Blogtable: What’s Next For Lakers?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Play Lakers GM: What do you do in the wake of another West semifinal defeat?

Steve Aschburner: I start by abolishing World Peace.  Sounds nihilistic, I know. But given the rebuild/retool ahead, they don’t need Metta’s shenanigans. Then I trade Pau Gasol, maybe to Minnesota for Derrick Williams in a package. I rebuild around Andrew Bynum because Jimmy Buss will fire me if I don’t. And I ride out Kobe’s angst or swing a deal for him that makes him happy. If that’s possible in every sense. 

Fran Blinebury: I get on the phone to Orlando and find out if there’s any way to re-start the conversation for Dwight Howard.  Does it take Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol together?  Done.  Gasol is fading into the twilight of his career and for all there is to like about Bynum on the nights he plays, that happens too infrequently.  Howard has his own flaws, but combining with Kobe Bryant puts him back into the championship picture immediately, restores his damaged reputation and transitions the Lakers for the post-Kobe Era.  I also do not sign Ramon Sessions to a long-term contract at significant cost. Not nearly enough bang for the buck.

Scott Howard-Cooper: The same thing I tried to do two months ago at the trade deadline and five months ago at the start of the season. Get more athletic. See what Pau Gasol brings in trade. I don’t move Gasol just to move him, but the Lakers need a new personality and Gasol brings the most in return.

Shaun Powell: I’d beg Steve Nash to take less money and sign up. Short of that, I’d be resigned to winning 45-50 games next season and hope my key guys stay healthy. Because trading Pau Gasol (and a contract that few teams will take) will only make you different, not necessarily better. And the only other option is breaking it up and starting over, which you can’t do until Kobe’s done in two years.

John Schuhmann: I try to trade Pau Gasol and get some younger and cheaper players in return, because, under the new CBA, it will be too difficult to build a roster around three guys getting paid over $65 million. The biggest problem is Kobe Bryant’s salary, which is $28 million next season and $30 million in ’13-14, when the extra-punitive luxury tax kicks in. But I can’t imagine Kobe is going anywhere. And I think Andrew Bynum, in addition to being seven years younger than Gasol, is a better fit for Mike Brown’s system.

Sekou Smith: You should have said play Lakers surgeon. Because they require a procedure done by the best. It’s time to take the gloves off with this roster and go to work retooling it for however many years Kobe Bryant has left. That means Pau Gasol has to be moved (in Mitch Kupchak‘s defense, he tried to do it before this season). There’s no more sugarcoating it. He doesn’t work on this roster anymore, not as the third option. It also means that whatever it takes to swing that Dwight Howard for Andrew Bynum deal has to be done. If Howard can be acquired, no team can offer better pure talent in return than the Lakers can with Bynum. Crazy as it sounds, Metta World Peace fits on a team with Bryant. But everyone else would be in the trade crosshairs this summer.


  1. chocl8mamba says:

    Me being a HUGE KOBE/Lakers fan! Im enjoying reading the LIVELY debat about the squad/r organization. I wanted to add that with ANY good business, responsibility/structure starts from the TOP DOWN! An due to the fact that the YOUNG Buss is a FAMILY member lol. I doubt he will b replaced! So the 1rst in line should b M. Kuptchek. Not sure if anyone has noticed, but he hasn’t made a “BLOCKBUSTER” trades since he’s been in the front office. And NO the Gasol trade don’t count since (J.West) made that happen. His one big try was 2011 with the D. Howard/CP3 FAILED attempt! An while in the process of doing so we had a roster that included Blake, Kapono, Murphy, L. Walton, Morris, Godlock and Brown as the replacement to the 11 time champ, 1rst ballot H.O.F. P. Jackson! So needless to say I would FIRE him first. But since there is no mention of his services “NO LONGER NEEDED” lol. The nxt in line would b Coach Brown!! A defense coordinator with an OFFENSIVE minded SUPERSTAR/TEAM! He’s more like a “SUBSTITUTE TEACHER” then a coach for the WORLD REMOUN L. A. Lakers! My top coaching choices would b:

    D. Rivers
    B. Shaw
    M. D’antoni
    J. Van Gundy
    B. Scott

    Now as for as the squad. I’d get rid of EVERYONE except for KOBE(of corse), J. Hill, Ebanks,, McRoberts! & maybe Barnes. An since Gasol should’ve been gone last yr. And Bynum lacks the MENTAL capacity to be the FRANCHISE player(once Kobe retires)! I’d start my search off for new post players. My top 5 choices would b:

    S. Ibaka(Okl)- J. Magee(Dnv) – K. Love (Min.) – J. Noah (Chi.)- A. Stoudemire(NY)

    Next point of attack, GUARDS (preferably COMBO type) my top 5 choices::

    D. Williams(NJ)- M. Williams(L.Clips)- M. Ellis (Mil.)- G. Dragic(Hou)- S. Brown(Phx.)

    3rd up is the S/F position. My top 5 choices:

    S. Novak(NY) – D. Wright (GS) – R. Anderson (Orl.) – N. Young (Clips) – G. Wallace(NY)

    Last but not least the BENCH!!! My top choices would first include any of the 1rst 15 players mentioned, THEN:

    J. R. Smith (NY) – J.Crawford (Port.) – D. Cook (Okc) – J. J. Hickson(Port.) – K. Mart ( CLip) – R. Evans (Clips)

    So to sum it all up! U take the 4 Lakers mentioned(possibly switching out Barnes n drafting/r pickin up a d-league C-F), Add to that 2 “STAR” players at each of the (C/F-S/F-SG/PG)! Which puts u at 10 players. And suring up the bench with the remaining 6 back up players mentioned. Will give u the most POTENT roster from top to bottom in the league. Will guarantee us AT the LEAST a conference finals apperance! And put us WELL below the SALARY cap! With my IDEAL roster: 2012-2013

    K. Bryant S. Novak
    J. Hiill D. Wright
    J. McRoberts j.R. Smith
    D. Ebanks D. Cook
    J. Magee J. J. Hickson
    K. Love K. Martin
    S. Brown R. Evans
    M. Williams Draft p/r D-league player

    Strtn LnUp: S. Brown (P/G)
    K. Bryant (S/G)
    S. Novak (S/F)
    K.Love (P/F)
    J. Magee (C)

  2. lakermig says:

    we are the lakers a team that has winning in our blood and stars on the court at all times, we have to get back to the way things were when we used to buy the big names, ie shaq from orlando and later on gasol its that time again because lets face it this looks nothing like a lakers team when you’re used to seeing names like-
    horry,grant,van excel,fox,harper,o’neal,shaw,scott,odom,fisher and now you see bloody names like barnes,sessions,goudelock,murphy,blake and the rest of the sorry to say d-league like players we have right now

