Blogtable: Pacers’ Playoff Run

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Give us three words (and some explanations for your choices) to describe the Indiana Pacers at this point of the postseason.

Steve Aschburner: Deep. Talented. And now soft. S-O-F-T. If that’s what Larry Bird sees, it’s good enough for me. The Pacers didn’t need to brawl vs. Miami but they needed to push their inside agenda. In the most bruising way necessary.  

Fran Blinebury: 1 – Disorganized: Sloppy passing, nonexistent defense and no answer to the Heat dunking exhibition.  2- Delicate: When Danny Granger went down with his ankle injury, they surrendered.  “I can’t believe my team went soft,” Larry Bird told the Indianapolis Star.  “S-O-F-T.  I’m disappointed.  I never thought it would happen.”  3 – Done.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Potential, because this is only the beginning of what could be an annual playoff run. Underdogs, because the Heat is still the best bet to advance, even after being down earlier in the series. Learning, because this is the first time in the playoffs for this roster. It takes some experience of being together in this situation.

Shaun Powell: Lucky: They beat the Magic without Dwight and got Miami without Bosh for all but a half. Brash: Never thought I’d ever see Danny Granger, praised for ushering the Pacers out of the Malice/Palace Era, so chippy. Deep: You’d think that a rotation that goes eight-deep would reveal a stiff or two. Haven’t seen that player yet.

John Schuhmann: “Solid,” but that’s not good enough to beat the Heat, even without Chris Bosh. “Slow,” because Roy Hibbert can’t contain LeBron James and Dwyane Wade on the pick and roll, and no Pacer can keep up with them on the break, even when they commit only five live-ball turnovers (like they did in Game 5). “Boat-bound,” because I think they’ll be gone fishin’ come Thursday.

Sekou Smith: Dazed and Confused. They might even have a collective concussion after getting knocked on their tails in Games 4 and 5 of this series. They still have a great young nucleus and the sort of talent needed to be a factor in the Eastern Conference. But they have been exposed a bit in these past two games as a fragile bunch that can be knocked off balance with a flagrant foul to the right spot. I didn’t call them “soft” — Larry Bird said that — but they have exhibited some tenderness here that you don’t want to see out of a team fighting to make the Eastern Conference finals.


  1. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:


    Why do you hate MIAMI so much??? I guess your team already gone fishing…… Are you a kobe the BLACK MAMA fan???
    or just playing retard that doesn’t know anything about basketball….. Rose fan maybe??? too bad they got trash by #8 seed tsk tsk stk…. don’t blame the HEAT if the bulls lose in 1st round…. Blame rose or thibs….under 2 mins. what is he doing out there…. you mean the bulls can’t hold on the ball with 12 points and under 2 mins. left???

    WE MIAMI HEAT FANS LOVE To HEAR YOU WHINE!!!! Whatever you say about the HEAT it’s not working….

    LBJ choker??? Since you’re so tough why don’t you say that in front of PITTMAN… He will gladly show you the true meaning of CHOKE!!!! Stephenson “Thanks PITTMAN now i know the definition of choke” uLOLS..

  2. EternalKing says:

    Okc all day with the Durantchula

  3. XLIMIT says:

    I’m Miami fan. Specially a LBJ fan.

    1-Regarding Heat was supposed to sweep the Pacers I think when in comes to playoffs sweep is not sth will be ser expecting in every series. It might happen but it’s not a rule otherwise it would make no sense to have the 1st Team of the conference playing against the 8th in the first round. And no need to mention the Pacers finised 3rd in the regular season. So how come could you expect the Heat on 4-0 win.

    2-Every team knows these up and down period. So none of you guys predicting the out come of the final can’t be really certain of what it’s gonna be. All the the stats and comments and blah blah about NBA title won’t do much.

