Bryant: ‘We’re Going To Be There Again’

OKLAHOMA CITY – A determined Kobe Bryant vowed early Tuesday that the window has not closed on his chances to win another championship with the Lakers, saying in the aftermath of a second consecutive second-round elimination that “Come hell or high water, we’re going to be there again.”

“It’s kind of unfamiliar territory,” Bryant said after midnight and after the Thunder beat the Lakers 106-90 on Monday night at Chesapeake Energy Arena and 4-1 in the series. “I’m really not used to it. It’s pretty odd for me. I’m not the most patient of people and the organization’s not extremely patient either. We want to win and win now. I’m sure we’ll figure it out. We always have and I’m sure we will again.”

Pressed about being a veteran team that had just been knocked out of the playoffs by the youthful Thunder, Bryant said: “I’m not fading into the shadows, if that’s what you’re asking. I’m not going anywhere.”

“The entire team…” a reporter began the follow-up question.

“We’re not going anywhere,” Bryant interrupted. “It’s not one of those things where the Bulls beat the Pistons and the Pistons disappeared forever. I’m not going for that (stuff).”

But what do the Lakers need to catch up to the Thunder?

“I don’t know,” Bryant said. “It’s a similar question somebody asked earlier. It’s tough to really process (so soon) exactly what we need with improvements and what area we need to improve on. But that’s something that we’ll definitely think through and we’ve really been great at as an organization. Mitch (Kupchak, the general manager) has really done a phenomenal job this past decade in building title teams pretty quickly. We just have to do it again.”


  1. says:

    even though you loose we still love and pray for your team……..

  2. taga says:

    put a little more

  3. taga says:




    black mamba will strike again…..

  4. Navendra Carpen says:

    Sign Allen Iverson

  5. Kobe fan says:

    “James” just shut up with your STUPID THOUGHTS about Kobe. You dman doesn’t know a thing about basketball stupid!

  6. behzad says:

    thee lakers will be back on top next year write it publish it stamp it black mamba is going for his 6 and 7 rings garanteed so laker haters enjoy it while you can

  7. Lakeshow2012 says:

    The only thing this laker team need is to improved their bench! do not trrde pau and bynum damn they are not just used to Mike brown’s system thats why…. You guys see what happen in cleveland Mike Brown is like giving the game to lebron and he did the samething with Kobe damn they should fire him and bring the triangle back

  8. asd says:

    i know kobe wants to win, and he and the lakers have a heart of a champion, they will be back

  9. kendric says:

    to me the lakers are fine they must get rid of way pau he iz getting weak dont give aWAY BYNUM ITS TOO RISKY HE iz already a allstaR AND SUMWHAT HEALTHY jus get rid of pau and get a young big man

  10. sgvsports says:

    you Laker fans need to stop whining about the CP3 trade. It happened, let it go, move on. You weren’t stopped by the league you were stopped by your own hubris and incompetence. Face it, a better faster team beat you. One player would not have made that much of a difference. Focus on the future!

  11. LA-shines says:

    also @ miami 361, every player needs another player or players to win a title, yeah shaq was the finals mvp for the the 3 peat but can you say that jordan would have won his chips without pippen? kerr? the defense? no you cant, sounds like a kobe hater no matter what he does. kobe has 5 rings PERIOD James has…..not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 but ZERO. Indiana (especially now due to suspensions) will definitely beat the heat, bet you didnt see that one coming huh?

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      I hope they “beat the heat”…..but game 7 would be in southbeach and I wouldn’t bet on the nba “letting” the Pacers beat the media boulder that the Heat has been hyped to be !!!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ….well…… don’t have to think about a gm7 in Miami now…… what was I thinking…..??

  12. LA-shines says:

    @ miami 361…keep dreaming little latino. the heat need more than just Lebron and Wade to win a title.

  13. LA-shines says:

    call me crazy but i think it would only benefit the lakers if kobe came off the bench, that would solve the lack of production and would help the starting line feel like it mattered. I agree he does take too many unnecessary shots and he just isnt the player he was a few years ago. Id like some responses to this just to see if anyone has a suggestion to fix this…

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      OK…..your’e CRAZY…… NOT because it is a stupid suggestion, on the contrary…….but it won’t happen (no matter what) because kobe would NOT be able to handle being second fiddle to ANYONE…. to bad though, it would lengthen his career to 5 more years….

  14. LA-shines says:

    lets see what trade david stern screws the lakers out of this year…..

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ……Stern was the ‘acting’ owner of the Hornets when he decided that the trade did much for the lakers and VERY LITTLE for the the team he represented, so it was Vetoed for that reason……. simple as that……and if you were the GM/Owner of the Hornets you would have done the same thing as well…… Trades are supposed to benefit BOTH teams ….not just one !!

  15. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:

    Yeah!!! hire back WALTON….smush parker… kwame brown….@Ibrahim what kobe has 5 rings now he’s the closest to MJ???? How about Robert Horry 7 rings is he greater than MJ????? those 3 ring that kobe have came form SHAQ!!! check the stats who is the finals MVP of those 3 rings…. SHAQ!!!! of his 5 rings… kobe owns just 2 of them with a big help of pau bynum ariza metta world war odom and fisher….. IF LBJ got a ring this finals, He can say that he earned it with a little help of DWADE….3 time MVP…. Playing any position on the court…. LBJ doing everything all he can just to get that elusive ring….DWADE giving way to his buddy to take over so he can pursue his (LBJ) goal… Unlike kobe, He want all the limelights shining solely on him only… He doesn’t want to share the spot light nor the ball…. If kobe is so great where is he NOW??? Maybe waxing his boat preparing to fish at the lakes….Dress up like a BLACK MAMA!!! LOLS……

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      Just for you edification “miami361″…. so far all bronbron has done is LOSE…. SWEPT in the finals…… Lose after leading in the finals…. what more can he do??? At this rate ….. Another coach will have to be scapegoated for the “QUEEN” to be happy…… Over-rated player AND over-rated team……. spoiled overpaid prima donnas that don’t play as a true team…. too much 1 on 1 stuff and not enough plays … just sayin’. It is NOT about how many ‘stars’ you can sign to a single team, it is about chemistry between the players AND their coaches!

  16. ryantjong says:

    i think what lakers need to do is upgrade the bench, release unusable bench players and change with more explosive and expressive young players. i miss when the time the bench players are farmar,vujajic,turiaf. They keep the explosiveness of the lakers even the starters on the bench. keep the starters still, they still the best in the league to make the triangle offense effective

  17. Ibrahim says:

    I think first thing lakers must do is to fire mike brown and get a credible coach like brian shaw or a coach with some credibility mike brown has been a lucky man but he’s not a good coach what a down grade. Second they have to trade is gasol no matter what they do…

    I hope things works out for the lakers kobe is the best player in the league he is a clutch player has the killer instinct you can compare KOBE to MJ
    I don’t know why the media doesn’t give kobe the credit he deserves its just not fair lebron has no rings and the media loves him yet he’s a choker

    players like kobe don’t come every decade so far closest one to MJ is kobe

    go lakers fire brown

  18. kobe says:

    lmfao….those guys (above) doesn’t really know basketball…haha

  19. digitioli says:

    sorry, I meant Goodrich

  20. digitioli says:

    Have been a Laker fan since the Chamberlain, West and Goodyear days, and have struggled mightily to stay one even through the championships with Kobe. His and so many others’ concept of being the best player seem to be at the exclusion of everyone else, including his team mates. Over the years there were indications that he understood team basketball, which practically like clockwork would disappear, particularly at playoff time. He stopped playing defense about 5 years ago with any regularity. Basketball is a TEAM game that begins and ends with defense. This is where the greatest players earn their right to be called great players – the willingness to work on the defensive end of the floor. People that say Kobe is top 10 or top 5 don’t understand this, and this is where the true greats separate themselves. The problem is, the Lakers still managed to win with his selfish play in the past. Those days are over. If Phil couldn’t get Kobe to buy in to this most basic of concepts, no one ever will, and it won’t matter who his team mates are.

  21. themenatalist says:

    a little before allstarweekend the lakers got into a good rhythm and even a little bit after the allstar they climb up from the 7th spot a think to the 4th spot then Kobe killed the chemistry of this team when he suddenly decided that he wants to chase scoring titles and break records with those 40+ games he had. it’s important to keep teammates involved at all time cause when playoffs comes you can not rely on one man show .

  22. lebron james III says:

    kobe just texted me, he said he will retire after the finals

  23. james says:

    If you are somebody (a star in another team) don’t go the Lakers, you will become nobody under the shadow of Kobe.

  24. MIAMI 3 6 1 says:


    If Lebron get his ring…. He deserves it…. LBJ playing like a beast…. Playing from PG,SG,SF,PF positions… Thanks to SHAQ…. kobe got his first 3 rings…… LBJ take the CAVS to FINALS…. with jamison??? Mo??? can kobe do that???? NO!!!

    Lakers won’t fade away…. They will simply VANISH!!!! EVAPORATE…. But hey there is still a chance….

    Trade Bynum for Kwame Brown
    Trade Gasol for Scalabrine
    Acquire John Lucas
    Acquire Ben Gordon
    Acquire Rashard Lewis
    Trade Mitch Kupchak for Otis Smith
    Lastly make Steve Blake as Head Coach…..

    Lakers Champion 2021 NBAD-League LOLS

  25. ObjectiveEye says:

    *market… their MARKET is also growing

  26. ObjectiveEye says:

    I also want to see Lebron vs Kobe, but this will NEVER happen based on their current team compositions.

    Kobe is a good, nay, a great player. But the fact is that the LAL, today, is NOT a championship caliber team. We can see it in manner how they lost last year (sweep by MAVS) and how they lost this season (lots of 4th quarter fail clutch). The same can be said to Miami Heat. Lebron is a great player, but the Heat is NOT a championship caliber team, seeing as how they lost to the Mavs last year, and how they are having a hard time in the playoffs this year. Yes, the Heat may reach the finals this year, but we all know how talented western conference teams are against eastern conference teams.

    I disagree with the comments regarding how “lucky” the OKC was against LAL. It was NOT luck. You do not luckily sweep the last year’s champ (i.e., mavs). You do not luckily beat the 2010 champ by approx 30 pts. We should give credit to OKC. The team is growing, their talent is growing, and their MARKER is ALSO growing seeing as how they are performing for the last 3-5 years.

  27. RP2982 says:

    I think lakers they need to get back the 2009 roster like vujacic, farmar, odom, ariza

  28. Danilo says:

    Kobe still the best guard in the NBA.. he is a guy have a serious character in the court.. he is a leader that wants a teammate that help him to spark the game… hope next season they go up in the championship.. ramon session will be better player next year.. yeah i want lbj and kobe meet in the finals before kobe retired in his 40years old… and if they meet lakers win the series… its really a great if lbj and kobe meet in the finals.. you guys kobe vs lebron calls it a dream match.. hope happen soon…

    • mb says:

      kobe and lbj is a good match up.
      durant and lbj playing against each other in the finals, that is a beyond anything match.

      leader inspires not nags at his constituents.

  29. RT23 says:

    i hate to burst all your bubbles but talk to me about lebron being better than kobe when he wins 5 championships

    • mickey says:

      deeper bench….more time with the coach, sessions shooting well from outside and a more reliable center…all what the laker needs. kobe? he will be there no matter what. he hogs the ball..yup…only because no one else wants to take charge. when he’s off th court durin crucial situations, only metta shoots the ball.
      when bynum gets the ball, he cries when he doesn’t get a call and plays like an old player on the court. hiim being an all star has gotten into his head that quick. and sorry to say, the league does show how they do not like the lakers – officiating and the supposedly chris paul trade are clear examples.
      and why is it that people are talking more about the lakers losing to okc in the 2nd round? last year’s champs got eliminated by the same team in the first round eh!…i’m just saying……
      as for kobe…if we’re not going to talk about stats and achievements including championship rings…then we’re not talking about basketball then. whether he was the centerpiece of all those rings…lakers couldn’t have won all of them without the black mamba!

  30. Brian says:

    If you guys actually WATCH Kobe Bryant play a whole game you will realize his ball handling and driving skills still dominate. He doesn’t drive as much as he used to, but when he does, he is pretty magical. Not as explosive as guys like Westbrook and Chris Paul because of his age, but just as technical. He plays mind games quite well, too.

  31. Sam214 says:

    i think the Lakers’ rooster is good… just like kobe said, they are not that familiar yet with the system. unlike the OKC playing together for like forever. they just have to regroup, find better bench, play hard, remind Gasol of his past self, make session a “better” penetrator, keep Metta’s cool, keep kobe and andrew healthy. wait for the season, im sure they’ll dominate ONCE AGAIN. It’s Mike Brown’s obligation to keep them composed. If they would bounce back next season, it would depend of their new coach . LAKER forever!

  32. sctx says:

    what a waste of bandwidth…. Lakers are history and the Heat are a non issue…championship starts Sunday with two teams that play as teams instead of a bunch of ego driven drama queens .

  33. rash says:

    bad luck.the LA not gone too far.. in FINALS more exciting if they face the Heat in the finals..remember during regular season LA beat the Heat i dont think so the Spurs or Thunder can do so..

  34. No… @smithers..
    BYNUM.. is A great CENTER bro.. AN allstar WEST center

  35. Hahai…. No maTter what.. I alWays Love KOBE and All LAKERS Player…
    Your The MAn #24….
    Bryant said: that “I’m not fading into the shadows, if that’s what you’re asking. I’m not going anywhere.”
    So… I’ll Wait Lakers to come back next or next, next Year….. hehe

    im Pinoy Die Hard fan…

    • mb says:

      i really hope you are as patient as you say you are. Coz those lakers need a lot of modification. Plus, there a couple of teams out there that could dominate for a long time.

  36. ms gwen says:

    kobe bryant is the most hated player in the league and that’s a title he was given but didn’t earn. it’s amazing to me how you can’t say “kobe” without saying “jordan”! lol…..i’ve never once in all of my years of loving basketball heard kobe say, “i wanna’ be michael jordan”. the only people that compare the two are jordan fans and kobe haters!!!! kobe has made a name for himself and doesn’t need to pattern himself after anyone. his talent has created a “household name” for him. walk up to any stranger on the street and ask, “who is kobe bryant?”, and you’ll get the correct answer. he didn’t single-handedly cost the lakers a championship this year, that blame can be spread from the team to management. i don’t think the lakers are washed up and i do believe there is another championship banner waiting to be hung at staples center, but not before some serious changes are made.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….. you are right …. it wasn’t kobe that said it …. the endless banter of the sportscenter types …… and MOST importantly….. They had the same coach running the same offense and played the same position….. so the comparisons were inevitable …… I hate the endless comparisons as well, two different decades…..Nd nobody should say that kobes is not one of the greatest ever…. he is…. but they have become too one-dimensional her lately and NEED to change styles –offensively AND defensively— get younger by drafting and quit just plugging in other players from other teams….. build–don’t buy !!! Kobe probably has another 5 years in him if he can get a team thing goin’ and not have to OR thinks he has to do it all himself……. PS: Kobe didn’t

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ….PS: Kobes didn’t lose the series …… it was because the inside game– {with a newer younger player in bynum}– just needs some years of refinement….. but going through some hard times makes you better…… and ‘hard times’ is not like missing the playoffs for years— lakers only lost a 2nd round playoff series……. If they can stick to a plan of using the bigs to run the offense through and DRAFT a fast point guard –(doesn’t have to be a GREAT shooter either)—they will be in the playoff mix as usual….. Have a great summer

  37. smithers says:

    Send Bynum to Denver for Lawson and Mcgee.
    Pau will be better without Bynum, Sessions will compliment Lawson well, Mcgee gives 100% unlike Bynum.
    Bring back Lamar, bench will be twice as good, its a win win.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      Denver would not give up Either player for bynum and NEVER both….. lakerfan is delusional……

  38. BLAZZZERS! says:

    KB24 can play until he’s 40 I think. However, it’s clear he and the twin tower strategy don’t fit each other. If they wanna keep Bynum as the future, they should trade Gasol for future lottery picks or 2~3 really good role players.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….gasol will NOT bring multiple players OR draft picks…… dream on….. First lakerfan trashes bynum and gasol and THEN they think he is great trade bait….. everyone else saw how bynum is well bynum and pau is on the downside not the up side or ‘in his prime’ …. so maybe ONE good player but no star or best player from another team……. have fun watching the player auction though……

  39. YuhMudda says:

    Lebron James is the greatest player of all time.. OF ALL TIME 🙂 .. that is all.. goodbye lakers.. good bye losers!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      Maybe after he wins multiple titles one could make that argument…… but so far, he is just over-paid!!! and over-hyped…… Heat is having a hard time getting TO the finals…. let alone winning one or 2 or 7 !!

