Thunder Again Crush Laker Hopes

LOS ANGELES – The last time, Wednesday in Oklahoma City, was a shot right through the Lakers’ heart, an agonizing missed chance to win the game on the road and perhaps change the course of the entire series. This, though, was the legs.

It wasn’t just another Los Angeles loss Sunday night at Staples Center. It was stopping the momentum and cutting any comeback hopes out from under the Lakers. And it was the second fourth-quarter falter — the last three tries in the real sign of trouble for a veteran club with championship experience,  yet suddenly with a pattern of being unable to close out games.

The Lakers got outscored by the Thunder 32-20 in the final period while L.A. shot 31.8 percent and Oklahoma City was 66.7 percent from the field, with a critical bad pass by Pau Gasol tossed in as the underlining moment of offensive inefficiency that led to the visitors winning 103-100 to take a 3-1 lead in the best-of-seven series.

“I wish I could sit up here and say how that happened,” Thunder coach Scott Brooks said. “But it just happened. Our guys really did a good job of fighting and not giving up and just making basketball-winning plays.”

Good news, though. The Lakers will soon have a lot of time on their hands to figure out why this keeps happening.

“It comes down to those guys scoring 32 points in the fourth quarter,” coach Mike Brown said. “I felt like they scored those 32 points very easily. That’s what disappoints me more than anything else. We’ll go back and we’ll watch the tape and we’ll see why the ball became stagnant.”

Other than the defense going bad and the offense stalling, it was a great finish for the Lakers. It was such a great finish that it continued all the way to Kobe Bryant reprising his dig at Gasol from after Game 6 at Denver in the first round.

“Pau’s got to be more assertive,” Bryant said of his enigmatic teammate.

There’s a good chance Bryant delivers the message first hand, but just in case, reporters will be glad to get word to Gasol sometime before Monday night’s Game 5 in Oklahoma City, as questions of Gasol’s determination move back to the forefront. Saturday, with the season likely hanging in the balance given the very long odds of the Lakers being able to overcome a 3-1 deficit, he took three shots in the second half and none in the fourth quarter.


  1. Jami says:


  2. SAD okcfan says:

    sadly, OKC will be dominated in the conference finals, i hate the spurs they do not have any weeakness. I hope OKc can win one gm. OKc fan out

  3. Reg says:

    We have gone through a lot this season. We have a new coaching staff Phil Jackson gone , theres no more triangle offense, trying to learn a new defensive scheme… I Think for all those reasons laker fans should hold their heads high and be very proud of our team. Sorry did I say no Odom or Fisher…Wow how Odom would have helped against Denver and OKC…. Keep fighting! make us even more proud than we already are……

  4. Jason1980 says:

    Why did the Lakers feel they have to blow the team up just because they lost to Dallas last year..Dallas was not going to lose..It didn’t mean the Lakers were done..We are missing Odom, Shannon Brown, and the stupid trade giving Ariza away for Artest hurt too..Pau Gasol was phenomenal when he first got to LA..if you watch his play in the 2009 finals, you will see a different Pau than you see in the playoffs this year..He needs to take it to the rim..and Bynum needs to stop trying to score with 3 players defending him..Kobe has been good despite the frequent turn-overs..They could still win..If they learn how to finish games..The way they played Games 2, 3, and 4 gives me a feeling that they could beat OKC on the road in a close one, come home and blow em out in Game 6, and then Kobe torches em in Game 7 on the road..Kobe with his back against the wall is dangerous, but we will need Pau to reclaim his greatness in every game for the Lakers to can be done..Look at what the Suns did to the Lakers in 2006..

  5. TRU*NBAFAN says:

    This article is right on target and there is plenty of blame for the black mamba. He can’t just work at being the hero if he is the team captain. What he illustrates is NOT leadership.

  6. nix says:

    ur saying this as if the okc won. the sieries isnt over… lets just see wat will happen next.. i think the lakers still have a chance left to win the game..

    • pistolj7 says:

      They should have a chance. With Kobe firing (to the tune of 2 for 10 in the 4th), though, my $ are on OKC. If he only takes 16 shots, which means the wonder twins (By-sol) are getting off, the Lakers might pull it off. Kobe takes more than 23 shots . . . . see you next year!

  7. daniel.b says:

    lakers just need alittle rebuilding and that is the bench… better bench, different series.. we could of been 3-1 on the thunder, but they got a good bench to keep the past up even with the lakers starters sometimes…ANDDDD under the FIRST yr head coach mike brown who threw in a completely new defense and offense and plus he screams alot on the sideline during games.. completely different from phil jackson, would probably be up in the series if phil jackson didnt leave the lakers

  8. Cali says:

    If they lose another one in the same way, there better be a Dennis Green type outburst from ANYONE on the dam Laker team, cause they’re letting OKC off the hook!

  9. 16going417 says:

    Kobe is the problem plain and simple. The Lakers control the game through 3 QTRS by playing inside out. Then in the fourth QTR Kobe runs around in circles jacking up outside shots. The Lakers are losing because Brown will not force them to play inside out for 48 minuets. Kobe is good, but he never has and never will win a championship by himself. Play through the bigs and get it done. I’m tired of the Lakers blaming Bynum and Gasol for everything. Step up and be a man Kobe at take your share of the blame!!!!

    But, Kobe will be Kobe. Brown will stay quite and Gasol and Bynum will get the blame and the Lakers will go home tomorrow wondering what happened. We Lakers fans will know what happened. We have been watching this train wreck all season long……..

  10. Flowing says:

    I think if the lakers have any chance of beating the thunder kobe has to step up his game and be the unstopable, paul has to domanate better than he can ever be, bynam needs to stay inside the paint and not let anyone push him around, sessions needs to keep up his game and bring it up a little its the playoffs, MWP needs to keep his defense at a high point to stop the fast breaks, and the bench they really need to bring all they got when they come off the bench, and the lakers overall needs to domanate in 4th quarter and not let up push and push until the buzzer sounds because once they let up the thunder took that to avantage and won by a little……… i hope lakers win but im kinda doubting that because the lakers i just dont think they can handle the thunder this year… lakers fan and always will be lets go LAKERS take this to game 7 and domanate…. COME ON LAKERS MAKE SOMETHING OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS.

