Phoenix Suns
    Won NBA Western Conference Semifinals (4-0) versus Utah Jazz
    Won NBA Western Conference First Round (4-2) versus Oklahoma City Thunder

  162. Just Be says:

    First of all, the no longer “King James” will never get a ring maybe one, The Heat is just the team that can’t gain any titles, just because they have two good players one with a title the other with MVPs, and whose the hell is C.B he should’ve stayed with the Toronto Raptors; it doesn’t necessarily means that they’re the best team in the NBA, i believe is OKC, for now, however; its a waste of money thanks to Pat, but they are all bunch WEAK SAUSAGES CRYING ROOKIES and hitting lockers…! Secondly, the Los Angeles, Lakers must have the young Superman, stop thinking of money and do it, man, it’ll be worth it. Go Lakers best chemistry in the NBA and STILL ROLLING…!

  163. Ezekiel says:

    Get Jeremy Lin and Beasly………..

  164. Craf-T says:

    Bynum and World Peace = Bad attitude. Trade both of them. Build a new culture. You can get a very good value at positions 5, 3 and 1. You don’t need a better PG than Sessoins on Kobe’s side. You need a better bench, more young guys that can go hard, and a better coach. Laker fans that are still looking for all-stars at every positions of their starting 5 are missing the hole point. You can move Pau to the 5 or you can get another center, but anyway. That team use to win games with size, what about trying to win with other aspects of the game now? The center in most teams doesn’t have the same job than in the 90’s anyway guys.

  165. Eaglos says:

    Make Kobe a playmaker of some sort. In other words, no matter who comes and goes,
    if Kobe keeps taking 40-50 shots per game the team is going nowhere. Kobe must accept
    the fact that he should have to use his brain and not his body. He should accept that he
    must work for his teammates, rather than trying to win the game by himself like he used
    to do.

    Also, Gasol was treated like garbage and so he has to go. Metta has to go and the team
    needs a reliable bench. Taking back Odom and Fisher is nonsense.

  166. Robert says:

    Everyone is over looking the big picture. What legit superstar is willing to go to LA and watch Kobe shoot the ball 30-40x a game? There is nothing wrong with there team. Yes they could add some pieces but it starts with Kobe accepting the fact he cant carry a team on his back. Especially with the new look west this is the first time in his career he is not the only superstar in the conference. We’ve seen him get swept and lose in the second round before maybe its time to look in the mirror.

  167. KB24 says:

    I would say do what ever KOBE wants, I would trade Bynum for sure, he doesn’t bring to much energy on both sides of the court, Pao i would keep, he’s always energetic and trying his hardest. Sessions give him one more season.. Blake, bye bye, Josh McRoberts also brings lots of energy.. needs more practice. Barnes, needs to leave.. did absolutely NOTHING in the playoffs. Hill, defintely a good defender and full of energy. MWP one the best defenders lakers has and also hungry for rings and hes just hularious ! Who i would want to see on the lakers hmm, maybe Howard, Rondo, Steve nash, CP3 (would be too good to be true)

  168. FRee says:

    I believe the lakers nesecitan sixth man to do this work when kobe ​​eb banking, that’s my point of view because when Kobe is on the bench is very low on the offensive in the 3-point shots

  169. rumbleforever says:

    Keep Kobe and go after D. Will. If not, Nash. Either way, have Sessions come off the bench. Keep Bynum if you land D. Will. Trade him if not. Gasol for Boozer, World Peace for Gerald Wallace, Barns for Ariza, McRoberts for Asik and go after Odom. Coach Mike Brown for couch Larry Brown or Sloan. Thoughts?

  170. True Laker Fan says:

    Trade Pau and Session to Deron Williams and 1 on 1 Trade Bynum to D. Howard AKA Superman PERIOD!! LOL!!

  171. Mr Snrub says:

    Trade Bynum for Dwight
    Gasol for Scola and Lowry

    Starting lineup:
    PG: Sessions or Lowry
    SG: Kobe
    SF: Metta
    PF: Scola
    C: Dwight

    Then just improve the bench, get players that can shoot an open shot consistently

    or Gasol for Boozer (It would benefit both teams)
    Bynum for Dwight
    this would be a tough and intimidating front court

    D Williams is also an obvious option they could pursue.

    Whatever they do, they need to make significant changes in improving the bench and getting a solid starting line up (especially front court) that is actually hungry for a championship. Kobe and Metta seem to be the only two that want it bad enough.

  172. Laker Fan says:

    I think the Lakers should just add deron williams since hes a free agent.
    They could trade Pau to the Rockets for Goran Dragic/Kyle Lowry & Luis Scola
    The Rockets already like Pau anyways.
    Both of those point guard are young and quick and very talented
    Luis Scola is a presence in the paint although he is short he is sure to get rebounds and score.
    Get back Odom in the offseason although he’d have to wait till December im sure he would.
    Get some good young athletic bench players of the free agency.
    Laker are ALWAYS good they have never not been good.
    Laker Era isnt over, It’s going to be the start of a new one!

  173. 604 says:

    Trade Gasol and Barnes for Love and Beasley

  174. faubsam20 says:

    I tihnk the Lakers need to explore trade options for Gasol. They can still get a significant amount of talent for him. Maybe a three-team deal with the Clippers and Bulls that looks something like this :
    To Bulls : Gasol
    To Clippers : Brewer, Barnes
    To Lakers : Boozer, Mo Williams, draft pick
    The Bulls get rid an upgrade from Boozer with Pau, the Clippers get great defensive shooting guard and small forward, the Lakers get a real, proven point guard and get rid of Pau. What do you guys think?

  175. HARDEN = IDIOT says:

    I think Lakers should still play around Kobe next year. But if they don’t win next year, start rebuilding. Try to get a high draft pick, and start rebuilding with young players. Maybe we can get narlenes Noel?

  176. kobe says:

    first the lakers have to trade steve blake then we need to trade pau and bynum. we can get much better players out of it and both of them caant play for their life. Keep kobe bryant because hes the only one on our team that can do anything. And for those of u who says odom isnt coming back becuase the way they treated him. He is when he left dallas he was wearing a lakers shirt

  177. Big Joe says:

    A few things need to happen.

    Pau needs to be traded. With all the rumors and failed trade he just needs a fresh start somewhere. Lakers need to clear the air so that Bynum knows he is there to stay (they are crazy if they trade him). Bynum is the best big man behind Dwight Howard in the league and can really dominate a game if they keep him involved. They need to trade the following guys to try and get the peices they need: Pau, McRoberts, Barnes, Steve Blake. They need to make moves to get a roster like the following.


    1. An athletic defensive minded point guard (to try and stop Westbrook, Parker, Paul etc)
    2. Kobe
    3. Meta World Peace (still defends well and makes them tough)
    4. A good shooting big man, starter quality (Bargani, Channing Frye, or someone like that to give Bynum more room to operate and provide a guy to knock down shots when Bynum or Kobe are doubled).
    5. Bynum

    Second Unit:

    1. Ramon Sessions (I like him better as a 2nd string guy)
    2. Devin Ebanks (provides length at the 2 and is still developing so backing up Kobe with limited minutes is apropriot)
    3. A scorer who can play multiple positions (Michael Beasley maybe?)
    4. Jordan Hill
    5. A bench quality 7 footer (if Pau is gone they need a guy to play center when Bynum goes out of the game, someone like Fresenko, Kosta Koufas, Aaron Gray, they wouldnt get alot of minutes so even Alexis Ajinca would be OK), LA likes to use a 3 man rotation at the 4 and 5 so Jordan Hill will likely get most of the minutes at 4 and 5 off the bench.

    11th man. A combo guard like what they had with Shannon Brown.
    12th man. Troy Murphy (he has size, can rebound and shoot, and play at the 4 or the 5…and hey…they already have him.

    Would love feedback.

    • Some good & some bad ideas says:

      COACH: You forgot most important thing .. coaching lineup. Dump Brown and get someone who knows what the h3ll they’re doin’! Coach Sloan gets my vote.


      1. An athletic defensive minded point guard: That would help – but the Lakers aren’t weak because of defensive weaknesses .. they’re suffering because they can’t complete enough possessions into points. Ty Lawson and OFFENSIVE minded guards that can give bewteen 20-30 pts on any given night are what’s needed by Lakers.

      2. Kobe (ditto)

      3. Meta World Peace (still defends well and makes them tough) – but is a crazy liability that fuels the other team .. otherwise i agree

      4. A good shooting big man, starter quality: Bargnani yes .. Frye not so much … he’s a seagull that goes MIA on defense and doesn’t provide any impact on the boards.

      5. Bynum (ditto)

      2ND Unit:

      1. Ramon Sessions (I like him better as a 2nd string guy) – No, better to trade him .. he’s got no offensive spark – and that’s supposedly what they brought him in for. Steve Blake is fine leading 2nd Unit at the point.

      2. Devin Ebanks (ditto .. he makes a good show but needs to break out and make a statement.

      3. A scorer who can play multiple positions (Michael Beasley maybe?) – YES that’s a pick (see my comment from yesterday). But i would actually stay with Barnes and move Beasley to starting lineup at the 2.

      4. Jordan Hill – 2nd Unit – not first (Lakers need a defensive big to cover Bynum when he’s benched)

      5. A bench quality 7 footer: NO. Again, it’s over-rated. Getting Odom back as a PF / C would probably be enough. Recall he was backup Center for the U.S Olympic Team. I think he’s likely to return to Laker Land where he fits in.


      11th man. A combo guard like what they had with Shannon Brown: Too late for that, they’ll just have to stick with a 10 Roster for most of next season.

      12th man. Troy Murphy (he has size, can rebound and shoot, and play at the 4 or the 5…and hey…they already have him: if you’re going to go with a big third or forth option, then McRoberts gives them a bit more oomph than Murphy. Murphy might be outta there with Gasol, Goudelock and Eyenga come trade time.

      • Big Joe says:

        Channing Frye was just an idea, they def need a guy to spread the floor like what Bonner does for the Spurs. I still like Hill coming off the bench like I said for his energy and defense. I agree with Blake being fine at the point on the second unit, especially if Sessions has a higher trade value. I think either MWP or barnes need to go, they are sort of the same player and to keep both of them while trying to build a better team seems dumb. Also, you said use Beasley in the starting unit if they get him…..I disagree, Kobe rarely gives up the ball and Bynum needs more touches, so putting defensive guys on the court with Kobe and Bynum is ideal…and Beasley is primarily an offensive player. I would start MWP/Barnes as a defender on that starting unit and have Beasley be instant offense off the bench.

        I do disagree with your Odom at center comment, keep in mind that international ball is “small ball”. Kevin Durant started at the 4 for that Team USA. But I doubt OKC wants to make that his new position. And Lamar Odom has to prove he can even still play for me to put him on a roster I “build” . But I could see the possibility of him as the 4 man on the second unit if he can get his game back on track, and then use Hill as the 5 man on the 2nd unit. But then I would def want a big body deep on that bench somewhere. Bynum cannot be there only big body.

  178. Renz says:

    it’s simple trade Gasol and Bynum for Howard, Davis or Ryan Anderson for better Spacing in the floor and to free The Salary Cap space, then Sign D.Will or Steve nash, Sign, Jason Terry, J.R. Smith, or Nick Young, Sign Odom or Steve Novak for a Deadly 3 Pointer.
    Lakers Starters: Nash or D.Will, Kobe, M.W.P., Anderson or Glen Davis, Howard
    Lakers Bench: Sessions, Smith, Young or Terry, McRoberts, Hill.

    Boom! Another Possible Championship for the Lakers Baby! 🙂

  179. BFoulds says:

    MWP for LeBron
    Bynum for Howard
    Gasol for KLove
    Sign nash
    Have Kobe go back in time 5 years.

    That’s the only way Lakers are going to win for the next 4-5 years. Spurs / Thunder are too good for you.

  180. DODOT says:


  181. jp says:

    try to negotiate to the new york knicks for chris paul.. bynum should improve more of his game or get a trade for another center.. pau gasol must improve his game too..

  182. Yojimbo says:

    Sign a real starting PG, Deron or Nash.
    See who is on the market for a Kobe trade.
    Then see who else you trade or sign to fill in the pieces.
    Lakers need to make at least 3 moves and signings, get a better bench and PG.
    Odom aint coming back to LA he is seeking an acting career.
    LA STOP working your offence around KOBE.

  183. DWAYNEWADE says:

    Lakers should trade Bynum to Orlando for Dwight Howard… then should trade Dwight Howard to Miami for Juwan Howard and Ronny Turiaf… then should trade sessions to get gilbert arenas and trade gasol and metta for jerry stackhouse and tracy mcgrady. Lakers starting line up would be this-

    pg- gilbert arenas
    sg- kobe
    sf- tmac
    pf- troy murphy
    c- juwan howard

    lastly lakers will have bench to include vince carter, bring back lamar odom and derek fisher, have grant hill traded in exchange for jordan hill, and lastly trade goblocks ebonks and marris for Tayshaun Prince and Kurt Thomas

    I hope with crossed fingers these trades will be accomplished, I know this will happen and Los Angeles Lakers will read this and take my advice to make these trades into reality 😀

    • Big Joe says:

      The only hole in your linup is that Juwan Howard is not a true 5, but that squad could probably make the playoffs……haha JUST KIDDING! That would be a great linup in 1998 , or in the present day senior citizen league. Thanks for the laugh.

  184. jmims says:

    I would trade Chrish Bosh for Pau GAsol. This would open up the middle for Bynum and Kobe. Plus This would also benefit the Heat bc this would then Miami and Legit big man to help out in the post. The two of their salaries are close to each other as well.

  185. aj says:

    Smithers, Denver would not go thru with that trade i hope you know. You are a complete idiot, Lawson AND mcgee? man cmon. both of them are improving both year and bynum is a punk, they wont take him.

  186. Dracule says:

    Kobe needs the best big man in the league and the lakers will be hot again.