  3. behzad says:

    it might sound crazy but i think lakers getting daron williams and howard next year if that happens bad news for haters

  4. LArebuilt says:

    theonly way i see us getting younger and better

  5. LArebuilt says:

    here we go i say amnesty blake do not resign barnes or troy morphy resign jordan hill n talk sessions into staying and go for pg goran dragic or nash great play makers and sf nicolus batum or micheal beasley both young and atheletic scoring punches if we want change we have to use both bigs as bait so if we trade gasol try for lowry and scola and for get dwight howard i say maybe bynum for tyreke evans/marcus thorton and demarcus cousin slowing maturing but a quality big man next to gasol
    potential rosters (bynum trade)
    kobe/tyreke evans
    mwp/batum or beaseley
    or lowry/sessions(gasol trade)
    mwp/ batum or beasley
    or nash/ dragic (no trade)
    mwp/batum or beasely
    bynum/ hill

  6. tim says:

    they should trade pau and bynum and metta for melo and stoudemire

  7. djmzik says:

    I think that building a good team, you need good talented players, especially young people. Right now, as we know, the Lakers do not play well, like last season. We should clearly see the areas that falters or to rebuild a strong team and hope to win the nba. I hope everyone is aware of this and that for the new upcoming season, the Lakers will come back even stronger.

  8. Trade Kobe????? says:

    First and foremost, the Lakers without Kobe , you’re talking an NBA apocalypse. Who in the league averages 20+points a game, yes right just a few mentionable players. Yes Kobe is getting the old and yes he does shoot alot, 42 points in game five. look at the stats. PRODUCTIVITY

    So simple strategy . Keep Kobe , MWP, Sessions , Barnes and Hill. Trade the whole bench for at least players who average 10+ points or just at least, find a sixth man, even Lamar, just a 15+ point guy.All thats needed is efficient guys who can come through night after night,Yes you do need young legs but not just any young legs. So that being said the lakers problem last season and this season is the unproductive bench, if the bench can give you at least 20+ points a game , then keep the starting five and any way the current lakers starting 5 is arguably the best in the NBA. So get a deep bench and this gives the starters more rest per game. Second problem , the bigs, trade them , and even if both of the go ,get D Howard and Magee or any other big i could care less and that trade should come with a three point shooter, Gasol and Andrew for Howard and Anderson, plus two or three younger players, fair deal. Sessions is an okay fit he just needs mentoring and from who else other than Kobe,he will get better , get a fresh bench ,D Will/Session and D Howard, Kobe, MWP and anyone else eg Hill,

  9. madskillz says:

    al jefferson or P.Milsap,…. Cj Miles, D.Harris…. look into those players

  10. 50yearplusLakers says:

    Yep, hate to see the nice guy go, but thanks Pau. See ya! And take Mike Brown with ya. Jeeze…….. Andrew did well THIS year. Can we afford to see next year? Send him along with Pau. Keep Sessions gounded as mentioned before until he becomes a triple threat. (Rondo) RESPECT the 5 ring man; Mr. Kobe Bryant and do everything you can to help him get 6. Or better yet 7, possibly the 8th ring he deserves. Mr. Howard would help under the correct coaching effort, shall we say Mr. Sloan? The young Buss boy has a lot to learn. I hope he doesn’t run the lakers into the ground like the management did the Celtics in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Again JEEZE…… Metta can stay. He’s not the problem at all. he’s the power we need. Despite the Buss boy, this is Kobe’s team. Get over it! Get down and let’s send the best laker since Magic to the hall in style!

  11. Danny says:

    What about use amnesty on Gasol and try signing Deron Williams who is free agent this summer ? That while trading Bynum for Howard (Hedo is not incuded by any means) and using players like Blake, Sessions and Artest for supporting cast or trade them for younger players. Just imagine D-Will with Kobe and Howard supported by young players… That can bring some energy to this slow tempo team we saw this year.

  12. MIAMI CHAMP says:



  13. coachjojoc says:

    It’s this simple…fire Jim Buss. This way, Kupchak gets a free hand to do whatever is needed without some nitwit hovering behind him.

  14. marlondagreat says:

    world piece?trade?big NO/……
    get ODOM back….
    get FISHER back…
    in the bench get some run and guns line up..who run for the line up…and add some big layers that can run all over the court…

  15. bull says:

    why is it always.. as always LA fans are one sided when it comes to trade? as if Pau is still potential and bynum hu remained a kid can be traded to one of the best on the other teams?? even that bosh and pau thing? bosh had an injury like manny in the abdomen wer most strnght comes from.. do u think it will happen agen? do u think if he overcomes that he will not become a very strong player than ur gasol??? miami wont trade him nt unless for howard! BYNUM WILL REMAIN A BABY OK? no matter what the alibi that his doin.. and nvr in the history that one of ur players can be equal if theygv u josh smith or gerald wallace for a trade? who cud that be? aging pau? baby bynum? aging MWP? even aging kobe 2 yrs left????? are u ok>? and Odom wud nvr come back lols.. accept it.. they will have a hard time for the next 2 yrs..

    • bull says:

      wow! make sense!..

      Pau they are trading you.. how bout signing a little salary with the heat ? think about man.. if u want to go back in track then thats it.. show them what you deserve!.. MIAMI gasol.. nc weather there..

  16. 1lt says:

    get steve nash!!! trade pau for any other young big man and swingman…

  17. Susan Mills says:


  18. Boka says:

    Live all starters alone ,live G.HillS.Blake for banch,get Steeve Nash,faire Coach Brown,take coach Nat McMillan…a beleve this is it!

  19. christian says:

    the Lakers are done its an end of thier era they are not gona get another superstar player no more unless they get lucky in draft again (kobe)… and the magic will be stupid if they trade howard for bynum one on one like that, what a rip off.

  20. Dexton Clarke says:

    If anyone thinks Kobe is a ball hog, I can’t say I blame him. When he penetrate the lane and dish to his team mate, they either loose the ball or miss the shot. Notice he try to get them motivated and show a killer instinct. All his team mates do is whine about getting foul instead of dishing it back. MWP is a great energizer to compliment Kobe, so MWP is a keeper with the Lakers. As big as Bynum is he shoul be commanding the low post but he acts like Brutus because he is a lazy player. Pau is now a
    Cry Baby instead of a focus player exhibiting a winning determination. I guess he misses Odom who usually cover for him. I think Pau is too flat footed. Get his brother on the Lakers Team

  21. lakerlady says:

    Trade Andrew Bynum for Dwight Howard! You must be crazy. Howard just had back surgery and isn’t as talented as Bynum.

