Lakers Get the Win, and the Redemption

LOS ANGELES – No, this was not sound offensive efficiency either, not while shooting 35.3 percent in the fourth quarter Friday. But two nights after the late collapse in Oklahoma City grounded them in self-inflicted wounds, the Lakers came home to Staples Center and won a game because they won the final period.

The Lakers did not commit a turnover the final 2:56, a key in the 12-6 closing run that produced the 99-96 victory and cut the Thunder lead in the best-of-seven series to 2-1. Game 4 is here Saturday night in a rare playoff back-to-back, before the series shifts back to Oklahoma City for Game 5 on Monday.

Just as importantly, the Lakers were 17 of 18 from the line in the fourth. Of course they were. They were nearly perfect the entire night, converting 41 of 42 free throws, and finished the game in appropriate fashion.

“We fouled too many times,” Thunder coach Scott Brooks said. “That’s the bottom line. Forty-two is a high number. It’s more than they average. A lot more than they average.”

True. The Lakers of the regular season shot 24.1 free throws a game.

With the season likely hanging in the balance, given the very slim chances of recovering from a 3-0 deficit, the Lakers got 41 points from the line alone. Kobe Bryant was 18 of 18, en route to the game-high 36 points. Andrew Bynum, while missing 11 of 13 field goals, was 11 of 12 from the stripe.

“Every possession is huge in a series against a very good team like the Thunder,” Lakers coach Mike Brown said. “When you talk about possessions, that means if you get fouled and you step to the free-throw line, you have to knock those freebies down. It is a grind-it-out game, and you’re not going to get any better look than a free throw against these guys. That’s how good they are. So for us to step up to the free-throw line and have the concentration, the focus, that we had there and knock ‘em down, especially at a rate of 41 of 42, it’s huge.”

Oklahoma City was 26-of-28 from the line.


  1. 16going417 says:

    One win does not a champion make. Choking in 2 games (2 and 4) does not a champion make either. OKC is going to close it out tonight because the Lakers refuse to play through Bynum and Gasol. The Lakers were ahead in games 2 through 4 and had complete control, but they decided to play Kobe ball in the fourth quarters of games 2 and 4 and lost.

    Brown is too scared to put Kobe in his place and Kobe is too stubborn to let Bynum take him to the next round. So, they will repeat their pattern of letting Kobe run around in circles and shooting jumpers in the fourth. OKC and the Spurs in the Western Conference Championship.

  2. steve says:

    Gotta be careful playing with Kobe….if he gets ahold of something sharp you may find it in your back. He failed to make 8 of 10 shots and he blames everyone else? And this is the mindset people place these ‘athletes’ as icons, heroes and legends. what a joke he is.

  3. YearZeroNIN says:

    That was my comment from yesterday’s GAME 3. See what happened in GAME 4??? The Lakers got 29 FTA this time. I knew they would probably lose, as long as they did not get 40+ FTA like they did in GAME 3!! The Lakers seem to struggle to play a full 48-minute game. I figured they would get very tired at some point. This is one aspect, I believe, makes the Thunder very, very unique. These guys are gym rats. And Kevin Durant leads the way. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a scorer like Durant who never seems to run out of energy; he never seems to get tired or really fatigued. It’s very remarkable and rare. Of course, it does not hurt to have young legs. But even in the Michael Jordan days (for example), even Jordan would get fatigued in the course of a given game, but he could play through it and still play at a high level. But Kevin Durant never seems to get fatigued, per se. Durant can play at a high level for entire games while keeping his energy very high. I don’t think I’ve seen a scorer like Durant who does this night-in and night-out. It is scary how much he can produce in a high-paced series. If they were playing Denver, that would have been very exciting to watch!!

