Granger’s Huffing Blown Off By Heat

MIAMIDanny Granger has been doing a lot of huffing and puffing in his team’s playoff series against the Miami Heat, picking up three technical fouls in the last three games and getting in the grills of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade at different times.

The Indiana forward has talked about doing it for his own team’s benefit, to keep the Pacers focused and playing with some sort of edge against the superstar-driven Heat. Maybe he’s serving as a surrogate of sorts, too, for all the fans out there who might wonder how they or anyone else could try to close the gap in skills on James and Wade without feeling intimidated.

If that’s why Granger has been so feisty, fine. But if he’s actually trying to rattle the Heat, that battle already has been lost.

“Whatever he’s trying, it’s not working,” James said after Miami’s morning shootround Tuesday, prior to Game 5 that evening at AmericanAirlines Arena. “Whether he’s trying to do it for his own self-confidence, to say, OK … he’s told you guys already, he’s not scared of LeBron, ‘I want to let him know.’ So I guess he’s doing it for his own … psyche? It’s stupid.”

Granger said after Game 4 – when he and Wade got nose-to-nose after Wade took exception to a foul by Roy Hibbert – and again Tuesday that he wants to make sure his team doesn’t yield too much to what he called Miami’s “media darlings.”

“I think there is a line and I’m tip-toeing it,” he said. “That’s a product of the chip on my shoulder and we have on our shoulder as a team of not being respected. That goes not just for this series, but all year.”

Granger talked about the Pacers not getting on national TV, a common lament of those franchises on the way up, lacking in marquee names or playing in smallish markets. Indiana checks all three boxes, though none of that is the Heat’s fault. “It was just a matter of being disrespected nationally,” he said.

Those who didn’t pay attention to Indiana’s first-round series a year ago with Chicago missed seeing Granger in virtually the same mode, yapping or whacking at the Bulls (and getting help from departed big men Josh McRoberts and Jeff Foster). Now it’s happening one round later, with James and Wade as targets, so it’s getting overblown coverage.

But the principals aren’t biting.

“I’m all for standing up for your guys, but certain things you just can’t keep doing,” Wade said. “My message to Granger [in the Game 4 yammering] was that you just can’t keep running up into people’s faces for altercations. We’re not fighting on this basketball court, so let’s not act like we’re going to fight. We can be physical and do all that, but certain things got to stop.”

Said James: “No one’s going to fight. I’m not going to fight because I mean too much to our team. I can’t afford to be suspended for a game or do something stupid that will get me kicked out of a playoff game.”


  1. Raptorland says:

    Heading into game 6 up 3-2 it looks like Heat are about to make the Pacers ROAD KILL.

  2. Anonynomous says:

    I’m styll a fan of Miami Heat but does everytime D-Wade say something Lebron has to talk as well or vice versa?

  3. don says:

    LeBron and Wade are “media darlings.” Lol.

  4. Jack says:

    DW, GJ, NBAFANATIC: All haters for this week,..get life people, dont watch them when u hate them,..or just go and join you team fishing….hahaha

  5. Celtics Fan Forever says:

    I totally agree with the previous comment about Haslem and Pittman. I wonder what LeBron thinks of his own players? The Miami Heat really need to keep their mouths closed about how other players act – on and off the court. They are the biggest whiners I’ve ever seen. Now they are the dirtiest.

  6. Bobby Bob says:

    Oh and Hasleem and Pittman should be done for the series. Period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. cris says:

    GRANGER cant beat ROSE and he wants to mock on wade and lebron? stupid guy

  8. Neitherpacerormiamifan says:

    How is Granger being a attention seeker, he is trying to keep his team in the mindset to beat the star-studded miami heat. The Miami Heat are attention-seekers in my opinion and they get away with far too many things, for example Dwayne Wade carriyng on like a little baby when he dosent get the calls he wants. Look at the New York-Miami series and him throwing Mike Bibby’s shoe away, getting away with it and this happening even though he was Wade’s old team-mate. He has no respect for other players, and Lebron is a great player but he does milk the media to gain more attention I think.

    Danny Granger is still young as well so you cant really compare him to Wade or Lebron(Mind you lebron is a once in a generation/decade player), he is turning his intensity up because he knows his team needs it. You dont see him fighting in the regular season, he knows his team needs every edge it can get

  9. kimkam says:

    lebron haters,eat your hearts out!

  10. GRAJY says:

    It’s ALL competing..