    • Flowing says:

      oh and another thing Kobe needs to be a leader like he was when he was out with his “injure” if kobe does what he did back then then that would help also and the lakers should play like they dont have kobe cuz last time they did that they did great kobe tear it up lakers need this come back…. make new history kobe

  11. Baller says:

    One more thing about the Lakers that I don’t like. Kobe the “Ultimate Closer” goes 2-10 in the 4th and just shoots a poor percentage overall in the entire series. In the press conference he just says Pau needs to be more aggressive and will be the next game, basically he takes no blame and puts it on his teammates again. I know he already proved he is a great player but he should man up and own his bad performance in the fourth. If Lebron had such a fourth quarter and would blame his teammates afterwards we wouldn’t hear the end of it…

    The Lakers won game 7 against the Nuggets for a reason, they divided the shot attempts equally among Bynum, Gasol and Bryant and even got Steve Blake involved, the key here is teamplay and not inefficient heroball from kobe…

  12. OKC fans are Bandwaggers says:

    Are yall stupid without kobe i would love to see how far they get. Even though he takes alot of shots take away his 30 or 40 point games away win we do win its barely and his points tooken away would just mean we would get blown out.. Also for the kobe haters kobe is the clutches player in the nba since jordan look it up if u dont believe me

    • pistolj7 says:

      Not even Kobe-critics (like me) believe the Lakers are better without Kobe. But they will be better if they replaced Kobe. Those are not the same thing. imagine what type of player 30 million per year can get you. Heck LeBron and Wade together only make 32.

  13. jim says:

    i hope management can put kobe in his place for placing blame on his teammates. a player should never publicly criticize their teammates in public like that, he should talk to them in locker room. do you think players are going to like playing with kobe if he does that each time they make a mistake? what about all of kobe’s mistakes? lets talk about that publicly, what if management said publicly that it was kobes fault they lost because of his turnovers, do you think kobe would like that? He should not do that to his teammates!!!!!

  14. jim says:

    Kobe has only two rings that he can call his own, the other three belong to shaq. shaq was the mvp of those. kobe is not a great team player like magic or jordan were. kobe is a great individual player much like iverson. kobe will never be able to truly share the ball much less the spotlight with bynum or anyone else. i dont think kobe will ever get another ring.

    • pistolj7 says:

      Those 2 are not even his own, jerry West gave those to him by trading Pau for what (at the time) was peanuts. He could not get out of the 1st round with 2 near All-Stars (Lamar and Butler) before Pau came. Sure enough Butler was an all star after leaving the Lakers.

  15. Adrian says:

    Is Kobe a clutch player???? Lakers play better whitout him….. and whitout his field goal porcentage of 30%…..

  16. Adrian says:

    Is Kobe a clutch player or a big black hole??? Lakers play better whitout him…… and his field goal porcentage of 34 %….

  17. Choker says:

    Lakers win or lose just proved how they improved through out the series. The blowout gave them a lesson and they really learned from it. Not to mention their defense was great in the last 3 games. And take note they were able to adjust after the trade after all star break. It needs more time to get to know each other and chemistry. Wait next year as Lakers open up their shells.

  18. jovdelmar says:

    I think the Lakers are messed up, in their interviews if you watch them they always say one of their strengths is they have size and strength but they are NOT using their size well to their advantage.

    On Game 2, Kobe couldn’t accept his mistakes in the last 2 minutes of the game, he instead attributed it to “OKC taking risks steals” … you gotta be kidding.. he automatically dismiss types of criticism/questions and just answer he has 5 rings.

    On Game 4, Kobe was shooting brick after brick in the 4th qtr.. they stopped going to their big men the 2nd half of the game.. so painful to see kobe dribbling down the clock then shooting up bricks/tough shots.

    Kobe, your not helping your big men that way.. seriously, they should get MORE touches than you do. Even if they will shoot bad %, those big men will be shooting closer to the basket it will mean better chances and the game will slow down. Your not giving your big men some confidence through out the game by shooting brick after brick after brick, they will only become more hesitant to take shots as the game goes on.

    Kobe has adjusted his game all through out his career and when he has injuries and all that but the last thing he needs to realize is he still thinks he can still do the things he did 3 years ago or something which is not true anymore.

    Another note, i believe this is on the Coach too, look at Coach Pop giving chance to their rookies and developing them, and they run set plays even for their role players. Lakers got no flow, EVERYONE IS NOT INVOLVED, they give the ball to Kobe and hope he will score or make a play, that worked 3 or couple years ago. People specially Lakers Nation has to realize that it wont work now that he is older, sadly though i don’t think they ever will.

    I think GM Mitch has done great job in the past years but the Lakers will be stuck in this downward spiral for couple more years and theres nothing Lakers fans or we can do about it (Hiring of Mike Brown, Kobe their untradable superstar is clearly declining while eating up big salary cap space, not much high/good draft picks in their way)

    • Kylegcxy2000 says:

      i agree! TRUE LAKERS Fan

    • pistolj7 says:

      Great post JovDelMar. They may as well trade one of those big guys! They’re not being used properly anyway because of Shooty Bryant. The problem is as long as Kobe is here, it will not matter who they get. They almost got CP3. Does anyone think he could have been effective as Kobe’s teammate? CP3 needs the ball to be great. That’s his style. Can he do that around Kobe? They were talking about Dwight Howard. Does anyone really believe he will be happy with the 18-20 shots per game he will share with Pau while Kobe takes 23-26 while missing 1 1/2 times more shots than Howard even takes? The answer for Laker land is to trade Kobe. Even with that salary, teams will be willing to take him (not to win) but to sell seats. He’d be like the “Incredibly Tall Man” or the “Bearded Lady” or any other circus act.

  19. YoungBloodOKC says:

    That’s the difference between Kobe and Jordan…Jordan makes plays for everyone…Kobe sets himself up…
    I was once a Laker-Celtic fan…during the days of Bird, Magic, Jabbar..etc… but when Kobe came to LA, I transferred to Chicago and Houston… Kobe will just be one talented player…but not a good leader…a good leader takes responsibilities for not only his actions, but the whole team… he should stop pointing at others mistake…maybe then when he learns to admit that he is not perfect, maybe he may then try to be one…

    For now, I want OKC and Spurs…Time Tested Veterans versus Talented Young Bloods!!!!

  20. NBAfan says:

    Lakers need to play up to their potential….Pau needs to wake up out of his funk…Kobe needs to be a PLAY MAKER down the stretch…instead of being the designated shooter….the whole team (other than Kobe) needs to stop playing SCARED…it’s like they were waiting for OKC to make a big run near the end…

  21. Cric21 says:

    Kobe (The Jordan Wanna-Be) got swept last year, and will get bounced again this year. Can you name one playoff series where Jordan was swept?

