Blogtable: Who Wins The West?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

At this point, who’s your favorite to win the West — the Spurs or the Thunder?

Steve Aschburner: San Antonio. I had picked OKC when the season began, but Gregg Popovich‘s deft management of the schedule and his guys’ minutes — and the play and indoctrination of their young guys — switched me over. 

Fran Blinebury:  The Spurs have been strong, steady and improving all season and their back-to-back sweeps in the first two rounds have only reinforced that opinion. They have the deepest roster and the best mental makeup of any of the remaining teams.  I’ll go one step further right now and declare San Antonio winning in The Finals, too.

Scott Howard-Cooper: San Antonio is my favorite. It has changed since I picked Oklahoma City at the start of the season. But it has not changed since the start of the playoffs. After watching the Spurs a lot near the end of the regular season, it was impossible not to be very impressed. What has happened in the two rounds since has fortified the belief.

Shaun Powell: The Spurs bring the perfect blend of young and old, experience and youthful exuberance, half-court sets and full-court tempo and most of all, Gregg Popovich, the straw who stirs this margarita. They’ve been on a two-month peak with no signs of slowing down. True, they haven’t exactly beaten Goliaths in the postseason yet (Jazz and Clippers), but they look solid. And while I don’t want to call this Spurs’ team the best of the Pop Era, because they haven’t won anything yet, I will if they do.

John Schuhmann: I like the Spurs in five or six games. I just don’t think the Thunder are good enough defensively to really slow down San Antonio’s pick-and-roll attack. Plus, in the postseason, the Spurs’ own defense has been improved. The Jazz and Clippers were both top-10 offensive teams in the regular season, and San Antonio held them each to under a point per possession in their sweeps. The Thunder are better offensively than either, but the same can obviously be said about the Spurs’ and Thunder’s first two opponents.

Sekou Smith: If I wasn’t sure exactly what the Spurs were working with before the playoffs started, I’m convinced now. They haven’t lost a game since Valentine’s Day or whatever, so they’re bound to hit a few hiccups now that they have to deal with the one team in the league that’s looked almost as invincible since the playoffs started. While I love the Thunder’s explosiveness and toughness, I’m just not sure they have enough to counter the Spurs’ depth and balance. So if we’re just going with a favorite, I’m going to go with the Spurs.


  1. OkcFAN35 says:

    Who will win? The Spurs? in Six games? hahahaha that’s impossible LOL 3-2 OKC leads the series.. 😀

  2. jelars says:

    My favorite OKC will knocks out SPURS to the end. in second game,spurs will cry surely…lol!

  3. From a players perspective says:

    I have heard some OKC fans suggesting, bench “role” players don’t have an impact in the game??? Then talk about how much they know about the game of basketball and have probably never been part of a basketball team in there life. That is a really smart comment and shows how much they know about the game. The big difference from a championship team is the supporting cast role within the game. That is what set teams apart and make them championship caliber teams. Is not about 3 players on the court, just think about it put any 3 superstar players against any five players on the court and see what happens. The Spurs are about taking your defense of balance and converting on open shots, all players on the team understand that and stick with the game plan, even the stars all egos aside. On defense they will make you get out of what ever system you are trying to run and make you take a low percentage shot Westbrook will take plenty of them, if he doesn’t turn the ball over before the forced shot he will take. Durant will get his points and the Spurs can live with that. Know, I have a question are Durant, Westbrook and Harden going to play all 48 minutes? Can OKC’s second unit out play the Spurs second unit? Can the Spurs bring OKC points per game down to about 90? Can OKC bring the Spurs PPG down to 90? Series ends 4-0 or 4-1?

    • from a players perspective says:

      Do you all know that kevin Durant is the best rebounder for OKC w, Diaw gets more rebounds than him. And people dare to compare Ibaka and Perkins to Tim Duncan??? Probably the best strong forward to ever play the game??? To tell you the truth I don’t consider OKC to be a good defensive team, I am talking about team not individual players. They win there games relying on there offense.

  4. reeene says:

    oh my…. The ball is round and we can’t determined yet who is gonna win to spurs and okc… I either hard to pick one to bet.. The spurs have a coach who is great, talented and inteligent and have a players like duncan, parker, ginoblli and the bench.. while the OKC have a speed talent and a players like durant, westbrook, harden, ibaka,perkins, sefalosha, fisher and others. I just wait, watch and see who’s gonna win. gUdluck to the WCF it is very very interesting.

  5. mj says:

    you’re saying mismatches. i want to know who will guard durant

    • tonskaken says:

      dont worry about your durant,., he cant score above 25,., so many players to guard durant,., they defend a full court defense always, and they dont get tired that easy, because theyre offense is not so tiring, because of theyre excellent ball rotations,., easy simple shots for three? just standing out there,., even durant is still young,., im sure he can feel tired too, doing defense and offense at the same time,.,., just wait and watch the spurs,., take that 5th ring this year

      • mj says:

        an injured griffin scored 28 pts against the spurs’ full court defense and durant can’t score above 25?

  6. Old Man says:

    Sorry, “explode”, not “explore”.

  7. Old Man says:

    Both teams are great this year. It is pointless to mention defeating Dallas and Lakers as they were much different this year. No doubt Thunder have very sharp and terrible weapons. But Spurs have demonstrated perfect team-work basketball. Adding the depth and the coach, I believe Spurs will take the series. It will not be likely that the 3 stars of Thunder can explore in every game.

  8. Link says:

    Just again i think my spurs will win all the way to the grab the championship and again i will make a gold mine after all this years. The odds are theirs but the people here in the philippines love okc so people’s odds are against the spurs. I hope they pull of there team game supporting and helping each other to climb on top.

  9. patrick10 says:

    thunder will win! if manu and parker will be taken of the game 😀

  10. JAT says:

    It is true that spurs has balance scorers but okc has a balance game as always.They are a good offensive and defensive team…They have players who can stay longer minutes on the floor and can play under pressure.They have strong 4th quarter as can be seen in their game with the lakers and they have KD who can make game winning shots..Okc for sure will be superior in rebounding against the spurs and that will give them more offensive plays.I firmly believe OKC will win in 6.

  11. deadmann1992 says:

    lol. All these okc fans are funny as hell. the playoffs are all about mismatches and the spurs have that won. Boris diaw and matt bonner, timmy. SA is an all around great team on the offensive end and okc is not, they are one dimensional. You don’t win a championship that way. Okc bench is all harden, look at SA’s bench, they do everything. They can play fast, half court, in and out. Most of all westbrook won’t be able to defend tony parker at all. There’s going to be a wide open lane all series long for parker and not for westbrook. Like somebody said above stefolosha can’t defend every guard on the perimeter. I say SA wins this in 5 or 6.

  12. matt says:

    ok people be real the thunder were not suppose to win against Dallas or La but they did and people say that its because they dont have the same team as they did when they won the championships I AGREE, but if Dallas or La won then people would say that their unstoppable THINK ABOUT IT. Then the spurs swept the Jazz and Clipps really the Clipps beat the Grizzlies this year and the Grizzlies beat the Spurs last year. The Spurs have a better team basketball play then OKC but dont act like this isnt gonna be a good series. Both teams are hungry and we all can make excuses but we all know that it could go either way thats why is gonna be a better fight then the Finals PERIOD!!!

  13. justwatch&stophating says:

    Hey, just wanted to comment on everyone that says Thunder are one sided on their offense and that the Spurs have an advantage because of their ability to score from different players all around. That’s just not a very strong or smart statement. Every great team in NBA history has always had atleast 2 or 3 guys they look to when they are in need of scoring, I’m talking about NBA Championship teams, 96,97,98 Bulls. The Lakers on all there championships in the00’s, and even the 2007 Spurs who at the time relied more on 2 key players. That is just weak, please don’t post comments if you don’t know what to say, or if you don’t know much about the game., I want the Thunder to take it all the way, But may the Best team win. BTW, evreryone was saying that last year wasn,t the year for the Thunder, Maybe this one would be it, now a lot of people are saying next year, just quit it, its gonna happen sooner or later,and no hater has the right to say when its gonna happen. The fact that your talking about the Thunder shows you are aware of their abilities,please stop hating! And that goes to anybody that says that its not so and so’s team’s year yet, get a life! Just watch the game, and when your team takes it all, you got bragging rights for a few months.

    • Nate says:

      You need to take your own advice, here you are telling people to stop giving their opinions on who’s going to win, but you’re on here giving your own opinion on who you think is going to win too. Can you say contradiction??? Plus the Thunder are not the 96,97,98 Bulls so stop it with the comparisons, everyone has a right to their own opinion of who they think will win, so if you don’t like it then stop coming on here.

    • From a players perspective says:

      Every good team in the NBA have 2 or 3 star players. The big difference from a championship team is the supporting cast role within the game. That is what set teams apart and make them championship caliber teams. Is not about 3 players on the court, just think about it put any 3 superstar players against any five players on the court and see what happens. So that wasn’t a smart comment from your behalf!!!

  14. tonskaken says:

    spurs will gonna win this match,.,.,. thunder is fast, spurs is fast too,., thunder got big 3,,, spurs got the big 3 too,., thunder is a good offensive team, as well as the spurs, thunder got very good coach, as well as the spurs,., thunder is a good defensive team, as well as the spurs,., ( spurs signature ) spurs got elite and explosives bench, which thunder dont have,., spurs have a very good and awesome ball rotation, which thunder dont have, spurs knows how to win conference finals, which thunder still havent did,., spurs is the best experienced team, which thunder still experimenting,., maybe next season thunder can make it to the finals, but not now

  15. these are the playoffs says:

    Why is everyone pointing to what happened during the regular season. These are the playoffs and all teams pick up their game. Also the thunder has grown tremendously even during the playoffs so don’t expect things to happen the same way they did in the regular season. Spurs are an amazing team and are playing near perfect basketball. It will be a very good series the best of the playoffs. (probably better than the finals) Either way I can’t wait to watch it!

  16. ANTdaMAN210 says:


  17. ANTdaMAN210 says:

    GO SPURS GO……SWEEP THE THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  18. from a player perspective says:

    So when the Spurs make OKC look bad on the court, It will not be that the Spurs are good, it will be that they really they have not played anybody on the playoffs. And OKC will be considered a mediocre team. Clippers beat Memphis how were a better team than last year and gave OKC a very hard time on last year playoffs. Yes OKC is better this year but Memphis was also better this year. No, the Lakers and Dallas were not better teams this year. Plain and simple the Spurs will make you look bad and will take all your confidence away from your, and then shake your hand and tell you how well you played after is all finished. Miami fans will then say, the Spurs did not play anybody in the western conference. Utah, Clippers and OKC, don’t make me laugh. So OKC you dig your one grave!!!

  19. CalixZanuel says:

    All games will be decided in clutch and that’s OKC advantage.

  20. Lakeshow2012 says:

    The Spurs face no challenge in 2 rounds but for the OKC thunder they eliminated the past 2 champions dawg OKC is ready and whoever beats the lakers will be the championss

  21. Basketball Addict says:

    It is indeed true that Spurs are the favourite to win this series, and the championship as well. They are very deep; their bench will kill Oklahoma’s and even Miami’s (if they win this series and advance to the next round which is probably against the Heat), Who has Thunder got, Harden? Spurs has the best mental toughness too. Just watch them in the Clippers series. They were cool and calm, you saw Duncan and Parker chilling during halftime while they were down big. They kept their composure, and ended up sweeping the Clippers. And even though they haven’t got the biggest names, Spurs have the three stars that are willing to step up during crunch time. Good ol big old fella Timmy, speedy Parker and skillful Ginobli. OKC may be a beast in scoring with Westbrook Durant and Harden and in blocking with Serge Ibaka, but the Spurs has their starters and the whole bench working together to form a rather more calm, less noisy, but definitely a more powerful monster.
    If Oklahoma do end up pulling this off somehow though (it is highly unlikely), then it is safe to say that they will win it all the way. The Thunder will not face another opponent that could be more difficult than the Spurs, not even Miami Heat. Sorry Heat fans, you are good but this is not your year yet. Wait until next year. Or maybe the next one. But you will get there. For now it is San Antonio’s moment.

  22. John From OKC says:

    I grew up in Oklahoma so my bias should be pretty obvious.

    Duncan and company may well be past their primes, and that cannot be said of any of the Thunder players. An ESPN announcer has on the air compared James Harden to Manu Ginobili. Serge Ibaka is a player I could go on and on and on about. In short, it may not be wishful thinking making me believe the Thunder will take this series. I’ll be pulling for them regardless.