    Granger can keep trying to rattle Miami’s cages but in my opinion, the Heat won’t bite back. To back his ‘chippyness’ up, he needs to do more for his team. Having said that, the Heat need a collaborative effort from all 12 guys in Heat gear.

    Simple as this people, Heat will close out next game. Celtics to close out in game 7.

    OKC over Spurs in 7. Heat in 5 over Boston.

    Heat in 6 over OKC.
    Let’s go HEAT

  11. x-writer says:

    ridiculous,why the ref didnt ejected pittman or haslem?i will wait to see if they get a suspension and how long.

  12. LameGra says:

    Insecurity kill the cat.. i mean Curiousity.. LOL.. INSECURE!!!!!!

  13. Aussie says:

    yeah you know what, Granger is beinga bit of a tool, but sometimes thats what you gotta do to stand up to superior players. hes just saying hey your not gonna just dominate us. in the end the heat will win the series, but this will help granger in the long run.

  14. Francis says:

    115-83 HEAT win! BOOM!

    • NBAfan says:

      Lebron putting his leg under Granger after a standing jump shot…..TWIST! CRACK! ROLL!

  15. Dennis says:

    LeBron has no room to talk. Also why is he and DeWayne Wade are still in the game. Running up the score?

  16. Jesse says:

    And to anyone saying James didn’t deserve mvp I disagree and I hate him. His efficiency was almost 30! That is ridiculous. The guy went off this year. Although I feel when you have 2 other allstars you should immediately lose some cool points. KD for mvp next year.

  17. Jesse says:

    You guys are all being silly. This is the playoffs. Miami is chippy as hell in every series, as is any team worth a damn. The flagrants are getting a bit out of hand and Haslem should have been tossed, but other then that this series has been competitive. Wade and James are pulling an old school tactic, a Phil Jackson if you will, and trying to make it seem like this is an unusually physical/chippy series so they get more calls and Indiana has to play less aggressive. It is working and they are moving the momentum of the series in their favor. Smart play but definitely not a bad move of Granger to say they aren’t going to be bullied by anyone. Just a sign of a good competitor and future leader.

  18. NBAfan says:

    Call me old fashioned, but I think Granger is just COMPETING.Yeah, he’s not going to back down. And yeah, he’s not going to take Lebron’s and Wade’s air of arrogance thinking that THEY DESERVE TO WIN THIS SERIES.

    There’s nothing wrong with the NBA today…what’s wrong is how the fans and the writers think. They decide who is the best player and the best team not by how they perform in the court, but rather…based on IMAGINARY POTENTIAL and not-so-expert EXTRAPOLATION OF SKILLS.

    Although it’s a blow out at this point and Granger injured his ankle…..officially it’s still 2-2 in this series and that’s great competition from the Pacers. Should we all just bow down and usher the heat into the finals? Seems like that’s what Lebron is saying…I’m better than you so don’t even try to beat me. That’s why he will never be as great as he can really be…..Bird, Magic, MJ, Kobe…they all say…COME AND TRY TO BEAT ME…..Lebron is saying..don’t tryto win, just accept I’m better than you…

    Of course he is still ringless. I guess the rest of the NBA is not listening to him.

  19. AnoNymouS~ says:

    kamikaze feelings won’t work in the NBA…He’s not thinking about his team feelings on what would happen if they lost him…Granger..just stop

  20. Francis says:

    hahaha damn that Granger all acting tough! If Bosh wasn’t out then LBJ will be the one to guard Granger and if that’s the case then he’s not going to score in double digit like what happened in game 1! the only reason this series is tied at 2-2 is because they got a big break when Bosh had an abdominal strain in game 1! Anyway, Heat is almost 20 pts ahead right now so we’ll see what Granger would say! hahah go HEAT!

  21. Dean says:

    Queen James would know all about ‘stupid’…given he has 3 not-so-deserved MVPs…and, of course, the fact that he chokes whenever the pressure’s on. The Heat should win this series…but they may not! Granger is a shooter and that’s it! For Queenie to even mention hiim in a defensive light is…STUPID!

    • are you mad?... says:

      3 not so deserved MVP’s? are you serious… have you been watching nba on a rock or something with no moving pictures? im a fan of multiple teams. Durant deserved a MVP this year but Lebron deserved it more. if you ‘re comparing stats there needs no explanation. comparing value to the team then thats a bit closer. but its clear that Lebron deserved to win MVP this year.

