Bird Calls Pacers S-O-F-T!

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — The Indiana Pacers left Miami nursing their wounds, both physical and emotional, after a second straight deflating loss to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

But they won’t get any sympathy at home, not from Pacers president Larry Bird, who made it clear late last night where he feels his team went wrong in this series.

Bird unleashed on his own team after the Heat unloaded on both Tyler Hansbrough and Lance Stephenson with a couple of wicked hard fouls from Udonis Haslem and Dexter Pittman, respectively, telling Mike Wells of the Indianapolis Star:

“I can’t believe my team went soft,” Bird said on the phone. “S-O-F-T. I’m disappointed. I never thought it would happen.”

When asked to elaborate on those comments, an obviously frustrated Bird said, “That’s all I have to say.”

You had to know Bird was going to let loose on someone after watching his team get wobbled repeatedly in the last six quarters of this series. Bird and his Celtics never shied away from a challenge during his Hall of Fame playing career, so it’s no surprise that went off on his own team.

A series that was within the Pacers’ grasp has spiraled out of control since things went from chippy to flat-out physical. What Bird’s words mean for Game 6 remains to be seen, but if the boss calls you “S-O-F-T,” you have to figure someone is going to do their best to prove him wrong.

(We’re by no means advocating any retaliation shots for what happened in Game 5, even though Pittman’s shot was particularly vicious and totally uncalled for. And the watch for his wink after the elbow to Stephenson’s throat — that should earn him an extra game or two of suspension. But when the Heat respond to Danny Granger‘s words and antics from earlier in this series like this, the Pacers are bound to return the favor in much the same way, just like Haslem did for the hard foul Hansbrough delivered earlier in the game.)

It might be a too late for the Pacers, though. Whatever window they had to seize control of this series appears to have closed. The Heat are firmly in control of this series and have LeBron James and Dwyane Wade playing some of their best basketball of the postseason.


  1. hollywood says:

    these ref favor the heat too much all the baby calls against other team an now they had the chance to make the right call that was right in front of there eyes i mean come on ray an stevie could see how of a hard an intention fould those where they should of get kicked out of the game the moment that whistle blow the refs should be blame for the heat win cause they not fair refs god be wit them

  2. Randy says:

    From a realistic POV

    Miami will win this series if not tonight then Saturday.

    I do not think Miama can beat Boston let alone the either of the two west continders.

    Another ringless year for Lebron.

    • dattebayo says:

      From a realistic POV:

      Boston will most likely miss Bradley, their best perimeter defender. KG is playing solid, Rondo is doing great to, but Pierce and Allen are not playing their best ball. Allen has bone spurs and Pierce just isn’t the scorer, Boston needs him to be. Now he is playing solid against Iguodala, but when they play the Heat he will face Battier, Wade and James who are just llike Iguodala premier perimeter and 1on1 defenders. Boston does not have Home court and you still think Miami will not win that series?

      I agree with your other statement, without Bosh they will struggle to win the final series against either team representing the West.

      I disagree with you though, I don’t see Boston winning Game 7 against Philly 😛

  3. jeanrey says:

    all of you go to hell….HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. douglas says:

    i seriously don’t get you guys going on about hansbrough i am d.wade fan and has been since he was a rookie. i think the foul was a legitimate playoff foul. Didn’t even notice that he was that injured from the replay. Pretty glad he was fine. But thats what playoff basketball is. But you can see the intention when haslem was up that he was more into the guy then into the ball. I think all of them deserve what they go and the NBA did the right thing. The Pacers weren’t even complaining they could have just stayed down and moan and i am pretty sure it would have been a fragrant 2 if they did that but they didn’t. Pacers aren’t playing dirty its just playoff basketball . Ppl that complain about hansbrough hitting dwade face after a follow through obviously don’t play ball. Do you actually tihnk within a split second he coud actually hit the ball then tihnk of couging the eye. You simply dont have the time to do that. He was probably tihnking on the line of blocking the ball with all he can.
    anyway hope d wade will be great the next game and heat would most likly be in the final this year since i can’t see celtic or sixers beating them ..

    • Randy says:

      What I find amusing is Wade is the biggest flopper drama king in the NBA. I see now this has rubbed off on LeBron too!

  5. Lakers says:

    All you guys who keep on saying that these fouls are a new level of low and stuff, obviously have never played basketball beyond some HORSE. The games get extremley intense and testostorome gets high so we commit hard fouls sometimes. Its part of the game. Everyone on my team has commited a hard foul that does not make them any less of a person

  6. jan_279 says:

    When Larry Bird says you’re soft, YOU’RE SOFT!

  7. Tongan says:

    All you people saying Hansbrough made a play on the ball… You DO realise that that literally means nothing right? He raked Wade’s eye, he deserved a one game suspension (or more) along with Haslem’s one-game imo. Hansbrough’s always played dirty, with little unnecessary elbows here and there. Pittman’s play was disgusting and I would’ve been fine if they suspended him longer.

  8. Pacers says:

    miami is just a bunch of complainers who think they rule the world and no one should play hard against them but instead bow down to them. they don’t want anyone playing tough against them because the aren’t deep and can’t be to rough because they are scared to foul out because they only have 2 real players in bron and Wade. Pittmans foul was just awful and should be suspend for the whole playoffs! Haslems foul I understand was retaliation and I’m all for that but he went a little to far with it and clobbered hansbrough. Hansbroughs foul was a little dirty but at least he made an attempt to go for the ball. It was still a little dirty but not nearly as dirty as the other two. Pacers will win this series in 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Randy says:


      I didn’t know they had so many tomoato cans in Miami! These players bleed all over that place! Stick with your red uniforms it won’t show so much.

  9. KEDPAC says:

    I believe this is Larry’s way of challenging his guys to still fight back and win the series.

  10. jr says:

    Pacers started it and Miami is looking to end it.