  4. YearZeroNIN says:

    This game was FIXED!!! The Lakers had 40+ free throw attempts!!! BULL SPIT!! The refs kept calling fouls that were not fouls because they wanted to slow down the game by freezing the game clock so that the Lakers (could catch their breath) had a chance to win this game. Otherwise, the Lakers would have gotten tired and the Thunder would have won easily in a track meet!! NO MORE CHRISTMAS GIFTS for the Lakers!! The Thunder will win game 4 and 5!! No more CHRISTMAS GIFTS!! The referees in this game 3 need to be suspended for calling a FIXED, lopsided game!! Kobe Bryant is the biggest fraud in the sports world!! He won 2 FIXED recent Championships!! Today’s game 3 in this Laker-Thunder series is PROOF OF THAT!! The NBA Commissioner or higher-ups HAVE to look at today’s game 3 because the refs FIXED IT!! NO MORE 40+ FREE-THROW-ATTEMPT GAMES!! Since when does an NBA team get half of all their points from the free throw line??? FIXED!! SHENNANIGANS!! SHENNANIGANS!! NO MORE FREE-THROW CHRISTMAS GIFTS!!! NO MORE FREE-THROW CHRISTMAS GIFTS!! I give the OKC THUNDER a lot of credit because they still almost won in this FIXED, BIASED GAME!! NO MORE PAYING THE REFEREES!!! NO MORE FIXED GAMES!! NO MORE 40+ FREE-THROW-ATTEMPT GAMES!! NO MORE FREE-THROW CHRISTMAS GIFTS!!

  5. Meeu says:

    what redemption? the only saving grace the lakers had this game was their gazillion (better than average) trips to the line, a few of which are undeserved.

  6. Rocabye says:

    Guys cmon, no one with an objective eye can call the refereeing unbiased. IT was heavily skewed in the Lakers favor, especially in the final minutes of the 4th quarter. It has nothing to do with non-calls, as non-calls are a lot less gamebreaking than actual calls. Actual calls change the flow of the game, kill momentum, controls the clock, and gives a team easy buckets. Not to mention calls also put key players in foul trouble, changing the make-up and chemistry/coaching strategy of a team. All in all, calls really really really mess with the game.

    The complaint is that the referees sent the Lakers to the line way way way too much. Everyone knows the Lakers can’t win unless they slow the Thunder down and get to the line. Yeah I get that. But 42 free throws? The Lakers avg like 24 free throws per game. Now I know you are not going to tell me OKC fouled them twice as much as any other team that was playing them. Of course not. The refs just decided to call more of them this time, even fouls that weren’t fouls (Harden’s blocks come to mind). But again, the calls were heavily skewed towards the Lakers. There’s no denying that. You cannot even begin to claim fair officiating.

    Remember when Durant was under the basket getting hacked on the arms from a rebound? No call. Now it was late clock 4th quarter, so I can understand the no-call. I figure “hey, refs are doin a good job and lettin em play it out without deciding the end of the game with whistles.” But then what happened? They below a whistle on Westbrook for breathing in Metta in the same play. Late-clock, 4th quarter, key possession, and they give Metta two freebies to solidify the lead. If that is not biased refereeing I dont know what is. Refs aren’t the reason Lakers won, but they definitely got a looot of help. The refs should have let them play it out and let the better team win in the final 2 minutes. Horrible officiating. Over-officiating is killing the integrity of the NBA, and its not just this game…but the playoffs in general.

  7. LAKERSFIGHT says:

    What Lakers got all the call? Referee on there side? haha! What a joke.. What about on Durant the obviously back court violation not whistle by the ref.. The foul on Perkins, when he grab or touch Kobe arm in the air, and the bumped on kobe must be 3 point play that review by TNT.. Dont be pissed when your team lost you blame the Refs.. Wew!

  8. W/E says:

    lol Lakers got the win but they still sux,their offence is HORRIBLE, they got lucky they were hitting the free throws but thats the ONLY THING THEY CAN DO CONSISTENTLY, they never shoot the ball well unless its free throws,basically thats the only thing kobe is really good at,he shoots a horrible 35% from the field in this series a little worse than his usaull 40 % which still suxs, most shooter bench players shoot better than kobe.

  9. HoopsFan says:

    @LakersTired 2Nite – Back-to-Back games unfair. must have it in for the Lakers? There are 4 teams involved in the back-to-backs this weekend – Lakers, Clips, Thunder, & Spurs. Don’t see their fans whining. Spurs fans would have the most legitimate gripe – 2 back-to-back-to-backs in the season, 1 right before the playoffs? They won ’em all btw and are currently on what, a 16 or 17 game winning streak? Everyone said they were too old. Guess the Lakers fans should just man up and deal with it, rather than making excuses ahead of time for their team to lose…

  10. ERA710924 says:

    LAKERS in 7!!!