    Bynum claims he still wants to be a Laker so tie his performance to annual salary increases.

  22. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:

    Trade Bynum for Kwame Brown
    Trade Pau for Scalabrine
    Trade Sessions for John Lucas III
    Trade Barnes for Rashard
    Keep MWW in Pelican Bay or San Quentin….

    Its a win win situation for KOBE… He can have all the ball he want…. He can now have 90 FGA per game…If he drop 50% He can have 45 points a game ………. Good for both Bynum and Gasol They can now have the ball more in their hands

    • RayRay20 says:

      Oh yeah, of course. Trade the Laker’s second best player for someone like Kwame. Trade their third best for BRIAN SCALABRINE? You Heat fans are all the same. Dreamers.

  23. Sshake03 says:

    Lakers need to get more athletic(d.howard) shooting support to help kobe who has aged before our eyes and a point guard preferrably d.williams.This would put the lakers back in contention and extend kobes career

  24. Tito Martinez says:

    The Lakers Wow My Team They Need A Pg Asap i say get rid of some bench players for new ones n bring Dwill to the lakers for a deal maybe even given them gasol

  25. D-Wood says:

    Kuptchek said they r picking up Bnyum’s option for next with Gasol as a 3rd option and no longer fitting into the system then id trade him to the Heat for Bosh because Bosh works in this type of offense and can rebound well and hes a few million cheaper & younger and has the same skill set as Pau a few inches shorter..if not that Gasol for Beasley whos also a good fit for the offense n can rebound not as skilled as Pau or Bosh but is young & cheaper & athletic..Gasol is the key tho if we want to take care of our problems all at once id go straight to Houston and do the Gasol for Scola, Martin, Drogic trade another big who can rebound n bang n shoot the mid, Martin is a 6th man who can come off the bench with Sessions and do immediate damage & Drogic would be my new starting PG bc he runs the pick & roll good n hes a 3 point shooter n can drive the lane and hes young..

  26. psybear says:

    lakers shoul get some decent defensive players on sf and pg like iguodala and jrue holiday. they also need a more athletic pf, and a reliable outside scorer besides kobe

  27. killuabest says:

    1st things first KICK couch Brown= Scott or B Shaw
    2nd trade Paul Gasol = Rondo or DWill/ or Millsap+KMart
    3rd trade Bynum+blake+murphy= Howard
    4th upgrade benchby , keeping session,metta and jordan hill and everyone is dispensable
    5th if possible get beasley, AI for the new bench…

    Kupchak , this is d solution…do this and you’ll have rings to come…

  28. Arthur C says:

    I have to agree with Mr. Smith. Metta, Kobe and Howard would be a force that would strike fear throughout the league.

  29. RJ Cook says:

    First of all the Lakers did take third in the west but had a poor road record and an evolving defense under Mike Brown.
    Lakers do need to bust up the team SOME! I said SOME.
    The biggest advantage Lakers has are the two “BIGS”, why break that up if you dont haft to? If money is the problem in obtaining surrounding talent to make this a winning team then busting it up and being cheap still wont help you win right away. So to play “Mitch, Kobe and Mike Brown if he stays. I try to keep Kobe and my TWO BIGS then bring in a real Point
    Guard veteran to play with the Bigs, I would add perimiter scoring at the small forward position i like Mike Beasley coming off the bench. I keep Metta world Peace for Kobe’s “Peace of Mind” and Team Toughness. then i add a little younger legs who can Shoot to spread the floor and run. So I start with Kobe Metta Bynum Gasol and try to get Nash, or Williams, or Bledsoe or mo williams from the Clippers or Martin or Dragic from the Rockets.
    The Ideal here is add what you really need to get better and thats only really a few pieces. Like a real point, younger real shooters to surround Kobe and the Bigs. The defense wasnt bad, we need to clean the turn overs with a real game time leader on the floor and get a bench with real scoring punch….

  30. Steve White says:

    Has everyone gotten amnesia and forgotten that Dwight Howard just had back surgery? Who knows what he’ll be like if and when he returns?

  31. Carl says:

    1st) Bynum is gone when You are a Laker and You come out and say that You will play anywhere then You should not be a Laker WEARING THE LAKER GOLD SHOULD ALWAYS COME WITH PRIDE TO BE A LAKER ,YOU FAILED THAT BYUNUM /Bynum and Sessions and maybe another in a threeway trade to get Dwight Howard and Derrick Williams
    2nd) Resign Lamar

  32. Nando says:

    Alguien me puede decir los porcentajes de Kobe???? son los mismos que hace un niño de colegio, no creo que sea un MVP

  33. LakerFan says:

    This is not rocket science. Send Bynum and get Howard, send Gasol and get D-Will and put a package of other pieces and get Beasley. Tell me if there is a team that would beat them with Kobe playing at the same level as he did this year. MWP should stay since “when” he wants to play, he is still very good. Last but not least, don’t forget to keep Barns.

  34. Rick says:

    Trade Kobe. Plain and simple. He still has value, but we all know he is no longer the future for the Lakers. Sounds crazy, I know. But, consider he is eating up $27,000,000.00 next year. With that money, the organization could sign two very good players.

  35. Drew says:

    Okay so here goes! There is a lot of speculation that the Lakers need to become more eplosive. I believe they are already explosive, but only when they want to be! In order to win championships there are two crucial points of execution. Number one: defense and number two: consistency!! With that being said I believe these are the trades they should make. They should call the Nets and begin negotiations for Derron Williams and Gerald Wallace for Pau Gasol and Steve Blake. I like that trade alot!! That will offer a great push to our current line-up. It will also work salary wise, as well as with the salary cap!! We will have Sessions as a back-up point guard which would give us bench depth. Wallace would be a great pick-up because he can defend , and he also a great scorer. Another avenue would be to do s straight trade for Howard with Bynum. Then exhaust the 8.9 millions player option left over from Odom. Maybe inquire about Andre Miller. Along with Miller maybe pick-up JR smith? I believe these are trades that can be made. This team is a second round team as of right now, there is not much that needs to be added to be a championship team again!! You juts have to add the right ingrediants!!

  36. Michael Jordan says:

    fire Mike Brown!i dont like he’s coaching wonder why cleveland havent got any championship before.i would rather hire Jerry Sloan.

