Van Gundy And Smith Out In Orlando

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — At least Stan Van Gundy and Otis Smith will get to walk out of the door together in Orlando.

In what has to rank as the least surprising move of this NBA season, both the Orlando Magic coach and general manager, respectively, parted ways with the organization this afternoon. Van Gundy was relieved of his duties after five seasons with the organization and Smith came to a mutual agreement with the organization to end his tenure, the Magic announced via their website:

“On behalf of the DeVos Family, we sincerely appreciate and thank Otis and Stan for all that they have done on and off the floor for the Orlando Magic,” said [Magic CEO Alex] Martins. “These are the days you dread in this business, but we feel it’s time for new leadership and new voices.

“They both brought die-hard dedication and an unmatched work ethic on a daily basis,” added Martins. “Their success is well documented, as the Orlando Magic has had the fourth best record in the NBA over the last five years, and entering the playoffs this year the third most playoff wins over that period of time. The disappointment of getting eliminated in the first round of the playoffs these past two seasons played a primary role in our decision, as we feel our momentum towards winning a championship has paused. We wish Otis and Stan all the best and we look forward to taking the next step towards winning that championship.”

Martins, the man credited with keeping Dwight Howard in the fold at the trade deadline, when Howard could have opted out of the final year of his current contract and become a free agent this summer, is now tasked with rebuilding the front office and coaching staff in an image that pleases Howard.

Howard had been asking the Magic to fire Van Gundy since last summer. And Van Gundy nailed down his pink slip on April 5, when he admitted as much to reporters at a morning shootaround. This after months of everyone, Van Gundy included, claiming to have no knowledge of the festering rumors of Howard’s demand.

Howard’s season ended two games later when back spasms forced him out of the Magic lineup. He had surgery April 20 to repair a bulging disc in his lower back and the Magic lost to Indiana in the first round of the playoffs while Howard was in Los Angeles recovering and rehabilitating after his surgery.

Now comes the speculation about potential replacements for both Van Gundy and Smith, and both lists will be long and include all of the hot names floating around.


  1. grim reaper says:

    van gundy and smith needed to go regardless. Howard is leaving so why not just start over.

  2. Baller says:

    It’s just sad following the Magic franchise. A lot of bad deals and trades that don’t bring in more talent or different talents to mix it up. All the Magic had in the last years was shooters and Dwight, they didn’t sign people that bring different things to the table. What are you supposed to do as a coach, when you don’t have the talent to use different strategies? Howard gets fed up with the same disappointments year after year and brings every drama possible to the Magic just because he ain’t got no ring and his contract is up. Now they fire the Coach and the GM and Dwight is only signed for one more year. If he doesn’t stay, he leaves the franchise in ruins.If he doesn’t make up his mind all the drama from this season is gonna be there next year too. Without a good coach and some signings of key players, the Magic won’t do well next season either and that will be key for them to keep Howard, nothing else.

    Imagine they would have traded Howard to the Lakers for Bynum and Gasol maybe in addition with Ryan Anderson. There would have been some upsets about Dwight leaving, but without Kobe, Gasol and Bynum could finally polish their game up and with all the 3point shooting surrounding them, they would have been more successful than the Magic were going fishing in the 1st Round….

  3. Howard,Griffin,Butler,Paul,billops, DH12 Los Clippers Can to be Team for win titles in NBA

  4. GniK911 says:

    Now it starts….many teams will be after D12….which team will acquire him…

  5. Leith says:

    I just hope they didnt make Otis fire Van Gundy and then turn around and fire Otis!!!!

  6. W/E says:

    D12 will never win a championship unless he teams up with another superstar who will be the number 1 option on offence. But i dont think that will ever happen BECAUSE D12 is really immature and selfish, he wants to be the number 1 in his team so…no hope for him

  7. Magic Fan says:

    Can’t believe how many of you are sad for SVG leaving I’ve been a magic fan for almost 25 years and have seen them go through lots. Im glad Otis Smith is leaving but hey stan was a good coach and I mean was, that coaching performance during the pacers series was terrible and panicky and he chokes when it comes to going against major contenders. Hey they might not find a better coach coz the prospects are low still the magic needs some change and maybe change is good.