  11. Alejandro says:

    The fouls by Haslem and Pittman were clearly uncalled for. Blatantly retaliatory fouls like those are unsportsmanlike and should be punished by the officials. The officials are largely to blame for allowing hard fouls to exist in the first place. I witnessed how West, Hansbrough, Hibbert, Granger and a host of Indiana players slapped and hit Wade and Lebron whenever they drove to the basket. The officials were not calling them fouls, it was disgusting. That it escalated is the officials fault. Mr. Bird has a reputation for orchestrating famous basketball brawls and Thursdays match up looks to be a grueling example. If anyone gets seriously hurt you can blame, Mr. Bird and the officials…

  12. JC says:

    SPortMANSHIP??!!! LBJ putting his feet under Granger while Granger’s shooting 3!!! F dirty play from high school balls…

  13. George from Europe says:

    I never liked the pacers team, but I really want them to win these series. It’s so annoying that the refs give everything in favor of Lebron and D-Wade. No Indiana player is half as good as these two guys are, but let them play, let the best team win. It only makes people wish Miami lose, make people dislike James, and remember him for a missed free throw instead of everything he does in the past few years

  14. TFORD says:

    The truth is that Vogel set the tone for the series by calling the Heat floppers before it started. Granger tried to start fights the first 4 games and two heat players were bloody from cheap fouls. I think Vogel encouraged thug ball b/c he thought the Heat would wilt…WRONG! The 9 stitches Haslem got in the face should not have been ignored and Lebron was hacked several times as well..

    The Refs and league are to blame for letting those fouls by the Pacers go and for allowing Granger to instigate fights.

    Tyler definitely meant to hit Wade in the face and in slow motion you see he dug his mails in his face. Thus the visible blood!

    Pacers shouldn’t start thug ball then whine when they cant take what they dish out. If Haslem is suspended then Tyler should have been too. The pacers have a long history of dirty play and even going in the stands to attack fans…the whining is a joke.

    • leumasmac says:

      TFORD you were 110% on point with summed up what has happened in the Pacers vs. Heat series. I’m completely disgusted with D. Stern’s decision to let Hansborough slide after his flagarant foul…which they down played to a so-call hard foul. Then call Halem’s fould a flagarant foul….which would have been a simple foul in the 80’s. Haslem didn’t touch dudes face!!! Typical BULL from Stern. The truth is by the time all the radio show host all use the same talking points for 24 hours the commisioners in all the different sports league start to bend a rule based of their rant/talking points!!!! Just pay close attention to how that works.

  15. Maino says:

    Can Danny Granger really carry the pacers????

    • Randy says:

      No way. He is about one level above a role player. Playing against Lebron his looks like a bench player.

      I actually see him getting moved in the off season.

  16. jose says:

    i am from Miami, i am not a occasional heat fan, i grew up watching them play.
    both teams the pacers and the heat DID dumb fouls!
    hansborough it looked like he went for the ball… but if you pause it and go slow you can see he wrapped his palm on wade’s face. haslem and pittman very dumb fouls, if they get fined or suspended then be it
    refs will be calling every little foul there is.
    all the sad and angry cavs fan that still hate on lebron, you all know you would take him back if you guys could! do not deny it

  17. eric says:

    Pacers is a very dirty team. It is the Pacers who asks for troubles! Lou Amundson and Tyler Hansbrough are just two thugs! They have intentionally hit Haslem and Wade eyebrow bloody in Game 4 and Game 5 respectively. Haslem is a venerable brave man, his foul on Tyler Hansbrough is a proper response to Tyler Hansbrough’s outrageous behavior.

    • Randy says:

      I guess the “proper response” got his butt on the bench for a game….Bwahahahahaha

  18. eric says:

    Larry Bird and Danny Granger should shut up! The Pacers are a very dirty team!
    don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time !

  19. eric says:

    Danny Granger should shut up!
    The villain brought suit against his victims

  20. the pacers are soft and are not ready for the big dogs, there’s know gold swagger its more like fools gold, there playin to prove they belong, the heat are playing for a championship, not to prove they belong with any team,

  21. Go Wizards! says:

    I suppose “S-o-f-t” includes Danny Granger and his attempts at picking a fight with LeBron 3 times a game.

  22. john says:

    that good haslem dont need suspension

  23. Raptor says:

    Send some bench warmers to break LeBron and Wade’s legs and the Pacers can then move on with this series. They’re going to get called for a flagrant 1 and move on.

  24. THEAST says:

    If the Heat make it past the Pacers, how do they expect to play the Celtics in the East finals? This last game looked like thug ball, one reason I don’t like the Heat, but more importantly the Celtics won’t be fazed by physical attacks. I’m looking forward to a great Conference Finals this year!

    • Randy says:


      I don’t think the Celtics could beat either team! This is your Eastern conference finals.

  25. charles says:

    I would love to see Indiana and Philadelphia duke it out for the final spot. sick of the same teams showing up every year.

  26. Zack says:

    I have never respected Haslem more than I do now after seeing him stick up for his team the way he did. It was worth a suspension. Go Heat!

  27. If you see the Indiana coach started with the aggresion telling floppy team against the heat. Larry Bird now is retracting from his words. CHICKENS.

  28. Go Heat says:

    The only reason the Indiana Pacers ever had a chance in this series was because Chris Bosh got hurt in game one. Yes there were a few flagrant fouls and some should be ruled flagrant 2 in game five (Pittman’s) but, in the end LeBron/Wade with some help from the bench won the game. The Indiana Pacers’ had their opportunistic chance to win this series and simply blew it for one reason or another. The “S-O-F-T” comment from Bird was just an added bonus on top of that blow win by the Miami Heat. Most importantly, the Miami Heat got the W and the Indiana Pacers got the L, end of discussion. Better luck next year… NOT!

  29. Ild says:

    Everyone of my friends hate Miami and especially LeBron. I used to be the only one supporting them and wishing them luck and even rooting for them at times. After watching this series though, I am disgusted with Miami and I hate them now as well. Are the refs too scared of a couple of superstars to throw out Haslem and Pittman? I hope Stern does something about it, but I have a feeling he’s too much of a p*ssy to do anthing as well.

  30. Lechokegives75cents says:

    The Champions this year is one of the west teams the west is too good this season. With Bosh banged up it will be very hard for the east to have a chance of getting The clutch free throw “MVP” a ring.

  31. leroy says:

    lol lance choked

  32. Hilly says:

    Did anybody see what the pacers leader do to LBJ in game 3? Pulling his jersey, aint that a F2? That was excessive unnecessary contact. In any other sport, that would likely be an ejection…….

  33. Danny Heat fan says:

    truth of the matter is if the pacers wouldn’t have taunted the heat or started $#%! there wouldn’t be no $#%!