  187. killuabest says:

    1st get rid of couch brown= coach scott or brian shaw
    2nd trade gasol + blakel= d will or rondo
    3rd trade bynum= dwight howard
    4th get good bench/athletic like beasley , or the team can get from incoming players
    5th retain jordan hill and session
    6th pick your choice to cut off roberts + barnes or metta= team have to get off load some bench

    LAKERS will have a couple of rings in the years to come

    KUPCHAK…. lets do this …its a sure win!!!

  188. KOBEFAN says:

    I believe they shouldnt trade anyone..just get Lamar odom back on board and let them ride couple of seasons with this team sure they will win another ring

  189. nicanor says:

    the reason why people hate kobe bryant so much is because his play-style is similar to michael jordan’s , A lot of people grew up idolizing MJ, and they cant take it seeing someone else play just like him. People have that mentality to be loyal to the original.

    Kobe Bryant may have some similarities with MJ, but he has his own persona, he has his own style. He only has few more year left before he retires, lets start appreciate the man. stop hating. He will go down as one of the greatest to ever play the game, like it or not. His accomplishments speaks a lot.

  190. burat says:

    trade bynum for chuck norris will make the la champion again..

  191. Ynot says:

    Bring back Lamar, more aggressive play.. If LA want to trade Pau then they should find a player that has a good shot quality to help out Kobe on the game.

  192. Lakers .. must have a good coach …. that is Phil. jackson…. not Mike brown… remove .. matt barnes … steve Blake..bring back odom …remove ebanks also .. again… remove Mike Brown… …

  193. Rockets Fan says:

    Trade Gasol for Kyle Lowrly of the rockets, Bring back Odem, and trade Bynum to New York for stadimire.

  194. Durant - SCKS says:

    LA should replace ANDREW BYNUM aka. “BIG MARSH MALLOW” with a CENTER who can banged bodies on his opponent.. like the time of SHAQUILE ONEAL. Bynum’s S.O.F.T ness will not really help LA. he’s big but SOFT like a pillow….

  195. First thing….. remove Mike brown …as a coach… then barnes.. blake…. then bring back odom… fisher… brown….bring back Phil… jackson.. as head coach..kobe need back-up player…

  196. Dan says:

    They should trade Bynum, Artest, and Sessions for D. Howard. Then they could sign S. Nash…or maybe even D. Williams. If they signed Nash they could probably still afford to go after a mid-level free agent…
    D Howard
    J Hill
    D Ebanks
    S Blake
    M Camby (FA)
    then try to get an atheletic
    guard/wing in the draft

    • non biased b-ball fan says:

      thats a teerible trade if dwight gets to the lakers hes not averaging more than 15 a game keep bynum and if the lakers want howard trade anyone except bynum then they mihjt look good like this
      PG ramon sessions
      SG Kobe Bryant “too inefficent”
      SF Devin Ebanks
      PF Dwight Howard
      C Drew Bynum
      6th man micheal beasly
      steve blake
      jordan hill
      darius morris
      andrew goudelock
      1st round pick

  197. Ender says:

    They should really push for dwight though. It’s a good investment for the present and the future. Trade Bynum, MWP, Sessions for Dwight. Then trade for an agile pg which doesnt really need to score but can defend scoring point guards like westbrook,cp3, etc. Kobe, Pau, Dwight. They can even trade Pau for if they get dwight.

  198. kevin says:

    i think LAKERS really need Labron in the team

  199. Durant - SCKS says:

    Kobe’s early retirement could be the answer… LA should build a TEAM BASKETBALL not a KOBE’s TEAM. Hooyaah…

  200. jpb says:

    I think kobe ​​and jordan so bon or more like all that he has never desite games and it is impossible to be changed! gasou Bynum or must leave!

  201. brugudu28 says:

    3 way trade— pau and blake to magic, dwight to boston and rondo and garnett to lakers.. do not sign sessions, and barnes. sign odom and jr smith.. and of course change mike brown.. get SLOAN so they will have a system.. offensive and defensive..

    start five
    pg- rondo(. will make kobe take fewer and quality shots like what he did with ray allen and pierce+more def and offense
    sg- kobe
    sf- mwp
    pf- garnett( will help bynum improve defense and make it consistent.. gives energy)
    C- Bynum( continue improvin)


    pg – sessions (needs to develop 3POINT shooting)
    sg – smith( can sometimes be with kobe(sf) on the court if needed for faster and smaller lineups
    sf – ebanks or odom for defensive purposes for Lebron and durant
    pf/C -odom/hill/McRoberts- rotation with bynum and garnett

    then develop and make improvements with rookies/and sop

    this will definetly be the team.. all teams included with the trade will benefit..
    gasol and blake with the ball movement and 3point shooting of MAGIC
    Dwight will start bostons new era and mark the future of celtics
    then rondo and garnt will help lakers get on the right track again…

    let mitch and buss family make this happen… pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseee

    • Stay off the reefers says:

      I mean really??? Rondo and Garnett to leave their beloved Boston? GTFOH! If you’re gonna smoke .. at least don’t do it while the fries have less than a minute left on the timer … and don’t forget to mop out the restrooms.

      • kokobean says:

        Agreed!! No way that trade will be entertained!

        I would like to suggest a Gasol & Ebanks & Session trade for Bargnani & DeRozen/Bayless

        BArgnani’s shooting will help bryant and bynum and with Bayless, he is a uick bigger PG and has played well the last part of the season. I think Bayless has more potential than Sessions and already Bayless will make more of in an impact or DD as a pack up to Kobe.. and then they try and sign Dwill if they get DD instead of Bayless.

        They can’t have DWill and Sloan. I thought they didn’t get a long in Utah.

        For a coach how about Jeff Van Gundy? i don’t really know who actually wants to come back to coaching so I’m just throwing that up there.

  202. Joe B Thunder says:

    No Fisher, no Odom, no Phil Jackson= no championship.

  203. Joe B Thunder says:

    Maybe Lebron will get tired of losing in Miami (or get tired of the hurricanes) and Kobe will retire in a few years.

  204. AlexN says:

    In my opinion, Lakers should try get a new Beasley trade going and hopefully go through. He’s occasionally shown an ability to score good numbers (ppg averages aren’t ‘staggering’ for a scorer but had 30+ games) which, if he could do consistently could help take some of the load off of Kobe and save his energy for later in the game when they’d need him.

    On the Bynum/Gasol trade idea, personally I’d prefer to trade Gasol. Simple reason; Gasol is in his early-30s and Bynum is in his mid-20s. If you manage to convince him to stay long term, Bynum could have a lot more years to play in the league (granted he doesn’t suffer a major injury). Can question his attitude, but he still has time to further develop. Gasol is more expendable given the situation. Obviously if a great deal becomes possible for Bynum, e.g. the dream of the Howard trade, then bye bye Bynum.

  205. Joe B Thunder says:

    If only the Lakers could finally get Labron on thier team!

  206. White Mamba says:

    The Lakers should get Scalabrine the white mamba!! BLACK MAMBA + WHITE MAMBA = infinite championship!!

  207. tomkou says:

    I still believe the main problem for the lakers is the coaching staff… Honestly, Mike Brown does not do anything…With this line-up we won championships..With Phil. I mean the roster will be changed, but Mike Brown… Come man fire him…

  208. kiwisepp says:

    trade either Bynum or Gasol for a young fisher and decent 6th man.

  209. sepcoa says:

    sell the lakers to san diego

  210. Bret says:

    I say bring in Steve Nash and Dwight Howard and it’s definitely a win-win situation. Get rid of Bynum!

  211. Mbanga Fan says:


  212. dan says:

    they need to sign deron williams in the offseason and either trade one of the big man for depth on bench

  213. Jay says:

    KEEP BYNUM! he is young, only 24 years old, still has time and room to improve, and is VERY skilled!!!

  214. gerger says:

    Lakers should trade one of their towers to a B+ caliber PG or SF. Gerald Wallace or Deron Williams will do.

  215. Lakeshow2012 says:

    Move on guys. this is their first year with a new system and they did good though they lose to OKC, common u guys watch them play their good the lakers problem is their bench! they should overhaul that effin bench! they got no shooters or energy guy or a real 6th man damn that’s their problem

  216. getridofbynum says:

    as i’ve said , bynum , mcroberts , barnes and blake for joakim noah and boozer. that will work for both teams.

  217. Gaykers says:

    Trade Gasol and Bynum for UD40 and Dexter Pittman..West teams are so Soft…S-O-F-T

  218. leo says:

    what the lakers need is a good athletic point guard,
    plus limit kobe to a fewer but high percentage shots. got so disgusted on a game where he got his 1st field goal in the 4th quarter, also one of the reason lakers is deteriorating is kobe just throwing shots randomly, he should be more calculative and pick his shots he is not young anymore so better lessen those useless shots and convert it to a high percentage shot..
    the coach is fine, but since kobe is like i’m the boss here obey me, they don’t meet eye to eye..
    about LO, with the tantrum he threw around in Dallas it is better not to get him back, for fisher i think he should be better going off the bench of lakers so as to provide morale and leadership,
    pau is doing his best but bynum keeps offsetting him, get rid of bynum, get a guy who ever he is who has a more burning desire to win the championship even if that guy is less talented than bynum since in training you could improve what is important is a burning desire to win..

    if i would suggest a good line up
    PG- Nash or D. Will or even J.Lin( if the lakers need a speedy point guard who could do some insane penetration but will need some major overhaul in ball handling, also a cheap guy to get so budget would not hurt, since i think he will be FA this juy)
    SF- Ariza or Batum or Deng
    PF- Gasol
    C-Okafor or Brook Lopez or J. anthony(heat) or T. CHandler

  219. Newbie says:

    What is the future of the Lakers?…Who Cares. They were eliminated by a better team thats it. As was Denver, Utah, and Memphis yet there is not a whirl wind of speculation around what thier futures may hold. Enough of the hype and sensationalism. They Lost get over it

  220. Captain#2 says:

    ODOM already moved on, he’s not coming back to LA, just so he can get traded again. The lakers should trade Pau gasol and Sessions for Deron Williams. Then, Lakers could trade Bynum and another player for Dwight Howard.
    #Easy win L..A

  221. Ian L says:

    All you have to do is get rid of Pau, he’s not providing as well as he should be. Trade Pau, and Ramon for Love.

    • No way that'll happen says:

      T-Wolves won’t trade their franchise lynchpin for a 50-50 gamble like Pau. BUT, they would probably consider Pau for Beasley. That way T-Wolves get a presence in the paint (finally) and LaLa Land gets a scoring PF – something they’ve missed since Odom moved on out. The weakness in the Laker game is at PF and PG. Neither position gives them killer points or presence at either end of the floor. Also they need to get a true scoring PG like Lawson from Denver, so that the Lakers can genuinely space the floor. They would have to trade probably Sessions and maybe Goudelock to get Lawson though. So it’s like this … have a two prong offense in paint (instead of bang-heads, predictable Bynum & Gasol) – with Beasley and Artest (at the arc) .. inside-outside and Kobe alongside Lawson to space the floor. If they can somehow get Odom back, they would have two offensive options at PF .. and Odom could double as a small Center with J-Hill backing up in the second unit. Laker Starters: Bynum, Beasley, Artest (aka WW III), Kobe, Lawson. 2nd Unit: Odom (6th Man), Hill, Barnes, Ebanks, Blake. The obsession with Twin Towers is overplayed and is proven doesn’t ‘even’ work for them … my solution sounds way better .. like possible Championship better.

  222. Sean Sealy says:

    In order for the Lakers to get back to a championship caliber team, they have to make some changes this offseason to make sure that they get back to a contending team. The first thing that the Lakers need to do is call the Orlando Magic and see if they can trade Andrew Bynum for Dwight Howard because even though Bynum had his best year as a Laker, he’s not as dominant as Dwight is and his attitude towards the organization is unprofessional plus the Lakers need someone to build around when Kobe retires. The second thing the Lakers need to do is call the Atlanta Hawks and the Philadelphia 76ers to see if they can trade Ron Artest for either Josh Smith or Andre Iguodala because the team needs a young, athletic small forward which hurt them against OKC and Artest is not the same player he once was when he won the DPOY in Indiana and his production this year was horrific so I think the Lakers need to part ways with him and move in a different direction. The third and final thing that the Lakers need to do this offseason is to improve that bench. Once they traded Odom to Dallas, that really took a huge blow to that bench and they ended finishing as the lowest scoring bench in the league so if I was the Lakers, I’ll go after Ryan Anderson because not only he’ll provide a spark off the bench for that team, he’ll bring plenty of leadership to that group as well.

  223. jeano says:

    sign odom! trade gasol to kevin love and steve blake for beastly

  224. roryroze says:

    you have to be nuts to trade bynum. keep bynum, trade pau and world peace get rid of farmer, barnes they didn’t do nothing in the playoffs. i would try to get deron williams/antwan jamison in free agent. then trade pau/worldpeace for j.r smith,steve novak,laundry fields

  225. Bulbulito Bayagbag says:

    get Jeremy Lin! he’s asian. alot of the SoCal demographics are asian. hehehe! Linsanity!

  226. MaxRusso says:

    Look what needs to happen is the lakers need to pick up steve nash and sign him before resigning any of there free agents. This would solve kobes turnovers as well as his shot volume, it would also solve there weaknes at the point guard position. Then they need to bring back Lamar Odom, and add another key bench player either via a trade involving a package deal for gasol or through free agency and keep gasol. Maybe add a barbosa, or michael beasley, oj mayo , ray allen, randy foye or andre miller. However wether you like him or not, Bynum is staying he is the best offensive center in the game and as we saw from the first game in denver just from a potential standpoint he is the best defensive center as well. He is the one player in the league where if he stays healthy and grows up, he will not be able to be stoppped. Keep jordan hill as energy off the bench and try and develop andrew goudelock into a potential starting PG in the years to come. The starting lineup should look like Kobe, Nash, Bynum, Gasol, Metta or if Gasol is gone it could be Bryant, Nash, Bynum, Metta and ben wallace/jason maxiel

  227. Antonio says:

    Gasol – Bynun


    Nash – Griffin – Howard – Irving

  228. ron says:

    lakers should get dwight. he works much harder and plays better compared to bynum. If pau doesn’t improve his offensive skills, I’m sure he’ll be traded. Lakers should get a good bench too. Its one factor why they lost to OKC. The lakers should have kept Odom. He’s the best 6th man for the lakers.