    3-Let the teams, the players, the talented, the leaders do their thang. None of you playing the ORACLE don’t really know what’s gonna be the outcome. would suggest you all to take a sit in front of your TV and keep yelling Go YOUR TEAM if your team is still in it and hope that your supported players will give their best to win the RING. GO HEAT

  4. OuTofTheBoxThiNKer says:

    i must agree with “umustbeahater”. The Heat should not have been EXPECTED to sweep to the Pacers in this series. They are a good team, considering their size in Hibbert and West and the offensive talent in Granger. Not to mention their depth. They actually finished 5th overall in the LEAGUE if you ppl fail to remember or blatantly fail to acknowledge. So what if they lost 2 games straight. The Heat right now are a boshless bunch, and in earlier posts some bloke pointed out the valuable contribution he makes to the team. Their defense and offense had 2 be reconfigured with him out of the line up. Obviously, when that happened, they bounced back in destructive fashion(LBJ 40pts 18rebs 9asts, Wade 30pts) in Game 4 and then beating them by 32pts, holding them to 33%FG and breaking a franchise playoff record, 61%FG. The Heat WILL win this series and move on to face Boston. As for what will happen then, the Heat have to show up and not underestimate the senior citizens like i suspect they did the Pacers. Lesson learnt.

  5. SJT says:

    Miami is like junk squad. Their version of competing and playing basketball is throwing dirty elbows and trying to injure their opponents. The Pacers should come out in game 6 with switchblades and start shanking on pussies Wade and James. Miami will never win a ring the way they are constructed.

  6. Orin says:

    As a Lebron and Heat Fan, I rather not see the Spurs.

  7. king says:

    right right okc and san antonio were tough to beat but also the heat right?those 3 teams have a chance to get a ring this year..nobody can say what will happen

  8. Jim C says:

    Pacers down 3-2, but there is still a chance for the Pacers to make it to the Conference Finals.
    It’s NOT over, until it’s over!

  9. king says:

    i think all of you was a cannot say heat cannot win thw championship this season by saying the pacers win 2 and ny 1 and if bulls have drose heat can beat them..last year is like this year everyone was saying heat cant beat the bulls but what happen?heat have big chance to grab it this year but their destiny will answer if lbj dont have pressure if they enter finals big big chance this year..

  10. umustbeahater says:

    @NBAfan you must be a LBJ hater.. exactly how u dealt ur comments.. always referring to him. LBJ is only a man, he’s not a GOD u know? so dont think that PACERS are bad team to Sweep.. u always think that MIAMI has LBJ/WADE, they must sweep every team.. PACERS are good team actually they got a good line up. imagine, allstar ROY hibbert + D Granger + D. West + Paul G.. my Goodness, they were at 3rd seed.. YOU JUST A HATER.. SO STOP UR NON SENSE COMMENT IF UR JUST HATING..

    • non biased b-ball fan says:

      i got your back man that nba fan guy has no clue what hes talking about the paces have one almost elite player dont use the word superstar because their not actors they’re players and 4 elite potential players and 5 very good experinced vets they are a very dangerous team and will be back next year

  11. 3rdculturekiwi says:

    Seriously??? All the Miami fans and people getting on Stephenson for “mocking” LeBron… I seem to remember your “angel” LeBron mocking Dirk in last years finals… It’s OK for DWade and LeBron to mock people but not the other way around? Must be hard being a Miami supporter, when it’s OK for your team to do things but other teams not for others.
    Also, I really like Wade, I think he’s a great player, but he really is a flopper. He goes looking for contact just to draw the fouls, and more often than not overacts and stays down in order to get them. As we say down under “Drink a cup of cement and harden up”!

    • TheRealDownUnder says:

      Down under is Australia mate… And looking for contact to get fouls is good play. As for your comment about staying down to milk it, the whistle is generally blown instantly so he has already won the foul when he stays down. But keep finding reason to dislike the heat. Hopefully their bench can do enough to prove you all wrong. Gonna be interesting what everyone says about Lebron if he wins a ring this year 😛

  12. she wants the D says:

    Miamis got luckey. Once they dispose of the Pacers they will play the a bucnch of old people from Boston or the just terrible 76er’s all because half the Bulls team and all their best players tore their acl’s.

  13. kl says:


  14. Baller says:

    Ring Ready are only the NBA Finalists and time will tell if it is Boston or Miami. Despite how well the Celtics are playing and KG averaging a double double, I still pick Miami in 6 or less. The Heat have Homecourt and even with an injured Miller and Bosh, they still have more depth than Boston. Ray Allen seems to not be healthy, Avery Bradley has his shoulder to worry about, Pierce has not been the Truth of old (is his ankle bothering him?). The Games will have to be played but right now I am taking the Heat in 6.

