Griffin Grumbling Is Too Soon, Off Base

HANG TIME PLAYOFF HEADQUARTERS — Before we let the Clippers slip away into the shadows of teams vanquished on the road to the Larry O’Brien trophy, we have to slather a little praise on the “other” team in Los Angeles for a season full of entertaining basketball, complete with enough Chris Paul and Blake Griffin highlights to last a couple of seasons.

We’d also like to back the critics off of Griffin and his game, which is a whopping 159 games old with this playoff run included. That’s right, Griffin is just two seasons of actual on-court time into his career that has been scrutinized incessantly since he burst onto the scene as dunking machine/pitchman last season.

I saw the Inside crew discussing Griffin’s game (Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Shaq and Ernie Johnson go at it above) and felt the instant analysis of his long-term prospects was a bit premature. Shaq and Ernie have it right that it’s far too soon to assume we’ve seen the very best Griffin will have to offer during his career.

(Andrew Bynum‘s been in the league for seven years and people are still talking about him being a young player … and this is supposed to be it for Griffin?)

This was Griffin’s first playoff rodeo folks. Why would anyone assume he’s reached his zenith, that he won’t continue to improve in the coming seasons?

This assumption that he’s just a “dunker” and will never be anything more is beyond preposterous. Sure, he has plenty of work to do on his overall game, and particularly his post moves, outside shooting and attention to detail on the defensive end. But what player in his second season doesn’t?

Griffin’s critics, and there are many, are completely off base in their initial assessment of a guy who has played on a tender knee since late in their first-round series against the Grizzlies. And he was facing a Spurs team that exposes each and every one of your weaknesses in the conference semifinals. He still managed 21.8 points, 7.8 rebounds, 2.3 assists, 2.0 blocks and 1.3 steals against the team many believe to be the best in basketball right now.

Those numbers don’t match up to his regular-season standards anywhere but in points, but again, this is his first taste of postseason action.

Griffin is being held to a ridiculously high standard right now, based solely on the fact that a player with seemingly superhuman athleticism (and the hype that usually comes along with it) somehow has to do more faster than the average man. Well, we’re not playing that game here. Griffin’s game will grow in time. Paul sticking around long-term will certainly aid that cause.

But he’ll never be able to even meet the immense expectations some have set for him, let alone exceed them. Like others in his generation, Griffin has already become a prisoner of his own hype (the bulk of it generated beyond his control).

Yet to assume he won’t work tirelessly to do exactly that, to meet and exceed the expectations he has for himself as well as the external expectations, is selling Griffin short.

And we’re not ready to do that around here. Not even close!


  1. emenot says:

    To play in the playoffs with this year’s rough an tumble style in not possible! I have never seen so many FRAYGRINE hard foules iis down right unreasonable especially with bad knees and CP’s pulled balls. That being said, it just seems like the Clippers’ defense where just plain tuckered out!

  2. Brad Depablo says:

    Time will tell us all we need to know… Give Blake Griffin some time to develop his pro game. In college he was a beast. He is still a beast.. The only difference between his NCAA past and his NBA future, is that he will be challenged by other “beast,” every game. Athleticism alone will not cut it.

    From my point of view, Blake Griffin has all the tools neccessary for a very productive career

  3. Crunchy says:

    Stop giving Griffin such a hard time about dunking, sure he’s not an immaculate shooter, but he can play. Plus if I happened to to be in Blake’s shoes I would prob dunk it non-stop, why shoot a 10ft. jumper when you can make a 12ft. leap to the basket over everyone while drawing the foul. The NBA is filled with one-dimentional players in all positions, i.e Kyle Korver, Yao, etc. Griffin isn’t one of them. He’s just a young gun trying to make his points count and his team happy, I’m doubt anyone on the Clips has anything to say about Blake other than thanks for letting us see a playoff game…. props to Chris Paul too 😀

  4. Best for my is Blake Griffin in the games; not criticicm 2 season and Best, much that take 6-7 season,now that in 2 season is considerate one of the best pf in the present nba, and that not good in 2 season???? l’m from fan 100% of griffin and love view her play.

  5. sholmes87 says:

    Is there anyone on the Clippers coaching staff who can work with Griffin one-on-one? All I know (and this is hearsay from people who supposedly know more about the situation than I do) is that VdN isn’t the best coach in the world. Can he call up Kevin Love and work with him over the summer? I’d pay good money to watch that!