    • leeroy says:

      The same series he scored 63 points vs boston.. but that was his early years haha.

      no hating im just saying, im sure there were a few more but that was when his team wasnt so great

  22. Jblow says:

    OKC will win final game by 35 – LAL can’t stand the heat and WILL LEAVE THE KITCHEN!!!!

  23. UdontKnow says:

    Lakers run to the Championship died when they hired Mike Brown. Period. Magic said it best this morning, Coach Brown doesn’t know how to adjust during the game. Happened with Cleveland and now with the Lakers. Kobe, Gasol, and Bynum – championship rings… Coach Brown – nothing but a resume with crucial game let downs…and no rings! A good case and point, the Spurs, solid coach plus solid game plan and knowledge of how to adjust = confident and effective players and destructive All Stars, and championships. I’m a die hard Laker fan and will always be, just wished they get a new coach… Brown doesn’t have what it takes to motivate his players, why else did Lebron demand for another coach? In any manner, if OKC wins, they deserve it and good for them but it’s not over – this series or the road to the Championship… And if anything, I hope the rivalries gets back to the 80’s and early 90’s where the Championship was a toss up between East and West and I’m sure everyone agrees to that!

    • dred says:

      Do so many people forget that the Lakers were swept by the Mavericks last year? Who was the coach? Phil Jackson. That’s right – a Phil Jackson coached team was swept last year. Mike Brown is in a bad situation. The players need to take more responsiblilty.

  24. JustAnotherFan? says:

    When I started really watching basketball, I had just gotten into the sport simply because it seemed energetic, competitive, and exhilarating. When asked to pick a favorite team, I honestly could say I didn’t have one for the simple reason that I had just picked up on the sport and I didn’t know enough to have a “favorite”. However, it didn’t take me long to realize that the L.A. Lakers were one of the most storied franchises in the league, and I respected that tremendously. I decided they were my favorite team because they were, in my opinion, an example of what it was to be the epitome of something. However, when I decided that this was the team I wanted to support and really behind, I noticed they weren’t the team I had read about in the history books. Shaq had left, and we had players like Kwame Brown and Andrew Bynum who just weren’t producing as expected. Least to say, I was disappointed at how we were playing. It seemed that the only player on the team who had any kind of motivation on the team was Kobe. And that simply wasn’t enough to take us anywhere, let alone win the championship I knew the organization was striving for. Then, years later, what seemed like a miracle occurred. We acquired Pau Gasol. The answer seemed to arrive. In my mind, I thought, this was it. This is what we’ve been waiting for, we’re ready. We began to play the way I had envisioned they should when I first began to support the team. Though we lost to the Celtics, we came back the next two years with a vengance and beat both the Celtics and Orlando. As a fan, I was 100% satisfied, I watched this team rise from nothing to complete success. Then the 2010-2011 season rolls along, and the Lakers get swept by the Mavericks. I was disappointed to say the least, but I had no doubt in my mind that every player on the team would bring it next year. They wouldn’t make any excuses and play with everything they had and all the heart needed to become world champions again. The one question that came into my head as the season progresses was: What Happened? Sure there was a lockout. Sure there was no real training camp. Sure things aren’t how they usually are. But that was no excuse for the way my team was playing. It seemed like some nights, they just wanted to get the game over with, bot playing as well as they can and simply doing the bare minimum. Other nights seemed like a glimmer of hope, when the Lakers decided we should actually try tonight, and they showed the league what they were capable of. IT’s extremely disappointing for someone like me to watch my favorite team, knowing that they could easily beat any team in the league if they wanted to and to watch them lose in sometime blowout proportions. Then something inside me said don’t worry, they’ll play with a sense of urgency in the playoffs. They’ll do what needs to be done and show everyone that they were just horsin’ around. So the first series match-up comes up against the Nuggets. Though they were a good team, there was no denying, in my mind, that the Lakers were better. I saw this series as an easy sweep. It goes to game 7. A team that we could have easily taken out took us to a 7 game series because of the lack of tenacity and the inconsistency I was seeing on the floor. It was disheartening to know that I wanted them to win these games more than they wanted to. I told myself there has to be something wrong, there has to be a reason they’re dropping games like this. Is it because we’re an old team? No, it’s not. Plain and simple. We just didn’t want it as bad and that’s the worst kind of failure. To know that success is in your grasp and you just let it slide because the work you have to put in to get is “to much” is saddening indeed. And if I thought the Nuggets series was disappointing, how do you think I feel about the OKC one? Two games in a row, we’ve had the games in the bag, and everyone of those games we decide to let it go. I use the word decide because it seems like it was a decision made to not play as hard as the other team, to not play as strong as the other team, and to not want it as bad as the other team. We figured them out. We still lost. We’re up by 14. We let it slide. Kobe’s on fire. He gets cold. Pau needs to be more aggressive. He stays the same. Bench production is lacking. No improvement. What can I say? I’m literally heart broken to watch this happen to “my” team. When I saw that three pointer Durant hit last game, I wasn’t disappointed in the defense played, I was disappointed that we even let ourselves get in that position to begin with. Why is it so hard for this team to close games? Word of the day: Disappointed. We’re down 3-1. This is probably Kobe’s last chance to get a championship. Do I think we are capable to win 3 in a row? Yes. Do I think we’re going to win 3 in a row? No. Why? …

  25. LA Faker says:

    Did you know that statistically speaking, Kobe is on of the LEAST clutch players in the NBA? He takes tons of game winning shots but only makes something like 25%. Just because you want to alsways take the shot it does not mean you should. Ball hog.. If you shoot 42% like Kobe does, and you average 28 ppg,, its because you take way too make shots. Bynum averages over 50%.. get him the ball!!!!!!!

    • NBAfan says:

      Bynum plays in the post and he rarely takes jumpers…of course he’ll be 50%….it’s tough to set it up for him though…the post is easier to defend…and he doesn’t have Sky hook like Jabbar or the strength of Shaq…

      42% is low, but 45% for a perimeter player is good enough and 3% is not that far down…don’t compre him to Lebron..he’s a slasher…Kobe is a mid range player now…

      • Francisco says:

        3% in a volume shooting player is a huge amount.