  229. Melski says:

    Figure out how to bring in Dwight and D Will.. get rid of Gasol and Bynum – they dont play well together and neither can carry the mantle alone…

    Kobe, DWill, Howard, Artest and ?
    Blake, Sessions, Hill, Barnes, Ebanks
    Goudelock,…. and need to find a few more

  230. hisaon says:

    First of all fire mike brown. Those 2 games that the Lakers lost clearly was his fault. Why didn’t he put the ball in bynum’s hands, bryant is not the best closer anymore plus bynum has more chance of getting fouled.

    This is the reason why he never went on to win in Cleveland. He has only one play and that’s give the ball to our superstar coz i dont know how to coach!

  231. Jalas says:

    If they trade Pau Gasol they are gonna regret someday, cause you`re trading the most skilled big man in the game. And that means keeping Bynum, who`s not a real professional: lazy, inconsistent, he´s like a child … And his basketball IQ is nearly nothing, he just turns around and shoots every possesion.

  232. drewder says:

    nash, nash, nash. If they want to win next year, steve nash. Think how dangerous Kobe, Bynum, and Gasol would be if they didn’t have to create there own shots but were rather served to them on a silver platter? It would be game over NBA. I agree, Odom coming back would give a bench spark, someone who can still put points on the board consistently and spread the floor. Imagine sessions off the bench too, where he could focus more on scoring. I know Nash is on the old side by so are some of the major players, if they want a legit chance at winning without losing their big men I believe nash is the way.

  233. john Gambina says:

    Great season guys thanks. A lot of memories and a lot of things to forget. I know from looking at Mitchs Fourth quarter face
    There will be a lot of changes. Again the lakers are a little limited it what they can do but I have a 100 percent feeling Mitch and the organization will get a lot of in done over the summer(Rome was build in a day) I will not be watching a more round ball this season, it hurts to much. The Lakers have set the bar high. What they need to do is what they started to do but did not finish. I do not think any of the players are of the table in far as a trade goes. It going to real fun later on this summer. God speed be with all of you and the Lakers Family


  234. 6th ring needed says:

    I think Mitch Kupchak should be the first to be fired. Anyways, he’s the one who’s behind to trading Pau and Lamar to get CP3. I think the Lakers need to trade Gasol for a player who can score, so Kobe can be less relieved of scoring duties. I think they also need to get Odom back. I mean, he’s that one guy who can pound the ball inside or get a 3 pt shot. He can also be a point guard at times, he’s the energizer off the bench for LAL. And about trading either Pau or Bynum. I guess they don’t need to trade either unless they get a good scorer. And oh, they should get Mike Brown fired too! Get Phil back!

    • 6th ring needed says:

      And they need to bring back triangle offense. They need to have a consistent playing style. It just doesn’t work with Brown. Better trade Barnes and MWP. Get scorers off the bench. Kobe really needs a better crew to play with.

  235. manute says:

    sign allen iverson. that mofo still can score 30+ and could take away some scoring pressure from kobe

  236. StephensonChoked says:

    Seriously If the Lakers really want to win another Championship Ring all I can say is BRING BACK the Best Bench Player and that guy is no other than Luke Walton!! 🙂 LOL

  237. mj says:

    i really like youre options.
    deron is definitely the first option at point guard.
    then delfino would be the shooter. i think he is more consistent than fernandez.
    if the lakers could pull it off without losing a major piece, they’ll be title contenders again.

  238. mj says:

    what the lakers really need is a point guard that could defend and orchestrate and also an accurate quick release shooter. bynum and gasol are almost unstoppable when they get the ball down low. their problem with okc is that their point guards cant execute plays that would able bynum and gasol to receive at the post at the right time. they also don’t have shooters that could release quickly that enabled okc to recover and help and block shots. okc is really bad match up for the lakers because they have six players that are good shot blockers. in this series i saw harden, sefalosha and durant block kobe, pau or bynum.
    if the lakers could get deron, that would be a perfect fit. but i don’t know how without losing important pieces.
    even if they get howard, without a point guard that could defend, they won’t improve much. howard have problems with pick n rolls too.

  239. urbano says:

    Better trade Kobe. I really think that Lakers have been playing as one man team since several years. Not a real team.
    It works if Kobe is 120%. Sometimes you need to do something that´s not very popular.
    Please put Pau on the post, please. it is his natural place to play.

  240. Tupac says:

    I don’t think we should be so harsh on the big boys I think the big change has to be the bench players. BLAKE is oldish but useful and Barnes is shakey can play well but can do nothing in games, we need a lot more depth.

    Bench points this year was hopeless, mostly Blake.

  241. Mohcel says:

    I think Pau Gasol should go to boston with Rajon Rondo. Lethal combination.

  242. steve says:

    Trade Pau with Mc Roberts and Barnes (sign and trade) to Dallas for Odom, Beaubois and Terry (sign and trade) ???

  243. JoeJitsu says:

    Coaching in LA is week this season, there was no definitive plan on how to win a game. Get rid of Bynum, you can’t have a team with that kind of attitude. Model your team after the new NBA solution, the Spurs. Amazing non-selfish veteran leadership, with amazing young role players who are learning their positions well and will transition to the starting positions with ease. Congrats POP.

  244. Kasey says:

    deron/lopez = bynum/pau

  245. Mr81 says:

    To everyone talkin’ about bringing back LO, the Lakers can’t sign Odom until a year after he was traded, so that’s not gonna happen, forget about it.

    Even though I love Gasol, I have to say… he’s not the same player he was once, of course… age doesn’t help as well. But he’s just too soft for my liking, I would trade Gasol ( his $19million) would clear up some cap space, and get some young talent, then amnesty MWP or Blake, so they could sign some free agents, a lot of great players out there. We need someone to score off the bench regularly. Louis Williams? Nash? ( Highly Doubt. ) Nicolas Batum? Just so many talent out there. Hell just trade Bynum for D-Will straight up, since sources say he would sign with the Lakers only via sign-and-trade. It’s gonna be an interesting off-season. I expect the Lakers to pursue some real talent, this is probably Kobe’s last chance to get his 6th ring… One thing though: Keep Jordan Hill on this team! His hustle has been amazing to see.

    • drewder says:

      I believe they just have to wait until the next season to sign him. It was just to get rid of the trade-buyout-resign deal. Jordan hill is doing well I agree, good to see someone who actually tries on this time (other than Kobe and once Fisher of course)

  246. luc says:

    just trade bynum for dwight. pao would have more freedom in the offense while dwight would make a big difference in defense…

  247. ANDERSON SILVA says:


  248. Nikleman says:

    Lakers should get a quality point guard this summer.. Maybe Deron Williams, Rajon Rondo, Steve Nash, Allen Iverson(heard that he’s coming back) something like these guys.. How are they going to get the PG? Trade PAU GASOL! period. He is lame, he is not agressive, he is weak physically, and frustrated really.. Get some of these point guards for Pau and you have a championship team again!
    PG: Deron Williams
    SG: Kobe Bryant
    SF: Metta
    PF: Hill,McBob or some rookie
    C: Bynam

  249. Dek says:

    Seriously get Sloan.Trade Gasol for bench pieces.Sign Odom and Deron as free agents and you have yourself a championship level team.

    For me 2 games with OKC were lost just because Mike Brown cant coach on tight situations.Maybe its not LeChoke’s fault in Cleveland afterall.Maybe its Mike “Choke” Brown.

  250. YOu Should be.. says:

    better get a six man like harden that can carry the 2nd five … or a g00d point guard that can penetrate like rondo or nash.. so that it would make an open shot for all..

  251. JAMES HARDEN says:


  252. OKC THE BEST says:

    replace all lakers players because they are OLD hahahaha they need young and aggressive players like OKC thunder GOGOGOGOG THUNDER GO FOR THE GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  253. ronald gabriel says:

    the 1st 5 of team are strong but the subtitute of lakers are to weak….

  254. rae 03 says:

    pau gasol to the indiana pacers for david west ,,what can you say about it?

  255. ran24 says:

    stir, is right, then get landry keep hill…

  256. laker forever says:

    try to acquire Russell Westbrook or another point guard w/ the athleticism build that Russell has 🙂

  257. Mauro says:

    I don’t know the way, but:
    – leave Bynum and Pau
    – Sign Howard and Bargnani
    – Improve bench
    – change coach

  258. Trade List says:

    For me, Lakers have to investigate on free agents to make this team more competitive next season.Lakers need especially to strengthen their PG or/and SF and bench scorer. Matt Barnes and Ebanks are the only free agents for Lakers, Bynum has a Team option, Session (player option) There is a short list of free agent potential who can help this team :
    – D.Williams ( player option)
    – Steve Nash
    – Kirk Hinrich – R.Fernandez (restricted)
    – D.J Augustin (restricted) – Carlos Delfino
    – Andre Miller – Ersan Ilyasova
    – Goran Dragic ( My favourite) – M.Beasley (restricted)
    – Mo Willliams (player option) -Nicolas Batum ( restricted)
    – O.J Mayo (restricted) – Gerald Wallace (player option)

    The best way to get D.Will is may be to include Gasol and Blake in transaction, but the most easily accessible and a talented player at PG is Dragic. He looks like Nash game and he’s younger. For me he’s the best choice for LA and Session stays for backup.
    Then, if they can have G.Wallace/Batum at SF and Delfino/Iyasova/Fernandez to bounce the bench

    Make it Happen Mitch !!

  259. high leaper says:

    Trade bynum for HOward.. Bynum is a brainless strong man.. and then get iverson.. lol

  260. skullz says:


    PG: D. Williams (FA)
    SG: K. Bryant
    SF: World Peace
    PF: C.Boozer = a real power forward
    C: P.Gasol = a real Center not power forward


    PG: R.Sessions
    SG: M.Beasley
    SF: Jr.Smith
    PF: J.Hill
    C: M.Camby

    That’s the roster I want to see next season.

  261. Lucas says:

    Sign Allen Iverson, Trade Bynum for Mark Gasol, Trade Metta World Peace for Carmelo Anthony….now you have Headache Team
    C-Mark Gasol
    PF-Paul Gasol

    • Big Joe says:

      Yeah…Im sure NY is jumping at the chance to trade Melo for World Peace…….really? And Iverson…….no way.

  262. specialfriedrice says:

    Lakers can look at all the trades they want but it wont change the problem, Kobe shots it too much end of story, Lakers currently have the best front court in the game. Lets look at history Kobe gets his big contract Shaq gets screwed and then Shaq era is over, what happened then, Kobe got ‘his way’, ‘his team’, because ‘he deserved it’…Shaq musta done nothing…’05 Kobe cant carry Lakers by himself and they dont even make the playoffs, ’06 same deal but Kobe’s Lakers are in and out of the 1st round of the playoffs, ’07 exact same result as previous attempt…’08 Jerry West screws his current employer Memphis Grizz, to gift wrap Gasol to the Lakers, Kobe and Gasol lead the Lakers to a little more glory and now because of bad game plans (best bigs in the league and you dont use them while Kobe shots 30+shots) Gasols fate is sealed…Kobe musta have sold his soul a long time ago, worst team player and attitude in profesional sports.

  263. coco says:

    Bynum and Gasol to Orlando for Howard 😉

  264. Chow says:

    for me the Mike Brown was the problem to the Lakers and not the players… get Lamar back in the line up the bench players must to improved… they win the championship with the six man (odom) and get back the fisherman (fisher)

  265. ethan says:

    I think the lakers shoud persue D.will and Dwight this summer since dwight said that he wants to play with d.will. Trade either bynum or gasol. Mike Brown should be replaced too.

  266. KobeSystem says:

    The league is built for speed now. Two 7 footers slow us down. The Thunder utterly annihilated us because they were faster and have more players that can create their own shot. Pound it inside doesn’t work if you can’t space the floor by hitting outside shots. Nobody on our team is an above average defender and a legitimate deep threat. Only Kobe can create. We need to replace our two seven footers. Pickup Bynum’s option (they already intend to) and trade straight up for Dwight Howard. He will be coming off back surgery but is worth the risk and it makes Orlando more likely to do that trade. Faster, defensive minded, and gives 100%. We’re not getting D-Will so target Goran Dragic or Jeremy Lin. They are both restricted free agents. We use Pau as a trade piece to get that done. We can do Pau for Scola and Goran Dragic in a sign and trade. Or, the Rockets may even be willing to part with Kyle Lowry and Scola instead since Dragic played great in Lowry’s absence. We still have an amnesty after that to shed additional salary to bring on a free agent. J.R Smith will be available. He has his issues but can score off the bench which we have no help from.

  267. Gogo says:

    trade bynum for scalabrine

  268. NBAer says:

    Mike Brown is not championship coach. That man can’t even speak. He’s always “Ahm… ah… ahmm” before he start talking. That is not confidence that his players need. And his words “We’ll work on defence and offence will work itself”…. well it didn’t.

    Minutes distributed badly so best players are to tired at the end of the game. Bad outside shooting to stretch the floor for Bynum and Gasol. No “energy guys” (Ariza, Farmar and Shanon) and game just too slow and static. No wining mentality from head to tail. Coach didn’t bring it, players lost it.

    New guys “It is dream come through to play for Lakers” almost unanimously. Whaaaat??? Isn’t it a burden for you. Shouldn’t winning it all with Lakers be a dream come through.

    Gasol/Bynum for D. Williams sounds great. Plus MWP for Gerald Wallace. Brooklyn would get media attention and Lakers would get much needed offence. Get McGrady for weteran minimum for 3-ptrs. Mitch you must focuse more on suporting cast… find some people with speed, athleticism or three pts range, or energy becouse Lakers lack of all of that.

    • NBAer says:

      Get Jerry Sloan. Brown will get you nowhere because he’s just trying to please everyone.

  269. james says:

    why not trade KOBE BRYANT….TOO SELFISH!!!

