Heat Two Much For Pacers, For Now

INDIANAPOLISLeBron James and Dwyane Wade combined for 70 points in a captivating and hypnotic performance that left you gushing and the Pacers gasping. It was tag-team basketball at its finest, and it sucked all the suspense from an East semifinal that was turning disastrous by the day for Miami.

And yet: Is this what it’s going to take to beat the Pacers, and then the next team if the Heat advance, and the next?

The short and truthful answer is: Yes. Those two played at an MVP level to keep the Heat from collapsing in their best-of-seven series, which now returns to Miami 2-2. It was a steady and deliberate two-man torture, at times entertaining, at times awe-inspiring, at times breathless. They hooked up for dunks, give-and-goes, fast-break buckets and when the situation called for it, went solo on the Pacers. It was two much for Indiana to handle, an effort that perhaps only they can give.

“They came in with a certain mindset,” said Heat coach Erik Spoelstra.

At one stretch, LeBron Wade scored 38 straight points, including the first 28 in the second half, where Miami trailed by 10 before they grabbed Game 4 by the throat. LeBron also chipped in 18 rebounds and finished one assist shy of a triple double. Wade broke free from a career-low funk that lasted the previous five quarters, scoring 22 of his 30 in the second half. Double destruction, double dominance.

They did have help, for the first time this series. Udonis Haslem, with stitches and a patch above his right eye, dropped four jumpers in the fourth quarter and made the Pacers’ defense pay for disrespecting him. And while those points were indeed important, this was a Wade and LeBron production, pure and simple.

“It was our ability to get out on the open floor and feed off each other,” Wade said. “That’s beautiful basketball for Miami.”

What you saw wasn’t totally unexpected. LeBron is the league MVP. Wade is a top-five or 10 player. The question for Miami, and an important one, is how long can it keep this up? Can Wade’s body remain intact at this pace? Will LeBron need oxygen midway through the fourth quarter on Tuesday? Because neither player can afford a lapse offensively, not with Chris Bosh out, not with getting mostly depressing results from the supporting cast (Haslem’s Game 4 and Mario Chalmers‘ Game 3 being the exception).

The playoffs can be a long and steady grind that pushes bodies to the limit and makes great demands of stars. The Heat still have two, even without Bosh, and while that’s two more than the Pacers have, LeBron and Wade must each be at their sharpest. One needs the other, not just for one game, but for every game. They handle the ball, shoot it, rebound it and defend. That’s plenty to ask, especially against a physical Indiana team that will keep throwing extra bodies their way.

“You are not always going to be able to dominate a game,” said Spoelstra.

For Miami to go very far in this series, or in the postseason, does LeBron Wade really have a choice?


  1. mb says:

    celtics.Have you wathched them lately.dont count them out

  2. dustin says:

    wade Top 5 top 10 player?? this dude clearly dont know what hes talking about, has one bad game and he is out of the top 3 best players in the world? u seriously need to get a new job.

  3. shanydawg says:

    for all you haters….. ya’ know what?… if I had 4 wheels, I’d be a BUS! all you what if-ers… it is what it is… they dominated and won. why is it when Michael did it it was a good thing.. but when Lebron does it… it’s ‘suspect’… LOSERS! The big 2 – the big 3 RULE and the NBA comes through Miami for the foreseeable future. Get used to it haters!

  4. heat will not win says:

    heat will not make to the final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my prediction!!!! Lets wait and see!!!!!!!

  5. Jared says:

    yeah Wade was HUGE in game 3

  6. RAMBO says:

    …go HEAT..!! time to end PACER’s dreams.. make it real.. “,)

  7. aaron says:

    both james and wade were fantastic. I think they came out with something to prove after Lebron missed those two key FT’s and Wade faltered down the stretch in Game 2; AND after Wade played possibly his worst game ever and LeBron disappeared in the 2nd half of Game 3. — they came out with a bad taste i think after those 2 games and played like the superstars they are. Thats what the Heat need night in and out to win without Bosh. Neither one of them can have a bad game and expect to win the title, let alone this series.

  8. Oneil Edwards says:

    Pacers coach blew the game. He played the bench too long allowing Wade and James to dominate and get a rhythm. This is the playoffs!! Keep the starters on the floor. What was he saving them for?

