It’s down to respect for Lob City

LOS ANGELES – Chris Paul has a sore groin and strained right hip. Blake Griffin has a left hip injury to go with his sprained right knee. Caron Butler has a fractured left hand.

If the Clippers get any more broken down, a tow truck might appear out of a Staples Center tunnel to haul them off the floor. That could happen anyway if they don’t somehow find a way to quickly put the drive back into their game.

The Clippers are being outworked, outplayed, outhustled and simply outclassed by a Spurs team that is sharper than a razor’s edge and has sliced its way to 16 consecutive wins.

It is no longer a question of whether L.A. can win this conference semifinal series, but if the Clippers can earn a measure of respect by winning just one game.

“No excuses,” says Paul.

Give the Clippers credit. At least they’re not whining like the Heat. At this time of the year everybody is bruised, battered and aching and being able to deal with injuries and persevere is as much a part of making a title run as making baskets.

Look at the Spurs, who lost one of their Big Three – Manu Ginobili – a week into the regular season with a broken hand that eventually forced him to miss 32 games. They soldiered on to tie Chicago for the best overall record in the league.

Now it’s the Clippers who have to do whatever it takes with two games on their home court in less than 36 hours to show they are more than just a “Lob City” slogan on the front of a T-shirt. Dinged up or not, Paul has to post a lot more than the 16 total points he scored in Games 1 and 2 and a lot less than the 18 turnovers. Hobbled or not, Griffin can’t have another game where he plays nearly 37 minute as he did in Game 2 and manages to bump into just one rebound. That’s how you lose by 17 points in one game and 16 in another.

“We’re not going into these next two games thinking, ‘Let’s try to keep it close,’ ” Griffin said. “There’s no moral victories and moral losses here.”

There is respect and that’s what’s left for the Clippers.


  1. duro says:

    @Jose: pity that Clippers’ management didn’t know of you before hiring Del Negro, otherwise today you’d be the coach and Clippers’ problems would be over.
    Anyway, just a couple of remarks about your points.
    1) About playing uptempo to outrun the Spurs… Did you ever see how CP3 love to play? Did you notice? Or would you rather exchange him with a Westbrook-like (pseudo)PG? (P.S. Look at how Spurs dealt with uptempo OKC during reg season)
    2) About better leaving the Spurs shoot 3pointers at their will… Against the Clips, the Spurs shot ave. 24 3pts per game, 2 more than the reg. season ave. They shot 44.4% 3pts (vs 42.5% reg. season ave.) These stats tell you something?

  2. Jose (clipper Nation) says:

    Clips didn’t watch the videos of the spurs because they didn’t man up. They shoulda stayed behind the 3 point line and guard their own man with their backs against the basket. They should of let the spurs shoot all the threes thet wanted so reality will hit them that they can’t do it everytime. On the offense, Clips should run and penetrate to tire out the big three so it puts pressure on the rest of the supporting cast to carry the team to break them. I didn’t see that and I am not happy. Granted its their first time the Clips should of ran up and down like a young team that they are. The Clips looked like they gave up. Thats why Spurs had a lot of easy layups. No man to man coverage. Vinny needs to fix this or Step down so we get coach like Mike D’Antoni. Clips are young and shouldn’t be playing halfcourt game, Seriously. It should be up tempo constant pressure. Do you think the Spurs big 3 can keep up? No! I been a fan for over 20 years and I can see the what works and what doesn’t. It hurts to watch no inside game by the clips, they settle for 3s OMG aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! Give me the ball and I’ll show you how its done.

  3. Bru says:

    Respect the spurs . They are a great team . Now they can win a 5th ring , and we can’t say that it’s because of the injuries of other teams . They have the best coach and great players who are just playing for the win and for nothing else … Go spurs for the sweep !!

  4. Karlo Garcia says:

    The Clippers almost or have 2 play ball like the harlem globetrotters 2 even have a chance 🙂

  5. Spurs #1 says:

    I agree that the spurs should some type of respect that they desserve. Furthermore, the team should be receiving more props from the sports world. But…. Maybe it is better that the team is under the radar.

  6. Killa! says:

    Lol. U right fan berry, clips do putting up more fight then Miami, shame on Miami. Can’t wait for okc vs spurs..
    Lakers enjoy one game win for now n Kd is gonna go OK C in all over la la land on game four n five.

  7. Woffie says:

    The Spurs just have been playing much better basketball than the Clippers all season long; it would be the best guess to have the spurs taking this series with some ease..

    I’m still thinking of a Heat- Spurs finals, but if things continue to go awry with the heat then it will be Celtics-Spurs all the way…

  8. NBAfan says:

    Memphis should have had a rematch with the Spurs…..but Zach Randolph wasn’t at 100% anyway…..they may have lost the series, but MEM has a brighter future than LAC…I think. Their core is younger and can stay intact if they want to…Gay, Gasol, OJ, Conley, and Allen. Zach is just a bonus but he’s getting older so I count him out of the core.

  9. trigun says:

    This game aint over yet no matter how aching the injuries are. Clippers can still rely on Foye, Butler,Jordan and their bench (bledsoe,williams,evans,martin, young etc.). Every game for clippers is tough and bloody. It was really hard for clippers struggling for stepping up for second round series after defeating Memphis(4-3). Its a team effort winning since the start. GRIFFIN continues scoring inside and if CP3 manage turnovers and post points, today and tomorrow will be a RED FLAG’S GAME. RISE UP IN RED! Beat the clippers twice, clippers will double, Just no moral victories and moral losses.