  22. heat will not win says:

    not an indianna fan but I hope they beat heat!!!!!beat heat!!!!! heat will not win the final!!!!!I am sure!!!!!

  23. Nobody had disrespected the PACERS. They just made that up coz’ they want to be pitied by other NBA fans so that fans may hate LBJ or DWade more. I like Grangers game nad always have han since his non-All-Star days. But the attitude he’s showing now, just makes me not want to watch Pacers’ games in the coming years. He looks like a kid trying to pick a fight with adults. Kudos to DWADE and LBJ, they just showed how true All-Stars act. A MESSAGE to Granger : For Christ sake, just play the game, if the fans just saw your best without this childish acts, they will just like you, wether or not you become a SUPERSTAR. But for now, you’re just an A**HO** to me.

  24. specialfriedrice says:

    Granger lame attempts to imtimidate and portray the ‘tough’ image in an attempt to frustrate LBJ and DW is not going to work when then it comes to the Pacers Offence, give Granger the ball.. you know exactly what he is going to do…granger for 3…He might play some hard D atm but with offence as predicable as ABC…Pacers wont last long.

  25. McLeoj says:


  26. Amy says:

    if Granger cannot keep his composure in the remaining series then it is going to be tough

  27. Not working? says:

    If it’s not working why are both Lebron and Wade talking about it? And hold the phone, it’s a 2-2 series against what is supposed to be a better Heat team. I think it’s working great.

  28. HeatFTW! says:

    lol, so Granger…..acting like a little immature child by trying to start fights makes your team any more respectful?! and how in the heck would you even intimidate Wade or LeBron? They both have soooo much talent over you, plus LeBron could drop you before you could blink your eyes

  29. another basketball fan says:

    I have said it before that NBA is a business and Danny boy got it figured out. The NBA doesn’t care about the Pacers, David Stern going to make sure that the Heat will win this series. All of u Pacers’ fans and Lebron haters need to wake up, the Pacers ain’t gonna win this series. All of you who cries about the Heat flopping need to go find something more productive to do. Every team flops, the players do whatever it takes to win games, the refs are there to penalize them if they are wrong, if the refs can’t see it? oh well then. All the superstars get special treatment because they are gifted players, you don’t get special treatments when you don’t deserve it.

    Granger is making a fool out of himself because nobody knows who he is, he’s trying to get people’s attention but he doesn’t have the stats to back it up. What he’s doing right now is actually benefiting the Heat, the media will shift their negativity away from the “media darlings” for a moment which makes it easier for Lebron and Wade. For the first time, the Heat is actually the beloved team between the two in a series :).

    • Not working? says:

      You’re reading too much into things. Bball fans know who Granger is. He’s not trying to start a fight, he’s getting his team fired up so they’re not intimidated by the Heat stars. If the Heat wins it has nothing to do with Stern it’s because they were better. And you’re absolutely wrong, the Heat are not the beloved team at all this series unless you’re a Heat fan. Nobody else wants the Heat to win.

  30. Danny says:

    Dunno what is Granger thinking, but it is stupid and funny lol.

  31. Teddy says:

    The refs must observe Granger’s stupid antics. He has acquired technical fouls trying to intimidate DWade and Lebron. He’s got to be thrown of the game and suspended for a couple of games.

  32. Amitpal says:

    All these comments are true. All granger is is an over payed role player. This dude is not tuff and is scared of contact. I remember last year he had more three pointer attempts then free throw attempt. He’s scares of Contact and is just trying to act tuff. And guys don’t get mad that he’s getting attention cuz all he’s doing is ruining his image. A disgrace to the pacer organization.

  33. cryathon Lebron says:

    It seems like alot of miami heats fan’s cry and wine just as much as james and wade. All i can remember from last years finals is wade holding his eye with one hand and reaching his other arm out to the ref. Ill never forget the look that he gave the ref, almost like,”im d-wade, why aren’t you calling it my way.” Granger dosen’t need to be as good as lebron or wade to win. It only takes a good basketball “TEAM” to beat the heat. It doesn’t require players super talented individials. Talented teams win the nba championship, not selfish players like lebron that go on national TV to annouce that he is leaving cleveland to go to south beach. Lebron didnt care that many people were gonna be out of work in cleveland because of all the bussiness he was bring to ohio. He could of beat the celtic’s in ohio if he just stayed their. He would of had a better chance of winning an nba title then he has in flordia. Everytime i watch lebron or wade flop I laugh out loud and then i shake my head. Everytime i see lebron make a move to the basket and take a bad shot. Everytime he miss’s it then the refs call a bogas foul, and on replay no one touched him. CRY-A-THON LE-BRON

    PS: WADE and LEBRON will lose their athleticness in next 5 years and all these young bodys will make them look more like VINCE CARTER.