  40. Davz from italy says:


  41. Boyong says:

    What the lakers need is an athletic point guard and someone from the bench who can score when Kobe is resting. They should get a legitimate power forward and pull Pau back to the bench. They should trade Worldpeace and get some reliable role players. And before I forgot, FIRE Mike Brown!

  42. OKC fans are Bandwaggers says:

    All the kobe haters need to stop commenting lakers fan should be the only people commenting its about our team not yours

  43. Colin says:

    Lakers need Dwight Howard, it’s that simple.

  44. James says:

    @ Damien

    ” nobody does, nobody will : this is a team game !”

    Exactly my point… this is the perfect basis, hy Kobe is not top 25.

    He is NOT about the team.

    BTW, so you’d rather have a prime Rodman in your team thana Prime Gasol… and Rodman was no longer a defensive beast when he came to Chicago, you saw how the 34 year old Karl Malone averaged 27 plus points against him in 2 championships right? Or did you just becamce a basketball fan when Kobe came along?

    If Rodman, Kerr, Harper are as good as you are saying, then where did their careers go after Jordan retired. Only Pippen is the Legit guy out there, coz he still had a creer post Jordan.

    This is simple logic.

    Shaq after Kobe – 1 more ring in Miami
    Butler after Kobe – All star with the Wizards
    hmmmm… let’s get a little bit exxagerated here…. FIaher aftr Kobe….. 6th ring??? Haha! Maybe not yet, the Spurs are a juggernaut…

    But definitely, deeper in the playoffs after KObe….

    WHY? Kobe is too selfish. “Whole LA Lakers, should revolve around me.” This is the exact reason why Cris Paul was vetoed from LA… Stop blaming Stern ignorants…. Fact is, Kobe and Paul understood…. Lakers is Kobe’s team… do or die… lately, it’s all DIE though.

  45. James says:

    @ Damien

    ” nobody does, nobody will : this is a team game !”

    Exactly my point… this is the perfect basis, hy Kobe is not top 25.

    He is NOT about the team.

    BTW, so you’d rather have a prime ROdman in your team thana Prim Gasol… and he was not a defensive beast, you saw how the 34 year old Karl Malone averaged 27 plus points against him in 2 championships right? Or did you just becamce a basketball fan when Kobe came along?

  46. janreyjumamoy says:

    i still love lakers… and i know that there’s still a change that they become a champion again..i miss kobe’s way of playing the last time they win that trophy.. he is a superb player that time.. what happen kobe?? and to your team>?? all i can say now is play better next season.. lakers! lakers! go lakers!

  47. jonski22 says:

    last year was KO in 1st round….this year KO in 2nd round….so next year they will be in the West Finals?

    enjoy the rest of the summer LAKERS….and play hard next season….

    • mb says:

      oh! you’re talking about the lakers. well you are right about a ko but they had 2 second round ko’s. last year was also a 2nd round exit.

  48. candy says:

    Yes!!!KOBE you will be there again!!!
    You are the best!!!
    Please don’t give up!!!
    I love you so much!!!!
    Keep fighting!!

  49. HAMER says:

    Nick Young On Laker Bench..get back odom thus odom would be a great additional to the timberwolves next..hope that KLove would be in the playoffs nexxt season..

  50. Penduko says:

    It’s not about stern or kobe or Gasol or the team on the lakers but it’s the way how they play. They have not anticipated how explosive the young thunders,their great teamworks and how they play. The Ball is round nobody knows whats gonna happen on the court…It keeps rollin..

    • mb says:

      not anticipated how explosive the thunder is? why were they locked in a closet for years? the whole world knows how good okc is. dont know how okc plays? i bet the lakers watched hours of okc games on video. bottom line is, lakers just can’t handle the thunder. and i bet you, the shape of the ball didn’t have anything to do with the outcome.

  51. pedro says:

    Kobe has always been the problem. He is a self centered egotist who has NO leadership ability. He is, at best, a very talented” one on one” street player who shouldn’t be on an NBA team, He never makes the players around him better. Ask Bynum & Gasol!!For that reason he should never have won the MVP award.I can’t believe any top players would want to be traded to a team he was on because they would not be allowed to play up to their abilities because Kobe hogs the ball and takes far too many shots, most of them forced. The only reason he stands high in points scored yearly is because he takes all the shots. Durrant shoots far less and won the title.

    • None Of Your Business says:

      Ignorance is justpurebliss and when you justplayball !!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ha ha … you are so amusing….. get some basketball knowledge and get over your’e ‘mancrush’ on the kobester…. it is lame ….. and PLEASE…. wake up now noneofyourdamnbusiness…..your Dream is over !!!!! Now you will have to hear about how good the CLIPPERS are getting and how the hotdog lakers are crashing and burning…….lmao…..have a nice summer NOYB !!!!!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        …..YOUR mancrush that is….

  52. antispy says:

    They should hired younger legs for transition plays offensive and defensive(look what the spurs now) a competitive backup scorers from perimeter to rainbow line and make a solid bench just like what they did in their last 2 championship win. Then somebody from team always remind Kobe “play as a team not a one man show”.

  53. Bhajan says:

    First of all lets start with the basic people were saying how mr.stern didn’t let this happen i think he should’ve allowed this because he should look at other teams before he says anything. Think about miami lebron is there but add wade its domination and the add bosh that’s just to far but they also have a 3 point threat mario chalmars.
    Look at OKC Keven durant i think that’s good enough but wait they also have westbrook one of the best point guards then its like stop that’s enough it’s domination but wait they have james harden 3 shooter defender everything and the best 6th man. Perkins really good defender and a boss at shoooting. Then finally look at ibaka the leader in blocks and a jumpshot and a baseline shot shooter.

  54. ronezes s. rivera says:

    fire mike brown, he’s not a winning coach, get stun van guandy, it would lift the Lakers!

  55. perspective says:

    Only real difference between Jordan and Kobe — a certain white woman (and 2012 is the new 1960s).


    Laker fans only: several hungry players who will fit Bynum and Kobe style:
    – definitely get Lamar Odom back
    – trade Blake, Pau, Artest, raymond sessions, Kevin Ebanks, Andrew Gudelock,
    – get Devin harris (coming off bench replace Kobe) , DJ Augustine (starting point), Sebastian Telfair (Suns)
    – Michael Beasley (starting PF)

    starting (5): DJ (PG), Kobe (Philly outskirts), Matt Barnes (SF), Beasley (PF), Bynum (NJ)
    bench (5): Telfair (PG – NYC), Devin Harris, Lamar Odom (NYC), Troy Murphy, Jordan Hill

  56. 7brothers says:

    We have to accept the fact that winning a championship is a destiny. There are 30 teams in NBA hoping to win a championship. Despite the words came from Kobe saying that “I’m not fading into the shadows”. I don’t think so. It’s over for the Los Angeles Lakers.

  57. Vesh12 says:

    Some people are saying that Kobe is not a all-time great and he shouldn’t be one of the greatest (Kareem, magic, jordan, etc.). If Kobe is not, then who is the all-time great during the decade of 2000-2010???

    I agree be Duncan and Shaq could be, but Kobe has been in 7 final appearances between 2000-2010 and he has been a consistent all-around player. His career is not over and I think he still has a good 3 years left in him before he starts to wane.

  58. Matt says:

    I think this would have all been different if the Lakers were aloud CP3, the biggest thing they had trouble with in the playoffs was stopping a speedy point gaurd, something which is something CP3 could do. But in saying that Sessions did show he could play a bit of offence later in the series. What the Lakers really need is a solid 6th man and someone who can be a consistant 3 point threat. there is no need to trade Bynum or Gasol, the Lakers just need to trust those guys and use their size as an advantage. I am a Lakers fan and the Lakers were out played by the Thunder, so i hope they go on to win. Just so Durant can win a ring before Lebron. But don’t worry the Lakers will be back next year

  59. ogie olarte says:

    try to include dwight howard and please do not a one-man kobe team, play as a team that’s how the lakers won championships. because it became predictable for the opposing team which whom they will going to expect the offense attack. from ogie olarte of the philippines, a great great fan of the lakers. +639235742138, +639278858598,

  60. juanes says:

    last 2 nba titles Of LA WAS BECAUSE ODOM AND GASOL. Who save the elimination in 2010 game 7? gasol, why cos koby miss that shot and gasol get the toch game over LA win. and remeber others moments when coby miss and gasol or odom fix that.

  61. The Determining Factor says:

    It is funny how people believe that a great organization like the Lakers needs to allow opportunities for these smaller franchises to capitalize in the league. People forget that they did win in 2010 and its not like they are the Cowboy fans who hold on to championship that was won almost 20 years ago. I believe that the Thunder have a good chance of winning it this year but have to maintain their composer to beat the Old Spurs. Loving how people hop on bandwagons….. just love the game and what it is!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …….”needs to ALLOW” !!! What fake arrogance……lmao…….and BTW ….when was the last time a team from socal won a SB????? Oh yeah….NEVER !!!………you got NO room to talk …….& I guess you haven’t been payin’ attention usual…. to the Spurs this year …did I say ‘as usual’……but the Spurs are not the OLD SPURS of your hate memory…… enjoy the offseason player auction and remember how easily you got beat down by a young fast team and expect more of the same in the years to come when Mack Bamba gets older and OLDER…. speaking of OLD….. there’s one for you right there…. OLD KOBESTER !!!!

  62. lakersin4 says:

    If the Lakers wanted to take advice from the Spurs would that be losing as 1 seed to 8th or getting to the WCF for the first time since 2007?

    I really want the Spurs to win consecutive finals something they can learn to do from the Lakers – hahaha

    frickin spur fans ugh!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      … childish…… the advice …and it IS obvious…. is how to play as a “TEAM” and not like a ‘franchise’ that Needs to showcase one player and call themselves great. freakin fakerfan….lmao ! Have a nice long summer while waiting to see who that ‘great organ-ization’ decides to TRY TO BUY this year….. no more finals for the kobester ….. GO CLIPPERS !!

  63. purp&gold101 says:

    i was going for my boy kobe but o well. i believe they WILL be back and kobe will get his 6th they just need one more superstar and its over. heat is overrated, spurs and thunder are solid and i believe that the winner in the west will win the chip but boston is also lookin tough so dont sleep on them.

  64. PuroSA says:

    I’m no Laker Fan but I do admire Kobe for his game and ball skills as top 10 all time player. On his on merits he actually made Shaq a better scoring machine by feeding him the ball when he was been double teamed; on Offense he at times is unstoppable but he also has defensive skills who can match and shut down many a players. As for last night’d game he took on the burden of trying to score on every possesion mainly because he was trying to get to game 6 back in LA but he could not compete with the OKC trio of Duran, Westbrook & Harden without Bynum & Gasol raising their game to the next level and win as a team like my Spurs are doing on their playoff run. The Lakers will survive their disappointment and I do not think they should trade Gasol skilled 7 footers are almost hard to come by but they do need to obtain another wing player maybe in the upcoming free agent martket or maybe find gem in the upcoming draft who spell Kobe a few mintues next season because at 33 going on 34 he will start to feel father time after all the injuries start to give way to longer healing time between injuries.

    As for OKC fans get ready to party its gonna be a tough series game after game my Spurs are firing on all pistons with a strong bench to provide rest minutes for Duncan, Ginobili and Parker. Note I said series I see this going down to 7th game hopefully my Spurs get another shot at the NBA Finals.

    Go Spurs Go !!

  65. Frank says:

    Now that BOTH L.A. teams are gone, (oil country brings down la la land) who will ESPN fawn all over?

  66. miggyNBA says:

    I just can’t believed what went wrong with the Lakers… Maybe a Point Guard that can play offensively and definitely defensively… There is nothing wrong with their Big man.. they just need to play toughly like what Bynum did when Kobe was out for several games.. Confidence is the issue here..

  67. fusha red says:

    they beat L.A but DURANT cant beat KOBE:)

  68. Nick says:

    Get a life…(and yes, I’m on here as well but I’m not going to write a book just so people I don’t know and will never meet know that I am a hater and can’t just give Kobe props). You make yourself look extremely stupid doing so.

  69. lildeebone says:

    Wow! I am amazed at all these comments….I’m a San Antonio Fan! The Lakers have a great team, there is no doubt about it. Koby didn’t lose the game. Just like Bynum and Gasol didn’t lose the game. THey lost the game as a team. Kobe is a great player, and he will probaly end up in the Hall of Fame; but until he learn to trust his teamates, they will continue to exit after the second round. Paul and Bynum didn’t play well because they didn’t get the ball. I think that’s why their morale went down and just gave up seemed like it. One of them will not be back next year just watch…All the lakers had to do to beat OKC was go to their bigs downlow, wait for the double then kick it back out. But no, Koby wanted to score 41 points last night…HAHAH…TO funny…THey should take some pointers from the spurs…Play team ball and trust your new guys!!!

  70. kaibaboy says:


    İ totally agree with you..Kobe is a great player and has a great talent…İf the issue is talent and developing yourself…he is surely in top 10 of alltime…
    but nba history is not just about talent !!!for example can you say Jerry West had less talent than Kobe or mj or lebron despite his affect to the game so let us take out from the list???

    game is all about total of abilities such as leadership, hesitation, developing,unselfishness, athleticm, protecting yourslf doing same faults, good teammates etc..

    So Kobe still has somethings to completein his packet if his aim is to be the greatest…!!!

  71. W/E says:

    He was never a leader and an all around player,his field goal made percantage is mediocre and his overall performance aint anything spectacular really BUT he got enough talent to be one of the best of his generation, Hollywood Kobe The brick Bryant can win another ring only if hes is NOT forced to score big because he is NOT efficient enough, the more he shoots the worst for his team,Kobe is not a 35+ scorer he is a 25 average at best, when he goes for more his efficiency drops dramaticaly which is bad especially in playoff games where every detail matters

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      I like to call him “ALMOST” bryant…… cause he can “ALMOST” win a game by himself!!!

  72. john says:

    ——————-i miss phil———–

  73. Keilan says:


  74. kaibaboy says:

    so guys..not to halt but i am a Duncan and so Spurs fan from Turkey.. and ask you some question…

    1—1997 slam dunk contest….kobe really deserved title??? (maybe worst dunk contest ever)..

    yeah..laker had a 3 peat early 2000’s..what about 2002 title??
    2-do you think sacramento kikcked out by refs and specially Donaghy?


  75. carl says:

    SPURS will be the champion this year.. no question about it…they are well organized team this year… and TD is playing like old days with manu & TP side by side.. they know what to do in the floor…these fellow are healthy now plus their youngster line and excellent addition … no need to argue … the SPURS will take the crown…

  76. Avmony says:

    Kobe is no Michael Jordan bottom line

    1. He doesnt have as many rings as Michael Jordan
    2. He has never won a ring without arguably the best center playing in the league at the time
    3. I shouldnt even mention Lebron James.. People keep talking about him but have you even stop to think.. HE HAS NO RINGS!!!
    4. Kobe is a great player.. NO one is doubting that.. but he doesnt have the patience or leadership Jordan had.. I believe the lakers could have gotten to the NBA finals this year.. had kobe realized that the key to winning the game is to feed the bigs down low and wait until the 4th quarter to let go they can win 9 out of 10 times.. Look at the numbers.. When Kobe scores less than 20pts they win 80% of the time because he is feeding the post.. When he scores more than 30pts.. they lose 80% of the time because its all about Kobe.. and it disrupts the dna of having 2 7ft ers

  77. Fefe says:

    I love how the LAKERS FAN are saying Gasol & Bynum are useless, and only think of surrounding BRYANT with talent, because of course BRYANT is the best player on the team…

    Just to know, where were you BEFORE Gasol came????

    Then he came: 3 trips to NBA finals, 2 titles….. DIRECT effect

    Only blaming him would not change something….

    KOBE IS GREAT, but REAL BASKETBALL FANS should know, and SAY, that KOBE is very responsible too for the elimination….But these days (or the past couple of years) he never seemed to question himself and see what he needs to make his team IMPROVE….and only points out to Gasol and to others….

  78. Gasol needs to be traded, he’s done. He plays like an old man and that’s what hurts the lakers the past 2 years

  79. ME Me me says:

    So according to Laker fans….all the Lakers need is this that this that. So in other words they need a perfect team to win?