  8. True Magic Fan says:

    Obviously, no one on this post watches or follows the Magic. Dwight Howard is a BEAST and the BEST CENTER in the NBA. We have a horrible PG in Jameer N and he needed to be traded for Rondo, Nash, or ANYONE else long ago. I blame OTIS for destroying our Finals team one year later instead of maybe adding a player. Instead, he ties us down with bad deal after bad deal and now we are not in a position to get anyone. Sign Arenas, your friend to waive him later and still pay his salary? HORRIBLE decision.

    SVG had to go. He has been running the same old plays for 4 seasons now. “2 Up thumbs down” = High pick and roll. Any coach that refuses to play his players on the bench is an idiot. He is a bad coach for starting Turku”loser” and having Duhon (DuNothing) backup Nelson when Ish Smith is 1000 times better. Any coach that has the best Center in the NBA and only gets him 5-7 touches A GAME should be fired.

    Dwight is in a bad position. He has given the team a chance to get better. Otis eff it up for us. I’ll still be a Dwight fan when he leaves Orlando. Just like Shaq and Penny were made into villians, the Orlando media will do the same thing.

  9. breezy says:

    Stan should not have aired dirty laundry to press. Immature of him to do that. He should have handled the problem behind closed doors. He lost his team,the players lost respect for him. Heat players (Shaq) lost respect for SVG and Riley had to take over coaching. SVG yells at players and eventually he loses the teams respect

  10. duro says:

    Van Gundy is one of the best technical coaches in the NBA. Unfortunately his players’ management (in terms of handling relationships, I mean) is not the best. He could be a high winning coach with a roster made of unselfish, intelligent players. Unfortunately for him, he got Howard, which is the typical case of “spending all the budget on muscles, leaving nothing for the head”. Unfortunately for Stan, the NBA is more and more filling with egomaniac “stars”, thanks to the League’s strategy of star-hypeing for business purpose.
    Magic will likely lose Howard next year but, even if not, they’re not going anywere for a long time. The East – which already is not the best – is going to lose a contender.

  11. Fredrick Wells says:

    Patrick Ewing’s FIRST HEAD COACHING JOB! Good LUCK!

  12. Kayser says:

    Magic fans and officers need to understand that Howard is leaving the team. more sooner than later. Why he stay in the shadows while his team was playing the playoff not even a hello note?

    So get ready for a long and devastated season. Stan should have stay and Otis decision was a correct one.

  13. Shawn says:

    Dwight may or may not have asked for Van Gundy to be fired, but he acted like a two year old. Crying about how tough Van Gundy was. Dwight could never survive New York, because we tell it like it is. It is hard in this world. And Dwight is a spoiled brat. Yes super athlete, but his ego would destroy a good team. i doubt if he could win a championship with any team. I pray he doessn’t go to Chicago and destroy the team spirit. let him stay down south with the good old boys and do his clown act. And this is coming from someone who has TWO herniated disks. He still could have contributed. There are players in worse shape but dont pull out two weeks before the play off. Even if he could only play 15 minutes he could have helped. He is a back stabber, and i have no respect for his attitude. If you treat one team like that, it says something about your character. yes it is about the money, but had he been a better team spirit, he could have elevated everyone’s game. Big baby had a good attitude, and they could learn something from the Celtics and the Spurs. Its about brain power, and team work that wins championships. GOOD JOB VAN GUNDY, at least you go out with your dignity and respect all over the world.

  14. Rocket33 says:

    Otis Smith had to go as nearly everyone has said, but I’m surprised to read so much support for Stan Van Gundy. Not taking a shot at him, just didn’t think people were behind him like that. I do think it was right for him to go though. Too much drama and after speaking out against Management (whether right or wrong), you don’t often get to keep your job.