  11. jovdelmar says:

    So many dumb OKC fans complaining about the calls.. all they do is look at the free throw and automatically they call it “fishy” LOL/ how dumb can one get. Did you guys even look Perkin’s moving screens? Durant’s backcourt violation that even everyone could clearly see except for the three refs in the game? I can site many more but it shouldn’t matter.
    There were so many bad calls ON BOTH SIDES.

    What about back to back game during the playoffs? You guys also think its “fishy” too? It shouldn’t happen like that in the playoffs even though other teams played game 7 and the others sweep their opponents. There should be no back to back no matter what during the playoffs because teams need rest and time to make adjustments. But schedule is schedule and it is what it is.

  12. duh says:

    yeah everybody blaming the refs for the fouls but nobody saw how the LA’s offensive strategy was so different in the past 2 games. anybody actually saw Kobe driving to the rim more instead of his “lazy” jumpers?
    anybody saw how they defended Brook better?

    fans get butt hurt when they don’t get the calls – goes for LA and OKC or any other team’s fans.
    just shuddufukup and enjoy basketball! both teams had their fair share of bad calls it is part of the game.
    live with it.

  13. Lechokegives75cents says:

    This is so true if the “MVP” was at the line this game would’ve been lost easily Durant was totally screwed by the voters! As for the free throws seriously if u guys are gonna complain about calls how about u watch closely at both teams instead of hating on the Lakers because they went to the FT line 42 times. we Should all be hatin on Lebron for winning another bogus MWP award!

  14. Mark says:

    All you so called OKC fans out there (really Laker/Kobe haters), stop making excuses. When LA lost game 2 which they easily could’ve won, I was disappointed, but I didn’t make excuses. Stop blaming the game outcome on the refs (feels like SAC LAL 2002 all over again, pathetic). The Thunder got 28 free throws, the Lakers got 42. There were bad calls on both sides. How can you be so ignorant as to not recogize the non called backcourt violation on Durant, or how every time Harden was touched, they called a foul? And how about Westbrook with the complete overreaction (like a toddler) when Artest was trying to get the jump ball? Only Westbrook deserved a technical on that play. I don’t think the Lakers deserved all those free throws, but neither did the Thunder. The fact of the matter is, the Lakers won, and the Thunder lost. Accept it and move on like mature people do. I still think OKC is going to win the series, but don’t count the Lakers out just because of your pure hatred of them, stay realistic and objective. Laker for life.

  15. Nam Nguyen says:

    99-96, the only win of Lakers when they met Piston in the 2004 Finals, hope it’s not the only one this time :))

  16. j-head says:

    I’m a Lakers fan, but I definitely agree with Thunder fans that the referees skewed this game towards LA. It just goes to show that the highest priority for the NBA isn’t broadcasting fair games but playing to what we as spectators want to see. Harden would barely touch Kobe off the ball and would get called for ridiculous things.

    I also think it’s sad that Gasol is so underused. Bynum is so lazy! Half of the shots he attempted could have been three-point conversions — if he were Dwight Howard they certainly would have been — but he doesn’t have the energy to put the ball in the hole once he’s fouled, and can’t hustle back on defense once he’s blocked. He’s like a kid who wants to be a star, but isn’t willing to take responsibility for bringing it when the game’s on the line. At least with Kobe, everyone knows what to expect of him: he doesn’t give a damn about anything, which is why we love or hate him on any given night. I guess at that age, all you can do is be honest about what you are and aren’t!

  17. Lakers Tired 2nite says:

    Its unfair that Lakers who are much older have to play back to back

  18. Joe Crawford says:

    The officiating of this game was ACTUALLY fair in MY OPINION.. There was so many miss calls, back court, BS double technicals, perkins technical Kobe yelling at refs no technical… So from that stand point you cant try and blame the refs OKC plays rough in the paint because they know Gasol plays weak in there so they try to bully everyone else in there… Good luck doin that against Bynum and Kobe the refs are gonna call those fouls

  19. LakersRus says:

    The Lakers hit 41 of 42 free throws! I think Kobe was 18 of 18! Incredible! when was the last time a team did that!