    • nbapacersfan says:

      Exactly! Vogel said he was trying to wait it out until the 6 min. mark of the 4th… WTF??!!! Pacers desperately needed their bigs to limit some of that stuff Miami was getting at the rim… C’mon coach!!!

      • pacers says:

        I agree that West and Hibbert should have checked in alot earlier in the forth quarter, but Vogel is stupid taking Collison out when he’s on fire, he’s been more attacking and consistent than george hill of late, so why not leave him in? The points just seemed to dry up when they took him out.

  9. asdf says:

    I don’t understand why everyone counts the Pacers out against the Heat. They did win two games in a row, one in Miami even. They’re a damn good team and they have a lot of young talent that is being used every game. I can see this series going the Pacers’ way if they play right.

  10. Fefe says:

    First of all, I wish to say that I’m neither a Heat hater nor a lover.

    But I think that the Pacers will win the series.

    And I am very sad about Wade: seems his ego is bigger than James’ . He was one of the only superstar without a big ego…so sad

  11. Fedor says:

    Check out my blog on who I think will take the series and why http://fedorsperspective.blogspot.com/2012/05/best-of-3-series-heat-vs-pacers.html


  12. Heat Fan says:

    Shane Battier and Mike Miller should fire three’s in Game5 to go for 3-2. LBJ and Wade cannot perform at this level in all matches. Come on guys, help LBJ and Wade out!!!

  13. nbapacersfan says:

    I still fear the NBA League Office more than I do the Heat. If the Heat don’t advance, David Stern will probably kill himself!

  14. Killa! says:

    @okc2012 u moron, first change ur name from okc2012 to dum dum. Lala land got two teams playing in wcsf n also got other major sports teams who playing at staple center in a week spam.. Beside if ur an okc fan why ru crying if miami gets days off, okc is winning anyway vs lakers, unless ur lala land fan who changed his name to okc?
    Okc vs Miami in the final which will make david stern jump up in the aiiiiir aiiiir.

  15. Dwade#1 says:

    To all the doubters never underestimate the dynamic duo that is Wade and James. Wade was in a slump game three so I couldn’t defend him all I said was wait until game 4 because I know a winner when I see one. I was not worried. He did exactly what I expected of him he showed up and showed out even though first half he went 1-8 from the field. Wade put the pressure on when it mattered the most. That is what a winner does and that is why Lebron took his talents to South Beach in the first place. I love the excitment.

  16. Rein says:

    it was a total team effort..
    the HEAT played as a team..if they going to continue playing at that level…no doubt that they will win the series..

  17. W/E says:

    No Bosh,Dwade is horrible and James just cant score big in the 4rth quarter,pacers r just a bunch of role players,no team got any real advantage except the heat home court, both teams got even possibilities to win the series

  18. Bamz says:

    To all the haters here. i bet you want to trade your team star player for lbj? lbj is the best all around guy playing today.

    trade lbj to okc or lakers and ill bet you. kd and kobe wont be able to do what he is doing for miami now. so stop hating him.
    coz u cant change the fact that his the best player today.

  19. Wil says:

    Those NBA commercials said something BIG was coming. Well there you have it. 40, 18, 9. Last player to do that was Elgin Baylor. Now that’s BIG.

    • BFoulds says:

      I think they meant 8-0 in the playoffs, with 28 wins out of their last 30 games.


  20. OKC2012 says:

    Great game for LBJ cannot deny it, but Wade’s stats are something they both should be putting up every night, they are not even comparable, LBJ got DOUBLE the rebounds, you take away half of those he is still down to 9 boards which is still a great game but they end up losing, Hibbert and West don’t get into foul trouble the Heat lose this game, basically everything went the Heats way this game, pretty much perfect, but the Heat won by 8 points, problem is if a few of those very small and rare things don’t happen they lose this game. So LBJ getting those numbers are gonna have to happen every night, we will see if he can do it next game.

    Seriously, not a lot of LBJ haters today and it is seriously hard to even read 90 percent of these comments lol, LBJ brought his talents and education level to South Beach, to many Heat fans are just completely illiterate on this board haha, cannot even get through a comment without just shaking my head and scrolling down.