    Btw. they just released the All-Defensive Teams and I have a question, are Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant really all defensive caliber defenders on the guard position, to me it seems they are on their because of their star status. I mean what about Sefelosha, Shumpert, Rubio, Bradley, Wade. They can’t be serious about CP3 and KB24 being better defenders than them, can they?

    • NBAfan says:

      If you really are a Baller, you will know that DEFENSE isn’t something you can measure by how many highlight blocks or steals you get….unless you’ve watched EVERY MINUTE of every game CP3 and Bryant played this season, how can you say they are not Defensive team caliber players?

      What is more curious is Chandler won DPY but he’s only second team and Dwight is first……what is that? That is NOT LOGICAL!!! The league is just hating on Dwight…just like they are hating on the Lakers and hating on the Heat.

  15. yall are forgetting about the warriors in the west, I dont think okc or san antonio can take them, we are just too good, too deep on the bench. It will be Heat/Warriors in the finals…dubs in 4

  16. I like the physical play that I’m seeing from Miami. The Pacers can dish it, but they don’t seem able to take it. LeBron and Wade are having to do so much just to keep their team in it that I don’t see them winning it all. Every other team seems to have a deeper bench and in the end, that is probably going to be the difference maker.

  17. If somebody in your school are bullying you. What do you expect from that student? Call his parents ( refs ) NO.
    You expect that student reacts against that bully guy. That is logic. A+B=C.

    • NBAfan says:

      Lebron also retaliated by the way…do you really think Grangers ankle roll was an accident? I’m not an NBA superstar but even I can put my foot under someone who just took a jump shot from a standing position…in fact I can do that to Lebron…my foot would be fractured I’m sure, ,but he’ll roll his ankle and the Heat could lose the series.


    • NBAfan says:

      I agree with you there. I respect the heat for not backing down..

      However. an elbow to the throat while you’re running hard for a rebound could KILL SOMEONE! Pittman was a hired goon and all Stephenson did was mock Lebron….is that worth injuring him? That wasn’t revenge!

      And he got only 3 games? Lance should have stayed down and acted and pretended he was more injured that he really was like Harden did so the suspension is longer….with Bosh out and Haslem out….that’s a tough situation for the heat

  19. Now Miami is tasting victory and be careful because next year Allen Iverson will sign up for the Heat. Another ring for Miami.
    What did you expect from Miami? More blood in the court? Miami just reacted against repetitive fouls.

  20. This blog is about Indiana.

    Indiana wanted play dirty and now they found it with a group of talents players as Heat it is.
    Miami beat them in the court and off the court (fighting) so there´s no excuses for Indiana.
    All teams are looking for beat the Heat but they haven´t achieved it.
    All this arguments against the Heat:

    -Floopy team ( Indiana coach said it)
    -Soft Chris Bosh
    -Soft team
    -Peolpe argue Lechoke and the Heatles
    -Miami hadn´t a post.
    -The bench of Miami were insufficient
    -Everybody saying bad thing against Miami coach and teamates.
    and on and on……..

  21. 210wreckinyard says:

    hey you cant sleep on any of these teams in the playoffs right heat look good looks like Bron has his confidence rollin again and wades also ballin out, the bench needs to continue being effective. pacers still have a shot at this , shown they can compete with the heat member they stuck it to them in the regular season as well no big deal cnt fall asleep. im a spurs fan live in san antonio since i was 8 im 23 now, and ive seen are team grow into a dynasty this is the best spurs team in awhile minus having the twin towers before the big 50 retired, anyways the spurs played okc 3 times this season we lead tht season series 2-1 now out of a 7 game series thsi is where the playoffs really start for the spurs this is where we weill see if our bench can continue our stong play okc is so great in transition offense the spurs will have to match tht tempo the whole series which we are capable of shown against the clipps and again regular season we beat the thunder at there own game ill thorw in the lakers reg season against them spurs lead tht also 2-1. but are D is what keeps us in the game offensive takes care of its self limit our turn overs hopefully we slow donw okc cuz lord knows u cn only hope to slow down rant and brook. as far as if the spurs reach the finals thts another story well have to see what happens if both heat and spurs make it tht far becuase the heat did beat the spurs in the regular season but that was 1 game now out of a 7 game series its goin to be a barn burnaaa

