Linsanity … One And Done In New York?

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — No one said Linsanity would last forever.

But one-and-done in New York for Jeremy Lin?

Apparently there are no guarantees that Knicks fans will get an encore performance from the mercurial point guard who took the NBA, and the global basketball world, by storm this season when he burst onto the scene.

Lin will be a restricted free agent this summer and according to his agent, Roger Montgomery, is not necessarily destined to sign with the Knicks, courtesy of the New York Post:

“I don’t expect that. We’re not anticipating that’s going to happen. We don’t have assurances of anything. I know history shows most restricted free agents go back to their team, but I’m not going to assume anything. We’re waiting to see what happens.”

Surely, those aren’t the words Knicks fans want to hear. Not after Knicks coach Mike Woodson declared at season’s end that Lin would be back. And certainly not after seeing the impact Lin had on their team when he was healthy, after helping them revive their season only to miss the playoffs with an injury.

But after bringing the Knicks a wave of attention beyond just the basketball and sports world, Lin’s future appears a bit cloudy. Not only will he be a man without a contract as of July 1, there are other factors at play that could change his status as a restricted free agent, according to

Thanks to a clause in the CBA — named after Gilbert Arenas — the Knicks can match any offer made to Lin this summer.

Another factor in Lin’s free agency is the expected arbitration hearing over the Bird and Early Bird exceptions to the salary cap for waived players.

The union and league are at odds over whether the Bird rights for waived players should be transferred to their new teams. The union says the rights, which allow teams to exceed the salary cap to re-sign players, should transfer for players who are waived. The league argues that the Bird rights should not transfer.

This is significant for Lin because he was picked up off of waivers by the Knicks. If the arbitrator rules in favor of the union, then the Knicks would be allowed to exceed the cap to sign both Lin and forward Steve Novak, who also was acquired off of waivers.

This would also allow the Knicks to use their $5 million mid-level exception on another player. If the arbitrator rules in favor of the league, the Knicks will likely have to use their mid-level exception to re-sign Lin and would be limited in their pursuit of other free agents.

Lin’s value to the Knicks was never more obvious than it was during the playoffs, when they struggled to find the right fit at point guard without him against the Miami Heat. A knee injury to Baron Davis further complicated the issue and leave the Knicks with few options heading into the summer.

Lin’s stock couldn’t be much higher, but there is another free agent option believed to be on the Knicks’ radar as well and that’s two-time MVP Steve Nash.


  1. GOOD says:

    Yes goodbye Lin hello Nash

  2. don says:

    I seriously doubt if Jeremy Lin walks away from New York.

    I understand the agent’s desire to manipulate the best possible contract for his player, but Lin’s market value isn’t exactly Steve Nash-like.

  3. mtho13 says:

    Nash to San Antonio Spurs! back to back Champions I believe!!

  4. JesterCorp says:

    Wait..All these people are saying Nash wouldn’t fit with NY because Melo would always want the ball and plays selfishly..And yet you turn around and want to put him on a team with LeBron James and Dwayne Wade..I’m confused!

  5. nba_haha says:

    the Knicks should get floyd mayweather jr.

  6. che says:

    Knicks should let Lin stay,Nash to HEAT.!

  7. che says:

    steve nash and tyson chandler would work.!

  8. RayAllenVai98 says:

    Jeremy Lin would definitely be a good suit to the Heat, that sounds very intriguing to me!!!

  9. yeah says:

    Nash to retirement home..

    Lin back to harvard, being a ball boy..


  10. Christian Howard says:

    Send Jeremy Lin to Orlando he would do great there. I know they would do great the next year

  11. Wonka says:

    @ Semy…. No way Chicago will trade Gibson and Asik for Bosh, that would be going backwards, those two are so much more valuble to the depth of Chicago then getting a PF/C that is only slighty better then Boozer.

  12. Petey says:

    Lin to LAkers!

  13. OKC fans are Bandwaggers says:

    Nash to LA

  14. who is holding the ball says:

    what Nash can do for the Nicks while Melo is holding the ball? shoot 3s? there are tons of good 3 point shooters.

  15. Johnathan Volk says:

    Lin to the Lakers

  16. TMan says:

    Come to Toronto Jeremy Lin!