      • Francisco says:

        that is the difference between wade and koke careerwise 45 vs 48 , in an scenario where other aspects of the game would not apply , a team of wades will beat a teams of kobes by almost 5 points a game in a game of 80 shots, in
        100 shots wade mades 48, kobe 45 which will be an advantage of 3 basquets or 6 points.

    • Dean says:

      kobe needs the ball all of the time

      • dred says:

        OKC knows how to win these games…their letting Kobe get his individual stats because Bynum and Gasol are more dominant…by taking away Bynum and Gasol they become disinterested in playing and are not in the flow of the game…Kobe can have his 30+ but more often than not, they lose!

  26. lawrence123 says:

    Done for the lakers ,they havent found an answer to fast PG, thats why denver serie went for 7 games, if you cant contain ty lawson how you expect them to contain westbrook on the road, especially after 2 heart-breaking come back victories from the thunder.

  27. Ibthe1 says:

    To OKC2012: it’s nice to be on the side of the favorite and have a player like KD on your team & OKC COULD win the whole thing but you are letting your confidence in your team cloud your opinion on the Lakers & Kobe. Kobe has never been a great leader in the traditional sense, he has let his play, work ethic & competitiveness lead his teams. D. Fish was the leader & we are missing him right now. The Laker organization just like all sport franchises go through era’s of relevance and irrelevance. It is all based on players. Right now OKC is reeping the benefits of 3-4 years of picking in the lottery. The Lakers on the other hand are trying to stay relevant via trades & free agency. The 2 franchises are definitely going in opposite directions but it has everything to do with the history of the franchises. The Lakers have only missed the playoffs once since they acquired Kobe via a draft day trade. The Lakers have been very fortunate to have had multiple HOF players over the past 25-30 yrs. The organization is in a quandary trying to find the next great player to lead the team after Kobe is gone. My advice to you as a fan who has seen his team dominate for the better part of 15 yrs, is to relish the next decade with these payers but don’t be so quick to judge! I do agree with you about the coaching, Mike B. seems to be a high character guy with a commitment to D but he and his staff’s lack of offensive adjustments is hurting them.

  28. The Pro says:

    Listen People, Lakers Should Be Up 3-1 If It Wasn’t For Those Little Mistakes, The Thunder Were Suppose To Kill Them Cause Lakers Were To Old That’s Not The Case A Little Luck On OKC Side. It’s Not Over Till The Fat Lady Sings, Look At What happen Last Year Nobody In The World Gave The Dallas Mavericks A Chance And What Happen Fools. Lakers 4-3 Then They Move On To The Spurs. Go Lakers !!!!!!!!

    • Francisco says:

      it is was not little luck, it was kobe choking in the fourth quater

    • NBAfan says:

      I admire your belief…I think I might join you….GO LAKERS…4-3!!!!

      now that they’re backs are against the walls for real…the have NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE….they’ve basically lost…..maybe they’ll stop playing scared…..I think they are scared….I think they don’t believe in their own abilities….

      Mentally, dropping big enough leadsd in the final minutes for 2 out of the last three games must be debilitating….

      WAKE UP LAKERS!!!! Just play like it’s your last…cause game 5 COULD REALLY BE YOUR LAST!!!

    • pistolj7 says:

      Hopefully, you realize that if the Lakers won those 2 games, OKC fans would have been saying that they could have been up 3-1. That’s the nature of close games. At the end of the day, the team who converts those to a win, get the win.

  29. Ace says:


    As a Celtics fan I’m curious as to why you think the Finals will be Spurs vs Celtics. Personally I think the west will be won by either OKC or San Antonio and whichever of those two wins will win the championship. But my beloved Celtics making the Finals? I would love nothing more than to see that, but I feel our offence is too inconsistent and we lack the speed and health to make it to the Finals. Would love to be wrong about that, though!! The Atlanta series went 6 games and the Sixers series is going to go at least that far, I think the C’s had to win one of those series 4-0 or 4-1 to get some rest before the next series to have a chance to push deep. After a couple of 6+ game series they won’t beat the Heat, or probably the Pacers either.
    But it matters little. Whoever wins the West wins it all. Both OKC and SA are too big, deep and talented to be stopped by the Bosh-less Heat or anyone else from the East. I’m gunning for the Spurs. Nothing against OKC (although Westbrook annoys me sometimes) but there’s no better TEAM in the league than San Antonio and I’d like to see their selfless brand of basketball come out on top.

  30. Ibthe1 says:

    It is really unbelievable to read some of this stuff. If you watch basketball at all or watch the Lakers regularly you should know that if Kobe doesn’t force the issue (shoot too much) the Lakers don’t have enough offensive fire power to compete with OKC or any other quality team. He shouldn’t critique Pau’s game publicly but it doesn’t mean he’s wrong. When you have a player of Kobe’s caliber you take the good with the bad. The good was the first 3 qrtrs and the bad was the last 5 min. Bottom line OKC is proving to be the better team – younger, quicker, more athletic & most importantly HUNGRY! Last thing on Kobe…a lot of the criticism is warranted and some is not but at the end of the day the results are there. The Lakers will probably loose this series but 7 trips to the finals and 5 championships have secured Kobe’s legacy & has created his reputation, some of it good some bad some true and some untrue but KD, Westbrook, Harden & all the other young studs all aspire to have what Kobe has already EARNED.

    • dred says:

      Kobe earned what? The first three championships that Kobe earned he wasn’t even the MVP – Shaq was all 3 times..then when shaq left kobe did nothing but whine…even had losing seasons..if he were that good the Lakers should be undefeated with the roster they currently have…

    • pistolj7 says:

      Kobe will have a legacy which he earned by shooting too much. His numbers speak for itself. As for championships, the 1st 3 rings were won by the most dominant inside force (Shaq) at the time. Yet even then Kobe took more shots than Shaq but fortunately for him, he could not hurt the team as much as Shaq helped it. The last 2 were given by Jerry West by trading the most gifted big man in that 4-year span for practically nothing (at the time, no one knew Marc Gasol will blossom to today’s level). After Shaq was unceremoniously let go, he could not get out of the 1st round 2 years in a row with 2 near all-stars in Lamar and Caron. In my book, he is the most selfish ball player I’ve seen and I’ve been following the NBA since the Magic-Bird years. Too bad I had to mention those names. It is close to sacrilege to mention Kobe in the same paragraph as those guys.