    Now I don’t really care because I want to watch my team as much as possible, but this schedule is horrible. Heat had a game on wednesday night, had 3 days off then a game sunday… Spurs and OKC had 2 games in 2 nights …..and OKC has in total 3 games in 4 nights……

    Why was this even allowed, 3 games in 4 days compared to 3 days off in between 2 games, the Heat series are the only series that never go consistently when everybody else is playing every other night, kinda stupid but whatever they are lucky they get the rest because that is the only way they can compete. So all heat fans nobody should be complaining about their team being tired if if those free throws don’t drop in the last minute

  21. smith says:

    wow 2vs5? wahahah and still got the win? that was sick,,, wahahah choke sign eh? whos choking now?

  22. phrueben says:

    This is completely doable for the following reasons
    1. Most points came in the paint
    2. Indiana is the third highest fouling team in nba.
    3.Indy will have to pay attention to UD now because he didn’t do anything extraordinary, just hit 4 shots that he usually makes, which will result in point one again

    Which brings another better question,

    Can Collison repeat this performance again on the road?

  23. NBAfan says:

    MAN…..I’m loving the play offs this year….I hate that the Lakers will be ousted 999 times out of 1000 scenarios (cause I really want to see a Lebron and Kobe showdown)….but I like how the Spurs are dominating in most likely Duncan’s last year…how KG is playing like KG in Minnesota…how OKC is really growing into the next Western Powerhouse…and how teams like Philly and the Pacers aren’t going down without a fight…..gotta love it man..

    oh, plus Blake Griffin was exposed and hype should be taken down a couple of notches.

  24. Chaniel Jansen says:

    I’d like to see a rematch of the best team in the world vs the best player in the world in the FINALS.. Spurs vs Heat… (SA vs JAMES + Wade…)

  25. Go heat!
    LBJ & DWade the best duo in the leage!

  26. jhap says:

    this performance will not be duplicated again. .sad to say for the heat this is just out of desperation. pacers will definitely get the next game! Go PACERS!

  27. ralph says:

    I will be very thankfull if any one can tell when/if Bosh wiil be playing this series or playoffs.Can’t find that info anywhere.

  28. markangelo says:

    it’s going to be really hard for the heat to sustain this 2 on 5 ball, but im hoping that they will get thru this, i beleive that they can make it to the finals (cross-fingers)

  29. jince says:

    LeBron James is the best player ever since MJ……
    2Lebron james

    • kobe says:

      those guys have 2 things lebron doesnt.
      1.ice water in veins(not afraid to take big shot..lebron still shys away)

      • Francisco says:

        hey fake closer, 0 out 7 in playoffs since 2007 when down 2 or for the win in the last 10 seconds, how is your shooting %
        in this playoff fourth quater, you only close in the regular season against the bobcats, KOBE HOLLYWOOD BRYANT

  30. Bev says:

    That foul against Haslem should have been a “flagrant foul”! The Heat didn’t get alot of calls that they should have gotten. Joel Anthony and Haslem were the “secret weapons” in this game. And thats the thing that throws opponents off gaurd is when others on the TEAM step up to the plate. They fought through all of this opposition and came up with a win !!! I’m sooo proud of them ALL.
    Gooooo Heat.
    Lots of Love
    MsBevBlack nba.com
    Heat’s #1 Fan in NC

  31. juarsha says:

    NBA FINALS…….HEAT gets HOT!…. HEAT all the way!..

  32. susie says:

    Lebron and Wade are just absolutely brilliant! What a show of talent and skill!

  33. DelMatteo says:

    Indiana will win the series. Lebron still choked and missed crucial free throws in the end. He will never be as good as Kobe, sorry folks.

    • steve95 says:

      As good as Kobe? Lebron is more clutch then Kobe just look at the stats. Kobe’s era is over. I’m gonna enjoy watching okc smash lakers out of the playoffs in game 5. Just love watching Kobe cry when he doesn’t receive a foul call every time Perkins and Ibaka swat his shot back into the stands.

  34. Karlo Garcia says:

    Still have Indiana Pacers win this series in #7 games.