  37. JP says:

    Trade Gasol! Maybe for a lesser known guy like Paul Millsap for instance and create some capspace. Fire Coach Brown and take Jerry Sloan. I think he will get some respect of this group of players (like Phil). Bynum for D12 is not going to happen nor will D-Will play in LA next season.
    Keep Bryant and Bynum and the rest is expendable. A good PG and a second backcourt scorer are defenitly needed but they do not have to be superstars like everybody thinks. Search for the Trevor Ariza type player as a backcourt scorer. I can remember that Trevor was of good value during the Lakers last championship season. Tyreke evans has hit sort of a slump in Sacramento, he could certainly be an option and a change in scenery will do him good.
    As for the PG postion…. Its tough to say. I like Kyle Lowry but who will the rockets take for him? (Cauz in my theory Gasol is already traded for Millsap). One thing is for sure I wouldn’t want top be Lakers GM right now. Good Luck however.

  38. Patrickmarc says:

    If the Point Guard is good, the team keep dancing, everybody have time for adjustment.

    The problem is how to find a Tony Parker free for lakers ?
    Sessions is not ready yet.

  39. johnkox405 says:

    all i want to say,replace brown as a coach and find someone that fit in a laker,s roster

  40. Max says:

    I’d say beg Steve Nash for a pay cut. Then trade Pau and Bynum for Howard.

  41. JADF says:

    Baron Davis can be a good PG and so as Agent Zero. T-Mac and Grant Hill can be good free agents to sign. Also K-Mart and Brand can be good free agents to sign since they still have the drive and experience that Lakers quite lack right now plus they can also add Jamison. Also, try McGee or Camby, who both are great defensive players who could help add the defensive presence of LA, and sign Jermaine as a backup.

  42. JADF says:

    Get AI. Even though he’s old, he’s still athletic and still has scoring if given the minutes. Try to also getting Dwight and J-Smoove.

  43. 16 CHIPS says:

    -Howard for Bynum, HIll and/or Gasol (just get D12 to LA)
    -Nash for Sessions, and a solid draft pick
    -Keep MWP if possible
    -Replace Brown (maybe D’Antoni if no better options)
    -Sign Jamal Crawford and other depth players

    That team would immediately win a championship. Big Three plus MWP and depth would be outstanding.

  44. rigor mortiz says:

    i don’t think Dwight Howard will go to the Lakers, but instead,try to hire Stan Van Gundy, and upgrade their bench, and do not trade Pau and Bynum,just sign,Oj Mayo,Beasley, or Nicholas Batum, atleast it will be a solid back up from the bench, i don’t think LA needs a superstar, all they need is a building block not a stumbling block

  45. mike(from Akron,Ohio) says:

    IF I were the Lakers GM, I would NOT pursue Dwight Howard until he has been cleared by doctors to return and if They do pursue him in a trade that they make sure his back is insured somehow. Second I would wait till the offseason and if Fisher and Odom are free agents then bring them back at a discounted rate. Might even look into signing A I as a backup SG/PG at a cheap rate.Def ask if NAsh would come cheap instead of heading to Dallas as well.But If they are to break up GASOL and BYNUM that they make sure they get something with height and talent back otherwise it would be a waste of time. Maybe even look into getting a SG that is young with great upside,because KOBE will only be around so much longer playing ball.

  46. carl says:

    sign nash,trade gasol to humpries,stay bynum,trade session to beasley,trade murphy n mcroberts to noah… metta!!!
    get andre jordan and jamison for eyenga n jordan hill..stay blake n barnes n KOBE…train goudelock
    pg steve nash
    g kobe
    pf noah
    c bynum
    6th lamar
    bench beasley,blake,barnes,andre jordan,jamison,.goudelock… finally trade brown for robert jaworski 🙂

  47. leemcgrady says:

    I suggest to replace coach Brown, probably Sloan Adelman or Van Gundy will be far better than him… Trade Gasol and Bynum for Howard,Chandler or Love …Get Derron Williams thats what there lacking a great point guard to run the show… Get Odom back coz i don’t see anyone as hardworking and doing those things that didn’t appear on the stat sheets… Have a great bench support, they are lacking with that…

  48. lakersfan says:

    stupid comments. why should we acquire howard? well in fact he is suffering from a HERNIATED DISC! it takes years of recovery and i bet when he wont be on top form. have odom back and have dwill. and i like shannon brown too. team needs consistency not stars who is inconsistent.

  49. Mr. Mahabaratbu says:

    here’s my logical suggestion, trade gasol for greg oden, bynum for t mac, get billups and michael red together with baron davis then the lakers would have a youngest superstar with derreck rose traded for the aging kobe bryant then lastly fire mike brown and hire coach freddie roach and the rest is history…. boom

    • RayRay20 says:

      That’s anything but logical. Lakers would never trade an All-Star like Gasol for an injury prone, underperforming Oden. Nor would they trade Bynum, who’s a potential building block for their future, for an aging player like Tmac. And how are they going to get Billups, Redd and Davis together? Pull another $20M or so out of thin air? You obviously don’t know your NBA. Kobe Bryant has a no-trade clause, and the Bulls would be idiots to trade DRose for Kobe anyhow.

  50. warius says:

    my 5 to lakers next sesson:

    guard: steve nash and kobe B.
    forward:world peace and odom
    center:D. howard

  51. kennydoc says:

    ITS THE END OF LAKERS. Period, stop dreaming guys. . . its heats time! theres always beggining and end of somthing. .

  52. Choker says:

    Trade Gasol for young role players. Trade Barnes for draft pick and cash. Keep Jordan Hill… useful. Keep Bynum…. can still improve. Keep Metta…… the defense he gives. Keep Bryant…. of course. Get more and better players.

    Gasol and Barnes for Scola, Martin and Dragic….. that will be great. They were willing to trade for Gasol.Lakers add Barnes… why say no?

    If ever they trade Bynum….. trade him for a great center and dependable.

  53. ko0kie says:

    lakers cannot trade kobe.. he has a no-trade clause in his contract.but in what world would you want to trade kobe? he still plays at an elite level but he desperately need some help on the permimeter.. I would trade gasol for a high 2012 draft pick for a PF and a solid SF if possible.. I don’t think they can get howard so keeping bynum will be the best option.he’s without a doubt the third or second best center in the league..

  54. renz_garnett says:

    sign STEVE NASH..
    trade gasol and bynum to DWIGHT HOWARD
    sign KEVIN GARNETT – he is old but he can change the team..

  55. yumyumin says:

    LA dun really need such HUGE change in their line up.

    For immediate impact, the management has to decide which big man to keep. Kobe wont have time to wait for Bynum to “be better”. If they trade Gasol, they cant get back the talent at par. If LA wants to rebuild, then Gasol, MWP have to leave. For younger swingman like Beasley rather than aging Odom, and a PF that backs Bynum up. They dun need one more player to SHARE the basketball with Kobe.