    The time is right to destroy it and rebuild it. Brian Shaw deserves a chance to be a Head Coach and I think this could be his opportunity. Dwight Howard needs to either sign an extension or be traded, its as simple as that.

    In the scenario where he stays, they need to get a better PG. Nelson should be traded and they need to clear cap space to make a run at Deron Williams. Both will be happy playing together and I’m sure Magic fans will forgive and forget once they start winning.

    If Dwight doesn’t commit then you need to move him for a similar haul to what Denver got for Carmelo Anthony. Young, somewhat proven talent and draft picks.

    And in any case they should try to get draft picks for this year, it looks deep. We all know about Anthony Davis but you’re not likely to get that pick off whoever gets it. The two guys I like the look of are Brad Beal and Terrence Jones. Both could step in and help the team next year.

  15. Bok says:

    Magic should aggressively recruit players that will be considered worthy additions (Deron Williams is a good candidate) or work through the draft. I’m pretty sure Howard will stay if he sees positive things. And Brian Shaw for Head Coach.

  16. cherrypopper says:


  17. John says:

    The only way for MAGIC Management to realize they screwed up is to hit them in the wallet. BOYCOTT THE MAGIC GAMES!! Season ticket holders just dont renew them.

  18. dhloser says:

    dwight howard is sore loser and an emotional person who does not want to be the leader of this team. He will never win a chamiponship by himself.

  19. Yave says:

    Getting Otis Smith out of there was the best thing that’s happened to us since making the ’09 finals.Hopefully the next GM will be smart and get a real backup center and get more star players around Dwight Howard.As for a coach kind a worried who is going write down the plays.Maybe we can get Phil Jackson out of retirement for at least 2-3 years.

  20. Mr. Hooper says:


    • Baller says:

      Yeah right, it’s not like they just build a new Arena in Orlando…
      …oh wait, they did.

  21. aaron says:

    personally i think Otis Smith didnt do much good for this team in the last few years. First, he had the option to get Vince Carter back in like 06 i think when Vince was averaging like 26 a game and was still playing at a high level…instead he opted for signing Rashard Lewis to a ridiculously large contract. Then when they make the Finals and lose, he trades for Carter who was on the downside of his career (anderson though was a plus). then he trades carter to get turkoglu back, which was even worse as turk played horribly. If you look at why, its because Nelson was the PG and had the ball in his hands alot, which meant less for turk to make plays (like he did in the playoffs, when nelson was hurt…thats y turk played so well, nelson wasnt there and so he had the ball alot and could make plays…with a healthy nelson, turk couldnt be effective in the slightest…and guess what?? he wasnt…this was also why Carter didnt pan out as the expected playmaker, because he didnt have the ball as much as Turk did in the playoffs, due to Nelson having the ball and running the offense). Then in possibly the worst move ever, he traded lewis for arenas? WHY trade Lewis who could spread the floor and shoot for a oft-injured guy who played even worse that turk. Just poor decisions. Although i will defend Otis on 1 point. Howard never committed to this team and thats tough for a GM to judge how to build his team when the star player is not committed and doesnt know if he wants to stay or go. To me, this was not van gundy’s fault at all, and Howard should shoulder the blame for some of that as well.

  22. chandler says:

    howard to spurs replace duncan( in 2-3years) then best team for years to come

  23. spurs fan says:

    i think this is a good move for the magic..i dont think stan’s only 3 points play can win championship..they must trade jameer nelson or sign steve nash and hire caliber coach that have defensive play..i love to see steve nash to dwight howard pick and roll play that is unstoppable..if heat didnt win a championship this season im sure coach spo will out for the heat then the magic can sign coach spo for new head coach because coach spo is a defensive coach and can maximize dwight howard dominant in the paint and for the offensive attack theres steve nash

  24. Where's Penny Hardaway says:

    Majic Johnson said if LAKERS fail to beat the THUNDER…. There will be a coaching vacancy.