  80. john says:

    JAMES….. Find another sport to watch because you know nothing about basketball…. Jordan had pippen, grant, rodman, tony k, paxton, cartwright, armstrong, kerr… Really… try and find a better 10 years on any team…. Kobe had shaq until the 4th quarter when he could not shoot foul shots. kobe will break all mjs records… where is your arguement with bynum, gasol he has been the man for 3 years without a legit number 2. I could argue with you for hours but you are a hater not a true nba fan so you are not worth the breath of air…

    • James says:

      For someone who does not want to argue… you said a mouthful.

      OK no prob, hail the Kobe nuthuggers… the only “TRUE NBA FANS” in the world.

    • mb says:

      jordan and the zen master equals rings.
      kobe and the zen master equals rings.
      hmmmm? maybe take away the zen master equals no more rings for kobe?
      maybe kobe is just a great player. And to win another ring, he might need a new zen master.

  81. I used to defend Kobe when people would call him an arrogant S.O.B, especially the females and I mean every female had that same response, by saying that might be true but you gotta respect his game, the man can ball. I don’t know if it’s nervous energy or what but for the past few years and without reason, he’ll throw somebody under the bus. He has done this on several occasions but I over looked it because of his relentless efforts on the court,but now it’s getting out of control and to the point where it can longer be ignored.The Pistons didn’t disappear, they beat him down in a five game sweep, similar to what the thunder just did, in the 2004 NBA championship when his team had the home court advantage. Also, Michael Jordan was coming into his prime just like Kevin Durant is currently doing, so if he wants to acknowledge something he should acknowledge that fact that he is the one that is going to be disappearing for awhile.

  82. daniel.b says:

    lakers will trade either gasol or bynum for some keys players and most likely trade some of bench…. the bench wasnt consisnent and matt barnes was no where near effective in the series…need a true PG and a pg that has experience and that can be aggressive in the playoffs… i like steve nash instead of ramon sessions, jordan hill can be the starter with either pau or andrew.. trade sessions,blake, barnes, eyenga,…. ebanks can be of a more bench player with josh mcroberts….

    starters. kobe, world peace, nash, bynum/gasol, hill
    bench. mcroberts,ebanks,morris,goudelock, FA, FA, FA, troy murphy, but i think he can be traded also…
    look at the pacers.. all good role players, hope the lakers gm does good this off season…

    just my opinion…….

  83. Dunn says:

    I say this, people may not like Kobe, but to say he is not going to be in the hall of fame one day is crazy. Granted he could work on teamwork more at times, but who else was really scoring. The man is 33 and all he has lost is his athleticism, not his skill. A few more pieces would make the Lakers a legitimate championship team.

  84. Tappii says:

    akosibonik must be on some cheap pain killers. Luck! Are you serious? LA was outplayed and outcoached. What more can you ask for in a team? This is coming from a neutral by the way…

  85. Laker fan Covina says:

    Anyone on the bench couldnt have played worst than Bynum did in the second half! he s young but he looks ver old on the second half! He does not have the heart for the game!!!!

    • mb says:

      i don’t know why the lakers have unhappy centers this past few years? shaq left. bynum has no interest. could it be coz of another player?

  86. Laker fan Covina says:

    I see in Kobe’s eyes that he still has the hunger to win. Saw that in Pau also and the rest. I didnt see it on Bynum, everybody is runnng up and down the court and he was jogging down. He was a second slow on defense and rebounding. Unfortunately, there were other players on the bench, who were hungry to play, but the coach decided not to. I think the worst decision he made was not startng Kobe on the forth Quarter. I dont know if he understand the urgency, we were down by six and could be the last game for the team!!! Sad, Kobe is not getting any younger and can we afford to wait for the coach to learn as he go!!!! Noooooo!!!!

  87. JFY says:

    Kobe is a ball hog. He thinks he is the only one who can win a game. Not this one, Kobe!!!! Talking to the ref’s during the game didn’t do you a bit of good. Odum, he’s a big crybaby. Didn’t want to play for Dallas so instead of being a man he decided to not do anything. He cried a whole hour on the fake Kardashian show. Cuban did the right thing! Love to see the Lakers lose……………….

  88. Slick says:

    Kobe is soft.

  89. me says:

    people want kobe, howard and nash in 1 team? not gonna happen, haha!
    if you want to see them together on one court at the same time, wait till allstar weekend.
    but otherwise it aint gonna happen.

  90. Achillies30 says:

    Its time for Kobe to say goodbye to LA… Come to Orlando and team up with Howard and he will win another Championship. On the Lakers Bryant is the ONLY real superstar.. Don’t dare give me Gasol, or Bynum.. expecially not Ron Artest or (Metta World Peace) Whatever!..

  91. Mr. Beefy says:

    this is the final words: Lakers are done with Kobe as the center, Lebron could win a Championship, leave Jordan out the conversation, Dwight Howard is Orlando’s Man-child, and the Bobcats are still a joke. Thank you and Goodnight.
    P.S. I declare victory your arguments are invalid.

  92. Rosanna says:

    I agree that Mr. Stern had no right to stop the trade after both teams had a deal. As for Mr,. Stern wanting to give everyone a chance that is bull because you didn’t see him stop the tade of 3 players giving MIA Heat the big 3. I don;t think that is going to help as it didn’t last year. GO SPURS. The Lakers will be back i am 100% behind the Lakers and they will win another ring even with Mr Stern in place.

  93. bunbury says:

    meant: bynum for howard

    • oby says:

      howard is better

      • mb says:

        i can’t see howard playing with the lakers. but he did say he wants a superstar teammate.
        lakers should keep bynum. he is younger, doesn’t have a back problem yet, better offensive game and cheaper.
        why don’t they give kobe to the magic? i hope bryant and howard get along well.

  94. bunbury says:

    without considering the new salary cap of course, the lakers shall sign deron williams (free agency). maybe trade bynum for bynum and MAYBE gasol for three good solid players. I am telling you, the lakers shall hire me. PS please get ariza back the lakers need his speed and cutting talents.

  95. Talib says:

    kobe is great but he should face it. there are a lot of better teams now. and besides its the lakers who first tried to make their team a super power.

  96. bunbury says:

    Duncan vs Garnett in the finals. that’s what I would like to see. well maybe lebronvsdurant & wadevswrestbrook is more exciting and more attractive but damn would it fun to see KG and Duncan going against each other at the highest stage. they are no longer at their primes but they are still playing at a very high level.

  97. Mitch Kupchak says:

    I will send Kobe Bryant to the D-league!!!

  98. Doncha says:


  99. Chris Ross says:

    It’s definitely worth asking if this is it for the Kobe era and the Lakers. It’s hard to believe with Pau and Kobe not getting any younger that these guys can continue to compete in the ever strong west for an NBA championship. Bynum is going to have to take a huge role more consistently, especially near the end of games but that’s definitely a big if for the franchise considering his comments yesterday. It’s going to be very interesting to see how this Laker team works itself out in the off-season and if they really change up their roster.

  100. Mr. Mahabaratbu says:

    The Lakers should salvage contracts of Greg Oden and TMac along with Michael Redd, from then on this trio of busted knees will ba given an injection of prosthetic kness from the one and only Ben 10, Kobe will have a lot of time even sandwhich brakes during games with these men in lakers line up and he can count from 6 to 11 rings. LOL

  101. BillyK says:

    Kobe will never win another championship unless he’s playing on “someone else’s” team – like Tim Duncan was smart and savvy enough to recognize the Spurs are now Tony Parker’s team.

    Other than that – his words are hollow. They echo off the walls of a barren future like the ghosts of all past-their-prime superstars who have nothing left but talk.

    Kevin Durant just showed the world he’s Kobe 2.0

  102. Barkley's Shiny Head says:

    I hope Kobe knows what he’s talking about. I am a Laker fan but realistically, looking at their situation it’s quite hard to do the without consistency from their bigs. Kobe is a great player and LAL is a great team but we see OKC on the rise for a reason. The Sonics were not the best team prior to their move and so draft picks help them pick it up. Though the Lakers have always found ways to get a good player to build a team around, there was a hiatus of winning after the “showtime” days of Magic Johnson, Jabbar, Worthy, Cooper etc. It is the inevitable cycle of dropping back a few notches from championship material and picking a good player to do well again. The Lakers are good at this due to the money they have but unless Kobe sadly hangs his hat, it will be really difficult to get a high-caliber player to replace him.

    • mb says:

      the current bigs are not consistent coz they don’t have the will to play anymore.
      this reminds me of another great big that left the lakers coz he didn’t like it anymore, shaq.
      maybe lakers bigs have a problem with the a certain player in that team?

  103. noyb says:

    Stick a fork in Kobe, no more rings!

  104. The Last Universalist says:

    It’s nice that Kobe still has confidence, but let’s be real. The Lakers aren’t going to sniff a title again until they have a deep and skilled bench. Those aren’t easy to come by. I think Kobe wil have to settle for 5, unless he wants to switch teams.

  105. Marisa says:

    Should have not gotten rid of the 6th man!!!!! Lamar Odam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. heat will not win says:

    I like the spirit of Kobe!!!!!

  107. Reality Check says:

    4. Kobe is afforded excessive praise for his performance in “the clutch” when nearly every available data point suggests that he’s actually inferior to many others in close games (there are varied definitions, he’s “un-clutch” in all of ’em) … additionally, the mythology of “Kobe greatness” allows for praise when he hits 5 or 6 game winners in the regular season against the likes of Sacramento or Milwaukee, or when he scores 81 vs. Toronto (all in the regular season), but those same supporters angrily refuse to acknowledge LeBron scoring 17 straight in the last five minutes to barely beat NJ this year, or scoring 25 straight and 29 of the team’s final 30 points to beat Detroit in the ECF several years ago as a 21 year old, or ringing up a 40 / 18 / 9 in a crucial playoff game just this past weekend …

    Let’s also remember, a player isn’t awarded more points on a given scoring play in the 4Q (vs. any other Q) and this isn’t figure skating where degree of difficulty matters … points scored in the 1Q are just as contributory in the final score and a breakaway, uncontested dunk counts exactly the same as a fadeaway 21-footer with four defenders draped all over the shooter …

    5. Since Shaq was traded, here is the summary of Kobe’s playoff results:

    2005: didn’t even qualify for the playoffs
    2006: up 3 – 1 vs. the Suns, the Lakers lose three straight and are eliminated in the first round of the playoffs in a 30+ point blowout …
    2007: eliminated by the Suns again in the first round of the playoffs …
    2008: eliminated with a close-out 39 point loss in the finals vs. Boston (check Kobe’s shooting %age)
    2009: won the championship vs. Orlando
    2010: won the championship vs. Boston, despite 6 / 24 shooting from Kobe (no Perkins in game 7)
    2011: eliminated with a close-out 30+ point blowout in the second round vs. Dallas (check Kobe’s 4Q shooting %age)
    2012: eliminated with a close-out 16 point loss in the second round vs. OKC (check Kobe’ performance in “the clutch” in games 2 and 4) …

    The results are wholly incompatible with the mythology of Kobe …

    6. See playoff performances by Kobe vs. Utah (early in his career), Detroit (2004), Phoenix (2006 and 2007), Boston (2008 and 2010), Dallas (2011), and OKC (2012) … when you notice that Shaq was finals MVP of the Lakers three peat from 2000 to 2002, you can only conclude that Kobe has 1 regular season MVP, one earned finals MVP (vs. Orlando), and one very questionable finals MVP (vs. Boston) … for 16 years on a storied franchise like the Lakers, this body of work is dwarfed by many other greats …

  108. Omenka Simon says:

    Kobe go 4 greatness.

  109. @ says:

    ive said this before but i think this is real legit they still have a chance if they make the right moves in the off season this is a trade move i think will help the lakers alot next season you dont resign barnes or murphy and amnesty MWP then trade gasol blake and eyenga to washington for lewis who is great shooter and andre blatche who has alot of potential then add some other pieces to the bench

    starters: sessions, bryant, lewis, blatche, bynum

    bench: morris, goudelock, ebanks, mcroberts, hill

  110. Kobe is a competative person and no doubt he will be in the finals next year. as for the Heats this is their year to win the whole thing, but if the don’t then next year come the playoffs Heats will just be antoher team with 2 talented players that will either reach Conference Final/Final…People’s expectations of them will be at an all time Low…So the Heats has alot to win and alot to loose as well….But i still see the Boston Celitics winnnig the Finals and being our new NBA Chapms 2012-2013….:-)

    • mb says:

      heat champions? maybe but tough. but i agree, heat has only 2 talented players, lbj and dw.
      now celts 13 champs? ugh. that’s a bold prediction. is boston and charlotte the only teams playing nba regular season and playoffs next year coz then i think celts will win.

  111. Croakus says:

    I hope the Spurs win the Championship!

  112. Reality Check says:

    21 reasons why Kobe is overrated by his ardent supporters (in 7 parts) …

    1. The Lakers win / loss %age with Kobe playing over the past 16 seasons (his entire career) is insignificantly better than the %age in games that he has missed … he simply doesn’t make the team much better (for comparison, see Cavaliers during and post-LeBron) …

    2. In the 3 years that he was “the man” for the Lakers after effectively forcing the team to choose him over Shaq (2004/05, 2005/06, and 2006/07), the Lakers win / loss %age was exactly 50% … most of his supporters attempt to cloud this fact with cries of “(B)ut he had to play with Smush Parker and Kwame Brown”, but they never mention that he also had Lamar Odom and, for part of that time, Caron Butler … In fact, Kobe was in his prime during this period and his results as “the man” can best be characterized as “spectacular failure” …

    3. In those 3 years as “the man” (again, while in his athletic prime as a 26 – 29 year old with 7+ seasons and ample playoff experience), the Lakers went 34 / 48 (28 / 38 in games that Kobe played), 45 / 37, and 42 / 40 … the Lakers missed the playoffs the first year, blew a 3 -1 lead before being blown-out by the Suns in the first round of the playoffs the next year, and then finally lost again to the Suns in the first round of the playoffs in the third year … so, that “killer instinct” and “clutch, ice water in his veins”, “wills his team to win” hero to his supporters was a colossal failure when in mattered most in those three seasons when he thought he could be “the man” … and then he proceeded to go on a PR blitz during the offseason and constructively demand a trade …


    • Belizeboy says:

      This is so true but most will just write you off as a Laker hater.

      • uoykcuf says:

        Ok, I gotta admit this makes senses. Now let’s see if your next part can keep it up. Btw, 0 asist and 2 bigs cannot get half of what kobe took. smh. Share the ball, dude.

  113. kobi says:


    • mb says:

      i am not really a lebron fan but he has the talent and the skill for you to have a sad death. and he is still young. if the spurs make it this year, he still has next year, then the year after that, and after that and……..

  114. To me, "Kobe" - means nice Japanese Steak says:


    You said it, “you ain’t going nowhere”

    Shaq and Phill carried you,

    Mike ALWAYS praised , his team mates ….

    not even someone as talented as Kevin Garnet or Allen Iverson could not win WITHOUT a TEAM ……

    Kobe is the greatest 1 on 1 player ever……
    Someone needs to teach him how to play basket-ball.

  115. iknowdunk says:

    trade bynum, he’s a space hog. balls don’t flow with him on the floor. he can’t finish either. get rubio in lakers uniform, set pau on 5, and see miracle

    • mb says:

      yup thats all you know. just to dunk. bynum actually doesn’t get enough touches. rubio would be a great add but he is only effective if he has the ball in his hands most of the times which won’t happen if he goes to the lakers. plus he does not have the outside shots which the lakers badly need. Pau is awesome at 4 and Bynum at 5.

  116. Allan says:

    Spurs are going to sweep OKC in 4 games

  117. Reality Check says:

    Kobe … 6/24

  118. NBA Real Talks says:

    OKC was the better team out of the series. Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant was amazing. Out, of the whole entire series Russell Westbrook should deserve a lot more credit than Kevin Durant. (Game 5) Kevin Durant shot a buzzer beater but, throughout the game Russell Westbrook was a lot more consistent throughout the game. I have to say, Durant and Westbrook is the best dynamic duo in the NBA.

  119. edwin says:

    lakers need d-will

  120. Nguyen-Luan says:

    Blake’s contract should be up by now if I’m not mistaken.
    Jim Buss effect of not hiring Brian Shaw or Phil Jackson affiliated staff is evident.
    Ideally, Lakers need more scoring off the bench and point guard with speed to defend other guards, can push the ball up and consistent hit the wide open shots.
    Similar reasons for a small forward as well.
    With game going up and down and the way Pau Gasol was playing in championship seasons, Pau would go up the and court and score because the opposing bigs won’t follow him.
    In other words, teams can’t be solely dependent on half-court offense which the Lakers were when you need easier looks at the basket in playoffs.