  31. Tom C says:

    can’t believe Kobe’s calling out Pau after completely failing in multiple 4th quarters this series

    • dred says:

      Yes..a true leader would admit that he has to step up his own game…you can’t call out a teamate after you’ve just shot 12 for 28…CMON MAN!

  32. Jeevi says:

    Lakers are not aggresssive, not wanting more. Not having a finishing way, they are still in fighting way. Thunders looking for finishing, not for fighting. Lakers have to chnage the way they are thinking, Then only they will have chance to get into the series. Else they are done. But, a lttle bird tells me that, Lakers will win this series. I do not know the reason behind, I am just beileveing so.

  33. LAKERS says:

    Lakers are pretty much finish…. i dont think they can come back from this hole they got them selves into…… even if the lakers control the pace of the game the thunder can make a run like they been the past couple games and win…… thunder is going to win this series…… im a lakers fan but i think lakers are finished unless lakers can do something incredible and come back from this lead and win… other then that i think lakers are finish….

  34. Cesar Mariano says:

    The usual Lakers trademark of blaming each other after a so-so performance … and no better person to do that except Kobe Bryant. Why can’t they admit that the Thunder is now a force to reckon with… and for the Lakers to equalize the chances of winning is to show more cohesive action with lesser tantrums.

  35. kb24ever says:

    this series is not over yet……LAKERS will come back for sure……see you there on west conf finals mark my words

    • OKC 2012 CHAMPS says:

      are you blind?? hahaha GONE FISHIN!

    • NBAJAM12 says:

      HAHAHA your words have been marked right out of the semis so you ur lakers can go watch jack nick movies together now enjoy the summer break!!!!

  36. jebbbig says:

    Okc may survive the lunkers but i fear they won’t survive the spurs.The Thunder will have to turn it up a couple of notches to beat the spurs.

  37. Hex says:

    I’m so sick of this Kobe has 5 rings rhetoric
    of course OKC has no rings, they’re a young brand new team… most of them are 23 years old or younger and they’re giving veteran teams like the Lakers and Mavericks a hell of a run for their money
    Yeah Kobe might have 5 rings, but that Kobe isn’t today’s Kobe. Those 5 championship Laker teams aren’t today’s Laker team
    All you have left is veteran experience that’s not transferring into game play or an advantage like it should
    Kobe has been a great player and the Lakers have been a great team.. Just not this year
    Accept it and move on
    OKC is coming up to take those championships and become a new western conference powerhouse

  38. journeyman says:

    If you watched the game, you could really see Kobe doing everything and carrying the team. Kobe has been running through screens without the ball, carrying the ball up at times when Sessions is on the bench, and also playing good defense. You can obviously tell that by the 4th quarter his legs aren’t as strong due to the fatigue. This team is Kobe’s team, but too much Kobe. With Kobe on the bench, the team walks around and waits till someone jacks up a shot like Metta World Peace (he did shoot well in game 3 though).

    I would put some of the blame on the coaching staff. Obviously Kobe is very skilled and experienced, which is why most of the plays are revolved and set up around him, but in order to keep this team at a championship level, bynum, sessions and the other role players need to be more actively involved (not just waiting to get an offensive rebound or sit at the corner and wait to shoot an open three). More importantly, this should’ve been done in the regular season so that they can get used to the contributing in the 4th quarter as well.

    It’s sad to see Kobe as the toughest guy out there for the Lakers in the 4th quarter because the team is too used to relying on him. I wish we really had a better offensive system, not just the isolation plays or pounding the ball inside. Pop showed the world how coaching can win championships and I think it’s the Spurs all the way this year.

  39. OKC 2012 CHAMPS says:

    These have been really sweet playoffs for OKC. 1st: Thunder sweep Dallas, the team who eliminated ’em last year in WCF. 2nd: Thunder eliminate L.A. another team that ended Thunder season 2 years ago. REVENGE!!

  40. W/E says:

    i bet thats y phil jakcon retired, he realized that the immature “black mamba” went past his prime when he reached 30, everyone can see how selfish and unefficient kobe is ESPECIALY when he goes for 40 points,all he cares is about individual stats, i think no good player would want kobe to be on their side considering his VERY BAD attitude,i feel sorry for Gasol, kobe should stfu and learn to respect his teammates.

    • Anthony says:

      Though I’m an OKC and fan, I’m going to have to disagree with you on that. If Kobe only cared about individual stats, he wouldn’t have sat out the last game of the season, and could have tried for the scoring title. Kobe’s a great player and has an amazing love for the game. I do agree that his attitude can be a major grey area at times, but him, along with other great players in the league, really don’t deserve all of the animosity that gets directed towards them. You can hate who you want, but you have to respect them. I hate Kobe when he plays against my team, but you gotta give it to him, guy’s a genius.

      • dred says:

        Anthony – obviously you are in bed with Kobe…how is Kobe a genius when he takes so many shots…the other players are not in the flow of the game because of his volume shooting…even Magic Johnson said Gasol didn’t take the shot because he’s not in the flow of the game…

  41. OKC 2012 CHAMPS says:

    This is the year of young teams, The Finals will be OKC-INDIANA and will end with Thunder in 7.

    • NBAfan says:

      I agree with that….shortened season…condensed schedule….year of the young teams and year of the young players…..

  42. berkamore says:

    I’m for OKC and I have to admit I was worried after the first quarter because Bynum was KILLING the Thunder but I said to myself: “Chill, that can’t last”

    And sure enough, the Lakers (or rather a certain player who wears 24) completely ignored Bynum in the fourth quarter while going 1 for 9. (I’m not countng the shot at the buzzer). And I am not buying that Bynum was being fronted as the reason why they didn’t go to him because the Lakers ran the triangle for a solid decade and it’s all about feeding the center. Put a guy in the corner and a guy at the near the side line and try to feed the post.

    And I am not even a Bynum fan. But god, he was the one guy who could have done damage in the fourth quarter last night and he barely touched the ball. Kobe’s ego is getting the best of him………….

  43. edward says:

    gasol is soft. 2 rebounds in the second half. the bigs did not get open. why did you think kobe shot all the time? please trade gasol!!!