  270. Tibursio says:

    Laker should start to plan on their future not only for next season. they should look for another franchise player…. sad to say kobe is starting to deteriorate, although still have the fang, he need a hand to uplift the team. Don’t invest on older players, try new breed…Get players who are hungry to win.
    1.) Keep Pau ,Trade Bynum beacuse he’s a lazy & inconsistent for Lopez , Tyson Chandler or DeMarcus Cousins
    2.) Get apure shooter … Hedo Turkoglu & 1 back up in case he’s Off
    3.) Develope Session & Goudelock for PG position
    4.) Add Brandon Jennings or Gerald Wallace

  271. SUPEREPI says:


  272. getridofbynum says:

    just trade Bynum , he is lazy and inconsistent.

  273. Josh22 says:

    Keep the twin tours, We just need a good play maker, which i believe the lakers should sign free agent steve nash! sessions is a good pickup but i believe his a good player off the bench! and the lakers should trade someone for more bench power…

  274. getridofbynum says:

    trade Bynum , Blake , Josh Mcroberts and Barnes to the bulls for Joakim Noah and Boozer . give Goudelock playing time , he can be a better back up point guard for Sessions.

  275. jou necz says:

    trade gasol for lamarcus aldridge and world peace for nicolas batum. its a win win situation….


    that should be it …!!!!!

  276. ivan says:

    also i agree with derek.. why trade lamar ariza shannon farmar vujacic.. that is a laker trademark..

  277. ivan says:

    we cant motivate bynum ang gasol they wont change they are already like that ..we cant accept players like that…
    bynum is childish and not a superstar just potential and i think he wont become one.. useles to keep em both.its not working anymore.. and if you want triangle offense sign brian shaw not mike brown..lakers need a change..dont depend on the two big man.. they are done already…

  278. jou necs says:

    C-bynum F-aldridge F-batum G-bryant G-sessions

  279. kngdom of Jogis says:

    First replace Mike Brown as coach and follow the endorsement of Phil Jackson which he wanted before on B rian Shaw to replace him. Brian Shaw is ripe enough to become head coach. It was a big mistake for Mitch Kupchak to trade Odom and Fischer,…As I foresee there is no problem with Pau or Bynum…. and the bence players of Lakers are all useless……

  280. ivan says:

    pg-steve nash or deron(trade bynum and gasol)
    pf-lamar odom
    c-mehmet okur or okafor
    1,shannon brown
    2,farmar or barea
    4.ebanks or jj hickson
    5 blair or gortat
    balance team and not impossible to make..

  281. brian says:

    trade bynum, sessions, barnes, blake for nene, wall, mayo….and try and get a decent reliable shooter from free agency

  282. Nick says:

    I understand how everyone is talking about trading Bynum or Gasol or whomever to this or that team for this or that player. There’s always at least 2 sides to every trade. Everyone seems to be talking about getting Deron Williams or Dwight Howard when their respective teams most likely will not give them up. The Magic have just made it very clear that they want to continue with Howard by dropping Van Gundy so he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Anyway, enough about trading speculations for me.
    In my opinion we just need a stronger bench and some time for Sessions to get accustomed to the weight of being a Laker PG and for Bynum to get accustomed to being a star player. Matt Barnes and Steve Blake are two great bench players but they both have the same style, the Lakers lack diversity on their bench. A coach replacement might not be a bad thing either, Mike Brown just doesn’t seem to have this authority of his players, with someone like Bynum and Kobe that is crucial. We need a coach who can tell Bynum, “Hey man, if you don’t give it your all when the games get tough you can pack your bags.” Or have some control over Kobe by respecting the man’s experience and skills but still showing authority and making sure Kobe listens, because I do think Kobe thinks he can do whatever he wants since he’s the “Black Mamba” and doesn’t feel the need to listen to his coach.
    Well that’s about it for me, I’ll leave on the note that I hope next season won’t be filled with as many trade rumors as this year. It never does the players in question any good.

  283. Matt Bath says:

    I really wish (maybe just cause I’m fans of these guys & the Lakers) that the Lakers got Dwight Howard and Chris Paul! Imagine that for a random! Instead of CP3 throwing alley oops to Blake Griffin he’d be throwing them to Dwight Howard! WITH Kobe shooting from mid-range/3 Point! Then I’d almost guarantee a Lakers-Heat final!

  284. mark says:

    get micheal jordan haha then sign karl malone, gary payton, david robinson, get shaq again hahah

    • Carlo says:

      Haha..then the starting five would look like this.

      PG – Payton
      SG – Jordan
      SF – Barnes
      PF – Malone
      C – Shaq

      PG – Sessions
      SG – Bryant
      SF – MWP
      PF – Gasol
      C – Robinson

      Coach: ….Bynum???

  285. #BULLS says:

    The Lakers just need one good player on the bench. They have everything else, but they might have to let Metta go in order to change some things around. they need a differrent element. Something fresh, to bring a little energy back into them.

  286. Alpha Base says:

    Good day boys and girls,

    1st, fire Brown and go after another coach OR get PJax back in some capacity… Maybe even as a mascot, but whatever you do, fire Brown first.
    2nd, trade the bigs for someone or something that will not go zombie on you on long stretches of the game. Brrrains…
    3rd, try and retain Sessions, if he does not stay, go to panic mode and kill for a young pg available in the market. Dont expect DFish to return any moment.
    4th, Metta aint worth it no more, the guy can still push around people, but if you are consistently a liability offensively, I say bench him or trade him. Even the hoops at LA is begging for it, he keeps hitting them hoops in all the wrong places.
    5th, overhaul the bench please. Send them all to the D-League!
    6th, borrow the time jump device from J and let us all get our childhood back, I want 80s and 90s basketball!!!

    PS 7th, You all go fishing now.
    Will it be MIA vs SA OR MIA vs OKC?

  287. ImbA says:

    Kick Brown and hire PJ..
    he can be good again and Brown is nothing compared to PJ..
    trade sessions, get an athletic point guard..
    and lastly get odom and fisher back..

  288. Pane says:

    First of all, Lakers don’t need such a defensive minded coach like Mike Brown. Rick Adelman and George Karl are perfect, but they don’t have a NBA title and if we want to see Lakers fighting and hustling for the ball than Lionel Hollins and Doug Collins would be good for that. But they need some excellent all around coach like Phil. So Rick Carlisle can cope perfectly with this bunch of self proclaimed “stars”. He has the experience and most notably, he played some kind of triangle offense in Indiana. That is what we want to see. Strategy that wins doesn’t changes. If Mitch finishes this job, than he will need to do some changes in the lineup also. TRADE BOTH GASOL AND BYNUM FOR HOWARD!!! Yeah that’s right. Shaq never needed inside help. He played with players such as A.C. Green, Horace Grant or Robert Horry, beside him in the paint. So Matt Barnes would do what is asked from him, around 8ppg and 5rpg. But we would have some difference with that legendary Lakers generation. Shaq scored around 28ppg, but Howard will score around 20 ppg, so they will need a third scorer with 14 or 15 ppg. That has to be some player with small ego, not to get into trouble with Bryant or Howard. So I think should be one of Deng 15.3ppg, Batum 13.9ppg or Gallinari 14.6ppg. We saw that Deng can cope with the Robin to Batman role, but I don’t think that the Bulls would give up on him. Gallinari doesn’t has the defense that will be needed from him. So our guy should be Batum. And I don’t think that the Blazers would make a problem for him. World Peace, Blake and Murphy would be enough for him. That leaves us more room for the young guns from the bench. Goudelock and Ebanks should get the minutes next season. So the starting 5 should look like this: PG-Sessions, SG-Bryant, SF-Batum, PF-Barnes, C-Howard. And the bench: McRoberts (15min. of play), Hill (15min. of play), Ebanks (20min. of play) and Goudelock (20min. of play). All this led by Rick Carlisle!

    • Edwin says:

      I agree, Brown should be fired. He is a nice guy but his offense is limited. He cant make adjustments. He is a regular season coach not a playoff coach. He does not even realized that he is the only playoff team coach that uses an 8 man rotation. Look around everybody is using at least 10, it make sense when teams played 5 to 6 games a week for the last four months. The main reason LAKERS LOSSED IS TIRED LEGS AND BAD COACHING.

  289. GASOL abd BYNUM must stay. They are the best big men in lakers

  290. Lakersare24 says:

    just trade bynum, session and metta for dwight and hedo… then kick murphy, mcroberts and 1 bench player out of the club to get lamar and williams… Your first five will be williams, kobe, hedo, pau and dwight… and you got reserved like hill, blake, barnes and odom… wooohooo… the avengers lakers… hahaha…

  291. Ian Ray Flora says:


    • @ says:

      FINALY!!!!! a person agrees with me on AI he still has alot to bring to a team hes not washed up yet the lakers need to make a major trade and then sign AI i like a trade of GASOL, BYNUM, MWP, BLAKE, AND EYENGA to washington for LEWIS, BLATCHE, NENE, AND CRAWFORD then bring back ODOM and sign IVERSON and some other piece



      thats a champion team if i ever saw one

  292. Gabe says:

    k this might sound dumb, but as i was watching the 76ers game and seeing Allen Iverson, i looked up recent videos and he said he really wants to come back, do yall think he will and if so do you think theres a chance the lakers would get him, i know he’s old as a point guard but wat do you think

  293. billywib says:

    kobe need to shot less 30 shoots wtf ! a couples of suggestions keep session give kobe some rest
    let bynum and gasole make the job nobody cares about 40 points per game from Kobe its a team game Durant would do the same if he has took 30 shots

  294. Naps says:

    Trade Gasol and Bynum for Howard and Turkoglu, Sign Deron Williams, Marcus Camby and Lamar Odom and retain Ramon Sessions! With those additions you have a solid team that looks like this:


    2nd Unit:
    Ramon Sessions
    Mickel Pietrus
    Devin Ebanks
    Jordan Hill
    Marcus Camby

  295. danito says:

    bynum for howard. gasol for deron williams. and get some good bench. players like odom and nick young would help. lakers back in it. gorge hill can start at pf. he was there best player at the series. he can rebound and do the dirty work. if he starts he can average 15 and 10 easily. that my starting lineup. deron williams. kobe , metta, george hill, howard. bench session,nick young, matt barnes, odome, and me at center. iam 6 11 lol

  296. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:

    almost forgot trade Mitch Kupchak to Otis Smith oops another you might want a combo guard…. Ben Gordon or Gilbert Arenas….take those 2 if you want…..

  297. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:

    Trade Bynum for Kwame Brown, Trade Gasol for Scalabrine that Fixes the problems upfront, sign John Lucas for PG position Trade Metta World War and Barnes for Jamario Moon and Rashard Lewis (don’t forget to sign him with $140 million as contract extension) Retain KOBE as SG and give him all the ball….Lakers Dynasty 2021 season NBAD-league!!! What’s Up Lakers having fun fishing in the lakes???

  298. LAL:P says:

    I believe that both bynum and Gasol should stay,come on they were the key pieces to lakers back to back..WTF you wanna take out Gasol from a Lakers team that · years ago media were saying that Gasol was Kobe´s gift before christmas.. Lets remember Gasol was a huge factor to that win! Bach in the days when trever ariza made our starting 5. I believe that we should get rid of our bench (heavy weight on our shoulder) thatst dragging us down, seriously we are drowning with our bench ( barne, blake etc,) Because bynum kobe and Gasol are still going put their numbers ( points) I also think we should get rid of ron ron (MWP) and sessions come on MWp is just bringing drama yeah he is good but come on we need mature players and sessions is very unstable! I really believe we shouldn´t be looking for a SUPER star player or give on of our all stars we just need guys that are hungry to play and are willing to adopt to the laker system..cause look at miami they still can´t find a system for Lebron, Wade and Bosh including the rest ( others haslem, charmers etc.) so0o Kupchak I advise you to0o find a great player to fit because to be honest Kobe won´t last forever and we need another championship run before he retires. now that am being honest I seriously am a dead lakers fan but I never ever agreed on you bringing mike brown as head coach come on what on the hell where you thinking???

  299. E24 says:

    Trade Pau and Sessions for 1st pick (Anthony Davis) and a back-up PG. Get D. Williams and a shooter. You will have a good base.

    PG – Williams
    SG – Bryant
    SF – World Peace
    PF – A. Davis
    C – Bynum

  300. almostnrml says:

    1. Magic Johnson and his group buys the Lakers from the Buss family.
    2. Magic brings back Jerry West as VP and gives him full control (Sorry Mitch, time to circle the wagons.
    Jerry will deal off Bynum as he is poison (think Nick Van Exel) and will clean up the mess on the bench.
    The man knows talent, we don’t have to speculate on who is worth what.
    A new coach that runs a system appropriate to the talent.

  301. LAL will be OK says:

    Just to recap what I’ve read Most posters are not aware Kobe can’t be traded its in the contract.
    The players will be fine if the coach is changed, Goudlock is going to really shine once he gets some time.
    I hope Brown someday explains why he benched a good rookie for the second half of the season. Sessions had half a season and it was the first time in the playoffs. Mitch should have given Fisher a shot at the backup he seems OK doing it in OKC.
    And for everyone theoritically blowing up this team please name another team with no preseason reduced practices and a new coach and system that could have pulled this off????

  302. xD says:

    trade kobe for scalabrine the trade gasol for kwame xD

  303. almostnrml says:

    1. Magic Johnson and group buy the Lakers from the Buss family
    2. Magic brings back Jerry West. (Sorry Mitch, time to circle the wagons)
    Jerry will know how to clean up the mess.
    Bynum has to go as he is poison to the team. (like Van Exel was dealt due to his attitude).
    We don’t have to speculate on who to trade for as West always gets the most bang for the buck. The man knows talent.
    Find a coach who understands the offensive game and how the game has evolved.

  304. Good guys win says:

    Lakers will vanish thats the end of the road for them, they are done and gone, it doesnt matter what they do kobe is the cancer.

  305. Авторский блог Тимур Еримбетова says:

    Hey Lakers, trade Bynum and Gasol for Dwight !

  306. Gervin says:

    Lakers needs “fresh legs” coming of the bench.. Get talented-young guards : D-wll. . Bring back Odom & Ariza. . Trade Bynum for Howard. . .