  20. Lakers Tired says:

    This is unfair, back to back playoff games! Stern must of done this on purpose!

  21. Big Al says:

    Those who think the officiating was Laker biased, think again. Perkins clearly grabbed Kobe’s wrist but no foul was called. Durant had a back-court violation but no whistle. You also say Lakers won because of Thunder fouls, but they made those free throws. If you had those so-called stars in South Beach going to the line, the game would have easily been lost. Lakers won because they scored when they should. Whether it’s free throws or field goals, what’s important is that the balls go through the hoop. It’s all about points no matter how they’re made.

  22. CanadianHoopsFan says:

    Lots of bad calls for both sides but IMO Thunder got away more than the Lakers in the 4th quarter. TNT showed lots of replays of what should’ve been 3-point plays for Kobe but was never called. They also allow Ibaka to nest in the paint without getting 3 second calls. And OKC is doing a lot of flopping, especially Harden, the refs keeps buying it.

  23. Starlin says:


  24. LAKERSFIGHT says:

    HAHA! OKC fans are so pissed with the referees.. Stop crying like a babies.. Your thunder lost, blame the refs.. Thunder win you will say the thunder are so good etc.. Yeah there good very good. but they will lost in a game time and time again like this.. dont be pissed off just support your team.. A win is a win and a lost is lost just watch and have fun in the game.. Dont cry HAHA! Game 4 ready! Series tied at 2-2!! 😀

  25. pigeons01 says:

    unfortunately, this will not ba a bail out series. Somebody need to smack Gasol on the nose. The airness wannabe is old and is tired.

  26. pigeons01 says:

    Thank you, the airness wanta be constanly got bailed out. Can someone just smack Gasol on the nose. You could tell Bryan is tired and they’re old too. Hopefullty, OKC can take advantage of that. We’re young baby. Time for the gunner to sit somewhere.

  27. OKC2012 says:

    Lakers fans are hilarious, you guys scored just about half your points at the free throw line but will never admit to the fact that something is fishy about that…… and even take that out of the equation, this was a really sloppy OKC game offensively, alot had to do with the fact that the pace was trash because of the zillion calls being made… and you guys only won by 3 points, this is really not something to be proud of. I’m sure the whole OKC team and coaches want to say something about the calls that were made but they are not whiners like the rest of the league, they are just gonna keep quiet until tonight and then bring it back home where they can finish it in their city

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Yeah it was horribly officiated, but OKC also got 28 freethrows. OKC also got a lot of non-calls themselves… Its so funny though when the team they love loses there is always an exucse

    • jon says:

      i dont see okc complaining about the refs so relax. Scotty brooks “we fouled to many times.” not the refs called to many fouls on us! give it a break. everyone says laker fans make excuses, holy okc losses one game and the refs are out to get them!

    • jcLA says:

      Lakers defense has made OKC’s offense sloppy. The lakers didnt win because of the free throws. The pace was trash because of the refs ……PFFF. Thunder only scored 77 on game 2, oh btw, at home.

  28. Mike says:

    The game is so trash. Without the help from the ref, no way the Laker survive last night game. They intentioally take out Harden out of the game and its still wire to wire until last minutes…

  29. Let’s start asking that same question…is kobe clutch?

    • NBAfan says:

      LEMME GUESS…you watched Moneyball right????

      There are many facets to the game that you can NOT measure. The flow of the game. Momentum. Player fatigue. Player moral. etc etc etc

      Clutch is getting a rebound or hitting a free throw WHENEVER YOUR TEAM NEEDS IT. Not just some ARBITRARY time span of 5 minutes before the final buzzer when your team is down by 1 or something like that….