  22. Roy says:

    I think it will be Spurs and Heat in the Finals. Miami’ defense is tighter and more aggressive and also has fresher legs. And if Bosh is back and Lebron and Wade keep playing like Batman and Robin than Miami in 7

  23. Evo-Rose says:

    lebron deserves a ring but hes cn not finish strong he goin to choke like he didi last year! i dnt like the heat anyways they not winnin this year

    • hasan says:

      He was tired in last year’s finals

    • gerald adams says:

      you dumb

    • NBAfan says:


      He WILL deserve it ONCE he wins it.

      Nobody DESERVES a ring before they win it…..

      TO DESERVE IT, you GOTTA WIN IT! Plain and Simple…

      • Sick says:


      • loose89 says:

        So charles barkley, karl malone, john stockton, patrick ewing, reggie miller and co. didnt deserve a ring? these are all time greats and hall of famers, all of these guys deserved atleast 1, but going by your stupid logic they didn’t deserve to win it. Some players do DESERVE winning a ring but due to circumstances don’t (like all the players I listed, they all happened to play in the same era as arguably the greatest player and teams of all time)

      • Knickfan says:

        So scalabrine deserves a ring? Wow your great.

  24. googergieger says:

    Screwed. Since game one, really. They should have been up 3-0. With that said the last two games they did deserve to lose. I don’t know if they have given up or if they feel they won’t get a fair game/series. The Heat are clearly allowed to play tough physical defense, while The Pacers will be called out on it almost immediately. Now that they have nothing to lose however, maybe they’ll just go down fighting. Maybe even literally.

  25. I love this game!JOJO says:

    OKC and spurs was tremendous west team but the way the KING is playing on game 4 & 5 could they contain and stop the HEAT?i dont rely on stats but time has come to LBJ… beware…

    • hasan says:

      heat fan here! I wish it was time for LBJ but by the finals he’ll be too tired just like last year. He’s animal in the first 3 series of the playoffs but phisically tired in the finals. Remember magic, jordan, bird, they used to conserve energy for the finals and then have games like lebron’s game 4 against the pacers. Anyways….GO HEAT!

    • NBAfan says:

      NOBODY CAN STOP LEBRON….but you don’t have to stop lebron to win a seven game series versus the HEAT..Let lebron do his thing…..he can only do so much….Lebron is playing great…but 40 pts, 16 rbs, 9 asts isn’t something a real life player can do EVERY SINGLE GAME IN THE PLAY OFFS and the FINALS.

  26. yadada says:

    Most of you said HEAT in 4 and here we are going to game 6 and a possible game 7.
    Looks like the pacers are better then most you people thought they where.

    The heat are a great team and they have the momentum atm, but dont forget that the pacers won games 2 and 3 in a row, anything can happen. For the pacers to win they have to get the ball down low more and someone is going to have to get Haslem and Pittman back for the cheap shots they gave the pacers last game.

    • Celt21 says:

      Right because taking the risk of losing a player to ejection in an elimination game is worth it to get back at Pittman… a bench warmer.

    • Baller says:

      The Heat would have won in 5 if they had Bosh, if you can’t see that Bosh is vital to the Heat’s success, you don’t know much about Heat basketball in this season. His stats are not telling everything, but he knows the Heat’s defensive rotations, he can challenge West and Hibbert, he has quick feet and is athletic to challenge the guards floaters. His midrange game opens up lanes for Wade, Chalmers and James to drive. He poses a threat in Pick&Rolls and he can knock down the corner three. In addition to that he might put Hibbert or West in foul trouble because he can also drive as you could see in the play where he injured himself.