  44. OKC2012 says:

    Not so many Lakers fans on here today, I was hoping to keep this trash talking going but I guess they gave up just like the team did…. BTW all the people saying oh atleast he got us 5 rings…. no, Shaq got you 3, and Kobe got you 2 only after receiving the help from Gasol, the same guy he threw under a split second after he sat down with the press, the same guy he was buddy buddy with in the press conference 24 hours earlier. the Lakers organization has many flaws, poor coaching and bandwagon fans are 2 of them, but nothing is worse than a supposed leader who would rather blame his teammates (who are already gonna get mauled by the L.A press) than defend them and try to pick them up. Even though OKC is the superior team, how can anybody expect the Lakers to even try and make a comeback when the team is constantly being put down by their leader…. Kobe has tried the tough love scenario, how about showing some support and not being a sore loser.

  45. Jay says:

    The entire blame for losing game 2 and game 5 goes to Brown.
    How can a team having the best two guys in the league not get any touches in the fourth quarter.
    He past should be evidence enough that he is a loser by nature and so will this team be unless they get rid of him.

  46. jordanbyfar says:

    have you seen how much Kobe flops and the referees fall for it every time? Kobe is the biggest flopper in the game. Reggie Miller and TNT showed all the fouls that were called against the Thunder because Kobe was flopping. This is disgusting. Kobe whines every time he doesn’t get a call and on top of it, the refs give him every flop.

  47. LakerFan24/7 says:

    If ever the lakers lose its gonna be boston vs san antonio in the finals…sorry okc, you’re gonna be like the ’95 magic against the rockets when you play the spurs.

  48. digitioli says:

    guess my first comment was too harsh on how Kobe is most selfish player ever.
    no matter how many points he scores, not even a top 30 all time player – barely top 10 Laker.
    I’m a Laker fan by the way, and he has really turned me off since the Shaq and Phil thing nearly 10 years ago.

    • NBAfan says:

      3 straight finals appearance and 2 rings turned you off? I think this year we can clearly see that he no longer is the Kobe that we all loved (and hated). Give the guy a chance to adjust for next season….injuries, surgeries, shortened, condensed season, canceled trades, declining skills, declining physical ability…give him at least next year to adjust

  49. SeanK says:

    Man I hate those biased posts. So you are saying Lakers are better without Kobe… yeah right. Love him or hate him he is a great player. He can adapt and he creates a lot for the Lakers. Game7 with Denver he was practically a play maker, sometimes he tries to lifts his team alone, successfully and unsuccessfully. I never saw him whine though. It is a difference though if Pau gets the ball and is alone, where he can shoot the ball or drive to the basket and doesn’t capitalize on that. Watch how the defense reacts when Kobe has the ball and watch the last three Durant hit. (not saying that Durant is any less dangerous).
    Whatever you say, Lakers are not a perfect team also many times it looks like they are not on the same page and can have some bad stretches, they would need to be a bit more stable. But for all the flaws and bad criticism of their game they get and the apparent perfection and unstoppable strength of OKC, those last games were a lot more under Lakers control and many times in the series it looked like they beat themselves with their bad play and silly moves.
    It looks to me that Lakers are not that mentally prepared (well Kobe always is and I think metta as well, but Pau and Bynum don’t go over themsleves all the time) while OKC believes and never stop believing in their success this year and are way more intense towards the end.
    I expected them to dominate more though, but Lakers are definitely on their level and able to beat them.

  50. Miggs says:

    Yes, the problem is Kobe shoots too much. He started the game hot, so then in his mind it became the “kobe” show.. in the process he got cold and it matters and by that time no one else was involved. Why? He wants to be like Jordan, and will NEVER be.

  51. LasLakers says:


    U have 2 look closely at the specifics of the loss last night. Gasol was wide open…go for the rim yourself. At worst, u miss & then OKC gets the ball, but @ the Lakers pace w/ a chance to defend properly. At best, u score or get fouled if OKC can catch up 2 u & foul u & get a chance to score more, then OKC gets the ball, but @ the Lakers pace w/ a chance to defend properly again. Lakers may not win a championship at all this year & Kobe is the reason our team has been where few have or will ever go.

    P.S. You do not know the definition of whining either. Kobe is critical, sarcastic, closed or brief in his commentary regarding the Lakers, yet has never whined in his public life. He just might make a good coach someday, given his extensive research of players, past & present & of the game & the various factors that lead to success.

  52. JFY says:

    WTG THUNDER!!!!!!! Bryant thinks he is a coach, referee and a player. Never does anything wrong. Duh! Gasol went off yelling and pointing to the referee and do you think he got a Technical? NO!!! Lakers are DONE, Done and Done. Thank Heavens wont have to look at them after the next game.

    • Baller says:

      I am with you on that, I would have loved to see them out in the 1st round and see the Nuggets play the Thunder, that would have been a more competitive series that would have not been called biased to the Lakers…

  53. digitioli says:

    Correction: not even in top 30: (in no particular order)
    Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem, Magic, Bird, Petit, Robertson, Jordan, Olajuwon, Malone, West, Worthy, Baylor, Pippen, Russell, Frazier, Dr. J, Bobby, Sam, KC Jones, Drexler, Walton, Stockton, Monroe, Hayes, Unseld, Wilkes, Cousy, Love
    Mikan, Thurmond, Barkley

  54. Damien says:

    Yea thats why he just got us 5 rings right

  55. dred says:

    I couldn’t have said it better than OKC2012. Kobe is the reason the Lakers lost. Kobe 12 for 28. Missed 16 shots. Gasol 4 for 10. Missed 6 shots. Who is really hurting the Lakers?? Get rid of Kobe and the Lakers are a better team with just Bynum and Gasol.

    • Xiao says:

      Kobe didn’t shoot 28. He shot 28 plus 17 free throw shots., thats around 35+ attempts….

    • chris says:

      thats stupid is kobe hurting the team???? yes, but she he be traded. HELL NO! even if kobe left they are dealing with childishness and unconsistency. but kobe has to take less shots now i’ll admit that but this isall a 2-way street

      • DM8488 says:

        traded? his yr. pay fixing to go to $30 mil !!! NO ONE will trade for that contract on a guy going down hill on ice!

    • dred says:

      Xiao – he did shoot 28 times and missed 16 times…shots that you are fouled on and don’t make, do not count as field goal attempts! So yes, he did miss 16 times..

  56. Lakers#1 says:

    I have seen every Lakers game this season and the main theme has been that they can`t hold on to their lead. Lakers go up 10-15-20 points and almost always drop it right back to equal before the final minutes. Lakers can’t finish their opponents off like the Spurs do. Spurs go up 15 points and hold on to it! Lakers always needs a big play in the final minute to get the win.