    • mb says:

      well obviously you are not 7 feet tall. maybe you don’t even play basketball. to play basketball at a pro level and play it in a fast pace and add a 7 ft frame, you have to be superman. any of those two laker 7 ft won’t finish the game even a quarter if they don’t play half-court offense.

  121. akosibonik says:

    i’m a heat fan, only one player is needed by LAL. DWIGHT HOWARD(maybe deron). kobe’s not getting any younger, they need to secure their future. like rondo has in BOS, and griffin in LAC. their management gotta make their move. bynum cannot be a star, as well as sessions. they need a superstar. amare would also be a good tape solution, but not good enough for their future.

  122. vamos a la playa says:

    a trade for josh smith involving soft man gasol? I mean … do you really think people are stupid in atlanta?
    get your garbage elsewhere ….

  123. susie says:

    and yeah Kobe, no you won’t be there again. Best finish would always be just the 1st round in the playoffs(if you get lucky). Unless you bolt out of the Lakers and join the Spurs or OKC.

  124. susie says:

    Funny all the write-ups and arguments as to whose fault it was, Laker fans blame the coach, they blame Blake, they blame Gasol and/or Bynum, and then as if the blame was not enough, they even blame Sessions!

    It’s really simple you guys, the one person you don’t blame is truly the one to blame – Kobe Bryant. I don’t have to tell you why, if you don’t know then what a shame, you don’t really understand what basketball is all about.

  125. carlos says:


    Please. forget those LOSERS, they are history, The nba help the lakers for so long to get those rings. Let us talk about the teams that without the mafia has move forward and accomplish success.
    That fool mad war starter should be in jail instead.

  126. shadowfax says:

    And the Lakers traded Odom and Fisher for who??????

  127. pigeons01 says:

    No piti Bryant you stink. When you had Shaq, you complained that you want to win championship by yourself and now you need help. You just a stink Gunner!!!!!!!! Lakers got a years to go before getting back into champion. Kobe you old and stink!

  128. frannn.... says:

    Wow…. A lot of Kobe hatters that don’t know basketball, the man is agreat player, who just ran into a better team with a better coach… everyone talk about making other players better, but you can only give them the ball, but you can,t shot for them….

  129. Steve says:

    I’m a Lakers so it pains me to say this: a combination of getting beat by a faster, more athletic, offensively and defensively sound team, and of having too many position weaknesses led to the demise of the Lakers. Sessions did a decent job in the second half of the season, better than Fisher (and Fish was the man, but father time caught up to him), but the Lakers need a FAST, athletic point guard who can run the break and defend other point guards. The Small Forward spot is average at best, as World Peace’s offensive game fluctuates too much and he’s getting older so his defensive game will be slowly depreciating. The PF spot is fine where it is IF Gasol can maintain some consistent numbers; he has to give 15-20 points and 10 boards a game, something he didn’t do this post-season. The C position is in good hands with Bynum IF he can develop a killer instinct. He’s was the biggest guy on the floor EVERY GAME this post-season, yet his effort and results fluctuated too much to justify a critic in saying “The Lakers center position is fine.” And then there’s the bench…there’s no one.

    Nash seems like he would work well but honestly, do they really want a 38 year old basketball mastermind who can’t defend a toddler, let alone a Westbrook or a Rondo? That forces the interior defense to compensate for their PG’s defense. More importantly, Nash needs the ball, he’s always been the primary ball handler. If Nash joined the Lakers, Kobe would have to take less touches and consent to coming off a lot of screens/rolls/etc., or Nash would have to learn how to operate without the ball.

    Best bet might to be trade away Bynum OR Gasol (not both!) for a quality first round pick or for a couple of talented younger players who bring more athleticism to the Lakers. Then draft well, even into the second round. I’m tired of teams giving up on draft picks. The Spurs find first round GEMS practically every year. They allow their younger players to play a lot during the season, which develops their confidence, and come playoff time the team is seemingly indestructible. Time for a change in mentality in the NBA.

  130. Chris says:

    If the lakers are going to make in deep in the playoffs pau and ramon need to get engaged and the need to get young legs to match up with all the young teams. And wasn’t Josh Smith asking for a trade then trade Pau Gasol for Josh Smith. It’s a great trade for both teams the Hawks get a good vetran and the Lakers get a young guy.

  131. Moshe says:

    i wrote a few days ago that kobe will have two more rings and i am sticking to what i wrote
    and this is how it goes kobe bynum gasol meta sessions and a bench that can contibute twenty points average per game then they will be unbeatable
    they wil be back for sure and i will come from israel to watch them win

    • Yao says:

      Actually he needs 3 more rings because he gave one away to cover his beauty and the beast in Denver

    • mb says:

      think of it this way, you will save money unless drastic changes are made in the laker team.

  132. markangelo says:

    it’s a good day to me seeing the Lakers getting a nice butt kicking by the Thunders, it’s priceless to see them lose, keep it up young guns 🙂

  133. OKC2012 says:


  134. Baller2309 says:

    Anyone know what Nike sweatshirt Kobe is wearing in the press conference?

  135. Ryan says:

    This is what they miss from Lamar Odom. Odom is like a point forward player who can bring the ball down… and shoot the jumpshot…

  136. mgm l says:

    I wish the Lakers organization took that jacka$$ commissioner to court for CP3 trade killer. I am sure that jacka$$ commish covered his a$$ from not being sued. Such is life in the NBA with executives like that. Lakers may have been in the finals with KB24, CP3 and Bynum on the floor.

  137. LakerFan says:

    and since they are more interested on keeping goudelock than morris:

  138. Pedro says:

    The problem is mindset. Bynum and Gasol dont have the same mindset of Kobe. They never will.

    OKC is hungry and have two beasts in Westbrook an Durant. Durant is playing clutch all season. Westbrook is taking the heavy burden for three quarters so Durant can shine in the end. Their bigs are playing some serious D. Harden is so efficient that he’s annoying. They’ve been playing togheter for three or four seasons. They are young and athletic!

    The lakers have Kobe and……who else? Bynum and Gasol are dragging themselves this postseason. Sessions is on his FIRST playoff run. MWP is not the answer on the SF spot, his D is down from past seasons and he’s a non factor on offense. Barnes? Blake? McRoberts? Average to mediocre players. A veteran team with a new and playoff virgin PG, two bigs with no desire whatsoever and no SF. And you guys have the guts to bash Kobe? Shame on you!!!

    • mb says:

      maybe kobe has something to do with the haywire mindset of the lakers? maybe he just wants to win so bad that his teammates mean nothing to him?

  139. Cheng says:

    It’s funny because last night when Kobe shoot over 50% he is the king and in most other playoff games he shoot around 30% everybody criticize him badly., 30 or 50 laker still lose…last year when thy lost to Dallas people are saying the same thing they say right now. laker will be ready next year…blah blah blah…This talk is on and on until Kobe is 60. Well keep your high hope up….

  140. jack says:

    nobody says anything about mike brown,he needs to go.

  141. OKC fans are Bandwaggers says:

    No trade Gasol he is the one thats unconsistent, trade barnes, keep blake he makes clutch threes besides the one he missed in okc, Bynum is the second best center in the league behind howard i dont think we should trade for him. We definitely need a new point guard i would prefer williams or ty lawson if possible eiether one of them would bring more speed to the game. But its one problem getting deron williams he is a scorer just like kobe i think he will limit kobes shot which will make him angry…. but thats my opinion ill just have to wait and see

  142. Jenny Suarez says:

    As a fan, I’m sad but as a person who has been in love with the Lakers I’m very hurt! I’m mad especially at the OKC. but what can I do? It just happened. Maybe, it’s really their time to shine. I pity Kobe so much though I shouldn’t because i know that he and his team can make it to the finals and win the NBA championships (in the right time and in the right place with the right players). Since the first time I watch basketball, I told to myself that I would be a forever “laker-girl”.
    For the succeeding seasons:
    Lakers will come back and the Black Mamba will strike again.
    I will miss you Lakers! =)))))))

  143. LakerFan says:

    I wonder if we had SNash, KBryant, TMcGrady, DNowitzki, and BWallace. And bench with BDavis, GArenas, JStackhouse, RHamilton, LOdom, AJamison, JHoward, MCamby. THE OLDIES AND THE GOODIES.

  144. NBAJAM12 says:

    should’ve, could’ve, would’ve dude they got beat fair and square why cant you lose and accept it like men and just try for next year OKC is amazing right now give them credit they beat your LAKERS that is it and OKC vs. SPURS is gonna be a amazing game they both have equal chances and its gonna be straight up great basketball no drama unlike lakers the spurs are not gonna roll them we got what it takes if they play there hearts out

  145. M.A.B.velous says:

    The Laker dynasty is dead. It died last year, but I guess Laker fans needed closure. It hurts. I’ve been there. Many a high school days in the early 2000’s I had to watch my beloved Chicago Bulls with disgust as Jannero Pargo and an over-the-hill Ray Mercer made it difficult to be a fan. The ”Save Us Jalen Rose” era and the Ben Wallace signing only made things worse 4 fans. All dynasties must fall. It’s an ugly truth that even the Lakers can’t escape. The worst has yet to come Laker fans. Prepare yourself.

  146. what? says:

    kobe? mvp? wahahah dream all you want laker fans,,, you should be really happy if your lakers et a chance to go to pose season next year! :> wazhahaha getting grumpy and old,, hahah to bad for you, good for us wahahaha

    • TTKIN says:

      Unless you root for Boston, us Laker fans can celebrate more championships than whatever team you root for.

  147. what? says:

    threepeat??? really wahahahaha maybe next 30 years wahahahaha laker iss a big loser ,, what a joke ,, just accept it wahahha sorryyyy guys… face it, oldies ,, wahaha :>:

  148. OKC2012 says:

    BTW while all of you Lakers fans got all moist watching Kobe completely takeover in the beginning of this game, the rest of us people who know anything about basketball were laughing at you because once again they ruined their game plan and did not go inside, which always leads to a loss. All you Kobe fanboys need to get off the bandwagon about his past performance and understand that the future does not not include him doing by himself,, because they will just never win that way… and no matter what you think, he has never done it by himself leading the Lakers to a win. Does everybody forget the years after he cried about Shaq, after Shaq left they were a trash team and he asked for a trade, which led them to get Gasol, and this move led them back to championship form, so with these obvious facts out there how can you possibly say that he did this or that by himself? He can enjoy his personal stats, because those 42 points just booked your precious Lakers a one way ticket home.

    • Xiao says:

      KD learned this in his third year and that’s why he’s alway sharing the ball. Kobe still haven’t aware yet…!

  149. KelvinofCainta says:

    Message to Mike Brown – You’re the only coach who got the chance to lead 2 of the greatest players that ever played the game in Lebron and Kobe but you still was not able to pull it through.. I put the blame on you. So overrated!! Too bad there are many coaches who are of absolute brilliance that were never given the right materials to win a championship. I wonder how the Lakers would fare given that Jerry Sloan (He has Malone and Stockton i know but they had to deal with Phil and Michael), Thibodeau (too early to tell but look at the way they play even without Rose in the lineup, it’s like He has an imprint in them), or Adleman was their coach (i dunno about you but I see great potential in him. Ricky Rubio got injured when they are in the process of jelling as a team. Minnesota was I think 7th or 8th in the standings when Ricky got injured. Not to mention his Sacramento Kings in the early 2000s). Lakers Management, ask yourself this.. Is Mike Brown really the right person to carry on the torch left by the great Phil Jackson??

  150. OKC2012 says:

    First off all this Kobe talk is irrelevant, who cares what he has done in the past it’s about what is being done on the court now and they lost so just face the reality and get over it.

    The Lakers organization messed everything up and that is what you real Lakers fans should be concerned about, without Kobe in the next few years this team is nothing, after that trade talk they ruined themselves, can’t blame Gasol if he does not have the same fire he had a couple years ago when you basically tell him you don’t want him anymore… pretty big slap in the face after what he did for you in those last couple championship runs. Then Lamar Odom gets booted and you basically get nothing in return for the former 6th man of the year and only threat off the bench.

    Now Bynum, did you hear him tonight????? ”I don’t care where I play”, even the interviewer was shocked, he has given up physically and checked out mentally.

    Now what happens in the offseason? Unless they are lucky to lure some big star to L.A this team is going to be in rebuilding mode majorly so this means you basically have to focus on the next 2-3 years. Kobe needs 1 big man, not 2, he is going to get his 30 shots a night no matter who is on the team and you cannot expect to have 2 big men splitting 20 shots a game and staying happy while Kobe criticizes them for not being aggressive enough. Now who gets the boot? Gasol or Bynum? Everybody will say Gasol, and it’s true he does not seem excited to play for this team after being betrayed, but he is far more skilled and proven. Bynum? he’s mentally unstable, unproven and completely checked out, no matter how much you think he has the capability to be the big sized interior force, he clearly is not going to be if you go by his attitude. You can thank the Lakers Organization for these problems.

    The only real option is to get rid of BOTH big men and try to get the return of an elite Center and a load of much better role players. good luck on that because nobody will be looking to pick these guys up and they showed lack of heart, mental toughness, and overall skill during these playoffs.

    Best bet is to just hope for something magical to happen and politely bow out to the new force of the West, the new NBA powerhouse.

    • Mattie says:

      What he’s doing in the court right now? More than 40 points in a crucial playoff game is enough? His mentality is enough? Unfortunately he (who has 5 rings yet) is the only one still willing to win a title in that team. The other ones basically have a small personality. Bynume thinks he’s a god of basket – but he is not; he’s not humble – when you look in his eyes you don’t see the tiger. Take a look on some videos (choose an era; a champ has no age) and see the face of a winning champs: you can see they wanted to win. In the faces of most of the lakers nowaday there’s fear, or at least you can see they don’t believe they can win. Really a lack of mentality. There’re players always fighting, till the end. Kobe’s one of those. He never quits. That would be more than enough even for a “normal” player, while he’s (old, yes, but still) galactic.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ….it is NOT about a champs face….it is about his legs…or what is left of them!!!

    • Charles says:

      OKC 2012 I understand that you’re excited that your team FINALLY beat the Lakers.However, that does not make you the NEW POWERHOUSE of the WEST. Real powerhouses have MULTIPLE championship banners, Get in line behind the 16 banners of the Lakers and the 4 banners of the San Antonio Spurs. By the way , you better get in line quickly because the Spurs will be raising their FIFTH CHAMPIONSHIP BANNER as soon as they eliminate OKC

    • W.Kiah says:

      Winning a second round playoff series does not make OKC a NBA powerhouse. Real powerhouses have MULTIPLE CHAMPIONSHIPS. You don’t want to hear about the past, well that’s what makes a franchise a powerhouse.2000,2001 and 2002 LAKER THREEPEAT ! If you missed that ,OKC was around in 2009 and 2010 when the Lakers won BACK TO BACK TITLES in 2009 and 2010. The only teams that don’t want to hear about franchise championships are the ones that don’t have any. Celtics 17 titles , Lakers 16 titles, Bulls 6 titles, Spurs 4 titles. If you want to be a powerhouse WIN TITLES. OKC better hurry up because the San Antonio Spurs are about to win their FIFTH.

  151. steve-o says:

    I love kobe bryant u gotta respect the guy’s game, he’s getting up there in age and he’s still able to put up 30 or 40 on any given night, kobe isn’t the reason why they lost to okc, it was bynum and gasol and the poor defense of blake and sessions on westbrook. okc is the better team no doubt, they have the best scorer in the game right now in kevin durant and another great scorer in westbrook. i see them beating the spurs in 6 and winning the finals

  152. KB24(Living Legend) says:

    ONE thing………………………………LAKERS coming back harder next season and the many seasons after that…………….KB24 for 2012-2013 MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ENOUGH SAID

  153. Flying Raijin_41 says:

    Lakers can’t win with that kind of calls of the referees. Most of the calls favors the thunder in this game….it makes me feel sick…I’m a mavs but I didn’t like a single bit of calls the referees..the Thunder won because of cheating!!!

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ….hte refs……NOW ….. I have heard it all……. what sore losers……almost as bad as that brat wade…… pathetic…… enjoy the fun in the sun out in la la land……lmao

  154. GCX says:

    It was really sad to see Kobe try to will the Lakers to win pretty much entirely by himself. Guys not setting screens for him, Gasol in particular, Bynum a no show in the game, Sessions unable to hit the open shot.