  6. Tustari says:

    Over the last 2 years I have watched many of Blake Griffin’s games. I think he just might be the most exciting player in the game today. But to compare him to Charles Barkley is insane. Charles was 6 ft. 4 and dominated the boards and blocked 7 footers regularly. He was much more athletic than most people realize. He was also extremely tough. Blake would have a very difficult time scoring on him. By his third year in the league Charles was a legitimate threat from 3 point range. Blake doesn’t even have a consistent jumper from 12 feet!

    One also has to acknowlege that Blake Griffin has helped the Clippers reach heights they have never experienced. The 24 point comeback with 8 minutes to go against the Grizzlies was legendary. Perhaps the best playoff comeback ever. To reach his full potential Griffin must develop a mid-range jumper and rely on other parts of his game rather than just his athleticism. Many games this year I would watch defenses leave him completely open from 12-15 ft and he would
    play around with the ball a bit and then throw up a brick

  7. Jay says:

    Please the second season was a short one at that….. as time goes the Duncan Garnetts and Kobes fade and the new talent shine brighter… Blake will be one of those whom over powers and out plays the youngsters that will one day surround him. He will develop a shot he is too gifted not too. He will be more cagey in his team game as he learns the ropes. I do believe he needs a partner in crime down low. When your center is of NO offensive threat then you get the double and even triple team scheme all game long. That will take any player out of his game. Clippers need some sort of offensive big to open up the floor for BG…. easy.

  8. TLCLB8 says:

    It’s amazing the critism(s) of people who are on-lookers with no athletic abilities or capabilities; this is especially true of those professional-non-athletic critics that only laced-up their shoes for what team? Superstars that played can offer some insight of a players current state to where they would hope a player could or should improve. “Hypo”-critical on-lookers of an athlete who have these unreal expectations really amaze me. How many of these “Weekend Warriors” are so closely scrutinized of their work on a daily basis? Spare me, crybabies. These young athletes are all amazing and I wish them all the best! The game has changed; not for the better. There use to be better coaching and development of players and few coaches understand that. The Spurs got it right; yet they haven’t won a championship in years. Some athletes are limited from improvement due to machanics, some are limited because of failure to adjust to the rigors of professional life-styles and expectations. Some are limited because of the money and outside influences that are a constant. I just want to see them all live good productive careers and leave it up to the statistics, playoff appearences and championships judge them individually and comparatively.

  9. JamesHardensBeard says:

    Blake will be a good player .. BUT if i were Blake i would be focusing on right now! & right now Blake should be at CP3’s house getting his breakfast ready, doing his laundry & babysiting his kids (doing anything he can too make sure CP3 stays with the clippers) together they could be all-time greats .. Gary Payton & Shawn Kemp with rings

  10. Mr.305 says:

    Look, truth is, Blake DOES need time to develop regardless of what anyone says. Understand this was his FIRST playoff run. Understand he has a SUPERSTAR PG by his side. Who agreed to sign that deal with the Clippers because of GRIFFIN. The fact is, he is very athletic, and full of potential. He played against arguably the GREATEST pf of all time in Tim Duncan who as we all saw, schooled him.Though I personally believe he learned alot from playing against Duncan. Do continue the criticism though, just like Lebron that´s just gonna fuel him to be better next season.

  11. taiakun says:

    I think many people didn’t understand Chuck’s point. It is not the point scoring he is critizing, it is Griffin’s lack of rebounds in the game. It’s a point that Shaq agrees on as well. I do too. Boxing people out is a basketball fundamental, one which players learn back in school. Understandably he would need a few months to adjust to the physicality of the NBA, but it has been 2 years now (+1 on the bench). As Griffin is so atheletic, he should be able to grab more rebounds than he is currently doing, and that is Chuck’s criticism.

  12. NBAfan says:

    Sorry Sekou….the Griffin OVER HYPE was the one that is OFF BASE in my humble opinion….yes 22 pts and 12 rebs in your rookie year is AMAZING…but just look at Tyreke Evans…20, 5, 5…seems like it’s going to be his best season in his whole career…

    I’m not hating on Blake…cause I think he’s one nasty athlete…but he’s not quite close enough to deserving the HYPE he’s been getting..he’s a highlight reel waiting to happen…but any perceived grumblings or hate about Blake is a result of the OVER HYPE he’s been getting…

    Don’t get me wrong…I am a BIG BLAKE GRIFFIN fan…I think he’s great..but he’s a wok in progress and has a lot to learn…just like Barkley keeps saying…if he starts playing basketball, he’ll be scary…man..Barkley..go mentor Blake!!!