    So Stan Van should fit nicely there and Dwight will have to play for him AGAIN if he really want’s the Hollywood route that Shaq took.

    Orlando is making a huge mistake here. Players do not rule the lockers room. Or the Adiministration Office. This is just sad.

    Stan Van will rise again and I think he will be better off it. You keep your head up Stan, you know tommorrow is still gonna come and you certainly are a better coach than Superman thinks.

  25. Jpaulo says:

    I don’t know if stan and smith parting ways with orlando is a good or a bad thing, but letting a player run the organization, demanding people to get fired and things like that, is VERY WRONG. Dwight should be thinking about how to improve his game so he can help the team (hmmm… anyone wanna shoot some free throws?)

  26. googergieger says:

    Clippers should get Stan Van Gundy. Chris Paul seems like the type of player that wants to be coached and Blake Griffin needs to be coached. It may not be as happy go lucky as it is now, but that team does need discipline and sound strategy and plays. I don’t like the Clippers myself. Too much flopping, whining, and petty b.s. from Paul and Blake and most of the team. Still I’m a fan of Van Gundy. He could do a lot for them.

  27. Amitpal says:

    Why r all these people hating on Dwight. I mean come on gundy and smith had to go. Smith has made some terrible mistakes and I was able to tell they were mistakes right when he made them. And as for Stan if anything Dwight made Stan look like a good coach.most of the success Orlando has had is cuz of dwight and if Stan was a good coach they would be a lot better. Stan doesn’t bring the best out players and even shaq said he’s a bad coach. For Stan it’s always the sky is falling the sky is falling.

  28. Clone says:

    Nice to see that some people still believe in SantaClaus.. Martins is really retarded if he thinks he will find better than SVG and that Howard will stay..
    Maybe he and the DeVos has spend too many time in Disneyland.
    Everybody wanted Dwight to not act like Shaq.. he did better: destroying the franchise before walking away.
    Good job Dwight Vador Howard !! 😀

  29. ObedC says:

    Dwight to LA for Bynum and Gasol, also Lakers getting rid of Mike Brown and maybe hire Van Gundy

  30. Diwght Howard says:

    Hey, I wanna be traded and I hate that stupid coach always telling me how i should improve. No, I am good with playing here and I don’t know what happens next. Cool, Allstar break is here, lets have some more fun. OK, I will sign the extension but the coach has gotta go. Hey managers, it’s 1 month till the playoffs and van Gundy is still here, what up with that? Hey, what’s going on here with my coach, what are all you reporters looking at, did Stan call me immature again? Ouch, my back hurts, I can’t play anymore. Enjoy these last playoffs without me trying to win even one game van Dummy.
    Finally they let those fools Smith and Gundy go, they were always on me, crouding my place. One more year and I can finally leave here…

  31. st.louis says:

    Only real stupid guy can sign contract with rashad lewis for 122 milion it was so crazy paying somebody 20 milion a year who make 7-8 points per game lollllllllll

  32. steerman says:

    With three, there is more.

    You won’t get that with a buggy.

  33. Dougy says:

    I am sorry but that is a good move. Obviously Otis Smith is not a great manage. Van Gundy is a good coach, but not a great one. He actually quite pissed me off this year, not giving time to young player and always try the same thing over and over even though he knew nothing good would come out of it. I really don’t understand why guys like Wafer never had a single minute in the playoffs? He was making the same old players playing way too much…Give a chance to others Stan! He never managed to make them change a bit their game to force guys to go the rime, etc…Being a great coach is also discovering new things, make players better, etc…in that part I think Van Gundy has very often failed. In any case, once in a while you need some changes, I think the time has come for the Magic to try something new, two eliminations in a row in first round of playoffs, that seals the deal.

  34. jasonC says:

    If Howard still leaves….he will (fair or not) become despised.

  35. Cap'n says:

    Looks like we’re just not a major league town, and management needs to be run buy owners whose only commitment is to winning. When a pro team is your toy, not ur main source of income, you do things differently.