  17. specialfriedrice says:

    I hope Lin leaves NY, his game will never look good when Melo plays ‘Kobe style’ and shoots 30+ shoots a game, Steve Nash ends up in Miami or San Anontio, not NY, if the Knicks wer’nt stupid enough to get rid of Mike D,then NY may be on the cards, poor old Amaire hope he gets a trade and leaves Melo there to try and shoot 40+ shoots a game…NY to miss the playoffs next season and the next and the next one…

  18. BRIO says:

    MELO will be the MVP next year..

  19. john says:

    Nash with James and D.Wade, that would be dangerous!

  20. Semy says:

    Nash wants a ring, Heat needs a point guard to get ring. Nash and Ray Allen to the Heat and it’s a done deal. Miami needs a good PG and a consistent 3-pt shooter. Bosh, Miller, Chalmers, Turiaf out… get Nash, Ray A., Gibson+Asik for Bosh. Guaranteed ring 4 Heat

  21. the only player who can unite the knicks is already in their team. Lin has done the impossible. once he recovers, the knicks has a younger, more versatile guard than the older nash. what counts is the respect between players in the team – that would translate to teeamwork and wins.

    had the knicks stayed in 8th place, they are more formidable compared to the sixers. by this time they have already eliminated the celtics! of course, the bulls in the first round! by the time they reached the east finals, the starting forwards have already adjusted to playing with lin.

  22. Barry Gleed says:

    It would make sense for Nash to got to NY, he has a house in NY, he could re-connect with Amare, and he would be closer to Canada than if he were in Miami, also, I think he would just like to play for the Knicks……….
    I can see this happening for a lot of reasons, and honestly have no idea in predicting any success from it! But I would love to see it.

    Also, Lin really isn’t that amazing…..I mean, the fact *some* people allude to him being better than Rondo, Deron Williams, Tony Parker, is just absurd. He will never be that good. He’s a good player, potential to be very good, he plays in the NBA, so it’s no surprise, but he was only truly successful when opposing teams couldn’t scout him, cos they had no idea who he was…….

    Lin, very nice guy, and the whole Linsanity thing was remarkable, and very best of luck to him, as he does have game and is a throw back to an old era of PGs, but, it wouldn’t burst my bubble if we lost him. There are plenty of options which make me even more optimistic than keeping Lin.

  23. big boi says:

    Nash to the HEAT and thats it

  24. Alex says:

    Steve Nash at PG, Lin at SG, Melo at SF, Amare at PF, Tyson at C
    Im feeling a Championship approaching

  25. eli macuja says:

    when lin was orchestrating the offense chandler, fields, and jeffries were getting good looks. melo is a very good individual player but he just simply doesnt compliment his teammates!

  26. ivan says:

    no one knows what would happen. if you are here to say bad words. be a shame on your selves. every team may win a championship. but only one can win in a year. 1/30 teams.

  27. bostonazztyler says:

    the Knicks lol

  28. zip2do128 says:

    ESPN is reporting that the Knicks and Mike Woodson are near a deal

  29. zip2do128 says:

    ESPN is reporting that the Knicks and Mike Woodson are near a deal . More of the same 😦

  30. james says:

    lol u dont put lin on bench especially when your trying to develop his game

  31. dominique A. says:

    lin to chicago we need a good solid point guard

  32. KK says:

    Nash to be a Spurs!!! I am a Phoenix fans and I hated Spurs for ending our championship hopes, but coach Pop, Timmy, Parker, GInobili and proven that they can still win. Spurs may be among the only few teams that can give Nash a shot at the title. Nash really does deserve a shot at the title.

  33. JPA says:

    Got an idea for the knicks……re-sign Lin if the league allows it, trade Melo and Chandler for Howard and Turk…….sign Nash……how are the knicks looking now? C Howard PF Amare SF Turk SG Fields PG Nash bench….Jordan, Novak, Jeffries, J.R, Lin.

  34. Nash to HEAT! put lbj & dwade on highlight reel!

  35. poi says:

    @ cgerke:
    nice observation..the best comment ive read in this topic.