  56. derham says:

    john you are obvioulsy `no a laker fan why are you even posting here

  57. stat says:

    keep Kobe try trade Pau to the kings for a package around Tyreke Evans they have alot of young talent. keep Bynum,MWP and jordan Hill see what you can get for everyone else

  58. rockandroll says:

    Do everything to get a quality PG. Develop Sessions for back up. 😀 Get a better coach than Mike Brown. I’ve seen a lot of same plays in the playoffs. He’s so predictable. Trade Pau. Get an athletic big man. Can be Josh Smith.

  59. Sentral says:

    Trade Kobe, Gasol and Bynum for Bosh.

    • RayRay20 says:

      You’re an idiot.

      • RayRay20 says:

        Why the hell would the Lakers trade their three best players for someone who is barely mentioned in the same sentence as Wade and LBJ? It’d be like tha Heat trading their Big 3 for Tyson Chandler or Amare Stoudemire. This isn’t one of those basketball games you play on your gaming consoles where you can force impossible trades. Stop dreaming, Heat fanboy.

  60. reynaldsales says:

    my 5:
    guards; D.WILL and KOBE
    forwards: TORKUGLO and LOVE
    center: BYNUM

  61. jeremylinfan17 says:

    why does everyone say gasol? does anyone remember andrew goudelock? i remember his scoring bursts, and he was fast. he’s good enough, considering he’s a rookie this season. i think that over time, he can be one of the lakers dependable reserves. trade steve blake and ramon sessions. but to trade pau is getting rid of more playoff experience. and if you look at san antonio, most of their players have experience. that’s the one reason why san antonio can beat the thunder. keep the experience, and trade the reserves. maybe one reserve won’t trade for much, but troy murphy, josh mcroberts, steve blake, devin ebanks, and even ramon sessions will be worth a good player. but train goudelock to be better, and move him up.

  62. winklor says:

    who would want Pau Gasol after this season? Who could want Gasols contract?
    But I also think that Bynum and Bryant cant coexist, especially if Artest is there too.
    Dwight would be perfect for Kobe but I can’t see things happen with those contracts even though both teams are broken and desperate.

  63. cherrypopper says:

    if they lakers wanna roll they need to bring THE MACHINE back ! 😀
    (they haven’t been close to a title since then)

  64. BIGMatta23 says:

    Lovin some of these so called trade scenarios and roster improvements. 99% of you are in absolute dream land, just completely laughable man. This isnt fantasy league, this isn’t Nam, there are rules!!! There is a salary cap and another team/s involved. They can’t and wont trade you their valuable piece for your deadwood. i.e Gasol for Williams (Minny) One has 2 years left @ $19mil per, the other has 15 years left and is on a rookie contract. And calls for get Fisher back, get Odom back…please, WTF?

  65. Mark says:

    Go after Goran Dragic as a free agent – then look into what deals you can make for a starting wingman and a new center out of Bynum, Gasol, World Peace, Blake and anyone else apart from Kobe that might draw some interest… My ideal scenario would be Iguodala and Bogut (maybe get David Lee thrown in to a deal as well) – that’s if you want to make basketball moves, and not marketing moves (ie. Howard in the Melo-to-the-Knicks mould).

  66. terradamnata says:

    Shaun has it right for the most part, I think.
    But if they can’t get Nash, they should try developing Goudelock more.
    He was great when they let him play, and I don’t buy Mike Brown’s reasons for not doing so.

  67. deantae says:

    i would try try to get nane for andrew byum

  68. Kobe@Manila says:

    The first thing that they should do is replace their coach.. Get Brian Shaw back and make him the head coach.. Get DWill or Nash at all cost..Sad to say, Pau needs to go.. and Howard-Bynum trade is becoming a reality.. DO IT NOW before KOBE gets to old..

  69. jermaine says:

    these comments are funny but the funniest is i saw one person said trade Kobe lol like who would ever think abt doing that first of all thats gonna cause a major up rough in la the best move is getting sessions out n trying to get Williams in there i think gusol could go n make a try for Howard with that said i would also keep MWP cause kobe his self said MWP is the only guy he thinks plays with the heart like he does.

  70. W/E says:

    Lakers aint getting another star player without giving one. Lakers want D12 and keep Bynum….unless they give half of their bench and some starters i dont think this will ever happen… unless Magic decide to commit suicide of course

  71. Doncha says:

    trade Pau or Bynum for Dwight..if need trade both for Howard..hes hungry for ring..if we get him..we ll win championship next year easily..KOBE can play till 40..

  72. Joelle says:

    And that’s how you squeeze another ring out on a budget. That line up is aged but at 60 or 70% they’re still better than most young teams at 100%.

  73. JJ says:

    Trade Troy Murphy with D12, Sign Nash,trade Goudelock to J. Crawford, trade eyenga to Odom Tarde Morris to Torkuglu of the magic( a good 3-pionter)
    Starters: Nash, Kobe, Barnes, Howard, Bynum
    Bench: Sessions, J. Crawford, Torkuglu, Odom, Gasol
    Others Bench: Blake, MWP, Ebanks, Hill, McRoberts

    Get MWP and Ebanks to improve his defensive play, Nash, Sessons, Blake Ball Handling and shooting, D12, bynum,gasol, Odom, Hill McRoberts improve defensively and low post, even with Free throws, Kobe, J. Crawford, Torkoglu, Barnes improve on shooting
    and this can create a better lakers and a goo contender

  74. Tato says:

    Get Van Gundy, all problems will be gone.

  75. Joelle says:

    Bynum for Dwight Howard

    Gasol, Sessions, Barnes and Blake for Dirk Norwitsky. (preserve Dwight by splitting responsibilities with another big) Offer both less money. They’ll take it because they’d rather have the rings. One’s not enough for Dirk. He’ll never get another in Dallas. Dwight won’t ever get one in Orlando. They’ll take the cut.

    Get Fisher back (he’ll come with whatever is offered) He’s old but is a leader, a vet and still knocks down clutch 3’s when they count! (Something Sessions can’t do. Speed is useless if you can’t sink ’em)

    Leave Nash alone, get Iverson. Yes, I said Iverson. He needs money and at his age can still make 20pts per game. more than Session, Blake and Barnes combined! Nash will cost LA a lot more and he won’t be able to give a lot more than AI for all that pay. Go with AI. He’ll be happy just to have a ball in his hands. The reality of his troubles have humbled him, he won’t be hard to keep in check.

    Under no circumstances do you ever give up Metta. Lakers are way too soft already -you always need someone willing to get down and dirty to strike fear in the other team. Metta does that. He’s weird says crazy things and is unpredictable (it works). If you have a Pitbull someone’s bound to get bitten from time to time. It comes with the territory. Deal with it.