    • Raf says:

      Tyreke needs a team where he can play the 2 and which doesn’t already have a good slasher in its offence.


      But seriously, there’s nothing wrong with Evans that wouldn’t be cured by not playing for the Kings and not switching around between being out of position at PG and out of position at the 3 instead of being allowed to settle.

  13. Thomas says:

    Great article. No player in nba history has went to hall of fame base on two years in the league. The purpose of the off season, to improve your game.When making comparisons compare nba greats to Bill Russell and his 11 rings. Otherwise, it takes time to develop in the nba where the greatest athletics play.

  14. Belizeboy says:

    Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and the rest of the people criticizing Griffin are moronic, buffoonish, haters! He was averaging 22pts last year. He had the addition of three other scorers to his team with Billups, Paul, Mo (yes Mo was there last year but wasn’t as active as now). His scoring went down two points and people are saying that’s not good enough in his 2nd year! Man haters gonna hate I guess.

    • kobe says:

      its not that they r hating all they r saying is he needs to improve his game..all he does is jump shot d..average at best shooting freethrows..he still is a good player ..once he improves his game in those areas he will be hard to stop

  15. Jermaine says:

    I agree 100% with what Shaq and Ernie said. He’s athletically gifted, but you have to give him time to develop his all-around game. I feel like the people who criticize Blake Griffin are part of what’s wrong with the NBA nowadays. Most people don’t have any patience and we are tired of waiting for players to develop. If a lottery pick hasn’t shown enough improvement in his game and hasn’t garnered all-star consideration, or at the very least isn’t an important part in helping his team compete for a championship in three years, he’ll never get better. Griffin does need to work on his rebounding more but the potential is already there and he’s shown he can do it. It’s all about the system he plays in.

    If we used the same “become great fast or else” standard 10 years ago that is being used now, Steve Nash would have been riding the bench his entire career and wouldn’t have won back-to-back MVPs, and Tyson Chandler wouldn’t have been such an important part of my Mavs championship winning team, followed up with a Defensive Player of the Year award, because he would have been out of the league for good already.

    My favorite player, Dirk Nowitzki, had a great start to his career yet he was still called soft because he didn’t play in the post. He made a better post game for himself in his 10th year in the league, AFTER he went to a finals and won the MVP award. Blake Griffin has so much time to develop it’s almost ridiculous to criticize him now.

  16. charles says:

    Griffin needs to improve. But he’s got a great base to improve from. He’s an athletic freak of nature but he can’t rely on it because as players like Zach Randolph and Tim Duncan proved his high flying act can be brought down to earth with seemingly less athletic but much more skilled players.

  17. riddler7 says:

    Add to the fact that he has only had two seasons, that there was a lockout and condensed season meaning less practice time. Give the guy some time, the playoff experience can only be good for his development. If he comes back next season without any improvement then some of the criticism will be more justified.

  18. Ben H. says:

    I think we have to give Griffin a chance. His name is Blake Griffin, not Tim Duncan or Charles Barkley or Kevin Garnett. Is he where he should be? No. But I believe that he can be just as lethal. The two biggest factor he needs to work on are Defense and Free Throw Shooting. His 17 foot jumper isn’t terrible, it just needs to be more consistent. His free throws, however, are atrocious. If he shot between a 65%-70% average he would help the Clipps out by adding at least 4 more points a game to his average. As it stands now you can foul him and it’s a waaay better option than letting him shoot/dunk. His outside shooting and post moves will get better though. Main point, he needs to be better and he will get better.

  19. Erik says:

    Griffin, and the Clippers, will only get better! Great season!

  20. jet41 says:

    I really enjoyed the article.
    I’m just so tired of people getting upset over what Blake Griffin should be doing. We should focus more on what he is doing.
    It’s not his fault that everyone over-hyped him. He knows how to dunk, that’s a start.
    During the Playoffs we saw a lot of shots from Griffin that isn’t dunks.