  23. phillymatt says:

    Age will catch up with the Spurs where the thunder’s youth will mature and play team ball.

  24. B3 says:

    You can’t make statements questioning how good the Spurs are just by the fact that they swept the Clippers and the Jazz. Just because the Spurs swept those two teams doesn’t mean they are bad teams. Games, or series, can’t be completely summarized by what is shown on the stat sheets or the box score. You may see, “#1 seed sweeps #8 seed” however, how well the Spurs’ plays were executed, and the “little things” that happen throughout the game can only be seen in the game itself. We have all seen games in which teams have lost despite the fact that they shot over 60% or higher during the game. I bet half, if not more, of these people who are commenting have not even watched a single game the Spurs have played during this post season. We all know there are “trap” games that can lead to upsets. The Spurs are on a mission and did not allow a let-down to occur against teams we knew they were supposed to beat. They didn;t allow the fact that they had a 3-0 lead over a team that had worked their a**** off to get into the playoffs and a team that had given potential title-favorites a hard time throughout the season. It’s not all about the outcome of the game or the series, it is how the game or series was played by either team that may or may not be seen in the game’s or series’ final scores or stats.

  25. allansuarez says:

    San Antonio will win, OKC Thunder, who were never been in finals are not enough to beat the four times Champion! they’re not as good as Spurs, they are total package! Go Tim, Parker and Ginobili, and the rest of the Guys, !! Go spurs Go!!!

  26. Tammy says:

    Thunder in 5

  27. B3 says:

    Kevin Durant might not have a field day like everyone might expect. Kawhi Leonard has arms that are longer than a bad month and fingers that would make E.T. jealous. He may be just a rookie, but his defense and length might be enough to slow down Durant. This won’t be the first time Kawhi has seen some action against Durant. He did a commendable job of limiting his shots and keeping him under control. We have seen Leonard play incredible defense on LeBron during the first half of the Spurs’ only meeting with the Heat this season, shut-out Rudy Gay in Memphis in January, frustrate Dirk Nowitzki, and slow down Kobe.

  28. Bee says:

    I agree! OKC can knock off the Spurs…Everyone wants to put OKC down, because their young and some still feel their inexperience. Each year OKC has proven they are championship status. The Spurs did’nt play anyone during the playoffs, so yes they should be 8- 0…OKC played the defending 2011 champions, plus they played the Lakers. They had to play to win. It was’nt easy for OKC. If the tables was turn and the Spurs had to play Mavericks & Lakers, who’s to say they would still be in the playoffs. So we can’t count OKC out, their fast and they can play some good ball. As long OKC don’t let the Spurs slow down the game & take them out of their rythem. They will do great! Same for Miami, if they make it to the finals. They like to slow the damn game down too. Anyone who has watch the San Antonio Spurs play, know that’s the most boring game in the league….OKC takes the league in 6.

  29. James says:

    The experts are unanimous for Spurs. I am predicting OKC will win in 6 and also beat Miami or Boston very easily.

  30. Fedor says:

    I pick the Thunder read my blog why.

    follow me on twitter @fedorg4s

    • from a players perspective says:

      This is for Fedor ( blog I looked at your blog, My God all your picks have been wrong so far. Don’t get me wrong I was rutting for Indiana myself. Plus, you will be wrong about SA vs OKC. Did you even took under consideration RPG where Durant is the best rebounder for OKC with nearly 5 RPG, and you think OKC have the defense to stop the Spurs??? Diaw picks up more rebound than him. What due you think dose rebound are going to turn in for the Spurs in transition??? The Lakers being slow as they were had a chance to beat OKC in about every game they played except for game 1, without a good bench. OKC will be destroyed by the Spurs!!! Since Fedor picked OKC, put your money on the Spurs!!!

  31. OKC WIN says:

    Listen up!
    The Spurs only just swept the 8 seed and the 4 seed.
    Now look at the thunder sweeping defending champions Dallas the 7 seed and only losing 1 close game to L.A which was the 3 seed.
    Thunder will definitely win due to their sharing of the ball, defense and great coach, But i think their fun will come to an end when they lose to the HEAT

  32. CRAZYJOE says:

    The last 47 games that Tony Parker started for the SPURS are 43-4,how you are going to beat then 4 times in a 7 games series,they arealso 24-3 the last 27 road games.Dallas and Utah have the same record during the regular season and the Lakers edge theClippers by one game also during the regular season.

  33. KD35Fan says:

    from reading all of the comments, overall, I think the team that would win this series is the team that would make proper adjustments on both sides of the floor. I would like the thunder to win but in order for that to happen, they would need to adjust their playing style against the spurs. Same thing with the spurs, they would need to adjust their playing style to beat the thunder. It’s all about adjustments and preparation, as seen so far in most of the playoff games.

  34. Ray says:

    I think this is going to be a great series and probably should be the finals overall. There is no way the eastern conference can beat either one of these western teams this year.

  35. Jon says:

    This will be the best series of the playoffs.

  36. lomowebb says:

    We have watched OKC perserver over the years I have watched their leader Kevin Durant grow and develop and what I have observed is a man that gets better and better every year I believe Kevin Durant will do even greater then Michael Jordan he will get more rings and break more records Kevin Durant is a man destined to acomplish great things!!! YES OF COURSE OKC WILL BE NBA 2012 CHAMPS!!!!

  37. Go Thunder! says:

    Yes our OKC beat the Mavs and Lakers. Everybody beats the Mavs, thay are the 7th seat. Lakers was almoost beaten by Nuggets.
    R u guys comparing those teams with SPURS?

    SPURS will take this 4-0…

  38. googergieger says:

    It is hard to see the Spurs losing. I mean in the series the only clear advantage OKC has is Durant. Westbrook and Parker are a wash. Westbrook is younger and stronger, but Parker is a better decision maker. Not to mention can play without the ball. Westbrook is more or less useless if he doesn’t have the ball in his hands. That is why he was the MVP of the L.A. series and arguably the Dallas series as well. So Durant will probably have his chance in the series. Unfortunately for him, Spurs have too many weapons and Pop at the wheel. I mean Harden and Ginobli are pretty much a wash as well. Duncan has an advantage on whoever is guarding him as well. Ibaka is only a good help blocker. Perkins is a good defender when he can body up someone. Though he did a good job on Dirk. Spurs bench is clearly better. I don’t know, I haven’t seen the Spurs make one mistake so far. Thunder have made a few. Durant hasn’t gotten that many touches. Brooks relies on Fisher too much at times even when he clearly can’t guard anyone out there and isn’t doing much on offense. I don’t think The Thunder can afford to make mistakes in this series. Cause from what I’ve seen, Spurs don’t make any and exploit all of yours.

  39. Spurs says:

    Spurs win in 5! I just don’t want them to play Heat or Pacers…they’re disgusting the way they are playing, with those flagrant fouls. I know the only reason Spurs would set any of them off, is because they’ll be winning.

  40. Dee says:

    FIrst of all have you notice who the Spurs have played? lol Damn Utah and LA (clippers) Gimme me a break OKC has 2 tough teams playing againts the former champions and Lakers. I understand that Both teams are missing important individual players, but OKC has always been cosistent on winning on the last minute. This will be a tough game! Yes, OKC are viewed as the underdog, but will see who will WIN! OKCCCCCCC ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!

    • Randall Hill says:

      In response to this post I have to ask you to either read my second post in this thread or just listen to this…. WHO HAVE THE THUNDER BEAT? You can’t consider Dallas a contender, and honestly you thunder fans have got to quit saying “They beat the defending champs” in hopes of making dallas sound like a contender because they weren’t. The Dallas mavericks of this year were not the same team that won the championship last year and everyone knows that I can list at least three major role players that they were missing who would have clearly affected the outcome of their series with OKC this year!! 1.) J J Barea a man who averaged nearly 20 a game in last year’s series with OKC off the bench. 2.) Deshawn Stevenson started at 2 guard position wich allowed Jason Terry to play his role as Dallas’ perrenial 6th man and major spark off the bench. 3.) Tyson Chandler… Dallas’ only true inside presence and winner of this year’s deffensive player of the year award!!! Now tell me that yall really beat the defending champs and not just a washed up version of what it once was….. don’t worry I’ll wait!!! Now as for the Lakers, they also lost vital pieces from their team, none bigger than Lamar Odom and Phil Jackson to be honest. The disaray in L.A. and distrust among teamates caused them to be an unstable ball club all season they stumbled into form just well enough to etch out a third seed in the west but if you look at it that wasn’t very hard to do seeing as to how teams 4 through 8 were so terribly close in record. But with a new coach comes a new system fact is OKC struggled against the lakers triangle offense which is now obsolete since they are now playing under coach Mike Brown’s system so it was a building year for them so to speak. And down the stretch this year they missed the veteran poise of Derek Fisher who cried and weasled his way onto a winning team instead of accepting his trade to Houston like a man. Now to my point San Antonio beat Utah ok I’ll give you that one no big deal, but the Clippers beat the hell out of the Thunder 3 out of 4 times in the regular season so I would say that san Antonio deserves some credit for what they did there seeing as to how they beat them 4 times straight and OKC couldn’t even do it twice this year!!!! Let’s face it OKC is a talented team with potential to be a Great team and maybe even a championship dynasty in their own right but this year experience and poise will reign supreme as the Spurs trample over OKC in 4 games!!! Numbers don’t lie!!!!

  41. Tawny says:

    I’m going with The Spurs i was one of the people that picked OKC in the beginning of the season but i have changed my mind and to whoever said people picked Dallas to win that’s a straight up lie, everybody and their mama picked OKC to come out of that series i don’t know one person that picked Dallas everyone expected OKC to get to the Finals and they have so i really don’t think they’ve been estimated all season if anyone has been underestimated and disrespected it’s clearly the Spurs they rarely ever get any respect they deserve, It’s harder for me to find a flaw in the Spurs this play offs than OKC, Dallas really weren’t a threat this year so it was no surprise they got swept after getting rid of most of the role players that helped them win it all last year.

  42. Killa! says:

    Aaaaaaaaaannnn OKC wins series……

  43. Thunder Up says:

    Go thunder!! Thunder in 7 with KD taking the last shot.

  44. richard says:

    OKC will Win 4-2

  45. richard says:

    Spurs will be tough to beat..But for me OKC can beat the Spurs..Look at what the thunder,How they beat the Best 2 teams the Defending Champs my team..and the Big Boys in L.A…its been a great Win..Go Thunder…..

  46. richard says:

    OKC will win thy are tough…..maybe game 6 OKC will be on top

  47. tooner says:

    Gimme a break guys… Spurs is great yeah but who did they play? UTAH in the first round and the one play CLIPS??? certainly they should look good against those teams.

    OKC on the other hand swept last years champs and gave LA a beat down to ensure their new label sticks “Slow-LA” 😛

    OKC in 5!

  48. Randall Hill says:

    I have to say to everyone who keeps comparing the both team’s two previous matchups in this year’s playoffs…… SAVE IT!!!! It is driving me crazy to hear people keep saying San Antonio only beat the Clippers and the Jazz, and then saying that the Thunder knocked off the defending champion Mav’s and the Lakers. Let’s be real I’ll give you the easy comments as far as the Jazz are concerned but really who did the Thunder beat!? Let’s see… first were the Mavs… mind you Dallas were the defending champs but look how many pieces of that championship puzzle were missing!!! First of all Tyson Chandler’s defensive presence was truely missed, secondly J J Barea literally owned the 4th quarter against the thunder in last season’s western conference finals. Deshawn Stevenson was a starting guard on last year’s team but wasn’t present this year…. so although it sounds good to say the beat the defending champs let’s be honest…. they really didn’t beat the defending champs at all they beat a FEW members of last years championship squad. Now on to the Lakers…. the lakers may still have alotta talent but look at what all was missing from their equation. First of all the loss of Lamar Odom was without question a major blow to the lakers team we have come to know in the playoffs of the past few seasons!! Next backup guard Shannon Brown was missing from the roster this year and we can’t deny that he saw major minutes off the bench for the lakers in previous seasons. Next was Pau Gasol’s frighteningly frequent inability to stay focused between spats with Kobe and fear of no longer wearing purple and gold next season. Furthermore this was the lakers first year playing under a new system which is without saying a difficult task to adjust to especially when you have played under the same system for the past decade. Lastly they had a lack of experience at the point guard position after their trade of veteran guard Derek Fisher who ironically ended up in OKC. So with that being said yes the Thunder beat the lakers but…. who the hell are the lakers this season anyway!!! Also as far as the spurs opponents are concerned San Antonio did sweep the clippers a team who took their season series with thunder 3-1. Now I know the nba is a league where matchups are everything but in my personal opinion and in the opinion of many experts the Spurs just have the advantage when it comes to match ups. Interesting series while it lasts but To all the OKC fans who are still holding on for hope, please just look at the facts and accept the undeniably…… Spurs will take the series in 4!!!