  36. Ace says:

    Lin and Nash would work in NY but they will still have problems on the defensive end. Yes, Anthony played good D for a month or so after Woodson came on board, but until he adds that defensive effort over an extended period of time (say, all of next season) it’s too early to say he has added a greater defensive ability to his game. Stoudemire probably needs to go, but only a completed desperate and/or stupid franchise would take his contract. However, as was seen in Phoenix, Amare would benefit offensively with Nash running plays for him. As would Anthony if he would be willing to give up his “give me the ball and get out of the way” style of offensive. Some big IF’s there!
    If they keep most of their current list (the first 6 or 7 spots on the list at least) and add Nash and a few solid defenders to their bench then I’d give them a decent shot at making the Eastern Conference Finals next year, dependant on health and form of course. But a championship contender? Hard to see.
    Nash to Miami is interesting, they could alternate him and James as primary playmakers and trade Chalmers and a few others for some legitimate big men to back up Bosh in the paint. With Nash and some genuine size inside they’d just about have filled the only few pieces of the puzzle they currently lack.

  37. HeatFan says:

    Lin to heat .. but LeGone traveled tho…

  38. pinoy says:

    i think Lin will stay in new york.. he owe the team a lot and the fans as well.. next season no guarantee for b davis to be back..

  39. JamesHardensBeard says:

    Jeremy Lin??? the nba has just been THUNDERstruck

  40. fonzy says:

    nash will be in L.A together with dwight.

  41. Andrew says:

    Your jealous because LeBron choice Miami over New York who have a better all around roster if you look at it but no you obviously do not know the game of basketball. LeBron and Wade make the players around them better while Melo simply takes tons of shots and thats it. He is a ball hog and no team that he is on will win a championship. You cant when a championship with out team work and Melo likes the one man show. Why do you think everyone thinks they should trade Melo oh yea so they can win. Even if by some work of Magic Melo actually won his 3,4, and 5 series of his career and made it to the Finals he would lose to whatever West team is their. The most stacked roster and the worst all around team pretty much because Melo. Anyone notice how Denver got better once he was traded??

  42. Andrei says:

    I want Lin in Miami. HAHAHAH!

  43. nash_redd says:

    …Nash will still be a Suns PG next season. Deal with that Knicks fans.

  44. pacoy says:

    NYK sign Lin and the rest of Linsanity gang. Trade Melo for a couple beers…….. Boom! NBA 2012-13 Champion!

  45. Cheezo says:

    Lin back to cali where he belongs..LA Lakers!

  46. Jayson says:

    Nash to Knicks thats very interesting move. Nash-Stoudemire combo is the best 1-2 punch when they are in Suns. They even reach the second-round of the Playoffs vs lakers but the complete Lakers team with Odom and Fisher wipe them out. Chandler is best on defense, Field and Shumpert. Nash will feed Anthony, Stoudemire, Chandler and the other guards. I am not Knicks fan coz I’m Celtics but moving Nash to Knicks will make the East more fun..

  47. Doncha says:

    come to LAKERS..

  48. Kenny Beneche says:

    Linsanity should come to the Celtics; just saying.

  49. Dale says:

    Lin to Heat

  50. newyorksteelo says:

    Let’s face it everyone. The Knicks are not going to let go of Lin that easy. He is money in the bank when it comes to NBA Jerseys and Merchandise. I mean just look at his Facebook page following. He has 4 times the followers that Carmelo Anthony does.

  51. Gerome says:

    Stupid…Knicks do have many superstar.they’re they lose.

  52. TIM says:

    if the SPURS win d championship this season, . it would be sad for other teams, they would be waiting another two season, they wait until timmy retires…that time der chances for a ring wud probably der..

  53. cgerke says:

    Gotta laugh at all the comments that mention the Heat is the best place to win a title. If they get lucky and get past Indiana (which they won’t) there is no way they are beating Boston in the Conf Finals and no way in hell they are beating the Spurs in the Final.

    A big shout out to Dwight, Lebron or any other “Star” whining about wanting to go somewhere to win a title…. if you really wanted to win you’d be contacting R.C. over in San Antonio. The NBA regular season is for stars. The playoffs are for teams with great systems.