  34. granger says:

    Sorry guyz, i really know it’s only stupidity. It’s because i always watch wwf

  35. Tiago says:

    There’s a lot of Danny Granger haters on here. I like what he’s doing and it’s entertaining.

  36. hammar22 says:

    lebron the superstar who picked up 3 fouls in 3 games…what a joke…the guy bangs through everyone and no fouls…
    what a crime…the flopper is the worst…joke the nba has going…and has ruined the game with his super never will win a nba championship game….wade is even worse….

  37. Oneil Edwards says:

    Fair on both ends. Too bad Vogel cost the Pacers a win in game 4 with his best players on the bench for an entire quarter. dumb.

  38. new york link says:

    guys guys guys.. danny danny danny chances from will win this serie .. is simple,..this is nba not boxing …

  39. hydroflame7 says:

    Wade and Lebron does the same thing yet they have the decency to go criticize other people. How great of those two.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Are you serious? When have you ever seen Lebron run over to someone and get in their face? I know Wade has gotten in peoples faces, but only when he got hard contact. Grainger is out at the three point line then running over to get in Wade’s face after a dunk; that’s real tough right there.

  40. hydroflame7 says:

    Why is Wade chiming in on this? He’s become one of the biggest crybabies in this league ever since James (another whiner) joined him.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Probably because Danny boy has been getting in his face…like it said in the article above…

    • Not working? says:

      Wade is whiney and dirty as hell. When he gets angry “HULK SMASH.” As Kobe how his nose is.

  41. Granger is overrated, we need a real star player to take the pacers to the next level, trade him, love how wade walked up on him in game 4 like what you still got a problem.

    • NBAfan says:

      An Indy fan hating on Granger? Are you kidding? Granger is no Lebron James…but nobody is Lebron James…sometimes, Lebron isn’t even Lebron James….The Pacers team will be good….Granger is a good leader and good competitor. So is West. G. Hill and R. Hibbert are really solid players at the 1 and 5.

      THE PACERS NEED PAUL GEORGE TO MATURE AND BE A CONSISTENT OFFENSIVE SPARK and a DEFENSIVE MONSTER (kind of like Gerald Wallace) for them to get to the next level. The rest of the crew is solid enough I think. This is a good team. I hope they stay in tact.

  42. GJ says:

    Ok everybody hating on D Granger. First off, check the stats sheet, because he’s been putting up 20 plus points for years now. He doesnt get the recognition because he is not in a market like James or Wade, and because he plays TEAM basketball. Everyone on here is talking about what is childish and what isn’t, well what about JUWON BENCH WARMING HOWARD? He’s immature, ignorant, and I hope he never gets a ring. How immature is it for him to keep trying to confront Lance Stephenson over something petty like him making a choke sign to Le Bron shooting a free throw? Back in the old days the players such as Rodman would do all types of things to try to get people to miss their free throws. Rodman would make faces, etc, to distract them. Anyway, Stephenson apologized and Howard is still chasing him down trying to start a fight with him, and Howard is suppose to be a “veteran”. Wade, James, and the Heat think they can do whatever they want, and say whatever they want, and nobody is gonna stand up to them, but they’re wrong. Look at Wade with his hard fouls on players that are superior to him, his complaining, blowing up on his coach, and James’s arrogance, that is why the Heat are gonna fail. James still hasnt been humble enough. Last year he celebrated prematurely (after eliminating the Celtics), as if he had won the championship already, then the making fun of Dirk’s sickness, which only got them torched……..Even if the Heat make it out of the East, I’m counting on San Antonio to teach Lebrick and D-fade a lesson, that it takes a TEAM to win. Spoelstra doesnt compare to Popovich as a coach, Duncan has too many moves, and a much higher IQ then Bosh, Ginobili, Jackson, Diaw, Kawhi, and Green will slow James and Wade with defense (maybe not James as much as Wade though), and Splitter will be Splitter, Bonner will be there from downtown, so either way the miami CHEAT aint winning this year

  43. 2 Chainz says:

    Indiana in 6 is all I can say. Granger is gunna go HAM on these two butt buddies, wade and james.

