Physical Play In Series Turns Flagrant

MIAMI – Maybe someone on the Miami bench got the memo from Pat Riley.

Whatever it was, the days of the Heat scoffing at the Indiana Pacers’ “tough” tactics – mostly embodied by Danny Granger’s yapping through the first four games – ended with a thud – and an oomphs and a crunch or two – in Game 5 Tuesday night at AmericanAirlines Arena.

Granted, Tyler Hansbrough initiated the physical stuff Tuesday in what became Miami’s 115-83 blowout victory, good for a 3-2 edge in the best-of-seven playoff series. Hansbrough smothered Dwyane Wade on a drive to the basket and opened a cut above the Miami shooting guard’s right eye, sending him to the bench for some corner work and earning Hansbrough a flagrant-1 foul.

That was at 10:23 of the second quarter. Only 41 seconds later, Miami got some payback that seemed right from the old Riley playbook (New York days especially) of smash-mouth basketball. And he is the Heat team president, after all.

Udonis Haslem – who had suffered a similar bloody gash over his right eye in Game 4, thanks to an errant Louis Amundson elbow – saw the opening when Hansbrough got the ball on the left wing and came forward, jumping to shoot. The Heat power forward went up with two arms high and brought them down hard, way right of the ball but hard at Hansbrough’s head. Down went Hansbrough, as the Miami crowd roared.

At first, ref Jason Phillips seemed to indicate that Haslem was gone, the natural result of a flagrant-2 foul. But a review of the play and conversations amongst the officials produced only a flagrant-1. It was the same penalty that Hansbrough had been dealt, though the Pacers player at least went for the ball while snuffing Wade with it.

“I felt like I got hit in the face,” Hansbrough said of the foul he absorbed. Should it have been the stiffer flagrant-2? “That’s for you guys to decide.”

The reaction within the Pacers ranks, and among media at the game, in the blogosphere and at halftime in the TNT studio was nearly unanimous: It should have been a flagrant-2 and Haslem should have been out. Instead, he stuck around and scored 10 points with six rebounds in 17 minutes of work.

Later, Miami coach Erik Spoelstra was asked about it before, Spoelstra said, he’d had a chance to see any replays. “We thought he was making a play on the ball. It’s a physical series. Nobody wants to make it into anything more than that,” the Heat coach said. “We have to beat them at the game of basketball. Anyhing that’s over the line, we don’t want any of that. But we have to play physical, we have to play with force. They’re doing the same thing.”

Said Indiana forward David West, who had his own battered game (10 points, four rebounds) to focus on: “He just came in to deliver a hard foul. I mean, all’s fair. That’s the way I look at it.”

There was one more nasty foul, this one coming near the end of garbage time. Heat deep-reserve big man Dexter Pittman nailed Pacers guard Lance Stephenson with an elbow with 19.4 seconds left to earn himself a flagrant-1. It was part Andrew Bynum circa 2011 elimination, part New Orleans Saints bounty. Stephenson, remember, is the Pacers player who made a choke gesture when LeBron James bricked a free throw earlier in the series. Pittman even appeared to wink to someone while Stephenson shot his free throws.

“He may have broken his collarbone,” Granger told reporters. “[Pittman] looked over and saw him coming. He laid him out. And he’s a big man.”

Now, with a day before Game 6 at Indiana, the video figures to be reviewed by the league headquarters. Will Haslem face a fine, suspension or both if his foul is upgraded to a flagrant-2? Might Pittman face additional penalties? Did the refs get Hansbrough’s right?

Then there was a comment by West late Thursday, when asked about the physical stuff and a hit or two he might have absorbed. “I can handle it myself,” he said. “Don’t need anybody to protect me.” That seemed a veiled jab at James and Wade, who didn’t seek their own payback.

Expect to see more “bodies colliding,” as Spoelstra has been calling it.


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  2. garuda says:

    miami players do their part to protect themselves from pacers inhumane move; good begets good and bad uplifts bad, pacers should follow the sportsman`s policy:-)

    • garuda says:

      as much as possible unworthy act should be avoided by the players because NBA promotes sportsmanship for an exemplary way of living:-)

  3. Jarm81 says:

    I just watched both – if you have ever played in any men’s basketball league, a shot blocker has hit you in the face, so I am Ok with Haslem, flagrant 1 is a strech, but i have done that before legitimately challenging a shot – that sort of contact can happen. The elbow however was premeditated and dirty – should have got more than 3 games for it. As for Hansbrough – again, if you have ever played basketball, he got his hand on the ball – in what world is attempting to block a shot an intentional foul?? Hansbrough and Haslem at worst Flagrant 1 – I miss basketball where men and not diva played.

  4. sharetherock says:

    What’s the point of Stephenson’s man-ing up to apologize if James is going to diss him, Howard’s going to lecture him, and then they physically retaliate for a non-physical transgression. Instead of a manful “Apology accepted” from James, it was a throat-wrecking Vader-like “Apology accepted, Captain Needa” from his minions. The premeditated targeted head-shot by Pittman goes beyond the reckless disregard shown by Bynum last year and by World Peace this year. With few minutes of playing time, Pittman lacks the record of good behavior that would excuse him from a harsher penalty, so I don’t understand why he got only a 3-game suspension.

  5. jr says:

    Pacers started it and Miami is looking to end it.

  6. The Edge says:

    Im a Miami Heat Fan, and a Jordan Era Bulls Fan, Jordan and Scottie got beaten up so badly during their hey days, and it prove only that they are the toughest dynamic duo ever… Basketball is being played by a team but 5 different individuals… so if Pittman thinks its his duty to protect their star players in any way, he has to face the consequences… he deserves to be suspended… its not like the whole team turns chippy and ugly, it was a decision made by an individual player.

    Lebron and D-wade never let Vogel and Granger’s chippy shots affect their games, thats how they handle the beating…

  7. James says:

    If you’ve never “played” the game, you won’t undersatnd. What happened is what should have happened. The Pacers know what’s going on. All they had to do was play ball! You got to know when to hold’em . . . know when to fold them . . . know when to walk away, know when to run . . . you never count your money, when you’re sittin at the table . . . there’ll be time enough to count it, dealins done!

  8. Talk about double-standard ! How can they suspend Haslem without even looking at the Indiana players. They were deliberately hacking our stars and trying to injure them out of the playoffs. Wade has been been playing hurt and they keep hacking hm with the refs doing nothing. The NBA rules seem to apply only to Heat players and I hope the Pacers learned their lesson. Not suspending Hansborogh after deliberate blow to the head is hypocritical. Barkley is a Heat hater and if he doesnt want to talk about hansborogh going overboard then he needs to shut up about Haslem.

  9. eysi says:

    Pittman did a great job acting of falling down hard. The commentator thought at first that he’s the one that got hurt badly, but on the replay they realised that it was Stephenson who was hit hard. haha.

  10. biNex says:

    what a nice game hehehehe very physical… and maybe for the next game there will be more physical hehe

  11. bounty boss says:

    Maybe this is somekind of “Bounty” like what the saints have to protect their star players since no LBJ/Wade = No heat, okay maybe bosh is part of those under the bounty protection program. and that is coming from a wade fan

  12. Durant says:

    So, you better take care, LBJ.. hahahah

  13. Jennifer says:

    As a Miami Heat fan I was disgusted by Pittman’s foul. What UD did was perfectly OK to protect Wade, and James. Pacers team is the one beating Miami Heat players in last 5 games. UD responded on Game5. Tell me one position before UD’s flagrant that Miami was playing dirty. Look at Larry Bird asking his team to bully Miami Heat players even more. They know that is their only chance to get Wade or James to be ejected. It already worked for game 6 no UD.

  14. Fan says:

    To me neither Pittman nor haslem ment to do what they did but they must be suspended to show players who intentionally do that kind of stuff that it is not allowed

  15. Idan says:

    Do me a f’favor!
    How about Granger 3 flagrants’ (somebody said “unneccessay”…) ???
    So Miami’s players gets it…?!
    Do me a favor!

    Guess that for Granger someone else from above decided he should be removed! That’s justice.
    The referees so far are a JOKE. Wonder when they’ll stop making dumb mistakes or at least have justice brought to court…

  16. peter says:

    tables have turned, pacers are the floppers.

  17. Done says:

    Haslem one game suspension. Pittman three game suspension. Hansborough upgraded to flagrant 2. theres youre decision

  18. Bryan says:

    The refs should all be penalized for letting things get way out of hand.

    Hansbourough’s foul was unnecessary, but saying it was intentional is stupid. Watch the replay and you see his hand come off the ball and across Wade’s face. Flagrant 1 for the serious potential to hurt another player and that’s that.

    Haslem was playing axe-man, no question at all. By not ejecting him for a blatant retaliation the ref’s set a precedent that anything will go….

    Which leads to an elbow to the throat.

    If I want to see unchecked aggression I’ll watch an MMA fight.

    Screw the circus that is the NBA. I came here to seem some hoops, there’s a bar down the street if I am looking for a brawl.

  19. caedou says:

    The refs are in control of the game and allowed for this tone to be set. They allowed D-Wade and Lebron get beat up the first couple of games while swallowing the whistle. I am quite sure the got a good talking to from Pat Riley telling them to foul them like they foul you and make the refs make a call. If you want someone to blame blame the refs!!! I am ok with all the fouls that happened, its up to the refs to set the tone on what they will allow during the course of the game. which they have not done.

    • serge says:


  20. serge says:

    They’re are just trying to get Miami out of the series one way or the other, but I hope Miami wins on game six at Indiana, anyway the pacers stared getting all fisical and S…..

  21. grim reaper says:

    David West is going to knock haslems head off. Then we will see whos soft

  22. NBA fan says:

    I am not rooting for either team. Hansboro made a play on the ball and followed through for a flagrant 1. UD and Pitman retailiated and took it even further. Miami now is owed some licks.

  23. lockheart14 says:

    That is a worse elbow than the Metta World Peace one on Harden!! And if you look closely Stephenson nearly breaks his standing leg as hel falls! Shocking stuff from Pittman, sure a suspension to follow?!

  24. lockheart14 says:

    That Pittman elbow was worse than Metta World Peace’s on Harden!! Shocking stuff, and if ya look closely Lance Stephenson almost breaks his standing leg as he falls! Surely a suspension for this?!

  25. Heat of the Battle says:

    Hey guys everyone needs to step back and look both sides ( Heat and Pacers ). They are both equally guilty so I think no one need to be supended. If the pacers give a hard foul thye should expect a hard foul in return. Fans need to understand that it is human nature to have confrontation and disagreements during any type of competition. Stop being a p… and let bodies colliding during the heat of the battle.

  26. YuhMudda says:

    Everyone, welcome to the land of Rihanna .. Barbados.. look at the fouls in this game

  27. Neil Smith says:

    I think its natural..Playing basketball is more physical..The best thing to do is to deal with it…and besides the pacers initiates the first move.So they must ready for Miami’s revenge…

  28. Dirtymoney says:

    Why yall so soft, I love this type of basketball. indiana thinks their hard so miami gave it to em

  29. mb says:

    Miami Thugs. Enough said.