  35. MJ1978 says:

    The Heat’s supporting cast need to step up their game. You can not rely on monster games like this from the Lebron Wade connection. They might win the series against the Pacers and even the conference finals, but it will really take a TEAM effort to beat the OKC. They have got Durant and Westbrook to matchup with Lebron Wade, but their supporting cast will CRUSH the Heats if they keep playing like this. Much respect to Udonis Haslem for taking those clutch shots in the fourth, he made sure Lebron and Wades effort was rewarded !

  36. Gabe says:

    Yes BamBam, Heat need 2 more games to go Conference Finals and 4 more games to completely shutdown the haters just like these people below.

  37. LBJ proved to the world that he is the MVP of the NBA for a reason. He showed up and played like an MVP. It is unfortunate that the supporting cast is so weak. Wade finally woke up from his nightmare and played like he is paid to play. Haslem needs to continue to show up and the Heat will have a shot. By no means it this series over, but if the Heat can maintain their intensity…the Pacers will get an early trip fishing.

    I so want to see that smirk wiped from the faces of Granger and his crew. They kind of took a page from the Heat during last year’s playoff game against the Mavs. The Heat began celebrating a bit too early and the Mavs got angry and came back and shell-shocked the Heat team. I would like to see the Heat do the same thing to the Pacers.

    In game 4 we saw an emotional shift. The Heat regained some of their swag and the Pacers last some of theirs. If Miami pulls off the win in game 5, then Miami will close out the Pacers in game 6!

  38. Victor Manoel de Brito says:

    Come on guys, I’m a diehard LeBron James fan, but I think guys here are underestimating the Pacers. LeBron and Wade were absolutely fantastic today, but if the other players don’t step, like Haslem did today, the Miami Heat will be in trouble. And they MUST push Roy Hibbert and put him in foul trouble, because that guy is a major threat, now that Miami is even more undersized.

    GO HEAT!!!

  39. nbapacersfan says:

    It pains me to say this, but… Kudos to the Miami Heat. That was an awesome display from LeBron and Wade. Pacers will now take their talents to South Beach… it ain’t over!

  40. natefilewood says:

    Has anyone else noticed that after Lebron/ Wade scored 70 that the Heat only managed to win by 8…? Im sure no Miami fan has noticed it but for the rest of the world, its kinda obvious that it only takes one of those guys to have a bad game and the Pacers will walk away with it…

  41. akosibonik says:

    watched the game, LBJ and DWADE are nasty. well-deserved victory. i have miami in 6. but LBJ needs these cleveland-team-like performance for them to advance.

  42. i still believe in HEATS! :) says:


  43. lawrence123 says:

    haha great comment ynnad, lets go heat, show these pacers what you are made for, 2 wins is all you guys can cheer for

  44. I didn’t get to watch the game, i had to work, but the pacers are done, lebron and wade played the way they should every game, there’s 3 games left 2 in miami and 1 in indy, like the heats chances better then pacers, just watched the highlights on sportscenter, wow lebron and wade, iam speechless, thats what i’ve been waiting to see wow.

  45. s27m says:

    All i gotta say is that what’s up!!!
    Batman & Robin showed up!

  46. nianmaca00 says:

    Wade is a top 3 player. Underrating D.Wade again, name 3 players who are better than Wade at the moment? Only James and Durant.

    • ralph says:

      kobe,rose,howard,pierce,rondo,hibbert,bynum,westbrook,nash,carmelo,bosh,nowitzki,paul,deng,williams,duncan,ginobilli and parker.
      to be onest count could go on.
      from the other hand you can not be king because you said so likw lebron did.
      they lebron and wade won’t be champs until they grow up.
      all the big teams who won worked toghether but those two just want to do it themseves.
      when the rest of the team is playing they can’t find them self in the game cause there is not enough ball for them.
      lebron and wade need 80% possesions of their own ball so compare that to what was sharing the ball when:
      jordan,magic,isiah,bird,olajuwon,duncan,shaq,pierce,nowitzki even wade but with diffrent team style whn he won.
      they really need to change theirs perception of themselves accolades do not make you champion team work do.