    • RayRay20 says:

      Gasol for Dirk would probably work, the Lakers wouldn’t need to trade 4 rotation players for one aging player (despite him being last year’s Finals MVP).

      AI working alongside Kobe would be something to watch. They had a great rivalry back when AI was in his prime, but the question is would AI want to play backup to Kobe? AI is a SG first, a PG second. Of course, he could also play in the PG position but I doubt he’d be as efficient in that role as he’s a natural scorer.

    • s says:

      AI can still get 20 points? When is the last time you see him play? Besides, that is if he agrees to play. Else he will have personal issue, or his girl friend this or that, or he gets into trouble with the law somewhere. AI? He is long gone. He self destructs. No one and nothing can save him.

  76. Kevin says:

    Any reason we can´t grab D-Will??? Still got a bit of money left over from dumping Lamar. Trade gasol and grab D-Will. Why is everyone talking about trading Bynum? The problem I saw was the same one the Lakers have had for a long time, and that´s guarding the frickin pick and roll with fast point guards like Russell Westbrook. Bynum holds things very well down low and is a better offensive player this year. Get us D-Will who will make the ball move more and be more aggressive getting to the basket and everyone will see how Kobe will shoot less.

  77. Joelle says:

    Oh yeah, get rid of Coach Brown. He’s doesn’t know what to do with that much talent on a team. In Cleveland he only had Lebron. That’s only 1 guy on a garbage team. Get someone who’s had several marquee players on their roster before.

  78. JY says:

    Get Ramon to commit for another year.
    Try to sign Steve Nash or trade for Chris Paul.
    Trade Paul for Josh Smith from Hawks. Lakers need a power forward and Paul is not one or trade Paul for free and sign Deron Williams if sufficient cap.
    Let the free agents leave except Hill. He is quite a bargain and is willing to do the dirty job of getting offensive rebound.
    If possible, get the Lopez brothers from Nets and Sun. This will compensate the loss of Paul and Barnes and gain 2 7′ forward/center.
    World Peace should be retained for his performance based on Denver game 7 and how he commits to defense and getting 10+ points.
    Andre Miller from Denver will provide a lot bench points and threat.

  79. dredd5150 says:

    The best thing about the Lakers is Kobe. Unfortunately, it’s also the worst thing about the Lakers. Yes, Kobe is definitely one of the best players to play the game. He is definitely one of the best closers in the game. BUT he is the worst teammate to have. This, I believe, is one of the reasons why he only has one MVP trophy. Every playoff loss the Lakers have had during the Kobe era was due to him flaking out. Before you shoot your mouth off… please watch every playoff series they have lost. Every time he has a hard time scoring, he sulks or he starts to blame someone for not doing something. It’s funny to read and hear people say that Pau is the problem. If you have 2 of the most talented big men on your team, what do you do? You pound the ball inside then kick it out once they start getting double teamed. Ever notice when Bynum would throw a fit? It would be during games when he would not get enough touches. Ever notice how the Lakers would blow away any opposing team? Bynum and/or Gasol would have monster games. So I guess yeah… trade off Gasol. Coz he’ll definitely thrive in a team that knows his real value. Yeah, trade Bynum coz he’ll be a monster in a team that will let him operate in the low post or set him up with a lot of pick-and-rolls. But wow… do you really want to trade away your twin towers? Oh, and just in case you haven’t noticed… these are twin towers that know how to work WITH EACH OTHER.

    • kevin lakey says:

      get the ball inside to the bigs and have the PG drive the lanes kick it back to mamba we got #17.

  80. nickbartlett12 says:

    Check out my take:

    Where do the Lakers go from here?

  81. W/E says:

    lol laker fans or so spoiled

  82. Hell says:

    You do everything you want and Stern will break it.Like he did before!!!He doesn’t want Kobe gets another one.
    cause in that fact: Kobe=6 MJ=6

  83. LAL says:

    gasol need to go with barnes and blake

  84. LAL says:

    need an allstar point guard like d will

  85. Miggs says:

    Very Easy:

    Sing – Jeremy Lin and Steve Nash (perfect point guard combo)
    Sign – Gerald Wallace and JR Smith
    Trade – Bynum for Howard (I think both teams/players need change of scenery)
    Trade – Gasol for JaVale Mcgee (and save some cap in the proces for other players)
    Get Rid of: Sessions, Blake, and anyone else you need to…
    Keep: Kobe
    Keep: Metta World Peace (in a cage)

    Starting line up:
    Point – Steve Nash (off the bench: Jeremy Lin)
    Guard- Kobe (off the banch: JR Smith)
    Small Forward – Gerald Wallace
    Power Forward – JaVale Mcgee
    Center: Howard

    • RayRay20 says:

      I doubt the Lakers would make a trade of Gasol for McGee. The Magic probably wouldn’t accept anything less than both Gasol and Bynum for Dwight, and I doubt Jeremy Lin would accept a (potentially) smaller contract in LA when he could (potentially) get the mid level exception in NY.

      LOL at the “Keep MWP (in a cage)” bit.

    • kevin lakey says:

      Jeremy would be a great addition, GSW wishes they still had him.

  86. Inonewordraider says:

    Free agents we on the radar:

    Kris Humphries (what a backup big man should be, might cost too much)
    Carl Landry (get’s after it and these are the kind of players we should target)
    Spencer Hawes (Finally a shooter?)
    Kevin Garnett-he’s old but he’s Kevin Garnett and he lives in Malibu
    Steve Novak (see Spencer Hawes)
    Nick Young (can play the 2 or three, spreads floor and plays D, will take a discount to be with his hometown team same as he did for Clips)
    Mo Williams (plays D knows Browns offense and hits the big shot, probably will opt in)
    Raymond Felton (risky but at his best is Ramon Sessions that can play D)

    Gasol trade partners:

    T Wolves-they wouldn’t give us anything we’d want except for Beasley and cap space, Derrick Williams is too small for PF
    Warriors-take a risk on Curry’s ankles?
    Houston-Lowry and Scola if we’re lucky, Scola and cap space?
    Bulls – Noah, or Gibson Korver and CJ
    Celtics- Ainge was dumb enough to Perkins so is he dumb enough to trade malcontent Rondo?

  87. Inonewordraider says:

    Kobe is a horrible teammate for calling out Gasol (which led to his two best performances of the playoffs by the way) then what is Bird for calling his Celtics teammates soft then calling his Indiana built team soft?