    • bo55 says:

      they can rely on their bench?!? they can rely on DEANDRE JORDAN?`!?!?!?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? it seems like you’ve never seen those guys play. the clippers are paul and griffin. the others are only garnish…

      • bry says:

        bo55 it seems like YOU have never seen those guys play. the clippers bench played better than the memphis starters in game 7. the clippers are one of the deepest teams. but the spurs r deeper and better so they will win

  10. me says:

    lebron and dwayne should learn from cp3 how to handle many adversities in the playoffs. i am a spur fan and i am not a cp3 fan, but right now i’m beginning to respect and liked him for how he handles adversities. unlike the choke masters of miami. anyway, that’s nothing new…

  11. Greg says:

    Jreyna,I couldn’t agree more. The spurs are the most disrespected team with TD being the most slept on player. It’s always been that way,as spurs fans we may as well get used to it so we can save our energy counting his rings!!! Yee-haw!!!

  12. Jman says:

    this is what happens when you squeeze as much games as possible within the time the nba had. injuries, injuries, and more injuries.

  13. mb says:

    Clippers deserve a lot of respect. Reaching the 2nd round of the playoffs is no easy task considering that they had a bad record last year, that they don’t have a healthy team and that they beat a very tough Griz team in 7 games. If they loose (the way its going I think it should be when they), they lost to a potential NBA 2012 championship team.

  14. Julie says:


  15. Kidz says:

    I can sympathize with what the Clippers are going through, but this is the NBA; teams are expected to come to the playoffs bringing their best, despite injuries, fatigue or any other problem that comes from playing ball. Just like what Pop did for the spurs, he practically rationed the big 3’s minutes so they can be at their peak come playoffs. My hat’s off for the Clippers for showing heart and determination but you can’t overlook what Pop did for the Spurs, with that said good luck to the Spurs come Game 3! Here’s hoping for a sweep so our old guys would be well rested to face whoever wins at OKC – LAL series.

  16. J says:

    Flop city

  17. jovdelmar says:

    Spurs vs Celtics in the finals.. a toss up series but i can see Spurs winning because they have very productive bench/supporting cast

  18. 2-SPURIFFIC says:

    Respect the SPURS indeed!

  19. JReyna says:

    Injury is a factor every year! The spurs were injured last season and many of the season since 2007. No excuses were made and I’m glad to see the Clippers, as of right now, aren’t making any either. Can’t say the same about Miami. I can already see the headlines now, “Spurs only one because of all the injuries to the other teams”… Yes I’m a Spurs fan but when I say that nobody can stop the spurs right now, its not because I’m bias, its because its the truth. I knew last season they lacked defense and size and the injuries were killing us. This year its the drive for 5! We got this mayne!

    • Big Al says:

      Lakers can beat Spurs, honestly. They have a better chance than OKC in doing that. When Miami lose, it’s a sure win for the West. San Antonio are the favorite, but they’re definitely not unbeatable (double negative intentional).

  20. BFoulds says:


  21. Amitpal Bains says:

    This is the most banged up team in the nba and yet they are making no excuses. You can tell Chris Paul is badly injured yet he’s still gutting it out. You have to love there toughness but without a healthy Chris Paul this team is going no where. I think they will max get one win unless Chris just magically heals over night. I will always wonder what could have been if all clippers were healthy including Chauncey Billups. Also what would have happened with a healthy Rose and Chicago team and healthy Jeremy Lin and Iman Shumpert. The playoffs would have been so much better to watch. Injury has really hurt the NBA this year.

    • bo55 says:

      i agree paul is injured. but if he is that badly injured as you mentioned he wouldn’t be able to run with the ball in his hands. he was also injured in the memphis series but still put on a show and led the clippers to the second round. you have to give credit to the spurs. they really showed why they were top seeded by putting the offensive show they did all season and most importantly playing some tough defense especially on cp3.

  22. OKC2012 says:

    Gosh I really wish Memphis would have won in the first round, atleast this series would have been fun to watch.

    • spur4life says:

      maybe but don’t froget: memphis got swept in the regular season and three games ended with a doubledigit victory for the spurs. only one game was colse. and they did it with manu ginobili out injured in two games.

      • Common Sense says:

        If only Memphis was better than the clippers. But unfortunately they are not. So they aren’t playing the Spurs. Could of, Would of, But not. I think it’s funny when people say if only, and then follow it with their hypothesis as if it was a fact. The clippers are a better, stronger willed team, and have a better record this year against the Spurs than the Grizzlies did. In fact, one of the Spurs wins was a freak accident that should have gone to the Clippers. Finally, everyone is going to be getting crushed by the Spurs. The Spurs were tied for the number one spot, and then before the post season added, didn’t trade for, but added Tiago Splitter, Stephen Jackson and their new STARTER Boris Diaw(one of Tony Parkers oldest and best friends) This Spurs TEAM was the best of the season and now they are even better. Stop talking about the Grizzlies, they lost their priviledge to be talked about when they lost the series!