    In all these comments and in the media you keep seeing people say “Play through Bynum/Gasol” and Kobe has to be the second/third option. I’m sorry, but Bynum/Gasol don’t have the killer instinct, the heart or the desire to be the primary option in a close playoff game. You watched them crumble when it mattered most and Kobe was left to take the shots because he’s the only one left on the team who isn’t afraid of the big moment, save possibly World Peace (who has lost too much of his offensive ability over the years to be second option anyway)

    The Lakers need to trade Bynum or Gasol for a more aggressive, young, athletic big. Josh Smith or Joakim Noah would be good options. They also need to pick up a RELIABLE 10-15ppg scorer off the bench who can hit the three at a 40% clip. Ray Allen would be a perfect fit, and could back up Kobe to give him good rest. Can also move Kobe to the three and play them together with Ray coming off the ball.

    Either way, Kupchak has work to do. Good luck next season, Go LAKERS!

  155. rigor mortiz says:

    i think the Lakers in the rebuilding process now, they need a good coach, Stan Van Gundy is available, i dont think Pau should be traded, they needa solid bench, they can get that through free agency,

    • TTKIN says:

      Brown is a pretty good coach. He wasnt the prob. Well, it was his fault the Lakers were playing an 8 man rotation pretty much the entire postseason, but other than that his defensive schemes work really well. Problem is, Kobe gets 25+ mill a year, Gasol will make 19, and I believe Bynum is in the 15 range with his team option. Gasol is one of the highest paid players in the NBA and is their third option. In no way do I blame a poor season on him, but he is making way too much for a third option. I still say trade him to Houston for Scola and Martin. You get a tough replacement for Gasol, and at the same time, they solve their 3 point shooting problems. And as for Bynum, he is very talented, but I dont trust throwing the keys of the franchise to a guy who only showxs up for work but once a week. Trade him for Howard.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        what would you expect with someone with the brain the size of a walnut???? He better be putting away some of that gravy train dough…. he is VERY close to being a nonpampered one …..maybe he can get a job with fruit-of-the-loom and maybe then he can be a “great” as the underwear salesman is!!!!! lol

  156. Brian says:

    aldstar You say that Jordan would be shaq’s sidekick when jordan was in his 3rd season?? i think that you dont know basketball Jordans 3rd year was his most productive, averaging 37 points a game, over 3000 points for the season. I think that Kobe fans have to acknowledge that although he is a great player he is not in the same category as magic, bird or jordan.

  157. Nk says:

    Wow what a arrogant pathetic statement from a brilliant player of the game. Not taking that @#$% like the Piston’s did with the Bulls. One exception between the Piston’s and the current Lakers, the team that beat the Pistons was won of the best teams that ever was starting it dominance. You can argue want you want to but it was a pretty poor choice of words when he basically slags off a great team in the Pistons while trying to inflate how good the Lakers really are.

  158. ryelpango says:

    Bynum is just waiting for Kobe to retire so he can be the MAIN man. For LA to win another championship with Kobe, they need to surround Kobe with willing supporting casts, Bynum will not have a bar of it, he wants to be option number 1.

  159. KobeOverrated says:

    Kobe is so washed up, who just ball hogs the entire game, throwing shots after shots like theres no tomorrow, oh well thats who hes been forever. a ball hog nothing else

  160. amiral says:

    im a true Lakers fan. what happened this season and especially and the playoffs were the lack of energy the players played. bynum is good dont get me wrong but he is lazy and too childish. he needs to grow up. pau gasol , oh my god this guy play too much. i love kobe bryant but sometimes i think he try to do too much like he forces the basket. we need a point guard. keep sessions, trade blake and see if they can get derick williams in the line up. i think they can keep bynum and pau at least start the season with them and see where they at. i was watching the game and it seems like jobe bryant is the only who want to win . everybody else was like whatever. the GM got alot to do for the next season . im hopping they make some good changes. by the way mike brown u need to do a better job on coaching for real.i know u can do the job, so do it right. LA nation all day.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      lanation is on lunchbreak now and in the near future as well…….. get used to it lakerfan…… the “dream” is OVER…..lmao

  161. skullz says:

    Answer me this NBA FANS: Can you all name at least one superstar that *WON* a champion ship with out another superstar on his team??? … I THINK NOT! …

    Kobe will get his 6th ring. They should of beaten OKC in all of those games except number 1 that was rediculous..

    Lakers will be back next season with a new roster…

    C: A.Bynum
    PF: D.Howard
    SF: World Peace
    SG: Kobe
    PG: D.Williams

    Bench: Sessions, Hill, Goudeleck, Barns, etc…. etc.

    The lakers will be contending next year and Kobe for MVP…

    • naknang says:

      dream on!unless kobe accepts the veteran’s paycheck.

    • kevin94 says:

      How do you get Howard and Deron Williams with just trading the only good player in Gasol? Plus Howard and Williams would quit when they see their numbers plummet once Kobe takes his 30+ shots per game. Kobe needs to stop being a ego-maniac/ballhog/crybaby who blames his teammates if he wants anyone decent to join his team.

    • Lakers Contending says:

      I totally agree with you, it totally takes more than one piece to even come close to winning a championship. Jordan had Pippen and a good supporting cast ATM the supporting cast for Kobe is a laughing stock at best.

      I agree on some trades that they need to make but here how i see it

      C: D.Howard (Need the shot blocking inside presence)
      PF: J.Hill (Very Underrated and should be given the chance)
      SF: Unknown but need an upgrade
      SG: Kobe
      PG: D.Will (We Need someone who can score Every night and get everyone shots as well)

      Bench: Sessions, World Peace, Barnes, Lamar (Resign him for nothing), And a 3point Shooter

      There is no way Bynum is the best center in the league, he may have the most potential but no desire, i don’t care if he gets mugged inside that key he should still be able to score 25+ with his size. Gasol deserves a the bench or should be traded, these two have no desire. Bring Back Lamar on a min contract and if he stuffs around who cares cause its only peanuts that we are going to pay him.

      Really with Kobe getting Old we need a new Centre Piece someone in 3 years that we can build a team around and who can honestly say that Bynum fits that mold

      Get rid of him now before its too late!!!!!!! Or it will be a long road of nothing for the lakers

    • bsj968 says:

      I sure can and I only have to go to last year.


      Not only did he NOT have another superstar, he didn’t even have another All-Star. He had a bunch of veterans/former all-stars.

    • alo says:


    • .....justplayball !! says:

      ……no more rings for the spoiled one…..sorry lakerfan!!

  162. I believe Kobe will be in the championship race next year,so no worries LA.
    I think the spurs will win in 6 because of the rest they got and 2 consecutive sweeps.
    sorry OCK!

  163. Im sad………………….
    But no matter wat hapen im still a lakers fan
    I beleive in kobe word……………..
    He can make it!with the help of his teammate.
    Icant wait 2 see u next season…………….luv u LAKERS!

  164. Mattie says:

    On “Kobe + Dwight” dreamers. I think Van Gundy out means Howard stays in Orlando.

  165. KB24 says:

    We need a pg: Deron Williams would fit perfectly but I think he’s going to Dallas, maybe Rondo a good option.
    We need a true bench.
    We need at least a strong 3 point shooter.

    In my opinion these above are the main adjustments Lakers should try to do.
    Difficult to say what to do with Bynum and Gasol, but definitely they’ve not done good things in this postseason.
    On Kobe…..I read he is selfish….he has no birthday’s party invitations (…what I have to read…)……he won’t get anymore ring….
    I say….just watch how he plays…his buckets…..never seen such a pure talent, such a smooth player, such an elegant player….his touch….his footwork…..this matters, not if he has birthday’s parties invitations….or if he’ll be able to get another ring or not

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …..parties??? …. you talkin’ ’bout Parties?????……..PARTIES ????????……. I can hear AI now……

  166. zenun says:

    its not a surprise beacuse lakers were done when the mavs have beaten them last year with a sweep and they have just solidified it all season long.kobe is a big man dependent and that was proven when gasol and bynum didn’t step up.people keep blaming gasol or bynum whenever lakers loose when kobe ball hogs and shoots an awful 30% on the floor.people is somewhat blinded by kobe’s greatness and still keep saying (especially laker fans) “they’re just fine they will bounce back when playoff comes kobe is kobe” i mean what the heck people who do you think kobe is?jordan?!that’s reason real reason why lakers lost because they did not make a major a makeover with their aging roster.lakers management believed kobe will save the day but that was just a plain fantasy.i mean don’t get me wrong kobe is great one of the greatest but the fact is he ain’t the jordan type.sure he’s clutch and he can take over a game by himself but he can’t take over a series like jordan did and dwade did(2006 finals) or even lebron did(2007 playoffs) hell he can’t even carry his team to the playoffs when oneal left he even needed the the zen master to do that for him for crying out loud!until lakers don’t do anything with their roster there will never be another ring

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …..bronbron in ’07…..are you drunk ?……… they were SWEPT… a TEAM !!! The only time laker fan mentions the word team is when they are OUT of the playoffs… funny to watch……

      • zenun says:

        i said playoffs not finals idiot!he did wilt when finals came but you can’t deny the fact that he was amazing before the finals especially against the heavily favored pistons that even kobe with shaq was nearly swept back in 2004

  167. Derrick says:

    Kobe will forever be kobe. From championships to record breaking performances, cannot be denied he is one of the best to ever play the game. And for the lakers organization, hope they create a better roster and coaching staff next season.

    • jovdelmar says:

      Agree, lakers roster needs a lot of adjustments, from pg to 3pt shooter to big men trades to new coach/system. Thats not easy to do because they are way over salary cap and the new agreement is tighter now which means less room for flexibility. Thats why i think the Lakers are done as far as getting to the Finals again (not saying forever but in the next 3 years at least)

  168. AngelZERO says:

    the wheel is spinning…

    anyway…i’m sure the lakers will be “back” next season

  169. Siona Hugo says:

    The team of LA L need to inject new blood in the team, and stop the depnder Gasol Kobe and the rest of the team can do but what they have done so far…………………..

  170. tdistor says:

    This team is broken. Bynum, Gasol, MWP and the other guys just can’t stand Kobe anymore. There were some games, when Kobe was in the bench before the playoffs, where you could feel the chemistry between the players, even in the losses, but once Kobe returned, he broke that union and they never played great again.

    I think some of them would gladly leave the team, i tell by the way they talk, the way the perform on the court. You can see MWP, Blake or Gasol supporting his teammates when they fail, but you won’t see that from Kobe.

    It seems that the ones that would leave the team will have more chances to have fun playing than the ones that would stay in L.A.

  171. mbarank says:

    Pau has post moves and fundamental skills but he is too soft for playoffs. PF at this stage is expected to do the dirty work. He is not capable of that. Not anymore.
    Lakers already have a real and good Center (Bynum). They need a star to replace Kobe when he retires. D-Will-Kobe-Bynum would be great for the core. Better role players (shooters,defenders) must be added though.

  172. Beardofhoarden says:

    The lakers should get deron williams(free agent) and trade pau or bynum (or both of them) for dwight. If they do that they have a great chance of winning the championship

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …..your’e funny…….. how can you afford all of that, anyway???? you see the nba as a candy store !!!!!

      • Beardofhoarden says:

        Look at the Heat…they all sacrificed their earn for a better team and i was thinking the Lakers can do the same. And they’re gonna get rid of gasol and/or bynum anyway

  173. tukmol says:

    kobe is getting old but name other 33 year old player who can play like what kobe does

  174. Eric says:

    LAL need GILBERT ARENAS! and try to look for a young guard with a solid 3pt shooting

  175. kb24ever says:

    and also i forgot….pls bring Phil Jackson back on that bench they need him

  176. we have to admit that Kobe is getting older and he can’t carry the entire franchise on his bare shoulders alone anymore. We need the guys to step up and provide much needed help. Also, I really love Kobe and we can still see that fire in his eyes. KD is darn good but IFF he is on the Lakers team, I believe he will learn much from Kobe to become an even better player and more importantly as a leader than he already is.

  177. kb24ever says:

    or pau gasol for carmello anthony….. both teams like that trade

  178. kb24ever says:

    trade pau gasol for beasley and derreick williams

  179. Meni says:

    BYNUM & GASOL…………..OUT
    HOWARD + PAUL……………IN


  180. Bruce says:

    If It had been Phil he would have won the game with this team no matter what he has got that zen technique to inject on the players never give up unlike they won with Boston the finals just win at any circumstances. I shall not blame the players it is the coach to be blamed he has to get things from them.

    This is almost same team which won the trophy twice why the rivals were also young.. is it that Lakers have bcome old within 2 years?

    • bsj968 says:

      Wasn’t Phil the coach last year? And they had Fisher and Odom? And was SWEPT by the Mavs? The pundits were calling it a Laker implosion last year – this year it’s because OKC was a better team.

      The truth is Bynum is not a starting all-star center. 10 pts and 4 rebs. Those are Dampier numbers, not the ‘best center in the league’ (haha good one Shaq!) With Kobe, Gasol, and Bynum all on the same team they should be steam rolling everyone. They have the players. And on some nights, those players have the skills. They just don’t work well together.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ……don’t worry bsj968….lakerfan has a severe case of “selective” memory …….LOL…….LOL

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        Agreed, Bynum performs when he seems fits too…..

  181. Super A says:

    They need fisher and Odom back..

  182. None Of Your Business says:

    There is a three-peat in LakerLand soon yet… Lakers Haters; Fear it! Lakers Fans; Wait for it

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      LMAO…….. wake up …..wake up…… youmust be in dreamland!!!

      • None Of Your Business says:

        Underestimating the ‘Heart of a Champion’, such as The Lakers organization’s commitment to excellence, will be nightmarish for the incredulous Lakers haters
        …eat, work, gym shower, beer, watch, sleep… Stan, Stan, read em & weep not… justplayball and wait for it

  183. ver says:

    The only thing Kobe has is his EGO..They lost the series because he doesn’t know how to accept his mistakes and blamed on it his teammates..That is why he can never be compared to MJ..not even close…He cannot accept the fact that he needs guys who he can help him..All he is trying to prove is he can do it alone..It’s an egoistic approach on his part..well, that’s just Kobe, not MJ…

  184. smith says:

    what a loser wahaahahah its hard getting old :> sorryy laker fans your season is over wahahaha again not even reaching the finals hihiihih LA. LOSERSSSSSSS ,, going fishin again at the lake

  185. LakersFan1000 says:

    I guess they should trade Bynum to get Dwight Howard down there and keep Pau. Bynum’s just not consistent with his performance every game. The Lakers need more muscle in crashing the boards and more speed and athleticism in the PG spot. Also, they should improve in closing the games.

  186. Mattie says:

    OKC: a young team with 2 young all stars with a great personality (Westrbrook and Durant) and the 6th man of the year (Harden); plus a solid center (Perkins) and at least a great defender (Ibaka). They can only lose against the experience of a clockwork orange (like the Spurs are – come on – I’m a Lakers fan since Kareem, but have you seen HOW those Spurs play? They are nearly perfect they seem a video game). Do you think at the East there’s such a quality? I think who wins at the West, wins the the ring.

    LA: a veteran team, without signifiant young “clutches” in its rusty mechanism, with and old big star still shining, but without anyone else around. Bynum? Overestimated – he’ll never be a Kareem (probably he feels to be a superstar, but he definitely is not). Gasol? Total lack of personality (the Lakers should have learned the past season, when he got conditioned by his personal life – what a pro!!!). Metta/Ron? A crazy; you have to get constant players, not one who can play good a match, then can be ejected and lose 7 games. Jordan had his Pippen. Give Kobe his Le Bron (kidding…). You have to almost completerly rebuilt this team. Trade, trade, trade. (Hoping a commissioner does not hate you like with CP3).

  187. kobe241 says:

    kobe need a companion on the court. He need someone on scoring and that is carmelo anthony. Lakers management should think on that, bryant is getting old. Go get carmelo!

    • jackson95 says:

      Kobe and Melo on one team? Thats gotta be the worst combination ever, 2 ballhogs on one team? There wont be enough shots available. Their defence would become one of the worst in the nba since not only is Melo a lazy defender, they’d have to trade either Gasol or Bynum to get him. Lakers need to get rid of all their non factor players like Murphy, McRoberts, Ebanks etc and have a better 2nd unit for next year. I predict during the offseason Odom will return, and Gasol will get traded for a better point guard since his numbers have gone down every year.

    • NBATrueFan says:

      ROFL you think Kobe would play well with Carmelo?… they’d be fighting over who got 60% of the touches… no way they’d ever work together lol

    • NBAfan says:

      Kobe will shout at Carmelo for not playing defense every time….it won’t work out.

      • Barkley's Shiny Head says:

        It might work, Wade and LBJ seem to do well at it. 70 pts in one game is impressive. 38 consecutive for both is even better.