  34. Madow says:

    The only defense pacers have is the ability to foul, bottom line. I have not seen that team played any solid defense this series that did not involve grabbing, pulling or hitting someone in the face. The biggest facade in the NBA is the so called hard foul. All it is is an un-sportsmanlike foul that you got away with. At least Haslem wanted to make it be known that he was fouling unlike the pacers bums hiding behind a so called hard foul.
    Pacers game plan is basically foul the heat anytime they get a fast break or look like they are getting into a groove. In a straight up fluent game, the pacers true weakness will show. No one better comment about this is playoff basketball, the pacers are trying to play jail house basketball, when they got the response from the heat, they now started crying.

  35. malcom says:

    Indiana has been playing dirty the whole series ,THEY STARTED THE FIGHT MIAMI WILL FINISHED IT.Haslem and WADE Blood is enough .Now they are crying like girls Granger and Hibbert interviewes were pathetic they both need diapers and pacifieur

  36. Will says:

    Cry me a river all you pacer fans

  37. 1078Lee says:

    Does Coach Voguel take some of blame for just sitting there instead going to his bench finding someone whos not scared to make a play. I thought hansorough shoul have been able to showw some fearlessness.

  38. berkamore says:

    Larry Legend is right, The Pacers went soft in the last 6 quarters. Besides, what happened to doubling either James or Wade? Apart from those two guys, no Heat can score consistently. And what is up with all the jumpers anyway? HIbbert should be on the block ALL GAME LONG, He should alway be between the baseline and halfway through the paint. Catch the ball, pump fake, ONE dribble, spin and dunk. Do that EVERY time. And kick the ball out if he’s doubled for a jumper. Hell, he could kick the ball out, reestablish position and ask for it again. He’s 7-2, by god, Nobody on the Heat can guard him. God, just get him to watch the old Shaquille O’Neal games in Orlando, that should do it.

  39. Rich says:

    Funny thing about this is the Pacers started all the physical play and bullying from game 1 itself and now they’re the one crying foul ! Geez, I hate the Heat the most but I’m with them on this one. There are a few known thugs in the Pacers bench lead by Dwest, the rest are trying hard wanna-be-thugs, including Granger. And I used to love Granger !
    I really don’t care who wins between the two, but I do hope the Celtics come out in the Eastern Conference.

  40. OH You Know says:

    yadada_ larry bird was a thug your point……look at youtube he has close linned a couple of people

  41. OH You Know says:

    What Larry Byrd means is. They started the physical play and know cant take what they dished out. Oh course the pacers would love to see lebron or wade react and get suspended for a game or two but it didn’t happen. I think its funny the rookie got closed lined it will make him think twice before disrespecting someone who makes 4 time what he makes. But i do feel like the foul was out of line and should be punished. And if you think for a second they will suspend them your wrong. Rating are thru the roof and there getting paid

  42. Lebron James No 1 Fan says:

    How can you say that this is Physical Series… Physical Basketball is not hitting each other… i think Pacer are the one who started it and Miami will close this issue.. Whole Pacer is not as talented as Lebron and Wade is.. Period…

  43. New york says:

    Indiana wanted physicality so now what wrong with them granger thinks he real physical when hes not hes soft

  44. rik rissewijck says:

    pittman should be excluded from the league for life…
    that could’ve broken his neck or destroyed his airpipe…

  45. yadada says:

    Pittman is a chump, as are all teh heat fans if they support that thuggish play.

    • MeL says:

      Now it’s thuggish? So then the Pacers must be thuggish too because you got Granger trying to fight, David West tryin to fight when his shots get altered or he can’t make a bucket, Hansborough takin his fustration out on Wade cuz their down.

  46. EV says:

    Hopefully this team will go out in game 6 and take what Bird said to heart. Lay some people out get in the Heats face. got to understand this is do or die time for us. All they can do is punish you at the start of next year. Leave a mark on the Heat win or lose.

  47. Javonte says:

    All you heat fans are whack as hell, Pacers are about to win the next 2 games. as for the heat they play dirty and it is obvious, when anyone on the pacers do something its a foul, lebron and wade get away with almost everything because of the fact that they are considered all star players.

    • Will says:

      you guys have shot less than 40% in the last 2 games and you seriously think you will win the next 2 one being in miami omfg you pacer fans have serious mental issues

  48. nflboy says:

    After hearing Larry Bird publicly fire up his troops…. I wouldnt want to be D-Wade this next game back at Indy.

  49. jim says:

    Barkley said it all. Heat are a bunch of whiners. They expect others to kiss their ring. (smiles)

  50. Alberto says:

    Pacers hit-Heat hit back plain and simple. I dont care yall pacer fans r garbage. you only feed on wins against teams who have hurt stars. Congradulations indiana. Elbow to the face “wink wink” u deserve it

  51. Aram says:

    Karma – if I may call it. In an effort by Pacers to get physical with Wade and Lebron perhaps wanted to injure them, they got a dose of their own medicine.

  52. kl says:

    It’s way too much talk about some flagrant fouls on here.WHO Cares just pla ball. to me the nba is getting soft with these calls.It’s the playoffs .Things happen ,nobodies hurt from it so just play.If Pittman gets some games off ,so what! Haslem won’t get games unless Tyler H. gets games too. The series is over for Indiana.If they got game 6 , miami still will blow them out in game 7.Gmae 6 is Miami’s game. All haters please continue the hate .It just makes you look dumb.nothing you say will stop the Heat!

  53. King says:

    The problem with Hansbrough’s play was that he could’ve taken out one of the superstars on Miami (doesn’t matter if he went for the ball – it was a dirty foul and could have ended Wade’s series)… that’s why Haslem lost his cool because Wade means a lot more to his team then any other Indiana player to their team… Indiana made this series dirty & now they’ve gotten what they were asking for!

  54. Brian E says:

    Whoever wins the East is going to be whooped by OKC or Spurs. Wade and LeBron are just phenomenal but all other Heat players (except Bosh when he plays) would find it hard to get much playing time on any other respectable team. When the Bulls got hurt the East was a sealed deal.

  55. juan says:

    yes the pittman foul was a bit unworthy i agree now the haslem foul i can understand, it was a hard foul flagrant 1 worthy yes it was but that is it. but indy started all this b s with their nasty attitudes and cheap shots why are they fouling james and wade and then holding onto their arms. perfect example the play when granger messed up his ankle when he fouled lebron. why is he all of a sudden a want to be tough guy. just play the game and let your skills do the talking. disagree if you want but before you respond you might want to pay attention to the game

  56. Spiller says:

    Still can’t believe Wade wasn’t suspended for the body check on Collison earlier in the series!