    I like that Shaq and Ernie was on the defense for Griffin, that it’s only his 2nd year in the league. He was the rookie of the year last year, Sophomore this year.

    I believe the hype and rush for Blake Griffin to emerge this quickly wouldn’t have matter much of CP3 didn’t join the Clippers. I think once he joined Clippers, the pressure heightened to a higher expectation level for Blake Griffin to learn everything in his second year in the league, which was just ridiculous.

    There was a great comparison Shaq made was about Kobe Bryant on ‘Inside the NBA’ yesterday. When Kobe Bryant first came in the league, no one expected him to be as great as he did. It took focus and hard work from Kobe to become better.
    If the Charlotte Hornets knew how great Kobe Bryant would’ve turned out to be, they would’ve kept him on the team.

    Dwight Howard is an franchise player in his 8th Season, who gets criticism for not knowing enough post moves. For not knowing how to hit majority of his free-throws. Andrew Bynum is criticized because sometimes he can be a bit “childish” and he’s not always aggressive. He lets’ his frustrating gets the best of his play of game on the court.

    I agreed with this quote from the article:
    (Andrew Bynum‘s been in the league for seven years and people are still talking about him being a young player … and this is supposed to be it for Griffin?)

    So I think everyone should just wait and see what happens. I mean look how Kevin Love emerged to be the best power forward of the season in only his 4th season.

  21. babyNBA says:

    I agree we should give him a break…let’s just see if he improves his game over the next season and if he takes it as seriously as all the cash he rakes in in commercial cash. Hopefully it didn’t ruin him and he takes his primary job seriously. The proof will be clear enough next time this year.

    • NBAfan says:

      he’s such a dominant athlete that I don’t even think he NEEDS to develop more skills (although that’s always nice)….he just needs to PLAY SMARTER….He’s been getting away with pure athleticism alone so far but to get to the next level, he just needs to LEARN THE GAME…

      Of course if he wants to be one of the best in the league, a jumper and post up game is something he needs to add to his arsenal…like I said..Barkley…please mentor Blake Griffin.

  22. Sideliner says:

    Get over Blake Griffin. When he’s as good a defender as Serge Ibaka and as versatile offensively as Pau Gasol, then we’ll crown him. But until then, he’s just a need-to-be (not a wanna-be) with great, raw athletic ability. He’s not the best power forward in the league, though he is clearly the most athletic and has the most potential–along with Ibaka.

    • NBAfan says:

      Kevin Love is the best PF I think…although yeah…Blake has the most potential….Ibaka? He’s a center I think…

  23. Spurrred says:

    Last I checked, future HOF inductee Tim Duncan, a high first round pick had a developed game in is first few seasons, Like Duncan Griffin is called to action immediately. Difference is one person was content showing up on sportcenter, while the other kept perfecting his game. Enough of the showtime “lob city” nonsense, time to put in work to WIN not just look “good”

  24. David says:

    I agree… with Barkley. What he’s saying is Griffin lacks certain fundamentals and his game is limited, you can see that clearly on offense, where all he can do is dunk. It’s easy to talk now, but when Barkley, Jordan or even Duncan and others reached their 3rd year, they were already well developed, they just didn’t have enough experience and smoothness, but they had a game. No one is saying Griffin is a bad player and no one expected him to win any game at all in the playoffs, I certainly didn’t, but the fact is that his development from last year was practically nonexistent. He has to work more.

    You’re completely overreacting to what Barkley and Kenny said.

  25. Big Perm says:

    With Blakes Athleticism his game can ONLY improve. When he develops his outside shot this offseason He WILL BE UNSTOPPABLE! Who is going to come guard him 17 feet out NO BODY! Cause if they do he’s going to blow right past them and throw it down… HE automatically has a 3 or 4 foot window from 17 feet cause no one wants to get burned. HIS Hops create nothing but offensive advantages!

  26. ABC says:

    If the Clips don´t want him, We will accept him. We have many stiffs to offfer in exchange 🙂

  27. Deeez Nutz says:

    Blake is immensely talented and can become whatever he wants to become as a player. He needs to spend the summer working on his mid-range jumper and free throws. What really troubled me, though, throughout the playoffs was his lack of effort on the defensive end and lack of hustle to get back on defense. Those are huge red flags, and his lack of effort was consistent throughout both playoff series. If there’s a dunk waiting then his knee was fine and he was able to motor, but if the other team was in transition then all of a sudden Blake couldn’t make it up and down the floor with 36-year-old Tim Duncan. Weak sauce, 32. Half of Blake’s summer needs to be spent addressing on-court issues, half needs to be spent determining just how good he wants to be and whether he wants to be a leader. Leaders play both ends, 32.