  36. W/E says:

    Damn its sad, howard destroyed the whole magic organization,the only thing left to do now is to get traded next year and become one of the most hatefull NBA players ever.


    bye goundy!!!!!! now bring back doc rivers after celtics fall…. Next season will be intresting….

  38. Nick C says:


    The stupidity of this organization continues to astound me. Flabbergasting.

    They just fired one of the best coaches in the NBA.

    The magic made a very strong statement: “We prefer Dwight Howard over Stan Van Gundy.”

    Dwight Howard will not be with the organization next season.

    The Orlando Magic just dug their own grave, and wrote their own epitaph.

  39. Marcus says:

    Bad sign. Pro basketball doesn’t have anything to do about it. The Magic front staff must learn something in San Antonio.

  40. Killa! says:

    Finally, they got rid of Otis smith. Thank you magic owner thank you!
    Otis smith made so many countless stupid transaction and all those years I was wondering why do they still have this guy in charger? Just to name a few – huge contract to turkoglu, lost Courtney lee, trade to get arenas big fat contract, which I never got why he did that since he got Nelson to run pg n end up getting another fat contracted pg who was seriously injured wtfff? Well I can understand with Howard in the post u would need three point threat but not spending 25 cent to get 7 cent back. Anyway his gone now and magics look for bird for gm who might not stay with pacers after this year.

    Well Van Gundy lost his players along time ago when their team started to loose in the post seasons. His a good coach n will find some other team to coach again.

    D-Howard it’s all on you now to stay because magic owner cleaned the house for you boy.
    At pg. get Nash or George hill for Nelson , sg. Pull harden out of okc because his gonna be a free agent after this seasons, Sf get a wing defender iguodala will suit perfectly n keep Ryan Anderson n sign some bench studs n this will make it interesting becuz two strong team in Florida..

  41. Brian says:

    I used to love the guy but now I am so tired of Dwight’s drama that I didn’t renew my season tix this year. I wish that had kept Van Gundy and traded Dwight for a couple of good players with more maturity.

  42. spelkey55 says:

    Just goes to show how stupid the ownership is in Orlando. It’s all about players and they ain’t got any including and most of all the head case known as Dwight Howard! They’ll finish worse next year than this year. Getting pretty bad when a bench player picked up in a trade from the Celtics has to come down there to give that town a little HEART on that team! Don’t fret Big Baby maybe you’ll lucky and they’ll trade you to a real team with smart ownership.

  43. caleb says:

    Building an organization around one player? Thats effing ridiculous.

  44. charles says:

    Orlando needs to get a solid management team that can surround their superstar with a decent supporting cast. Howard, when healthy, can win defensive player of the year every year and he can get to the free throw line…with him, they got a shot at a ring, they can’t afford to waste that on unclear vision (smith) and a coach who doesn’t know how to get a long with the only player that he has to get along with.

  45. Peter says:

    Orlando are so stupid trying to keep Howard happy so he doesn’t leave them.Letting Van Gundy & Smith go won’t mean Howard will stay long term.The entire Magic organisation are walking on egg shells trying not to upset Dwight which is pathetic.He will leave anyway and they have lost a coach who got them to the Nba finals , l have no doubt he will get another job.

  46. 1greatplayer says:

    So funny that Howard is leaving the Magic next year then what will the franchise have? Nothing..they’ll become the bobcats of the NBA for years to come…Dwight Howard has lost all of his credibility after this year, he’s selfish and i’m pretty sure Otis Smith was fired because Howard said so too.

  47. Eaham says:

    Dwight ma man, Youre just a Center. You can’t lead charge and win a championship. You and Hakeem Chamberling or Bill Russel ma dude. Good job getting your coach fired, the only man who kpet your big ol’ ego filled under control. Goodluck coaching AND playing for your team Dwight. How about you play the role of GM too since youre Mr. Big time calling all shots now. Pathetic

  48. hooplover says:

    just lost all respect for dwight howard. kharma is a b***h!, his day is coming and he’ll deserve every bit of it.