      Yeah, “Clutch” can be subjective…but I think ALL BALLERS and true fans of the sport WILL KNOW A CLUTCH PLAY WHEN THEY SEE ONE….statistics can’t MEASURE that ACCURATELY…it can be 6 minutes in the 3rd quarter. It could

      BASKETBALL IS TOO DYNAMIC for any crude stat to measure…save that for baseball…

      • berkamore says:

        Actually, you are right but wrong. LOL. I agree that clutch is any play that will change the flow of the game but Kobe is not clutch by that definition. (I actually never believed he was) Jordan and the Bulls on the other hand were masters at that, You could actually watch a Bulls game and pinpoint the 4-5 plays when the game got out of hand for the other team. That’s maybe why so many casual fans loved the Bulls because the way they played was very cerebral. The Lakers on the other hand will squander big leads time after time and if they are close enough in the last two minutes or so, Kobe will demand the ball and make (actually miss more than make but never mind, LOL) “clutch” plays.

    • mark says:

      This must be Lakers taking 2-1 if they did not collapsed in game 2. i like their style setting up some triangle in the low post then putting in some lockin defense on OKC, one more win Kobe and series is all tied up. Good Luck to all lakers and lakers fans

  30. NBAfan says:

    1 down, 2 to go….they really need the next one and they’ll be at a slight advantage going into game 5 because the pressure is on the higher seeded team to win one on the road, not the other way around…good luck Lakers!

  31. moxi says:


  32. Joe says:

    How is Joey Crawford still gainfully employed? What a horribly officiated game.

  33. LAKERSFIGHT says:

    Great respond in Game3 they close out the game in the final 2mins.. They must close out the game in order to win games.. Game4 will be tough .. Get the W!! GO LAKERS!!

  34. prix says:

    it’s not like they can win the series. lakers are done for. they are not gonna be champion in at least not 1, not2, not3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7 years

    • NBAfan says:

      and you know that because you’re a basketball expert AND you have a crystal ball? Why do you even watch the games if you already know what’s gonna happen? Do you even like this sport or do you just like hating on teams and players?

    • kobe says:

      lakers have a chance..they should b up 2-1 ..have no clue what u r watching..there u go again another one of your funny statements that just proves u know nothing abou the game…by the way who is your team…just wondering

  35. W/E says:

    so the lakers won 1 friggin game cause the refs were giving them fouls on every friggin play, kobe the brick bryant (9-25) playd his usuall uneficient game,they were lucky they went 41-42 from the free throw line,saddly it seems like the only way for the lakers to win is to reward them with fouls on every shoot they take

    • NBAfan says:

      CHECK HIS STATLINE…that’s the only knock on his game today and at the end of the day, they won and beat a SUPERIOR team….Kobe can go 10 for 10 in a game and get a triple double and you’d still find a way to say something negative

    • Belizeboy says:

      Laker fans don’t even care about the game being fair. If their team wins that’s all that matters. The foul calls were really bogus that they gave to Bryant and Bynum on a few occasions. It’s whatever though because they’ll be mad tonight when the Lakers can’t keep up with OKC. We’ve seen all year how poorly LA plays in back to back games.

    • kobe says:


  36. erny7777 says:

    Okc fans aint talking trash no more!!!! Very funny indeed!!!
    Just cause u win game 1 dont mean you win championship!
    Lakers are gonna give it their all and try to win game 2 and hopefully send it on to a game 7 decision. Its not gonna be easy but it can be done.

    • rods says:

      agree!!!! they though they will gonna blowout one of the most experienced franchised in NBA history. Lakers defense tighten in the last two games, see the result almost 2-1 if they won game 2. another nail bitter game. until game 7. whoever survive this series will have the chance for that most coveted trophy. Now that the heat are collapsing even with the MVP on their roster.

    • Ok, the Thunder not only won Game 1, but also Game 2, so you seem a little too excited about the Lakers’ lackluster game. They started off well and lost a 15 point lead really quickly. And as others have pointed out before, they had almost twice as many free throws as the Thunder and still only won out by 3 points. And while a win is still a win, I don’t foresee the Lakers winning this series, especially not in 6 as a previous commenter stated.

  37. lakers24 says:

    sweeping the lakers???? in their dreams maybe hahaha

  38. LakersRus says:

    So many people were sure this would be a sweep! I’m glad the Lakers are competing so tough! Now it’s a good series!