    1st five:
    G – Williams
    SG – Bryant
    SF – Ariza
    PF – World peace
    C – Howard

    BENCH: Odom,Barnes,Blake

  307. Skitter says:

    They should replace Mike Brown his style does not fit with the Lakers team.

  308. Jorge Guerrero says:

    All we need to remember … a basketball team is made by 12 players… the bench is the key to get championships… we need to get 2 or 3 good players that come to the bench and make a difference in the court!!! Bynun or Gasol.. they are not the problem ( but i wish that they both got a blood transfer ) the problem is the bench!!!

  309. leo says:

    keep gasol and bynum..gasol is great player no doubt..bynum for me is a good catch and dunk player..in the low post.i dont really trust him that much coz he end up forcing himself to score..they have to move well without the ball and good ball rotation nexttime..we all love to watch kobe play but i think kobe’s teammates loves to watch him play too..you gotta move guys,ONLY KOBE was really fighting 100 percent..the lakers shouldn’t have released lamar and shannon brown..shannon improved alot under coach phil but only the suns benefited shannons improvement..GO LAKERS..

  310. lakers still the best says:

    I think they should trade Pau Gasol and Metta World Peace for Amare Stoudemire. NYK would like to unload Amare to give Anthony the go signal for their offense. Gasol and MWP would be good role players.

    Then try to lure Steve Nash and Lamar Odom from free agency.

  311. spot hurns says:

    Bynum needs to grow up. In by the way he was acting the same as he did this year as he did last year. Remember he did get suspended. Honestly, Kobe lost the finals for them. He wasn’t using the twin towers at the end of games. He needs to shot way less. Mike brown needs to make the proper second half adjustments. There is no reason for bynum and gasol to ever have jus four field goals in any half. Kobe needs to step a set back and really trust his teammates. Gasol needs to be more vocal. Bynum needs to grow up an lose the pacifier. Meta world peace needs to change his name back. Expect for him to be traded too..

  312. Lakers#1 says:

    I’m getting kind of tired hearing everybody blaming Pau Gasol for the losses. Gasol is still a great player!

    This is my championship roster for the new Lakers:

    Kobe Bryant
    Dwight Howard
    Pau Gasol
    Metta World Peace
    Steve Nash

    Ramon Sessions
    Jordan Hill
    Devin Ebanks
    Michael Beasley
    Andrew Goudelock

    • daniel.b says:

      i dont think certain players would be on there if u got beasly,nash,howard.. although beasly and nash could be very good pick ups and howard would be a steep price to pay

  313. jokdgr8 says:

    get Mike krzyzewski “coach K” or Nate Mcmillan or Jerry Sloan as coach….

  314. TheTruthHurts says:

    Lakers are done. Kobe is old and still selfish. Trade him to the Wizards, he’ll prosper w/ all the crooks in DC. Gasol is soft and that won’t change. Bynum needs to seek out Metta World Peace’s psychiatrist. Turn the Laker organization into a Charity Organization where all proceeds will go towards educating young Americans to be economically sound and developing an morally ethic-based screening system for positions in Congress and our Government. BAHAHAHAHA

  315. Morethenaseason says:

    Bynum is young n improving he jus needs sum time to get over all the fame and attention he doesn’t care about winning yET he is just playing for the money n the fame but after a few seasons I believe he will be jus as good as karem Jabar especially with Kobe bein there he will mature soon

  316. axe says:

    i think they should trade kobe and rebuild

  317. Mostly no idea says:

    Another I’d tell you what..
    I’d like to see GSW Klay Thompsn at LAL. I just think he’d fit.

  318. Bok says:

    I hope they could get a coach of Adelman’s, Karl’s, or Vogel’s caliber. Then they can clear out the bench which is of little or no use at all this season, sign players like JR Smith, K-Mart, Favors, Devin Harris, Williams & Howard. Keep Kobe, Sessions, Bynum and Hill and trade the rest.

  319. South Lake says:

    Looking at history, Lakers have been successful in turning around performance in the past and be consistent with their winning tradition. It should always start with the coach. They need to start looking seriously at the coaching staff first before deciding to trade their players. SVG or Jerry Sloane’s strategy may be better suited to this. IN terms of players, strong point guard who can make play and bench with scoring prowess are the next one to do.

  320. stir says:

    Trade Bynum and Gasol for Howard and Turkoglu. Amnesty the contract of Hedo, get deron willaims for sign and trade with session. Sign Odom, Their first 5 was Deron, Kobe, Meta, Odom and Howard. And sign good free agent to deep their bench.

    • Chris Scott says:

      In my opinion, trade bynum, clearly he said after the lakers loss in Game 5 that he didn’t care what the Laker’s organization did with his contract, and by the display of his performance he really didn’t care too much about winning or losing, I mean come on 10 pts, 4 rebs, pathetic for the “second best big man in the league”, we need someone who wants to win, not an immature little punk who doesn’t care where he plays, so i say find a way to trade Bynum and maybe a couple other pieces for Dwight Howard, I’m pretty sure that after losing to the pacers in the first round, no offense to the Pacers who are having a fantastic year despite being down 3-2, they have shown a lot of improvement. Clearly Howard wants to either go somewhere else or hope they get the right pieces to rebuild the team, I highly doubt that the Magic will find those pieces to bring a championship to Orlando, Howard wants to win a damn championship, so Mitch Kupchak needs to make a smart decision of getting rid of Bynum, Metta World Peace, Josh McRoberts, and Darius Morris for Dwight Howard, Jason Richardson, and maybe Glen Davis. This needs to happen for sure this offseason, and for all of you that trading Pau is the smartest move, he had to become the third man because of Bynum, Pau is still one of the best big men in the game with his extremely high basketball I.Q. pair him up with Howard then we’re pretty damn golden.

  321. Genaro says:

    Get a veteran to provide bench leadership -Jason Kidd or Steve Nash
    sign or trade an exceptional PG -Deron Williams, Rajon Rondo and Jose Calderon
    Release Barnes and let sessions to be free agent
    Gasol is perfect at forward position.The only way Lakers will benefit, If the mngmt wants Gasol out. trade him w/ Josh smith that would be fair trade
    Trade Andrew Bynum

  322. jovdelmar says:

    I feel bad for Lakers Nation / fans, i guarantee you will see almost the same thing next season:

    Mike Brown talking about lowering minutes of kobe or starters
    Mike Brown will still play kobe and the starters heavy minutes even though it will just be regular season
    Mike Brown will refuse to develop or give significant playing time to rookies
    Mike Brown will bench kobe at crucial times because he “feels he needs to make a sub at times”
    Lakers wont still have an offensive flow under Mike Brown System
    Lakers will still have a lot of melt downs and lose huge leads a lot of times than most teams
    Bynum will even improve more skill-wise but will still have the same personality/mentality and wont play hard on some nights (some one here said train him to be a man, look the guy has been in the nba for 7 YEARS now and you still need to teach him such things? lol)
    Kobe, still great player, still very competitive, will still be in MVP talks/chants. Sadly he cant carry a team anymore like he used to do but he will still try by playing heavy minutes and hoisting up 30shots on most nights. I believe those x amount of off-night will grow more and more its clear that the window is slowly closing in on him.

    • Juan says:

      The window might not be fully closed, but that’s okay, because there’s a set of bars covering it anyway!

  323. Chris says:

    Trading Pau is a huge step back UNLESS they can get Rondo thats all i’d trade Pau for.. Now with that said.. lakers need a bench i’d say sign Nick Young,Steve Novak and Odom and re-sign hill and sessions for bench.. Thats all they need and if they could somehow add Beasley then add him!

  324. The Judge says:

    What about trading Kupchak? If he trades any of the 7 footers, that will further weaken the team. The tweaking that is needed in this team is on players that can handle Durant and Westbrook. Kobe can have shooting duels with Durant or Westbrook but not on both of them. MWP is really not the answer to Durant but still useful in the team. He is effective with other opponents. If they did not trade Lamar, he could have been the one guarding Durant, anyone shorter is not going to work. So look for someone like him. The problem they have in playing OKC also apply with Miami. All other teams, they should be able to match or dominate. Acquiring CP3 could have been a good one. That did not work so get someone similar to him. I like Jeremy Lin, he could be a good one but there will be a lot of adjustments. Again, I say get rid of Kupchak, I think he is the troublemaker. You don’t expect to win games after distorting the cohesion of the team.

    • Juan says:

      Kupchak will do whatever makes Kobe happy. Kobe wants Gasol gone in my opinion. He looked very frustrated with him throughout game 5. I hope they do lose Gasol and/or Bynum to appease Kobe’s wrath and further dismantle the Lakers roster! Please, Mitch, give Kobe what he wants!

  325. tropa says:

    TRADE GASOL for trevor ariza and emeka okafor………….!!!!!

    PG: sessions
    SG: bryant
    SF: ariza
    PF: bynum
    C: okafor

  326. Big Al says:

    Iverson, Iverson, Iverson. This would make an entire All-Star starting lineup. If World Peace got through his issues, so could AI. He’s not asking for too much money, just another chance at the NBA for a resounding retirement. There’s no need to trade Pau and Bynum. They just need motivation. Get The Answer, plus do some bench changes, perhaps reinstate Lamar as well, and we have another contender.

  327. Jet says:

    With Jim Buss at the helm, he want to do things different for the franchise. He hired Mike Brown instead of Rick Adelman and stuck with Andrew Bynum. Well, good thing Bynum improved big time!

    I would love to have Bryant amnestied. Bryant’s contract just kills the Lakers’ cap space. Without Bryant, the Lakers’ lineup is still a good bunch. They just need a good system, a system that implements a lot of ball movement and high percentage shots. The Lakers’ play on the regular season and the playoffs was a display of over-reliance on a single player, Mike Brown’s forte I guess.

  328. JamesHardensBeard says:

    sign steve nash & tracy mcgrady .. gota keep bynum & gasol!!!

  329. The man says:

    The past few years, it’s been a great thing to have two seven footers in the paint, but it isn’t anymore. Both of our 7 footers ( I’m a Lakers fan ) have slow games unfortunately. There’s nothing wrong with a slow game, of course. There have been lots of great players that didn’t play at mercurial speeds, but that slow game just doesn’t benefit the rest of the team anymore. Kobe is no longer the blur he used to be, and thus he can no longer help balance out the slow game Pau and Andrew have in the paint. MWP isn’t fast, either. Ramon is pretty quick but he doesn’t have the height or athleticism to help balance it out like Russel Westbrook might, or like Rajon Rondo might. When Pau or Andrew teamed up in the paint with Lamar, things were better because Lamar had a faster game than the aforementioned. The same occurred this year when either of those two teamed up with Jordan Hill, who I was very, very impressed with. I vote they move Pau and start Jordan Hill next year in his place, and use Pau to upgrade another position. Jordan’s game is just the right kind to compliment Bynum’s slower pace.

  330. Jonathan Espiritu says:

    Get Coach Sloan. He can tame and polish Bynum for sure and extract more results from World-Peace. Get a “pure” point guard!

  331. Smoove says:

    How ’bout trading pau and one of the bench players for Josh Smith?? He would be a great athletic 4. And for PG, deron would certainly be a great fit for lakers. He’s wasting his talents in Nets without getting in the playoffs, so he will certainly leave next year.

  332. fred says:

    Does anyone think that Kobe could/should share the ball a little more? I know his job is to score and he’s been one of the best for several years but at 33 I would think that his shot selection would be better than it was when he was 25. I’ve seen decline in that area and not progression. Also, Phil Jackson eluded to the fact, years ago, that Kobe takes the most difficult shots, whereas Michael would take easier shots, thus being a more consistent scorer and high percentage shooter.

  333. MBH says:

    Totally agree with Bobby and Bafta. Kobe is the biggest finger pointer, but I never hear him taking responsibility when the team loses. In the fourth quarter of their losses he kept taking horrendous shots, because he wanted to be the hero. He takes shots that have no chance of going in, just hoping that the refs will bail him out and give him a foul call. When he doesn’t get the calls (because he’s Kobe) the Lakers lose.

    I can understand Pau’s frustration, because he’s still probably the best low post offensive player in the NBA, but he can go 10 minute stretches without even touching the ball, unless he gets an offensive rebound. People are talking about trading for a better point guard, but what’s the point? Kobe wants the ball in his hands all the time. It’s been proven that he’s not a guy who would be happy only scoring 18 or 20 points a game and helping his team win. Which is the big difference between him and LeBron. Even Jordan became a distributor and not a scorer when it would help his team.

    If the Lakers want to win another championship they’d be better off keeping Bynum and Gasol and trading Kobe for a good point guard and a slashing small forward. But that’ll never happen. At this point, I don’t even think any team would be willing to give up good young talent for him.

  334. Lakers out says:

    Just trade Bynum for a good point guard. Hitting two birds with one stone. And go after Kenyon Martin and Lamar Odom, or just Kenyon Martin.

  335. leemcgrady says:

    I suggest to replace coach Brown, probably Sloan or Adelman or Van Gundy will be far better than him… Trade Gasol and Bynum for Howard,Chandler or Love… Get Odom back coz he do the dirty work for the team and have a great bench support…

  336. jonathan s. ubiadas says:

    it is really frustrating for us laker fanatic to see our team out of contention where in we were use to be infront of our tv sets during nba finals of course lakers is one of it…im sure mitch kupchack will be having a hard time come july 1 on whos who to ttrade and to acquire..sessions is still young one more chance with the lakers can give them competitveness at the point guard. steve nash is free agent next season he is still good for two more years..howard for drew is a better consideration..getting back lamar odom who is very eager to play again this time wearing the purple and gold..whatever decision made by GM kupchak and Mr. buzz im sure the lakers will be back next season this time at the NBA FINALS and get their 17th 18th 19th and 20th banner..and that gives kobe a franchise record the only franchise player with 9 CHAMPIONSHIP RING!!!!!!!!!

  337. Derek says:

    Why in the first place did they dismantle a championship team? Have they not heard a saying if it’s not broken don’t fix it.
    Imagine if Lakers did not trade Lamar Odom, Shannon Brown, Trevor Ariza and Sasha vujacic, What they really need probably was just a better point guard to replace the aging Fisher.