    In this series Lakers unfortunately found a team that can close down games better that the Lakers can. Number 35 is unbelievably good at closing down games! Two good teams, but OKC delivers when it matters the most. That is the story of the series.

    Matt Barnes has been a disaster the entire playoffs so he needs to go! Jordan Hill was a great addition so he needs to stay! Lakers bench has been a disaster this season being outscored a 100 percent every game.

  57. jordanbyfar says:

    Hey guys, did you see the shot that Kobe made at the buzzer in the last quarter? Kobe is definitively clutch. He was 2-10 in the 4th Quarter and made the last shot of the 4th Quarter as the time expired. Who said the man isn’t clutch?

  58. Fefe says:

    Hey honestly what’s up with the majority of the media and the Lakers?????

    How come KOBE “THE GREAT” BRYANT never takes a blame….. A lot of people are like, AFRAID, to criticize Kobe even if I think personally he has been a key to his teams losses. Especially in this game 4.

    HE SHOOTS TOO MUCH, OK HE IS KOBE THE GREAT so it’s ok, but if he deferred more the Lakers would be more dangerous!!!!! Because the Thunders can live with Kobe scoring 30/40 cuz only him will shoot so it’s easy to expect.

    But one steal and again the blame to Pau. I remember Kobe was crying before Pau got to the Lakers. Pau was a big part of the instant success after his arrival: 3 straight NBA finals appearances, 2 RINGS!

    Ok i’m talking about the past but he should be more involved by himself but more importantly, by KOBE who should shoot less!!! Look at the Game 7 against the Nuggets? How did they win? With Kobe distributing more, and shooting LESS, and getting Gasol & Bynum more involved…

    Kobe is a beast, and I like him as a player, but the media should point the finger on him too when he is the reason of failure!

    • Mike says:

      That’s the different between Kevin Durant of OKC and Bryant. Durant can shoot and score any time he want but his playoff average is only around 16 shots or so. He only take the necessary shots and normally take the blame if he cause it… Talk about blame, I don’t think it exist in Kobe’s dictionary….

  59. Sar says:

    Thunders ability to close out games is killing every1!

  60. Eternal says:

    oh well kobe and the lakers had 5 rings in his era,,

  61. jorgegwapo says:

    its over for the lakers..KOBE ERA ENDS…

  62. Zeitgeist says:

    just draw the charge guys !

    not seen once a charge foul by a thunder player the entire series. they penetrate so much and no laker player wants to take the hit and draw the charge. why is that? fisher did that often, odom did that too. bynum is a shot blocker and gasol is mentally not there. so i ask hill, sessions, blake, bryant and world peace, why do u always go for the steal or the block not for the charge? look at celtics or spurs ! they lock up penetration guards by standing the right way and fall after being hit.

    another thing i didnt see, was simple pick and roll by bryant and gasol, like in 2008-2010. there is no rhythm in 4th quarter laker offense !

    and please mike brown, snap ur players if they dont play hard and focused – u are the coach !

    • Baller says:

      Kobe doesn’t take charges, he admitted to get outta the way because he thinks drawing charges screws up your back.

      Kobe is the leader and the leader always has to lead with example. Why should the other guys draw charges when the best player on their team doesn’t want to take them either? Simple Logic.

      but hey, lets praise Kobe for being the clutch player and MVP everyone says he is…
      …oh wait, this year he is neither and he is blaming his big guys for not being aggressive of their 10 shot attempts each while he takes over 30 a game (yeah I know they don’t show up in the statistic but he just gets too many foul calls and still wants more)…

  63. tdistor says:

    Kobe’s words are unbelievable. How can he blame Gasol for the loss when he missed 16 shoots, that is more or less like having 16 turnovers.
    It happened the same in the second game, when his last 4 plays were turnovers or missed shots.

    The damage Kobe is constantly doing to the Lakers team work is just crazy, and he comes blaming Gasol for the last turnover. Just unbelievable.

    Only a very close-minded person would not see that. This Kobe hero-mode has to stop, it’s awful to see, but it’s even more awful to hear his comments.

    • Xiao says:

      That’s why you can not judge the book by its cover. Perkin Has that mean look but hes a real nice guy while Kobe alway pretend to be a nice guy but hes the real double stabler

    • TRU*NBAFAN says:

      Ain’t that the truth!! The Coach should get a pair and be the one to call out the players IN PRIVATE. And that includes Kobe, just because people feel like there would be no championships without Kobe, the man and his ego are permitted to run amuck! That’s nuts. He wants to be the hero without doing the work of a real leader. Tongue lashing and screaming at them is not going to cut it man, season after season he has not figured this out. He may be a future hall of famer but he is also a dumb @##.

      If Gasol was on a team like the Spurs where they build each other up instead of just tear someone down and really respect each other he would probably play much better. Take a clue from Tim and Pop Kobe.

  64. Mike says:

    Where are Laker fans and Joel Crawford

    • TRU*NBAFAN says:

      Joel Crawford that’s funny. I imagine J Crawford and crew singing in unison that song ” I looove LA (we love it)!”

  65. OKCKD35 says:

    funny how noone is commenting today when all the lakers were out in full force fter game 3? did you all finally realize game 3 was handed to you? Ron Artest even admitted it last night in his interview after the game, 3-1 OKC game 5 at OKC! Time for the lakers to get their fishing gear. I also love how Westbrook is wearing fishing t-shirts to the post game interviews!

  66. Carol says:

    I totally agree with OKC2012 – when things go good for the Lakers, Kobe gets the praise, when things go bad, anyone/everyone except Kobe gets the blame, even though Kobe had a part in things going bad.

    Denver Nuggets fan

  67. W/E says:

    we are all witnessing how bad is KOBE THE BRICK BRYANT on being a close out factor on important playoff games,not going to comment much on his HORRIBLE decision making and TERRIBLE 30% shooting throught the series,he is just awfull,SADDLY hes 10x times worse at the last minutes of games being TOO SELFISH, shooting insane bricks instead of making good plays that lead to more efficient efforts,mike brown of course is horrible and he is a big part of this mess.

  68. Steve Blake says:

    Ramon Sessions should be finishing the games not Steve Blake!!!

  69. lakermig says:

    our team also got 5 championships thanks to him and yes if bynum and gasol along with kobe step it up we wouldnt be in this situation but pau and bynum have dissapeared way more than kobe.