    • juan says:

      body check? were we watching the same game? collision saw wade running and he darted in front of him so he could get the foul called on wade. wades momentum carried him into collision. watch a reply off it on youtube or something. its just that wade was unapollagetic for running into him thats all. hell i would have trucked his butt to if he cut me off

    • Alberto says:

      there have been worse plays relax

  57. MeL says:

    Honestly it started with their leader and captain Danny Granger he’s out there feeling like he has something to prove he’s mad because they don’t get televised nationally that’s not Lebron or D-Wade’s problem. If anyone should have been thrown out the game it’s Granger for the way he’s acted in this series and reacted in game 4 when Lebron was going for the fastbreak and he pulled on his jersey then after the fact ran up in his face trying to fight. No one wants to fight or is going to fight you son. Tyler Hansborough should be suspended if Haslem gets suspended not only did he get D-Wade in the face he practically clawed him after the fact. I don’t see why it becomes a problem when the Heat stoop to their level and play the game their playing. Dexter Pittman I do think crossed the line and doesn’t have much to lose probably why he did it. I think Indiana should just play and stop all the talkin because everyone that was talkin sideways all got splashed on or shutdown from that team i.e Hibbert, Granger & Stephenson.

    • Alberto says:

      lol lebron would dunk on the whole pacers franchise and some lol. I dont see y they always want to pick fights for

  58. jsking says:

    well… im a proudly heat fan, but what haslem and pittman did needs to be a punishment for then that was not professional, i dont want the to be supended but at least fined… lets go heats for the 2012 champs!!! yia!!

  59. Fefe says:

    Pacers will win game 6.

  60. Sea Pea says:

    Looks like Bird wants another Malay. Can’t draft and trade for character guys and expect anything more than soft. The Trailblazers will tell you that.

  61. Gaz says:

    Once again, so easy for us to focus on a few flagrant fouls and start debating on them. The truth is, they are a bunch of physical, emotional men out there playing a contact sports. Yes, dirty plays happen. And they happen not only in this game, not only among these 2 teams.
    Then you have football, soccer, or boxing fans out there calling basketballers SOFT. And then you have basketball fans debating on hard fouls and dirty plays. They happen in a lot of ball sports maybe apart from golf and tennis.
    Personally, I think this is once again all down to the Heat fans and haters having another fueled subject to rant about.
    If you do play competitive team sports, you’d understand no matter you’re an amatuer or professional, you still get caught up in the heat and the emotion on and off the court. Truth is we do not know all the things that go on off the court, their bad blood.
    I’d rather debate on their tactic, strategy and enjoy a good quality game.
    I am a Heat fan and I do think Haslem and Pittman’s fouls were excessively hard and even flagrant, especially Pittman’s. And we have seen it all. Haven’t we? After so many years of watching the NBA throughout different eras?

  62. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:

    Who cares about UD’s flagrant foul or even Pittman….. The HEAT aren’t the who started it…. Stephenson chocking gestures, UD’s stitches ,Tyler bloody flagrant foul on D-Wade or Pittman on Stephenson… Game 4 Granger barking on D-wade… Lou elbowed UD … all forgiven… Game 5 Tyler’s Hard foul on D-Wade sparking MIAMI’s enforcers… mainly UD… retaliation on Tyler… and Pittman on Stephenson for his choking gesture on LBJ. Now Stephenson is CHOCKING!!! literally…. The point is… Pacers shouldn’t start playing dirty tactics if they don’t even know how to finish it (S.O.F.T.)… It’s like having a dose of your own medicine…. HEAT is sending a message…… BRING IT ON!!!!!

  63. Gabriel says:

    A- Haslem went for his arm. He just nipped the face as well
    B – Hansbrough not only hit wade in the head/face – but SCRATCHED him. While retracting his arm, HE DUG HIS NAILS INTO D-wade. C’mon now
    C – There is no way the pacers have a chance, if Lebron is playing his best, wade his dropping 20 + and hibbert and west are non-factors.

  64. stephensonChoke says:

    lol pittman shutdown the one who’s taunting lebron as choke ! :p

  65. Dave Z says:

    Stern needs to do more… because kids watch these games… and then think it’s OK to dangerously foul people on the playgrounds. It’s dirty play.

  66. NOLA HORNETS says:

    Bird remembers how physical his playoff battles were….what he saw last night was his team hit Miami and Miami hit back…Then Indy stop being physical…Bird knows you must be physical the entire game until your opponent quits or the referees take control.

  67. Eaham says:

    The heat and pacer’s roster is filled with bunch of crying and whining children with bad attitudes. Bird is right, Indiana is soft, all they have to do is use their all start Big men to atleast come close to beating the Heat but no, they refuse and like to do things one on one. West can drop 20 any night and Hibberts can eat the Heat offense alive in Offence AND Defense; I guess PAcers gotta lose this year to realize that

  68. Rein says:

    Playoff atmosphere, if you made it ROUGH.. you shoul be MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY ready..

    • MeL says:

      Definitely agree with that!!!! Their beating them at their game they should had never started anything or made those comments!!!!

  69. NBA Fan says:

    Hibbert said “LeBron and D-Wade aren’t responding to our physical play. They’re sending other people to do it.” this statement make me LMFAO, wat the hell do you mean that LBJ and D-Wade are not responding, THEY LET THE GAME DO ALL THE TALKING, he just mad that they lost 2 straight game. Haters are blaming LBJ and D-Wade for the hard foul, it’s not them, it’s UD and Pittman, get your fact straight. Im a big fan of LeBron and I hope he get a ring this year, but it’s gonna be hard cuz SA and OKC is just doing so well.

  70. Gene in the Cayman says:

    As a LONG time HEAT fan, the fouls in the game last night were totally uncalled for. It is playoff basketball I agree BUT there is no place on the court for this type of behaviour. The Pacers seem to have come out with some sort of ‘jealous-revenge’ which has triggered a few of the Heat players. I hope that game 6 will be tough playoff basketball with less negative aggression by both teams.

    • Belizeboy says:

      So you just wanted your team to keep getting beaten on like games 3 & 4? Some long time fan. Besides any long time fan of the Heat as you claimed has seen worse when Zo was running things. So stop lying to us and yourself and just admit you’re a hater trying to pose as an upset Heat fan.