  39. lakers4ever says:

    YEAH!!! that was a great game all of the teams were putting a lot of efforts! but still my laker team prevails@@@ yeah this series is far from over@@@@

  40. Baller says:

    The main reason I dislike watching Laker games and hope they exit the playoffs as early as possible:
    They get too many foulcalls and I don’t understand why. Is Stern giving the refs memos on this stuff? 4 out of 5 foulcalls on Harden were ridiculous and they led to 8 points of freethrows…

    41 points from the line and they barely won by 3, that just shows that they do not belong in the Western Conference Finals this year.

    • NBAfan says:

      I’m sorry…game 2…OKC only won by 2 agains an inferior Laker team..SO BY YOUR OWN LOGIC…OKC does not belong to the finals too….

      • okc when win says:

        cannot wait til tonight when okc beats these old lazy overrated laker team. Refs can call all the rediculous fouls they want tonight they still wont be able to stop okc. Okc again didn’t play up to par and lakers never do anymore but the refs played a hell of a game. Props to the refs you made it impossible for okc to win. Thank God we get new refs tonight. GO THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Belizeboy says:

      Dude the refs were so bias yesterday. Did you see all those shots Kobe took and got foul calls when either blocked or no contact was there? Harden had a clean block on him and got a call, and then right after that he jumped at a shot and BARLEY touched Bryant’s fingers after the shot was released and got called for a foul. Those two calls alone cost OKC the game. Not to mention the horrible tech call on Perkins. But whatever I guarantee you tonight LA will be too tired to put up a good effort.

    • rods says:

      i watch the game on a replay. westbrook should be thrown out and 7 games suspension and let’s see how this series will go without the playmaker.

      • mrsullivan says:

        Absolutely correct, had MWP done this he would be ejected instantly. By the way in previous game Harden “accidently” hit MWP in the face with an elbow. This happened when he did behind the back dribble and changed hands going to the hoop. How does one do this “accidentally”, raise their elbow higher than their head on a behind the back dribble? It was deliberate; he should have been ejected, fined, and suspended.

  41. OKC2012 says:

    WOOOOOW, I will give it to them they took it at home. BUT….42 free throws??? to the Thunders 28 hahaha, the refs took this game over, the League really wants to see Lakers vs Spurs. All those off ball fouls, come on guys, Harden might as well throw elbows at Kobe atleast it will be a worthy call then. Still no matter how or why they got to the line they shot like pros when they got there, unlike the MVP in miami. Ah well, beat there slow tired legs up tonight and take it at home!!!

    • Xiao says:

      Last night when I turned on TV and saw Joel crawford, I said no way OKC is gonna win! People prabably still remember last year playoff against Dallas exact things happenned that cost OKC one game. What I don’t understand is why this kind of action is still allowed in the NBA. Laker couln’t compete last night playing at home with the help of the refs, tonight with different help the story will be different.

    • NBAfan says:

      Yeah…could you imagine if Lebron was playing for the Lakers? He’d miss his freethrows and they’d lose…oh wait..he did that to the HEAT….

    • LakersWillWin says:

      perkins= illegal screens all night= not 1 offensive foul.

  42. JohnM says:

    I think this series will go the distance. Just a gut feeling though.

  43. Bok says:

    It’s gonna be tough for the Lakers but it can be done.

  44. Kobe@Manila says:

    Go LAKERS!! I believe that you can make to the Finals.. Just believe and don’t underestimate the young OKC.. Session, show your skills.. You are badly needed..

  45. raymond says:

    could have been 2-1 lakers if not for the collapse last game 2.. Lakers in 6.. BELIEVE!


    that’s what i’m talking about!!! never count the Lakers out!

    • pigeons01 says:

      Unfortunately, this will not ba a bail out series. Somebody need to smack Gasol on the nose. The airness wannabe is old and is tired.

  47. googergieger says:

    I guess this is the best to unbiased “reporting” and “journalism” we can get. This Lakers win was a travesty. At least the WWE tries to give you some entertainment before the scripted win. This game however…

    Bad calls on both side will be the argument. Okay. Lakers benefited the most from the bad calls. Two clean blocks by Harding. Fouls. Westbrook jumps in the air, the whistle blows before he lands, he avoids the contact. Still a foul. Kobe constantly screams at the referees and no technical. Durant is constantly held and scratched and nothing. Hell when he made an impossible basket by throwing it up, Kobe blatantly pushed him down in front of the refs and nothing. I saw at least three cases of a defense three seconds on Bynum. Nothing.