  49. from a players perspective says:

    There winning streak is so big they have to loose one sooner or later, who know probably next season???? When a team clicks like the Spurs have for the last half of the season it is very hard to beat them, near impossible. We are probably seeing the best team to ever play the game of basketball. Teams stride is to get to that level but they can hardly ever accomplish this because of players egos. It is not that Durant and Harden OKC are not good, it is just that the Spurs are in a different level at this time, a level of play that is unbeatable. It’s like the perfect recipe for basketball, all the right ingredients. It’s team basketball at it’s best. OKC fans no disrespect you got a very bright future ahead of you!!! Now who wouldn’t like to see the Heat get swept ??? To teach them that individual talent is not what basketball is about and can only get you so far.

  50. Randall Hill says:

    The San Antonio Spurs have been my favorite team since back in the David Robinson era so needless to say I am ecstatic about how Coach Pop and the Spurs front office have managed to put together another juggernaut team filled with players who have flown under the radar of the league’s mainstream fans. Tony Parker for one deserved a much higher nod in the MVP race this season for his productivity and leadership on a team that many fans and experts had written off as “too old” to make another run at the championship. In this series I see the Spurs winning by yet another sweep. Not to discredit the Thunder who in their own right are an incredible team and well deserving of all the praise and accolades that they have recieved this year, its just that the Thunder like every other team in the playoffs this year minus possibly the Pacers, lack the depth needed to compete with the Spurs. Also the Spurs took a 2-1 series split over the Thunder during the regular season and what makes the significant to their series is the fact that the Spurs have since added two major pieces to their roster and also that Manu Ginobili will be present and active against the Thunder this time around. Another huge key to the Spurs success in the series will be the matchup of the bigs!! Ibaka, Collison, and Perkins have their high points but neither is a true threat offensively therefore they take the pressure off of San Antonio’s bigs on the deffensive end. Also with Perkins’ questionable health and Duncan’s seemingly renewed youth, San Antonio are going to be a handful for the bigs of OKC. Not to mention the shooting ability of bigs like Boris Diaw, and Matt Bonner that will further spread the floor and force OKC’s bigs to go one on one against Duncan in the post or go to a smaller line up to guard the perimeter the Thunder are just truthfully outmatched all the way around in this series. Kevin Durant will undoubtedly do his usual which is just show the world exactly how unstoppable he is, but the Thunder’s 1-2 punch will suffer a devastating blow when it comes down to Russell Westbrook’s productivity. While he is an explosive and high energy player two proven major flaws in his game will be exposed by the surgical San Antonio spurs under the expert guidance of Coach Pop. The first is his tendency to struggle offensively when he is forced to play on both ends of the floor. It’s no secret that Tony Parker is going to go at him full speed all night every night and the energy that it takes to guard a high energy point guard and much less Tony Parker, will undoubtedly take away from his Russell’s energy on the offensive end of the floor. The second is Russell’s tendency to “want to be the hero” so to speak. It was never more prevailant than in last year’s western conference finals against Dallas when as opposed to getting his teammates involved down the stretch in big games, Russell opted to continue to look for his own shot even at times when it was obvious that he couldn’t buy a bucket. Admittedly he has been less likely to do that this season…. old habits don’t die easily and in a big time matchup like the one between both he and Tony Parker is more likely than in any other series they have played thus far that he will be eager to out-do the savy frenchmen in the stats department especially as far as scoring is concerned. This should be an interesting series while it lasts but overall I still think the Spurs are just in a zone that is unbreakable and to quote Utah’s Al Jefferson… “I don’t see nobody beating them” See you all when the title is being handed over to the boys in Black and Silver!!!

  51. Really? OKC? Thats mess up! says:

    Just wasted my time reading all the BS that ppl think OKC will win the WCF.
    That is actually fine. Lets keep it that way.
    Lets just keep it a secret b/w the Spurs and its fan (because this organisation actually like to be unnoticed);
    1. 50-16 (Lets not tell OKC fan Pop rested his players and sacrificed winning streak records)
    2. 2-1 Vs OKC
    3. Coach of the Year
    4. TP, TD & Manu = Healthy, playoff experience and UNSELFISH!
    5. Diaw, Bonner, Splitter, Blair Vs Ibaka, Perkins, Collison & Mohammed. Right, in reality its 4 Spurs big vs 2 OKC big (And I hope all your big men are good free throws shooter as well)
    6. Jackson, Neal, Green, Leonard, Diaw, Bonner = 3 points threats.

    I could probably add a few more but i can’t be bothered..

    Dont get me wrong OKC, I like Durant, Scott Brooks and Harden but that is it. I think Westbrook is a talented Twattt! and there is still to much thuggery in that team. But I will also say, if Spurs didnt make it than I would prefer for OKC to win over the East conf.

    Realistically, I’m sorry OKC but you are running to the most inform team leading to the playoff. They will have their handful trying to contain the big 3 of spurs and forgot about the role players of my number 6. Or vice-versa.

    I’ll make a mentioned about all the writers above are rather hopeless (my polite way of saying Pathetic!) with their predictions through out the year… I wonder if any of them have written anything positive about the Spurs in the regular season or even thought or have faith in backing that Spurs will make it all the way?? Most likely NO, if one of them did, I’m sorry.

    The only commentators who kinda been consistent through out the year is Shaq on backing the Spurs.

    My prediction is Spurs 4-1

    Keepin it real/realistic

  52. rigpa44 says:

    The Spurs are on a roll. With the Thunder over-relying on jump-shots, it will be the Spurs, unless the Thunder can change their game up. It’ll be a battle worth watching. 🙂

  53. ThunderChick84 says:

    I’m a die hard OKC Thunder fan to the fullist. The Spurs are a really good team. Both teams are going to have their hand full in this series. But I have to go with my Thunder on this one. It’s gonna be tough. Thunder in 6. And by the way, they did think OKC was going to lose to Dallas and the Lakers. Thunder up!!!!

  54. rocklinex says:

    im an okc fan but spurs show they are the good team…but i’m rooting on okc to win this series…anyway whoever wins this series will be the nba champion!!…

  55. daleagua says:

    unanimous decision.. spurs. but if okc kept the games close they have a chance to win they have durant to make clutch shots at the end. spurs don’t have robert horry anymore so it’ll be hard for them if the games are just decided by 1 or 2 or 3 points

  56. rank says:

    I find it funny that these same writers forgot to mention spurs in the start of the season. They even predicted OKC or Miami for the Finals. Anyway, im a spurs fan but i dont take OKC for granted. They are a great team, patterned their success to spurs. My guess is SPURS in 6!

  57. rigor mortiz says:

    and i know some of the Spurs are old, but they have a championship experience, and do not under estimate the heart of the champion, that’s why OKC signed D-Fish because of his championship experience but i don’t think its enough i Okc is young and athletic, but they don’t have experience to push through, maybe next year?

  58. rigor mortiz says:

    i don’t understand why those people under estimate the Spurs capable to beat OKC? don’t compare them to the Mavs or the LAKERS, they know their basketball, i think their hungry again for the title, and they well motivated and very disciplined team, and i don’t think Spurs will allowed OKC to steal a homecourt advantage and they know how to win, lets see what the Spurs will do on this series

  59. Jason says:

    The Spurs are to deep of a team for OKC. The Spurs have only lost 4 games in the past 2 and half months and OKC fans think that the Spurs will lose 4 games within a matter of a week or two, I seriously doubt that. I’ll give OKC credit for being a good team and the series should be a good one but i’m picking the Spurs within 5, maybe 6 games tops, Although the Spurs sweeping another team wouldn’t surprise me either.

  60. Kiran Kumar says:

    KD, Harden and Westbrook will outscore the spurs… Thunder Thunder……. they will rock the spurs.. this year belongs to younger thunder.. they have showed and they will prove all wrong.

  61. Jmoney says:

    9 games is really impressive to roll through the lakers and the Mavericks, BUT both teams are not the same teams they were in their respective championship years, Mavericks almost didnt make the playoffs untill the last 5 or 6 games. They were the 7th seed! The Lakers are a monster of a team. Ideally, lakers would have given the spurs a much harder match up with their bigs. But the lakers are a dysfunctional team and it was ovbious that they werent going to be able to pull through. The spurs are the number one seed in the west, and you earn that during the regular season. Everyone keeps saying how the spurs had a easier road, but the clippers arent just a normal team. They took down a memphis team that would have given anyone a hard time. And let me remind all you OKC fans the clippers won the reg season series 3-1 during the regular season. Thank the spurs later. in the three games the spurs and OKC have had two came down to the wire but the spurs were more poised and closed out the game. Just like i see this series going. I see the series going to 6, Spurs on top.

    • go heat says:

      spurs are simply boring!they may win it all but not entertaining to watch,no showtime at all!

      • crazyjoe says:

        the SPURS are boring?The most dinamic offense in the NBA,The Heat play one and one baskertball,the whole eastern conference is hard to watch.

  62. oldschool says:

    Green should be able to handle Westbrook. Leonard won’t be able to stop KD, but should hamper him enough to keep him from getting 40. Perkins and Ibaka will be in foul trouble trying to guard Duncan. I don’t think Harden and Sef will br able to cover the Spurs perimeter players. Spurs in 5.

  63. oklahoma boy says:

    Everything depends on how much Tim Duncan has in his tank. He is old and pushing it to the end of his useful NBA life.. If he keeps this amazing pace is going to be San Antonio in 5. I am anticipating he will run out fuel in this series or the next. Sorry Spur fans.

  64. peter says:

    Its OKC. The Jazz and the Clippers are just blips in the screen. Think of sweeping the defending champs the Mavs and just giving 1 fluke to the Lakers who thought they could win it all. Its OKC.

  65. KB says:

    Thunder will take them and the championship.

    I give credit where credit is due. Sweeping two in a row is very impressive but come on….the Jazz….really? Who else in the West that made the playoffs wouldn’t have swept them. No stars, no explosiveness, not much of anything really.

    Then we have the Clippers. Gregg Popovich did a great job on coordinating the defense, especially on Chris Paul. But that’s just it. You lock down Paul and everything else is taken care of from there. Clippers can barely make a shot without Paul doing something to give them one. As high as the guy can fly, Blake Griffin only averaged like 5 or 6 rebounds in the series.

    Not saying that the Spurs can’t win it all, but based on the teams that they faced and the performances they put on, I can’t give the Spurs the title just yet. OKC took on Dirk and Kobe consecutively and won 8-1 against significantly better teams. We’ll see how it plays out though but money is still on OKC

    • BFoulds says:

      You’re right. A dismantled Dallas team and a no phil jackson one man show kobe 33% shooting team is SO much harder to beat than the clippers.

      get real.

      spurs in 5

  66. okc faN says:


  67. FrieD RicE says:

    SAS vs OKC will be a very entertaining game. okc isn’t a push over time. the earliest this game will end will be game 5. but i’m expecting a game 7 on this WCF..

    athleticism => OKC

    coaching => Spurs

    system => Spurs

    bench => Spurs

  68. mtho13 says:

    San Antonio Spurs in 4. OKC will be sweep and another sweep in the FINALS! 5th Championship Banner for my beloved SPURS!

  69. Sofyen says:

    I’ll go with the Spurs in 6. The Thunder are a great team, but I don’t think the Spurs will sweep them. The San Antonio Spurs proved they are a very balanced team, with a great mixture of active, and healthy experienced players: Duncan, Ginobili, and Parker. as well as highly talented and motivated young players: Leonard, Gary Neal, Danny Green, Tiago Splitter, The strength of the Spurs is about attitude, order and discipline, and most of all playing as a team, that’s what Greg Popovich taught his squad from the start of the season. The San Antonio bench is amazing and contributing so well. On top of all these weapons, Steven Jackson, and Boris Diaw who already got adjusted with the team so well. Tim Duncan looks very healthy, and Tony Parker has been on fire the entire year. So Spurs in 6. They need to shut down Westbrook, and Durant though. Go Spurs !!!!

  70. satx says:

    All the match ups are pretty even (physically). Spurs are too smart for the Thunder. Plain and simple.
    Thunder, take some notes, you’ll be good enough when you’re 30.