  30. BLAH says:

    Pittman’s play was awesome!!! who’s choking now BI@tCH

  31. Basketball lover says:

    Tyler Hansbrough’s foul is flagrant one, not need to eject the game. Because he is trying to touch ball, not planned to hit Wade.
    But Haslem and Pittman should ban rest of the season and must pay their kick-boxing!

    Shame on Haslem and Pittman. They don’t deserve to play in the court.

    • haha says:

      is it becasue YOUR Pacers is about to go fishing….. hahahahaa

    • serge says:

      First of all you should look at the foul that was given to wade again , He was not going for the ball at all, and I think they should kick him out for a couple of games too. Haslem and pittman did what it needed to be done to show the pacers that they can play rough too. GO HEAT

  32. jett swagger says:

    follow on twitter i follow u back

  33. Mr.305 says:

    Look, honestly, I think Haslem’s foul was great. Hanborough was physical with Wade, and Haslem retaliated for him with a hard foul. Unlike Pittmans foul however… Now that was just down right scary. I feel bad for Lance Stephenson . His career might not be on the way up either. He’s also received alot of cristicsm along with that hard foul. Dirty play by Pittman he should be suspended. I don’t think the same about Haslem however.. He was standing up for his long time teammate. It’s also the fact tht Wade had a gash over his eye after Hansborough’s foul, while UD’s was just a foul saying tighten up. I don’t see any cuts on his face. So if Haslem gets suspended one game, so should Hansborough. That was a star player after all, not Lance Stephenson.

  34. Matt says:

    Had Tyler not tomahawked Wade on PURPOSE and cut him none of this would’ve escalated to the point that it did. Those of you Pacer’s fans saying Tyler played the ball are full of it. Did any of you see the interview with Roy after the game? He said in his own words that they were fouling Wade and James hard to teach them a lesson about coming into the paint. All of the hard fouls flagrant and otherwise were INTENTIONAL on the Pacer’s part. People are just whining because Miami responded. No one would be calling for Udonis to be suspended without Tyler being suspended as well if this was ANY other team. Udonis’ foul was, AT MOST, a glancing headshot and could be called a “play on the ball” just like Tyler’s “play on the ball”. I grew up watching late 80s – 90s basketball and I’m ashamed of Barkley calling for the Miami players to be suspended without any looks into Indiana’s intentions as well. This has been a two way street with Indiana initiating the overly physical play from the get to. If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen you little babies. Charles, by the way, BIGGEST hypocrite I’ve ever seen. Must’ve forgot about his fights with Shaq, Laimbeer, and others. I do agree though that Pitman needs to be thrown out of the league. Just like “World Peace” and Bynum should’ve been a while ago. Funny how Laker’s fans still think he played the ball. Ignorance is bliss ain’t it? Granger is a little punk and got what he deserved after trying to bait LeBron into a technical or flagrant foul.

  35. ethniq says:

    It would have been a great series if Granger just kept his mouth shut. He’s not in the same caliber as Wade and LeBron and these tough guy tactics don’t work for him and Indiana. Maybe for a young team they should take a leaf out of OKC’s book and just play the game and play it to the best of your ability instead of crying to the Refs. Now they’re praying for suspensions?? I don’t condone what Pittman did but Indiana brought the roughness upon themselves. When the Heat take this series it’ll be a well deserved lesson to the Pacers. Go Heat!!

    • SPURS2012CHAMPS says:

      ur rigth dude..just like before when pistons and chicago face in the playoffs…this is playoffs so pacers just play your game and stop complaining to the reffs…

  36. SMH says:

    Dirty Players or dirty teams will get whats coming to them in the end. Just look at what happened to World Peace after throwing an “accidental” elbow, they’re now out of the playoffs now. It WILL catch up to you. You won’t get very far playing that way, You’re only making yourself look like a horrible person and an even worse player.

    • haha says:

      hahahahaa….. you’re funny

      are you referring to the Pacers???? hahahaha

      • serge says:


  37. Bee says:

    I agree how can anyone condome violence in your work place. This is basketball, the heat take the fun out of basketball. Michael Jordan don’t have six rings, due to violence on the job. He has six rings, because he crafted his game of basketball. Michael done his job very well and that’s why he’s a true champion. I’m not a Laker fan, but I love Kobe game and he has five rings, because of a job well done, by him & his team. These guys are getting paid well and still want to play dirty on the job & you can continue to sit & watch the Miami heat play & watch the heat blow up in smoke! Lebron James game has change tremendously sense he’s been with Miami, his game was more authentic in Cleveland… Now it’s not even fun anymore watching him play. D-Wade wants to be a bully and he’s trying to turn the hole team into a bunch of rough necks. I want to see real basketball games, not a bunch of over pay thugs fight over the ball… OKC ready for champion status.

  38. Brown Baller says:

    IT’S THE PLAYOFFS! THIS TYPE OF THINGS ARE SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN! WHY AM I WRITING IN CAPS? Anyway, I think that Udonis doesn’t have to face any harsh penalties. The Pacers are playing rough and dirty. Bet Reggie Miller feels proud! lol But I still think Udonis shouldn’t face the penalty. Miami needs him, if they want to shut down the pacers and move on. Aight let’s go HEAT!

  39. K says:

    You know it’s very strange to hear Charles Barkley commenting on anything regarding hard fouls and dirty play. This guy openly admits that he intentionally went after other players during his playing days. Then in the same breathe he’ll say, “I’ve never tried to intentionally hurt anybody!” Then he’ll say, “I tried to hit a player in the onions” (groin area) if he tried to take a charge from him! Dude hitting another man in the “onions” as you say, can cause some long term damage to a persons. So the next time you comment on dirty play and hard fouls don’t preface your comments by saying “I never intentionally tried to hurt somebody” and then turn right around and say, “I intentionally try to hit a player in the onions if he tried to take a charge!” Charles Barkley is aways on TNT telling players to “knock the hell” out of the other teams players! Now he’s dogging Pittman for listening to him!

  40. Big Joe says:

    Hansborough’s hands were going after the ball the whole time during the foul on wade. Did he hit him hard…yes. He deserved a flagrant but he didnt mean malice in his actions, just a physical player trying to protect the rim. Haslem never even went for the ball, he went straight for Tyler’s head, and if you make a hard foul on a player and not the ball a Flagrant 2 is in order, I dont have a problem with what Haslem did as long as the Heat deal with the consequences, blue collar players have been sending messages and protecting their star teamates for years (Oakley, Lambeer etc). Just dont wine when your bruiser gets suspended or fined for taking a shot at someone (not the ball). What Pittman did should be treated as an altercation, he literally spotted Lance and tried to hurt him. That wasnt a “foul” it was basically taking a swing at him. Tylers foul was called correctly on the court (he even was a man about it when Haslem sent him a message). Haslem should have his foul upgraded to a flagrant 2 and should sit out the next game. Pittman should serve an appropriot suspension for a fight basically, but who cares, Pittman dosent even get in the game anyway. But the message should be sent. If these acts go unpunished expect a brawl in game 6/7 when someone is about to be eliminated and has nothing to lose (remember last year when the Lakers decided to just start nailing people when it didnt matter anymore, and that series wasnt nearly as heated as this one.)

    • HotSkull says:

      What would you do if two of your teamates end up with cuts and several others roughed up by your opponents in the name of playoff basketball. This is not a meta World Peace attack since his elbow was not provoked people are humans and The Heat was looking soft before game 5 and if they lost while being roughed up it would be another national joke. It was reaction and it was after four rough games and direct attempts at Lebron other players like Barkley would have reacted if they were in Lebron’s shoe but so far he is kool or appears to be

      • Big Joe says:

        Don’t get me wrong, what Haslem did I have no problem with. He just didnt go about it as smart as he should have. Tyler made a hard foul on Wade but his hands were going after the ball. Haslem should have simply sent one of his hands towards the ball and it would have been a flagrant 1, and he still would have clobbered Tyler and had the same effect, it just wouldnt have been such an obvious shot directed at Tylers head. What Pittman did was just stupid, it was obvious and he winked afterwards, Pittman is twice his size so all he had to do was set a hard screen or just “accidentally” run him over in transition and he would have laid him out just the same.

        As for Lebron and Wade getting scratches and stuff….that comes with the territory. Basketball is a physical sport, and both of those guys go to the basket hard, so collisions and scratches are part of the game. Ron Artest (Meta) has made a living out of getting physical with the other teams best players, as did Rodman and many others. Dwight, Blake and guys like that get hit every time they get the ball.

        Hard fouls and retaliation to them have been and always will be part of the game, but like Barkley said you just have to do it without hurting your team by getting suspended.

  41. Heat's NBA's Dirtiest Team says:

    forgotten how DWade intentionally took down Rajon Rondo last year’s playoffs.forgotten how DWade broke Kobe Bryant’s nose in a supposed to be “friendly” all-star game. in two years Dwade has injured more players than anyone I know. if you can name one player not named DWade I rest my case. if you can’t, then shut up.

  42. Hawks Fan says:

    Personally I feel like the Haslem thing was okay. Yes it was intentional and a flagrant but it’s just getting back at Hansborough. On the other hand what Pittman did was just uncalled for. Stephenson was going for a rebound and he clearly intentionally forearmed his neck. That’s dangerous and deserves a suspension.

  43. LemW says:

    Proactive Action or Reactive Comments To Possible Tragic Events?

  44. Come on says:

    Some of the guys hating what lebron did sticking out an elbow and wade getting cranky are just ways on how to annoy other players and granger got caught and they fought back then the heat fought back as well. That’s just the way it is. Watch some playoff games from before like detroit, indiana, new york, celtics, and spurs. you should be able to understand how to play physical. damn some people are just new to watching nba games.

    and as for james and wade are whining? come on, they go inside very hard. they can complain as much as they want. have you seen granger do it hard down the lane? he is just using set jumpers. not driving down the lane.

    celtics can go fishing right now if they want. :))

  45. LemW says:

    More Whistles Less Violence Better Basketball

  46. Jose says:

    Ese Codazo fue anti deportivo. No se por que lo dejaron jugando. eso es basura

  47. LemW says:

    Change ‘Eye Of The Tiger Basketball’ to “Eye Of The Referee Basketball’

  48. Killa! says:

    Lmfao @ all the heats and lebron haters. All yo haters call lebron overrated, the miami heats a flooping team, and etc some many other words…. If all yo haters don’t like lebron n the heats then why in the world do you guys even watch their game or even comments on any of their blogs written by nba columnist ? I just don’t get it? If all yo haters hate them sooo much then stop watching their game or stop following them. I mean don’t waste ur breath on them save it for ur own life. Why do you think Miami and lebron gets all the attention because they are te real deal. U think if nba columnist write anything about let’s say pacers all year u think people would actually click on it n read it? Heck nooooo they won’t read it . Nba, media and sports columnist makes their money how by talking about superstars and super teams. Beside guess who makes a player like lebron even more famous its the fans n yes media plays a big role into that. Yo all wish u had wade or james on ur team. Yo pacers fans cry about one hard foul UD did and what about 10 previous hard fouls on lebron n wade by the pacers? I can understand Pittman foul which was dirty but Stevenson who? Called it on Himself by doing choke sign. U Pacers are such a looooosssseeerrr.