  28. Jon says:

    I think everyone is overreacting a bit to the things Charles and Kenny said. They never said he hasn’t improved alot, they never said he’s a bad player and they never said he’s at the top of his game already. They just, rightfully, stated that his post game has to get better. It should’ve been better already than it is today. He doesn’t have a decent move with his back to the basket. He powers his way in and he bulldozers over everyone. But he’ll get there, in time.

    • Belizeboy says:

      So maybe you Kenny and Charles don’t realize it is only his 2nd active year. Throw in the fact that his knee is injured and he still put up 20pts and grabbed boards in his 1st playoff apperance. There’s just no pleasing some people.

      • ha says:

        no. they realize it is his 3rd year. firs year was taken from him with an injury but he didn’t seem to learn the game at all watching. which he should have. garnett/charles/shaq/bron/wade/howard/LMA/love… need i continue? by their 3rd year they had more depth to their game than blake griffin does. griffin did the samethings this year.. that he did last year. he dunked. got over hyped when he made a play and didn’t realize… it’s just TWO points. he has ALOT of work to do before he becomes a superstar and the game can be put in his hands at end of game situations.
        he cant shoot free throws consistantly. he doesnt make others better. he doesnt have a consistant reliable jump shot he can go to. i wont even talk about his defence and him constantly getting burned by the big fundamental.
        people need to open their eyes and get off griffins band wagon that the media created. GRIFFIN IS NOT A SUPERSTAR. yet. will he be one? i doubt it. he wont ever get the chance because chris paul is 100 times better than griffin will ever be.
        paul needs to leave the clippers.

      • NBAfan says:

        Blake neither scored nor grabbed boards against the Spurs…against Timmy D…who was less than half the athlete blake is even in his prime….he GOT SCHOOLED and I just hope he learns from this @@@ whopping

    • anonymoose says:

      this what ive been sayin! people overreacting here because Sekou is putting his words on Kenny and Charles! Crazy! He should really learn from those two…

  29. saverio says:

    the guy is talented, i can give him credits, is young, he can learn. I’m not a fan of his style of play, too risky and too injury prone, i prefer Duncan style. Anyway, the Clips has other guys to get rid of, one name at the to: DeAndre Jordan. That guy is waaaay overrated, they gave him too much money, they have to trade for him. It’s something like 43 million over four years! Crazy.

  30. Sugene Lee says:

    THIS!! Agree with every single word in this article. People are expecting too much out of Blake way too fast. We’ve already seen some improvement in his game. He can’t fix all his weaknesses in one summer.

    • 1greatplayer says:

      How can you comment and stand up for Blake Griffin when he’s been in the league for 2 years? He’s basically getting paid millions to dunk and excite the crowd other than that he has no depth..i feel really bad for chris paul because he has to carry this team for many more years to come if griffin doesn’t step his game up.

      • JorbotheBorb says:

        Wow, you obviously don’t watch Blake Griffin on a nightly basis. You understand that he dunks maybe twice a game, and the rest of the time he’s still shooting 55% on NON-DUNKS right? Or maybe you just don’t know very much about Blake Griffin, but for some unimaginable reason you thought we’d all like to hear your uninformed and unimportant opinion.

      • 1greatplayer says:

        @JORBOTHEBORB you sound ignorant..last time i checked america has FREEDOM OF SPEECH..i can say whatever i want, you must be a blake fan, i’m not saying he isnt good im saying he’s one dimensional…if blake can CONSISTENLY make jump shots then he’ll be a “great” PF other than that YOUR opinion was ignorant and you wasted your 2 minutes replying to my comment. go help blake become a better player. goodbye.

  31. Blake Grifin is 1 dimensional all the way across the board. Have you never seen him play in college? He will have an extremely hard time evolving into any other type of player. He is not talented enough (he is talented, just not talented enough) to perform with the big boys.

  32. Imad akel says:

    i am ready to do that. he is no more than another shawn kemp. dunk and done!