  338. dbarr1960 says:

    Bynum has to go; his menopausal moodiness is a liability. Trade Bynum to NJ for Brooks then sign D-Will. Move Sessions to the second unit. Keep Hill for sure. Then see if there are any other pieces to replace Murphy and some of the other nonproductive bench players.

  339. Crayola says:

    Lakers need a good penetrating point guard, someone who can create plays. Sessions was supposed to be that guy, Ty Lawson would be a good fit.

  340. Dr. P says:

    Get rid of buss and kupchak

  341. Shidie BB24 says:

    If we see LAL as a human being, he is complete and athletic. He has all body parts but the things is that, some are not functioning well.

  342. baftba says:

    All this bickering on trading Paul or Bynum…you all should be talking about trading Kobe. He’s getting better at losing games every year and he’s beginning to disintegrate inside his own ego. Stagnates everybody else offensively, lost Game 3 all by himself. Yet he’s untouchable because you’re all a part of his ego cult.

    Denver wouldn’t trade McGee and Lawson for Bynum. The Lakers should do what Denver did with Melo, though, and send Kobe–the most factually overrated player and hands-down the worst ballhog in the league (by far the most shots taken per game, yet just an average shooting percentage)–off for a bunch of young talent. Short of that, I wish you all well going down on this ship with Kobe. Everyone searching around for perfect trades and perfect rosters, ignoring the obvious…Kobe can’t play well with the other kids, and he’s getting worse about it every year.

    • Boyan says:

      @baftba….you are absolutely right, I would trade Kobe and fire Kupchak

    • NZBallfan says:

      Awesome, I’m glad someone said it. Kobe hasn’t been able to do what Paul Pierce has done and adapt his game to suit the changing needs of his team.

      • Kobe can't be traded says:

        Just an FYI Kobe cannot be traded he is the only player in the league with a no trade clause in his contract.
        So get it straight He goes only when he feels like it.

    • kev says:

      its called too many minutes without a second option

  343. Pat says:

    Lakers MUST try their hardest to trade Gasol or Bynum to get Deron Williams. Been saying this since they lost to Dallas last year, Lakers need a penetrating Point Guard that shoot the 3 and the pick and roll jumpers, and Deron is perfect at this. Deron is also a decent defender, and plays hard when his heart is in it and his team’s is also. I could not say that about Ramon Sessions this past post season. Look at him when he was at Utah, he made Boozer much better than he really is. Rose can’t even do that for Booz in Chicago. Deron will make everyone on the Lakers better just by being on the floor. No disrespect, but Matt Barnes , Steve Blake and McRoberts need to go. Ramon can back up Deron at the 1. Lakers need a better shooting guard to take over Kobe at the 2 comming in, like a Mikel Pietrus from Boston, or Nick Young from the Clippers, both unrestricted free agents, both runners and shooters. They need an athletic power forward to complement Bynum or Gasol, and Carl Landry of the Hornets would be perfect, with Jordan Hill backing him up. Carl Landry plays bigger than his 6’9″ frame, athletic and he can run the floor with Deron and Kobe. Now another Center to back up Gasol or Bynum, in comes Mr. Marcus Camby, shot blocking, 16 ft. shooter himself who would compliment that second unit well. Lakers do not need Dwight Howard, they just need be a Running team when needed to, and a Post up team when needed to. This would make

    1 – Deron Willims
    2 – Kobe Bryant
    3 – Metta World Peace
    4 – Carl Landry (FA)
    5 – Bynum or Gasol

    2nd Unit
    1 – Ramon Sessions
    2 – Mickel Pietrus or Nick Young (FA)
    3 – Devin Ebanks
    4 – Jordan Hill
    5 – Marcus Camby (FA)

    That should do it!

  344. Bobby says:

    Face it Laker fans, Kobe’s best days are behind him, whether he and or you all want to admit it or not. His shooting percentage was the worst it’s been since 1997(15 years) and he took more shots than anyone in the league while doing that. Truth is, he’s a ball hog who takes the rest of his teammatest out of the game. If he was a more well rounded player like Jordan, Magic, Bird or Lebron then maybe the Lakers might still have a shot, but he just does not think that way(team first). There is no I in TEAM Kobe ;>)

    • kev says:

      if the ball always end up in your hands with 4 seconds or less and no one has the look to shot or is open…. u shoot
      thats kobe’s position even if u plyed 38 plus minutes and you are outta gas at least he shows up to play

  345. vincreations says:

    the lakers dont need to let go the 2 big man they need to practice more their shooting performance and add a bench will athletic capabilities

  346. pao says:

    i have to agree with you. trading gasol or bynum with someone who can make score doesn’t guarantee a sure win. it has to be balanced in making shots, rebounds, and moreover in defense.. and i think pau and bynum can boost the lakers front court both in offense and defense.

  347. Manila Boy says:

    I think their loss to OKC is a lesson learned for them. But i argue that trading players is not the key to improve the Lakers. All they have to do is always play agressive and dont commit stupid plays. Do not lose composure during crunch time and the most important thing is always listen to the coach..

  348. Flying Raijin_41 says:

    Trades are going to happen and it will be pau gasol who’s leaving the lakers…Lamar odom will be back to the lakers but it will have a great price to get him back…trade is the only solution the lakers have to make a great change but they will lose some key players…

  349. sam says:

    keep bynum, trade gasol for beasley(when he gets signed) and some quality benchplayers resign sessions, see if you can get lamar back, but make sure he WANTS to come back. Get rid of miike brown, get brian shaw as coach. trade murphy and eyanga, try to get someone like goran dragic in the free agency, keep mwp, but move him to the bench

  350. elain says:

    trade bynum, gasol, artest for lebron james and joel anthony

  351. kyle says:

    why not just sign deron williams since he can opt out..then trade for dwight…say, bynum and gasol for dwight…..

  352. JR says:

    Keep Gasol and dump Bynum. “I almost had a perfect game” when facing Denver…Who would ever say something like that? An arrogant selfish player would. Every time he got the ball in game 5 vs OKC I knew it would be a lost possession. Watching him run the court and trail behind everyone was just funny to watch. Brown made a huge mistake continuing to play him. Oh… and good luck to Ramon Sessions, Matt Barnes and Steve Blake. They will not be Lakers next season. I would love to mention some top players to go after, however, I don’t want David Stern to know.

  353. Miles says:

    Bench is the first thing that needs a recovery build up including coaching staff.

  354. Kobe@Manila says:

    Trade trade trade.. Get a replacement coach first then do the trade.. It’s not easy for Gasol to play 100% because he knows that he will be traded.. Let Bynum stay.. Train him to be a man..Get Deron at all cost.. I agree with someone who says, Iverson is the man.. Maybe he’s right, you don’t have to pay AI that much.. And he’s better in 2 to 3 years..

  355. OGIE says:

    i dont think Bynum will get any better.considering his past injury,it will still hunt him in the coming season. it might be good for the Lakers to trade him for Mcgee,Tyson Chandler or even for Dwight Howard if it will prosper. Bynum is just a big tree with no branches and leaves.. the guy didn’t have the defensive prowess of the other guys i’ve mention.

  356. javiyebenes says:

    Trade Gasol and Blake for Conley and Randolph. Same ages, same salaries, new mentality and more ambition. It would be a win-win.

  357. Evil says:

    They need to get younger with more efficient, solid players. Last year they picked up some talents who came from loosing teams, and they ended up not working out really. Someone who’s also able to make his own place to help out Kobe would be a big help too. Be smarter about who you sign to the team.

  358. Clone says:

    Pau Gasol is the best PF in this league available for the Lakers, would be dumb to trade him. (Only Duncan/Garnett worth him offensively+defensively, and they will never go to la-la land..)
    They need some guys who dont fear to shoot open-shots (like Sessions who is more then disappointing) and need to get a rid of one of the brick-launchers a.k.a MWP & Barnes… Its cool to have a defensive SF, but 2 who shoot open 3’s at 20%..c’mon. There’s a lot of better SF out there.. If Portland is still in a trading mood, try to get a Batum or Matthews.

    Note for Mr Kupchak: If you really want a guy that would provide points from the bench, give a call to Allen Iverson 😉

  359. Manuj Mangla says:

    I would steal the ball more than anyone else. AND I would take it home and hide it from my friends. Go Lakers!

  360. trade says:

    the lakers era is over..admit it..

  361. paul says:

    go get dwight howard..

  362. OKC says:

    Trade Kobe 🙂

  363. e redd says:

    my lakers starting five…dwight howard,pau gasol,ron artest,kobe bryant,kyrie erving…..and get back lamar odom for defensive purposes to kevin durant……

  364. Don says:

    Get rid of Bryant, they have shown they can play better without him and his ego

  365. Edmund Gray says:

    Get odom back for half price as a 6th man again, get a speedy PG to back up sessions, Sessions needs to work on his 3 as well. trade World peace and try to get someone like trevor ariza, trade Pau for another PF that can give us 15 ppg 10 rebs but mainly toughness, and bynum needs to be traded for D-howard or a package deal. This big size team has to go. All they do is get beat with Speed regardless of the system its talent and heart as well. Hell even the Spurs play faster now #boring team

  366. alvin says:

    trade bynum..hes juyst a trying hard bigman who wants to own his place in the lakers team coz he sense that kobe will be retiring soon

  367. Yael says:

    Trade Gasol and sessions for the first pick.

  368. LakerFan says:

    they lost their great bench during ’09 and ’10 championship. they could have matched Harden or Westbrook with Farmar, remember? he’s a spark on the bench, fast too. give Vujacic away with a old, didn’t even contributed man, loose off a spark center with good defense down low and can shoot the ball with Mbenga, and the worst, letting Ariza go, instead of trading morrison walton and powell. Plus Kobe ageing, Pau lost himself with a woman, Odom gone, Bynum’s attitude, and a new coaching staff. Accept it Kobe, you’re done, we’re done, I’m a big fan of you and everytime you struggle i always think of trades that could make the team better, but you got to let others win, even lebron, so he would stop his drama.

  369. Doug says:

    What the Lakers really need to do is to trade their entire roster for Carmelo Anthony.

  370. Rajput says:

    Fire Mike Brown
    Trade Bynum for Deron Williams and another big man

  371. Manila Boy says:

    I think their loss to OKC is a lesson learned for them. They now knew their weaknesses and changes will be on hand. But i argue that trading players is not the key to improve the Lakers. All they have to do is always play agressive and dont commit stupid plays. Do not lose composure during crunch time and the most important thing is always listen to the coach..

  372. kobe hater says:

    trade kobe.. Hes an old dog with the same attitude, a ball hog and not a team player

  373. Shameiko says:

    I think in order for the Lakers to compete for another champion we have to look into trading Bynum or Gasol which i think our best choice is to trade Gasol to obtain Lawson and McGee and look into bringing back Lamar Odom because the NBA today is not all about height because these young running teams are tiring out the big man and what the lakers need is a stronger bench Odom will bring that and another shooter who could help out Kobe Lawson will bring that and Mcgee to work the post with Bynum

  374. KB24 says:

    What the Lakers really need is an athletic bigman and pointguard and a relieve SG for whenever kobe’s on the bench. cause what happened is that the oppurtunity the thunder took advantage. threy pound the lakers when kobe’s on the bench. How can the get that? just simply trade bynum, gasol. I think D.will will be a good addition

  375. LORDRIGO says:

    hhhhhmmmm… this will not surely pan out but did the super friends from MIA thought of dropping Pau a nice chit-chat call as what they did with Nash? The below may look like a “fantasy team” in the making:

    C – Gasol
    PF – Bosh
    SF – James
    SG – Wade
    PG – Nash

    MVP LBJ might pose 10 or even 10++ apg having these guys around him… haha

    • Rocket33 says:

      Miami don’t need Nash. Too many ballhandlers already. They’d do better moving LeBron to the PG and bringing in a wing defender who can shoot the 3. Battier and Miller need to go, wasting cap space and doing nothing. Thats what I’d do with the MLE next year unless there is a legitimate C willing to play for that price tag.

      They’re still in it this year though, especially if Bosh comes back. LeBron and Wade need to get on the bigs they have and see who wants it. There is an opportunity for somebody like Pittman to step in and play a significant 20 mins as a starter. Somewhat like Luc Longley did for the Bulls. Then you’ve got Haslem as the energy off the bench guy. Trouble is Pittman doesn’t look mature enough. Taking a cheap shot at a scrub in garbage time doesn’t suggest he’s ready.

    • AlexN says:

      Why would LeBron get 10+ apg if they had Nash there to do that for him? He’d either stay the same as usual or drop in apg numbers.

  376. TC says:

    Let’s trade Brown for Popovich.

    Brown seems to be successful all these years only because he got superstar, and ride along with the stars. Look at Laker’s second unit. At some point, I was thinking he was holding some bench players as secret weapons for the next round… May be he is keeping them for the Finals; but too bad they didn’t get there.

    Popovich has trained up a second unit that can sweep past any eastern team (other than Heat). We need some real coach.

    • artoojheetoo says:

      What’s funny is that Brown worked for Pop. And we pretty much have similar teams (veteran teams still tryna to squeeze the last bits of success out of the older superstars). I think Pop is the best coach in the game. I would have loved to see Pop coach for the LakerNation. Sigh….maybe in a different universe.

    • Edw says:

      You gotta be jokin. Why would Pop want to coach a selfish retard like kobe?

    • NBA fan says:

      AGREE… but no way they’ll get Pop.

  377. justn liou says:

    we need player like reggie evans. we need player who are willing to do the dirty works!!!!!!

  378. albar says:

    remove coach brown as head coach of lakers…

  379. JMF says:

    bynum and gasol should stay with LA but they should acquire another PG..possible bringing back Odom.they have a good rotation before..

    • NBA fan says:

      another PG? or you mean superstar PG? your suggestion makes no difference to the Lakers team that got beaten by the Mavs last year.