  49. BRYAN says:

    amazing…a grown man takes an elbow to the throat and never leaves his feet..kudos..yet the rest of the year we see guys flying all over the court trying to collect charges..commish was right when he said the nba should start handing out bout flagrant flop fouls? its getting ridiculous!

  50. empz says:

    if you don’t want to get hurt.. don’t play basketball instead just play chess….

  51. JustAFan says:

    It’s eastern conference playoff basketball. It’s about time we saw some physical play. I hate to see suspensions in a playoff series. Fine them but let them play. Toss Pittman for the rest of the playoffs, though. If he thinks attempting to possibly end a career is acceptable on the basketball court then he doesn’t deserve to be on one. Heat fans couldn’t really complain too much considering how obvious it was and he’s not exactly a key component for their success while Stern comes out looking tough and fair. (I wouldn’t have allowed Artest to play in the playoffs this year either after his elbow(and the fact that he’s a repeat offender)–fists I’m okay with, elbows above the shoulders on the basketball court, not so much)

    But don’t do a disservice to the fans and hamper either team with meaningful suspensions for playing a little tough. It’s the playoffs.

  52. v says:

    nothing will change until there is a crackdown on the refs – they lead the charges!

  53. steve305 says:

    this is the same thing with Blake griffin he kept on getting fouled so hard even Charles Barkley said if a player attacks your teammate then u react the same way in Blake griffins case but for the Pacers they deserved this type of play trash talking brings karma unless you back it up but as for Pittman it wasn’t necessary to do that hard but the others was just a form of playing the game aggressively to bad Pacers

  54. Hugo Diaz says:

    I wish the Heat Players will not be punished for their actions. If in Indiana the referees had the same criterion, maybe Bird’s boys will treat them in the right way. For me, beside the elbow action, the worst was Lebron put intentional down Granger to injury him, what he achieved.

  55. tmacman says:

    Well if the Pacers wanna be tough guys, treat them like ******* tough guys!

  56. LemW says:

    NBA Solution: Increase the referees from 3 to 5

  57. Kimball says:

    All you guys bickering and arguing about your favorite team are all MORONS! None of those players care that you exist! Just sayin! Both teams have blame! Live with it! Grow up, you goons!

  58. mikealf305 says:

    the pacers have been instigating since the series started all you complainers are doing is hating on the heat.

  59. Tam, tam... says:

    Dreaming is… FREE, Celics Man! I’ll promise you ONE GAME for Boston “grandpa’s”… Just like a last year. See you soon!

  60. pablo says:

    Blame the league for this phisical ugly basketball.
    If Artest gave a mad ellbow on Hardem and was only out for 7 games….what can we expect…

  61. Amanda says:

    At first sight, I think it seemed clear to most people that Haslem should have received a flagrant 2, but once you look past the surface and look at the history it makes it more difficult. Psycho T (Hansborough) has a history of rough play and although his foul looks like a flagrant-1 on the surface the question is what exactly was he trying to accomplish when fouling Wade. Haslem came back, although with noble intentions defending his teammate, with what appears to be a flagrant-2 as I do think it was excessive contact. I think the refs initially called it a flagrant-1 because they were allowing the Heat to even the field after Hansborough call. I think since Haslem’s foul though wasn’t a basketball play as there was definitely no play on the ball whereas Hansborough’s was even if there were ulterior motives. I think since it wasn’t originally called a flagrant-2 Haslem’s should be upgraded and he should be suspended one game, only because he wasn’t ejected for the rest of game 1. I also think even though on the surface Hansborough’s was a play on the ball in order to even the playing field Hansborough should be suspended one game as well, otherwise we would be rewarding Indiana’s hard play throughout the duration of the series. I think the NBA needs to send a message that this behavior shouldn’t be tolerated and should just play ball. Pittman’s was totally out of line and he should be suspended a number of games especially since he showed no remorse, but more pride winking afterwards. He could have seriously hurt someone.

  62. caca says:

    buenas noches soy jacobo redactor de nba maniacs y estamos con serge ibaka.
    -¿que te ha parecido tu equipo esta noche?
    -¿ves posible el titulo este año?
    -¿que piensas del equipo en lineas generales?
    -¿como crees que influirá la derrota de esta noche en el equipo?
    -¿como te sientes en el equipo?
    -¿y como ves tu rendimiento?
    por ultimo este años son los juegos olimpicos ¿como ves a españa?

  63. Swon Song says:

    Dexter Pittman should be gone no doubt. 2 games for an elbow like that is about where it is at isnt it (Unless you are Metta World Peace). The vendetta against Stephenson is a joke. What he did to Lebron was no more than trash talk really. No problem with Juwan Howard talking to him about it but there is no need for it to go any further than trash talk.

    Hansbrough looks like he was going for the ball but did follow through so should get a flagrant 1. Haslem was not going for the ball and should be a flagrant 2. If he made a play at the ball it would have been no worse than Hansbrough’s but he didnt.

    Hansbrough’s foul was hard but Haslem was hard and stupid. If Haslem makes a play at the ball no one is discussing flagrant 2. Pittman’s was dangerous and stupid. Maybe these guys should just get back to playing some bball now, the series has been pretty good without this

  64. Phil says:

    wahh wahh wahhh wahhh

    -pacers fans

  65. Angel says:

    Basketball use to be like that back in the 80’s and the mid 90’s now if you breath on a player there calling a foul thats why i always say if these players were in the nba when it was physical they wouldn’t stand a chance.

  66. Andy says:

    Pittman’s hit was completely unacceptable! And then he winks at the camera knowing full well he got off easy. Crack down hard, 30+ games…

  67. Graham says:

    lol i think heat fans are some of the most ignorant ppl ever
    lebron and wade gettin fouled hard? please lebron and wade push their way to the basket and any type of contact at all is a foul
    id like to see the refs not put those two on the line so much either but they get every call seems like
    as for the pacers they blew it how do you go from giving hibbert and west the ball in the post and doin damage that way from barbosa and hill jackin up threes
    i cant wait till the heat face a team with actual stars that can score and use basketball iq
    the fact is i didnt think anyone thought pacers would even be in this series even though pacers are a great team wait till the heat face celtics,spurs or okc
    btw okc is winning it kd is a cold blooded killer and westbrook and harden are machines not to mention iblocka

  68. Laos says:

    I’m not a fan of any team. But here’s my take on this series: If the Pacers kept their cool and didn’t tease the Heat or get in their faces so much (Granger), they wouldn’t be on the end of a you-know-what kicking right now and facing elimination. They had a good mental flow in their positioning and scoring. Now they are being out-rebounded and just plain out-played on both ends of the court.

    That’s why you don’t tease (let alone the MVP) because The next game the superstar drops 40 points on you. Happens all the time. The Heat did the same thing last year against Dirk…and he took their ring!

  69. davidb says:

    I am officcially not a heat fan ne longer, that was real dirty, how can u other heat fans justify that eblow to the neck? Lammmee

  70. Gregory Brandt says:

    4 years ago, When I was working at a 7-11 in Austin, Texas. Dexter Pittman would come in there, almost every night, and buy a lot of junkfood. He was a lot heavier back then. Check out my videos. I do monologues for NPR. YouTube Me.

  71. Celtics Man says:

    I am looking forward to the Celtics-Heat series. I would like to see whether the Heat is stupid enough to bring that dirty play in the series. The entire heat team will be walking on clutches. James and Dwayne are always whining to referees for fouls. I don’t see this heat team beating the Celtics. The Heat will be defeated by the Celtics. Mark my word.

  72. spin says:

    This kind of attitude is really a disgrace for a professional player. They get paid to compete in a fair way and people do not go to the stadiums to see gladiators. This is the worst example for kids that watch and gives the ompression that in order to win a game you can kill your opponent. Things have to be much more stricted. i would suspend meta wp for half a year and then lets see who will hit a player again.

  73. Kenny says:

    You Guys, please make sense, The heat have been hit hard and no fouls called. The Pacers have been stressing hard fouls, remember all the tough talk about beating the heat up because they’re a S.O.F.T team?. No one liked pittmen’s foul.
    The pacers out weight the heat, so when D west hits up against a heat player, it’s like a hard foul you can’t call. The Pacer’s coach has been stressing hard hits the whole way through this series. The Pacers have been trying to show they’re not scared of the heat by all them extra hits they been giving. If a teammate is fouled hard and is cut on the same side you have 9 stitches for, you can return the favor. I know heat don’t play like that, we all know that, but when a pacer team is hitting as hard as they are, you too would hit hard back. UD has a cut and now Wade has one as well. UD was in front of the play and saw it all, so 40 seconds after, he traded a hit for a hit. Again Pitts foul was bad very bad. It’s funny how people didn’t say again when UD was bleeding like crazy…..

  74. Pops says:

    blah bla blah bla blah Heat haters sound like a bunch of babies, we get it Pittman Foul was uncalled for, Haslem hard foul deserve no suspension yall just mad because Lebron is not playing for your team, The heat have two player bleeding, Granger and west tuff talked the entire series and Haslem turned up the heat and its a problem but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  75. Viktor Z says:

    Ugly Basketball 😦 Stop hurting others and just play cool ya’ll…

  76. kris says:

    basketball is a physical game. if u dont want to get hurt, dont play! btw ! GO MIAMI HEAT!

  77. I’m not out there sweating for three hours every day just to find out what it feels like to sweat. I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come.

    My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength.


  78. wily8906 says:

    Well done Heat.I was not agree with Pitman foul…but I did with UD’s.That big guy Tyler Hansbrough is a dirty player,and UD just gave him some of his own medicine.Pacers were in shock yesterday,it was like…what that hell is going on here!To much talent from Brom and Wade even without Bosh this Miami team is a thousands time better than the Pacers..GO HEAT!

  79. "SOFT" People says:

    If you watch any old games 90’s, bulls verse knicks and others. People wouldn’t be so sensitive to the first two fouls. Pittman is a definite suspension. But if anyone has been watching the series Indiana has been extremely aggressive. Every game Granger has jumped into someone’s face, after he or his teammates fouled someone hard. He acts like nobody can react to a hard foul. They should just take it. And he has not held back on his comments towards Miami. Tyler Hansbrough is known for being overly aggressive. If you ever watched him play during the season. Yes, he went for the ball, but he went for the ball very aggressive. Miami just took it further, and beat up Indiana last night. I was actually waiting for it to happen, because you could see it building up. Now Indiana is upset. Larry Bird said it perfectly, Indiana was “SOFT” last night.

  80. basketball 101 says:

    Sophia you’re very logical and correct in most manners but obviously biased. Hansborough (along with his “smashmouth” team iniciated the hard hits. And You have it backwards.. His ATTEMPT was on Wade’s head (along with trying to scratch his eyeball out) He just happend to catch some basketball. Down right a dirty play & I believe Haslem (though he was wrong for his hit too) ONLY came with his flagrant in response to not just Hansborough but the Pacers play so far in those 1st 4 games (not to mention he was issused 15 stiches in the eye as well) So I hope the NBA cleans up this series So we can see which team PLAYS better… not who can “Smashmouth” the other team the hardest. — And I think everyone agree’s Pittman’s actions was uncalled for. And what those cheap shots really did was take the attention of the BASKETBALL &$$ whoopin Miami gave Indiana.