      I didn’t think the Heat would win the series without Bosh, especially the way Wade was playing in Game 2 and 3. But they came together, they fought, they defended and rebounded, and Wade and James were just terrific. Without Granger and West, the Pacers will have a much harder time scoring and Battier can go back to defending positions 1-3. The Heat will miss Haslem, but I think they will pull through. Larry’s mind tricks come a game too late…

      • NBAfan says:

        No doubt the Heat is a much more dangerous team if Bosh wasn’t injured, but I can also say that the Heat won’t even get past Chicago if Rose didn’t get injured.

        The Pacers now is actually a lesser version of a healthy Bulls without Rose… add a healthy Rose to that Bulls team? The Heat won’t even get past them….

        so since we are playing WHAT IFS…..what if Rose and/or Deng played healthy these playoffs? What if Dwight was more mature and didn’t do what he did and played? What if CP3 did end up as a Laker? What if there wasn’t a lock out and the season wasn’t shortened? Lots of What ifs? But here we are now…Game 6…..with the Pacers….

      • Sick says:

        WHAT IFS…. can’t win you a series… LOL

      • Knickfan says:

        Bulls? Are you serious? LBJ will guard Rose. Enough said

  27. Earl3y says:

    I Think Miami is ready. you forget that before the all star break they were beating everybody by 10- 15 points a game and i know they lost it after the break but the role players are finally knocking down shots again, haslem, battier, chalmers if they keep playing good were as good a team as okc or the spurs

    • Retro Silk says:

      The Celtics beat the Heat three times in April but this time around they will be playing a best of seven series to move on to the NBA Championship. Got a few questions for somebody…
      – How is Miami going to stop Rondo? oh wait… we saw it in game three last year and Miami is already showing signs of thuggery in this Indiana series 2012.
      – Without Bosh, what will be Spoelstras game plan for handling KG? James and Wade can only do so much!
      – And finally riddle me this… why does the Miami squad become EMO and unglued when things aren’t going their way?
      So I had to re-watch the Miami Heat Welcome Party video one last and final time just to see the immaturity level of a group of third graders doing the Chuck E. Cheese dance. Miami, your a joke, and you will not be winning a Championship any time soon. The only fans that below more than you are from Jersey!
      The Boston Celtics can not be matched… ever!

      • gerald adams says:

        and you dont no basketball , miami will send boston home in 5 games just like a year ago. and then beat the spurs or the thunder spurs in5 or maybe a sweep thunder in 6 .

      • NBAfan says:

        gerald adams? Since you’re giving predictions like it’s 1759….did you expect the Pacers to go at least game 6 with the Heat? If they can’t even sweep an incomplete Knicks team and a superstar-less Pacers team…WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU PREDICT THEM SWEEPING THE SPURS?

        I’m not saying it won’t happen…It could…but why would you predict that after what you’ve seen? They beat the Pacers 2 games straight and they are now ring ready again?

      • Francisco says:

        @nba fan, pacers are better than lakers

  28. Spurs vs Miami says:

    Seriously, as if the OKC team can beat SAS… too much one on one play by the thunders…

    • its called pick and roll and westbrook is now making the mid range jumper compared to last year, and durant is the best in the 4th hes money best closer in the game and there physical, plus they got to be the most tested team in these playoffs coming back when there down and wining games, plus the spurs are not defense first anymore there offense first,

      • NBAfan says:

        Yeah man…OKC has TONNES of MOMENTUM right now…hope they ride it all the way to the ring…..SPURS always a tough team though, but if Memphis could do it last year…OKC can do it this year….just use that HUNGER and that YOUTH to their advantage..just like Memphis did last year.

        Frankly, I already respect the Pacers a lot by going AT LEAST 6 games with the Heat…..

      • non biased b-ball fan says:

        they have a top 10 defence their defence rotations are very good and tiago splitter gives power fowards trouble i saw him guarding blake griffin and he made blake a jump shooter when he was out there also the spurs have 6 guys who are sniper 2 of them being centers spreading out the floor so duncan can go to work one on one ibaka is a good defender but duncan has size length and experince on him only way Oklahoma could win is if they spread the ball around and have at least 5 players score in double figures the spurs are known for making point guards score 40 while no one else gets the ball stopping offensive flow hence giving the spurs 60% chance of winning this seris

  29. Karolis says:

    there is also the boston celtics team. i think they can make some trouble for miami or indiana, but in the finals there will be miami vs spurs. victory for spurs. Sorry i’m from italy so my english is so so

  30. W/E says:

    Pacers are just a team of mediocre players with good chemistry,no championship potential cause they dont have a decent consistent scorer, if LBJ was playing for the pacers right now they would be a championship team,Granger is horrible.