  44. SYDALE says:

    I like what Granger is doing… It’s a bit of “actin out’… But, his team needs to see that fight in their leader… Nobody complains about KG, or Perkins, or Noah or the guy formerly known as Ron Artest… does stuff like this…

  45. ChicagoNative312 says:

    All this talk about how Danny Granger can’t hoop and all that goofy stuff,stop it. Nobody on here can beat Danny Granger. What ever Danny Granger wants to do is his business. Stop D-ridin Miami Heat’s coach/player/scorers/superstars/team/duo for one minute. Lebron is a coward and D wade is a bigger coward. I hope Indiana send the heat back to south beach.

  46. billybob says:

    I for one like what he is doing. Hes playing the MWP, Matt Barnes card.. he is doing a good job of being a tough guy and letting the two chumps know that he is not backing down from them. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesnt, worked for boston in 08, used to work for rodman

  47. A Mills says:

    Granger thinks the Heat are “media darlings”? Yes, they get a ton of press but at least half of that is negative.

    Maybe he got mixed up and thought he was playing the Thunder.

  48. Chupacabra says:

    Another brilliant piece of objective journalism in

    Well done Stevie!!

  49. Da Mayor says:

    Man let Granger go out there and do what he gotta do cause obviously the Pacers gotta earn their respect. Im tired of D Wade and Lebron crying to the refs all the time bout every little thing. Imagine if they woulda been playing back in the Detroit Pistons Bad Boy days, they woulda have really been crying then. The point im trying to make is Lebron is 6’8 260 whatever pounds and is the softest player ever. He can get scratched and he running to the ref.

  50. danny says:

    Everyone is saying how granger is all bad and stuff, bout how he starts fights. but there was one play where lebron was trying to elbow him, and he was only trying to let him KNOW. there is always two sides to a storyy…

  51. OKC2012 says:

    Yeah I don’t even want the Heat to win, I would love to see an upset just to see what the Heat would do if they have another season without a ring. But Granger you need to put up stats that are a little more respectable if you are going to talk trash. The heat love to flop and complain, they have made it into an art form, they do deserve to have people barking at them, but the game comes first, score your baskets, slow them down and then do your talking because it will actually mean something. You can’t talk trash to a guy dropping 30 or 40 points on you because they are not gonna take it seriously. Now if you slow down their offense and they struggle, get in their face then and u have a possibility of them cracking under the pressure.

  52. DW says:

    Keep it up Granger, make Princess LeBron cry

  53. W/E says:

    GRANGER WHO?!?!?JUST AN INCONSISTENT ROLE PLAYER AT BEST, he is so MEDIOCRE noone will even remember him after he retires.

  54. Vlad NY says:

    what in the world is wrong with all of you. First Granger knows what hes doing he isnt even close to being outta hand. Second he isnt a child…not anymore than lebron or wade and please if he was doing something wrong that was hurting the team his teammates would simply tell him to stop and he would. But they arent telling him to stop and thats why ur gonna see the same thing next game.

    • Stop It says:

      Guess you did not hear when he referred to the Knicks as “beatable” then the media told Carmelo. Carmelo said he was glad they told him then went on to beat the Pacers twice in the back to back. Granger doesn’t have any control.

  55. Zak says:

    lmao Granger trying to talk smack to D Wade and Lebron…. smh, 6 words for you Danny THEY ARE OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE

  56. King says:

    Superstars get National TV time – not pathetic stars like you…. your game doesn’t even come close to superstars like Lebron, Wade, Durant, Rose, Kobe, Dwight, CP… respect the game if you want respect nationally!

  57. The heat is on! says:

    Granger is trying to compete, it is something most nba players do. Some try to get in ur head and find weakness’s or others try to get “you” to make a mental mistake that ends up in suspention. PJ brown of the miami heats 97″ team ended up throwing “charlie ward” from the NYK’s and many players left the bench and got suspended. The knicks had more talent then the heat did in those years but maimi still found a way to beat the knicks in 97. Big shot bob(Robert Horry) hockey checked steve nash in the playoffs that ended up becoming the turning point for the spurs to beat the sun’s a few years back. Certain things can fuel players to a level beyond their natural level of play. In most case’s, if the bulls-knicks or celtic’s-laker’s rivalry’s weren’t as heated, none of those special moments would of happen quite the same way. Basketball is all about the mental, sometimes players like D-wade and L-james(Super Physical beings) become monsters that bring a diffrent type of dominating play when cornered or taughed. I expect the taughting to bring the best out of those players. If the miami can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen(playoffs) because this a battle to the top.