  71. Dion says:

    I don’t like the heat and hope they wil lose in the conference finals.

  72. Saied Mirkhani says:

    I am wondering how Larry Bird call his team soft????
    Please watch from game 1 to 5. See how many fauls Pacers players comitted. They have too many hard fauls. They have been banging and beating Heats players in every position and in every game.
    Now after a couple of fauls by Heat players they are making so much noise and calling thier team soft.
    Let me tell you my friend, Pacers is a good team but Heat is a much better team. So accept the reallity and try to make the appropriate changes to your team for the next year rather than making this kind of comment in sport.
    After all NBA and basketball in one of the best sport in the world and all NBA players are like brothers.

  73. Ryan B. says:

    Both sides were very physical early on in the game, you can’t really put all the blame on Haslem.

  74. jauko says:

    Today is a new day. Forget it all and play ball. Pacers need to go back to what got them here – going inside, and stop throwing up 3 bricks that give Heat fast breaks. Go Pacers.

  75. Tom says:

    Heat > Pacers. Series is over.

  76. Pans says:

    It’s playoff time… you dont feel it if you dont see this kind of hard-foul…move on and let the game do the talking…
    i heard Mr. David West complaining that some one (one of the miami heat player) is trying to hurt his knee “intentionaly” what a crybaby…

  77. XVI says:


  78. Laker Fan says:

    Got to respect Larry Legends comments. Pacers just need to man up and take it. If you love Playoff basketball. This is what it is all about. Not for the S.O.F.T at heart! These teams could not handle the physical play of the 80’s. The 84/85 Celtics, the 82,83 Sixers, The 88,89,90 Pistons and the 84,85,87 and 88 Lakers were all up to the challenge when being pushed. Pacers have a great team that can match up physically with any team in the league. Hibbert, Hansbouroug, West and the rest of the team. Its the PLAYOFFS win or go home fishing!

  79. Joseph says:

    Hibbert doing to many interviews, pacers doing too much talking

  80. cmoon says:

    the only thing I will say is they cant have it both ways the Pacers started the rough play and bully tactics with Granger getting in Lebrons face every chance he could and the league allowed it now that Miami has responded back its a problem. In my opinion all this stems from LBJ going to the Heat and the League losing all that money that was generated out of Cleveland because of LBJ!

  81. mr. lee says:

    i think what pittman did was totally unneccessary but indiana created this kind of atsmosphere starting with granger all the way down to hansbourgh thinking they could intimidate miami. now they are facing elimination because they stop playing their game

  82. bird has a soft player ,now did bird play physical mine game did he foul out of maybe2.i hope the listen to bird@ not suspension uh or handsborough-pittman yes

  83. Islein says:

    Haslem had a flagrant foul, but you shouldn’t be suspended for it. The Pacers were after Haslem and the Heat and the whole series, and the one time the Heat play tough, they win big and add insult to injury. Hansborough went up for the shot and Haslem, couldn’t block so he went for the hard foul to get him to the line. It’s not like he was trying to hurt the guy. Heat played a great game overall, and the Pacers have themselves to blame because they gave Miami a reason to fight back. Ask Larry Bird.

  84. jzarecta says:

    From the guy that brought you this:

  85. JG says:

    T.T just cry it out Heat haters. Hansbrough, right back to you (in your face, son!)

  86. bullz4lyfe says:

    Those same refs that you all keep praising…..will call a foul on everything the next game.,,,lol! All refs are inconsistent….its the nature of the job! they go game to game to figure out how they r calling it today! Stop talking like they r the best refs in the league or something….everyone talk like they wanna see no fouls called….that so easy to say when ur team isnt even playing….lmao!

  87. JoJo says:

    It’s unbelievable that the refs didn’t call the Pittman elbow a F2. You could almost believe the NBA was crooked and the refs were slanted towards the NBA’s little darling, the Miami Heat. Getting too obvious, Stern. If the Pacers go out, I hope they put LeBaby on the hardwood a few times. Send a message to the self-entitled King and his bandwagon fans. Stern can’t wait to hand this smiling, dancing clown a trophy.

  88. Tygger2K6 says:

    You Pacers fans are exactly like Lakers fans! All finger pointing! Soooo many excuses! You started it! I like the Indiana team but I dont like the style that they are playing.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Another nail hit right on the head. Pacer fans (who I never even heard from on these blogs till now) have a huge double standard. Just like Laker fans who condone their guys getting physical i.e. Artest vs Harden, but whine when there’s legal contact i.e. Blake vs Gasol.

  89. bullz4lyfe says:

    alot of you get up here and make comments based off of who you like and dislike, and who you want to win and dont want to win. Stop it…its childish! The Heat won….the pacers got destroyed, those r the facts. I dont believe the Pacers r soft…I believe the Heat r just better..plain and simple! When Bron and wade play to their potential they r unstoppable.

  90. pillbox says:

    pacers got their own dose.don’t do unto others what you do not want others do unto you.

  91. darryl says:

    This series really doesn’t matter. None of the East teams can play with OKC or San Antonio. The real NBA Finals will be teh Western Conference Finals!

  92. Adam Talbi says:

    Those refs of game 5 should ref EVERY game from now on. Refs should be like them, just as Jeff Van Gundy said; the league is becoming too soft due to flops and refs calling anything. Every game should be like game 5.. not only does it make the game MUCH more interesting but it also makes the NBA way more money because more people will start watching. All these guys complaining about how Pittman should be suspended for 2+ games even 10?!; those guys are just Pacers fan looking to get Haslem/Pittman out of the series to put Miami at a disadvantage and make the Pacers win. The league is finally becoming interesting, this is what you guys were asking for!; and now you pacers fans are crying/changing your mind about making the league rougher because it happened to you. Gimmie a break people. You know you love games like these. GET MORE REFS LIKE THE ONES FROM GAME 5 IN THE LEAGUE!!!

    • Drey says:

      Well said! You hit the mark right on target =D

    • qwerty says:

      Absolutely right

    • bullz4lyfe says:

      You can make comments about the game being rough as if its ok…all u want. But it isnt..should the game be physical? absolutely…it already is, but if a player on ur team got hurt you would have a different idea about what ur saying. The game is physical, and it should be…should guys be able to knock a guy down with no intentions on going for the ball? NO!

      • Adam Talbi says:

        Ok but your saying this as if the Pacers didn’t do the exact same thing back. I’m pretty sure Granger started with Lebron first off, and Haslem and Wade shed blood first.