    • NBAfan says:

      I agree with you for ONCE W/E except about Granger…Do you know how LOW he was drafted? Do you know that he wasn’t supposed to be a star? But here he is…in the 2nd round of the playoffs with a team of mediocre players as you call them……that’s gotta be worth something…at least deserves respect.

      Lebron…the best player in the world….can’t even sweep a team of mediocre players? Even though he has another superstar in Wade playing alongside him? That’s what’s horrible.

      I expected the Heat to sweep every team but the Bulls, Magics or Celtics this year..but even New York won one. And now the Pacers won 2.

      I don’t know…maybe Lebron was planning to switch it on in the finals..but HAd to switch it on much earlier than planned since bosh went down and the Pacers are tougher than expected.

      • Francisco says:


      • Knickfan says:

        As long as you won the series. It didn’t matter if it was a sweep or not. Your so ignorant.

      • non biased b-ball fan says:

        Superstar- Player who is overrated by the media and plays in big citys EX- Melo 0 rings never been to the finals but hes a superstar somehow X)

  31. shrey says:

    not only MIAMI is defeating Indiana , they have thrashed them , broken them apart and not very far from fetching a boat for them to send them fishing.
    MIAMI is ring ready.
    Lebron needs to stay as animalistic as he is now. everything else will fall into place.

    • Tony_Loughter says:

      One more thing are you really saying you think they are “ring ready” good enough to go through OKC or the Spurs?

      • NBAfan says:

        Lebron is the future of the NBA….next is Durant….Kobe won’t give up but the isn’t the poster boy for the NBA anymore….he’s already fended off Lebron a few years…..

        Lebron is Ring Ready because the NBA says so….why do you think CP3 trade was nullified by Stern but Lebron and Wade and Bosh teaming up wasn’t? Cause if CP3 went to the Lakers with Kobe….Lebron will not win a ring until 2015

      • Addercg says:

        CP3 trade was nullified because of howw much over the luxury tax cap Lakers would be over, they needed to ship Gasol and Bynnum to clear salary space you intelligent human-being you :-p Heat cleared roster before signing big 3 and none are on full salary cap.

      • Francisco says:

        18 rbs, last five years KING OF EFFICIENCY, 5 YEARS IN A ROW , THAT IS SICK,

    • Belizean2k12 says:

      LEBRON is Never winning a championship as long as Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden are on the same team.

      • JMS says:

        You have to tell that to San Antonio first lol

      • True says:

        Lebron may not have a chance in Miami. West will dominate.

      • gerald adams says:

        lebron will win the title this year and next year. the west is good but the heat is better and wade will kill tony parker he will go off on that jit when the heat beat the spurs by 22 in miami lebron dominated that game just like he will do in the playoffs.

      • Thomas Hamberger says:

        Durnat, Westbrook, and Harden couldn’t even get close last year so what makes you think they can all the sudden win a championship,.

    • NBAfan says:


      You’re proud because the Heat is up 3-2 on the Pacers? the PACERS? Who the heck are the pacers? Also…there’s a chance they will face the sixers in the eastern conference finals IF they beat the Pacers….who the heck are the sixers????

      To win the title, Miami was supposed to go through the Bulls with Derrick Rose, and either Boston with their aging but still sometimes dangerous big 3 + Rondo OR the most dominant center in the League in Dwight and his Magics….

      BUT…Rose got injured. Dwight had drama, and now the RING READY Heat’s road to the finals is New York (hahah), Pacers (hahaha), and potentially, the Sixers (haha). If they had to face the Spurs or OKC, or even the dysfunctional Lakers…I don’t know if they’ll even reach the finals….

      Good to be in the east

    • non biased b-ball fan says:

      spurs 2012 nba champions lebron loses to Duncan again