  58. milesfan says:

    can’t understand why Granger describes the Heat as “media darlings”…if anything it’s the opposite…IMO the media has tried to make the Heat out as the leagues’ villans, and seems to get a rise out of dissecting them and expounding on their shortcomings…I also think Mitch Richmond makes a good point on the video about Granger and others trying to get in LBJ’s head ala Deshawn Stephenson and Jason Terry from last NBA finals


    Miami will beat the pacers and Granger one more thing learn how to play the game stop CREATING SCENCES cause you do really look ridiculous in making such a big deal and shooting a poor percentage….. Game 1: 1-10 7 pts Game 2: 5-14 11pts Game 3: 6-15 17pts Gmae 4: 8-18 20 pts like please Lberon outscored you in your first three games in only one game which was his 40 pts LOL comon man thats when yu know you gotta keep your mouth shut and play the game

    • Chris says:

      Miami however has proven the dont have much depth, Two players doing the bulk of the scoring trying to win a championship? i dont think so!! if you want to talk about percentages and all around team game you cant go past San Antonio. Go Spurs!!!

      LEBRONFANATIC, Lebron may have outscored Granger in one game, however all this means nothing if you cant win a ring. Miami are so far failures……… Spurs however have proven there position with out all the me me me hype..

      so please LEBRONFANATIC be quite……..

      • Common Sense says:

        Yeah, and losing that quickly to the Grizzlies last year really proved how good you are…winning against the Jazz and the bruised(not broken) Clippers isn’t a hard feat honestly. The Knicks have a ton of talent, they just don’t mesh, and the Pacers are really deep, and more than likely will not beat the Heat, even with the Heat missing their only big man. People need to stop hating on these players, not just Lebron, but all of them, they’re better than you, so unless you can go on the court and score 40 points in a game, please, don’t open your mouth to begin with.

      • uoykcuf says:

        quite? quite smart? quite accurate? I cannot guess anymore, please tell me!


    you just got to grow up Grange, no offence like look this isnt a UFC arena its a basketball court stick with the game bud Lebron and Wade are taking you guys paart as a 1-2 PUNCH if you cant grow up just resign as an NBA player and find a spot in UFC or maybe even WWE there on NATIONAL TELEVISION seek attention over there 🙂 Lebron and Wade are jacked they can fight but are smart not to do something ridiculous and no doubt Miami is gonna beat the Pacers in this series even without Bosh

  61. Andre says:

    I had seen like 20-25 Pacers games in the past 4 seasons and used to had some respect for Granger as a good SF trying to help his team to be more than a mediocre team.

    But watching current series it´s obvious he´s just a a big douche. His play reminds me a lot of Detroit Bad Boys.

    Although he says he´s ‘tip-toeing the line’, I think even fans of very physical bball realizes he´s crossing the line and acting like an idiot. When you try to hurt peers, you are nothing but a douche. They are out there playing, doing their job, and taking cheap shots are lacking respect for the game of basketball.

    This punk should learn something about playing physical basketball with guys like Mutumbo, Duncan, Pippen, Hakeen and many other great defenders that always respected the game.

  62. really says:

    Ok first of all, LBJ wouldn’t do anything because he ain’t doing anything to delonte west…and ya’ll know what i’m talking about. Second ok Granger is yapping on the court. It’s the playoffs. D-Wade went at it with his coach and nobody but the media got into that. The media over plays everything. Ya’ll need to let this one go and let it the players do whatever the players do. Enjoy the games! don’t actually think Granger an idiot cuz this is how he likes to play. The best players were talkers. If you can’t match up to your opponent then you attack your opponents character. That’s all it is.

  63. ethan says:

    You all do remember the malace at the palace. Danny has every reason and right to get in Queen James and Wades face. those guys are pathetic. flopping all the damn time its sad really to see the NBA has sunk this low. Hes not trying to get attention he is just making a statement that you will not be raising elbows and swinging your arms around madly and let it slide.

    • A Mills says:

      What on earth does any of this have to do with the Malice at the Palace? This is a totally different Pacers team.

      • uoykcuf says:

        lol, that team had ronron, captain Jack, Jermaine O’neal. What you got now? Mr “I go crazy during playoffs” granger and psycho T? Sure, you have a shot.