  380. enrique says:

    well first of all they have to solve the whole mike brown as coach thing and pick up a new system that works for them (or just go back to the triangle ) then they could concentrate on trading pau gasol or maybe even andrew bynum for an amazing deal and somehow get more athletic in the bench to give kobe some backup. Its going to be a hectic offseason either way

  381. rodel says:

    trade kobe, he is selfish

    • leilei says:

      cant believe ppl will say things like that, pls.dont forget, lakers wont even make it to the semi final without kobe.

      • David says:

        Are you serious with the trade Kobe comment. I dont really get why people say trade Kobe. Think about it…. If you think lakers who do you think of first? well to me its Kobe. Kobe needs to get a better crew in order to help him rest up until the 4th where he can be like Jordan and dominate that last quarter. seriously 4th would be Kobe’s quarter and all lakers need is people to play really good 3 quarters and just help out in the 4th is that so much to ask for. I know this is dwelling but I so regret and dont understand WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU TRADE ODOM??? ok his upset but just give him sometime and calm him down… he was 6th man of the year award winner and clearly 4th best laker. For those who think LO is coming back forget it… we need to get younger not older… Kobe isnt getting any younger you know.

        For me my choice is trade Gasol, Barnes, Metta, Blake, McRoberts…. Retain Hill, Morris, Ebanks they are young and really decent I like Morris but i dont no y his not being used. Ok Morris needs to work on his shooting but hey you all remember shannon brown wasnt a shooter until he worked on it one off season. for me Hill is good first big guy off the bench, Ebanks good defender needs to work on his 18footers, Morris needs to work on his shooting more and needs more playing time over blake.

        I know we cant get a dwight coz he doesnt want to come to Lakers but the trade for lopez and williams doesnt sound bad but I say trade gasol for a shooting big (I have in mind toronto Big guy Andea Barniani cant spell but yeah…him and probably dang cant remember his name… the guy who entered dunk contest with the big guys… ummm anyways yeah

        Gasol for AB (Toronto) + Jose’s or their Starting 2 whats his name…. errr anyways
        or Gasol for Williams and Humpries
        I really love Gasol for Bosh Idea though….

        Metta and Barnes for Green. I mean off boston. Jeff Green.

        Blake for and Pure Shooter at 2 or the 3 position.

  382. Choker says:

    trade Barnes, keep Hill, trade either Pau or Byum, keep Ebanks because he can play.

  383. The Kobe System says:

    they should trade bynum or gasol for a good point guard like deron williams and/or a strong center like dwight.if the lakers get dwight and bynum their defense is gonna be unstoppable!

  384. Kim says:

    The LAKERS need a CONSISTENT PG . but TRADING BYNUM or GASOL is not an OPTION. Sessions is better at no.2 spot than no.1

  385. Rob says:

    I’m not sure how it works contractually, but either Pau or Bynum for one of New York’s stars? Both are franchises which need help, and I’m sure Kobe and Melo would offer the same kind of scoring potential we’re seeing in Miami.

    • Ewok says:

      Never mind Melo, he is the most over-rated player! Michael Beasley will be great addition

  386. derek says:

    andrew bynum has a i dont care type attitude.i really do think the lakers need a change.kobe def need help scoring.they need to upgrade the bench.they should try and get big time players like deron williams,chris bosh,dwight howard.they need some scoring off the bench.bring back odom.he wants to be in la.or try and get michael beasley.that trade was gonna happen.he gives u size at small forward and he can score.seem like the trades the lakers wanted they couldnt get.gasol for bosh would work.deron williams and brook lopez for bynum and steve blake.that starting five would def be nice.deron williams,kobe,mwp,bosh and lopez.pretty good 5.bench would have sessions,beasley and odom.they def would be bck into contention for a champuonship

  387. Lakers Contending says:

    I totally agree with u, the only reason the Lakers were winning championships in the past is because they had an identity and that was the triangle in offense and the 7ft presence in defense.

    Now they have NOTHING

    Really what should be happening is that we need the strict offense in the triangle, it gives everyone looks and spaces the court for the inside players. ATM they are all getting in each others way and then they give the ball back to Kobe with like 5sec on the clock and expect him to be magic all the time, although he is still the best player in the league his trick bag is shrinking

    I think Trades should still happen but Kenny on TNT Overtime said it best ” How can u trade players, if you have no idea what type of system you are running”. Getting another all star may help but really will they be any better off if nobody has a clue

    Management check list for the off season
    1 – Decide how they want the Lakers to player (Triangle, Motion, pick and roll etc)
    2 – Determine whether the current players fit that mold
    3 – If they dont trade for player that will

    Until they find there identity as an organization, NO MORE LAKER CHAMPIONSHIPS, it always comes from the top down


  388. Diesel says:

    Trade Gasol for Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Sign Odom and OJ Mayo.

    And maybe trade/dont re-sign some of the many forwards for some pieces..

  389. LAL says:

    The Lakers need to get Shannon Brown back and put him at PG

  390. archie says:

    i think they need a better coach, rather than to trade players. lakers lot of bench player has a good skill but the didnt used them like mcroberts, goudelack, evanks. in short change the lakers coach bring back phil jackson or get jerry sloan now.

  391. jockey says:

    Its an old story, Gasol only gives 100% after he’s been called out, its happened too many times. Bynum had a great season but lacked the basketball IQ to make a difference in the OKC series. Kobe will be Kobe, although he’s getting older and fades noticeably more in 4th quarters. Sessions will be fine in time, no need to make a big move for Williams unless LAL is that desperate. Lawson maybe, a better fit…and a hell of a lot cheaper! Odom will probably come limping back, children get spoiled like that, they used to getting their way (in his case, winning) and throw a fit when they don’t (in Odom’s case obviously not trying hard enough for his new team) get it.

  392. Mark says:

    We need explore all avenues with this, but i believe Bynum needs to go, but If he goes we have to get a big man to replace him, just getting deron or wallace won’t due, maybe a guy like kris humphreys, and lopez, but we have to get another big, and more 3pt shooters. I like the idea of getting williams, but we gotta try and keep as much size as possible as well. Should be interesting! Go Lakers

  393. SM says:

    Lakers should trade Gasol to Chicago for Boozer. Both team will benefit from this trade.

  394. Xela says:

    Get rid of Mike Brown his system is always a one man wrecking crew, and it would be a risk on Kobe who is ageing. Yes having good supporting cast is always a key to a team success but moreover if you have a Championship caliber coach then it would be easier for players and the team to win.

  395. Kobe says:

    trade Bynum at all costs, his value is at an all time high and he is a terrible on defense and lazy… he also interferes with Gasol. We dont need 2 Bigs, most teams dont even have one these days. Gasol might be traded because of his age and contract. but if we have to trade one of the two, it better be Bynum. Deron Williams is a must. Bring Odom back. Sessions is a really good with the bench, not much with the starters.

  396. ralph rizon says:

    trade andrew bynum & pau gasol to dwight howard….. so that they can get deron williams in the free agent….

    • Mister_215 says:

      I must reply @Easy E or should I say God. Who are you to judge someone like you’re better then them. Kobe did not rape that girl. She wanted money from him and got exactly what she wanted. Why do you think the charges were dropped??? What he did was wrong and he paid for it. LET IT GO!!!!!!!!! Now back to comments that exactly makes SENSE. I agree with most of you and say that Deron Williams will go good for the Lakers. I think they need to get rid of Pau for Nene, or Tyson Chandler. He is a very tough player and efficient scorer (speaking of Nene). Lakerland need that. Also, get rid of Matt Barnes and Metta Offense Sleeps for Wilson Chandler, and Arron Affialo. Or even add Pau to that trade for Danilo Gallinari. Just throwning stuff out there for the Lakers Management

      • Magic Fan says:

        Kobe did rape her. The reason charges were dropped, unstable Kobe fans threatened her and her family. Get your facts straight. Lakers need to rebuild, same as the Celtics. Look at the Spurs. Laker management could learn from them. Will the finals be Spurs vs Heat? Who will win?

      • Treshiq says:

        I agree with the first part of your comment..these ppl need to stop calling Kobe a rapist…Girl wanted it..couldn’t handle it…and cried rape…@ the other stuff Why do Laker fans always say we should get so nad so for so and so…I mean you DO realize that Denver jsut signed AAA and chandler to multi year MULTI million dollar deal..all players under 28…are y’all kinda or a lot delusional?!?!?!/ WHY on GOD’s GREEN EARTH would the Nuggets take Matt ” i should be holding a sign by the freeway bum Barnes” I mean i know you’re suggesting stuff..but you do realize that the LAKERS have OVER HOLLYWOOD paid the whole freakin’ team? You can afford ME and possibly the local middle school gym teacher who coaches basketball part-time.. Guys come on now1 let’s be real?!?!? Why would we want an aging Pau for Danillo at 38 mill when we signed Danillo for 40 something for four years!! are y’all serious!?!?!

  397. Nathan says:

    The lakers clearly have a lot of work to do, but it’s not necessarily about trading both Bynum and/or Gasol, it’s about having a system that works, with good enough role players to make it work. Jim Buss & Mitch Kupchak really haven’t been on the ball as of late, in my opinion Jim Buss isn’t the best owner full stop.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Hmm let’s see since Buss has owned the Lakers they’ve had 10 championships in 30 something years. Yeah that guy is a bad owner.

      • kev says:

        a buss is not a bus or a bust>>>> a jim is not a jerry or a jeanie

      • NAJ says:

        No that was the current owner’s dad. Jimmy is useless and just wants to cut payroll, the reason Odom got traded for nothing.

    • Bball says:

      Get rid of the lame coach. Obviously he can’t get the respect of Bynum. Ask yourself would Bynum behave like this season if Phil was still around? It’s a player league.

      • bubbles says:

        please, Bynum is as immature as they come. last year after they lost in the second round he said the team had trust issues. thos year he says “he’ll play for anyone.” he’s just not mentally sophisticated yet.

    • Vijay says:

      I’m going to throw a monkey wrench into the debate. I, personally, was hoping that the Lakers may have picked up J R Smith. Yes Smith is a wild card, but he would have added quickness, depth and scoring punch off the bench and in the backcourt. The Rondo trade, had we somehow managed that, wouldn’t have been a bad team, would have had a much better showing, well I should probably say result. We did have a pretty good showing, but showings don’t win titles, victories do. I really thought Ramon Sessions was an adequate addition, his outside shot however looked as bad as D Fish’s (of late). Bynum and Gasol works, however with that dynamic, you need to speed up the perimeter, so a J Farmar, or Ty Lawson, just calling names of quicker players, would be more suited when playing with such an imposing front line, cause neither Bynum (well especially Bynum) or Gasol are the fleetest of foot, Bynum trots back on defense particularly when he is not engaged. I just remembered, what would a Gasol, Howard, Artest, Kobe, Rondo lineup sound. With J R Smith coming off the bench. Well I leave the GM stuff to the real GM, Mitch. Lakers fan for life, we lost to OKC period. I’m lending my support to San Antonio, a team I respect.

    • Raghava says:

      100% Agree with your whole comment. this is disastrous management.. and its not right for other folks to blame it on Kobe.. He needs to have the ball in his hands as long as possible because there is no one else shooting.. There is no proper Defense..

    • pao says:

      i have to agree with you on this.. common, i mean trading two of the best big men in the league for some players who can only score but no rebounds doesn’t guarantee a good play of basketball. It has to be balanced.

    • Yaro says:

      Dr. Jerry Buss is the owner, Jim Buss is the VP.
      Trade Gasol to Chicago for Boozer: it will help both the players and the teams. Trade Bynum and an other player to Orlando for Howard: let the Magic worry abount his bipolarity. Sign Deron Williams to a max deal. Done. 17th champ banner will be waiting.

      • BullsFANsincce88 says:

        I agree with this, all teams will benefit but the only issue would be hte bench and also the salary space to obtain Deron at a Max Contract, Howard wants his Max too since New Jersey is giving him the key to the city, Boozer isnt a cheap wager. Keep in mind they are still paying the most consistent player in the league Kobe. With that said and taking into consideration the new collective bargain rules-This is far and beyond what will happen but each one of these could take place but thats it just one of these deals. The Lakers will be back contending next year and lose in the Western Conference Finals to OKC because Duncan is going to retire after they win the championship this year.

      • skrutz says:

        I hope you’re not one of the people who bash the Heat for needing superstars.

    • Yes keep the team together and get some good role and bench players they did not have training camp to learn mike browns system, and the schedule aloud no practices during the season, and sessions playing a whole season will make a dfference two, they just need a few good bench players, on the second unit to keep them in games.

    • Grant says:

      I Think the 16 championships say enough for the Buss ownership

    • Coach Dee says:

      Yah, start with the Coach. A Jerry Sloan will be a nice fit. gets D.Will. Wow.

    • D. Light says:

      Kobe kept his cool. Played hard. Pushed his team mates. Answered idiotic questions from the press civilly. Where is the speedy point guard? Where is the outside shooting and defense from the bench? Where is coach Brown’s strategy to stop OKC from coming back at the end of the game? Because without these supporting components, Kobe, the PEOPLE’s M.V.P. can not with a Championship. Jerry Buss, are you listening?

      • Eazy E says:

        Jim Buss is listening but he can’t understand your gibberish. Lakers are old and it’s over. Welcome to the rebuilding phase where the Fakers can’t buy any Championships. You call Kobe the MVP but I call him a rapist and an adulterer. You lost the Zen Master, traded Fish for another good swimmer and you Jedi mind fuct Gasol and your best bench player (Odom).

        I loved watching OKC and the Mavs make absolute fools out of the Fakers the last 2 years and I’m looking forward to many more years of Metta World Mishap!

  398. Cordell says:

    They have to explore trading Bynum or Gasol for Deron Williams and Gerald Wallace, they need more pieces to help Kobe out and relieve the scoring pressure and contend with the athleticism of OKC and the Clippers.

    • Ben says:

      I disagree.

      I don’t think they should trade Bynum or Gasol unless they can get a equal / greater big man. That’s the one thing the Lakers have, size. Keep the twin towers.

      In my honest opinion, I think the Lakers should just changed there strategy.