  81. nalyz says:

    eric zap is right. also dont forget when westbrook foul lebron james on. 04-04-2012

  82. lyngal says:

    Its a shame Miami always get calls in their favor. Have you ever seen LeBron get a foul and what his reaction is? Like me? no way. The two Flagrant fouls by Haslem and Pittman should be Flagrant 2’s. Should be suspension and fines. Haslem should have been ejected. I am very tired of the Lebron/Wade show. Where is team basketball? Why dont they just drop their team down to 2 players if they think Lebron and Wade can do it all. Must be frustrating to be on that team, never get the ball because ball hogs Lebron and Wade need it all the time.

  83. Will says:

    Everyone can have their opinion, on who fouled harder who’s was uncalled for, but the pacers started all this period and its time for the heat to finish it!!! Heat take it in 6.GO HEAT!!!!!!

  84. Gabe says:

    How stupid were the refs in this game… 2 way too obvious flagrant fouls

  85. Killa! says:

    Indiana started by fouling really hard on the previous games. So Miami fires back at them and now the whole world is falling apart saying Miami is dirty n all that??? I think frank voga looks like Randal from this one cartoon show( I forgot the name, anyone know) lol.
    I think Larry is just evoking the pacers to take out one of Miami’s star the next name wtff? N he called him self a legend?
    Hope every one stays heathy n put on a show in every playoff series.

  86. Miami Guy says:

    What was Steve Kerry’s comment all night ignoring what Pacer did and blaming Miami Heat and bringing up Bulls saying Miami Heat did against Bulls last year. What a cheap shot. Miami Heat does not play dirty. You can not give me a single game that Miami Heat started to play dirty. But I am so disgusted with Pittman’s play. I am so ashamed of Miami own team player. He must apologize publicly from the Pacer player, and all Miami Heat fans.

  87. pessimisticalso says:

    And this cannot be the real D-Wade to make a comment like the just left!!!!!

    • Toro says:

      Pacers wanted Wade to retaliate instantly, they failed in calculations, he does that in here :p

  88. Sophia says:

    I don’t know what’s more disgusting, what Pittman did, or that Heat fans are actually praising him for that. You could KILL somebody doing that. He did that simply over a hand gesture that Stephenson did. Really? Are they in high school? Are they forgetting Wade and Lebron were the ones mocking around and making fun of Dirk on live TV last year during the finals? Get over it, trash talk is a part of the NBA. There is nothing funny about what he did to Lance, nothing at all. Even when people noticed him wink, you can also notice that old man J. Howard laughing on the court right after it happened. Clearly it was planned out to do something like that. Pittman needs to be suspended for the remainder of the playoffs. Haslem for one game. Simply because a) he SHOULD have been ejected during that game. b) because if they don’t, this dirty play will continue to happen because they aren’t getting punishment. The one guys flagrant foul on D Wade was a flagrant because he did hit him in his head, but he at least ATTEMPTED to go after the ball as well.

  89. pessimisticalso says:

    The Mission, Wade started the flagrant foul parade with his cheap shot on Collison in a previous series game. Get your facts straight!

    • Toro says:

      Pacers were 7 fouls thin of fouling out the whole starting five in game 1, having more fouls than whole Heat team, so get the facts RIGHT!

  90. kevinD says:

    yea flagrant foul all u want when u play againts OKC you dont have players left. kevin durant should be the mvp.

  91. Iggy says:

    Wow, that is some physical play. Not hating on the heat, but those were both flagrant-2 fouls, they purposely tried to hurt the other guy.
    Also, thinking back to Meta’s elbow and his suspension, Pittman should get the same. I mean, elbow a guy in the throat as he’s running towards you? Be physical, don’t try and kill the guy, I’m surprised he walked it off just like that.

    I don’t know what those refs are looking at, but someone should have been ejected during that game. Just makes me think they’re payed to make sure the Heat takes this one.

  92. pessimisticalso says:

    As for Hansbroughs’ foul, if you follow the path of the ball as Wade pulls it away to keep it from getting blocked, it is the same path as Hansbroughs” path with his blocking hand! Fans see what a want to see, open your eyes, believe reality!

  93. Justplayhard says:

    Hey! LeBron doesn’t go under Granger he goes sort by the side of him. I don’t see anything worth reviewing.

  94. mrwormburn says:

    The only difference between Steve Aschburner and all of the simple minded Heat hater on here is the fact that Aschburner is infinitely more articulate than the hoi polloi.

  95. Toro says:

    Well, the first game showed what’s it gonna be, Pacers starting five had more foul calls than whole Heat team!!!! And now something new, Heat have to respond to and retaliate sensibly, and actually they’re doing it, great. Wish this series goes for 7.

  96. pessimisticalso says:

    Nobody seems to remember the flagrant 2 foul that Wade administered to Collison in a previous game in this series. No difference with that foul and the foul that Smith committed on Griffin and received several games suspension for! Oh, but that is not reviewed for an upgrade as Wade is a star! From what I can remember, that was the first blow, not the pacers!

  97. Carolina says:

    The Pacers coach said after game 2 that they would be physical. That they would fould hard. That they would knock them down. He encouraged them to play hard, and fould hard. They got what they have been giving all series. Pittman was over the edge, but he will miss alot of games because of it. But haslem shouldnt be suspended.

    • Toro says:

      After game 2 because game 1 in which for most time Pacers has 10 more fauls than Heat, starting five had more than whole Heat team, and still yielded no benefits, so they gone harder down the stretch.

  98. LittleDog says:

    All I can say it, I doubt there will be any more choking gestures from Stephenson anytime soon!!!!

  99. David says:

    The Heat and Lechoke are just pathetic hope Indiana come back in this but Heat wont win the whole thing anyway. Blatant elbow on Stephenson, lets all look out for our over rated star Lechoke! Durrant the proper MVP for the league!

    • Will says:

      durant !!! have you even bothered to look at lebrons season stats or playoff statrs for that matter he is clearly the mvp and he proved it in both game 4 and 5…please go cry in a corner pacers fan because your team is not going anywhere but to the nearest store for tissue.

    • Justplayhard says:

      Who on earth is Durrant????

      • David says:

        Lol sorry my bad Durant. Just prefer him as a player think he is more complete and brings more to a team. Not a pacers fan OKC or the Spurs will win it.
        Elbow on Stephenson but people should remember how tough the NBA was in late 80s and 90s!!

  100. Tommy says:

    The pacers think their trashtalking,hard fouls and try causing trouble like what danny granger did to wade sorry for them it didnt work and it all backfired on them. your mouth wont help you win games .

  101. André says:

    Lol….Pacersgogogo…..its not the fact that he hit ball first, you can clearly see the follow through with the swipe and not only did he hit Wades head he raked the hell out of his face in the slow mo replay. EV, the Pacers have been rough with Miami this whole series…if they can’t handle the rough plays then they should chill out with how physical they are, look how many hard fouls Wade and Lebron got on them and its well documented. Funny how its ok when the Pacers are physical but when the heat get physical they are dirty players or scum or whatever….bunch of Heat Hating Bandwagoners.

  102. SJT says:

    Pittman should be banned from the league. Haslem should have been ejected game 5 and suspended at least 1 additional game. Pacers need to drop the good guy/better person attitude after this last one. They need to go out and take James and Wade out of the playoffs. The only way they shouldn’t do that is if someone finds the cHeat in Indy first before the game and takes care of it. That would really be funny.

  103. Amir says:

    Haslem foul was flagrant 2 and he should get two game suspention cause refs made a big mistake and Pittman’s foul also flagrant 2 and he should get at least 3-5games suspention cause that was nasty like Artest style
    Hanbrough foul wasnt bad at all it shouldnt be a flagrant at all but because he is a superstar he gets those calls

    • K says:

      Dude what game were you watching? Hansbrough’s foul was just as hard as Haslem’s foul! Both fouls made contact with another player’s head! Hansbrough’s actions after his foul on Wade clearly expressed his intent to send a message. If Hansbrough wants to play the role of enforcer then he better be willing to take the retaliation that comes from playing that role!

  104. Tommy says:

    No problem with this. its Basketbrawl

  105. anthony says:

    look people the pacer were tried of lbj & d-wade going to the basket getting &1 plays so they tried to give them something else to think about when they are going to the basket to try & stop them since they could not do it def. the heat player did warn them that the could play like that but preferred not to. but they cont. now look what happened. so don’t get mad at the heat player. as for pittman blame howard for that one not pittman. that was stupid & dumb. as for the pacer you can blame bird & their head coach for all these hard foul. their a reason why their one of the most fouling team. play some real def. without fouling. like the heat, spur, bulls, even boston.

  106. mrwormburn says:

    Lebron “bricked” a free throw? Great diction, a simple “missed” would have sufficed. The only “veiled jab” is your personal agenda against Miami. Concerning the fact that West fouled James on a wrapup and hurt his own knee, it seems to me that Lebron is tougher than Granger and West and does not need to go after these clowns “himself.” Steve, the only “brick” here is the article since you simply exposit with no original though, insight, or content.

  107. ImpressedFan says:

    Hansbrough at least seemed to be making a play on the ball, but I do think he intentionally hit his head as well as trying to block. Haslems was obviously a retaliation. And Pittman should be suspended for multiple games. But what I want to point out is how tough Lance Stephenson is, First he was ballsy enough to mock LBJ, and secondly he didn’t get knocked down from Pittmans elbow to the throat.

  108. Birdman says:

    Typical Miami Heat basketball. Floppers and Thugs. The only way the Heat win a series against a quality team is by injuring their competition. See Game 3 of the 2011 Eastern Conference Finals.

    • K says:

      Dude seriously? Injuries are a part of the game, stop trying to blame everything on Miami! Miami has won 3 games in this series minus one of their star players. Indiana on the other hand has had their whole compliment of players and their still not good enough to just walk through the Heat! Your calling Miami a bunch of thugs; well I think Indiana chose to play this series this way! Now that Miami is hitting back; now their thugs!

  109. BWise says:

    DWade, you had the ball right at your head where Hansbrough swung, then you moved the ball and the momentum carried the swing to your face. All the replays show that. No intent, but you can’t say that for your teammates.

    • K says:

      Haslem can’t help that Hansbrough shifted the ball at the last second! Now that sounds as crazy as your explanation of Hansbrough’s foul on Wade. Both fouls were hard fouls that were intentional at some degree. Hansbrough’s actions after his foul on Wade made it clear that he was trying to send a message; Haslem answered his message!

  110. something says:

    Miami is a dirty team. They got all the arrogant ballers on their team and now they’re showing their cheapshots because they’re threatened by the Pacers. Hope the Pacers eliminate them. Good riddance.

    • K says:

      Dude this Heat team has never had the reputation of being a dirty team. Indiana came into this series with all that bully ball cramp! They know they can’t out play the Heat’s talent so they chose to revert to all this hard fouling and trash talking. Now that Miami has started to hit back now all of a sudden your saying their a dirty team. Indiana set the tone of this series in game one. While they were delivering the blows it was all good; just hard play off fouls. Now Miami has started to dish out some of those hard play off fouls; now it’s dirty!