      • HeatFan27 says:

        Kobe is not better than Wade now. Maybe in the past but not now. Also your list is full of people not better than Wade. In my opinion Wade is not top 3 but certainly top 10-15

      • uoykcuf says:

        Not agreed on wade as top 3 but pierce,rondo,hibbert,bynum,nash,bosh,deng,williams and ginobilli certainly not better than wade. I see smokes coming from your house.

  47. Chris says:

    LeBron James MVP
    LeBron James FINALS MVP
    Miami Heat 2012 CHAMPIONS

    GO HEAT!

  48. archer72 says:

    lebron and wade definitely are stong together but remember it takes a TEAM to win a CHAMPIONSHIP!
    they won’t win the finals, conf. finals or even this series if their supporting cast won’t play their roles….
    whoever wins the west conf. finals will win the NBA CHAMPIONSHIP….

    • shhh says:

      we’re still in the 2nd round, don’t overthink everything.
      pacers may still win this but yesterday was their best chance.
      next series could be very different if bosh is back.

      y r u talking about the finals already?

      one thing though, fishing boat is waiting for the other LA team to board tonight.

  49. another basketball fan says:

    thanks to an immature pacer for making them mad :). This is the part where all the Lebron haters go into hiding, the moment he isn’t playing at the level he did like tonight they all gonna come out and hate on him. Pleaseeeeeee Heat’s bench, as long as each of you put points on the board, Lebron and Wade will take care of the rest and you all will win it all this year.

  50. theBuilderBob says:

    Dont u love it how all the LeBron haters just seem to EVAPORATE away when he has a big game……

    • uoykcuf says:

      of course but they are still lurking out there waiting, hoping, praying that Lebron will choke, slip, fall in his next game.

  51. MohJoker says:

    I still beilieve in Miami to finals…. ama die hard lebron james fan

  52. oh man says:

    haslem is the guy that can replace bosh in rebounding, chalmers in terms of scoring, and joel anthony in terms of defense. if they can amplify their performances of this game, they can be alright for a while without bosh, did you know the heat “small” lineup outrebounded the bigger pacers? 47-38 tih lebron and dwade having most of them. I think they found their formula

    PG Rio – Cole(to guard collison)
    SG Wade – Miller (eventhough he is RLLY hurt, I dont want him to play in game 5, he will just kill his body) then it will mean JJ
    SF James – Battier
    PF Haslem – James (when he is PF)
    C Joel – Turiaf (limited minutes, but can get them D and energy)

    This is honestly what can get them over the top against the pacers. and the pacers are now rlly in a bad position going to Miami now that they found their formula and what to do with hibbert and west. The Heat got this

  53. Allan E. Bacaron says:

    Lebron Wade combination is AWESOME!The MVP and his Dwayne shows their ability to win and overwhelmed the Pacers in this Game 4.Game 5 surely King James and Prince Wade will dominate.The Big 2 will bring the Heat to the NBA Finals versus the OKC…

  54. -Human_06 says:

    Monster performance from LBJ and D-Wade! LBJ proved that he is the MVP and D-Wade proved that he is dangerous as he can be on the court! The HATERS just backed off from this win by the Heat… 40-18-9 just a monster performance! But, Chalmers, Miller, Jones and Battier should step up BIG with their games to win this series and the the Finals! Come on guys, LBJ and D-Wade needs your help! Step up and play BIG!

  55. OKC2012 says:

    Once the Pacers got a big lead they settled for too many threes and jumpers they needed to slow the pace and go inside. Luckily for the heat they got wade and lbj going all out and performances like this is the only way they have a chance of winning. Ofcourse because the league wants to have the Heat to go all the way they have the most rest in between games compared to every other series, so luckily for them if wade and james want to duplicate todays game they will be able to because rest will not be an issue, like seriously who has a game on wednesday then a game on sunday when both games are in the same city and you have other series going back to back night lol. Ah well i’m actually hoping they get to the finals so we can see what they can do on the big stage against either OKC or the Spurs both teams that are way superior to them right now.

    • Vince says:

      Whats wrong with having game on wednesday then a game on sunday? Won’t both teams have the same time to recover? And if you look closely the boston philly series should, will end on the same Day so that both temas have the same time to recover. Blame the Los Angeles teams for allowing their opponents to take them to game 7. The more games you need to finish off your opponents the narrower the games will be apart in the next rounds. Simple as that. Or else the spurs will be waiting three weeks for the next round to begin.