  71. Blas says:

    The Spurs have Obi Wan Ginobili and Cap’n Jack Spurrow!

  72. Kobe@Manila says:

    Thunder have defeated the Lakers only because they are disorganized and Gasol is not at his best because of trading him is always hunting him.. Spurs is at their best and no one… I mean NO ONE!! can stop them for gettig another championship..

  73. royalty says:

    the spurs swept 2 relatively easy teams, while OKC only lost 1 game, and swept the defending national champs, and nearly swept a very good lakers team. I think ppl will be surprised when OKC takes this. The experience they gained from the Mavs and Lakers will help them defeat the Spurs. I say OKC in 6.

    • BFoulds says:

      OKC did NOT beat the former champions. They beat a dismantled washed up Dallas team, and a non phil jackson one man show Lakers joke squad.

      Spurs didn’t just sweep, they used the power wash on their teams.

      Spurs in 5

  74. erick says:

    i like the spurs

  75. boom says:

    for okc and spurs..let the game do the talking and to those who think that miami can win the championship….haha! u gonna be kiddin me

  76. DR17 says:

    OKC in 6 or 7. It’s their time

  77. Paul says:

    OKC got this far easier than normal because of the hard drives to the bucket (hello Harden et al).
    They were destined to the conference final anyhow, but the drives to the bucket got them there in less games than may have been required.
    That won’t happen now. Tim Duncan will prevent all this nonsense. Sure OKC will get the odd drive now and the, but they well need to find other ways to get baskets because with Tim in the paint, Westbrook and Harden will not have easy openings.
    They will have a hard time finding ways to get baskets though, they don’t run too many half-court plays and the ones they do run they don’t run well enough, so they will rely on jump shots and speed.
    Jumps shots will be good at times, not so good at others – the scary thing is that even if they ARE making their shots, the Spurs will be making threes while Parker/Ginobili/Duncan making their usual great baskets, on other words they will be scoring well too, so it really does come down to OKC defense more than anything in this series and there is no answer to stop the big three or to stop the three (no answer from any team) .
    Spurs championship imminent.

  78. nesto says:

    i like the spurs but the thunder they just too much

  79. Maximo says:

    San Antonio ganará por que tiene jugadores que entienden y leen muy bien el juego, como Manu Ginobili; que es capaz de cambiar su forma de juego de acuerdo a los momentos de los partidos . Tony o Tim. Esa adaptabilidad más la presencia de jovenes con muchas ganas y poco egoismo hace una combinación que no hay en otros equipos de la liga.

  80. nesto says:

    thunder will sweep the spurs. when San Antonio loose a game they continue to loose

  81. douglas says:

    all i can say is that i just can’t wait for both teams to play , not sure who i support though as thisa re the two teams i like to watch all season long, just can’t wait .. i might even say that this will certainly be more interesting then the finals..

  82. Imthatguy says:

    okc has better guards and forwards but unless they are going to play 48 minutes per game they won’t out last the spurs
    once they take durant/westbrook off the floor spurs gonna make a run and there’s nothing okc can do about that
    i pick okc in game 1
    spurs take 2 and 3
    okc takes 4
    spurs take 5 and 6

  83. Dedicated Spurs Fan says:

    Taking in all the comments good, bad and indifferent–no one knows who will win or lose. Only God knows…Both The Spurs and The Thunder did not get to this point because one team was better than the other. Both teams have it in them to win. Someone has to win and someone will lose-just depends on how well each team plays each night. I love my Spurs and wish them all the success in the world. I will be watching on TV with great anticipation. Win or lose, I know the Spurs will play with all they got and make San Antonio and fans around the world proud of them.

  84. Choker says:

    Spurs are going to win with experience. They share the basket. Ginobili, Parker and Danny Green need to defend and timmy d should make it hard for ibaka

  85. Scott Payne says:

    Let me start by saying I’m a Spurs fan but WOW… Has anyone stopped to realize that the Spurs beat Utah and Baby LA in 8 but OKC ran through the last two NBA champions in 9? I will be rooting for my Spurs of course, I however have come to see the that OKC can definitely take it if they want it bad enough. Just being real.

    • BFoulds says:

      OKC Beat a washed up Dallas team failed by Mark Cuban, and a one-man-show-nonteam oriented Lakers team.

      And they beat them by an average of 14 PPG!

      Just being factually real.

      Spurs in 5.

  86. Zac Logan says:

    OKC were picked to lose to Dallas and LA and they beat them so I think that they will beat San Antonio and get to the finals and then beat the Heat in the finals

  87. It's in the bag says:

    Spurs will double durant, duh. He will force his shots and disrupt all thunder rhythm. He’ll average 22 a game. Westbrook will average 30 a game and 2 offensive fouls per game. Harden will manage 17 per game. The rest of o/c might manage 20 on a good night. That’s 89 per game. Spurs will score around 96 on average ( I’m going low to give okc some respect). Spurs in 5

  88. CedTheCool says:

    I can understand everyone picking San Antonio, but I’m a OKC fan. GO THUNDER.

  89. renz_garnett says:

    i will go with thunder in six.. the reason why the spurs swept the first two rounds.. because they dont have an opponent that is really really tough.. they face jazz with no star and clippers with paul and griffin who knows only to dunk but no match with duncan.. look at the thunder,, young athletic.. they swept the champions and almost swept kobe.. so i go with thunder..

  90. jan_279 says:

    Can’t wait to watch this series. I love both teams but I’m rooting for San Antonio. GO SPURS GO! =)

  91. Cody says:

    I LOVE my Thunder! But i pretty sure it is going to be 50/50 all the way to 7 games, and unfortunately I think Spurs are going to win, unless the Thunder can out smart a veteran team. Who ever wins will win the Championship in the finals because their is no competition in the east.

  92. durantula35 says:

    OKC in

  93. Kong says:

    Hey guys you’re in for a big surprise, it’s gonna be a 4-0 for spurs against the Miami after they sweep the OKC

  94. Spursncaantaffordajersey says:


  95. NosTRADEamus says:

    If SPURS lose at least 1 of their first 2 games, I have to go with OKC…

  96. ghost says:

    OKC in 6 maybe 7. Spurs are rolling but the Jazz and the Clips? The Clips are a joke as long as Kenyon Martin is leading them to 4th qtr wins. OKC beat and decent Dallas team with Dirk and the Lakers who many picked to come out of the West. Remember the “length”? As long as Westbrook keeps his ego in check, Durant will show everyone he’s the best player in the league.
    Boston v Miami will be a bloodbath

  97. Chaniel Jansen says:

    it’ll be a test for the thunder… 2010 Lakers beat thunder they go on to win the finals, 2011 Dallas wins against them and they go on to win the finals, and now the spurs… The west for 12 to 13 years is owned by lakers, spurs and mavs. Spurs will play all dr hearts out. its gonna be a fun series, whoever wins ds will surely be the NBA Champs.. Go Spurs Go (Lock-out Kings) Drive for Five (2+0+1+2= 5 NBA Champs)

  98. George says:

    I see the spurs taking it in 4-5 games because the Spurs style of play forces turnovers, and with the OKC naturally being prone to doing so, they will be at a blatant disadvantage. The rest of the game won’t matter. Both teams will make and miss shots, but with the abovementioned hole in OKC’s defense, victory is virtually impossible. Sure OKC’s big three will go on multiple lung tearing runs, but as the series wears on it will become dreadfully clear to Durant and his crew of flunkies that cry as they might this team has their number. They are thoroughly outmatched. I wish the OKC luck.

  99. cherrypopper says:

    the next nba champion, that’s who wins the west… again

  100. jan carlo odon says:

    this is gonna be a great series..However, I see the spurs winning this one and taking it on up to the finals,.,..they will face the heat and beat them down…I agree OKC is a great team…a strong one..but SA is just better…i mean the best team in the playoffs…Spurs in 5….

  101. rey monasterial says:

    After disposing off the defending champs and the lakers (both A-teams) in a very convincing fashion, as compared to the spurs slay of the jazz and the clippers (both B-teams), I think it will be OKC in 6. 🙂

    • mb says:

      dallas an A team this year? where have you been? dallas was an A team last year that is why okc went down. don’t you know both lakers and mavs are very different now compared to when they won championships? Lakers lost the coach that made them winners. Dallas lost a lot of key players this year.

  102. cool knicks fan says:

    should be an awesome series! Can’t wait. But the Thunder rely too much on their Big 3 for offense while the Spurs use almost every player. The Spurs depth will eventually be too much for OKC. Spurs in 7.

  103. kiko says:

    OKC in 6 or 7 Ibaka and Perkins will be the X factor. just see

  104. BasedonStats says:

    Hey OKC fans…umm. Newsflash, besides Duncan, and Ginobili which very much productive players even at this stage in their careers…..the Spurs really are that…”old”. So that advantage isn’t really much of an advantage.

  105. Eric says:

    OKC in 6. Boston in 7 against Miami. Toss up in Finals. Give me a good reason why not. And don’t say Boston is to old. And don’t say OKC is to inexperienced. Lame reasons.

  106. Go Spurs Go says:

    I guess you do not know the coach Pop. He has a lot of options to stop Durant. Imagine OKC without KD. Spurs will take this series 4-0.

  107. SPURS N ME says:

    I love the way my team taking the win one at a time for their every game. That’s how I simply describe their game plan.
    I know you will just continue the excellent Job, and double it way to the FINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO SPURS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Styx says:

    I love OKC and want them to win, but if the spurs win, i wont be surprised. I can’t decide between the two. Whoever wins will take the NBA championship. Either OKC or Spurs in 6 😀

  109. flash says:

    this will be a good match.. OKC in 6..

  110. SPURS N ME says:

    I like the way my team taking the win one at a time, for their every game. That’s how I simply describe their game plan.I know you will just continue the excellent job, and double it way to the FINALS!!!!
    GO SPURS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. Joseph Danker says:

    Drive For Five!
    Spurs in 4 or 5. Each win will deffinantly tough though.
    OKC is good, but rested spurs are by far the best team in the nba. As long as they stay healthy, Spurs will win it all. noone in the east can top the spurs

  112. Not the heat says:

    This will be a very good series, going 6 or 7 games. The Spurs are bigger and have a deeper team. OKC is very explosive and Durant is a killer in the clutch. But I believe the Spurs have the edge with all their championship pedigree. If the Spurs win the West, they will for sure win the title. The Heat are too small and the Celtics are not deep enough. Spurs get their 5th title this year.

  113. uh yeah.... says:

    LOL. OKC is going to win. These blogtable “experienced experts” always gets these things wrong. 😀

  114. enjoilife says:

    I would like OKC to win this series, I love the game that they play. But having said that, I don’t think they can beat the Spurs as they are now. The Spurs have just been playing too good of basketball in the last few months. Tim Duncan has turned into the Tim Duncan of old, being an unstoppable presence in the post and Tony Parker has been one of the best pointguards in the league and also pretty unstoppable. And their bench has been pretty amazing for them as well.

    If the Thunder want to win (which I would whole-heartedly like) they need some kind of miracles for it to happen.

    I hate to say it, but Spurs in 5 or 6.

  115. rammrodd65 says:

    they may bring their a game once, because they certainly not gonna do it every game. ibaka not smart enough to gaurd duncan ( pump fake get him every time because he concetrates on blocking shots, thats foul trouble waiting to happen ). only reason they beat lakers is because of mental lapses & that wont happen with spurs..westbrook gonna have chase tony the whole game & that in itself is gonna take toll on his offensive game. manu can handle harden with no prob, but can hardin handle manu.( i think not )

  116. Francisco says:

    match ups are very important, I want Miami to win it all, I would prefer to play San Antonio than OKC, I think than teams like Miami and OKC will be able to beat the spurs , they are not having problems beating the competition so far when they do, the tide is going to change and they will lose one serie.I am more scared as a Miami fan to play Indiana than San Antonio, it is a match up situation.

    • BFoulds says:

      Spurs bench will outscore Heats bench 50-4.

      Spurs over Heat in 5 if they meet, might sweep LeBron again.

  117. spurs fan says:

    this is the X factor for the spurs MATT BONNER!i dont think ibaka or perkins leave the paint to run in the 3 point line and im pretty sure BONNER is hell of a shooter so that is interesting..i dont think the spurs can defend durant..but that’s it..but the question is can the thunders defend the spurs?i mean the whole spurs..i dont think so!go spurs go

  118. spurs fan says:

    Im very comfortable that spurs can win this series but no disrespect for the thuders..this is a hell of a series i go for game 7 spurs win.and in the finals im sure the heat will get another chance for the title but if they meet the spurs in the finals another team can extremely move the ball like dallas last year in dont think miami can beat the spurs in 7 game series but if the thunders and heat in finals that is interesting because this two team only reliable to there best player so its very interesting but if that happen i go with the heat i dont think the thunder can stop lebron even durant defend lebron but lebron can defend durant….if that happen..lets drive for Five!go spurs go!!