  54. cgerke says:

    gotta laugh at all the comments about Heat being the best place to win a title. Even if they are lucky and get past Indiana, they ain’t getting past the Celtics and definitely ain’t beating the Spurs in the Final.

    Shout out to Dwight, Nash and any other “star” in the league whining about just wanting to win, its ALL TALK. If you really wanted to win you’d be contacting R.C. in San Antonio.

  55. john wade says:


  56. Tian says:

    No team mates will play with their hearts when Melo is their team mate. For sure everyone will pretend to like him.

  57. Demetrios says:

    What about signing Lin and Nash and dropping Novak since he only relies on jump shots that dont go in as we seen in the playoffs. Now that would be a dream team nobody will want to face !!!!

  58. 1greatplayer says:

    Lin to LA
    For a trade & shipment out of Sessions & Barnes
    That way Kobe doesnt have to take tough shots (I’m laughing while writing this) & Lin can intiate some PROPER offense
    But this wont ever happen

  59. AC says:

    Lin to Lakers would def be a boost on and off the court.

    Would also be a wise business move. Looking at the demographics in southern california, how many of those are asian population? Again, player merchandises would be off the charts, things like jerseys ect.

    Its not always about basketball people..even though we all want our teams to win, the guys upstairs also wants cash.

    I believe that Lin will go to a big market team. The fact that he is Asian American will just help the team to gather more fans = more ticket = more merchandises = more money.

    Anyway hopefully he gets a contract soon.

  60. alien says:

    interesting if Lin go to miami and play with Lebron james on the same team….haha~~~~

  61. alien says:

    I like Lin. I also like the knicks. but I like Lin more. some how, i don’t really hope to see him coming back. I think knicks will be the same situation like this year again.. I don’t think knicks will be a good team for lin next year. But I also like landry, chandler and novak in the team…hard to say where lin should go……I want to see them all together.but again….really think knick is not the team for him, at least from what I see of the team chemistry right now…..

  62. SUMY says:

    bring linsanity to lakers to matuch up with premier pgs…sesh needs help

  63. ZLEEKS says:


  64. Bronx Big Fella says:

    First of all they need to keep Lin he may not be the best in the league but he is a true point guard he understands the position and the responsibilities of that role. That is what the knicks need we dont need a scoring point guard he will take shots away from Amare and Melo. Lin understands the court who to give the ball to and when to not give you the ball. Ntice Tyson Chandler was getting his points as well when Lin was playing and he is a defensive threat. For all you haters its okay when the knicks do win a championship dont jump on the band wagon most people only root for winning teams and they change as the title holders change a fan is one who is a fanatic for their team win or lose.

  65. ya you know what it is every thing i do i do it big black and yellow says:

    lina toa chicagoa yaaaaaaaa boy

  66. Dan says:

    He’s only 24 yrs old, despite the injury which as taken cared of, he still have plenty of productive years, we’ve only seen the start about two weeks worth. If knicks decided to cut him loose, the acquiring team will surely thanks knicks for that. Knicks just stumbled to their second coming brought by Lin but if they dont see it that way, so be it. Knicks will be the next Bobcats for next season.

  67. newyorksteelo says:

    Knicks need to match any offer given to Lin and do everything in their power to sign Steve Nash, even if it means going well above the Luxury Cap. This is a must if the Knicks want to get close to a championship.

  68. Killa! says:

    I really hope james win at least one championship n if Miami can’t win championships then too bad for James maybe oneday he replace barkley on TNT!

  69. Killa! says:

    Nash n Oden joins miami !
    Miller, Howard , Pittman leaves Miami !
    Miami almost done developing curry, big plus!
    Oden comes of the bunch until he develop his game back, big plus!
    Nash of the bench ( play starter 30 minus like James harden do for okc) which will be the next 6th man of the year!
    Miami runs n guns n win championship!

  70. nashComehome says:

    Nash play urlast season in toronto

  71. NBA_GUY says:

    Lin to Atlanta!!! Help shut these media idiots up!!!!!!!!