      Instead of Kobe hoisting up 30 shots a game, pound the ball inside to Andrew and Pau. Let the dominate the middle and Kobe and still be ‘Kobe’ when it counts. Kobe can’t have the mindset of ‘I need to carry this team to be competitive’

      LA still have the pieces to be a championship calibre team, they just need to adjust the way they play the game. Also, it may help if they get Lamar back lol

      • zojn says:

        I disagree, they need to trade one or both of them (Gasol,Bynum).

        Pounding the ball inside is thier game plan; every sports columnist every newscaster and even you keeps hearing that strategy (POUND THE BALL INSIDE), But Kobe is Kobe if your a Ball Hog, u cannot teach old dogs new tricks, he’ll just shoot 30 or more shots per game.

        And by the way Lamar is Gone MOVE ON…

      • jimbow says:

        Well, I really have to disagree with you, Bynum is not the player he could have been had he not gotten a big head, he’s become lazy, had two significant knee injuries and has the audacity to have a bad attitude, the cat is very expendable for the Lakers. Gasol has always been soft, that’s the nature of European players, and they are all about finesse. We have to get younger and a whole lot more athletic to contend with today’s NBA teams. Even with the twin towers, the Lakers looked sub-par on the boards. Don’t let the smooth taste fool ya, the stats say the Lakers were one of the top rebounding teams but you have to read between the lines. When you need them to make a difference in a tight game, the twins bone heads can’t seal the deal, THEY’VE GOT TO GO. O yeah, we need a real starting point guard, I like Sessions but he is a true back up, not ready to lead an NBA team. Lakers will have to deal with some blaring issues.

      • NAJ says:

        They tried getting the ball inside. Kobe is not a ball hog. If you actually watched the Lakers games, you would notice several times in games Kobe doesn’t touch the ball until 5/6 seconds are left on the shot clock and therefore has to try and bail the bigs out. Pounding it inside doesn’t work when Bynum can’t do anything with a double team and we have no outside shooters to stop teams clogging the paint. Kobe tried that time and time again but we lost leads, let close games go and lost games simply because Bynum and Pau are ineffective inside against good defences.

    • lakeshow says:

      now that makes sence! we need to be better then those 2 teams

      • artoojheetoo says:

        What do you think the lakers tried to do in the 4th qtr of every game they lost (except Game 1, when they didn’t even bother to show up). LAL 4th qtr offense was terrible. Kobe 1v1 or 1v4 half court offense was a major bust. They tried to post Bynum but Perkins kept pushing Bynum off the block. What’s bad about LAL is that Gasol & Bynum just do not play well enough together. They should be doing more double post offensive schemes like SAS did back with Duncan & Robinson, but they don’t. Instead Pau plays like a oversized wing & faces up jumpers (even 3 ptrs. WTF?).

        They either depended too much on post ISOs for Bryant or Bynum not enough movement from the other positions, esp the 4 spot. I’m not blaming Pau, just the lack of chemistry and the under usage of the PF position. Pau does not play well as a third option. He doesn’t know how to manage that mindset. It’s like Batman having two Robins. Just doesn’t work.

      • bubbles says:

        it doesn’t make sense because Kobe and the team tried several times to hand it inside to Bynum, it just hasn’t worked. Bynum can’t handle the double team and is only good when he’s up against short players. OKC are tall. he’s had several opportunities in the playoffs to prove his worth, and he’s just not good enough. Yet.

      • NBAJAM12 says:

        Batman haveing 2 robins hahaha thats hilarious!

    • Tony says:

      Deron Williams is a free agent you prick

      • I Agree with you so For Me
        Just Trade Pau and Bynum for Dwight, Glen Davis or Ryan Anderson, so they can Space the Floor More, and Free the Salary Cap Space,
        Then sign Deron Williams or Steve Nash.
        Sign Jason terry, Nick Young, J.r. Smith
        Get Odom back or for better Spacing, Sign Steve Novak
        Then Lakers Starter : Nash or D.Will, Kobe, M.W.P,Anderson or Davis, Howard
        Lakers Bench: Sessions, Young,Terry or Smith, Novak or Odom, McRoberts and Hill

        Then Lakers will have a Deep playoff Run BABY! 🙂

      • Lil Jon says:

        You obviously have no common sense. The magic will not trade the best center in the league and the second best player in the team for bynum an decent center and pau who is totally inconstant. You wont have enough cap for any of those players. It’s like saying that the heat will get all those players. I swear all lakers fans are so short sighted

      • Treshiq says:

        @ Renz…it’s scary that you didn’t add a “hypothetically speaking”…I KNOW you don’t think that this would work or EVER happen. Why don’t you ask for MJ in his prime and Wilt Chamberlin and no three second rule or goal tending… please stop and have a seat.

    • laker4life says:

      i totally agree, kobe needs more help

  399. smithers says:

    Send Bynum to Denver for Lawson and Mcgee.
    Pau will be better without Bynum, Sessions will compliment Lawson well, Mcgee gives 100% unlike Bynum.
    Bring back Lamar, bench will be twice as good, its a win win

    • Burns says:

      You got to be very clueless to even think about that trade…why would Nuggets take up a deteriorating Pau Gasol and give up one of their best young players with no replacement in that position…have you not seen McGee on youtube…do yourself a favour and youtube McGee and see how he is equally clueless and immature as Bynnum. Do yourself a favour and keep up those ridiculous ideas to yourself.

      • kev says:

        do you even read the comment before u reply ?

      • Blitz says:

        Better learn how to read pal… He suggested sending Bynum and not Pau.

        START OVER….

      • Geo says:

        ohhhhh BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Superbbb says:


      • Durant - SCKS says:


        Kobe’s early retirement will be the answer… LA should build a TEAM BASKETBALL not a KOBE’s TEAM. Hooyaah…

        LA should replace ANDREW BYNUM aka. “BIG MARSH MALLOW” with a CENTER who can banged bodies on his opponent.. like the time of SHAQUILE ONEAL. Bynum’s S.O.F.T ness will not really help LA. he’s big but SOFT like a MARSH MALLOW…. Boom….

      • Jose (clipper Nation) says:

        Most of the comments about trading Bynum is insane. He is putting very good # this year and its going to get better. Paul Whereever he goes will turn a team around like right away. If he went to Orleans or bobcats I guarantee he will turn those teams into playoff teams. So sum of yous needs to shuts yours pies holes. You dont knows whats yous talkings abouts. The changes needed is MWP and bench players. Lakers need one more allstar to make it over the hump.

      • Common Sense says:

        You read it perfectly fine, but it’s back up a deteriorating Pau, not take up. McGee matured a bit this year hearing how immature he was in Washington, and the playoffs were good for him because he realized the professionalism of the teams that actually do something. He also played extremely well here in LA. The problem with the Lakers is it’s a bunch of individuals. OKC(a family), Spurs(a family), Lakers ( a bunch of talented people having to be in a dorm together). Bynum is an individually talented player, Kobe is an individual(obviously), Pau is a great team player(but he has been heart and is not liking to be as he calls it ” a third option”), And the bench of the TEAM is never acknowledged buy these three. They only talk about each other as the reason they win and the reason they lose. The team needs to go on a month long retreat, live with each other in a giant gymnasium in freaking sleeping bags and cots, and remember what it was like to play for a team of brothers and play a game you love.

      • 4DAWIN says:

        for the next 15 – 20years u will never see a dominant palyer as shaq was so there’s no point in talking about shaq… bynum can really be somenthin good but he’s not motivated at all pau gives everything at court but he’s probably gone.. & kobe don’t have 26 anymore so if the lakers wanna do somethin i think they should build around kobe…

    • Suhinho says:

      I strongly doubt denver will trade them off for bynum after what they did in the last series. Pau being better without Bynum? I thought having 2 7fters in the lane was a good thing. Whether Mcgee gives 100% or not doesn’t count when his performance is sporatic like he has been so far in his career. Lastly Lamar aint coming back period lol.

      • kobebryant says:

        i think odoms coming back, kobe a couple a weeks ago was saying he wants odom and fisher back while Kupchak just mention he wanted to be more aggressive when trading comes along and see what players can come back.

      • Durant - SCKS says:

        Kobe’s early retirement could be the answer… LA should build a TEAM BASKETBALL not a KOBE’s TEAM. Hooyaah…

        LA should replace ANDREW BYNUM aka. “BIG MARSH MALLOW” with a CENTER who can banged bodies on his opponent.. like the time of SHAQUILE ONEAL. Bynum’s S.O.F.T ness will not really help LA. he’s big but SOFT like a MARSH MALLOW….

      • j says:

        @kobebryant and why would the lakers even want fisher and bryant back? man you’d be a horrible GM… Stop letting your bias blind you, Odom is old and is done, his game was based off speed and his speed is gone, fisher is old as well and can hardly even shoot anymore let alone guard anyone. Why in the hell would the lakers deem it smart to get older and not younger at this point?. your comment is bewildering and credulous.

    • Coach Dee says:

      They better start with Coach Mike Brown.

      Now I know why LeBron can’t find a ring with the Cavaliers before(and now-after effects). LOL.

      Get players who are hungry to win. Being soft and/or desire to win is not deserving to be called a Laker.

      • Laakeer says:

        Laker have lot of talent, but no hunger to win- except one person- need some hungry players..

    • Gale says:

      The first thing I would do is get rid of Bynum and bring back Lamar. Then get rid of Kupchak. He’s been there too long and has forgotten what talent is. Also the team management should apologize to Lamar for the way they treated him. Been a fan since the 50’s and hope thew owners wiill look to really improve before next season.

      • lakerhater54 says:

        the way they treated odom? you mean trading him after he asked to be traded? you laker fans are priceless! just keep looking backwards and you will keep losing in the 2nd round

      • Hg says:

        Portland was said to be in pursuit of Kupchak, but he made a statement that he was staying with the Lakers. Of course that may have been on him, not on the Lakers

      • Errol L. Clarke says:

        @lakerhater54 I believe the lakers had him on the trading block for Chris Paul and after that did not fall through, they brought him back. After that, he responded by asking for a trade, which he had every right to. Would anyone stay with their girl if she left them for another guy but because things didnt work out with her and the other guy she comes back to them? It was only a year ago that he won the 6 man of the year award. (For those of you who thinks he washed up google the qualifications for 6 man of the year) I’m not a laker fan but I know great talent when I see it. Lamar will be back in LA playing basketball but it will not be for the lakers. Welcome back Lamar (Clipper Nation)?

    • Scott the magician says:

      Smithers…..I agree with bringing in lawson or a B+ caliber guard. BUT, i think if possible to keep Bynum. He’s the second best center in the league and only 26 yrs old. If Denver would take Gasol and Sessions and Maybe a Barnes also. I’d say take that deal. Denver would never want to do that however. Something needs to be done about Kobe’s volume of shots too…….

      • WhatYouNeedtoKnow says:

        Tough to trade “Lakers” who are not Lakers.
        Sessions – Player option
        Barnes – Expiring Contract.

    • sbfern805 says:

      whatever the scenario is send PAU or Bynum…its a loss for the Lakers…. Bynum is the BEST trade for D12 and you want Lawson and McGee? lmao!!! come on dudeLawson is fast and good but this guy also does not know how to defend, BAD trade…If howard wants to leave…Lakers are the only team to give Orlando what they want…Bynum. Pau and Blake and Barnes should be traded for Deron Williams…OR beg Steve Nash to join Howard and Kobe…and i guess Pau if Nash joins…Pau is still a threat when he mans up!!!

    • Henrique Ramos says:

      I agree absolutely with smithers, it´s true! Was not really seeing the way out but that’s definitely a very good one, the Lakers would improve their game speed, it’s superb!

    • Durant - SCKS says:

      Accept the fact “LA is FADING away” you putang ina mo..

    • Jacky says:

      Lakers need to change the way they play…they should play smart…not the hard fault…may hurt the other players.
      I am their fan but not any more… no fun to watch…unless the change

    • Noah says:

      WHAT?! Andrew is the best center in the west. I rather have him then Howard! I think there fine. Bench should be stronger but what are you going to do. Its hard to beat the Thunder, even harder when they are home, Yeah they should get Lamar back.

    • Treshiq says:

      stop the nonsense. If you knew Denver ( and i do lived here all my life) you’d know that Coach KArl aws on his way OUT if something wasn’t done with the loved but ever so defiant A.I. You will also know that he could NOT stand the free willing never met a 25 ft jumper he didn’t like Earl SMITH J.R. the 3RD!!!!!!!! Coach KArl is a huge influence on who goes and who we might acquire. THERE IS NO WAY that a baby ( Bynum) Under Phil is going to remotely play better for Mcgee. Bynums tantrums wouldn’t sit wel with coach or fancs..and we ( the fans) are eating out of Ujiri’s hand after that Epic Melo trade that didn’t leave us destitude. The same reason we signed BIRD MAN….( fan favorite it’s still about tickets so fans gotta be semi- on board). The Nuggets see potential in Bynum and I you are already stupid if you think they are giving up Ty, one of the most underrrated but sure to be an All-Star the next 2 yrs if not next year POINT guards. IT’s a win win for you as a Laker fan..Not for Denver( Team Chemistry is a lot to think about as well). Glad they don’t leave decisions to you.

      • Treshiq says:

        Sorry I meant the Nuggets see potential in McGee. Not Bynum and if Bynum won’t play well for Jackson. ( Phil) He’s not gonna care either way for Coach Karl. this isn’t a win win. and I can’t stand the guy, but Bynum is still a good post player..it’s his ATTITUDE… he reminds me of the kid who is 6’5 in the fourth grade…he’d rather be in the school play but his gym teacher says” hey you should play basketball” and he does…Not overly talented , just tall.

    • celtics 1000 says:

      kobe’s not going anywhere in the next three years. i think their major problems is the bench if the office have to trade bynum or gasol i guess gasol wld be the one to be traded. they need to trade for jason terry ,deron williams or steve nash and jr smith guys who can space the floor and give the bench a lift,

    • led says:

      that is so wrong why trade bynum??? hes the only one helping kobe now and mcgee?? come on he only scored great in atleast two games against the lakers that is such a stupid trade