  119. Bill says:

    all this talk about no one to guard duncan… perkins and ibaka can do that… if ginobili brings his A game it could decide the series… westbrook can guard parker.. bla bla bla… what about who is going to stop durant? who is going to stop harden? who is going to stop westbrook? if those guys bring their A game then OKC will WIN!

    • Nate says:

      You’re talking about 3 players against a Team… The Spurs just don’t have 3 guys who could score, If Durant has a bad game, or Westbrook, or Harden then who’s going to score 15-20pts in their place? You expect all three of them to play well through out the series? The Spurs has 10 guys that can step in and chip in anytime, OKC has no one else beyond their 3 stars. OKC has the star power, but Spurs have a better over all team, I’ll go with the better team to win this series.

  120. Rm4 says:

    This will be an entertaining series. I think each game will be relatively close (only one game will be won by double-digits),
    but the Spurs will take it in 6.

  121. jp says:

    u guys are crazy do you really thing spurs have a chance?

    perkins and ibaka are made for defense no way duncan going to be on top of them

    and i take talent(okc) over execution(san antonio) 100% of the time so westbrook +duran > spurs

    think about michael jordan that was called 100% talent and you got 2 in okc no way spurs wins

  122. Genaguilar says:

    OKC has been able to make remarkable comebacks only because their opponents fade away in the closing minutes. San Antonio will not fade away….

  123. kutaw says:

    spurs will definitely win this series and season one way or another, as long as perkins, westbrook and harden plays honest and clean..

  124. TTKIN says:

    Spurs are taking this series. Im a Laker fan, The Spurs are one of my biggest rivals, but even watching them blow out my team twice in 2 weeks to end the season, all I could do was watch and be amazed. They are playing flawless basketball right now. The Thunder beat the Lakers in 5, but everyone knows they got outplayed in every game except the first and last. Artest wasnt completely wrong. The spurs on the other hand have won 18 straight and are not exactly winning by a point here, a point there.

  125. rammrodd65 says:

    yea, the thunder is young but the spurs have some very good young talent also mixed in with hella veterans,,,WITH 4 RINGS we know we cant stop durant, but we can contain westbrook & thats all its gonna take because once westbrook gets frustated his game leaves him….its a known fact & besides nobody on lakers could gaurd him & thats not the case with spurs….the question is can westbrook stay in front of parker without getting in foul trouble ?

  126. BigLuke says:

    Spurs only win if they had Luke Walton……..

    GO OKC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. shoes says:

    i am a die-hard spurs fan. but i like the thunder too. but no matter who wins this series, it will be a great series. westbrook vs. Parker will be great. i am predicting that whoever wins this series will win the NBA championship. the teams left so far are the spurs,thunder,heat,pacers,celtics and 76ers.
    i have already talked about the thunder and spurs.

    Miami heat
    they are a great group of individuals. but when your losing a game by 10 points an individual cannot win the game for you. when the heat play like a team they are unstoppable. even with chris bosh out for a little while, they will probably beat the pacers. but when the heat go up against the likes of kevin garnett, tim duncan, kendric perkins, or even tiago splitter they will be needing more of a presence in the paint as far as a center. dont get me wrong, joel anthony is a good player, but he is not a superstar such as duncan and garnett. chris boshes injury will hurt the heat when they play a team with another superstar center/powerforward.

    boston celtics
    i dont really watch the 76ers but i know AI is their best player and they really need him to step up big time, otherwise the celtics will be playing the heat in eastern conference championship.

    after all of that said, the heat are not playing well enough to beat a team like the spurs or the thunder. and there is no way the celtics will get by the heat.

  128. karoLT says:

    i’m going with the THUNDER in 6…

  129. OKCIN7 says:

    Wow, its funny how the writers jump on the bandwagons faster than anyone else! The Spurs are a tough team i admit, but come on man! No way in the world will the spurs win in 5 or 6! OKC has to much young talent to lose without a couple of wins. IF anything this game Will Be going to game 7. OKC also has depth and good defense also,The Spurs will be lucky if they get past OKC and if they can it looks like they win the NBA Championship, but if not OKC will be the champs.

  130. razbiracha says:

    That’s an easy pick: Spurs in 6. Thunder will have more chances in the future.

  131. LazyBalls says:

    Spurs would do the Heat a HUGE FAVOR if they beat OKC. Miami will have an easier time beating the Spurs than OKC.

    • RRam says:

      You mean the same Heat, who are having trouble with the no SuperStar Pacers? Looks like someone forgot to take their Ridddlin.

  132. rammrodd65 says:

    the thing thats gonna hurt the thunder the most is gonna be post play, they dont have a postman that can score @ will ( ala tim duncan). their a jump shooting team & thats whats gonna be their down fall

  133. GO OKC! says:

    OKC will take this one. It won’t be easy, it will have lots of surprises for both OKC and SAS. I put my money on the Thunder to win this 4-2, winning the first or second game probably. The Spurs swept the 8th seed of the play-offs, Utah Jazz, seriously? Then they swept a tired team that had just finished a 7 game series against a very physical team as the Grizzlies. Oklahoma swept the defending champions, and they only lost 1 game to the previous champs FROM THE LAST TWO YEARS (Lakers champs 09-10). Kevin Durant is hungry for a championship and the Thunder’s youth and energy will blow out San Antonio without a doubt. I can’t wait to see Tim Duncan’s face when they loose the series.

  134. Vinny says:

    I don’t know why people keep arguing that The Thunder beat better teams so far in the playoffs than the Spurs. Anyone who has watched the NBA for years could clearly see that the Mavs and the Lakers were not the teams that they once were. Both teams underwent some pretty drastic changes which included new coaching and removal of several key players. And those changes clearly showed during the regular season. The Mavs and Lakers struggled throughout the season and the Spurs could have easily beat them in the playoffs. The Spurs own the season series against OKC, Lakers and Dallas (most of which without Manu). I also see no reason why the Spurs can’t sweep OKC…I thought it was funny how everyone thought the Clippers series would go to 5 or 6 games…I knew it would be a sweep.

  135. Steve says:

    As a Thunder fan, I love all the optimism for the Thunder taking the series. I really hope they can. In order to do so, they have to play near flawless basketball in the series. Given the fact that of the Thunders poor performance at the end of the season and relinquishing the 1 seed, my expectations for the Thunder in the postseason was to advance to the WCF. If the Spurs slipped up in one of the first two rounds and got sent home, then my expectations would be they would advance to the Finals and probably take it all. However, they are facing the Spurs. I have no doubt, the Thunder are going to give us their best efforts on the floor. I hope it is enough to twart the Spurs. Ultimately, I think the Spurs take it in 7.

  136. Gotti81 says:

    spurs are an amazing team but i dont think that their fundamental ball is enough to beat okc. westbrook is to strong and physical of a pg for parker to handle. tim duncan isnt all that physical and athletic to do much damage with his post game against ibaka and not to mention perkins too. and then you have kd who is most likely going to be somewhat of an x factor for the thunder, no one on the spurs rosters can really gaurd him. then you have harden as well. okc is great offensive teams that are capable of taking you inside and outside and they are a pretty good defensive team. okc is much more athletic and talented than the spurs are. okc takes it in 6

  137. Kevin NY says:

    Hello people. I’ve traveled back from 1 month into the future & all I got to say is, OKC is 2012 NBA Champions. Sorry Spurs fans.

  138. rammrodd65 says:

    obaka is a better shot blocker than defender as was griffin, if he have to come the blocks to gaurd duncan( thats automatic foul trouble ) with all due respect to the thunder,,i just dont see how their gonna match up with spurs bench. yea they have a good 7 or 8 players, but spurs r 10 deep @ the least & uor defense is not to shabby either

  139. BIG DOG says:


  140. charles says:

    I hope the finals is OKC and Indiana because I’m sick of old teams and would love to see some new blood in the mix – particular small market teams to show how its done.

  141. Krob( Spurs fan) says:

    I called OKC winning it all before the season started…..I have to stick too it even though Im a Spurs fan but I like our chances

  142. I like the thunder there physical and they have depth to and they look hungry westbrook is hitting the jumper and they are tested if there down they can come back and they have the best closer in the game in durant hes money, harden coming off the bench, but for me they have bigs to go up agianst duncan bodys to wear duncan down, perkins, ibaka, collison, mohammad, and aldridge, duncan is great and iam not saying anything to disrespect him or the spurs but i like the what i see from a team that is tested, and young, the spurs big three a tested but them other players there not and that will exspose them, the spurs are a offensive team not defense first like in the past and the thunder like to score to, i just think the match up favor the thunder, but either team can win it all, can’t wait for game 1 sunday.

  143. jayson says:

    OKC will prevail. They beat Mavericks & Lakers. They are full of talents and great defensive team. Durant is always a mismatch for every team even with Lebron, he will penetrate the paint and dominate this series. Parker-Westbrook matchup is very interesting and im surprise how Parker is playing recently, good in every minute he is on the court. Ginobili-Harden is also very good match-up but Ginobili I believe have an edge. Ibaka should stop Duncan or they will be in trouble. Perkins will be a difference maker in this game he’s defense is extra ordinary and he always creates opening on the pick and roll. Im surprised with the Spurs but OKC will bring this home!

  144. says:

    I am going with the spurs on 7 games cause okc is a realy strong team at home and westbroock and durant my suprise you late in the game (like they did with the lakers).
    Anyway the spurs are curantly the best team in the world and they will probably win the nba finals

  145. rammrodd65 says:

    spurs in 6. okc is good but its just not their time yet & for those who spurs have”nt been tested yet,,,tell me how do u win 34 out of 37 games without being tested ? spurs can keep fresh legs in game ( the whole game) & wear thunder down…last but not least, manu didnt play in any of those games & our bench to deep.

  146. ARGENTINO says:

    GINOBILI!!!!!!!!!! GO SPURS GO!!

  147. Nick says:

    Did u watch any of the regular season games between these two teams? The ones were Ginobili was injured and the spurs still won? Or the same games were Diaw and Neal were also not there? Ur an idiot.

  148. me eliz says:

    Wow! i really can’t believe unanimous picks for SA!!! I love it! It’s just too bad that it took 2 playoff sweeps for people to see just how good these spurs are! I will say, however, that this will be a hard fought battle between the two teams and OKC won’t go down easy. I’m calling spurs in 6! GO SPURS GO!

  149. The same model I used previously (which correctly predicted Thunder would beat Lakers in 5) suggests that the most likely scenario is Spurs in 7 (19.0%), followed by Thunder in 6 (16.9%), followed by Spurs in 5 (15.8%):

  150. stanf says:

    i give the spurs 51% to okc 49%, i love both teams and it’s going to be a great series, whoever wins this series will probably win the championship, and i hate to say it but the spurs have a slight edge, i say spurs in 7, okc is not going out without a fight, so this will go 7 games, mark my words.

  151. Miggs says:

    Very Easy:

    Sing – Jeremy Lin and Steve Nash (perfect point guard combo)
    Sign – Gerald Wallace and JR Smith
    Trade – Bynum for Howard (I think both teams/players need change of scenery)
    Trade – Gasol for JaVale Mcgee (and save some cap in the proces for other players)
    Get Rid of: Sessions, Blake, and anyone else you need to…
    Keep: Kobe
    Keep: Metta World Peace (in a cage)

    Starting line up:
    Point – Steve Nash (off the bench: Jeremy Lin)
    Guard- Kobe (off the banch: JR Smith)
    Small Forward – Gerald Wallace
    Power Forward – JaVale Mcgee
    Center: Howard

    • Miggs says:

      oops, worng blog.. haha

    • RRam says:

      Typical Laker dillisions. Oh lets just get JaValle Mcgee, ( Oh I’m Sure Denver is going to just say okay, we’ll trade you) Trade Bynum straight up for Dwight Howard??? Why GM Shaq take Bynum who tunes out in games? and Sessions? You’re all stuck with him.

