Fisher Gains A Measure Of Revenge

OKLAHOMA CITY – In the quiet of the near-empty Thunder locker room, as the last player to leave after the Monday victory that sent Oklahoma City to the Western Conference final, Derek Fisher passed on the chance to make noise. He would help beat the Lakers, but he would not bash them.

“It obviously feels good to advance and beat anybody we face,” he said.

Except that it wasn’t anybody this time. It was the team that dealt him at the trade deadline in a shock to Fisher and most around the Lakers. It was the organization that felt it needed to replace him for an upgrade at point guard and then needed to move him to clear a wide berth for Ramon Sessions to be the successor.

Surely this was not just another victory for a player who has known many.

“If I came here just to beat the Lakers, then maybe so,” Fisher said. “But the idea was to come here and have an opportunity to win a championship. That journey is still in front of us. We’ll keep working at it.”

How strange the way it had all played out — a Laker the majority of the season, dealt to the Rockets, quickly becoming a free agent after working a buyout with Houston, signing with the Thunder, and ultimately having a hand in ending the Lakers season. Not only that, it came as Sessions struggled mightily, shooting 37.7 percent in the postseason and looking just as bad on defense.

There would be no gloating, though.

“From a personal friend perspective, separate from work, I’m not the type of person that would be happy at someone else’s expense,” Fisher said. “To see guys that are my friends, to have their season be over, that’s not necessarily something I’m happy about from a personal perspective. But professionally speaking, which is what we’re here to do, I’m happy for us and what we’ve accomplished.”

Fisher averaged 4.2 points and 1.2 assists in 18.4 minutes a game as the backup to Russell Westbrook. He shot just 32 percent overall, but made 42.9 percent of his 3-pointers.


  1. Rob says:

    Im just gonna point out to all of you that are bitchin about fisher sticking it to the lakers and how its poor sportsmanship. He’s not, if you actually took the time to read the article you’d see that he said that he didn’t like seeing his old team disappointed and knocked out. Also, if you’ve actually watched the games and listened to the commentary, you’d know that , yes dfish isnt doing much on the court, but he’s a veteran player thats won 5 rings so his wisdom would be a welcome addition to the thunder who’s best 4 players arent even 23 yet. Having him as essentially a vice-captain to give advice in time outs and in the locker room is better than not having him at all. He’s not there to dominate the game, he’s a 37 year old role player.

  2. ribitmoomeow says:

    luke walton 2013 nba mvp and bobcats 2013 nba champs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jan says:

    Bring back Odom and Fish (leadership, character and they mesh well with Kobe).. Keep Kobe, Metta (provides the toughness), Jordan Hill and McRoberts and Ebanks (3 still has use and higher ceiling).

    Trade Pau or Bynum or both for Howard and a 2nd round pick. Bynum’s immaturity and inconsistency outweighs his potential and talent.

    Sign Nash.. Westbrook would be less effective offensively if he works on the defensive end. Plus this means easier shots for Kobe and Howard. and if those flashy guards get past Nash, here comes Howard.

  4. HeatLatinoFan says:

    @TMac you are an idiot Celtics average is younger than lakers average. heck spurs are even younger than Heats, Bulls, Celtics and Lakers in the average age. Lolz

    and if u must know. lakers are 3rd oldest in NBA

  5. Peter says:

    Fisher fits in well at OKC on a young team , where leadership is a factor at this time of year.

  6. tim says:

    To say that Fisher has no factor in the playoff is not true. True he did not make any big shot but mentally he is contributing a lot and you all know how important the mental game is!

  7. W/E says:

    D.Fisher might get his 6th ring, Kobe Bryant is gunna get crazy

  8. Amitpal says:

    Fisher always knows how to say the right things. This guy is gonna be a great coach. I think he should retire and coach the lakers next year. And he probably can run the triangle offense as well.

  9. NBAfan says:

    Fisher did nothing but sign with them. He didn’t make any big shots nor was he a factor in the series. Please don’t make a story line out of a simple GM move (moving an aging vet on the last year of his contract for a younger, faster player at a position you are severely lacking in).

    The only think I cant think of that Fisher did was to tell OKC exactly of all the little nuances of the Laker roster and exactly how to stop them, since he is so familiar with them.

    I like D. Fish, but he needs to accept reality, and so does the rest of the world. It’s just business. Oh…last time I checked 37..7% for Sessions is better than Fisher’s 32%…and sessions looked just as bad? I highly doubt that.

  10. Bok says:

    LA should have let Fish retire as a Laker. They should have just retained Odom and Fish, and then trade Gasol, Artest and Blake for younger legs. They should now start rebuilding or be the next Celtics, then Bobcats.

    • 1greatplayer says:

      You’re an Idiot..the Celtics only have 3 plays over 30, i really dont see why people call them an old team when everyone im sure has a veteran on their team but then again we are living in a world of ignorance and lakers are DONE they have nothing when Kobe is gone

      • TMac says:

        You are an idioot. Have you watched this series. The only reason they are winniing is because of the bigs ans Rondo. They are old. The Lakers are not as old as the celts. what is going to happen to the celtswhen the so-called big three leave? Besides Rondo they will have nothing.

  11. 2e says:

    Fisher needs to know that if Oklahoma City advances any farther in the playoffs, it would not be because of him. The team was a good team without his efforts. As a matter of fact his playoff record is mediocre at best. The Lakers org did what they needed to do from a business point of view, but for him to thumb his nose at the Lakers fans shows no sportsmanship.

  12. jonski22 says:

    Do you want Fisher to say….”F U Lakers..F U Kobe”???? really?

    • LakersWillWin says:

      When OKC won, I saw an expression I have never seen on Fish’s face before. He actually looked, well, torn. Happy to win, but weird seeing the team he had gone so far with lose. I immediately noticed that when they zoomed in on Fish. He definitely wanted to be on the winning team, but not see Kobe lose. He knows Kobe more than anyone, and knows how much that dude hates losing. But still, I’m happy for Fish. I will always be a Derek Fisher fan.