  88. Plan-B says:

    First and foremost Kobe takes a paycut to get the following:
    Nash – Blake, Murphy, Draft Pics
    Derrick Williams – Sessions, Hill, McRoberts
    D’Antoni – Mike Brown
    Howard – Bynum, Gasol, Ebanks
    Bench Scoring – Bring back Odom, get Kapono, get Beasley, get Jamal Crawford

    That would give us:

    – Williams as PG with Nash as backup or interchangeable with the 2 on the floor
    – Howard, Barnes, MWP = size and length
    – Kobe, Williams, Nash = scoring and playmaking
    – D’Antoni’s run and gun offense (granted we have a GREAT defensive coach too)
    – The deepest bench in the league

    The new breed of team RUNS. More points in transition than any other season. While defense wins championships…great offense get you there to do so.

    • RayRay20 says:

      Agree with the part that Kobe needs to accept a paycut. He’s already making enough as it is, and if he wants to win more championships he’s going to have to be willing to sacrifice something himself to obtain more pieces.

    • kevin lakey says:

      i think kobe would take a cut to get that sixth piece of hardware… whats up mamba???

  89. TuTe says:

    they should have hired CP3

  90. kewl says:

    option 2 keep andrew bynum but trade pau gasol for dwight howard in move dwight to the power forward position on the lakers

  91. kewl says:

    lakers need jerry sloan as coach then trade andrew bynum for dwight howard trade pau gasol for chris bosh

  92. WOW says:

    The Lakers don’t need HOWARD!! the guy cant even make freethrows and bynum is doing work. LA loves Kobe and we love bynum, everyone hating on them or asking for them to trade shouldnt talk. You guys are not looking out for lakers, LA wont let them go. WE would never wanna c Mamba leave, he can shoot 40 shots and make 10 we will still always have that dudes back…He is respected in this down, you guys just dont get it

  93. WOW says:

    Get nash, let the bench go besides barnes, ebanks and hill. have ramon come off bench, try and go get beasely. Lamar would come back if Kobe talks to him, he has ALOT of respect for Mamba…
    starting you would have Drew Pau beasely Kobe and Nash
    bench Lamar, sessions, hill, barnes, Ebanks and metta…
    Looks likes a championship team to me.

    • john says:

      how the hell would u get nash. Not going to happen… the cap flexibility wont work either. Either Pao or Andrew have to go. If both stay then Kobe has to go. No other way to work a trade Unless a team would take Metta and you get some type of peice. but we need metta. Add berasely to the mix wont help at all because we already have 3 scorers. We need Defence and let go off Pau.

  94. DEE says:


    • john says:

      not going to happen. Pau for Cboozer and K korver is not worth it. Pao for Kevin Garnett or Rojon Rondo

      • RayRay20 says:

        This could potentially happen, actually. Gasol for Rondo, I mean, since Garnett is going to be a free agent next year. Of course, the Lakers may have to throw in some other decent pieces in there, like Steve Blake/MWP/Ramon Sessions. But Gasol to the Celtics for Rondo seems like the most likely trade the Lakers would definitely want to make right now.

  95. vamos a la playa says:

    lamar odom makes 8 million per year.
    lakers just don’t have cap room left right now.

  96. Peter says:

    First of all the Lakers glory days are over.They won Championships but they won’t take a step back as they need to satisfy Kobe.They will probably get Odom back and they should give Orlando Bynum for Howard and add something else to the deal.Even if Howard becomes a Laker it doesn’t mean a Championship but Orlando get rid of a pain in the arse for Bynum who has plenty of upside still.

  97. fdsafdsajl says:

    Why is everybody hating on kobe, he has more rings than most of the all stars combined( not counting tony parker and duncan).
    In their last game he had 42, whil look at Pau’s 5-14. Time to go get D-Howard.

  98. edward says:

    i say trade gaaol, sessions and peace for howard then try to get steve nash if not try to pick up chanceuy billiups

  99. Glosh says:

    Lakers should fire mike brown then sign Stan van gaundy! And trade pau for derrick williams

  100. vamos a la playa says:

    @ david: you can’t trade kobe, it’s written in his contract and everyone should know that.
    this is basketball, not monopoly.

    pau is paid as a second fiddle, but right now he is a third option on the court.
    i think they will trade him but the real problem is that he is 32 years old and his contract is quite fat.
    if you pick up you phone and call , i.e,. atlanta for josh smith or minnesota for love, or portland for aldridge … well they are gonna laugh at you.
    you can get two medium pieces for gasol, that’s it

  101. kiddi says:

    bynum to orlando for howard and the rights for anderson
    houston wanted gasol last summer and mccale still wants a big man so maybe the will take him for lowry

  102. W/E says:

    And by next season fine Kobe everytime he shoots 12 of 35 and gets to blame the lose on his teammates

    • Spence says:

      What about when Kobe shoots 18-33 for 42 points in Game 5 and still doesn’t have a team that plays good enough defense to win? Or what about when he goes 12-28 and scores 36 in Game 4 with a very nice lead going into the forth but not enough help from his team to keep the lead? Can we fine the rest of the team?

  103. Pedro says:

    1) Acquire Nash
    2) Trade Bynum and MWP for Howard and the bad contract of Turk (id much rather have Ryan Anderson, but whatever)
    3) Trade Gasol to any good defensive SF/PF and some backup scoring SG
    4) Develop Goudelock and Morris
    5) Get rid of Blake, McRoberts and Murphy
    6) Get Odom back asap
    7) Move Hill to the starting five

    Mybe then its a 2-3 year new window for Kobe.

  104. tone says:

    Trade pau and anderw for d12. Isert Jordan Hill in the starting line up. Try to sign D Will who is a very good friend of D12. Sign Sessions for the least contract and have him be our back up point. Bring Lamar back. I Think Ebanks is ready to come out of his shell. So our bench can be Sessions, Ebanks, Lamar, and McRoberts. Not much of an improvement but with Kobe, D12, Dwill, Artest, and Hill at the starting line up I think we can be the best defensive team in the league.

    • sbfern805 says:

      And you think the owners will pull the money right out of their you know what? mna seriously…D12 AND DWILL is waaaayy too much money and that wont happen unless some miracle happens… but then again this team will turn into a much better starting lineup team and not have a bench like Miami…

    • edward says:

      never going to happen d will is a born scorer so is kobe ODOM IS NEVER COMING BACK

    • kevin lakey says:

      in agreement!

  105. mario says:

    What about sacking Mike Brown and hiring Zeliko Obradovic? The guy has won 8 Euroleague titles with 3 or 4 different clubs plus the european and world championship with Serbia. He is up there with Popovich and Jackson. He is a basketball genious. Trade Gasol for Josh Smith, sign Kirilenko, Krstic, Jamison and Andre Miller. If Orlando accepts Bynum n whoever else for Howard do it. Release Artest n sign Beasley.