    • juan says:


      • CrazyHeatFan says:

        Just remember 3 days early UD got some stiches , and 2 minutes before that wade had some blood on his face, So what UD did was absolutely right, Hi went hard for the shoulder that was all, both hands up, No blow punch, LIke The one handled to wade or the one he received the game before

        Pitman out for the rest of the playoff, Agree with that, Like someone said before…Pitman wanting to make Stephenson chokes and he did choke

    • Belizeboy says:


  93. Can you feel the Heat down in your soul? I feel the Heat down in my soul

  94. Dbo says:

    I dont blame the heat for the rough play… the pacers got what they asked for. If anything i think they needed to do that because it will make the pacers think before the next time before doing something stupid again…

  95. Juan Foster says:

    Haslem & Pittman CLEARLY had 2 dirty plays. If u watch closely Tyler actually hit the ball first so he was going for the ball! I hope the Pacers come out hitting hard literally this next game! Still love my Pacers no matter what nobody expected them to get this far this soon.

  96. Lebron says:

    I can’t believe how many of these posters here are bandwagon fans and have no knowledge for the game. I’m a Heat fan, and I believe that UD got away with one on Handsborough, and Pittman was just stupid. I love to watch a good physical game, so Hansborough’s foul didn’t upset me, cause he kinda went for the ball. UD and Pittman didn’t.

    • bullz4lyfe says:

      I love ur honesty and ur logical approach to this topic….wish more people would do the same and stop feeding off their emotions! and I am a Bulls fan…but I truly want ur team to win it all this year. Lebron deserves it!

  97. steve says:

    that flagrant by pittman is totally uncalled for, same goes for the one by haslem, they should both be suspended. haslem for one and pittman for at least 5. maybe the pacers will wake up and respond to bird calling them soft and win game 6 but they gotta keep their composure when james and wade go off because wade and james are gonna go off at some point in game 6, the pacers jus gotta get the ball to west and hibbert inside and thats how they will win. the reason they are down 3-2 is because in the last two games, hibbert and west have not been agressive like they were in games 2 and 3

  98. Defjeff says:

    Bird can call his own team soft but he knows better, you don´t play or act like a though guy. You are or ya are NOT. Common people, even a pro get some fear by seeing bron´s body. Yo Granger mansUP;-)

  99. smith says:

    wahahaha real time choking:> nice pitman!!!! your the man wahahah soft? the right word is WEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wahahah

    • League of Extraordinary Pathethic Fans says:

      Ahahaha so funny, so funny.Too bad you are just another Heat idiot fan.Who can be a fan of those plays?some thugs that`s who.Miami wannabe gangstasz.Pathethic scumbags.

  100. Law064 says:

    Well I would say the Pacers just went soft during that game and let Miami run over them. Minus the Fouls they really backed down when Miami started running away with the game. It was disappointing to see them not even put up a fight. Haslim’s foul should earn him a suspension. It was clearly a Flagrant-2 he wasn’t going for the ball at all. The pacers are on the ropes now and it’s not looking good for them

    • Belizeboy says:

      If Haslem gets a suspension then what about the players for the Pacers? Double standard.

  101. Janice says:

    The Pacers were tough and happy. Miami responded to them and they need help from the commentators, which they got, to pretend they are victims. Haslem couldn’t reach the ball. That is a flagrant 1. How can you get a flagrant two when you couldn’t reach the ball. He jumped as high as he could. Hanborough was tall and with his arm stretch gave him another couple of feet. I agree with Pittman flagrant, that was uncalled for. Indiana received some of it’s own medicine. Take a couple of aspirins and show up thursday. The heat will end this series. Go Heat.

    • bullz4lyfe says:

      um…..i think you need to look at that haslem flagrant again before you talk like that….lol he obviously wasnt going for the ball

  102. reggie says:

    GO HEAT 🙂 eastern conference finals here we come

  103. Thunder Up says:

    Stephenson really was choking this time tho lol

  104. reggie says:

    properly, no disrespect

  105. Mr.G says:

    Bird shouls encourage his team to play proper basketball, not rugby or any other form of wrestling!
    How about being corcerned about that? Overcome your opponent by smartly outplaying them, not by pounding!
    Unless you have no other weapons…and you return to the cave days!

    Any other constructive suggestion, Mr. HOF-Legend-Icon Bird?

  106. Josh says:

    haslem is such a scardey cat,,,after fouling him hard he walked near his bench because he thought hansborough would react to it…then pittman is such a wimp giving a hard foul like that, geezz….he even fell and stephenson was up…

    the pacers should have reacted to those situations so it would have escalated

  107. AJ says:

    they just have their physical game, haslem and hansbrough. maybe the way pittman did was a nasty one. but that if your a sportman maybe you can call it a challenge of a physical game, stop complaining. play as hard as you can with heart and sportsmanship..

  108. reggie says:

    dirty play from miami, stop living under the shadows of wade and lebron and learn to ball

  109. James says:

    It’s ok, in the 1984 FInals series between the Celtics and the Lakers… Bird called his teamates “SISSIES” after getting the worst finals loss of the team (30 plus lead by Lakers).

    The whole team got fired up and the Celtics eventually won the championship that year.

    This is not a made up story, go ask your parents or search from the net…

    He is trying to do the same here… ONLY bad thing is, he’s not out there in the court to play… So the pacers probably would respond postitively for about 1 to 2 quarters…

    Then melt down and be “SOFT/SISSIES” again once Bron and Wade starts to heat up… again.

    Old tricks form the bag SIr Larry… you sir, are one of the greatest basketball player and leader of all time.

  110. Suspend says:

    Pittman should definitely be suspended for like 10 games. He’s useless to the team and the NBA in general so he has no right blatantly doing something that could most likely injure another player. Haslem on the other hand, simply gave payback for Wade and the elbow he took the previous game. Yes its wrong, but understandable. He just took him out the air with a hard excessive foul and didn’t even give a direct blow to the head. Mostly hit his arm so I don’t think a suspension is necessary. Pittman should be gone for a long time.

    • say-what? says:

      Mostly hit his arm? watch the play again. He doesn’t hit any ‘arm’. He might get a bit of the shoulder but otherwise is all face and neck. Haslem should be out for a game or two. ‘revenge’ fouls that are excessive are what leads to things like the malace in the palace in 2004. League should nip this in the bud, but they are buddy buddy with the heat and C. bosh is still out. so we know haslem won’t be suspended! it’s too bad really, the heat need every bit of help they can get from the league to get by the pacers.