  111. gie523 says:

    physicality is part of playoff games eversince.. pistons and knicks are two of the most physical team early 90’s. You give some definitely you will get some

  112. AwwPlease says:

    Granger hurt his ankle, that’s what he gets for being nasty.


  113. EV says:

    Hanbrough was not a flagrant. watch the damn replay he got ball then Wade’s head. Not his fault that Wade turned his back on him in mid-air.
    Haslem should have been a flagrant 2 foul. No play on the ball just a two handed clothesline of sorts right to Hansbrough’s face.
    Pretty simple to see the Heat can do whatever they want and the refs not call a dang thing.

    • AwwPlease says:

      You must be a Pacers fan or clearly not a Heat fan. His force was blunt (the result, a cut on the side of Wade’s eyebrow) and it was uncalled for.

  114. NG Blaqq says:

    Pittman did a Metta World – dirtay.

  115. Pacersgogogogo says:

    Hansborough hit the ball first… lous was unintentional… haslem 2 games… pittman 15 games

    • JC says:

      All 3 fouls were intentional, Hansborough went for the ball and his face. Haslem went for both ball and face as well. Pittman went straight to elbow whatever his name is

    • K says:

      You Pacer fans are really lobbying hard to get Haslem suspended! I guess you feel if you can get Miami’s roster down to just LeBron and DWade you just may have a chance of winning the series? Indiana started this bully ball cramp, so don’t start crying now because Miami is giving it back!

  116. It´s obvious that in context wasn´t flagrant number two. Nba should have review others played before that Indiana committed against the Heat which were flagrants fouls number two as Louis A. elbow.
    Indiana are crying now but they started with horrible fouls. NO Haslem wouldn´t be suspend.

  117. JoJo says:

    Pacers: If you’re going to go out, go out with a BANG and put a HURTING on them. Bird was right… the Fever could have beat you in Games 4&5. Put in Fesenko and FOUL HARD. Vogel said you guys never give up, but it looks like you gave up and lost all the respect you earned midway in game 4. The Pacers in game 5 looked like a high school bb team. Prove this smashmouth stuff and, win or lose, prove you ain’t a bunch of chumps. Save the trash talk for when the game begins. Granger ran his mouth and ended up looking like a hurt b* out there. Send LeBaby to the hardwood as many times as you can in game 6! I’m rooting for the Pacers. Used to respect Wade, but then his ego went crazy and he started wearing bandaids with his name on it. Oh and FU Pittman.. this is all the fame and glory you’ll ever have in the NBA, my friend, riding LeBaby’s coattails. Queen James must never win a title!

  118. Wally P says:

    Worse fouls get committed and go unnoticed all the time.. maybe if the refs would give the heat some of the calls they deserved they wouldn’t have to resort to ;letting bodies collide, Haslem was out of position to make the block and he tagged Hansbrough on the face big deal no one had anything to say when Amundson gave him a premeditated well directed elbow to the brow.. Pittman is a douche

  119. Kb says:

    I don’t think people do realize how hard LeBron and Wade get fouled on attacks to the rim. In game 4 when Wade got fouled by Hibbert, before the Granger spat, I didn’t think many noticed his follow through. If you foul doesn’t mean you have to lock someone’s arm. that’s sending a message because whoever is being fouled will have to try and unlock their arm. Now to Game 5, Hansborough made a clear swipe at Wade’s head and was just fortunate he got the ball and so was wade because with a swipe of that magnitude, I can only imagine. Nonetheless, Haslem’s might look like retaliation because it followed up a play after Wade’s. It looks like a typical hard playoff foul to send a message. I don’t think him hitting the face was intentional and for all those saying LeBron injured Granger on purpose, now JUST STOP THE NONESENSE! if that’s the case, why didn’t he foul him way earlier in the series? so daft. Pittman just needs to get suspended. Aside the Pittman foul I like the physicality I saw from the Heat because I think teams target them as soft and try to bully them around for wins. Like the old saying goes ” A man can only take too much” Deal with it ! Play BALL !

    • Kb says:

      Also I took note of how hard David West fouled LeBron toward the end of the third also swiping at his head. I don’t think many people looked into that but want to whine about a lot. All these HOF’s complain about how soft the game is and when they get a episode of toughness want to complain and whine and cry. Just stop with the hipocrisy !

  120. LinLin says:

    Metta World Peace longed to join the party.

  121. OKCvsSPURS says:

    I don’t know about you guys but when Indiana played physical against Miami, people said it’s natural cause it’s the playoffs but when Miami met Indiana with the same type of physical plays, people say Miami has players that play dirty. I think all the fouls are natural fouls (but actually are intentional fouls just like the ones back in the old days) that can happen in any playoff game. Well, except the one that Pittman did, giving an elbow to an opponent’s throat is really drastic. It’s like watching an MMA match without the ring or an octagon.

  122. Graham says:

    it seems to me that most of these now heat fans are blinded by the obvious calls in the heats favour
    if that was any other player on any other team they would of been tossed but because its heat they dont do it
    haslems was a obvious flagrant two and pittmans was a flat out attack but i will be surprised if they do anything about it cause stern wants the heat in the finals and if you dont belive me watch the calls these refs make while wade and lebron are still very talented and two of the best five players in the nba they seem to get every call
    i use to be a heat fan but i cant stand all the flopping and whining they do
    THUNDER are winning it this year Durrant and Westbrook are too much and its their time

    • K says:

      Dude so Hansbrough’s foul was okay? His foul on DWade was to the head and it drew blood for goodness sake! The Pacers made a decision at the begining of this series to play this style of basketball. For some odd reason it makes you wonder if this was the only way they thought they could compete with Miami’s talent? Hansbrough deserves a suspension as well; if your saying Haslem’s foul deserves a suspension! Both fouls were hard fouls that intentionally or unintentionally struck another player in the head! So if you suspend Haslem; then Hansbrough should go as well!

  123. Macaroni says:

    No one should be suspended. The playoffs has always been physical.
    I wanna see more games like this.

  124. david says:

    Haslem is a G. Hes protecting is friend and teamate D Wade. Hansbrough went in their first and hit d wade he got what was coming to him.

  125. Chris says:

    The Pacers woke a sleeping giant with their choking antics and physical play and getting up in the faces of Heat players. I say the Pacers started it so don’t cry wussy now. I think U.D. and Stephensen were penalized enough and should not be suspended. But suspending them may be the only way the Pacers can defeat the Heat. This is playoff basketball and if the Pacers couldn’t handle the physical play maybe they shouldn’t have started the physical play and all the up in your face trash talking and disrespectful antics on the sidelines. The Pacers thought they were just going to run over the Boshless Heat and they started celebrating way too early. Miami is on a mission now so the Pacers should just stop whinning because they’re getting their arses handed to them and play ball! Learn from the lesson…never wake a sleeping giant unless you’re prepared…and they were clearly prepared to dish out the physical play but they clearly weren’t prepared to take it!

  126. Denzo says:

    Pitman, out. Haslem, out. Dont even try and say that these NBA players didnt know what they were doing.

    Its disgusting when basketball comes down to not skill, but these sorts of dirty moves.. terrible.

  127. CrazyHeatFan says:

    Indiana has being playing a physical game since day one, They knew they were going to play dirty so they sent they soft coach to tell the media that the Heat are the biggest flopping team in NBA , So when they start playing dirty Miami looks like what they are floppers…
    They’ve being playing dirty since game one and now you guys want haslem out, A guy that 3 days early had an elbow to his eye that cost him some stiches, Anyone that has played basketball at least one time in his life knows that you can throw an elbow like that intencionally and make it look like an accident. So UD had all the rights to go and retaliate, D wade had some blod as well a minute before, If they want to play hard then don’t come crying cuz UD went hard on one of them.

    Stephenson who is another thing, he did something that was right, He mocked Lebron nothing wrong with that and then he apologise, He deserved something, but not an elbow to the neck, that was to much, The message was ok to Indiana if you keep playing dirty this is war, but that elbow was to much, & game suspension will be good

  128. Heat4Life says:

    Just want to say what Pittman did was uncalled for and HE SHOULD be punished accordingly. I hope that Lance is ok ( heard last night that his Collarbone could be broken); however even though it looks like UD purposely tried to seek revenge for what was done to Wade…..he was just following script for how the Pacers had been playing and I don’t think he should be suspended but definitely fined.

  129. Ian McDonald says:

    NOW, lets see if Davis Stern, and Stu Jackson are men or mice. Let’s see if all that bluster they talk is real or just idle chatter. Let’s see some suspentions here. Let’s see if they will actually be men of their word, or just more pandering to the public. A flagrant foul, is a flagrant foul. It was done in front of the world, so NOW the world is watching. Hansborough, Haslem, and that other thug who elbowed the guy in the neck/shoulder. I’m sure David Stern, & Stu Jackson will come up with some excuse not to do a darn thing. From LeBron conveienently raising his elbows toward guys faces, to D Wade’s constant grabing and pushing. People see this and lose respect for the league because as long as tickets are selling, they let them get away with it. Charles Barkly said it last night. The Heat are a whinny bunch of spoiled brats who complain whenever someone does what THEY do with impunity from the league. I’me curius to see if the league does something, or they prove to us all that they are nothing but smoke and mirrors, and turn a blind eye, & deaf ear. Until someone gets their career ended, they will do NOTHING…

  130. Luke says:

    Lebron isn’t going to risk being thrown out to get payback. I know David West is a boxer but I don’t think he’d have any easy time with Lebron either.
    Pittman has been pretty much useless for Miami so good to see him actually do SOMETHING especially since he didn’t injure the guy afaik.
    The Haslem thing probably was a flagrant two, but Hansbrough raked this heck out of Dwades face so that’s even to me. Maybe he should have been kicked for that game, but he shouldn’t be suspended for next game now. PIttman on the other hand..

  131. nash manager says:

    i hope heat win this series and all scumbags from heat and celts would have a royal rumble in court…love to watch it!

  132. nash manager says:

    what pittman’s did was more than metta does on harden, pittman deserves 14 games suspension…i really hate that blink!

  133. Boston/Heat Fan says:

    If the call is not made at the time of the foul, it should not be changed. It’s part of the game. It’s the PLAYOFFS, Let them play. The Refs on the floor get a paycheck to make the hard call if they make the wrong call, oh well! If the league wants to fine the players for flagrant 1’s ok, but don’t go back and change the ruling on the floor at the time it was made by the ref that get paid to make that call. If that’s the case review all questionable calls made.

  134. Andrew says:

    As a Heat fan, it disappointed me to watch UD and Pittman give into the desperate cries for attention by the Pacers’ players. At first I acknowledged the Pacers as a great team and challenge for the Heat, but after what I’ve seen and heard this entire series thus far, I’d like nothing more than the Heat to crush them out of these Playoffs already. I’m glad Granger rolled his ankle, being the ringleader of all this girly high school drama we’ve all been forced to sit through. It’s all a cry for attention, and I have no respect for that at all. What surprises me the most out of this series is that they haven’t been broadcasting it from MTV, because it’s been looking more like another one of their reality shows to me, as opposed to the professional sport it should be.