  152. Sean says:

    You guys keep on putting the emphasis on the fact that Spurs have swept two teams in a row. However, what you seem to forget is that OKC beat the defending champions 4-0 and one of the best teams (Lakers) 4-1. I’m not taking away the credit that Spur has done against Utah and LA Clippers however I believe that OKC has more explosiveness, strength and also energy to oversome the Spurs in 4-2 or even 4-3 since they are both great teams.

  153. Miko4rm206 says:

    What weapons do the spurs really have? Parker is gonna have his hands full with a bigger more explosive westbrook that can get his shot anytime on parker. Ginobili is gonna be guarded by selfolosha who did a great job on kobe and ginobili is not as close skilled as kobe then he has to guard harden…. Duncan’s your best bet but then you got kendrick and ibaki downlow…. Whos really gonna stop Durant? Leonard, green or jackson lol? They are all better on the offensive side of the ball and even then they are solid role players at best… Go figure….

    • mb says:

      basketball is a team sport. yes, durant, rw and harden are very talented but i’m sorry if i think the other team with a great coach and a deep bench will win this. what weapons? obviously, you haven’t seen the spurs play. they might not have very popular players other than parker, ginobili and duncan but they sure can play.

    • RRam says:

      I Remember Parker lighting up Westbrook for 42 points!

  154. Ken says:

    While it is obvious the Spurs are playing great ball and we know they won 2/3 of the regular season games vs OKC, keep in mind that they just swept Utah and LAC. OKC swept the defending champions in the Mavs and then lost only a single game to LAL. This will be a seven game series and I would not be too quick to call the Spurs…

    • Ken says:

      Also keep in mind that sportswriters and bloggers’ views and opinions are not always on point or justified, as shown in the Tyson Chandler DPY award voted by such individulas vs. His All-Defensive Second Team (behind Dwight Howard where heso obviously should be) as voted by coaches. This is not a hit against Sekou or any of the other “Stable of Scribes” members… I’m just sayin’.

  155. Kobe says:

    I hate it when seeing Tim Duncan complaints almost every call that he get

    • Omar says:

      Mr. Kobe wanna be don’t watch basketball if you can’t handle loosing.

    • TRU*NBAFAN says:

      uhh, isn’t it Kobe who chases down the refs when he gets a call against him. Isn’t it the Lakers that have gotten more technical fouls due to upset reactions when they get called for fouls. Give me a break!

    • crazy_ghost says:

      kobe—looser,,,cry-baby i tought you gone fishing,,,and instead of fish you got frogs for you staples cluster!!!!

  156. Top Notch says:

    If any team is poised to take the West, will be OKC, not to mention the youth involved for further confirmation. Moreover, Spurs have yet to be challenged by a team of OKC’s caliber. I fee this series has a high probability to go to gamer 7, but at the end of the day go hard or go home!

  157. BGAL66 says:

    spurs haven’t played anyone of relevance. jazz? clippers? OKC had the real test thus far, besides no one is hungrier than kevin durant at this point.

    • mb says:

      you call dallas and lakers relevant? those teams are not the same team a year or two years age. the spurs on paper are not very intimidating but as the season went on and after two rounds of the playoffs guess who has the most impressive record? the spurs have a great coach who preaches defense, knows his players very well and is a brilliant strategist. They’ve got a blend of youth and experience. they have an inside game as well as a bunch of three point shooters. they can play half court or play at a fast pace. the lakers are gone so they won’t have a big disadvantage in size. okc is a dangerous team with three very good offensive players and a bunch of defensive players but the spurs are playing in harmony and not just relying on individual talent. sure okc has improved compared to the previous years but so have the spurs. i never gave the spurs a chance to reach the western finals and so did a lot of others but the way they’re playing, they could go all the way.

  158. Master's in Basketball says:

    No question about it. The Thunder will win this Series. They are young, faster and athletic as compared to the San Antonio Spurs. And top of it all, they are a very diversified team. Actually more diversified than Spurs. Here is why, you got James Harden (Great 3 pointer Shooter and also goes through any opponents defense due to his height), Serge Ibaka (Big and Tall–Great Defender), Derek Fisher (5 time Veteran NBA Champion with the Lakers), Kendrick Perkins (Veteran Champion with the Boston Celtics), Russell Westbrook (All around player), Kevin Durant (NBA Scoring Season Champion), and then you have Collison. Don’t also forget the big and tall Sefolasha. Great defender also.

    Honestly speaking, the Thunder is more of a physical team as compared to the San Antonio Spurs.

    For the Thunder to defeat the last two NBA champions (Dallas Mavericks–year 2011 and Los Angeles Lakers–year 2010 and 2009) you certainly have to give them 100 percent credit to go far and win it all. In fact, they faced more tougher opponents as compared to the San Antonio Spurs on their path to this year’s 2012 Western Conference title playoff series. Very diversified team indeed. That’s why it was so hard for the Lakers and Mavericks to win at least one game against the Thunder. The Lakers win was pure luck. As I can recall, I believe Kevin Durant last few seconds three point shoot was a miss and that’s why the Lakers won by 3 points in Oklahoma City’s thunder’s only loss of this Season’s Playoffs.

    Go Thunder. Your era has arrived to dominate and win the NBA Title…

    Enjoy the series….

    • Nate says:

      OKC may have more individual guys that excels in one or two different things but almost all of the Spurs players can do a little of everything. Have you looked at the stat sheets recently? The only players who’ll be scoring in double figures for OKC is Durant, Westbrook, and Harden. With the Spurs they’ll probably have 4-5 guys in double figures and 4 guys with 6-8 pts. If one of the big three for OKC has a bad game then that’s it for them, as for the Spurs anyone of their players can have a big game, even anyone off their bench. That’s why the Spurs are 10 deep, can you say that for OKC? I think not.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        no valid point here, Harden had a terrible SERIES against the Lakers, how did that series go? at the same time with multiple people n double figures how many give you an average of 25 a night? What was that ? 0 ? we got 2!

      • Nate says:

        And what’s going to happen when Durant or Westbrook doesn’t score 25+ pts in a game, who’s going to pick up the slack besides Harden? Exactly none of the other Thunder bench players can. Don’t compare the Spurs to the Mavs or Lakers, they are totally different teams, the Mavs aren’t even the same as they were last year so they’re not even the real defending champs, LA has been a disfunctional team the whole year, and they’re a shadow of themselves from a couple years ago. I’m a fan of both OKC and the Spurs and I actually don’t care who advances, but if I had to pick, I’ll go with team basketball, the Spurs.

      • Nate says:

        Plus I rather have 10 guys who can get me 10pts each, than 2 guys who gives me 25pts each… do the math!

    • crazy_ghost says:

      and when the spurs wins the series,,,i bet you won’t give them the credit!!!!
      enjoy the series on how the spurs beats your o-kay,,,see!!!!!!!!!!

  159. BGAL66 says:

    OKC allllllllllllllllllllllllllll day! They will beat the Spurs in 7 and then will face Miami in the Finals. And, OKC will be World Champs soon enough

  160. Nicholas says:

    GO OKC !!!!!

  161. thunder says:

    thunder will win this series in 6 or 7 too young and quick spurs may have depth but cant see them stopping the trio of kd,westbrrok and harden will be a good seriies though

  162. dang213 says:

    So everyone is jumping on the Spurs bandwagon, eat it. I say let’s see how they handle a GOOD team. They swept the Jazz (8th seed) then they swept the beat up and tired Clippers (5th seed), when was the last time they beat a team that was decent and not banged up. This is the same team that got upset last year by the younger more active grizzlies, why does nobody think the same thing can happen to them against the thunder? All the other major teams left in the playoffs have had a hard fight to get here, the thunder had the lakers and defending champ Mav’s. The heat had the Knicks and (surprisingly quiet but good) Pacers and even the Celtics have run into some tough competition facing younger teams, I just don’t see the Spurs having had a challenge yet. Go Thunder make them all eat their words.

    • lol says:

      yo do you watch basketball? last year spurs lost cuz manu was playing with a broken left arm and duncan playing like he was older than dirt while tp was just playing terrible. plus they didnt have much depth as they do now and with the trade of the inconsistent richard jefferson, they have a way more solid team than they did last year. plus tim duncan has been playing with fresh legs, tp with mvp type play and manu staying healthy which is really all that the spurs need.

    • me eliz says:

      you forget that the “Defending Champ” Mavs were but a shell of the actual championship team. I’m a firm believer that they would not have ring #1 had it not been for Chandler who is no longer there. Also, the Lakers are but a shell of who they have been in the previous decade. Kobe is the only true competitor on that team. Pau has been a ghost, Bynum is immature and has no fight, MWP is only there to get attention for himself. The lakers don’t play as a team, and yet they took OKC to the end 2 out of the four games they didnt win. All OKC did was beat Kobe… NOT the Lakers!

      And Spurs are not the team that got beat by the Grizz. Theyve beaten two clearly younger teams, one that people said was too big and the other too athletic. Now that both teams have been swept away, people have forgotten the fact that they even doubted the spurs in those 2 rounds, and all they can say is… “well, we all know those teams are inferior!” Except before the sweeps they werent (in those peoples eyes). Anyhow… Spurs in 6

      • OKCKD35 says:

        wow what a homer comment, you are really going to try and validate the Spurs had a tough schedule to make it to the WCF? Clippers could have fought more if CP3 didnt injure himself (groin) same with BG (knee) ONly beat Kobe notthe Lakers? That doesnt even make sense, it sure looked to me that Ibaka shut down Gasol and Perkins startedfronting bynum which kep the LAKERS (not Kobe) away from the rim, then in crunchtime KD shut down Kobe!

    • TRU*NBAFAN says:

      You made the point to the people you are railling at. The Heat and Celtics did have younger competiton but the thing is one of them (Heat/Celtics) from these two teams with more experience is going to take the East. And San Antonio will more than likely take the West. The odds you point out about the east make the case for the Spurs!

    • just another spurs win says:

      Wow you bring up last year then you say the Thunder played good teams but you mention the Mavs really they got rid of half there team Lakers could no play together its bad when Kobe says he cant wait to world peace comes back caues he plays hard every night the thunder has played who really?

      • OKCKD35 says:

        Once again another homer comment with 0 point, MWP came back FOR THE ENTIRE SERIES and still lost, you were probably in here a week ago talking about how the Lakers were going to beat the Thunder, go home, homer!

    • tess angeles says:

      dang23 u dont know about basketball or you dont watch basketball,dont you know that your OkC lost twice to the Spurs during the regular season, GSG!!

    • Miguel says:

      The Spurs beat the Thunder in the eliminations twice. How’s that for you?

  163. SeanK says:

    I think Spurs will win. OKC is strong, but I dunno the way they struggled against the Lakers I lost some faith in them – San Antonio is quite better. Matchups are interesting but still SA the way it plays has a complete package and can counter pretty much everything the opponent does.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      the ONLY reason the Thunder “struggled” (beat 6 out of 8 times this year) against the Lakers were that the Lakers have 2 7 footers, OKC still overcame that and won.

  164. NorthPole says:

    I really think that OKC is going to steal game 1,simply because the Spurs will play an elite team after a long time and the Thunder will catch them unprepared, but I think the winner(whoever it is) is gonna take it in 7…

    • lol? says:

      wouldn’t it be okc in 6 then? because if it’s in 7 the spurs would have it on their home court. meaning they won a game in okc.
      you are crazy.
      thunder arn’t elite. they are explosive. but they dont have a low post threat. therefore they ARE NOT ELITE.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        how are the Tunder not elite? you are just biased, probably a Laker Fan, We just dismantled both the Mavericks (defending chamions) and the Lakers (always contenders) had one of the best records in basketball, the NBA’s leading scorer, NBA’s # 5 scorer, NBA’s leading shot blocker, 6th man of the year, top 10 in offense and defense, what in your opinion does it take to be elite?

      • OKCKD35 says:

        just to touch on that one again, didnt the Lakers have 2 low post scoring threats? where are they? Clippers? Grizzlies? your point makes no sense.

    • just another spurs win says:

      Another dumb comment read your post you say the spurs will have to play game one on a long layoff true but they had 8 days off against the Clipper what happened?? and the Spurs sweep on sunday the thunder won on monday that seams like the same amount of time right and the rest is good for the Spurs “old legs” really dont leave a comment if you dont know what your talking about Spurs will never be unprepared. thats what a Great coach is for.

  165. CarlosKing says:

    I’ll pick Spurs in 6. They got depth bench and an explosive starters

  166. DD says:

    I will choose OKC to win this series because I am OKC fun. I see it as its all about the basket ball on the court but not the records. Every year is different but this year OKC have grown more than being a man but the grand paa of basket ball..