  188. dreadyjun says:

    Kobe is the greatest and the toughest competitor in the NBA. He’s willingness to win is just phenomenon. Well it certainly look like the end of another Lakers dynasty, be that Kobe/Gasol or Kobe/Gasol/Bynum. Time to rebuild and get Kobe some help and build a new dynasty. Need some fresh legs and definitely need some bench overhaul. Kobe still looks great and he has shown that he can compete for many more years to come. He doesn’t really need to prove anything in trying to win another championship, but Kobe would not bother playing if he doesn’t think that he can win more championship. That is a mark of a true champion. Great game Kobe….. No one will come close to what you have accomplished and will continue to accomplish as a Laker. Go Kobe!!! Go Lakers !!!!!!

  189. kidoh says:

    everything has a reason. may be it’s for the management of the Lakers to think of. many teams are aspiring to be the champion and they are working hard to get that ring. Lakers can’t win with only one bullet. i’m not saying that the towers didn’t participate for the wins. but as a fan i would like to give an opinion for the roster. there’s a need of better point guard and center for the Lakers to improve their game. let’s say that Kobe is old, but he can probably score a lot. he can shoot anywhere and stun his defender. what’s not enough is the supporting team mates. i really love Lakers since i was a boy. and i’d like to see that old picture of a champion in the face of the Lakers.

    PS Gasol and Bynum are great players. please don’t trade them. 😀
    i wanna see chris paul as a Lakers and Blake Griffin also.

  190. Manu says:

    Get Rondo and Love. 🙂

    • NBAfan says:

      A big man who can shoot and a point guard who can’t……nice balance there….could work…but not in the Lakers. Rondo maybe…Love…MIN will keep him unless he himself wants to leave….

  191. toni kukoc says:

    Like i posted in other blogs, Lakers is a great organization but they are in DOWNWARD SPIRAL for couple years.

    1. Veto’d Chris Paul trade for “basketball reasons”
    “basketball reasons’ as in “Kobe does not want to share the spotlight with anyone else – its Kobes team”

  192. dana says:

    KObe bryant. still the best PLAYER ever exist. wooooooooh!! i really admire you. i hope i can see you in person. :))) Filipino people loves u so much. esp. me.. 😀

  193. DelusionalLakersFans says:

    What’s always amusing is how Kobe is filled with ignorant bliss. He is the main reason for his Lakers teams implosions and roster restructuring. Sure he has 3 rings with Shaq’s help and 2 rings by some fortunate lucky bounces, but he has always been the princess that the Lakers organization has pampered. Lakers win one championship and their delusional fans think they are automatically entitled to the next season’s trophy. This years and last years Lakers teams were not championship teams to begin with, so its no surprise to me they’ve been eliminated. I can’t think of too many top caliber teams who’ve imploded as the result of their superstar’s selfish personality, but Kobe and the Lakers has always been one especially in the last 5 years. He’s the one superstar who surprisingly doesn’t have that many friends or are buddies with other NBA superstars. You never hear about him being invited or attending other players birthdays. That was difference with him and the other NBA greats, they were likable guys who were buddies with opponents off the court. Kobe, he’s such an antisocial primadonna. You Lakers fans can keep him. He has no charisma, which is why his legacy and all his accomplishments will be stained.

    • None Of Your Business says:

      Stained??? …tsk, tsk, …YOU will no doubt continue to: Read em & weep, happy birthday baby

    • NBAfan says:

      Is that you Francisco? W/E?

      I’m a fan of Kobe’s basketball skills and thirst for rings. I am NOT a fan of Kobe Bryant as a person. Mainly because I don’t know him AS A PERSON….NOR DO YOU ACTUALLY! Oh wait…do you? Did you invite him to your birthday party and he didn’t show?

      Last 5 years? Lakers imploded? Because he reached the finals 3 of those last 5 years including this year..and won 2 rings? He is the reason they imploded?

      I think they had a good series with OKC…they played good enough. Kobe played good enough. Just that OKC was younger, more athletic, hungrier, and just WON THAT SERIES….I know they blew leads…but the way I see it…THE LAKERS DIDN’T LOSE THAT SERIES…OKC WON IT!!!

      • Brad Depablo says:

        Ha! I couldnt have said it better myself.. The Lakers are still in fact a contender in the west. And Kobe hands down is still one of, if not the best all around player in the World. Im not a die hard fan, I just tend to give props where its due.

        OKC just did their thang! Some of the shots westbrook and durant were taking and making, were almost clones of the shots AFRO KOBE used to make

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      Kobe is friends with alot of nba players and other sports figures….

      His attitude may have stained some relationships, but not all…nor would you totally know seeing you dont know the man and his personal life

    • Susan says:

      Do you not know that all the other nba player want to be like him

  194. Lakers fan says:

    hopefully LAKERS will win another championship next year… GO LAKERS. GO LAKERS. GO LAKERS…see you next season.

  195. Allan says:

    The Lakers need few players that can shoot the 3 ball at %more then 40% so that will open the middle for Pau and Andrew and kobe can drive to middle more

  196. OKC 2012 CHAMPS says:

    Kobe has all those titles because of Shaq & Gasol, he is the most selfish basketball player in the entire universe.

    • OKC 2012 CHAMPS says:

      …and he won’t get that 6th never…

      • None Of Your Business says:

        Won’t get that 6th, never?? …OKC 2012 Champs???? …Mr Sandman, bring me a dream

      • NBAfan says:

        I don’t think OKC will ever win 3 titles….EVER (cause of a guy named Lebron James in the East)….maybe 1…maybe 2….but most likely not 3…Kobe..has 5 already….so yeah…even if he doesn’t get his 6th…

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        garbage to my ears! Was it not Kobe who won the series for LA against Indiana when Shaq was in foul trouble?

        Shaq needed Kobe, just as much as Kobe needed him

      • Leonardo says:

        c’mon okc is a very good team but i dont think they’re going to beat spurs.
        i’m a lakers fan but i think that we will see old school stuff in The Finals this year… KG vs. Duncan

    • NBAfan says:

      Yeah…Kobe needed another guy to help him out to win titles…so what…..can you name a championship team that was truly a one man team?

      The only guy who came “close” was Lebron back in Cleveland…and when I say close….I meant he got completely SWEPT by the spurs…next thing you now…he’s teaming up with Dwayne Wade and Bosh….

      Every Batman needs a Robin and every Robin needs a Batman

    • Andy.S says:

      Yeah Kobe had Shaq etc, just like Mj had Pippen n back in 2003/5/7 Duncan had (still has although older) Manu & Parker or even when Wade had Shaq & Mourning and in the present time look at OKC Durant has Westbrook & Harding. Every team who has won has had there star with good support or 2stars with a decent supporting cast. You need to get a grip before starting the Kobe only has his titles because of Shaq rubbish, maybe Shaq only has his titles because of Kobe n Wade works 2 ways… Idiot

    • Ben says:

      All I can tell you is watch Spike Lee’s Kobe Doin’ Work

    • alo says:

      @LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) Doesn’t matter, Two of Kobe and Shaq’s championship came from playing against easy teams in the finals (Philly, which was a one man team and New Jersey Nets). The east was just not that good back then.

  197. Game 4 Kobe dont have the heart of winning the game. Game 5 Kobe played with the eagle eye but the flagrant foul called by the ref. for Artest aka Meta Worldpeace its down moral for Lakers team. To Lakers you guy’s lost because of your mismanagement what you do to Kobe its what they do to Nash at Phoenix(Fisher is better player than Gasol) BUT MORE POWER SEE YOU GUY’S NEXT PLAYOFF.

  198. spur'sfan says:

    nah, so what if OKC won, they will just be beaten by the Spurs. they got destroyed in the Season Series, with no diaw, jackson, an incomplete Big 3, haha. Spurs in five

    • None Of Your Business says:

      Lakers fans can only respect real Champions, not manufactured fakes; GO SPURS

      • NBAJAM12 says:

        @ none of your business , dude you just got done saying everything on here is childish, your comment makes absolutely no sense manufactured fakes??? iggnorant, go play in traffic please! you guys need to give respect when deserved all the lakers gave them there respect so man up!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        @nbajam……he means “FAKES”….as in “if you can’t win a title it is time to go out and BUY another of some teams best players—call them ‘yours’ for a couple of years then….rinse and repeat” that is what he means!!! go figure!!….it gets old to REAL fans that watch their organization “build” a team through drafting and developing players in other ways and ….instead of just being an NBA headhunter….. which is what all you fakerfans are doing on this blog right NOW!!!!! “Who should we ‘GET’ (read –buy) to make the team better…..NO ONE said the lakers need to ” DRAFT ” better players….it is all about getting the other team’s all star!! y’all are a joke…… How can you stand to get behind new ‘ stars ‘ every year…….. don’t you ever get tired of winning with other teams best players????? Well, don’t you???? and a big PS: lakers AND their so-called fans have given NOBODY else respect…… Like in this latest example….. OKC didn’t WIN….. the lakers lost because of this or that or whatever lame EXCUSE you types happen to latch on to…….. so YOU go play in traffic an for goodness sake…. TRY to learn how to SPELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL !!

      • None Of Your Business says:

        @ you know who… dude, get over it already, trades and free agency is just as much a part of the NBA as draft picks; and even they get traded, sold, and bought for, for other consideration… Get Over It !! and …..justplayball !! already !!

    • NBAfan says:

      Momentum is on OKC’s side I think. However. Ginobili and Parker will cancel out Harden and Westbrook…..

      SO it’s all on Durant….I want to see how he responds!!! He should have been the MVP this year…..go get your ring young fella!!!

      • Sick says:

        Let’s just see if the oldies can handle the young guns….

      • Ben says:

        I’m sorry but with the way those two guys are playing, Ginobili is most definitely not canceling out either one of those players. I’ll give you Parker though, he’s playing amazing

    • Belizeboy says:

      Hope your back on here defending that claim when its a 6 or 7 game series. I see it going to that between these two teams.

  199. Dndrb says:

    I think it’s the inconsistency of the bench that dragged the Lakers to an early exit this post-season, and we saw a lot of this in the regular season. I think the GM desk should make some changes going to the next season by means of trades, and I think Lamar is still capable of helping the Lakers to win it again. I think it’s not right to blame Pau for having a career low season, he’s still hungry for championship. Also, It isn’t bad for the Lakers if they keep Drew for the next season but I think the coaches should help him make the most of his defensive ability. But still I think it’s the best idea if they open their options for Dwight in this situation. A solid and productive bench with the leadership of Odom + Pau and Drew/Dwight + Kobe Bryant = 17

  200. pavana takchavalit says:

    Mike Brown is incapable. Why did he always use Steve Blake at the end of the game, which always ends up with a loss?
    Why did he take Sessions out while he was hot?
    Kobe did his best and he is good. He plays hard and with strong will.
    Bynum is the big problem of the team. He doesn’t have a will to play. Probably, he thinks he is the best!!!
    Why don’t Lakers look for another person to replace him?
    Gasol is pretty weak too. I doubt when he will be strong.
    MWP is a man with confusion. He’d better to back to his old Ron Artest. Artest is stronger and better than MWP. Don’t try to change yourself. Be Ron Artest.
    I blame Mike Brown and Bynum most for this loss.

  201. wiltcall says:

    lakers in not going away it is proven…lakers organization is already steady and not tumbling down…see you next season

  202. mp24 says:

    Hard to gauge with the lakers would need to retool. I have to say that last years roster with Odom and Fisher would have helped provide a more balanced effort in this years playoffs. Not to mention if Artest didn’t get suspended, they would have easily handled Denver to have fresh legs for OKC. As obvious as it was to see both Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant try to will there teams to victories, it was clear that these there supporting cast members were not ready to take it the next level as they were. Michael Jordan got his 6th ring at age 35 and was still having 40 point games at age 40. So as long as Kobe has the drive, I still lakers coming back to win another champioship…but not with this roster

    • NBAfan says:

      I agree….

      CP3 and Kobe would have been a killer combo in the backcourt. Did you see the all-star game? The had good chemistry (even though it’s just an exhibition, it was still obvious).

      The only players other teams will want to trade for is Pau or Bynum…one or the other..or maybe both (if Dwight is involved)

    • jovdelmar says:

      MJ won at 35 but he started later than Kobe, Kobe is still 33-34 but its his what, 16th year? MJ played what 13years only?

      Its like the Bynum is still young debacle, One argues he still 24 years old but one could say he has been in the league 7years he should have that play-hard mentality already every night and not have those child like issues at times…

  203. Sharetheball says:

    We have a new era here folks – where building a team that shares the ball creates space and open looks. Kobe is a clutch player in the 4th but the era of MJ and Kobe is over. Gone are teams built on ball hogs taking 36 shots in a game making it deep into the finals. The spurs are the perfect antithesis. The Thunder are as well. So long as the lakers have Kobe on the roster and a push over for a coach, the lakers will advance precisely no where.

    • NBAfan says:

      Durant is pretty darn clutch my friend. Waht are you talking about…MJ…then Kobe…then Durant…era is not over…just a new player took over…and he’s 6’10 not 6’6 like the previous two.

  204. AlexGTD says:

    Get rid of Pau Gasol !!

    • NBAfan says:

      Someone needs to wake that guy up or trade him…unfortunately, I think the only way to wake him up IS to trade him…trade him and ramon sessions to the clippers for CP3……

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        CP3 would not aid all of our problems, our biggest issue is when Kobe sits down we cant produce any offense most of the time. We need legit depth!

      • Ben says:

        hahaha sorry man, but I dont think the Clippers would trade CP3 for anything after what he’s done for them this year.

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ….WHAT lakerfan…..he was your hero just a short time ago…… oh how fickle y’all are…..

  205. Juan says:

    Kobe’s in denial. The Lakers faded long ago! In order for the Lakers to compete again, they need to play as a TEAM!

    • NBAfan says:

      I dont’ know what you consider team play is…but they ran their plays. If it went through Kobe..well, that’s the play….he shot over 50% today so you can’t blame him. Also, they WON that game in the first minute and a half of the 4th when Kobe (and Metta) was resting…Harden bucket and back to back Durant threes….

      Again…it’s sad for Laker fans, but the Lakers didn’t lose this series…OKC WON IT!!!

      LAL needs to make adjustments this off season.

      • Francisco says:

        yes, this game, but they lost the series by kobe choking in the fourth quater

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ……took toooooooo many shots, as usual…… one else can get into ANY kind of rhythm with ‘ol kobester dribbling around for 12 seconds and then trying ANY kind of shot……. not a team player by ANY stretch of the imagination……. no real team defense, just the occasional offensive flash……… He could NOT play on a great defensive team because he would have to change his offensive approach to do that …. meaning ONLY taking Good shots with his teammates in proper position….. He has had his run, now he needs to be the team leader not just the high scorer……. he needs to take a role his is uncomfortable with……….being Second Fiddle and a true TEAM player…… probably won’t happen in LA ……… maybe in NY??

  206. sam says:

    man i really wanted to see the LAKERS in the finals!! kobe had a good game, but they have to figure out how to win close games. game 2 and game 4 should’ve never happened. but i don’t think kobe is done ( i might be saying this because im a huge fan) ! he still has some years ahead of him. .hopefully they come back stronger next year cause OKC will be the team to beat!! great game by OKC!! hopefully they beat the Spurs

  207. Random says:

    Yea, one thing that Lakers glad to have is always having a great general manager. Mitch has done a good if not great job in building a team. Nothing is impossible for Mitch and he nearly did it when Paul was actually coming before…. We will see how things go… Anyway should be an exciting WEST finals, looking forward to that!

  208. Julius Cubangbang says:

    What LA needs are guys who can knockdown three-pointers just like what Orlando has, since they have two excellent bigs.

  209. Kobe24 says:

    i think kobe is one of the best players in the world. he can still make a run for the title. GO KOBE!!!!

  210. jude says:

    kobe has still have his old self only they were beaten by a faster and more determined team. he’ll have one championship or 2 and breaks all time high score and etc. before he retires.

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …….lmao…….. wow , it is so funny how kobe-philes are so ‘blind’…….. just like watching movie stars….. oh yeah, it is LA…..pretend city!!

  211. Lewis says:

    Trade Bynum for Dwight, get a better point guard and get Lamar back(stop sulking)…get some more roll players

    • NBAfan says:

      Getting Lamar back should be’s up to Lamar though….if Lamar never left, he would have guarded the 6’10 durant and I bet it wouldn’t have been so easy on him….he just towers over everybody on DEF

      Bynum is a young TRUE center in a league where true centers are few and far apart..they will not trade him…easiest trade is Pau….