  135. André says:

    Oh boo hoo……Pacers started all this with their physicality and getting in peoples faces (Granger). He should have been tossed, if he was it would not have gotten to this point. Does anyone remember last season when Paul Pierce got in Wades face twice during the playoffs and was tossed immediately? Why wasn’t Granger tossed at all for the same thing? Hansbrough started it this game and Haslem just finished it..end of story…I will agree though Pittmans foul was not necessary at all, they were up 30+ and the game was almost over…no need for stupid fouls like that. Charles Barkley is the same person that was saying how Miami are whiny and soft and how the NBA has gotten soft…..and now he wants to complain about how hard Haslems foul was? Back in Charles day people were suplexing, DDTing, Drop Kicking, Choking and clotheslining each other so please be quiet Charles. Most of Haslems impact went on Hansbrough’s shoulder, and anyway you didn’t see Haslem High fiving his team after hitting Hansbrough like Hansbrough was after hard fouling Wade the way he did. Don’t mess with the Heat….and you won’t get burnt. The Pacers have been rough with the Heat all series, you can dish it out but you can’t take it huh?

  136. Pacers Fan says:

    Don’t get me wrong, the Pacers played poorly and the Heat tore it up. But Pittman’s foul is even more bush league than Andrew Bynum clothes-lining J.J. Barea. He even winked while Stephenson shot his free throws. That is pure scum, elbowing a guy in the neck over whom you have a 65 lb size advantage. I’m not going to say anything bad about LeBron or Wade, because they played excellent ball. But Pittman especially deserves to be fined and suspended for such poor sportsman. A punk at his finest. The Heat should acquire Andrew Bynum and have the Big 3 superstars and the Big 3 bush-league stars (Pittman, Haslem, and Bynum)!!

  137. Aff2kin says:

    Played like the Jerks they are. Leading the league further down the drain.

  138. wence says:

    Now all of those who hate the heat, are screaming for a clean game, but they were silent since the beginning of the series with all the dirty game of Grainger and the Pacers…bahh

  139. TJ says:

    Pittman clearly saw Stephenson coming. He saw him just before the contact……that was plain dirty.

  140. Luis Alvarado says:

    I just imagine Wade and James send pitmann a men from the bench that doesnt play minutes to hit him, and hit him hard, they know hell be suspended at least for the entire playoffs/finals (hope not) … james and wade cant make their own payback!

    • Luis Alvarado says:

      pittman winked??? really… grow up youre the bench of the bench; BTW “i once asked lebron to eat 4 quarter pounders he ate the first there but choked on the fourth.” come hit me like a little girl hum!!! im waiting for you to wink at me *****

      • Heat4Life says:

        …..REALLY DUDE he isn’t choking anymore, Sorry your Team (BULLS—OUT, LAKERS—OUT,PACERS—ON THE WAY OUT)!!!!! Another tough GUY behind the screen ROFL!!!!! Go Heat!!!!

    • joe says:

      just a stupid, stupid comment.

  141. Roy says:

    Louis Amundson you’re NEXT. Be careful dude! Play hard but avoid hitting players in the danger zone.

  142. Steve says:

    Haslem should have been ejected immediately. No play on the ball – it was a direct head shot. Metta World Peace would be serving a multi-game suspension.

    Pittman should have been arrested for battery by the Miami police. You can kill a person doing that.

    Hansbrough was a hard foul, but at least he hit the basketball first. I agree with the flagrant 1.

    Haslem & Pittman must be suspended to ensure the integrity of the game.

  143. emerson says:

    payback to payback…but play the Riley book with Celtics at the conference finals may not result in the same way…Indiana lost a great oportunity to downgrade Heat as they are: a group of celebrities and sub-celebrities that eventually play basketball.

  144. Ms. Bright says:

    All’s fair in war and basketball #LetsGoHeat

  145. rhoi says:

    Stephenson would never like to do choke sign again, i’m sure of that. Granger received his karma on what he did on their previous games.

  146. Jack says:

    @ bernie rey: obvious you are a laker fan,..stfu!! did u pray also when lakers MWP did it to JH not to win championships?..excuses are flying all over this blog when miami reaches the ECF!! one of it would like your comment,!

  147. LBJ says:

    u know what

    if Pacers won the GAME 5

    they wont feel like they are abused

    .. . theyre just looking for some sympathywith their lost.

    poor pacers

  148. AwwPlease says:

    Pittman should have been ejected immediately and suspended for a few games (not that it matters if he plays anyway lol). If that was MWP, he would have been out of there just as fast as he threw the elbow.

    As for Hansbrough and Hanslem, both should have received flagrant 2 because both incidents were intentional and were uncalled for. The contact from both was unnecessary.

  149. Boyan says:

    I think that NBA made serious mistake, by not suspending Grainger for his behaivor in previous 3 games. He initiated that stupid “toughness” . Pitman and Huslem should have been suspended Tyler as well, otherwise there will be a lot of blood in game 6

    • Law064 says:

      @Boyan your completely wrong, Grainger only got in their faces because Lebron on both occasions threw an elbow back when Grainger was simply tangled with him. When he got in Wade’s face because Hibbert was clearly just trying to stop him from hitting the floor and Wade (Being a cheap shot) yanked away like someone did him harm. I give Grainger credit for not accepting that from the Media Darlings (Miami). I didn’t see anything wrong with what Grainger did.

      • Ian McDonald says:

        I agree, LeBron has a convenient habit of having his elbows going towards a guys face who is defending him. YET, no calls. BUT, the guy from the heat gets hit with an elbow while he is defending, and there is a call. It’s pretty evident that there is a double standard with the officiating. And there are fines if you question it as well. LMAO

      • joe says:

        whatever, granger is posing. that’s all. the confrontation in game 4 at wade was stupid. wade flung hiberts arm off. so what? he’s in a playoff game, just got a hard(ish) foul, and doesn’t want that dude to touch him. and if I may anaylse it further, hibbert shouldn’t have been helping wade in the first place1 this is the playoffs son, no need to be nice now

  150. lawrence says:

    Physical game, Indianna plays dirty throughtout the entire serie now they deserve all these…

  151. Wil says:

    Everyone focuses on what Pittman did after the flagrant, He winked. Well what did Hansbrough do after he roughed up Wade. He gave his teammates a high five and was excited. Look at that on the replay.

    • Ian McDonald says:

      here’s a fair answer, suspend the three of them for the next game. even, and fair. cases closed.

  152. Law064 says:

    Haslem’s foul should be upgraded to a Flagrant-2 he was just trying to foul, no play on the ball. The heat are a bunch of whinners. Hansbroug did go for the ball on Wade and Haslem just went for his head. Pittman smh just a disgrace to the NBA. The game was over and he did that good thing for the heat he’s a non-factor anyway.

  153. Wil says:

    Who remembers the Good Ole days when Chicago and Detroit faced each other? Do you remember when Bill Lambier tried to take Jordan’s head off. This game took me back. Should be no suspensions. The Pacers started it and the Heat finished it. Bird even called his team S-O-F-T. The C’s back in the day would have never went soft. They would have gave it back. Guess these youngs boys can dish but can’t take. Go Heat!!!!!

  154. Patrickmarc says:

    Referees did their job, and they had to stop Pitman.
    They have to stop elbows and all vicious actions from the beginning.
    Players have to control themselves, they have enough money to make
    this special effort,
    they have to give a good image of basket ball, to the young player, to the future rookies,
    for the young public.

  155. Ron says:

    Amundson did a cut on Haslem. Just payin’ the price! But Pittman, throwing your elbow like that, that’s stupid! Deserves a suspension.

  156. It's far more worse before than today. says:

    The flagrant can’t be compared from before. You remember when Bruce Bowen delivered a flying kick in the face? Was he suspended for that? Haslem’s flagrant using both hands open are too soft to be suspended by NBA. Pittman’s flagrant is cooler though because it’s already garbage time then you get smash from the neck. They can do their payback anytime, anyway the series is very physical or should I say playoffs has been very physical ever since. Too many cry babies if they see their favorite teams get smashed.

  157. Baller says:

    The entire series is physical, everytime Wade and James get fouled on their drives, they get fouled hard. Everytime someone gets the ball near the rim there is major contact and the fouls are hard too. Amundsen’s elbow to Haslem was not inadvertant either, to me that looked intentional. These 3 flagrant 1 fouls should have all been flagrant 2 foul calls but they set the bar with the first and they had to go with that. Saying Hansbrough at least went for the ball is a joke, the followthrough is the key here which was excessive and to the head. Haslem’s foul at first just looked like a hard playoff foul but he went with his followthrough straight to the head too. Pittmans foul looked like blocking out at first but the replay clearly shows he is checking Stephenson with his elbow with his entire weight (300 lbs) behind it.

    To me Hansbrough fould should be upgraded to a flagrant 2 with no other consequences, Haslems foul too. Pittman needs to be suspended and fined. I expect the league to do something about that otherwise the following games will be much harder to referee…

    • D-Wade says:

      Hansbrough should be suspended for the rest of the series as he trid to spike my eyes out with his fingernails, he just missed and opened a wound above the eye. He could have ended my career if I lost an eye.

  158. DKB says:

    This is the playoff’s and Pacer’s been roughing up Miami the entire series. The foul by Hansborough was not a basketball foul. I have played the game for over 25 yrs never saw fouls like that. Clearly he was trying to send a message, and I guess Haslem returned the message to the sender.

    • douche! says:

      played for 25 years?? if u played 25 years then you should have seen the bad boys pistons they were the best of the worst to beat up players..and most notably my idol bill laimbeer who is clearly a douche bag was the best to hurt somebody….

  159. 1greatplayer says:

    David Stern should look into the Heat making Pittman their bounty, it was clear he was sent in there for one purpose and he accomplished it…Pittman winked at Juwaun Harris but its sad that Dexter Pittman is very stupid his career just started & he’s pretty much ended it

    • D-Wade says:

      Who is Juwaun Harris? Wow, you watch your first game of a playoff and of a sudden you are an expert. This is playoff basketball, and as Bird said himself “THE PACERS ARE SOFT” They look like Bruno in dancing with the stars or Bruno of Ali G. WHAT A BUNCH OF SISSIES.

  160. George says:

    Don’t forget about Dwayne Wade earlier this series when he closelined Collision and then got up looking to fight about it… And his past incidents of stiff-arming Rip Hamilton out of bounce and purposely breaking Kobe’s nose in the all-star game (yes even he admitted it was on purpose and refused to apologize). I respect Lebron saying after the game he doesn’t mean to hurt anyone, and maybe he should spread that message to his low-life teammates…

    • BFoulds says:

      What are you smoking? He apologized and proclaimed that breaking Kobe’s nose was “not intended”

  161. Sad chin says:

    Grangers injured, heat will probably advance!