  49. Mercorey says:

    Getting rid of Van Gundy is like shooting yourself in the foot. The Magic’s front office knows that Howard is leaving next year regardless if they get rid of Van Gundy or not. I would have keep Van Gundy and used Howard for the first half of the season and then trade him the hour before the final trade deadline next year.
    Otis Smith did make a horrible decision when he brought in Gilbert Arenas and I would have fired him then, but you have to respect him for his decision on wanting to leave the Magic organization because they let DH- Dwight ( his new name in my book) control them. When will players just play the game like there suppose to and let coaches and managers coach and manage?
    Otis, my hat goes off to you.
    Stan, you will have no problem finding a new coaching job because you are one of the best in the league right now.

  50. John says:

    Again, the MAGIC fails. Just another Penny/Brian snafu. Penny whines and cries to get rid of Hill. Magic listens by firing Hill and looked what happened. Penny left and Magic has no Title.

    Dwight cries and whines about Stan, Magic fires Stan, Dwight will still leave the team and the Magic will still not have a Title.

    Why not hold these #$## players who are milking the fans with huge tickets cost feet to the fire?? Play or get out!!! Win a Title or get out!!!

    Smith needed to go. To many stupid decisions. Good luck Stan. I hope you get with a team where players listen to the coach and you will a Championship before the Magic.

    I’m so over Professional Sports and Sports Management. Back to watching College sports.

  51. Johnny Nosebleed says:

    Instead of dumping money into the furnace that is Dwight Howard, why not simply create a functional team. Or at least cede to the fact that, with Heat and Bulls as they are, there’s not much that can be improved by changing coaching staff to the whims of an inconsistent and churlish center.

  52. Dwight Howard says:

    Party at mine!!!!

  53. Antwan says:

    And the irony is he will walk out on them by the end of next season.

    • hooplover says:

      exactly, i see that in the future too! magic should have gave him his walking papers when he “pretended” he wanted to be traded!

  54. Kiko says:

    Howard will not last long with the Magic. Even if you fire the coach and the general manager the franchise will not win any championship if they don’t get any big man on the center and a good point guard.

  55. FerdieMarc says:

    I think Orlando will trade Dwight to Miami for Joel Anthony because Joel has good attitude.

  56. Bill says:

    I think this was a good move for the Magic. They need to clear out all the bad karma. Van Gundy should have never spoke negatively about the franchise. Most people think that was a “brave” move, but I think it was improper. Howard is the backbone of the team. You won’t hate him too much longer when he comes back and starts winning games again. I hope his back heals quickly and he comes back with a vengeance.

  57. jimmy says:

    sad to see these guys go but it’s time for a fresh start now dwight we build a new arena for you we fired otis and van gunday time to start over with a new team sign the dotted line for a 5 year contract if not it’s also time to part ways with you no more games time to step up and be a man.

  58. Louie says:

    I never liked Van Gundy coaching any team. I just cant stand his face when he is upset. Like an angry Gerber baby, that said I have no more love for Dwight Howard. A player needs to be a competitor regardless of where he is playing. True professionals don’t act like babies when things don’t go their way. Maybe he should sign with San Antonio and take over Duncan as the center of that system? In San Antionio he will learn true professionalism and team play under Pop and RC….

    • uoykcuf says:

      You dislike van gundy of how he looks yet you said you hate him coaching any team. So when hiring a coach, one doesn’t need to know the X and O of the playbook but needs to looks galmourous. So how about hiring justin fu*king bieber if you are under 15, or Brad Pitt over 30? Pretty sure Orlando will be FINE. And you mention how you have no love for Howard anymore and “kind of” want to punish him and send him into the best record in the west? Hmm, let me get this right, if you want to teach a player a lesson, send him to a hopeless no media coverage team! like bobcats(sorry, bob fans). Your secret man-crush is exposed! You sir, are an idiot.