      Metta played well enough in the play offs and earned his right to stay…Pau..earned his right to be traded in my opinion..he’s a good guy but he just hasn’t performed all year round….seemed lost, distracted, lacking confdence

      LAKERS NEED A REAL three point threat….most likely from the PG position…..they need an athletic enough PG who can stroke the 3-ball….so they rely on him instead of Kobe for 3 balls

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ….hey “NBAfan”…… your’e neme is wrong….it is supposed to be “I am a laker homey!!!” And yes…if y’all can “BUY” some other teams best player again then you stand a chance…… now which GM will be that stupid??? Sorry…..gravy train stops this year….. No big overpriced player to LA next year….. too bad….. and to “JUAN” just under this post the roll is “JELLY” roll !!!

      • .....justplayball !! says:

        ….”Name” or ‘handle’ or ‘moniker’…..

    • Juan says:

      Spring Roll or Cinnamon Roll?

  212. jovdelmar says:

    Like i posted in other blogs, Lakers is a great organization but they are in DOWNWARD SPIRAL for couple years.

    1. Veto’d Chris Paul trade for “basketball reasons”
    2. Hiring of Mike Brown, Lakers Management love him and got his back for some reason
    3. Untradable, aging, and declining superstar in Kobe
    4. Lakers are way over the salary cap with not much draft picks

    Kobe wont get his 6th ring

    • NBAfan says:

      downward spiral is a bit too dramatic there don’t you think?

      1. CP3 veto hurt LA in SO MANY ways..not just because CP3 never got to LAL, but they lost Lamar anyway, so they wanted to trade Pau and Pau is playing distracted/hurt, and to make it worst, they gave CP3 to LAC

      2. Mike Brown, in at least 3 straight games, OKC made their MOVE in the beginning of the 4th when Kobe was resting…..get a clue brown…

      3. he has one more year in his big contract…he could opt for less cash for a new contract…PLUS, A DECLINING SUPERSTAR who has always been in best player in the league discussions is STILL A DARN GOOD superstar….

      4. through trades..they can make something happen…unless the NBA vetoes it again

      Don’t know if he’ll get his 6th ring, but I will enjoy watching him try and will respect him for it.

      • heh says:

        The NBA veto’d it in order to let other teams win championships. Obviously Laker fans are spoiled that they just can’t accept that.

      • jranj says:

        now this is a real and good comment couldnt have said it better………i to will enjoy watching kobe try to get that elusive 6th ring 🙂

    • MagoHaydz says:

      1. The Lakers didnt veto the CP3 trade, Stern did, acting as manager of the Hornets at the time.
      2. Mike Brown is a great coach – ask LeBron.
      3. untradable maybe… but he doesnt want to go anywhere. aging… yeah, but so is Duncan, KG etc.
      4. Lakers dont know what being under the cap means. Never bothered them in the past.

      in saying that, Kobe unfortunately wont get his 6th ring.

      • NBAfan says:

        I don’t know MagoHaydz…if the Lakers stay the way they are now..yeah…Kobe wont’…but LAL always seem to find a way to get that big star….first stole Shaq from ORL…then stole Kobe from the Hornets even before he dressed….then took Pau…and ALMOST took CP3……only for the almighty commish to veto it….

        Lakers, just like New York will be able to attract big names….if the don’t..then Kobe will be the first out out of there….he’s tried to do it before….

      • jovdelmar says:

        Noone said the Lakers veto’d the cp3 deal… i didnt include “stern” veto’d the deal because i thought it was understandable and everyone knew stern veto’d it so no need to mention it.

        I stand by this downward spiral idea, i don’t think the Lakers are going to the Finals again… not saying they will never be there again, just saying they wont be there for the next 3 years or so…

        4. You say it never bothered them in the past < I agree, IN THE PAST.
        But not this season and onwards, The new agreement is different from the past, I tell you the lakers are not flexible when it comes to cap space and the new/tighter agreement didnt help them either.

    • None Of Your Business says:

      Such childish jibberish always posting here

    • marcel says:

      The lakers org. wont let it happen, they fire brown, trade everyone (but KOBE) and be in the thick of it right away. Sorry Laker Haters our team WINS. Kobe has just a good of chance at winning his 6th as Wade has at getting 3 – 1 down 2 to go. Very possible.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Please stop talking about the Chris Paul trade. Four weeks ago Laker fans were very content with Sessions, and some even posted how they thanked Stern for stopping the trade.

    • @ says:

      i dont think so, not yet im a huge laker fan and i think they still have a chance if they make the right moves in the off season this is a trade move i think will help the lakers alot next season you dont resign barnes or murphy and amnesty MWP then trade gasol blake and eyenga to washington for lewis who is great shooter and andre blatche who has alot of potential then add some other pieces to the bench

      starters: sessions, bryant, lewis, blatche, bynum

      bench: morris, goudelock, ebanks, mcroberts, hill

    • FirstPlace says:

      That Salary Cap is their biggest problem they owe Kobe a 30 million dollar payment next year. So where is the money going come from to get another star? The Magic would be idiots to trade Howard for a Bynum or Gasol. If you’re a hardcore Kobe fan that’s awesome, but you need to get used to losing in the first or second round from now on. The Thunder are young and not going anywhere for while.

  213. Ace says:

    The season is now over for Kobe. That’s great news for everyone except Laker fans and women in Colorado.

  214. Volodos says:

    As usual, Kobe will not give up

  215. evan says:

    The only way Kobe gets another title with the Lakers is if they are able to get a top tier all-star to play with him. (eg. Dwight Howard, Deron Williams)

    He is too selfish and stubborn. He will not win another ring as the center piece of the team, one could argue that he never has.

    • NBAfan says:

      oh geez….you want to argue that a player as skilled as Bryant was never the centerpiece? That’s just absurd! He was LAL’s lone superstar…undisputed leader and best player….did he need other players to step up to win..yeah..he did…but so did EVERY OTHER FINALS MVP winner in the last decade….

      I agree with you though that to win a ring…he won’t be the undisputed best player in that would-be squad….but I think he’ll be fine with that..he knows he is getting old….

      CP3 was supposed to be that other guy…it was gonna be the CP3 and Bynum show as Bryant moves into retirement….but good job whoever screwed that one for the Lakers….

      • James says:

        1t three rings, Shaq was the enterpiece…

        WHen they tried Kobe to be the centerpiece, they even added Payton and Malone to the mix…

        THEY FAILED against the Pistons…. KObe was never really a good centerpiece….

        Obviously, Kobe should never really be mentioned along side the names of Russell, Havlicek, Jordan, Chamberlain, Bird, Johnson…

        Jordan only needed Pippen..

        Dirk needed a bunch of good old timers very past their Prime (Chandler’s the only legit “young solid payer” but would you trade chandler for Bynum/Pau? Anytime baby…)

        Duncan had Ginobilli, and the still inconsistent then, Tony parker.

        Imagine what Jordan went through in getting his six peat?

        He only needed one more consitent scorer in Pippen, and all the other guys are just a bunch of role players. Rodman, Kukoc, Harper, Longley, Kerr??????

        Come on, Jordan made all of them… BETTER PLAYERS!!!

        That’s what being MVP is all about…. That;s why LBJ has more MVPs than KObe… and that’s why Jordan, RUssell and Jabar has more MVP’s than all these new generation players.

        It’s all about wining for them, no matter who they have around them….

        Unlike Kobe who is a crybaby, man, besides the two star towers, you have Ron Artest (World Peace) and Sessions who are other solid starters if they played for any other team but you still can’t get it done. You had Butler and Odom before. Hell you would not have won your 5 rings without Shaq and Pau-Bynum….

        Kobe and the Laker fans are such cry babies…. and this will always be Kobe’s achilles heel….

        Average players play with Jordan, Magic Johnson, Lebron…. their play levels up… THEY BECOME BETTER PLAYERS (i.e. Varejao, Ilgauskas, GIbson, Delonte west looked good with LBJ right… these guys, look so ordinary now don’t they?)

        Star players for other teams (example, Pau, main man of Grizzlies, Odom, main man of clippers, Caron Butler, played with Kobe, and only became an ALL STAR when he left LA) play along side Kobe and they should accept being ordinary, there play goes down.

        Kobe is, and will always be ALL ABOUT HIMSELF.

        3 rings riding SHAQ, and he has only 2 legit rings (he is the main man, between him and Pau)….

        and One MVP.

        That’s all Kobe is. Great player for this generation… but does not even deserve mention as one of the 25 greatest.

        Sad but true laker fans… Sad but true.

      • c'mon says:

        @james, people are giving gasol too much credit, in the last two years he is playing like boozer, yes ‘boozer’ and bynum maybe the best center behind howard but he just got there and he doesn’t know how take control of the game. you can see that by looking at his fg attempts. I don’t know if I even have to mention ron artest isn’t a player that you can rely on offence or do I really have to talk about the terriffic bench production. the lakers team is simply overrated. and treating kobe like monta ellis is simply silly. the argument that jordan made his team mates better is not that solid either, rodman and pippen would be allstars in any team, and if you are wrighting all this because kobe didn’t win a championship this year and compear him to lebron!, that tells me that you are just a hater.

    • None Of Your Business says:

      One could absolutely not argue; that you simply don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • jranj says:

        james plz man………………plz talk about hockey or something dude!!!

      • mrsullivan says:

        Wow James is a little bit out there. So Kareem was just an average player except for Magic? And James W., plus the guts of Rambis, and Robert Horry all just average?
        Shaq was great, but did you actually see him play? I remember him coming to training camp out of shape. Waiting for the season to start to have an operation, didn’t want to rehab on his vacation. Tight games he had to come out at the end because of hack a Shaq and his dismal free throwing. Back to back games would not include Shaq. I remember him having issues and missing games with Ming. And when Shaq played for the Lakers, were then a Laker fan?
        Pau is a very good player, but are you stating that he led the Lakers? That Kobe was just a supporting cast member? And did you say the player on this crummy Laker team who was 1/10 a point short of a scoring title isn’t in the top 25?
        Kobe’s a cry baby? So when Wade broke his nose, concussion, whip lash, Kobe missed how many games? And what did he say about Wade? Something like, he’s a nicer person than me, I know him it was an accident he don’t play like that. Is this the cry baby stuff you’re talking about? Very astute commentary James.
        And by the way as a life-long Laker fan, that goes back to West as a player let me tell you, OKC just beat the Lakers, congratulations to them, they fought hard, held their composure and they won. For the Lakers, wait till next year, as Kobe says, we’ll be back.

  216. NBAfan says:

    42 pts…over 50% shooting on 33 shoots (can’t complain about his shooting today)….I learned two things over the last 2 days:

    1. OKC is a heck of a team with a heck of a player in Durant and they have taken over the West (even if they lost to SAS)
    2. Even though he is no longer the Kobe of old and can no longer be considered the best in the league, he is still that darn good

    Also, is it me or does OKC catch up/pull away from the Lakers in the beginning of 4th quarters when Kobe is on the bench…forcing him to try and play catch up….

    Anyway, I do believe Kobe has one more finals appearance in him AT LEAST…get rested old bean and we’ll see you next year!

    PS Please trade Pau for a younger, hungrier player!!!! Get Lamar back.

    • Juan says:

      Your comment, “forcing him to try and play catch up. . .” pretty much sums it up for the Lakers’ one man team. I don’t think even the Lakers will want Lamar Kardashian back.

      • kyle currie says:

        lakers dont need to get rid of anyone in the team (although they shouldnt have shipped fisher off in the first place). they need to go back to what they are great at, and thats slowing down the competition, getting ahead in games (and staying ahead) and playing like a bloody team. kobe has still at least got one championship in him, and hopefully that will come next year, as long as they can focus on what happened this season and how they can change that. OKC were just a better, younger, more athletic team then the old woeful lakers, but we have to means of being the great team we once were, and we will see how next season pans out

      • NBAfan says:

        I thought Metta played well enough the last couple of games…

        Only LAL will take Lamar…nobody else after this season. It’s LAL or retirement for him

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        yes a one man team …reason why they need to get some depth off the bench!

    • marcel says:

      Also, on that note trade Bynum – i’m not a basketball genious but looking at him play this year showed me that he is a good player but when kobe retires he wont be able to be the man the lakers will need him to be. This was his playoffs to lose and he did.

  217. JamesHardensBeard says:

    who does this hurt most? THE LAKERS? or SEATTLE SUPERSONICS? or THE OKLAHOMA THUNDER who keep getting hit by chuck norris’s AWESOME stick? …. look out San Antonio theres a texas ranger on the loose 🙂

    • OKCKD35 says:

      about time a thunder comment upon the dismantling of the lakers, thunder up! fear the beard! Guess we gave the Lakers a playoff “GIFT”

  218. Bok says:

    Trade World Peace, Gasol, Blake for younger legs (Beasley, Favors, Harris) and hire Brian Shaw as head coach. Or recruit Deron Williams and Howard if possible.

    • Spurs says:

      Sorry… Favors isnt available. He is the next best hope for the Jazz. Harris and Beasley – yes.

    • James says:

      Obviously, Kobe should never really be mentioned along side the names of Russell, Havlicek, Jordan, Chamberlain, Bird, Johnson…

      He needs 3 more solid young stars and 2 other stars (Deron and Dwight)? That’s a lot worse than the big three of the Heat…

      He’s that weak now?????

      To think that he does not have to wory about defence in the paint and rebounding with those two guys around (Bynum and Gasol).

      Imagine what Jordan went through in getting his six peat?

      He only needed one more consitent scorer in Pippen, and all the other guys are just a bunch of role players. Rodman, Kukoc, Harper, Longley, Kerr??????

      COme on, Jordan made all of them… BETTER PLAYERS!!!

      That’s what being MVP is all about…. That;s why LBJ has more MVPs than KObe… and that’s why Jordan, RUssell and Jabar has more MVP’s than all these new generation players.

      It’s all about wining for them, no matter who they have around them….

      Unlike Kobe who is a crybaby, man, you have Ron atest (World Peace) and Sessions who are other solid starters if they played for any other team but you still can’t get it done. You had Butler and Odom before. Hell you would not have won your 5 rings without Shaq and Pau-Bynum….

      Kobe and the Laker fans are such cry babies…. and this will always be Kobe’s achille heel….

      Average players play with Jordan, Magic Johnson, Lebron…. their play levels up… THEY BECOME BETTER PLAYERS (i.e. Varejao, Ilgauskas, GIbson, Delonte west looked good with LBJ right… these guys, look so ordinary now don’t they?)

      Star players for other teams (example, Pau, main man of Grizzlies, Odom, main man of clippers, Caron Butler, played with Kobe, and only became an ALL STAR when he left LA) play along side Kobe and they should accept being ordinary, there play goes down.

      Kobe is, and will always be ALL ABOUT HIMSELF.

      3 rings riding SHAQ, and he has only 2 legit rings (he is the main man, between him and Pau)….

      and One MVP.

      That’s all Kobe is. Great player for this generation… but does not even deserve mention as one of the 25 greatest.

      Sad but true laker fans… Sad but true.

      • @ james - you're insane says:

        you’ve actually lost your mind. that long (ridiculous) comment is so nonsensical that no-one has even bothered to pull you up on it. in fact, to ensure that this comment remains ignored, i’m going to delete mine within 30 minutes of its being posted.

      • aldstar says:

        Wooww definition of a hater lmao 😀

        You just wrote a damn novel full off Kobe hate, you must have quite the life…

      • aldstar says:

        Wooww definition of a hater lmao 😀

        You just wrote a damn novel full off Kobe hate, you must have quite the life :O

        Two things stand out from your comment, everything you say is stupid, but these two just prove that you don’t know basketball and shouldnt give your opinion about it.
        First of all, you call Rodman, a freaking HALL OF FAMER, a role player. Okay. Second of all, you call another two hall of famers, average players, in Kareem & Worthy. And lets not forget about Michael Cooper and the rest of the average role players right?
        3 rings riding Shaq? Kobe was in his 3rd year when he won his first ring with Shaq. Heck even Michael Jordan would be the second man if he played with that Shaq in his 3rd year…..Im not gonna respond to the rest of your comment, but these things just prove that some people need to keep their mouth shut and just read comments, instead of participating in basketball discussions. You sir, are one of them 😉

      • nico says:


      • Damien says:

        Well, obviously, you’re a hater, so I’m not going to enter a debate about Kobe’s place among the all-time greats (event though everyone agrees he’s a top 10 and maybe a top five on the list). But I can let you say that the likes of Rodman, Harper, Kerr or Kukoc were role players whom Jordan turned into better ones : Rodman was already a rebounding and defensive beast in his days in Detroit, Kerr is an all-time record for 3-point percentage and Harper scored an average 20+ before coming to the Bulls. Moreover, Scottie Pippen was not only “another consistent scorer” he was a perennial all-star and one of the all-time greats as well (both versatile on O and on D). So please, Jordan is the GOAT hands down but don’t tell me he won it by himself, nobody does, nobody will : this is a team game !

