Call It A Comeback For Sloan?

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — If Dwight Howard thought Stan Van Gundy was tough to deal with, can you imagine how he’d react to Hall of Famer Jerry Sloan?

The former and longtime coach of the Utah Jazz is apparently contemplating a coaching comeback at 70, with feelers from both the Charlotte Bobcats and potentially the Magic, who fired Van Gundy Monday and are currently searching for his replacement.

Sloan has already spoken with the Bobcats about their opening and is “intrigued” by the possibilities in Orlando, per the Salt Lake Tribune:

Asked about his reported interest in Orlando, Sloan said, “I’m sure a lot of people are interested. But I really don’t know what the parameters are going to be or what’s going on. I guess we’ll wait and see what happens.”

Orlando’s situation is complicated, given the uncertain future of All-Star center Dwight Howard and the team’s vacant general manager job.

Sloan knows the Magic “have a lot of different things to consider” while searching for their new coach.

Now 70, Sloan says he feels “terrific” and his health is “good,” although that does not mean he is actively seeking a job.

“I just stay out of the way and see what happens,” Sloan said. “If there’s some interest in me, fine. If there’s not, I understand that, too.”

After a 15-month absence from the bench, Sloan sounds like a man with at least a few more years of coaching in him. We’ve certainly missed him here. Few coaches delivered the goods with the sort of straight-talk approach that Sloan did in his 23 years as coach of the Jazz.

But how would his style play in other cities? He’s a living legend in Utah, an icon. And the fans there had an appreciation for him that would be hard to develop somewhere else, without the benefit of his extensive history with the franchise.

And while he hints that he could be enticed into getting back into the coaching game, Sloan didn’t come right out and say he was ready to make a comeback. Those closest to him, though — and that includes his wife Tammy — sense that now is the time for him to make that comeback, if it’s going to happen:

“I just don’t see him staying retired,” she said. “I just can’t see that happening.”

Longtime friend Danny Brown, who lives in Illinois, agreed.

“If the right deal came along, maybe. He might do it again,” Brown said.

Sloan, who was elected to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in 2009, ranks third among coaches in regular-season wins with 1,221. He trails Don Nelson (1,335) and Lenny Wilkens (1,332).

The NBA coaching ranks would be better with Sloan in the fold, no matter where he coaches. Same goes for Phil Jackson and several other “retired” NBA coaches.


  1. Jerry Sloan is too good a coach for Orlando, that organisation is clueless and doesn’t deserve him. Howard should quit playing and become the new GM because he seems more interested in running the team off the court than playing the game on it.

    Sloan to the Bobcats would be a better move, he seems like the sort of guy who would actually have the balls to say “no, I don’t agree, I don’t want that player, the team will be better off doing something different” to Michael Jordan, which is just what that franchise appears to need, a few less “yes men”. Plus, with Jerry Sloan as coach it would make moving to Charlotte a bit more attractive to the top tier players.

    Hey Jeffy Sloan You Are Be A The Orlando Magic And Charlotte Bobcat Please Jeffy Sloan Coach Please.

  2. Ace says:

    Jerry Sloan is too good a coach for Orlando, that organisation is clueless and doesn’t deserve him. Howard should quit playing and become the new GM because he seems more interested in running the team off the court than playing the game on it.

    Sloan to the Bobcats would be a better move, he seems like the sort of guy who would actually have the balls to say “no, I don’t agree, I don’t want that player, the team will be better off doing something different” to Michael Jordan, which is just what that franchise appears to need, a few less “yes men”. Plus, with Jerry Sloan as coach it would make moving to Charlotte a bit more attractive to the top tier players.

  3. I think Shaq should coach magic….

  4. Maino says:

    he needs to save his time and enjoy retirement because the teams that has interest in him, he will have major MAJOR work to do.

  5. markangelo says:

    hahahaha Lakers fans are pathetic they keep on blaming Mike Brown, the topic here is Sloan will come back coaching either Orlando or Charlotte, c’mon guys move on.. LOL! LA LOSERS!!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….great point !!!! lakerfan will make every blog about the lakers …… quite self centered… is like the ‘rest of the league’ is there just for the lakers to pick and choose allstar players from –{because they don’t know how to draft}– so they can play in LA !! very funny to watch though….lmao

  6. Shawty says:

    I forgot to say that it’s crazy to bring Sloan to the Lakers. You have to give Mike Brown a chance. You have a short season and a roster that was severely shaken…loosing Lamar and D. Fisher were tough. You have to give him at least a year so they can feel each other out. I know Kobe is getting old, but you have to deal with that. The organization has to come first.