  167. Miggs says:

    True, the spurs look unbeatable.. Pop is hands down the best coach in the NBA…but do not underestimate the Thunder.. They are TOUGH mentally and physically. They are YOUNG and keep a lot in the tank for the 4th quater, as we saw in the lakers series. They are also peaking now. It is going to be an exciting series and the winner it is a toss up. Possibly the most exciting Conference Finals in the last few years. Both team deserve to be where they are and both deserve rings.

  168. Frank E. says:

    – The San Antonio Spurs have a really good team to beat anyone in the league right know, they have the momentum and the experience, OKC is really good team with they Stars (K.Durant, R. Westbrook, J. Harden), but they have a lot of troubles with LAL. I mean OKC win the series but was in close games, only two games OKC beats LAL more than 10 pts, the same situation with Dallas. The Spurs beats LAL and Dallas in a blowout when they met. Spurs in 6! and Win the Finals!

    • tim says:

      It’s the last minute that counts. In reg. season OKC beat alot of teams just by few points. A win is a win. Their records is not the same like Laker or Dallas.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      OKC also blew out the Lakers twice, whats your point?

  169. okc says:

    I like the okc’s chances. If we come to point guards, I’d say tp is better, but we have a better small forward who is a near 7-footer, and an excellent slasher. Okc in 6 or 7.

    • jP says:

      Durant is NOT A 7 footer..

      he is 6′-8″….same height as Kawhi Leonard (the guy that will be guarding him)…in fact Leonard’s reach is a few inches longer than Durant’s

  170. Jibroni says:

    You guys are all off your rocker. OKC will take this tiring old team in 6 games. Sorry, but Timmy D and Ginobili can’t play at this high of a level all post-season. The thunder are younger and will be able to handle the physical demands better. Plus the spurs are, like, the biggest ego team behind Lakers and Celtics. I would mention heat here, but we all know they aren’t going to win and have been humbled through HEAVY criticism.

    • Omar says:

      You really need to watch a game or two. You don’t know anything about the game. The spurs are one of the most humble teams in the NBA and heat will not be the next NBA Champ thats a fact. They can’t seem to find each other. Watch a game or two buddy.

    • OU812 says:

      Jibroni, you’re an idiot! Simply put…

    • TRU*NBAFAN says:

      Where have you been kid, don’t you know it is not fashionable to call the Spurs old anymore. And ego team? Are u kidding??? What other dimension have you seen the spurs in because it ain’t this one. When you get back from the twilight zone do your homework and see how Pop has rested his bigs all season for this time of the year. His DEEP bench provides rest for Duncan and Co. during the game too.

      They don’t strut on the court, they don’t over celebrate, pound their chest, yell at Pop, their is no off-court drama or cursing the refs. Just pure professional basketball players taking care of business.

    • crazy_ghost says:

      jibroni is retard,,,forgive him!!!!
      he is reffering to the teams on there neighborhood and not on the NBA………

    • OKCKD35 says:

      That and Mike Brown said himself that the physical play of the Thunder in a 7 game series was wearing down his much bigger players, we should see the same effect during this series. i say put Perkins on Duncan and beat him up defensively

  171. I love this game!JOJO says:

    if the spurs will lose their confidence in game 1 & 2 definitely they cant beat OKC but if KD or Westbrook drop their field goal percentage in perimeter as OKC lost to Memphis last year post season then Spurs in finals.its a matter of heart or go home and fishing for west final champs.

    • jP says:

      that’s how little you know about Spurs basketball

      for the Spurs…confidence has nothing to do with how the Spurs play…

      the Spurs play THEIR SYSTEM,…..they don’t make mistakes,..they are MACHINES

      • lol? says:

        just like the clippers broke the spurs confidence on being up 24 points after 1 and 10 at halftime. or have you seen that picture of duncan/pop/parker sitting on the bench pre 3rd quarter all relaxed.
        stop just stop.

  172. kd says:

    I think KD will either win or lose the series for OKC. I don’t think anyone on the Spurs can effectively guard a 7 footer on the perimeter… I see him pretty much scoring at will.

  173. either says:

    My two favourite teams! I’d rather see OKC win, but I think Spurs are better – OKC takes too many jump shots… but I do think all the games are going to be very close… OKC might win a few on Durant’s clutch last second shooting.

  174. SpursFan says:

    Man I hope it will be a great series. Fully supporting Duncan, Parker and Ginobli – but I really believe it will come down to Pop – can he outwit the rolling thunder. Durant scares me a little – he was too good against the Lakers. Okc have knocked big playoff teams. I think we can stop Westbrook – like we stopped CP3. Not sure on Durant. Who guards him? I can’t recall frm the regular season. It will comedown to the match ups.

    Anyway – really hope Spurs kick the arragont smirk of Westbrook’s face.

    • crazy_ghost says:

      leonard can slow him down but can’t shut him down, captain jack will also be there to rotate on defense and make durant play defense too…westbrook will not be a factor in this series cause he has to guard also the shooter of the spurs…
      the x-factors willbe ginobili and harden…but spurs bench is depth so they have advantage…
      duncan can handle ibaka’s defense,,,

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Please dont compare Westbrook to CP3 with a strained groin, westbrook is much more mobile and athletic, that and LA needs CP3 to distribute while OKC needs Westbrook to score.

  175. Jazz4Life says:

    I think everyone here is under-estimating the Thunder. The Thunder are 8-1 against the Lakers and Mavericks in the postseason, while the Spurs are 8-0 against the Jazz and Clippers (two teams for whom most of the players its the first time in the playoffs).

    The Thunder have proven that they can stop a team from going on a run and can go on a run of their own. They’re also solid in the fourth quarter. So, if San Antonio tries blowing open a game with a 12-0, 20-0 run, it’s not going to happen because the Thunder will respond very quickly by getting stops and running in transition.

    My guess is if the Thunder win either game 1 or 2 at San Antonio, they will win the series in 6. If they loose both games 1 and 2, they’ll loose in 6 or 7. Can’t wait to see what will happen!!

    • jP says:

      for the Thunder to win in 6 ..the Spurs are going to have to lose 3 games at home


      the Spurs won’t lose 3 games the rest of these playoffs

      • OKCKD35 says:

        basic math states for the thunder to win in 6 they would have to win 1 time in San Antonio. for math purposes 1 win in San antoinio game 1 or 2, 2 wins in OKC, Loss in San Antonio, back to OKC for game 6. Learn to add before you type

      • Jazz4Life says:

        Lol, do your math son. and I’m being Realistic here, I’m not saying that San Antonio will lose at home, but if they do, the Thunder will take control of the series. Look it this way.

        SA 1-0
        OKC 1-1
        OKC 2-1
        OKC 3-1
        SA 3-2
        OKC 4-2


        SA 1-0
        SA 2-0
        OKC 1-2
        OKC 2-2
        SA 3-2
        OKC 3-3
        SA 4-3 or OKC 4-3.

        This will be an interesting series.

      • RRam says:

        @jazz4life. You forgot another possibility.

        SA 1-0
        SA 2-0
        SA 3-0
        SA 4-0

    • just another spurs win says:

      Wow have you watched the SpurS this year half of there team is either a second year player or rookie then they bring back Jackson, sign Diaw, bench Blair really if you go man for man yes Durant, westbrook and Hardon will get there points. But so will Duncan, Parker, Manu, Leonard, Diaw, Neal, Booner, I think Pop my get a couple point. Remember this is the same team that made there big 3 stay home on a back to back road games and won both. It may go seven but I dont think the Spurs will lose at home

    • tess angeles says:

      Jaz4life you are so jealous that your jaz was broomed by the Spurs, GO SPUR GO!!

    • QuestionMark says:

      Spurs never really had to fight in the 4th quarter, and KD has hit atleast 3 game winners including a few clutch shots in the Playoffs, so the Spurs are gonna get a taste of how a real team plays.

      • BFoulds says:

        “HOW A REAL TEAM PLAYS” lol you obviously haven’t seen the Spurs play once this season, or are a SPurs hater, Or an OKC fanboy. No matter, you will see what happens when this round is over and Tim is holding his 5th ring.

  176. efw says:

    Don’t care who wins this one. Just beat the Heat if they advance to The Finals.
    OKC is going to win it all in one of the upcoming eventually. So I’d like to win the Spurs another title so that there wont be any argument anymore what has been the greatest franchise of this era.

  177. Peter says:

    OKC will win in 7 games , really looking forward to the battle.

  178. ghariiscool says:

    thunder in 7 i picked them to win it all before season started. im going to stick with that. thunder in 7

  179. Curtis says:

    I agree the Spurs just look too hot right now. Watching what skipbayless said on first and 10 yesterday and his black friend stephen a smith arguing about topics is very funny. Skip said if the thunder had one decent post up player he probably would have pick the thunder. But stephen a smith also said that the spurs have no weaknesses. I mean come on down 24 points to the clippers in game 3 granted yes it is the clippers but chris paul sure is no slouch either. that was just impressive how they never give up. Gregg Popovich is one heck of a coach it is no wonder why they keep him around. He just helps the team win with his X’s and O’s in coaching granted sure you need the right players but you gotta give credit where credit is due. I agree with stephen a smith and skip bayless they both picked the sours in 6 games. I think so too but would not be surprised if they won it in 5 games remember they still have not lost yet in the playoffs simply amazing.

  180. Stanley Fraley says:

    I am going with Okc! It surprises me that Okc is the underdogs. No one on Spurs will stop Kevin Durant he is the mismatch for the spurs. Ibaka will slow down Duncan. Westbrook vs Parker will be the match up of the series. If Westbrook have play good against Spurs the Thunder will win the series hands down!

    • logic says:

      see this is where people are mistaken. parker vs westbrook will not happen. parker will not be put on westbrook he’ll be on sefalosha(sp?) and harden. lenard will be on westbrook. much better matchup for the spurs. westbrook still has the advantage but parker wont have to guard westbrook on one end. and westbrook will have to guard parker on the other. if westbrook stays out of foul trouble he may have a good series. but hes going to get tired doing both. he hasn’t had to guard a dominate point guard over a possible 7 game stretch yet. he will now.
      thunder have a great team, and they are peeking. but the spurs are the team to beat and will barring injuries. win the title this year.
      btw ibaka wont be on duncan. perk will be. ibaka will be on the stretc 4 the spurs put out there. diaw/bonner. please actually think before you talk about a game.

      • QuestionMark says:

        Leonard on Westbrook is the stupidest idea ever, KD will easily put up 40 ppg while shooting atleast 55% if Leonard is on Westbrook, that means either Parker or Green is on KD and KD will have a major size advantage, so either you leave Leonard on KD and let Westbrook and KD score 20+ each or put Leonard on Westbrook and let KD score 40+, your choice. So maybe you should think before talking about a game.

    • Nbaplayoffs2012 says:

      ibaka slowdown duncan? ibaka can’t guard duncan, have you seen him in the low post? watch the last 2 games these two teams have been in, the spurs beat them twice in a row without a ginobilli, i’m going to have to go with the spurs on this one. also ibaka can’t shutdown matt bonner, hes a perimeter shooter who shoots over 40% in the 3 point line. ibaka only stays in the paint area when it comes to defense.

  181. teamSpurs says:

    this will be a very good match up but the edge really here is the coach tactics in their opponent, that why i believe that the Spurs will come victorious atleast game 6 or maybe game 7 GoSPURSGo

  182. kobe says:

    spurs in 7..going to be great series..

  183. R.M. Keijzer says:

    The thunder will beat the spurs in 6 games. They are young, athletic and they have great interior defenders. If Durant and Westbrook play like in the semies they’ll be unstoppable. Kevin Durant will be the next Michael Jordan!

  184. san antonio has too many weapons, moves the ball too well, and is too efficient with their possessions to not make it to the finals will keep u updated

  185. wonderboyyy says:

    whoever beats the lakers wins the championship. or atleast the conf finals . i dont see san antonio stopping durant and westbrook,

    • Nbaplayoffs2012 says:

      i dont see the thunder stopping duncan on the post, or tony parker, kawhi leonard and the spurs bench. The spurs have been the biggest offensive threat of the nba lately have youu seen them against the lakers? Have you seen the last two games between these teams? they didn’t even have ginobilli and who won both games, the spurs.

      • QuestionMark says:

        Duncan is good but getting old, plus Ibaka is the top shotblocker in the league so I don’t see Duncan having much of an impact, Leonard will be easily stopped by KD’s length, Parker will have a tough time against Westbrook size advantage and Manu will get shut down by one of the best defenders in Sefolosha. and we have the 6th man of the year, so Spurs will have a tough time, but Spurs have more depth so will be tough for OKC too, If KD has the advantage of MWP then KD has the advantage over Leonard, plus KD is much more experienced since Leonard is rookie.