  72. LazyBalls says:

    Nash to Miami…Lin to the dumpster

  73. bglen says:

    how easily ppl forget the entire month of April. Melo has continuously improved his defense-he guarded the league MVP to a first round series 47% from the field (Melo 42%, guarded by James, Battier, Wade, Haslem and Miller), all the while demanding more defensive efforts from teammates. A series that even the commish commented on coming up with some sort of anti-flopping agenda. By no means undermining Lin’s efforts but tried and true point guards make that much difference in Melo’s career, only time he’s been out of the 1st round is with Chauncey Billups all the way to the western conference finals. So for so many to immediately down the idea of Nash not improving such a team and balance the offense, true the offense was very stagnant but Nash alone compensates for movement. I could guarantee Lin fades into obscurity within years (meaning talent-wise, he’s an icon now so he’ll always be prevalent somehow) but he’ll eventually join the list of greats such as Harold Miner, Ruben Patterson, Smush Parker, Sebastian Telfair, Mateen Cleaves, etc.

  74. DoItMItch says:

    Lin to the Lakers. Lin and Bynum will be a great duo. Kobe time was done 3 years ago.

    • NBAfan says:

      Lin in Lakers sounds good as far as media is concerned, but they need an athletic, defensive PG…which Lin is NOT….Kobe time IS NOT done..he’s not the best player in the league anymore, but he’s still a damn good player…common…stop hating

      • lolaa says:

        He is not defensive yea. But not athletic? lmao. Dunk 3 times per game dosen’t mean anything and that is not athletic. If you really watched his game you should know his strength is good and has great balance.

  75. Leonard says:

    Nash to the Lakers make more sense then going to the Knicks… Knicks have Lin… Also if Knicks take Nash it’s gonna cost $$$ it make more sense for the Knicks to keep Lin and build on the success they have had over the past 3 months… You can’t by players and expect a Championship the next season, look at the Heat as a perfect example lol… NBA Championship teams are developed over time..

    • babyNBA says:

      Sorry Leonard, Nash+Kobe=DISASTER! I just don’t see that working. Unless Lakers decide to cut Kobe loose, but so far I’ve not heard anyone talking about that. But even then, Nash is stuck with a team that’s in the process of a rebuild…not what Nash needs at this point.

  76. lollololol says:

    mimi needs a center not guards lol an nyk…sn….be ok anothy have to go tho..

  77. nyk4life says:

    we need 2 someway some how trade 1 of the big3. trade amare to nj and eat some of the money or work out a 3 team deal

  78. BEATZ says:

    Listen,where is Oden playing next season? Nash said he would alreadylike to play for the Heat, So I think they would be able to sign him for the min for two years, let go of miller,sign Oden, PLay James Jones, keep Battier for another season,move Chalmers to the bench and have Joel and Turrioff play back up center, Haslum has his moments, Heat for the furture would be set, by the time, Bosh, Brom and Wade are 35-36 Oden, IF he stays heathly could become a 18PPG 10RPG kind of guy to go a lon with 2.5BPG. Heat for Nash next year

  79. Daniel says:

    NASH to Toronto 🙂

  80. Don says:

    Nash to HEAT!!

  81. shasta says:

    Lin to the Heat.

    • NBAfan says:

      HELL NO…IF the Heat wins SIMPLY because they have an all star team (which they kind of already do)

  82. rexb says:

    Nash to NY with Melo won’t work! . Lin plays like Nash, great court vision, reliable jumper and makes everyone else better. We already saw what happened with Lin and Melo experiment. Also, Nash and Shaq didn’t work out as Shaq needed the ball, that’ll be the same story with Melo on the court as Nash would be ineffective.

    I think the best place for Nash would be the Heat. Lin should stay with NY if Melo’s out or leave if Melo isn’t traded.

  83. David says:

    Really it doesnt matter if Lin leaves. We really arent going anywhere if we waste all our money on jeremy lin. I love jeremy lin, but maybe: for the better of the franchise: lin should wear a different jersey next year

  84. jimmy says:

    nash to the bobcats please D:

  85. JP says:

    Hope Nash can still win a ring at this point of his career. I like his dedication to the suns. He could have played for any team in the nba and won a ring, now most championship teams already have their PG, hopefully he can finish his career on a good note

  86. Lizard says:

    I think you are forgetting that Knicks fininshed this 5th on defensive effeciency and this team never had a full training camp together.Yeah Melo shot a lot but there was no time to put an offensive scheme together after Woodson took over the team.With Nash you have point guard that can flourish with Amar’e and Tyson(pick and roll) and a lethal scorer on the wing that can bail you out on though situations and if you have watched Knicks games they need playmaking from somebody.So i think with Nash this team can contend in the east.Miami is still the best team in the east but with Rose missing full season i would put them right behind Miami.