  7. Shawty says:

    Jerry Sloan would be perfect for Orlando. Dwight is probably going to leave. Bynum is a tough one, but if you put an experienced Sloan, a great coach on him, he’ll be able to tame him. Williams was a weird case, but trust, Sloan’s not afraid of any player. He’s a man in the sport. If Howard stays, which is doubtful, or Bynum is here, Sloan is the guy for the Magic. Perhaps Williams can come to Orlando to be with Sloan. He already knows him. 🙂

  8. RONphil says:

    Sloan for Portland…. 🙂

  9. Bok says:

    Lakers? Why not? But a coach alone will not solve their issues. They need to “weed out” as well (inconsistent bench, for example).

    • Just-A-Fan says:

      The coach wasn’t their problem all season. The Lakers’ issues lie on the fact that there is nobody to coach in the first place! Outside Kobe, Gasol, and Bynum, they’re nothing. NOTHING!

  10. Kobe@Manila says:

    Sloan is one of the best option for LAKERS!! Many Laker fans knows it will work for LA!! Jerry Sloan, i beg you to go to LAKERS!! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……

  11. howard the Coward says:

    Poor Stan Van Gundy. He was a GREAT coach, no matter what anyone says. He gave the team character. I had enough of Dwight, I want him out of my city already. Howard wants out, Bynum does too. I smell a straight up trade. I think Sloan would be a good coach for Orlando.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      … allstar for a young ‘project’ type of player ?? NOT happening unless LA throws in much more…. just sayin’

  12. steve says:

    i live in Jazz town..Slone will coach only if he has the foundation of what the Jazz have had,,and that he can run the team,,not the team run him..and that means any player…The Jazz live on a solid foundation,,and dont buge from that foundation..Orlando would be good,,but what they will let him have,,to run the team with what he had here,,will be in the talks and if the Magic do not meet what he wants,,he wont coach them..Bobcats,,are rock bottom,,it would be to much to start from scratch,,for him..Plus Jordan and him would not mesh…Portland..possibly..If u were to guess..Orlando..Not much else..

  13. Doofus says:

    Coach Sloan should go to the Knicks or Charlotte. With Charlotte, you got MJ who appreciates toughness and hardnose basketball. With the Knicks, you got that same tradition

  14. hell yeah says:

    what charlotte need is mike to play , recruit pip and rodman ,
    then the crew of buechler , kerr , kukoc , harper and longley.

    haha that would be awesome . seeing them play in the first quarter , then asking for a 1 hour time out due to fatigue ,
    and also, the opposing players will respect them , and not use their skills to the fullest, meaning 82-0 for the charlotte

  15. mc_gary says:

    kobe the best

  16. Doug Bodd says:

    I think Jerry Sloan would be a good fit for the Portland vacancy. I have been a fan of the Blazers since day one when I was in grade school…..much older now. I think Coach Sloan has worked well with developing new players and also playing to certain veteran’s strengths, which is what Portland needs now. He could even be considered for their GM opening now or in the future. The only negative is that Portland is too much like SLC, in that it is the city’s only major sport team. Maybe Sloan wants to get to a larger city, where there is not as much focus on just basketball.

  17. chandler says:

    hes coming back for a champenship ( if he comes back)

  18. TTKIN says:

    He’ll be awesome wherever he goes. One of the rgeatest coaches ever. No matter what team he goes to he will improve it.

  19. Jerry Sloan would be perfect for Charlotte. They need results NOW, no time for a coach just getting his feet wet and learning (Patrick Ewing). If Charlotte don’t get Sloan, then McMillian or Shaw would be good. Even though Shaw has no head coach experience, he is under the tutelage of Phil Jackson as part of his Coaching staff and i believe could do a great job.I have a feeling that Nate McMillian may get the Charlotte job, due to his NC State connections and his Portland Trailblazers connection with new Bobcats GM Rich Cho.

    @Demetros- Spurs did not have the best record in the NBA for past 2 years, its been the Bulls for the past two(this season they tied with Spurs for 1st). Lets not forget, Spurs got eliminated in the first round last year by Memphis 4-2.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….lets not forget that the bulls lost in the 1st round THIS YEAR !!! Is it harder to take losing in the first round or the conference finals??? ….Spurs had the best record in the west…. where nba champs come from…. where it counts to have the best record….BUT the best record IS the best record…. kudos to the bulls and their fans..!!!

  20. I think jerry should what another season and what for a better job to open up, orlando is a mess and you seen he could not handle the deron williams mess, and howard mess will be wrose. and the bobcats don’t need solan they need larry bird to come in and help jordan run a team and show jordan how to evulate talent.

