Hang Time Podcast (Episode 79) With Mike Wells And Chris Webber

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Come playoff time, the name on the back of a NBA jersey is just as important as the name splashed across the front of the jersey.

Careers are made in the playoffs. Legends are made in the playoffs. And if you’re not careful, they can be broken in the playoffs, too.

That’s why the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat, teams filled with stars whose names reverberate throughout the basketball world and beyond, are in our crosshairs this weekend.

Both teams are locked in intense battles in their respective conference finals series, the Lakers against the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Heat against the Indiana Pacers. Slip up here and the view of the stars on some of these teams is altered forever. Come back from the abyss, and that view takes a decidedly different turn.

But it’s all up to the men in those jerseys, the ones with the names on the front and back, as our good friend, five-time All-Star and NBA TV and TNT analyst Chris Webber explains on the latest Episode 79 of the Hang Time Podcast, which includes a first course from our main man and Indianapolis Star Pacers’ beat writer Mike Wells.

Check it out on Episode 79 of the Hang Time Podcast featuring Mike Wells of the Indianapolis Star and Chris Webber of NBA TV and TNT:


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  1. AC says:

    Heat will not win their series.
    James can get his 30 every night, Wade can get his 25’ish if he feels good, but who does the Heat have now that Bosh is out? Haslem and Turiaf are medicore players, who just doesn’t have the talent lvl to score consistently in the paint againt the Pacers.
    All their offense comes from LBJ, Wade and Bosh. No one else really ends up with the ball in the end. James can carry them when he has Bosh and Wade by his side, but without bosh? No way.
    Pacers in 5

    • GONZO says:

      you’d have been right. only thing you are not: if james & wade combine for 70 instead of your prediction 55, pacers are in trouble. question is: can they do that every night? i would love to see the acers, but I think its MIA in 7.

  2. This! says:



  3. Bev says:

    THE NBA IS BACK !!!!!!!

    MsBevBlack nba.com