  64. Chris says:

    I dont know what you are all complaining about, James is bringing up something that him and Wade do all season long. All those two ever do is demand attention, then when someone else tries to take there spot light away they cry. Im a Spurs fan for many reasons and one of them is that no matter how many wins they have (which i must add is 18 straight) or how bigger highlight they make you never see them running up the court congratulating themselves. Something that James and Wade do all to often and some of you guys want to talk about whos a lil Kid!!!! what little kid fights with there coach…hahaha
    Go Spurs!!!

    • uoykcuf says:

      wow, usually when spurs fan talks it makes sense. but you my friend I smell a LA fan boy.

  65. AwwPlease says:

    Granger needs to sit down and chill out because he’s making himself look like a fool. Wade and James arent dumb, they know as soon as they lift a finger to hit Granger it’ll be OVER in a hot second. That’s exactly what Granger wants, but then again, can he really be that stupid and think he’ll get a rise out of the two KNOWING the Heat needs them,


    Granger just play the game and quit the games,


    • AwwPlease says:

      Also Granger is just salty because nobody pays attention to the Pacers, hence his comment about Miami being “media darlings”. Awww, are you mad because you want all eyes on you too? So in order to get that you have to stoop to childish tactics?

      Poor baby.

  66. ClevelandRocks says:

    I’m curious, if Lebron actually retaliates, how many seconds would Granger stay on his feet in a fight ? Little punk does not know the dude he is provoking is 6 8, 260 with brute strength ?

    • basic says:

      Yet you seem to forget that James is 260 pounds of (insert favorite name for woman genitals here), not muscle…

      • king moxey15 says:

        he may have female genitals but check his bank acount then yours and c the differentence and hes one of the greast of all time n where are u jus making dumb comments

      • Belizeboy says:

        Talking trash on Lebron probably means you’re just a (insert favorite name of woman genitals here) from Ohio.

      • uoykcuf says:

        @Basic ok, not a fan of lebron nor hate him but seriously that was funny.

      • NBAfan says:

        IF Lebron retaliates, then the Pacers win the series…good move by Granger.

        Also, I think LEBRON DID RETALIATE….I’m not sure but looking at the reply, he had no business sliding his foot under Granger when he landed……had no business what so ever……I HOPE THIS DOESN’T GET MODERATED OUT, but the refs need to check that again…who gets injured on a 3 point shot? Nobody….only when the defender slides under you for no reason…

        CHEAP AND DIRTY RETALIATION LEBRON…if you’re 6’8 and 260…go stare him down…that should be enough….what’s with this cowardly retaliation…

  67. Heatnation says:

    I don’t hate granger, but I certainly do not like what he is doing on the court personally. he is just trying to get attention. it is not the heat fault that the league didn’t give the pacers any attention or national tv games, so i do not know who granger is trying to get tough with. Its all talk i bet you he cant fight for ish.. he just wants to get alot of attention. and to be honest he will never be on the same boat as lbj/wade so he needs to stop trying. And what i also like is how wade and james are not falling for it they are playing it smart because both mean just as much to the team. i don’t hate granger as a player he has some talent, but seriously he needs to grow up this is getting childish

  68. all granger cares about is getting media & and popularity. Do what you team is doing worry about the game!

  69. Nin you says:

    Granger does not belong to lebron and wade’s league…

  70. funkypiston says:

    What respect ? Indiana got lucky. If Dwight Howard was healthy, the Magic would have definitely won that series. Didn’t Indiana lose both the regular season games to the Magic ? Same could be said about Boston too. So instead of acting like an idiot, Granger should actually put some points on the board. Barring Game 3, Lebron has owned him.

  71. sam says:

    Great article. Now you are being critical of both instead of just miami all the time!

  72. knickfan212 says:

    Granger is a fool. He doesn’t intimidate anyone with his barking. I never understood why people try to give him star status when he’s just an average player IMO. He needs to just play ball and keep trying to get a win. Most guys that jump in a persons face don’t really want a problem so he needs to stop writing checks he can’t cash.

  73. heatfan101 says:

    granger is stupid. enough said. he is crying for attention. he wouldn’t fight them off the court either. wade and james would destroy him if they did. Wade and James are smart. they know these other players want them to mess up and they are not. they are just going to fight back with their play. and if thats the case, granger doesn’t hold a match to what they can do. he is a punk

  74. Winterpeg says:

    Granger is doing the same thing Metta World Peace is doing, getting the opponent’s superstar riled up and suspended. Sacrificing himself for a suspended Wade/Lebron would benefit the deep Pacers immensely.

