Turnovers Plague Sixers In Game 5

BOSTON — The Philadelphia 76ers set an NBA record this season, turning the ball over just 11.2 times per game. The Sixers weren’t a good shooting team or a good offensive rebounding team. And they ranked last in the league in free throw rate. But they got by offensively because they took care of the ball better than any team in league history (or since turnovers were first recorded in the 1977-78 season).

In Game 5 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, the Sixers shot the ball pretty well (47 percent) from the field. They also gave themselves plenty of second-chance opportunities with 14 offensive rebounds.

But uncharacteristically, it was turnovers that killed the Sixers in Monday’s 101-85 loss to the Celtics. Philly was holding on to a four-point lead with eight minutes to go in the third quarter when they proceeded to turn the ball over five times on their next six possessions, sparking a 10-0 Boston run that changed the game.

Four of the five turnovers were of the live-ball variety, allowing the Celtics to get out in transition and Brandon Bass to turn into a beast underneath the basket.

In total, the Sixers turned the ball over 15 times on Monday, their second-highest total of the postseason. And 10 of the 15 were live balls. And you can point that one stretch in the middle of the third period for the reason they’re heading home for Game 6 on the brink of elimination.

The Celtics did turn up the defensive intensity in the second half. And the officials were certainly allowing them to be physical. But the Sixers can’t win if they can’t take care of the ball.

They made things worse for themselves by shooting just 10-for-16 from the free throw line. Further, Doug Collins inexplicably played Lavoy Allen less than 19 minutes, after Allen had been such a key player in the first four games.


  1. big ticket says:

    ray allen is due for a big game. expect it anytime soon. sixers will just got to have a better franchise player. try again next year.

  2. PhillyRY says:

    Sixers just got frantic and lost composure when they started turning the ball over. Lack of focus and nothing less, however I do agree that we don’t stand much of a chance THIS year. If/When the Lakers get rid of Bynum or Gasol the Sixers should look to pick up either one of them. It’s not so much a superstar we need but a dominant force inside the paint. They are a young team with plenty of talent, they just need that easy bucket guy.

  3. I be wanting to believe in the celtics but from game to game they look like the can be contenders, but then they go out and look like pretenders, the sixers will proably win game 6 and the celtics in 7,

  4. CoachJ says:

    Who said Miami will be in the ECF? And I never said said Boston was terrible, just pointed out that Philly gave it away. How many third /fourth quarter comebacks has Philly had in the playoffs? Alot!

  5. CoachJ says:

    The loss is on the Sixers, they lost their heads (mostly Jrue) and gave the ball away, then refused to play D for about 14 minutes. Boston got the W, but it wasnt because they are that great. IF Boston wins the series, they will get crushed in ECF.

    • Give credit when credit is due. Boston is one of the best 3rd quarter teams in the league. The Celtics defense had something to do with the Sixers turnovers. Why is it the Celtics have the only double digit wins in this series? The Sixers are in the series due to the Celtics age & injuries. It’s no coincidence that they played well after having an extra day off. The Celtics whether you want to admit it, have a chance of advancing to the finals. They match up well with Miami who I’d rather see them play. With their injuries, I don’t think they can match up with SA or OKC.

  6. Law064 says:

    WTF I can’t post

  7. big ticket says:

    you just have to give celts credit coz most of the key players are playing hurt especially ray and pierce. even bradley is day to day if these guys were at least 85% theres no way this series will take this long. 6ers are just lucky they made it this far.

    • big ticket says:

      heat latino if bosh doesnt come back healthy enough then they will lose. they are just too small and offensively scarce. and boston already knows their weakness, the zone defense. thats why they are 3-1 this season against boston.lastly if they dont win it this year they better think of having their separate lives again.

    • ST66 says:

      I give credit to the Celtics although I am a Sixers fan. However, the Sixers deserve to be where they are. Injuries and aging are part of the game. If injuries affect the Celtics then that means they need a better bench. Sixers got there because of their bench and their talent. I admit that these young kids are not ready for big things yet. In the future they will be. I also admit that a dominating center is the missing piece. Still though, they can accomplish things. Let’s not take away what they have done. I will not predict the future, meaning, I don’t know what will happen in game 6. If Sixers win, then game 7 is big time open for both teams.

  8. ST66 says:

    Sixers had so many turnovers because of panic. They are a young team. Although the C’s played very good defense, most turnover cases in the third quarter were stupid and unnecessary. This is not over yet. It may end up with seven games, if the Sixers stop panicking!!!

  9. Bruno says:

    Yes, the C´s won because the officials allows them to be physical. Ahn, come on, wake up! Strong defense, just this. Try again next round John, this one will be over soon.

  10. adrixe says:

    Celtisc “D” made those turnovers of the 6ers! they stepped up in the 2nd half and 6ers paid price. Lets GO Celtics!!

  11. MaFox says:

    Philly need that superstar player

  12. Jayson says:

    Lousy plays and defense of the C’s in game 4, the series should have been completed. Anyway C’s welcome to Eastern Conference Finals. If Perk was still on the team with the current bench, no way Heat or OKC can beat the veterans team. Go Go Go Celtics!

  13. Okc has more blonde fans than any other franchaise in the Nba. They should watch Hockey, that´s what it is where they belong…in hockey.

  14. All i want to say is that David Aldrige from TNT is a reptilian.
    Lakers lost today against Okc. Kobe can come to Miami next season to get another ring.
    And bring too Allen Iverson Miami. I know this post has nothing to do with Sixers but I wanted to say it. Besides I hope Boston Lose.
    And Okc I hope the lose against San Antonio.
    This is the deal;

    San Antonio and Miami in the Finals.
    Lebron or Wade Mvp Miami championship 2012 and Manu Ginobilli get into Hall of Fame. He desrves it. 3 rings plus one Olympic gold medal.

    Let´s go Heat to beat all teams! period. 🙂

    • 1greatplayer says:

      dude stfu what are you talking about? this blog has nothing to do with the heat and the heat wont win it all so all you bandwagon fans can keep on dreaming until lebron leaves in 2014

    • Lebron deserves nothing. Championships are earned. Miami can’t afford Kobe & Iverson is toast.

  15. Celtics fan says:

    CELTICS played an incredible Defense and that’s why Phily turned the ball over many times… Give some love to Celtics as well.

  16. spelkey55 says:

    John as usual I believe you are talking out your derryair ! Try exclaiming the Celtics clamped down on “D” and the Sixers folded like a bad house of cards. Keep it up and I will start writing a special blog just to call you John “SCHMUCK” Schuhmann! LOL!!!

  17. camc1105 says:

    AH IT HURTS!!! IT HURTS! Lets go 6ers!