      • @ james - you're insane says:

        dammit! can’t delete! lol

      • c'mon says:

        scottie pippen stats; 22 ppg 0.8 block, 2.9 stl, 5.6 asist 8.7 rpg

        gasol and bynum are not even close to that kind of help, rodman by himself probably cloud have more rebounds than them. and you are saying this after he scores 41 points with above %50 and they lost, i think you are the hater here. sorry but that is a fact.

      • FUEGO says:

        Rodman already was an established player, so Jordan didn’t make him better. In fact Rodman’s Pistons beat Jordan

      • Big Al says:

        Lebron making better players out of his teammates? You gotta be joking. The Heat bench is laughable. The Big 2.5 aren’t enough to win the crown. And missing free throws during crunch time? That’s so un-MVP. You don’t see KB24 do that. He whines for the right reasons, like demanding the Laker management to make a firm decision on what to do with Pau. The Lakers are still the most complete team, not to mention having a real center in Bynum. They just have to make the chemistry stick and trade some bench players to contend for another championship.

      • Esteban says:

        James, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Let’em bleed purple and gold. I suggest you don’t waste anymore time giving your intelligent comments, it seems this place is curated by Kobe himself. #GoSpursGo

      • Francisco says:

        @alstar you got it wrong my man, first two yera bench warmer, third year 19 ppg , fourth year 22 in regular season and 21.1 in playoffs that is when shaq got the first ring , kobe WAS NOT EVEN AN STAR PLAYER.check the other two rings with Shaq , shaq was a better scorer, better rebounder and shooting a very high percentage, check jordan numbers and you will see the difference.

      • marcel says:

        Man, wack statement – Kobe second best ever! 7 championship runs says enough.

      • @james says:

        do you know anything about basketball . kobe is a legend. lebron is a little baby with a capital B. ARE SURE YOUR TALKING ABOUT THE RIGHT SPORT BECAUSE IT SEEMS TO ME THAT YOU ARE CLUELESS ABOUT THE NBA.

      • Amanj Saber says:

        your so dumb stupid goof go look in the mirror then slap your mom for creating you

      • Rocket33 says:

        Gonna stick up for James a bit here. While I can sense the hate towards Kobe, he has made some legitimate points. Kobe for all his similarites will always be cursed by the Jordan comparison which is unfair. He’s a great player (Top 10 all-time) but is not Jordan. My reasoning is as follows…

        Jordan was the man from Day 1 when he got to Chicago so he piled up stats but didn’t win any championships early on. Kobe won as a second option and didn’t go through that Jordan phase I mentioned until after Shaq. It wasn’t until Gasol, Odom and Bynum came along that Kobe won again. Its at this point that I will say Kobe was in a similar position to Jordan as far as league status and the amount of teammate help (Pippen and Grant then Pippen and Rodman) he had. He has managed 2 championships like this while Jordan won 6. And that could have been 8 if he didn’t retire. Jordan also did this at a time when the league was blessed with proper big men. Ewing, Robinson, Olajuwon then Shaq, Mourning, Mutombo. A lot I didn’t even mention that would dominate in this era. Dwight Howard looks so impressive now because there is no competition. Just look at the contract for DeAndre Jordan and you can see how desperate teams are for size.

        Anyway, getting off topic here. Another good point James made was that LeBron was able to carry a weak cast in Cleveland a long way and thats why he has MVPs and Kobe doesn’t. Another Jordan comparison coming. LeBron went through those early Jordan years stuffing stat sheets but not quite able to win. But Jordan elevated himself and his team (the supporting cast matured too) and they won, LeBron sought greener pastures and bolted. Even if they do win multiple titles they won’t ever hold the same value as Jordan’s with the Bulls did.

        Now for the Lakers. I think they can get back to contenders again while Kobe is still there. A roster shakeup is in order though. Bynum has just come off a great injury free season. His market value is as high as it will ever be. Gasol has done great things for the team but he’s losing the love from the fans. If I was the Lakers I’d be asking Orlando about Dwight Howard. Ty Lawson is another I’d have on my shopping list.

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        my man Damien above had the best argument and facts….silence the hate

      • mrsullivan says:

        A little obsessive in your hate huh?

      • Sean says:

        You’re crazy, Kobe not in the top 25?
        Even the top haters would dis-agree, You’re plain out stupid.
        Kobe is easily in the top 5.

        81 Points.

      • Treshiq says:

        the Kobe hate is evident…But the KOBE delusion is apparent too…Rocket33 makes valid points! as the original poster. KOBE is great. I will not deny this. I just believe he is so far removed from from the greats on what he could do for a TEAM and teammates. everyone who commented that Jordan had a legitamate All star cast is crazy…the fact that Jordan dominated ( and the Bulls) with Pippen as the only other paralell talent is such an unknown fact i’m suprised it gets looked over so much. Jordan took a pretty average Bulls team to the finals at least once. With Pau , Bynum and Gasol , the Lakers have been pretty dismal. I think Children under 25 think Kobe is as great as Jordan b/c all they have is the gatorade commercial to influence them. But growing up in the 90s and actually seeing what Jordan did is the reason why Kobe shouldn’t mentioned int he same breath. Kobe is a phenom, what he did last night was amazing…yet Jordan’s will and desire to WIN and DOMINATE was so much greater that he didn’t chose to do it himslef he WON by any means necessary, even if that meant LETTING, and expecting his teammates to be great(even if they weren’t)… and Jordan got in thier butts trust…but man the way Kobe does it seems so catty female in highschool that it’s almost pathetic. He(MJ) made his teamates step up. Jordan would have a total of 8 rings had he never “retired”. On Talent Kobe will be rememberd in the top 5-10. No way we diminish that, you’d be crazy to try to take that from him…But on the legend…as far as being legendary..i just don’t know I almost feel like this comment is valid.

      • Lakers13thPlayer says:

        Let’s do the math real quick. 1 MVP = 5 championship rings, 3 MVP= 0 rings. Kobe wins! Here another math problem for you. 2 Finals MVP is greater than 0 Finals MVP. Kobe wins again. You are ignorant when you said Kobe ride Shaq to 3 championship, uh last I’d check B-ball was a team sport. Is it not a fact that LBJ brought his talent to South Beach to link up with Wade and Bosh in an effort to win his first? He still have 0 and this so call super team is having issues with the Pacers. If an MVP suppose to make his other teammates better, why did he leave the Cavs? LBJ will be just a great player that will never, yes I’d said it, never win one. Nobody going to remember the dude. Instead of naming him with Russel, Jordan, Bird, Johnson, and other great that have atleast a ring. He will be catagorize with greats like Ewing, Barkley, and others great with 0. No one really remember those dudes 10 years from now. Stop hating on my beloved Lakers until your team and favorite player win one. Now that is sad but true! LMAO!!!!!

      • KobeSystem says:

        @Rocket33, well said. (Slow clap building into a thunderous applause worthy)
        Kobe will be an all time great. But not the GOAT. Kobe has what it takes to win.
        Unfortunately, the rest of the Lakers do not. Pau Gasol is out of gas, he can do better, maybe he needs something to motivate him a little bit. Bynum, great, could be less emotional. LeBron is great as well. He will win a championship by the end of his career. I am a Chicago Bulls fan though, hope Rose’s surgery goes well and won’t miss ALL of next season. But I strongly believe that until LeBron and the Heat win a championship, they will not let up and the Bulls will be unable to get past them. And it’s not fair to knock the Pacers, they’re a solid team, bringing in David West, Paul George, breaking out. I don’t hate on any player in the league. It is a team game, and no one truly did it alone.

      • Lakers Fan says:

        I agree with you 100%. Kobe is selfish player. He doesn’t help to make any player better. He does’t trust any of his team mates. He is just a ball hugger. Because of his big mouth, he discourages other players which cause them to play poor game. He even doesn’t have any respect for his new coach.

    • clarence says:


      • Ed says:

        It is so stupid to grant greatnes, as far a basketball players, to the number of rings on their fingers. Last time I checked I believe the Mailman has no rings, but could be the best power forward ever. Dr. J has one ring. Hell, even Bill Cartwright has more than that (I believe 3). I guess Bill is better than Dr. J. LBJ is by far a much greater player than Kobe, even if he never wins a ring. Kobe shoots, and shoots, and shoots. And the numbers pile up because statistics will show that even if you’re a bad shooter you will score more points if you’re allowed to shoot more. Kobe is definately a good player and quite frankly somewhere in the top 25. But just because you put big numbers on the board or because your team happens to win more championships make you better than others. The gauge is in the caliper of play.

  219. netwolff says:

    They quite probably need a creative PG and a bench that is worth being mentioned.

    • NBAfan says:

      nah..they need a PG athletic enough to guard guys like Westbrook, and who can shoot the 3 ball decently enough to be a slight threat….no need for creativity…just play D and hit the three…see it even rhymes, so it must be true

  220. Douglas says:

    Linsanity and Howard to LA that might help.

    • NBAfan says:

      If LAL takes Lin…then I KNOW they’ve given up..they don’t need a Lin…they need a consistent 3 point threat and a perimeter defender from their starting PG

      Getting Howard and keeping Pau would be good..IF Pau starts playing like the old Pau…not Pau this season…

  221. akosibonik says:

    i pity kobe, saw it in his eyes, the fire that wasn’t in lebron’s eyes. i saw it when KD hit those threes, it sad. im a HEAT fan, and i wanted to see the lakers in the next round, unfortunately, OKC was a better team. this better not happen to the heat. i dont want the spurs or the OKC win the championship. if kobe had gasol or bynum scoring 20+ consistently, this would be different. okc and spurs are lucky, because they have a complete and solid line up, plus the bench, if LAL or MIA has that, they can meet in the finals. i just wanna see LBJ VS. KOBE before the world ends.

    • Scotty Awesome says:

      This is what Stern wanted. He basically said he doesnt want LA winning another ring when he stopped the CP3 trade. I am still baffled and PO’d about that. unreal……

      • Boom says:

        yeah, that would be great if the lakers would be able to land nash. however, nash would only work if lakers would somehow be able to trade bynum for howard so howard could stop the point guards, who have ran past nash. keep sessions though for back up point guard, but trade away blake and maybe add mcroberts to land a speedster for the SF position, who ideally could shoot as well.
        adding nash will probably fix the offence and kobe could get some easy shots and wouldnt have to play superman ball since pick and roll of nash and howard/gasol should open up the floor for other players. while nash and gasol arent great defenders, howard single handedly made orlando into a good defensive team (its not like anderson, turkoglu, richardson or nelson are much better defenders than nash or pau)
        the team would also instantly play with higher motivation and kobe wouldnt be the only guy on the team, who is hungry for a title, but nash and howard would give their all to get their first championship. LAKERS CHAMPIONS 2013

      • Nene Odonkor says:

        It is very funny how the Lakers loose and people start blaming Mr Stern. I do not think he said he didnt want Lakers to win. All he wants is all 30 teams have equal shot at the title. Its boring for one team to be winning the title 5 times in a row. It dont make the league competitive.

        Looking the series they blew it. It has nothing to do with coach. You have a player like Kobe who plays for himself which works sometimes but most often takes his team out of rythm. Then you have 7-footers who forgot how to rebound. What of inability to execute in 4th quarter and keep cool. Remember they are a 3rd seed team in the West and I bet they would have beaten any East probably not the Celts. Kobe says they are gonna come back well that is going to be tough cause the Clippers will come back. Thunder will come back. Oh and not forgetting the Bulls.

        Unlike other teams they had they superstar. They had their 6th Man. They had the pieces but they lacked team togetherness and that was to their demise. Congrats to OKC hope the Magic sit and learn from them.

      • Spiderman says:

        It’s not the fairest team who wins, it’s the team with the most money to spend on it’s overpaid players who wins… Oh, wait, Lakers tried that this past decade with moderate success. Going way over the salary cap didn’t work. Rebuilding the LAL involves spending more money on the latest free agent so fans across the country can be happy their team and its purchased wins. It’s all about telecast contracts and overpriced seats. I think Nash is a good guy on and off the court and loyal to his fans. I don’t see him playing for a patch-work Lakers team next season.

      • Raptors says:

        The Lakers are only good because of there two 7 footers. Kobe tried to do it all, that’s why they lost. People never blame Kobe if they lose because all they look at is how many points he scored, they don’t actually watch the game. I don’t think the trade would have benefited the Lakers too much, even though what everyone says.

    • Tom says:

      Sorry akosibonik but the Heat are not going to win anything if their bench players do not step up and help Lebron and DWade? Spurs and Thunder have a better bench, I want the Heat to win a championship also but I don’t see it happening if their role players don’t step up. If Bosh was healthy it would help but he is not and also he is too soft.
      I blame Riley for this because he overpaid for Bosh and has not put the necessary pieces together for them to be successful.

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        Bosh may be weak, but they surely are missing his 17pts and 9 rebs a game…

    • Kael says: the sound of you’re username I can feel that you’re a Filipino..well like you I’m a heat fan as well. For sure a Lebron James fan too! well the most that we wanted to see is Lebron to be in the finals w/ probably the greatest player after MJ ( and then there’s LBJ) KOBE. It’s like Pacquiao vz Mayweather. It’s the Pound for Pound of the basketball. but unfortunately KD broke into the scenario. But still hoping that LBJ and the Heat will win the ring this year.LBJ deserve it w/ all of the hardship he has done and sacrifices (salary decrease et al) for this team. LBJ all the way !

      • sbfern805 says:

        Sacrifices? LOL you make it seem like he is a mother superior…This guy is a millionaire and gets more millions from endorsements…there is no sacrifice here.

    • Esteban says:

      A team outtalents the other and you reduce it to mere luck? Shame on your biased opinion. You bleed purple and gold for sure.

    • pigeons01 says:

      No Piti, Bryant you stink!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ariel says:

      whoever wins at OKC-SAS series and if heat wins the east it will be definitely a Great NBA finals series

    • .....justplayball !! says:

      …….just listen to this stooopid stuff you say…..”Spurs and OKC are ‘LUCKY’ because ;they have a complete and solid line up, plus the bench…” LUCKY????? lmao……. kobester & bronbron will never happen …..eotw or not !!! Those 2 teams are teams of the past…NOT teams of the future…… good luck

    • crazy_ghost says:

      if lakers is winning their is no such drama like gasol is not playing well or they must get an all star point guard or their bench is not productive…just move on people!!!
      they played well but other teams is much better than they are,,,can’t you get it???
      it’s not that lakers should be in the finals in each and every season because they are globaly favorite (like heat)…
      if that so they must not play in the regular season and just wait the toughest team on 29 teams playing in the NBA…
      lakers has the clinch in finals forever so people around the world will be happy as hell!!!
      but for the mean time lakers must go fishing in the black sea……………

    • Ryan says:

      I do not feel sorry for Kobe one tiny bit. The “one man team” blew it this year. I think its time to retire…
      Thunder up baby!!!

    • JW71 says:

      get of the lbj band wagon,your points are silly.

    • Ed says:

      That LA team DOES have good players. But the one man Kobe team takes them out of the game with his consistent shooting. In the past the Lakers have been able to win because they’ve been lucky enough to get most of those offensive rebounds on Kobe misses. If he would just be a team member, maybe they can win again. But he hogs the ball cause he wants to be the hero. As if he can’t have any of the two big guys be the MVP. If his team wins, he wants to make it clear that it was due to his scoring. He’s so arrogant and has this ora of greatness and belief that he is better than Jordan. Yeah, we know you can score. But again, if Lebron, Durant or any of the great shooters shot the ball as much as he did, they too would be scoring 40 to 60 points a night. And if they had good offensive rebounding players on their team, they would win a lot of games as well.

    • mb says:

      nobody denies that jordan is one the greatest players that ever played.
      there is a lot talk about either kobe or lebron being the next big thing.
      aside from being great and having multiple championship rings, what does kobe and jordan have in common?
      lebron doesn’t have a ring yet so who did they have to get those championships?

      just a thought. maybe the ZEN MASTER?

      shaq and kobe together with a solid laker team waited a couple years before they won their first. And that first was with coach phil.
      jordan and kobe never won with another coach.
      kobe and the lakers will still make the playoffs in the years to come.
      To win a championship is a different story. They will need a master.