  21. BigLuke says:

    Lakers Need Luke Walton………………

  22. Mo1078 says:

    ?! SLOAN?! Honestly, there is not a single person more fit for that Bobcat’s team. Are there better coaches then Sloan? Yes. Is there a better coach for that team? Hells no. Would be pretty refreshing to seen him on the sidelines to, hopefully he’s back

  23. Demetrios says:

    The smartest coach I have ever and is probably the best coach in game type cituations is Greg Popovich. Greg employs the hack a shaq foul which is fouling a poor free throw shooter early in the game since the poor free throw shooter will miss shots which will count as turnovers. Greg did that technique with the clippers to jordan and griffin and thats why the Spurs are the only NBA this team to have swept all of its opponents and thats why the spurs have the best NBA record 2 years in a row now. Also Popovich believes when his team is up 3 with 6 seconds left to foul the shooter rather than giving the other team a chance to make a 3 to tie.

    But the Best NBA coach/trainer in history is Phil Jackson!!! Phil Jackson knows how to prepare his team and to coach them exactly how he wants his triangle offense played. I believe the knicks should get phil for his trangle offense for Carmello, Amare, Chandler, and Lin to employ. ALso didnt Phil Jackson say he Began his NBA career as a Knick and wanted to finish his Career as a Knick????????

  24. Peter says:

    At 70 years of age why would Sloane go to a team like Charlotte.I prefer to enjoy my twlight years instead of going to that pathetic team.

    • TTKIN says:

      Not in this articel but another one, he said “obviously there wont be immediate championship aspirations, but sometimes it’s not always about starting at the top.”

      I think he just wants the chance to improve a team. Obviously he wants a title, and he knows MJ knows he knows how to coach, they might be able to work together to put a great team together. Sloan is from Utah who doesnt have a huge market so he knows how to get players with small contracts to form a good team. MJ is too used to Chicago and Washington where u can spend whatever u want. sloan can really help.

  25. Gogs says:

    Think Orlando would be a good choice with his pick and roll style offence. Dwight setting heavy picks and getting the ball on the move may actually give him something remotely like an offensive repertoire.

  26. burat says:

    the lakers need chuck norris …

  27. edub32 says:

    lets say lakers, he would be a perfect fit for them, hard nose coach and not a pushover, get Bynum head out of his a$$, and let Kobe know who is in charge, I would like to see this happen.

    • crazy_ghost says:

      lakers needs chuck daly………lol!!!!

    • Baller says:

      Typical Laker fanboys, blaming everyone but Kobe. I have only seen one good game from Kobe in the playoffs, that was Game 5 in OKC. He was aggressive going to the rim and didn’t take a lot bad shots which is why his FG% was up. Other than that he played just solid and too poorly for his standards imo. With the Lakers struggling offense throughout the entire season, the Lakers improved defense was what made them successful and earned them the 6 best record in the league. It wasn’t Kobe hitting one gamewinner after the other. With what Mike Brown had, I think he did a decent job, if Lamar Odom would have stayed in L.A. instead of butthurt walking off to Dallas ruining his career, they might have done even better. The Lakers went fishing after Round 2 and after 1 season with Mike Brown you already want someone else, really?

    • chalice says:

      Sloan to the Lakers is one of the worst ideas i ever heard. Mike Brown did a good job in his firat year in a shortened season with all the drama of LA. Give Mike Brown a chance. Second, I think Kobe needs to take a page out of D.Rose’s lhandbook on humility. Kobe has complained about Gasol and Bynum to the point that Bynum is saying things like “I wasn’t prepared”. An athlete should never say those things but he did because he knows Kobe will say it for him. Kobe is so obsessed with winning that he will run over his own team-mates and blame everyone else besides him. Why would Gasol and Bynum want to play with Kobe when if the LAL wins its because of Kobe and if they lose it’s because of them (Gasol and Bynum)?

      • Troy says:

        Kobe is the top competitor in the NBA. just like MJ was. When it came to losing, MJ took it as hard as Kobe does. Winners have that mentality. Its win or else. Bynum or Gasol aren’t like that. They need to be if they want to win another one.

  28. Migo says:

    Theres nobody in MJ city lol, however if the ego of Dwight goes down then he might be able(Sloan) to pick up his coaching carreer exactly where he left off, he actually is what Orlando needs a coach with a good combination between Defense and Ofense, but Orlando needs a true PG, let’s see what happens.

  29. Bersem says:

    Sloan in Charlotte ? Are you kidding ?? 😀

  30. brybry says:

    BOBCATS will be the best choice! go for 8 wins! :))