  87. theballerguru says:

    While Nash has said that he loves NY, he is not going to sign with the Knicks. His style of play is in direct contrast to Carmelo Anthony. Melo just wants a point guard to dribble the ball up the floor and give him the ball. Then Carmelo either heaves up low percentage shots or plays 1-on-1 for 10-20 seconds. Nash’s greatest skill is running intelligent plays, creating player and ball movement, and making his entire team better. He won’t be able to do that in NY with the role he would be forced to play. If anyone really sees Nash ending his career that way, they are only fooling themselves. Nash to the Heat, Lakers, or even Mavericks is much more realistic than Nash to the Knicks.

  88. edg says:

    Nash to Indiana! 🙂

  89. tommy says:

    Lin to Portland!! Go help out the Blazers! Paul Allen will pay whatever you want!

  90. AJ says:

    Lin’s just a role player and a marginal one at that. Get over it, he’s not the second coming of Larry Bird or Magic Johnson. He’s not a franchise player so all of the anxiety over where he lands is much ado about nothing.

    • Lichen says:

      Finally somebody said that. Come on, people. Lin is just overrated player who got lucky in couple games against easy matchups (old Kidd, Jordan Farmar i believe…). First time he played against good point guard (D-Will) he dropped 38 on Lin. But I still hear people saying that he should have been an all-star (after 10 games while he was averaging 6.5 TO per game). O-VER-RA-TED

      • lolaa says:

        Lol another angry nerd saying overrated haha. Overrated lol? I dont even know he was rated b4 VS nets in Feb. Like I said b4, hater always hate.

      • Elliot A says:

        D. Will, Devon Harris, Kobe, Jason Terry, John Wall just to name a few of the so called easy matchups. You clearly know nothing about basketball. Try baseball, it is a bit slower for the special needs fans!

  91. kay em says:

    as good as melo is he is a cancer to his team. just not a great team player. need to learn as a team player before the knicks will go anywhere with him on the team. just look after denver when he left. way better team once he left and everyone thought the nuggets were going to be nobodys once melo left denver.

  92. Kevin NY says:

    Lin should stay, at least sign a full contract D; .. over. and over and over again till he retires . C:

  93. BALLsoSOFT says:

    Brooklyn Nets FTW

  94. babyNBA says:

    Nash won’t go to the Knicks (I hope I don’t eat my words on that one). D’Antoni is gone and Amar’e and Carmelo both have proven they have A LOT of growing up to do (which is pretty sad to say at this point in their careers). It would be such a colossal waste of time for him. They are simply not together enough for him to waste his last few years.

  95. linsanity says:

    jeremy lin to miami

  96. Lakerfan007 says:

    Lin to LA Lakers

  97. Celtic Fan says:

    I can’t see Lin anywhere else but new York

  98. No D says:

    are you guys stupid for saying nash would help them. He is not a good defender himself so yes theyll drop 100 points every game but they will give up the same amount as well.

    Nash to orlando makes sense good centre and alot of spot up shooters.

  99. Funky J says:

    Nash to Chicago, boom.

  100. Shaf says:

    Haha are you kidding me? A Knicks team with Nash wouldn’t be a contender? They’re biggest problem would obviously be defense but they could definitely make up for it with their offense. Nash would set up Melo all day. The bigger issue is if Nash would actually sign for only a mid level exception. He could get paid way more money than that!

    • nbafan says:

      didn’t the knicks increase there defensive ratings with a defensive coach in Mike Woodson? Melo is a great defender when he wants to be. hopefully he realizes he needs to be that great defender next season. As for Amare, it’s too bad he’s on a hefty contract. I honestly don’t see them pairing well consistently. IMO.

  101. DanDan says:

    The Knicks is more like a one-man-offense team , it is not matter whoever the PG is . Any body can fit into Knicks system ,as long as he need not want to outscore Anthony and willing to give up the ball and play hard defensive . So there should be a lot of choices in the league .