  75. SweetCandy says:

    The Pacers are starting to make the Heat likeable. Danny Granger is a punk. I am a bulls fan and he tried to do the same thing last year in the playoffs against the Bulls. All bark no bite. The pacers could have easily won the game if they would stick to the game plan..feeding it to Roy and David…but they got too jump shot happy and they werent falling when they needed them.

  76. IsB says:

    Great blog!

  77. Killa! says:

    Lmfao… Granger is still a Lil kid compare to others playing in nba because of his stupid acts. I mean unless a player do a really dirty foul or try to hurt someone then we all see in many games some altercations going on but come on granger your on a man league so act like one and stop acting like your so tough because ur just a sooooree looser. Man I wish Chris bosh was healthy to play then lbj would have guarded granger n make him eat his won words. oh well granger just got lucky that lbj isn’t guarding him the entire game.. Granger man up and play good n let ur game talk for you not ur big fat mouth . And one more thing granger no matter what you do or say u can’t n won’t be even come close to the level lbj n wade is at in your life n that’s a fact for sure.

  78. RC says:

    Granger u can’t even play basketball, so all i see is insecurity because hes not as good as James/Wade.

    he shouldn’t even be in NBA man can’t play ball.

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      Granger shouldnt even be in the NBA??? Stop smokin bro its affecting your brain synapses…Granger’s an All-Star.

      • Nell olemac says:

        if granger was an all star he would contribute alot more on the boards than get into wade and lebrons face, if he was an all star he wouldnt complain about indiana not being taken serious after making the playoffs, Granger needs to make a statement with his game on the court, not with what is coming out his mouth because he surely wont ever get a chance to be in the playoffs again.

  79. JG says:

    I’ve got but pity for Granger.

  80. shink213 says:

    as kobe would say, “granger doesn’t even sit at the same lunch table as wade and james.”

    • uoykcuf says:

      as granger would say, “I am still in the playoffs and where’s that little snake?”

      • ? says:

        As Kobe would say “Talk to me when you aren’t happy just to make the playoffs and then go on to finally win a series by injury default”

      • WTF says:

        as kobe would say “talk to me when you have 5 rings”

  81. Myself says:

    They are both right. I mean both sides make some valid points. Indiana was definitely taken less seriously then most of the teams in the playoffs. Celtics is another team that was dealt the same card too but look at them now. However, I think it’s too early for his confrontation. What would have been ideal is if they won (IF) they would put it right in their faces. As for Dewayne and Wade or ”media darlings” as he referred to them, they are right as well. There should be a limit to the on court drama Granger has been dishing out because NO ONE is going to fight including Granger. They got too much to lose. Personally, I just think / rather, thought he has / had an attitude problem. That said, today’s game should be nice and interesting

    • Knickfan says:

      Celtics? Are you serious? look at their opponent on the 1st round and in the 2nd round. Haws and sixers. Are they elite teams? Certainly no.

  82. likrish says:

    He comes *off

  83. likrish says:

    Danny Granger is putting on a show, albeit a ridiculous one. He comes of arrogant and ignorant, with the attitude of a petulant child. But here we are giving him the attention he is asking for. I for one feel proud of Wade and Lebron for keeping their focus on the game.

  84. pd says:

    get over yourself granger . . . u r just insecure cause ur career will never take off as once thought of . . .

  85. lsj-t says:

    granger is just looking for attention. hes an idiot. he knows noone is going to fight him so thats why he keeps trying to get in peoples face. just to act tough. he could act tough on his way back home to an extended vacation after this week.

  86. grantstern says:

    Little dogs bark, big dogs bite.

    • sam says:

      Lol Good one!

    • j says:

      Nobody bites in the NBA, it’s all bark, it’s turned into one of the softest contact sports out there.

      • MetaWorldpeace says:

        Meta worldpeace bit when he was in Indiana.

      • The Dark Knight says:

        Thats because Artest is a bum. If its not going to happen, why are the Heat trying to stop him? Sounds like it is bothering them.

      • haha says:

        NBA…or basketball…is a non-contact sport….so it’s actually the most physical non-contact sport out there…
        but yea it has gone soft…and the all-star calls are getting worst…although there have always been calls in favour of all star players…it has gotten to the point that you can’t even try to block a star players shot…look at hibbert…he’s tried so hard and he’s playing really well…but he gets into foul trouble even when he jumps straight up…

    • Miami Guy says:

      Or another saying.. Barking dog does not bite..