    Bynum – Krstic
    Smith – Jamison
    Kirilenko – Beasley
    Kobe – Goudelock
    Sessions – Miller

    That s one more title for Lakers.

    • NBAfan says:

      Kirilenko and Josh sounds like a VERY INTERESTING forward duo….athletic….defensive can play both forward positions….sounds good in theory..but won’t happen…CP3 and Kobe together sounds and looked great in theory…but that didn’t happen.

      • TakeFlyte says:

        Miller is way better than sessions i think we saw that in the 1st round. And this is coming from a laker fan

  106. tim says:

    why is Kobe getting so much money for hogging the ball. with his paid money they can get 4 or 5 quality guys

  107. W/E says:

    Lakers got no hope cause Kobe has a bad attitude, if they trade for another star player it would be a total mess every time they lose, especially in playoffs where kobe tends to blame alot the next best player on his team

    • NBAfan says:

      you tend to blame a lot on Kobe

      He’s the only guy who showed up in game 5. Maybe Metta too…..everyone else….disappeared like Lebron

    • RayRay20 says:

      What you forget is that when Kobe calls someone out, he does it for good reason. Gasol had a terrible game against the Nuggets, Kobe called him out. Bynum didn’t live up to expectations, Kobe called him out. He has the right to do that. When you score 42 points of your team’s 90, I believe you can call out your teammates who didn’t show up.

  108. David says:

    Honestly, I blow it up. I mean all the way up. I love what Kobe has meant for the league and the Lakers, but its time to put it all in perspective. He’s never going to compete at the level again that LA would need for them to compete with OKC and Denver and a emerging Minnesota Team. I think Jim Buss needs to let Kobe decide his destination and make the best of it. I think the Suns would be a great destination and the return would be good enough to justify trading for Kobe at this stage of his game. He takes up too much attention and doesn’t deliver quite enough. I think that LA should ship Pau to Atlanta for Jeff Teague and Josh Smith and Marvin Williams. Send Bynum to Orlando bring in Howard. and your starting 5 would be Howard,Smith, Williams, Evans, Teague or Sessions, with Metta World Peace and a old resourceful vet like Lamar Odom back in Lakers Purple and Gold. Sounds like a 6 or 7th seed that would offer the Lakers an opportunity to compete until they get that next guy to take on Durant and Westbrook.

    • Jose says:

      I do not believe that exchanging Kobe and pulling the team appart resolves the situation. I believe that taking advantage of Kobe’s next year by surrounding him with a physical point guard that can defend and attack like Deron Williams and a substitute from the bench like Odom to the formula, could return the lakers to a competitive season. The rest of the bench (except MWP) could be exchanged for some back up for position 2 and 3 to keep the balance. If Pau Gasol will be moved, then he can be used for such purpose.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Trade Kobe Bryant!? Are you high? Or just don’t know anything about this league? Kobe said he would NEVER leave the Lakers organization. He is retiring a LAKER.

      • Berliner80 says:

        You can’t trade Kobe anyway. He has a no-trade clause in his contract. And there is no way anyone amnesties him!!

      • kevin lakey says:

        thank you! bring back s. brown dump sessions and gasol. then beg LO to come back.

      • kevin lakey says:

        we need to keep Ron Artest…remember what it was like playing against him!

    • RayRay20 says:

      Even if the Lakers wanted to trade Kobe, they couldn’t. I believe he has the only NTC (no trade clause) in the league, which only he can revoke. I agree with the trade Gasol, but Atlanta definitely wouldn’t trade an All-Star in his prime like Josh Smith for Pau.

    • NBAfan says:

      Kobe may not be the best in the league anymore, but he is still damn good. He is still easily the top 2 or 3 scorer in the league. To be honest, only Durant could be more proficient of a scorer, but Kobe can still do what he wants in the offensive side of the court….maybe in 2-3 years not so much, but even then, I think he’ll be ATLEAST a 20 ppg scorer until he retires.

      One thing you can’t say Kobe can do is score….

      I’ll wait for all the haters to bring in his FG%…..just realize that when he is given freedom to drive…he shoots over 50%…but if he is stuck taking jumpers all day because the two bigs are clogging up the lane and they play the half court inside out game…it goes down as expected. Kobe is good, but he aint Ray ray when it comes to the three ball. I know he holds the record for most 3s in a game, but he’s more a streak shooter from deep than a consistent threat

    • d bettis says:

      KOBE aint goin no where for the longest time he held the NO TRADE CLAUSE. KOBE & DIRK r the only 2 players in the league wit this clause. so its clear you dont have any NBA knowledge

  109. Bob M. says:

    I would do what it takes to get Rondo, D. Howard, and Doc rivers.
    Keep Kobe, Metta and Jordon hill (if he does ok in court) EVERYone else is a trading piece!
    We don’t do it now we waste Kobe’s last few years…what a shame that would be.

    • LakerGirl35 says:

      Love Rondo and Doc Rivers suggestion. Could make the Lakers more fun to watch again!

    • RayRay20 says:

      If they could somehow get Doc Rivers, it would definitely make them a legit title contender.

  110. crazy_ghost says:

    lakers needs coach chuck daly…..and the rest will be history!!!

    • NBAfan says:

      I think Metta is a valuable player. He showed that in the play offs. Don’t call one mental lapse caused by Harden himself Shenanigans with an S. It was once and for the most part, he is behaving. Give the guy a break. There are more shenanigans happening with the Heat that you seem to downplay.

      Pau or Bynum is the only players other teams will be interested in. As good as Kobe is….only an ALMOST title contender on the brink and desperate to get over the top would be willing to trade for Kobe. But the Lakers are the exact same team I just described, so Kobe is staying for SURE.

      Pau has a couple more years left and he is a smart and skilled 7 footer. A lot of teams could use him. Bynum is young and has lots of potential. He is also a true center in a league lacking in true centers. I’d trade one or both of them to get the SECOND TRUE SUPERSTAR to pair with Kobe. Lets face it. Pau + Bynum still does not = a SUPERSTAR…just 2 separate good stars.

      Dwight sounds good but ORL is doing everything they can to keep him. But then again, if Lebron and Bosh can do what they did….so can Dwight.

      I read Allen Iverson wants to play….just saying it’s an option at the PG spot as a back up and an offensive spark.

      • Bussu says:

        Get nash to sign for less(odom’s salary),then trade pau and sessions for beasley,barea and wesley…

    • Brian says:

      Amnesty Kobe, trade Bynum and Gasol, fire Meta. Rebuild with young players with no attitude who believe in team work.

      • RayRay20 says:

        You clearly don’t know how the Lakers work. They build everything around Kobe, because he’s arguably one of the most powerful men in Los Angeles. Using the amnesty clause on him would probably cause riots.