    • Well... says:

      I am a Heat fan, and big time supporter, but everything you said is absolutely right. Pittman deserves to be fined and suspended. Clearly out of line for that behavior, and extremely unprofessional.

    • okc fan says:

      i agrree with pitman or pitbull suspension at least 10 games or more hes lucky he beat a strong young guy but the haslem situation is normal basketball game play like jordand has on the past barkley lambier shaq kobe ect but mr pitman crroosss the line way to far i am not a indiana fan but i will like to fight this guy just because the unprofesional that he is i will like to see him against tyson 15 yrs ago to see is he going to smiley

      • Dave J says:

        Do you know how to box out? I don’t think when the ball is going up that players are thinking “take him out”. Pittman was just thinking box this mother****er out. He just hit him too high, and he even fell over when he realized it to minimize the damage. If he really wanted to elbow his neck he would’ve ripped him to the ground.

  111. Wil says:

    Guess Bird didn’t think anything of those flagrant fouls. He wanted his team to respond to them and they didn’t. The Pacers started the physical and rough play. The Heat just finished it and the Pacers went S-O-F-T as Bird said……LOL

    • AwwPlease says:

      You’ve got that right, the Heat sure did finish it.

      I have a feeling that the blows won’t stop either, especially since the Pacers are going back to their home court with the thought of Larry’s comments in the back of their mind.

      Ut oh..

      Here comes the BOOM.



      Play nicely everyone. Dont hurt anybody!

      • Well... says:

        I agree, I only see this getting worse before it gets better. The players need to keep it professional and about the game, not personal vendettas. The leaders like Wade, James, West, it is up to these guys to control their respective teams by incluencing proper behavior. Game 6 should be pretty interesting….

    • Knickfan says:

      well said wil. The pacers started it

  112. Patrickmarc says:

    SOFT…? Bird is trying to make them react, but he doesn’t think that really
    I am sure the team don’t like it and they will try to do something more powerfull.

  113. jad says:

    S-O-F-T no not Soft larry the word is W-O-O-P-E-D WOOPED thats wat ur team got

    • Spelling!!! says:

      It’s spelled whooped. If you’re going to spell a word one letter at a time, at least spell it correctly.

      • Will says:

        lol you pcers’ fans are so mad and by the way every word is spelled one letter at a time. cry me a river pacers’ fans!!!!!

    • raymond merida says:

      and the heat got whooped by 19 so now the teams are even. some people need to watch basketball and stop watching the highlights on sportscenter. you’re not a fan if you’re gonna sit on here and be bias when we all know james came close to being suspended twice and when d wade made that gut check to collison that should of been a suspension as well so if you say the heat isnt dirty then you are a dumb dumb

  114. Biscuit says:

    Haslem is a bum…that was real dirty play…should have been suspended…he didn’t even attempt to go after the ball

    • juan says:

      So if you call Haslem a bum then what is hansboro or whatever his name is? i guess you didnt see him put his elbow on wade’s shoulder, clubber him in the head, and then rake his fingers over wades eyes huh? i guess not.

      • cesar_asar says:

        juan – you ignorant sob…….at least hansbrough made a play on the ball while your boy haslem went straight for the face!

      • juan says:

        ceasar learn to have a conversation without being disrespectful, but then again that is how the pacers are playing the game very disrespectful. made a play on the ball? since you call me an ignorant sob lol which im very shocked that you even spelled correctly how the hell you make a play on the ball and end up hitting someone in the face and then running your fingers across his eyes? dont let your emotions get you into something you can t get out. and p.s. neither is MY BOY you probably just mad because you like pacers

      • Denzo says:

        Haslem is a BUM!

      • Maino says:

        tyler went for the ball but d-wade is so strong he didnt want him to have a chance to put the ball up for a potential an1 to give them more momentum

      • D-Wade says:

        That is righ Juan. He tried to spike my eyes out. I was lucky he miised and cut just above my eyes instead. Had he succeded in poking my eye out that could have ended my career. He should be suspended for the rest of the series. But don’t worry we are not scared. We are ready to counterpunch harder than they can punch…just wait and see. If they start this again, we are going for the knees….as in carrer ending. I doubt that this patsies are going to do anything. As their boss said, they are SOFT. I could see it in their eyes how scared they were about getting hurt after our enforcer sent them a message. Granger faked an injury to stay out of the game because he knew he was next. What a bunch of cowards.

      • SUSIE says:

        He was going for the ball first, Juan. I guess some people just see what they want to see.

      • dvo says:

        Pacers are playing this way out of spite…….the Heat are so easy to hate because of their arrogance. Lebron and Wade are the true definition of the word.

      • beantownallday says:

        Miami is a bunch of clowns.. i hope Larry Bird lit a ferocious fire under his teams backside so they come back and whoop those idots. Tough to win in miami tho with the refs hangin off wade and lebrons nuts. if next game is as physical and wade pulls another run at someone and doesnt get suspended then the nba is a joke straight up. South beach.. bunch of clowns

      • D$ says:

        Four very dirty plays:
        1. Wade spiteful attack on Collison. Wade should have missed game 3 (or more) for that, specially when after fouling Collison he tried to gloat but saw the refs and pretended to be a nice boy.
        2. LBJ intentionally throws a nasty elbow to try and hurt Granger, but Granger gets a technical for telling LBJ where he can put his elbow. Then LBJ thinks he has the moral right to criticise Granger to the media. The irony!
        3. Haslem intentionally hacks Tyler whatever-his-name-is and stays in the game. Although I can’t argue with the one game suspension, it highlights that Wade should have got kicked out and suspended for at least two games.
        4. Pittman does the most dangerous foul I’ve ever seen in hoops, stays in the game and only gets three games suspension. This is at least as bad as Ron Artest’s elbow to Harden, but more malicious and far more dangerous.

        Meanwhile, the Pacers have one flagrant, when Tyler whatever-his-name-is does a hard foul on Wade that may or may not be malicious, but is not comparable to any of Miami’s three flagrants or to LBJ’s attempt to take out Granger. And some people claim that the Pacers are the dirty team? Man, what planet are you living on?

        And I’m not even a Pacers fan… but when the truth is so obvious you can’t just turn a blind eye.