  70. OKC2012 says:

    Durant is the true MVP, his THIRD game winner in 8 playoff games haha, now I’m just waiting on the Spurs because the lake show is done. Spurs cannot guard Westbrook, Durant, or Harden, but Tim D is looking scary right now, see what happens, may the best team win.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Tim D is playing very well, but he is being guarded by Griffin, who isn’t a true defender, but Ibaka is a defender and led the league in blocks so lets see how well Duncan plays against him. Parker and Westbrook is gonna be an interesting matchup, both are great PGs. I think KD is gonna cruise through that round, no one has the length to guard him, KD is even playing well against MWP who is a terrific defender.

      • sambot says:

        Ibaka might be a demon shot blocker but he’s been known to fall for the fake and get in the air too soon and this is Duncan your talking about, shrewd and as smart as they come… I’m not willing to predict anything but don’t underestimate anyone, especially not the spurs. Western conference finals will be the true finals of these playoffs!

    • Spurs says:

      I hate both Spurs (they are maddeningly consistent) and OKC (they are hot headed – they arent going anywhere).
      That said, Spurs OKC will be intriguing. Timmy will probably win the battle against Perkins/Ibaka, just like Dirk did.
      Durant is the problem – can Leonard hold him is a big question.

      On paper, OKC might look superior. But Spurs have the best coach in the league now. He can and will outcoach scott brooks. My take is Pops will challenge westbrook to best them, not KD. And when westbrook takes volume shots, OKC mostly loses.

      Spurs in 6 (max).

      • TRU*NBAFAN says:

        I think you are right re Westbrook, they are going to try and contain him, Durant can have what he gets to throw up and the bench and 3pt shoots will fill in the gap. I think Spurs are too deep, OKC will be the toughest so far and probably toughest throught the entire serious (even Finals) but I think Spurs are favored.

    • Vlad says:

      Dude, the Spurs are going to dismantle OKC. And this is coming from an OKC fan

  71. OKC2012 says:

    How do you expect Gasol to be more aggressive he was 4 for 10, Kobe was 12 for 28 lol, you shoot almost 3 times as many shots and get pissed because he has a turnover when Kobe had 2 in the last couple mins of game 2 to help with that loss haha only 1 player had over 10 shots other than Kobe, but Gasol gets the hate, dysfunctional is what this team is and this is why they they will be fishing soon. Kobe is a pathetic whiner who tosses the blame wherever he can, and you hapless Laker fans will accept anything he says because he can never do you wrong hahaha well he is the reason your team is not going anywhere until he retires so goodluck! OKC CHAMPS, DURANT MVP!

    • boyax says:

      i am a laker fan, i admit my team is old, and your okc are tough. OKC WILL BE THE CHAMP IF….

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      I can agree with you a little here, but what will be remembered from this game is what Pau did

      Kobe draws the double team and kicks it too an open Pau, who throws it into a sea of blue jerseys? Really….

      He had a wide open quick pop or drive to the basket for a shot or potential foul call…

      Kobe did take some tough shots, but he kept shooting those because he had made so many. Charles Barkley says “throw to the bigs”, but when they arent calling for the ball or posting up their defenders what is Kobe to do? Don’t get scared, if you get scared then Kobe will be Kobe and SHOOT!

      • Francisco says:

        2 out of 10 in the fourth quater again , How do you call it?????38.5 shooting %, less than 30 in the fourth quater, again , what is that?

    • sotabred says:

      Your almost good and so very very cruel to kick a man when he is down. Kobe has won three times (at least) more rings than OKC will ever be allowed to look at. That said I appreciate the good feeling of riding high and putting down a great champion. Go Thunder!

    • LA says:

      Laker fans 16 championships. OKC fans 0 championships, Durant lost his mvp to James and will lose the western finals to Spurs.

      • ledzepage says:

        how many points did your 16 championships score in the 4th quarter?

      • Teddy says:

        16 championships? Seriously? Thats all you have to justify for what was once a daunting dynasty but now a dynasty in shambles. For one, the lakers had won championships, 16 since you like emphasizing it so much. “Had” meaning past tense. LA as of today, straight mediocre. Secondly, OKC is a fairly new franchise so 0-ships is understandable.. for now. As of Durant losing his MVP to James? Does being MVP make you a champion? Judging by how well Lebron is playing as of late, he must be a winner. You good sir, are a hater.

      • Spiderman says:

        Most league MVP’s don’t win championships… FYI. Good emotion on your post, but lacks some facts and a lot of reality.

      • NBAfan says:

        Don’t be a sore loser LA. I’m a Laker fan as well….accept when we’ve lost gracefully and be confident we’ll be back next year with adjustments….you can count on it cause Kobe is still there…

      • NBAJAM12 says:

        @ LA , DURANT 3 time scoring CHAMPION only other to win that many is the great michael jordan and durant is only 22 that is all THANK U COME AGAIN!!

      • NBAJAM12 says:

        O and i forgot who got MVP in all-star game with every great player with kobe and lebron BOOM!

    • brad says:

      great comment okc2012…kobe is a pathetic whiner. He may have 5 rings, but the way he carries himself off court, he’s a loser.

      • joel says:

        Dude, your cynicism is seething. Kobe has done nothing off the court to be deemed a “loser”. The only truthful knock on Kobe is that he isn’t a great leader, but at the same time he isn’t the worst nor is he a “loser” on or off the court. Your unbridled negativity has added nothing to the conversation and ironically has exposed the real loser in all of this.

      • chris says:

        what are you talking about. he’s like that even when they win???? look at him in the 2009-2010 playoffs and you’ll see his attitude. fool!

  72. John From OKC says:

    Take THAT, Jack Nicholson!

  73. Celtic Fan says:

    Lakers are DONE

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      I’m mad too, because I really wanted to see a LA vs Boston series one more time before that team splits up….smh

      • Spiderman says:

        Who cares about ancient rivalries between teams where the players never played on the teams while the rivalries were real. Neither Boston or Lakers have championship teams this year. This is normal progression of playoffs not just a publicity stunt.

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        im not talking about the historic rivalry….im talking bout the same teams from the 2010 champiotnship going at it again, minus a couple of people who arent on the team anymore.

        And the celtics will probably make it to the finals so idk what you are talking about when you say they arent a “championship team”

    • 2e says:

      You’re lucky we have the Lakers Tin man Gasol . He did it last year and he’s doing it again this year. I hope he meets the wizard of OZ before the next game.