  102. John From OKC says:

    I would love seeing Lin win some titles with NON-METRO-NYC team. Metro NYC, as the egomania capital of the USA needs large servings of humble pie.

  103. Jon White says:

    nash 2 orlando

  104. Jose says:

    Yeah, right Steve Nash to the selfish loser knicks!!!! If Nash ever went to that team, it would show he doesn’t care about championships, just trendy spots. Knicks will never win

    • Nolan says:

      Are you stupid? i’f Nash wants a title he will go to the knicks to actually give them a shot, with him carmelo, amare, tyson, and landry they have about 4/5 an all star lineup, SMH at your lack of knowledge

      • Craig says:

        With Nash they may have won another game no way they progress to the second round. Amare and melo can’t defend and Nash gives no help in that department.

      • shutup says:

        @ Nolan

        no you, yes you…. are YOU stupid? Knicks is NOT going to win any championship for the next three years or so, by then Nash already retired.

        stop calling other people stupid, you “stupid”

      • Changmin says:

        I agree with the first guy because Melo is selfish as hell. When he was injured and Lin was controlling the tempo of the game, the Knicks went on winning streaks. But when Melo came into the picture they started winning one and losing one and so on. He got all butthurt because the coach centered the offense around Lin (before Woodson) and started crying like a little female. Without Melo in the picture, the Knicks were moving the ball around a lot better and getting good looks. But with Melo, he always tries to make it a one-man show.

      • Belizeboy says:

        Nash already threw it out there…Miami is where he would like to play.

      • david says:

        oh and shut up do what your user names says SHUT UP you like jose i can’t wait to see choke on ya words when knicks do win a championship anyone who thinks that won’t happen is cleary on the heats D*** and been on it since lechoke and D-fade got together.

      • babyNBA says:

        @Craig – I don’t agree with your comment about Nash as a defender. Of course he’s not much help guarding bigs, which should go without saying (but I will anyway :-), but put him up against just about any other PG in the league and he’s good. He’s smart, experienced and still pretty fast, etc.

      • Hahahaha says:

        All Star line-up you serious lol. Landry average at best, Amare over the hill, and other two can’t carry this team anywhere. Nash wouldn’t waste his time on that bum team.

    • Baller says:

      Nash would be the perfect fit for the Knicks and he would have as good a shot at a ring as anywhere else. With him Amare and Melo would get balanced shot attempts and put pressure on the opposing defense, Chandler will secure the middle and they have a great supporting cast in J.R. Smith, Novak, Shumpert, Lin and Davis, should they be able to resign Novak and Lin. They will have to finally produce in the new season though, I think a top 3 spot in the Eastern Conference is a must for a team with that much talent…

    • david says:

      jose you are cleary a knick hater keep on hateing because it be fun to see you back on here when one day knicks do win a championship and i know ill see you here crying about it and i be like is that the same guy who said the knicks are losers LOL!!!

      • haha says:


        “when one day knicks do win a championship”

        haha… how long do we have to wait? one of this day, the GS Warriors going to win it also… but WHEN??????

    • NBAfan says:

      Nash with Marion and Amare was a very strong Suns team….now imagine Nash with Fields, Anthony, Amare and Chandler..with Shumpert as back up combo guard and B diddy putting in some valuable minutes….that’s a pretty good team

    • Ariel says:

      LOL Nash said if He receives a recruiting call from LBJ or D-Wade he’ll definitely come to Heat

    • Elliot A says:

      Jealousy will get you nowhere!

    • Tony says:

      If you ask me I think the Suns will never win.

      • JJGoto says:

        If you asked the Egyptians if the world was round they would have spat in your face and thrown you into a furnace.

  105. Chris says:

    Lin to Orlando!

    • Bru says:

      No team that Carmelo is on will EVER win a title.. Players like him do not win..

    • Fredrick Wells says:

      Jeremy Lin to Orlando. Carmelo should have stayed in Denver as he may have won the NBA Title this year. He helped lead the Nuggets to the West Finals vs the LA Lakers in 2009 which included the largest Playoff victory in NBA History (121-63 win at New Orleans vs Hornets in Game 4).