  56. seewhatyouwant says:

    d wade top 5 ha ha just because he has a different role get real (d wade the best) sometimes he gets emotional and ift affects his game but all in all he can flat out score the rock and play defense. granger was burning everyone not only wade yes he’s tall but when wade guard him he is quite effective he even blocked the guy so don’t say wade can’t guard him I was really dis appointed in wade but he is human and when he is on he is on…he makes the game look so easy and bron is a beast as well consistant dominant force (animal but a very respectful soul) keep up the good work guys in this short but long season

  57. kennydoc says:

    pacers think they are good team, but they almost forgot they won the first round bcoz d. howard was out and right now they are seizing the moment that c bosh is also out. how stupid pacers .. …

  58. yaug_03 says:

    where are the haters?:P funny granger acting so tough.

    • bron-bron says:

      the haters! they are all punched in the moutth!

    • NBAfan says:

      Granger is a competitor…he won’t back down just because he’s against Lebron. You gotta appreciate that.

      • Uatu says:

        Competitors show their worth by demonstrating ability, such as Lebron/Wade did this last game. One is not deemed a competitor by simply talking or acting tough.

      • BFoulds says:

        the F are you talking about? Granger has played well this whole series.

      • LeBron says:

        @BFoulds Yeah.But he’s talked better. Just like his team forefather, the legendary trash talker Reggie Miller. Its in the blood, Hicks. You are still the Hicks

  59. jan_279 says:

    I wonder how Lance Stephenson looked like after the guy he mocked destroyed the Pacers! lol xD

  60. juarsha says:

    … big game for the HEAT! keep it up for game 5 and 6… and for the rest of the games all the way to the finals….

  61. Tygger2K6 says:

    The Lakers lost and are down 3-1. Booooo Hoooo! Go Udonis!

  62. Killa! says:

    Welcome back south beach!

  63. Miami says:

    People who pretend to be Miami Heat fans, and talked about trading Wade or James after Game3 CAN NOT be real Miami Heat fans. Do nor touch our Wade, and James, go get another team to support.

  64. Miami says:

    As a long time Miami Heat fan, I do not give much chance to Heat team for the title with Erik’s coaching. But If UD plays like this, and Bosh recovers, I am positive that we will play the finals..

    • BFoulds says:

      Spolestra has already coached the heat to a title. Don’t remember?

      Everyone saying Spolestra is the problem is out of their mind. He’s a great coach. The players DO respect him. Like Wade said, they are a family. Family members argue and get in each others faces sometimes. It’s all out of emotion.

      The only thing wrong with the heat right now is they are missing Bosh, and like the above poster stated, forces them into mis matches on defense (ie wade guarding granger).

  65. ynnad says:

    at the first qt, the pacers celebrating too much, by the 9-0 lead, but, do you know why danny granger can comes up with 20 pt,knock the 3, its because dwyane wade guard him, granger feels n think he is great, we can see him twice talk dirty to lebron in game 3 n to wade in game 4, but, IF, there is a guy who called chris bosh at 4 pos, and , lebron guard granger a 3 pos, there is no more danny granger, he just die instantly, we all know that d wade is a shooting guard, and the 6’4 guard(193 cm) cannot guarding a 6’8(203) small forward, flash is 30 y.o now, thats the only reason why pacers still can breath, for a while, but, with their act at game 3, making wade n james angry, please pacers, a cat can not kill a lion, hercules can not beat zeus, pacers can not beat the heat

  66. ronpals says:

    Real Heat is BIG.

  67. al says:

    Looks like all the Lebron haters cant find much to say about this article.
    No doubt they’ll just pretend this game never happened next time he shows he isnt perfect.
    Im not a Lebron fan but the guy is the Best all around player ever.

  68. clubbizarre says:

    That was hands down the second most (or best) LeBron James playoff performance I am a witness of.
    We’re all witnesses.

    The other would be how he singlehandedly destroyed the Pistons.

    Scared of the big moment? Not clutch? Not MVP like? You must be kidding!