  162. bernie rey says:

    this is not the kind of a team i expext to be champions..,, its getting ugly..,, i respect the domination of miami but showing such dirty tatics plus the wink shows no conscience…,, seriously i hope and pray they wont win or be a champion.,,, this is so disappointing , anywhere in the world would find it interesting to epitomize their actions..,, not a good thing to look at kids watching and parents in the stadium..,,, again so disappointed..,,,

    • FUEGO says:


  163. Jason says:

    Pacers are being immature and stupid. Frank Vogel thinks his team is so tough. Danny Granger thinks and wants to beat up LeBron. Every one of them needs to keep their mouth shut if they wanna survive this series, or else they’re gone in game 6. Talking trash does not boost your confidence. Playing as a team and contributing to your team does. Don’t be a douche Granger. As far as Vogel is concerned, he needs to calm his players down. LeBron and Wade should remain quite and say nothing towards the Pacers. That will just make it more personal. It’s already intense as it is. Don’t make it more intense.

  164. james says:

    First of all, I’m a HEAT fan; Second, choosing between the fouls of the Heat, Haslem and Pittman, I disagree totaly with Pittman (Haslem revenged Wade, is not excusable but is arguable..after all, they are teammates and both Wade and Haslem got an open cut above the eye after a contact with a Pacer)…he’s a young player and you don’t do that at the start of your career…2 or 3 of these frustration actions and no team will want him in their roster… It’s a phisycal series but they don’t need to go to limit…In my opinion, Pittman should be suspender, Haslem only fined…

  165. basket ball can get physical but in this instance, play-off intensity can’t excuse deliberate blows to hurt the opponent

    the refs and the NBA should punish those responsible of flagrant fouls that not only hurt players but also the game

    I also think the game was wrapped when James DELIBERATELY stepped into D Granger’s cylindar

    this type of play should also be forbidden and strongly punished
    Granger had elevated in his cylinder to shoot, not fading away, James was late in jumping and he moved into the cylindar and thus UNDER Granger, with some fake arm motion pretending he was trying to block the shock

    so Granger landed, vertically of course, on James’s foot… it’s no accident: it’s a deliberate foul

    this kind of play happens more and more in the NBA
    it’s hard to judge, as in rebounding for ex , but when in vertical shooting motion it should be forbidden to step under the player


    • Swatguy says:

      Isaw that and I totally agree. If you have played ball you know it was intetional. UD should be suspended for he never went after the ball. Pittman should be allowed the visit the Pacer’s locker room. West said it best, “I don’t need nobody to protect me.” Wade jumps in face’s and depends on the goons. LJ throws elbows around and hides, then sneaks his foot under the shooter. How can a MAN pull for this weak BS. The Heat are punks!

      • Lil Jon says:

        Granger falling on lebrons foot was by chance. When you defend someone you close out. The closer you are to someone the more uncomfortable they get, he missed the shot before he landed on the foot horribly. It was pure chance

      • RH says:

        The noise about LeBron trying to hurt Granger is goofy. You could have a point IF it had been Granger’s right foot. I don’t know if Granger was trying to hurt himself, or hurt James, but there was no reason on that play for his left foot to go where it did… and no way James could have known IT would go there. And Haslem was sure looking at Hasbrough’s shoulder, which was presumably where he was aiming at, but jeez, MOST players shoot jumpshots right in front of their shoulder, not outside of it. Not that Haslem was going for the ball… but, Tyler had most definitely gone for the claw, of Wade’s face, after covering his butt by hitting the ball, and he deserved the hard, slightly cleaner foul. But nobody deserves the hit Pittman administered, though it wasn’t necessarily any dirtier than the TWO elbows Haslem got in the face at once, the game before… but, sure, totally uncalled for, deserves suspension.

  166. ekis18 says:

    From my point of view Pitman’s was deff a flagrant 2 but Haslem’s wasn’t, it wasnt any worst than what Hansborough did to Wade. Overall, it was a good collective effort from the heat and the absence of Granger what led to this blowout and not the 2 flagrant fouls from the heat.

  167. NBA fanatic says:

    compare to west…east play offs wasnt fun to watch…just play clean basketball!

    • Will says:

      obviously you live out west and are hating the east, sorry that our teams are more derserving and are more competative that shows just fromt the fact no one in the east has swept anyone go live in the desert and have fun finding water lol

      • Michael says:

        I don’t live in USA, but I think the ‘real’ finals will be starting on Sunday: SAS v OKC.

  168. Lorenzo Alberto says:

    you have to suspend pittman more that 7 games….. if metta was given 7 for an inadvertent elbow… pittman was surely intentional and you can see him aiming at the player.

    haslem should be suspended atleast a game… that was uncalled for. tyler alreay got his penanlty, no need for retaliation

    BTW… how is the flagrant 1 of tyler the same as haslems??? tyler’s was surely a flagrant but had intention for the ball as seen on any replay… haslem wasnt even close to hitting the ball… what kind of officiating is this!! your risking the players health…

    and im sure if the superstars were to received the same contact it would have been a flagrant 2…


    • The Mission says:

      Tyler started this with his unnecessary shot to Wade’s head, which, need I remind you, drew blood. Blood, okay. Haslem has played in this league 9 years,. He does not have a reputation as a thug, though he may indeed look like one to some people. Did he send reserve Hansbrough a message? Yes, unequivocally. Tyler will think twice about doing that again, especially to Wade, a superstar in this league. Watch the replay, Hansbrough intentionally raked Wade straight across the head, face, and eyes in an attempt to send a message. A very dangerous play. In fact, I believe Wade was hurt more than he let on. Well, Tyler, my boy, message received. You got Haslem’s reply, I see. Reciprocity, it is called in some circles. Cut the choir boy routine, own what you did, and be a man, and take it! Lorenzo, get your facts straight.

      That stated, I do believe that Pittman should be suspended for several games.

      • D-Wade says:

        Thanks for the comment…but like I said after their cheap shot to my brother UD…it makes me play harder when I see blood on myself or a teammate…this Pacers lack talent and are weak bullies…Thursday we get rid of the little maggots…I was able to see in their eyes how scared they are now about getting hurt…here is warning to this little bullies…next time we are going for the knees…as in career ending injury. You get it? Stop the physical stuff because we are the Miam HEAT…as fast as we are tough…

    • Baller says:

      you already lost what little credibility you had, by calling MWP’s elbow to James Harden’s head an inadvertant elbow…

      but yeah, Pittman has to be suspended…

      • Treshiq says:

        agreed @ Baller..Inadvertant….yeah right. Besides that nonsense , Lorenzo, your coment can be agreed with, but stop smoking! No way MWP “accidently” elbowed Harden. smh….

  169. The Mission says:

    …and Larry Bird’s words after the game (“S-O-F-T”) are only going to get someone (else) hurt (e.g. clothesline a la Kevin McHale). Totally inappropriate, and irresponsible use of diction.

    And you will lose a street fight too, Pacers. Remember, you sent all of your bad boys to other teams.

  170. NBAfan says:

    Dexter Pitman and Haslem needs to get a Flagrant 2 and miss the next game. Also, is it me or does the commentators on the game highlights just laughing at the Dexter Pitman elbow to the throat? That can not only injure someone, but kill. That was not a basketball play. That was WORSE than Metta’s elbow to the head since he was running hard for the rebound when he got elbowed in the throat.

    It’s great that the HEAT is sending a message that they won’t back down. But this is a bit overboard and the NBA is trying to downplay it.

    • D-Wade says:

      I think that Sephenson clown almost choked to death…that would have been fun to see after the gestures that he made about my brother….the Pacers are done, I can see the fear in their eyes,,,next game they will be so scared that wont be able to conentrate and play, they will be protecting their weak faces…they are done.

  171. Michael says:

    Excessive force and not going for the ball: they should both be upgraded to flagrant-2 fouls. Pittman deserves a suspension; that was a very dangerous foul. Stephenson was lucky he didn’t injure his knee or ankle on the landing. I think that elbow was about half as bad as Metta’s, so a three-game suspension would be appropriate.

  172. SICK!!! says:

    yeah that’s more like it..the clippers need to learn from the heat on how to be their for ur guy man..glad to see that the heat have each others back but the foul on pittman was so over the line man and that was so dangerous..hope that lance is ok though even though im cheering for heat now….

  173. tsoltrs says:

    The Pacers were asking for this type of game. They simply got a taste of their own medicine. All over in Game 6.

    • haha says:

      agreed… granger and west started all the pushing and trash talking first…. now is pay-back time.

  174. zenichi says:

    well, it’s been their style since the days of alonzo, all up to the league to see what they want to do about it, clamp down and risk loosing money if heat cant progress? or just let them play on and set the tone for the rest of the playoff.

  175. maka says:

    to me only Pittman’s foul could/should be upgraded to a flagrant-2.

    • ssshh says:

      i think pittman should get a suspension equal or close to metta’s. even though lance stephenson was stupid for his gesture, he didn’t deserve that hit.

      UD didn’t go for the ball, it should have been flagrant 2 and he should have been tossed out.
      Hansbrough, though it looks like he was going for the ball but there was unnecessary contact, and there is still intent.

      i don’t think UD or Hansbrough should be suspended.

      Granger, he’s the pacers leader, but he has not been doing it. instead of leading his team, he is more concerned of trying to provoke miami stars to retaliate on his trash talk and cheap shots. what goes around comes around.

  176. Hadi Wijaya says:

    That”s my MIAMI HEAT Basketball!!!!! We love this game!!!!!

  177. Lebron iz DeezD says:

    Granger went to take out lebrons ankle on the last shot in the 2nd quarter, where he took the 3. Lebron got PAYBACK!! HAAAAAAAAAAA GRANGER GOT DONE UP!!!

  178. anonymoose says:

    Of course Indiana wants Wade and James to retaliate themselves! So they will be ejected! Nice try but i think they’re smart enough to see that. Pacers started this very physical, Miami just responded. They may have overdid it but thats what the pacers asked for.

  179. q't18 says:

    hahaha….so that Stupidson won’t do some choke sign again!!!!hahaha

  180. akosibonik says:

    pacers started it, the heat just retaliated, even though pittman’s was worst, i can say the pacers deserved it, stephenson was asking for it. as well as hansbrough.

  181. AP says:

    Man….what a physical game. I’m surprised Pittman didn’t get a 2 and wasn’t thrown out. He should be out for a while. I think UD was actually going for Hansbrough’s arms really hard, and just got part of his head too. He was definitely NOT going for the ball, but I don’t think he was going for head either. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what the NBA does. I think even though he may not have meant to hit the head, he should have gotten ejected. But he didn’t, so the question is, will they suspend him for a new, FULL and possibly deciding game? Hopefully not, cause Miami is gonna need them, and at the end of the day, these are all big guys, and knocking Hansbrough down by the arms was more to send a message than hurt anyone.

    • tiff says:

      Only Haslem would know what he was really trying to do. Usually if a player cant reach the ball they would grab their arms or their body to stop them from scoring and force them to shoot free throws. This happens all the time in the NBA and they just call a regular foul but because Haslem touched the guy on his face they called it a flagrant 1, which is fine but it should not be a flagrant 2. Indiana is just a dirty team and they started the whole thing. I’m happy Granger couldn’t play for the second half of last night game because he’s nothing but trouble. He’s always trying to start a fight, grow up already. I hope he’s not playing in game 6. LETS GO HEAT!!!!!