  59. el stone says:

    Agree with the other comments- Orlando (and they’re not the only team) seems to have ceded too much power to their superstar Howard.

    Unfortunately for Howard, individuals don’t win championships. Teams do. And good teams have good coaches.

    Van Gundy seems like a good coach. But I’d love to hear him and his bro do game commentary together.

  60. Belizeboy says:

    Van Gundy should be thankful. This nighmare with Howard will go on another season and at least he can sleep well not being apart of it.

  61. Giri says:

    Name a better coach in MAGIC history? For those of you thinking DOC Rivers, well he never made it out of the first round

  62. Giri says:

    4th best record, 3rd best playoff record and we let the coach go. Dmb Dumb de dumb dumb dummmmb. Stan is a great coach Ottis needed to go made some terrible signings(Arenes) and trades(letting gortat go)

  63. helloo says:

    Bobcats should hire both and enjoy the taste of success after a dreadfull season!! these two will quickly turn it around in Charllotte (that is if Micheal Jordan lets Smith have full power on filling in the roster)…. Van Gundy will also enjoy having his voice be heard without distractions from star players! He is a great coach and with a young team he could get alot of things done without distractions and huge egos!! YES he doesnt have a perfect squad to run his system! but im sure he will becuase Smith and Him are on the same page ad understand each other! JUST AN IDEA!

    • Pat Wolfenden says:

      stan’s coaching methods were hard to watch..nothing good will come from being abusive and critical of these young men, yes that’s what they are. I think there’s a lot of jealousy in people calling them whiners and egomaniacs. You try doing what they do, and many are emotionally I’ll prepared for it. I believe Dwight, whatever his shortcomings, speaks for the team and the bench — you know, the ones who play the game? Why shouldn’t they have a greater say in what goes on. Even Mike Brown admitted tonight he doesn’t even let Kobe do “whatever he wants.” that’s the balance tho — it’s called coaching not SERE training.

      • mvermulm says:

        Many of the other players on the Magic, including their two best young players (JJ & Anderson) loved SVG. Howard simply feels that he’s a star (which he is), and that stars shouldn’t be yelled at by their coach, even if it’s to help him become a better player.

  64. Karl says:

    I still don`t know if these are good news for Orlando. I think the replacement of Otis Smith is good but Stan Van Gundy’s dismiss is bad.

    • TTKIN says:

      Couldnt agree more. Otis Smith had to go. He only has 1 Center on his roster and that center doesnt even wana be there. You cant win a big man’s game without big men. As for Stan, C’mon, how many basketball fanatics dont evenknow Stan and the Magic have the 4th best record over the last several years? Howard didnt do that by himself, much credit and respect to Stan. Good luck.

  65. Anthony says:

    its a bad idea to give any player that much power. it will backfire

    • farouut!! says:

      well right now its really just pleasing howard or being in the same league as the bobcats..

  66. Ray says:

    If spoestra fails, van gundy to the HEAT!!!

  67. Sabri says:

    not a good sign for a franchise like orlando.

  68. Jay says:

    Could see this one coming, the situation got really awkward between stan and the magic players. Also, I can’t say i have much love for Howard anymore

    • Chris says:

      The situation between Stan and Dwight got awkward obviously. I think the rest fo the team showed their true feelings in the way they played in the series. I personally didn’t give them a chance in hell, but you could see they were trying. In the face of what they’ve been through and knowing what was probably going to happen, I think that says a lot about how the rest of the team felt about Stan. The Devosses are idiots. Rich idiots, but still idiots. They made their millions off Amway. Nothing more to say. Otis should have been fired a couple seasons ago. Dwight should have been traded at the beginning of this season. They will not keep Dwight and they just lost a great coach. If their plan is to get a great lottery pick over the next few seasons, I think they are well on their way.

  69. Chris says:

    It’s a miracle!! Dwight’s back just completely healed all of the sudden….. He still won’t stay long therm,