  69. Bru says:

    Tonight was a big night for Wade and James , they are really strong !
    Will they be strong enough to win series and championship? i think no …

    • 3,1,6 says:

      of course they strong enough, the ring is coming to south east baby

    • NBAfan says:

      They are a tough team…a title contender…simply because you have Lebron, Wade, and Bosh….but it’s not a guarantee…Spurs and OKC looking pretty darn scary in the west

      • Geo says:

        Spurs “Or” OKC ,,,not “And”

      • uoykcuf says:

        He/She meant BOTH Spurs “and” OKC are looking good. IF miami goes to the finals, they will have a tough time facing Spurs “or” OKC.
        Oh Geo smh.

  70. jone says:

    love the game, miami heat all the way.. wade and james they 2 vs 5, awesome! 🙂

  71. Anirudh says:

    Best Connection In the League…..
    Lebron And D-wade…..

    GO HEAT!

  72. Francisco says:

    huge, 40, 18 and 9, what a player!

    • NBAfan says:

      gotta be honest…that was a HUGE game for Lebron…good on him to respond to the game three loss….

      I’m not trying to be negative here (cause I know you love Lebron and hate Kobe), but 40, 18 and 9 isn’t something you see every game in real life, and if IT TAKES that PLUS 30 from D-wade to beat the Pacers…I’m sorry, but that’s NOT A GOOD SIGN OVERALL if your goal is the RING

      • FUEGO says:

        The thing you guys are failing to see, is that the scoring among Wade and Lebron is not what made yesterday a great game for Miami, it was the hustle and getting Hibbert and West into foul trouble playing agressive. If they attack the paint they will force fouls and get the pacers out of their game.

      • Geo says:

        your not completely correct.
        This was a one off for sure, but this was only just what was needed to stop the pacer 2 game streak, and for the heat to get their confidence back.
        Now that they have a “W” in their last game and with their confidence restored + home court advantage, the heat will not need that sort of game from Wade and James. A 28+ PPgame from wade and james will doit .

        But one things for sure, this series has proved how vital Bosh is to this team, If only our 3 point shooters could hit some threes, Its a good thing theres a TV between me and Shane Battier evertime he misses another 3.

      • Francisco says:

        that could be true, BUT I have the feeling the heat are going to do better this year,I was worried with wade response and stupid actions in game 3, yeah series is a tie, but if lebron and wade puts their game to attack the rim, that could be a problem for any contender, many people count the east out against the west, I would like the heat against San Antonio, they are playing real good , but they are not a physical and big team which is the heat problem.
        by the way I do not hate kobe, i simply study stats , do some research and do not accept the media hype.he is a great player i always said so, but he has had the easiest road in his career, people memory is too short.for instance does anybody talks about his pathetic performances in the fourth quaters?no.

  73. Ik says:

    I think that the performance they gave today was their best..they fought all through the 2nd half and won a hard game.

  74. Baller says:

    Hubie Brown commentated the game and said at the beginning, the Heat would need All NBA performances from Wade and James to get the win. They delivered 70 points and 27 rebounds going 27-50 from the field. Alongside of their immense defense and getting people involved on the offensive end they played an all around game and James proved he is the MVP.

    While this was a big win for the Heat they will have to duplicate this kind of performance and the Pacers will not go away easily. I am looking forward to the pivotal Game 5.

    btw. I am not sure about Chalmers pushoff against Collison being a foul, I think that was the biggest flop of the series so far (that has been called, Mike Miller’s “charge” was a nocall in game 1)

    • Belizeboy says:

      I think Miami needs one more road performance like this from Wade and James, but next game I expect to see Chalmers, Haslem and Miller do well.

  75. joe says:

    Im not worried. Yes, they miss bosh, but Miami needs to struggle and fight their way to the finals. what doesn’t kill you

  76. Michael says:

    When is Bosh gonna come back ? Without Bosh the Miami are going to struggle in the finals and even the conference finals .