  182. CB says:

    Pittman, what a piece of garbage. May as well be a hockey goon for how bad he is at basketball, and that cheap shot was as low as they come. As everyone’s saying on Twitter the best penalty would be for him to have play 48 mins for the next couple of games, cos a suspension helps the Heat more than the Pacers.

  183. eknujsra says:

    I so love this series..keep it up.. 🙂

  184. willliam sullivan says:

    I think if your going to suspend haslem,then you better damn well suspend hansbrough his was just as flagrant and he even gave his teamate a handshake after he did it.. My personal opinion is that all that trash talk and rough play has came back to bite the pacers in the butt, they dished it out they better be ready to take some also!!! STOP HATING ON THE HEAT!!!!!!!

    • Irish#1 says:

      Replays show Hansbrough was going for the ball. UD appears to be trying to get revenge. How Pittman wasn’t tossed is surprising. He was intentional. Granger didn’t hurt himself going after James. He hurt his ankle coming down on James foot after attempting a shot.

      • Belizeboy says:

        Well wouldn’t it be nice if they had Hansbrough’s foul also posted on here for comparison rather than just showing the Miami ones? Anyhow I’ve seen them all and both Hansbrough and Haslem commited flagrant 1 fouls. Pittman was a flagrant 2 without questions and should warrant a suspension. Anyhow message sent by Miami.

    • Hauso says:

      yeah man, i wish i could say you were right but it’s just not true. Hansbrough was going for the ball. that’s just a big dude accidentally hitting someone in the face. that happens. the handshake afterward was (in my opinion) for not backing down to a player of D-wade’s stature. Haslem…that was just revenge. no intent on ball, two hands. straight to the head. how often do you see someone two hand block like that? they try to use one hand so they can go higher. all the time. two hands like that…intentional. as for pittman’s…suspend him 3 games. b***h move.

      • D-Wade says:

        Hansbrough was not going for the ball. He raked his nails accross my face on purpose. He tried to take my eyes out. How about if he had taken an eye out instead of opening a wound on my forehead? He needs to be suspended for the rest of the series as he intended very serious damage to my eyes.

      • LadyNette says:

        D-Wade you are such a whining drama queen! You’re OK when you are breaking a player’s nose (Kobe) or elbow (Rondo) or handing out concussions (Irving) just to mention a few …. but if someone looks at you wrong, you want a foul and you and your sidekiok are always whining to the refs every play — MAN UP!!!

  185. MB says:

    What Pittman did was just as bad as what Metta World Peace did to James Harden. It was actually more blatantly intentional as well. The only difference is that Lance Stephenson is really tough and didn’t go down.

    • tony says:

      What Pitman did was really bad but compare to the Harden incident, its nothing close. In Harden case it was a full force swing with point of contact directly to the jar that really can kill you. Anyway these guys are despicable!

    • Belizeboy says:

      I agree that Pittman’s hit was bad as MWP. He should be suspended, but at the same time I’m glad Miami got him to send a message.

  186. MJ23 says:

    Good old days….

    • MH says:

      This is funny….. stilll trying to trash talk and run the NBA here’s a quote ……from an INDY paper …… “Granger sprained his ankle in Game 5. The Pacers hope he can play Thursday. Granger also says he expects the league to sanction Heat players Udonis Haslem and Dexter Pittman for flagrant fouls committed Tuesday night.”

      Does he hope they sanction Pacer players for theirs too?????

      Grow up Granger….. stop whining!!!!!!!!

      • La says:

        Exactly!! The Pacers are crying about the Heat, but they initiated all the hard “fouling”. BTW, I’m a Lakers fan, but also a lover of the game. The Pacers plan to bully the Heat backfired, and I’m LOL at their ridiculous requests to the league. SMH.

  187. gurgur says:

    as a heat fan
    I feel that haslem was jut trying to foul him normally, but it does look serious
    though I’m really ashamed to see pittman’s foul, which is disgraceful
    this is the reason I don’t think the heat can compete with the spurs
    cause not only do they have a bench that plays poorly
    they have a bench that plays like middle school boys
    the spurs on the other hand has their entire mindset right
    poor James and Wade (and Bosh)
    at least people can clearly see the trxsh they have to cope with now

    btw, I was thrilled to see granger’s injury
    serves him right for hard-fouling lebron and hurting himself in the process
    that’s what james had said before the match, stupid

    • jesus says:

      It wasn’t a hard foul. It was a foul to prevent LeBron to take it to the rim. he just held onto him and nothing more. Don’t see a hard foul in that at all.

      • nbafan says:

        and that was after he had hurt his ankle in the first half anyway – he was fouling so he could get to the bench, you watched any other games before??

      • swag says:


      • Sweet P says:

        On that foul from Granger after the half, he was just trying to foul to get off the court. It was obvious he was hurting and just want to stop by play.

    • ChuckDeez says:

      Did we forget about OKC??? Too eager and ready to see another SPURS/LAKERS finals. This is a new ERA and OKC is the face.

  188. crazy_ghost says:

    if i am a pacers player and we are down and looks like ready to go fishing,,i will give miami heat star players a flagrant 2…

    • Mh says:

      Great sportsmanship…… hope you don’t have kids!

      • Q says:

        Great comment and good reply to that ignorant comment. I hope you do have kids!

      • Rocket33 says:

        Not a lot of sportsmanship shown by Pittman to hit Stephenson like that in a 115-80 game. That was a thug play and completely unnecessary given the scoreline. I don’t see how Indiana sending in a couple of bench warmers to clean up Wade and LeBron to start the next game is any worse. Its almost like the pitcher hitting the batter in baseball, the retaliation is expected. Haslem’s play was dirty too, no play on the ball, a two handed shot to the head. I think David Stern has some work to do.

    • Davida says:

      Please, Stern is spineless. He’s a puppet to the owners.

      All the buzz this has generated in the media is great publicity for the NBA. You think tons more people wont be watching the next game, hoping to see fights? Stern is not going to jeopardize that by suspending anyone. Not as long as the TV money is rolling in.

  189. Fan from Mongolia says:

    Basketball is not boxing. All basketball players should stop that kind of dirty plays. Play basketball, not a boxing. If someone wants boxing, he should get out of basketball court. NBA should send messages for that kind of dirty plays.

    • Eric Zap says:

      Do we forget so soon that DWade broke Kobe’s nose in an all star game lately?

      • Give It a Break says:

        I am sick and tired of hearing people complain about Kobe’s broken nose as if the play was malicious. And no, I am definitely not a fan of the Miami Heat. I am actually a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, just to set the record straight. If you watched the play, D-Wade attempted to grab and hold Kobe down to prevent him from converting the basket. However, D-Wade incidentally made contact with Kobe’s nose. It was just a freak accident that occurs in basketball. Also, Kobe Bryant, the man himself, acknowledged that the play was not maliciously driven and is something that could possibly occur during the course of the game. Therefore, if Kobe was not up in arms about the play, you should relax and not concern yourself with the matter either. Lastly, this event occurred 3 MONTHS ago, it’s time to give this sob story a rest.

    • francis says:

      It’s 80’s basketball. HECK, FORGET THE HEAD, JUST GO FOR THE ANKLES. JUST LIKE LE BRON DID TO GRANGER. STICK YOUR FOOT WHEN THEY GO FOR JUMPERS. If there’s no suspension, it’s gonna get ugly. someone is due to get hurt.

      • joseph says:

        i dont know what your talking about.. Lebron james didnt do $hit .. granger stepped on his foot lebron didnt stick it out.. relax homeboy

      • SaintsDefnsvcoach says:

        yup, last time i checkd there’s no suspension when you go for the ankles. hey softy’s what’a bout $10k for lebron’s ankle and $15k for dwane.

    • Laura says:

      Absolutely agree! The Pacquiao match is coming up soon!

      • Jun says:

        Mabuhay si Packman… TKO 4th Round. Pittman should be suspended for the rest of the season without pay. He could have killed Step. Haslem should be suspended two (2) games. No one can retaliate. Period. Hansbrough should be suspended the rest of the season and them some for the next (12-13) season for starting this unnecessary, I repeat unnecessary flagrount foul! Hard foul is okay and part of the game.

      • Bibi says:

        Jun, at least Hansbrough was going for the ball when he fouled. You can’t blame Pittman’s or Haslem’s fouls on him either. Hansbrough was going for the ball. Yes, it was definitely a hard foul, but it was a much better one than Pittman’s or Haslem’s.

    • Miami Guy says:

      Pacers though they could have a chance by bullying Miami Heat stars. They were expecting Wade, James to react and rejected by refs. But it did not work out in a way they planned. As a Miami Heat fan I was ok with all the plays including UD’s flagrant to show them they can not keep beating Wade or James but I was so disgusted with Pittman’s play, and I was so ashamed of my own player.

      • Julius says:

        I really think Miami is not gonna win it this year. 5 reasons: 5) They don’t have dept in bench. 4) Lack of coaching experience. 3) No Chris Bosh. 2) Miami never see Le Bron as “the MAN ” in Miami. 1) San Antonio and OKC have Depth and Centers.. Sorry Miami, you might win the east, but for sure you’re not gonna beat the team in the west.

      • Big Joe says:

        I agree with Julius on why the Heat will not win the Championship, if Heat fans don’t like Wade and Lebron getting hit when they go to the basket in the East, what happens when they drive the lane and Kendrick Perkins and Serge Ibaka are waiting for them? Who is going to protect the rim when Westbrook, Durant and Harden drive the lane. Whos is going to box out Perkins and Ibaka? Then if they play SA, who will protect the rim against Parker and Manu? Who is going to guard Duncan? I still pose those questions even if they do have Chris Bosh because he does not protect the rim OR lock down good centers. Chris Bosh needs to gain about 25 lbs in the weight room and become a back to the basket post scorer and stop shooting jumpers (the rest of the Heat shoot enough jumpers) if they are going to be the dominant force they should be. They need a guy to go to in the post to either score or draw double teams so if Bosh does not beef up and become that guy they need to go get a legit center and stop the Joel Anthony/Ronny Turiaf experiement.

    • Brian says:

      Stern should show he has a back bone and suspend all three. Pitman should be out the entire playoffs. This was clearly revenge. Halem was not trying for the ball at all.

      • GOHASLEM says:

        I loved it. Way to go Haslem! Don’t let that little punk attack your team mate without paying for it!! That will teach the little freak!

      • LakersWillWin says:

        I love how these were all Flagrant 1’s, and Metta’s was a Flagrant 1 and he CLEARLY went for the ball. Bravo officials, bravo. Followed by 2 technicals. 4 freethrows and posession. That Pitman play was downright nasty, this is basketball not football.

    • ManDown says:

      All sports have varying elements that come with its that creates their identity, take one out and you take its identity. Today’s basketball’s identity lacks the competitive edge it used to have in the 80’s. Everyone can shoot the ball back then. Today its all about highlights and stats.

    • Jumanju says:

      What about the brawls you see in hockey?? Should they get out of Hocky and go boxing with helmets and cushions on?? LOL