    42 free throw attempts? 18 free throw attempts to make a 9 for 25 performance 36 points?

    I’m done with this Lakers series. OKC will still win the series. Lakers needed this much “questionable officiating” to barely beat them and all. So hopefully we’ll see a great series between Thunder and Spurs. Finally get some of this much talked about, real play off basketball.

    • NBAfan says:

      yeah Kobe had a bad shooting night..but he still found a way to score and he found a way to win…that’s all you can ask for….

      You don’t need to land to foul someone…You seem biased since you were counting 3 seconds on bynum while defending instead of watching where the ball is, so you may have counted fast perhaps….regardless, missed calls are part of the game…you can’t claim that the Thunder never did a defensive 3 seconds too you just weren’t looking for it.

      OKC needed to play a GREAT final too minutes to barely beat the Lkers in GAME 2…thosee 2 minutes, you can’t replicate so easily….so you can say it was a fluke…

      It’s a good series….two teams competing….finding ways to win…..WHY CAN’T YOU ENJOY IT?

    • berkamore says:

      Thank you. I had to shake my head last night. 42 free throws for the Lakers and 18 of them in the fourth quarter alone? Why even bother playing? Just give the O’Brien trophy to the Lakers and be done with it. What a joke.

    • ccmushroom says:

      sorry dude but look at the stats of the series the thunder have shot 73 fts and the lakers have shot 71 fts so it goes both ways

      • berkamore says:

        71 free throws for the Lakers and 59% of them come during a crucial game (game 3) for them. Put another way, the Lakers shot more free throws in game 3 than in game 1 and game 2 COMBINED…….You are actually proving my point.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Yeah, the officiating was bad on both sides. Durants back court violation just magically was not seen… And wow, how many illegal screens did Perkins get away with? Apparently he sets the best screens in the NBA, well every screen he was pushing his man out of the play! They did not call ONE offensive foul. Yes, I agree the officiating was horrible, ON BOTH SIDES. Both teams benefitted from terrible calls, but that is how the ball bounced last night.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Im with OKC, but 42 FTAs for the Lakers and 18 for Kobe showed that they are being the more aggressive one, it seriously pisses me off when people blame refs for every single thing, yeah players get away with calls, thats cause refs are humans their aren’t machines that can track every single foul. Players like Kobe can find other ways of scoring and helping his team win instead of just shooting blindly.

    • K-IN-G says:

      Finally, SOMEONE brought that up. It felt as if the Lakers were playing streetball out there!! sure, I saw Durant’s backcourt and even Westbrook’s foul. But Kobe was fighting Harden, Pushing on players and the refree was calling stupid fouls on Harden. The game was still a nail-bitter! Even after the Lakers obviously payed the referee, they were barley able to win. The Lakers will probaly win this seres if they keep the ref ‘paydays’ coming. Everybody is calling Lebron, the best player currently in the NBA, a BABY

  48. SUPEREPI says:


    • NBAfan says:

      just wait…someone will blame how Kobe ball hogged and that’s why Gasol didn’t shoot more. Also they’ll find a way to blame Kobe for Bynum’s bad shooting night. Also, they’ll find a way to blame Kobe for the economic crisis in Europe and why my mother-in-law’s dog lost it’s teeth….just wait.

    • cherrypopper says:

      he has two balls, don’t need more 😛

  49. 2e says:

    lakers in 6

    • 2e says:

      Westbrook’s tantrum when he was on the floor when Metta World Peace was trying to get a jump ball reminds me of a three year old kid who has a piece of candy and someone is trying to take it from his hand. So he starts kicking with his feet and writhing left and right exactly like Westbrook was doing. He was out of control. It was one of the most unprofessional scenes I saw in basketball this year.

  50. vlakkk says:

    Free throws, home court, 2nd half, Lakers, back in the wall. What a surprise! Hahah, not the first and not the last time either!

    Indiana vs San Antonio/Oklahoma City at NBA Finals => Networks and NBA front office will kill themselves. So either will bail the others out or at least make the series long ones.