      • Knickfan says:

        the pacers started it. The heat respond. Sorry pacers you make the heat team mad.

    • Joan says:

      why didn’t anyone question it when Haslem got blind-sided? Stitches required there.

      • Well... says:

        Because there is a slant on the comments here just like with any blogs that mention the Heat. Anything someone on the Heat does is amplified x1000, even if it is on par with actions taken toward them. Now don’t get me wrong, Haslem was completely out of line, and Pittman even more so, but if you have watched the series closely, you will notice the Pacers have been trying to play like the badboy Pistons 89-90 teams that used to beat teams to near death as a scare tactic.I don’t like the way some of the Heat players have retialiated, but the Pacers were foolish to think that this would work. Granger now has a sprained ankle trying to make an ignorant point….Pacers may have been able to hold things together if he would have stopped trying to play a psychological game on a physical basketball court. That is all

    • Showbaba7 says:

      When Haslem face was cut, he was not a bum. hunnn. When Wade was foul hard and harder in game 2,3,4 and 5 Haslem was not a bum. Now that he retaliated, he is now a bum, hunn. Why are people biased. honestly go and re watch game 2, I personally believe the refrees helped the Indiana to win the game. Go and watch it again. I’ve got no problem with Haslem foul the only concern I see is Pitman wanting to make Stephenson chokes and he did choke

      • Belizeboy says:

        I completely agree with you. Haslem got his payback in, but Pitman went overboard. Anyhow I still believe the Pacers started it and Miami is looking to end it.

    • Lil Jon says:

      He did go after the arm to stop the ball. Hansbrough raked wade across his face, if anyone is bum it’s the scrub hansbrough

    • Miami Guy says:

      As a long time Miami Heat fan. I felt 100% Ok with UD’s play, the hands went to Tyler’s shoulder watch it again. But disgusted with Pittman’s play. Why do not you say anything about Pacers’ bullying in first 4 games? Why do not you tell us why UD did that. Miami Heat does not play dirty but UD does not let others to beat Wade, and James. Did you see how Tyler changed after UD’s retaliation?

      • Fragrant 2 Most Def says:

        If you guys even listen to what Barley and Shaq said they both agreed that what Haslem did should have been deemed a fragant-2. He didn’t even disguise it. So his intention was there and he followed it though clearly.

    • Mark. NYC says:

      Hansborough is a notorious hacker and cheap shot artist. He just disguised his a little better. Notice after he goes after the ball he continues to rake the face. I think Haslem’s flagrant was a clear retaliation and wasnt disguised, because he wanted it known what it was. Pittman’s was stupid and he deserved his 3 gms if not more. I also think the suspension of Haslem was brought on by TNT crew(Barkley). Watch the replay of Haslem he seems to miss Hansborough face.He shouldnt be suspended in my opinion. Anyone watch gm7 Clippers and Grizzlies? That was a mugging and no cops called.When Barkley says things like the league should suspend him, it forces the league to respond sometimes too aggressively. I watched Barkley’s era. He should be ashamed. That went on every game. Grant Long, Greg Kite, Laimbeer , Mahorn those guys were grade A hackers and were appreciated by their teams and rarely suspended. I know the rules are different, but someone like Chuck who swung elbows on every rebound and knees guards in the balls cause they take charges is hard to hear come out his mouth. Oakley is another one who lumped up Jeff Mcinnis, hit Andrew Lang with a basketball at 100 miles an hour in the face all before a game and not suspended. Chuck you going soft because your retired. Larry Legend probably didnt even disapprove of Haslems foul.

  115. Baller says:

    The Pacers were too happy and thought they would get it done after going up 2-1 in the series. Up to that point they were fouling hard, going inside out and their Big Men were rebounding and producing. Indiana won the rebounding battle in Game 2 and 3, which they should because they have more size and strength compared to the Heat, not to mention more depth.

    I can understand Larry’s words perfectly. They let Wade have 3 and1 opportunities in Game 5, a guy that is struggling majorly at the line. West isn’t producing against Battier, which to me is a clear sign of disrespect from the Heat to begin with. As good a defender as Battier is, West should own him every single game. The next thing is the defense from the Pacers. How can you not crowd Turiaf and let him feed James for a dunk. How can you let offensively limited guys like Anthony get layups at the rim, where is the challenge? And the biggest disappointment was the Pacers not responding to the Heats challenges. Everyone expected Wade and James to perform better to some point, but you cannot get rattled, you have to play through it and do the things that have made you successful so far…

    • C-HAG/SSN649 says:

      D. Wade, / Hansbrough / Haslem-what happened to good sporsmanship? You guy’s are professional and expect a good example to be set for our younger generation playing/excelling in a great sport like basketball. Play straight and to the
      best of your abilities (which both the Heat and Pacer’s have great player’s on their respective teams. “Catch back”
      is a child’s game, keep that in mind for the thousands of youngster’s that “mirror” your actiona/playing style,
      Man up and play the game “hard” but “clean”. C-Hag/SSN649 (submarine’s forever USN)

      • C-HAG/SSN649 says:

        Further to my last comment (should hv read “sportsmanship” / Heat/Pacer’s both remember you guy’s are “idols” in
        some kids eye’s and can you imagine the game developing like the “flagrant” fouls that were committed. I just
        don’t understand why professional ball players stoop to suce low levels of play, regardless of what may have happened
        during the course of the game. Looking forward to a shootout between OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER and
        the Heat in finals for the whole ball of wax – “CHAMPIONS’

      • awalks0222 says:

        how can u get nad at these guys for playing hard halsem foul hansbrough foul and even some even wades fouls just show that their out there to play and win dexter pittmans foul was unnessesary il give u tht much but your gunna tell me tht kevin mchale has no sportsmanship when he played because he closelined kurt rambis or bill lambier and the bad boy pistons had no sportsmanship, let me tell u something these nba player r idols or role models there job is to play basketball and sadly this series has been the closest to basketball ive seen in a very long time and larry bird has every rite to call his team soft because the had the first punch and miami swung back and guess wat the pacer sat there and took without putting up and fight.

    • NbaGuy123 says:

      Juan stfu, haslem did a dirty play without any intent to go after the ball. Hansbrough at least attempted to go for the ball. You must be one of those morons that jumped on this sorry heat bandwagon, well too bad they aren’t winning a ring this year. Another ring less year for lebron.