  33. Antwan says:

    I agree with you, EJ, Shaq and Sekou here, but I also understand why so many people expect more from him. Players like Charles Barkley, Tim Duncan and Hakeem became much more refined by their third year than Griffin is right now. Albeit those guys did benefit from longer spells in college. However even the stand-out prep-to-pro Garnett developed his game faster than Griffin seems to be doing.

    While it’s unfair to criticise Blake, he actually needs to hear it because when the playoffs begin dunks don’t matter only Ws do. Do what every ambitious All-Star does nowadays, go and spend a week with Hakeem. Open your eyes and ears and you will be a much better player for it. With his strength and athleticism he could be the greatest PF in the game.

  34. anonymoose says:

    Again with the misread Sekou… I didnt get any impression from Chuck/Kenny that this is it for Blake. They just sayin he should be better by now. And thats because they give credit to his talent! Its a compliment! They know he can do better. Pls dont put your words on other people’s mouth.

  35. adrixe says:

    BG is still young! he still have a lot of time and years ahead of him. He will leran more and get better! Hopefully…

    • NBAfan says:

      Yeah…I hope so too….Blake is from Oklahoma…OKC is a western powerhouse and will be for the next 5 years or so at least….gonna be a nice RIVALRY…like Zeke and Chicago w/ MJ

    • ROLAND T says:

      Too early to judge griffin’s performance during the postseason Doc shaq nd ernie were right …..give the kid some slack…he’ll be very good if not great in due time …in my opinion it will be the latter.

  36. Douglas says:

    100% agree with Shaq and Ernie as well. One more year Charles Barkley in his prime would not have a chance in stopping him from 15 feet. Pull up jumper or drive by, take off landing slam done. Give him a 3 shooter for some help and he becomes, well who knows? Great great talent, and he will learn very quickly. Remember Yao Charles? Give him a couple more weeks, not years.

  37. emigee says:

    one thing i know is that we cant count Griffin done, just like its pointed out this was his first post season, he is a second year why cant we give this brother a break? fine he can dunk and can create some serious play in a game. one this thing i know is that like fine wine time has to be part of it being fine. Blake has what it take and he has worked hard to be where he is….compare and see he was the only second year in the EAST vs WEST all star weekend on his second year. all the so called basketball legends did not just jump on the court and wind games, it takes time to understand and to build a resume. i pray Paul to be at Clippers coz his leadership skills will guide Blake to a brighter Star down the Career path. i have faith in him and i know he will live to show us he is not just dunk but all round….

  38. Bev says:

    Griffin has a long career ahead of him.
    Best wishes to you and your family.

    Lots of Love

  39. Arky says:

    Well said. There’s been a bit of a hype backlash against Blake and sure, he’s not Kevin Love but he’s certainly outplaying Pau Gasol… and like you said you’ve got Bynum finally having his breakout year in his 7th season and people still talking about him getting better and challenging Howard for the best center in the league, and here’s Griffin in his 2nd season as the lead big man and 2nd best player of a team in the 2nd round of the playoffs and people think he won’t improve? Madness.

  40. Fr3D says:

    I think Blake was showing more in his first season, now that CP3 is on board, it seems Vinny Del Negro has decided the most effective way for him to play is pick n rollin all day long. It doesn’t mean he can’t get his points off offensive rebounds and stuff though. But like O’Bama said, if he can get that 17 footer and combine it with the current pick n roll then he’s unguardable so, sky is the limit, he’ll be fine as long as he stays healthy.

  41. Davi Boruszewski says:

    Griffin is completely different from Shawn Kemp. I think the boy is a long-term project for the Clippers, and if they have the pieces to make this development a big one, he will become to decide games in crunch times, but for that, he has to develop his shooting abilities. From the post, from 18, from the 3 point range. He have to shoot more often, and better. Then, he´s scoring 30ppg minimum, and doing all the acrobatic and athletic stuff that he´s being doing…

    • cant stop the STAT! says:

      stop this nonsense of 30 ppg. the scoring champ this year had 28 ppg and griffin will never be the scoring champ. some people have a jump shot and some don’t. it took kidd years to finally get a decent one and he was shooting them more often then griffin air balls them now. in the end he’s just an over hyped player who has extremely exciting dunks

  42. carlo says:

    the final blake griffin dunk is a traveling infraction clear as the sun. go on this way…