    • Reedom says:

      he will come at the next round

    • Baller says:

      I believe Shaq, when he says a a strain of the abdomen takes you out at least 4-6 weeks. Bosh is out for the playoffs, I think he will only play in a Final Game 7 and even then he wouldn’t be able to produce much and when he tears it again he is out for the Olympics too…

  77. Michael says:

    Lebron and Wade both played Miami Heat basketball. They need someone to replace Bosh and grab atleast 7 bounds pre game instead of Lebron grabbing all of them. One of the bigs needs to grab hold of Roy, other than that Miami will forshure win this series with the Pacers even without Bosh.

  78. Victor Manoel de Brito says:

    Hope to see a couple of role players step up together, in the same game (Chalmers and Haslem; Haslem and Miller; Chalmers and Miller; Battier and Chalmers), because LeBron and D-Wade are going to need some rest at some moment.

    • Geo says:

      I really wish they gave james more playing time, let him hit a couple of threes get his confidence back
      IMO he’s a better shooter than Battier, or Miller even though Miller has a better FGP

  79. BamBam says:

    That’s what you get for doing all those taunting (choking gesture)

    Dont mock the king baby!!!!!!

    Lets Go Heat!!!!! 2 more games and well face celts/phili

    • wUT says:

      I doubt both of them will score 70points again

      • FUEGO says:

        lol they always average betwee. 45-60 ppts together. Where have you been?

      • Spurs says:

        lol Fuego. Read your own comment. “45-60” is not “70.” Nice try though.

        P.S. If LeBron and D-Wade only scored 60 in this game, then guess what? They would have lost 91-93.

      • DJ3 says:

        If they had scored 60, maybe they would’ve taken less shots. Which might have opened up opportunities for others, which might have led them to the win. When you say “If this had happened,” the dynamics change.If they had scored 62 it would’ve gone into overtime. if they had scored 64 they still would’ve won. So what? Whats done is done.

    • Dean says:

      the heat arent going to win they are going to choke next game

      • @ Dean says:

        What r u on man?? Take your hate somewhere else! Just watch the Heat win the series!

    • heat are going to choke next game. no chance for the finals.

    • susie says:

      The Heat are going to dominate again next game! The only reason they lost games 2 and 3 was because Wade was in a funk. Now that Wade is back, there’s simply no chance for the Pacers to win again. Miami will wrap this up in 2 more games.

    • NBAfan says:

      BamBam..I respect your devotion to your team..I really do. And Really…the HEAT has 2 of the top 5 players in the game….it’s like Jordan and Pippen all over again…to top it off, you have a very dependable PF in Bosh….all star caliber….

      Everyone hates the HEAT for the pre-season parade. Everyone hates how this super team came about. I still think the HEAT is better than the pacers, but in a 7 game series, anything can happen…and with WADE (who is supposed to be one of the good guys in the league) to be doing that to his coach….JUST GIVES EVERYONE MORE REASON TO HOPE THE HEAT loses.

      Lebron…this is your BEST chance at winning….cause you know..there’ another big three in Oklahoma who is getting better every game….and they’re young too….and they play like a real team…

      • Geo says:

        Absolutley agree
        This is the last chance for the heat,
        Next year, OKC, for sure and i think the pacers, clippers will be too much for the Heat
        Heck if the heat do make it to the finals and face the spurs this year, I doubt they can make it past
        Im a heat fan kicking my self in the rear cause Im a heat fan. Oh well ill just keep hoping that the heat can alternate a couple of great games from Lebron and wade with a couple of Subpar games from their opponents.

      • KnickFan says:

        I hope that harden stays in OKC so it means that ibaka have to go. they cant keep that two players at the same time

      • K says:

        NBAfan don’t count the Heat out even if they don’t win this year! OKC has young players and you are correct; however, the problem with having young players and having them get all this National playoff exposure is that now you have to be able to re-sign them! OKC is going to have to make some hard financial decisions over the next few years concerning Ibaka and Harden! So to say that this may be LeBron’s best chance to win because of OKC’s “Big 3” may proof to be false. Miami has their core guys signed for the next 5 years, they just need a legimate 7- footer and a complete overhaul of their bench and Miami will be fine for the next 3 or 4 years; barring any major injuries to either one of the “Big 3”

      • Ariel says:

        We can’t say that OKC LAC and IND will be too much for MIA next season… What if Nash and terry joins the Heat in free agency? that’ll be too much