    • SpursFan98 says:

      What do the Lakers have to do with anything?? The Spurs and Bulls were tied for the best record in the league, followed but the Thunder … the Lakers finished 6th this year. I’d believe more if you had said “whoever beats the Mavs(last years champs)” however i’d have to say that it was the Heats series to lose (again) and the Mavs were sweeped out of the playoffs this year. The Lakers have not been able to do much without Jackson, this year.
      Also … I don’t see the Thunder stopping ALL of the Spurs 3 point shotters.

    • Techer says:

      Ya OKC beat the Late show but the SPURS Spanked the Fakers in 2 out of 3 and beat OKS 2 out of three without Ginobili SPURS in 6

  186. ThunderFan says:

    THUNDER WINS IN 4 !!!!

    • cindefukinrella says:

      I give it to you that you have faith in your team and stay loyal but your comment leads me to believe you have not watched a OKC v Spurs game this year. Spurs won the edge in the regular season before the drastic acqusitions Pop made to the team. Not to mention Ginobili did not play. Sorry not only is OKC NOT going to sweep the Spurs, they are not going to win.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        Keep in mind we have also been down our back up PG the entire season, i am pretty sure we didnt play against San Antonio after bring on D-Fish to run the backup squad, dont overlook that D-Fish has had a huge impact in terms of team accountability.

      • just another spurs win says:

        The SpurS in 6 D-Fisher may not have played but once you have the second unit on the floor I give the edge to the SAS. Think about this Blair was a starter 90% of the season now he is not even in the rotation. We still have too much fire power.

    • haha says:

      you mean Spurs in 4……. right, yes

    • crazy_ghost says:

      yeah okc 4-0 against mavs,,,,but spurs they are going down!!!

    • Techer says:

      Thunder Fan–I would not bet any money with your prediction. The thunder have 8 players who are averaging 3.8 points per game or less in the playoffs.

  187. Spurs vs Miami says:

    Dont care how long the series will take… All that matter is that spurs advance to the finals and be the champ before Tim Duncan retires… The most humble basketball player ive ever known…

    • richard says:

      yes i agree on that about Tim, but one thing that is not certain is who will advance to the finals. We can not take for granted the power of the thunder, you know it’s KD Time, then take a glimpse on either Boston or Sixers. Can Heat easily control this teams without Bosh. Please do check, if time give its will, its OKC vs Celtics.

  188. AwwPlease says:

    I’m going for OKC!!

    LET’S GO!

  189. sam says:

    spurs gona win for sure

  190. Great to see some media people say something positive about our SPuRs~ It’s about time they see the real thing~

  191. Ian says:

    If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about writers, it’s that they’re quicker than anyone to jump on a bandwagon. These are the same guys that basically wrote off the Celtics earlier in the year. I don’t see this series being quite as unanimous as they think. What the Spurs are doing right now is unbelievable. However, I believe the Thunder have a great shot at the series. It’s a tough call, but I’m going to go out there and say I think the Thunder take this one in 6.

  192. Sarge says:

    Man, I hope these guys are right. I see this series as a toss-up, honestly. I love the Spurs, but the Thunder have incredible talent all over the floor. Not that the Spurs don’t have their own talent, but… dang, I’d build my team around a core of Durant, Westbrook, and Harden any day.

    (That being said, give me Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili in their primes over those guys.)

    Go Spurs Go!!!

  193. OLIN says:


  194. chano says:

    i support spurs too down to the finals lol beat okc plss for lakers muhahaha

  195. Dem' Bulls says:

    Am I Crazy for picking the oklahoma city thunder ?

    • mommo says:

      Yes………. sorry….

      • Zak Mohamed says:

        I think OKC might take the series i think Durant can be the X factor of this series and really can dominate by himself. The only real problem is that westbrook should be a facilatator in this series and not be as explosive he was in the Lakers Series. It will just make the the Thunder offence discombobulated. I really think OKC can win this series if they make adjustments and get ready for the outside shooting of the spurs. This series is all about matchups, but dont doubt the Thunders they have a chance to win this series.

    • TDallthewayacrossthesky says:

      um ya just barely though

    • richard says:

      No Dem”Bulls, like u I also pick OKC to win for a very simple reason, no one can stop Kevin Durant. It’s KD Time………

  196. Kobe says:

    did you ever see pop yelling at his players. He’s a dictator!!!

    • TRU*NBAFAN says:

      Maybe if Coach Brown did that more instead of making excuses for players they would not be in the mess they are in and not be turning on each other like jackels. Coach Pop is demanding, yes, and if they are not performing he will sit them out in a heart beat. NO other coach is ballsy enough to do that.

      He treats (and will yell) at ALL of them the same. The furture hall of famers don’t run the show.

  197. Alex says:

    The Spurs Are the most humble and awesome Team in the world .Go Sours Go

  198. Ted says:

    I also think that the Spurs will win but it will be interesting if OKC manages to get this series to 6 or 7 games.

  199. BFoulds says:

    Drive for 5, Spurs will take this series in 6 or less.

  200. W/E says:


  201. Mark R says:

    I say Spurs in 6 Im a fan of both team but OKC plays too much one on one while the Spurs are a full team game with too much depth, also experience will play a BIG FACTOR and the Spurs got it while OKC is still learning on the fly!

  202. Baller says:

    Spurs in 5, they have more depth and Pop is a genius at exposing weaknesses. The Thunder will once again realize they are not where they want to be yet. Too many jumpers and 1on1 basketball…

    • Nate says:

      Agreed. I like both teams but I have to give it to the Spurs, a better all around team, and everyone on their team contributes. Plus, their defense may not be what it was a few years ago, but they always come up Big when it matters. OKC, has three great offensive talents, but that ends there. While OKC relies on Durant, Westbrook, and Harden all too much for offense, the Spurs spreads the ball around and everyone of their players can make shots. Plus one big advantage the Spurs have, they have an inside game.

      • QuestionMark says:

        They don’t really have an inside game, its mainly Tim Duncan in pick and rolls and post ups, Duncan went up against Griffin who isn’t known for his defense, and Jordan, but Ibaka is the top shot blocker and 2nd in DPOY, so Duncan is gonna have a much tougher time, plus Perkins is another big body in the paint, as for PGs, I would say its pretty much even, Westbrook and Parker are quick, and explosive PGs, but Westbrook has the size and strength advantage, as for SG, I can pretty much guarantee that Manu and Green will be shut down by Sefolosha, and Harden is the 6th man and is quicker than Manu. KD did go up against one of the best defenders in MWP and still played really well, so what chances do the Spurs have of slowing him down? Only problem OKC is gonna have is their isolation offense may get exposed since Spurs play good defense, but Perkins and Ibaka have the size advantage in this series, both are about 6’11 and KD is 6’10 while, Duncan is 7’0 and Diaw and Blair are 6’8, so reboundingmay come easier for the Thunder, and if they rebound like they did against the Lakers in Game 5, Spurs won’t win.

      • Nate says:

        Spoken like a true OKC fan… OK I understand that you’re rooting for OKC and trying to justify why your team will win, but I’m just speaking from an NBA fan stand point… and your reasons are biased. Sefolosha is going to stop all of the Spurs guards, Green, Manu, and Jackson? Please!!!! OKC has 2 guys that avg 25+ pts and 1 guy that avg 18pts, correct… but Spurs has 3 guys that could get 15+ pts, and 5 other guys that can get 10+ pts any given night, their offense is not one dimensional like OKC, which OKC just rely on their big 3 to score and jumpers all day. I rather take a team that can spread the ball around and play inside out. I’m sure Durant, Westbrook, and Harden are bound to have a couple bad games in the series, and who’s going to step up and score when one of them is off? Basically in this series, you have 3 guys who could score really well against a whole team that almost anyone could score because of how they move the ball around, again… i’ll take the team play any day. I’m not saying that OKC has no chance of winning, this will be a really close series and either team could win, but if you weigh the pros and cons of both teams, SA is a better all around team, that is all. The only way I see OKC winning this series is if OKC’s big 3 has to perform big together for 4 games.

      • Brighton says:

        No!!!! The Spurs don’t have an inside game. Both of these teams run multiple pick and rolls, and rarely get in the post. I don’t think Parker can guard Westbrook with his pull-up jumper. Best teams in the NBA going head-to-head, and a toss-up, I will pick OKC in 7

  203. crazy_ghost says:

    wow it’s a unanimous decision and probably a sure knock out win for san antonio SPURS!!!
    i believe in my spurs and i really pray they stay healthy and stay focus to their goals…

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Well once again all of the sports people pick OKC to lose lol. Fine with me, they all said OKC would lose to Dallas, SWEEP, then we couldnt beat the Lakers because of their size, 4-1. The Spurs are a great team but so arethe Thunder. who do you think the Thunder were modeled after? Sam Presti is an incredible GM so thank you Spurs lol. It should be a good game but i got to roll with my boys, OKC in 6!

      • timmy says:

        lol, no one picked them to lose to dallas or LA. In fact most of them picked them to reach the final. Either way this will be one entertaining series and can’t wait for it to start.

      • gerald adams says:

        the spurs ride will come to a end this series. and even if they do get the thunder , the heat will beat them silly in the finals because they are just too small and lebron and wade wont fall in the finals this year i bet you that.

      • Bull dawg says:

        @gerald adams
        the spurs may not be the biggest team, but neither are the heat and miami wont be able to handle tony parker.

      • Rain-V says:

        What sports articles were you reading?! Everyone has been saying Spurs and OKC in the Western Finals from Day 1. Take Sam Presti, he forgot the most important ingredent to a championship team when he left the Spurs. The Players!! Often immitated, but never duplicated. Ask Doc Rivers, Avery Johnson, and Mike Brown. They know.

        Everywhere I look there’s a former Spur coaching or managing another team. Why is that….

      • Dalwin says:

        I understand you love your team and love can make you blind . Spura are totaly different Animal .OKC did not & will not see better team then the Spurs .

      • cool knicks fan says:

        If the Spurs got into the Finals, the Heat wouldn’t beat them silly. Do you know anything about basketball???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? The Heat are AWFUL at PF and C, all they have is Bosh. The Spurs depth would be too much for Miami. Spurs beat OKC in 7 and the Heat in 6.

      • kenny lynch says:

        I totaly agree the thunder have been under estimated in this year and they are the best team in the NBA just because there youg doesn’t mean they on’t have experience go Thunder

      • GGKman says:

        The reason why the Spurs will win… Even if they place Ibaka on Duncan on the defensive end, they still have to contend with Blair (and Diaw now), who even tho at 6’7 would be too much and quick to handle for Perkins. Then they have Bonner, who as we all know loves to hit that 3… Can perkins defend Bonner on the perimeter, and even if he does he leaves a huge gap in the middle for Parker, Ginobilli, Green and Leonard to expose. We all know the talent possessed in Durant, Westbrook and Harden, thats undeniable. But when you line them up against a team who have Duncan, Ginobilli, Parker as their main weapons with the back up of Green, Neal, Leonard, Blair, Jackson and Bonner (4 of the 5 mentioned are serious 3 point threats) OKC chances aren’t looking good. I’m saying Spurs in 6 games. POP will again find the weakness in OKC’s structure and expose it to its fullist. I think The mismatch in the front court will be exposed creating serious 3 point opportunities for the SPURS to capitalise on.

      • you're funny says:

        Its gonna be a great series but Ginobili hasn’t even been Ginobili so far these playoffs and the Spurs have really only played 1 close game and that was an elimination game. Even with that said, the Spurs beat OKC 2-1 without Ginobili playing in any of those games. If he wakes up, watch out!

      • carl says:

        they did lose last year badly to dallas dallas team wasent the same this year and dirk wasent as hungry lakers weak, but the spurs are a whole diffrent team and they got a long bench okc dont have a bench, tony parker ganobli TD get ready for a suprise spurs 4-0 mabe 4-1

    • bossymossy says:

      I really think these two teams are so equally matched that it’s going to come down to who is the most consistent. If OKC guys like Westbrook, Harden and Fisher bring their A game, they won’t be eliminated easily. The Spurs have several weapons at their disposal too, but can they keep up with the Thunder’s fast pace? I say it’s a toss up that goes to 7 games…no way will this Thunder team be eliminated in 5 games!

    • mr know says:

      I hope just one player gets injured for the spurs so they cant win.